Haunted dreams

by Violet Emblem X

First published

After the events of 'A Canterlot wedding', the mane six stay the night at the castle. Rainbow has nightmares about something yet to happen, and cannot wake up.

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After the events of 'A Canterlot wedding', the mane six stay the night at the castle. Rainbow has nightmares about something yet to happen, and cannot wake up. Things take a turn for the worse when a certain Queen decides to switch to plan B, revealing secrets which where never supposed to be revealed. This was never supposed to happen. Princess celestia thought she had sorted this long ago
This is a Princess Rainbow Dash story, so if you do not like this type of story then... don't read it I guess?
The Cover art does NOT belong to me, I just happen to like it a lot, so kudos to the person who made it ^_^

Chapter 1

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The 6 girls all trudged to their room after Cadence's wedding party, tired, and in Pinkie Pie and Applejack's case, slightly drunk.
"Alright girls, time for some bed rest. We need to catch the early train to Ponyville tomorrow." Twilight yawned, pushing one of the provided bedrooms door open.

"I agree darling, I need my beauty sleep!" Rarity exclaimed. "Why, my eyes are looking dreadfully pink!"

"Hey! What's wrong with pink eyes!" Rainbow Dash yelled, pressing her nose against Raritys, glaring with her rose eyes, into the white unicorns aquatic blue eyes.

"W-well nothing, it's just- well- I meant bloodshot of course, I didn't mean to offend you..." Rarity grinned sheepishly, shrinking back into the corner.

Rainbow snorted and turned to Twilight. " Who's sharing with who Twi?"

"Well, I guess Pinkie and Applejack can share a room, Fluttershy and Rarity are sharing," At this point both girls squeed, and turned to face each other, with excited looks on their faces "and Rainbow and I will share a room."
Rarity and Fluttershy helped their two drunk friends keep their balance, and guided them into their room. Twilight entered her room first, switching on the light, and started to climb onto the top bunk, when something pulled her down.

"Dibs on the top bunk!" Rainbow Dash shouted, flying onto the bed. Twilight regained her balance. shaking her head and grumbling.
The night was quiet, Luna's moon giving a beautiful glow, accompanied by the twinkling stars in the dark, night sky.Not even the usual terrifyingly loud snores of Rainbow could be heard tonight as she lay still in her bed. The only noise that could be heard was the light turning of pages, as Twilight read '101 things every librarian should know about shelving', and lay with the cover over her body, keeping her warm.

Alas, this did not last, and she was distracted by a small whimpering noise. She simply let this pass as Rainbow having a dream, but begun to get slightly worried as her friends whimpers turned into pitiful moans, and had started violently tossing around in her bed.

"R-Rainbow Dash?" She called, looking up at the top bed. Rainbows face showed pain, and fear. This only caused Twilight to worry even more. "Rainbow! Rainbow wake up! Rainbow! Rai-" She was cut of as her friend suddenly started to scream, violently writhing, trembling, and clutched onto her friend. " Rainbow! RAINBOW! Please wake up!" She yelled, her attempts fruitless.
The door opened violently, and a few of the royal guards from the section they where staying in, entered the room, checking to see what was going on in the room.

"Miss, what happened to her?" The one with the darker coat said in a stern voice.

"S-she, she won't-" Twilight stuttered, floods of tears running down her face.

"ANSWER ME! What happened!?" The same guard repeated, now yelling.

Twilight jumped, still holding onto Rainbow. "S-she was j-just sleeping, a-and the next thing I knew, sh-she was in pain, screaming, and trembling! S-she won't wake up!" She stuttered, taking breaths in between sobs. The guard whom had spoken, now turned to face his companion, a slightly smaller, and lighter stallion.

"Get the Princess, and get help to carry her down to the medical wing! MOVE!" He yelled, turning back to Twilight. "Miss, please let go of her!"

" I-I can't just lea-"

"I SAID LET GO!" He yelled, glaring at Twilight. She slowly nodded, and pried herself away from her multi colored friend. Voices could be heard outside the door, very angry voices.

"I'm sorry mam, but I can't let you in!" A stallions voice echoed in the hallway.

"Why ever not!? Sir, are you aware that one of our friends is most likely hurt!" A very uptight voice, that Twilight presumed was Rarity, yelled, over Rainbow Dash's screams.

"Oh, we're so sorry! We should go girls." The faint quiet voice of Fluttershy said, barely audible over the shrieks.

"We can't go yet Flutters, that could be one of our friends that needs us!" Applejack said, her speech slightly slurred, and her body almost ready to collapse. Several ponies rushed over to the room, carrying a stretcher, oxygen mask and oxygen tank.

"Everypony out of the way please!" A nurse yelled, carrying the back end of the stretcher.
The four mares stepped backwards, allowing more space to get the stretcher through. All girls had a solemn look on their faces, as the medics and nurses all entered the room.

"Okay, careful when you lift her okay?" A brown stallion said, as the nurses gently lifted Rainbow. As soon as her head was touched she screamed much louder, but this time, in pure agony. "GENTLY!" He screamed over her, as the nurses, lifted her as carefully onto the stretcher, and proceeded to exit the room. Four guards in front, and four guards stood behind the stretcher, inuring the prismatic mare came to no more harm. Very quickly and gently, they heaved the stretcher. and carried it out into the hallway.
Pinkie Pie, Applejack, Fluttershy and Rarity, all stared as the nurses slowly and gently got the stretcher out of the door. As soon as the top of rainbows prismatic mane was seen the girls all gasped, and Fluttershy even started to tear up.

"R-Rainbow Dash?" Fluttershy stuttered, trying to hug her, and comfort her.

"Don't touch her! I'm warning you." The guard closest to her said with a cold look in his eyes.

"I-I'm sorry! I didn't know!" Fluttershy said, shaking her head and crying even harder. Rainbow continued to scream as she was carried down the hallway, her friends watching as she got further away from them, hoping, no praying that she would be alright.

"Come on girls, I think we should all get back to bed. Things will be better in the morning." Twilight said, poking her head out the door to speak to her friends. Each mare nodded, and headed to their room, fearing for the worst.

Chapter 2

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The blizzard raged on around me. Fog had covered everything, making it impossible for me to tell where I was. The ice cold chill nipped at my body, my hooves weak, and my eyes watery. I still had no clue as to where I was. I didn't recognize this place, from either being here, or even perhaps seeing a photo. Then again, I was glad I didn't recognize this place. It was pretty much a cold, barren wasteland.

Trudging slowly through the snow, I looked for someone. Something. I can't remember how I got here. When did I get here? How long had I been here already? My body shook violently from both the bitter cold snow, and fear. My head hurt so much just above my forehead. I had more important things to worry about just now though

No. Get it together. I can't start feeling scared. I'm Rainbow Dash, I'm never scared! So, if I wasn't scared, then what was this feeling inside me? I felt empty, somewhat lonely, but at the same time, as if someone was just behind me. W-was I being followed!?

In one swift motion, I turned my head to find nothing but more snow, and debris, half buried. No Rainbow Dash. Nopony is following. I just have to find a place where I can keep warm for a while.

crunch crunch

"Hello? I-is somepony there?" My voice echoed all around, as I turned to check. Nopony. My hooves where tired, and I was ready to admit it. I was scared. All alone in the cold with nopony there with me, no means of defending myself, no way of telling where I was. Nothing but a constant nagging feeling in my head telling me to bolt.

crunch crunch

"Who's there!? Show yourself! I-I'm not afraid of you!" My head spun in every direction imaginable, trying to find the source of the noise. Something in the snow did however manage to catch my eye. Several hoofsteps leading up to just behind me. There was only one thing to do in a situation like this.

"AAAAAAHHHHHH" My screams echoed all round while I ran like a mad mare. I suppose though, I was going mad out here. Let's face it. Who wouldn't? No matter where I ran though, the sound followed me. Why was I here!? Why wasn't I home, with my friends!?

I hadn't been paying attention to where I was running, and the next thing I knew, I had ran into a crumbling wall, hitting something on my head. I was cornered. A shadow loomed closer, nearing me, inch by inch. My heart thumped against my chest. I had assumed that by the time the figure had gotten closer, it would no longer appear as a shadow. Still, it remained as much a shadow as it had been a few moments ago. Now two meters away from me, I backed into the wall as far as I could, fluttering my wings, which where by now, covered in a blanket of ice.

The figure was now right in front of me. I was sweating bullets, not sure what too do. The next thing I knew, it was pitch black.

I'm not sure what happened during that time, but I woke up shortly after, away from the bitter cold, and waste. This time though, my hooves where all stretched being strapped against something, that had me facing something. Another shadow. this one was different to the other one though. It was rather tall, and looked vaguely similar the princesses.

I could tell that the tall figure in front of me was speaking, but for some reason, all I heard was white noise. It was as if my ears where dying from the inside out, swiveling round and round, as they went through this pain. A light flicked on, and the whole room was illuminated. The figure still remained a shadow, but my surroundings where now visible. I was attached to some kind of large, metal ring, with many machines surrounding it. The figure walked to a large machine at the other end of the room. Some kind of control panel?

It got to work, rapidly tapping several of the machines buttons, and moving levers. As she did, the room began to shake violently, something at the top of the contraption i was hooked up to, started to glow with a pulsing blue energy.

The figure took a few steps closer to me, as my mind spun. Okay, situation analysis. I was currently in some sort of... laboratory? Yeah, a laboratory. A mad pony that looked a bit like one of the princesses stop a few feet away from me, presumably the one who had me hooked up to this metal piece of garbage. I was totally helpless here.

Situation analysis complete. Results are not good at all. I'm screwed.

I looked up as the thing above me made a crackling noise. It was now glowing an electric blue, and giving of small sparks. The electricity shot directly at me, and my shrieks filled the air.

"WAAAAAA!" Rainbow Dash screamed as she jolted upright from her bed. Her eyes opened, only to reveal that they where now, instead of magenta, totally white. Her breathing was ragged, as she processed the fact that she could not see. She could stil hear, smell, feel, and if she was to take a guess, she would probably still be able to taste, but at the moment, her white eyes could not see. Pain grew in her whole body, but none of the pains she felt where as bad as the one she had in her head. Her chest pains where rather close however, but nothing like the pain she had felt a minute ago.

"Hello? Is anypony there?" Rainbow Dash frantically called for somepny to help her. A large door could be heard opening, and the sound of hooves on the tiled floor could be heard. "Hello!? Somepony!?" Rainbow Dash clambered onto her aching hooves, and took a step forward, falling face first into the floor, due to falling of f the bed. "AAGGHH! Somepony!? ANYPONY!?" The sound of hoofsteps got even closer to Rainbow Dash.

Rainbows head jerked up, and her face turned too one of pure terror. "No no no no NO! Not this again!" She dragged herself across the floor, as a nurse walked into the room upon hearing the noise.

"Miss Dash!" She gasped, seeing her patient on the floor, scared senseless. She dashed to her side, and attempted to help Rainbow back to her bed. Rainbow shook herself away from the nurses grasp, shaking violently, her hooves swatting away anything that came close too her.

"N-no! Stay away from me! Not again!" Rainbow backed into a corner, scared of everything around her. She didn't know who she could trust.

The door opened once again, and two ponies entered the room. Princess Celestia, and Twilight Sparkle.

"Rainbow Dash!" Twilight looked at the mare cowering in the corner, who was by now sweating, and trembling. "Rainbow Dash?"


"R-Rainbow... it's me, Twilight. Look, the princess is here too!" Twilight said, trying to wrap a hoof around her friend.

"GET AWAY! I don't even know where here is!" Rainbow sniffed, tears streaming down her face.

"Rainbow Dash, I can assure you, that you are nowhere near any kind of threat. You are in Canterlot castles medical ward." The Princess said, her face showing sympathy. "There is nothing here that can harm you. You should get back into bed, we can discuss what is going on in a few moments"

Rainbow Dash slowly nodded, stood up, and opened her eyes, showing everyone her empty eyes.

"Princess! H-her eyes!" The nurse who had tried to help her, gasped, upon seeing her empty eyes. Everypony stood, with her eyes fixed to Rainbow Dash, who was looking around the room blindly, for a bed.

"Everypony outside."

"B-but Princess-" Twilight started.

"Everypony out, now." The princess said. While she did not raise her voice, the tone of her voice said everything.

"Y-yes princess!" The nurse said, Twilight walked out the room, the nurse following behind her, The last thing the princess heard them say, was Twilight asking if the nurse knew what was going on.

"Guards, I need you to wait outside please." The princess commanded, waiting for the guards to take their position. The princess sighed, and walked over to Rainbow Dash. She wasn't ready to tell her this. It wasn't fair! This wasn't supposed to happen just now. Yet, it was happening right before her eyes. There was nothing she could do to even hold this back. No, it was now or never. The princess sighed one more time, before setting herself at the foot of the bed. Here goes.

"Rainbow Dash, tell me. Can you see anything at the moment?" The princess asked. One answer would sum up all of her suspicions. A simple question, yet such a life altering one.

"Well I- No. No princess, I can't see anything."

"Okay." The princess said sadly. Her eyes where beginning to water and her voice was getting a little croaky. "I know what is happening to you Rainbow Dash, but first I need to know. What had you so scared?"

"W-well I was suddenly in this freezing cold place. I'm not sure where, all I do know is that it was foggy, and there where so many destroyed buildings. I couldn't tell one place from another. A-and there was something following me. I was running for my life. I don't even know what was chasing me. I got backed into a corner, and this shadowy figure came over. I-it was just a shadow figure, but it knocked me out." Rainbow exclaimed, thinking back to the horrible events.

"I see. Just a shadow?" Rainbow Dash nodded her head. "What happened when you woke up?"

"I woke up not long after in a dim room, with all sorts of machinery. A-and I was strapped to a large metal ring." Rainbow Dash stopped to wipe her tears away with a hoof. "There was somepony in front of me. Th-they looked a bit like you. They set off the machine I was strapped to. A Lightning rod above me started, charging with some kind of energy. A-and then it zapped me, -a-and the pain. I-it was horrible!"

Princess Celestia was now openly crying, no longer holding her tears back. The fact that somepony had to feel so lonely, and scared was horrible.

"Well, it's over now Rainbow. It was just a nightmare." Princess Celestia said, nuzzling Rainbow.

"If it was a nightmare, then... why did I feel all that pain? I felt it Princess, each and every single thing I mentioned! The freezing cold snow, the ice covering my body, a-and most of all, the thing that zapped me. I know dreams can't cause real physical pain princess, and I know what I felt. Was it a dream?"

Princess Celestia was at a loss for words. Rainbow Dash was right. This was like no other type of dream she had heard of. Her sister couldn't even enter Rainbow Dash's dream in an attempt to wake her, so what did this mean? Was there even a logical explanation for this?

"You are indeed correct Rainbow Dash, I have never heard of a dream that can cause pain like this, nor am I even sure as to how that is possible, bu-" The door burst open, one of the guards that had been stationed outside ran to the princess.

"Your highness! We have urgent news for you!" He yelled, saluting the princess.

"Please, continue."

"There s an army of changelings surrounding the castle. There s no sign of their queen, but they did fire this at the castle."

Princess Celestia picked up the object in her magical grip. There was a scroll attatched to a rather large black stone. Out of curiosity, the princess quickly untied the scroll and opened it.

The princesses eyes widened, as she unceremoniously dropped the scroll from her telekinetic grip. Her body had froze up entirely, her eyes seemed distant. A good minute later, the princess finally moved and using the voice her sister and her used back many years ago, she yelled out in the royal canterlot voice.

"GUARDS! COVER EVERY SECTION OF THE CASTLE! I WANT AS MUCH GUARDS AS POSSIBLE TO STAY HERE AND GUARD RAINBOW! NOW!" Celestia, sprung to her hooves and was just about to exit, when Rainbow Dash spoke.

"Princess what's going on?" Rainbow was worried, having never seen the princess like this wondering why she of all ponies needed to be protected.

"Rainbow Dash, it's noth-"

"There is something! I can see the scroll! My vision is coming back, everything may be blurry, and I can't read it, but I know it's there! Even without my sight, your voice would be able to tell me everything anyway!" Rainbow was breathing heavily, her eyes filling with tears again.

"Rainbow, I promise to explain everything later, but for now, I have duties. Goodbye Rainbow Dash." Celestia closed the door, and turned to the group of guards whom had gathered there by her command. "I need as many of you as possible to guard Rainbow Dash, it is a matter of importance. Do not question this, and do not disobey this. The fate of Equestria could well lie in this task. Now hurry!"

"Yes Princess!" Every guard said this simultaneously, and situated themselves inside the room, and outside the room. Celestia having forgotten she had left the scroll, galloped down the marble hallway, to ready herself for battle.

The scroll sat on the floor, nopony even giving it a second glance. Rainbows sight was gradually returning, but her pains increased. The words on the scroll, where unknown to anyone, but the princess, and whom had sent it.

Her new found powers shall belong to us soon.

Chapter 3

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The sound of hooves constantly battering against the marble floor, resounded all round the castle. The princess ran frantically to the lunar tower, completely oblivious to the strange, and curious glances she was receiving. At the moment nothing else mattered. If she did not manage to do this properly, then the whole of Equestria was doomed.

Princess Celestia ran through the halls of Canterlot castle, searching in vain for a particular pony. Her sister, Princess Luna, ruler, and guardian of the night. Luna currently sat upon her bed, a book propped open in front of her, the only sound that could be heard was the occasional flick of the books pages being turned over.

The door slammed open violently, surprisingly not falling off of it's hinges despite the force it had been opened with. The Sun princess had a frantic look upon her face, her eyes locking on her younger sister.

"Tia!? Whatever art thou doing!?" Luna yelled, staring daggers at her sister, whom currently had a crazed look on her face, her normally flowing mane was a mess frizzing up all over

"Luna! Changelings! Here! Rainbow Dash! Help!" Celestia said each thing between heavy pants, waving her hooves about like a mad mare.

"Calm down sister. We do not understand. What of the Changelings and Rainbow Dash?" Luna draped a wing over her sisters back, consoling her sister who was now on the verge of tears. Celestia suddenly broke into a fit of tears, laying herself across the ground, crying into her fore hooves.

"The changelings are back. They are outside the castle, a-and they are here for Rainbow Dash. What do I do Luna, what do I do!?" Celestia wept even harder, her sister confused about the whole ordeal.

" The changelings are here for Rainbow Dash? Sister, we do not understand, why would they be here for her? Has she even awoken yet? Has she been informed of the changelings presence Tia?" Luna didn't understand what was going on. She crouched down and nuzzled her sister, before lifting her onto the four poster bed with her magic. "We need thee to tell us of the current predicament Tia."

"I guess I can't keep secrets anymore Luna. I shall have to tell you quickly though, time is running short." The solar princess wiped her eyes with her fore hoof, and turned to her sister, whom had just sat upon the bed beside her.


Sitting on a bed all day was not awesome. Being watched constantly by over a dozen guards, with many other's waiting at the door's, was even more not awesome. in fact, this whole day had been totally un-awesome.

Rainbow Dash sighed in frustration, her vision blurry, and her head now throbbing wildly.

"So, umm" Rainbow Dash looked for something, anything to talk about, to get rid of her boredom. "Does anypony wanna pay checkers?"


"Okay then, how about a game of cards?"


Rainbow Dash let out a disgruntled sigh, crossing her hooves and pouted. She was bored. More than anything though, she was worried. Why where there so many guards watching her? Had she done something wrong? it was all mysteries wrapped in mysteries. Her eyelids slowly drooped as she begun to get sleepy. The color was returning to them, but they still remained mostly white. Her vision was in fact almost perfect now and she saw no reason for hr to stay confined to her bed. Her head hurt, but she dare not tell anyone. If she did, she would most likely have to stay in bed even longer, and that would be totally NOT awesome.

A loud thud came from the hallway, catching the attention of everypony in the room. Rainbow bolted upright and shot her eyes towards the door.


"Eh heh, somepony should probably check what all that's about..." Rainbow Dash said, curious as to what was happening. "You know, maybe I should, huh?" Rainbow Dash started to climb out of the bed, only to be immediately halted by the guards standing around her bed.

"Princess Celestia has given us strict orders to ensure you remain here. We cannot disobey her highness." one of the guards said in a deep, booming voice. The noises continued, becoming louder with each minute that passed. Not only did they get louder, but it seemed that the noises got closer. Too close.

"W-what's with all the noi-" Rainbow Dash was cut of, by a guard covering her mouth to stop her from speaking.

"Be quiet, and don't make a sound.' The guard spoke in a hushed voice, though still clear. Rainbow Dash nodded slowly, as the guard slowly got back into position. The sounds where now directly outside the door, it was as if the castle had now become a battle field.

The guards got into their positions, ready to take down whatever was about to come through the door.


Suddenly, they where attacked in a way that none of them had anticipated, with changelings swarming through the window. The guards began fighting off the Changelings, despite the fact that they where easily outnumbered, they seemed to be handling the situation rather well. Rainbow Dash however, pushed herself as far back against the wall as she could, confused and frightened. The pain in her head had deeply intensified, and her body felt as if it was on fire.

Several changelings stood in front of her, leaving her with no way to escape. The guards continued to fight back the changeling swarm, unaware of the changelings near Rainbow Dash. The changelings started to close in on Rainbow Dash, her eyes darting from side to side, looking for any possible way to get herself away from here.

A green flash came from each of the changelings horns, and shot at Rainbow Dash, covering her in a coat of Changeling slime, making it impossible to move.

"G-get this stuff off of me, or you'll be sorry!" Rainbow Dash yelled, sounding stronger than she felt at the moment. She was completely helpless, unaware of what was going on. To sum it up, she was scared.

The changelings picked up the slime cocoon, and Rainbow Dash along with it, making their way to the window.

"Put me down now! Where are you taking me!?" Rainbow Dash shouted at the changelings, completely unsure as to what they where doing with her. They flew up into the sky, flying of in a direction Rainbow Dash was completely unfamiliar with.

A few of the guards, having pried themselves away from the changelings, gasped and immediately darted towards Rainbow Dash. Another green flash came from the changelings horns, covering the guards hooves in the green slime, sticking them to the floor

"No! Get off of me! HEEEELLLLPPPP! Somepony help!" Rainbow Dash screamed for help, her attempts all in vain, as she was carried further and further away from Canterlot castle.

Rainbow Dash could do nothing now, but wait and see what fate had planned for her. They would soon be on the harsh outskirts of Equestria. Her body flt as if it was being crushed by a boulder and head felt like it was about to crack open, but she ignored it, she had more important things to deal with just now.

They passed through the barrier protecting Equestria from any dangerous creatures, into the harsh icy wastelands. While It was just miles upon miles of the frozen landscape, this place somehow felt familiar...