Spike Get's an Ipod

by Xx-Sniper_Masters-xX

First published

Spike has his own Ipod and has absoloutely no idea how to use it at first. Then he gets the hang of it and begins his adventure with the Ipod! This includes games, songs, and Twilight's depression about not having an IPHONE. This will be fun.

Spike is just your average dragon even though he doesn't look like it. He's cool, He's fun to be around and most importantly... He has charisma! Even though he has his embarrassing moments at least he has that charisma to keep his rep in shape!
Best part is.... He has his own Ipod now! [And Iphone] This story will be about Spike's Ipod and Twilight's sadness about not having an Iphone [Later in the story]. Lol.

A New Device

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Spike walked around Ponyville as what any curious dragon would do if there was anything new. Thankfully he found something that was new and it was at the electronics store.

"Hey uh... I see that the sign out there says that the first one in this store get's a free 'special' electronic thing." Spike leaned on the counter and looked around. Nothing special.

"Well you're not going to see it on these shelves because it's right here!" The employee that was working in the store then pulled out a small, flat, rectangle with some strings. [Headphones if you don't know]

"What's that?" Spike pointed at the thing.

"Well it's the special thing." The employee then put the thing on the counter.

"No, I mean what is it called?" Spike asked pointing to it again.

"It's called an Ipod." The employee replied. He then passed the Ipod to Spike.

"What do you do with it?" Spike looked around it. On the bottom was a slot for putting something in, on the front was a button with a square in the middle, and when he pressed it the screen lit up with life and it said, 'Swipe to unlock'.

"Well look, If you swipe it the screen shows lots of apps. You press it like this and the app opens up. You can do anything with it like listen to music, play games, or write a memo just in case if you forget something. Oh also these strings here are headphones. You use them if you want to listen to something." The employee then gave Spike the Ipod. Spike looked at the object for a while then smiled. Then he realized.

"But... What's the catch?" Spike asked.

"Nothing. Now I got a store to handle." The employee then took Spike to the door so he could leave. Spike thanked him and left for Twilight's library.

"Oh man, I can just imagine what I can do with this!" Spike started to talk to himself as he walked back. Some ponies watched him walk back thinking he's gone crazy.

Twilight, I got an Ipod!

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"Twilight! Twilight!" Spike rushed over to Twilight who was reading a book. A very specific book.

"Oh!" Twilight put the book away but slow enough for Spike to see the name. 'Twilight'

"Seriously? Out of all the books you decide to read that one?" Spike walked over to the book and took it out. He pointed at the cover.

"Be quiet! I can read whatever I want!" Twilight was embarrassed and was blushing a bit. She then noticed the Ipod in Spike's hand.

"What's that?" Twilight looked straight at the Ipod in curiosity. What is the purpose of that thing? Spike looked and dropped the book.

"Oh it's an Ipod I got from the electronics store. Nice deal right?" Spike said putting the Ipod in Twilight's face.

"Yeah but what does it do?" Twilight asked.

"I really don't want to tell you because nobody has time for that." Spike then went over to a random book and put the Ipod in it.

"Even though I have no idea what-so-ever what that Ipod does I sure do know it does not work like that." Twilight then used her magic to take the Ipod out of the book and put it in Spike's hands.

"Hey wait a minute, what year is it?" Spike asked.

"2013." Twilight replied.

"Oh wow that's REAL nice. It's 2013 and no one has these Ipods yet." Spike then looked at the screen and swiped his finger across it. He looked at the corner of the screen to notice a green bar that was getting smaller every second.

"Looks like you need something to charge the Ipod." Twilight pointed at the slot at the bottom of the Ipod.

"Yeah, I know. The employee forgot to give me the-" Spike was interrupted when the employee came bursting into the door with the charger.

"Sorry about forgetting the charger!" The employee gave the charger to Spike and left in a hurry. Maybe the ponies noticed the Ipod.

"Well now you got a charger so what are you going to do now?" Twilight looked at wire and stared at it.

"Charge it." Spike then went over to a cube that was connected to the wall. The slot on the cube was the perfect size for the charger.

Twilight looked outside and noticed the sky has turned to night.

"Come on Spike, time for bed." Twilight yawned and went upstairs to her bed.

"One more second..." Spike was still trying to put the charger in. Wrong side...


"Okay, okay."

Spike went upstairs and went to sleep. His dreams were full of awesome. With a hint of silliness.

Pocket God

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Spike woke up the next morning as the first one up. He went downstairs to get his Ipod and used it.

"Okay now what does this app do?" Spike opened it up and found even more apps in it. Except these apps came in many prices. Some were free, some were a bit, some were so special it was 10 bits! He went to an app called 'Pocket God' and tapped it. On the screen were ponies that were on an island. There he saw a slideshow of ponies being zapped by lightning to being eaten by sharks.

"Looks cool." He tapped the button that would download the app until a screen came up saying he had to pay a bit for the app. He looked around for a bit and stopped at Twilight. He went over to Twilight and shook her a bit. Twilight woke up and looked at Spike who was giving her his biggest smile he had.

"Okay what did you do?" Twilight asked.

"Actually I was wondering if I could have a bit?" Spike then let out a hand. Still smiling.

"Hm... How do I put this? No." Twilight then began to go back to sleep.

"Wait! I'll give up a gem for the bit!" Twilight just stared at him with a dull face.

"2 gems?" Twilight still stared at him.

"10 gems?" Twilight nodded. Spike cheered and got his bit. He then rushed downstairs and accepted the offer for 'Pocket God.' The bit he was holding then disappeared and on the screen was his very first game. He was excited and pressed the app.

"Oh boy, I wonder what's on here!" Spike then saw a normal pony on the island. Nothing special.

"That's it?" Spike then tapped the pony. The pony was lifted off the ground and started to scream pathetically. Spike let go to see the pony fall to it's death.

"Oops..." Spike felt bad for the pony but at the same time he didn't because it's screaming was hilarious. Spike then got an idea. A very perfect idea...

"Oy..." Twilight woke up and stretched. She smacked her lips and looked over to Spike. He was laughing with his Ipod in his hands. Must be playing a game.

"So what are you playing?" Twilight looked over his shoulder. He was messing around with some ponies on an island.

"Pocket God! It's funny! Look, this one is you, The other one is Rarity, this next one is Applejack, that one that's fishing is Pinkie Pie, the one flying in the sky is Rainbow Dash, and the one that I just messed with is Fluttershy. Listen to her scream!" Spike picked up Fluttershy and she started to scream pathetically just like the other pony he killed a while ago by 'accident'.

"Exactly how is this funny?" Twilight asked.

"Watch!" Spike then went to Pinkie Pie. He tapped the fishing line and Pinkie started to pull. Next thing they knew a giant tentacle came out of the water, grabbed Pinkie, and dragged her into the water.

"See? Funny right?" Spike then started to mess with Fluttershy again. He then put her next to a fire.

"Are you kidding? That's horrible!" Twilight said. Obviously she didn't get it.

"Well looks like your reaction caused Fluttershy to die." Spike then flicked Fluttershy into the fire. Yet again another pathetic scream.

"How can you do this Spike?!" Twilight screamed.

"Chill, watch this." Spike then put his finger on the edge and made a wide upside-down U. The ponies looked at it were all like 'Ooo! Double Rainbow!'

"Well I guess that is better..." Twilight said the sentence way to soon when Spike threw Applejack into the water. Being eaten by sharks may sound bad but it's funny if it's not real.

"NO NOT APPLEJACK!" Twilight was now furious. She was about to take the Ipod when Spike began to threaten her that he was going to send her into the water as well. Twilight backed away and just kept watching.

"Now a thunderstorm." Spike summoned a storm and watched as lightning hit Rainbow Dash. She then fell to the ground as ash. Spike then summoned the thunderstorm away and looked at Twilight. She was practically on the edge of crying.

"And now it's a contest between two rivals! Rarity vs Twilight!" Spike stared at both of them and decided which one was going to die next.

"Please not me, please not me, please not me, PLEASE IN THE NAME OF CELESTIA LET IT NOT BE ME!!!" Twilight stared at the screen without blinking. Spike waited until she blinked so he could kill the pony he chose. Twilight blinked and when she opened her eyes she saw that the island was empty.

"W-what? Where did me and Rarity go?" Twilight asked.

"Oh, I deleted you both from existence." Spike then turned the Ipod off and went outside. He stopped after he closed the door and heard Twilight scream. He smiled and kept walking.

Morning Dew

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Spike who was probably still laughing about Twilight's reaction was walking towards the electronics store once more to get more information like HOW to get music in the Ipod.

"Oh? Back so soon?" The employee looked at Spike in the eye. He must have been doing something.

"Yeah, well I need to know how to get music into my Ipod." Spike then grabbed a random Ipod off the shelf and pointed at it.

"Well there's two ways. One, you buy music from the store. Two, you can download it off the computer or laptop." Spike looked at the employee with a confused look.

"Are you kidding me? You people don't even have a computer?" The employee facehoofed himself and sighed.

"Well no one around here has even visited to your shop before so..." Spike trailed off his sentence and started to wander around like he was new to the store.

"Well come over here. If you want to get your music you got to do it like I tell you." The employee then pulled out a laptop from the bottom of the counter. [Don't even ask me what company it's from] [It's Windows]

"Hey you know now that I've noticed there isn't any other workers around here. Are you the only one?" Spike asked.

"Yep." The employee then went into the back to find the something.

"Well then what's your name?" Spike saw the employee come out of the back with a wire for connecting the Ipod and laptop.

"I usually just call myself James Madison. I don't know why but it sounds cool." Spike nodded and took the laptop and the wire. He gave James a gem since he forgot to ask Twilight for some bits. Spike walked out the door and forgot to close it.

"Come back in like a week and I'll have some new stuff ready for you!" James yelled from the counter.

"Okay! And my name's Spike!" The wind then blew the door in and slammed it.

"That kid is cool." James then pulled out a magazine and read it.

Spike was careful not to make any noises as he walked into the library. He tip-toed past a passed out Twilight and took his Ipod somewhere else where Twilight wouldn't kill him.

"Alright just got to get to that door and I'll be safe." Spike moved slowly towards the door with caution. He hoped that Twilight wouldn't wake up. When suddenly...

"TWILIGHT WAKE UP THE STORES THAT SELL ELECTRIC STUFF IS NOW SELLING IPODS TO EVERYONE!!!!" Pinkie Pie crashed into the door and ran over Spike. Spike groaned in pain and looked at his stuff he was holding. Not a scratch.

"AHHH! HI-YA!" Twilight woke up with a fright and karate chopped Pinkie in the face. Spike snickered and ran out the door.

Who would be kind enough to let Spike into their home so he can do whatever he wants without his stuff being broken or stolen? Rarity. Luckily, Rarity was kind enough to let Spike inside so he can what I just typed in like 22 words ago. Spike sat down somewhere where he wouldn't be bothered by anyone. That would be the corner.

"Okay just plug this in like this.... Got it!" Spike cheered and turned on the laptop after putting in the wires.

"Spike make sure you clean up this mess after you're done." Rarity then went to continue on a dress she was making.

"Okay Rarity." Spike put his attention back onto the laptop. So many things to choose from. Spike chose Internet Explorer and up came a window with a website called Yahoo.

"What in the... Storm shakes up Manehattan but citizens are fine, Top ten best things to get for Thanksgiving, Criminal arrested for-" Spike stopped halfway when Rarity butted in.

"I heard you said something about 'Top ten best things to get for Thanksgiving'?" Rarity asked. She was literally nose to nose with Spike.

"Uh, yeah it's in that article right there..." Rarity then pushed Spike out of the way and took control of the laptop. Well this obviously didn't work out well for him but you just got to have patience.


"Okay I'm finished! Back to my work!" Rarity trotted off back to work and Spike went back to searching for music.

"Music, music, music... I know!" Spike typed in a website and popped up... Well, you know.

"Search bar... Oh geez I don't know what to type..." Spike shrugged and typed in a random name and up came a video of 3 ponies. The title said 'Morning Dew'.

"Let's see what this song is all about..."

A/N: Hi, I would like to tell you that this part of the story is a song and my back hurts so I can't do this part for you. Actually this part wasn't even supposed to be here in the first place! XD Well just enjoy the other stuff. Editor! Skip to the part where Spike is in town!

Spike who was walking through town with headphones in his ears was listening to the music he had listened to the other day. The other ponies were wondering what he was listening too. All Spike was doing from a pony's perspective was lip syncing. In Spike's mind he was singing. Then he randomly sang a random part of the song.

"One time I drew a pink ice castle with a green hot dog and three light snacks imma teach y'all how to scrape out the sink drain. (How to scrape out the sink drain!) A midget said speak with an accent so I did just so I could steal his porche while he was tied to a stake, In the rain." Spike was then pretty much dancing around now. The ponies just chuckled and went on with their lives. This very certain part Rainbow Dash had flew by and Spike sang the final parts of the song.

"The world's fastest girl might be wrong we popped the cork now it's time to go away! (Keep wanting your morning dew...) I got that crown I'll knock you out yeah, yeah! Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. I got ten pounds of peanut brittle! And the little poodle's got it's coat on! Mirror, mirror on my floor! Am I the prettiest at the store? Is this Idaho? Cause I will not limbo in Idaho." Rainbow Dash stopped and literally flew backwards just to talk to Spike.

"Uh... What are you doing and what did you just say?" Rainbow Dash asked.

"I just sang a song from my cool Ipod!" Rainbow Dash gave a confused look she was about to ask something when Spike had already left.

"What was that all about..." Rainbow Dash shrugged it off and just continued flying.

"Ayo girl you should try them chicken fingers instead of that pizza...." Spike continued to sing as the song ran on repeat.

This is the Best Burrito I've ever Eaten

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A/N: Sorry but before you read this chapter please skip to the bottom for some information.

Twilight who was pretty hungry was not in the mood for any of the foods she has eaten before. She wanted to eat something new besides fruits, vegetables, and all that stuff. Twilight then noticed a food stand nearby and walked over to it. The menu was kind of different than other menu's.

"Hola amigo! ¿Quieres probar mi comida maravillosa?" Twilight looked at the pony in confusion. He spoke in a different language that was obviously NOT Equestrian.

"Lo siento, pero mi traductor no está aquí ahora, así que sólo voy a dar esto de forma gratuita." The pony then gave Twilight some random food for free. Then the translator came running to the stand.

"Sorry miss! I was doing something important... So I see that you are about to eat this burrito here." The translator pointed to the burrito in Twilight's hoof.

"Oh well he gave it to me for free." Twilight pointed to the foreign pony who was just staring into space.

"Oh I see... En serio tío? ¿Por qué darle un burrito de forma gratuita?" The translator asked the foreign pony in an angry tone.

"Porque ella es una hermosa unicornio y que no suelen ver que todos los días." The foreign pony then stared back into space.

"Sorry miss. Hey you know you should take a bite of that burrito. It's very tasty." The translator then stared at Twilight.

"(Geez this is really awkward...)" Twilight shrugged and just took a bite from the burrito. As Twilight chewed she began to taste so many flavors at once. Twilight's attitude changed all together and she began singing. ~CUE THE MUSIC!~ [I recommend you listen to the song]

"This is the best burrito I've ever eaten! Yum, yum, yum!"

"(Works every time)"

"This is the best burrito I've ever eaten! Yum, yum, yum! With plenty of beans! And plenty of cheese! And plenty of rice! Oh isn't it nice?"

[Train of yums passing by!]

"This is the best burrito I've ever eaten! Yum, yum, yum!"