Return of Legends

by wanderingmind

First published

Heroes are remembered, but legends never die.

Time Withers, time grows. Days set, nights turn. Seasons pass, years escape. Paths are made, journeys taken, and memories darken. Thoughts are made, ideas born, reality challenged, minds honed, and minds torn. Things changed, old is new, new is old. But hope remains eternal. Heroes pass and forgotten but legends simply fade away. But in Equestria legends have a way of returning to the world.


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“…..while decreasing overall trade by 1% it will in fact increase revenue by a total of 3.6784%.” “Thank you Profit Margin, are there any counter arguments?” The ministry speaker, Group Think, asked as Profit Margin went back to his seat. A mare stood and stomped her hoof twice. “The floor recognizes Trade minister, Barter Route.” Group Think spoke loudly. The other ministers groaned inside their heads as the mare stood and spoke again.

The only thing stopping them from doing so out loud was Princess Celestia seating at the head of the table. The only thing that stopped Celestia from groaning was the presence of the ministers. The two ministers had been doing this every day for two and a half months, it started when the Internal Revenue minister had presented a plan to increase revenue. The stallion had given a long and winded speech that outlined his plan, at the end Barter had stood and countered his plan with her own. It had led to counter after counter every day. Celestia had entertained this fight because each had given an argument that had pointed out flaws to EVERY PLAN. Now the two had been in a state of near blows for weeks and Celestia couldn`t just pick a plan because each eliminated the others plan. As Barter started, Celestia with many years of practice looked around at her ministers without moving her head. Most of her ministers had blank faces with glazed eyes. By now only a few diehard supporters focused and listened to Barter. Celestia was surprised however at one face that had an intense look on it. Discord was focused on Barter and was even taking notes on her speech. Celestia almost gasped in surprise. Discord had been drafted in to the ministry for one thing at the time, for Celestia to keep an eye on him and out of trouble. Discord, to the unsurprised shock of many, had taken to his position with a pained groan and whimper. His position, internal regularizing and external localized effects, had been made just for him. In other words, a made up and useless spot for him to sit on and a spot to sit in the ministry where he was watched. As the months passed and only a few, should you say minor incidents, he was given more and more freedom for good behavior. At this point only a few things stood between him and total freedom. One of which was the trust of the rest of the elements and the Princesses.

Discord had in every meeting made random comments and jokes, to see him serious was, to Celestia, an almost frightening thing to see. As Barter started to wrap up and Discord took notes, she swallowed the lump in her throat as she looked back to Barter, ‘He`s up to something.’ Celestia thought. As Barter finished she gave a small smug look top Profit Margin Celestia signed and said, “I believe that`s enough for today and that the ministry should meet again tomorrow.” Many minsters openly sighed and started to put away papers in to saddle bags. Celestia herself started to as well carefully watching Discord out of the corner of her eye only to look up in shock as Barter yelled. “WHO THREW THIS AT ME!!!” She shouted picking up a balled up piece of paper with her magic. Profit chuckled and Barter`s eyes locked on to the stallion`s. “You threw this!!” She yelled at him. “Barter plea” “I didn`t, but that`s what should happen to you and your plan.” Profit said cutting off Celestia. “What, My plan`s perfect and yours the one that should be burned!” Barter shouted at him moving to directly across from at the table. “No, your plan sucks and you should be thrown off the mountain for even thinking of it!” Profit said putting his front hoofs on the table and leaning front. Celestia and the other ministers watched wide eyed as what they all had thought coming happened. Slamming her hooves onto the table Barter butted heads with Profit and shouted, “Yours suck and you should be used as target practice for the guards!” Profit pushed back on her head and shouted, “No you should be!” “No you!” “No you!” “ NO YOU!” “NO YOU!”. Both Profit and Barter, panting and butting heads, looked ready to come to blows at any second. Celestia looked from one to the other and cleared her throat, “humph, I Believe we should stop…?” She trailed off eyes wide as the two rivals two roughly locked lips. Her ministers reacted in the same way as the passionate kiss deepened and the two rolled on to the table. As the two separated for air four minutes later Celestria tried to spoke only to be cut off as Profit said, voice low, “I believe we can negotiate a new plan now.” Barter replied, eyelids low and voice husky, “ Oh I believe we can indeed.” Both returned to their deep embrace with more vigor than before. “And on that note I believe it be best to leave the two to their….should we say intense negotiations?” Discord sounded, snapping his claw, teleporting everyone but the two on the table out of the room.

The ministers with Celestia and Discord appeared outside in the hall, saddles on and packed with papers. Celestia blinked and looked at Discord`s smirking face. Celestia narrowed her eyes and said “Ministers, I believe it best to take some time while minister Discord and I have words.” The ministers slowly trotted away, one of which said something about a bet while the others groaned. Celestia walked over and glared at Discord. “What did you do?” Discord looked surprised and put his hands behinds his back. “Why Celestia, I have a feeling you don`t trust me.” He said with a halo above his head. Celestia simply glared at the chirma in his ministry outfit. Bright red robes that flowed to his ankles lined with a muted golden bronze around the edges of the robe, a powdered white wig with curls rested on his head to match the curled white mustache above his lips, with an monocle to “add a bit of fancy to it” as Discord put it. While Celestia didn’t like it for some odd reason, Discord had chosen to wear as his ministry standard outfit. All of the ministries had one and Celestia couldn`t change them unless they were offensive to somepony. What she knew was under the robes though was what was important. Discord wore six rings, one around each leg and arm, one around his waist and a final one around his neck. The rings resisted and limited Discord`s power and magic. Fluttershy and the girls were surprised when Celestria put them on Discord, he had been pissed when she did. She explained to them after Discord had tried and failed to turn her in to a cow that he had to earn the trust of the elements and her sister as well as herself, like he did with Fluttershy, for them to release the rings and get his power back. He had been pissed then oddly he calmed down, almost too calm, and said that he would. Back to the here and now, Celesria raised up the unballed paper that had a crude picture of her. “Princess SunButt, the big flanked leader of horseland?” She read outloud. The halo fall to the floor with a clang. “Alright I threw the paper.” Discord said ponrting. Celestria`s glare deepened and she said, “IS THAT ALL?”. Discord was now glaring, “What, you think I used magic on them? Nope that was all them.” As Celestia was about to chew him out a loud moan from the meeting room silenced her. As she blushed Discord smirked and said, “All they needed was a push, I figured either they would fight or do each other. I think I was right to what I did, if you hadn`t notice the sexual tension it was thick enough for you to think it was a cake.” Discord let out high pitched laugh. “Now if you`re excuse me I`m due to have tea with Fluttershy.” Discord ran away as Celestia`s eye twitched. ‘You know what I`m going to just get a cake, a book, and take a long bubble bath. The rest of day I`m going to just relax.’ As she trotted away from the ministry meeting hall and the new couple bonding inside she stopped and turned, “Is my flank really that big?”

Equestria a land of magic. A place of happiness and love. While peace may reign darkness waits in the shadows for the time to strike. Heroes however will always stand before the darkness and become legend. In Equestria heroes are remembered and love. But time will pass and history will become tales, tales becomes myth, and myth fades. Heroes maybe forgotten, but legends fade away, never gone, never forgotten and never will die. Long forgotten and abandoned legends will never die, they simply wait to be remembered, for their time to come again.

And in Equsetria……. well, in Equestria legends, haha, legends have a way of returning to the world.