How to train your...Dragonessess?

by Alphamon_Ouryuken

First published

A messed-up spell results in the main six becoming Dragon's!

Twilight calls her friends over to help her with a spell that with temporarily enable them to use each-others attribute's, such as their wing's, magic, etc. However, when focusing on her spell, Spike trip's into the middle of the spell, causing it to go haywire! Once the smoke clears...the Main Six find themselves...transformed...

Special thanks to Coda Crescendo for editing this story!

The Big Change

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Celestia’s sun shown over the skies of Ponyville, a certain rainbow-maned Pegasus shot through the clouds like a rocket. Pulling off several stunts and tricks as she flew towards Twilight’s home. “300 MPH! Close sweep! Double loop! AWESOME!! Rainbow Dash does it again!!” The rainbow-maned Pegasus proclaimed as she landed in front of the Golden Oak’s Library.

“That was awesome Dashie!” A familiar voice called out, Rainbow turned around to see Pinkie Pie hopping towards her. “You were like ZOOM, WHOOSH, POW, OBJECTION-whoops, wrong meme!” She giggled as she scratched her head.

Rainbow simply smirked. “Well what can I say, I’m just that awesome!”

“Great, you’ve assured you’re masculinity, now get inside!” The farm pony smirked as she approached the two. Rainbow simply turned away with a snort. “You’re just jealous that I can pull off so many cool stunts!” She gloated as they walked inside where the rest of the group was already waiting. Fluttershy was simply looking through some books on animal habitats while Twilight was looking through an old book; Rarity was simply lounging on some pillows while Spike was happily fanning her.

Rarity was the first to notice them. “Twilight, they're here!” She called out before turning to the young dragon. “Spike, would you be a darling and make some of those delicious baked goods you made?”

“Right away!” He shouted before dashing upstairs into the kitchen.

“I’m glad you all made it.” Twilight said as she put down her book. “Now, I suppose you’re all wondering why you’re all here...” Twilight began to explain.

“OH! Is it a party for your Birthday!?” Pinkie interrupted.

Twilight gave Pinkie a flat look. “Pinkie, my Birthday was last month. We had the party in Canterlot, remember?”

“Is it Rainbow Dash’s Birthday?”

“It’s not a Birthday party!” Twilight yelled before regaining her composure. “Listen, I've been working on a spell and was hoping if you could help me to perfect it…”

“Wait, this isn't gonna be like that time you made us all in love with each other is it ?” Rainbow asked which got Twilight several weird looks.

“NO! Nothing like that!” She quickly responded before calming down. “I’ve recently come across a special spell that I wish to test...”

“Oooo! Does it turn you invisible?” Pinkie asked again. “Or make you fly?”

“No, although the flying part is partly see this spell-when activated-will allow a pony to temporarily switch their attributes with another such as switching a Unicorns horn with an Earth Ponies strength...”

“Whoa, whoa, whoa! Back up!” Rainbow interrupted. “You wanna switch my wings with a horn?! Is that even safe?! What if you mess something up?!”

“Ah’ma have to agree with Rainbow Dash on this one Twilight. Ah mean, how do you know if it’s safe to use this kind of spell?” Applejack asked.

“I just want to record the effects; I need to see how well the Pony anatomy reacts to a change in mass or additional body parts. I promise I’ll change you back as soon as I’ve recorded all the effects!” Twilight reassured her friends.

While a few of them looked a little nervous, somepony spoke up. “I...wouldn't mind being an Earth pony...” Fluttershy stuttered out as she came forward. “It could help me be more in tune with nature...”

Twilight (along with everypony else) was a bit surprised that Fluttershy was one of the first to volunteer, then Pinkie started bouncing around the room. “Ooo! I’d love to have wings! I could zoom through the air just like Dashie!” Pinkie squealed in excitement.

“Well...I guess if Fluttershy of all ponies is brave enough to try it out, then so am I!” Rainbow boasted as she stepped forward. “I have a reputation keep after all!”

“Well I suppose it would be nice to have wings again, even if it is for a short time...” Rarity said as she tossed her hair before stepping forward.

Finally, everypony turned to Applejack. “*Sigh*...fine...” She said as she stepped forward. "...just no funny business, alright?"

Twilight smiled at her friends. “Thank you all, I promise I’ll be careful with this if you could all stand in a circle so we can begin...”

The wielders of harmony did as she said while the Unicorn began to cast her spell...the group was surrounded by her magic aura before a stream of magic erupted from each of their bodies and met in the center of the circle, each stream slowly mystically swirling around one another...

All was going well until Spike rushed downstairs with a tray of treats. “Who want’s cupcakes-WHOA!!” As he ran he tripped over his feet and fell down the stairs, spilling his treats and falling right into the middle of the spell! Much to everypony’s shock, the streams of magic suddenly started spiraling out of control and swirling around Spike’s body.

“W-what’s haaaappeniiing?!” Spike screamed out as he was consumed by the spell.

“SPIKE!!” The group screamed out in fear as Twilight tried to stop the spell, but instead the spell imploded on Spike before a green glow erupted from his body, traveling along the streams of magic and into the pony’s bodies, resulting in an intense explosion!


Smoke enveloped the entire room...and everything went black...

“Uggh...” Spike moaned as he struggled to get up, his head was pounding intensely. “Ohh...what hit me…?” He muttered before looking around, which was hard considering everything was obscured in a purple smoke. “Is everypony OK!?” The young dragon called out as he tried to find his way through the smoke...only to bump into somebody.

"Oh Spike! Thank goodness you're alright!" Rarity's voice called out, Spike quickly looked up to see her beautiful face...and when the smoke cleared...Spike gasped, Rarity was a Dragon! Her white fur had become glistening white scales, her hooves were now four-fingered claws, she had purple spikes going down her back, her tail still had hair, but it was at the tip and now resembled a lizards, she now had three horns, two pointing back through her hair and the original one on her forehead, all three had become slightly jagged and purple.

"Spike...? What's wrong?" Rarity asked the gawking dragon. Completely oblivious to her new

"Y-y-your a-a-a-a-a..." Spike stuttered as he started to drool.

"EEEEEEK!!!" Whatever Spike was about to say was drowned out by Fluttershy's scream of terror. "THERE'S A DRAGON IN THE HOUSE!!" She shrieked again. Almost instantly Spike found himself being lifted by Twilight’s magic as she bolted past Rarity in the direction of Fluttershy's voice. "Don't worry Fluttershy, I'm right here! Spike, stay behind me!" Twilight growled protectively...

'Wait, did Twilight just growl?' Spike thought to himself as he was plopped down behind her as she stood in front of Fluttershy's silhouetted form.

"Alright you… get out of my home and no one gets...hurt?" Twilight trailed off as more of the smoke cleared, she realized she was looking at a mirror, and much to her shock SHE was a dragon! Her own purple fur had become scales very similar to Spike's, she too now had claws instead of hooves, purple spikes going down her back, and three horns just like Rarity's.


"I know! It's terrifying!" Fluttershy squeaked as she covered her eyes in fear.

"*Cough* *Cough* H-hey! What happened?!" Rainbow Dash called out, Spike looked in her voices direction to see the rainbow-maned Pegasus had undergone the same treatment! Her feathery wings became more bat-like. Twilight looked at Fluttershy and immediately realized she had in fact scared herself. "Fluttershy! YOU'RE the dragon!"

"W-w-w-what?!" The shy Pegasus-turned-dragon uncovered her eyes to see herself in the mirror...only to cover them again. "Eeep!"

"Now Fluttershy, just calm down," Twilight reassured her. "...I'm sure I can-"

"AAAAAHHH!" Pinkie's shrieked.

"What in tarnation is everypony screamin' about?!" Applejack called out as she emerged from the smoke with Pinkie following her. Like everypony else, both AJ and pinkie had become dragon’s. Pinkie’s scales were pink with pinkish-red spikes going down her back, while Applejack was orange with brown spikes going down her back.

“Sweet Celestia!” Rarity shouted as all of the smoke finally cleared, revealing that the transformation everypony had undergone.

“WHAT IN THE HAY IS GOIN’ ON?!?!” Applejack shouted as Pinkie started darting around the room, checking out each one of her now-dragon friend’s. Meanwhile Spike’s attention had been drawn back to Rarity, in the form of him happily kissing her left claw.

“You *smooch* are *smooch* the *smooch* most *smooch* beautiful *smooch* Dragon *smooch* I’ve *smooch* ever *smooch* seen!” He said with each kiss, causing her to blush.

“Oh Spike, I-I’m flattered really but...” Rarity stuttered, trying to find a good reason to get him to stop.

“Wow! And here I thought I couldn't get any cooler! Check out these sweet wings!” Rainbow Dash smirked as she admired herself in the same mirror Fluttershy was hiding from, while Pinkie started bouncing around in glee.


“Ugh, how did I get us into this mess?!” Twilight muttered to herself...