Don't stress yourself~

by WebHead69

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The full sequel that you all have been waiting for!

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It has been quite some time since Spike's life changed following the anniversary of his birth. He lost his virginity, saved a kingdom, opened relations between ponies and dragons, and experienced so many adventures.

Yet things aren't well for Spike as he seems to be dealing with some difficulties in this part of his still young life. Dragons are interesting in the eyes of many ponies, especially with those who are close to Spike. It's only natural when you see changes occurring with a dear friend, that you start to question whether or not if they're the same dragon that you know and love.

Thus, Princess Celestia knows that Spike going through puberty is something that no dragon should have to deal with alone. So, the kind and considerate Sun Goddess has a few plans for our favorite purple dragon~

A little get together~ (Prologue)

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Spike whistled while he finished collecting the last batch for the day. Nothing was more satisfying than getting a chance to look at a hard day’s worth of work. It surprised the purple dragon with how much admiration he had for labor. If anything, he was originally skeptical with how working at the farm was going to benefit him. Yes, more money was quite nice to have when you were typically living on an allowance budget like Spike was. Especially when allowances from Twilight Sparkle never exactly met his financial goals. Mostly because he wanted to invest said money in whatever matter he wanted, without turning to Twilight. That and buying gems was expensive.

I could use a break, Spike decided.

The purple dragon moved around the wagon and looked over the pile of apples he gathered today. “…” He finally spotted his water bottle and reached for it with the desire to quench his thirst. He didn’t realize that being dehydrated was a thing for dragons, until he started working for the Apple family. In fact, he wondered just what the exact limitations of being a dragon in his age were, as even his high sex-drive vanished within the first three months. Now, his enjoyment of the sun’s rays was causing more than just sweat from his body. Even flapping his wings to cool himself wasn’t doing justice for him, as Celestia’s influence with daytime was apparently having an effect with him. Was this her doing, or was it because he never spent this long out in the sun? Summer time was never this much of an issue for him, so why was this happening to him?

“Wish Celestia would take it easy, you know?” shouted Spike.

“Eyupp!” shouted Big Macintosh. He was sitting against a tree while drinking out of his own water bottle. Shoot, I should’ve brought more, he realized, looking at his two empty ones that rested by his feet. He licked his lips and continued to drink out of his third.

Spike wiped his forehead with his arm as he walked over to where Big Mac rested. “So how are things with Cheerilee? You went on that date with her, right?” he asked, before taking a sip out of his bottle.

Big Mac nodded as he took a big gulp of water. Sighing in relief, he answered, “Yeah, it was quite nice and all spendin’ more time with Cheerilee. But I do wish that I could see her more often. In fact,” Big Mac started to stand up and continued with, “I don’t think that she likes how often I have to work…”

Spike sighed as he finished with taking a big sip. He licked his lips and swallowed, feeling his throat completely rejuvenated before stating, “At least you’re doing better than me…”

“Somethin’ going on between you and Rarity?” asked Big Mac.

“Yeah, I don’t want to talk about it,” Spike said honestly. He took another sip and offered his bottle to Big Mac, noticing that his was empty. As he took it with gratitude, Spike then said, “Maybe I just need- BURP!”

Big Macintosh paused as Spike suddenly released green fire without warning, indicating a message via magic. “Twilight?” he asked.

“No- I think it’s from Celestia,” Spike said, catching the letter and recognizing Celestia’s personal stamp. “But I’ll read it once we get back…”

After another minute of rest, both Spike and Big Mac got back to work, intending to get back to the house within the next hour or so. There was no disappointment for the hard workers, as the fruits of their labor was perhaps their best hull in recent memory. Applejack and her little sister agreed as Spike and Big Mac presented what they had gathered in front of the barn. After a few minutes of storing and estimating, they all went inside to rest and look back on the day itself.

“Well you two did a mighty fine job today!” Granny Smith said happily. “I haven’t seen so many apples in one spot since last family reunion!” she added.

“Granny, maybe we can start sellin' some of your famous pies at ma school?” Apple Bloom suggested happily. “Be really nice to make a few extra bits that we could spend on ourselves!”

Granny only laughed as she brought the matter of subject to the table, gently cutting a few pieces as Spike followed with plates and spoons. As she placed one slice onto a plate, she gently pushed it towards Apple Bloom and said, “Gee, well I don’t know about that. See, ol’ Granny Smith here prefers makin’ her pies as fresh as possible! And I am afraid I can’t just get up and early to make a bunch of pies for yer class dearly! I wouldn’t mind if they came here however; wouldn’t be too hard when I have more time to make so many pies at once!”

Apple bloom considered what Granny Smith said, pondering with her thoughts. “…I guess that makes sense…”

“Hey, you could always sell pie to the fellas that we play soccer with,” Spike suggested. “They’re always talking about grabbing something to chow on after each game, and I am pretty sure that they’ll love to buy some conveniently close food.”

Apple bloom actually liked that idea as she nodded repeatedly. “Yeah! There’s an idea! They could take them to go to enjoy later if they wanted!” she pointed out with excitement.

“Well I suppose so…maybe like a weekend bake sale or somethin’?” Big Macintosh suggested. More money into this family would do them some good and also influence more players to visit their farm on a regular basis. “Granny, think that you can whip up somethin’ before they get here later today?” asked Big Mac.

“What do you think I am, one of those fancy machines?!” Granny Smith asked, obviously offended with Big Mac’s question. “Makin' a pie takes time, and I don’t have enough ingredients to do more than two at the moment,” she added.

“Well then I’ll have to go into town to go buy more groceries then,” Applejack remarked, washing down her food with milk. As she licked her lips, she then said, “I’ll head into town in a little bit since I want to see if Rainbow Dash wanted to do anything today.”

“I’ll walk with you,” offered Spike.

*Ten minutes later*

“You sure that you don’t want to stay and play with your friends, Spike?” Applejack asked.

Spike shook his head. “I am kinda tried to be honest; I barely got any sleep last night,” he explained. These last few nights have been a disappointment as a matter of fact…

“Well then you’re gonna need to tell them that,” commented Applejack.

“Hmm?” Spike looked ahead to see that the familiar faces of his soccer friends. It took another minute before they came across one another.

“Spike, you’re not going to stay?”

“Sorry, really tired!”

“That bad huh?”

“Yeah, insomnia is a bitch!”

A few laughs were shared as they all nodded and waved at him while walking by. He waved at them and continued to walk for a few seconds before asking, “Why didn’t you say hello AJ?”

Applejack blinked as she looked at him and said, “I did; I waved at them!”

“But I at least expected you to say something. I mean, Ramos did walk by and-”

“What’s your point?” Applejack asked, doing her best to hide a blush.

“Well I assumed that you two were close and-”

“Spike,” Applejack said, ceasing movement and looked directly at him. “Just what is it that makes you think that Ramos and I are ‘close’??” she asked, not liking where he was going with this.

“Well…” Spike scratched his cheek as he avoided eye contact with Applejack. “…Apple Bloom told me that she saw the two of you walking into your bathroom together…naked.”

“EH?!” Applejack’s face turned completely red. It hasn't even been three days and already Apple Bloom told Spike? Gosh darn it! she thought angrily. She didn’t want any gossip about what went on that day! Especially when it was purely spontaneous and didn't really mean anything! Although she did like the fact that she got to know Ramos a little better. “Wait, did she tell anypony else?” she quickly asked, fearing the worst.

“Well, she told me that she only felt comfortable speaking to me since I wasn’t ‘blood’ related, yet still a trustful friend,” Spike explained. Wow, she really doesn’t want anyone knowing about that. “And she told me that she wasn’t sure if she should ask you about it. I at least told her to make sure that she asked you about it before telling anyone else,” Spike explained.

While there was some relief to what Applejack was hearing, the thought of her little sister knowing was stressful enough. Especially when Apple Bloom was still young and innocent, not understanding these types of things. “B-But it doesn’t make me happy knowin’ that ma sis saw me and him naked together! Gosh, she must be confused about all of this…”

Spike frowned as they began to walk again. “Hey, I mean is it a bad thing if you told her about the birds and the bees? I mean, she already has her cutie mark so-”

“She’s still young!” shouted Applejack angrily. “Would you listen to yerself?!” she added, completely offended by what Spike was implying.

“H-Hey, I am just saying that she’s matured to a point, OKAY? She could be going through some difficulties with herself and not realize it! I mean, it makes sense that you should do it, right? Explain to her about how life goes once you reach a certain age?” Spike asked. He didn’t want to offend Applejack or anything like that, but he did want to make his point with her.

Applejack began to cool down after hearing Spike’s explanation. “…” She closed her eyes and sighed before saying, “Yer right…I shouldn’t ignore the fact that little ol’ Apple Bloom is growing up…”

Spike smiled as he then said, “Yeah, and besides, it wouldn’t be a bad thing if you were with Ramos on a serious relationship; Apple Bloom likes him a lot.”

Applejack looked at Spike with confusion. “What do you mean?”

“Well Apple Bloom said that she likes his ‘pretty hair’ and his ‘pretty language’. She also likes the fact that it makes it easier for her to talk to other Zebras besides him and Zecora.”

“What? What do you mean ‘easier’???”

“Well Apple Bloom apparently is shy around her new Zebra classmates; she can’t explain it, but she’s worried that they’re not going to like her,” Spike explained. “I guess she’s somewhat intimidated by non-ponies disliking her or something,” he added.

“What- Apple Bloom gets along quite well with Zecora! How-”

“I guess because these Zebras are around her age?” Spike asked. At least, that’s what he wanted to believe since Zecora was an adult and it was only last year that a steady flow of non-ponies began to move to Ponyville. Zebras were no different, as their children began to attend the same school as Apple Bloom just two months ago when the new semester started.

Applejack was not happy hearing that at all. Hell she didn’t even know about this until Spike told her. Spike and not her sister! “I can’t take it anymore!” Applejack said suddenly. She stopped and looked at Spike before saying, “Sorry Spike, but I need to be with ma sister now,”

Spike gave a soft smile as he nodded and said, “Don’t be; go to her now.”

Applejack smiled and began to run back to her farm, with the intent to have a sister to sister talk with Apple Bloom.

Spike watched as Applejack went to bond with Apple Bloom, now realizing that he no longer needed to walk. After all, he wasn’t flying because he did not want Applejack to be walking by herself. Thus, he easily lifted himself up and began to fly towards Ponyville within minutes. After he reached said destination, Spike landed in front of Sugar Cube corner and smiled as he walked inside.

“Afternoon Spike!”

“Afternoon Mrs. Cake!”

Spike walked over to the counter with a friendly wave. “Can I have a sapphire milkshake please?” he requested.

“Again Spike? Oh my, you’re going to get fat at this rate!” Mrs. Cake giggled, accepting his money and tending to the cashier.

“Well lucky for me, we dragons have high metabolisms,” Spike explained with a laugh. After the friendly exchange, he walked over to an empty table and sat with a gentle sigh. “Now for that letter…” He reached into his pocket and found what he was looking for. After carefully opening it, he began to read the following contents:

Dear Spike,

I hope that all is well within Ponyville, as I’ve been busy as of late with various tasks requiring my attention. However, thanks to a small opening in my schedule, I am happy to say that I can now officially invite you to visit me in Canterlot without a moment’s delay.

I intend to assist you with the changes that occurred within you on your birthday, as dragon puberty is far more volatile than you may think. As such, your transformation may yet to have ceased completely, as previous records have shown that delays occur inconsistently during a dragon’s natural grown; particularly within their puberty cycle. For the sake of your health, I must tend to this now that I have the opportunity to do so. My personal guard will arrive within the next two days to safety escort you to my castle without issue. I also grant you permission to spend a night within the city, should you wish to visit Princess Twilight’s parents before attending our meeting while I return the following day from a trip.

Oh and please do pack lightly~

Best Regards,

Princess Celestia

“…” Spike’s expression softened as he finished reading the letter that Celestia wrote to him. He glazed his attention elsewhere before he placed the letter down on the table. “…” Spike then closed his eyes and rubbed his temple before letting out a loud sigh.

“Something the matter Spike?”

Spike opened one eye to see that Pinkie Pie had brought over his order. She was basically the same, maintaining a familiar smile that was impossible not to admire. “What’s on your mind Spike?” she asked cheerfully, placing his shake on the table.

“Hey Pinkie,” said Spike, showcasing a smile of his own. “Just got a letter from Celestia, and she wants to me visit her this week,” he explained.

“Wow really?! That’s so cool!” Pinkie Pie said with excitement. “Why would that keep you down?” she then asked.

Spike’s smile began to vanish as he looked at the blue milkshake in front of him. “…” He grabbed it and slowly began to sip without saying another word.

“…” Pinkie Pie maintained the same smile for at least ten seconds before she became impatient with her dragon friend. “Spike…tell me…what’s…up….”

“…” Spike started to get annoyed as Pinkie Pie was moving closer and closer towards his cheek, intending to get something out of him. “Let it go Pinkie…”

“Like hell I will!” protested Pinkie. Okie dokie lokie! she thought.


Spike turned immediately red as Pinkie Pie began to seductive him with a nuzzle. “Spiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiike…I wanna know what’s on your mind-”

“Mrs. Cake, help! I am being sexually harassed!” Spike called out.



*Five minutes later*

“Celestia why doesn’t Pinkie Pie just ever just let things go?” Spike wondered aloud, not expecting Pinkie to go that far. Then again, Pinkie Pie was not one to underestimate on a regular basis. Regardless, he flew back to his home where he walked inside searching for Twilight. “Twilight?” he called out. “Twiiiiiiliiiiiiiight!”

“Yes Spike?”

Spike looked forward to see that Twilight was walking towards him with scroll in hand. She was wearing a large white sweater that was long enough to reach her knees and almost cover her hands. Her hair was a bit messy and she was wearing her reading glasses while a pencil was between her lips “What’s up Spike?” she asked, stopping in front of him with a smile after removing her writing tool.

“Hey Twilight, Celestia wants me to go to Canterlot,” said Spike.

“She does?” Twilight asked, raising an eyebrow. “What for?”

Spike chuckled as he held up the letter he recently received. “Well, she said that dragon puberty isn’t as straight forward as we thought; she said that I am likely going to experience another change inside of me eventually. So, she wants me to meet with her so that she can ‘help’ me deal with them.” Spike explained.

“Wait, so something is still going to happen to you? I mean, you look like a young adult dragon!” Twilight argued. If anything, Spike did possess the traits that one would see in a young adult dragon: tall stature, wings, thicker scales, etc. Even his flames were improved to a certain extent, which could melt nearly anything that he came across. There was also the high sex drive that Spike carried for quite some time before he learned to control himself. “I mean, the only think that I could think of is…oh.”

“Twilight? What’s wrong?” asked Spike. Twilight’s expression told him that she just realize something that could be troublesome.

“Well…the only think I can think of is…” Twilight paused as she looked at Spike from his feet, all the way to the ceiling passed his head. “…is your size from what you are now, to one of the dragons we’ve ran into. And I mean the ones who lived in caves,” she explained.

Spike’s expression changed, realizing what Twilight was getting at. “What- Come on Twilight; I am not going to grow into the size of our house! I mean, that would take years before I reach prime adulthood!” Spike explained.

Twilight rolled her eyes as she said, “But still, your growth spurt could start up again at any time. Hell, some ponies I know didn’t get to their current sizes until a little later than most. And others, a little sooner. So maybe that concept applies to dragons as well?”

“Well…I guess you have a point,” Spike admitted. While he wanted to deny the very idea that he was going to change again anytime soon, he did have very little knowledge when it came to his own race. And Celestia was pretty knowledgeable when it came to providing knowledge, knowledge one would never expect to gain when they needed it the most. “Well I guess I’ll start packing my things,” suggested Spike.

“I’ll help you,” offered Twilight.

After making it to Spike’s room, both he and Twilight spent a few minutes gathering his things into a small duffel bag. Despite Twilight’s protests, Spike insisted to pack very little as by Princess Celestia’s instructions. He paused when there was a quarter of space left to use.

“I think that’s good,” Spike said, placing the bag by the side of his bed. “I am going to tell Applejack tomorrow about my trip. Then maybe I’ll get a chance to say good bye to everyone else?”

“If you want,” said Twilight. “But I do wish that I could go with you since you’ll be seeing my parents,” Twilight confessed. While her desire to see her parents made her envious, she knew that she still had responsibilities while living in Ponyville. That and traveling to wherever she was needed the most.

It was not difficult for Spike to understand how much Twilight wanted to go with him. Humbly, he said, “I am just lucky that Princess Celestia is giving me a chance to see them before I stay in the castle. From what it sounds like, I’ll be spending a lot of time within the castle itself focusing on my dragon anatomy…or something like that.”

Twilight shrugged before saying, “Well whatever it is, I hope that you can figure it out.” She smiled as she came closer and said, “Just say hi to my parents for me, okay?”

Spike smiled, giving a nod before answering with, “Okay.” With that, the two of them shared a hug that lasted for a good minute.

*Two days later*

“Well have a good trip okay?”

“I will.”

“Don’t forget to write Spike!”

“Like I would forget!”

“Say hi to my parents when you see them okay?”

“For the 100th time, I KNOW.”

Spike laughed as he waved goodbye to his friends who came to see him off. Pretty much everyone that he knew and cared for was present. It was a beautiful day as the blue sky and large clouds made Spike feel optimistic towards this trip. He waved and waved as the chariot lifted off the ground and headed into the sky. He felt the wind rushing through him as Celestia’s royal guard wasted no time getting Spike to where he needed to get to. It was quite surprising to Spike that these Pegasus guards were able to maintain consistent flight for long periods of time, indicating their impressive stamina. In fact, Spike expected them to agree to his suggestion of resting after a few hours in the air, only to be naturally rejected said offer.

Wonder what kind of training they have for the royal guard. I mean, Shining Armor is in good shape but I had no idea that a Pegasus would be able to go this far without rest, Spike thought. At least the last time he was escorted, they didn’t mind taking a few breaks every now and then before he first arrived in Ponyville with Twilight. Goodness, how things changed ever since they moved to Ponyville.

What would life be like if we never left? wondered Spike.

*Four hours later*

Spike smiled as the familiar grand city known as Canterlot had finally came into view, arousing Spike’s curiosity and wonder. Despite all the years of living in Canterlot, it was never tiring to witness its beauty from afar. Watching it silhouetted with the sun setting down brought a sense of pleasantness within Spike, as he was looking forward to tonight. Being away from Ponyville after receiving consistent stress in recent weeks, was exactly what he needed. It took only a few minutes before they landed within Canterlot itself, thus ending the long journey that was endured between the three of them. Spike happily stepped down from the chariot with a bag over his shoulder, thankful to have the opportunity to stretch his legs on solid ground. He gave a nodded gesture towards the two guards before making his way down the steps.

Wonder if Twilight’s parents even know if I am arriving, thought Spike. He would naturally have assumed since Celestia herself insisted; she or Twilight would have likely informed them. If that was the case, however, then where were they? Spike frowned as he reached the end of the stairwell and found himself completely alone. Not even a single guard was around, as the ones who escorted him flew away to report their successful trip. “…” Spike lowered his head, reconsidering if he should even take this to be a personal night or not. Then again, perhaps he could surprise them?


Spike’s ears perked up as he suddenly turned his head to see a familiar face. “Mr. Night Light,” he said softly. He smiled happily as he waved at him, feeling relieved that somepony was here to pick him up. Night Light did not change at all in the last few months, as he still had a familiar face that brought warmth to Spike's heart. This father figure in his life wore a dark blue coat over a white buttoned shirt, while also wearing black pants and brown shoes that looked expensive.

Night Light smiled as he hurried his movement towards the familiar purple dragon. Embracing him, he said, “Spike! My, have you grown since the last time I saw you!” While he recalled the letters that his daughter sent to him and his wife, she was always vague with the exact height that Spike now stood. "And you have wings too!" he added.

“Yeah, I had a growth spurt during my last birthday,” Spike explained. As they pulled apart, Night Light wrapped an arm around him.

“Well Twilight did tell us that you would be different…I just wasn’t expecting you to be taller than me!” Night Light said with a laugh. “Honestly, seeing you with wings is surprising enough! Nice to know that we have another flier in the family!”

Family… Spike thought. “Y-Yeah, quite something isn’t it? Where is Twilight’s mother by the way?” Spike asked. If anything, he was expecting to see her as well.

“Oh she’s preparing dinner for us as we speak. I did insist that we have a nice fancy meal since we don’t get to see you nor our children that often. It’s a shame that Twilight couldn’t come,” he explained with a small sigh. He and Spike continued to walk out of the castle property itself, knowing that they couldn’t keep Velvet waiting longer than she needed to.

“Hey that’s great!” Spike exclaimed happily. It's been a while since I've had a homecooked meal by Twilight's mom!

“But tell me Spike, I was surprised to learn that Princess Celestia invited you regarding your recent changes. Could you maybe tell me a little more about that? From what Twilight told us, it sounded quite important,” said Night Light. While he knew that dragons were a special case within the country that he lived in, he did not expect her majesty to take personal interest. Perhaps because she was close to Spike as Spike was to his own family?

Spike was skeptical about going into greater detail, but he knew that this was going to be a pressing topic. After all, it was the only reason why he was even here in Canterlot. “Well maybe when we get home? I don’t want to have to explain everything again to your wife after telling you,” Spike explained. “After all, the night is still young, right?”

Night Light chuckled as he nodded. “True Spike, very true.”

It took them almost half an hour before they found themselves within the area that Night Light and Velvet lived in. It was a nice area, nicer than what Spike remembered when he and Twilight lived in Canterlot. Then again, improvements were seemingly made and having children such as Twilight and Shinning Armor likely came with some perks. Regardless, it didn’t help the fact that some ponies were focusing their attention on a tall purple dragon making his way into the Sparkle home. He did his best to ignore them as some of the children began to point and whisper about him.

Celestia do I wish for more dragons to live around here…

“Here we are! Home sweet home,” Night Light said cheerfully. He pulled out some keys out of his coat and began to unlock the door. After a few seconds, it clicked and opened completely, allowing the two of them to walk inside without issue. “Velvet honey, we’re home!”

Spike glanced around his surroundings and smiled; everything was just as he remembered. While there was a few added home decorations that he never saw before, everything else brought nostalgia that Spike appreciated to an extent. Home sweet home…

“Honey? Where are you?” Night Light called out.

“Oh sorry!” said a voice from the kitchen. “I’ll be out in a few seconds!”

“Come on honey! Spike is here!” Night Light insisted.

“Oh that’s right!”

Spike smiled as he heard a few things in the kitchen being dropped, indicating that Velvet wanted to waste not another second. Thus, she immediately popped out of the kitchen and smiled brightly as she came over to them. “Spike! My have you grown! It’s so good to see you!”

“Same Mrs. Velvet!” Spike said, smiling widely as they immediately hugged each other for a good ten seconds. It was funny that she was shorter than him now, as he always remembered her having to kneel down in order to hug him. She still had that familiar fragrance that made him smile, knowing that if Twilight wasn’t around to make him feel better, she would take over that role. Once they broke away, he said, “Really happy that I get to see you two again after so long. Wish Twilight was here with us though.”

Velvet nodded as she showed a sad smile. “Oh so do I sweetie, but I am sure that Celestia has her reasons for not inviting her. Although I am confused why she didn’t?” Velvet had barely changed in appearance, as it was only months since Spike last saw her. She was wearing a red blouse and a black skirt, black pantyhose leggings and a white apron. She may have recently become a grandmother, but she was still beautiful nonetheless, which would make anypony envious of Night Light.

“I’ll tell you about at dinner honey,” said Night Light, casually placing a hand on Spike’s shoulder. “Speaking of which, is it ready? Because it smells delicious honey!”

Velvet smiled as she moved closer to him. “In about five minutes,” she said sweetly, kissing him on the cheek.

*One hour later*

“So you really became the dominate dragon in all of Equestria Spike? That’s pretty impressive!” praised Velvet.

“And it was pretty mature of you to pass along that title to someone who you thought would do a better job!” added Night Light.

“Well I just thought that she was trustworthy, and figured that she was in a better position than me to lead our kind. And I have to be honest: I am glad that I don’t have to be the Dragon Lord in order to make sure that things stay peaceful,” Spike confessed happily, taking another sip of wine. “AH… Also, Ember has become Twilight’s newest pen pal. So it’s also improving relations between Celestia’s kingdom and the dragons themselves!”

Night Light was excited after hearing those words. He immediately dropped the bread that he was holding and reached for his wife’s hand. “Can you believe that?? Our daughter is also making history here!”

The feeling was mutual with Velvet as she nodded with excitement. “Y-Yes! Yes, she is! Oh my, I couldn’t be any prouder of my little Twilight…well she’s not so ‘little’ anymore- but it’s still amazing!” she exclaimed.

“I always knew that she was destined for great things,” Night Light admitted with pride. His own daughter was actually becoming friends with the dragon leader herself! “Such an accomplishment…I wonder why she never told us?”

“Oh now honey; she’s likely too busy to give us frequent updates of what goes on in her life!” Velvet pointed out.

Spike smirked as he finished his glass of wine and continued to listen to the praising from Twilight’s parents. Dinner was just so wonderful and satisfying, as they both knew exactly how to make a meal that himself could enjoy. It was funny considering that normally he would be with Twilight, enjoying the evening together with him and her parents. Hell this was the first time that he was having dinner with only the Sparkles and without one of their children present. The thought reminded Spike of how independent he became following the anniversary of his birth. He did not need to be by Twilight’s side for everything that occurred in his life anymore. He was his own free dragon, not requiring the presence of another as if he were a child. Was his recent growth spurt really a bad thing after everything he experienced since? Only time would tell.

My life's issues~ (Velvet Sparkle)

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“Nhh… It’s still only two in the morning?” Spike grumbled, looking over at the clock that was next to his head. Thanks to the moonlight that ran through his window, he was able to see clearly that his insomnia was getting the better of him. This was expected, given that he only experienced two or three nights, of sleeping soundly out of this month. Troublesome as it was, Spike knew that he was likely going to be awake for two or three more hours, despite his best attempts to sleep. It was a shame really, as he felt convinced that he was going to avoid insomnia since he did feel wearily four hours ago. All that wonderful food that Mrs. Sparkle made for them, only placed him a temporary food coma. Meanwhile, they were likely sleeping without a single care in the world.

“…Okay, I am getting up,” he said, yielding to his insomnia.

Spike eventually found himself walking in the hallway wearing only his pajamas pants. His white shirt had gathered a lot of sweat after a while of tossing and turning, thus it was abandoned on the bedroom floor. He shivered as he walked in darkness and found himself closer to the kitchen, intending to get some water for his dry throat. He blinked a few times as his eyes were finally adapting to the darkness, allowing him to find his way to his destination. He smiled weakly as he took his sweet time getting a glass out of the cabinet and walked over to the sink. After a few seconds, he drank to his heart’s content.

Nhhhh… Water has never tasted so good, thought Spike. He licked his lips and refilled his glass twice before feeling satisfied. He placed his glass into the sink and made his way back to his room, finding himself more relaxed and with a clearer mindset. He looked at his shirt in the ground and grabbed it, feeling it cool and slightly moist. Not wanting to sleep with a sweaty shirt, he tossed it on a chair and looked through his duffel bag to find a replacement. After covering his upper body, he slipped into bed and looked at the ceiling for a few minutes. “…”


Spike’s attention immediately shifted from the ceiling to the door. While gentle, the knocking was a great excuse for him to get up and pass the time. He walked over to the door and opened it, surprised to see Twilight’s mother standing at the doorway. “Mrs. Sparkle?”

A small gentle smile formed on her lips. She was wearing a purple robe and her hair was a slight mess, while her expression show a bit of weariness, indicating that she too was having issues with sleeping. “Hi Spike, I heard some noises and wondered if it was you?” she asked politely.

“Oh yeah it was,” Spike admitted, feeling embarrassed. “Sorry, I didn’t wake you, did I?” he asked.

“Oh no; I was awake myself. Haven’t gone to sleep yet,” she confessed. She looked to the side. “I guess we’re both experiencing insomnia?” she assumed.

Spike nodded. “I drank some water to settle my nerves, but I haven’t gotten a chance to try again.”

Mrs. Sparkle giggled and shook her head before stating, “Oh Spike, you’ll never fall asleep with some water; some black tea should do you some good!”

“A-Are you sure that you don’t mind?” Spike asked.

“Well Night Light drank so much that his snoring is another cause for my insomnia…”

With that, Velvet and Spike sat in the living room drinking tea for nearly half an hour. It took only minutes for her to prepare what was needed so that they could sit down and just talk about life itself. Spike particularly enjoyed this, as he recalled how much it helped whenever he did this with Fluttershy. Of course, this was better since Velvet was a caring mother figure who made it easier to talk about things. The moonlight was sufficing when it came to visibly in the living room, as the curtains allowed just the right amount that was needed.

“Oh dear, so you’ve been arguing with your dear fillyfriend, Rarity? That has to be stressful Spike,” Velvet said, taking a sip from her tea.

Spike sighed as he placed his cup on the table. “Well, I am not going to deny it. I mean, I finally got the chance to be in a serious relationship with her after holding up my feelings for so long. It’s supposed to be great since I am living my fantasy, but there’s a lot of ups and downs to it,” he confessed.

Velvet said nothing as she too placed her cup down and thought about what he said. “…” She looked at him and asked, “Well, could you elaborate a bit more?” Velvet was not happy knowing that Spike was going through some difficulties, as she recalled with how her son was just as miserable when he was starting out with mares. It made her sad, as she cared for Spike’s happiness as much as Twilight did. “What exactly are these ‘downs’ that you were talking about?”

Spike considered the major issues that affected his relationship with Rarity. “Well, for starters, Rarity is still upset that her little sister saw…” Spike paused, as he suddenly changed his mind. “Well, let’s just say that I feel guilty about something that happened.”

Velvet stopped smiling as it was not difficult for her to come up with an idea. Oh dear, you can’t be serious… Velvet opened her mouth slowly and looked to the side before asking, “I take it that she saw you and Rarity together doing…?”

“What- NO, she didn’t!” Spike quickly said, actually feeling himself go red. “No, she actually saw me naked for a few seconds!” he explained, not wanting to cause any more confusion by this point.

Oh! “Oh!” Velvet said, blinking repeatedly. “Well, was it that bad? I mean, how did it even happen?”

Spike paused for a moment as he looked at the table and then at Velvet. He opened his mouth for a few seconds before closing it, glancing at the ceiling and then the table, before glancing at her and let out a laugh. “Hahah… Well, I think that it was my fault,” he admitted.

“Why would you say that?” she asked curiosity.

Spike hesitated to elaborate more, but there was no point in him hiding anything from her. Thus, he casually said, “Well I may have said something to upset her…”

Velvet raised an eyebrow. “Go on…”

“Well…I basically told- asked her to go…make…me a sandwich after…we…yeah…and then she…literally threw me out the window…”

Velvet looked at Spike with a dumbfounded expression. “…” Her expression changed slightly as she was comprehending what he just told her. “Really Spike? You say THAT after having-… You know what, never mind…” She sighed as she reached for her tea and began to drink it, clearly not pleased with what Spike told her. I did the same to Night Light when we first slept together! Ugh males…

“Well it was the heat of the moment! I mean, I wanted to talk dirty to her and stuff,” Spike pointed out, attempting to justify his actions. “I mean, she completely got over it and cared more about her sister seeing me naked. Hell it’s sometimes awkward for me to even look at her little sister,” he explained. It was true as Rarity never brought up his sexist remark, and cared only for the innocence of her little sister Sweetie Belle. Spike insisted that Rarity would have that “talk” with Sweetie Belle, but she was never supportive when it came to that idea.

“Well Spike, all I can say is that Rarity is being protective with her little sister. Have you attempted to make up for what occurred that day?” asked Velvet.

Spike shrugged slightly before answering with, “I’ve made a few suggestions, but she doesn’t seem too keen on having Sweetie Bell learn about the ‘birds and the bees’. I really don’t know what to do…” Spike reached for his tea and began to take another sip. “Maybe I should talk to Sweetie Belle? It’ll be kinda weird since we’re different genders and stuff-”

However, Velvet immediately began to shake her head before stating, “Spike, while I do agree with you that Sweetie Belle should have that talk, I think that perhaps her mother or sister should do it. It would be best to call out on Rarity to do something about it, instead of complaining about it like she has. Should she bring it up and try to repeatedly blame you again, remind her of this.” Velvet sighed as she finally finished her tea. She licked her lips for a few seconds before finishing with, “After all, we can’t all continue to blame past mistakes, right?”

Spike didn’t need to hesitate after hearing Mrs. Sparkle’s explanation. “Right,” he agreed, smiling as he finished his tea as well. “Ah…thank you for the tea Mrs. Sparkle,” he then said appreciatively.

“Why you’re welcome Spike.” Mrs. Sparkle smiled as it made her happy to assist Spike with his personal issues. “So, mind telling me more about the issues you’re having with Rarity?” she asked kindly.

“I don’t mind,” Spike confessed happily. “Another issue I am having with Rarity is whether or not we should start living together not. So far, I’ve spent a few nights at her place but I still live with Twilight in our home.”

“Ah, a typical dilemma between couples,” said Mrs. Sparkle. She giggled at the thought, recalling with how things were between her and Night Light when they were younger. “So how do you feel about moving in with her?” she asked.

Spike chuckled as he answered, “At the time, I thought that it was a perfect idea.”

Velvet raised an eyebrow. “At the time?”

Spike’s smile weakened as he began to explain. “Well, I wanted to live with Rarity, but I didn’t want to leave Twilight alone in our house. We’ve lived together for so long, that I find it kinda depressing that Twilight would have to live alone- not counting her new apprentice. Sure I can visit her often, but it’s just not the same. I even had trouble sleeping at Rarity’s home for the first few times because I was thinking of her.” Spike closed his eyes and leaned against the couch. “Maybe I feel guilty about it?” he asked, not entirely sure about his true feelings. Twilight was always nearby whenever he drifted asleep, and not something that he ever took for granted. “I mean, now she has a new apprentice and stuff so she won’t be ‘alone’ per say, but still…”

Velvet frowned as she considered what Spike was telling her. After letting her thoughts ponder for a bit, a small giggle escaped from her lips. Much to Spike’s confusion, she then asked, “So I suppose that you haven’t outgrown everything, have you?”

Spike’s expression softened.

“Spike, you’re clearly having some relationship issues that involves Twilight; you haven’t let go of the idea of things changing between the two of you, have you?” Velvet then asked kindly. “It’s not only concerning yourself whether or not Twilight would be alone, but how you’re becoming more and more independent from her. You’re not entirely happy about that, are you Spike? Because while she’ll have her new apprentice living with her, you’re not going to be satisfied completely, are you?”

“…” Spike took her words into consideration. “…I guess…I haven’t…have I?” he admitted. How could he fail to realize this sooner? “I am starting to see less and less of Twilight now that I think about it,” Spike added.

“Because of your new job at a barn?”

“Not just that; Twilight can also go on a random adventure without me; they’ve become more random and unexpected at that. Just because she knows that I can take care of myself, and has less restrictions,” Spike explained.

“Well Spike, that’s just how life works; it can become complex and stressful at times,” Velvet told him. “I can tell that you haven’t even told Twilight how you’ve felt?”

Spike confirmed this with a nod before he saying, “I’ve told Rarity about how stressed I’ve been, but not even Twilight. I guess that I was too stupid to have any common sense, otherwise, I would have just talked to Twilight about my feelings…”

A sad smile formed on Velvet’s lips, causing her to then gently move a hand onto his cheek. “Spike…it’s okay,” she said gently. As Spike slowly turned to look at her, she said, “The important now is that you will talk to Twilight once you see her again.” She pulled her hand away. “Remember, we can’t dwell on the past forever; we must look forward,” she reminded him.

“Yeah…I guess you’re right,” Spike said softly. “Yeah, I really need to talk to Twilight about how I feel. Maybe now isn’t the best time for me to move out our home…” Spike then considered how Rarity felt. “In fact, Rarity told me that we shouldn’t rush things.”

“She did?”

Spike nodded. “Yup. In fact, I was kinda bugged that she wasn’t too keened on me living with her permanently,” said Spike.

“Now that sounds like a mare who has already thought this through. I think that you haven’t given as much thought as she has. You should have a little more faith on your crush Spike,” Velvet suggested.

Grumbling, Spike said, “Fair enough…”

“Don’t feel ashamed Spike,” Velvet then said. It didn’t take a genius to tell that Spike was not happy being humbled like this. I swear, he’s just like Shining Armor, she thought with amusement. “I know that I am not your mother or anything, but I am only telling you this for your own good,” she insisted.

“I know,” said Spike. “But it doesn’t make it any easier to swallow. I have pride you know,” he explained.

“We all do Spike. But that’s perfectly normal,” she said in a stern tone. “But I have a feeling that there’s more than what you’ve already told me…isn’t there?” she then asked. There had to be more than what he was telling her, as she could tell the more that they spoke.

Spike wanted to tell Twilight’s mother even more about the stress he was experiencing with Rarity, but he was also becoming uncomfortable with what the final issue was. “I think that it’s a little too personal for us to talk about Mrs. Sparkle…”

Velvet raised an eyebrow before she crossed her arms and asked, “And why is that?” Honestly, what could it be by this point that Spike didn’t want to tell her? He was completely comfortable with her for the last forty minutes!

“Well…” Spike mumbled about something before remaining silent for a few moments. “I-I don’t feel comfortable because-”

“Spike, whatever it is, I am sure that you can tell me. There’s no reason for you not to be completely honest with me; I helped raised you for quite some time Spike!” she exclaimed.

“…” Spike’s humbleness vanished, as his expression converted into a form of displeasure. “FINE!” he said, yielding to Twilight’s mother. “We haven’t had sex in a while, OKAY??”


“We…haven’t…had…SEX…in a while…”


Spike’s frustration began to lighten as Velvet was now getting the idea of why he didn’t want to talk about it. Her expression converted, bringing some form of satisfaction to Spike as he asked, “NOW do you understand why I didn’t want to talk about it?”

“W-Well,” Velvet started, coughing slightly as her face grew red. Goodness me, I shouldn’t have asked… No matter; I am going to see this to the end, she thought. Yes, this was a sensitive topic, which she thankfully spoke about with Twilight only once. As for her son, her husband naturally took care of that. Spike on the other hand, wasn’t her son, so there shouldn’t be any reason for her not to help him. And while she could ask Night Light to talk about it with him, Spike was a young adult and her husband was currently sleeping. Taking a deep breath, she said, “Well, I can now understand why you would be uncomfortable Spike. But please: don’t be shy to tell me about the issues that you’re experiencing with Rarity; I am here to help you in any way that I can.”

Spike was not expecting Mrs. Sparkle to continue pursuing an embarrassing topic, as her expression was telling him something different. Then again, she was the mother of two, so perhaps she was used to talking about sex with Twilight and Shining Armor? He did not truly know, but he also couldn’t avoid talking about it with her.

“So when you said, ‘a while’, how long are we talking about? A week? Two weeks…?” asked Mrs. Sparkle.

“…” Spike realized that it was now best to be honest with her. “Little over a month,” he told her.

Mrs. Sparkle was stunned to hear that. A MONTH? The longest that she and Night Light would go without sex was a few days at most when they were Spike's "age"! Also, if the rumors about dragons were true, then how was Spike managing to control his natural high sex drive? Even masturbation would not be enough based on pony knowledge. “What…w-why haven’t you slept together in so long? Sex is supposed to be part of a healthy relationship, if you two were sexually active together for quite some time. Unless, something caused you to stop having sex as frequently as you originally did?” she asked. If anything, she remembered having a similar experience a previous boyfriend, deciding that sex did not have to be a regular thing. Then, there was another relationship where she had sex regularly because they became addicted to it. Spike’s situation…was not exactly clear.

“Well, yeah I guess so,” Spike said in response. “I guess that there hasn’t been much of a reason to have sex,” he then said.

“What do you mean?” Velvet asked curiously.

“Well having sex was a normal thing; whenever one of us felt like it, we would go ahead and get to having sex. When I hit puberty on my birthday, my sex drive was high. But after a few months, it just settled and lowered to the point where I couldn’t get aroused even at the slightest.” Spike looked at the ceiling, realizing that there was something else. “In fact, I haven’t masturbated even once in my life.”

Velvet was surprised as her face turned slightly red. “W-Why is that?” she managed to ask. It’s almost been a year! she then realized. Was Spike’s current condition that bad that he did not even have the motivation to pleasure himself? Hell not even have the motivation to try masterbation itself? It was completely unheard of in her mind!

“I don’t know… I guess because I was having sex with-…with Rarity so often.” Spike knew better than to tell Mrs. Sparkle that he lost his virginity to her daughter. That and the fact that he also slept with the rest of the mane six, was best left unsaid at the moment. “Never needed to satisfy myself when I was getting all the sex that I needed from Rarity,” he explained.

“And what about now? You said that you haven’t had sex in a month, so why not pleasure yourself? If you tried, then maybe...?”

“Well I-” Spike paused as he decided to chuckle for the hell of it. “Well, I can’t really get turned on as easily as before,” Spike reminded her.

Velvet was finding this difficult to believe. So dragons did experience a period of having a low sex drive after all? “I-Is this because of your recent changes? I do remember you explaining that her majesty had some concern regarding your growth spurt. Does she know about your ‘condition’ and stress?” asked Velvet.

“I guess so. After all, Princess Celestia knows a lot more about my kind than I give her credit for,” Spike confessed. That and Celestia did know about his sexual experiences in Ponyville itself. What was it exactly that Celestia knew that she needed him to physically see her? Surely a letter explaining things would suffice, right? Then again, perhaps this was something that could not simply be explained a written letter. “Maybe when I was at the Gauntlet of Fire event, I should have taken the time to learn more about my kind…”

Velvet found it odd as what he said reminded her of a glaring issue. “Wait, Twilight is a pen pal of the current Dragon Lord, correct?”

“Yeah?” Spike confirmed.

“Then why didn’t Twilight simply send a letter to her and requested information regarding your changes?” Velvet asked. If anything, that would make things a lot simpler for Spike and save him a trip to Canterlot.

“Well I was considering it, but having Princess Celestia invite me to Canterlot seemed more appealing. Mostly because I seem more out of place with my kind than ponies,” Spike explained.

That surprised Velvet quite a bit, as she assumed that Spike was easily accepted within dragon culture. Thus, she asked, “Spike, did you not feel welcome when surrounded by other dragons?”

Spike laughed a bit as he answered, “It’s been hit or miss to be honest. The first dragon that I actually befriended in a relationship was Dragon Lady Ember herself. Even then, she thought that I was odd compared to other dragons.”

Velvet began to feel guilty, realizing that Spike isn’t in touch with his dragon heritage as she assumed. “W-Well perhaps you should have still attempted to reach her?” she suggested.

“Well, we did try, but never got a response. Even by magic, I haven’t heard from her recently,” Spike explained.

“Well that is odd,” said Velvet.

“I thought so too, but she is the new Dragon Lord so she must be busy or something,” Spike remarked.

Regardless whether or not she was busy, Velvet wished that Spike could build a relationship with his own kind. “Shame.”

Spike nodded as he said, “Well what can you do? Hopefully, Princess Celestia will be able to help me.”

Nodding in agreement, Velvet said, “I am sure that she will Spike. But I do think that relieving some stress tonight will help you sleep faster. Why don’t you try once you get back to your room?”

“Well I…” Spike felt himself turn slightly red after hearing such words from her. It did not help his case when he already told her that he couldn’t get aroused as simply as before. Thus, reminding her brought only more embarrassment to the purple dragon as he asked, “What about my problem…?”

Mrs. Sparkle only giggled as she already knew what to tell him. “Well I may have something that can help you Spike.”

One minute later

“So will this really help me?” Spike asked, looking at what Mrs. Sparkle gave him.

“Oh yes, my husband and I used this band for many years,” insisted Velvet.

“But this looks brand-new…”

Velvet frowned as he said that. “Your point?” she asked coolly. When Spike immediately shook his head, she smiled with satisfaction and said, “Well good luck then Spike, and have a pleasant good night.”

Spike nodded gratefully as he walked towards his room, intending to use Mrs. Sparkle’s gift. “Good night to you too!” Spike examined the bottle and raised an eyebrow, as stimulating lubrication was a new thing to him. The bottle had an orange label which read: Passionate Jolt, giving a hint to the sensation that he was going to experience. As for the instructions, it was straight forward enough for a first-timer like Spike.

Alright… Spike gently closed the door behind him and found himself completely alone in his bedroom. He smiled as the thought of relieving stress after so long excited him. Thus, he tossed the bottle on his bed and began to strip…


Velvet smiled as she found herself inside her room again. She removed her robe to reveal the silver night gown that she was wearing under it. She slowly walked around her bed and slipped in to join her snoring husband. A bit of drool was pouring from the corner of his mouth, and onto the pillow that he was hugging for dear life. He looked so goofy that it reminded her of the first time that she saw him sleeping. She couldn’t help but lean lover and give him a gentle kiss, causing him to grumble with a sudden smile. She giggled, knowing that she suddenly brought pleasant dreams to him in his sleep.

Wish he was awake though, she thought, suddenly frowning at how her insomnia was preventing her from sleeping. However, she couldn’t complain that her husband was getting when he worked so hard every day. She shifted her position and attempted to relax for the next few minutes. The tea was simply wonderful, as despite the caffeine it had, it relaxed her completely. She sighed softly as her eyes began to naturally close on their own, hinting that she was going to sleep successfully this time. Hmmm thank you Celestia, she thought.

However, Velvet soon became disappointed after the tenth minute. “…” She opened her eyes and realized that it was another false alarm. She gently tossed and turned for another few minutes, before realizing that she was not going to fall asleep. To hell with this, I am getting some damn ice cream! she thought, completely frustrated. Not bothering to get her robe, she walked out of her room and gently shut the door close. Perhaps drinking three cups of tea did more bad than good for her. Thus, Velvet began to walk towards the kitchen with the intent to stuff her face; if she was going to be awake, she was going enjoy herself.


Velvet ceased her movement, as a few sounds distracted her from continuing on. She turned around and began to identify what the sounds were. Spike? she immediately assumed. After connecting the pieces together, she immediately turned red, knowing exactly what he was up to. O-Oh dear! she thought with embarrassment. She never caught one of her children masturbating, and Spike meant so much to her like one!

Velvet immediately began to rush into the kitchen, hoping that his grunts would become less audible. However, she was proven wrong as the sounds of grunting echoed throughout her home. It surprised her since she couldn’t hear him when she was inside her room. The walls were thicker than she assumed, thus explaining why she didn’t hear Spike beforehand. Velvet turned even redder when she heard Spike call out to Princess Celestia’s name. It was so diffcult to ignore the sounds of arousal from a young adult dragon. In fact, she was struggling to get the ice cream that she originally came for out of the fridge.

Celestia is he REALLY not done?! she thought, now trying to get a spoon out of a drawer. It was simply ridiculous that Spike seemingly did not completely close his door. The sounds of pleasure made her completely restless, as Spike wasn’t related to her and not a pony. Growling from an aroused dragon was completely alien to the mother of two. It brought shivers down her spine, and caused her to lose a proper breathing pattern. It was as if Spike’s cries of pleasure were actually scaring her, but bring excitement to her as well.


Velvet stood there with ice cream in one hand and a spoon in the other. Spike was making it nearly impossible for her curiosity to not be aroused. Hell, Spike was making it impossible for her to not be aroused. Her legs trembled, as she was at a lost with what she was going to do next. Then again, placing the ice cream and spoon down was obviously the first thing that she needed to do, as she was likely going to drop them. She closed her eyes and took a deep breath, trying her best to stabilize her mind and properly handle the situation that she was in. “…I wonder what a dragon’s penis looks like…”

Thirty seconds later

He didn’t even close the door all the way, Velvet noted, confirming her previous theory. With two inches of space between the door and the frame, Velvet was able to silently expose more of the scenery before her. Her eyes widened as Spike was completely erected, stroking it vigorously without patience. His dragon penis was bigger than she imagined, maybe even bigger than her husband’s from what she was able to tell. Not only that, but Spike’s penis had some interesting physical characteristics that she didn’t know existed. However, what stood out the most from this scene was how Spike orgasmed many times; the moonlight that poured into the room, stood out the semen that stained his bed sheets and body. The amount itself told her that Spike may have either orgasmed intensively once or many times within the last fifteen minutes. Regardless, it was a sight to behold as she grew even more aroused.

Holy buck this feels amazing-!

Spike continued to masturbate for the first time in his life. While he first experienced sexual urges and instantly lost his virginity, masturbation was something completely different. Yes he stroked his penis during moments of having sex, but it was never when he was by himself. Just having complete control over how he pleasured himself was a new thing for him. Why didn’t he do this sooner? It felt amazing! Then again, with a lower sex drive and lack of motivation to do so, Spike never really appreciated this form of stress release. In fact, he was becoming addicted to it, and not just because he was using that special lube.

“Grahhhhnhhhh!” he growled sharply. He felt another orgasm on the rise, and knew that it was going to feel better than the last. He stroked his penis repeatedly with enthusiasm, enjoying the sensation that the lube was bringing to it. He was nearly done with the bottle and did not waste a single drop of stimulating lubricate. It was as if his sex drive was returning to the point where he did it constantly with Rarity after confessing his feelings for her. Celestia did he really need this.

“Nghh!” Spike arched his body in pleasure, as his fifth release was too much to handle. In one glorious shot, his ejaculation reached at least three feet into the air before yielding to gravity itself. He sighed as he felt his own seed landing on his left chest pec. While not significantly a lot, it was still annoying to be covered in his own release. “Ah buck,” he breathed, still shaking slightly from his orgasm. He shifted positions and pulled his blanket towards his chest, in order to clean himself up.

Velvet's jaw dropped the moment she saw him clean himself. I just washed those! thought Mrs. Sparkle. Pouting with displeasure, she allowed her ego to get the best of her and decided to reveal herself. “AND JUST WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU’RE DOING?”

Spike immediately ceased his sixth stroking session. “EH!?”

“You have a lot of nerve using your blanket to clean up your shame!” lectured Mrs. Sparkle. She crossed her arms and casually revealed herself, walking into the room despite the fact that Spike was bare-naked. “You don’t even have the curiosity to use a tissue, do you?


“I thought that I raised you better than that Spike! Hell I thought that Twilight raised you better than that! Look at this mess…” Mrs. Sparkle glanced to see that of the results of his masturbation, was covering her bed sheets and blanket. Barely a few drops of semen was on his body, likely due to the fact that Spike was using said sheets and blanket to clean any that fell on him.

Spike was beyond embarrassed, as being lectured while being naked, was not something that he could easily get over. Here he was, actually being lectured by the same mare who suggested that he relieve some stress. While it was mutually known what he was going to do, her actually walking in while he was doing it, was complete different. “W-Why a-a-are you here-?!” he managed to say, quickly pulling his blanket to hide his nude. He was completely red, as Mrs. Sparkle saw everything. “Y-You know that I was going to- WHY DIDN’T YOU KNOCK?!”

“You’re NOT one to lecture me mister!” said Velvet with a strong tone. “You should know better than to leave your door partially opened!” With that, Mrs. Sparkle pointed towards the now properly closed door. “I could hear you all the way from the kitchen while I was getting a sweet treat… You’re lucky that my husband can’t hear your inappropriate sounds while our bedroom door is closed!” Velvet explained.


“You’re a dirty dragon Spike…for shame!” she then said, not feeling embarrassed at all with this situation. My goodness did he cum a lot… It was not difficult for Velvet to see fresh semen stains all across the bed itself. Now the idea of Spike not ejaculating in a month seemed more believable. What a simple waste, really.

“It was your idea!” Spike exclaimed, turning even redder. He barely gave a glare of disapproval, as having her see him naked was the last thing he wanted. “Look, I am still naked, OKAY? Can you please leave me to my business? I am super embarrassed here!” confessed Spike. How could she simply walk in like this knowing that he was going to play with himself and without shame?

Oh he’s ‘embarrassed’ is he? thought Velvet. However, she had to admit that even she was going too far with this. All because she wanted an excuse to see what a full naked dragon looked like, she went as far as to humiliate him even in the simplest of ways. “I suppose you’re right… I did give you that bottle after all…” She looked at the night stand and saw the amount that he used. “…Spike, why did you use so much…?” she asked, curious of how he almost finished the bottle under half an hour.

Just when Spike thought that she was going easy on him, she decides to ask him that question. Deciding to take a deep breath, he said, “It…felt so amazing that I…just couldn’t stop going at it… I haven’t felt this excited in a while. It was hard for me not to keep going at it.”

Sympathy began to dominate Mrs. Sparkle’s feelings, as she humbly considered the fact that she may have overacted. In fact, her confidence and lack of shyness over seeing him materbation began to change. Deciding to do what was right, Velvet sighed and walked over to Spike before saying, “I am sorry Spike, I should not have shamed you for doing something that I suggested. It’s only natural that you wanted to do more, since you are young and full of energy. I guess I only have the right to complain that you didn’t close the door properly. Otherwise, I wouldn’t be here to begin with.”

While Spike was still annoyed with the situation that they were in now, he was thankful that she was showing more sympathy towards him. “Thanks… I-I am sorry for being so loud. I-I’ll make sure that the door is completely closed this time,” he said softly. He relaxed a bit as his erection was slowly disappearing, indicating that his arousal was affected greatly by his embarrassment. It was quite a shame, as he couldn’t help but admire the figure that was Mrs. Sparkle. Her nightgown allowed him to see most of her bare features, save for her breasts and lower regions since she was wearing underwear underneath. Yet at the same time, it was odd to him since he thought of her as a motherly figure in his life. His feelings were naturally mixed, as he also remembered the fact that she wasn’t his actual mother.

What am I thinking? Spike wondered. Some nasty old habits started to creep onto Spike, as he recalled his sexual activities with the mane six. He couldn’t stop staring at Mrs. Sparkle’s body, as he was drawn to the features that brought admiration from him. This was blatant enough for Mrs. Sparkle to notice this.

“Spike?” she asked, curious of his gaze towards her.

“O-Oh sorry- I-I didn’t mean to stare,” said Spike.

“Y-You were staring at my- OH!” Velvet felt stupid for not considering how revealing she was to Spike. This was her fault for being too perverted curious for her own good. In fact, Velvet’s arousal was getting worse and worse the more she thought about it. Lots of thought and worrying filled her mind, as she was at a lost with what she should do next. The idea made her feel so naughty but guilty at the same time: she would be cheating on Night Light. Her husband was always good to her, making sure that they were well-provided for and never hinted a possibility of being unfaithful to her. However, there was a major glaring issue that she had to be honest about. Maybe it was a heat of the moment emotion that she was experiencing, but her taboo thoughts were forcing her to ask, “…Spike, do you…want to see me naked?”

Spike’s ears perked when he heard those words from Mrs. Sparkle. “W-What??” he asked, completely stunned that she was asking him that. “N-No, of course not!” he lied.

Velvet rolled her eyes as she knew whenever Spike was lying to her. “Oh really? Then why are you still so hard?” Velvet placed a knee on the bed and glided her fingers along the fabric of his blanket. It did not take long for her to find the most important prize of all: his dragon dick. Her lower regions grew moister the moment she had a hand around it. It was thick and large, while having distinctive scales, causing her to wonder what kind of effect they would have inside of her. She cared little for the fact that she was blushing redder than ever because of this. Yes she was doing something that many would consider to be immoral, yet she cared little for what others thought.

“H-Hey! You can’t be serious-!” Spike couldn’t believe that he receiving sexual advances from Velvet herself. She actually grabbing his penis, and he could easily smell her arousal that was occurring between her legs. Yet, despite the amazing turn of luck, Spike needed to know something. “B-But, your husband-”

“Spike, I can’t lie to you anymore,” Velvet said, releasing his penis and standing from the bed. She began to remove her gown and look to the side before continuing on. “I…haven’t slept with my husband in so long…” Velvet slowly turned around to reveal her purple lingerie to Spike. “…that I can’t even control myself anymore,” she confessed softly.

Spike was not expecting this to occur, as Velvet never seemed like the type of mare to cheat on her husband. Then again, she did just say that she hasn’t had sex with Night Light in “so long”. “What do you mean, ‘in so long’? What’s stopping you two from doing it?” asked Spike. Now he wanted answers.

Velvet actually hoped that Spike would just go along with this, as she was feeling restless with her confession towards him. She wanted to buck so badly, but she couldn’t deny that he deserved an explanation. Thus, she moved closer to him and said, “It’s been more than eight months since I’ve slept with Night Light, Spike. I really don’t know why but he pays little attention to my body. Perhaps we’re losing sexual interest with each other despite our love for one another, but it’s been frustrating for me. It’s gotten so bad that I’ve actually had naughty ideas of having an affair. But I couldn’t bring myself to…until now.”

Spike’s arousal grew as Velvet then began to slowly pull her panties down, revealing the prize itself that he wanted so much. The moon light revealed the trail of her love juices on both her thighs. The sight was too much for Spike not to lick his lips in approval, as his penis began to throb with excitement.

“I am physically starved Spike; can you please do this for me? It can be our little secret...” Velvet then began to remove her bra. “I love my husband Spike, but he doesn’t provide me with what I desire so badly,” she said, dropping her bra on the side and presenting her breasts to him. Perfectly shaped, she was a solid C-cup despite her age. A beauty mark was spotted on her right breast to where her cleavage would form, and her nipples were erected to a certain extent that Spike admired. “Or am I not attractive enough for you?”

“O-Of course not!” protested Spike, not shying away from the attraction he had for her body. Regardless, guilt was welling up within him as he thought about what she said. She claimed that Night Light was not satisfying to her sexual desires, and that she had did her best to control the urge not to cheat on him. Yet did this justify the reason for them to have sex? He himself was a similar situation with Rarity, so he could feel a form of sympathy towards Mrs. Sparkle. And then there was the matter with Twilight, who he knew would be strongly against the idea of him sleeping with her married mother. What would others think if they knew about this? Still, Velvet was a real attractive mare, and Spike’s dragon hormones were telling him to go along with this. After all, he couldn’t just masturbate when he just witnessed Mrs. Sparkle’s naked body.

“…Our secret…right?”

Velvet smiled, clearly approving his response as she nodded. “Our secret Spike…”

Spike nodded with a smile of his own, feeling confident that they were going to have some fun without any issue whatsoever. All of his guilt melted away once Mrs. Sparkle began to crawl onto the bed. He casually moved the blanket off his body to reveal what she wanted the most from him.

Velvet’s eyes peered down as Spike finally revealed his penis to her. Admiring its features, she reached and began to stroke it repeatedly. The texture felt quite nice, very appealing to her fantasies of what a dragon’s penis would be like. She heard stories, but she had no reason to believe them until now. “My goodness you’re so big…”

Spike smirked when she said that, reminding him of the times Rarity would say that to him. However, he was bucking Mrs. Sparkle and not Rarity, so why was he dwelling on the past? Just enjoy this Spike…

Velvet noticed that the lube that she gave Spike had very little traces left on his penis. In fact, his penis was drier than she expected, despite the frequent masturbation that he performed with it. I wonder what it tastes like, thought Velvet. Not wanting to waste this opportunity, she repositioned herself on her side, moving a hand under his crotch to cup his testicles. She continued to stroke him with the other, before moving her tongue against the base of his penis. His musk was different than what stallions smelled like, and his penis tasted salter than expected. She couldn’t help but have a taste with one of his testicles either, as she effortlessly lifted his penis upwards for better access.

Oral sex from Mrs. Sparkle seemed quite odd for the purple dragon, as he still had some difficulty accepting the idea that it was her actually doing this. In fact, doing Twilight’s mother when he did Twilight beforehand, was extremely kinky in his mind. If only he could somehow do both of them together at the same time, but that was pure fantasy for Spike. Oh well, at least he getting a unique experience with Mrs. Sparkle.

Mrs. Velvet was pleasantly surprised with the favor of Spike’s genitals, as it made her wetter within the passing minutes. She loved this so much, basking her face against the musk of a capable male after so long. She then decided to release his large balls and reach for her own sensitive parts. She shivered when she felt her fingers sliding into her, having missed this level of arousal. Her pussy was flowing juices at an uncontrollable level after being neglected for so long. It felt amazing and oh so satisfying to be having fun with herself and a male once again.

“Hmmmh,” she muffed, taking his penis into her mouth for the first time. Sucking him at a slow pace just wouldn’t be enough for her. No, she needed some attention of her own. “Ah,” she gasped, pulling away from his penis. “Spike, would you mind if I get some attention too?” she asked sweetly, moving onto Spike’s body. She began to turn her body after feeling Spike’s hands reaching for her waist. Now properly in the famous 69 position, Velvet began to lift her rear and slowly press against Spike’s snout, feeling his hot breath in the process.

Spike’s excitement was getting the best of him as he became mesmerized with Mrs. Sparkle’s crotch. Beautiful it was, having the privilege to feast on Mrs. Sparkle’s delicious looking pussy. Taking in her scent, Spike shuttered with excitement. Looks tasty…ahh… Spike’s tongue began to lap against the soft flesh that drove him insane. He also began to move a claw against it, wanting to explore her opening a bit further and discover its hidden treasures. He shamelessly began to tug at it with his lips while his claw traveled into it. He met with very little resistance, as her arousal made it a simple task for his claw to touch her in the proper places. The humming he felt against his penis told him that she was pleased with his touch.

“Hmmmmm…” Velvet closed her eyes and continued to bob her head up and down, relishing the pleasure that Spike was giving her. It had been far too long since she was touched like this. “Hmmmm more Spike,” she moaned softly.

Thankfully, her favorite dragon had the courtesy to add more claws into her body without hesitation. She could feel the thickness of his claws spreading and revealing more and more of her sacred side. And who could possibly forget about that wonderful tongue of his?

“Hmmmm you taste amazing Mrs. Sparkle,” commented Spike from behind.

While she was having difficulty speaking because he was eating her out, she managed to response with, “Hnnnnn…p-please, call me ‘Velvet’ Spike…nhhhh….” She paused as her mouth began to hang opened. Her eyes immediately closed before her tongue began to coat her lips in pleasure. Her body tensed up as she could feel that wonderful climax edging dangerously close. And, as if Spike read her mind, he suddenly dove right into his meal once again, causing her to cry out in pleasure as he gave her a wonderful orgasm. “NAHHHH!”

The mess that she made on Spike’s face said it all, as she was shaking uncontrollably before losing the ability to hold herself up. It was so intense for her after missing out for quite some time. That and the arousal she was already experiencing for quite some time played a key role. “Oh Spike,” she moaned happily. “M-More please… Oh Celestia your tongue is simply amazing!” she added blissfully.

“So it has been that long?” Spike asked, licking and wiping his face clean from her sweet nectar. He never took Mrs. Sparkle to be a squirter since Twilight never squirted whenever they had sex. “Well I am ready to go inside of you…do you mind?”

Goodness how could I say no? she thought. “Of course not Spike,” she said happily, moving her body upwards and allowed Spike to move about. She turned her head and watched as Spike positioned his body behind hers. She personally enjoyed taking it from behind, and Spike could tell based on her eagerness to do it as such. After a few seconds of gentle brushing, she felt the tip of his penis probing against her main entrance, causing her to close her eyes and bit her lip. Oh I can’t simply wait! Thus, she impatiently pressed her rear backwards and forced his penis to penetrate her deeply, bringing her what she desired the most.

“Woah BUCK-!” gasped Spike. His eyes widened following his immediate entrance into Mrs. Sparkle’s body. “B-Buck-! Holy buck you are tight! Nghhh!” moaned Spike. He grinded his teeth as her insides had little understanding with the concept of mercy itself. “I-It’s so hot inside of you Mrs. Spar- Velvet! Celestia you feel really amazing!” Spike immediately moved his hands onto her waist, wanting to maintain complete control of his connection within Velvet herself. Happy to be inside of something again, Spike began to thrust in and out of her without wasting another second. He was actually having sex again and it was simply wonderful.

“Ah! Ah! Spike!”

Spike wondered just how long he was going to last inside of Velvet’s pussy, as his arousal levels were dangerously high by this point. All he could really do was mindlessly thrust with intense vigor, planning to enjoy this sensation to the fullest. It was a curse when one was relying solely on instincts during sex. So good did it feel to be inside of her, as his five releases beforehand seemed meaningless compared to this.

“Oh…oh...oh…” Despite Spike’s aggressive movements, Velvet was actually having a much easier time comprehending the sex. Yes, it was a pleasant refresher to have something moving in and out of her, but she was one with years of experience when it came to sexual intercourse. Poor Spike was ramming her rear as if he was a virgin! It brought some pride to her knowing that even in the eyes of youth, she still got it. “Nhhhh… Yes, Spike…yes,” she moaned pleasantly. She rested her upper body on the mattress itself, thus forcing Spike to grasp her rear firmly for better control. Feeling his strong thick claws maintaining a firm hold on her rear increased her arousal even more.

“My Spike, you’re quite bucking restless aren’t you?” commented Velvet.

“It’s just so amazing,” moaned Spike.

“Hmmmm I bet it does… I know that I am enjoying it,” she said sweetly.

“I bet you are… I bet you were begging me to buck you the moment you saw me last night…”

“Hmmmm… I had a thought…”

“And I bet you’ve always wanted to do it with a dragon…haven’t you?”

Velvet bit her lip as she turned to see the satisfaction in Spike’s expression. He wanted her to say that she always fantasied this, that all of these years of caring for Spike, would potentially lead to something like this. Funny enough, he was not wrong. “Yes…yes I have,” she confessed seductively. So what if she did? She was already having fun and living her fantasy, so why dwell on this fact?

Spike added more force to his thrusting after realizing that his sixth release was dangerously close. He growled slightly louder the instant he felt a change with Velvet’s body; she became deliciously tighter. “Gah!”

It was not difficult for Velvet to imagine that Spike was going to cum pretty soon, as the growling was converting into roaring. Obviously a sign of intensive emotions, Velvet knew that she needed to stay something. “S-Spike- AH! D-Don’t cum inside- NGH!” she managed to moan. As erotic as this was, she was not going to take everything that he had left inside of her. Why? Because it was going to be a pain to clean her insides properly. Especially if Spike was going to release an estimated amount that she predicted, while maintaing a certain thickness that she saw beforehand.

Spike may have been over doing things, but even he was still stable enough to hear Velvet’s words. “F-Fine, I’ll do you out,” he promised, snarling seductively. Spike arched his body as he knew that he could potentially ejaculate within the next few seconds. I don’t want to cum yet, but it feels so good! Nhh, let’s try something else, thought Spike.

With that, Spike ceased his movement and managed to ask, “Can we do a different position?” He slowly pulled his penis out, revealing the amount of juices that her body enriched him with. A trail of said juices maintained their connection despite Spike’s intention to enter her again. “C-Cold,” he commented, feeling the urge to joke.

“Hehehe oh Spike,” giggled Velvet. She stretched slightly before moving onto her knees and said, “I want to get a little more comfortable…” Velvet crawled past Spike and rested against the pillows that pressed against the headboard. “I actually like missionary if that’s okay,” she then said.

“I don’t mind really,” said Spike.

Pleased to know that Spike was willing, Velvet sighed in relief as she positioned herself properly. She spread her legs and gave him a seductive wink, but not with an eye. She grabbed a breast and began to rub it the moment Spike held her legs and aimed for her opening. Without issue, she felt him inside of her body once again. It surprised her with how Spike did not waste any time thrusting in and out of her, with intense vigor that he wanted to unleash. Her breasts bounced uncontrollability thanks to Spike’s desire to climax. C-Celestia he’s not wasting anymore t-time! she thought, gasping repeatedly as Spike’s rough movement was sending her body into another orgasm. While it was naturally welcomed, Velvet hoped that the results of this sexual interaction wouldn’t cause that much of a mess. After all, she had to be the one who cleans it afterward.

Spike’s body was growing hotter and hotter. “Oh geez-!” he moaned. The sounds of fresh slapping against one another grew increasingly loud, thanks to the increased of natural lubricate from Velvet’s body. In fact, there were distinctive love strain spots behind him and right under him, marking where they bucked like mindless creatures. Hell the evidence around them would make one assumed that an orgy occurred. Although Spike was beginning to feel tired, thanks to the previous orgasms he had in the same hour and because of how late it was.

“Hmmmmn you smell so nice Velvet,” Spike said, moving his face against her collar bone as he suddenly began to adjust his pace. Nice yet slow did he move, bringing hard effective pumps into the married mare’s flower.

“Ah Spike, you’re so big…Ngh!” moaned Velvet. She closed her eyes before wrapping her arms around his neck and said, “Goodness me, I love your growling as well!”

Spike found her comment to be funny as he failed to realize that he was indeed growling. Because it was so long, he forgotten that this was a normal trait of his whenever he had sex. Thus, he said, “Funny, it’s been a while since any pony has said that to me.”

“Hehehe, Rarity is a fan I take it?” assumed Velvet.

Spike could not help but smile when she asked him that. If only she knew…and she could as well. “Well…it’s not just Rarity who enjoys my growling,” gloated Spike.

Raising an eyebrow, Velvet wondered if Spike was actually going to tell her some naughty stories about his previous partners. Tempted, she said, “So Rarity wasn’t the only one that you’ve slept with? Oh my Spike…”

“Of course not Velvet,” said Spike casually. He applied more pressure against her body before grunting, “My sex drive was so high that I- Ugh, couldn’t help but- GHh, do it with every mare around- HNN! That I came across!” His grunts and moans increased, in union with Velvet’s.

His words simply aroused her more as she said, “Oh do go on…NHH!”

“I’ve done it with my friends…all of them!”

Velvet’s eyes widened before she grunted towards his thrusts. “A-Are you implying that-”

“Applejack, Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash…and I don’t need to give you any more hints of what other pony I banged with no regrets!” Spike exclaimed with a smirk.

“Oh my- SPIKE!” she said, completely surprised. Oh my, Applejack Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie, Fluttershy AND Rarity? That’s something… Oh wow they also know what it’s like to have a dragon cock inside of them… Hmmmmm that is so erotic… “Well Spike- HNMMMM~… You have quite the accomplishment….. Hmmmmm… Twilight doesn’t know…does she?” She could only imagine how her daughter would react if she knew that Spike slept with her friends.

Spike’s expression changed, realizing that she did not know the truth. Here he was, about to release all over the mother of the pony whom he lost his virginity to. Guilt actually began to form inside Spike, as the idea actually turned him on even more! Why was he getting off from this? Was it because of who he was an individual, or because he was a dragon? Wait, why am I blaming my heritage? I make my OWN choices damn it! Spike realized. Sizing up, he gave a nasty smile towards the mare under him, planning to unveil the horrible wonderful truth.

Velvet raised an eyebrow as Spike’s volatile expression confused her. “What are you-”

“Sorry to surprise you like this, but she knows about it Velvet.” Spike began to release harder thrusts into her.

“What? A-And she’s fine with it??” asked Velvet. She would never have expected this from her own daughter.

“Yeah as a matter of fact… You could say that she got an early sample of me.”

Velvet needed time to understand what he just said. “…Wait, what are you-” She immediately paused, gasping silently in shock, understanding what he was telling her. “YOU DID NOT-”

“Oh but we did Velvet. She was my first, and it was really special to me. Hmmmm the amount of times that we did it…each better than the last!” exclaimed Spike. His toothy grin and evil taste in pleasure made this such an enjoyment for him. He could not believe that he actually said that, confessing to Twilight’s mother that he slept with her many times before this.

“I- How- Why- SPIKE!” exclaimed Velvet. She actually looked quite displeased with Spike, but struggled to hold back her enjoyment. Physically being pleasured while being emotionally confused and angry, really messed with her mind. She could be actually offended with what she heard, and that the sex was simply toying with her true feelings. That or she was just discovering that she too had a dark sense of sexual enjoyment. The idea that Spike slept with her daughter was not something that she could easily handle. Yet here she was still consenting to Spike’s sexual movement inside of her.

“What, I am sorry but I can’t just lie to you while we’re having sex!” Spike confessed.

“!” Velvet blinked repeatedly after hearing him say that. “Spike, you slept with Twilight, my daughter! And h-here you are bucking me without shame! I am taking this without shame!” she protested. “W-What would she say if she knew about this?” she moaned, falling victim to the sex yet again. It felt simply amazing to her and she wanted to finish this.

“She would probably be envious,” said Spike. He grunted louder before adding, “Hell, she may even want to get involve…”


“What? You’re thinking the same thing…aren’t you?” Spike asked smoothly. He smirked before shaking his head and added, “But no, I think that she would get upset. Hence it’s a good thing that we’re keeping this a secret…right?”

While the idea of her actually sleeping with her daughter offended her, Spike’s reassurance that Twilight would also be upset while reminding her that this was a secret, settled her nerves slightly. Twilight would never have to know about this, and that would be the end of it. “I-I suppose you’re right… Still, how dare you do that to my daughter!” she exclaimed.

“Oh? You’re not jealous are you?” flirted Spike. He began to grind his teeth once he realized that his orgasm was closer than ever.

“No, I think that you’re a bucking beast,” said Velvet in a soft tone. Her anger began to vanish the more she focused on the sex. “Hmmm… You buck… I can’t believe that you bucked my daughter…hmmmm…” she moaned softly.

“Really? Because Twilight is pretty attractive in case you haven’t noticed,” Spike pointed out.

“Hmmmm so what? I can’t believe that I sucked your penis…just like Twilight…”

Spike smirked as she was falling to a dark side, just as he did with himself. “How does it feel? Knowing that you’ve done the same things with me that your hot daughter has done?”

Velvet said nothing as she shamefully became hotter from the very thoughts. It was true, she did things with him that Twilight had likely done. It made her feel shameful yet naughty at the same time. “Hmmm… You beast…you fucked my little Twilight with this big cock of yours? Hmmm… Bucker…”

Completely over the edge if this experience, Spike knew that now was the time to get things done. “I am gonna cum now Velvet. I am just so turned on right now,” he warned.

Velvet smirked at his remark as she cooed gently with, “Well I am happy that you’re enjoying this as much as I am. Hnnnnn I am so close Spike…I am feeling up for another wonderful climax…” Buckling her hips, she released another soft moan before her body shivered.

Feeling himself penetrate her body even deeper, Spike decided that now was the best time to finish the job. “I am gonna cum soon,” he warned her. Spike’s thrusts began to gain higher momentum to the point where his bed was rocking in place. His penis continued to hit against the opening of her womb for at least a few minutes before feeling his lower muscles tightening. He roared with pleasure as he immediately pulled away from Velvet. It may have taken all of his will power to pause and yank himself out of her, but it was worth it as he stroked his penis vigorously. His penis then began to release multiple shots across her body, reaching as far as her cheeks. It may have only lasted for five seconds but it felt like an eternity within the dragon’s young mind. He continued to breath heavy despite slowing down the strokes on his penis. “Oh yes…”

“Oh wow,” cooed Velvet, also breathing heavily as it was finally over. “That was amazing!” she exclaimed with pleasure. Her eyes peered downward where she finally saw the results of their hard work. Curiously, she licked around her mouth and managed to get a proper taste of dragon semen. Her eyes suddenly shut tightly. Ugh that is strong! Goodness me, how do female dragons handle this? Possibly an acquired taste, thought Velvet. While it was not bad per say, it tasted stronger than she would have safety assumed. Regardless, she moaned softly and shifted position after realizing that Spike was still stroking his penis. “Don’t tell me that you’re still horny?” she asked.

Spike continued to stroke regardless of his penis going soft. “Well…give me a few minutes and I can go again?” he offered.

Velvet giggled as she shook her head and said, “No Spike, as amazing as that was, I am pretty content in all honesty.” She watched as he slowly crawled next to her. “But thank you though, as I really needed that.”

Spike frowned as he was still in the mood. “Well maybe again in the future? I was thinking that maybe-”

“Spike, while I did enjoy having sex with you, I am afraid that I can’t bring myself to do this again,” said Velvet. “I still love my husband and I simply needed to release some sexual tension that I’ve had inside of me for a while. But you have given me some consideration into becoming more persuasive with my husband. If I can renew our sex life, I’ll be able to meet my sexual desires yet again and I rather do them every day with someone who I promise to spend the rest of my life with. I only wished that I was more motivated before we did it,” she explained, looking into the side while shaking her head with a smile. “But thank you, for reminding me how wonderful sex can be.”

Spike did feel naturally disappointed, as his sex drive was coming back at a great time for him. Unfortunately, he could not disagree with Velvet’s logic as him begging for more was simply pushing it. After all, it was only because a certain matter of circumstances just happened to lead to this. Velvet was simply aroused to a point that led to her seductive side towards him, and he knew this. Nodding, he said, “I understand…”

Velvet smiled as she looked over at Spike and leaned in to kiss him on the nose before saying, “Thank you Spike. You have a good night.”

Spike smiled, as he said, “No, thank you Velvet; I feel like my old self again…right after my birthday of course.”

Velvet giggled at his remark before closing the door behind her.

Discovering the issue~ Part 1 (Threeway)

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Spike yawned as he continued to make his way towards the grand castle within Canterlot. It was seven in the morning and he had hoped that the early weather would be kinder to him. Unfortunately for him, a cold relentless breeze would greet him every five seconds. Had he only packed something warm, he would not be shivering awkwardly throughout his walk. Not even a scarf crossed Spike’s mind as he assumed that his light jacket would suffice. Perhaps he should have taken the Sparkles’ advice and wear one of Night Light’s thicker coats. However, Spike was completely skeptical, given that the previous night barely affected him and thus giving him no proper reason to be concern with the following morning.

Spike however knew that the day was going to grow warmer thanks to Celestia’s influence within her own home. After all, it was not difficult to imagine Canterlot increasing in high temperature when the sun goddess herself lived here. Then again, Celestia was supposed to return from her trip today as well, so maybe a direct influence was not a possibility at the moment. Regardless, Spike was thankful that he finally reached the entrance of the grand castle itself, finding himself face to face with two elite royal guards.

“Good morning,” said Spike.

Thankfully, the guards recognized Spike and bowed slightly. “Sir Spike, welcome to Canterlot Castle. Please, I will personally escort you,” offered one guard. “Honestly, it would be no trouble at all!” he then insisted.

Spike was more than capable with making his way around the castle, but he could tell that this guard was yearning for an excuse to leave his post to his fellow guard. After all, while it would only be temporary, no pony wanted to stand in the same spot for twelve hours.

Fifteen minutes later

“Will that be all Sir Spike?” asked the guard.

“It will. Thanks!” Spike shook his hand as he saw a few other guards approaching him.

The guard bowed slightly yet again before leaving Spike to the other guards that joined them. “I’ll return to my post then,” he then said.

“Good morning Sir Spike,” said the new guards. Getting a proper look, Spike could see that while one was a typical male guard, the other was female. While the earth stallion was of a dark grey color with a blue mane and yellow eyes, the earth mare had a green coat that reminded Spike of mint, while having both light blue eyes and a light blue mane.

“Good morning to you too! Did Princess Celestia arrive yet?” asked Spike.

Both guards nodded with a smile, feeling comfortable enough to speak informally with their dragon guest. “Yes she has Sir Spike. About half an hour ago, her majesty arrived and is currently resting in her private quarters. Thus, I would recommend that you should retreat to your own, and relax for the time being,” said the male guard. “Would you like me to carry your bag for you?” he then offered.

Spike shook his head, feeling more than capable of carrying his own belongings. “Please, show me the way.”

It did not take long for the guards to escort Spike to the room that he would be staying in. If anything, he thought that with the size of the castle itself, it would take more than ten minutes to arrive at their destination. From first glance, Spike could see that the layout carried a silver/blue color scheme. While the room was not large per say, it was bigger than the room he had back home in Ponyville. Not only that, but the bed looked very cozy to lie on right now.

“Well thanks again!” said Spike, happily tossing his bag on the side before making his way towards the large bed. He smiled as he tossed himself and sighed in relief, enjoying its physical aspects to the fullest. However, Spike lifted his head as he noticed that both guards were still standing by his doorway, maintaining the same expression. “…You two can go now…?” said Spike.

Both guards glanced at each other before gently converting their expressions. Clearly they were having difficulty mustering up the words that they needed to say. Finally, the mare stepped forward and said, “Well Sir Spike, we were told to accompany you whenever you were not with her majesty Celestia or her majesty Luna.”

“Huh…” Spike blinked after hearing their explanation. “Well then…I guess we’ll wait here…?”

“May I make a suggestion?” said the stallion. “Perhaps you would like to dine while you wait for her majesty to return? In fact, I believe that Princess Luna will be waking up from her slumber any minute now to dine,” he explained.

“Wait, I thought that Princess Luna slept during the day?” Spike assumed.

“Well not as much as typical ponies Spike; goddesses only require a shorter period of sleep in order to be completely rejuvenated. Ponies like the two of us,” the stallion gestured at him and his fellow guard. “need somewhere around seven to eight hours of sleep, while our two highnesses only require three to four hours.”

“Same with eating! If anything, they only need one meal a day and only eat more for simple body pleasure!” said the mare.

Spike was actually surprised to learn this about Celestia and Luna. It obviously was just more than being an Alicorn, otherwise Twilight would not be sleeping as much as typical ponies did, nor would she feel the need to eat three meals a day. As for him, sleeping was no different and he would not mind having second breakfast despite eating not an hour ago with the Sparkles. However, the idea of dining with Princess Luna did make him slightly worried; the awkward conversation regarding their last meeting could come up. Then again, perhaps she wouldn’t be there? Regardless, his stomach did not give a single buck. “Lead the way!” he said cheerfully.

With that, Spike followed the two guards out of his room and made his way to the dining hall. If memory served him well, it couldn’t be too far from where they were. That and the scent of freshly made food, assisted him as a convenient guide. He could smell wonderful things such as pancakes, muffins, hay bacon, fresh fruit, and other wonderful things. Spike began to lick his lips repeatedly, as the smell grew stronger and stronger with each passing minute. Finally, he and the guards found themselves at their destination and ogled at what the table held.

“Yummy!” stated Spike. He may have enjoyed a wonderful breakfast with the Sparkles, but his cravings demanded more.

“Goodness me, is that really you Spike?”

Spike’s attention adverted to Princess Luna, who was standing quite a distance from him. She walked over to him with a smile, holding a wine glass that contained orange juice with an actual thin slice on its edge. She wore no crown as her hair was a slight mess, indicating that she just came out of bed without a single care in the world. She wore a white robe that perfectly shaped her entire figure, carrying small designs of blue crescent moons.

“I haven’t seen you in ages Spike! Goodness me, have you grown!” she exclaimed happily.

“Your highness…” Her comment about his growth was funny to him, considering that she already knew how he looked for quite some time. Spike did not know how to react when he came face to face with Luna, especially after his past history with her. Of course, he did have the courtesy to bow just as the guards behind him did. “…” He looked to see that she maintained a friendly expression, greeting the guards that stood behind him.

“You may leave now, thank you,” said Princess Luna. As the two guards nodded and took their leave, Luna turned to Spike and asked, “Spike, care to join me for breakfast?”

While he wanted to protest, he was aware of the possibly that he was going to spend time with Luna. After all, the guards did tell him that Luna was likely going to be dining at this time, so he himself took the risk. Not only that, but she did live here as well. “How can I say no?” Spike said.

Nodding in approval, Luna led Spike towards the end of the table, where a few sets of plates and silverware waited. Using her magic, Luna began to service herself with very little effort. “It’s always nice to enjoy breakfast with a friend.”

“…” Spike said nothing as he continued to fill his plate with what his desires wanted. However, he eventually said, “Yeah, I love eating with my friends. Makes me think that my day is going to be good.”

Luna nodded in approval, watching Spike serve himself. My, he hasn’t changed a bit, she observed, discreetly licking her lips. Oh she did not forget the enjoyment she had when she visited Spike within his dreams. “So, what brings you to Canterlot Spike?” she asked.

As Spike placed some hay bacon on his plate, he gave her a confusion expression. Luna did not know that he was visiting Canterlot today? “Well I…” Spike looked to the side, trying to understand how Princess Celestia failed to inform her sister of his expected arrival. “…I was invited by your sister.”

Luna froze as she was about to take a sip of orange juice. Her magic immediately dropped all of her food in a less than elegant matter, causing her plate to be less than presentable. “E-Excuse me- MY SISTER INVITED YOU?” she managed to squeal.

“Y-Yes?” stammered Spike. Her sudden reaction threw him off, causing him to nearly slip before sitting down from across. What was up with her? Luna began to sweat uncontrollably, as if something was horribly wrong. She looked to one side of the dining hall, before looking to the other.

“I-I-I-” She suddenly stood from her chair. “I must go now!” she said, suddenly bolting out of the dining hall.

“…” Spike was dumbfounded as he was not expecting Princess Luna to react like that. Clearly the idea that her sister invited him here, seemingly brought fear to the moon goodness. The only question now was why? Did something happen between them? wondered Spike. Spike’s thoughts were interrupted as some pony suddenly entered the dining hall: Princess Cadence.

“Spike, is that you?” she asked, completely surprised to see him here as well. She walked over and said, “Well isn’t this a present surprise!” Cadence smiled widely as she walked over to a confused dragon. She wore a robe that was similar to Luna’s, although it was pink with small hearts.

“C-Cadence?” Spike managed to say, standing up just in time to receive a hug from the specialist of love.

“Spike, what are you doing here?” laughed Cadence. She smiled as they pulled away.

“Oh you didn’t know either?” Spike asked. The purple dragon suddenly realized that somehow, the guards knew that he was arriving but not the other princesses at all. “Princess Celestia never told you that I was coming?”

Cadence blinked as her smile slowly softened. She then said, “My aunt invited you? I don’t remember- OH, now I remember!” Cadence suddenly began to giggle. “Yes, my aunt told me that she was planning to invite you here. But she never told me when you were actually coming. I came here to assist with auntie Luna with the castle, since auntie Celestia was away on a trip,” she explained.

Guess that makes sense, thought Spike. So Cadence was only here to take care of the castle with Princess Luna and nothing more. For a moment, Spike assumed that Cadence was here to help him with his issues as well. Regardless, it was nice to see Cadence whenever he got the opportunity to do so. “Wait, so does that mean that Shining Armor is also here?” Spike asked with excitement.

“Well you just missed him Spike,” said Cadence with a sad smile. “He had to return to watch over the Crystal Empire. He came only to make sure that I made here safety. He was so considerate that I thought that it was only fair for him to take Flurry Heart back with him,” she explained.

“Aw…” Spike was disappointed to hear this, as he also wanted to see Shining Armor and the adorable Flurry Heart. However, he also knew that it was important for Shining to return and he couldn’t blame him for being close to his daughter. “Well, maybe I’ll see them next time,” he said with optimism. “But at least I get to see you right? How long until you leave?” he asked. It would be nice to socialize with Cadence until she left for the Crystal Empire.

“Maybe this afternoon or tonight. I do want to spend time with auntie Celestia and you since you’re here!” said Cadence happily.

Pleased to hear that, Spike said, “Great! So, want to chow and talk?”

Both Spike and Cadence spent the next few minutes enjoying themselves to the food. While the subject of where Princess Luna was did come up in topic, Spike managed to convince Cadence that she was simply needed elsewhere. After all, he was pretty sure that Cadence would be concern to know that her aunt freaked after learning that Celestia invited him here. Thus Spike simply smiled and nodded as the conversation eventually turned to Ponyville.

“So Twilight has been doing well with her apprentice I take it? I was actually somewhat surprised that she felt the need to take one at her age,” said Cadence.

Spike washed down his food with milk before answering with, “Twilight did see potential in Starlight Glimmer. So I mean, why would she pass up the chance to train some pony with her abilities?” Spike sighed before wiping his mouth clean. “If anything, I am pretty happy for Twilight! It’s great seeing her come this far, you know?” he then added.

Cadence nodded, agreeing with what Spike was telling her. Just as Spike said, watching Twilight reach this certain point in her life was nothing less than admirable. From the day she foalsat Twilight, she knew that great things were in store for the talented then-unicorn. Shining Armor felt the same way, as more of that famous “liquid pride” of his was shown after he heard the news. He was so corny that she loved it, and actually felt somewhat emotional about the entire thing itself. “My, has she grown,” she commented, now wiping her mouth clean.

Spike nodded as he stretched and said, “Breakfast was great…”

“I am glad you enjoyed it Spike.”

Spike’s ears perked as the familiar elegant voice of Princess Celestia was heard behind him. Slowly but surely turning his body, he saw the beautiful sun goddess herself, smiling wearily at him and Cadence. She wore her trademark toga that was companied by the color gold, in the form of jewelry and a sash. Also wearing white opera gloves, Celestia gave a friendly wave towards her guests before making her way towards them. “Goodness me, I am so sorry for not being here sooner, but I needed a nap after arriving not an hour ago,” she explained.

As Spike rose from his bowing, he asked, “It’s quite alright, but where were you Princess Celestia?”

“I am so happy to see you, auntie Tia!” said Cadence, making her way to hug her aunt.

Celestia smiled weakly as she hugged and kissed her adoptive niece on the cheek. After breaking away, she said, “I am happy to see you too Cadence, just as I am happy to be back from my trip from the South Seas.”

Cadence was surprised to hear those words. “Wait, why did you travel to the South Seas?” she asked. Last she recalled, a large portion of the south was uncharted, once you made contact with the seas that were south of Equestria.

South Seas? wondered Spike. For some reason, that sounded oddly familiar to the purple dragon.

“Oh I had some very important data collecting that I needed to make. Thanks to a suggestion from Twilight, I met with someone who was able to help me,” said Celestia happily. “But my, was it a long trip. I did not keep you waiting that long did I?”

Spike shook his head as Cadence simply giggled before saying, “Not at all auntie!”

Pleased with her response, Celestia looked around and stopped smiling. “Where’s my sister…?”

“Oh, Spike said that she had to go somewhere. But didn’t say where exactly,” said Cadence. “It’s a shame because I wanted to eat breakfast with her one last time before I go back to the Crystal Empire later today,” she added, frowning slightly.

“Oh do not worry Cadence; I am sure that you’ll have plenty of time to spend time with her before you leave,” insisted the sun goodness. She then looked at Spike and asked, “I take it that your trip was well, Spike? If so, would you like for us to get straight to business regarding the changes that you’ve experienced with your body?”

“!” Spike’s expression softens as he just remembered the reason why he came to Canterlot in the first place. Nodding, he said, “That’s why I am here Princess Celestia.”

Pleased with his response, Celestia looked to her niece and asked, “Cadence, will you please assist us?”

Princess Cadence looked at Spike and her aunt with confusion, clearly not understanding what this was all about. “With what exactly?”

Five minutes later

“So Spike’s puberty is extremely volatile? And you needed to physically see Spike to help him?”

“Yes, hence you watching over Canterlot with my sister was not the only reason why I invited you. Your magic can help us greatly, should you wish to help us my dear niece.”

Cadence was somewhat offended as she pouted and said, “Of course I’ll help!” She glanced at an uncomfortable Spike who stood some feet away from the talkative Alicorns. Both were sitting at a small rounded table near a fireplace, located within the large study room that they were all in. “Spike, if you’re going through some odd changes with your body that needs to be tended to, then of course I’ll do anything to help you!”

“I appreciate it,” said Spike humbly. In truth, he was slightly embarrassed that his condition was becoming common knowledge by those who were close to him. In fact, he would have preferred it if Cadence did not know about his condition at all. However, if Celestia insisted that Cadence was needed in order for his condition to be tended to, then who was he to argue? Then again, what was a princess of love going to do to help him? “…” He looked at Celestia.

“Yes Spike?” asked Celestia. She smiled as she could tell that Spike was confused with why Cadence was involved.

“How is Cadence going to help me exactly?” asked Spike. It made little sense to the young dragon.

Princess Celestia smiled as she stood from her chair and walked over to Spike. “Well Spike, Cadence’s natural abilities go further than simply ‘love’ magic; she’s able to tap into the emotions that exists in every living being, given that said living being gives consent to her probing. In fact, she could also give one a medical examination if she wanted to!”

“I am not a doctor auntie!” said an embarrassed Cadence. Honestly, it was simple magic that she learned from a friend that she studied with at one point.

Spike was dumbfounded, never knowing that fact regarding Cadence’s abilities. Perhaps he should have taken the time to better understand just what Twilight’s sister in law was able to do. “S-So this ‘probing’ that you’re talking about…what exactly is gonna happen…?”

Cadence could tell that Spike was skeptical with something that he did not fully understand. “Well Spike, my magic allows me to literally make contact with your mind. Just as auntie Tia said, I’ll be able to fully comprehend your emotions and the state that your body is in. And if I am guessing correctly, the purpose of this is to see the current state of your overall maturity. Isn’t that right auntie?” asked Cadence.

“You’re not wrong Cadence,” confirmed Princess Celestia. “In fact, examining his emotional state is a plus when you think about it.”

“But isn’t that kinda pointless?” asked Spike. “I mean, I know how I feel exactly how I feel and-”

“Do you Spike?” interrupted Cele stia.

Spike was even more confused. “What do you mean? I am sure that I know how my emotions are-”

“And yet you don’t know why you haven’t been able to do certain things anymore? Enjoy the sun as frequently as you did beforehand? A larger appetite? Why you have a weaker sex drive despite still being so young? Why you’re feeling somewhat detached from those who are close to you? Your symptoms are likely the results of both something physically and mentally, hence we need to know at stage your maturity is at. We can learn this by tapping into your mind and get a proper, ‘scientific’, diagnosis with the current state of your dragon anatomy. Or ‘medical’, whatever you find more comfortable with,” Celestia explained. “That and your emotions can assist Cadence understand your stress levels, which is part of your health.”

With better elaboration from Princess Celestia, Spike now understood what they were hoping to gain from this. In fact, he was once again surprised that Cadence held enough knowledge to know exactly what to look for. “Alright then…”

“Good,” said Princess Celestia with a smile. She turned to her niece and said, “Well I’ll leave you two alone for now.”

“Wait, you’re not going stay and help me auntie Tia?” asked Cadence.

“Well I would but there are certain things that I must tend to. One of them is finding my sister; I missed her oh so dearly,” Celestia said. “So do forgive me but this is quite important.”

Giving a slight nod, Cadence said, “I understand auntie.”

“We’ll get started then?” assumed Spike. He removed his jacket and began to move to where Celestia once sat. If Cadence was going to make contact with his mind, he had a feeling that sitting across from her would be best. “Um, you do know what to look for, right?” asked Spike, wondering if his assumption about Cadence was accurate or not.

Cadence shrugged slightly, giving a smile of uncertainness. “Well, if she thinks that I can get the job done, then it shouldn’t be too hard…right?” she asked, looking at her aunt. “I mean, is there anything that you know that can help me with this?”

Princess Celestia smiled as she nodded and said, “A dragon’s mind isn’t that different from a pony’s; after you’ve searched in the right direction, it’ll be ‘familiar’ compared to your past experiences.”

Spike had no idea what they were talking about, but he could tell that they were on the same page more or less.

With that, Celestia bit them a farewell and made her way out of the room. “Oh and I’ll make sure that some pony is here to watch over you; I don’t want any interruptions until I return,” she said before leaving the room.

Satisfied, Cadence smiled before facing Spike and asked, “Are you ready Spike?”

“…” Spike looked at Cadence with uncertainty. “So when you guys used the word ‘probe’, what exactly are you going to see/read inside of me? I mean, will you ‘read’ my personal thoughts or…?”

“Oh no of course not Spike,” insisted Cadence. “Reading minds is completely different than what I am about to do. If anything, I am purely examining your body’s maturity based on multiple factors. It’s somewhat confusing I admit, but I’ve done this many times. Mostly on my husband whenever he’s stressed or potentially in poor health. I’ve even done this to Twilight sometimes when I foalsat her. Heck I’ve done this with Flurry Heart to make sure that there’s nothing wrong with her natural growth. The only catch to this is that the receiving end has to consent to my magical approach.”

That word made Spike raise an eyebrow. “Consent?”

Cadence nodded as she said, “When this type of magic begins to take effect, the receiving end is in a very venerable state. Hence this is a very delicate procedure, where both of us must do our part to make sure that it goes smoothly. And since you’re a dragon and not a pony, I really don’t know how different things will be when I enter inside of you.”

“Doesn’t this seem kinda risky? I mean, what you’re telling me makes me less and less comfortable!” argued Spike.

“Well it’s not like you’re going to die or anything; likely, you’ll suffer a troublesome headache until some time has passed and you’ve recovered from it. After all, I have experienced less than successful sessions when I first began doing this. But with my experience, nothing should occur negatively with you on a permanent level.”

“…” Spike was naturally skeptical about this, as Cadence’s explanation was far from reassuring in his view. Yet, he knew that Cadence was a very intelligent pony who wouldn’t risk his mental state, unless she held a certain level of confidence. Thus, it was better to trust her and Celestia’s judgement with how he should be treated. After all, he did want to know exactly where he was with his dragon development. “Promise to take it nice and slow?”

Cadence smiled and nodded as she stood up and pulled her chair around the table. She was now close enough to make proper physical contact with him, gently holding him by the cheeks and said, “You may feel some sensitivity for the first few minutes. Especially if I am going to take my time and make sure that I do nothing reckless.”

Spike nodded. “Then let’s do this.”

“Okay then, let’s get started~”

Spike’s attention turned back to Cadence who was now holding his face again. He closed his eyes as Cadence leaned in at an angle to lean her horn against his forehead. It was cool, likely matching her body temperature as he saw with Twilight and Rarity. He sighed gently after waiting patiently for a few seconds, expecting for something to occur.

“…” Spike blinked.

“…” Cadence kept her eyes closed.

“…So how long before I feel something?” asked Spike.

“Well, that depends on you; right now, I am already inside of you,” explained Cadence.

Spike was surprised to hear that, considering that he expected to feel immediate sensitivity with his nerves. Perhaps this would be easier than he originally assumed. Wonder how long this is going to take…

Ten minutes later

Spike continued to lazily glaze upon anything that caught his interest, as his boredom was apparent thanks to the lack of any activity. Cadence was still scanning his mind without a single indication of progress being made. In fact, Cadence was still frozen solid despite exploring inside of him for this long. It surprised him to the point where he would jump the moment she finally came to, breaking the awkward silence between them.

“My, your anatomy is quite something Spike,” said Cadence. She blinked and stretched to relieve the discomfort that she was now experiencing.

“Geez you were gone for almost fifteen minutes!” Spike complained. “Does it really take that long to get what you needed?”

Cadence giggled as Spike’s annoyance amused her as she asked, “Now Spike, I have to be delicate with you, remember? It normally takes only a minute if you were a pony, but I don’t want to risk damaging your mind, remember?”

“Oh yeah…”

“Anyways, I was able to learn about the current state of your puberty cycle,” said Cadence. Her expression began to soften a bit.

Spike’s ear’s perked up. “Really? So what does that mean?”

Cadence looked to the side, unable to decide on how she was going to explain what she found to Spike. “Well… It seems that your growth has ceased.”

Spike raised an eyebrow. “What does that mean?”

“It means that your natural sexual growth has stopped. For some reason, I get no indication that you’re maturing with the natural growth of puberty. It’s as if your body has stopped producing the hormones that you require,” Cadence explained. This was naturally odd to her as she expected dragons to require more than just a simple year in order to complete sexual maturity. “So maybe you’re already done with puberty?” she asked, speaking her thoughts to him.

“That can’t be right!” protested Spike. That idea did not seem right to Spike at all, as he too expected dragons to require more years for sexual maturity. Especially if they had longer life spans than most creatures that lived in this world. Then again, Spike knew very little about his kind, so perhaps this was a regular thing. “Well, do you think it's natural?” asked Spike.

“Hmmm…” Cadence closed her eyes and pondered her thoughts for a bit. “Well, since you’re a dragon and not a pony, I can’t say. Have you by chance, seen a fully sexually matured dragon? Twilight told me that you recently met with the newly succeeded dragon lord, right?”

Considering what Cadence said, Spike did recall how some dragons he saw during the Gauntlet of Fire event, still differed from him. While he did have certain traits such as thicker scales and wings, there were clearer indications that allowed Spike to see the age difference between his kind. “I could tell what dragons were older than me, and what dragons were younger than me,” Spike explained.

“I figured as much,” admitted Cadence.

“So what can we do?” asked Spike.

Cadence frowned as she did not know. Truthfully, she would rather wait for her aunt to have an opinion on the subject. Yet her curiosity was getting the better of her as she said, “Spike, when I was checking out your body, I found something odd inside of you. Well, at least odd for me since you’re a dragon and I am a pony.”

“What did you find?”

“Well, it seems as if you have additional glands that I cannot identify for the life of me. It was easy for me to tell what was what, considering that certain glands would be more active than others, depending on what hormones they produced. But these glands have never seemed to be active at all!” Cadence explained. “It’s odd considering that they’re slightly larger than your other internal glands, and right next to your more active ones.”

While Spike was not savvy when it came to health education, he understood enough to know what Cadence was telling him. “So what does that mean exactly? If I’ve never used them, maybe there’s a way to make them ‘active’?” asked Spike. His curiosity was now also supporting the idea of wanting Cadence to take a closer examination. “Could you take a closer look?” he requested.

“I don’t see why not,” answered Cadence. In truth, Cadence was beginning to think that these glands played a part in a dragon’s natural life cycle. Having an opportunity to observe a dragon’s active anatomy on a personal level, was far too interesting for Cadence to pass up. Especially when it was Spike, who was still young and maturing. “But I am going to do my best not to trigger it.”

Spike frowned. “Trigger?”

Cadence nodded. “Just relax. I’ll be as gentle as I was before…”

Spike nodded as Cadence leaned forward and pressed her horn against his forehead. He blinked as she began to close her eyes, indicating that she was now examining him yet again. Expecting this to take just as long, Spike’s thoughts began to wander about. Wonder when Princess Celestia will be back. Pretty sure that what Cadence found can really- “AH?!”

Spike immediately began to tremble, as a strange sensation began to emerge inside of him without warning. “H-H-Hey! W-W-W-What t-t-t-t-the h-h-h-h-h-hell-?!?!?!?”

Cadence’s eyes actually snapped opened. “Oh dear, Spike, I am not hurting you am I-??”

“N-N-NO!” squeaked Spike. He continued to tremble, as Cadence’s touch obviously did something to him. It was confusing to the purple dragon, as the sensation felt like a very unpleasant inch inside of him. Yet Cadence’s “touch” was tending to that inch at a consistent rate. It felt so physical, as if her fingers could faze through his head and free him of such a burden. Right there, where his gland was located, was being stimulated by Cadence herself.

Oh my magic must be affecting him, realized Cadence. She could both see Spike reacting while also sensing the once untouched gland suddenly producing hormones at a healthy rate. The newly active organ was producing unfamiliar chemicals throughout Spike’s body. This may have been something unique only to dragons based on her sole knowledge. “Okay Spike, I am going to cancel the magic and-”

“W-Wait! T-T-this k-kinda f-f-f-feels a-a-awesome!” protested Spike. He gasped yet again and closed his eyes before grinding his teeth together. He couldn’t describe it, but Spike’s new unfamiliar sensation was quite appealing. It was odd, as this form of body pleasure was something that he could not describe to any pony. It simply felt amazing, as if all of his issues were melting away. In fact, he would go as far as to make a bold claim that this felt better than orgasms themselves! “D-D-Don’t s-s-s-stop- PLEASE!!”

“Uh?” Cadence was dumbfounded as Spike was enjoying this stimulation. She herself could sense that this was abnormal pleasure, even for Spike. His shuttering and shaky nature was really something, as Cadence would rarely see this from Shining Armor…unless she made things “kinky”. Heh, he’s actually pretty cute! thought Cadence, as she began to smile more and more. However, even she knew that there was a limitation from laughing at someone else’s sensitivity. “Okay Spike, I think that that’s enough-”

Cadence stopped as Spike was beginning to change in more ways than one. Cadence immediately took note of Spike’s pupils, realizing that they’re suddenly showcasing a silver-like tone. Surprisingly, they did not shape into slits like they typically did whenever dragons were mentally stimulated in some form. Next, Cadence saw that Spike’s spikes, were growing and “erecting” outward in a respective direction from his body. Then, his wings began to spread as if he was about to lift himself off the floor. Yet, they simply spread as if he were showcasing them for all to see, if there were any aside from Cadence presently in the room.

“Hahh….hha….” sighed Spike, as he began to slowly began to break away from Cadence, who was quite concerned for Spike. Especially since he was drooling from the corners of his mouth.

“S-Spike?” Cadence asked, worried about Spike’s condition. While she did break away and cancel out the probing progress, Spike was still acting as if he was being stimulated. “G-Guard??” she shouted.

Almost immediately, the door was opened and in came a member of the Royal Guard. “Reporting!” she immediately said. Sweet Mint blinked as Cadence expressed visible concern with a seemingly dazed Spike. Reacting accordingly, “Y-Your highness-?? What has happened-”

“I-I-I don’t know- I think that my magic may have affect him in a negative matter!” exclaimed Cadence. It was clear that Cadence should have stayed away from such a sensitive organ. “Find my aunt and-”

Cadence paused as Spike began to settle down; his wings were folding and his expression was less tensed. He closed his mouth but kept his eyes completely opened. “…”

Both mares looked at Spike with confusion as they did not understand what was happening to him. Sweet Mint was considerate enough to make sure that she stood in front of Cadence to protect her. After all, Spike could randomly snap without warning and they would both be endangered. Best that Sweet Mint make sure that Cadence was safe from any potential danger.

“Y-Your highness- Do you think that he’s dangerous right now?”

Cadence frowned at the guard. “What do you mean- EPH!”

“Your highness- EPH!”

Sweet Mint finally realized that Spike had anonymously made his way towards the distracted guard. So silent, it was a stunning moment for the proud guard. How did he- Never mind, what’s up with his expression? she wondered.

“…” Spike blinked slowly as he looked lazily towards Sweet Mint. “You…you’re that guard who showed me where I sleep and where to eat…right?” he asked.

“I-I am,” Sweet Mint confirmed. “Sir Spike, are you…okay?”

“What?” asked Spike.

“Are you okay?” she repeated.

Spike only blinked as he looked at Sweet Mint. “…Sniff.”

“Huh?” Cadence watched as Spike continued to sniff the air, obviously attracted to whatever caught his attention. She watched as Spike began to walk closer and closer. Closer and closer did he walk, but not towards her.

“S-Sir Spike-?”

Sweet Mint blinked as Spike was sniffing the air in random directions, but followed her despite her movement away from him. She walked backwards, always expecting him to cease his movement and get the idea. “Why are you acting this way?” she then asked.

“I don’t know why, but something smells REALLY nice!” said Spike.

“Something…nice?” repeated Cadence. Spike seemed to be himself, based on his tone of voice and his now stable movement. Although the characteristics of his pupils and spikes were still apparent, Spike was able to properly communicate with them. What did those hormones release into Spike’s body for the first time?

“It’s odd but…” Spike paused as he blinked for a few more times, apparently suffering from a daze. “My senses are much higher than before. I don’t think that I’ve been this aware of my surroundings in my life!” he exclaimed. He looked at a still-confused Sweet Mint as he continued to sniff in her direction.

Sweet Mint was still creeped out by the dragon’s approach. “W-WHY are you sniffing towards me like that??”

“I don’t know…you smell…appealing to me…”

“Wait, you’re not going to eat me are you?!” she assumed, trembling slightly.

“What? NO! It’s…something else…”

Cadence could not put two and two together, as Sweet Mint did not really give a particular scent that Cadence could notice. Yes, she had an appealing fragrance, but nothing more than that. And one would call Cadence egotistic, but she thought of herself being far more distinctive than any other mare, save for her aunts. “Spike, what is it exactly about Sweet Mint that smells ‘appealing’?” she asked.

Sweet Mint glanced at her majesty before she began to consider what the possibilities were. She did not bathe in any unique matter recently, nor has she worn any perfume. “I-Is it my body soap…?” she guessed.

Spike blinked as he lazily said, “No…it’s…oh.” Spike’s expression changed completely. His eyes widened in surprise before finally realizing what scent he was detecting.

“Spike?” asked Cadence.

“Maybe I should go,” Spike insisted, laughing slightly at the two mares.

“What’s so funny?” Cadence raised an eyebrow and crossed her arms. “You obviously know what it is, so what is it?”

“Yeah, I am not going to say. Best if we just put this behind us,” said Spike. He was growing increasingly uncomfortable the longer he stayed in the same room. “I’ll be in my room…” Spike immediately began to make his way towards the door.

“What- SPIKE!” said Cadence, completely baffled by his attitude. However, she frowned in disappointment the moment he left them alone.

Sweet Mint was feeling the same as she asked, “Y-Your highness? Why did he act-”

“I do not know,” admitted Cadence. “…” She looked at the doorway and said, “You’re relieved, I am going to have a word with my aunt…”

“Yes your majesty,” said Sweet Mint. With that, Cadence nodded and left the princess to herself. “…” As she walked, Sweet Mint was still unsure why Spike was acting the way that he did. Especially when he claimed that Sweet Mint smelled “appealing”. I thought that Princess Cadence smelled nicer than me, thought Sweet Mint, also acknowledging the sweet fragrance from her. He did say something about his senses being higher, thought Sweet Mint. So maybe she had a particular smell that originated from another day? Nothing distinctive made contact with her body this week, not even to the point where she accidently spilled something on her. “Ugh!”


“Ugh where is every pony? I can’t find a guard nor any of my aunts!” said Cadence. She continued to walk faster and faster throughout the castle, attempting to find either Princess Celestia or Princess Luna. It was odd; even though she was walking through a large castle, she never had trouble finding what she needed. She wanted her aunt Celestia to offer her guidance and opinion on what she discovered. If anything, her aunt would have a better idea of what she made contact with. That internal gland released something that Spike never experienced before, making her worried if it somehow triggered his feral state. The way he acted would make her naturally assume such an idea.

Well Spike is in his room resting, so maybe he’s not receiving those hormones again? Maybe that gland went inactive and he’s no longer experiencing heighten senses, thought Cadence. As she turned at yet another corner, she finally came across two guards. “Oh finally!” she said aloud.

Both guards immediately acknowledged Princess Cadence and faced her with a humbling bow. “Good morning your highness!”

“Good morning, have either of you seen my aunt Celestia? Or my aunt Luna?”

“Afraid not your highness. We have yet to see them for the first time today.”

Cadence frowned. “I see…”

“Something the matter your majesty?”

“Well, I’ve been wanting to have a word with Princess Celestia… Do inform her that I wish to have a word. A good day to you two.” With that, she nodded as both guards bowed and acknowledged her request. After a few minutes, Cadence began to think aloud yet again. “Oh forget this; I’ll just check on Spike and make sure that he’s okay to begin with.”

Cadence continued to walk until she came across the stairway that would lead her to the lower floors. After ten minutes, Cadence found herself in the hallway where Spike would be resting. Hope he’s awake, thought Cadence, making her way to his door. As she approached it, she immediate froze. “Huh?”

Cadence was hearing some odd sounds behind Spike’s doorway. It was odd considering how audible the sounds were, despite the fact that the door being closed. Wait, it was not closed entirely! Cadence slowly pushed the door forward, revealing a few inches of the room that Spike was resting in. “!”

Cadence’s jaw dropped as Spike was bare naked on his own bed…with a mare. A mare which looked awfully a lot like the one who was guarding the study room that they were in. Only this time, she wore not a single piece of her uniform, and was focused on Spike’s body. Thanks to the sun light that poured into his room, it was not difficult for Cadence to see what was important. His penis was fully erected, surrounded by the guard’s gentle lips. The mare herself had a visible moist crotch, which thanks to the sun light, allowed Cadence to properly estimate how long they’ve been at it. Cadence immediately moved away from the door, completely flushed with embarrassment.

WHY THE HELL ARE THEY NAKED TOGETHER?!?! she shouted in her mind.

“Hmmmm…” Sweet Mint finally released Spike’s penis and began to stroke it repeatedly. “Wow Spike, what’s with these scales on it?” she asked, moving her thumb against the distinctive scales on his penis. It was still fascinating to the young mare, as she knew very little about dragons and their sexual organs. It brought her curiosity to a higher level the more she played with it.

“All for a typical female dragon; those were made to stimulate the females of my kind in the right spots,” explained Spike. It never got old for Spike, whenever he slept with someone new and was complimented for his penis’ uniqueness. “But I’ve heard good things from other mares whenever I am inside of them,” he flirted with a growl.

Giggling, Sweet Mint asked, “Well I can’t wait anymore…can we move on to the main action?”




Both Spike and Cadence jumped as Cadence stood right in front of his bed with both arms crossed. “JUST WHAT THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOU’RE DOING?!” she shouted, maintaining a sharp glare that no one would like to see.

“I-I-I-I-” started Spike. “W-Why didn’t you knock?!

“Why didn’t you close the door properly?!”

“I thought I did!” protested Spike. He couldn’t believe that this let this happen again, especially after last night with Mrs. Sparkle. He attempted to cover himself up, but Sweet Mint hugged the blanket all for herself.

“You two barely know each other, and you just go completely spontaneous like this?!” shouted Cadence. She honestly couldn’t believe that Spike would do something as shameless like this.

“W-Well it was not that spontaneous!” argued Spike.

“Y-Yes! T-T-There’s a funny story to this-”

“EXCUSE ME? Did you just say, a funny story?! Well I would LOVE to hear more about it!” snarled the angry princess.

“W-W-W-W-W-Well-!” shuttered Sweet Mint…

Twenty minutes ago

“URGH!” Sweet Mint said aloud, completely frustrated by the lack of answers. Spike’s comments would not leave her thoughts, as the thought of him saying that in front of royalty embarrassed her to an extreme. It bothered her so much that she began to increase the pace of her movement to the point that she ran. She ran and ran until she finally found what she was looking for. “Sir Spike!”

“Huh?” Spike release his door after recognizing that voice. The guard from beforehand was obviously displeased from occurred not five minutes ago. It got worse for Spike as that smell he detected before was growing stronger. “Y-Yes?”

While Sweet Mint demanded answers, she knew better than to forget her place. “Sir Spike, I do apologize for bothering you but I am quite curious about what you said before. It really bothers me with how you acted and how you said that I smelled ‘appealing’?” she asked.

Buck, thought Spike.

“Please, it’s been bothering me even since you left the study room; what is it about me that gained your attention?” asked Sweet Mint.

“Look, just let this go, OKAY?” said a displeased Spike. “It would be embarrassing for both of us if I told you what I think is making me act strange…”

Sweet Mint frowned as Spike’s expression told her that he was telling the truth. “I can tell that you mean well, but we’re both adults; just be honest about this. I find it disrespectful whenever one is not honest with me at all,” said Sweet Mint.

Admiring her honesty regarding honesty itself, Spike decided to tell her the truth. That and he could tell that she was going to be persistent about this. “Well, you’re producing a scent that makes me excited…like you’re releasing strong phenomes or something…”

Sweet Mind immediately grew red. “W-What-?”

“I guess because my senses are higher than usual now, I can tell that you’re either approaching your next cycle or just finished?” Spike asked, unsure what state she was in.

“B-But, i-it ended almost a w-w-w-week ago-” she started, feeling embarrassed. Of course he would detect the fact that she was recently in heat! Mating season may not be occurring right this second, but she was still female nonetheless. That and because he currently held a high sense of smell, he could easily tell what scents her body produced or carried within the last week. “I can’t believe you can tell,” she said softly, completely shamed by a guest of honor. Wanting to end this awkward conversation, she bowed slightly. “T-Thank you, Sir Spike, I’ll take my leave now. Sorry to have disturbed you…”

Spike frowned as he could tell that she felt embarrassed about the whole thing. “Hey don’t feel bad; just part of nature…right?”

“That doesn’t make it even better!” she whined. Her face grew even redder due to the fact that he could see her embarrassment. “You’re going to likely masturbate to me now, aren’t you??”

“Um, no?” lied Spike, smiling nervously. “I-I-I was going to take a nap and-”

“-And hope that your friend goes away?” Sweet Mint pointed at the now obvious budge in his pants. She glared angrily at him with a deep red blush, clearly displeased that he was getting off from this. “Have you no shame??” she then whined.

Spike placed both claws over his crotch to cover said shame. “W-Well excuse me for having a sex drive! This is a confusing time for me, OKAY? What Cadence did to me is making my senses heighten to a degree that I can’t handle!” he explained. It was frustrating having to lose control with his new senses after Cadence released these new hormones. “Look, what do you want me to do about it??” he asked, hoping to put this behind them.

“I don’t know! Um, take a cold shower?”

“Hahah, yeah because that works so well!” said Spike sarcastically.

“It does as a matter of fact!” growled Sweet Mint.

“Not on dragons!”

“I- UGHH!” Sweet Mint took off her helmet and began to rub her head with one hand. “Well how long before you’re ‘settled down’?”

Spike frowned as that was a really good question. Baffled, he responded, “Um, I usually sleep with some pony whenever I am ‘feeling’ the desire, so I don’t know how long it takes for a dragon to calm down. That or I would likely jerk it?”

“No, you’re NOT going to jerk off to my body’s natural smells! That’s just creepy!” she argued.

“HOW is that creepy? You were producing something that naturally arouses a young healthy male like me, and you’re going to criticize me for doing the only thing that is going to make my erection go away?! I bet if you had my sense of smell and caught the scent of a male’s musk, you would be the one who is aroused and not me!” shouted Spike. “I can’t control myself OKAY?! Why do you think I left the room?!” he added, growling at her.

“Eh-” squeaked Sweet Mint. Now she done it, she angered her grand superiors’ guest. “I-I-I am sorry Sir Spike; I just feel REALLY uncomfortable about some pony- some male, who I hardly know, pleasuring himself because of me…”

Spike’s anger began to vanish after hearing her argument. She did have a good point, all things considered. “Well you’re not wrong…” Spike sighed as he looked to the side. “I am sorry for making you feel uncomfortable. It would be creepy and unpleasant for you, if a dragon like me was getting off because of something embarrassing as…that. Sure it’s only ‘natural’ for you to experience, but that’s no excuse for me for being sick-minded,” said Spike.

Thankful to hear Spike’s apology, Sweet Mint began to smile and feel better about herself. “Nah, I mean, it’s all part of nature and stuff like you said. If anything, we mares actually do get excited whenever we catch the scent of wonderful male musk,” she teased with a giggle. “I guess it’s only because I barely know you, that it bothers me… That and I am…kinda feeling naughty about this…

Spike’s ears perked slightly as he heard her faint mumble. “Naughty?”

Sweet Mint immediately felt embarrassed, realizing that he did hear her mumble. “Oh buck that’s right- You can hear better too!”

Spike began to laugh as he found her to be simply adorable. “Well if anything, we could help each other get off!” he joked, now laughing nonstop.

“Heheh yeah, we could!” she laughed, finding the situation to be funny. However, the idea did pop into her mind as having such an effect with a dragon was unique to her. Feeling her thoughts rushing through her mind, she asked, “…So do you actually want to do it?”

“Hehehe- Wait, seriously?” Spike began to calm down after hearing her last question. She smiled shyly towards him, clearly tempted by the idea of sleeping with a dragon. “W-Well I…I mean, you just feel okay about the whole idea all of a sudden?” he asked.

Sweet Mint frowned as he had a good point; it would be hypocritical of her after she just told him how bothered she was. “Well I’ll be honest about this: I was a bit defensive because of pure instinct Sir Spike. With a lot of creeps out there, a mare can’t help but feel itemized in a sexual way. But considering your reputation, and you seem caring enough, I say that you’re a stallion- dragon, that I can trust!” Sweet Mint explained with a quirky smile.

Spike was still somewhat skeptical. “Is that really it?” he asked, wanting to know if there was anything else to it.

“…” Sweet Mint’s smile lightened. “Well…that and I haven’t been with a male in so long. So the idea is more appealing to me than you would think,” she admitted with a blushing smile. She looked to the side, holding her helmet against her armor with both hands.

Spike’s expression softened to the point where his smile began to return. “I understand-…um, what’s your name?”

“Sweet Mint, Sir Spike,” she said.

“That’s a nice name,” commented Spike. “Oh but please call me ‘Spike’; that ‘sir’ part isn’t needed when I am talking to a friend.”

Clearly happy to hear the word ‘friend’, Sweet Mint giggled with joy. “Cool, I get to tell my friends that I am friends with a dragon!” She suddenly stopped giggling after realizing something. “But we’re still going to do it, right?” When Spike nodded, she began to giggle with joy again.

Present time

“No, that is STILL spontaneous to me,” argued a disappointed Cadence. Yes, she was far more calm compared to five minutes ago, but still held great displeasure. “Spike, how could you just go ahead with this? You should have done the right thing and simply kindly rejected her!”

“And how is THAT the ‘right thing’? I wanted to tend to the issue that I had by coming here and jerking it off! Only I saw a much better option to get the job done!” Spike argued. Now he was less intimidated by the angered princess, especially now that Sweet Mint finally shared the blanket with him to cover up his shame. “What’s the big deal? We’re both consenting to this, and we’re both adults!” added Spike.

“That doesn’t make it right!”

“Um, t-then what does, your majesty…?” asked a timid Sweet Mint.

“When you’re not on duty!” remarked Cadence. She frowned as she then said, “What would my aunts say if they found you two together like this??”

Spike rolled his eyes. “Cadence, she went off duty after our little session in the study room. She willingly came here during her free time with her own free will!” said Spike.

“I- Okay, you have a good argument,” Cadence said, yielding to the logic that Spike pointed out. However, she then said, “Still, I don’t think that this is appropriate-”

“Gee mom, I so sorry that you’re offended by the fact that we’re doing what feels natural! I’ll be sure that I properly close the door after you leave!” mocked Spike.


Spike could not care even less about how Cadence felt, as he strongly believed that he was right and she was wrong. Here he was, an honored guest of her aunt, trying to enjoy himself with one who had every right to sleep with him on her free time. It was getting worst as he could tell how scared Sweet Mint was. However, he would not stand for this. “Look Cadence, I am sorry if you don’t like the fact we’re going to have sex, but it IS happening. Hell you’re making Sweet Mint uncomfortable!”

“…” Cadence’s expression softened as she took a moment to look over the naked mare. Sweet Mint was obviously trying to avoid eye contact with her, as there was obvious fear within the young mare. Guilt began to form, as Cadence was always humble and never found pleasure in intimidating her subjects. “Sweet Mint, I am sorry for scaring you. Please forgive me,” she asked kindly.

While Sweet Mint was still intimidated, she gave a soft smile and nodded, showing her appreciation. “T-Thank you, your highness…”

Pleased with the apology, Spike expected Cadence to leave now. “Thanks Cadence! Now will you please leave NOW? You’re kinda killing the mood,” he requested.

Cadence glared at Spike. “Sorry Spike, but you’re not going to continue! Your condition is still unclear and who knows what you’ll do to her!” she argued. The last thing she wanted was one of her subjects being harmed due to Spike’s feral-like state.

“I feel fine!” argued Spike.

Sweet Mint may have been embarrassed, but the young mare was still leaning towards a proper sex session with the purple dragon. “Y-Yes, all is fine between us! Honestly!” she said. Cadence was far from convinced by what she heard.

“Oh do not try to fool me! You two were not even to the point where he was inside of you!”

“Well we were about to!” protested Sweet Mint. Seriously, Cadence was now just becoming annoying rather than intimidating.

“Never heard of the courtesy of not popping in despite being aware of what is going on?” growled Spike. Even Mrs. Sparkle had no issue doing the same thing.

Cadence was more embarrassed than ever, especially since she was reminded of how she first found them like this. It did not help that both Spike and Sweet Mint were now going on the offensive with her. Clearly Spike’s feral side was making him more hostile than she would have ever expected. As for Sweet Mint, the younger mare obviously was craving for physical attention from him. However, Cadence still felt that this was wrong. “Well fine.”

Spike raised an eyebrow. “Fine?”

“Fine,” repeated Cadence. “I can’t force you two to stop with my words. However…” Cadence kept her arms crossed and made her way to a chair that stood some feet away from his bed. “…I can simply sit here and watch you.”

“Wait, what?”

Cadence smirked as she sat. “Uncomfortable Spike? You could always not have sex,” she suggested.

Sweet Mint’s jaw dropped as she realized that Cadence was willing to go this far to prevent them from having some fun. “WHAT?”

Spike was just as dumbfounded. “WHAT?!”

“Hey, you don’t have to not have sex; by all means, do it!” she said sweetly, expecting them to do things her way. Judging from their reactions, it was safe to say that they were skeptical about having intercourse in front of a nosey princess. “Well?”

Spike was disgusted with Cadence’s tactics, even to the point where he almost felt a loss of respect towards her. Then again, why would he think this negative about Cadence? He was allowing his emotions to get the better of him, and he suddenly realized this. Regardless, his erection was here to stay, with or without his consent. “Sweet Mint…?”

Sweet Mint grew even redder as Spike said her name, meaning that he wanted her opinion on this. “…” She was at a lost, as the idea of sleeping with a dragon while Princess Cadence watched them, made her unsure about her feelings. Could she really go through with this? Her body desired his, and she was physically starved to a point that masturbation would not be enough. And with Spike by her side, her confidence was higher than ever. “W-We could do it under the sheets?” she suggested.

Now it was Cadence’s turn to drop her jaw. “OH COME ON!”

Spike and Sweet Mint ignored the troublesome princess, as their arousal and sense of privacy was returning. As suggested, Spike and Sweet Mint took advantage of the thick blanket that covered his large mattress. With that, Sweet Mint positioned herself over Spike’s large mating tool.


“Something wrong?” asked Spike.

“Oh um, it’s just been a while for me,” said Sweet Mint. “S-So I am kinda scared, especially since you’re a dragon and all.”

Spike showed a toothy grin as she said that. Regardless, Sweet Mint began to slowly lower her body until her opening made contact with the tip of his penis. Her mouth slightly opened as she felt his penis moving past her vulva and into her vagina. She sighed happily, as feeling something alive inside of her, was way better than a boring lifeless toy. It was thick and warm, also unique with its shape and physical texture. It was not difficult for Sweet Mint to understand the hype surrounding a dragon’s penis, as those distinctive scales were stimulating her in ways that she could never imagine. She shuddered with a whimper, never expecting it to feel this good.

As for the dragon in this, Spike was surprised with the tightness that she had. While he was aware that she was likely as young as the mane six, her pussy felt so much tighter than any of them. Even Rainbow Dash couldn’t hope to compare to this level of tightness. In fact, Spike could have sworn that this was becoming a whole new experience for him as if he were a virgin.

Completely obvious to Spike’s reaction, Sweet Mint began to move up and down on dragon cock. She was helpless to the point where her whimpering grew louder and louder, but could not stop. A few drops of tears left her eyes, as she was emotionally sensitive due to the unstable nerves within her body. The poor mare closed her eyes to properly control herself, only to realize that it did little to help. Her eyes would snap open along with a gentle “Epp!”, for every five seconds that passed. Sweet Mint’s trembling hands were pressed against Spike’s hard chest, barely supporting her balance and movement.

“Oh so tight!” growled Spike.


“Nghh…are you doing okay?” asked Spike.

Sweet Mint nodded rapidly, doing her best to convince him that all was well.

Spike grinned as he moved his claws onto her waist, assisting with her balance and movement. “You’re a bad liar Mint... I can feel your insides getting tighter and looser, as if you’re having trouble controlling your body’s reation,” said Spike.

“Hnhh… Well, you’re not wrong…” Sweet Mint bit her lip as her arousal continued to grow.

“…” Cadence’s face maintained a deep red blush. Yes, she could not visibly see them having sex, but the shape of their bodies under the thick blanket left a lot to the imagination. It was honestly difficult for her to believe that they were actually having sex, and paying no mind to her. This was not how she wanted things to go. They’ll have to stop eventually…right? she wondered.

Twenty minutes later

OH THIS IS BUCKING BULLSHIT! screamed Cadence. She glared with anger as her entire body was now red, and slowly trembling as the noises continued to grow louder. More and more did they screw each other like wild animals, having no shame whatsoever. The room reeked of sweat and shame, making it even more obvious that sex was occurring for quite some time. The two of them just simply cared little for Cadence’s presence. Hell, Cadence was sure by this point that they completely forgot about her!

I can’t believe this, she thought with displeasure. However, Cadence could not stay any longer, as the environment that she was currently in made her increasingly uncomfortable. And not only because they were slapping their bodies against one another, but because the smell was starting to make her feel intoxicated. She hated to admit it, but she obviously lost.

“Well, I guess you win,” she said humbly. She stood up from her chair and glanced at them once more. “…” They didn’t even acknowledge her at all! “Yeah, I am out of here…” With that, Cadence turned her body away.


Cadence froze as the sudden movement took her by surprise. As if on cue, Spike had immediately tossed Sweet Mint against the pillows that lied against the headboard. He began to thrust in an aggressive matter, where he held both her legs part and continued to pounce against her. What made this worse for Cadence, was the fact that she could see both their upper bodies, and witness the sweat that was shared between them.

“…” She was stunned as she was now actually seeing details from this point. “…” Her face grew even redder- (somehow)- before looking forward. However, she suddenly turned her head again to take another look. “…” Cadence’s horn glowed gently before the blanket that leaned on Spike began to slip off, properly revealing their nude bodies. As expected, neither of them seemed to realize this or even care.

“HGHHHHHHH!” roared Spike.

“AHHHHHHH~~~!!!” moaned Sweet Mint.


“!” Cadence’s mouth opened slightly as she watched Spike enforce an intense orgasm out Sweet Mint. Spike paused as Sweet Mint experienced what seemed to be quite the pleasurable climax. Her heavy breathing and wide smile told Cadence that Spike had rocked her world.

“Hah….ha……hahhh……ahhhh…” breathed Sweet Mint. She blinked repeatedly for a few moments before keeping her eyes closed. “…Y-You still haven’t cummed yet?”

“!” Cadence’s hand immediately covered her mouth.

“Hnnnghhhh,” growled a sexual dragon. “Not yet…hghhhhhh…I want to cum already!” he roared, suddenly beginning to thrust in and out of her.

“He…hasn’t…cummed…yet??????????” whispered Cadence. She watched as Sweet Mint began to cry out again, completely at the dragon’s mercy. Judging from the mess that she could see, no indication of male semen was seen. As for a female's special nectar, that was a completely different story. She trembled slightly, feeling an appropriate amount of wetness forming between her thighs. Without realizing it, Cadence’s curiousity was also aroused to the point where she took one step forward. Before taking another, and then another, and then another before she found herself at the foot of the bed. “…” Smiling nervously with fear and excitement, Cadence slowly began to unbutton her top...

Discovering the issue~ Part 2 (Threeway)

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Cadence slowly made her way around the bed while keeping a firm hold on her shirt. She had removed two buttons but decided to stop. “…” Her expression softened as she continued to watch Spike pounding against Sweet Mint. The opportunity to see a dragon mate with a pony had made her body feel hotter, as it was difficult to not find the situation erotic itself. It was one thing to know that they were moving in a particular motion, but seeing the actual thing was completely different. Her naughty side was tempting her to jump in and have some fun.

Nhhh, I need to cool down but I can’t stop watching, she confessed, realizing that her breathing pattern was unstable. That and the fact that she was now sitting beside the two, thus getting a front row seat of all the action, made her feel somewhat naughty. Oh Celestia, what am I doing?? she wondered, knowing that she was becoming hypocritical with the situation itself. After all, she was complaining about how they were having sex and how she did not approve.

“AH! AH! AH!” moaned Sweet Mint, as Spike’s thrusting was pushing her mind to the limit. Nghhh why doesn’t he cum already-? I need to rest! I- Sweet Mint finally acknowledged that Princess Cadence was just staring at her, completely exposed! Without the blanket to cover the interaction that was occurring between her and Spike, Princess Cadence was able to see their shame! “Y-Your- AHHH! M-Majesty-?!” This was beyond embarrassing!

While Spike refused to stop from thrusting in and out of Sweet Mint, his humbleness did return the moment he glanced at what Sweet Mint was staring at. “H-Hey!” he managed to grunt.

“…” Cadence looked to the side for a brief moment, taking a deep breath before saying, “S-Spike, you haven’t climaxed yet…?”

“W-What?” Spike breathed, still moving in and out of Sweet Mint. As much as Spike wanted to, he could not stop yearning for the matter of subject that Cadence was asking him. “W-What about it-!”

Cadence gave a shy smile. “I-I can help,” she said.

Spike immediately realized that he had another set of dragon balls that very moment.

“W-What??” squeaked Sweet Mint. Was she hearing Princess Cadence correctly? Now while it would be reasonable to immediately assume that Cadence was offering to join in, Sweet Mint did have a history of making inaccurate assumptions. Especially during that one time where she thought Blue Blood was gay, only to learn that he was an egotistic metrosexual.

“Look, I am not going to lie: I am very aroused at the moment. However, my curiosity of seeing what it’s like for a dragon to mate with a pony is a higher priority to me; I want to see you climax while having sex with Sweet Mint,” Cadence explained, giving a nervous smile. It was becoming more and more difficult for Cadence not to blush in deeper shades of red, as the reactions on Spike and Sweet Mint really affected her.

Hearing Cadence’s confession completely changed Spike, as his momentum towards an orgasm had ceased. “W-What? Cadence, that’s just weird!” he confessed.

“Y-Your highness?” asked Sweet Mint. Even with multiple orgasms, Sweet Mint was able to maintain her sanity to a certain degree. However, she did take a moment to moan in a gentle matter as she felt Spike pulling out of her. Thank Celestia she was finally going to get a moment to breathe, as the frequent bucking from her partner drained a majority of her stamina. “Nhhh… B-But, it’s embarrassing to have you watch…I…” She looked to the side, feeling embarrassed that Cadence was still watching her.

Cadence gave a sad smile, naturally understanding how they were feeling from their perspective. Closing her eyes, she responded, “I know that this makes me perverted and all, but I take so much amusement watching others have sex. And because this is a rare thing for me to witness, I began to realize that I was enjoying myself…”

Sweet Mint began to look at an honest Cadence, watching the way how she moved her body. The young mare could easily recognize the familiar body language of an aroused female. Particularly with how she twined her legs, held the row of her shirt buttons, had a flushed face, and kept one hand on her lap with a gentle tremble.

“I am sorry, but I REALLY find this fascinating to watch…especially when it’s two attractive partners…” Cadence looked at Spike and asked, “D-Does it bother you if I get a closer look at you two mating?” She then looked at Sweet Mint.

“I’ve…never had any pony watch while I am having sex; I’ve never even been with more than one naked female at the same time,” explained Spike. He was unsure about this, as being watched by a pervert while screwing was completely alien to him. It was hard as hell to know if he was uncomfortable because he did not want this, or if he actually did want this. His mixed feelings towards Cadence did not help either, as he did naturally find the pink mare to be quite attractive. Having an attractive female watch while you’re having sex, was not something to take lightly.

Cadence frowned, realizing that she was going too far with this. “I understand; I was being too persistent with you both,” she said, looking at a humbled Sweet Mint. “Sorry to bother you two…”

“Um actually, I-I myself think that it would spice things up a bit,” confessed a smiling Sweet Mint. Yes, she was still blushing at a distinctive level, but this was out of admiration. Especially when she was thrilled to know that Princess Cadence found her to be appealing enough to her fetishes.

“What??” said Spike. By this point, it was a miracle that he was still erected despite the lack of attention he was receiving. “B-But isn’t that kinda of strange?”

Sweet Mint frowned as she was expecting a different type of response from a dragon that ate her out earlier. “No it’s not! It’s a more common fetish than you think! Besides, I am getting even more excited with the idea…” A seductive smirk soon formed on her face.

Spike blinked as he clearly misread Sweet Mint, assuming that she would be a shy mare when it came to these things. Then again, she did make the decision to continue on despite Cadence’s early entrance. “Well I’ll give it a shot,” he said. “After all, I do want to cum…”

“That’s the spirit~”

Cadence’s smile grew wider after hearing Spike’s consent. “Oh thank you so much!” said Cadence. Her voyeuristic desires were actually being met, and with the unique fantasy of a dragon and pony doing it! The thought caused her arousal levels to increase the more she watched Spike slowly enter Sweet Mint again. Slowly but surely, Spike paused for only a moment when he got an inch inside, only to suddenly then fully penetrate his partner with a satisfying grunt. Hearing a sound gentle cry from Sweet Mint only sweeten things for Cadence.

Spike continued to move and in out of Sweet Mint, finding himself in the same situation that they were in before Cadence’s interruption. Yes, it brought pleasure to him, but a release was what he desired above all. Every thrust into Sweet Mint never seemed to increase the opportunity for his orgasm. Yet, Spike knew better than to stop moving in and out of her body.

“Spike, are you okay?”

Spike turned his head to see that Cadence was looking directly at him. “What?”

“Is it because you haven’t cummed yet?” asked Cadence. She closed her eyes and then nodded. “I had an idea that you would be feeling frustrated from this… You never did tell me if you wanted me to help you or not,” she reminded him.

Spike suddenly remembered Cadence’s offer. “W-Well, how are you going to ‘help’ exactly?”

Cadence smiled with a giggle as she looked at Sweet Mint. “Have you ever experienced anal?”

“Y-Yes?” admitted Sweet Mint. She was too into the sex for her to feel embarrassed with Princes Cadence’s question. “W-Why?”

“Well, I think that it would help Spike greatly if he was able to use your backdoor; anal sex typically brings more intense pleasure to a male to the point where they would naturally cum faster,” she explained.

Spike’s excitement for anal was apparent as he smiled widely. “SOUNDS RIGHT!”

Sweet Mint was taken back by Spike’s reaction, never expecting him to respond like that. “H-Hey! Don’t I get a say in this??” she asked, blushing angrily at the dragon inside of her. Spike’s size was something that she refused to take lightly, as entering through her main opening was one thing compared to taking it up the ass. What pissed her off even more was the fact that he was still smiling as if things were just going to go how he wanted.

“Aw come on Sweet Mint; I made you cum a few times! I want to cum too,” Spike growled gently.

“That may be, but I don’t just let anyone inside that hole! I save anal for those who are special to me!” Sweet Mint argued.

“Isn’t Spike special to you?” asked Cadence with a smirk. “After all, from what you two told me, you just threw yourself at him and allowed him to taste you…hell you had no shame in tasting him~” she said smoothly.

This time, Sweet Mint’s blush returned as she said. “S-So? That’s just sex in general! I am not obliged to do whatever he wants! I-”

“PLEASE Mint? It would mean a lot to me…”

Sweet Mint whimpered as Spike had leaned against her body, allowing him to properly lick her cheek and chin. She shuttered as she never realized how sensitive his tongue would feel on her face. “NNHH~!” she whined. Sweet Mint did her best to turn her head away from Spike, only to realize that that allowed him to play with her more venerable spots. She squirmed, trying her best to hold back a moan. However, we all know that something like that was impossible for her. “AHHHHH~!!”

“Gosh you’re so cute!” Spike remarked, licking her neck even more with a smile.

“S-Stop it!” giggled Sweet Mint. She managed to open her eyes to see that Spike himself was enjoying her moment of weakness. Then, she looked over to see what Princess Cadence’s reaction was out of curiosity. Her eyes widened softly as Cadence was pleasing herself, moving a hand into her unbuttoned shirt and unbuttoned pants. Sweet Mint could easily see the black lingerie of Princess Cadence’s bra and panties, reshaped due to the intervention of her own fingers. Seeing her majesty acting so shamefully, made her feel even more turned on.

“L-Let’s do it,” said Sweet Mint, yielding to the idea now.

Happy to hear her consent, Spike took a moment to pull away from her entirely. Both shared a moment of moaning once they connected. Then, Spike watched as Sweet Mint slowly began to change positions and presented her rear to him after resting her upper body on a pillow. The slow gentle wiggle of her rear made Spike even more excited, as her slightly damped tail teased him by slowly lifting up. Once she was finally exposed, Spike prepared to mount her, only to be stopped by Cadence.

“Spike, you’re not going in rough, are you?” she asked with disappointment.

“I am kinda lubed up really well,” argued Spike. His penis was heavily glossed by the love fluids that Sweet Mint released over time.

Cadence rolled her eyes as she pulled her hands from her own body. “That’s not enough, especially with your size. Here…” Cadence gently pushed Spike apart from Sweet Mint’s rear. Afterwards, Cadence moved her hands firmly on Sweet Mint’s wonderful rear, causing the younger mare to yelp in surprise. Cadence then licked her lips as she moved a hand towards her mouth, licking her fingers slowly and effectively before pulling them out. She then began to move those same fingers against the soft wrinkles that resisted her touch. It was tight, deliciously tight at that as she managed to get two inside of her body. Slowly did she pump her fingers in and out of Mint’s wonderful ass, watching in awe as the mare of topic was squirming and whimpering to her touch. So naughty did Cadence make her feel, and it could not be more obvious as Cadence then allowed some saliva to pour down into Sweet Mint, allowing deeper penetration and more sounds of arousal. She wasn’t afraid to even add a gentle smack every now and then. After another minute of loosening Sweet Mint, Cadence pulled out of her fingers and began to lick them before stating, “Yup, now she’s ready Spike…”

Damn, thought the horny dragon. Watching Cadence toy with Sweet Mint like that caused him to masturbate during the entire scene itself. As Cadence pulled away, Spike gently probed the head of his penis against Sweet Mint’s wet anus. Taking a deep breath, he began to slowly penetrate inch by inch within her body.

“HNNNNNNNNNN!” As expected, the green mare was having some trouble adjusting to Spike’s size. Especially since Spike’s penis was still completely alien to her species. “Spikkkkkkke….go slower….!” she managed to moan. A few grunts followed as Spike was now at the halfway point. “NNHHHH BUCK SO THICK-!” She immediately shut her eyes tightly.

“Oh…” Cadence started to tend to her breasts and nether regions, becoming even more aroused with what she was seeing. In fact, Cadence decided to move her fingers into her panties rather than just rub against them, allowing proper touch with her marehood. She wasted no time sliding two fingers into herself, gasping in the process after realizing just how hot and wet she was. It felt increasingly pleasurable once she began to use her thumb to toy with her clit. Cadence then began to bite her lip as Spike finally began to move in and out of Sweet Mint once again.

Oh Celestia does this feel amazing-! Hnnnnh! I think that I am gonna cum this time! thought Spike. He grinded his teeth as his movements became smoother and smoother, allowing him to go at a much faster rate. Spike almost forgot just how pleasurable anal sex could be, and felt thankful towards Sweet Mint for allowing him to do so. A new level of pleasure was sent across his body, building towards the familiar edge of sweet ejaculation. “NNGHHHHH!” he growled.

“OHhhhhhhhhnnnnnnhhhh!” Oh Celestia does this feel good… HMMMMM~~! Gosh, I don’t know how I am able to take him in entirely...! thought Sweet Mint. She continued to bit her lip while keeping a strong grip with the pillow that she was resting on. Each thrust sent wave after wave of intense pleasure throughout her smaller body. Oh gosh I am so wet! Sweet Mint finally moved a hand towards her now empty pussy, aggressively attacking it with as many fingers as possible. Now she was really getting the most out of this, as the stimulation in both her holes was just wonderful! If only she had something to suck on…

Spike’s breathing pattern was finally going out of rhythm with his movements after a few minutes. His mind went blank a few times in the process, as his mind had difficulty handling a refresher course in anal sex. “I think I am close!” said Spike.

“G-Good!” Sweet Mint managed to squeak. She was edging towards another orgasm herself, as she increased the movement of her fingers and even began to move her ass against his thrusts.

Cadence meanwhile was somewhat far from a pleasurable orgasm. By all means, this scene was hot for her to witness but she needed more time. Then again, there was always that option. “…”

“It’s coming…!” grunted Spike. He increased the movement of his thrusts, loving the tightness that Sweet Mint’s body produced for him. It was not difficult to also acknowledge the fact that she was about to cum as well; she was becoming tighter and tighter. “I- !!!” Spike’s eyes snapped wide open. “W-W-W-W-What-?!!”

“!!! AHHHHHHH!” cried Sweet Mint.

“S-S-Sorry, but I-I-I need to cum too!” said Cadence. Both Spike and Sweet Mint finally took notice of the pink magical substance that linked the three of them together. As if on cue, all three of them began to increase the speed of their respective sexual acts. “MMMNNNNNN! I-I-Is THAT how h-he feels-?!” she then said.

“W-W-What is this-?!” growled Spike, as he now beginning to drool. The levels of pleasure increased tremendously without warning. He did not know why, but the sex was suddenly much better than expected. Regardless of his confusion, he decided to go ahead and move as fast as he could for the final climax. “I AM CUMMMMMMMING…..!!!!” he roared.

“!” Sweet Mint’s nerves went completely chaotic, as she suddenly felt a heavy flow of hot liquid goo pouring into her body. So much, so hot, Spike’s ejaculation completely bleached her insides to the point where her body temperature was becoming more volatile. The thickness and high temperature made her so relaxed, that Sweet Mint could swear that she was about to fall asleep after a long twenty-four-hour watch shift. The feeling of exhaustion mixed with relief, caused her to form a drunken smile right before her orgasm began to take effect. It felt so amazing, cumming while Spike continued to pour heavy amounts of dragon seed into her rectum. She could not describe just how wonderful of an experience it was to feel such intensity. “…”

While it lasted for only ten seconds, the amount that Spike had released within that short amount of time, caused him to smile drunkenly as well. It felt so good, having all of that sexual tension finally leaving his system. His claws released Sweet Mint’s rear before his large dick easily slid out of her, revealing an already flowing stream of semen pouring out of his new favorite hole. While limped, Spike wanted to stroke his sensitive penis repeatedly. “Buck…”

“Hmmmm Spike, that feels amazing huh?” asked a smiling Cadence. Her face was redder and her body was shaking in a gentle matter, indicating a recent orgasm from her end. “I am glad that we got to cum together at the same time…” With that, the pink magical substance began to vanish from the air.

“What…did you do exactly…?” Spike asked weakly.

“It’s a special spell that I use with Shining Armor quite often. It causes us to experience the same pleasurable feelings by stimulating our pleasure points at the same time, while also experiencing what the other feels. But this is the first time that I’ve ever done it with more than one partner,” she explained, pulling her hand out of her pants and finding a mess on her fingers.

Spike blinked, attempting to better understand what Cadence told her. After a few more seconds, he blinked again. “Oh… Well thanks then! What you did really helped me cum…” He closed his eyes and weakly sat down properly. “Man, I sure came a lot-” Spike paused as he noticed something odd about the semen that he just released into a weaken Sweet Mint. As she slowly dropped her lower body to the bed itself, he noticed that the semen was unusual compared to his previous releases.

Cadence also took notice as she leaned forward. “What…is dragon semen always like this?”

“N-No, not really,” Spike admitted. Both she and Spike stared in amazement, as his semen seemed to glitter while maintaining a purple hue to the natural white tone as seen in typical semen. So much flowed out of Sweet Mint, that they were able to watch it for a good minute before being satisfied. “…”

“Cadence?” asked Spike. “What are you-”

However, Cadence’s curiosity was getting to her once again, as she slowly moved a finger towards Spike’s penis. A few drops of this unique semen was still on him, allowing her to get a proper scoop. “S-Sorry, but I just have to know…” Cadence examined the sample for a few seconds before closing her eyes and licking it. “…” She opened her eyes. “Wow…that’s…” Her expression changed completely as she suddenly stared at Spike’s penis and actually began to grasp it.

“C-CANDENCE?!” asked Spike. It was one thing for her to watch, but now she was actually going to touch?

“MORE!” she said, suddenly smiling widely as her pupils converted into hearts. The taste was just amazing! Nothing she ever tasted in her life ever came close to something like this! However, she realized that Spike was well spent, receiving nothing despite her vigorous stroking. “HMM!” she whined, before suddenly moving her head down on it.

“AHH!?” moaned Spike, as his dick was still pretty bucking sensitive to the core. Cadence’s technique with her tongue and mouth told him that Shining Armor was a lucky bastard. “C-C-CALM DOWN-!”

“HMMMM!” muffed Cadence, as she suddenly lifted her head and arched her body gracefully. She swallowed what little she managed to suck out of Spike’s limped penis, and turned to find a still weaken Sweet Mint. “More…!”

“!” Spike was dumbfounded as Cadence suddenly began to feast on the mess that lied between Sweet Mint’s thighs, causing the green mare to yelp in confusion.

“HNNNN! Y-Y-Your highness-?!” she said with embarrassment.

“HMMMM!~~~! NOT another word! Celestia do you taste delcious!! HMMMM!”


Sweet Mint gasped silently as she closed her eyes in pleasure. She never expected her ruler to eat her out from behind, licking and sucking out every drop of hot semen between her legs. It was so hot, feeling Princess Cadence cleaning her up with her own tongue without a single care in the world. She never imagine that something like this would happen to her, and she liked it. “HAHHH!”

“HMMMMMMMM!” Cadence muffed, loving the taste. She did not know why, but it was so addictive and something that she needed to satisfy her craving. More and more did she eat up what still-wet semen she could get, also appreciating the love juices that Sweet Mint produced into the mix. She felt so naughty, cleaning up this guard’s exposure without shame, and she loved it.

“…” Spike smiled awkwardly as he did not know how to think. This was simply hot and entertaining without a doubt. He never saw female on female action before, and each passing second made it better. Wanting to get involve with what was going on, Spike began to grasp his penis. Yet surprisingly, Spike’s erection did not return as he would expect. “…” He suddenly frowned when he realized that he was done…for now.

“Hmmm… They really had quite a blast. Cadence was perfect for this,” said a hidden, quiet observer from the doorway…

Wonderful treatment~

View Online

Spike groaned as the bag of ice failed to settle his nerves, feeling completely burned out from the nonstop sex he had with Sweet Mint. It was uncomfortable for him to walk after he finally released a healthy load, as his lower regions seemed restless to an extent. It did not occur until a few minutes after they were done, in which Sweet Mint had fallen asleep on his bed and Princess Cadence came back to her senses. Spike still found it hard to believe that Cadence could change completely just from tasting his strange new semen. Semen that Spike had never seen before, making him wonder if what Cadence did to him triggered a hidden secret within him.

However, Cadence’s disappearance left Spike alone in the dark once again. Especially when he found a still-sleeping Sweet Mint on his bed when he left to find ice. It was troublesome when considering that he did not know where anypony was; no guards and no goddess was spotted. Save for Sweet Mint, Spike was sure that he was the only living thing in this castle. Thus, all he could really do is wait. Perhaps until Sweet Mint woke up or when Cadence returned after a certain point.

“…” Spike sighed softly as he lifted the bag of ice off his crotch. Despite wearing pants, he could tell that the swelling and irritation was disappearing simply from how comfortable he felt. He stretched his legs slightly as he watched Sweet Mint’s sleeping stature for a little longer. He was tempted to fall asleep next to her, had it not been for the fact that he wanted her to relax completely without having to share his bed.

Suddenly, Spike’s attention adverted as the door opened. “Cadence?”

“Oh good, you’re still here!” said a happy Cadence. Her appearance was the same as before, although it was clear that she took the time to clean herself and look more presentable in front of her subjects. “Sorry, I needed to freshen up. Sweet Mint is still sleeping?” she asked, looking over at the bed.

“It must’ve taken a lot out of her,” observed Spike. “But I don’t mind letting her sleep in here for as long as she wants. Did you see Princess Celestia anywhere?” he asked.

“Actually no,” said a disappointed Cadence. “I think that maybe she’s-”

“Sorry about that!”

Both Spike and Cadence were pleasantly surprised by Princess Celestia’s sudden appearance. Happy to continue the day with actual progress, both walked towards her majesty. “I didn’t keep you two waiting for long, did I?” she asked humbly.

“Not that long,” insisted Cadence. Yes, it was quite some time before she finally returned to them, but she was in a positive mood. “So we did finish the session and discovered that Spike’s sexual development may have ‘finished’.”

“Finished?” asked Princess Celestia.

Spike nodded as he joined the conversation. “Yeah, Cadence said that my body seems to have finished with ‘puberty’. So I guess that means that I am fully sexually mature?” he assumed.

Princess Celestia gave a soft giggled as she shook her head. “I am going to say no Spike. In all honesty, I did some research of my own and learned that dragons have actually three cycles in their lives, when it comes to sexual growth.”

Spike was surprised that Celestia did not tell them this beforehand. Unless, she only recently learned this? “How do you know this Princess Celestia?” he finally asked.

Princess Celestia smiled as she answered, “My travels led me to where a majority of your kind lives Spike.”

“Oh!” Cadence said, now understanding why her aunt traveled to the South Seas.

“Huh, I knew that it sounded familiar when you told us where you went,” admitted Spike. To be honest, he expected himself to immediately recognize where Celestia was referencing beforehand. “Wait, so you met with other dragons? To learn more about what I am going through?”

“Precisely Spike,” confirmed Princess Celestia. “I met someone who was able to assist me with the proper amount of knowledge. Although I am curious why you never bothered to educate yourself more regarding your species. Did the idea never cross your mind when you attended the Gauntlet of Fire event?” she asked.

“Not really,” Spike said. “I didn’t feel comfortable being with my own kind,” he added.

“Spike!” said Cadence with a frown.

“Well it’s true! We may be dragons but they also like to socially outcast whoever they feel like! Things only got better for me when I first became Dragon Lord and left. I just didn’t feel the need to stay around and ‘chat’ with anyone, you know?” Spike explained.

Both alicorns frowned when Spike said that. Cadence in particular was sad to learn that Spike was a mere outcast in the eyes of his own species. As for Celestia, she expected such a result, particularly on the day she found Spike’s egg and decided that he was to be raised amongst ponies. She always hoped that her prediction would turn out wrong. “Well why don’t we continue this discussion outside?”

Ten minutes later

It did not take long for Celestia’s subjects to properly set up the panic table in the middle of her garden. Humbled with only tea and some small banked goods, the table work did generate a nice comfortable environment. Of course, that was not to discredit the fora which graced them with such an appealing presence. Spike and Cadence did appreciate the suggestion, as the scents did arouse their minds to relaxation.

“So you activated a particular gland within Spike? Do you recall where it was exactly?” asked Princess Celestia. She took a sip of her sweet peach tea in a graceful matter.

As Cadence did the same, she sighed in relief to appreciate the taste. “Ah… Yes, auntie, I remember this gland being particularly close to two major glands that are close to his brain. It seemed completely inactive until I accidently made it active. Spike then began to act strange even after I stopped stimulating it.”

“Strange?” Celestia raised an eyebrow. “What do you mean?”

“Well, his eyes were silver-like and his spikes were ‘erecting’ in nature, as if he was getting a ‘rush’ out of it,” Cadence explained, looking over at Spike.

“That’s an understatement,” Spike remarked.

Cadence coughed slightly before she then asked, “Spike, you said that your sense of awareness around you was higher, correct?”

Spike nodded. “It was weird, but it felt great at the same time for some reason. It’s like all of my worries were melting away and I was completely ‘free’ from reality itself. It was as if I reached a point in my life that was beyond living; at least, that’s what I felt.”

“Sounds like you were releasing hormones that did more than what adrenaline normally provided for you. And how long were you feeling this sensation? You’re clearly different now compared to what you two have described to me,” Celestia said.

“Well I…” Spike paused as he looked at Cadence for a few seconds. It was somewhat of a sensitive topic that he did not want to share. Likely, Cadence would mutually agree with him when regarding the sexual session that occurred. Thinking of a simple lie, he said, “Well, I just relaxed on my bed and-”

“-Ravaged Sweet Mint like a little tramp? Because she looked completely passed out,” interrupted Celestia. She smirked with amusement as both Spike and Cadence finally realized that she knew. “And I must say, you did not hold anything back did you?”


“Your room reeked of what I could only assumed is dragon semen. And it’s stronger than I could ever imagine.” Princess Celestia frowned as she took a moment to drink her tea. “…” She sighed before lowering her cup down. “It’s not dangerous for ponies, is it? I can’t imagine what Sweet Mint is experiencing if she’s heavily coated with your semen. My, I doubt that any stallion would have her now!”

“Auntie! You’re embarrassing him!” protested Cadence. While she was not completely sure that her aunt knew about her involvement, it still made her grow a deep shade of red across her face.

“Oh my, I suppose you’re right…” Princess Celestia took a moment to giggled softly before taking a small piece of cake. She moaned softly in pleasure as the orange glaze on vanilla cake created an orgasm in her mouth. She hummed slightly as Spike was shaking gently while lowering his head in embarrassment.

“I-I-I-I-” he shuttered. It was one thing for Cadence to know, but the sun goddess herself? It was just too much for him to humbly handle to a degree. “W-W-W-Why b-bring that up-??” he squeaked.

Cadence frowned as she could easily tell how uncomfortable this made him feel. Spike may have shamelessly screwed Sweet Mint in front of her, but she remembered how skeptical he was to begin with. “A-Auntie, it was the only way for Spike to restore himself back to normal. He did his best to settle his nerves by himself,” insisted Cadence.

“Oh? And how do you know this my dearest niece?” asked an impish Princess Celestia. Her taller stature allowed her to glaze her eyes towards her now startled niece. “You weren’t…involved…were you?” she then asked, raising an eyebrow as she took another piece of cake.

Spike’s jaw nearly dropped as Cadence was now beginning to tremble. Yes, Cadence did not technically have sex with them, but still! Luckily however, the attention shifted to another pony.

“Ah, there you are!” Celestia said happily.

Spike turned his head to see Princess Luna making her way towards the three of them. Now dressed in something nearly identical to Princess Celestia’s own attire, Princess Luna’s mane was properly brushed to a higher standard. Her body was admirable thanks to her blue dress shaping her properly, making a male- or female’s- fantasy, a reality. Although, Spike couldn’t help but notice that her expression seemed off; she seemed nervous.

“H-Hello,” said Princess Luna. Her smile was weak, and she was unsure on how she was going to enjoy herself.

“Sister I was beginning to think that you were not going to join us! Please have a seat!” invited Celestia. She smiled as she took another sip of tea and said, “We have some wonderful treats that I do know that you would like~”

“Oh do we?” asked Luna. Her tone was somewhat unconvincing; it was as if she did not believe her sister?

She’s been acting strange since I first saw her, thought Spike. Watching Luna awkwardly approach them aroused his curiosity even more. “…” Princess Luna took a moment to glance at him before shifting her attention back to the ground. What is up with her? Should I ask her, or would that make things awkward? he wondered, taking a sip of his tea.

“Auntie Luna, you should sit! The cakes are quite something!” insisted Cadence with a smile. While she was happy that her other aunt was here to take the focus of attention, she was still red from the previous conversation with Princess Celestia.

“Oh yes dear sister, please, sit,” insisted Princess Celestia.

“…” Princess Luna’s face turned slightly red, much to the confusion of Spike.

Is she…embarrassed…?

“Is something wrong?” asked Cadence.

“Yes sister, is something wrong?”

“!” Princess Luna’s eyes widened as she suddenly said, “N-N-No, of course not. I-I-I’ll have some cake…”

Spike’s confusion grew even more as Princess Luna uncharacteristically reached for a piece of cake…standing. Rather than sit down and join them like she would do with proper mannerism, she awkwardly reached from where she stood and quickly added it into her mouth. She said nothing as she closed her eyes and chewed softly. “…” Is she mad or- !!! Spike’s eyes suddenly widened.

“Oh sister, you cannot enjoy cake like that!”

Luna’s eyes immediately snapped opened. “HMMF-” Somehow, without her realizing it, her sister had appeared right behind her. She could feel her hands resting gently on her shoulders, as if to ease her with a simple massage. Yet, she could not be more wrong as her sister “guided” her to the closest chair. As expected, she was forced to “drop” suddenly on her chair without warning.

“Comfortable?” asked a cheerily Princess Celestia. She leaned in and hovered over her sister’s shoulder when she asked that.

Spike was even more dumbfounded as Luna’s sudden yelping and immediate trembling set him off. Obviously something was disturbing the Moon goddess to an extent, as Spike then witnessed a shade of red appearing across her face. “Um, is everything okay, your highness?”

“!” Princess Luna’s face changed yet again. “O-O-O-Oh yes Spike! W-W-Why do you a-a-ask??”

“…” Spike frowned as Luna’s fake smile and assurance only annoyed him, as Princess Celestia cheerfully made her way back to her chair. It was as if he was the only one who actually noticed that something was off. As much as he wanted to press on with the subject, Princess Celestia had other plans.

“So Spike, how do you feel now? Are you still experiencing any of the symptoms you had before arriving here?” asked Princess Celestia.

Spike took only a few seconds to consider what she was asking him. He did not feel any different, aside from that episode he had when Cadence triggered that gland inside of him. Thus, he easily shook his head without hesitation.

“Well maybe something is happening and we don't know it? For all we know, Spike may now be going through a recovery phase,” suggested Cadence.

“Wait, ‘recovery’? You did not find anything inside of me that seems ‘damaged’ did you?” asked a concerned Spike.

“Oh my goodness, you’re right; that was an exaggerated term,” admitted Cadence. “What I mean is, maybe you’re turning back into the state that you were in before experiencing these bad symptoms?” she asked. “Or if you’re gone passed that depressive stage in your growth and won’t have any other symptoms in the near future? That gland inside of you obviously did something to you, and you do seem to be fine…at least from what I can see.”

“Well it is too early to tell,” Spike said. “I can’t give a proper feedback until more time has passed,” he added.

“Well that’s a shame; my train leaves in an hour. I was hoping to assist you more with this, but I suppose my aunts will have to continue on with what we found,” said a frowning Cadence.

“Oh dear that’s right,” said Princess Celestia with a frown of her own. “But what you’ve done so far has allowed me to properly analyze the current situation with Spike.” She looked at Spike and added, “Spike has now begun the next stage in his maturity, thanks to the premature activation of that gland.”

Cadence was not pleased with “premature”. “It’s, not a bad thing, is it? I mean, is it too early-”

“Well as far as I know, it’s nothing for us to worry about. Dragons typically reach this stage much earlier than what most dragon specialists would expect. If anything really, Spike is simply five years early,” Celestia explained calmly.

“But five years???” asked a confused Spike.

“You’re not a pony Spike; your anatomy works different than us. So you should really stop comparing to what can happen to you, as if you were a pony. Trust me: you’re fine.”

Spike was still not convinced, as he still felt some form of doubt. “I am sorry, but I am still a bit worried,” he admitted.

“Oh Spike, I assure you that I have taken the time to study your kind more than most ponies have in their lifetime. You simply need to stay here for a few more nights, so that I can make sure that your body is in a stable state,” Celestia explained.

“Is that really all it takes?” asked Cadence.

Princess Celestia nodded as she said, “Yes. I originally wanted you to learn if there were some unnatural occurrences within Spike’s body. However, not only did you learn that he simply finished puberty and that nothing was wrong with him, but you sent Spike on a path of natural growth. Now I need to make sure that Spike continues on the path that his body is heading towards.” Celestia placed her tea cup on the table. “My sister and I will give him magical therapy and physical therapy, with the help of our subjects of course,” she then added with a smile.

“Ooooh like a spa vacation?” asked Cadence with excitement. When her aunt nodded, she then said, “Oh Spike, you’re going to have such a blast!”

“Wait- I am basically here on vacation?” asked Spike, never expecting to have a lax visit at all.

“Of course Spike! It’s important for you to relieve stress! After all, you did not think that your visit was purely business, did you? This is all about you,” Princess Celestia said with a giggle.

“…” Luna glanced upwards to see that Spike was clearly confused. The poor thing had no idea what her evil sister was really planning.

“I see…I guess I do need a vacation,” Spike said happily. It was dumb for him to assume that he was not going to at least enjoy the luxury that they themselves were privileged to. After all, he was a guest, right?

“Oh my, look at the time…” Cadence frowned as she looked at her watch and realized that she needed to make her way to the train station. She looked at her aunts and Spike before saying, “I hate to go, but I must return to my family.”

Spike frowned as he stood up while Cadence began to say her goodbyes. Her hug with Princess Celestia went as expected, while Princess Luna slowly stood up, as if shy about the situation. They only said a few words before Cadence came over to hug Spike. He cheerfully hugged her and said, “Take care Cadence. Say hi to Shining Armor and your daughter for me.”

Cadence nodded with a smile as she quietly said, “I will. Oh and Spike? Can we…pretend like that never happened?”

Spike frowned, knowing what she was talking about. “Yeah huh,” he agreed, knowing that it was a sensitive occurrence that they should never bring up again. At least they knew that Sweet Mint wasn’t stupid enough to brag about it. “Good bye Cadence,”

“Good bye Spike,” she said happily. She looked to her aunts and said, “I’ll miss you all, good bye!” With that, Cadence bowed her head slightly and made her leave with two guards, leaving her aunts and Spike alone.

“It’s a shame that she couldn’t stay… Oh well, I know that Shining Armor must miss her dearly,” Princess Celestia commented.

“Yeah, I wished that they came along. I like seeing Shining Armor and their daughter,” Spike said with a sad smile.

“Y-Yes, I do miss seeing Shining Armor and Flurry Heart,” said Princess Luna. She looked to the side for another few seconds before saying, “I-I’ll be in my room-”

“Oh dearest sister!” said a concerned goddess. Celestia moved her hands onto her sister’s shoulder before adding, “Have you been getting enough rest?”

Spike was not a hundred percent sure, but he could have sworn that Luna was giving her sister a blushing glare. Almost as if she said something to purposely embarrass Luna and in front of him. In fact, Spike then saw Luna taking a quick glance at him with her angered eyes, much to his confusion.

“I-I-I am fine…”

“Oh that’s not true; look at you! You must allow me to help you to your room.”

“I am FINE sister!” protested Luna. Like hell I am going to let you take me to my room! she thought.

“Stop lying to your big sister!” protested Celestia. Nice try, but I am not done with you yet…

Spike blinked as Princess Celestia continued to escort her sister out of the garden, leaving him alone with the three guards that were left. He looked at them and asked, “So…what now?”

“Sir Spike, we can escort you to your first planned activity!” offered one of the guards.

Not having anything better to do, Spike nodded and said, “Sounds great!”

Twenty minutes later

“Nnhhhhhhhhhhh…Celestia does this feel great! Hey, don’t forget the wings!” said a lax purple dragon. Feeling the wonderful treatment from the massage specialists, Spike felt complete rejuvenation. The powerful aggressive work from both mare and stallion did wonders for him, as they discovered tension that he had little knowledge of. He underestimated the capabilities that these three ponies were able to do against his hard body. His scales were not something that could easily be manipulated, as they shielded his muscles and other internal parts within his body. Typically, hard as diamond, Spike did not know that ponies could get the job done with the scales that he had across his body. “Nhhhh…a little to the left please?” he requested.

“Wow, you dragons have tough scales!” commented the only stallion. He had to use both arms with Spike’s thick tail.

“Tell me about it! I have to press down even harder than usual!” said the mare that was walking on his back.

The second mare only laughed as she continued to tend to his wings. She finally finished with his left wing and moved around to his right wing, continuing on the work that they were instructed to do. After a good ten minutes, they were all finally done. “Okay, are you ready for the sauna Sir Spike?” offered the second mare.

“Yeah-! I haven’t been in one in a while!” he said cheerfully. He smiled as he stretched for a moment before moving off the massage bed and stretched once again. “Nhhhh, I could use a good sweat.”

“Yeah I am actually surprised that you dragons can sweat,” admitted the stallion.

“Is it true that your scales become more appealing the more you sweat?” asked the first mare.

Spike chuckled as he said, “I don’t know; never noticed a difference.” Spike adjusted his towel and made sure that it was secured around his waist before he looked around. “Where is it?”

“Right this way,” said the first mare. She led Spike through a door and into a large room. A dark brown door with windows was across from them. “You can adjust the heat if you want as well!” she suggested.

“Huh…” Spike blinked as he saw that there were a few options for him to choose in the form of knobs. Considering the current state that they were in, he shook his head, feeling content with what it was at. “This will do.”

“Great! We’ll send someone for you in an hour for lunch!”

Nodding, Spike happily opened the door and stepped into the room, feeling the immediate impact of humid heat. The room was bright, revealing the light brown woodwork that shaped the benches that lasted three levels at each wall. In the middle, a heater made of wood was spotted. Sighing in relief, Spike made his way across the room and leaned against the short wall, spreading his arms across the second level in relief. Maybe half an hour would be enough, as he felt the wonderful process of detoxification taking effect.

Hmmmm…I wish that I could experience this type of heat more often. Much better than working out in the sun. At least I can relax like this… he thought. He sighed once again, allowing himself to ponder his thoughts endlessly. Yet Spike began to notice that the heat was rising to a point that he did not plan. He opened his eyes, wondering if this was a natural thing in the sauna or not. After all, it has been a while for him.

Is some pony going to join me, and thus raised the temperature? he wondered, looking at the door. Much to his surprise, he did see a figure behind the doorway, but was unable to properly recognize who it was. He blinked, leaning forward to get a better idea of who was about to join him. He watched the knob turn slightly, and felt a sudden rush of cool air making contact with him. His eyes widened slightly, never expecting to see another dragon joining him.


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“Sister, I am fine; you can STOP touching me!”

“I am only making sure that you won’t fall over; I do worry about you quite often.”

“Hardly believable!”

Princess Celestia rolled her eyes as they finally reached their destination. Greeted by Luna’s personal guards, both of them entered the room and finally had the privacy that was desired. “There, was that so bad?”

Luna groaned as her magic began to take effect. “I really don’t appreciate you causing more discomfort in me,” she said, as her jewelry was floating off her body.

“Well I did warn you that such discipline would follow the next time we saw Spike. What you attempted to do to him in Ponyville was only one thing, until you attempted to have your way with him again! Honestly, did you not have any concern to how Spike would feel overall?” asked Celestia.

“You’re one to talk! What you plan to do to him now isn’t worse??” asked a frustrated Luna.

“Oh please; I am going to make sure that he desires me as much as I do with him,” remarked Celestia. She crossed her arms and said, “He trusts one who has been attempting to assist him with his issues.”

“By ‘assist’, you likely mean, ‘taking advantage’!” corrected Luna.

A small blush formed across the sun goddess’ face. “I have no idea what you’re talking about; my highest priority is making sure that Spike’s well-being is taking care of. Then he’ll be so thankful, that he’ll desire me all for himself~” she said smoothly.

Luna shook her head as she said, “In case you’ve forgotten sister, he’s in a relationship with Rarity. What I did was simply in a dream form, what you want to do is purely on the physical plane!”

“I’ve already taken consideration into that, and I am quite sure that you don’t know that Spike has an opened-relationship with his supposed love,” explained Celestia.

Luna was dumbfounded. “Wait, they have that type of relationship?” she asked with a surprised tone.

Celestia’s expression lightened. “Well, maybe not anymore.”

“What do you mean?”

“From what I’ve been able to learn, the two of them are growing farer and farer apart. I’ve ‘casually’ asked Twilight whenever our conversations were innocent enough and learned of the current situation.” Celestia closed her eyes and turned away from her sister. “If my prediction is correct, it won’t be long before they are both officially single. Quite a shame really, as I thought that Spike would spend more than a year having a serious relationship with her. Even Spike committed only to Rarity for quite some time and it still did not change things…”

Princess Luna frowned, never knowing the situation between Spike and Rarity. Curious, she asked, “W-Well, perhaps if they had a youngling together? I mean- Oh, dragons cannot cross breed with our kind, can they?” When her sister shook her head slowly, Luna sighed loudly. “Well, a youngling would strengthen their bond. Perhaps adoption in the future should they be able to somehow rekindle their relationship together…”

“Well the only thing that we can do is make sure that Spike’s health is in complete order,” reminded Celestia as she turned to face her again. “And I am going to make sure that his body is completely healthy…”

Princess Luna gave a dull expression, as she could easily recognize the perverted goals that were read across her sister’s expression. “Sister, you do NOT need to sleep with him.”

“Oh? And what makes you such an expert with dragons?” questioned the older goddess.

“I’ve actually been in the mind of one!” reminded the younger one.

Celestia scoffed as she claimed, “That’s nothing compared to the physical level! Besides, it’s not like you can do anything to stop me.”

Luna was offended by her sister’s words, as the prideful moon goddess then answered, “I would tell him what you intend to do!”

Celestia’s jaw dropped slightly, never expecting this response. “You wouldn’t!”

“Funny, I said the same thing this morning!” remarked Luna, reminding her sister what she did to her not too long ago.

Celestia’s brow furrowed when her sister continued to protest against her. “Well, then I think that you deserve yet another session.”

Luna’s eyes widened as her sister took a step forward, indicating that she intended to do something to her. “S-Sister, I won’t let you again!” warned Luna. Her eyes glowed and so did her horn.

However, Celestia rolled her eyes as her horn glowed. “Come now; you know that our magic doesn’t affect the other anymore! We simply neutralize one another…” With that, both of their magic disappeared, as if they never attempted to conjure anything to begin with. “Honestly, it’s just futile whenever you attempt to resist me.”

“Why can’t I be taller?!” complained Luna. Her sister’s hold on her wrists was simply annoying, as she could not break free despite her aggressive attempts. Celestia was much taller and held a more solid stature compared to her little sister. Even as Luna attempted to drop her weight to the floor, Celestia was having no issue dragging her sister towards the bed. “S-SIS!”

“No Luna, you’re going to learn not to interfere with my plans!” said a much annoyed Celestia. Finally reaching the mattress, Celestia turned away and sat gracefully on it, pulling her resisting sister without effort. “Are you going to make this hard on yourself?”

Luna growled as she continued to yank herself free from Celestia’s hold. But as expected, it led to nothing as she continued to be forcibility dragged. When she finally made contact with her sister’s body, her position was changed completely. “N-No!”

Celestia’s brow furrowed even more as Luna continued to resist; she was squirming and kicking wildly. It was a nuisance yes, but nothing more than that. Celestia kept a hand down on Luna’s back before moving her other towards her rear. It took some time but she finally managed to pull the end of her toga enough to the point where skin was revealed. She could feel her sister shutter the moment she revealed her dark smooth silky skin, much to Celestia’s approval. Now for the main focus: her rear.

“NNHH!” Luna whined loudly as her sister effortlessly held her down with a single hand. It got worse the moment she felt her sister’s fingers trailing across her panties. She managed to turn her head and see that her white lingerie was slowly being pulling down, exposing previous red marks that were fainted to an extent. “I haven’t recovered yet-”


Luna cried out as her sister ruthlessly smacked her left cheek. The sensation of pain rushed from her rear to the rest of her body. Her face grew red as a few tears left her eyes, reacting to the sudden pain that she experienced. It did not hurt this badly when her sister did this earlier, likely because she had no issues beforehand. If only her magic surrounding ice had actually helped, she would not be feeling so much soreness.


This time, the other cheek was struck. While not as painful as the other, it still forced the moon goddess to yelp in pain. A few more droplets of tears escaped from her eyes, as it stung like a bitch. “N-No more!”


“No,” said Celestia.


“You should know better than to challenge me of all ponies. Perhaps you’re having difficulty remembering your place?” asked an impish princess.

“I-I am a ruler as well!” argued an out of breath princess. “And I am a god as well! I will NOT be treated like a-”


“C-CHILD!!!” yelped Luna.

It lasted for at least another minute before Celestia finally became content. She sighed softly as she realized that she took too long to get the message sent. After all, it was only now that she took the time to see if Luna had produced any form of arousal between her thighs. And she was not disappointed with the results that were shown. Thus, she smiled with approval as she then slipped Luna off her lap and onto the mattress that she was sitting on.

“Ha…” A few drops of tears hanged on the corner of Luna’s eyes, as the pain was beyond irritating. While she was thankful to finally be freed from her sister’s clutches, she was not craving for the opportunity to actually move.

“Well now that you know better than to interfere with your big sister’s plans, I think that I’ll start showing a little more ‘kindness’ towards our guest…” With that, Celestia began to walk towards the doorway before adding, “Oh and you may want to put some ice on that…”

Glaring at her elder sister, Luna’s face turned red before a bag of ice magically appeared over her rear. Gently placing it on her still-bare rear, she winced in reaction to the contact on her burning rear. “Ugh this hurts!” she complained, yielding to her mattress and groaning. She’s gone too far… A hypocrite and abuser! I must do something…

Luna looked towards the ceiling and allowed her thoughts to ponder, taking into consideration with what needed to be done with her troublesome sister. Yes, Celestia was taller and could easily overpower her without issue. If only her magic could actually have some effect with Celestia, Luna could actually have some leverage when dealing with her. Then again, Celestia was just one troublesome pony…


Spike watched as the dragon made her way towards him, waving in a humbling matter.

“Spike, it’s nice to see you again,” said Ember.

“I could say the same…but why are you here? I think that this would be the last place for you to be?” asked a curious Spike.

Ember rolled her eyes as she sat across from Spike and sighed. The heat was to her liking and caused a shift with the tone of her voice. “Princess Celestia actually invited me. She came to visit and told me to see her culture first hand,” she explained.

Spike was confused, as he never expected this. Wait, did Celestia plan this? What is going on? wondered Spike. This seemed too much of a coincidence for him to believe, as Cadence’s appearance was one thing despite her apparent role during Celestia’s absence. Spike couldn’t place a claw on it, but he knew that something was going on if Celestia never bothered to tell him of Ember’s presence.

“Is something wrong Spike?”

The dragon in question blinked as Ember was attempting to gain his attention. “Oh sorry- I was thinking about something…”

Ember sighed as her body was more relaxed. She said, “Tell me what’s on your mind.”

“Well, Princess Celestia did not bother to tell me that you were here as well.”

Ember blinked. “Does it bother you that I am here?”

“What- NO! I am just surprised that she did not tell me since she invited me to relax here for a while. She was trying to help me with some issues that I have, and she even told me that she went to talk to other dragons to better help me.”

Ember’s expression softened. “So that’s why she asked all of these odd questions… It was regarding you.”

“Wait, you’re the dragon that she met with?” Spike asked. When Ember nodded, Spike then sarcastically said, “Well that’s not odd at all!”

“What’s so odd about it Spike? You’re going through some changes that you don’t understand, and Celestia invited me the same time that you were coming. If anything, it would seem like she wanted me here to assist you…although I would have rather saved myself the trip; you should have come to me if anything,” said Ember.

Spike’s expression softened as Ember’s pride was now taking over. “W-Well I personally think that she should have asked me or Twilight about you before deciding to reach you; I know that you’re busy and stuff-”

“It’s really no trouble at all Spike; a dragon lord such as myself can handle anything on short notice. Even as troublesome as it can be.”

Oh Celestia, she still acts the same… Why hasn’t she changed even a bit? wondered Spike. While Ember acted like a typical dragon, Spike expected her to have at least maintained some form of humbleness. Even now she was still going on and on about how important she was and how inconvenient it would be if she was only here just for Spike’s benefit.

“You should have taken the time to stay and socialize with our kind; you could have learned so much Spike!” insisted Ember. She wiped the sweat off her forehead and smiled; her scales were looking more and more appealing. Regardless, she continued on with, “Would have saved both of us a trip if this is the only reason why we’re both here.

“Well I needed a vacation too so…” Spike wiped his forehead to get the sweat before it poured into his eyes. Nhhh that irritates! he thought.

“You have a stressful life Spike?” asked Ember. She raised an eyebrow as she then asked, “How stressful can it be to live amongst ponies? You always seemed to be happy from what I was able to tell? Ponies have always seemed to have quite the laxed culture. Are you actually telling me that there are hardships for them?”

Spike began to growl, feeling irritated by Ember’s apparent ignorance as he responded, “Ponies face difficulties too Ember! Like dragons, they also have stress in their lives!”

Ember actually began to laugh. “Really? Spike, you must tell me; I am quite interested…”

Mating~ (Ember)

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“That hardly sounds difficult Spike. I mean, ponies are natural labor workers, aren’t they?”

“Well the Earth Ponies are. There are different kinds of ponies, where Earth Ponies are known for having natural talent with labor in general.”

Ember blinked as she still had difficulty understanding Spike. “…So those two ponies that I saw, what kind of ponies are they?”

“Twilight and Rarity are Unicorns; they specialize in magic usage,” Spike explained.

“Ah, those horns give them power correct? And there are ponies who can fly, correct?” asked Ember. When Spike nodded, she then asked, “What are those called?”

“That is known as a Pegasus. The wings are pretty obvious, but I thought that our kind knew a lot about ponies,” confessed Spike. Particularly with one who was the daughter of the previous dragon lord, Spike was under the impression that dragons had an easier time learning about the creatures that he grew up with. “Do you have any other questions?”

Ember shook her head. “No, what else is there to know? Aside from how there’s three different types of ponies, it’s no different from our own.”

Spike raised an eyebrow.

“Oh? I thought you knew Spike; there are three different kinds of dragons. Those who fly, such as you and I, those who live in water, and those who live underground.”

“I figured as much; I thought that I was a dragon who did not grow wings when I first became this…” Spike gestured at his body figure. “It was not until I met my desires that they actually decided to appear.”

“And what was your desire?”

“Confessing to the crush of my life,” Spike said with a smile. He leaned forward and closed his eyes. “I was crazy about her, and when I finally got lucky and managed to sleep with her, I confessed my feelings. She shared the same with me and it became the happiest day of my life…”

Ember smirked with approval. “I am happy to hear that Spike. So are you two still mates?” she asked. Likely, Spike chose a female pony as his mate, given that he lived amongst their kind.

Spike frowned as he lifted his head and opened his eyes. “Well…it’s complicated.”

“Excuse me?”

“Well, we haven’t exactly seen each other eye to eye; I haven’t spent the night with her in weeks,” Spike explained with a slight blush. Yes, it was embarrassing to bring up the fact that his fillyfriend was not intimidate with him recently, but the subject became decreasingly sensitive.

Ember was surprised to hear that from Spike, as she was under the impression that his life was enjoyable to his standards. It was difficult enough to believe that he actually worked for income, and this was no different. “So you do not find her attractive anymore?”

The question brought confusion to the purple dragon’s mind. “W-Well no; she’s still attractive to me. The issue goes beyond any form of attractiveness…”


“I guess there’s just no satisfaction with our relationship… It’s like, what’s the point of us even being in one if it leads to nowhere?”


“Maybe having a family together one day would be nice, but we can’t exactly cross breed with ponies at all.”

That last statement caused Ember’s expression to change softly. “…” She looked up towards the ceiling and asked, “Is that what you desire Spike? To have a youngling with your mate?”

Spike looked to the side as he rubbed his neck. “At first, I thought that Rarity would care whether or not we could have a kid together or not. Yet, the more I realize it, I am the one who wants to have a kid with her. She seemed content with having adoption as an option, but that doesn’t seem good enough…”

“I am sorry to hear that Spike,” said Ember honestly. “But you’ll have to come with terms with the fact that you’ll have to mate with a dragon in order to have an offspring of your own.” Ember looked up and blinked slowly. “…I think I am done.”

Spike watched as Ember got up and made her way to the door, prompting him to follow. After all, he was here for quite some time before she joined him. “I suppose you’re right.” Spike sighed in relief as the air condition felt quite nice after spending so much time in a humid room. He shook his body slightly and felt relief before asking, “How long are you going to stay here Ember?”

“I am not sure at the moment. Perhaps I’ll leave tomorrow or the day after. Right now, I am interested in learning more about ponies since you told me a few interesting things about them.”

“Then you’re going to spend time with Princess Celestia as well?” he assumed.

Ember nodded slightly as she walked over to the left. There, fresh clean towels awaited her while she began to remove the one that covered her body. “Nhhh, I worked up a good sweat…” She sighed in relief as she dropped her sweat drenched towel and grabbed one of the clean ones.


Ember’s ears perked as she heard her name being called in such an urgent matter. “Hmmm?” She rubbed her face dry and asked, “What is it Spike?”

“Could you NOT just casually expose yourself?!” Spike then argued, facing away from Ember with a red blush across his cheeks. It was no secret that Ember was an appealing dragon, as even with the armor she wore when they met, he could tell that she was quite the prize to glaze upon without shame. Her tail swooshed gracefully as his eyes read the perfect curves that shaped her perfect body.

Ember moved the towel her neck and turned her upper body towards him, paying no mind to her exposed lower regions. “What is wrong Spike?”

“You’re naked!”

“I know…?”

“WHY are you so comfortable revealing your sex to me without any concern???” asked Spike. When no answer was heard, Spike called out to her. “Ember?” No response. After a few seconds, he slowly turned around and repeated himself. “Ember? Are you listening- AH!”

Spike nearly jumped as Ember was now facing him completely…while standing only a few feet away from him. “I am actually offended Spike; Do you find me unappealing?” she snarled, raising an eyebrow as well.

“W-What?????” Spike’s face turned redder as he forced himself to make direct eye contact with her. Yes, he was only an inch taller than her, but his curiosity was forcing him to glance slightly below her chin. While only for a few seconds, it made him increasingly uncomfortable.

“I am assuming based on your reaction, Ponies are not natural about nudity?” she assumed, taking his upbringing into consideration. “It’s not uncommon for us dragons to display oneself ostentatiously for others.”

“Seriously…?” Spike knew that his kind had pride, but…

“Of course,” said Ember with a small smile as she crossed her arms. “Displaying our bodies without shame is completely natural. Mind you, we don’t do this regularly as you can tell from your previous experiences with our kind, but moments like this is quite common. After all, you did not seem to mind the fact that I joined you with only a towel; I had assumed that you knew this?”

“W-Well it was only because you covered most of your body with a towel that I was completely fine with that,” confessed Spike. It was true, as everything between her thighs and collar bone was not originally visible to him. Thus it mattered little until she actually removed her towel. “So yeah, ponies don’t normally expose themselves like our kind does… I didn’t offend you did I?” he asked.

Ember’s eyes casually rolled when asked that very question. “Yes, yes you did. I expect better treatment from one of my subjects Spike,” she explained.

Now Spike was getting annoyed. “I am not exactly aligned with dragons Ember; I am more of a subject with Princess Celestia,” Spike pointed out.

“Excuse me? Spike, you’re a dragon; All dragons are my subjects as by the rules of our kinship. We dragons must traditionally abide by these rules known as our code of honor. If anything, I am entitled to whatever I see fit with said subjects,” Ember said firmly. Really, how dare he disrespect me by insisting the opposite? she thought, feeling disgusted with her subject.

“…” Now Spike’s brow furrowed as Ember’s words continued to create annoyance within him. Holy buck, she’s being a pain in the ass! Are we always this egoistic? he wondered. Yes, she had prideful, no doubt. Yet, this was the first time that they were able to have a conversation without any distractions. It was obvious how arrogant she was when regarding their relationship and roles together. “Well I am sorry, but I don’t have to take this.” With that, Spike turned away and made his way towards the clean towels. Without hesitating, he switched towels and happily tossed his dirty one away to the side.

“…” Ember glared with disapproval before making her way towards Spike from behind. Her expression changed the moment Spike exposed his body for a few seconds. A smirk suddenly formed on her lips when she spotted the well-toned structure of his rear. In fact, it was only now that with his towel removed, his natural body scent had the freedom to flow within the surrounding space. The smell was appealing to Ember, causing her pupils to sharpen for a brief moment before she sighed in relief. “Nice ass,” she complimented, before her eyes returned to normal.

“Huh?” Spike blinked the moment he heard that comment. “T-Thanks- AH!” Spike yelped for a second as he felt Ember’s claws sinking into his rear, maintaining a firm grip without hesitation. “CLAWS OFF!”

“Well aren’t you sensitive,” noted Ember. She easily released him the moment he pulled away and faced her completely. Oh my, did he smell simply wonderful. Unfortunately, she did not get a chance to properly examine his mating tool, much to her displeasure. “Stop hiding it Spike…”

“Ember, there’s a thing called consent; I am not comfortable with you sexually harassing me,” Spike said with distaste. “Maybe if you considered my feeling a little more, I wouldn’t have a problem mating with you,” he added.


“I mean it; You’re attractive and all but you seem a bit inconsiderate…” To be honest, while Ember was naturally appealing as a female of his species, her personality was not. “I thought that you learned that from our conversations before...”

Ember was a prideful dragon; Spike’s opinion of her did mean something since she viewed him as a valuable subject. Even if he did not agree with his status in her eyes. That however did not prevent her from yielding and humbling herself. “I suppose you’re right Spike. Especially since you’re a dragon that was raised differently than other dragons. Let alone, how I was raised,” she explained.


“I am sorry if I hurt your feelings. Do you acceptable my apology?” asked Ember. Stepping forward, she moved a hand onto her hip before reaching out with the other. Her wings were spread completely as her tail swooshed every few seconds. She looked into his eyes with determination, wanting to prove to him that his feelings did matter to her.

“Do you mean it?” asked an unconvinced Spike. However, Spike began to believe her the longer she held out her hand. Thus, he moved his to grasp her hand with acceptance. “Thank you Ember,” he said with a small smile.

Pleased with the response, Ember smiled and nodded while shaking his hand gently. “Of course Spike; You do matter to me…”

“…” Spike watched as Ember moved slightly closer before wrapping her arms around his neck. It wasn’t when considering how little difference there was with their respective height. Her smile became more and more devilish, indicating her naughty side and desires. The stare finally broke the moment he felt her snout making contact with his. “Nhh!” He flinched slightly as her tongue on his nose was unexpected.

“Hmmm?” Ember blinked when she saw his reaction. “…You’ve really never received affection from another dragon, have you?” When Spike chuckled in embarrassed, she closed her eyes with a small smile. “Well then you should know something: I am not as merciful as you would expect.”

That comment surprised Spike as he asked, “What do you mean?” Spike’s eyes widened as Ember suddenly nibbled on his lips. Almost as if she was snapping at him, the speed and impact took Spike by surprised. It did not stop there, as Ember continued her nibbling all over his face without warning. Her lips seemed different than what he was expecting, as they were softer than he was expecting. Then again, no pony that he ever kissed would complain about texture of his lips. Yet it was surprising how sensitive his face whenever her lips made contact.

Ember smirked as Spike’s reaction was pleasing to the core. Especially as he “tried” to pull away from her. And by “tried”, more in the sense where he only moved his head and nothing else below it. Clearly he was willing to take some form of chance with her version of affection, and she appreciated his own efforts. “Never been kissed before Spike?” she teased.

“D-Dragons are d-d-different…” Spike blinked as his face turned redder and redder. It got worse for Spike as she started to focus between where his ear connected to his head. Some odd sounds then emerged from Ember, reminding him a mix of purring and whimpering as if she was the one being treated.

I wonder if he even realizes how different dragon pheromones are to ponies, wondered Ember. His own scent was appealing, as he clearly had better hygiene given that his own pheromones were less tainted than other dragons. “Hmmmmmm you smell quite nice Spike…”

Spike’s grew redder as Ember continued her attack on him, causing him to finally sit down on the bench and causing her to release him.

“Now let’s see what you have provided for me,” commented Ember. She slowly lowered herself to her knees and slowly moved the towel out of the way. As expected, his erection immediately sprang up without warning. The tip gently tapped the tip of her snout causing her to flinch for a mere second. Her pupils turned slit, as the pre-cum that he was leaking stimulated her senses to the point where she took her head twice and blinked repeatedly. “Wow that’s strong,” she said, looking at his penis with still slit pupils. She did not expect Spike’s penis to carry such a unique scent.

Spike’s observation made him wonder if he still had traces of that strange purple semen that he produced a while ago. While he was sure that Cadence sucked what was left out of him, he never really cleaned himself afterwards. Regardless, he bit his lip as Ember had no issue with getting straight work with her tongue. She placed her claws against his inner legs and spread them before sticking out her long dragon tongue against his penis. It was something else, watching a long tongue like hers actually wrapping around his penis in a unique matter. Afterwards, Ember moved forward and began to take it all into her mouth.

Ember slowly moved her head up and down. While tightening her tongue to maintain proper control of his penis, she realized that he was twitching a lot sooner than expected. It wasn’t even a minute and he was already possibly about to cum. “Mhmmm mah mmmama mnm, fma muu?”

“I-I can’t help it-” he managed to respond. “Oh Celestia how are you so good at this?” he then moaned. Spike never expected his ejaculation to approach this fast, especially when his previous experiences and recent sexual releases. Dragons were clearly on a different level than ponies.

He is a virgin with dragons after all, thought Ember, finally coming to terms with it. Spike was clearly no different than a dragon who never mated, which would typically be with another dragon instead of ponies. Oh well, she would have to work with what she had at the moment. “Ah… Okay, you clearly can’t handle my mouth.”

“Huh?” Spike blinked as Ember released his penis and stood up while licking her lips. She then grasped his arm to lift him up, and move him right behind her.

“Now please me…” Ember released him and moved towards the wall where he recently leaned against. “I am not one who like to be left waiting longer than I have to…” Presenting herself, Ember moved her hands against the wall and spread her body, lifting her tail slightly upwards and separating her buns without care. As expecting, her crotch carried the same color tone that covered the center portions of her body. Interestingly enough, she did not show any indication of arousal from first glance, save for the scent that her body produced.

I can’t take it anymore, Spike thought shamefully. His instincts were starting to get the better of him, as mounting Ember and ravaging her like a cheap whore was dominating his mind. Although by some miracle, Spike remembered that foreplay was essential to a mating session, dragon or not. Thus, the horny dragon licked his lips as he moved forward and lowered to one knee before grasping her beautiful rear. Spreading her sweet buns apart, Spike’s nose perked in reaction to the gentle flow of arousal that escaped from her body. Gently trailing down her crotch, Spike’s lips were licked before being pressed against Ember. First making contact with her clit, Spike began to nibble repeatedly while sucking in what juices were available to him. Perhaps the most unique thing to come out of this, was for Spike to experience the taste of a female dragon. The scent now combined with the taste greatly aroused the senses within Spike. Never did he expect to enjoy himself as much as he did with Ember’s crotch. It made him understand what exactly he was missing out when it came to dragon pussy.


Spike blinked as he failed to immediately realize the waterfall of dragon nectar pouring into his mouth. Clearly Ember had squirted in response to an orgasm that occurred without warning. Not complaining, Spike continued to lick up and down and swallow what Ember presented him with. The taste made his face even redder, causing him to close his eyes in a gentle matter as if he were about to fall asleep. He could feel her body twitching slowly but surely.

“HMMMMM~” she cooed in a gentle matter. A small snarl-like yelp escaped, before converting into a satisfying moan. Her tail was raised up high for a few moments before gently yielding to gravity. “HMmmm… My word you are restless; you didn’t bother to stop and give this dragon a chance to rest.”

“HMM?” Spike muffed before opening his eyes.

“Nhhh I came like three times in the last ten minutes and you refused to stop…” Ember sighed softly as Spike finally gave her a chance to move freely. He’s hungrier than a starving wolf… He had the nerve to test me like that, noted Ember with slight distaste. Yes ,it was enjoyable but she held pride with her position; she expected him to listen to her demands.

“Ten minutes?” asked Spike. But I was against her rear for only one…wasn’t I? he wondered. However, before he could properly process that thought, he felt a firm hold on his penis. He immediately looked down to see that her claws had positive control of him.

“Now then, I expect you to please my sex…”

“Are you in heat?” asked Spike, now questioning her sudden desires for him.

Ember rolled her eyes as she tightened her hold, causing a yelp to occur from Spike. “I bet you would love that, wouldn’t you?”

“W-What?” yelped Spike.

“Oh please; you’re no different than any of the other horny dragons back home! You males thrive whenever a female is in heat. Thus in her most venerable state, completely helpless against any who found them. I’ve witness many females fall victim to savage gangbangs left and right, all to please both said males and themselves,” Ember explained calmly.

“What- that’s basically rape!” protested Spike. “I would never force-”

“Force? HA! More like mutual consent; once you’re in heat or you become aroused by one who is, instincts take over,” Ember said with a smirk before releasing her hold on him. “We’re more feral than you think Spike. It’s perfectly natural to give into your sexual desires…” Ember guided Spike to sit down before stroking his penis. “After all, that’s all that we’re doing now, aren’t we? Giving in?”

“Well you’re not wrong,” admitted a flushed purple dragon. Yes, he wanted to screw Ember regardless of how their relationship was. And yes, even with the way how she spoke to him beforehand. “So would you be okay if I came inside of you?” he asked, very curious with how far Ember would go with him if this was truly all “lust”.

“Oh? Trying to impregnate me?” asked Ember.

“Oh yeah; you’re a dragon like me… I guess this would be the first time where there’s a ‘risk’ huh?” asked Spike. He laughed a bit at the thought, never realizing how convenient sex was for him.

Ember also laughed. “Well between you and me, I wouldn’t mind in all honesty?”


“Well as Dragon Lord, I think that having an heir of my own is appropriate. Thus, I am seeking any dragon who could provide me with wonderful genetics that compliment mine,” she said.

Spike was stunned to hear this, considering that it was so casual coming from Ember. She actually found him to appealing enough to be “worthy” of fathering her offspring? Also, he was getting the impression that single parenting was a thing; wouldn’t she tell him if they were committed mating partners should she become pregnant? Wait, she would tell him, right?

“Um, doesn’t this mean that we would have to be together or something?” asked Spike.

Ember rolled her eyes as she faced away from him. “It matters little; should two dragons decide to stay together and raise their shared offspring, that’s their business and no other dragon’s. Our culture does not care to frown nor approve dual parenting or single.” With a turning of the head, Ember added, “After all, my father raised me single-handedly.”

Spike blinked as he once again misinterpreted his own heritage. “I don’t know, seems kinda- OPH!” Spike’s oblivious nature allowed him to be surprised by Ember’s tight body. Without much resistance, he felt his penis penetrating into her body almost instantly. He lost his breath for only a moment before shutting his eyes. “WOW!” he then said, never realizing how deliciously tight dragons could be. It felt so weird despite the pleasure it brought to his body. He couldn’t help but hold his head with both claws, attempting to comprehend their connection. “GRHHHHH!” he grunted loudly. Ember’s vagina seemingly knew what made him tick, as the texture was complementing the most sensitive of nerves on his penis.

OH BUCKKKKKK! OHHHHHHHHH BUUUUUCK! NHHHHHHHHH! Spike did not know if he was going to last long enough to even experience movement with Ember. In fact, he was pretty sure that he would climax with the slightest of movement. Mercy please-

Spike bit his lip as Ember was moving without a single care in the world. Each movement felt better than the last, making Spike wonder if he was having sex for the first time, and everything else was just foreplay in comparison. Sex was never this good whenever he did a pony…

“HMMMM!” Ember licked her lips in a satisfying matter. Spike’s penis was wonderfully crafted, without a single flaw felt. Clearly the genetics passed by his bloodline were superior compared to other dragons. So long and thick, his penis met the satisfaction levels that her body desired. How she managed to maintain balance while gracefully bouncing up and down was a mystery. How are my legs so calm? she wondered.

Celestia how come only dragons feel this amazing? It’s like her vagina has a mind of its own! thought a impressed Spike. Her insides tended to his penis in ways that he never experienced. In fact, he was pretty sure that he just came. “…”

“…Ugh, really?”

“I-I can’t help it- You feel so amazing!”

Ember rolled her eyes as she finally took the time to acknowledge the small unimpressive load that Spike just released. It didn’t help that he released the moment her body stopped at the head. “You’re going to make up for this Spike.”

“No argument here Ember,” agreed Spike. “So I am pretty sensitive right now and- NHHH!” Spike moaned loudly as Ember had other plans. “Oh really???” he asked, somewhat whining. He grunted as Ember continued to ride his penis without care. It was so slippery and he was so sensitive right now. “P-P-Please slow it down!” he begged.

“No bucking way!” growled an impatient Dragon Lord. If she was allowing Spike the privilege to enjoy her body, then she was going to get something out of this. And not just from potentially mothering an heir. She had needs and desires, so it was only right for Spike to take responsibility. “Now be a real dragon and pleasure me!” she demanded, expecting him to be more forceful.


Spike glared with burning passion as he decided to take dominance as per her request. Resisting the sensitivity that he felt, Spike used all of his will power to grab her and force her forward.


Spike had forced Ember to the smooth wooden floor where they suddenly disconnected. However, that did not stop Spike from continuing his assault on her body. Forcing her head against the floor with a claw, Spike took his time moving into a mounting position with her rear lifted up high. He then entered her once again, feeling his penis sliding into her with ease thanks to his premature release.

“AH DAMN YOU SPIKE…” Ember grunted stubbornly, as she was not expecting to be against the floor. Yes, she was pleased that he was taking a more aggressive approach as to her liking, but her face was uncomfortable. Still, at least she was getting one hell of a buck from him. “…HMMMM!”

A smile soon formed on her lips, which were then licked after a few seconds. So big was he, and so deep did he penetrate her. Doggy style was her absolute favorite, as it often allowed her partner to pleasure her the proper way. His movements were harder, smacking against her rear while he pumped in and out of her. At this rate she would orgasm and release a proper release from him.

“GHNnnnn…” Spike snarled as his frustration made him revert himself to a more feral nature. He became less reasonable with her well-being as he just wanted the satisfaction of releasing his seed into her. After all, what else was the best way for a male dragon to showcase dominance over a female dragon? Just maintaining this form of intercourse was not enough for Spike.


While Spike heard her request, his mind had already planned ahead. “Shut up; I already decided to do that…”

His disrespectful remark amused her. “O-Oh really? I- GUNN! N-Never took you for a considerate one!” she grunted, really feeling it now. The experience improved when Spike decided to grab both her arms and force her upper body upwards. Now this was a position that Ember really enjoyed, as it was fun and exciting for the two of them. Hell Spike was really letting her have it by this point. Now she was getting that desired intensive climax that her body had been aching. “AHHHHH YESSSSSSS! YESSSS! HARDER DAMN YOU!”

Holy buck she’s a crazy one, admitted Spike. A few blinks and hearing Ember helped his mind become less feral. Then again, it brought such a rush to him, what was the harm in enjoying it? Especially when Ember’s sudden cries of pleasure and trembling indicated her desired second climax. The improved tightness was also a nice touch, as he continued to thrust at a steady pace. It was not disappointing!

Enjoying the frequent thrusting from Spike, Ember expected his release to soon follow. Thus, she tightened her lower regions to intensify the sensation that they both shared. The fun increased when she actually began to feel his mouth on her neck. As she had hoped, Spike instinctively bit on her neck in order to maintain her position. The erotic act itself brought chills down her spine and caused her to produce sounds of approval. Oh how she wished that she got a chance to sink her teeth into him as well. After another good minute, “!”

Pleasure rushed between the two dragons in an explosive matter. Spike ceased his thrusting and simply pressed as deeply as he possibly could into Ember. So tight, so pleasurable, it was everything that he could desire in sex. Same could be said for Ember who could only crunch her teeth and drool from both corners of her mouth. She naturally yielded to Spike’s increasing weight that rested on her body after feeling his teeth leaving her neck. After all, he earned that right before she felt his penis moving out of her without trouble.

“Wow Ember… Thank you!” Spike praised. He grasped his cum drenched penis and stroked it slightly to induce the pleasure. “Dragon sex is amazing,” he then confessed.

“Hmmnnn…” Ember closed her eyes and slowly adjusted her position. “Well…I have to say that you did not disappoint me Spike; I-I had assumed that one who only had experience with ponies would need to practice before being able to pleasure me properly.”

Spike raised an eyebrow as he slowly sat on his rear, taking a deep breath. “Why? Sex is sex isn’t it?” he asked.

“Not always. Then again, this is the first instance that I’ve mated with one who lacked experience with a dragon. But just as I said, you did not disappoint,” she said.

Pleased with her response, Spike closed his eyes and leaned backwards. “…” He opened his eyes. “So um…are you really going to get pregnant?”

“The possibility is there. But let’s see what happens,” she explained, taking a moment to adjust her position again. Leaning on her side and facing away from him, Ember twisted her upper body slightly to see the flow of semen that left her insides. The smell was very strong compared to what he released into her mouth. “Ugh, now I am going to need to bathe…”

“You want company?” offered Spike, now excited with the idea of dragon sex.

“Oh please; you believe that just because we mated that we will do EVERYTHING together now? This is personal free time for me…” Ember slowly stood on her legs and winced as more of the semen flowed out of her tight cunt. “Hmmm…I’ll see you around…” With that, Ember weakly reached for her towel and left Spike alone.

Spike frowned as he too stood up, wanting to spend more time with Ember. However, he knew that he still had some things to do before meeting with the princesses again today. Grabbing a clean towel, he began to clean and cover himself. “I am hungry again,” he decided.

Spike walked towards the doorway and found himself on the other side without anybody to greet him. Confused, he waited where he was first tended by the masseuses and masseur, expecting them to return shortly. Thankfully, he only waited for another five minutes before seeing one of them appear.

“Oh, my apologies Sir Spike!” said the mare. “I did not keep you waiting for long did I?” When Spike smiled and shook her head, she happily held the door wider. “Well right this way! Your mud bath is almost ready,”

Spike frowned. “My what?”

*Ten minutes later*

“Huh, Rarity was right: this feels nice!”

“Glad that you like it Sir Spike!” said the happy mare. “Is the seaweed wrap bothering you?” she then asked.

“Not all; can’t feel it,” said a mud-covered dragon. “So how long do I need to stay in here?”

“Depends on how you feel; since you’re a dragon and not a pony, I say that it’s best until you feel like leaving. I know nothing of how long it takes for dragons to gain benefit from this treatment,” she confessed.

“Then I’ll wait for like half an hour or something…” Spike relaxed even more as the masseuse left him alone to ponder his thought. Hmmm maybe I should go to the spa just for this when I get back, thought Spike. It naturally aroused his curiosity to other spa treatments that he was missing out on. Yes, he did go to the spa occasionally with his friends but never went beyond getting a massage. Now he knew what he wanted the next time he visited the spa.


Spike opened his eyes. “…” He removed the cucumbers from his eyes and blinked. Looking to his right, he saw a restless Princess Luna standing at the door. Her mane looked worse than before and her shaking indicated impatience.

“Come with me, NOW!” she said in a hasty tone.

“W-What’s the issue-”

Spike however felt his body being levitated from the mud bath and forcibly sent towards Luna herself. “WOAH!”

“I’ll explain later!” she responded, looking behind her to make sure that none was nearby. Once convinced, Luna’s horn glowed and both had vanished in a puff of blue smoke.

“Oh, I forgot Sir Spike: would you like something to drink? You must be thirsty after spending time in the sauna!” offered the returning masseuse. However, she froze as a small trail of mud was seen from the bath, to where she stood. “…Where did he go…?”

The Plan~

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Spike’s foot continued to tap for at least another minute as Princess Luna continued to peek through the curtains. With just enough light, Spike could tell that this room was not something that was often visited; it was a mess. Nothing but decorations piled up in an unorganized matter leaving barely any footing space for both Spike and Princess Luna. Hell Spike had no idea where the door was, as Luna’s teleportation spell brought them here in the first place. And with her body covering the small window opening, he lacked even the slightest idea of where they were in the castle itself.

“Okay, I think that we’re safe now,” Luna finally said. As she released the curtain and allowed barely visible light, she said, “Now Spike, there’s something I need to tell you-”

“Um, why are we hiding?” asked Spike. With his arms crossed, Spike was completely put off with the last twenty fours. It made him wonder if there was a harmless conspiracy set around his visit.

“Oh well…” Luna glanced behind her before answering, “It was best if no pony knew about this; especially with my sister.”

“Princess Celestia?” asked Spike. “Why?”

“Spike, my sister has a deviant interest with you,” she said with an embarrassed laugh. Oh Celestia how am I supposed to explain this to him…?

Both of Spike’s eyebrows rose. “Um…what exactly do you mean by that…?”

“Well it started when you grew into what you currently are in physical appearance. Because it was your birthday at the time, I was sent to leave you a special happy birthday message from the two of us. However, when I discovered what you and the others had done, I had to inform my sister of what went on that day.” Luna explained honestly.

Spike’s face turned completely red. “So you know about everything…?” he asked nervously. When Luna nodded humbly, Spike looked to the side and attempted to cover his face. Oh great… Now how am I going to tell Twilight about this…?

“Yes well, it became an interesting subject that we discussed for quite some time. Afterwards, my sister started making more and more indications that she wanted to have you to herself.” Luna paused as she did not want to go into detail with what she found in her sister’s draw weeks after Spike became an adult. Hopefully Spike would be satisfied and understand what she was trying to explain to him.

How Spike managed to prevent himself from dropping his jaw was nothing sort of a miracle. “CELESTIA WANTS TO SCREW ME???????????????????????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!??????????????????”

“SHHHHHH!” Luna immediately covered his mouth while holding up the gesture for quietness. “Not so loud!” she harshly whispered.

“MMUFHGKSGJGHKLH!” muffed Spike.




Spike muffed for at least a good minute before ceasing his futile attempts. “…” Afterwards, Luna finally (yet slowly) moved her hand from his mouth. “I am calm,” he lied.

“I know this must be shocking, but Celestia has converted her innocent affection, which we both shared, into something less innocent,” Luna explained. “Now I don’t know what she plans to do to you, but I felt the need to take action and inform you with what is to come.”

“Still…for her to feel like this like towards me is…” Spike paused.

“Spike?” asked Luna.

“Well I…” Spike paused yet again, unsure on how he felt exactly. The sexual experience he had ever since he became the way he is now was wonderful. Ture, there were moments where some experiences went worse than planned, but overall his sex life was great. Now the fact that a pony such as Princess Celestia had sexual attraction towards him, was overwhelming to an extent. Oh and how could he forget about Princess Luna who had her way with him within the dream world? There was some form of bragging rights despite the fact that not every moment was pleasant. Hell he still felt somewhat displeased just be looking at her. Then again, she was redeeming herself to SOME extent by this point no? “Why are you telling me this, Princess Luna?”

Princess Luna frowned. “I only thought that it was the right thing to do; me and my sister have lived for a long time and I can assure you that not many could handle either of us on a physical level. Hence when I…seduced you, it was only in the dream world. Frankly, I’ve never knew whether or not dragons had such endurance. Even now, I don’t know if you’ll survive should you experience intimacy with either of us…”

“Well thanks for the warning…?” Spike smiled uneasily, not realizing that Luna was a little more considerate than he had known. “So what should I do?” he asked, hoping that Luna could give him some guidance.

Luna frowned as she crossed her arms. “…” She then shook her head.

“Oh come on! I won’t last long if she attempts to seduce me during my stay here!” Spike begged. Celestia was discreet up until this point and it was only thanks to Luna that he knew the truth. “Even if I say no, how do I know that she’ll give up for sure???”

“Well you wouldn’t,” admitted Luna. “Maybe Celestia would take the first opportunity to take you for herself the moment you’re alone with her.”

Spike’s face began to sweat even more as the idea of sleeping with Princess Celestia was becoming more and more likely. If Luna was ‘cold as ice’ when they ‘slept’ together in the dream realm, just how ‘hot’ was Celestia’s body going to feel on the physical realm? Yes, he enjoyed the heat, but Luna’s warning made sense. “Well I have to do something. Maybe if I talk to her and explain my concerns, she’ll let me off?” he suggested.

Oh Spike… “As much as I would like to support that theory, I’ve witnessed first-hand that what Celestia wants, she gets. At one instance, she…actually, I think that we should just forget that story.”

Spike was still concerned. “Well I KNOW that you must have SOME idea of how to deal with her; you did not just come here to warn me without thinking of a way to help me, RIGHT?” he asked.

“Well…” Luna paused as she looked to the side. What could they actually do in this situation? Luna knew that she couldn’t allow her sister to do whatever she desired; enough was enough. “…” What way could they take control of the situation? She puzzled and puzzled for nearly five minutes while Spike patiently watched her. “…I think I know something.”

Celestia's Weakness~

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Spike rubbed his temples after finishing his conversation with Luna. What she suggested was seemingly the best way for them to handle Celestia. Especially after Luna explained why this could be used against Celestia. The only problem however was if Spike was able to do what was needed. Timing and convenience needed to be in Spike’s favor, otherwise, he was pretty sure that his dick would get burned off; even dragons had a tolerance limitation to heat. And based on that fact, his chances with something that was basically the sun did not seem that promising.

Luna better be right about this…never thought that Celestia would have that kind of issue, thought Spike. If anything, he would have expected the opposite from the renowned sun goddess. Wait, looks are deceiving; I should know that! admitted Spike.

“Sir Spike?”

The purple dragon in topic stopped. “Huh?” He looked behind him to see that a member of Celestia’s royal guard was trailing him.

“Forgive me Sir, but I was sent to find you. Her majesty has demanded your presence outside now,” he explained with a bow.

And so it begins, thought Spike. Nodding, he followed the guard and wondered about what Celestia needed him for. Surely Celestia would not try “something” while guards were likely going to accompany him. Then again, was that a safe thought at all? “So, did Princess Celestia say what she wanted to do exactly?”

Shaking his head, the guard answered, “She did not say.”

As they walked, Spike noticed that that the guard was leading him towards a direction different than what he was expecting; they passed by the door that would have led them to the garden. In fact, he could easily see through the large windows in this hallway that there were less guards in the garden than before. Spike had no idea what the sun goddess had planned, and he was not going to lower his guard.

“Here we are.”


Spike finally acknowledged the fact that they were now stepping outside thanks to the opening of a new door. Held wide by two other guards, the first guard led Spike into the opening and finally brought him to their destination: a large pool. Perhaps the largest that Spike had ever come across, the architectural design consisted of waterfalls, sun and moon styled tiles, palm trees, and various flora to finish the tropical-like environment. Of course, this wouldn’t be a personalized pool of royalty if the normal amount of royal guards wasn’t present. At least twenty of them, they continued to walk near the edge of the plant life, assuring no peeping tom was hiding amongst them.

“Oh there you are~”

Spike’s attention returned to the pony of importance: Princess Celestia. The sun goddess herself was lying down on a pool lounger, while being treated by two female guards who continued to wave large fan leaves upon her. This time, Celestia seemed less formal; she wore no crown and instead had sunglasses and a white outdoor robe that covered her body. She held a colorful drink in her hand which had a straw and a slice of orange. Drinking out of it, she continued to wave at a confused dragon. “I was beginning to worry about you; did you get lost Spike?”

Shaking his head, he said, “No.” before finding himself in front of the goddess herself.

“Hmmm, good.” Celestia sighed as she finished her drink. Placing it aside on a small table, she adjusted her position and lifted herself from her lounger. “But I see that you’re still in a bathing suit! Good; I was beginning to think that you had gone to change after finishing your mud bath,” she admitted.

“Oh um, I was pretty thirsty-” he started, trying to convince her with a lie. However, he soon realized that it was pointless as Celestia just wanted him to be here.

“Well luckily for you, we have options.” Princess Celestia snapped her fingers and almost immediately, a large tray of various tropical drinks appeared at his side.

“Blue Lagoon? Piña Colada?” offered the male servant with a smile.

“I’ve never heard of these drinks,” admitted Spike. However, the colorful appearances did tempt Spike. “Well…I guess I’ll take this one!” he said happily, almost forgetting what he and Luna discussed recently.

Goodness, Spike is still a child at heart, noted an amused Princess Celestia. She watched as Spike chose a Blue Lagoon and began to drink to his heart’s content. Wait, he does have experience with alcohol, right? she thought, suddenly losing her smile. She did not want Spike to become heavily intoxicated at all. “Um, you should take it easy Spike,” she advised.

“But these taste so amazing!” protested Spike, now taking a yellowish-red drink.

“I would listen to her Spike…”

Spike froze as he saw Princess Luna approaching them. Like her sister, she wore a pool robe but in dark blue. “Princess,” he said.

“Goodness, do you even have experience drinking?” she asked casually. Luna smiled at her sister and then at the servant, taking the sole Piña Colada for herself. “My, when was the last time we swam sister?” she then asked.

“I honestly couldn’t remember,” admitted Celestia, pleased that her sister seemingly got over their previous confrontation. Good…Then I can continue with my plans, she thought pleasantly. Looking at Spike, she said, “Spike, would you be a dear and help me out of this robe? Goodness, I may have tightened it a bit much…”

Spike blinked as he finished his second drink and saw that Princess Celestia’s knot was indeed tight. She continued to tug and pull the knot from different angles, indicating that she was having trouble. Not thinking much out of it, Spike approached her and began his own attempts to undo the knot.

Oh my- Really Spike? Have you forgotten that my sister is trying to bed with you??? thought a displeased Luna. She rolled her eyes and watched as Spike ‘managed’ to undo the knot, allowing her sinister sister to reveal her body. Grrr…she’s such a show off!

“Hmmmm… Thank you so much Spike,” said a ‘grateful’ Celestia.

“You’re welcome-”

Spike froze as Princess Celestia was finally able to reveal her figure: PERFECT. While he already knew the shape of her body because of how her toga perfectly shaped her figure, the fact that more skin was shown made him restless. White was her bikini, with a simple golden sun on the corner of her left breast and lower regions, it blended perfectly with her skin. Her cutie mark was naturally exposed thanks to the strings barely covering it while holding the lower portion of her bikini. Spike couldn’t help but feel stupid for falling into her trap.

“Ah…much better! Thank you Spike,” she said happily as she then stressed her arms.

You moron, you’re drooling! shouted Luna in her mind. Out of frustration, she suddenly crushed her drink, paying no mind to the mess that was on her hand. “SPIKE, REMEMBER THE PLAN,” she harshly whispered, discreetly sneaking up behind Spike without her sister noticing.

“Huh? O-o-oh right-” Spike suddenly said, coming back into reality. Shit, I can’t let my urges get the best of me…

“Hmmmm…” Celestia happily finished her drink and brought her attention back to Spike. “Shall we go for a swim?”

The next twenty minutes were easier than Spike expected. While he took his time swimming about near the bottom of the pool, Luna did a good job lowering Celestia’s guard with a typical conversation that they would share. As they did, Spike thought about what needed to be done next; he and Luna had to make the first move if they were going to gain an advantage over the sun goddess herself. Of course, this also meant waiting for the opportunity to present itself…

Luckily I can hold my breath…what’s taking so long? Spike wondered, waiting for Luna to do her part.

“…And these dragons only eat gems on certain occasions?” asked Luna.

“Yes, I did find it interesting since I always believed that it was a necessary thing rather than a desire. These dragons only eat gems every Sunday as part as their practices. Gems are highly valued and are not as plentiful as one would expect,” Celestia explained.

“Interesting… I am assuming that they allowed themselves to be spoiled and are now forced into this practice?”

“Likely; I would have to ask Ember a little more regarding this practice…”

Luna nodded as she continued to drink her Blue Lagoon. Both she and Celestia were sitting on the edge of the pool with half of their legs resting within water. “Ah,” she sighed, finishing it. “Goodness, I think that I am done today with these…”

“Oh Luna, you should really learn how to handle your alcohol,” commented Celestia. She sighed in turn, finishing her own drink.

“Oh please; the most I’ve seen you drink is five whenever we’re at the pool,” protested Luna.

Celestia’s brow furrowed when she heard those words. “Oh? Watch me…”

Ten minutes later

“Goodness, you did prove me wrong,” said an observant Luna. Both she and Luna were lying next to one another on their own lounges. She watched as her sister finished her fifteenth drink without trouble.

“So delicious... Why aren’t you having more?” asked Celestia. She placed her glass on a tray held by a female servant. “Did you realize that you wouldn’t be able to out drink me?” she asked sweetly. Naturally, Celestia took pride in the little sibling rivalry that they shared together.

“You win this round,” Luna yield with apparent disappointment. As she watched her sister lick her lips, a hidden smirk soon formed. That’s right…feel free to think that all is going as expected…

“Hmmm, I am actually starting to crave something sweet but not cold,” commented a please Celestia. Licking her lips yet again, she turned her head and said, “I desire some-”


“Hm?” Celestia blinked as Spike seemingly popped out of nowhere and held up a perfectly sliced piece of cake. Yellow vanilla layered with white icing and with a strawberry to top it off would crave her desires. “Why thank you Spike,” she said, reaching for it with her hand.

“No worries- OOPS-”


Celestia yelped as Spike seemingly lost his hold on the plate; the slice suddenly landed into her cleavage. Her sudden yelping attracted the attention of her servants and nearby guards, turning their full attention onto her.


“Spike it’s fine-”

“I’ll clean it up!”

“What? No-”

However, Spike had already begun to clean her up. With a small towel, he immediately moved his claw between her large breasts with the supposed intent to clean her up. Up and down did he move, bouncing her breasts in an inappropriate matter.

“SPIKE! MOVE YOUR CLAW AWAY FROM MY SISTER’S BREASTS!” shouted a ‘horrified’ Princess Luna.

“EH?!” shouted Princess Celestia, wondering why her sister would attract so much attention. It got worse the moment she realized that her royal subjects were staring in utter shock.

“O-OKAY!” stuttered Spike. “I-I am sorry again!” he said, immediately pulling his claw away. However, he made things worse…or better in their case.


Princess Celestia smiled in a dumbfounding matter, as Spike’s immediate response had snapped her bikini top apart, exposing the hopes and dreams of many males. The female servants by instinct covered their mouths while the male guards immediately turned away. However, the latter boldly attempted to turn their necks slightly, hoping to get a better look.


“I-I-It’s f-f-fine-” Celestia immediately cupped her bikini top against her breasts, before using her magic to repair the broken portion. Oh no- THEY ALL SAW THEM?!?!?!?!?! thought a horrified sun goddess. Her lips trembled repeatedly as her face turned completely red. Despite her bikini top being repaired, her hands did not move away. Possibly because she was still in shock from what had occurred.

“Are you okay sister?” Luna adjusted her position and placed a hand on her shoulder.

“I…yes, I am fine,” said an embarrassed Celestia. She smiled uncomfortable before looking at her sister. “Accidents happen after all…”

“But of course,” agreed Luna.

“Um, your majesty? W-Would you like some cake?”

Celestia blinked as she turned her head. Rather than Spike, one of her servants presented a fresh slice of cake before her. However, as Celestia began to reach for it, she realized that her servant was avoiding eye contact; her servant turned her head as much as possible, while trying to hide her flushed face.

Oh no… Celestia’s face turned even redder. She did not want to be reminded about her accident. “T-Thank you!” She took her plate of cake and began to eat. “…This is good cake…”

“Hmmm it is!”

Celestia turned her head to see that her sister was also enjoying cake. Wanting to continue the mood, she said, “I-It feels as if I am eating a cloud; it’s so soft and quite appealing.”

“Oh I do agree; I could use another slice- EKKK!”

Celestia had only a brief second to realize what her sister was screaming about: a spider. A large one at that, it had come from above to greet the unsuspecting sisters. Crawling towards the tip of her horn, the spider gave a unique gesture to that of a wave. Once did it jump, causing Princess Luna to scream loudly as she dropped her dessert and immediately jolted forward.

“L-LUNA!” screamed Celestia, not wanting to get closer to the spider.


Celestia attempted to teleport to another spot, but failed due to her lack of proper focus. Thus, she fell victim to her sister’s unintended tackle causing the two of them to fall to the ground. With a loud ‘uff!’ heard, all the attention was once again on one of royalty. Celestia found herself being suffocated by her sister’s breasts.


“Oh…my head…” groaned a sore princess Luna. Conveniently, the spider was nowhere to be seen and Luna immediately sighed in relief. “Oh thank goodness-”


“Hm?” Luna blinked and looked down to see that her sister was struggling to breath. “O-Oh!”

“AH!” breathed Celestia in relief. “Please get off of me! Your breasts are troublesome!”

Luna rolled her eyes. “You’re one to talk!” she argued, glaring at her sister with distaste. “You there!”

“Your highness!” responded one of the guards.

“Do you agree that my sister’s breasts are quite troublesome?”

“Well I-”

“Look at how oversized they are!”

Celestia was shocked at her sister’s actions. Luna immediately grasped her breasts as if they were her own and applied a firm grip.

“It’s ridiculous isn’t it?”

“W-W-Well I-I-I-”


“I am tired of you criticizing me on a regular basis without looking at yourself!” snarled an annoyed princess Luna. “I am TIRED of you showcasing these without shame!” With that, Luna immediately squeezed her sister’s large breasts together, causing a loud yelp to occur.

“ENOUGH!” screamed a frustrated Celestia. With that, Celestia immediately vanished causing her sister to fall forward softly. “HOW DARE YOU!” she yelled. “I swear that I-”

Celestia froze as she finally gave serious attention to her royal subjects. Everyone were stunned and stared unprofessionally at Celestia as if experiencing arousal for the first time in their lives. Clearly the sexual incident with her sister was astonishing to them. They found amusement in her shame regardless of how she felt. “W-Why are you all staring at me?!”

“Oh my apologies!” said a servant. Naturally, all began to apologize and turn away from the embarrassed princess.

“…” That however did not stop Celestia from showcasing a blushing hostile glare at them, while also attempting to cover her breasts with her arms. She faced her sister with strong distaste and said, “WHY would you embarrass me like that???”

“You had it coming!” argued Luna. “You don’t have the right to complain after all you’ve done to me in front of them!” she harshly whispered.

“Well you’re the little sister! It’s adorable when you’re getting embarrassed!” Celestia whispered back.

“Oh really?!” whispered an angered Luna. With that, she stubbornly walked past her sister and made her way back into the castle.

Ugh! I can’t believe that she shamed me in front of my subjects… No matter, the worse is hopefully over-

“Um, Princess Celestia?”

The sun goddess turned to see that Spike was shyly rubbing his neck while avoiding eye contact.

“I-I hope that I didn’t make you dislike me or anything,” he said, humbling himself.

Huh, I guess him seeing my breasts must have made him somewhat uncomfortable, thought Celestia. Perfect, she thought with satisfaction. While this did not go as planned, she was pleased that Spike had apparent attraction to her; she could tell by his physical appearance that arousal was occurring within him. “Oh please Spike; I know that it was only a minor accident~” she insisted smoothly, moving around him.

Spike blinked as Celestia was seemingly fine. “R-Really?”

Nodding, Celestia placed an arm on his shoulder and said, “Yes really. I know that you wouldn’t do anything like that to embarrass me like that; you’re too considerate and hold a kind heart. You’re such a gentledragon…”

Just keep thinking about it you slut, thought a hidden Luna.


“Of course Spike! In fact, I think that I am ready to discuss more regarding your condition-”

“Your majesty!”


Celestia’s smile immediately vanished the moment she realized that both portions of her bikini had been undone. Completely expose, Celestia screamed in embarrassment as she instinctively dropped down to her knees while covering her breasts. It got worse once again the moment she realized that her guards and subjects were staring at her once again. She trembled and did her best to hide her obvious red blushing. Yet again she was being humiliated in front of her subjects!

LUNA! she thought angrily in her mind. Who else could it be? Only her sister could…wait, was it perhaps a unicorn subject? Obviously she and her sister weren’t the only ones within her home who could use magic. Who- Celestia immediately looked around. There were at least ten different unicorns present and none had appeared guilty from first glance. Yielding to the humiliation, Celestia immediately disappeared in an instance, using a familiar spell that Twilight often conjured.

“AGH!” growled a frustrated Celestia. She looked upwards with a glare and found herself within a garden that was completely unguarded. Hopefully the rover would not appear until after she had the opportunity to recover from her ordeal. Thus, she slowly stood up and began to re-knot her loose bikini. As she did, she shivered slightly, clearly still bothered by what occurred within the last hour.

Ghhh what is wrong with me? Honestly, I shouldn’t be feeling this…nghh… She blushed slightly as she took a moment to relax herself from the excitement. After another minute, she finally felt comfortable enough to move. “Perhaps I should just return to my room…” With that, Celestia immediately began to make her way back towards the castle.

“Your highness!”

Celestia immediately jumped, assuming that she was revealed once again. Thankfully however, her quick observation assured her that all was well with her appearance. Sighing in relief, she turned to see two guards making their way towards her with haste.

“Your highness, we heard screaming and assumed the worse-”

“Oh do not worry; a small incident occurred,” Celestia explained, hoping that they would not pry on further. “All is well, thank you,” she then said with a small smile.

“I see, well that is good to hear,” said the second guard.

“Hmmm…” Pleased with their acceptance, Celestia’s confidence began to return. “Well then, I think that I should return to my room and-”


Celestia blinked as Luna approached her with four guards. Spike was nowhere to be seen and likely still by the pool area.

“What happened? I heard screaming and-”

“All is well,” repeated Celestia. However, she crossed her arms and her smile disappeared, still having suspicions over her sister. Is she playing dumb with me? It doesn’t seem like it… “I just want to return to my room and relax.” Celestia lifted a hand and snapped her fingers, immediately covered thanks to her familiar robe once again.

“Actually, can we speak in private sister?” asked Luna. She glanced at her guards and gestured at Celestia to follow her.

Confused, Celestia blinked before following Luna towards the large bush hedge within the garden. “What is it?” she asked quietly.

“Sister, something odd happened to me when I left: my bikini immediately disappeared! Was that your doing?!” she harshly whispered.

“Eh-” Celestia was dumbfounded by the accusation.

“And don’t lie to me!”

“I thought that you were the one who undid the knots on mine as a cruel prank,” she explained, completely confused. So her sister had nothing to do with it?

“What- No! Why would I do that? I would never go that far even if I was angry with you!” argued Luna.

“…” Celestia glanced over at the guards who were standing at attention. They were somewhat far away but were still able to keep an eye on their princesses from a respectable distance. “Then who…?”

Luna pondered her thoughts for a moment as she held her chin. “…I don’t suppose that I am the only one who thinks that one of our subjects decided to play a joke on us?” she asked.

Celestia’s face changed slightly before finally deciding to lean against the hedge with arms crossed. “Well, it is possible sister. But the question is, who would dare?” she asked.

“I am not sure. Have you seen anyone suspicious?”

“Well not really-”

Celestia silently gasped as something was occurring within her body.

“Shame. I saw at least twelve unicorns by the pool. One of them a servant and…”

Celestia did not much attention as the sensation in her body was getting worse. Some unknown force was stimulating her against her will. Her nipples harden as her arousal became more and more apparent. It was difficult for her to maintain balance, as she leaned most of her weight against the hedge for support. And course, who could forget the imbalance breathing that would follow naturally?

“…Perhaps it’s not a servant but a perverted spy amongst our home…”

Celestia struggled to listen to her sister’s words. She wanted to say something but then realized that it would attract attention that she did not desire. She did however manage to keep her eyes open and glance at her sister. Her horn did not glow, and she seemed completely oblivious to her sister’s current state. More and more did the unknown force stimulate her body against her will, making her tremble discreetly. Her confusion and frustration then forced her to glare in the general direction of her guards. However, her mouth opened slightly as she realized that none of them were unicorns.

“…I could have our non-unicorn subjects immediately inspect every unicorn subject to assure that none of them are trespassing our home…”

Managing to hear and understand that last statement, Celestia immediately nodded to avoid attention. “I agree,” she managed to say, all while managing to hide her deep blush. Afterwards, her eyes immediately began to scan the general area, hoping to catch a glimpse of their little pervert. No luck however, as she failed to spot anything unusual. That and her arousal was increasing to dangerous levels, even to the point where she realized something horribly.

I have to pee…! she thought with fear. However, her current condition would naturally cause her to walk awkwardly and would attraction attention again. This idea alone would make her self-conscious enough to avoid that. While she wanted to teleport within the safety of her home, the sensation made it difficult for her to concentrate even if she was by herself. Hopefully she could get her sister and her guards to leave her alone after their conversation was done. “T-Then perhaps you should go ahead and do that sister...”

“…I wonder if it’s a little colt hoping to amuse himself with our embarrassment…”

“What-…” Now Luna was the one who wasn’t paying attention! Distracted by her own thoughts, she was completely oblivious to her sister by this point. “Sister, I-”

“!!!” Celestia’s mouth hanged slightly opened as the unknown force intensified within her. So much so that she began to rock discreetly back and forth, as if to escape or increase the pleasure; even she did not know by this point.

“Sister? What’s wrong?”

Oh NOW you pay attention?! thought a frustrated and embarrassed Celestia. “I-I have a cramp-…“

“Oh my, you should really drink some water,” suggested a seemingly concerned Luna.

Taking in more fluids is the LAST thing that I need! complained Celestia. In fact, the stimulation was oddly focusing against her g-spot. Normally, this would be common if with a considerate partner when you didn’t have a full bladder. In fact, it would cause one to- oh dear.

This pervert knew that I drank too much! realized Celestia. WHERE THE BUCK ARE YOU, YOU LITTLE SHIT?! Celestia immediately began to jolt her head left and right, wanting to send the one responsible into a volcano.

“Sister? Has it worsened?” asked Luna.

“Y-Yes, I s-should go inside,” insisted Celestia. At least now she had an excuse to walk awkwardly in front of those around her. “Help me please-”

However, Celestia froze after the first step. As if on cue, that invisible force had applied all that was needed against her bladder, causing her to urinate on the spot against her will. Perhaps she orgasmed at that immediate moment, as the sensation was far more pleasurable than she could remember within recent memory. Her head slightly arched and her mouth slightly hanged, right before her eyes slightly closed to enjoy the feeling. Her body trembled as it felt much longer than what it actually lasted.

“Sister? Has your cramp worsen?” asked Luna.

“I…I…-!” she gasped. Breathing rapidly, she immediately began to move quickly on her feet. “I-I must go!” she claimed, passing through her guards who stepped aside. They were all looking at her again. Humiliated in front of her subjects, despite the fact that there was the very possibility that none had realized her little accident.

Luna watched as her sister struggled to hasten her movement into their home. “Guards, assure that my sister is well,” she ordered. With that, the guards nodded and followed the embarrassed sun goddess, leaving Luna alone.

“…Well done.” Luna turned around and sighed in relief. “For a moment I thought that she knew what was going on…”

“I didn’t think that we would actually go this far,” admitted Spike. He struggled for a few seconds before finally freeing himself from the hedge itself. “Gahh…it was really uncomfortable in there,” he groaned, now brushing off some twigs and leaves.

“Not as uncomfortable as my sister was,” Luna pointed out, glancing towards the castle again. “The timing was perfect, and now she feels self-conscious about herself thanks to us. Your tail was only noticed by me thankfully; I doubt that even Celestia realized that something physical was stimulating her.”

“How do you figure?” asked a sore dragon.

“Because the hedge would have been set on fire~” she said smoothly.