Pinkie Pie the Stalker

by Tennis Match Fan

First published

Pinkie Pie won't leave Blueberry Cake alone.

It's a normal day at Canterlot High for Blueberry Cake- until Pinkie Pie pops out of her locker. Suddenly, Pinkie Pie is everywhere. Why is she stalking Blueberry? Or is she a stalker?

Why is Pinkie in My Locker?

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Blueberry Cake walked down the hallways of Canterlot High. It was a sunny autumn morning, and she felt especially happy for no apparent reason.

"Hi, Blueberry!" called her friend Aqua Blossom, who was a fellow Fashionista.

"Hi!" Blueberry waved back. Aqua Blossom grinned and turned back to looking at the mirror in her locker.

"Blueberry! You're finally here!" Tennis Match exclaimed, running up to her.

"Hi, Tennis Match!" Blueberry replied. The two friends high-fived.

"Do you want to play tennis this afternoon?" Tennis Match asked, jumping right into the question. Blueberry stopped walking to consider the idea.

"I don't have any other plans, so, sure!" She replied cheerfully. Tennis Match beamed.

"Thanks, Blueberry! Nobody else is willing to play." She grinned and headed off to her locker. "See you at lunch!" Blueberry waved after Tennis Match.

Blueberry soon arrived at her own locker.

"Hello, Mystery Mint," she greeted the purple haired girl next to her.

"Hi, Blueberry!" She responded with a tug to her scarf. "Ready for algebra?"

"When is anybody ever ready for algebra?" Blueberry joked. Mystery laughed. Blueberry turned the lock on her green locker. As soon as it opened, confetti showered over her.

"Surprise!" Pinkie Pie cheered. Blueberry was so shocked at her appearance she fell to the floor.

"Pinkie Pie? Why are you in my locker?" She asked in a daze. Mystery bent down next to her.

"Let me help," she said, pulling Blueberry to her feet. Pinkie stepped out of the locker and threw blue and pink streamers into the air. They fluttered gently onto Blueberry's head and shoulders.

"Pinkie, I don't think Blueberry wanted you to hide in her locker," Mystery said with a hint of annoyance. Pinkie grinned.

"I was just going to surprise her! But when you put it that way, 'hiding in her locker' is a liiiiiiiiiiiiiiiitle on the stalker side!" She replied cheerfully. Blueberry nervously stepped around Pinkie and grabbed her books.

"Pinkie, please don't do that again," she told the Comedian. Pinkie blew into a kazoo. Blueberry backed away.

"I think you scared her," Mystery told Pinkie with hands on her hips. Pinkie cocked her head to the side.


Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrring! The bell rung, signaling students it was time for first period. Mystery scooped up her books.

"Come on, Blueberry. Let's go learn about algebra." Blueberry could tell Mystery meant it in a joking way, but she looked back at Pinkie, hoping the pink-haired girl hadn't taken it wrong. Pinkie looked just as cheerful as ever, though. She whistled as she walked the other way for first period.


"Hey, Blueberry." Normal Norman, Blueberry's boyfriend, walked up to her in between first and second period.

"Hi, Norman!" Blueberry responded cheerfully, unconsciously tightening her grip on her books. "How's it going?"

"Great!" Norman replied. "So, want to catch a movie later today?" Blueberry grinned.

"I'd love to!" She answered. "What time?"

"PARTY TIME!" Pinkie Pie yelled, suddenly appearing between the two of them. Blueberry paled, and her eyes dilated in shock.

"Pinkie! What are you doing?" She cried. "This is the second time!"

"I have to have a party for you because-" Pinkie began, but Norman cut her off.

"Pinkie, are you stalking my girlfriend?" He asked. Blueberry shifted weight onto her left foot. Pinkie giggle and threw confetti in Norman's face.

"No way, silly! Why would I stalk Blueberry Cake? I mean, duh, that's like, ex-boyfriend stuff. Not that Blueberry has an ex-boyfriend! She's completely dedicated to her relationship with you, Nor-"

"Pinkie!" Norman interrupted. "Blueberry and I were, uh, talking. So, could you give us some space?" Pinkie pointed at the bell that hung on the wall.

"No time. That thing is going to ring in three, two, one-"


"We'll talk about the movie later, okay?" Norman asked. Blueberry nodded.

"Talk to later, Blueberry! I have some super-duper special things to talk about!" Pinkie sang as she skipped off to class. Blueberry watched her leave with a That-Was-So-Creepy-Slash-Weird feeling.


"Pinkie! Why are you under the lunch table!"

"Pinkie! Stop sending me texts!"

"Pinkie! Don't call me down on the loudspeaker in the middle of class! How did you even get access to that?"

"Ah! Not the locker again!"

"Pinkie Pie! What is up with you today?"

Blueberry had been having to deal with Pinkie the entire day, and it was wearing down. She expected the random mini-parties, but she had no idea when or where they would strike.

After school, Blueberry slouched on the bench outside of CHS. Drama Letter, her plastic skull in hand, sat down next to her.

"Is Fair Blueberry Cake having a bad day?" She asked. Blueberry nodded.

"Pinkie won't leave me alone. I mean, c'mon, she used the loudspeaker to call me down to the office in the middle of Language Arts! Does she sound like a stalker of what?" Blueberry threw her hands in the air.

"I was only doing it because today is a special day!" Pinkie slid out from under the bench. Drama Letter and Blueberry Cake yelped and clung onto each other.

"What special day is it?" Blueberry asked. Pinkie grinned and handed her a balloon.

"It's your First-Day-Of-Canterlot-High-Was-A-Year-Ago Anniversary!" Pinkie announced. Drama Letter held up her skull.

"A valid reason!" She proclaimed cheerfully.

"You jumped out of my locker for that?" Blueberry asked. Pinkie grinned.


"And you couldn't have told me earlier?"

"I tried! But the bell rang!" Pinkie Pie blew her kazoo. "Now, don't you have a tennis match with Tennis Match to get to? And a movie date with Norman after that?" Blueberry stood up.

"Oh yeah, thanks for reminding me, Pinkie!" She exclaimed. "Drama Letter, see you later, alright?"

"Of course!" Drama Letter replied.

"See you guys later!" Blueberry called as she left. Pinkie blew her kazoo again.