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Headless alligators get all the ponies!!!!!1! :O

This one time all theses headless alligators got all the ponies and it was sad. :'C


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It was a lovely day in ponyville and everypony was dancing for no reason.

"Oh SPike! I sure do love dancing!" Twilight said as she danced. "And HEADLESS ALLIGATORS certinaly don't exist!" she added. All the other ponies cheered in aggrement. Oh how wrong they were.

"Lyra dahliiiiiiing. Whats that zipper on your nipples for?" Rarity asked Lyra. Rarity recently converted to budihsm.

"Oh it's nothing Rarity. Just the ZIPPER TO MAH DISGUISE!!!!!" SHe said as she magiced the zipper down and a HEADLESS ALLIGATOR jumped out.

All the ponies tried to run and scream but Lyra the HEADLESS ALLIGATOR got them before they could run. All the surviving ponies looked around for HEADLESS ALLIGATOR spray but couldn;t find any becuase they never made it becuase they thought HEADLESS ALLIGATORS were not real and only things made up to get foals to eat their vegtables and not tell on their parents for touching them innapropriatly.

Lyra the HEADLESS ALLIGATOR roard out her HEADLESS ALLIGATOR face and eated more and more ponies and then more HEADLESS ALLIGATORS jumped out of the sewers and eated even more ponies!

"Ponies!" The Mayor of pornytown screamed "We have to get to the HEADLESS ALLIGATOR bunker!" so all the ponies tried to run from the HEADLESS ALLIGATORS to the bunker but some got eatened on the way becuase all the HEADLESS ALLIGATORS were really fast. Like a BLACK MAN running a marathon race with a stolen VCR and EASY BAKE OVEN under his arm.

The Ponies managed to get to the building where the HEADLESS ALLIGATOR bunker was but they couldn't get in becuase it actually wasnt built becuase they didn;t beleive in HEADLESS ALLIGATORS. And to make their situation even more intense HEADLESS ALLIGATORS started pouring out of the building! It was totally fuged bro.

More and more ponies got eaten by the HEADLESS ALLIGATORS as they poured out of the building. Which not only didn't have the bunker... but it was also the HEADLESS ALLIGATOR HEADQUARTERS!!! So there were double HEADLESS ALLIGATORS than in the other buildings. Especially more than the KFC becuase HEADLESS ALLIGATORS are allergic to the secret herbs and spices and it gave them HEADLESS ALLIGATOR DIHARRIA!

more and more ponies got eatend by the HEADLESS ALLIGATORS until only the mane sixxx, their sisters, spike, scootaloo, and the local opium dealer were alive.

"Girlz! We has to get to the hospital to get to the helicotper on top!!!"

"OMG YOURE RIGHT DAHHHHHLIIIIIIING! BUT GUESS WHAT! BLAAARGH!" Rarity said as she turned into a HEADLESS ALLIGATOR and ate scootaloo. It was really gross.

"NOOOO! SCOOTALOO!" Rainbow Dash yelled as her little friend was eatened alive against her will. "LET HER GO YOU MONSTER!"

"LOL NOPE!" The HEADLESS ALLIGATOR yelled and then ran off. Rainbow was crying but the other consoled her becuase she did all she could. The Opium dealer (Whos name was Elton John pony) even gave her free heroin! How nice!

"Rainbow, I know you are sad becuase of scootaloo getting eatened by a HEADLESS ALLIGATOR, but we need to get to the helicopter!" Twilight said.

"Hey! Me and Fluttershy can fly there!" Rainbow said.

And then a HEADLESS ALLIGATOR ated their wings and it was sad so they cant fly now.

"Oh no!" Twilight said! Ill magic us there!" But then a HEADLESS ALLIGATOR bit her horn off too! It tasted like mayonaise. so they had ro run while bleading and gtetting messy pony blud everywhere!

The ponies ran from the HEADLESS ALLIGATORS until they got to the hospitil that happened to be full of HEADLESS ALLIGATORZ! They ran to the roof but the opium dealr got bittened and was like

"Omfg guize i think im going to be deaded! tell my homosexual gay lover that I love him! blargh im ded" and he died without seeing his butt buddeh again and it was sad so all the ponies cried.

The remaining ponies ran to the roof and found the chopper and a surviving poneh that was a helicopter piolet! They were saved! They loaded it up with all the heroin they could find and flew it over the HEADLESS ALLIGATOR HQ but then the piolet remembered he didn;t know how to fly a helocopter! SO they all crashed and only Twilight and Fluttershy and the piolet and Rainbow surviveded!

The piolet looked at them and said "Guewss what! Im a HEADLESS ALLIGATOR TOO!" and then a HEADLESS ALLIGATOR POPPED OUT OF HIM! It was 2scary4you.

Den the HEADLESS ALLIGATOR ran after the ponies and eated fluttershy so only Twilight was left! She was super sad and kept running until she fell asleep from being eshuation.

When she woke up she was in the HEADLESS ALLIGATOR HQ and was duct taped to a wall made of cardboard. So she got down and walked around uninterupted becuase the HEADLESS ALLIGATORZ were out eating ponies and taking moneh gfrom charity shops. Den she came upon a door that said "NU GURLZ ALLOWED CUZ DEY SMELL FUNNY"

"Oh darn" Twilight thought "I cant go in there" So she kept walking. (Cuz gurls SUK!!!!!!) Then she came across a vending maching and got a coke. But when she opened the slot A SKELETON AND A HEADLESS ALLIGATOR POPPED OUT!!! AND THEY SCREAMED

"No gurlz be allowed in our base!" and chesed her. She then found a KFC and then she touched a valve and then it flooded the HQ with chicken greese and it drowned all the HEADLESS ALLIGATORS and they all dieded.

Twilight then walked out of the HEADLESS ALLIGATOR HQ and was sad becuase she was the last pony in the world EVER and she sat down and cried.

"There there little poneh" a voice said. She looked up and IT WAS A HEADLESS ALLIGATOR AND IT EATED HER!!!!

The scarriestest part is... IT WAS YOU!!!!!!

The End.