Somewhere beyond the universe

by Gray Compass

First published

Every day I try to remember our happy moments together - Your magic still lives in this world my dear, but my heart can't accept that as a consolation. Why did you had to leave Twilight?

When we married I thought it would be forever... Cliche, you could say - Yes it was, but it was my cliche life, the life I was happy living.

'All good things comes to an end' People said. But why it had to be so soon? How could life do such a thing - yank you out from my hooves so abruptly. Vanish away.

Oh Twilight, only if I could fly high enough to reach you...

Somewhere waiting for me.

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Somewhere beyond the universe

"Hello honey... How was your day? I hope you've have enjoyed it.

Mine was fine - I suppose - me and the guys went to Crystal Lake for a picnic, and some flight competitions of course; you know I loved these ones, flying is my therapy after all, it's what keeps me going on today.

Things here in Canterlot are fine too, nothing really important ever happens in this city anyway. Ponies are living their lives exactly the same way as when you were here. A scandal or two involving some stupid nobles eventually pops out here and there, but again, nothing to worry about. Mundane problems.

Everything is too 'fine', but the truth is that we miss you, Twilight. Your brother talks with me every day, we both agree that our libraries seem so... empty without you, as if an important book had been borrowed, and never returned. Nevertheless, I believe that books are no more necessary for you, right?

I would never dare to remove our pictures from the walls, but dear, I have to admit; it's hard for me to wake up every morning and see our memories so bluntly exposed around the house.

Every day without you is a challenge for me. I still feel your presence around the house, around our room; a few moments before sleep when I'm laying under the covers, I find myself looking for you to give a good night kiss; only to remember that you're not there anymore.

It seems like it was yesterday when I saw your face for the last time, before... Before it happened.

My little Twilly, you've always knew that I hate to look like an egoist stallion - I know that sacrifices are needed to achieve greater blessings. I know my dear...

Unfortunately, I'm just that: Another stallion. It still amazes me how someone like you loved me, married me. Sometimes I truly considered the possibility of being dreaming. I never imagined it could turn into a nightmare.

I can't understand how could they do this to you, how could life draw such a fate. And again - I'm being an egoist stallion. Forgive me Twilight, but I'm not perfect; not as a 'being' like you.

I wish I could write you a real letter, lamentably, I don't think any mailpony in Equestria would be capable of delivering it. I don't even know where to address it...

I'm leaving today my dear. For a travel from which I have no plans of returning.

I've been pondering about this for a long time, there's no much to do here and I spend most of my days practically alone, except those rare occasions when my presence is convened. Most of time for tributes in your honor.

No, I'm not expecting to get closer to you with this, but my dear, I realized there's nothing holding me to this world anymore - My parents are long gone, I have no foals or pets, and my friends... They will eventually forget me over the years.

Twilight, you're the only one I have ever loved, and the only one who have ever loved me - for who I am. When you vanished away, something inside me died. Every day I feel this void growing, it's like an open wound hurting my soul to the core.

De facto, I'm more dead than alive. It wouldn't make much difference for me...

Simply finish the job.

Maybe one day we'll meet again. Somewhere across the universe, I know you're looking over me. I just wanted to have said a last goodbye...

I love you Twilight, and will always do."

Strong wind gusts blew against my mane, making my blue locks of hair flow in the wind. I finished my prayers and slowly raised from the ground, my legs shakily complied.

I felt weak, my tangled thoughts banged my head trying to convince me to do not. The old wooden tower squeaked under my hooves, I glanced through the windows; the city far below.

In that special night, the sky shone with a celestial glow; planets and stars along with the moon, seemed to frame the perfect background for my bittersweet farewell.

The cold Canterlot night greeted my wings with a shivering air current, feathers fell like autumn leaves; fortunately for me, I don't need them anymore.

I picked up some ropes and morbidly placed them on the window ledge, I calmly tied my wings to my body with a strong knot, it tightly kept them on place.

Ever so slowly, I made my way to the wide balcony - the city lights pulsed with life, my fate waited for me thirty floors below.

I removed the rest of my armor and gingerly placed it over a small table; there was nothing to harm me anymore.

I took a seat on the edge, from here there was no going back for me. I extended my front leg and felt nothing but air under my hoof, I finally stood up, I knew exactly what to do...

An apparently simple, but extremely complex move. A decision that couldn't be undone.

"I'm sorry" I said to myself.

Closing my eyes and leaning towards the empty space in front of me - suddenly my brain screamed stop

My right leg froze in mid air, my heart slammed in my throat. The next few seconds took forever, my hooves were shaking and my nervous system was is some kind of shock.



"You're not leaving yet; are you?"

"Twilight??" I said, turning my head to look at her. My body immediately lost all balance and slipped from the balcony.

"NOOOOOOOOO-" I screamed. I shut my eyes waiting for the end. Suddenly, something warm embraced me, even with my eyes still closed, I could notice a strong light passing through my eyelids.

A solid surface was again placed below my hooves, the soft texture under my trembling body made me open my eyes.

Only to find myself laying on my back over a bed, with sweat drops dripping from my forehead. I instinctively turned around and bumped against something; not my pillows, but-


Twilight was there - by my side - worriedly staring at me. Her beauty was more radiant than ever.

"Y-you... You're here!" My smile rapidly spread across my face. But her expression remained still.

"Of course I am... Where else would I go?" She frowned.

"B-but... You left us. You became nothing but... magic." I confusedly stated.

"Who ever said this to you?"

"I-I, Twilight, you-"

"I've never left anyone, I was always by your side Flash... All the time." Her wing extended over my shoulders, wrapping me on a hug.

I felt her touch once again, her warmth, I saw that violet eyes diving into my soul, and I cried. In our wordless debate, I knew everything she wanted to say, and she knew every single one of my troubles.

I have no idea for how long we stayed like that - time seemed to flow slowly, nearly dissolving around me.

"Why?" I managed to ask. She smiled graciously at me, and softly kissed my lips.

"I this life everypony has assignments, my dear. Some can be forgotten, others delayed, but one day, everypony needs to accomplish them." Twilight caressed my mane with a hoof; her body slowly starting to glow in a strange way.

"I don't u-understand..."

"Oh Flash..." She nuzzled me affectionately

"Your life here is just beginning, I know it's hard - life is no easy task! And that's why we should be grateful for having this opportunity; we have the power to think, to create, to make choices, and that's the most precious gift.

But my love... We can't hide from our destiny forever, soon or later it'll find us." Her grip around me tightened.

This whole moment seemed so unreal for me, that I could barely find enough words to form a sentence. I just breathed and enjoyed every single word of her.

As if knowing what happened inside my mind she whispered to my ear.

"I've never left you. Every day when you woke up alone, I was there by your side, whenever you cried, I placed a wing around you, and when you fell asleep, I wrapped my hooves around your chest. Don't confuse my presence, with my body. What is a body, if not our soul's carriage - our shell?"

Sleepiness began to take my mind away, a peace which I've never felt before took my body.

"Do not grieve over the past for it is gone, live in the present and make it so joyful as you can, and this will be worth of remembering. Don't forget this, honey, because I'll never forget you."

"I love you Twilight..." I whispered. She hadn't told me, but I knew it was the last time. The last time I asked for, without tears, but smiles.

"I love you too Flash."

I woke up slowly, memories of last night hit me like a stone brick. Looking to the ceiling and back to my empty bed, I notice a small patch of warm sunlight on my pillows.

There, observing tiny particles of dust floating in the air, her words echoed inside my head, and for the first time in months, I start my day with a grin.

I opened the windows, and left the beauty of the world come inside my house once again, the fresh wind come and sweep the dust away.

Because today, I know that somehow, my little Twilly is here with me; After all, she never said good bye...