Pinkie Pie's Secret

by TheLoveless

First published

Pinkie Pie wakes up Spike in the middle of the night to tell him something, something he isn’t even allowed tell Twilight. What could it possibly be?

Pinkie Pie’s got a secret, and she’s dying to tell somepony. Or...some dragon. She wakes up Spike in his basket in the middle of the night to take him somewhere, to tell him her secret privately. What is this secret, and why can’t anypony else know?

story helper(really helped) : Enigma Pip sorry if i slept it wrong

How to Wake A Baby Dragon

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"Hey, Spike…Spike...Ssssssppppikeeeeeeeee…wake up, Spike!” Pinkie Pie poked Spike’s little button nose. "Wake up; I need to tell you something, Spike!” She poked him once more. "If you won't get up willingly, I’ll make you get up!” The pink mare grabbed Spike’s cheeks and began to move them around, squashing his scaly face between her hooves. "Get up, silly!”

Eventually, Spike woke to an overly happy pony smiling and messing with his cheeks. “What do you want, Pinkie? It’s one o’clock in the morning. How the heck did you even get in? Twilight always triple-checks the locks before bed.” He swatted at Pinkie’s hooves, saving his face from the pink pony’s attack.

“I need to tell you something! Something important!” Pinkie ignored Spike’s question about how she entered the treehouse, leaving Spike to simply chalk it down to ninja skills. She obediently stopped playing with Spike’s cheeks, and moved on to poking his nose with every word. “I need you to come with me. I have to tell you in secret.” She looked up at Twilight’s bed, making sure the unicorn was still asleep. Surely enough, she was still snoring away, seemingly reciting the first 50 places of pi in her sleep. “Can you come? It won't be too long. Please!” She gave her signature Pinkie Pie smile, and peered down at Spike until he answered.

“Fine, Pinkie, but once you’re done can I go back to bed?”

“Yeppity, yep, yeppers!” Pinkie sprung up off of the floor and to a window, launching herself out of it and landing in a bush. Spike just opened the door and walked with Pinkie, shaking his head at her antics.

“Pinkie, where are you taking me? If Twilight wakes up and I’m not there, she’ll probably set up a search party!” Spike huffed in annoyance as he had to jog lightly to keep up with Pinkie’s incessant bouncing, nearly tripping over a few rocks under in the low light of Luna’s moon. Pinkie simply giggled and sped up her springing along, turning back to look at Spike, to make sure he was still following.

“It’s not too far, now! By the way, I like your PJs, Spikey!” Spike glanced down at his bright blue pajamas, the pattern of sapphires stitched into them.

“Thanks, Pinkie. Rarity made them for me, as a reward for helping her dig for gems.”

After a few minutes of walking along, Pinkie stopped and dragged Spike into a house, too dark to see properly.
"Pinkie, can’t you just tell me already? I want to go to bed,” A particularly low grumbling in his voice emerged.

Pinkie Pie turned on the lights to reveal a light pink room with only a door, a set of chairs, and a lamp. “Okay, I can tell you now.” Pinkie plopped down into one of the chairs, the springs creaking in slight protest as the plumpish, pink party pony bounced in it. "Spike, you can sit over there.” Her hoof guided Spike to a large chair that looked like it could seat Princess Celestia herself.

As instructed, he sat, making himself comfortable in the strangely large chair. “Okay Pinkie, is there any reason why Twilight can’t know about this?”

Pinkie had an eager look on her face, her normal, hyperactive excitement dying down, leaving her calmer, yet still overzealous. “Yes. There is one reason...Spike, can you keep this a secret? Even from Twilight?” She stared intensely at Spike, who gazed back warily. Both hoping they wouldn't have to make a Pinkie Pie Promise.

Spike sighed grumpily. “Yes, Pinkie, I’ll keep it a secret. Now just tell me already! I wanna know!”
"Spike, I think…I love you.” Pinkie buried her face in her hooves in embarrassment, hiding it from view. “Do you…y’know…love me, too?” Pinkie closed her eyes tightly, hoping for the best.

Spike suddenly whispered into Pinkie’s ear, making her jump a bit. "Pinkie…I can’t say no to you.” Spike wrapped his arms around her and gave the mare the hug she always deserved, one full of love and compassion. “I do love you Pinkie, almost more than I love gemstones. And you know how much I love gemstones.”

Pinkie giggled at Spike’s cheeky attitude and returned the hug, lifting Spike up. “I’m glad you do, Spike. I’ve been holding it in since you came to Ponyville.” Pinkie walked to the other chair and sat with Spike next to her. "Spikey Wikey, you deserve this.” Pinkie kissed Spike’s cheek and hugged him even tighter.

Spike, not used to being kissed, blushed and tried to hide his face behind his claws. “That’s so sweet of you, Pinkie!” He rubbed his cheeks against Pinkie’s foreleg, hoping his blush would go away, but it didn't. “I’d love it if I could hug you forever, but it just can’t be done.”

"Oh Spike, I will never stop hugging you.“ She kissed him once more, and hugged him even tighter than she hugged any other pony, even the Cake twins. “You're just too cute when you’re blushing! I might just keep kissing you forever, too!” Pinkie let out a giggle at her ridiculous idea. Spike didn’t seem to mind, and nopony could stop her.

Spike looked up at Pinkie as she resumed pecking at his scaly face, giggling as well. “Um, Pinkie?”

“Yes, Spike?”

His blush worsened, but made him even cuter in Pinkie’s eyes. “Would it be okay, if… I, you know, kissed you? Pretty please?” He widened his eyes, and gave Pinkie his best puppy-dog face, with sparkling eyes, and a little pouty face.

Nopony, not even Discord, could resist such a cute face and the word ‘please’. "Awww, you’re so cute!” Pinkie’s excitement had taken over her peace of mind. “Of course you can!” Pinkie turned her cheek to Spike, eager for him to reciprocate her affections. “Go ahead, I won't bite. Unless you’re a muffin, or a donut, or, ooh, ooh, a great big cupcake! But you’re just a little baby dragon, not a big ol’ pastry.”

“Um, okay Pinkie.” Moments later Spike pressed his lips against Pinkie’s cheek, surprisingly she hugged him once more, and lost it. She was throwing herself around and rolling in the chair with Spike. "Are you okay, Pinkie? Your face is really pink. Oh, well, pinker than usual.” Spike prodded Pinkie’s face, feeling the squishy softness of her cheeks..

Pinkie pulled Spike onto her belly and hugged his neck. “I’m okay! I just got so excited!” Without any other warnings, Pinkie kissed Spike, but not on the cheek this time, she had kissed him on his lips, hoping she wouldn't be stopped.

Spike just leaned into Pinkie and followed, embracing the kiss. He reached around Pinkie and hugged her one last time for that night, before pulling away. Pinkie, sad and unhappy, grabbed Spike once more, and squeezed him. “Just remember, Spike, I’m always going to be here for you.” She kissed his cheek once more as he walked out and back to the treehouse library.

Spike walked halfway before realizing what had happened, his face reddening again. “Some day Pinkie, I will hug you forever.”

Pinkie on the other hand, had different plans. “Soon Spike, I will get you… but for now,” She hit the light switch and closed the door to her pink shed. “This was the best night ever, if only you were older, Spike. I’ll give you a year or two.”