Unikitty In Equestria

by Crescent Wrench

First published

Unikitty shows up in Equestria. This can't be good.

Unikitty was helping Emmet capture the Duplos one day when suddenly, she's in Equestria!

Written because I needed a laugh and this was probably the silliest idea I could come up with. Oh, and Unikitty.

Unikitty In Equestria

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Unikitty In Equestria


“All set?”

A LEGO construction worker nodded back at the pink creature, who smiled wide.

“All right, then here! We! GOOO!”

Her eyes flared red as her body lit on fire. She pawed at the ground before rushing towards the evil creatures known as the Duplo.

“Stop before we destroy yo-” the Duplo began, but was cut off as the pink one opened her mouth wide and chomped down on the Duplo, swallowing it whole.

The orange construction worker cheered. “Way to go, Unikitty! I knew you could learn to harness that anger.”

Princess Unikitty of Cloud Cukoo Land grinned cheekily before her paw shot up to her mouth, stiffling a rather obnoxious burp.

“Thanks, Emmet! These guys don't taste all that great.” She made a face.

Emmet jumped down from his perch on a rather blandly constructed watch tower, disassembling it as he went. He quickly built the pieces back together to form a small SUV. He landed next to it, opening the door.

“Alright, let's head back to the city. The sooner we get back, the sooner we can tell everyone what happened.”

“You just want to see Wyldstyle again,” Unikitty chided as she hopped inside of the SUV, closing the door behind her. She enjoyed heckling her friend about his not-girlfriend girlfriend.

Emmet flushed, his cheeks turning a smudged orange as he walked around to jump into the drivers seat.

“What do you mean? I don't know what you mean!” Emmet declared as he turned on the vehicle and drove off, heading towards the gate to the LEGO city. Unikitty giggled.

“Oh, I see. You're not going to admit that you like her!”

“Who said that?” Emmet gasped.

“You did,” Unikitty said smugly.

“I did?” Emmet asked, surprised.

“Yep!” Unikitty replied with a cheery smirk.

“Well I can't deny it if I said it, can I?” Emmet said.

Unikitty snorted. She almost couldn't believe that had worked! Emmet was a nice guy, but some times he could be so silly!

“Yay!” she said happily.

As the two drove on, they failed to notice an ominous dark shadow following them.

That is, until it surrounded the SUV and tore the roof off.

“What's going on!” Unikitty cried, pupils shrinking in fear as her eyes went wide.

“I don't know!” Emmet shouted.

Suddenly, two long tendrils shot from the shadows, wrapping around Unikitty.

“Aaah! Let go let go!” she shouted, squirming within the tendrils' grasp.

“Unikitty! Hold on!”

Emmet turned and started taking apart the SUV, moving the Lego bricks as fast as he could.

“Emmet! Help me!”

“Just one second!” he shouted back, shoving a single brick down on a green two-by-four.

“And, there! Don't worry, Unikitty! I'll-”

Emmet turned to see that the shadow, as well as Unikitty, was gone.

“Well... dang.”



Unikitty yelped in pain as she fell face-first into the dirt.

“Well that smarts,” she mumbled, pushing herself up and rubbing off the dirt. Her face felt funny, like there was a bunch of small, tiny strings attached to it. They were soft, except where the dirt stuck to it-

She froze. Dirt was supposed to be single brown circle bits, but the dirt on her face... It was much, much smaller.

Unikitty opened her eyes not to the familiar textured LEGO world she remembered, but instead to a bright, colorful landscape of grass and trees, with sparkling mountains in the back.

“This isn't Cloud Cukoo Land anymore...” she said to herself as she watched a little fluffy bunny dart from behind a tree, jumping over a slow-flowing creek of crystal blue water. The clouds drifted lazily overhead, and in the distance Unikitty thought she could see a rainbow.

“No, this place... is...”

She sniffed the air. It had a sharp pine scent to it, fresh and clean. There wasn't a hint of dirty plastic there at all.

“Is... is...”

She felt her body starting to shake in excitement. This place was-

“BETTER!” she shrieked, eyes sparkling with glee. This place was sooo much cooler than Cloud Cukoo Land! She jumped forward, only to land right on her face again.

“Ooof,” she whimpered, looking down at her legs. She didn't expect to suddenly see four furry appendages, each ending in stubby little paws. Her coat was a bubble-gum pink, must like she had been back home, except for her paws. The front pair were a cool mint green, while the rear set was a butter yellow.

“Whoa!” she exclaimed, waving her paws above her body. “This is so cool!!!”

She giggled as she flailed her legs in the air, cackling like a madmare.

“Oh my-”

Unikitty froze as she heard a soft voice a short distance away. She tilted her head up, pushing her vision closer to the ground. Her sight upside down, she saw a yellow pegasus standing on the ceiling a short distance away from her. Her mane was a pink not unlike Unikitty's own coat.

“Hi there!” Unikitty shouted, throwing her legs to the side to try and right herself up. She still wasn't used to having four flexible legs instead of two stubby pegs, and thus thrusted all of her legs in different directions.

This, of course, did absolutely nothing to help her, and she yelped in slight pain as she felt a sharp jolt in her joints. This pain was new.

“Oh my- are you alright there?”

The yellow pegasus rushed over to Unikitty, offering her a hoof. She took it, and slowly took to her paws, standing up. She was just as tall as the pegasus.

“Yeah, I'm fine!” Unikitty said. “Yay!”

“Oh, that's good,” the pegasus said with a smile. “If you don't mind me asking, who are you? I've never seen you around here before, and I know all of the animals here.”

“I'm Unikitty! And I'm-” she paused, looking around. She definitely didn't recognize this playset. She wasn't even too sure this was a LEGO playset.

“Um, I'm not from around here!”

The pegasus nodded understandingly. “I see, you look like a really big kitty after all, and with that horn on your head-”

She paused. “Why do you have a horn on your head?”

“Because I'm Unikitty!” declared Unikitty. The pegasus laughed nervously.

“Of course... heh...”

Unikitty beamed at the pegasus. “So what's your name!”

“Oh, my name is Fluttershy, and I- OOMF!”

Suddenly, a blur of pink rammed into Fluttershy, tackling her to the ground. Unikitty shrieked lightly, jumping back.


Unikitty smiled wide. This pony, a bright pink pony without wings, wanted to make a new friend! Unikitty loved making friends!

She jumped forward, sweeping up the pink pony in a big hug.

“Hi! I'm the new pony- although, I'm not really a pony- but my name's Unikitty! What's your name!”

The pink pony gasped. “NO. WAY! I knew unikitties existed, but did anypony believe me? No! But I was right, wahaha!”

The pink pony paused, coughing politely from her rant.

“My name's Pinkie Pie, and we need to throw you a party!”

Unikitty cocked an eyebrow. “A... party?”

Suddenly, Pinkie Pie was dangling from a tree next to Unikitty, looking down at hr with a huge grin.

“A PARTY!” she exclaimed. “A welcome to Ponyville party, to be exact!”

Unikitty lit up.

“Oh boy, I love parties!” she beamed.

Pinkie Pie giggled along with her before freezing. Suddenly, she gasped loudly.

“Wait a second, we're in the wrong scene!” she shouted. She then violently grabbed Unikitty and hurled her forward. The formerly LEGO princess screamed before she felt her face hit a wall.


She slid down, feeling the cold stone scratch at her face. Dizzy, she pushed herself away from the wall, stumbling as she tried to keep the ground beneath her steady.

“But, where's the sixth element?”

Unikitty turned to see a lavender unicorn cowering as a large black mare, with a huge horn and wingspan, cackled maniacally. They were all in a crumbling ruin of an old castle, a thick forest outside.

“You little foal,” the large one spat, “thinking you could defeat me? Now you will never see your princess, or your sun!”

She started casting her magic.

Unikitty didn't like this pony. She didn't seem very nice. Not being nice wasn't a nice thing, nope. It wasn't positive at all. Unikitty didn't like negative things. Negative things made her negative. And if she was negative, she wasn't positive.

“But I'm sure, someone'll come and save the day, right?” she asked herself as she watched on.

“Now the night will last... forever!”

Unikitty's eyes shrank to mere pinpricks. This was just like President Business all over again! She wanted to control the other ponies!

That's not a very positive thing to do, now is it?

A few voices could be heard coming from down a hall, but Unikitty paid them no attention as she charged into the ruined room, growling.

“THAT'S NOT VERY NICE!” she screamed before her body flared a fiery red, flames jetting out from her forme. She leaped at the big black pony, opening her jaw wide only to clamp it down over the pony. She crunched down, swallowing whole.

“Twilight, hold on-” an orange earth pony started as she rushed into the room, but froze when she saw Unikitty.

“Uh, did we miss somethin?”

“I'm not sure,” Twilight admitted, still slack-jawed at the random large fire kitten with a horn that just ATE Nightmare Moon.

A sudden flash of white, and Princess Celestia appeared next to Twilight.

“My dear student, I felt Nightmare Moon's presence disappear, so I decided to drop the cloaking spell. I was with you the entire time-”

The Princess stopped as she gave a curious look at Unikitty, who had now returned to her normal self, pink and bubbly.

“Who is that?”

Unikitty smiled wide at the alicorn princess. She looked friendly!

“I'm Unikitty and- BUUUUURP!!!

A poof of blue mist shot out of Unikitty's mouth, tumbling to a heap in front of Celestia's hooves.

“Never again,” Princess Luna muttered, curling up in a fetal position. “The horror... the Duplos... the horror...”

Unikitty hacked away as she let the last few tendrils of mist snake out of her mouth. Twilight looked at Celestia with a very confused look.

“What just happened?”

Celestia shrugged.

“Writer's block?”

Twilight nodded.

“Writer's block.”