Who turned in to what and meet WHO!?!!?

by Rainbow Mask

First published

Bob is having a bad day. All he wanted was a spa day with Star Manz, but the uvirverse dediced that he has to run around to different places just to find a bottle of loition.

Bob is having a bad day. All he wanted was a spa day with Star Manz, but the universe decided that he has to run around to different places just to find a bottle of lotion. and on top of that, its with freaking ponies.

The photo was drawn by me, don't like it? deal with it.

it is placed right after Twilacorn came. It will talk about some other shows. the point is, I don't own any of them

PS. Its gonna be very hard to understand most of the time. a gift for a friend

Crazy Town

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It was a stormy night in the Rainbow Forest and Bob the Human was just waking up from an afternoon nap filled with nightmares. Just as he went to get a dead body from the fridge to help him calm down , a knock came from the door. So he started to hum the ‘Rainbow Forest Song’ as he to the door. When Bob opened to door, it was his good friend Stars Manz, leader of the Rainbow Forest midgets. Bob invited him inside for a spa day for guys. While he soaked in a tub of green mud, Stars Manz told him all about the “horrible” things that happened that day.

Star Manz was saying, “ So this guy in my tribe gave me a CREEPER for the offerings to the Midget Gods, but as I told him ‘No way the gods will want that, that Thing.’ it blew up. Like it deso-”. As he looked at Bob, who had just gotten out of the mud, Stars Manz stopped talking and pushed a now bumby, light green Bob in front of a mirror. Bob looked in the mirror thinking ‘ How did I turn into a fermented pickle bear!?!?!?!’


Meanwhile, somewhere passed the 4th dimension, Chyna, Olive, and Fletcher from Ant Farm were working on a portal for the Science Fair. While Chyna & Fletcher were finishing up, Olive was working on a side project for FCS.

“Olive” Fletcher said in an annoyed way, “ Can you please stop working on that lotion and help us finish so that we can go home?”.

As Chyna clicked her tongue, Olive said “ Oh Fletcher. Fletcher, Fletcher, Fletcher. If you were smart enough, you would know that this is no normal lotion. For you see little, not very smart person, this lotion can turn a fermented pickle bear or a fermented pickle into a person.”.

While she choked on a evil laugh, Chyna asked “ Well then Olive, what happens when you use it on a person?”

“ Well, They turn into a Creeper from some game called Minecraft. Interesting factoid, Minecraft was made by Mojang, can be played on computer & the Xbox 360, and is right now on version 1.7.2, which adds colo-”

“ OLIVE!!!” yelled Chyna & Fletcher at the same time.

“Oops, sorry guys. Anyway, so they will turn into that, but they are not evil. so thats good, or they might become hypnotized. I don't know yet. I haven't tested it on anyone.” finshed Olive while seeing Fetcher acting odd (not his normal odd) since she said the Hypno part of the lotion. You guys can guess why, but we can't say it since a tall, blue color cloaked person (or pony) froze time and walked in.

"Hmm, better hurry," the pony/person mumbled to their self while grabing the lotion, " the spell will wear off soon, and HIM will be in a upset mood; no; HE will be in rage mode if I don't gets to HIM on time." Then the cloaked pony/person disappeared in the portal as time unfroze.


Back to Bob, he was trying to wash off his pickle problem in a tub of peanut butter while Star Manz looked at the label of the mud Bob was in.

As Bob got out of the peanut butter, Star said “ Wait a minute, Bob. Look at this.” As he pulled off the first label that said ‘ Rainbow Mud', he continued, “ Read the label. It says ‘Pinkie Pie’s random cream, put it on & something random will happen.’ Then as Star Manz read the ingredients, one thing he said was off.

“Star Manz,” said Bob the now Fermented Pickle Bear, “ Can you repeat that?”

“Sure Bob. Cheese, goose eggs, rainbow dye, Poison Joke, green appl-”

“There, Poison Joke. Star, does that grow in the Rainbow Forest?”

“ I don't know, I will have to ask my tribe’s best smarties. Oh I better go, we are having a burning at the stake for the guy who brought the creeper. Want to come?”

As Bob nodded yes, Star Manz, Leader of the Rainbow Forest Midgets, jumped out the door saying “ It is at 13:00 a'clock sharp, so don't be late.”

So now Bob the Pickle something went to bed & as he did, he sang the Rainbow Forest song,

here is the song if you don't know it.

“ Its a happy day in the Rainbow Forest, lots of killing to do. Lots of slaughtering & killing each other dut dut dut do.

Its a sad day in the rainbow forest, no more killing to do. No more slaughtering & killing each other, dut dut dut do.

Its a very happy day in the Rainbow Forest, lots of enslaving to do. Lots of enslaving & beating each other ,dut dut dut do.

Its a very sad in the Rainbow Forest, no more of enslaving to do. No more enslaving & beating each other,dut dut dut do.

Its an Epic day in the Rainbow Forest, we are waging war on YOU!! We’re gonna mash you & bash you & beat you into a pulp, dut dut dut do.

Its an Epic fail day in the Rainbow Forest,we lost a war to you. We got mashed & bashed & beaten into a pulp, dut dut dut do."

Upstairs what waited for him was his cat named 'Dog' and his warm bed. As he got in he thought ' What happened to the Rainbow mud I was going to be in'


In Ponyville Pinkie pie was going nuts, and I mean on drugs crazy nuts. She was running into ponies everywhere on the way to an apple farm

Running all over Ponyville yelling, " Twilight, Dashie, Rarity,AJ, Flutters!!! I need HELP!!! My cream is gone; MY CREAM IS GONE!!!"

"Now now darling. We don't want to call the Princesses."

" Oh, hey Rarity. I didn't see you there."

"Ok Pinkie, now Twilight wants to ask you whats going on in Sugar Cude Corner, so lets go; Without destroying anything please?"

"Ok Rares, lets go!!!" said a now clamed down Pinkie Pie as she walked back to Ponyville while being followed by a relief filled Rarity. So as they walked into Ponyville they started a small (clam) chat; not knowing that by doing that; they were walking down the road to a crazy travel (or sealing their fate; idk)

Crazy ponies ( and Pickle Bears)

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So when we lefted off, our Pickle bear was sleeping and two ponies were were going to see a princess. Lets go to our main ponies I mean Bear...

So Bob was groggily waking up feeling something wet on his ear, so when he slowly sat up in his bed, he pushed off his cat and looked at his clock. It told him that Star Manz was coming over in 10 minutes. As he got up, he made a list and it goes as followed.

Bought to you by Bobs brain

1. Try and wash off the pickle again.

2. wait for mail man or woman.

3. on way to burning; ask Star about Poison Joke

4. toss something at the ----


"Hmm, who could that be." So when Bob the messy Pickle Bear opened the door as he was about to said hi, a gray Person with Horse pony ears , light yellow long hair, and derpy eyes crashed into him.

"MAIL!!!!!!!!! I CAME TO GIVE YOU MAIL!!!!!" yelled the gray pony person.

"Umm, miss? I never seen you give out mail before, whats your name?"

"Me?" Bob nods.

"Oh, some ponies call me Derpy and others call me Dizty."

"Ok, ummm Derpy? Wheres my mail?" Derpy quickly searches for it in her bag.

"I am sorry." she sniffles. "I can't find." as she finishes, she starts crying.

" Sh, sh. Its ok. Please stop." He sighs " Ok, look. If I help you find my mail, will you stop?" Derpy hopefully nods. " Good, now lets go find it."

A now happy Derpy sets her bag on the ground, opens it, then clumsily jumps in the bag. At first Bob justed stood in amazement staring at the bag Derpy jumped in. Then when he heard the gray pony girl yell at him, he jumped in the bag.

The inside of the bag was cold, sparkling, bare tundra. When Bob was able to move his limbs again, he saw the girl ( or should he say mare) was in his face.

"Umm, Derpy? Can you please help me up so we can start looking?

"Oh?, I mean sure." said Derpy as she pulled Bob up on his feet.

"Ok then," Bob rubbed his hands together, "Lets get started. Where is the the mail anyway?" Derpy flys off in one direction, leaveing Bob to sit there in the cold. So to past time, he tried to made a snow palace but the best he could do was a sloppy igloo. By the time he was done, he hejavascript:void( 0 );ard a voice calling mail and turn to see Derpy running toward him.

" I found it!! " she yelled while tripping over some ice. " Umm, would it be ok if I leave you here to read it, I am a little behind." As Bob nodded yes, she flew out of the bag. All alone, he decided to read his mail in his igloo, but he wasn't able to because now Star Manz fell face first into the snow.

" Why you little- Bob?"

" Hey Star, any news on the poison joke?"

" Nothing, but first off; who was that derped pony freak and why are you in here?!?!"

" I think her name is Derpy," Star Manz starts rolling in the snow laughing, " And I WAS going to read my mail but you fell out of the sky like a chicken."

" Well, sooorrry, but that mail girl; or mare I don't know; threw me in here calling me mail."

"Oooo, did the fall hurt you?"

"No, I was pulling the dude who brought the creeper towards the fire but then the mail lady threw me into her bag with him." Star holds up a dead body of a handsome midget bound with rope that has many broken bones, " Here he is. I wish the tribe could of burned him though. It would of made everyone happy." Bob nods sadly. So for the next few minutes they just sit in the igloo staring at each other dumbily till Bob's bumpy pickle paw touch's the letter.

"Hey Star, wanna read this with me?"

"I have nothing better to do besides trying to light the body on fire but since I am failing, sure."

"Oh, whats stoping you?"

"The rope are a little fire resisted so he would suffer."

"Can I open the letter now?"

"Sure." Bob slowily opened the box that held the letter or more like scroll. When he finsed, Star grabed the scroll inside and read it out loud.

Dear Bob the Human

Bob groans sadily and looks down at his chest as Star puts his hand on Bob shoulder.

I We reget to inform you that you are now going to be a...


In a familiar bakery we all know about, with a familiar princess was having a cupcake while waiting for a pink earth pony to show up from terrorizing the town.

"Pinkie, why are you so crazy?" Twilight whispered to herself as she fiddled with the wrapper of her cupcake.Then when the bell on the door rang happily, the white fashionstsa and the pink party ponies pony walked ran inside.

"Twilght, darling, I bought Pinkie for you."

"Thanks, Rarity. So Pinkie, why are you bring chaos to PonyVille?"

"Welllll, Twilight. I was just looking for my cream."

"Your…Cream darling?"

"Ya Rarity, my cream. Zercora helped me with it. It has goose eggs, rainbow dye, poison joke, green ap-."

"Wait Pinkie did you just say poison joke?" asked Twilight as she threw away the cupcake wrapper.

"Yea, Zecora said it would be ok to pu-" Derpy (in pony form) crash into the door as Pinkie was talking.

"Derpy, are you ok!?!?" asked Princess Twilight as she flew over to Derpy; who was covered ( but unharmed) by wood.

Ya Princess Twilight but you have mail." said/yelled Derpy as she yelled into the bag but it was too quiet to hear clearly. Then when a quiet replay was heard, she pulled out a Pickle Bear covered with frost and a midget dressed like a chief who carrying a dead body.


"Ya Bob?" suddenly Bob bursted into tears.