The Changelings change?

by RemixHero

First published

Have some changelings changed to be good?

One fine day in the Crystal Empire changes when a small group of changelings come to see Princess Cadence and Shining Armor. They are worried because of what happened last time they will not accept the offer they have. Cadence & Shining Armor are very surprised to find out what their question for them is!

The Question That Changes Everything

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One ordinary day in the Crystal Empire or as some may say BORING, But it would be this day that changes everything in the Empire changes for better or for worse.

"I still have my doubts about this," A shadowy figure with a similarly to princess Twilight complained about."They could think we are lying and throw us in a dungeon ... or or or use their magic and turn us into birds or plants!?" he continued to ramble until the other shadowy figure with a similarly to princess Luna hit him up side the head.

"DUDE! Stop getting worried your Twilight form is going to go away if you worry so much!" he said. " Besides we only need them to fool Princess Mi Amore Cadenza for a little bit then you can worry all you want Morphon!" he said slapping him.

"Guys were here so Morphon stop worrying and Darkling stop hitting him and acting like a filly!" the shadow figure that looked like Celestia said. The 3 shadowy figures went up to the castle.

"Halt who goes there?"a guard with a bright orange coat and yellow armor said.

"I am Princess Celestia and i am here with the other princesses to see the Queen and her husband for an emergency royal meeting!" Celestia said with her voice very different than usual.

"O....k? um oh I mean Of course Your Highnesses I will go and get Princess Cadence and Shining Armor! Please follow me to the private meeting room and get settled I will have Princess Cadence and Shining Armor in here in a moment." the guard said. The guard showed them to the room and gets them setted. "There you go your highnesses, I will get Princess Cadence and Shining Armor now."He said as he gave a faint smile to Twilight before leaving. The fake Twilight shuddered in disturbance. The others chuckled then bursted out into laughter as soon as the guard left.

"NOT FUNNY." He said with anger.

"Aww princess Morphon has a boyfriend!" the fake Luna said with a girly voice.

"SHUT IT!" Morphon said.

"Shush! they will be here any minute! get into character." The fake Celestia said.

Meanwhile with Princess Cadence and Shining Armor.

The yellow armored guard rushed into the throne room where the princess and his captain was. he was out of breath.

" Princess...Cadence... I have..some..thing.." he said as he painted.

"Oh Flash Sentry right? why do you look like you ran halfway around the Empire?" The light pink princess asked him.

"I ran.. from the.. other side..of something."He said as he kept painting. "Can I.. have .. some water..please?" he painted. Cadence used her magic and a cup of water appeared. He drank it in one gulp."Ahh thank you your highness." He said.

"No problem Flash, now what did you want to tell me?" Cadence asked Flash.

"Yes, the other princesses have come for an emergency royal meeting with you and captain Shining Armor!" Flash said.

"Oh umm ok are they in the royal meeting room?" Cadence asked Flash.

"Yes your highness, so where is captain Shining Armor?"Flash asked the monarch.

"He must be on the field, will you go get him and bring him to the meeting room?"Cadence asked flash.

"Of course your highness, back in a flash." He said. he ran off to find his captain while princess cadence left to the royal meeting room.

"Captain Shining Armor sir!" Flash sentry said. He approached his captain after running around the castle once again.

"Hmm? Oh umm Flash Sentry right?" Shining Armor asked him.

"Yes, You sister and the other princesses need you for an emergency meeting!" Flash said sweating like a pig. Dang I got to start going to a gym! he thought to himself.

"Ok then, Alright ponies training for the Equestria Games are over!" Shining Armor yelled to the crystal ponies jumping hurdles. They all left while Flash and Shining Armor went to meet up with Cadence.


Meanwhile with Princess Cadence

I wonder what was so important that aunt celestia need to meet in person? I guess I will find out now.Cadence thought to herself. she finally arrived to the royal meeting room. Cadence opened the doors and rushed into the room with Twilight being the first mare she saw. "Twilight!" Cadence said. she hadn't seen her since she came to vist her and went on a crazy adventure with her and Discord.Then she did their speical dance. "Sunshine sunshine ladybugs awake clap your hooves and do a little shake!" Cadence sang. Something was off Twilight loved doing the dance ever since she was just a filly. Cadence was about to question it but then Shining Armor came in along with Flash.

"Thank you young guard." The fake Celestia said.

" No problem, if none of you need anything then I will be on my....." Flash said then the doors suddenly closed. " Umm Wha.. Your highnesses did you umm do that?" Flash foolishly questioned known something wasn't right from the beginning. Cadence & Shining Armor gasped when they saw that it was princess Luna that shut the door. Getting scared the three backed away but then Flash jumped in front of Princess Cadence. " Who are you and what have you done with the real princesses?!" Flash said.

" YOU'LL NEVER KNOW AND NOW WE WILL DESTROY YOU!!!" THe fake Luna said in his real voice and hia eyes glowing red. Then a white hoove hit him up side the head.

" YOU IDIOT WE AREN'T HERE TO HURT THEM!! REMEMBER?!" The fake Celestia said in her real voice.

" I know I just wanted to have some fun Chanxel, don't be such a buzzkill!" the fake Luna said in his real voice.

"Like I just said, WHO ARE YOU THREE!?!"Flash yelled. "And where are the princesses WHAT HAVE YOU DONE WITH THEM?!?"

"Relax all three princesses are fine. Me and my friends need to use them to see you princess, about umm something concerning us."The fake Celestia said.

"Ohh umm ok? But I want to see what you look like. Please?" Cadence asked the 3 of them.They started to murmur among each other then came to a conclusion.

"You deserve the right to know what we look like but when you see our true appearance do not panic." The fake Celestia said in her real voice. The two fake princesses looked at each other then something magic like happened.

a light green aura swirled around the three and when it was over Cadence, Shining Armor, & Flash gasped with petrified fear.

Changelings. They were changelings. Why did they come there? why are they here. Most importantly WHY WHERE THEY HERE?!?

"Please do not fear our appearance we may be changelings but we need your help princess." The changeling pretending to be celestia said. She had Violet eyes and Black hair just like the queen. Her wings even matched her eyes but some way she looked beautiful. She had a dark blue dress on making her look like she was royally. She even looked a little like the queen which made Cadence shiver of thinking about her and what she had done on her wedding day and to her husband.

"Y..o..u..'..r..e C..c..c..changlings?!" Cadence said with fear.

" Yes but we have come asking of a favor Princess, but first let me introduce myself and my two friends. I am Morphon." The changeling pretending to be Twilight said. He had light blue eyes and wings like every other changeling but he was not like the normal ones he was wearing dark blue armor the same shade of the girl Changeling wearing a dress. He looked like he was a captain.

"Yo I'm Darkling." The changeling that was scaring everyone just a few minutes ago said. He had red eyes and wings looked like a criminal. even the clothing he wore was much like rags. He looked annoyed and making stink eyes at Morphon. But their was something unique about him and the way he looked even if he was a bit rude.

" I am Chanxel." The girl changeling said.

"Princess Chanxel" Morphon murmured.

"Wait. Princess Chanxel? Now I know I am crazy!"Flash said.

" Do not speak like that of the princess!" Morphon said in a voice that you would hear any guard would say. "Anyway's we are here to ask you a question of the uttermost importance."

Everypony stared.

" What Morphnerd was trying to say is tbat we need to ask you a really important question." Darkling said. "Princess?"

" Yes well we would like to know if it would be alright if ..we..umm.. can stay here in the Empire as citizens?" Chanxel said in a quick voice.

Cadence was about to say something then was pulled over by her husband. "One moment please?" Shining Armor said getting in a huddle with his wife and Flash. " Cadence you are gonna tell them no right?" he said.

" Well, sigh no I was going to say yes actually."

"WHAT ARE YOU MAD?!?" Shining Armor yelled that he could have sworn his sister had heard him. "Honey, THESE ARE CHANGELINGS NOT NORMAL PONIES! THEY EVIL AND ALWAYS WILL BE!" Shining Armor hissed. " AND AND THEY'VE KIDNAPED YOU BEFORE! THEY CAN'T CHANGE AND THEY NEVER WILL..."Shining Armor said til Flash cut in.

"What about Discord? huh? Everypony said he could never be good and now he is a friend to us!" Flash said. Shining Armor was suprised he said that. " And Nightmare Moon She was turned back into our beloved princess Luna! I think these changelings deserve a chance too!" Flash finished I am SO fired! he though to himself. Shining Armor was impressed that Flash said these things right to his face. He sighed and lifted his head up.

"Ugh, Fine let them stay but I have a better Idea." Shining Armor said.

They turned to the three changelings.

"You can stay, But In one week we will ask the Whole empire what they think of you. If they all hate you you will leave forever. But if they somehow like you you can stay." Shining Armor said in a clam voice. The three Changelings cheered with happiness

" Thank you so much we will head back to our old home and be back tonight!" Chanxel said with glee. They transformed into the princesses again to not cause ruckus among the ponies. They left ASAP, and as soon as they left Cadence said something

"Well we must get planning."

"For what honey?" Shining Armor said.

"Well the celebration for them of corse!" Cadence said. Flash and Shining Armor were opened gawed hearing what she said.

"A Celebration TONIGHT?!" Shining Armor said. Cadence shaked her head yes. He would say more but he trusted his wife. But he still did not trust the changelings. "Flash Sentry, I want YOU to look after the changelings while they are here!"

Flash could not believe what he heard. "W..ww oo...w! Thank you Captain!" He said

"Are you sure we can trust them Cadence?" Shining asked her.

" Well we will have to wait and see!"She said she smiled