Street Sweep's Journal

by Cromegas_Flare

First published

Princess Cadance and Prince Shining Armor have gone missing. The only way for Twilight Sparkle to find them, is by reading and decyphering the journal of the mad pony who napped them.

Being just four months since the disappearance of her brother and sister in law, Twilight decides to brave the rest of her investigation. Though she had started months prior, the pull of his words were to much. Did it just take time to mended her weeping wounds?

Now ready to finish what she started, she turns to the key that will unlock the mystery.

Street Sweep's Journal on the other hand will unlock much more.


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"Wake up sleepy head," cheered Pinkie to a lump underneath a pile of bed sheets. Pinkie had gotten up early that morning because when she makes a promise, she always keeps that promise. Especially if it's a Pinkie Promise!

The day before, Twilight had asked Pinkie to wake her up early. A request that Twilight now regretted, not because she wanted sleep in, but simply because her night had not been the most restful of nights. The study session she had planned for this morning was not one she was looking forward to. With only a slight grunt, Twilight made her way out of her bed, letting the pile of bed sheets fall to the floor below.

"Thank you Pinkie, I knew I could count on you," said Twilight. She could not bring herself to be mad at her friend. She had asked to be woken up, and just because she could not sleep was no reason to blame Pinkie. No, her discomfort was entirely her own fault.

"No problem, Twilight! ...Hey! Would you like breakfast?" Pinkie asked, with a completely unnecessary level of excitement.

Twilight had to think about that for a moment. Her stomach was not at all in the mood for food. Especially considering what was in store for her today. She had to keep her own life built about though, even if it meant fighting her own appetite. "Yes, I would love somphmph...mph" her reply being cut short as Pinkie stuffed cupcakes in her mouth. The sweet and creamy frosting filling her taste buds, and the soft and moist chocolate cake brightening her mood, just a little.

"There you go, Twilight!" cheered the sweet chef. "Now I shall go make some more!"

Pinkie's face became more serious as she looked into her friend's eyes. "You should start reading, and if you need anything let me know...." The mare sighed, her face falling into half-hearted smile. "I'll do my best to cheer you up."

Twilight held her gaze to her friend. "Thank you Pinkie Pie, I know you will be able to help me. Though as much as I don't want to do this, I need to if I ever want to find out what happened to them." Leaning forward, she gave her friend a hug, as her horn lit up bringing over a bright green book. It only took a few moments for Pinkie to realize that the book was, in fact, the book Twilight had dreaded to read through.

Ever since that dreaded day when Shining Armor and Princess Cadence disappeared, Twilight had spent most of her time in research and detective work. In little time she was able to track down the catalyst of their disappearance- a middle aged stallion named Street Sweep. An aptly named, brown earthpony who had spent his days cleaning the streets. It also turned out that he had a hidden hobby of being a serial killer.

It was evidence of other disappearances and murder that led her to him, yet she had the nagging feeling the he wanted her to find him. It did not take long for her to locate his abode and prepare for the encounter.

As Twilight had approached him with the royal guard, at his own home, Street let out a final claim of defiance saying:

"Stop! I will end my work here! As the days come, none have known me! Twilight Sparkle, my book is inside. If you wish to save your family, read it!"

Before any of the royal guard could stop him, he fell dead. To this day, his death is a mystery, one that is still in work to be solved.

Twilight, on the other hoof, made it her personal task to read the book given to her, only to read the first paragraph of the first page and stop. Something in the book had scared the mare, and she would not touch the Celtic bound pages ever again. That was until this day, the day where she had planned to solve her family's blight, and save her BBBFF.

Twilight had soon found herself sitting at her desk with her book before her. "Oh Spike, I wish you were here..." she said, tears rolling down her eyes.

Then, bringing all of her courage to the surface, she opened the book and began to read.


My Letter to you Miss Twilight Sparkle

Oh boy, now that I have your attention, let me just tell you right now how happy I am that I have a friend. A friend that will become more like me with every word you will read. Not because I think you are weak, oh no that is not the reason at all. My reasons Twilight, are simply because I have watched you for quite some time now. The way you stress over work, as well the way you concentrate on a task and obsess over the smallest of details. It is quite the way I was, and am. That is why I know you will not only become more like me, but you will become me. Even if you try to fight it, you will love my life, and wish it were your own. Don't bother fighting it Twilight... You will find your brother and sister soon enough. That is a promise I give you.

You should also know that I used to be much like how you were, not having any friends. Then I did find some friends, but that is another story, but this is relevant to you, so read this up and drink the wine, as I love to say. The friends I made were everything to me, yet when they betrayed me I was only left with one friend, and that was my thirst for revenge. Your friends will betray you Twilight, make note of that, it will happen. When it does, that will be the day that you will become me!

Happy Reading

Street Sweep

The Pain in my Head, the Pain Within

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Entry 1

My heart aches... I don't know what to do. Dreams that I''ve had since that fateful day still continue to haunt me. I don't want to massacre my family every night. I don't want that witch to behead me. I thought talking to my friends would ease the dread I feel. It helped a little, so that I no longer have to obsess over those thoughts during the day.

Yet, when I close my eyes, I still see my fathers head mounted on the wall. I don't want to see that! But it's stuck in my mind, unable to die out. What's happening to me, and why can I not escape?

I miss her so much, my daughter. I don't know where she went, but she's gone. Now I have only little hope left, but at least my family helps me along. I doubt that my wife will ever leave me, so I do have some hope there.

If only I could keep my thoughts straight, then maybe I could move on.


Entry 2

Today. It was today that I first loved my life. Never before had I been free, even when I started my job all those years ago. Just sweeping and cleaning, making way for all those ponies who were going about their own business. Nopony ever said "hi" to me or my family, which is probably why not one soul noticed their absence. I have to tell somepony, but the larger portion of me knows better, so I'm writing It here.

It was yesterday, for my actions had given me an excellent night of sleep. First in a long while in fact. My psychiatrist never mentioned that this could be a cure for my insomnia, yet... now that I think about it, no sane doctor would prescribe this as medication. What I did was beautiful and terrifying all at the same time, the sweet taste of sweat and blood. Never again will I go back, only bringing the gift of eternal sleep can ease my pain, nothing more.

It all started with a simple thought, a revelation years ago, in fact. I was asleep, a rare event that only happened once in a Luna moon. Then it started, my worst day, only to be topped by days after. I noticed that I had a headache, not like a migraine or some other abnormality in the head. No, this one was more subtle and serious. I cared about nothing, and wanted nothing. I wanted to cry, yet not tears would form. I was in a state of empty loathing, the greatest of pains.


Entry 3

Oh yes now it is settled! I have been lazy as of late, even so as to of which I forgot to write in here for the space of one year! So now I have to catch up on what I did. As I recall back to the time between the first entry to the second, that would be about three months. During that time, I lost my daughter to a crazed foalnapper, and let me just say, my rage boiled up to a storm of death!

The only thing that mattered was to hunt the monster down, to make him pay for his misdeeds! Compared to how I felt, rage was an understatement. Never before up had I wanted to cause so much harm to a pony. I hunted the stallion down, and took my knife... from there I pushed the creature out of the gates of life!

I slept well that night, not great, but well. My doctor said that I looked better the morning after. Of course, I never told him what I did. He did not need to know. It was my burden to bear, and mine alone.

Now, I recall the past year.

Hmm, well... even as I think, I am tired and need to rest. I'll pick up on this next time.


Entry 4

I can't sleep, too much is on my mind! I have tried for hours, but now I am certain that I need to write this down.

So, my time in the past year was abnormal, if not eventful. My wife blamed me for the death of our daughter and somehow got my other daughters in on it, too. So what did I do? I killed them, simple as that, using my knife to extract their own will to live. I did it quickly though, because they did not deserve suffering. There lives were now useless, however.

No pony betrays me and gets away with it! I'm just glad that nopony asked where they went simply because they said their goodbyes to everypony they knew before coming home that evening. It was the perfect time! So the next day after the deed was done, with them fed to the timberwolfs, nopony would suspect. Yes Bon-bon would occasionally ask how Lavender Tulip was, but I just tell her that I had heard nothing from them since they left. It was the honest truth. Hey, that is a good song title!

Gone they were, with nowhere to go.

Yet when the time came the went ahead.
No place to turn, so they made their leave.

Packing up, locking themselves away!

Turning around, seeing the blade, there was no turning back

Every choice brings a dire event that will bring you pain!

Cross me once, and you won't come back.

And that is the honest truth.

I don't care where you have been, oh no I do not.

I just want to know one thing, and that's if you cared at all!

Don't speak for I know whats real

You never cared at all!

That's the honest truth

You never cared at all!

That is the honest truth!

It's a work in progress, but it will work soon enough!

Now I shall go to sleep, all this fun has made me tired.


Entry 5

I have to write this down, simply because if I don't, I will not sleep at all.

Cold gray stone, that is what surrounds me, even as the long tunnel endlessly shows its length. I find myself in the sewers in Canterlot, yet they have changed. I start my way down, looking for something: I don't know what, but it must be important in order for me to be down here. No, I keep walking down, even until I reach a gate. I can hear my own heart in my head, even as I pull the chains with my mouth, just to open the blasted obstacle. I could hear the moist drips hitting the ground, occasionally feeling the sickly thick goo land on my mane. That is when I notice in complete wonder that all the walls are covered with slime. Colors that blend, but yet clash with the damp area. Never before had I felt so much confusion, the same question pounding in my head. Where. Am. I! No, this had to be bigger than what it seemed. I continued walking down the walkway, right next to the liquid river that flowed eternally down the chasm. I then find a boat alongside the walkway, a boat that was tethered on a guiding rope. I hopped on, not knowing why. Only the drive to continue kept me from running back to safety, wherever that was. It only took a few moments for me to realize that the boat was moving, and soon had reached the other side. My eyes were working as I took in the new scenery.

Flat ground, but all red. Green light shown from the cracks in the red floor. Ahead of me was a pony, standing on its hind hoofs. It was featureless. I approached the pony and soon found these words escape my mouth. "Hey, who are you? You look like a witch." I tried ever so hard to keep my mouth closed, but my effort was in vain. My last words being, "Wait, get away from me! No-ach!" As she used a scythe to cut my head clean off!

Every night I have this dream, and if I don't wake up, I start over and dream the same thing again. I don't know what to do! Yet I have a feeling I should move to the sewers. Maybe then my dreams will stop, or I will die. I welcome either.


A faint, lavender glow engulfed a bookmark as Twilight lifted it into the place where she stopped. Closing the book, she went over to the kitchen to talk to Pinkie Pie. There was so much at stake, and yet she could not read another word.

"Pinkie, are you still in here?" asked Twilight, as she entered her kitchen. Nothing could calm her nerves more then seeing that smiling mare humming to herself as she cooked the meal. Sweet smells of cakes and cream, and many other wonderful treats filled Twilight's senses as she walked into the kitchen.

"Oh, hello Twilight!" said Pinkie carefully. "I have breakfast ready for you!"

"Thank you Pinkie, have you already eaten?"

"Yep!" Pinkie said, enthusiastic as ever.

"Good, because I need you to pack up your stuff. We're going to Canterlot." She sat down at the table her horn glowing as she began to eat her meal. Meanwhile upstairs, all her travel supplies began to move, being controlled by a Purple magical mist.

Taste is for the Bitter, I Am Sweet

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The train ride had been bumpy, but for Twilight Sparkle it was a welcome intrusion. She didn’t want to finish the journal. Even if she did, the trauma coursing through the cars as the wheels passed by the ties would only disrupt her focus.

There was much more going on than just a crazy pony looking to scramble her mind. No, she was sure that the answers were in the book. They had to be in the book, otherwise there was no hope to find her family.

"Twilight, are you listening to me?"

Snapping out of her daze, Twilight focused on her friend. "I'm sorry Pinkie, all of this really has me occupied. You were saying?"

"Oh, I was just talking about that one time where I threw my sister her first birthday party. Though, if you want to talk about what is bothering you, we can talk about that."

"What makes you think something is bothering me?" questioned Twilight.

"The look on your face, silly! Any pony could tell by the sad look on your face that something is bothering you. What did you find in that book anyway?"

Twilight winced at the sudden bold question. After all this time, Twilight learned that nothing could really get past Pinkie Pie, unless she herself allowed it. Sure, Pinkie could seem out of it at times, but when it came to serious things, Pinkie knew about it. She knew that the best way to get through hard times was to laugh and have fun. And when the situation was dire, she could give comfort like no other.

"It was not so much as to what I found in the book, but how he wrote the whole thing. It’s a bit awkward to read, because the guy is clearly insane. But I am glad that his journal was not written like his letter to me." Twilight realized she was getting off track. "Ah hem, that is beside the point. In his journal entry he mentioned one of his dreams. In this dream, he was in the sewers of Canterlot, and he was going to be investigating it. So we are going there to see if we can find anything he has done.”

Pinkie sat there, taking in her words. It was all Twilight could do to watch the gears turn in Pinkie Pie’s head.

"Okie dokie loki!" she said, sitting back on her bench, releasing tension on her front hooves.

The duo sat there in silence, left to their thoughts.

"So, what do you expect to find in the sewers?" asked Pinkie Pie.

The question knocked the wind out of Twilight. She, having been so immersed in finding her siblings, was going just because of a hunch. Figuring that if she follows Street Sweep’s steps, she would be able to find more clues. The cold truth was that she had no idea what she was looking for. Twilight was just happy to have found an excuse to look somewhere new.

"I don't know Pinkie, I wish I did, but I don't.” Twilight hung her head down.


"Are you sure this is where we go in, Twilight?" Pinkie questioned.

"I'm not sure, but I have to start somewhere. Look, if you don't want to go in you don't have to; I can handle this alone."

"Nope, I'm going down with you," said Pinkie, who then jumped into the sewer duct without farther argument.

Twilight rolled her eyes before going down into the forbidden labyrinth.

Pulling out her map, she began to walk down the way. It did not take long for Twilight to realize that Pinkie Pie was nowhere to be seen. "Pinkie Pie where are you?" Twilight called out, suddenly getting the feeling of dread. Though she did say that she could handle this on her own, Twilight still found it hard to stay calm on her own.

"I'm behind you silly," said a bright voice form behind her, instantly giving Twilight relief to her fears. Not completely though, because Twilight still felt as if she was being watched and hunted.

"Good, then let’s start down this way." With the command given, the two friends made their way down the sewer.

It was shocking to Twilight to how the Sewers related so well to the dream she just read. Stone walls stained with green moss. Water that was tainted by the most fowl of substances, and even the dank smell that surrounded them. It was all described in his dream, or at least what he wrote.

"Pinkie, what do you know of Street Sweep?" Twilight asked.

"Well," said Pinkie, putting her hoof on her chin. "He is a meanie mcmeanie pants who goes and hurts other ponies! I know he is known for three deaths, and then killed himself before giving the location to your brother and sister-in-law. Why do you ask Twilight?"

Twilight let out a sigh, "For a killer his style is rather unique, but he did not claim the lives of three ponies Pinkie. After reading this, I believe he has claimed at least seven."

Pinkie let out a loud gasp, "You mean he hurt more ponies, and never got caught!" Pinkie went into silence, and Twilight watched as her main sagged a little bit. "That means there are at least seven less ponies to bring parties to."

The purple mare watched as Pinkie walked beside her, witnessing as her blue eyes filled with tears. "How could anypony be so cruel?" asked Pinkie.

"I don't know, but I don't think he started out that way," replied Twilight. "After reading the first few pages of his journal, he seemed like a caring pony who cracked under a broken heart."

"It's still no excuse to be so mean."

"I know, but all we can do now is find out all he has done and get my family back."

Pinkie lifted up her head in pure determination. "Then let’s do it!"

After some time, the two ponies finally came across an explosion of graffiti.

Twilight, curious about the strange art work, began to look things over. It was hard to read anything that was plastered on the cold walls, yet there was one thing that stood out. A section of words that where legible; saying, "Taste is for the bitter, I am sweet."

"Pinkie, could you come here please." asked Twilight.

Hearing the trotting of hooves come beside her, she heard her friend say, "What is it Twili....ohh"

Raising her hoof, Twilight began to show Pinkie Pie what she found. "These words were always found at the crime scene which Mr. Sweep created. Now, look at what the words are painted over."

Pinkie looked closer to the wall and soon found a latch that looked as if it belonged to a door.

"So, could this be where Street Sweep did all his work?" asked Pinkie Pie.

"No, I don't think so. The paint is too old. But I fear this might be one of his first victims. Come on, we need to open this door."

Letting out a gulp for a reply, Pinkie approached the door beside her friend and pushed it open. Instantly being drowned with foul air, both ponies began to cough, the stench was overpowering. It was a stench that neither of the ponies was used to, but instinct lead to the knowledge of what it was.

"Pinkie, I need you to go back up to Canterlot and get an Investigation team down here."

"OK, see you soon Twilight, be careful."

Why do I have to deal with this! Shouted Twilight in her thoughts, "It’s not fair! I just want my family back!"

Twilight stepped into the room, and increasing her light with her horn, she began to look around.

"Good thing I have a team on their way down here.” Avoiding the disturbing scene around her, she looked to the corners of the room. Other than the five unidentified lumps, the room was empty. Then her eyes caught something. A small box, just sitting there, undisturbed.

Cautiously, Twilight approached the box and used her magic to lift it up. Twilight slowly opened the box and looked inside. What she found where five, perfectly clean knifes, each matching the color of her friends’ coats

My Final Gift

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Entry 6

Of all days! I found my secret chamber! I honestly cannot believe it, and now here I am sitting; thinking in the dark! Well, I am actually writing by candle light; but what does that matter? I have pondered, and concluded that I don't want another marefriend. It’s far too much trouble and she will only backstab me! So as long as I keep myself secluded I should be fine. My only issue is that I moved to Canterlot. I have no work, and I need to keep myself alive somehow. I really don't want to just die out of the blue, though I still wish that the witch was here.

Never before have I been so excited, nor so happy. The closest I have been to this was finally being free from my wife's grasp; and prior to that, first getting into her grasp.

In many cases though, I do miss Brush Art, and Scribbles. Yes, I did love them, but they needed to go. That is why their passing was painless, I had no issue with them. They simply were in that awkward position, and I had the strength to do what needed to be done. That was a year ago, so it matters little. Now I have to find a way to sleep again, but is there a way without hurting other ponies? I don't know, but I must find out soon. As much fun as it was, I am not sure if I am up to the task of being the nations pony hunter. I don't know, maybe I need to accept it. It might be my fate, my destiny. I guess only time will tell.


Entry 7

I DON"T WANT THIS! I keep asking myself why, and in truth.... I have no answer. Deep down, I just want to be left alone. Deep down… I really just care too much. Yet on the surface, in plain sight, I have nothing but rage and hate. I loved once, and now all I can do is hate!

Reason? It is all the eyes staring into me... when I am not looking, I am being hunted. I must stop! Too many have hurt me, and I don't know what to do. Is it time to go back to the old remedy? I don't know, my desires are many. All I can do is just bury them so deep underground that I have to worry about them no more.

Yet people still ask how I am doing, and every day I answer with a lie. I am not ok! I don't care about you so shut up and go away! Every pony, run from me because I will kill you! Stay out of my way! To this moment, there are no words to describe my rage. I see the butterflies, and all I want to do is rip them apart with my teeth. Put those bugs through so much pain they will wish to have died yesterday!

I do think it is time for my old remedy, to take my special box and prepare my knives. Yes, my favorite tool is the knife. Many uses, but I found the one true use!

Now, where is that rat? My blades are hungry.


Entry 8

I found a new job today. Not a new idea of a job, it being one I am quite familiar with. I am used to cleaning, since I have done it all my life. Whether it be ponies’ offices or public parks, I know how to clean. Who doesn't? No, what is new about this is the company. Though they are new, it is sweet little corporation that started in a town I am all too familiar with. Maybe one day I can make my way into that town and work there again, yet that day will have to wait. How could I face those who I have stolen from? No, my time will come where they can see me again; but first I have things to do, and ponies to greet. Mercy is a word that none will know with me around. I am their king and they will bow to me.


Entry 9

Numbers are only there to help measure things, actually that is what they are there for. Let’s lay out an example, something I found out is that I have already killed eleven ponies. First my wife, then my kids; a total of three lives from the start. Then there was that swindler that tried to steal from that cute unicorn in Canterlot. Let’s just say he won't try to steal again. Then, I had to kill a mare and Stallion because they saw me kill a colt who insulted me; that's seven lives right here. That was probably around the time where I felt invincible. Then give or take a few days, I found a few other ponies that were ugly, so I killed them as well. So, soon I found the number eleven to be my grand total, but now... I think the number is too small. It's not enough.

As of right now, I feel no guilt. Yet, every night I see her smile. It will only bring peace to me for so long before that smile haunts my dreams. I had that dream for quite some time, or at least I think it was a dream. With that time I was able to think upon what it meant, and soon I came to the realization that the more lives I harvested, the longer the smile became. I truly believe that's a sign that I still have more work to do. How will I accomplish this monumental task? To find friends to help.


Entry 10

How could I forget that laughter? The laughter that I create? The very sound which could define all forms of madness, singing its masterpiece in an ongoing basis. Like a river flowing, smooth as glass, only to be interrupted by the rapids the calm instantly destroyed.

Without it I cannot survive. That is why I could not forget that laughter. Like food, it strengthens me, allowing me to move on. Yet, I wish not to, for my amusement drives me into farther activity.

Five blades, five friends; each giving themselves unwillingly for my cause. Yet I care not; they betrayed me, like my wife. Now I must go and give them my final gift.