Her Princess Charming

by Futile Task

First published

A reclusive student, a lonely princess, and a simple dream that brings them together.

Princess Luna has always been lonely, even with a sister like Celestia, the young pony has always held a loneliness inside her heart, one that could not be filled by the comfort of family. But for her, finding the comfort she so desperately needed was impossible, for she was one who preferred the feminine form over that of a male, and such was always frowned upon in her time.

But she always held onto a dream, her one hope of mending her hollow and broken heart, and after a thousand years of exile, her dream will finally be realized, in the form of one little mare who risked her life to save Equestria.

Rated Mature for sex and strong language.

Chapter 1

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Luna walked nervously toward Golden Oaks Library, her hooves falling onto the dirt road in a measured gait as she kept nervously looking around, though she need not have worried. The sun had long set below the horizon, and the majority of the town’s residents were asleep in their own beds, though those that were awake would not recognize her for the pony she truly was, due to how recent her return had been.

She finally reached her destination, leaping up to the balcony she knew led to Twilight’s room and then walking to the door, raising her fore hoof to knock on the door but then stopping, taking a nervous gulp of air before finally knocking on the door and waiting. She didn’t have to wait long though, letting out a sigh of relief as Twilight opened the door and gave her a confused look.

“Princess Luna, what are you doing here, it’s almost one in the morning?”

“We beg pardon Twilight Sparkle,” said Luna, “but as we are the princess of the night, we do not sleep during this time, and we greatly…greatly wish to speak with thee, so may we please come in?”

From the sound of her voice, Twilight could tell the princess was nervous about something, but she decided not to ask why at the moment, inviting her in and then going inside and sitting down on her bed.

Luna stood in the middle of the room for a moment, looking around nervously before finally sitting down next to Twilight, which prompted the other mare to speak.

“So, what did you want to talk to me about the princess?”

“We…well we had realized during meeting with some very respectable nobles that…that something important had slipped our mind after our rescue by thee, and…and we came here because we…we had forgotten to reward thee for rescuing us.”

Twilight laughed, “Princess you don’t need to reward me, especially seeing as how I wasn’t the only one that saved you.”

Luna shook her head, “but thou art their leader Twilight, so it is thou that deserves the reward most.” Luna shifted her body a little, moving closer to Twilight as she kept speaking. “Besides that, it is tradition that a princess rewards her rescuer,” said Luna, moving around to and draping her fore hooves over Twilight’s own, which caused the mare to blush heavily as she moved ever closer to her.

“Luna what are you doing?”

Luna gave her a serious look, “We have had many dreams when we were little Twilight, many of which we were unable to fulfill due to our station. But there is one dream we have always cherished, and one we have not been able to fulfill until now. So if…if it pleases thee, we wish to offer our self to thee.”

If what the princess had said confused Twilight, what she did next completely baffled her, for at that moment she had leaned in and kissed her full on the lips. Luna took the opportunity to pull herself closer to Twilight, moaning into the kiss as she let her tongue explore the mare’s mouth.

Finally after what seemed like forever, Luna finally pulled away, a string of saliva connecting their mouths for a moment before breaking apart, and then Luna moved. She lifted her forelegs from Twilight, moving them up to grasp the clamps holding her necklace closed and unclamping them, begging to pull it off till Twilight stopped her.

“Pr…Princess, what are you…”

“We…we were removing our regalia,” said Luna with a blush, “it…it still is customary to do so when engaging in coitus, isn’t it?”

Twilight slowly nodded, but she kept her hoof over Luna’s as she spoke. “Y…yeah it is, but why would you want to have se…I mean…engage in coitus with me?”

The princess blushed harder, turning her face away before speaking. “Well…as we said, it is tradition to reward ones rescuer, and besides…” she looked back at Twilight, smiling at her as she lifted up a hoof and began to paw at the other mare’s chest. “We…we have always dreamed of being rescued by somepony and…and giving ourselves to them, which is why we were so happy it was thee that had saved us…and not our sister.” She then looked down at the hoof she had placed on Twilight’s chest, tracing a small circle around the center before looking back up. “We also must confess that we…we have never really liked stallions as other mares do, we have always preferred the female figure to that of a males, so we…we felt that if anypony were deserving of such a reward, it would be thee.”

Twilight simply gazed at her for a long moment, her mind still processing everything the princess had told her. Truth be told, she herself preferred mares over stallions as well, and while Luna’s offer was nice, she had honestly been hoping, though maybe rather foolishly now that she thought about it, that maybe one day she could give herself to Celestia, and thus take their relationship to a whole new level.

But as she had gotten older she had realized her crush was just that, a crush, and now here was Luna, offering herself to her and giving her one of the most beautiful smiles she had ever seen, and she couldn’t forget the kiss she had received from her earlier. Plus there was also the fact that Luna was, simply put, beautiful. Her body was curved in all the right places, her legs were nice and long, her back legs leading up perfectly to her nice supple rump. Her chest was also perfect in Twilight’s opinion, not to small, but just broad enough for her to rest her head comfortably upon, which was a relief to her.

Finally Twilight decided it was time to speak, clearing her throat to get the princesses attention and then starting. “Prin…I mean Luna, I…I would be honored to have you, I really would, but…”

“But what…doth…doth thou not find us attractive…?”

Twilight could hear the hurt in her voice, as well as see it in her eyes, and that finally made her cave, causing her to pull Luna forward into another kiss. To Luna’s surprise she found this one much more enjoyable, but she could understand the reason why, for this time Twilight was actually participating in the kiss instead of just sitting there.

Finally, after a long moment of making out, Twilight pulled away, giggling as a little wine escaped Luna’s lips and placing a hoof over them, smiling at her all the while. “I find you very attractive princess, and while I would be happy to share my bed with you, I want to wait a bit before we do anything um…physical, if that is ok with you.”

Luna was just confused, “but…but that does not make sense, in the stories momma told us the hero would always make love to the princess after he…or in this case she rescued her. Thou rescued us Twilight; that means thou art supposed to make love to us”

Twilight almost protested, but then something clicked, her eyes expanding in understanding as she looked at the young goddess before her. Luna was, for all pretense and purposes, on a familiar world but in an alien time, being exposed constantly to alien concepts brought to her by familiar faces. The one thing she had held onto, the one thing that she prayed for since she was a little filly, was the dream that one day her prince…no, her princess charming would come and save her, and after freeing her from the monster she had become she would take her as her own, washing away her past and her regrets with their passion.

But there was a big problem with all this, one that had to do with what was expected of Twilight, tracing all the way back to upbringing. While her parents had been really accepting of the fact that she preferred mares over stallions, Twilight was still expected not to rush into things, and she was definitely expected not to give away her purity on the first night she…she committed herself to somepony.

“Pr…prithy…is there something wrong?” asked Luna, sensing the other mare’s internal struggle and drawing her out of it with her words.

“It’s…” Twilight sighed, before finally giving the princess a sincere smile, deciding that in this case, her expectations would have to be put aside, at least for now. “It’s nothing Luna, just me worrying about stupid things…I’ll tell you about it tomorrow.”

“Ve…very well then,” said Luna, before deciding it was about time to paw at Twilight’s chest again, before building up the courage to voice her next question. “And…and what about what we asked before, about us…um…engaging in…in…”

She was spared saying it by Twilight placing a hoof to her lips, Twilight giving her another smile before speaking. “I have given it some thought, and while normally we don’t um…do such things this quickly in this day and age, I am willing to make an exception for you…if you’ll have me?”

Luna nodded eagerly, and then squeaked when Twilight pressed forward again, locking their lips together in a tender kiss as this time Twilight slipped in her tongue, exploring Luna’s mouth with ease as she moaned around the invading organ.

And as they kissed, Twilight couldn’t help but marvel at how easy it was to kiss this mare without straining herself, but then again it wasn’t really that surprising, after all compared to her sister Luna was about the same size as Twilight, which made it much easier for the mare to reach her delicate and very kissable lips.

They kept at it for a long while, till finally the need for air separated them both, both of them taking in deep lungful’s of air that couldn’t help but drag along the scent of the two mares, causing them both to blush due to it.

“We…we don’t know where to go from here, we…we have never done this before.”

“It…its ok Luna, I haven’t done this either, but I got an idea, if…if you don’t mind me taking the lead that is?”

Luna nodded again, and then gasped softly as Twilight moved in close, beginning to peck her way down Luna’s neck, nudging the other mare onto her back as she finally reached her chest. Twilight took it slow, not out of hesitance, though there was some; but because she wanted this moment, their first moment, to be burned into their memories for all time.

She finally reached her first destination, the princess’s teats, which actually came as a bit of a shock to her. Judging by her size, Twilight had assumed the princess would have relatively flat teats, so the sight of two small hills rising from between the princess’s legs was a bit of a surprise, but not a bad one.

Luna started to wonder what Twilight was up to, but her question was answered as she felt the sensation of a pair of lips latching onto her right teat, which caused a moan to escape her lips as her blush intensified tenfold. “Twi….Twilight…!?”

“It’s ok Luna,” mumbled Twilight past the teat in her mouth, letting it go and looking up at Luna with a soft smile as she spoke. “I’m just…just doing what some of the books I read told me to do, to help you get excited for…for what comes later.”

Luna stared down at the mare for a long moment, and then nodded her head in understanding, moaning once more as Twilight returned to what she was doing. Her body shook as the feelings washed over her, so foreign, yet so delightful she did not care.

However, those feelings didn’t last long, for Twilight soon let go of the teat she was attending too, moving down a little lower before finally reaching her second destination, the princess’s sacred slit. It was swelled, puffy with arousal and glistening with the princess’s nectar, all of which captivated twilight in ways she had only dreamed of being captivated.

As for Luna, she could practically feel Twilight staring at her, feel her gaze taking in every detail of her most special place, a place she hadn’t even touch.

“Tw…Twilight, there’s…there’s something I need to tell you.”

Twilight looked up, looking confused as the princess stared down at her, looking scared as she spoke her next words. “Twilight, we know we said we…we had never done anything like this before, but…but we feel we need to clarify on that fact. We…we have never um…been awash with passion before…not once…”

Twilight looked at her in confusion for a moment, not understanding her words as they raced around her head. “Never been awash with passion, never been…”

Suddenly her eyes widened in shock, a look of horror spreading across her face as she looked up at the lunar princess. “No…you don’t mean you…you never climaxed?”

That got a confused look out of the princess, “climaxed…we are…are not sure we understand what you mean.”

“Oops um…sorry,” said Twilight, “I forgot you don’t know most of our terminology. To climax basically means the same thing you said, to become awash with passion brought on by um…your lovers ministrations.”

“Then…then yes, we have never climaxed before.”

“But how!” exclaimed Twilight, “that can’t be equinelly possible; you had to have touched yourself at least once!”

“No,” said Luna with a shake of her head, “mother always said we should save ourselves for the pony we loved, and….and we may have been a little overzealous when it comes to that, for we never ever touched ourselves, even when we desperately wanted to.”

Twilight just shook her head, “but…but that can’t be right, you had to have touched yourself some time.” Twilight kept trying to think of things that might cause the princess to at least touch herself once, and then she got an idea. “Wait, what about estrus, you had to have touched yourself during your estrus cycle right?”

The princess shook her head, “No Twilight, we have never touched ourselves during that time, for we have never experienced what you describe.”


The princess chuckled a bit, “our mother suspected it was due to our connection to the moon, something about it having a kind of cooling effect on the fire that sets all mares alight as she used to put it. She and Tia were…were quite envious of it in fact, for they suffered it unlike us.”

“So…so what you’re basically saying is that this…this going to be the first time you ever experienced anything like this, ever…”

“That…that is correct,” said Luna.

Twilight took a moment to digest that bit of information, and then breathed out a calming breath, looking up at the princess with a smile before speaking. “Alright, but promise me if you feel uncomfortable at any time during this, you’ll let me know ok?”

Luna nodded, and then gasped as Twilight knelt down, moaning out loud as the young mare made contact with the princesses swelling mound.

Twilight made sure to be very gentle with her first few licks, not wanting to overstimulate the princess with these new sensations, though the taste of her made it really tempting. As for Luna herself, she was having to contain full blown shouts as the new sensations rolled over her body, making her squirm and moan as she relished in the new sensations. It was for lack of any better descriptors like nothing she had ever experienced before, and she wanted it to continue, so without even knowing what she was doing she grabbed onto Twilight’s head and pushed her downward, screaming as the mares muzzle was buried deep within her folds.

Twilight hadn’t been expecting that, but before any feeling of confusion or panic could set in, the scent of the mare she was now buried in hit her nose, and her mind immediately fogged over with pure and unbridled lust, causing her to start licking the inner walls of the princesses tunnel vigorously, getting more moans and pants as she let her tongue run wild.

As Twilight continued however, Luna suddenly realized something through the haze of her pleasure; she was not pleasuring Twilight. She didn’t know why it bothered her so, but she knew that she needed to at least do something for her Twilight, even if her body was rolling in the pleasures the other mare brought to her.

So with what little control she had left, she lit up her horn, using a little spell her sister had taught her for when she finally found somepony to love and beginning to tend to Twilight’s untouched marehood, noticing the effect it had the moment Twilight stopped with her ministrations, but only for a little while.

However things did not last long, for Luna was new to these feelings in general, and Twilight had never used magic to touch herself before, so she was extremely sensitive to its touch and causing her to come almost instantly.

As for Luna’s first climax, it was punctuated with a scream the likes of which shook the house; though luckily for both of them Twilight had already erected a sound proofing spell around her room, preventing the voice from causing any damage and from escaping the room itself. And after said climax, Luna let herself collapse onto the bed, breathing hard as Twilight got up and moved to lie down next to her, both falling asleep instantly in the comfort of each other’s hooves.

Chapter 2

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Twilight was first to wake the next morning, her muzzle buried deep within the fur of Luna’s chest. She blushed a little, mostly due to the fact that she hadn’t cleaned her muzzle last night, and some of the remnants of Luna’s love juices had dried upon the princess’s chest.

This fact however didn’t seem to bother Twilight that much, who nuzzled closer into Luna’s embrace, drawing out a tiny giggle from the princess as she woke up, nuzzling into Twilight’s mane as the little mare giggled.

“Good morning Luna,” said Twilight, yawning as she stretched and got out of bed, slowly followed by the princess.

“Morning,” said Luna, stretching on the floor as a great yawn escaped her lips, “holy mother this feels weird.”

“What does,” asked Twilight, giving Luna a curious look.

“Waking up at this hour, we usually sleep through the daytime hours, only waking in the night to attend the night court and watch over our ponies as they slept.”

“Wow,” said Twilight, contemplating what this meant as they both headed down to the kitchen, Twilight getting them both breakfast before sitting down with Luna to enjoy their meal.

“So um…what plans do you have for today Luna, I mean you can’t be expected to hang around here all day can you.”

“That is correct my Twilight,” said Luna, “we must sadly part with thee for a little while, though if everything works out it will not be a long separation, we just hope our sister agrees to what we propose.”

“Hopefully so,” said Twilight, leaning against her and nuzzling into her neck before speaking. “I suppose you will also be telling her about us right, after all she will need to be informed of our relationship.”

“Um…actually Twilight, we shall not be informing our sister of our relationship with thee, not yet anyway.”

“What, but why?”

At this question, Luna blushed, getting really embarrassed and clearing her throat before speaking. “Well my Twilight you see, our sister um…is…well, she is very protective of us, and when it comes to ponies who…who try and woo us, she can be a little too protective.”

“Like how protective,” Twilight asked, fearing the answer as she noted the nervous smile on Luna’s face.

“Well…let us just say this, the last suitor who ever sought our hoof got confronted by Tia, and we found him years later in the Saddle Arabian desert speaking in tongues, which he continued to do for the rest of his life.”

Twilight was, for lack of a better word, horrified. The thought that her mentor, Princess Celestia herself, had caused such mental scarring to a pony that he had started speaking tongues, was just tantamount to terrifying. “And I just signed myself up to be her next target,” she thought, shaking from fear as she finally spoke up. “Um…maybe we should wait to tell her, you know, until we're ready.”

Luna nodded, “that would be good, but what about yourself my Twilight, what plans dost thou have for today?”

“Well first I need to find Spike,” said Twilight with a sigh, “I don’t know where he got off to yesterday, but he hasn’t come back yet, so I have to go find him, though I have a mighty suspicion I know where he is. After that is done though, I am going to go and hang out with my friend for a bit, which actually brings me to my next question.”

“Which is,” said Luna, looking curiously at her lover.

“Well…I was wondering if it would be ok to tell my friends, after all they might start wondering about me if I start spending a lot of time with you with no explanation.”

Luna thought about it for a moment, then nodded, “yes, we think it would be a good idea to tell them, though we would prefer it if you wait for us to come back, seeing as how we shall be spending much time with all of you.”

“Really,” said Twilight.

“yes, for that is what we are going to go talk to our sister about, to see if we might live in the town of Ponyville for a while, to better get used to the way our world has changed. So with that, we best be off, but fret not, we shall be back on the morrow.”

“I’ll hold you to that,” said Twilight, before giving Luna a parting kiss and watching her go, felling giddy and happy and many other emotions, many of which she knew she would be feeling again soon.

Celestia tapped her hoof on the ground as she waited for her sister to return, worry coursing through her veins as she scanned the skies for her. She tried to remain calm, but her protective instincts in regard for her sister were nagging at her to just abandon all reasonability and begin tearing the realm apart looking for her.

“Father always said I was a bit overprotective,” thought Celestia, “but I can’t help if I worry about her, she is my sister after all.”

She was brought out of her musings by the sound of hooves touching down near her, and looked up to see little Luna walking up to her with a spring in her step.

“Luna where have you been,” said Celestia as she wrapped her up in a winged hug, “I have been worried sick about you.”

“We are fine Tia,” said Luna happily, bouncing a little with each word as she spoke. “We were just down in Ponyville, for as thou know that town was not there when we were around, and we will admit we lost track of time while we explored the quaint little town. But enough about that, there is something we wanted to talk to you about, but we will have to talk about it later, as we must go and freshen up.”

With that Luna wiggled out of the hug and skipped away happily, not noticing the fact that her sisters expression had changed from one of relief to one of confusion, for she had just noticed something strange upon looking at her sister again.

The fur on Luna’s neck was a mess, and Celestia could see that that was not the only place that was messed up; noting patches of fur scuffled along Luna’s body leading to a place Celestia refused to look, for they led toward Luna’s private regions.

Immediately the look of confusion transformed into a look of pure rage, her gaze turning toward the town of Ponyville as her breaths came out in hot angry gasps. Somepony had touched her sister; some mare had touched her precious little sister. Oh that was it, damn responsibility, damn her royal composure, Princess Celestia of Equestria was pissed.

“Whoever you are my little pony,” thought Celestia as she let her fiery gaze fall on the town, “I can promise you one thing for daring to touch my sister. You. Will. BURN!"

And in the heart of Ponyville, relaxing within the confines of her warm shower, Twilight felt a cold chill run down her spine, feeling fear course through her but not knowing where it came from.

“You kissed us, you touched us, we let you violate us,
you set our heart a-flutter with an ever rolling beat.

“You kissed us, you touched us, we let you violate us,
you set our heart a-racing in thine ever rolling heat!”

Princess Luna felt better than she had in a thousand years, the night’s activities, while brief, were having a tremendous effect on the princess's mood. If she had to place a hoof on why it had such an effect, it would have to do with the fact that for a very long time she had felt incomplete, which she had to admit partially led her to becoming Nightmare Moon all those years ago. But now she had Twilight, she felt complete, for the long empty void in her heart had finally been filled, and she planned on keeping it that way.

“Oh Lulu,” said a voice from inside her bedroom, causing the young princess to smile at the use of the old nickname, “where are you?”

“In here Tia,” said Luna happily, shutting off the water of her shower and climbing out, using her magic to dry off quickly before leaving the bathroom to go hug her sister.

“I see you’re enjoying your new bathroom,” said Celestia with a chuckle, “it must be nice after what we had to deal with before right.”

“Indeed,” said Luna with a grin, “it is so refreshing not having to worry about heating our own water for a comfortable shower, tis simply divine.”

Celestia nodded, “I can imagine, but that is not what I came to talk to you about. If I remember correctly little sister you had something you wanted to talk to me about, and I must admit I am quite curious as to what that might be.”

They both sat down on a nearby couch, Luna leaning against her big sister before deciding to speak, enjoying the feeling of her sister hugging her. “Well Tia, as you know we didn’t really…get along well with the ponies of our time, and we were thinking that…well, maybe we could go and live in the town of Ponyville for a while, to better learn the magic of friendship and thus prevent us from becoming the Nightmare once more.”

While Celestia smiled on the outside, inside the gears in her head were turning, thoughts racing around her head as she stewed over what to say. “So that’s this mystery mares game is it, get me to send her to that little town so that she could spend more time with my little sister, oh I’m on to you missy!”

“Oh lighten up,” said another voice inside her head, which she knew to be her shoulder angel. “You know she always felt lonely because of her preferences, and plus it would do her some good to learn the magic of friendship, especially in an environment as friendly and open as Ponyville.”

“Yeah, and it is also where said mystery mare is,” said the voice of her shoulder devil, “and you can bet your ass that they will be doing more than studying “friendship” when they get the chance, so I say we say no and leave it at that!’

Celestia was inclined to agree with her little devil friend, but she knew that wouldn’t work, for Luna was anything if not stubborn when it came to stuff she wanted, but then she got a wicked idea. “You know what Luna, that isn’t a half bad idea. In fact, why don’t we go down to Ponyville later today and announce it to the town, make it official and everything.”

“Really?” asked Luna, looking excited as her sister nodded her head.

“Why of course, it’s very wise of you to consider learning the magic of friendship to keep yourself from walking that dark path again, and what’s more you will be able to learn it alongside the elements bearers, so what they learn, you will learn as well.”

Luna squealed with joy, jumping out of Celestia’s hug and hooping joyfully around the room as Celestia smile, both her shoulder devil and shoulder angel popping up and giving her weird looks. Before either of them could speak however, Luna came back and hugged her sister again, causing them to vanish as she spoke to her. “Can we go now, we really want to get back to Ponyville and get our lessons started.”

Celestia nodded, and then they both set off, Luna humming happily and Celestia giggling evilly, her little plan already working in her mind as they set off to get everything ready.

Chapter 3

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Twilight paced back and forth in her room, listening to the sounds coming from the main library but not paying them any heed. She found Spike earlier that day, who was now taking inventory of all the books they had in the library, and while she would normally be helping him with that, she was right now in a bit of a moral quandary.

Originally she had intended to leave the library and find her friends, intending to tell them that she was now Princess Luna’s marefriend, but then a thought had struck her, which lead to her current pacing. Throughout her life, Twilight had always been treated differently due to being Celestia’s student, and though the princess hadn’t intended it to happen, it had prevented her from being able to make friends in Canterlot, aside from her rather reclusive nature.

But now she had friends, and while she didn’t want to hide the fact that she was dating Luna, she also knew that they might start viewing her differently, and even might start faking their friendship with her. She knew it was possible, because she had had somepony do that to her not long ago, mostly due to the fact that she was afraid of what might happen if she didn’t want to be friends with Twilight.

Celestia had seen through what Twilight could not, and while she had told Twilight the fault did not lie with the filly in question, it had still led to her becoming extremely reclusive after the incident, fearing that others would act the same way.

“Twilight,” said Spike, stopping the mare in her tracks as he walked up the stairs holding a scroll. “You got a letter from the princess, it looks urgent.”

Twilight quickly grabbed the letter from him, unrolling it quickly and beginning to read.

To my most faithful student

I send this letter to you today to ask you to prepare Ponyville for mine and my sisters impending arrival, for we have an important announcement to make which concerns the entire town.

I will also be coming to you after the announcement to discuss an important matter, one that I will not reveal now in case you are reading this in the presence of others. Rest assured it is of the utmost importance.

Faithfully yours
Princess Celestia

Twilight looked over the letter again and again, finding it a bit worrying that it was so short, and so lacking in information. But she would have to worry about it later, for the letter said they were coming, so she needed to get everything ready for their arrival.

Celestia and Luna sat side by side as the carriage slowly made its way to Ponyville, Luna looking extremely giddy while Celestia kept going over the paperwork she and Luna had filled out, looking for any minor little detail that the nobles might try to exploit. There were none that she could find, but still, even with her secret plans she had ready, she still wanted Luna to enjoy this proper vacation away from her royal duties, and she would be dammed if the nobles managed to ruin it for her.

“You remember where you’re staying right,” asked Celestia, shuffling the papers again and continuing to read as her sister nodded her head.

“Yes we do,” said Luna happily, “and if we remember correctly it is the same place that your dear student stays isn’t it?”

“Correct,” said Celestia, “She is after all studying the magic of friendship and its connection to the elements, so I thought it would be a good idea for you to live with her, though you must promise me something.”

“What sister,” asked Luna.

“I need you to promise me that you will make sure my student does other things besides studying, I know she will have her friends to help her out of that, but if you can I would like you to help her out of her shell as well.”

“Oh don’t worry sister,” said Luna happily, “we will find many “activities” for the young mare to occupy her time.”

Celestia smiled, too busy looking at the paperwork to notice the fiendish grin on Luna’s face, though she eventually was forced to look up as the carriage touched ground, “ready Luna?”

Luna nodded, and then they got out of the carriage, getting greeted instantly by a crowd of ponies who bowed as they approached.

“Ah good, they're all here,” thought Celestia, raising herself up to her full height as she spoke. “Citizens of Ponyville, I thank you for greeting us here today on such short notice. You all are no doubt wondering why we have come here today, and so I shall not postpone telling you any longer. We have come to announce that my sister, Princess Luna of Equestria, shall be moving here to Ponyville.”

Many citizens began to chatter amongst themselves, but became silent as Celestia raised a hoof for silence. “I know that this is most startling, but allow me to explain why she is doing this. The day after my dear sister was returned to me, she confessed to me that it was due to her lack of the lessons of friendship she turned into the nightmare, and I feel it would be best for her to gain these lessons in the town where friendship is most prevalent, thus our choice of Ponyville.”

Once again the citizens started to converse, only to stop as Celestia once again raised a hoof for silence. “I only ask that while she is here, you will treat her as you would any other citizen of Ponyville, not as the princess she is. I know this must seem an odd request, but she is after all a pony not unlike yourself, and deserves to be treated as such. With this said, I wish you all the best of luck, and hope you will all come to know each other better during my sisters stay.”

As the ponies of Ponyville began gathering around Luna to greet her, Celestia motioned with her head toward her student Twilight, indicating that the young mare should follow her. They made their way to the library, reaching it with relative ease and then heading inside, Twilight locking the door to allow themselves privacy.

“So, what is it you wanted to talk with me about princess?”

Celestia sighed, looking tired as she turned toward her student and spoke. “Well Twilight, it would seem that my sister has gotten herself involved with a pony, a pony who appears to be living in this very town.”

Twilight used every ounce of willpower she owned to keep from reacting in fear, for she didn’t want to be found out so soon after deciding her teacher shouldn’t know about them yet. “Really,” asked Twilight calmly, “how can you be sure?”

“Because when my sister returned to me this morning from Ponyville, she smelled of sex and had indications that she had…lain with a mare. Now I know that there is nothing wrong with that in this day and age, but I fear that this pony may be taking advantage of my sisters vulnerable state, due to her just having returned to the world.”

Twilight nodded, so Celestia continued. “The reason I tell you this is because I have arranged for Luna to stay with you, one so that she can hopefully make friends with you as well as your friends here in town, but also that you can look after her and possibly catch whoever this pony is.”

Outwardly, Twilight nodded her head, inwardly; Twilight couldn’t help but smile in fiendish glee. Celestia had just given her the best way to make sure their relationship was kept secret until Luna was ready to tell her, and the best part about it was she didn’t even know she had done it. “I’ll try my best princess, but don’t expect anything too soon; I am after all not a miracle worker.”

“I wouldn’t say that, you brought my sister back to me, if that isn’t a miracle I don’t know what is.”

Twilight blushed, accepting a nuzzle from her mentor before the alicorn left via magic, and moments later Luna burst into the room, slamming the door behind herself and hyperventilating as she clutched her chest.

“Why Luna, to what do I owe the pleasure of your entrance into my humble home?”

“We just escaped…” started Luna, only to shake her head as she managed to calm herself. “Sorry, we just left the company of thine friend Pinkie Pie, who was trying to introduce us to everypony in town, though we managed to shake her by saying we needed to get our living arrangements set up, so she said things could wait till my party later…though I hope she was jesting about that.”

Twilight laughed, drawing a confused look from her lover as she went to explain. “Sorry Luna, I may not have known Pinkie for that long, but when she says there’s going to be a party, there’s going to be a party.”

Luna looked scared, so Twilight got up, walking over and giving her a reassuring nuzzle before speaking. “It’s ok Luna; I’ll be there with you, after I am going to be your guide to life in Ponyville.”

This got a chuckle for Luna, who nuzzled back before speaking herself. “That makes us feel better, but now I have to ask, what was it our dear sister wished to speak to thee about.”

Much to her surprise, Twilight let out a sigh, “Well she told me that she had arranged it for you to live her with me, however, she had an entirely different reason for arranging it that way then what I thought, but before I tell you I must say this. YOU ARE AN IDIOT!”

Luna looked confused, “What?”

“You forgot to clean up before you left my place last night, and your sister noticed.”

It took a while, but finally Luna realized what she meant, “She knows?!”

Twilight shook her head, “not all of it, which is lucky. She knows you slept with somepony here in Ponyville, but she does not know who you slept with, and luckily for us she won’t be discovering that for quite some time.”

“Why is that love,” asked Luna quizzically.

To this Twilight smiled, “Because she asked me to keep an eye on you while you were here, and in so doing see if I could possibly catch the pony who had taken advantage of you.”

At this, Luna smiled as well, kissing Twilight on the forehead before speaking. “Good, it takes care of some of our worries. Now, about thine friends…”

“About that,” said Twilight, “I decided I actually want to wait to tell them, mostly for personal reasons, but mainly because it adds too many instances of where our secret might get divulged without us knowing about it.”

Luna nodded, “a wise choice, and I was actually going to use that argument to get you to not tell them. Well now that we have all that out of the way, what do you say we head over to that party your friend is preparing for us.”

Luna started to head towards the door, only to be stopped as Twilight stretched out a hoof, a coy smile playing across her face as she spoke. “Actually Luna I was thinking…it will probably take a while for Pinkie to get the party ready, so I was wondering…maybe you wouldn’t mind heading up to my room for a little up…fun?”

Luna looked puzzled, “Twilight, art though asking us to postpone meeting with thine friends for some…night time dalliance?”

Twilight nodded, and Luna squealed with joy, picking up Twilight and kissing her into silence before speaking again. “Oh what a most joyous suggestion, we have never had the chance to partake in such an activity, and there are still many things we would like to attempt with thee in bed.”

With that, and a healthy blush that managed to turn her cheeks completely red, Twilight followed Luna up towards her bedroom, both of them smiling as they took the stairs two at a time.

Chapter 4

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Twilight and Luna collapsed upon the bed, both of them thoroughly exhausted from all the…“fun” they had been having. “That was…” started Twilight.

“Simply magical,” said Luna, “but it is starting to get late, and we need to get going.”

They both got shakingly out of bed, Luna actually wincing as she bumped a particular tender spot. “Love, not that we did not enjoy it, but did thou have to attack our rump so viciously?”

Twilight giggled, “Sorry, I just couldn’t help myself, it’s not my fault you have a cutie mark that demands exploration.”

It was a cheesy line and she knew it, but it seemed to win over the lunar mare, who Twilight had to assume was probably not used to such lines and therefore more susceptible to the less effective ones.

However, what Luna said next was not what she expected, or wanted to hear. “Oh our cutie mark is not that special, now Tia’s cutie mark, that is special, for it shines just as brightly as the sun she controls, where as ours only…”

Twilight cut her off with a kiss, knowing she needed to stop this thought fast, figuring a good kiss would do the trick. After giving it enough time for the kiss to leave the princess speechless, Twilight pulled away and looked her in the eyes, making sure she had her full attention before speaking. “Luna I don’t want you to ever say anything like that again you hear me, you have a beautiful cutie mark, as well as a beautiful talent.”


Twilight kissed her again, “I said none of that, not until I have had my say. Now your talent is special my dear Luna, for without your moon, the night would be dark and foreboding, and without your stars, many ponies would not be able to find their way home when composes and maps fail them.”

Luna was in tears by this point, but they were tears of joy, for Twilight’s words had eased the pains in her heart. She drew the young mare in for one final kiss, this one tender and full of emotion as she hugged her young lover, till finally they broke apart.

“Thank thee love, we are most gracious for your words, it seems that much has changed from when we went mad, and we are thankful for it.”

Twilight giggled, causing Luna to tilt her head quizzically as she spoke, “prithee, what is so funny love?”

“Nothing,” said Twilight with a grin, “you just keep using the royal we a lot, reminds me of my old textbooks.”

Luna blushed, “We…I mean…my apologies, my mother raised me on the royal we, and I find it a very hard habit to break, even when others are helping.”

Twilight nodded, “Well don’t worry, I’m sure we’ll get you off that crazy habit soon, something tells me this is the kind of town which rubs off on you.”

Luna laughed, “Indeed, I remember long ago the same effect could be said for the Shetland Isles, I always had a nasty habit of going there prim and proper and coming back cursing like a sailor.”

This comment caused Twilight to laugh herself, for she had a hard time imaging Luna cursing like that. “Well hopefully Ponyville doesn’t have that kind of effect on you, but now we really have to get cleaned up.”

Luna nodded, getting up and heading into the bathroom, before poking her head out and staring at Twilight with an inviting smile, “Care to join me?”

“I’d rather wait,” said Twilight simply, lounging on the bed as she stared out the window at the sunrise.

“Well then, I’m afraid I am going to have to insist,” said Luna just as simply, lighting up her horn and picking up Twilight in her magic.

“Luna,” said Twilight in exasperation, looking like she was trying to swim through air as she tried to move back to her bed.

Luna simply giggled, guiding her into the shower and setting her down in front, turning on the water and heating it up as she grabbed some soap. “If it pleases you, I would like the honor of washing thee my lady.”

Twilight blushed and nodded, cooing a bit as she felt Luna’s hooves begin to work on her body, relaxing with a sigh as Luna spoke.

“You know, I have never been able to do this before, my sister always insisted on taking care of me before washing herself.”

“Well you’re a natural,” cooed Twilight, groaning as Luna hit a particularly sore spot.

“I’m just doing what my sister taught me,” said Luna, “she really is a good…”


“AAAAHHHH,” moaned Twilight, slumping against Luna as her entire back relaxed; Luna having loosened a particularly bothersome muscle. “Thank the fucking mothers; you don’t know how long that muscle has been bothering me.”

“I had a feeling,” said Luna with a smirk, “now let’s see if I can find anymore “sore spots.”

“What is taking those two so long,” said Rainbow with a growl, “it didn’t even take me this long to make my first house!”

“Now calm down Rainbow,” said Applejack with a smirk, “Ah’m sure Twilight is just getting Luna set up prim and proper, she is a princess after all.”

“But that’s the thing, her own sister said to treat her like any other pony, so what kind of “special preparations” would Twilight need to make before they got over here?”

“Well Rainbow just because she is to be treated like a regular pony doesn’t mean she is not used to particular standards,” said Rarity. “She is after all high born, and Twilight, being Canterlot born herself, will know just what the young mare needs to make her feel at home.”

“Well I hope she’s not too demanding of Twilight,” said Fluttershy nervously, “I mean I know we haven’t known her long, but I don’t think she would handle stress well.”

One of the others was about to make a comment on this, when suddenly Pinkie zoomed past them, looking out the window before turning back to the crowd within and whispering, “There coming!”

Just as suddenly, and with the air of ponies who had been through many a Pinkie Pie party, the citizens of Ponyville hid themselves, till nothing was left but a discarded hat, which promptly got pulled under the flat floor rug.

It didn’t take long, Twilight and Luna walking in only to stop dead as Pinkie and her gests popped out of their hiding places to yell “SURPISE,” Bulky Biceps giving a loud “YEAH,” from his spot in the ceiling fan. Twilight and Luna stared in utter shock, their left eyes twitching a similar manner as they looked at the ponies in disbelief.



“…I don’t even…?”

“…the ceiling fan…?”

Pinkie bounced over, giggling as the other ponies began mingling as she moved next to the princess. “Oh I’m so glad you both made it, now we can get this party started!”

Chapter 5

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Twilight found herself separated from Luna faster than she could say “Surprise Exam,” and soon found herself talking to a young stallion who said he had recently joined the guard, and that he had been stationed at Ponyville to look after the elements.

“I mean this is so bucking cool,” said the stallion, “I get to be one of the guards that gets to watch over the most important ponies in all of Equestria, well next to the princesses of course.”

“You must be very excited,” said Twilight, her eyes scanning the crowed in the vain hope that she could spot one of her friends and maybe excuse herself from the stallion.

“I sure am,” he said, before scooting closer to her and smiling. “Say, why don’t I grab us a pair of drinks and…get to know each other better.”

Twilight looked at the stallion for a moment, and then started to giggle, causing him to look cross, “What?”

“I’m sorry um…”


“I’m sorry Flash, I know it probably took you a lot of guts to ask me this, but I am afraid I am going to have to pass.”

“And why is that,” asked Flash hotly, looking like he regretted talking to her.

“Because I don’t swing that way Flash,” said Twilight as nicely as she could, “I’m a lesbian.”

Flash looked confused for a moment, and then burst into laughter, causing Twilight to look confused herself as he finally calmed down enough to speak. “Oh my goddess is that all, that’s no problem at all babe, as they say lesbians are just mares who have never had a real stallion befoYEEEOUCH!!!!”

He had abruptly stopped when he had felt something take ahold of his crotch and begin squeezing rather painfully, Twilight leaning in close to glare at him as she spoke. “Uh hu, and my father always told me that stallions who said that are just puffed up stallion whores who are just looking for a quick lay, so why don’t you do us both a favor and leave me alone ok.”

She let him go and then turned to leave, only to have him grab her by the shoulder to stop her from moving, “Hey I’m not done talking with you…”

She would have turned and slapped him, except before she could turn or he could finish, Rainbow Dash came out of the crowed and decked him, knocking him to the floor as she stood protectively in front of her friend. “Hey, she said she wasn’t interested buster, so why don’t you take the hint and go find another mare.”

“And why don’t you go bugger off,” growled Flash, “can’t you see I’m talking to this pretty mare?”

“You weren’t talking buddy,” said Rainbow harshly, “you were objectifying. But seeing as how you’re new to this town; let me fill you in on a little secret.”

She grabbed the stallion by the scruff of his neck and hauled him up, coming within inches of his face as she growled at him. “We have a healthy pegasus population here in Ponyville, and all those pegasi grew up on a saying, “The Flock Looks After Its Own.” The mare behind me who you have trying to hit on just so happens to be my friend, which makes her part of my flock, so if I here that you hurt her or so much as looked at her funny, I will have every pegasi within spitting distance come and tan your hide!”

She then backed up, smiling down at the now piss scared stallion as she ruffled his mane and turned him around. “Now, why don’t you go home and rethink your life, I’m sure by the time you’re done there will still be plenty of mares for you to harass.”

After that the stallion left, and Rainbow turned to see Twilight staring at her in shock, “I…buh…that was amazing Rainbow, thank you!”

“No problem Twilight,” said Rainbow as she wrapped a wing around her middle, “I remember what it was like when guys wouldn’t take the hint.”

“Wait,” said Twilight, “so that means you’re…”

“Yep,” said Rainbow with a grin, “and don’t worry about me hitting on you too hard, I know you’re taken.”


Rainbow giggled at that, “Taken ponies have way of carrying themselves, and you are carrying yourself like somepony who has a special somepony.”

Twilight stared at Rainbow, astonished by what the young mare had said. When they had first met, Twilight hadn’t thought she was a bit of an airhead, but it seemed the young mare was full of surprises.

“So…” said Rainbow, “you in an open relationship or closed one?”


“Hey, a mares got to ask,” said Rainbow with a smile, before pulling Twilight in close with a wing as she spoke. “Besides, me and Fluttershy like to keep things interesting.”

Twilight watched as Rainbow waved at Fluttershy, then watched as the usually timid mare waved back, noting a giggle before looking back at Rainbow. “So should I feel sorry for her or for you?”

“Hey now don’t be like that, we may be complete opposites but we balance each other out, plus she is a lot less timid when were alone.”

Twilight nodded, “Ok, but I still find it a bit weird, though I guess I’m not one to really judge. But again, thank you for the save Rainbow, I really hate stallions like that.”

“Don’t mention it,” said Rainbow, before pointing to the crowd. “Now for why I really came over here, Luna looks like she is having trouble interacting with ponies, and seeing as how she is staying with you, I think you would be the best to help her socialize with ponies.”

Twilight thanked her again, then headed over to where Luna was, noting that the young mare was cowering in a corner but occasionally greeting a pony or two.

“Hey Luna,” said Twilight, “how is everything going?”

“Terrifyingly well,” said Luna with a smile, “I…I just didn’t expect so many ponies, especially so many ponies after this hour.”

“I told you a lot has changed Luna,” said Twilight with a smile, “and this was one of the big changes, for a lot of ponies work and celebrate during the night now. I think Celestia started it around four hundred years ago, for by then the story of nightmare moon had become nothing but a fairy tale.”

“Thank the mothers for that,” said Luna, “I honestly fear what kind of power she could have had if the ponies had known her as something else.”

That caught Twilight’s interest, but she decided not to press it now, instead moving beside the mare and gesturing to the crowed. “Come on, Pinkie threw this party so you could get to know ponies, and if you plan on doing anything besides hiding in my library all day, then I think it would be best for you to get to know them now rather than later.”

“Will you stay with me?” asked Luna.

Twilight nodded.

“Then let us embark,” said the young princess, following Twilight as she led her through the crowd, coming up to a group of five ponies who were more than happy to be the first to talk to her.

“Well howdy yall,” said Applejack happily, waving them over as they sat down. “Nice to see you up and about princess, I honestly thought you’d be wanting to take it easy and hang with your sister for a while.”

“Not really Applejack,” said Luna simply, taking a sip of some punch before speaking again. “As much as I love my sister, I need to get out on my own, for I never really left the palace before my banishment.”

“I can understand that,” said Applejack, “but enough about all that, how you settling in with our friend Twilight.”

Luna smiled, “I am settling in quite well, for Twilight has done her best not to treat like royalty, which has made me quite glad.”

“But why wouldn’t you want to be treated like royalty,” asked Rarity, “I mean you are one of the rulers of the land, you deserve a little pampering.”

“While I do like the pampering a bit,” said Luna, “I honestly hate it. Yes we control the nation, but because of that we get put up on a pedestal of perfection by the ponies we swear to serve, a pedestal that if sat upon long enough, we cannot leave. Because of this, we cannot be our true selves amongst our subjects; we can only be our true selves when with our family and really close friends, and I hope I will be able to count all of you as close friends.”

“Of course we’ll be your friends,” said Pinkie Pie excitedly, before passing out drinks and sitting down with the rest of the group.

After they all took their first sips, Rainbow leaned over the table, a grin plastered on her face as she spoke to Luna. “So, any ponies catch your eye Luna.”

“Rainbow,” said Rarity, “that is not something you ask a princess out of the blue, especially amongst company.”

Luna laughed, “It’s quite alright Rarity, after all I did ask that I not be treated like a princess during my stay, and it’s nice to see Rainbow being so candid. As to your question Rainbow, before I answer, I have one of my own. My sister told me something recently, but I didn’t know if she was telling me truth of just humoring me, so I ask, is it true that mares are allowed to mate with other mares?”

Everypony looked at her in surprise, but it was Fluttershy who finally spoke up. “Um, she was telling the truth Luna, mares have been able to mate with other mares, though it nearly got her deposed, a lot of stallions weren’t happy with her about it.”

“Ah buck um,” said Dash simply, giving Fluttershy a quick kiss before looking back at Luna. “The stallions have been getting antsy for a while now, ever since your big sis swore off taking another mate about…what was it Twilight, five hundred years ago?”

“Nine-hundred actually,” said Twilight sadly, “they left her alone for a while to allow her to grieve, and then one stallion by the name of Bright Fang came to her in the middle of court and proclaimed that the time for your grieving is done, and it is now time for you to take a mate, one who can help ease the burden of your heavy rule.”

“How did my sister take that?”

“Well from what she told me, she walked right up to him, bent her head down till she was face to face with him, and simply stated no before ending court for the day. Then the next day, she announced to the entirety of Equestria that she had taken a vow of celibacy as penance for what happened to…well to you.”

Luna looked shocked, “Really, I had no idea my sister was so affected by my absence, I shall have to talk to her about it later. For now though, I shall answer Rainbows question.”

She looked over at Rainbow, giving her a cheeky grin before speaking, “To your question Rainbow, I did see one or two mares that I found…appealing.”

Everypony stared at her in shock; all save for Twilight, who sipped at her drink as she waited to see her friend’s reactions.

Finally, it was Applejack who spoke up, choosing her words carefully as she did so. “So…you’re into mares Luna?”

“Yes I am,” said Luna happily, “that won’t be a problem will it?”

“Not with me,” said Applejack, “but I would not say anything around Granny Smith, she’s nice and all, but very old fashioned when it comes to that sort of thing.”

“But the rest of the town is really accepting,” said Fluttershy, much to the surprise of everyone. “We actually have a lot of ponies here who prefer mares to stallion, though that’s due more to the fact that there are so few stallions here.”


Surprised by this outburst, everypony turned around to see an orange pegasus filly running toward them, leaping into Fluttershy’s lap and shaking.

“Scootaloo, sweetie what’s wrong?”

“Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon are picking on me again, they said the reason I can’t fly yet is because I have two moms.”

Rainbow, who had moved closer to Fluttershy by this point, bent down and kissed the filly on the forehead, “Hey none of that squirt, you having two moms has nothing to do with it. Hell me and your mom are probably two of the strongest fliers from Clouds Dale, so you defiantly got flying in your blood, you just got have to give it time.”

Scootaloo smiled, then looked up at the ponies around, stopping when she spotted Twilight and Luna, “hey, who are you two?”

Fluttershy giggled, and then pointed to the two ponies as she spoke. “Honey, these are mommy’s new friends, Twilight Sparkle and Luna.”

Luna smiled at the fact that Fluttershy had not used her royal title, and was even more pleased when the little filly leapt up upon her lap as she looked up at her. “You’re Luna, that’s so awesome; can you control the moon like your sister controls the sun?”

Luna nodded, “Indeed dear child, though I also control the stars.”

“Cool,” said Scootaloo, before hopping down and running over to her friends as the lunar mare looked to Fluttershy.

“She is an adorable filly.”

“That she is, wouldn’t have her any other way.”

“When did you adopt her?” asked Twilight.

Both Luna and Twilight watched as the other mares turned to look at each other, and then watched in confusion as they began to giggle. “What’s so funny,” asked Twilight.

“Well sugar cube,” said Applejack with a smirk, “no to be blunt or anything, but Rainbow and Fluttershy didn’t adopt her, they made her the old fashioned way.”

Luna looked doubtful, but Twilight looked confused. “Old fashioned way,” she mumbled, “old fashioned…oh…OH!”

“What is it Twilight,” asked Luna, hoping the mare had an answer.

“You used Nav Mesh’s patented foal making spell for same sex couples didn’t you?”

Now Luna had to speak, “Foal making spell for what?”

Twilight sighed, “several years before you came back a stallion by the name of Nav Mesh decided it was unfair that same sex couples could only have foals if there either sought out a third party in order to conceive or adopt a homeless filly, so he began working on a way for same sex couples to have foals naturally. After many years, he was able to come up with a spell, and used himself and his lover to test it, becoming the first stallion in the world to bear a foal and give birth. Then to make sure it worked on mares as well, he…well…oh gosh this is embarrassing.”

“What is it,” asked Pinkie, who was looking rather excited as the mare blushed.

“Well, the female couple he got to volunteered were my grandparents, on my mother’s side.”

Many of the ponies at the table giggled, Twilight still blushing as she coughed and turned to Luna to finish speaking. “Anyway, thanks to this spell, same sex couples can now have children together, but…” she said, turning to look at Rainbow and Fluttershy with a sheepish look, “wasn’t it embarrassing for you two to get the spell cast?”

“We didn’t get the spell cast on one of us,” said Rainbow with a smirk, “we used the pill version, after all I think Shy here would have fainted dead if we were forced to have some pony cast it on her.”

There was a squeak beside her, and Rainbow quickly pulled her in for a wing hug, “It’s alright Shy Shy, we all have our issues.”

Everypony giggled at that, then Rainbow let go of Fluttershy then motioned to Luna, “hey Luna, do you mind coming to talk with me for a second?”

Luna nodded, getting up and heading outside with Rainbow as the others began conversing. When they got outside, Rainbow turned around and gave Luna a serious look. “Luna, what do you know about Pegasi flocks?”

Luna thought about it for a moment, “Pegasi flocks are the back bone of most pony civilizations, for they said their town not only in weather manipulation, but also in defense of the many members of the populace.”

“And what do you know of the flock that lives in Canterlot?”

“They are the ponies who comprise the vast majority of Equestria’s military,” said Luna, “born of noble stock that can trace its lineage all the way back to the great Commander Hurricane.”

Rainbow hesitated for a moment, and then she finally sighed, “Well unfortunately for us…they have changed since you…since you were banished.”

“Changed?” asked Luna, “what do you mean changed?”

Rainbow sighed again, “They’ve become pampered spoiled jerks that think that just because there part of the “Great Canterlot Flock,” they can get away with anything they want.”

“And you are telling me this…why?”

“Because one of the guards that was assigned to guard us tried to pull the moves on Twilight earlier, and I’ve heard some horror stories from other pegasi that they don’t take getting shot down well, some of them even mentioned…rape…”

Now Luna was paying attention, “And do you happen to know whom this stallion might be?”

“He said his name was Flash Sentry, he’s a tan pegasus with a dark blue mane and tail.”

Luna bowed her head, “Thank you for informing me of this rainbow, I shall take care of it at once, would you mind telling me the others I will be back soon?”

“What are you going to do?”

At that question, Luna gave her a mischievous smirk, “Let’s just say I intend to remind this pony why I am the ruler of the night.”

“Flash, are you really sure you want to be messing with this mare, I mean she’s fucking Twilight Sparkle for pony’s sake.”

“I don’t care who she is,” growled Flash to his lackey, “no mare has lived till they’ve experienced The Flash, and I intend to make sure every mare I meet gets that experience, whether they realize they need it or not.”

The other stallions glanced at each other for a second, then all chuckled, used to their leader’s peculiar ways, especially when it came with some nice rewards.

“Hey,” said one of them, catching Flash’s attention, “once you have fun with her, we’ll be able to have out fun with her right?”

“Of course, what kind of boss would I be if I let you guys miss out on all the fun?”

As he turned back to start heading toward the library however, a thunderclap sounded overhead, and in a flash of light Luna appeared before the startled group of stallions.

“Princess Luna,” said Flash hesitantly, “wha…what are you doing here?”

“Oh nothing much,” said Luna simply, staying ware she was as she simply stared at him, “we were just wondering what business you had heading over to young Twilight’s abode?”

“Oh nothing your highness,” said Flash with a smirk, “I just told Twilight I would wait at her place till she was finished at the party, after all we kind of hit it off.”

At that, Luna actually smirked, walking over to them before leaning close to the stallion before speaking. “Now Flash, I know you probably did not know this, but as I was once the bearer of the element of honesty, it gifted me with the wondrous ability of being able to tell when ponies lie to me, an ability which thankfully I still possess. Now…” she said, lacing a bit of magic into her voice as she spoke, “tell me why you are heading toward Twilight Sparkle’s home!”

As if compelled by a force not of his own making, Flash’s mouth opened and the truth began spilling from his mouth. “I was going to her house so I could wait for her and force myself upon her, because she spurred my advances toward her by giving me a bullshit excuse that she was a lesbian.”

As he clapped his hooves over his mouth in shock, Luna turned toward his cohorts, “and why were you all here?”

“We were here to help him,” one of them said, “mostly because we always get to have fun with the mare’s he goes for after he’s done with them.”

Luna pulled back, standing herself to her full height before glaring at all of them as she spoke in a menacing tone. “Know that I shall be informing my sister of your attempted transgressions against her prized student, and no to that you shall most likely receive punishment from her as well, but before that comes to pass, I have my own punishment I shall be passing upon you.”

With that she lit up her horn, her eyes glowing bright as white lines leaped from her horn to the heads of the other ponies, their eyes going blank as they fell to the ground, their minds falling into the land of dreams.

When she was finished, she let out a shrill whistle upon the air, several bat winged ponies coming out of the shadows and approaching her cautiously, looking hesitant. True, she hadn’t seen them in ages, and she looked a lot different then she had when she last saw them, but she had sensed they had been following her since her return, and it gladden her heart that they had still answered her call, for they were her most precious of ponies.

“Fear me not my loves,” she said sweetly, “we know out appearance has changed, but it is your mistress.”

They moved a little closer, several taking a few tentative sniffs, before finally they smiled and moved up to nuzzle her, causing her to giggle.

After a moment, they pulled away, one of them bowing her head before speaking. “What is your command Night Mistress?”

Luna quickly filled them in on what had happened, and then gestured to the ponies fitfully sleeping behind her. “These ponies need to be taken strait to my sister in Canterlot to answer for what they have done; I can trust that you will not have any trouble reaching her?”

“It will be no trouble Night Mistress,” said the mare, “The Day Mistress has long been lending an ear to us since you were banished, feeling she owned it to you to keep our race in council.”

“That is good,” said Luna, “now go, for we have a party to return to.”

The ponies nodded, then moved to the ones knocked out and grabbed them by their mane’s using their unique powers to dive into the shadows and leaving the Luna to walk back to the party on her own, a skip in her step and a smile on her face as she dictated a letter to her sister before sending it off via magic.

After all, it had been ages since the sun ruler had got to vent, and her only regret was that she wouldn't be in Canterlot to see her sister cut loose.

Chapter 6

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High Commander Loft Wing gulped as he kept his back pressed against the wall, sweat rolling down his form as the temperature in the room rose steadily. He had always known this day would come, the day he and the others of the flock got found out, but he had always held out a naive hope that it would be long after he retired, like his father. Now though, now he was faced with the wrath of a mare whose fires he had been stupid enough to think had died out long ago.


She took a step forward, the heat from her hoof actually causing the stone to heat up as she shouted some more, her spit actually burning through his fur and into his skin as she vented her rage on him. “BUT THE WORST OF ALL THESE ACTS CAN’T COMPARE TO WHAT THAT…FILTH YOU CALL OFFSPRING ATTEMPTED TO DO TO MY PRIZED STUDENT LAST NIGHT, AND IF IT HADN’T BEEN FOR THE ELEMENT OF LOYALTY’S INTERVENTION, AS WELL AS MY SISTERS, SHE WOULD HAVE ENDED UP RAPED!”

Again the princess made another step forward, this time her hoof sinking into the ground a bit as the heat intensified even further. “SO I ASK ONCE AGAIN, DO YOU HAVE ANYTHING TO SAY FOR YOURSELF!?”

Loft stood there for a long moment, and then stood to his full height, glaring at the princess as he spoke. “I am Loft Wing, direct descendant of High Commander Hurricane, and member of one of the most pure flocks in all of Equestria. We are a privileged few, held above all the rest so that we can defend those who can’t defend themselves, including you princess, so I don’t have to say a damn thing to you!”

He expected many reactions from the princess, but he didn’t not expect actual steam to fly from her flaring nostrils, nor for the princess’s horn to flare blinding white as he felt all four of his legs simultaneously shatter, causing him to scream.

After she had dealt with the high commander, Celestia had gone on a rampage, dealing with every single member of the Canterlot Flock who were part of this damnable affair, save for Flash himself. Him she was saving for Twilight’s family, even though she was sorely tempted to tan his blithering hide.

Now however, now she was sitting in her office, steam still billowing from her nostrils and her main and tail crackling like fire, instead of flowing gently like it usually did. She looked around for a moment, and then let out a deep sigh, grabbing a bell on her desk and ringing it before setting it back down as a brutishly large thestral appeared before her.

“You rang?”

“Yes I did,” said Celestia with a sigh, “I need you to fetch Princess Mi Amore Cadenza and lieutenant Shining Armor, for I have a matter which must be discussed with them.”

The thestral nodded, disappearing into the shadows and giving Celestia a few more moments to calm down, before the familiar sound of teleportation sounded in front of her door, and then a knock. “Enter.”

The door opened, and in walked her niece Cadance, and the one who she had chosen as her mate, Twilight’s big brother Shining Armor.

“Hey aunty,” said Cadance, walking over and giving her a hug before pulling back and giving her a sheepish grin. “Are you doing ok, I don’t think I heard you freak out that much since the time the nobles tried to have me married off to the Sultan of Saddle Arabia.”

Celestia gave a snort at that memory, both ponies backing away a bit as the steam washed over her desk, but she sighed all the same. “I am fine, just dealing with something I should have dealt with a long time ago…a long time ago…”

Shining looked at Cadance for a moment, then Shining Armor spoke up, “You’re talking about the flock of Canterlot aren’t you?”

Celestia shot him a look, “You know about them?”

“…Everypony in the guard knows about what they do princess…”

“Shining what are you talking about?” asked Cadance.

Before Shining Armor could speak, Celestia passed Cadance a folder, the young alicorn reading it over quickly, her eyes taking on an angry glow before finally she threw down the file and looked at her aunt. “HOW LONG HAS THIS BEEN GOING ON!”

“For over a hundred years apparently,” said Celestia, “though I only found out last night when Luna sent me a group from the flock, a group who had apparently been planning on raping Twilight.”

The moment the words left her mouth Cadance and Shining’s eyes light up with a righteous fire, both of them asking the same thing in the same defining voice.


Celestia sighed again, “They are in the dungeons, but before either of you run off to do what I know by right’s you are allowed, there is something I need to discuss with both of you.”

Both ponies looked at each other a moment, then sat down, waiting for the older mare to speak.

“As you no doubt have guessed, I have done extensive digging into this matter, and what I have found is…well to be honest it is frightening to me. This…problem apparently doesn’t just concern the flock of Canterlot, but has spread to every military flock within the kingdom. There are parts of it that can be salvaged, but unlike here; I can’t possibly take care of this all by myself.”

She got up, walking around her desk till she was standing in front of the map of Equestria, sighing once more as she spoke. “To effect change, I need ponies I can trust, which brings me to a question.”

She turned to look at Shining then, the stallion looking nervous. “If you knew what was going on, why didn’t you do anything?”

“I…” started Shining, “I wanted to princess, I really did, but none of us who knew anything thought we could fix it, not when we didn’t have the power to affect the kind of change we desired.”

“And if you had the power to affect such change?”

Shining got a determined look, “I do my best to restore the honor of the Equestrian military, and make sure such things never happened again.”

Celestia smiled, “that’s exactly what I wanted to hear High Commander Shining Armor.”

Shining spluttered, “Wha…what!?”

Celestia moved over and placed a wing on his shoulder, “Due to the fact that I cannot trust the pegasi at the moment, I am making you High Commander of the Equestrian military, for I believe you are the only one who I can trust to affect the changes we both know need to be made.”

“But…but princess,” said Shining, “surely there is a pony better suited them me for the position.”

“There might be,” said Celestia, “but like your sister, you are one of the phew ponies who has devoted himself to the mare that is your princess, not the image, and that is the kind of pony I want rebuilding my military.”

She then turned to Cadance, “As for you, a strong leader always needs the helping hoof of a friend, or in some cases something more. Because of this, I want you to stay close to Shining Armor, to make sure he stays on his desired path and not slip down the path of those who came before.”

“Aunty?” she asked, confused by her request.

At that Celestia gave her a knowing grin, “you both may think you have been hiding it quite well, but I have known about you relationship for a long time.”

Both ponies blushed, causing Celestia to smile, before her face became grim. “Now…about Flash Sentry.”

Immediately Shining Armor snorted, “what about him?”

“While you both have right to claim umbrage against Flash Sentry, our laws state that he must be held accountable for his actions before a court of his own peers, and must be alive to make it to that court date.”

Both ponies looked disappointed, but then Celestia gave them an evil grin, “However, the laws say nothing about what condition he must be in when presented to the court, so with that, I give you leave.”

Cadance and Shining were gone in a flash, leaving the princess to smirk as she walked to her office window and looked down upon the guard barracks, where the prisoners were currently being held.

“I wonder if they realize how deep of a pyre they have landed themselves in.”

“Hey, hey pee brain, I’m talking to you dick head listen to me, you have no right to keep me in here!”

Flash and his cohorts were currently locked in the barracks jail cell, Flash himself pounding upon the cell door as he yelled at the guards, who to his ever growing anger were pegasi from his flock.

“Aren’t you listening to me you maggot, I am the son of your dam high commander, so you better fucking…”

One of the guards rounded on him, actually head-butting the door with enough force to dent the bars before glaring at him. “You will keep your mouth shut you fucking scum, and be thankful that the only reason I am not tearing you apart is because I don’t want to deprive Twilight’s brother the chance to mess you up, for nopony messes with the princesses student, nopony!!!”

The guard then turned his back on the stallion, ignoring his further attempts to get his attention, and then smiled when he saw Shining Armor walking down the steps.

However, that smile turned into a dropped jaw when he saw Shining’s new attire, and behind him, Flash looked livid. “How dare you wear that uniform scum, only the high commander…?”

“I am the High Commander you insolent swine!” yelled Shining Armor, causing Flash to blanch. “The Princess instated me as High Commander after she found out what your father has been allowing to happen.”

“Allowing to happen, the only thing he’s been allowing to happen is…”

Before he could finish a blue glow surrounded his neck, causing him to choke as Cadance walked down the stairs after Shining, her eyes glowing menacingly as she spoke. “You shall not speak in my presence unless I deem it necessary cur, so I think I’ll be taking your voice till were done here.”

Flash choked more, and out of his mouth came a ball of glowing light, a ball which floated away from him and over to Cadance, who placed it in a bag she was carrying. After that was done, she let go of his throat, Flash trying to speak a bit and finding his voice had indeed been taking, and promptly wet himself in fear.

“Now,” said Shining, glaring at the stallions trapped in the cell with a fire in his eye. “You stallions planned on raping my sister, prized pupil of Princess Celestia and bearer of the Element of Magic, simply because she spurred your advances due to her sexual preferences.”

He snorted, his anger clearly shown in the glare he leveled at the tan stallion. “Normally I would be well within my rights to deal with you as harshly as I see fit, as are the laws when it comes to royal…disagreements. However, as High Commander I cannot be seen doing such…things on my own, it wouldn’t be proper.”

Flash and his compatriots looked gladdened for a moment, till Shining spoke once more. “However, it is custom for the High Commander to pass on less savory tasks to those under his command, so in keeping with tradition, I am going to pass on your punishment to more capable hooves. BOYS, FALL IN!!!”

After he said that, three stallions came into the room, and the ones in front of the cell moved up to join with them, all of them turning to Shining Armor as he spoke. “You boys get the privilege of dealing with this scum yourselves, just remember, they need to be alive when they report to their hearing, but till then, their all yours.”

He then left with Cadance, leaving his guard to deal with the loathsome stallions who had attempted to rape his sister.

Flashes last act of defiance was to yell with all his might at the retreating stallion, but not a sound was heard as the stallions opened the cell door and rushed in to exact their revenge.

Chapter 7

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Luna hummed as she headed back to the party, greeting ponies as she sauntered her way over to Twilight and her friends, sitting down with a smile and summoning over a glass of punch as she turned to Rainbow, “Well, that’s one less ruffian we will have to deal with now,” said Luna happily.

“Ruffian,” said Twilight, “Rainbow what is she talking about?”

Rainbow looked kinda guilty, “Um…well Twi, you remember that stallion from before, the one who wouldn’t take a hint?”

Twilight nodded, then her eyes widened in shock, “Oh no, please tell me you didn’t do anything rash?”

“Not at all Twilight,” said Luna, “I just cast them into a nightmare, before sending them off to my sister to be punished. After all, they were planning to rape you.”

Twilight gasped, but it was the reaction of her friends which cause Luna to start. Pinkie Pies Mane and tail deflated as the most murderous look entered her eyes. Rainbow’s, and oddly Fluttershy’s wings began to spark with electricity as the smell of ozone filled the air, a dead giveaway of their anger. Rarity’s horn also began to spark, her eyes actually taking on a glow as she growled. And finally, Applejack actually slammed her hoof down upon the table in rage, “They wanted to WHAT!”

“Please friends, calm down,” said Luna, “the matter is taken care of.”

“Mah hoof it’s taken care of,” said Applejack, “where the buck are they, I’m going to kill them.”

“Applejack,” said Luna sternly, “I mean it, the mater is taken care of, for I sent them to my sister.”

Applejack kept fuming, but it was Fluttershy who spoke up next, “those pegasi deserve to have their wings clipped!”

The entire room became silent, ponies all around them staring at Fluttershy like she had just breathed fire, till Rainbow leapt out of her chair and began speaking. “Ok ponies, nothing to see here, my mare just had a little too much to drink is all; you can all go back to your business.”

After she was sure the other ponies had gone back to what they were doing, Rainbow flew back into her chair and gave Fluttershy a serious look. “Honey, do you realize what you just said.”

“I do,” said Fluttershy, “and I meant every word of it, ponies like that don’t deserve to fly!”

“Honey calm down,” said Rainbow sternly, “do you want Scootaloo to hear you.”

Immediately Fluttershy paled, looking around all scared like, till finally she managed to swallow down her anger. “Sorry Rainbow, it’s just…pegasi shouldn’t act like that, not at all.”

“I know honey,” said Rainbow, “but Luna said she sent them to her sister, and we all have heard rumors about her wrath.”

Fluttershy nodded at that, then jumped as the sound of the doors opening spooked her, everypony turning to see Spike running over to Twilight with a letter in claw. “Twilight, letter came from Shining Armor.”

“A letter from Shiny?” asked Twilight, grabbing it from Spike with her magic and opening before reading out loud.

“Dear Twilight, I’m writing to let you know that the family and I are coming down from Canterlot to visit you tomorrow, along with Cadance, to discuss something that has come up recently that will probably effect our entire family.”

“I also wanted to let you know that I know about the rape attempt by Flash Sentry, and wanted to let you know that it has been handled by Princess Celestia as well as members of the Royal Guard who could be trusted, even if the news nearly caused a riot amongst the guards who knew you best.”

“Make sure you have things ready for us when we get there, for we might be staying a few days, and be prepared for mom and dad to ask questions, they have been panicking ever since we told them about what happened, and mom of course leapt to the worst conclusion as usual. Anyways, I can’t wait to see you little sis, and I hope you are doing well. With love, Shining Armor.”

She stared at the letter for a long moment, then she squealed with glee, clapping her hooves together as she looked around at her friends. “Oh my gosh Oh my gosh, I can’t believe this, your all going to get to meet my family!”

“Calm down sugar cube,” said Applejack, get her friend to settle down before speaking again. “I know your excited and all, but are you sure you want them to be meeting us and all, I mean after all you do come from a royal family if what Rarity heard about you is true and all.”

“Oh it will be fine,” said Twilight, “we used to go out to my grandmother’s farm all the time before I became Celestia’s student, mostly because mom never wanted to forget her roots.”

“Your mama came from a farm?” asked Applejack.

“Sure did,” said Twilight, “I believe it was called Celestial Orchards if I recall, beautiful place.”

She then got up, smiling at her friends before speaking, “Well I better get going, I have a lot to do if I want my new home to be ready for my families visit, coming Luna?”

“Oh I think I’ll stay with the girls a bit longer Twilight, now go, you need to get ready.”

Twilight nodded, and then ran off, leaving Luna alone with the others as she grinned, “so tell me, what other sort of activities do my ponies like to engage in under my nighttime sky?”


Twilight had just finished with the final bit of sprucing up when the door to her home burst open, Luna wobbling her way in with a wide grin on her face.

“Luna, your home late, I was honestly getting...”

“Make love to us...”

Twilight looked surprised by this, especially when her mind registered that Luna had slurred her words, which could mean only one thing. “Your drunk.”

“Yes we are, and we desire to bed you, oh most precious star in our skies.”

Twilight simply stood their for a long moment, then shook her head before blasting Luna with a spell, one which dazed her for a moment before the alicorn clutched her head as Twilight closed the door, groaning as a headache set in. “Beloved, while I doth appreciate no longer being under the effects of alcohol, could you have at least taken us to bed before then, we would have co-operated.”

Twilight chuckled, “Well pardon me for not taking the chance, for as much as I hear it can be fun, I would like both of us to be sober during all our precious moments.”

“Duly noted, now take us to bed, for we wish to sleep off this headache if we are to be presentable to thine family tomorrow.”

Again Twilight nodded, then helped Luna up to her room, getting her into the bed and then climbing into bed with her, getting comfortable and then falling asleep, joy filling her heart at what tomorrow would bring.

Chapter 8

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The library kitchen was busy this morning; due to the fact that Twilight's family was due to arrive any moment. Surprisingly, Luna was the one cooking, for it had been a long time since she had been able to work in a kitchen, and she was whipping up a scrumptious feast fit for royalty.

As for Spike, Twilight felt that, with her budding relationship with Luna being at an all-time high, and because they were in a such a nice town, she had sent him out to go make some friends, and she also had a plan to enroll him in the local school later, for she felt it would help him to make friends.

She heard a knock on the door, walking over to the door and opening it to find somepony she hadn't seen in a long while, a smile spreading across her face as she pulled him in for a hug. “Baby Brother!”

“Twily stop,” grumbled Blueblood as she hugged him, the tall unicorn grinning all the same as she backed away. “It's good to see you; I hope I'm not late.”

“Actually your early, but I didn't even know you were coming, I thought you were busy in Saddle Arabia?”

“I was,” said Blueblood, “but the moment I got the letter from mom I just had to come, luckily the Saddle Arabian's allowed me to use one of their ancient teleportation stones, as a gesture of good faith.”

“You got to use a Teleportation Stone!” cried Twilight in excitement, dancing on her hooves as Blueblood sat down on her couch, “what did it feel like?”

“Nauseating, but bearable, which is how I was able to arrive here so fast, but tell me, has the rest of the family arrived?”

Twilight shook her head, and then jumped when Luna poked her head out of the kitchen. “Oh, I see guests are already arriving, that is good, though I still have more I need to make.”

She then ducked back into the kitchen, Blueblood looking confused as he turned to Twilight, who was quick to explain. “Celestia felt it would be best if Luna stayed with me, to better learn the lessons of friendship.”

“I see, but you know mother will not be pleased to find out another mare is living with you, after all she knows you like mares more than stallions.”

“Blue please,” said Twilight with a shake of her head, “were just friends, I would let you guys know if I was in a relationship with anypony, especially a princess.”

“I know you would, still, she isn't going to like it, I'll just have to see if I can calm her down about it.”

Twilight smiled at that, then smiled even more when she heard a knocking at the door. “I'll get it,” said Twilight, walking over and opening the door to find her friends waiting outside. “Hi girls!”

“Howdy Twilight,” said Applejack, before she and the other girls walked inside.

The moment they were in, they all spotted Blueblood, and when he noticed them, his eyes focused on Applejack, the stallion standing up and walking over to take her hoof in his as he spoke. “Young miss; do I have the pleasure of addressing one of the Apple Family?”

Applejack blushed a bit, but smiled as she nodded, “Yeah, the names Applejack.”

He kissed her hoof then, causing her to blush even more, then he spoke again, “You have no idea how indented I am to you and your family, your food has gotten me through many a horrible event up in the castle, as well as in other places. If you don't mind, I would like to take you for a walk, for I would like to get to know you a bit better.”

“S...sure thing sugar cube,” said Applejack.

Blueblood smiled, and then turned to Twilight as she pulled a book out from its shelf. “Twilight, I'll be back in a bit, I'm just going to take a walk with your friend here.”

“Blue, remember what mom....”

“I know what mom said,” said Blueblood, before looking to Applejack and smiling again, “but I got a good feeling about this one.”

They then left, and once the door closed, Rarity let out a high pitched whine as she collapsed on her fainting couch.

“What the heck are you whining about?” asked Rainbow, giving her fashionista friend a glare as she spoke.

“Because I go through all this trouble to make myself look like the height of elegance and grace, and I get passed over for the rustic farmer!”

“That's not your fault Rarity,” said Twilight as she sorted more books, “Baby brother has always cared more for a mares like Applejack, mares who don't through themselves at him because of his station, as you no doubt were about to.”

“That's not fair!” cried Rarity, waling upon her fainting couch as the rest of the girls, including Pinkie Pie, rolled their eyes at her antics.

“My Teacher always lived by the saying “life isn't fair,” one I think you should take to heart Rarity.

“Hmph,” said the mare, using her magic to send her fainting couch away as another knock sounded at the door, Pinkie bouncing over and opening it to reveal the rest of Twilight's family standing outside.

Mom,” said Twilight, walking over to hug her as the rest of the girls made room for the rest of her family, who gathered inside as Luna walked in with food. “Ah, you must be the rest of Twilight's family, your just in time, I have prepared food for all of us.”

“Uh...ok,” said Night Light, looking concerned as he shot a look toward his daughter. “Honey, would you mind telling me why the Princess of the Night is currently cooking in your house?”

“Dad,” said Twilight as she let go of her mom, “Didn't Celestia inform Canterlot of what was going on, it was pretty big news after all.”

“We heard that she was living in Ponyville, but she didn't inform us that she was living in your house, something I really wish she had told me given your preferences.”

“Dad it's alright,” said Twilight, “she's living with me so she can better study the lessons of friendship with me and my friends. Trust me; you'll know when I have a marefriend.”

That got a chuckle from everypony, while Night Light just shook his head and sighed. After that, everypony got comfortable, Luna setting everything up before sitting down herself with a smile. “Alright, everypony dig in, and don't be afraid to give me your honest opinion on the food, for it has been a long time since I last had a chance to make a meal like this.”

Everypony dug in, and the first to speak up was Rainbow Dash, who was comping down on a hayburger and giggling with glee. “Dear mothers, this is amazing, what you put in this.”

“Oh not much,” said Luna, “just added some Saddle Arabian spices, I find that they enhance any food I work with.”

“Well its dam goo...”

“Rainbow, not in front of Scootaloo!”

Rainbow nearly jumped out of her skin, looking first to her wife Fluttershy, then to her daughter Scootaloo, “Sorry kiddo.”

“You owe me a bit,” said Scootaloo simply.

Rainbow grumbled; causing everypony at the table to chuckle before Twilight spoke up. “Girls, these are my parents Twilight Velvet and Night Light, my brother Shining Armor, and my former foal sitter Princess Cadance. Mom, Dad, Shining, Cadance, these are my friends, Princess Luna, Pinkie Pie, Rarity, Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy, and their daughter Scootaloo. Applejack was here earlier, but I think Blue is smitten with her.”

“Oh sweet mothers not again,” said Velvet, “that boy falls for a mare in every town he travels to, this is getting annoying.”

“Well I can hope it's different this time,” said Night Light, taking a sip of tea before looking to Luna and speaking. “So Princess, what....”

“Please kind sir,” said Luna, “call us Luna, for we do not wish to go by our title during our stay here.”

“Ah, sorry then Luna,” said Night light, “anyways, I noticed that the stars have changed a bit since your return, and so have a few other astronomers, I was wondering if that was your doing?”

“While I would like to answer your question, I must first ask, what is an astronomer?”

Nightlight looked shocked by this, and was saved a long moment of silence by Twilight, who looked to Luna and spoke. “Luna, an astronomer is a pony who studies the stars, mapping them and tracking there movements across the skies, and they also examine many other things in the night sky as well, but mainly they focus on stars.”

“Truly, there are ponies who gaze upon my night with the intent to study its mysteries?”

“Indeed,” said Nightlight, “so, about my question?”

“Ah yes,” said Luna, smiling as she spoke to him, “your question. The stars have indeed changed a bit because of me, but that is only because I am able to....well...hm how to put it?”

Luna took a sip of tea, thinking about it for a moment before finally speaking up. “I guess the best way to explain why the night sky seems to have changed is, well, to put it simply I am able to...better paint the night sky then my sister, for she can only create a basic night sky. And while yes, that night sky helped light what would otherwise be an empty nothingness, it was not the true night. And now that I know that there are ponies who actually study my night, I cannot wait to see what they find.”

“What do you mean princess?” asked Nightlight.

“What I mean,” said Princess Luna, “is that your astronomers have only been studying the barest hint of what the nights potential, and now that I am back, they will be able to truly explore its mysteries and wonders, and I cannot wait to see how they react.”

With that, she went to take another sip of tea, and right when the cup touched her lips, Twilight Velvet spoke up.

“So Luna, how long have you been interested in mares?”

Chapter 9

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Luna spit out her tea along with Twilight, coughing as Twilight glared at her mother and spoke. “Mom, you don’t just ask somepony that, it’s rude!”

“Oh come on dear I’m just making conversation,” said Velvet with a smile, before turning back to Luna, “so, how long?”

“Um, since I was young,” said Luna, using magic to clean up her tea before pouring herself another cup.

“And are you seeing anypony?” asked Velvet.

“No,” said Luna, “though that is mainly because I only just got back….”

“Well my daughter is single, how would you like to date her?”

“MOM!” cried Twilight, looking at her in shock as the rest all looked flabbergasted. “I...buh...wha...?”

“Dear you don’t have to look so shocked,” said Velvet with a smile, “I mean she is a desirable looking mare all things considered, and hell if your father wasn’t such a prude I would have offered her a night in our bed for some fun.”

Twilight looked like she was about to explode, but what happened next made her turn pale.

“I’m not the prude one,” said Nightlight, “if anyone’s the prude in this marriage, it’s you.”

“….what?” said Velvet.

Nightlight chuckled, “Honey, I was in an open relationship with several other mares and stallions before I decided to marry you, and I stopped all those relationships because the impression you gave me was that you would not approve of that kind of life style.”

“What….but I only acted like that because of your….are you telling me that I have been missing out on wild sex because I was trying to appease your mother?”

“Honey she would have been happy due to the simple fact that you were marrying me, so yes, you have. Hell, I gave up my relationship with Princess Celestia because of you.”

It was so quite you could hear a pin drop, but finally the silence was broken by Velvet. “Are you telling me that you were in an open relationship with Princess Celestia?”

“Yep,” said Nightlight, “hell she was the last one I spoke to when breaking off my relationships so I could marry you, though she said that if I could ever convince you of it, she would love to invite into her bed.”

“….Can you get ahold of her now?”

Night Light nodded, conjuring up a pre-written scroll, which cause Velvet to raise an eyebrow. “I had this written up and ready to go, in case I found a way to convince you to…well, see things my way, but I never worked up the nerve.”

With that said, he sent the letter off, and not a few moments later another one appeared, which he grabbed and quickly read through, before smiling and handing it to Velvet as he spoke. “Well Twilight, I’m sorry for this but your mother and I are going to have to cut our visit short, for the princess’s chariot will be arriving to pick us up in thirty minutes.”

“I jubu….eh jebu….” stuttered Twilight.

“Use your words dear,” said Velvet, before looking up from the scroll and speaking to her husband. “Honey, what does the princess mean by out special toys?”

He opened his mouth to speak, but just then the door to the library opened, everypony turning to see Blueblood and Applejack standing in the doorway, looking a bit disheveled.

“Why son,” said Nightlight, “what the hay happened to you?’

Blueblood smiled, “I got engaged!”

Twilight, who had been on the verge of a nervous breakdown due to what she had been hearing from her parent’s mouths, decided that she just couldn’t handle any more shock, and promptly passed out.


“Twily, Twily wake up.”

Twilight groaned in protest as she returned to wakefulness, finding herself on a couch in the libraries main room and seeing that Blueblood was standing over her, looking relieved.

“Oh thank the makers; you gave us quite a scare.”

“What happened while I was out?” asked Twilight, not bothering to ask how long she had been out, for she figured that would be answered in due time

“Well….after you passed out your friend Fluttershy freaked out, and started reprimanding our parents for talking about….well, inappropriate topics around foals. While that was going on, I was swarmed by the rest of your friends as well as Shining and Cadance, all of them asking questions which…well, let’s just say I didn’t want to say anything yet, for I didn’t want to embarrass Applejack.”

“So it’s true then,” said Twilight, giving him a look, “you and her are…?”

He nodded, “She’s the one Twily, I can feel it.”

“She better be,” said Twilight, getting up before looking around. “Where is everyone?”

“Well, your friends all had to go back to their homes, and mom and dad left about 10 minutes ago, and before you say anything, I already know about mom and dads…..interesting sex lives.”

“I see, and what about you hmm, isn’t this marriage going to interfere with your work in Saddle Arabia?”

“Oh Candace cleared that up,” said Blueblood, “the Saddle Arabian’s will be sending a delegation to Equestria soon so that they can attend the wedding, and after the wedding they will be in conference with Princess Celestia to discuss the trade negotiations in person.”

“Speaking of weddings,” said Cadance, the young alicorn walking into the room and drawing their attention. “A stallion called Big Macintosh just came by and wants to see you, and he wants to speak with you about something called the Apple Family Reunion?”

“Ah, then I should probably talk to him then, sounds important.”

With that, he got up, kissing Twilight on the forehead before walking out of the room, leaving Twilight and Cadance alone.

Cadance walked over to sit down beside her, getting comfortable before looking at the young mare and speaking. “So….how long are you going to wait before telling mom and dad you have a special somepony?”

Twilight turned pale at that, “Um….Cadance I don’t know what you….”

Cadance smirked, “Come on Twilight, you know better than to try to lie to me, I am the princess of love, it’s kind of my thing.”

Twilight hesitated for a moment, and then sighed, “I never could hide anything from you.”

“No you couldn’t,” said Cadance with a smile, “now tell me, who’s the lucky mare?”

It was Twilight’s turn to smirk, “Now Cadance, you should know better than that, I’m not going to tell you just like that.”

“Oh tell me tell me tell me!” begged Cadance, beginning to tickle Twilight a little before stopping to let her catch her breath.

Taking a deep breath, Twilight spoke, “hmm….let me think, nope!”

“Oh come on,” said Cadance, “not even a hint?”

“Nope!” said Twilight.

“Well shoot,” said Cadance, before sighing. “Well, in that case, I got some news for you…”

“You and Shining are finally getting married?”

Cadance’s eyes widened in shock, “what….no, but how did you know me and him were…?”

Twilight smirked, “I’m not blind Cadance, nor were any of the guards, or mom and dad, or the maids or….”

“Ok I get it!” cried Cadance, “we did a horrible job covering our tracks, but can you blame us, were in love, just like you and this mystery mare seem to be.”

“Cute, but I’m still not going to tell you, now what is the good news?”

Cadance did her best pouty face, but then relented. “Fine, well….Shining has been made high commander of the equestrian guard.”

Twilight’s eyes widened in shock, “What, but Shining’s a unicorn, only pegasi have ever been allowed…”

“I know,” said Cadance, “but Celestia found out some information about the pegasi flocks which….well, it’s made it so that she can’t trust the pegasi right now. He’s going to have to head all around Equestria due to his new position, and I am going to be staying with him, to keep him on the straight and narrow and make sure he does not fail in his new role.”

She then got up, helping Twilight to her hooves before pointing to the door which lead into the next room. “Well come on, you better get out there and let him know you’re ok, you know how he can get when he is worried about you.”


It was hours since their visit, and now Cadance was heading down the hallway toward Celestia’s room, ready to give Celestia her report.

Before she had left to join Shining and his family on their visit to Twilight’s new home, Celestia had asked her if she could do a read on Luna when she got there to see if Luna was actually in love with whoever this mystery mare was or if it had been a onetime thing.

She had been utterly unprepared for what awaited her at Twilight’s new home, for the place was positively radiating love, both from Luna, and as she would come to learn, Twilight herself, and it had nearly floored her.

It was so….powerful, and so intoxicating, that it had sent her head spinning with ideas, till finally she had come to one conclusion.

She had of course thrown out the obvious thought that Twilight and Luna might be in love with each other, that was just ridicules. Twilight was too smart to take advantage of Luna after she had just got back from the moon, and Luna hadn’t seen Twilight since the party at Ponyville celebrating said return, so it was highly unlikely that they were in love.

Cadance was brought out of her thoughts when she got close to her aunt’s door, and ran smack dab into another field of love, a mix of old and new which was so palpable it made her weak in the knees, and it was coming from her aunt’s room.

“Well, that’s it,” thought Cadance, “when I get back to my room, Shiny is going to get rekt!”

Steeling herself for what lay beyond, she knocked on the door, hearing giggling and then her aunt telling her to come in before opening the door and walking in. She moved past the living room, heading right into the bedroom and looking to see Celestia and Velvet in the large bed, a blanket pulled over both of them and a bowl of fruit in front of them.

“Ah Cadance,” said Celestia with a smile, “just got back from Ponyville I assume?”

“Mhmm,” said Cadance, “and I assume you….um….have been having fun?”

“Oh most assuredly,” said Celestia with a smirk, “now, about that little assignment I asked you to do while over there?”

“Tia?” said Velvet, giving her a look.

“Oh it’s nothing, just worried about my sister is all, nothing to worry about.”

Cadance gulped, “Um….you may actually need to be worried…really worried?”

“Cadance?” asked Celestia, looking concerned, “what did you find?”

Cadance took a deep breath then spoke. “Both Luna and Twilight are in love with some pony in Ponyville, and I believe they are in love with the same pony.”

The moment the last words left her lips the blanket that had been covering Celestia and Velvet came flying off, revealing Nightlight who had been situated between Celestia hind legs, the stallion looking angry as he spoke, “Twilight is what?”

Scrambling out of bed, Celestia, Velvet, and Nightlight herded Cadance into the living room, everypony sitting down before Celestia spoke up. “Ok Cadance, tell me that again, because it sounded like you said that Twilight and Luna are in love with the same pony.”

“I…did,” said Cadance, “but before you try and tell me I’m wrong, I have seen this before….ok well I felt it but I’m not wrong here. The fact that both Twilight and Luna are radiating the same kind of love, and at the intensity it’s radiating, it reminds me all too well of a case I did a few years back when I found that stallion who was dating multiple mares but none of them knew they were dating the same stallion.”

“So we have a player on our hooves,” said Nightlight, his anger evident in his glare.

“It would seem so,” said Celestia with a snarl, “and that player is going to burn when we find out who she is!”

“Calm down dear,” said Velvet, nuzzling the large mare to calm her as she spoke. “I want to see this mare face punishment to, especially seeing as how she is playing my daughter as well as your sister. But we need to play it carefully; after all if they are as in love with this mare as Cadance’s says, we may end up doing more harm than good if we rush into this.”

Celestia nodded at that, but she still looked mad, “oh if only we had an easy….wait a minute, I just got a brilliant idea.”

“What is it?” asked Cadance, looking wary.

“Why don’t we get Luna and Twilight to fall in love with each other?”

It was so silent you could hear a pin drop, Celestia looking to see both Velvet and Nightlight looking at her in shock, while Cadance made vain attempts at speech.

“What?” said Celestia, “it’s perfect, they have so much in common, and they would be perfect for each other.”

The silence remained for a moment longer, and then Velvet spoke up, “You know, that might actually work.”

“What?” cried Cadance, looking confused.

“I said it might work,” said Velvet, before yawning, blinking her eyes a bit before looking to Celestia and speaking. “Well dear I am going to go to bed; we can talk about this tomorrow, come on Nighty.”

The couple then left Celestia and Cadance alone, the young mare waiting till they were out of earshot before trying to speak. “Aunty, do you really think….”

“It will be alright Cadance,” said Celestia with a smirk, “now go to your room, you have a young stallion awaiting you there, and with all the love you have been running into today, I very much doubt you have any plans to sleep, I certainly don’t.”

And with that, Celestia left for her waiting bed, and a few seconds after that, Cadance teleported away, the sound soon being followed by the sound of a very startled stallion’s yell before all became silent.

Chapter 10

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“You know, I really like your friends,” said Luna.

Twilight smiled at that, “They are good friends, but right now I need to go talk to Spike, because I have to convince him that he has to go to school.”

“You make it sound like this is going to be some insurmountable challenge, why?”

“Because I taught him everything he knows, so sending him to school is redundant. But I want him to be able to make friends, and school is a good environment to do that.”

“I see,” said Luna, “then you should go at once, and should you succeed…”

Instead of using words, she let one of her wings drift across Twilight’s back as she walked past, causing the mare to shiver as she spoke. “….I’ll reward you with a beautiful prize when the night falls.”

“Sweet merciful mothers where did you learn to do that?”

“My sister was once seen as a goddess of sex and fertility, and she was an excellent teacher in the arts of tempting ones lover, after all, she wanted me to be able to please my mate when I found them.”

“I’ll be sure to thank her when we finally reveal our relationship to her,” said Twilight, before kissing the mare on the lips and then sauntering off, leaving Luna alone in the bedroom, the mare looking around before deciding to grab a book and read, smiling as she did so, because she knew she would not be reading long.


“Spike!” cried Twilight as she moved into the main room, seeing the little dragon busy dusting the shelves, though the dragon was now looking at her with a smile.

“Hey Twilight, what do you need?”

“I actually need to talk to you about something,” said Twilight, “could you come and sit with me on the couch in the living room?”

“Sure,” said Spike, putting down the duster and following Twilight into the living room, sitting down on the couch with her as she spoke.

“Now Spike, I know you have spent…well, pretty much your entire life learning from me, but I was thinking it’s about time I send you to school.”

“What,” said Spike, looking confused, “why, I mean I already know everything there is to know thanks to you?”

“Because Spike, there is more to school then just learning,” said Twilight, before chuckling a bit, “which is honestly a sentence I never thought I would ever utter.”

“You’re telling me,” said Spike, “but you still haven’t told me why you’re sending me to school.”

“Well mister smarty pants,” said Twilight with a smirk, “I’m sending you to school so you can make friends.”

“Oh,” said Spike, “Like the ones you had before you left Canterlot?”

“Yes Spike,” said Twilight, “like the ones I had be….”

She suddenly froze, a look of horror appearing on her face as she spoke, “Oh holy mothers, my old friends, I forgot to tell them goodbye!”

Getting up, she began writing a quick letter, before handing it to Spike and speaking to him. “Spike, send this to Princess Celestia for me, I’m going to pack some things and tell Luna to mind the library for me, then when Celestia sends back her response I want you to go into town and see if you can meet the teacher of the local school here and get the process started on getting you signed up.”

“Do I really have to?” asked Spike.

“Yes you do,” said Twilight, before kissing him on the forehead and then running upstairs.


It had taken her a while to get ready, for she nearly had to fend off Luna with a stick to keep her from ravaging her because the alicorn was so eager. But Twilight couldn’t really blame her, after all she had been celibate for thousands of years, and now she had suddenly exposed to sex by Twilight, and now wanted more.

Now she was on her way to Canterlot, taken by personal chariot thanks to Celestia, who commended Twilight for thinking of her old friends.

“It’s good to see you again Twilight,” said one of the guards pulling her chariot, “I am glad to see you well.”

“And it’s good to see you Iron Wing,” said Twilight with a smile, “how are things going back at the palace, I know things have been kind of…well…hectic since Celestia brought the hammer down.”

“Not going well Twilight,” said Iron Wing, “those who are still loyal to the original High Commander are putting up one hell of a resistance, and there are sadly rumors that several royal families are assisting them in their efforts, rumors which are not doing anything to improve the princess’s mood.”

“I’m sorry to hear that,” said Twilight, before making to speak to the other pony, but she stopped when she saw a gruesome scar running across her throat. “Glisten, what the heck happened to you?”

Iron Wing spoke for her, “her throat got crushed after she refused advances from the high commander himself, the damn bastard had been trying to woo her for years but finally he had had enough, told that she was required to bend herself over a table and allow him to take her, and when she refused that final time he had her grabbed from behind with rope and forced to the table. Luckily I was heading down the hallway and overheard everything, and I was able to get it stopped right quick by bucking the fucker in the head.”

“Bet he didn’t appreciate that,” said Twilight.

“No,” said Iron, “but I was able to take what he threw at me, and luckily a week later he found himself on the wrong end of Celestia’s fury, he got what he deserved in the end.”

Twilight nodded at that, then sighed when the carriage touched down upon the balcony outside the castle, Twilight looking surprised to see Celestia standing with her old friends waiting for her.

“Hello my faithful student,” said Celestia with a smile, “it’s wonderful to see you back so soon.”

“Princess, what are you doing here?” asked Twilight.

“Well I decided to take a personal interest in this, especially seeing as how one of your friends was badly effect by my actions.”

She gestured to Moondancer, who let out a little squeak before speaking to Twilight, “Um….the princess told me that the reason you ended up missing my party was because of something she had done.”

“What….but that can’t be right, Moondancer I only missed your party because I thought my research was more important than attending a party, which I now realize was a mistake.”

“While I am glad you see that Twilight,” said Celestia with a smile, “the only reason you were researching that particular topic was because I made sure the book you were reading came under your scrutiny, for as you know, I planned for you to find the elements and use them to free my sister from nightmares corruption, so the fault for you missing that party lies with me.”

Twilight stared at her for a long moment, confusion evident in her face as she spoke, “What….but….but why would you do that?”

“Cause sad as it is to say Twilight, I was desperate, and when one is desperate they don’t always make the right decisions. In this case, I chose saving my sister over letting you make friends more naturally, and for that….I am sorry.”

Twilight stood there for a long moment, then sighed, “Princess, while I am thankful for the friends I now have….you have no right to interfere in my life like that, and I would ask that you not do that again in the future….or I will have to find myself a new teacher.”

This caused her friends to gasp in shock, while Celestia’s eyes widened in surprise before she spoke up. “If that is how you feel Twilight, then I shall refrain from interfering in your life, I just hope that in time you will forgive me.”

“I hope I can do that as well Princess,” said Twilight, before walking up and giving her a hug. When that was done, she let go and turned to her old friends.

“Well girls, why don’t we head over to Pony Joe’s and catch up.”



Luna turned to find Spike staring at her with worry, which caused the young mare to look concerned as she spoke to him. “What is wrong Spike?”

“Does….does Twilight not like me anymore?”

That got a shocked look from the mare, “Why Spike, whatever would make you think that?”

“Well…she’s sending me to school, and I…I just wonder if she is doing this because she does not like me anymore…and doesn’t want me around.”

“Spike that is not it at all,” said Luna, moving over quickly and sitting down next to the dragon, wrapping a wing around him as she spoke. “Twilight loves you very dearly, that is why she wants to send you to school so you can make friends, for it will make your life better.”

“But Twilight had friends before she came to Ponyville,” said Spike, “and it never seemed to improve her life.”

“But tell me this Spike,” asked Luna, “did Twilight behave the same way with these friends that she does with the ones she has now?”

Spike’s face became one of confusion, before suddenly it turned into one of understanding. “No…I guess she didn’t, does that mean they weren’t really her friends.”

“Of course not Spike,” said Luna, “they just didn’t have as strong a friendship as the one Twilight has made with the other elements, but I am sure Twilight is making up for that now that she knows what it means to be a real friend.”

They sat there in silence for a moment, Luna keeping her wing around the small dragon in comfort, and then Spike spoke. “Um…Luna….can I ask why you have been kissing Twilight?”

Luna’s eyes widened a bit, but she kept her voice calm as she spoke. “So you have seen us then.”

“Yeah…I mean I didn’t mean to, but I accidently walked in on you guys one time….is that bad?”

“No Spike,” said Luna, “but Twilight and I are in a…relationship, one we want to keep a secret for now, so can I ask that you not tell anypony about it.”

“I guess I can do that,” said Spike, before hugging Luna as the mare hugged him back.

“Thank you Spike, now, why don’t I help you meet with this teacher, after all we need to get you enrolled in school if you are to have an easier time making friends.”


Back in Canterlot, Twilight and her old friends were at Pony Joe’s donut shop, enjoying some of Joe’s wonderful confections as they talked.

“So, you girls are actually planning on moving to Ponyville?”

“Well we did hear that there was a new field of research opening up there,” said Lyra with a giggle, “and I don’t know about the others, but I happen to have a marefriend there who would love it if I moved there permanently.”

“Oh, you have a marefriend, care to tell us who?”

“She’s called Bon-Bon,” said Lyra, “earth pony that owns a little sweetshop in Ponyville, cutest little thing you ever did see.”

“Oh, an earth pony, I thought you were more into unicorns?”

“Eh, Colgate kinda turned me off unicorns.”

Minuette blushed, “Oh come on Lyra, I just wanted to try something new.”

“Well it was too new, and way too personal,” said Lyra, “at least with Bon-Bon I’m in full control of my magic.”

“What are you….” started Twilight, before gasping and then smacking Minuette on the back of the head with her magic.

“Ow, what the heck was that for Twilight?”

“You mingled your magic with Lyra without gauging whether you two were equal in power didn’t you?”

“Well yeah, but the Kara Mare Sutra made it sound so fun!”

Twilight groaned at that, “Well then you obviously didn’t get to the part with all the warnings about mingling magic, it is a very personal thing and only to be done by experienced lovers with deep emotional bonds, not just for fun.”

“Well they should have put the warnings first then,” said Minuette, “besides, we’ve managed to stay friends, so that’s something.”

“Yeah,” said Lemon Hearts, “But I hear you yourself have taken an interest in an earth pony Minuette, who also lives in Ponyville.”

“Ooooh!” said Twinkle Shine with a smirk, “miss “I’ll never breed outside my species” actually has the hots for an earth pony, must have been some mare to change your heart like that.”

“Um….it wasn’t her really; it was her filly….she’s really cute.”

That got a surprised reaction from everypony at the table, and finally it was Twilight who spoke up. “Um….Minuette, are you sure your up for that kind of relationship, I mean….taking care of a child is a big responsibility.”

“I know that Twilight, but that just means I’m going to be coming to you for advice a lot.”

That got a surprised look from Twilight, but before she could speak Pony Joe cut into their conversation. “Girls, your trains going to be leaving soon, you better get ready.”


They all managed to make the train in time, Lyra explaining that they had all already sent their packing ahead of time.

As they road on the train, Twilight kept smiling brightly to herself, for she had honestly forgotten how refreshing these girls were, for during her school life, they were the only ponies who saw beyond the fact that she was the princess’s student.

“They never cared that I was her student….maybe I can be comfortable telling them the truth.”

It was a drastic decision, for while yes, she wanted to keep her relationship with Luna a secret, she knew she would have to confide in somepony eventually, and while she loved the girls dearly, theirs was a new friendship, and one she didn’t want to risk at this time. But these girls, they knew her, and were more comfortable with her as they had shared many stories about the princess, some even embarrassing. So if there was any group of ponies who she could share this with; it would be them.

“Girls…um, there is something I want to talk to you about.”

“Wha oh, this sounds like another Celestia story,” said Twinkle Shine, looking mischievous. “So, what secret do you want to share with us girls today hm?”

“You all still hold to what we agreed on right?”

“Yep,” said Minuette, “no sharing stories outside of the circle and especially no sharing with Celestia that we know unless you tell her first.”

Twilight nodded, and then took the plunge, “I’m dating Princess Luna.”

Silence hung in the air for a long moment, and then Moondancer spoke up, “huh, so that explains why Luna was flying to Ponyville that night.”

“Wait, you saw that?” asked Twilight, looking surprised.

Moondancer nodded, “I figured she was just taking a late night flight, but she was going to see you, wasn’t she?”

Twilight nodded.

“Well….that’s certainly something….does the Celestia know?” asked Minuette.

“No,” said Twilight, “Luna says she is a bit….overprotective, so we are keeping it from her.”

“I see,” said Twinkle Shine, “what about your new friends?”

Twilight looked hesitant, then spoke up, “I haven’t told them yet, mainly because…well, this is a new friendship, and I don’t want to taint their opinions of me just because I am dating royalty, I’ve seen that happen many times before when I lived in Canterlot.”

“Oh we remember,” said Moondancer, “and we understand Twilight, so we promise to keep your secret.”

“Thank you girls,” said Twilight as she hugged them, thankful that she would at least have them to confide in, she just hoped Luna would understand.


“Now Spike, are you absolutely sure you are up for this, because compared to what your mother has taught you, this will be pretty basic, and I don’t want you receiving bad scores on your record because of boredom.”

“I’ll just view it as a refresher,” said Spike happily, “Twilight dose that with me anyway, to make sure I’m retaining what I’ve learned. Plus she says this will give me a place to make friends, which now that I have thought about it I see her point.”

“I would agree that school is an excellent place to make friends,” said Cheerilee with a smile, before pulling out some papers. “Well I’ll get started on the paperwork, just make sure that Twilight come’s by to sign it, and then we can get you enrolled. Till then, why don’t run on home, Luna and I have some things we need to talk about.”

Spike nodded and then took off, leaving Luna to chuckle as she turned to Cheerilee.

“So,” said Cheerilee, “how did you enjoy the party last night.”

“It was fantastic,” said Luna with a smile, “though admittedly I wish I had not gone home drunk, I just didn’t expect to find an earth pony that could keep up with me in a drinking contest.”

“Berry has yet to find a mare or stallion who can drink her under the table, though you are the first who has ever got her buzzed, so that says a lot.”

Luna giggled, “Perhaps she should drink with my sister then, though I fear for all the mares and stallions in the general facility if she somehow gets my sister drunk.”

Cheerilee laughed at that, “Well that will be the day, but still, glad you had fun.”

Luna nodded, and then looked hesitant, before deciding to speak. “Cheerilee, it wouldn’t be too presumptuous to say we became good friends during that party yes?”

“I would say so,” said Cheerilee, “I would say you also became good friends with Berry, but why do you ask.”

Luna blushed, “Well, we heard that one can confide in ones friends ones personal matters, and there is a particular matter I wish to speak with you about, but only if I can have your utmost discretion.”

“My honor as a teacher would demand nothing less,” said Cheerilee with a smile, but let’s go someplace more private, and I just happen to know the perfect place.”


Luna was in heaven.

When Berry had told her that she ran a rather rustic establishment, Luna had never imagined that what she actually meant was that she ran an authentic looking alehouse, much like the ones Luna used to frequent back in the day.

While she was marveling at the rustic architecture, Cheerilee was busy speaking with her sister, who was chuckling as they spoke.

“So Luna wants to talk about something personal and wants to use my soundproofed room, well this is a conversation I got to get in on, just let me get my replacement. PINCHY!!!”

Luna jumped when she heard Berry yell, and then became surprised when a little filly ran down the stairs leading to the upper floors before heading up to Berry and speaking. “What is it mama?”

“I need you to watch the bar for me while I’m gone ok, do you remember what to do?”

“Don’t give drinks to ponies who obviously have had too many, and if anypony tries to get too friendly hit them with Mister Wackum?”

“That’s my girl,” said Berry, before gesturing to Cheerilee and Luna to follow her.

“Are you sure she is going to be ok,” asked Luna as they made for the stairs.

Before Berry could answer there was a series of blows from where the bar was, the three of them turning to see Pinch twirling a staff behind her while picking up a now battered and bruised mare and tossing her out an open window, before closing said window and returning the staff to its stand.

However, looking at the staff, Luna had to utter a gasp as she returned to walking up the stairs with her new friends. “That staff is keyed to her, however did you afford such a thing?”

“Well it may not look it, but I’m pretty well off for a simple bar owner,” said Berry with a smirk. “I don’t like to brag, but I’m descendant from her royal highness Berry Jubilee, and our family has always been very well off.”

“I remember her,” said Luna with a smile, “I crowned her if I remember correctly, and I always did enjoy her wine. That also explains why you got me drunk last night, for I could never drink a Berry under the table.”

Berry smirked at that, and then led them into a privet room, closing the door and then inviting them to sit as she made drinks. “So Luna, what’s on your mind that you had to get Cheerie here to bring you here?”

“Before I answer, I can trust that you will be discreet correct?”

“On my honor as a bar tender,” said Berry with a smile, “now what’s your trouble?”

“Well, I have recently…formed a relationship with another pony, and only now do I realize that I am unfamiliar with this age’s customs when it comes to courting.”

“Well if you are still calling it that you are way behind the times,” said Berry with a chuckle, “but first, who is this mare, anypony we know.”

“You may know her,” said Luna, “for she is Twilight Sparkle, who recently moved here.”

“Huh,” said Berry in surprise, “I always thought she was more into Celestia.”

Luna frowned at that, “Why is it always assumed my sister is having relations with her students, they are like her own children in her eyes.”

“Eh, you know how ponies talk, pretty much every student who Celestia has had has been suspected of being in some kind of illicit affair.”

“Well in this case no, Twilight is mine, I claimed her the night we got together.”

That got an eyebrow raise from Berry, “Wait, are you telling me you and her had sex the first night you two got together?”

Luna nodded, “Y….yes we did…um…is that bad?”

“Well it can be,” said Berry, “I mean this day and age it’s often not done, so why did you um….do the deed with her so early.”

“…We were rewarding our rescuer,” said Luna nervously, “it…it is tradition after all.”

“Wait…you mean to tell me that after she freed you from the whole nightmare moon thing, you went to her and fucked her?”

“I…we wouldn’t use such crude language,” said Luna, “we made love to her, but now we…we realize that we are woefully behind on the times when it comes to…well…modern courting practices, which is why we sought out the aid of Cheerilee.”

“I would think Twilight’s friend Rarity would have been more helpful, after all she is this town’s resident romance helper.”

“Twilight wishes to keep our relationship from her friends, like I am keeping it from my sister.”

“Really,” said Cheerilee, “wonder why.”

“I do not know,” said Luna, “though I have a guess, even if it does make me sad.”

“What is it?” said Berry.

“If I had to guess, I would say Twilight decided not to tell her new friends about me because of how she fears they will react because of my station. I have seen it before amongst the nobles of my time, friends of somepony who found themselves in a relationship with one of the nobility would suddenly begin being treated differently by their friends, sometimes harshly, sometimes only a little bit, but there was almost always a change.”

“Well that sucks,” said Berry, before jumping as the sound of knocking sounded from the door.

“Mommy mommy, Colgate is here, and she brought friends!”

Chapter 11

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“Lyra are you sure this is alright?”

“Relax Bony its fine,” said Lyra to her marefriend, nuzzling her gently as she spoke. “I’ve been to Berry’s before remember, and Minuette needs to see her girl after so long, you understand that right?”

Bon Bon looked at her a moment, before sighing as she nodded, “Yeah, I get that, I just wish you had told me that your friends would be moving here, I would have planned accordingly.”

“Hey, in my defense, Twilight moved here before any of us, and you know I didn’t tell you because the last time you gave anyone a party before Pinkie Pie did it caused that one party war, and we are not living through that again.”

Bon Bon blushed, and then blushed harder as Twilight Spoke up, “party war?”

Bon Bon sighed, “Yeah, um…I have my own confection shop, and I kind of got into this disagreement with Pinkie Pie which turned into a full blown party war, because I also throw my own parties from time to time. The disagreement happened when I threw a party for Lyra before Pinkie Pie did, Pinkie claiming I was… “moving in on her turf” and claiming I was trying to steal her business.”

“But surely she understood why you were throwing Lyra a party right,” said Twilight, “I mean you are marefriends.”

“Oh she did later,” said Lyra, “but not before the party war happened, and I didn’t exactly help much because every time Pinkie would throw me a party I’d have to tell her that Bony’s was better, and she just could not accept that because she didn’t get that Bony was my special somepony, and parties done for you by those you love are always better.”

Before Twilight could comment further, they reached Berry’s bar, all of them walking in and then stopping as a voice gasped from within.

Turning to the voice, Twilight saw a little unicorn filly behind the bar, the fillies eyes sparkling as she saw Minuette before she turned to the other patrons and spoke. “Alright everypony its closing time, everybody out or you will have to answer to Mister Wackum! But not you guys, you guys can stay.”

Everypony save for Twilight and her friends cleared out of the bar, those who had to paying for their drinks before leaving as the little filly ran out from behind the bar and leapt into Minuette’s waiting arms. “COLGATE!”

“Hey my little Pinchy,” said Minuette as she hugged the little filly, before pulling back a bit to speak to her. “Is your mom home, I have some news for her that’s very important?”

“She’s upstairs with Aunty Cheerilee and Princess Luna, I’ll go get them!”

Pinch ran off, leaving Twilight and the girls to get comfortable as Lyra spoke up, “Holly mothers that filly is weaponized cuteness, you never stood a chance Colgate.”

“No she didn’t,” said a new voice, everypony looking up to see Pinch leading two earth ponies and Luna down the stairs, one of the earth ponies walking up to Minuette and giving her a kiss while Luna walked up to Twilight and spoke.

“Twilight, there is something I need to tell you…”

“You can tell me here Luna,” said Twilight, “these girls are my old Canterlot friends, and they know about…um…well they know about us.”

“Ah, I see,” said Luna with a smile. “Then there need be no secrecy here, for Miss Cheerilee and Berry Punch also know about us, for I have come to view them as close friends.”

Twilight smiled at that, then leaned up and kissed Luna one the lips, the mare humming in appreciation while they got a few whistles from the other mares in the bar.

“Dam Twilight, you really are dating the princess,” said Minuette, causing Berry to look at her as she spoke.

“You know about them?”

Minuette nodded, “We became friends with Twilight when she lived in Canterlot under the stewardship of Celestia, and we became the ponies she would go to to share stories with, especially embarrassing stories about her mentor.

Suddenly Luna pulled away from kissing Twilight, the mare looking at Minuette and speaking to her. “You all have embarrassing stories about my sister?”

Minuette nodded, which caused Luna’s eyes to widen and her pupils to dilate, before a fiendish grin appeared on her face as her eyes began to sparkle.

“Um…Luna,” said Twilight, looking concerned. “Luna why are you smiling like that…Luna you’re scaring me?”

Luna remained silent for a moment, and then let out a squeal of joy as she jumped around the room, before grabbing up Twilight in a hug.


Back in Canterlot, Celestia felt a cold shiver run down her spine, the mare looking up from what she was doing as a sense of cold dread filled her.

“Celestia,” asked Velvet, “what’s wrong?”

“Oh nothing,” said Celestia, “just got this feeling that someone just got a whole bunch of dirt on me that I really don’t want them to have.”

“I’m sure it’s nothing,” said Velvet, “now get back down here, I’m close.”

Smirking, Celestia gave her a devious look before speaking. “Oh, you think so do you?”


“Oh you have given us the greatest gift ever beloved!”

She spun her around for a bit, then let go before turning to Twilight’s friends and speaking. “My sister and I used to always tease each other relentlessly and play pranks, but Celestia always had the upper hoof on me because she always knew more about me then I her, but now with you all at my disposal, I have years worth of ammunition I can use against her, it is glorious!”

There was silence for a moment, and then Lyra spoke up. “Well, it would be nice to actually use all those stories.”

“I’m not sure how comfortable I am with this,” said Twilight, before sighing as she looked at the pleading expression on Luna’s face. “Oh fine, I can’t say no to that face.”

“Huzzah, we have a new victim for out adorable faces!”

As Twilight facehoofed, near the bar Berry was having a conversation with Minuette. “Are you serious babe, you really are moving here for good?”

“Mhmm,” said Minuette with a smile.

The two mares hugged as they kissed each other, causing many a mare in the room to daw over the sight, and Pinch to gag, “Ew mom, that’s gross.”

“One day you’ll get it sweetheart,” said Berry as she pulled back from the kiss, before looking to the gathering and speaking. “Alright everypony, I want to spend some alone time with my mare so why don’t you all go back to your homes, I promise we can all gather together later.”

Nodding, everypony left in a hurry, Pinch running up to her room as Berry turned to Minuette before speaking. “So, wanna bang?”


“We need to find a way to get control of this situation Gold Bit.”

This had been the sentence that Silver Shade the maid had heard when she had passed by Gold Bit’s meeting room, and since then she had been staying by the door, listening to the various voices and gathering what Intel she could.

It was not well known outside of a very select circle, but all the maids and castle staff were actually more than they seemed, doubling as guards, as well as spies, and they served only two ponies…well three now, what with Luna being back and all.

Which was why Silver Shade was so interested in this conversation, for the majority of it centered around Luna, as well as Twilight, and the tone of it was not to her liking.

“So that is the plan then, we marry off her student and her sister, what could possibly be accomplished by that?”

“Because then we would have control of the two most important ponies in her life,” said Gold Bit, “Cadance is right out because she is sleeping around with Celestia’s newly appointed High Commander, and the princess herself has ended up back with her old lover, and gotten her lovers wife to boot, so we need to do something in order to reign the princess in and hopefully get back the control we had. If we work this out right, we can turn both her student and her sister against her, and with them in our pocket we can finally begin moving Equestria in the direction it should be going.”

“And what of Blueblood?”

“He has rejected every mare we have sent his way,” said Gold Bit with a growl. “No, it is through Luna and Twilight that we shall take what is ours.”

Deciding she had heard enough with that last bit of information, Silver Shade lit up her horn, fading into the shadows before dropping out of the ceiling in Celestia’s office, right as the mare walked in to begin her paper work.

“Silver Shade,” said Celestia in surprise, “I suppose you have a good reason for dropping out of nowhere like that?”

Silver Shade nodded, “The nobles are planning to usurp your rule…”

That got a laugh from Celestia, “Of course they are Silver, but this is nothing new, so unless you have something important to report…”

“…and they are planning to use your sister and your student to do it.”

That got a dark look from the princess, the mare gesturing to a chair for Silver to sit in before speaking to her. “And how exactly are they planning to use my family to usurp my throne?”

“They plan to marry the two mares off to influential mares of the court,” said Silver, “and before you ask no, I have no idea how they found out about Luna’s preferences, though one of the guards originally assigned to Ponyville may have overheard her at some point. Anyways, once they are married off, these mares are apparently supposed to poison Luna and Twilight against you, so that one day they will support the nobles plan to take all your power away and place it into their hooves.”

Celestia stared at her for a long moment, and then she let out an angered snort, before pulling out a quill and two pieces of parchment, creating two notes before handing them to Silver along with a list of names attached to the second note. “Make copies of these two letters and have them distributed. The first letter is to be sent to the rest of the nobility, but the second letter is to be sent to the names on the list attached to it, and them only.”

“Your will be done princess,” said Silver, before vanishing into the shadows, leaving Celestia to rise from her seat as she made her way to the throne room with an ominous growl.

“This. Ends. NOW!”


It had taken a while for the letters to all get sent, but in just a few hours the nobles who were not on the list found themselves in the throne room, many of them talking amongst themselves, Gold Bit and his group being one of them.

“Something does not feel right Gold Bit, I am telling you she is on to us!”

“And I have told you before that is impossible,” said Gold Bit, “I swept that room myself for listening enchantments, and we all know she is above having ponies spying for her when she is such an accomplished…”

He was interrupted by the sound of a thunderclap, everypony in the room shaking a bit as a teleportation spell the likes of which they had never seen before went off, and when they looked to see who had appeared they all gasped in shock, and many of them began to cower in fear.

For sitting upon the throne, clad in armor that had not been worn in centuries and the holy Solar Halberd stabbed into the floor by her side was Celestia, her mane and tail once more flickering like flame and her eyes glowing like twin suns as she gazed upon the ponies gathered before her.

“You no doubt are wondering why you have all been gathered here,” said Celestia calmly, and even though her tone was level and her voice quite, each word vibrated through them like a small quake.

“Y…yes your highness,” said one of the ponies, bowing as low as he could as her eyes darted to look at him before looking back upon the group at large.

“It has come to my attention that you…the ponies of my noble court, have been plotting to strip me of my powers as princess, effectively usurping my throne without the bloodshed or politics associated with it by turning my student and sister against me…and what’s more, thanks to some very valuable sources, I now can prove you all are the ones who have been backing the rouge guards that have been causing havoc in my kingdom.”

“Princess that is not…” started one of them.


It had been ages since Celestia had loosed her own version of the Royal Canterlot Voice, and there was a very good reason for this.

Cracks formed upon the floor as well as the walls, the entire room shaking and many of the nobles there wetting themselves due to the primal fear which washed over all of them, and even the guards could not entirely control their shaking as her voice sounded in their ears.

“I have long known you have been seeking ways of usurping my power, which is why so much of my time is spent looking over every single bill you send my way to counter act any attempt at this. But today….oh today you have finally given me a reason to act on your well-hidden plots against me.”

She gave them a toothy smile, showing off her new fangs before continuing to speak to them. “I really have to commend you, for up until Gold Bit’s slip-up today I would have nothing but rumors to go on, because you forgot to soundproof your room before speaking within this castle.”

Many of the nobles turned to Gold Bit in shock, but before anyone could comment Celestia spoke further. “Thanks to this, after I had you all summoned to the castle I had your servants, who as many of you probably forgot are under my employment and simply on lone to you, collect anything which might interest me, and what they found is frankly…quite disturbing.”

Summoning her magic, she pulled out stacks upon stacks of papers, taking one from the top of the pile before beginning to speak further. “Beyond the evidence that your families are using bits provided by the crown to fund the rogue guards, I have found several recorded incidents of pony trafficking, several documented incidents of illegal gambling rings and fight pits, as well as several documented incidents of underage prostitution.”

She rolled up the scroll, smiling sinisterly at the nobles before speaking further. “The fact that you have been able to keep this from reaching my ears in any other way beyond rumor is as amazing as it is appalling, but it ends now. From this day forth, I am re-instating the old laws when it comes to the nobility and rights of succession. As such, your funds and your properties are to be seized and liquidated, your titles striped from you and your heirs, and you and all your accomplices are going to be tried and imprisoned for their actions.”

“You…you can’t do that!” cried one of the nobles, “you don’t have the power…”

“I am Solar Invictus,” said Celestia with a rumbling growl, “and my word is law.”

“You won’t get away with this,” said Gold Bit, “You may have us, but we are not the entire nobility, and when they here of what you have done they will rally against you and depose you for the tyrant you are!”

“Oh really,” said Celestia, before turning to one of the guards and speaking, “you may bring them in now.”

The guard nodded and then lit his horn, opening both the doors behind the throne and allowing several ponies to walk in and take their places beside Celestia, causing shock amongst the nobles as they saw that there were their fellows.

“As you can see,” said Celestia with a smirk, “these nobles are on my side, for they unlike you have done what they could to help better Equestria not just for themselves, but also for those who are less fortunate than them. They know what it truly means to be nobles, and because of this they have been allowed to keep their titles.”

“You can’t be serious,” cried another noble, pointing to the stallions and mares standing at Celestia’s side with nothing but disdain in his eyes. “They do nothing good for Equestria; all they do is waste bits on charities and the peasantry, instead of using it to help better Equestria the right way.”

Velvet growled from her place beside Celestia, “There is no better way to help Equestria Cold Ledger, for the peasantry is the backbone of Equestria itself, and while you may refuse to admit it, we are all descendants of ponies who used to be peasants. We owe our very existence to them, and what you and the rest of you cohorts have sought to due to both Equestria as well as to my daughter spits in the face of our hallowed ancestors, so be thankful that the princess is choosing to be lenient with you at all.”

“Lenient,” said Gold Bit, “you would call this lenient…Lady Velvet surely you should be able to see…”

“See what,” asked Fancy Pants, “cause from what I know of the old laws of nobility, the princess would be well within her rights to incinerate the lot of you and leave not but ash for your families to bury.”

“Aye,” said Photo Finish with a smirk, “or she could let the peasantry get their hooves on you, for I am sure they could come up with some inventive ways of punishing you filth.”

“I think that is quite enough,” said Celestia, before looking back to the nobles before her as her horn began to glow. “Now, to make sure that none of you can run away.”

Then, in a bright flash, Celestia cast a might binding spell, rendering the magic of the nobles before her inert, sparing none of them. Then, before they could get acclimated to their helplessness, she turned to the guards once more and spoke. “Take this scum from my sight and to the dungeons so they may await their trials, and if there are not enough cells for them individually, bunch them together as necessary.”

The guards nodded, one near the main entrance poking his head out the door and whistling for more guards to come, and then they all began roughly escorting the dishonored nobles out of the throne room, ignoring their protests.

When the last noble was escorted out and the doors closed, Celestia let out a massive sigh of relief before turning to the other and speaking. “Well, now that I have effectively decimated a good two thirds of the nobility, anypony got any suggestions for worthy replacements?”

Everypony in the room facehoofed.

Chapter 12

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*Knock Knock*

Twilight grumbled as the sound reverberated through the house, burring her head under Luna’s leg to hide from the noise.

But the knocking persisted, though eventually it stopped, only to be followed soon after by knocking on her bedroom door. “Twilight, some guards came by earlier with a letter for you, it says princess Celestia wants you and the girls in Canterlot for some important business.”

Grumbling over the fact that she would not be able to get back to sleep do to this, Twilight quickly told Spike that she was on her way, before making the attempt to get up.

This was thwarted however by Luna, who proved to be quite the cuddle bug, thus latching onto her and nuzzling her in an attempt to lull her back into sleep. This however would not work, so Twilight simply threw cation to the wind and teleported Luna out of bed, causing the mare to yelp a bit before she fell flat on the ground.

The elder mare grumbled, which only caused Twilight to smile, “I’m sorry Luna, but Celestia apparently needs me up in Canterlot, and you were keeping me in bed.”

“I would have let you go eventually,” said Luna with a huff, before getting up and making her way out of the room. “Well I may as well get myself ready, for it would be nice to see my sister again and let her know about the friends I have made.”


It took them a while to get ready, but eventually they both found themselves on the train heading towards Canterlot, and joining them for the ride were Twilight’s new friends, along with Blueblood, who was sitting with Applejack discussing plans for their wedding in between whispering sweet nothings into her ear, causing her to giggle and blush.

Rarity, who was still peeved buy Applejack having landed herself such a stallion, kept shooting them glares while huffing in disappointment, till finally Rainbow Dash got fed up with it.

“Will you knock it off Rares, your ruining this trip for the rest of us.”

Rarity shot a glare at Rainbow Dash, but stopped with the huffing, though she would still shoot the occasional glare towards Applejack once she was sure Rainbow wasn’t looking.

Meanwhile, Twilight and Luna were discussing the days paper, for after boarding the train they had heard about the news regarding Celestia’s surprise sacking of over two thirds of the nobility, and as such it had sparked a bit of a discussion between the two mares.

“I still cant believe she finally did this,” said Twilight, “I mean something like this hasn’t been done in like…well centuries.”

“Then it is no wonder these nobles were so corrupt, for back when I ruled along side my sister she would never have tolerated this sort of behavior, and I would have insured they would have not been able to become so insidious behind her back.”

“I don’t see how,” said Twilight, “I mean if I’m right the only reason the nobles were finally caught is because one of them finally slipped up and said something that the palace maids could hear, for they are royal guard just like the ones who stand around in armor.”

“While I would love to share with you those secrets, I am afraid it is not something am at liberty to discuss right now, at least not without the permission of my sister.”

Before Twilight could try and needle any information out of her, the conductor of the train announced over the intercom that they were pulling into Canterlot station, and so everypony started to get ready.

When they left the train, they saw that a large carriage had been brought for them, all of them piling in and taking seats before the drivers began pulling them towards the Castle.

As they traveled, they could not help but notice that all the ponies they passed were talking amongst themselves, talking which would increase as soon as they saw Twilight and company being taken towards the palace.

“These ponies sure do seem interested in us mom,” said Scootalloo, who Rainbow and Fluttershy had decided to take with as none of her extended family could take care of her while they were gone.

“Well we are a bit famous kid,” said Rainbow with a smirk, “after all we did save Celestia’s sister.”

“For which I cannot thank you all enough,” said Luna with a smile.

“Still though,” said Rarity, “while I do appreciate the attention, I do hope it does not cause problems later on, for I have heard many a horror story about how celebrities have no privacy.”

Silence reigned through the carriage after this statement, only to be broken by Blueblood. “Well I can confirm from experience that such privacy is hard to find, but I don’t think you will have to worry about that outside of the big cities, especially given the fact that you all live in Ponyville, which from what I have heard from my contacts within the various media sources is one of the worst places for paparazzi to work in.”

This seemed to calm the girls down, which insured that they were all smiles once they reached the palace, all of them fallowing the guide as he lead them through the vast halls of the palace on the way to the throne room.

As they traveled, Luna could not help but compare this palace to the one which had served as their home within the Everfree, especially when it came to the tactical differences. “Of course this would reflect you more then me sister, for I always took a more cloak and dagger approach to defenses, while you favored confusing and tiring you opponents.”

She could see the tactical befits in it for both peace and war time, for while yes the castle layout was far more open then their former home, she could sense the subtle magic woven into the halls which would send any invaders head spinning, making it so that if they ever reached their intended target, they would be to tired to put up any sort of fight.

When they finally reached the throne room, they found Celestia in discussions with Twilight’s parents, causing the young mare to look confused and speak up. “Mom, Dad, what are you doing here?”

“That would be my fault Twilight,” said Celestia as she turned her gaze to the gathered group, the older mare smiling before continuing to speak. “Unfortunately the entirety of my advisory staff was among those nobles I imprisoned, so I have had to take on some new advisors, two of them being your parents.”

She then spoke to the group at large, “Now I know all of you are wondering why you have been summoned here, which I shall now get to. As you no doubt have heard by now, I have been forced to remove a little over two thirds of my nobility from power, which has left quite the power vacuum, one that cant be easily filled due to my re-instating the old laws when it came to accession into the ranks of the nobility.”

“It has also been brought to my attention that due to those laws, you, as the ones who saved both Equestria and my sister from Nightmare Moon, qualify due to your actions that night. Also due to my actions in regards to the former royals, you under the old laws are required for the good of the realm to step up to help fill the void I have left in Equestia’s Nobility.”

The princess then sighed, before walking forward and spreading her wings to their fullest extent as several ponies filed into the room, before speaking once more. “So, buy the power vested in me as Princess of Equestia, and before all witnesses within this holy chamber, I now dub you Lady Twilight Sparkle, Lady Rainbow Dash, Lady Applejack, Lady Rarity, Lady Fluttershy, and Lady Pinkie Pie, as High Royals of the kingdom of Equestia!”

The gathered audience began stomping their hooves in thunderous applause, while Twilight and the gills all looked flabbergasted, as did Luna, Blueblood, and Scootaloo.

Once the applause had ended, Celestia bade them all to follow her, the noble mare leading them off to a side room before turning to them all and speaking. “I am sorry if this all comes as a shock, but I am afraid where the laws are concerned, the needs of Equestia come before your own. For what it is worth, I am sorry for my part in forcing this upon you, if I had been thinking more clearly I may have done things differently.”

“I…it is perfectly alright princess Celestia,” said Rarity, being the first one to recover from this shocking news. “However, I think I speak for all the girls when I ask…well…what will our responsibilities be now that we are High Royals.”

Sighing, Celestia headed over to a table, indicating that they should all gather around it, before using her wing to point to the top of the table, upon which they saw a map of Equestia laid out before them. “Your responsibilities will be in the form of baronesses, who act as protectors, judges, and leaders to the lands they hold sway over. Currently, the baronies of Manehatten, Filly Delphia, Baltimare, Las Pegasus, Vanhoover and Clouds Dale are now devoid of their high rulers, along side the baronies of The Everfree and The Macintosh Hills, as they have yet to be claimed.”

“Wait, but I thought The Everfree barony was under the control of Canterlot,” said Twilight, looking at her mentor in confusion.

“Canterlot is its own independent Barony my student,” said Celestia, “though I can understand why you would assume that The Everfree barnony would be ruled over by Canterlot. Regardless, these are the baronies available to you, but please feel free to ask me any questions before making your decision.”

“I have one,” said Rainbow, drawing the princesses attention before speaking. “Are we going to be required to live at these baronies, because I’m married and have a kid, and I’ll flat out give this title up if it breaks my family apart.”

Celestia smiled at that, “No Rainbow, for while yes the barony does come with a residence that you can stay in while visiting, you are not required to live there.”

“What about duties,” said Rarity, “for while I understand the roles you mentioned before, surely their are other duties we will be required to perform.”

Nodding, Celestia spoke further. “You will be required to visit your barony at least once a month to meet with the local governors and other officials to go over matters within the your barony, such as finances, how the local guard is faring, that sort of thing.”

She then headed back towards the throne room, before turning back to them all and speaking. “I fortunately have other matters of state to attend to, so deliberate amongst yourselves, but once you have made your decision feel free to return to the throne room and let me know.”

She then left the room, leaving the girls as well as those they brought with them to look over the map as they began speaking amongst themselves.

“Well I would be lying if is said I wasn’t expecting this,” said Rarity, drawing confused looks from the rest of the girls which prompted her to speak further. “Well girls, with the fact that we saved the world from eternal knight, I am honestly surprise something like this has not happened sooner, especially where the common pony is concerned, for we would be national heroes in their eyes.”

“Actually a petition came from the house of commoners demanding that you be elevated to the station of high royal,” said Blueblood as he looked over the map, “but as you can imagine, it did not get wide support amongst the old nobility.”

“Well good riddance to them,” said Applejack, walking up to the side of her betrothed and looking over the map before speaking. “Well there’s no doubt in mah mind what Ah’m picking, the Macintosh Hills area has been beggin for some sort of leader tah help manage the big pony problems for a while now, and though Ah’m reluctant tah do it, that’s the whole point ah being a noble, or at least that’s how Big Macintosh said it was supposed to be.”

“I’m sure you will do well,” said Blueblood as he nuzzled her, before looking to Pinkie and speaking, “your friend Pinkie Pie however I think will cause quite the stir within the nobility.”

“Could not have said it better myself Bluey,” said Rainbow as she looked over the map, before looking to Fluttershy and speaking. “Well you know what I’m taking, but I think you should take Baltimare, for from everything I’ve read a lot of the projects you support originate from their.”

Fluttershy nodded at that, giving Rainbow a peck on the cheek, before leaning against her while the others continued to look over the map.

Near the very front of the table, Luna was standing beside Twilight, who was looking over the map with some concern, forcing Luna to speak. “I think it is quite obvious what barony you should be in charge of Twilight, for I think you will do the most good there.”

“I know Luna, its just…I don’t know it feels wrong that it is not under the control of Canterlot.”

Luna sighed at that, “I can understand that Twilight, but my sister an I always intended for Canterlot to exist outside the Baronies, to act as both our seat of power, as well as a place we could gather the nobles together in brotherhood in a place that was considered neutral ground. It was always intended for the Everfree Barony to become its own thing, however I don’t think my sister accounted for the fact that it would go abandoned for so long.”

Twilight nodded her head at that, “I can see your point, and of the ones available I think The Everfree would provide the most challenge for me.”

More discussions followed, till finally it was decided, and they all returned to the throne room to tell the princess their decisions.

Rairty had taken the Barony of Manehatten, for it was the heart of the fashion industry, and she knew it would be a place where she could flourish. Rainbow had of course taken the Barony of Clouds Dale, for it was her home, and thus she felt obligated to help lead it. Pinkie had taken the Las Pegasus Barony, which came as no surprise to anypony there, given that it was considered the party capitol of Equestria.

“These are all excellent choices girls, and while I would love to send you all home so that you can adjust to your new stations, I am afraid the needs of the realm come first. Thus, I will need you all to board the train to head to your perspective baronies so get yourselves introduced, and I shall be sending a letter ahead to let them know of your appending arrival.”

The girls bowed and began leaving the throne room, but Celestia stopped Twilight before she could leave. “Twilight, a moment if you would, Luna you stay to.”

They all waited for the girls to leave, and then Celestia spoke. “Twilight, The Everyfree Barony is going to be quite troubling to handle, for as you know what we now know as the Everfree Forest used to be much smaller, and much of the area surrounding the old castle was once a vast city state. Ponyville technically lies at the very edge of The Everfree Barony, but they have for a long time acted on their own, so you may meet some resistance once you return once you introduce yourself as their baroness.”

“I understand Princess,” said Twilight, “but as you once told me long ago, change comes to all nations, and while I know they may not like it, I know from my studies that there a probably a lot of things that Ponyville has had to forgo due to lacking proper representation within the nobility, things I can help provide.”

Celestia smiled once more, before looking to Luna and speaking, “Sister, I know you went to Ponyville so that you could learn of friendship, but I am afraid I must add more to your plate as it were, for though you are out of date as far as the laws of the realm are concerned, you can help Twilight when it comes to mastering the skills necessary for leadership…can I trust you with this task?”

“Of course you can sister,” said Luna as she gave her a hug.

Celestia returned it in kind, before shooing them out of the throne room, the old mare sighing in relief and returning to her throne, for the work of ruling the nation, as hard as it was, was never done.

Chapter 13

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“Applejack, are you alright my dear?”

Applejack looked up to see Blueblood giving her a look of concern, causing her to nuzzle him in reasurance before speaking. “Ah’m alright Blue, just concerned is all, Ah mean Ah known that both Appleloosa and Dodge City need this, but Ah cant help but worry that their going tah be really resistant to the idea.”

“And they may be,” said Blueblood, “but the same could be said for the old cities back when Equestia was still a young nation. But I have no doubt you will succeed, for you my dear are an apple, which means I have not doubt you will be able to out stubborn even the most hardiest of frontiersman, that and that tree you brought for the Appleloosa orchard should help smooth things over a bit.”

That got a giggle out of the mare, but she soon stopped as she felt the train car they were in jolt to the side. “What the heck…?”

Both she and Blueblood looked out the window to see a heard of buffalo had surrounded the the train, and seemed intent on driving it off the tracks.

“And here I was hoping this trip would not involve a national incident.”

He then quickly removed his clothing, getting a curious look from Applejack which caused him to speak, “These cloths are not meant for combat love, and I cant risk them getting torn if I get thrown off the train, but I need to see if I can drive them away from the train.”

“Well you ain’t doing that without mah help,” said Applejack, “Ah may not have your fancy magic, but Ah can use my lasso to trip them up if they get close.”

Nodding, Blueblood followed Applejack as they used the upper hatch to get to the roof.

Taking a quick read of the situation, Blueblood began targeting those who he knew were leading the charge, while Applejack began using her lasso to trip up those buffalo who got to close to her.

While they were successful at keeping the buffalo from getting close to them, they could not be everywhere at once, and as they were heading to the front to defend the engine, Applejack heard the sound of a car being disconnected from the train, the mare turning around to see the end car being lead away by the buffalo, the end car that held the tree she had intended to give to the Appleloosa Orchard.

“Their taking Bloomberg!” cried Applejack, making to chase after them only to be stopped as Blueblood grabbed her with his magic.

“Applejack get a hold of yourself,” said the stallion as she shot a glare at him. “We will be able to recover Bloomberg, but first we need to find out why the Buffalo attacked the train, and to do that we need to make it too Appleloosa.”

Applejack wanted to argue, but she knew he was right, but she didn’t have to like it.


The rest of the journey was uneventful, and so they pulled into the station without any more mishaps. However, as Applejack and Blueblood left the train, the mare found a sight that made her worry.

Her cousin Braeburn was their to greet her, along with the sheriff and the mayor of Appleloosa, but they were glaring at the other ponies who had also come to greet her, who she knew from Celestia’s letter that she had received on the trip their.

One was Dessert Facets, the Mayor of Doge City, and standing next to him was Cherry Jubilee, who was the head of one of Cherry Hill Ranch, which made her one of the most important members of the community.

“Lady Applejack,” said Dessert as he kissed her hoof, “so wonderful to meet you, and my I say how thankful I am that somepony has finally taken up the position of Baroness over the Macintosh Hills, for I have been saying for years that…”

“Ah cut the crap Dessert,” said the mayor of Appleloosa, a mare Applejack knew by the name of Widow Maker, “You save that suckin up for someone who matters, specially seeing’s how this mare wont be in her position for long.”

“Is that a threat?” growled Blueblood, the stallions horn lighting as he took a protective stance near Applejack.

Widow Maker just smirked, “All I’m sayin pretty boy is that she ain’t the first pony that them blowhards up in Canterlot have sent to govern us, but we can take care of ourselves just fine, so why don’t you do us all a big favor and scram!”

She then spit at Applejack’s feet, followed soon after by the sheriff before they both stormed off, leaving a very mortified Braeburn behind along with a surprised Dessert and Cherry.

“Ah’m so sorry cousin,” said Braeburn.

“Kinda was expecting worse to be honest,” said Applejack, “but it is good tah see yah cousin, and its nice tah meet yah Mr. Facets, and you to Mrs. Jubilee.

“Wonderful to meet you to sugar,” said Cherry with a smile, “also don’t mind Widow much, its just that she and the sheriff have never really liked the nobility much.”

“That line she said earlier seemed to imply something else entirely,” said Blueblood.

“Well it’s no secret that the position is cursed,” said Dessert, “their have been no less then five nobles who have attempted to take up the position of Baron of the Macintosh Hills, and of the five, the longest one only lasted a month.”

Blueblood looked like he wanted to ask what he meant by that, but Applejack decided to stop him, “look, we can talk about that latter, right now we got bigger fish tah fry. Braeburn, we got attacked on the way here by a heard of buffalo, and they took the tree I was bringing for the orchard.”

Braeburn dawned a look of concern, “did yah say Buffalo?”

Applejack nodded, causing the stallion to sigh before speaking. “Those buffalo came into to town three days ago and demanded that we uproot all our trees, and when we refused they said we had a week to decided and then they were going to remove the trees for us.”

“Did they say why they wanted the trees removed,” asked Blueblood, falling immediately into his role as a diplomat.

“Some hooey about us having planted on their sacred stampeding grounds or some such, but for tha life ah me ah don’t know what their talking bout, for if this was their land they haven’t been doing anything with it.”

Blueblood could not suppress the sigh that escaped his lips, causing Braeburn to glare at him before speaking. “And who are you supposed tah be?”

“Prince Blueblood of House Evening Star,” said Blueblood as he looked at the stallion, “Royal diplomat of her highness's Princess Celestia and Luna. And I have to ask, do you know anything about Buffalo culture?”

Applejack looked like she wanted to intervene, but Braeburn spoke before she could, “Can’t say Ah do, why?”

“I will but first tell me, did you find any bones when you were digging up the ground to plant your trees?”

“Yeah we found a bones, gave em ah proper burial out in the cemetery near the edge of town.”

Blueblood sighed again, “Well if you knew anything about Buffalo culture, you would know that the Buffalo bury their dead all across their stampeding grounds.”

“That’s sounds a little barbaric,” said Cherry.

“To the uneducated may be,” said Blueblood, “but the buffalo believe that when one of their own dies, they should be buried in the place they die, which is often along the stampeding grounds. In this way they are returned to the earth to join their ancestors, and by being buried on the grounds which their descendants continue to tread, it is said they can still hear them as they travel, which allows them to rest easy within the after life.

He then turned to Applejack and spoke, “Applejack, it is really good I decided to come with you, for as a diplomat I am required to intervene in matters such as this. I am going to locate the Buffalo and see if I can get their chief to come here so that we can speak, what I need you to do is try and get the mayor and sheriff to agree to the meeting, for unless we can get both parties to agree to things peacefully I will have no choice but to alert Celestia to this issue, which is the last thing I want to do.”

“Ah agree sugarcube,” said Applejack, “now you get going, Ah’ll take care of things here.”

He nodded, kissing her on the cheek before heading off to find a pony who knew where the Buffalo made camp, meanwhile Applejack turned to Braeburn and spoke.

“Braeburn, take me to the overlook of the orchard, and get someone tah have that pegasus sister of yours meet us there as well.”

“What,” said Braeburn, “why?”

“Because I just thought ah something.”


It took Blueblood a while to get the location of the Buffalo’s camp, and even longer to reach it, but now he was approaching the camp at a steady pace, for he knew he had already been spotted by their scouts.

“Halt,” said one of the camp guards, “what business have you here pony?”

“My name is Prince Blueblood, royal Diplomat of her highness’s Princess Celestia and Princess Luna, and I have come to speak to the Chief of this tribe.”

The guard seemed to hesitate, he stood down as a young female buffalo stepped out from behind one of the tents, the cow looking him over before speaking. “My name is Little Strongheart, and I am the daughter of Chief Thunderhooves, if you will follow me, I will take you to him.”

Nodding, Blueblood followed the young cow to the central tent, the stallion taking a seat and waiting patiently, before bowing his head as the chief exited the tent.

“Is it true you are the diplomat to the pony princesses?” asked Thunderhooves.

“It is Chief Thunderhooves,” said Blueblood, “and I have come to see if I can help with this issue between you and the Appleloosan’s.”

The Chief nodded his head, before taking a seat by the fire and speaking. “What do you know of our situation Prince Blueblood?”

“I have been told by one of the residents of Appleloosa that three days after they finished planting their orchard you arrived in town and told them they needed to uproot all the trees, as they had planted them upon your stampeding grounds. The first thing I would like to ask is do you have a map of your stampeding grounds that I could look at?”

The chief nodded, gesturing to one of his tribe to get the map before looking back to Blueblood as the stallion spoke. “I know it is a weird request to make, but I think it will help us in the long run in making peace with the Appleloosan’s.”

“I hope you are right,” said Thunderhooves, “for the only reason I am talking to you is because of the fact you work for Princess Luna, for she was the one who gifted our people this land in ages past.”

“”I don’t suppose you have keep the original deed with you, for Princess Luna has only recently returned, and thus it is highly likely anything penned by Luna in our records may have become lost.”

The Chief nodded, “it has been passed down from chief to chief over the years, for the moon princess told us to keep it safe, in case ponies from her kingdom attempted to take the land.”

“I see,” said Blueblood, “and is there any particular reason why you did not show this deed to the Appleloosan’s?”

“We did,” said Little Strongheart, cutting into the conversation and thus drawing Blueblood’s attention. “But the mayor said our paper meant nothing because it was so old and the Princess who wrote it wasn’t a princess anymore.”

“She also added the fact that Princess Celestia had given them rights to settle the land,” added Thunderhooves, “so even if the paper was legitimate, the ruling of the sun princess overruled it.”

Blueblood kept his facial features calm, but inside he was fuming. “Do you have something I could write on, for I have a message I need to send?”


In Canterlot Castle, Celestia was enjoying a quite meal with her two new lovs, though in truth, one of them was an old love and one she was happy to have back.

“I still say you should have let me cook Celestia,” said Velvet, “though I do admit this food is lovely.”

“I wanted to make sure that our first proper dinner together was special,” said Celestia, “plus I will need to monitor you first before I let you use my kitchen.”

Velvet raised an eyebrow at that, but was saved asking questions as Nightlight spoke. “It’s nothing personal honey, but after Diamond Glow nearly burned her kitchen down, she has been kinda paranoid as to who she lets cook in their unsupervised.”

“I mean seriously,” said Celestia, “how does one cause water to combust on its own?”

Their giggling was interrupted as a letter appeared next to Celestia, the mare grabbing it in her magic and opening before smiling, “Ah, a letter from your son Blueblood, wonder what…”

She stopped speaking as she scanned further down the page, before face hoofing as she reached its end, “bugger!”

“Celestia, is something wrong?”

“Oh nothing, just an old mare having giving away something in its entirety and having forgotten that part of it was already given away.”

When she noted the looks of confusion, she sighed, before speaking plainly. “Your son is with Applejack in Appleloosa, and it seems that part of the land I gave them was actually part of a buffalo stampeding ground, one which was gifted to the tribe by my sister long ago.”

That got a shocked look from the two, though Nightlight was first to speak. “But Celestia, surely you would of remembered something like that, or one of your advisors would have brought up that part of the land was already claimed?”

“My memory is not infallible and you well know it Night,” said Celestia with a smirk, “but you are also not taking into account that after my sisters banishment to the moon, all records of the laws and deed that were passed by her were burned, which I only found out fifty years after she was gone.”

“I bet that made you mad,” said Velvet.

“It did, but by then the culprits were either dead or so old that what I had planned for them would have been a mercy.”

She then turned to Nightlight, “Night, could you get my diplomatic stationary, I need to pen a letter to the Mayor of Appleloosa and I want it to look as a official as possible.”

Nightlight nodded, heading off to her office while Celestia turned back to Velvet, “I buy various qualities of paper and organize them depending on importance.”

“…I have the strangest mareboner right now.”

All Celestia could do was look surprised before she found herself tackled to the floor by a very excited mare.