by Nightroad

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While relaxing in the rain, Rainbow is stumbled upon by the last pony she'd expect

While out in the rain, Rainbow Dash is greeted by the last pony she'd expect to be out in the rain. Thankfully, this once in a lifetime opportunity may just allow the pegasus to confess her deepest feelings.

Random art inspired by the story (https://derpibooru.org/461635). To whoever made it, thank you so much ^^

A Soft Drizzle

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Rain. Whether it be a light drizzle, or a torrential downpour, that's all it was; rain. Yet whenever it rained, ponies seemed to give it some kind of...deeper meaning. Some ponies said that it made the day gloomy and depressing. Others said that it was the most romantic type of weather, beating even a cloudless Spring day. But to Rainbow Dash...rain was rain. “Maybe it's because I create weather. Shape it, give it life and meaning.” The cyan mare mused as the raindrops lightly pelted her body. “It's just another part of the cycle of weather. What's so special about rain falling from the skies? Do ponies have those kinds of delusions about snow as well? Fog?”

The pegasus sighed and shrugged her shoulders as best she could on the ground. While she didn't give the rain any special kind of attributes, Rainbow could appreciate the tranquility it brought her. It gave her time to think, time to unwind and slow down. While Dash loved her usual speedy lifestyle, she also loved these slow moments as well. As the rain washed over Dash's body, the quick flier kept her eyes closed, breathing slowly. She allowed her body to simply...fade away from the world. Her body ceased to exist on a physical plane and instead, fell. Fell through an infinite darkness, but felt no fear, no sorrow. She simply...fell.

While she may not have pondered the secrets of the universe like Twilight might have, or imagined how to increase profit for her family's farm like Applejack, Rainbow Dash imagined not speed, but the sheer thrill of falling. To Dash, falling held a different rush to her. To most pegasi, the adrenaline that was brought about by falling gave them a sense of speed and agility. But for Rainbow...time itself slowed for her as she fell. The feeling was rapturous for the cyan mare. Seeing the world race up to meet her in slow motion was a feeling above anything Dash could ever imagine.

The sheer joy of feeling the wind pull at her mane and sleek her coat back...wondrous. Dash was brought out of her trance by the sound of thunder rolling above her. She opened her eyes in time to see the light creep across through the thunderheads above her and she watched lazily through the prismatic locks that were draped over her face. She would've moved them, but the rain made her a bit lethargic. “Wonder if the old stories were true...that pegasi could control the very lightning itself...” Rainbow could already imagine how she would use that to her advantage, and not just for her tricks.

“I would make it rain ever so slightly so as not to ruin her brilliant mane...I would make the lightning flash as I said the words and the thunder boom afterwords. I would strike a pose, take her hoof in my own and say those three words that I've wanted to say for so long now...I'd look her in the eyes, flip my mane to make myself look as awesome as I could and say, “I love you!”

“Ooh...and who may I ask is the lucky mare?” Dash flew upwards, screaming in surprise at the sudden voice. Her, THE Rainbow Dash, who could hear a storm coming from hundreds of miles away, hadn't heard the faint hoofsteps on wet grass that had approached her from behind. “Oh! I'm terribly sorry darling. Are you okay?” Rainbow turned and saw the Element of Generosity looking at her with equal parts concern and amusement, snickering into her hoof as rain bounced off the strange umbrella saddle she was wearing.

“Rarity?! What the hay is wrong with you?” Rainbow shouted, her hoof over her hammering heart.

“Well, there is nothing wrong with me as you so suggested. And I could ask you the same thing you know. You're bound to catch cold from just...lying in the rain like that.” Rarity moved closer, and just like that, the rain stopped and Dash no longer within the downpour as the umbrella was cast over her. Dash couldn't stop the light blush that crept onto her face at being in such close proximity of her friend.

“So...” Dash coughed into her hoof before continuing. “W-what brings you out here in the middle of nowhere? I'd figured you'd be holed up inside and trying to avoid the rain that would ruin your “oh so perfect mane””. Dash jabbed, mocking Rarity with the last few words. The fashionista simply rolled her eyes, a light smile playing on her lips.

“Well...I was sitting at home, watching the rain and thinking up new ideas for a springtime ensemble when a knock came at my door. At first, I thought, “What pony would be crazy enough to be out in this weather?” and then I thought-” Rarity looked to her companion and saw Dash giving her a blank stare. “Er...yes...well...” The pale unicorn chuckled sheepishly, lightly bouncing the curl in her mane as she cleared her throat. “Anyways, a stallion came into my shop. Pleasant fellow he was, so polite. After awhile of talking, he said he was going to take a stroll and suggested I do the same. We got into a slight back and forth about it. However, as we continued on...the idea just became more and more appealing until I took him up on it and here I am.” Rainbow gave her a look that screamed 'I don't believe you'.

“How in the name of Celestia did some random stallion get YOU to leave your home when it's RAINING?” Dash asked with a smirk.

“You know I...I'm not entirely sure...one moment we were arguing about the weather, then my mind gets a little hazy...and then I'm out here walking and I see you.” Rainbow frowned.

“Hazy? Did he do something to you?” The thought of somepony manipulating Rarity like that made the pegasus's blood boil and her wings flare out and even made her feathers slightly twitch, something that Rarity noticed immediately.

'I understand she's a good friend, but I didn't think she'd get so...worked up about it.' Rarity shook her head quickly. “No darling, of course not. We...did share a drink or two.” the unicorn lied. 'He might have used some kind of mind altering spell...but why?' Rarity shook her head and quickly patted Dash's shoulder in reassurance. “Rest assured dear, nothing happened.” This seemed to calm Rainbow down, as her wings slowly retreated back to her sides. Once they did, a sort of odd silence surrounded the two, leaving nothing but the sound of rain pattering off of Rarity's umbrella. 'It's...odd. While we are friends...we never really spend time together. If not for Twilight...would I even be here right now talking with her?' The pale unicorn thought.

She stole a look at Dash and saw that the prismatic mare staring off into the rainy skies. 'She looks so uncharacteristically peaceful...' Rarity thought. The fashion designer couldn't help but stare longer than she meant to. The way those cerise coloured eyes were sharp, even though they gazed at nothing, the way small droplets of water fell from strands of her beautiful multi-coloured mane, the way her cyan coat was slicked against her body. 'She looks...divine.' Rarity thought. Eventually, Dash must've felt her eyes on her because she turned and their eyes locked. Both ponies blushed and they looked away from each other, content with the silence. However, while Rarity did enjoy silence, she could only stand it for so long when there was another pony nearby. “So...what're you doing out here all by your lonesome? Surely the great Rainbow Dash isn't out here being quiet and relaxing?”

“...” Rainbow was a bit torn. None of their friends, not even Fluttershy knew about her tendency to relax in this manner. However...if she wanted to get closer to the mare next to her... “You're actually not far off.” The answer caught the unicorn by surprise, and it showed as well, causing Rainbow to snicker.

“I...I don't believe it, dear. You actually relaxing and not just being lazy as you usually do?”

“Not even I want to keep moving at that kind of speed all the time ya know...” Rainbow looked down at the ground, watching as the grass was pelted by the rain, a look of melancholy on her face. “It's hard sometimes...to be the best, to be the pony that everypony watches. To always have to be that loud and cocky mare that everypony sees me as. But I feel...I dunno, like I HAVE to always be like that.”Rarity nodded.

“I know all too well, dear. Believe me, I know. I spend quite a bit of time in the limelight myself, obligating everypony that needs my attention.”

The pegasus nodded and chuckled, “Seems we're both quite the showponies huh?” Rarity chuckled and nodded.

“Seems that way. Perhaps we have more in common that we first thought.” The thought sent a surge of pleasure through Rainbow.

'Maybe...maybe it won't be such a lost cause after all. Maybe I can truly work this out!' That had been one of Dash's biggest fears about being with Rarity; that they'd have nothing in common other than their friends. Rainbow smiled at her crush, and was smiled back at in return.

“How often do you do this? Laying out in the rain I mean.” Rarity asked, a smile still on her lips.

“Every time it rains. I'm never with anypony after we get done setting up, so I just...come out here and lay here in the rain for hours and hours.”

“My goodness...and you never get sick?” Dash chuckled, rubbing the back of her head.

“Well...every now and then I'll get a little cough...but that's all!” Rarity rolled her eyes and laughed. Rainbow couldn't stop the grin that jumped onto her face at the sound of her crush laughing and just being happy. The silence returned between the two of them, but they were comfortable with it. Eventually, Rarity leaned over and rested her head on Dash's shoulder. The flier resisted the urge to tense up or flinch at the sudden contact. 'Oh my gosh...Alright...just play it cool Dash. Play it cool.' Rainbow thought within her mind. “So...” The pegasus began, but found that nothing else left her lips.

“Hmm? You want to ask me something darling?”

“Uh...Y-yea. Um...” Dash searched her mind frantically for something, ANYTHING that she could use for conversation.

Instead, she heard the unicorn chuckle against her and say, “A little tongue tied are we?”

“Heh...I guess so, Rares.” Dash said with a small chuckle of her own, but inside she was freaking out. 'Gah! Did I really just call her that? Ooh...Now she's gonna think that we're getting too personal with each other and-'

“Ooh...I like that. You come up with that little nickname yourself?”

“Mhmm...You...you really like it?” The pegasus asked hesitantly, hope laced in her voice.

“Why of course! It's not crude, but sweet. Nothing strange or out of the ordinary. Quite unexpected from somepony such as yourself. No offense of course.” Dash smiled, breathing in relief.

“None taken. Glad you like it though...Would you mind if I called you that more often?”

Rarity shook her head and said, “By all means dear, please do. It'll be like proof of our bonding.” Dash smiled and after taking a deep breath, rested her head upon Rarity's. She half expected the unicorn to pull away or flinch, but she did no such thing. She even sighed happily. “You know...I'm actually glad I came out for a walk in the rain. It's been...nice.”

“Yea...you know, that reminds me.” Rainbow lifted her head, and Rarity did as well, looking into Dash's eyes.

“Hmm? What reminds you of what?”

“Well...you have to promise that you won't laugh.” Rarity nodded and continued to stare. Dash took a quick breath and said plainly, “Rain.” To her credit, Rarity didn't laugh, snicker, or anything in between.

“What about it darling?” Confusion was etched onto the fashionista's face.

“Well, I figure since you're big on words and putting one thing with another...what's the whole deal with ponies associating rain with sorrow or romance?” Rarity was silent for a moment, contemplating her answer as she stared out into the downpour.

After a good few minutes, she rested her head back on Rainbow's shoulder and said, “Well...I think it's because something happens to the pony that makes them feel that way about the rain. Say for instance a close friend of yours died on a rainy day. How would you feel?”

“Sad I'd guess.”

“Exactly. From then onwards, every time you saw rain, your mind would drift back to your friend's death.” Rarity explained. Dash simply nodded, watching the grass sway under the rain. “Now then, as for romance...I'm sure you can imagine how most ponies don't like going out in the rain, correct?”


“Well you see, it's because of that reason that rain is also considered romantic.” Rarity said.

Rainbow was silent for a moment, her mind running as it tried to figure out what it was her friend meant, but finally said, “I'm afraid ya lost me Rares.” The pale mare chuckled softly and continued.

“Just think...being stuck inside on a rainy day with the pony you love? Imagine curling up together on the couch with all the candles and lights turned off as you watched in silence as the rain slid down over your windows, casting strange shadows over the floor in front of you? And neither of you would say a word and simply enjoy being close to your loved one and just...hold them.” As Rarity spoke, Rainbow Dash had closed her eyes and imagined everything the mare beside her described, placing herself and Rarity within the imagined setting.

They of course would be in Rarity's home, possibly in her room, curled up on her red sofa with Dash's wings wrapped around her lover like a blanket to keep her warm and occasionally planting butterfly soft kisses on that glorious amethyst mane. “I see you're having no trouble imagining it?” Dash opened her eyes to see Rarity looking up at her, a smile on her lips. Rainbow didn't even try to stop the light blush that crept onto her cheeks.

“Heh...ya got me. And when you put it like that...I can kinda understand better why ponies see the rain as something beautiful. Since I'm on the Ponyville Weather Team, I always saw rain as another job, something I was supposed to arrange so that we could continue to keep food growing and all that stuff...”

“Ahh, I see. Well, I'm glad I could help you with your little dilemma dear. Everypony, especially you now that I've seen this side of you, should be able to appreciate something like this.” The pegasus nodded and thanked her friend once more. “Oh it's no trouble at all R-Rainbow Dash.” The prismatic maned mare turned after hearing the soft shiver in her crush's voice and saw that Rarity was beginning to shake, most likely from not having any kind of protective clothing against the cool air. 'Strange...I'd have thought she'd be completely decked out in warm clothes.' Rainbow thought as she unconsciously extended her wing and wrapped around Rarity to pull her closer. “R-Rainbow?”

“Hmm? Oh! I'm so sorry Rares! I just thought you uh...might be cold. Sorry.” Dash began to retract her wing, but stopped when she felt a light grip on the tips of her feathers.

“No no, it's quite alright darling. I was just a little unprepared is all. Dash gave a soft smile and rewrapped her wing around Rarity, savouring the closeness between the two of them.

'If I'd have known about the whole romance thing about rain, I would've stayed over at Rarity's WAY more often whenever it rained.' Dash thought with a chuckle.

“What's so funny dear?”

“Nothin'.” Once again, the two fell back into a comfortable silence as they watched the rain continue to fall around them, each with different thoughts buzzing through their minds. 'Should I...make a move or something? I don't wanna scare her off...we've only JUST begun to bond and stuff...No, I've gotta at least do somethin'. I'm Rainbow Dash for cryin' out loud! Nothing can scare me, or make me back down!' Dash thought to herself as she felt Rarity sigh happily as her body began to warm up thanks to the wing wrapped around her frame. With a small grin at her brilliance, Rainbow faked a short laugh.

“What're you laughing at now?” Rarity asked, not looking away from the downpour.

“Oh...you wouldn't be interested.” Dash gave a short mental prayer to Luna that Rarity would go for it. The unicorn on the other hoof, was contemplating what to do. Rarity knew that Dash was trying to bait her into something and normally would've responded with a small little jab, but after seeing Dash act as she had...

“Oh...well, maybe I would be interested. You never know.”

'Yes! Thank you!' Dash continued to grin and said, “Well...I was just imagining something silly is all. I thought about what would happen...if I were to ask you to run in the rain with me.” Dash put a hoof to her chest and before the unicorn could even respond, Rainbow gave her best Rarity impression. “You simply cannot be serious! It would absolutely ruin my glorious mane, my luxurious coat! I mean honestly darling, how could you even SUGGEST such a thing?” The unicorn couldn't help but laugh as she playfully punched the mare beside her.

“That was a terrible impersonation of me dear. And I'll have you know that everything you said was true.” The two laughed and inside her mind, Dash was steeling herself.

'It'll all be worth it...just get it over with!' “Not even...if I promised to go to the Spa with you tomorrow?” The statement gave Rarity pause and for a moment, Rainbow was afraid she had made her crush's heart stop.

“You...you would do that for me...if I did this for you?”

“Of course! They don't call me the Element of Loyalty for nothin'!” This lead to silence between the two and all the while, Dash chewed her bottom lip. 'Please please please please please please....say yes....' Rainbow thought over and over as she waited for an answer. Suddenly, Rarity spoke and it caused Dash to bite her lip a little harder than she would've liked, tearing open a small part of her lip to allow the crimson liquid to trickle down her lip. She quickly licked it away, keeping her face neutral as the metallic taste filled her mouth.

“Well...Alright. I shall take you up on your offer Rainbow Dash. A run in the rain today for a spa session tomorrow.” Rarity held up her hoof and Rainbow prepared to spit on her hoof as per usual, but remembered she wasn't with Applejack and sheepishly laughed as she shook Rarity's hoof.

“Ready?” The pegasus asked, folding her wing back to her side and standing up.

“Hold on just a moment dear...Allow me to prepare myself.” To her credit, Rainbow Dash waited....for all of five seconds. With a flare of her wings, she knocked Rarity's umbrella saddle off and with a laugh, took off at a brisk trot. The sudden influx of rain hit Rarity and her eyes shot open. “Ooh! Rainbow Dash! You're going to pay for this!” Rarity took off with a laugh of her own as she took off after her friend. The two chased one another back and forth and just having a good time. Dash was happy that the unicorn wasn't fretting over her appearance being dampened and Rarity was happy that she could share this kind of moment with the pegasus.

Eventually, Rainbow dove forward and the two went tumbling in a tangle of hooves and manes until Rarity ended up below Dash. The pair giggled like school fillies and Dash looked down, her colourful mane cutting out the world around them and leaving only the pair of ponies along with the soft sound of rain. “Dear, your hair is...astounding like this.” The fashionista's eyes darted around, taking in the locks that surrounded her head like a waterfall.

'Now's the chance! Let's do this!' “Hey...Rares?”

“Hmm?” Rarity's eyes stopped moving around and sapphire locked with cerise and in that moment Rainbow slowly lowered her head. “R-Rainbow...?” Rarity mumbled, her eyes slowly closing as Rainbow's face got closer and closer, her body acting on pure instinct. When their lips finally met, it took all of Dash's willpower not to jump up into the sky and scream her joy to all of Equestria. Even thought it was such a soft and tender kiss, Rainbow couldn't have cared less. She had finally kissed the mare of her dreams. Rarity on the other hoof was shocked that the kiss was as soft as it had been. 'Even her lips feel torn and rough...but she kisses with such a tenderness I had not thought possible of dear Rainbow...'

When the pair pulled away, Rarity saw a large grin on Dash's face and couldn't help but smile back. “Gotta say...I'm pretty glad you decided to go on this little walk out into the rain.” The pegasus said.

“Heh, as am I.” Rarity replied, the sound of rain returning to her attention. Rainbow moved and flopped onto her back beside Rarity, their hooves slightly touching.

“Full circle.” the unicorn heard Dash mumble with a light giggle.

“Beg pardon?”

“Well...this is how I was when you found me...and here I am again. Though, it's much better because of the company.” Rarity blushed at the obvious compliment and smiled.

'Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine myself with another mare...let alone Rainbow Dash. Though...could we be an item?' Rarity found herself questioning the higher points of romance while Dash was thinking about her first kiss.

'Never thought I'd ACTUALLY get to kiss her! I'm so happy!' As they both left the other to their own devices, a thought drifted into their minds almost simultaneously with Dash being the one to actually voice it. “So...where does this leave us?”

“I...I'm not entirely sure dear. I'd imagine that it really depends on-”

“I'll do anything you want.” The pale mare could barely stop the gasp that leapt to her throat. “I just...I really want this to work Rares. You have no idea how long I've wanted to be with you. Please...if you give me this chance, I'll do anything for you!” Rainbow had turned to Rarity and the unicorn could see distress in her friend's eyes, despite the conviction on her face.

'She's really into this, isn't she? And here I used to think that Rainbow would never settle down into a relationship like this...' Rarity felt like smacking herself for having such a horrible thought about her friend. “Rainbow...you don't have to do that for me.” Rarity took a deep breath before she continued. “You know, all my life I always dreamt that I'd find a...Prince Charming, as it 'twere and settle down with a stallion.” At this, Dash's ears fell against her head and Rarity saw a tear stream down her face. The unicorn lifted a hoof and wiped it away, and Rainbow held the hoof against her cheek, closing her eyes. “Now that's not to say that after spending time with you...seeing you like this...It makes me want to have an open mind...and open my heart to you.” Dash perked up at this and opened her eyes.

“Y-you really mean it?”The pale pony nodded and the smile that came onto Rainbow's face filled Rarity's heart with a joy she hadn't felt since before she realized what a pain Blueblood was. “Thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you SO much Rarity! I promise that I'll make you the happiest mare in all of Equestria!”

The fashionista gave a coy chuckle and said, “I'll hold you to that dear.” Rainbow propped herself down, nuzzling Rarity's cheek with a sigh of content. The unicorn was a bit surprised at the sudden action, but nuzzled back, wrapping a forehoof around her new lover. The two stayed like that, allowing the rain to fall upon them and wash away any negative thoughts that may have coursed through their minds. When it started to get darker, the pair stood and retrieved Rarity's saddle umbrella before heading back towards Ponyville. “Would you...like to stay with me tonight Rainbow? I can't imagine how cold it must be in your cloud home with the weather being as it is.”

“You don't gotta ask me twice.” The pegasus replied with a laugh.


Rain. Whether it be a light drizzle, or a torrential downpour, that's all it was; rain. However, as Dash lay within the hooves of her slumbering marefriend, Rainbow could understand and appreciate why ponies would associate rain with the feeling of romance. 'To think....I finally got with Rarity. Whether it be luck or something else, I'm happy. Now, I hope I can make her as happy as she's made me.' The cyan mare yawned, burying her face within the curls of her lover's mane. 'Guess I should get some sleep...have to go the Spa tomorrow.' While Rainbow DID dread the trip tomorrow, she knew that as long as she was with Rarity, she could get through it. With a soft sigh and a silent thank you to the Sisters, Rainbow Dash fell asleep.

A Slight Downpour

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When Rarity woke the next morning, she noticed two things despite the sleep induced haze clouding her mind. First was that she was sharing her bed with another pony and second, that the pony was Rainbow Dash. The unicorn couldn't help but wonder why the cyan mare was in her bed in the first place.

With a shrug, she closed her eyes and snuggled closer to the athletic pegasus and attempted to fall back asleep. However, as her sleep fogged mind became clearer with time, she began to remember what had happened that lead to Rainbow sleeping with her.


Thanks for the towel, Rares. I take it you'll be heading up to bed? You look pretty tired.” Dash said, her towel hanging loosely around her neck as she gave a light smile to her newfound lover.

“Mhmm...” The fashionista replied, her damp mane framing her face.

“Alrighty then. Where should I sleep? You got a spare bed or-”

“Just c'mon.” Rarity mumbled as she struggled to keep her eyes open a little bit longer. With a nod, Dash followed after Rarity, her eyes squinted as she tried to make them adjust to the darkness faster. A few moments later and Rainbow realized they had stopped in Rarity's room.

“Oh, is your couch in here or-” the pegasus didn't get to finish as she was enveloped in a light blue aura and brought up and into the bed where Rarity immediately wrapped her hooves around Rainbow and snuggled against the flier's neck.

“Too tired...don't care...” The pale mare said with a cute little yawn. Rainbow chuckled and nuzzled the amethyst mane before her and wrapped both her hooves and her wings around the sleepy pony.

“G'night Rarity.” Dash was answered with a little snore. Rainbow smiled and allowed her mind to drift for awhile before she too had passed out.


Rarity couldn't help the small smile that crept onto her face as yesterday replayed in her mind. 'So...it seems I'm with Rainbow Dash. I honestly can't believe she'd fall for somepony such as myself. I always would've guessed that she'd end up with another pegasus. I suppose I should feel privileged...but what if I just become a burden to her? Will I keep her grounded?'

With a quiet huff, Rarity pushed the thoughts aside for later. It was too early to be having thoughts like that and she wanted to enjoy the peace and quiet that was given to her. The fashionista's eyes wandered around her room, her mind giving little nitpicks about small things that didn't really need attention or anything.

It was simply to keep her mind focused to help her wake up. Eventually, her eyes made it over to the window where she saw that the rain continued to fall. “I thought the shower was supposed to end some time last night...” The pale mare mumbled to herself.

“Nah, it's not scheduled to stop until sometime tomorrow night or the day after.” A groggy reply came. Rarity almost jumped at the sudden voice, but smiled as the words continued. “Or at least...I think that's how it's supposed to be. I dunno...too early to know.” Dash said with a yawn.

“You know, you sound absolutely adorable when you've just woken up.”

“Yea, I know.” The cyan pony said while pulling the unicorn closer and burying her face into her lover's mane. “How do you get your hair to smell so good...and feel so soft for that matter?” Dash asked absently as she began to rub her cheek on the softness of Rarity's hair.

“With a good amount of work. And who knows, perhaps your mane will smell and feel as wonderful as mine does after our trip to the Spa today.”

Rarity heard Rainbow give a light disgruntled noise and said, “I have a better idea. Why don't we just stay in bed and cuddle all day? That sounds like a much better idea to me.” the pegasus said, closing her eyes as if to show that it was indeed a better idea.

“While normally I would indulge you, I'm afraid I cannot today. You promised me a trip to the Spa and if I don't cash in on this now, I may not get another chance Rainbow.” Dash could hear the smile on Rarity's lips as she spoke and gave a sly smile of her own as she moved her head and nuzzled the unicorn's cheek, prompting her to turn. When they were facing each other, Dash pressed her smile against Rarity's and they both closed their eyes at the tender gesture.

When they pulled away, the sank back into their original positions, albeit with Dash sitting up and Rarity leaning against her as they watched the rain fall. “But it's still raining. What if your mane gets wet and ruined?” Rainbow asked, still trying to lazily work her way out of the agreement she had set yesterday.

“It'll all be worth it my dear.” Rarity was silent after that, her face showing deep thought. The pegasus was about to ask about it when the fashionista spoke up. “Rainbow...if you really don't want to do this, like if you're deadset against going to the Spa with me, you don't have to. I don't want to make you uncomfortable in any way, shape, or form. Whenever I usually do it is just all in good fun...” Dash sighed in content, her eyes blinking slowly as she simply listened to the rain hit the window and the sound of the unicorn laying on her breathe.

“Nah...I'm just foolin' with ya. I said I'd go to the...Spa...later, and I meant it. I wouldn't be very loyal if went back on my promises, right?” Rarity released a breath she hadn't realized that she'd been holding and nodded her head. After that, the couple laid in silence, apart from the rain lightly drumming on the window and playing an aimless melody for them. About an hour or so later, a soft knock came from the door.

“Rarity?” The addressed mare lifted away from the cyan pillow she had been using and answered.

“Yes Sweetie?” Taking that as a sign to come in, the door opened and revealed the young unicorn filly.

“I just wanted to-” Sweetie stopped in her tracks upon seeing another mare in bed with her sister. “O-oh...S-should I come back later?” A dark blush rushed onto Sweetie Belle's face, and it took a moment for the older ponies to realize what she had implied.

“Oh Sweetie no! I-it's not like that at all! Right Rainbow?”

“Y-Yeah! We were just tired and so we both just kinda crashed on the bed. Nothing more than that, honest!” Both Rarity and Rainbow Dash both wore a blush as dark as the filly's as the same less than appropriate thought ran through their heads, making them look at the ground as their faces burned in embarrassment.

“A-alright. Uh...I just um...w-wanted to tell you that br-breakfast is ready.” With that Sweetie Belle hurried out of the room, the door closing behind her. An odd silence hung in the room, and Rarity could only stand it so long.

She took a breath and said, “Heh...uh, sorry about that darling. I didn't think-” The pale mare's head had lifted as she spoke, but her voice died in her throat as she turned to face Dash, her mouth hanging open in perpetual silence. Rainbow Dash had lifted her head as well and waited until Rarity had turned to her before she began to waggle her eyebrows suggestively, all the while wearing a silly grin. As her jaw shut, a smile came to Rarity's face, which quickly evolved into a grin before she began to giggle. “S-stop that Rainbow. That's n-not very ladylike.” The fashionista managed to say through giggles.

“Ahh c'mon Rares. Don't want Sweetie to get the wrong idea now, do we? I mean, we ARE together, so it's only natural that something like that would happen.” The whole time Dash spoke, she kept moving her eyebrows and as she expected, Rarity's giggle became a laugh. When the first few laughs had left her throat, Rainbow pounced, tickling Rarity with her hooves and small little nips all over the unicorn's body.

“R-Rainbow stop! Ha! Don't do- hehe! I mean it! K-knock it o-off!” The clothing designer said through bouts of laughter as she squirmed beneath her lover while her hooves flailed uselessly, trying her hardest to get the athlete off of her and end the tickling.

However, Rainbow was spurred on by both her want to have fun with her lover, but also by the amazingly adorable little snorts and cute high-pitched squeaks that leapt from Rarity's mouth from time to time. Eventually, the unicorn managed to brush against a rather ticklish spot of Dash's, and with a grin, Rarity moved quickly, effectively switching positions and gaining the upper hoof.

“Heh...c'mon Rares...i-it was all in good fun right? B-besides, what about the food?” Dash asked, a small nervous smile on her lips.

“Oh, it can wait.” Rarity wasted no time in her attack, causing Rainbow Dash to laugh loudly at the sudden onslaught of her body, twisting and turning in order to avoid the tingly feeling that was sprouting up all over her body wherever Rarity would tickle her. However, no matter which way the pegasus turned or what she did, Rainbow simply couldn't get an advantage against the magical pony. As soon as an opportunity arose, Dash took it only to be shut down with magic.

“C-can't breathe! R-Rarity!” The cyan flier said between laughs and quickly drawn intakes of air.

“Say the magic words and I'll let you up.” The unicorn said, her voice straining slightly as she continued her attack.

“Y-you're the best dress-maker in all of E-Equestria and, hehehe, you're a-also the most beau-haha, beautiful mare I've e-ever met! Mercy!”

“Hmm...I suppose that shall suffice.” Rarity said with a content nod and a smile as she stopped tickling her lover and instead simply rested her head upon the heaving cyan chest.


“No trouble at all dear. Now come, let us see what Sweetie Belle has...prepared.” Rarity swallowed a lump in her throat, praying to Celestia that the young filly had made something edible this time while Dash simply nodded and after stretching (and making sure she wouldn't be attacked again), followed after Rarity.

'Note to self...do NOT lose on purpose like that...too much.' The athlete thought. When Rarity had gained the upper hoof, Dash knew she could have easily sent her lover back onto the bed with the use of her wings, but Rainbow just couldn't do it. The smile that had been on Rarity's face and the laughs that had come from her had been ones that Rainbow Dash hoped she could see and hear far more often than she had before.

Though, she couldn't help but notice that the smile was different than it usually was. Normally, anything Rarity did was carefully constructed and measured, but during the little romp around, Dash had noticed that it had all been heartfelt and true. Not that it wasn't around their other friends, but still, it had felt...special. When the couple had made it downstairs and into the kitchen, Rarity was relieved to see a smoke free kitchen, along with food that wasn't burnt to a crisp.

“This looks rather marvelous dear. Thank you.”

“Yea, thanks Sweetie.” The filly grinned from ear to ear, her happiness and pride practically shining and blinding the two other mares. Once they had all begun to eat, Rarity noticed Sweetie glancing at the two of them every so often and the fashionista felt a chance to mess with the dear filly.

“Is there something wrong Sweetie Belle? You keep looking down. It isn't very polite to not look at the others at the table.” At this, Rainbow looked up from her food to look at the mare.

“Somethin' wrong squirt?” After a few moments of fumbling over the right words, Sweetie Belle finally spoke up.

“W-well....I just...I never thought I'd see the two of you together...like, in a RELATIONSHIP together! Especially since you're both so...different.” She spoke quickly, trying to keep her eyes fixed to the ground. Rainbow was at a loss for words, so she looked to Rarity.

The unicorn gave a soft chuckle and said, “Nor I my dear...but they sometimes say love is blind and that the pony you least expect is the right one for you.” Sweetie simply nodded, her face showing that she was deep in thought. Rainbow leaned over and planted a light peck on the pale mare's cheek before returning to her food. The trio of ponies spent the next hour and a half just mulling around, making small talk or sitting in silence in the living room. Every few minutes, Rainbow looked up at the clock, waiting for Rarity to tell her that it was time.

'Just...calm down Rainbow. You can do this. It's just a Spa...nothin' you can't handle.' The prismatic flier chanted in her mind, trying to convince herself of the truth in the mantra's words.

Finally, Rarity turned to Dash and said, “Alright, I think I've let you avoid the Spa long enough. Come along dear Rainbow.” Rarity shook the hooves that had been wrapped around her off and trotted through Carousel Boutique with Rainbow fluttering behind her, a slight grimace on her face.

When the fashionista had dressed herself to satisfaction, the pair headed out, both of them huddled underneath the umbrella saddle as the rain came down around them. “Is the rain going to get any heavier or is it just going to stay at this delightful little downpour?”

“Well...so long as nothing messes with the clouds, then yea.”

Rarity lightly tilted her head and asked, “Whatever do you mean dear? Surely the pegasi make it so that the clouds couldn't be tampered with.” Rainbow nodded, trying to figure out how to explain to a non weather pony.

“That's true to an extent. You see, when the weather is created in Cloudsdale, it had to be put through strain testing. You know, test it to various extremes to see if it holds up. Normally, all clouds are made and pass inspection where they are then sent out to the different cities and towns all across Equestria for the weather teams to use. However, sometimes the clouds will...I dunno, absorb wind, moisture, and apparently even the natural magic of the world.

I mean, they do that anyways which is why during their traveling, the pegasi accompanying the clouds have to constantly check and empty the clouds or else they'd stockpile water. Also, they have to keep track of the cloud's flight paths. If they hover too close to anywhere like the Everfree forest, they can become charged with that strange magic which will mess with the cloud in numerous ways.”

Rarity swallowed a lump in her throat as she gazed up at the clouds above her, a slightly foreboding essence pushing down on her. Rainbow saw this and nuzzled her lover's cheek. “Hey, don't worry. That almost NEVER happens. I think the last time it happened was about...six years ago over in Las Pegasus.”

The fashion designer sighed in relief and said, “Well that's good. I'd hate to see what would happen to our little home should something like that strike.” Rarity could practically feel the pride radiating off of Dash as she spoke in response.

“No need to worry. You've got the great Rainbow Dash keepin' the skies safe above Ponyville! There's no WAY I'd let something like that happen. Besides, my favourite pony lives there. Maybe you've met her?” Rarity laughed and played along.

“I might have. Tell me about her.” Dash's rose coloured eyes lingered on Rarity's own sapphire ones before she looked ahead, her face somewhat scrunched up in thought.

“Well, for starters she's amazingly beautiful. She has a pretty successful career in fashion believe it or not. She's got this fabulous mane that looks like the most beautiful amethyst you've ever seen, and then some. Finally, she has a name that rings of pure awesome.” Rarity had been resisting the urge to giggle as Dash spoke of her, but deep down she was moved that the cyan mare actually saw her as somepony worth being with.

'Will I keep her grounded?' The thought rang like a bell within Rarity's mind for half a moment before it disappeared again.

“And that name...is Rarity.” When Rainbow spoke the unicorn's name, she leaned over and softly kissed the pale mare's cheek, causing a very faint blush.

“She sounds like quite the charmer. I hope to meet her one day.” Rainbow laughed and the two continued on towards the Spa. When they had arrived, the pegasus lingered outside for a moment, the rain quickly drenching her coat as Rarity continued inside. “Darling? Are you alright?”

“Y-yea...I'm just preparing myself is all.” With one final deep breath, Rainbow walked in after Rarity.

“Ahh, good afternoon Miss Rarity. How are you?” A blue mare said, her pink mane held back by a headband with an accent seeming perfect for her.

“A glorious afternoon to you as well Lotus, and I'm doing fabulous.” The spa mare smiled and noticed the cyan mare behind her favourite customer trying to hide herself.

“And who might this be?” Rainbow stood up, trying not to sure her unsureness.

“Oh, you remember Rainbow. She's the pony who refused a hooficure?”

“Ahh yes.” The two gave a light chuckle while Rainbow simply rolled her eyes.

“So, shall we go through the usual?” The spa pony asked, stepping out from behind the counter.

“For me, absolutely. However for Dash...” The two looked at the addressed mare, who simply stood back, unsure of what to say. “Let's just have her follow me and jump in when she wishes. Is that alright dear?” Rainbow just nodded, swallowing another couple of lumps that had formed in her throat. While her lover and the Spa mare talked, Dash looked around, trying to distract herself from whatever possible ill fates awaited her. The wallpaper had switched from lighter shades to slightly darker ones, most likely to ease ponies into a state of relaxation.

'Just...take a few breaths Dash. You're with Rarity...everything'll be fine.' Rainbow had closed her eyes and did just that and took deep breaths, exhaling slowly. The world slowly faded away around her as she focused on nothing but her breathing. Slowly though, a certain unicorn crept into her thoughts as well and it brought a warm smile to Dash's face.

While she didn't think of any particular time they had spent time together, just the thought of them together was enough for the athlete. However, Rainbow was abruptly brought out of her thoughts when she had bumped into a wall. “Gah!” The pegasus took a hop back, rubbing her muzzle while looking at the wall with disdain while Rarity and Lotus snicked behind their hooves.

“Are you alright darling?” Rarity asked, holding a hoof out towards Rainbow.

“Fine...Where are we anyways?” The flier asked, noticing that it was much warmer wherever they were than it was near the front.

“Why, we're at the steam room of course. We're going to cleanse our pores and-”

“Right right, let's just...do this, alright?” Dash said, hoping Rarity hadn't heard the slight nervous crack in her voice. Thankfully, it seemed that was the case because the unicorn smiled and nodded. With that, Lotus bowed and walked away while Rainbow and Rarity walked into the room, steam billowing out as soon as the door had been opened. “Wow...and you're just supposed to sit in here and...sweat?”

“Mhmm!” Rarity said, taking her usual spot on the bench and sprawling out as she was prone to doing. Rainbow hopped up next to her, then up onto the bench above Rarity, doing the same.

“So wait, it's okay if you lay here and get sweaty, but I can't do it from actually exercising and stuff?” Dash asked, a small bit of confusion and irritation in her voice.

“This is different. While I truly don't mind you being sweaty, the reason I do it is for my looks. You do it because it's simply a side effect of such...graceful labour.” Dash nodded and rested her head on the wooden bench and contemplated the pony's words.

“Wait...you don't actually mind me being sweaty? But what about all the times you griped and complained about it whenever I came into the Boutique after a good day's workout?” Rarity contemplated her answer because in truth, she didn't truly know herself.

“Well...I...I'm not entirely too sure. I mean, there's always been something...alluring about the scent of a working stallion...the sweat and musk that simply hangs on them after a hard day's work is just....” Rarity shivered a bit, and Dash frowned.

'Back to the whole...liking only stallions thing...'

“A-anyways...I guess because of the way you acted always kind of reminded me of a stallion and so I suppose I always never really minded your musky scent in my store.” Dash just nodded, figuring that Rarity had finished. “I mean...even now...I can smell that delectable aroma rolling off of you and it just...” The pegasus turned her cerise to the sapphire ones of her lover and saw pure, unfiltered emotion.

“Rainbow...everything about you is simply...attractive and alluring...and I'm sorry I never saw it sooner. That isn't to say that I've never thought about you in that sense...For weeks after what happened at the Best Young Fliers Competition, I simply could NOT get you out of my mind. No matter what was going on in my life, there would just be you, flashing up out of nowhere for no reason what so ever. And whenever I actually saw you...I just felt so...empty without you near me.” Dash simply listened, but didn't know if she could actually believe it.

“Rares...” Without warning, Rarity turned her head and leaned up, catching Dash's words with a kiss. “Mmm...” Was all Rainbow could say after that as she closed her eyes and melded into the kiss. The pegasus slowly rolled off the bench she had been on and onto Rarity's, effectively placing herself on top of her lover. However, Rainbow had been afraid to lower herself down onto the unicorn, instead simply standing up as she continued to kiss her marefriend. Soon though, the steam finally caught up to them, making them separate as heat overloaded their systems.

The couple panted heavily, looking at each other with half-lidded eyes. “Rainbow...”

“Y-yea Rares?” Rarity paused, wondering if she was truly ready to say those three words.

'We've known each other for such a long time...but we've only recently got into this...would it be acceptable to say those words this soon?' With a mental nod, Rarity decided to throw caution to the wind much like her lover and said, “Dash...I...I lo-” A knock at the door stopped her, causing them to jump apart.

“Uh...Miss Rarity? Miss Dash? It's time to move on.” Lotus's voice drifted through the small crack in the door.

“Y-yes! Of course! We'll be out in j-just a moment.” Rainbow laughed, hopping onto the ground and fluffing her wings while Rarity took the chance to catch her breath. 'C-calm down Rarity...'

“So Rares, what were you about to say?”

“Oh! Uh...n-nothing darling.” Rarity punctuated with a smile, despite the sweat pouring forth from her body.

“Heh...alright, if you say so. C'mon then.” Rainbow walked past, and the unicorn quietly inhaled the almost exotic scent that radiated from her lover. It held the familiar scent that usually followed the pegasus, but now...it was mixed with something else that Rarity couldn't quite place her hoof on and she wished she could name it.

'Perhaps it'll come to me later.' She shrugged and followed after Rainbow (blushing as her eyes lingered on the cyan flanks in front of her). As the two followed the blue spa pony, they all walked in silence. 'Perhaps I can get my thoughts cleared while getting a facial.'

When the trio arrived, Rarity was quickly wrapped up in her own personal Spa robe and quickly went through all the steps before she was comfortably within the routine of her daily Spa trips while Rainbow had decided to set the facial thing out.

“So...you just...stand there with...mud on your face?” The fashionista couldn't help but burst into laughter at the question, causing Rainbow to snicker as well, trying to fight it down with a frown.

“You sound just like Applejack my dear.”

“Yea yea, now just explain this whole mud thing.” Rarity's laugh died down into chuckles before she explained the benefits and uses of a mud mask. “Eh, whatever I guess. If it makes ya happy and all that jazz.” Rarity shook her head in amusement and the two continued with random small talk. While the unicorn was explaining the difference in different kinds of mud masks, the lights of the Spa flickered as thunder ripped through the dark clouds, causing Rarity to freeze up.

“You okay Rares?” Dash asked, quickly jumping to her hooves.

“Y-yes, I'm quite alright. I'm just...not a fan of thunder is all...”

“Oh yea...Applejack told me about the night with the sleepover at Twi's house.” Rarity nodded and another crack of thunder roared through the sky, causing Rarity to squeak in fear and drop to her knees. Rainbow immediately moved over to the shivering unicorn and draped a wing over her. “Hey, it's alright. I'm right here.” After a few moments of whispering soft, comforting words, Dash stepped away to allow Rarity to stand up and regain her composure.

“Thank you dear.” Dash just nodded and sat back down, waiting until they could move on.

'Never thought I'd be good at stuff like that...it was always Fluttershy who comforted me like that, no matter what was goin' on. Heh, guess it rubbed off after so long...Note to self: thank Fluttershy later.' Rarity was thinking along the same lines as she shrugged her robe back into place.

'Once again, you have surprised me Rainbow Dash.' Rarity smiled and looked up at the clock. 'Three...two...one...' A knock came at the door, just as the unicorn predicted, Lotus came in.

“Ready to move on ladies?” The pair nodded and continued onto the next part of the Spa; the mud bath. As they all drew closer, both mares heard a familiar voice ring out.

“Spike! Stop thrashing around in the mud! The point of a mud bath is to relax!”

Rarity and Rainbow both looked at each other with a grin and said, “Twilight?”

A Continued Shower

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The two walked into the room and saw the lavender unicorn trying to relax within the confines of a mud bath while her small dragon accomplice sloshed around in the other half, sending mud splattering all around the muddied tub.

“Spike! Stop it!” Twilight cried in exasperation.

“C'mon Twi! What else am I supposed to do, SIT in the mud?” Spike retorted, splashing some more mud for emphasis.

The unicorn simply sighed, rolling her eyes. “That's EXACTLY what you're supposed to- Oh! Hello Rarity and... Rainbow Dash?” Twilight's voice had shifted from mildly irritated to pleasantly surprised to extremely confused. Spike's head had poked out of the mud when Rarity's name had been said and immediately little hearts seemed to spawn around his head and take over his eyes.

“Why, hello there darling, and hello to you Spike.” the pale unicorn said, waving while the cerulean pegasus tried to hide.

“What're you doing here Rainbow? I thought you hated the Spa.” Spike said bluntly, making Rainbow want to shrink into nothing.

“She simply owes me for a favour is all, and I figured that it'd be better to... 'cash in' on that favour sooner rather than later. So, here we are.” Twilight smiled and opened her mouth to speak, but a certain baby dragon beat her to it.

“So you're here to get all prettied up, eh Rainbow Dash?” He said with a laugh, falling into the mud bath and splattering more of it onto the tiled floor. The cerulean mare blushed a dark crimson and wished that the floor would just open up and swallow her, saving her from the embarrassment that was flooding her systems.

“Spike!” Twilight glared at the small, scaled creature before looking back at Rainbow. “That's very nice of you to accompany Rarity to the Spa, Rainbow Dash.”

“Y-yea... thanks Twilight.” Dash looked over and saw her lover hop into the mud, sinking into it while wrapped in what Rainbow guessed was seaweed with her mane tied up and pulled away so that it wouldn't touch the thick substance. 'Sweet Celestia, she looks cute with her mane all... tied up like that.' Rainbow thought before her mind registered that the mare she was practically ogling was talking to her.

“Rainbow? Are you going to join me, or sit this one out?” The pegasus was about to decline, but then she remembered that mud, unlike water, couldn't be seen through.

“Nah, I think I'll come join you this time.” So, Dash walked over to the edge (and after arguing that she only wanted her wings wrapped and her mane tied up), settled into the mud beside Rarity. Of course, it wasn't so close that their shoulders were rubbing, but close enough that Dash could reach over and hold her lover's hoof. Rarity's face showed surprise for a moment before smiling warmly as she listened to Twilight talk.

Dash leaned back against the marble wall of the tub and tuned out all the sound, simply observing her friends converse. Every now and then, the prismatic pony would glance over at Spike and see him simply staring at Rarity, no doubt with some kind of romantic fantasy of some sort or another. The cerulean mare couldn't help but glower at him whenever her gaze fell on him. Of course Dash knew about his affection for the fashionista; everypony in Ponyville knew (though, many wondered if Rarity actually did or not).

Naturally, Rainbow had just sort of dismissed the stolen glances and love-struck looks that emanated from the little dragon since Rainbow had seen Rarity as some far distance goal that would never be achieved. But now that she was actually together with the beautiful mare, the looks truly began to annoy her. 'Doesn't he realize that it WON'T work for them? It CAN'T work for them! Spike needs to just back off.' The angry thoughts continued to run through Rainbow's mind as she lost track of the conversation.

Rarity on the other hoof, while she managed to continue her conversation with Twilight going flawlessly, her mind drifted. 'Can I truly keep Rainbow Dash happy? I mean... she's always up in the air, flying around. Could I really keep her content or would I just be the one to ground her? She needs to be up in the air, flying and feeling rapturous, and I just... can't take that away from her, even if I want this kind of happiness.'

“Rarity... are you okay?” The fashionista heard Twilight ask, shaking her from her train of thought.

“Huh? W-whatever do you mean, darling?”

The lavender mare gave a slight tilt of her head and said, “Well, I finished speaking a moment ago and waited for your reply, but you never said anything and instead just looked so... crestfallen. Is everything okay?” At this, Rainbow seemed to snap out of whatever daze she had been in and looked at Rarity.

“Oh, yes dear. I was just... thinking is all. Sorry, what did you say?”

Both Twilight and Dash continued to stare before Twilight smiled softly and said, “I was just asking about how in Equestria did you manage to have Dash owe you a favour.”

“Ahh.” Rarity gave a soft chuckle and shook her head, working her magic to change the subject. Within the mud, she felt Dash squeeze her hoof a little, giving her a little comfort, but at the same time, hurting her. 'Oh... whatever shall I do? I want Rainbow to be happy, but will she really be happy with me, not being able to fly as much as she'd like, or would she be happier without me, with more freedom to fly?' Rarity squeezed Rainbow's hoof back, the conflict in her mind starting to give her a headache.

As the three mares enjoyed their mud baths, Spike had remained silent ever since Rainbow had descended into the mud with Rarity. 'Something's very wrong here... Rainbow Dash would NEVER agree to willingly come to the Spa on her own... so something must've happened and now Rarity knows something about Rainbow that she doesn't want found out...or it's something MUCH deeper than that...' The young dragon was brought out from his train of thought when he was lifted out of the mud by a familiar lavender aura.

“C'mon Spike, we need to be getting back to the Library. It was wonderful to see you two. Perhaps when the rain is all over we can have a picnic with the others.”

“That sounds like a marvelous idea, darling. Take care now!” Rarity smiled right up until her fellow unicorn had left the room, waving softly at Spike as he gave her a good-bye wave. However, once they were both out, Rainbow spoke immediately.

“You okay Rares? You seem kinda...tense all of the sudden.” Rarity shook her head, sighing.

“No I... I don't know Rainbow Dash. I just-”The roar of thunder cut off Rarity's sentence, causing the unicorn to swiftly attach herself to Dash, wrapping her forelegs around the pegasus and shivering, trying her hardest to not start whimpering.

“Hey hey...it's alright Rares. I'm right here with ya. Tell ya what, why don't we head on back to the Boutique and chill out there, okay?”The pale fashionista could do nothing but nod, allowing herself to be led out of the mud bath and soon enough, back to her home and business and the whole time, she was out of contact with reality. Rarity heard Rainbow talking to her, but other than nod, she said nothing. It wasn't until she felt those oddly soothing lips pressed on her own that Rarity was snapped out of her trance.

“Huh? Rainbow? What's-” Another kiss stopped her before she could begin to talk.

“Rares, calm down and tell me what's on your mind.” The unicorn simply stared, unsure as to what exactly she should say.

'Oh, I'm just wondering if dating you was a smart move, and now I'm starting to second guess my own judgment on the matter. You know, nothing big.' Instead, Rarity gave Dash a warm smile and kissed the cerulean mare's cheek, making a blush appear. “It's nothing I can't handle, darling. Now, come and cuddle with me. I'm more than a little cold after having to walk out in the rain after leaving the nice warm mud.”

Rainbow stared unconvinced for a moment before she laughed and said, “Alright. You know, Applejack would have a FIT if she ever heard you say that. Actually, I wanna see that. I think I'll tell her next time I see her.” Dash had stopped in front of the bed, turning to see Rarity crouched low to the ground, her rump sticking adorably in the air and waving slightly back in forth. The thought of a cat stalking it's prey quickly jumped into her mind.

“I think not!” With that, the unicorn leapt through the air and tackled Dash onto the bed and began to recreate the game the two had played that morning by nipping and tickling the pegasus. “

A-aahh! Not f-fair!” Dash shouted between laughs. For the next half hour or so, the two rolled around going back and forth between who was tickling, and who was being tickled. When the two finally calmed down, they collapsed in a panting heap, both of them still giggling from time to time as the mares waited for their hearts to return to a normal pace. “So... I guess the Spa wasn't as bad as I thought it was gonna be...but don't expect me to go there very often!” Rainbow said, adding the second part at the sight of Rarity's face lighting up.

“Oh fine. But I am allowed to take you every so often?” Dash thought for a moment before nodding.

“Yea... that'll be fine so long as it's only every so often.” The fashionista hugged the pegasus tightly against her, giving thanks faster than Dash could keep up with. So, she instead just hugged the unicorn and nuzzled her neck.

A few moments later, Rarity said quietly, “Thank you Rainbow...”

“Hey, it's no problem. Now I think...” The athlete yawned and nuzzled her lover once more and said, “It's time for a nap...” Rarity chuckled and hugged Rainbow once again and nodded.

“I think... I may join you.” And within' moments, the two had passed out, lulled to sleep by the warmth they shared, and the sound of rain upon the windows.


When Spike had returned to the Library with Twilight, he immediately began working on his chores, hoping to distract him from what he had seen at the Spa. However, while it did provide a minor break from reality as the hours went by, the dragon couldn't help but return to the train of thought that had bothered him so much.

'Why was Rainbow acting so... cuddly with my Rarity? In fact, why was she even there with Rarity in the first place? Normally she would've fought tooth and hoof about not going, but from what Rarity said, Dash went WILLINGLY!' Spike couldn't stop his furious pacing, and it wasn't until Twilight jokingly scolded him for trying to walk a rut into the floor that he finally decided to do something. 'I need to figure out what's going on.' He thought, suddenly rushing past Twilight and to the door.

“S-Spike? Is something the matter?”

“No. I'm gonna go to Rarity's for a bit.” Without waiting for a reply, the dragon stomped out, slamming the door behind him. When he had arrived, he shoved open the door, scaring the pony in the front room.

“S-Spike!?” The addressed creature looked over and snapped out of his anger, putting on an embarrassed smile.

“Oh, er... hey Sweetie Belle. Is Rarity around?” She nodded, cleaning up the mess she had made when Spike burst in.

“Huh? Oh, yea. She's upstairs in her workshop, so be careful going in. You know how she gets when she's in there.” Spike laughed, already heading up the stairs. “Heh, thanks for the warning Sweetie.” She mumbled something, going back to the drawing she was making for a certain silver maned filly in her class with baby blue glasses. Once he was out of her sight, Spike took to sneaking up the remainder of the stairs, wincing every time one of the steps creaked or groaned under his weight. As he made it to the top, he heard a small part of a conversation.

“... can't really...”

“Yea but...” Spike narrowed his eyes in anger.

'No doubt about it... that's Rainbow's voice along with Rarity's. Why is she even here still!?' With a few deep breaths to calm his nerves, Spike put on a smile as he pushed open the door to see Rainbow standing rather close to Rarity as the unicorn worked on some garment for some pompous client no doubt. “Heya ladies! What's cookin'?” The mares turned to him, Rarity with a smile and Rainbow with indifference.

“Hello my little Spikey-Wikey. Tell me, what're you doing here? Surely Twilight would have you doing something or other at the Library? And why are you so wet? Here, let me get you a towel.” The fashionista said, already walking past him to grab a towel.

“I got everything done so I figured I'd come and see if you needed any help. As for why I'm wet, it's still raining out and I forgot to grab an umbrella before I left.” The dragon replied, locking eyes with Rainbow Dash. The two stared at each other before the pegasus broke the gaze first, looking out the window.

“Yea well...she doesn't need any help so you might as well just-”

“Now Dashie, no need to be rude. I'm sure there's something he can do...” While the fashionista searched for something to keep the dragon busy, Spike and Rainbow resumed their staring match, glaring at each other with such intensity that if anypony would've been watching, they would've said that you could literally see sparks flying between them. “Ah ha! Spike, would you mind being my personal pincushion once again?” Spike broke the stare first, switching his mouth from a scowl to a smile in the blink of an eye and said sweetly,

“Of course not, Rarity! Use me to your heart's content!” The pegasus rolled her eyes and walked over to the window to watch the weather, searching for any structural weaknesses or breaks in the clouds. Rainbow tried to tune out the talk between her beloved unicorn and the lovestruck dragon but she knew that no matter how she tried, it wasn't going to happen. “So how about that weather huh? I bet you're just hating all this rain and humidity right?” Spike said with a smile, but Dash didn't miss the venom that was directed towards her with the verbal jab.

“Well...normally I would agree with you but after a recent turn of events, I find the rain to be much more... delightful.” The unicorn flashed her lover a smile and continued to remove and poke pins into the purple scales next to her.

'Ha! Take that dragon boy.' Dash thought with a grin, turning her gaze back out to the rain.

“Oh... Well, that's good then.” The two continued their back and forth while Rainbow stood by the window, becoming more restless as time went on. The pegasus shifted from hoof to hoof while her tail twitched every now and then, showing off her irritation. She knew that Rarity was picking up on it, indicated by her pauses in speech.

“So uh... Spike? How long did you plan on staying? From the sounds of it, the rain is coming down a bit harder and I'm sure you don't want to be caught out in it.” Dash could've swore she saw the quick flash of a smirk on his little draconic face before he put a concerned look on his face.

“Is it?” He walked away from Rarity and to the window, “lightly” pushing Dash out of the way to look out the window. “Wow... I guess you're right. But it does seem to be coming down pretty hard already.” His eyes lingered on the rain for a moment before he turned and said, “Would it be alright if I stayed here?”

“No way! You can't stay here!” Rainbow shouted, finally losing her cool. “You planned this didn't you?” Spike, while outwardly showing fear as Rainbow stalked towards him, was grinning on the inside.

'Perfect. If I bait her and get her angry, Rarity'll drop her like a used tissue.' Spike's back had hit the wall and he said, “P-planned what?”

“You know EXACTLY what I'm talking about you little-”

“Rainbow Dash! That is quite enough.” Rarity interjected, stepping between the fuming pegasus and the shivering dragon. The unicorn patted the dragon's head and turned to Dash. She mouthed the words, “We'll talk later.” before escorting Spike out of the room. When the door had closed behind them Rainbow huffed, resisting the urge to let her natural pegasus ancestry override her restraint and go berserk.

She paced back and forth, taking deep breaths while her wings twitched in anger. Finally, when she had calmed down (slightly), she left the room and headed for Rarity's bedroom. As soon as she walked in, she hopped into the bed and rolled around for a moment. When she had stopped, the cerulean mare sighed, the darkness and isolation taking it's toll on her mind.

'Is she truly in love with me? I mean... I always figured I'd have to work to earn her love but she returned her affection so... readily. Is she only doing this because she...' Dash paused in her thoughts, horrified that she was questioning what she and Rarity had. 'No! What we have is true. She DOES love me.'

With a nod to herself, Rainbow rolled out of the bed and landed on her hooves and headed to the door. She tossed it open and bumped her muzzle straight into Rarity's, their lips almost connecting. The couple blushed and Dash moved out of the way to allow Rarity entrance.

“I'm so sorry, Rainbow. I took Spike down and tried to get him to lay down on the couch and he got me talking on fashion and I just-” Dash silenced her with a soft kiss.

“It's alright.” The pale mare smiled and nodded, allowing herself to be led to her bed where the pair cuddled under the soft blankets, Rarity resting her head on the crook of Rainbow's neck while Dash had her forehooves wrapped around her lover, occasionally stroking the brilliant mane that belonged to nopony else but Rarity. “Hey Rares?”

“Hmm?” Rarity mumbled, her eyes staying closed as her mind fought to stay awake just a bit longer.

“I don't know if it's too early or whatever in our relationship to say this... but I just wanted to let you know that I love you, and I always will.” Dash said quietly, almost at a whisper.

The unicorn turned and looked at Rainbow straight in the eyes and with a single tear, Rarity smiled and replied, “I love you too, Rainbow Dash.” The two leaned forward and caught each other in a warm kiss, unaware of the green eyes watching them through a slit in the door seething with anger. Quietly, the owner of the eyes closed the door and went back downstairs to the couch where he was allowed to stay.

'No! No no no no no! She CAN'T have Rarity! Not MY Rarity!' Spike shouted mentally, resisting the urge to tear apart the pillow given to him. He threw it back onto the couch and paced back and forth in the dark, the only light being the occasional flash of thunder. At some point he made his way over to the window and gazed out at the rain as it continued to come down, wracking his brain to think of someway to drive the two ponies apart. 'Rarity is supposed to be MINE! How DARE she come in and take her from me. She knows how deeply I feel for Rarity. Element of Loyalty my tail.'

The young dragon huffed, a small puff of magic fire shooting from his nostrils. As he continued to stare out at the rain, a plan began to form in his mind. He knew it could end up very badly, but if he could get his point across, he wouldn't have to do it for an extended amount of time. 'Tomorrow, I'll start preparing. I don't wanna rush into this blindly. If I do, I may end up hurting Rarity as well.' The dragon nodded to himself then went back onto the couch, grinning as his plans played out in his mind before he drifted off to sleep.


The next morning, true to Rainbow's word the storm had yet to let up. 'I believe she said that it'd end tonight or sometime tomorrow.' Rarity thought as she stared out the windows of her kitchen while Sweetie Belle and Rainbow were having a discussion about Cutie Marks. When they had all woken up and come downstairs, Spike was nowhere to be seen. Rainbow had snorted and headed into the kitchen and after a moment, Rarity followed.

She figured that he had just woken up early and left to go back home. “Odd that he didn't stay for breakfast. Or at least say good-bye.” Rarity said out loud.

“Eh, he's fine.” Dash said without looking at her lover as she was in the midst of a staring contest with the younger pony. Rarity turned away from the window and stared at Dash instead.

'She's never been this hostile toward Spike before. I wonder what changed. Is it because she thinks his little crush on me will actually be a threat to her? My goodness... If that's the case, I'll need to have a word with her sometime today.' The fashion designer mentally shrugged as she continued to watch the other two ponies in the room, snickering at the display of her younger sister and lover trying to hold out without blinking at each other.

Eventually, Sweetie Belle had won and in victory, passed the responsibility of washing the dishes over to Rainbow Dash. Rainbow grumbled as she placed another clean dish away.

“You owe me one Rares.” The pegasus mumbled with the plate in her mouth.

“Oh come now, could you have honestly beat her knowing that she makes the most adorable face when she wins?” The a roll of her eyes and a short laugh, Rainbow shook her head.

“Maybe not, but still. I like to think you owe me one for forfeiting to her.” The cerulean mare replied as she put away the last of the dishes. “In any event, I've gotta go for a bit. I need to check in with the Weather Team as well as take care of some things at home. I'll be back later though, alright?” Dash said, kissing Rarity every so often between her words.

“Alright dear. I'll most likely be here all day so go ahead and just let yourself in whenever you get done. I'll be sure to have a towel waiting for you by the door. Don't need you tracking water and everything through my house.” The unicorn said with a small chuckle.

“Yea yea, thanks Rares.” With a final kiss, Dash went to the front door with Rarity one step behind and took off, waving to Rarity before she disappeared behind the mass of grey that was the clouds in the sky. The fashionista turned and closed the door, heading for her workshop to begin work on her newest line of clothing.


Twilight was in the middle of re-shelving the Library when she heard a knock at the door. “Spike? Could you answer the door ple- Oh wait... He's gone.” Twilight set the massive amount of books down and went to the door and opened it. “Why, hello Rarity. What brings you here?”

“Hello to you as well darling. I'm here because I need to get a few books on fashion. Fashion history, styles, textures, and the like. I have a nice base design going, but I'm not sure what to use on it.” The pale mare said, hanging up her coat and setting her umbrella by the door to dry off.

“Ahh, alright. Just give me a moment. I just started re-shelving and I don't have Spike here to help me.” Twilight said as she started to sift through the numerous books that lay on the floor. Rarity began to do the same.

“Wait, Spike isn't here?” The fashion designer said, a slight panic beginning to creep up on her.

“Nope. Left me a note this morning saying he got called to Canterlot on business for a few days so for now, it's just me.” The lavender pony replied, re-stacking books that she didn't need in different piles while putting any that she thought Rarity might need in a pile all on its own.

Rarity took a breath of relief and said, “I see. For a moment, I was afraid he had disappeared, because when I woke up this morning, he was already gone.” Twilight nodded and levitated a pile of five books over to Rarity.

“Here you go. These should hold all the information you need. Now then, do you need anything else?”

“Thank you very much dear, and no, I should be fine. Though, would you like some assistance re-sorting all this?” Rarity offered, moving her books onto a nearby table.

“Only if you wouldn't mind, that is.” So for the next two hours, the pair talked and separated the books, laughing and telling stories. However, when they had finished, Twilight had a confused look on her face.

“What's the matter darling?”

“Well...” A scroll flew past Rarity's ear, causing the fashionista to jump in surprise. Twilight's eyes raced past the seemingly thousands of lines inscribed upon the paper. “Hmm, so I was right.” The lavender mare turned back to Rarity and said, “This is a list of all the books in the library and I thought a few books were missing. Like I said, I was right.”

“Well, what books are missing?” Rarity asked, trying to peek over Twilight's shoulder. “A Guide to a Calm Mind, Greed: A Deeper Look, and Dragons: What Little We Know. But I can't think of anypony who would take those, and I know that nopony has checked them out recently.” Twilight glanced between the list and the shelves of books to make sure she was absolutely sure.

“Hmm, while that is odd, perhaps Spike checked them out to somepony and forgot to write it down?”

“Maybe...” The bookworm said, shifting on her hooves at the thought of not knowing something.

Rarity quickly gave her friend a pat on the shoulder and said, “Don't worry too much about it, alright?” Twilight only nodded, mumbling something under her breath. The fashionista wanted to stay and make absolutely sure that Twilight wouldn't lose her mind, but needed to get back to her work. “Listen, stop by the Boutique later and I'll keep your mind occupied instead of having you worry over here, alright?”

“A-are you sure? I mean-” Rarity stopped her with a hoof, and with a smile said,

“I insist. Can't have you going stir-crazy because of a few borrowed books, right?” Twilight nodded again and waved to Rarity as she left, mumbling about a tracking spell to find the books.

A Rising Torrent

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True to her word, Rarity stopped by later and retrieved Twilight from a mound of spellbooks, nearly dragging the lavender mare out the door. “But Rarity, I was so close.” Twilight pouted as she got to her hooves to walk.

“I'm sure you were darling, but I know from experience you need a distraction right now or else you'll go a bit, well...” Twilight sighed, nodding.

“I know, I know. I get obsessive over it and I'd end up flipping the town upside down... again.” Rarity chuckled and patted her friend's back.

“Exactly. So we need to keep you occupied and keep your mind off it.”

“Yeah, I know. Thanks Rarity.” When the pair arrived back at Carousel Boutique, Rarity immediately put Twilight to work, having her use her magic to help reorganize the front area as well as a few other areas of the house. When that had been finished, Twilight had volunteered to help Sweetie Belle with her magic training. Rarity looked on while her mind drifted aimlessly, her thoughts usually focused on Rainbow Dash.

'Perhaps I should talk with Fluttershy about this. She'd know best about what Dashie would think about it.' While lost in thought, Rarity was completely unaware of the object flying towards her at high speed.

“Rarity! Watch out!” The unicorn in question's eyes snapped back into focus long enough to see a cream pie of some sort sail toward her, enveloped in an olive green glow.

“Oh my.” Was all the fashionista could say before the pastry smashed into her, knocking her off her chair and onto the floor.

“Rarity, I'm so sorry! I didn't mean to- I mean, I just-” Rarity sat up, blinking in disbelief.

“Please don't be angry at Sweetie, I should've kept a stronger grip on the pie. Here, let me help you.” Twilight said, a washcloth hovered over to Rarity's face before it began to clean and wipe the pie away. The pale unicorn grabbed her mane, looking at it from different angles to make sure that no pie lingered in it before sighing in content.

“It's quite alright dear. Thank you. Of course, you know this means you owe me a new pie, right Sweetie Belle?” The younger mare chuckled and nodded before turning back to Twilight and talking about something magic related. 'Seems she shares an interest in magic much like Twilight. Glad she can talk to somepony about it. Celestia knows I'm not very good when it comes to talking about it.' The fashion designer sighed and looked out the window, wondering when her lover would return.

At that moment, as if her mind had been read, a knock came at the door. “I'll get it!” Rarity cried before running out of the room, disappearing before either Twilight or Sweetie Belle could even react.

As Rarity neared the door, a smile broke out on her face as she heard a familiar voice say, “C'mon Rarity! I'm soakin' wet out here!” With a flick of her horn, the wooden obstacle was opened and revealed Rainbow Dash, smiling. “Well, hey there Rares. Miss me?” Dash walked in, feeling a towel land on her back and lips on her own. The pegasus couldn't help but chuckle against her lover's lips before kissing back. “I'll take that as a yes.” She said when Rarity had pulled away.

“So how's the weather looking? Is it gonna be ending tonight or tomorrow morning?”

Dash chuckled and said, “It should be letting up sometime tonight. It's too bad though, I was hoping to take you out for another stroll in the rain.” Rarity smiled and hugged Dash close before walking back towards the other occupants of the house.

“Perhaps we can next time it rains.”

“I'm gonna hold you to that.” The couple walked into the kitchen, quickly taking a step away from each other as soon as the studious unicorn looked at them. Neither had really decided how to handle telling their other friends. They had made Sweetie swear that she wouldn't tell anypony before they did. Rarity and Dash looked at each other, the memory playing in both of their minds.

“So wait, how come I can't tell anypony about you two being a couple?” Sweetie asked through a mouthful of blueberry pancake.

“Because Sweetie Belle, we're both quite new to this whole relationship thing and well...” Rarity looked to Dash to help her explain.

“Basically, we're both admittedly nervous about being together so we want to keep on the quiet side for now.”

“So I can't tell anypony? Not even the girls?”

“Especially not the girls, Sweets. At least, not until we've told other ponies. Deal?” Sweetie nodded and she did a quick hoof-bump with Dash.

“Oh, hello Rainbow Dash. What brings you here?” Twilight asked, lowering a pie onto the table behind her while Sweetie Belle did the same.

“Ah, nothin' much. Just thought I'd drop by and see what was goin' on.” The pegasus explained, walking into the kitchen and taking a seat while sliding one of the pies closer to her with her wing.

“Twilight's helping me practice magic!” Sweetie Belle exclaimed, taking the pie Dash was about to dig into with her magic and swinging it around.

“C-careful Sweetie Belle. Don't want to make any more of a mess than you already have.” Rarity said, slight irritation in her voice.

“Oh I'm sure it hasn't been-” Dash's words were cut off as the very pie that she was about to eat slammed into her face. Both Twilight and Sweetie Belle's faces contorted into ones of fear while Rarity could hardly contain her laughter as Dash wiped away bits of pie from her face and mane. “So I may have been wrong.”

At that, Rarity could no longer hold back her laughter and fell to the floor laughing. Sweetie Belle followed shortly and it wasn't long before everypony was laughing in some way. When the group had calmed down, they all gathered around the table and started to eat what was left of the pastries. After a few hours, Twilight excused herself, stating that she wanted to get back to the library to start her search for the missing books and to wait for Spike to return.

“How much longer are you two gonna keep your relationship secret? It was really hard to not say anything to Twilight.”

Rarity smiled coyly and asked, “It depends. How much longer did you expect to keep your own marefriend a secret?” The young filly's jaw dropped, as did Rainbow's.

“H-how did you, I mean I didn't even...” Sweetie Belle's sentence faded as she tried to figure out how her sister managed to figure out her secret.

“Please Sweetie, it's written all over your face whenever you're around her. Plus, I've seen the love letters you've sent back and forth, as well as the things you've drawn for her. What's her name... It's Silver Spoon, if I'm not mistaken, correct?” In the five seconds it took Rarity to speak, Sweetie Belle's coat went from it's usual white to a dark crimson.


“I thought so. Tell you what dear sister...” Rarity walked over and put her hoof around Sweetie Belle and pulled her close. “When you tell ponies about your relationship, we'll tell ponies about ours and vice versa. Deal?” The young filly thought it over for a moment before smiling and nodding.

“Deal.” The sisters hugged before Rarity sent her off.

“Go ahead and get ready for bed. I'll be up in a moment to tuck you in.” The fashion designer leaned down and kissed her sister's forehead before nudging her towards the stairs.

“I'm happy for her. I just hope that Silver Spoon filly doesn't hurt her. I've heard from Scootaloo that she's friends with that brat Diamond Tiara.”

“I know. But I figure that Sweetie must see something that makes her want to reach out to Silver Spoon. We'll just have to wait and see.” Dash nodded, pulling Rarity into a kiss before letting her go up to her sister while she cleaned up the kitchen.


“Hey Rarity?”

“Yes dear?” Rarity asked as she pulled the blanket up to her sister's neck.

“Is it alright if I ask you for advice?” Sweetie shifted a bit under the blanket as she attempted to look into her sister's eyes.

“Of course you can Sweetie Belle. What do you need advice about?” The pale unicorn asked, taking a seat on the bed.

“Well... I just... I'm kind of afraid. I really like Silver Spoon, but I don't know if I'll be able to make her happy. I mean, she's rich and successful while I'm... not. What I mean to ask... is while I'd hate to do it, should I... break up with her if I think she'll be happier in the end?” Rarity was struck almost speechless at her sister's trouble.

'It's almost like... like what I feel with Rainbow.' Rarity cleared her throat to buy herself some time since she honestly didn't know how to answer the question. “Well, you see...” The older unicorn slid up on the bed, pulling Sweetie Belle into a half hug and continued. “I honestly don't think you should give her up Sweetie. I mean, think about it; are you happy with her?” The filly nodded. “Is she happy when she's with you?” Again, the younger pony nodded. “Do you make each other feel better when the other one is having a bad day?”


“Then you tell me. Look deep inside yourself and ask that question. Should you break up with her if you think it'll make her happier?” The pair was silent as they both looked within themselves for an answer. Finally, Sweetie Belle spoke. The entire time she did so, she never took her eyes off Rarity's.

“No. I think that I can make her just as happy, if not happier by staying together. We make each other strong and give each other the power to stay strong. So she's rich and I'm not, big deal. As long as we love each other, then it won't be a problem.” Rarity was stunned, but managed to smile nonetheless.

“That's my sis. I'm glad you've figured it out. However, you should still talk with Silver Spoon about your concerns. She's a very important part of your life and as such, you need to bring these things up with her. If you try and shoulder that kind of burden for too long, it'll only eat you up inside. Understand?”

“I understand. Thank you so much Rarity.” Sweetie hugged Rarity tightly, and the older pony did the same.

“No, thank you, Sweetie Belle. Now get some rest.” She leaned down and kissed the filly's forehead before hopping off the bed and walking out. She pulled the door closed behind her quietly, sighing internally. 'Perhaps I should take my own advice.' The fashionista thought to herself as she headed to her own room.

“Hey Rares. Sweetie all tucked in and stuff?” The unicorn turned and saw Dash ascending the stairs.

“Yea.” Rarity waited for Rainbow and as soon as the pegasus stepped off the stairs, pulled her into a tender kiss. “I love you Rainbow Dash.”

“Love ya too Rares. C'mon, let's get some rest.” The fashion pony nodded and walked beside her lover to her bedroom. The couple quickly crawled under the blankets and immediately cuddled for warmth while Dash absently stroked Rarity's mane. The sound of rain, while not as strong as it had been the past few days, was still present. The light taps upon the window created a lullaby that seemed perfect for that night, cradling the lovers in a peaceful and soothing melody.

With eyes half open and a struggle to stay awake, Rarity scooted up until she was sitting up. “Somethin' wrong?” Dash slurred, waking up from her light slumber.

“I want to say no... but I need to talk to you about something.” The unicorn said quietly.

“Whasamatter?” Rainbow mumbled, snuggling closer to her special somepony.

“No, Dash I need you to be fully awake for this.” The pegasus nodded and stretched her body out, mumbling and groaning as she did so. After a few minutes had passed, Dash was sitting up, wide eyed and ready to go.

“I want to say this now before anything else. If it were anypony else telling me to wake up after I had just gotten to sleep, I'd tell'em to go get stung by a manticore. In any event, what's on your mind?” Rarity's eyes darted slowly, trying their hardest not to settle upon Rainbow's own illustrious eyes. Dash could easily see the discomfort on the face of her unicorn, so she set her hooves on Rarity's shoulders and said, “Listen, whatever it is, it'll be okay. Take your time with this alright?”

The fashionista nodded and lifted one of Rainbow's hooves off her shoulder and held it within her own as if it were some priceless artifact.

“I'm afraid Rainbow Dash. I've got this stupid idea in my head that perhaps we shouldn't be together because I'm scared that I won't be able to keep you happy.” The cerulean pony was about to say something, but Rarity stopped her. “Please... let me finish.” Dash nodded, obviously a bit upset that she couldn't get her two bits in yet.

Rarity took a deep breath and began. “You see, it's no secret that you're happiest in the air and that you're at your peak when you're soaring through the sky. I just... I don't want to take that from you. I personally love to see you in the air; the rainbow trail behind you, the wind rushing through your beautiful mane, the way you dance through that blue sky as your shadow mirrors you in perfect harmony... I just...”

By this point, Rarity was tearing up as she buried her face in Rainbow's chest. “That's why I'm afraid to be with you. I don't want to take your biggest love away from you by restricting you to the ground.” The fashionista was openly weeping now, her tears barely leaving her eyes to be lost within Rainbow's fur. Dash said nothing other than whispering soft words into Rarity's ears, and gently rubbing her back.

When Rarity's tears had slowed down, Rainbow finally spoke. “I can understand why you'd be afraid. Honestly, I'm afraid that I'll ruin your business in some way or another. But I can tell you, with one-hundred percent certainty, that you're wrong. Rarity, you are the sole reason I fly the way I do. Ever since I met you, I've changed my flight style to be more... graceful and attention grabbing. I wanted you to be the one who would cheer the loudest or be the most enthralled because of my flying. Before I met you, I was reckless, foalish, and stupid with the way I flew. If I still flew that way today, I'd probably have lost my wings in an accident.”

Rainbow wiped away the tears forming in her own eyes before lifting Rarity's head so she could look into those sapphire eyes that always made her heart quiver, that always filled her with confidence. “If it ever came down to it, I want you to know Rarity, that I would without a doubt give up my wings to be with you. Sure I may love flying... but it's no longer my biggest love in the world. You are, and you always will be.”

Rarity was at a complete loss for words. Rainbow Dash, whose sole being was flying, had just told her that she would give up her wings, her wings to be with her. “I... I don't know what to say Rainbow Dash... I mean, to know that you care so much for me that you'd give up your ability to fly to be with me is just... I'm so honoured that you would do that for me if that word can even do justice to how I feel.

Rainbow, I love you with every fiber of my being. I want you to know that while I'll always cherish the thought that you'd sacrifice so much for me, I hope that it never comes to that. You belong in the sky, but if I contribute to the sheer bliss you feel in the sky, then that's good enough for me.” Now it was Rainbow who was weeping, albeit quieter than Rarity.

“Shh... It's alright.” The unicorn whispered, holding the pegasus close to her and offering the same comforts she had been given moments ago. The couple ended up falling asleep like that, wrapped up in each other's hooves in a warm embrace. The rain, seemingly satisfied, had slowly faded away as the lovers drifted off to sleep, content that it had brought two mares together that truly loved each other.

~~A Few Days Later~~

“Again? So soon after it stopped?” Rarity asked as she meticulously sewed the pieces of a dress together while cutting out lengths of ribbon.

“Yea, that's why I wasn't in bed when you woke up this morning. Oh, and you grabbed the wrong colour of ribbon.” Dash said, tossing a dark shade of blue ribbon towards her fashionable lover.

“Thanks darling. Now I just need to-” A crash interrupted her, causing Rarity to drop the needle, thread, and the last piece of the dress she had been working on, effectively messing up the past three hours worth of work. “Ooh, it had better be an emergency or so help me Celestia I'll... I'll... UGH!” The unicorn huffed loudly, removing her trademark red glasses and stomping out of her work room with Dash right behind her. As she began stomping down the stairs, Rarity wasted no time in trying to make whoever had burst into her store feel her wrath.

“I'll have you know that I'm TRYING to work on a VERY important dress for a very IMPORTANT client so whoever you are, you'd better have a GOOD REASON as to why you'd simply waltz into my store and create such a- Twilight?” The lavender unicorn was standing atop of the flattened door of Carousel Boutique, a very distraught look on her face.

“Whoa, what's goin' on Twilight? Did something happen?” Dash asked as Rarity tended to helping their friend calm down.

“N-no! I mean yes! I mean, ooh...” The bookworm said quickly, her words almost streaming together.

“Hold on now darling. Slow down, take a breath, and tell us what happened.” Twilight took a few deep breaths, inhaling and exhaling slowly the way Cadence had taught her before she spoke again.

“Well, I just got back from my trip to Canterlot with Fluttershy. Spike was nowhere to be seen! I told the Princess that he had left a note saying that he'd be there, but she told me she hadn't seen him! He's been gone almost a week now! So I've been running all over Ponyville trying to find him. Please tell me he's here.” Twilight explained, her expression pleading and worrisome.

“I'm... sorry dear, but we haven't seen him.” Twilight lowered her head, covering her face in shadow.

“We'll help look for him immediately and-”

“It's all your fault!” Twilight lashed out angrily, her head shooting up as her horn sparked with magic.

“W-what?” Rarity stuttered, taking a step away from her friend.

“He disappeared after he stayed here! What did you do to him?!” Twilight's horn glowed brighter as she advanced towards Rarity.

“Hey, knock it off!” Rainbow landed between them, butting heads with Twilight as they locked stares.

“We didn't do ANYTHING to him so chill out! He left before anypony was even awake!” Twilight tried to move forward, but due to Rainbow's strength, didn't make any progress. With a tired sigh, the lavender mare collapsed to the ground.

“I'm sorry... I just... I'm afraid. What if something happened to him? I mean, stuff has been disappearing all week and I'm afraid he may have been taken as well.” The lovers looked at each other and with a single nod, Rarity was helping Twilight into the kitchen while Dash took off out the door, immediately racing around the skies above Ponyville (albeit with slight reluctance). When she returned around dusk, she came back empty-hoofed which sent Twilight into another crying fit.

“Sorry Twi... but I don't think he's in Ponyville or else I would've spotted him. I mean, it's kinda hard to miss a purple and green dot runnin' around.” The cerulean pegasus pulled the lavender mare against her, despite her protests and held her, allowing Twilight to cry against a new shoulder. “I'm sorry Twilight...” Dash said somberly.

While she may have issues with Spike at the moment, she truly didn't want anything bad to happen to the dragon. In the back of her mind, Rainbow knew this was her fault. 'Maybe I should've taken it easy with the little guy. I mean, he is just a baby after all.' She looked up and right into Rarity's eyes and in that moment, the fashionista seemed to read her mind.

It's not your fault darling.” the pale mare mouthed, moving closer and wrapping her hooves around the crying unicorn and the pained pegasus. The trio stayed there, unmoving for at least an hour or so. Eventually, Rainbow “left”, flying away from the door only to swing around back and enter through Rarity's bedroom to await her lover. Rainbow hovered around the room, waiting for Rarity to arrive. As she made her twentieth circle around the room, Dash stopped in front of the window and watched the clouds above crackle and bristle with electricity.

“Three... two... one...” On cue, a raindrop hit the window followed by a controlled downpour. “I'm getting good at this.” Her ear swiveled when she heard the door open, and Rainbow quickly rushed over to the door and locked lips with the mare who opened the door.

“Er... R-Rainbow?” The cerulean mare opened her eyes and looked right into the lavender eyes of Twilight Sparkle.

“T-Twilight! I uh... I mean...” Rainbow looked to her lover for help, but Rarity sighed and placed her hoof on Twilight's shoulder, nearly scaring the mare to death.

“Twilight... please sit down. I'm afraid we've got some explaining to do.”


“So lemme get this straight... you two are DATING? And you haven't told us yet?” Twilight shouted, her tone accusing and her eyes suspicious.

“We were scared darling, please try to understand.”

“No, I understand. That's how it was with me and- eep!” Rarity and Dash exchanged looks for a moment before they turned their grins towards Twilight.

“There somethin' you wanna tell us Twily?”

“D-don't change the subject! We're talking about you two and about-”

Dash cut her off by quickly saying, “How long?” The lavender mare took a strand of her hair in her magic, twirling around without saying anything.

“Twilight, you know you can't keep us from the truth for very long.” Rarity said, staring straight into Twilight's eyes.

“T-two months...” This of course made the fashionista practically explode from happiness as she tried to pry out Twilight's lover from the librarian's mind while Dash simply looked on in amusement. Eventually, Twilight managed to slip out without revealing her lover's name, but only after Rarity gave her some kind of odd stare while saying, “Reveal to me your secrets darling.”

Dash also made her promise not to tell anypony about their relationship. The unicorn did of course, and swiftly headed out. “Well... I was hoping for something to distract her with. Who knew she'd give us something on her own?” Rarity said, watching Twilight leave before shutting the door behind her. She looked at her flying lover and the pair burst into laughter.

When they had finished, the couple moved into the kitchen where Rarity served a few slices of cake while Dash slumped in the chair. “She's right though... this is all my fault.”

“No... no darling. It's not your fault. If anything it's mine.” The pale unicorn said, moving around to pull Dash against her. “I knew that you two were going to clash once we got together but I didn't say a word.” They both wanted to say more, but both knew it would simply continue as a back and forth. So, they stayed silent, slowly managing to make their way to Rarity's room where they laid in complete silence as the rain fell against the window.

Finally, after an eternity of uncomfortably laying in bed, Rainbow Dash finally spoke. “I have to go find him.”

“I know. Just be careful. It is raining you know.” Dash flashed a smile and kissed the unicorn.

“I appreciate the concern Rares, but I'll be fine.” The cerulean mare walked over to the window and tossed it open. “Love ya.”

“I love you too.” With that, Dash leapt out the window with wings open.

~~Outside Ponyville~~

A figure stumbled around in the darkness, clutching his head as pain rode a proverbial train around his brain. “Just... gotta hold on... So close...” The pained figure tossed his latest steal off into a corner, trying to ignore the clattering noise it made as it bounced around his growing pile of loot.

He stumbled over a small pile of books as his vision began to blur, nearly falling to the ground in pain. “It's all for... you...” He looked up, his slitted eyes looking towards Ponyville. “You're all mine... Rarity.”

A Calming Rain

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The next morning when Rarity woke up, she was disappointed to find that Rainbow Dash wasn't in bed with her. “Perhaps she's still out looking.” The fashionista rolled out of bed and went into the bathroom to bathe and perform various other morning activities. When she had finished, she stepped out of the room with a flourish, towel flowing out behind her. “Ahh... much better.”

After drying and styling her mane, Rarity left her room and headed downstairs. She was about to walk into the kitchen when she heard a soft creaking noise. The unicorn turned her head and saw that the front door was slightly ajar. Fear rose through Rarity's body, but she quickly beat it back to a dull roar within her mind.

'It's alright. The rain is coming down kind of hard. I'm sure the door just wasn't shut all the way and got blown open a bit. Or perhaps Sweetie Belle left and didn't close it all the way is all.' Rarity took a few steps towards the door, but stopped when she saw mud tracking into her house. Her eyes followed the muddy hoofprints until the stopped at the couch...which held a wounded Rainbow Dash. The fashionista's mouth opened in terror as she looked her lover over.

Blood was freely pouring from multiple lacerations that were all over the cerulean body, staining it crimson. Her left foreleg was bent in a way it shouldn't be bent, with a part of bone sticking out. However, what horrified Rarity the most was Rainbow left wing. The feathers were all askew and the bone seemed broken, but the pale mare couldn't tell.

Finally, her voice caught up with her mind and she screamed in fear as she ran over and began to lightly shake Dash, trying to wake her up. “Please Dash, wake up!”

“R-Rarity...?” The addressed unicorn turned and saw Sweetie Belle standing at the bottom of the stairs, fear written on her face.

“Sweetie Belle! Go to Twilight's and tell her Rainbow's been hurt.” The filly hesitated for a moment before she took off towards Golden Oaks Library. Rarity took a few shaky breaths as she picked Dash up within her magic. “Don't worry Rainbow. It'll be okay... you'll be okay. Oh please be okay...” The unicorn was on the verge of tears as she spoke, but knew she had to be strong, at least for now. So, she took a breath to steel herself before she placed Rainbow on her back.

She grabbed the biggest coat she had and draped it over her weakened lover before running out the door and into the mud and rain. Rarity was by no means slow, but never before had she run faster in her life than at that moment as she made her way to Ponyville Hospital.


The door to Ponyville Hospital was thrown open as four mares and a filly burst through the entrance. “What room is Rainbow Dash in?” a lavender unicorn asked quickly.

“Room 305.” The receptionist replied, nearly scared out of her wits at the sudden entrance of the group. She breathed a sigh of relief when they rushed down the hallway. When the group had arrived outside the room, they all took a moment to catch their breaths before they entered.

“Okay...we need to be strong for them, especially Rarity. I'm sure she's not entirely herself, so we'll need to be very careful with how we talk around her. Understand?” Twilight said, looking at each of her friends in turn. Her sight lingered on Sweetie Belle for a moment longer than anypony else. The filly looked near hysteric when she had came to the library to get her. She didn't look much better now with the exception that she wasn't covered in mud like she had been.

“Alright... let's go.” Twilight whispered. She slowly opened the door and took one step inside before the door was tossed open and Sweetie Belle ran inside. Rarity turned her head and they could all see the extent of her fear and sadness. Her eyes were almost completely bloodshot, her mane was disheveled and dirty, and she still had traces of mud on her hooves. She opened her forelegs and caught Sweetie in a hug, the two of them crying into each other's coats.

Twilight ushered the other four back out to give the sisters a moment of privacy. An hour later, when the sound of crying had died down, Twilight peeked her head in and saw that Sweetie Belle had passed out in Rarity's hooves and the elder mare simply sat there, stroking her mane while softly humming what Twilight assumed was a lullaby. The lavender mare nodded to the others and they all quietly shuffled in, taking spots all around the room.

Applejack stood near Rainbow Dash, her gaze altering from the unconscious mare to the rain outside. Twilight stood near Rarity, saying nothing while Fluttershy was on the other side of the distraught mare, offering words of comfort and offering soft strokes and gentle touches. Pinkie didn't really seem to know what to do with herself, her mane straight and blocking half of her face. So, she sat in the middle of the room, looking down at the floor. Finally, Twilight broke the silence, fearing that it would leave a painful mark upon them all.

“So...what do you think happened? If there's something out there that's going to be hurting ponies, we need to get to the bottom of it.” Rarity sighed deeply and shook her head.

“I'm not sure darling. She was already passed out on the couch when I woke up this morning. She hasn't woken up yet so I haven't been able to ask her what happened.” The pale unicorn took a few breaths and continued. “I'm just afraid that I didn't get to her in time. She obviously came in sometime last night, but I don't know when. The doctor said that she'd lost a lot of blood by the time they'd had a chance to look her over. Though... I'm glad that nothing happened to her wings. I was so afraid that her left wing had been broken or that something was wrong with it... but the feathers were just messed up is all...”

Tears began to stream down Rarity's face. Twilight took Sweetie Belle and Rarity immediately turned and buried her face in Fluttershy fur, trying her best not to sob loudly. Time flew past them all, leaving them to sit quietly and somberly as the day continued it's natural course. Applejack had been the only one to do anything when she had left, telling them that she needed to get back to work. Everypony had simply nodded, not bothering to say a single word.

It wasn't until sunset that everypony was shooed out by Nurse Redheart. Only Rarity had been allowed to stay, but it had taken a lot of pleading on Rarity's end for the privilege. The sleeping Sweetie Belle had been taken by Fluttershy, much to the relief of Rarity. So, Twilight and Fluttershy left first, followed by Pinkie, who stared at Rarity and Rainbow before she walked out, closing the door behind her.

Rarity's head was resting on the bed beside Rainbow Dash, her hoof holding onto her lover's. Her tears had all been spent, so all she could do was sit there silently and hope Dash woke up soon. 'I shouldn't have let her go at night. I should've made her wait until morning... This is all my fault. I could've stopped her.' Rarity wanted to cry at the thoughts running through her head, but she simply couldn't.

She had no more tears left to give to the world for the time being. As more and more depressing thoughts came into the fashionista's mind, she didn't even realize that she had fallen asleep. So she was rather surprised when her eyes snapped open to the sound of Dash mumbling.

“Wha... Where am I?” Rarity sat all the way up and moved over to Rainbow's face.

“Y-you're in the hospital dear.” Rainbow's eyes opened and lazily scanned the darkened room.


“I'm right here darling.” Rarity gently turned the pegasus's face towards her, smiling softly when their eyes met.

“There you are. C'mere.” Rarity leaned down at Dash's request and tenderly kissed her wounded lover.

“You scared me, you know. Seeing you passed out on the couch all battered and bloodied.” The pale mare gave a short laugh, followed by a choked sob.

“Hey now, you should know better than anypony that I'm nothing short of indestructible.” Dash said quietly, gently petting Rarity's mane.

“I know but... but...” Rarity could say no more, instead breaking down into the tears she thought she had no more of. Dash moved over and helped her lover onto the bed, wrapping her good leg around her.

“Shh... It's okay Rares. I'm here.” The two laid in the hospital bed for the rest of the night, neither of them daring to fall asleep. They never spoke a word apart from the occasional soft whisper offering comfort. It wasn't until Celestia's sun was starting to peak over the horizon that Rarity truly spoke.

“What happened?”

“I'm not entirely too sure Rares. One minute I'm flying near the ground to get a better look, and then the next minute I'm being flung around like a ragdoll. Whatever it was... it was big. Not overly big, but about as big as Sugercube Corner big. Other than that... I don't know.” The pegasus grit her teeth and hissed, “Next time though, it's not gonna get the drop on me.”

“Next time?” Rainbow nodded.

“Yea, next time. When that time comes, I'm gonna beat it to a bloody pulp.” Rarity said nothing, unsure of what to say as well as afraid to say anything. So, the unicorn stayed quiet, choosing the focus on her lover other than her lover's attitude. The unicorn ended up finally falling asleep while Dash managed to stay awake on sheer will alone. 'I can't believe I got beaten so easily... I've gotta go out and find whatever did this to me and give it back in spades.' Dash was so lost in her thoughts that she didn't hear anypony come in.

“Miss Dash?”

“Huh?” The pegasus snapped out of her mental trance and saw Nurse Redheart standing beside her bed. “What's up Nurse?” The nursemare handed a clipboard filled with numbers and various other things to Rainbow.

“I just wanted to show you the results of the tests is all. All the cuts you had should be healed up by the end of today. As for your broken leg, it actually only looked bad. It should be all healed up and ready for use by the end of the week if not a few days after that. Though, I would really recommend not using it for anything until then. Otherwise, it could become even worse than it is.” Rainbow nodded and looked over the paper a few times before handing it back.

“It said I also had a blood transfusion? What's that mean?”

“Well, you had lost a lot of blood by the time Miss Rarity had brought you to us. So, we had to give you blood.” The fur on the back of Dash's neck stood on end as she spoke.

“I have the blood of another pony in me?”

“Yes, but don't worry. It won't affect you in any way other than to keep you alive. You see, when we do a blood transfusion, we have to give you blood that matches your own blood. Now that would've been hard considering your rare blood type.”

“What is it?” Dash interrupted. Redheart gave a small frown at being interrupted, but took it in stride.

“Eighty percent of ponies have either O or B type blood, and fifteen percent have A type. The last five percent have AB type blood. You are one of the five percent. With blood that rare, we normally would've had to order it from a bigger hospital which wouldn't have been good for your health. Thankfully though, there is a pony in town who shares your blood type and had been donating for the past several years now. And before you ask, it's Miss Heartstrings.” Dash's jaw hung open in disbelief.

“R-really?” Nurse Redheart nodded, a bemused smile growing on her face. “Wow...Who woulda guessed?” The pegasus mumbled absently, her eyes drifting over towards the window, wondering if she'd see the eccentric mare out in the rain. Instead, she saw a single grey stallion going on his merry way as if there weren't a cloud in the sky. “Weird...Anyways, does that mean I can leave early?” Redheart sighed, rubbing the bridge of her nose.

“Against my better judgment and no small amount of favoritism on Doctor Stable's part, yes. He's said you can leave tomorrow if you so wish.” Rainbow smiled and resisted the urge to punch her good hoof into the air in a victorious fashion. The earth mare couldn't help but smile at the sheer joy on the pegasus's face, so with that Nurse Redheart turned and walked out, closing the door quietly behind her. Dash lowered her hoof and placed it on Rarity's shoulder, ready to wake up her lover so she could share the news with Rarity.

However, she couldn't bring herself to interrupt Rarity's slumber. Even though the fashionista looked slightly disheveled and ungroomed, her face told quite the opposite. The look of serenity was what was etched upon Rarity's face and Dash felt it would've been a crime to wake up her sleeping beauty before she was truly ready to be awoken. Instead, the cerulean mare softly stroked her lover's foreleg, closing her eyes as she did.

'The news can wait... for now though, I could use a nap.' Dash thought to herself just before she fell asleep, a small smile forming on her lips as she fell prey to sleep's bliss.


“My goodness... The rain certainly has picked up, hasn't it?” Rarity asked, shaking her umbrella before setting it beside the door.

“Yea, but it should've leveled out by now. It should clear up by tomorrow afternoon and we'll be done with rain for awhile.” Dash answered as she shook herself dry.

“Well, that will be both a shame and a blessing all at once.” The unicorn said, flipping her mane out of her face before she walked further into the Boutique. “Sweetie Belle? Are you here?” The fashionista was silent as she listened for the tell-tale signs that her sister was indeed home. A few seconds later, both Rarity and Rainbow could hear the sound of the filly stumbling to her hooves as she thundered down the hallways and practically flew down the stairs.

“You're home!” Sweetie exclaimed, stopping only for a moment to hug her sister before launching herself at Rainbow Dash.

“H-hey!” Dash held open her good foreleg to catch the excited filly.

“Are you okay? We were all so worried and concerned and-” Dash stopped the hyperactive little mare and chuckled.

“Of course I'm okay. Nothing can keep Rainbow Dash down!” Sweetie Belle smiled brightly, bouncing around the pegasus asking question after question while Rarity just looked on in amusement. After a few minutes had passed, Rarity had sent Sweetie Belle away, stating that while Dash had been allowed to come home, she still needed to rest to help her broken leg.

“Heh, I wish she'd fret around me like that. Perhaps I should go get injured myself.” Rarity joked, nudging her lover.

“You know that's never gonna happen right? As long as I'm around, you'll never get hurt.” Rainbow said, nudging the unicorn back. The fashionista rolled her eyes with a smile and headed into the kitchen with the athlete right behind her. While Rarity began to make some sort of beverage, Dash hovered around the kitchen, her eyes occasionally flicking towards the window. She wanted to catch a glimpse of whatever had attacked her.

Even though she had assured Rarity she would at least wait until her leg had healed, Dash still wanted a crack at the thing. Every time she thought about how easily she had been beaten, it made her blood boil with rage. Even now, she could feel her wings shivering with anger. “Rainbow? Is something the matter?” Dash looked at Rarity and saw the look of concern on her face.

“Oh, y-yeah. My leg was just kinda crampin' up a bit. Nothing serious.” The pegasus gave a smile, hoping that it'd convince her lover. The unicorn looked skeptical, but nodded and went back to making the drinks. Rainbow sighed in relief and took one last look out the window before she settled on the ground and walked over to her lover, leaning her head on Rarity's. “So what exactly are you making?”

Rarity turned to the pegasus and gave her a quick peck on the lips. “Why, hot chocolate of course!” Rainbow laughed, kissing her lover back before heading over to the table to wait. “Actually, before you sit down, would you mind going upstairs to get Sweetie Belle? This is more for her than us. You should've seen her Rainbow...she looked about as bad as I did when she arrived at the hospital.”

“And you just want to show her that everything's alright?”

“Precisely.” The fashionista answered.

Rainbow smiled softly and said,“You know Rares, have I ever told that I love you?”

Rarity gave a small chuckle and said, “Once or twice, but I could stand to hear it again.”

“Heh, I'm sure you could. I love ya Rares.”

“I love you too Rainbow Dash.” The pegasus's wings gave a quick flutter before they picked her up off the ground and headed up the stairs.

'I don't think I'll ever get rid of this bubbly feeling whenever she tells me that... and I'm completely alright with that.' When the pegasus made it to the young filly's room, she gave a quick knock. “Yo, Sweetie Belle? Can I come in?”

“Of course!” The cerulean mare opened the door and couldn't help but chuckle. Scattered all over the room were various things ranging from crayons to pulleys to safety helmets.

'Heh, reminds me of when I was her age.' The athlete thought quickly.

“What's up with all the stuff? This all from past cutie mark hunts?” Sweetie Belle nodded.

“Mhmm! I like to keep some of the stuff as a reminder about what we've done and the fun we've had.”

“Very cool. Listen, Rarity's downstairs making-” A loud crash cut Rainbow's sentence short. “What the-”

“Rainbow! HELP!” Rarity's scream cut through the air and Dash looked over at Sweetie Belle. Where she was calm and happy a few seconds ago, she was now scared and shivering.

“It's gonna be alright. Just stay here.” She turned to leave, but stopped. “Actually, go run to the library and hide out there. I'll come get'cha when this is over.” Rainbow started walking again, but was stopped by Sweetie Belle tugging on her tail. The cerulean mare turned and saw tears streaming down the filly's face. “Hey...it's alright.” Dash kneeled and gave Sweetie a tight hug.

“Be careful...I don't want something bad to happen to you. She may not say it, but you're the best thing to come into my sister's life.” Dash wanted to ask the young pony to explain, but knew she was short on time.

So, she simply kissed Sweetie's forehead and said, “I'll be careful. Now go.” They both rushed downstairs, with Sweetie heading out the front door and Dash heading into the kitchen. What she saw stopped her cold. The mugs holding the hot chocolate had fallen to the floor and shattered, spilling the warm drink all over. The window and the area around it had been demolished, leaving rubble and broken glass to cover what the hot chocolate didn't on the floor.

What caught her attention most though was the large purple scaled claw reaching for her unicorn, who was pressed up against the furthermost wall, barely managing to keep herself from fainting. 'That's the thing that got me...' Dash felt her rage rising up through her body again as she grit her teeth. “Get away from her!” Rainbow screamed, taking off immediately and shoulder charged the claw. Whatever it belonged to howled in pain and retracted it's arm back into the rainy day outside. “Rarity... Rarity look at me.”

The fashionista was trembling, wrapping her forelegs around herself to keep herself as small as possible. “Rares, it's me. C'mon, look at me.” Slowly, the unicorn did exactly that and when she looked into the cerise coloured eyes of her lover, she burst into tears, wrapping her legs around Dash. “Hey...it's alright now. But listen, I need you to head over to the library okay? I need you to be safe, no...I need to know you'll be safe. I've already sent Sweetie Belle over so just-”

“But what about you?” The question hung in the air for a moment before Dash answered.

“I've got a score to settle.” Fresh tears trailed down Rarity's face and before she even said it, Dash knew what was coming.

“Please don't...Rainbow, just come with me. I don't want to lose you.” Dash looked into the eyes of her lover, but closed her own after a moment, afraid that she too would end up crying.

“I can't Rares, we both know that. But I swear to Celestia's sun and Luna's moon that I'll be okay. Now please... for me... go.” Rarity slowly nodded and stood up.

“I love you Rainbow Dash. I love you so much...” Dash gave a small smile and rather than answer verbally, she pulled Rarity into a kiss. While it might not've been as hot or tender as their other kisses, it was just as passionate and just as caring. When they pulled away, Rarity took a deep breath and released it slowly. “I'll be back with help.”

Dash nodded and flew out the hole in the wall to face the creature while Rarity took off out the front door like Sweetie had. “Alright ya big ugly thing, let's get this over with!” Rainbow shouted, looking at the silhouette of the beast.

“Yes... let's.” It turned and faced Rainbow, it's eyes gleaming with hatred.

'Those eyes look... almost familiar. Why would they...' It wasn't until a flash of thunder moments later that she saw why. In front of her was none other than Spike. Except instead of being small and normal sized, he was about as big as Sugarcube Corner. “Spike!?”

“That's right Rainbow Dash.” The dragon said, hissing her name through his teeth.

“What's going on? Why're you attacking Rarity?” The pegasus asked, her voice full of anger and defiance.

“I'm not attacked Rarity you feather-brained idiot! I'm trying to attack YOU!” As he spoke, he swung one of his claws at her suddenly and with speed faster than Dash could've guessed. Thankfully, instinct kicked in and Rainbow managed to get out of range.

“Are you serious? Is your petty jealousy THAT bad that you have to attack me? You realize that if you did somehow manage to do major damage to me, Rarity would hate you forever.”

“NO! She would love me for saving her from the likes of you! Sure, at first she'd still be a bit infatuated with you, but she'd come around.” Dash growled when he spoke the word “infatuation”, but otherwise kept her cool. She knew what the dragon was trying to do. He was trying to rile her up so she'd make mistakes, but two could play at that game.

“Oh really? If she's just infatuated with me, then why does she love whenever I say her name?” Dash hovered around Spike's head as she spoke, trying to get the full effect of what she was doing. “Why is it that she absolutely melts under my touch? Why is it that she quivers whenever I kiss her?” Spike roared in fury, lashing out at the cerulean pony. 'Got'cha.' Rainbow Dash dodged every swipe of Spike's claws easily and was about to taunt him when his tail came from behind and smashed into her, sending her straight into the ground. “Ugh... stupid tail.”

She rolled out of the way as a large fist smashed itself into the ground where she had been before. The two stood still, glaring into each others eyes. Both pony and dragon had thoughts of anger, of defeat... and of victory at any cost. With a roar, they both attacked. Spike swung his tail around to try and bring the pegasus out of the air, but Dash back-flipped and lashed out with her hind legs, bucking the appendage. The purple dragon howled in pain and swung his claws around, catching Rainbow in the barrel like when he had caught her by surprise.

“How did it feel? When I caught you off guard and just tossed you around like a toy?” Spike asked smugly, bringing his fist down upon the pegasus.

'Don't let him get to you.' Dash thought, rushing out of the way of the fist to come back around and buck at it.

“What do you think all of our friends would think if they knew the great Rainbow Dash had been taken by surprise and beaten?” Dash turned and was about to shout some remark, but was hit before she could get a word out and was sent spiraling through the air until she hit a building. The cerulean mare coughed, the air in her lungs rushing out and leaving her breathless as she fell to the ground. She at least managed to spin around so she would land on her good side rather than the side with her broken leg. Thankfully, she wasn't down for too long.

All the training in higher altitudes had helped Rainbow control her breathing and air intake and before long, she was back in the air, slinging insults and bucking at the dragon. The two managed to trade blows for awhile, tit for tat. “She's never going to love you ya big scaly idiot! So just give up now!”

“NO!” Spike's fist lunged after Rainbow, right into his own gut. With the dragon stunned, Dash flew straight up and hit Spike's jaw with an uppercut. The pegasus grimaced at the feel of bones breaking under her hoof, but knew that he had brought it upon himself. Spike roared in pain as he reached up and snatched Rainbow out of the air and tossed her straight down, leaving a small impact crater in the earth.

“Ooh...” Dash was about to sit up when Spike slammed his palm down, trapping her with her head sticking out between claws. He applied a little pressure and Dash couldn't help but scream in agony as he pressed down on her broken limb. She hadn't had time to readjust it and now was trapped between mud and dragon palm.

“Aww, did that hurt?” He asked mockingly, pressing down once again to hear Dash scream. He lifted his claw up a bit when he was sure that Rainbow couldn't move and laughed, the sound reverberating throughout the town. “Give up Rainbow Dash! Nopony is coming to your rescue! They're all locked up in their homes, too scared to come out and investigate.” He finished his sentence with a quick jab, smashing his fist into the mare.

The scream that came from her mouth was short lived. In the middle of the scream, her vocal chords gave out as her voice broke and disappeared. Rainbow coughed harshly, blood spattering on her stomach before she collapsed back down into the mud. “Poor baby Dashie. I thought you were supposed to be tough!” Spike thrust his palm back down, crushing the mare once more. She opened her mouth to scream silently as she felt more bones break in her body.

“Well, as much fun as I'm having beating you to a pulp, it's about time I ended this. Oh, don't worry. I'm not going to kill you. I'm not that heartless. No, what I'm going to do is cook you so that you'll be stuck in a hospital forever, eating out of a tube. The great Rainbow Dash... forever stuck without motion.” The dragon nearly doubled over in laughter at the irony as the pegasus sighed in desperation.

'So this is it... I'll never get to be a Wonderbolt... I'll never get to fly again... I'll never get to truly share my mind, body, and soul with Rarity...' Rainbow Dash looked up and gave a small smile as the rain fell on her and trickled off in streams. It helped hide the tears that were pouring from her eyes. The monochrome sky above offered her some strange sort of comfort as she looked up into it. 'Just like the day when Rarity and I first really bonded. At least I'll always have that memory to comfort me when I've been left all alone in a hospital.' Rainbow's eyes slowly shifted over to Spike, how was now towering above her.

“Ready for your new life in the hospital?” Without waiting for a response, Spike reared back and Dash saw the green flame building in his maw. He turned his head down and opened his jaws, a torrent of flame rushing down to embrace Rainbow Dash. It seemed to happen in slow motion as the broken pegasus closed her eyes and accepted her fate. However, after a moment, Rainbow opened her eyes when she felt no sensation of burning. Around her was a sapphire barrier, keeping the flames from hungrily devouring her.

“SPIKE!” The flames stopped and Rainbow turned her head and saw her friends standing defiantly, with Rarity's horn glowing brightly. “What in the name of Equestria is WRONG WITH YOU?” The fashionista screamed as she ran towards Rainbow Dash. However, she was stopped when Spike scooped her up.

“What do you mean? I'm doing this for you!” He replied defensively.

“For me? You're hurting our friend for ME?” Spike nodded quickly, a smile beginning to grow on his face. However, it disappeared when Rarity slapped him. “How dare you use me as an excuse for this! Surely you could've found somepony to talk to instead of resorting to... this.” The pale mare said, staring Spike straight in the eyes.

“Nopony would've understood! Don't you see Rarity? I'm doing this because I LOVE you!” The dragon shouted.

“That's still no reason to hurt somepony Spike.” Twilight said, teleporting up into Spike's palm next to Rarity. The dragon's gaze seemed to soften for a moment as he looked at the mares in his claws.


“Now apologize to Rainbow Dash. Then, we're going to have a long talk about what you've done.” Spike's eyes wandered from Rarity, to Twilight, then finally to Rainbow Dash. His gaze turned hard once his eyes focused on the cerulean pegasus and he scowled.

“NO!” He tossed the mares out of his hand and with renewed fervor began to ready flame within his mouth.

“Spike no!” Applejack already had her rope out and was about to throw it when the dragon took it and wrapped it tightly around the orange mare.

“You big meanie! You aren't supposed to hurt friends!” Pinkie said from behind, her party cannon in front of her and pointed at the large dragon.

“Oh? Then why are you pointing that at me? I can smell that it's packed full of hard, over-baked pastries. Don't you think they would hurt if you hit me?” The dragon reasoned through the flame growing in between his jaws. The pink party mare hesitated and that's all it took for Spike to take advantage and smash the cannon while swiping Pinkie away. The large creature turned his gaze back towards the cerulean pegasus that caught his ire. “Goodbye Rainbow Dash.”

With a mighty roar, the dragon unleashed the flames, intent on ruining the pegasus once and for all. However, once again his fire never reached the pegasus. “Who dares now?!” Spike cursed, searching for the newest pony that was spoiling his revenge.

“I do.” Above him, the clouds were torn open, revealing both the sun, and it's mistress.

“C-Celestia?” The dragon, even though he was much larger, felt no bigger than a pebble when faced with the Sun Princess. With a flick of her horn, all of the clouds above Ponyville evaporated, leaving the blue sky for all to see.

“Spike, do you know what you've done?” The Princess lowered herself down next to Rainbow Dash, enveloping the unconscious mare within the golden aura of her magic and lifting her onto her back. Crimson spilled onto the snow white coat of the Solar Princess, giving her an intimidating look.

“I... I just...” Spike mumbled, unsure of himself and his plan.

“You have harmed not just one of my subjects, but one of your dear friends. You realize that even though I've watched you grow and that you are like a brother to my prized pupil, that I cannot hold back any form of punishment?”

“But I-”

“No buts Spike. If you had been rampaging and all consumed with greed like you had been last time this happened, I may have been more forgiving. But since you are fully aware, I cannot be as benevolent.” The white alicorn's horn lit up once again and reduced the dragon back to his baby size. “I'll allow you to have a few words with Twilight before we return to Canterlot.” While Spike wandered off, Rarity ran up to the Princess.

“Is she... is she going to be alright?” The unicorn reached out and held her lover's hoof in her own.

“While she is within my magic, she will no longer be in pain or bleed and won't be susceptible to any further damage. However, whether she lives or not will be entirely up to her. I'm bringing her to Canterlot to receive the best medical attention, but in the end... it's up to her.” Rarity nodded, trying to hold back the flood of tears that threatened to spill forth. “Worry not my little pony. She is very strong in terms of willpower. I'm certain she'll make it.”

“I know. Would... would it be alright if I accompanied you?” Celestia nodded and waited for Spike's return.


It was a week later that Rainbow Dash first opened her eyes. “Where... where am I?” The cerulean mare looked around and could immediately tell she wasn't in the Ponyville hospital. The room was more... ornate and fancy looking. The next thing Dash noticed was that it was eerily silent in the room. “Hello?” The pegasus called out, ignoring how painful it was to speak. 'Did I die? Cuz if this is what Nirvana is, I want a do-over.' The athlete thought.

With a large amount of effort and pain, Rainbow Dash managed to sit up. The first thing she did when she regained her breath was test her wings. Thankfully, they extended with no problem, and with no pain. “That's good...” Dash let out a relieved sigh at the knowledge that her wings hadn't been damaged. They were a bit sore, but otherwise were fine. Rainbow felt a wave of fatigue wash over her and she collapsed back onto her pillows. “Rares... Where are ya?”

The cerulean pony closed her eyes and said Rarity's name over and over, hoping that it would summon her loved one. However, she was surprised when she heard the door open and the sound of hooves on marble. “Rares?” Rainbow heard a gasp and a flurry of hoof-steps before she felt gentle hooves wrap around her and pull her close. Dash smiled and wrapped her good hoof around the now sobbing unicorn.

“I thought you weren't going to wake up.” Rarity cried, trying her hardest not to shake too badly.

“Hey... it's alright. I may be a little beat up, but I'm no worse for wear.” Rarity said nothing, instead rubbing her face against Rainbow's coat, making sure this wasn't just another nightmare. An hour later, when Rarity had managed to regain her composure, she took a spot upon the bed beside her wounded lover. Rainbow was silent as Rarity retold the of the past week. The pegasus only vaguely listened to the words, content just to hear her significant other talk.

The soft tones of Rarity's voice nearly lulled Rainbow back into the bliss of sleep, but a soft pattering noise kept her awake. Finally, Dash interrupted and said, “Do you hear that?”

“Hmm?” Rarity stopped and listened, her ears occasionally twitching this way or that. “Now that you mention it... I do.” The unicorn hopped out of the bed and walked around the room, trying to find the source of the tapping noise. She neared the window and a smile formed on her face. With a quick flick of magic, she moved the large curtains away from the window and revealed that it was raining softly outside.

“Is it... raining?” Dash asked, her voice edging on disbelief.

“Have you never seen it rain here?” Rarity asked, a small chuckle leaving her lips.

“No. I've seen it snow, but I've never seen it rain in Canterlot.” Rarity nodded and slowly wheeled Rainbow's bed over to the window, settling it straight in front of it so that they would have a view of the whole city. When she was satisfied, Rarity climbed back into the bed and snuggled close to her lover.

“Rainbow Dash... I love you, but please... never ever scare me like that again. Do you understand how much I've been worrying this past week?” Rainbow nodded and tenderly kissed Rarity's forehead.

“I'm sure Sweetie's no better.” Rarity shook her head.

“She was absolutely devastated when she heard that you had to be brought here to Canterlot. She's staying back at the castle with the girls. She was absolutely adamant that she come with us. I'm sure she'll be pleased as punch to know you're awake and okay.”

“I've no doubt about it. But for now... I want you to be the only one who knows I'm awake.” Rarity smiled and nuzzled Rainbow, resting her head under the cerulean mare's chin as they laid their, watching the rain.

“I love you Rarity.”

“I love you too Rainbow Dash.”