Sex-Ed Playdate: A New Story

by AngelShy24

First published

A new Playdate story that shows what happens when Silver Spoon discovers the pleasurable feelings of sex.

Do note that this story has nothing to do with my last playdate story in any way. This is a new story with a new plot and new character perspectives.

Silver Spoon catches her parents having sex in the middle of the night and causes her to develop a new strange feeling that she never felt before. She becomes addicted to it and has started to masturbate herself in private over the the next few weeks to satisfy her needs.
However, even that routine won't be enough for the young filly sooner or later and she'll ask a certian classmate to help take her new addiction to the next level.
What will happen when Silver's friend, Diamond Tiara finds out about her antics, and will anyone else join in?

(Contains f/m and some f/f foalcon action)
This story is narrated in the perspective of Silver Spoon and Diamond Tiara.
(Now introduces some narration of Snips, Snails and Twist)
Cover art done by: jalm


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I… I have like… a problem; a problem that I’m not sure if I could ever get rid of. This kind of feeling... foals like me aren’t supposed to know about this sorta thing yet, right?

I’ve been having this certain feeling for a while now, and it’s like totally driving me nuts! It all started one night… when I couldn’t sleep. I didn’t know why, but I felt so clueless to think of a reason. So I went towards my parents’ bedroom in hopes that they would let me sleep with them. However, when I was about a few feet away from their room door, I started to hear strange noises coming from their inside. I heard some hard breathing, some soft moaning sounds, and I could like hear my Mom and Dad saying some things to each other. It sounded kinda strange and I felt a little awkward hearing it. But I also noticed that their door was cracked open; so, I decided to take a little peak.

When I looked inside, what I saw was a bit confusing to me at first; but then I realized that it was my Dad and he was lying on top of my mother. Maybe they were playing some special game that only adult ponies could play. Like boy how right I was. My Father slid down my Mom’s body until his snout was right between her legs, and then… O-M-G… he was… licking her… right in her pr-private area! But, why was he doing that?It looked… kinda gross. But from the look on Mother’s face, she was actually enjoying it; and she was making some weird moaning noises. So that was the weird moaning that I heard earlier. What exactly was the special game that they were playing? They weren’t doing what I thought they were doing... were they.

Suddenly at one point as I was watching, I… felt a strange sensation coming from between my legs. It took me by surprise as I placed my hoof against my sensitive area and felt a wet mixture slightly dripping from my own private area. What was happening to me? I never had this strange feeling before… but it felt… good.

As I kept rubbing myself I couldn’t help but wonder; could this maybe have something to do with ‘The Birds and the Bees’ conversation that mommy had with me recently? She told me that kind of activity was done only by a stallion and a mare who loved each other very much; so much that they want to have a foal together. Is this how they had me? That's totally weird, yet very intriguing as well.

I still found myself standing at the door watching my Mom and Dad having their fun and I was still satisfying myself from it. But then, I noticed that daddy had stopped licking my mommy between her legs and suddenly stood up over her. It was at that point that I like actually saw it, my dad’s penis; and it was huge! It stood up straight and was bobbling from side to side under him. It was a proving sign that he totally loved my mommy… very much. He started to lower himself back on her and then slowly started to push his penis into her. Both of my parents let out a huge moaning gasp as their bodies connected and my daddy kept going deeper into her. He then began to hump her wildly as they both shared a deep kiss with each other; and the way that they were moaning in pleasure with each of daddy’s thrusts was making me even wetter than I already was.

I totally couldn’t believe it! I was like witnessing sex for the first time, and from my own parents at that. It was so mesmerizing that I couldn’t stop watching, and I was careful to not moan out loud myself or they might know that I was there. But by the way I was feeling, I might’ve not last for too long. Surprisingly, I was able to watch until they were finished as my daddy came into my mommy. If this is what sex was like, I couldn’t wait to grow up. But… I’m not sure that I could even wait that long now.

I eventually made it back to my bedroom and laid back down on my bed. I still couldn’t sleep though, but it didn’t matter anymore. I like had too much on my mind to care. Remembering what I saw mommy and daddy doing, I laid back on my pillow with my hind legs spread out and I could see my private area still glistening with the strange liquid from within me. I held back a bit as I reached down there with my hoof, but then I began to rub myself thoroughly without holding back. I knew that if I had just ignored this strange feeling that it wouldn’t go away. I had to try and get rid of it myself.

As I kept rubbing myself, I was imagining something long and hard entering into me like daddy did to my mommy. The thought of it rutting in and out of me caused me to rub even more fiercely. I didn’t need to worry about Mom and Dad catching me at their door now, so I like moaned out as loud as I needed too. This was totally the greatest feeling that I ever experienced in my life, and I knew that this new discovered activity of mine was going to occupy me for quite a while. I eventually rubbed myself so much that I felt something overwhelm me; a pleasure surge like no other. When I was done, a huge glop of a strange liquid squirted out of me and onto my bed. What was this stuff? I wasn’t quite sure, but maybe that was a sign that my body was satisfied… and it was. After dealing with that, I was totally exhausted and relaxed; and I was finally able to fall fast asleep.

Ever since that night, the thought of that new feeling I experienced never left my head, and I kept secretly picking times in the day to play with myself. I didn’t tell anypony about my new secretly-made hobby because I felt that It would be to embarrassing to do so; that included my own parents and my best friend, Diamond Tiara. I did it almost every time I went to sleep, I did it when I took a bath, I did it when I’m all alone in my room, and sometimes I even risk it and slowly rub myself during class at my school. They were even times at home when my parents weren’t around that I would sneak in their room and grab a mating book that they had that had all sorts of different sex techniques; and I would stare at it for pleasure fuel. I didn’t really like care for the more complicated techniques that I saw; I was only in it for the simple, relaxing way. And of course I always put it back before my parent return. I can’t like have them find out that their daughter is getting off on their special book. Plus, I found some things in my own room that I could use to rub against me and slightly push in me. I‘m sure it wasn’t just like the way Mommy felt from my Daddy, but it was definitely a good substitute.

It was great and all, but one night while I was like in the middle of feeling myself, the major pleasure spark that I once felt just didn’t feel the same anymore. I mean… yeah, sure; I could still feel some pleasuring vibes stimulating from within, but it wasn’t enough anymore; I couldn’t keep doing it this way. You know what that means… it means that I like need to go deeper into this hobby. I needed to find something that could help bring my new addiction to the next level; or to be more technical, some-pony. Yeah, I totally needed find a mating partner like my Mom has my Dad. However, if I was going to do something like that, I couldn’t just ask anypony. I couldn’t like ask daddy; that would be too weird. And any other stallion for that matter. That handsome, muscular brother of Apple Bloom wouldn’t be too bad though; I bet he would totally love to plow himself into a naughty little filly like me. Wow, listen to me. I sound like a total whore.

In any case, that stallion isn’t like that, and I could only fantasize something like that in my dreams. I needed to find a colt, a colt that is easily manipulative. A bit clueless and can become putty into my hooves. Wait, that’s it; I know just who to pick. See, I told you that I like have a problem; but you know what… I totally don’t care.

Lustful Needs

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Like a young foal just yearning to experience and learn more about life, I was yearning to learn more about the pleasures of sex. I was still fairly new at knowing of how to do it right, but my body was done waiting. I needed to find the body of another pony who is willing to help me gain a better understanding of this sensual pleasure.

Now like I said before, I couldn’t just trick any pony in doing this with me; and any grown stallion was out of the question. If any of them did it, it would probably just be some stupid, and/or smelly, creepy filly fooler that I wouldn’t care about. No… I needed a colt; somepony who would be just as confused yet curious about this as I am. And I think I know just the colt.

It’s a colt that I actually had a secret crush on for a while now and didn’t display it in front of Tiara. Because if I did, I know for a fact that she would suddenly dismiss me as her friend and would pretend like she didn’t know me. Sure that sounds pretty harsh, but she’s still a good friend and I respect her. But luckily for me, a day came when I was able to make my move after school. Tiara was scheduled to go to some kind of promotion meeting from her father’s business to help support him, and she probably wouldn’t be back until tomorrow; like awesome.

OMG, I guess I still didn’t reveal who my secret crush was, huh? Well, he’s an orange unicorn with a cute looking ruffled mane; and he even hangs around another unicorn colt whose name is Snips. Give up? Its Snails of course; like it wasn’t that hard to figure out. But I’m not calling anypony dumb or anything if that’s what you’re thinking.

But as I was saying before, after school when I saw Tiara off when her daddy came to pick her up, my eyes were suddenly locked on the young colt that was standing nearby with his friend. I didn’t know what their plans for after school was, but I’m afraid that Snails is going to have to make a rain check with his colt friend. This afternoon, he’s mine. Trying not to sound too suspicious, I calmly trotted over to him calling out his name.

"H-h-hey, Snails?!"

I couldn’t help but blush as he heard me and turned his head towards my direction. I was almost too nervous to continue on, but my nerves didn’t stop me.


"Uh oh, it's Silver Spoon,” whispered his best friend, Snips as he arched eye at me, “I bet she just wants to make fun of us and call us nerds, or whatever else she wants again."

I wasn’t letting Snips’ little comment get to me, and I was not even thinking that… mostly. But staying calm and gathering up my courage, I spoke out my offer.

"Hey there, um... I was wondering... maybe if you could... you know... hang out with me... b-b-back at my house?"

After I asked, they both couldn’t even say anything; they were like staring at me like I had a giant zit on my face, in which thankfully I didn’t… I didn’t, right?

“Uh, what’s going on here,” Snips wondered, “Is she... talking to you?”

“I’m not so sure, eh.”

“W-well… of course I’m talking to you,” I admitted feeling bashful, “Y-y-you’re like the only colt here named Snails, r-right?”

By the looks on their faces, Snails still seemed a bit clueless trying to make out my proposal. ‘sigh’ He’s so cute when he’s clueless. But Snips on the other hand was obviously being his decision maker. His expression showed that I was up to something mean and naughty. W-well… heh, I guess he would be part right.

“Something’s off here, Snails; she’s acting too nice. Diamond Tiara may not be around, but... she’s still Silver Spoon. Why would one of the most popular, mean girls in our class want to be with you?”

“Is there something wrong?” I asked curiously.

I mean seriously, does it always take this long for these two to come up with a clear answer for things? Well, take your time, Snails; I have all day.

“No offense, Silver, but I don't think we're as dumb as you may think anymore. If I did believe you, how do I know that this isn’t some sort of scheme to set me up for some kind of humiliation?”

"This is no scheme,” I strongly protested to him, “I promise! I-I-I only do those sort of things with Diamond Tiara; and since she isn’t here… I-I can do whatever I want to do… and…. I want to spend some time with… you.”

Geez, I guess these two aren’t as clueless as they used to be; they’re making me work up a sweat here. Usually I could talk them into anything in seconds. But that’s totally okay with me; I like a good challenge.

“Holy crap, man,” Snails’ friend suddenly said, “I think she’s serious. Her cheeks are rosy red; she’s totally crushing on you!”

Snips started to get the idea, but did he have to yell it out so loud; what if somepony heard? Snails, however, was still being very cautious of me.

“I… I-I still don’t know.”

I guess I couldn’t blame him. I would be cautious of me too if I were him. Luckily for me, Snips continued to eagerly convince him to reconsider. Moments like this don’t happen too often for them after all.

“Come on, go for it, Snails! It’s not every day that one of the most popular girls in our class wants to spend time with you and is actually serious about it.”

Snails looked back over at me with his beautiful jaded eyes, and I had the most sudden chill trailing down my spine all the way to the tip of my tail. I really did have it bad for him.

“Do you Pinkie Pie swear that you’re not planning anything against me?” Snails humbly asked me.

Thinking of Pinkie Pie, I gave him my answer by saying, “Cross my heart and hope to fly, stick a cupcake in my eye.”

I did the whole routine and everything, and I was careful to not actually poke my eye. Oh wait, I’m wearing glasses, I can’t poke my eye; silly me. So was that it; did I finally convince him, or was there something else that I had to do to prove my worth?

“Well… okay, eh; if you really mean it, I guess I could hang out with you.”

Yes, he finally gave in; I was so relieved! I was so happy in fact that I was brave enough to run up to him and gave him a little hug while happily waving my tail. He looked at me feeling a bit awkward, but I don’t think he minded one bit.

“Thank you!” I said looking up at him, “Trust me, you won’t regret your decision… you definitely won’t.”


Oops, I think I was going too fast; I was like freaking him out a bit. I quickly dethatched myself from him and straighten my glasses while calming down and looked at him again feeling a bit embarrassed about my sudden gesture.

“Oh, n-nothing, I’m glad that you trust me after everything I’ve done.”

“No worries,” Snips responded while winking at Snails, “we totally forgive you; right, Snails?”

“Yeah, we forgive you, I guess.”

I could see Snails’ expression and realize that he was just as nervous about us hanging out together as I was. But unlike me he had no idea what was in store for him. When he looked back at me, I just kept a straight smile on my face; and he suddenly had a little smile on his. Oh sweet mother of Celestia, I think he likes me too.

“You go ahead and… um, spend some time with your new filly friend,” said Snips to Snails, “I’ll find somepony else to hang out with this afternoon. Maybe Rumble, or Featherweight. Catch you later, and don’t mess this up!”

Snips didn’t have to worry about Snails messing anything up; in fact if all goes well, things will totally get a bit… messy. After Snails left, I was all alone with Snails… like finally, and he felt a bit sheepish as things were silent around us.

“So what is it exactly that you wanted to do… with me?”

Feeling a little antsy by Snails’ question, I still kept my excitement under control as I started to walk ahead and smirk at him behind me as I stated…

“Just follow me, you’ll see.”


Thankfully for me Snails didn’t expect a thing, at least not yet. But it didn’t matter anyway. All I needed to do was lure the unsuspecting prey into my lair and then hopefully have my way with him. But I couldn’t reveal anything just yet.

The two of us walked all the way to my house not saying anything at all. I guess he still felt a little awkward about hanging out with me. But he’s here, so that means that he doesn’t mind much; he definitely was expecting something out of this and I was definitely going to give it to him.

After we went inside, I noticed Snails looking all around us looking very impressed. I guessed he’s never seen the inside of a mansion before. But as great as it may seem to him, we didn’t have time for him to sight see. We had plans… well, I had plans. The area between my legs was itching more and more with every step closer to our destination; I couldn’t stand it!

“C-c-c-come on, Snails, I have something that I want to show you,” I told him nervously while directing him upstairs.

He looked over at me curiously and then replied, “Um, okay.”

Wow, he was listening to me and was following my lead and he still didn’t seem to be suspicious in anyway. I had a little spring in my step once we reached the door to my bedroom and I allowed him to go in first; but only to make sure nopony was coming in our direction. Once the coast was clear, I quietly closed my room door and locked it. Now my plan could commence.

Watching the unsuspecting Snails observing my room was so great; but now I was about to give him the time of his life, and vice versa.

“So, um… Silver Spoon, may I ask again of what you wanted to do with me? It must be very important or something for you to bring me all the way here in your bedroom… inside your… nice home.”

How cute, he likes my room. I wonder if he’s a secret doll collector, or maybe he secretly likes girly things or something. Oh well, me finding out if that’s true or not will soon be the least of his worries.

“It sure is, Snails,” I told him as I stood in front of him with my body slightly vibrating with excitement, “very, very important. But first, can you like close your eyes for a second; I have something... th-that I want to show you.”

“Oh, a surprise; I love surprises!”

Snails was suddenly getting very excited himself knowing that he was going to get a surprise; I kinda love surprises myself. Anyway, once Snails sat down and closed his eyes while wagging his cute little tail, I was gathering a lot of courage in me to do what I was about to do. I was so nervous myself of doing this with Snails; and wondering if he would go with it or not made me even more nervous. M-m-maybe I should back out of this.

Wait a minute, no; no I will not back out of this! I was like looking forward to this ever since I made my decision that very night; and now I was going to have fun with my Snails.

“Is my surprise ready yet?”

“Almost, Snails. Just be patient.”

I couldn’t handle myself anymore; I was already sweating and I wasn’t even doing anything yet. I completely turned away from Snails with my flank facing him; I took a deep breath and slowly lowered myself down with my rump up in the air. And then I swung my tail away to the side and reviled my now soaking privates.

”O-o-okay, you can open them now.”

I tilted my head to the side to get a good look at Snails’ expression when he opened his eyes. He gained his focus, and then suddenly his eyes went a little wide from shock of what he saw. I was blushing a little feeling a bit embarrassed, but I didn’t care anymore; I no longer wanted to hide what I had… from him.

"U-u-uh... Silver Spoon; no offense, but... wh-where's the real surprise?"

"You're like looking at it,” I answered him in a flirting tone, “What's wrong? Don't you like what you see?"

I kinda gave my rump a little wiggle to provoke Snails to keep staring at. His face was fully red and it seemed that he was doing his best to look away; but he couldn’t. He obviously likes what he sees.

"I... I-I-I don't know, Silver; something about this doesn't feel right to me. Why are you lifting your tail and showing off your... 'gulp', privates?"

"Because... I'm seducing you, Snails."

"Y-you're... whating me?"

Aw, there goes the clueless side of him again. He knew what I was doing, but he didn’t even know what seducing meant. Class is now in session.

"Seducing; I'm like provoking your nerves and giving you a better reason for you to like me and find me attractive. After all... I find you kind of attractive."


Suddenly… right on cue, I could totally see the success of my tactic. His little solider was at full attention from underneath its sheath. I gave Snails a seductive smile as I turned around and fully faced him. He quickly did his best to hide what he was showing; he was embarrassed of having somepony like me seeing it.

"Ahh, don't look; it's n-nothing!"

"No need to hide it, Snails,” I responded, “that's like normal for a colt like you.”

I then placed my snout on his and looked at him straight in the eyes.

“It means that you do find me attractive."

Poor little Snails, he was in too much of a shock to do anything. I placed my hooves on him and pushed him down on his back. He got back up leaning himself against arms; but before he could get all the way up, I stepped over him putting my two fore hooves on both sides of him. He couldn’t escape my alluring eyes now. The way he looked up at me as I towered over him made him seem afraid; but I think that’s just his hormones talking.

"Silver, y-you're kinda scaring me,” Snails said as I felt his body shaking, “what's gotten into you?! Y-y-you never showed any affection towards me before... especially like this!"

"Let's just say that I've recently learned something new,” I responded, “and it has made me into a whole new filly.

I then took a chance and laid myself on top of his body and closely caressed him while slowly rubbing myself against his nice shaft.

“And right now, all my body wants is to get intimate with somepony... and I like chose you."

Snails’ body was getting tense and he wasn’t sure what to do. But feeling how hard he was more than proved that he was excited about this just as much as I was.

"I-I-I know that you wanted to spend time with me, b-but… I didn't expect this."

"Surprise," I said to him wearing a little smile.

Now that Snails was fully aware of what I was up to, I could like finally have some fun with him, and he was going to enjoy every minute of it. However, he was still feeling hesitant and was beginning to have second thoughts about my little planned activity.

"C-c-come on, we're just foals. Should we even be doing this?"

Snails really needed to lighten up and realize just how lucky he is right now. But not to worry, I was about to erase those doubts in his mind. I complied by lightly kissing him on the lips and held it there for a few seconds. His mouth was so moist and a bit on the slimy side, but I got past that. Snails looked at me dazedly as I released my lips from his, and he was suddenly silent. Now it was time to show him what I learned.

I slowly went down while pressing my body against his and was enjoying the intimate heat among us. Once my head was all the way down, I grabbed Snails’ little member and held it firmly in my hooves. As I started to give it a good rubbing, I could see Snails watching me pleasure him. He was blushing brightly and panting heavily; he was becoming pudding in my hooves, just like I expected. After my little warm-up, I held the penis still and slowly dragged my tongue on it from his balls to the very tip top. Just by doing that, Snails was already leaking out some of his sticky stuff; he was so fragile. But that didn’t matter though because I just licked it all up… and it was tasty.

And now for the second course of my meal, I gave the tip of Snails’ penis a little sweet kiss before pushing it inside my mouth; and then I immediately started to lick all around it and suck on it like I love to do with my favorite cherry lollipop. He tasted so good that I couldn’t stop, and Snails’ was whining his pants off… if he was wearing any pants that is. Hearing his cute moaning sounds while sucking him off was turning me on more than I already was. I could literally feel the moist liquid leaking out of me.

Once I stopped and released Snails’ penis from my mouth, I let him relax and allowed him to catch his breath. Doing this for the first time must have been exhausting for him.

"So, do you like your surprise?" I asked him while poking his muzzle with my hoof.

He looked at me with half-lidded eyes and slowly nodded his head.


"Do you like want more?" I added.

"I... g-guess so."

"Good answer; I've been like so ready for this."

And that I was. If my private had a voice it would be screaming for attention. I pleasured him, and now it was his turn to return the favor. I laid him on his back and then stepped over him until I was right under his face. I sat down on his upper torso and my privates were now in front of him where his face could reach.

"Lick my filly pussy."

Snails looked quite surprised to see a real live pussy this close in his face. Nonetheless, he looked pretty enticed; I got him to be curious of my method. He wasn’t sure how to start out, but I encouraged him a bit by pushing his snout into my wet folds. Once again he was shocked of what I done, but then he started to slowly taste the wetness around my vaginal entrance… and it felt… so nice.

My body was vibrating with happiness and lust, and I was finally feeling the desired satisfaction I was craving; nothing like a real live tongue moving around inside you. Snails suddenly decided to go a little deeper as he grabbed the sides of my flank and caught me off guard. I gasped out loud as I leaned forward on my forehooves embracing this wonderful feeling. So this must be what Mom had felt.

"Are... you okay?" Snails asked me as he looked up at my smitten expression.

"Better than okay; I'm on fire."

"Isn't that bad!"

"It’s a figure of speech, silly; you're so clueless."

I’ve always seen Snails up to his clueless antics with his friends; and even though I always made fun of them for it with Tiara, I couldn’t help but admire Snails' curiosity and his method of speaking his mind. Speaking of Tiara, Snails stopped right in the middle of servicing me to ask me a question about her; the nerve.

"Hey, I just thought of something. What are you going to do if Diamond Tiara finds out that you are doing things with me?"

I looked down at him not fully thinking straight of his comment. I was too much in my own world right now.

"Screw Tiara and what she may think; she can't keep me from doing whatever I want to do. My body needs this like so bad, and whatever she says won't make me change my mind."

And then he asked me yet another question.

"And there’s another thing I was wondering; why me? You think I'm a total nerd, remember?"

"I know that I said all those mean things to you and Snips and others,” I said nudging his snout with my hoof, “but that was only because I wanted to impress Tiara and try to be smarter like her because she's my best friend. But secretly... I always did find you kinda cute."


"Well... yeah; and you know what, you totally are a nerd. But that's what I like about you... just don't tell anypony that."

"Um... thanks I guess."

Well that was fun, explaining to Snails of how I really felt about him. He was actually handling it pretty well for someone like him, and he did seem like he was getting into our little activity. He continued lick me in my private very slowly, and I mean very slowly. I tilted my head back in response to the pure explicit feeling that was surging throughout my body. If he wanted to I would like let him lick inside me all day, but you all know what I was waiting for now.

"O-o-o-okay, that's enough; I-I think I'm ready to take this further."

"What; what are you talking about?” asked Snails curiously.

Oh he was going to enjoy what I had planned next. I carefully stepped off of him and I saw him licking my juices off his lips while keeping his eyes on my flank. I got in front of him and got in the same downward dog position that I was in earlier and looked back at Snails while smiling seductively and wiggling my tail.

“Snails, I want you to mount me; meaning that I want you to take that impressive little stallionhood of yours and like put it inside me.”

And I wasn’t talking about anal either; doing anal first is like so not normal. No, I wanted him to rut me right in my baby-maker like I saw my Dad do to Mommy. I wasn’t planning to become a mom myself, but I was willing to take that risk.

“Uh… uh, n-no!” Snails suddenly said while panicking a bit, “Th-th-this is wrong; we shouldn’t be doing this!”

“Maybe, but I totally don’t care. And besides, look at you; you’re rock hard. You may be saying no, but your hormones are saying otherwise.”

First he was into it and now he was worried about it; come on Snails, like make up your damn mind already.

“B-b-but… won’t we… get in trouble for this?”

“I won’t tell if you don’t,” I told him with a wink.

Snails could say whatever he wanted to now, but it was obvious that he wanted to comply with this too. I could see his penis literally twitching at the glorious sight of my exposed flank. He slowly came over to me and mounted himself on top of me preparing to do what he needed to do.

“Uh, Silver?” he asked me, “If we do this, won’t that make us… special friends?”

“Oh, you know it."

Special friends… more like soul mates. We were meant to be together.

"Come on, like do it already,” I desperately pleaded to him, “Don't keep me waiting."

I turned my head back around in front of me just waiting for Snails to comply with my request. And sure enough I could feel him pressing a bit on my back as he started to lightly push the tip of his penis against my lovely flower. Just by that alone I was already getting lust chills throughout my body; I couldn’t wait to fully experience the feeling of sexual intercourse. I couldn’t help but hang my tongue out with my mouth open as I felt Snails slowly start to enter into me. He was going slow and taking his time and I didn’t blame him;. This was his first time after all, and I’m sure that he just wanted to be careful to not hurt me.

Before I knew it, Snails had the entire head of his penis in me and he just stopped there catching his breath. I was pretty tight and it must have taken some muscle to make his way in like that. I looked back at Snails panting like crazy to give him my compliments.

"Pretty imp-p-pressive, Snails, but you can like go d-deeper than that, right?"

"Um... o-o-okay, eh."

I suddenly squeed with delight and bit my hoof as I felt Snails start to go in deeper and deeper into my love hole. Eventually this was going to get to the part where Snails would pop my cherry; I’m sure that’s how the expression goes. Anyway, we were both enjoying this blissful moment together, until…

'Knock, knock, knock'

There was a sudden loud knock against my room door that made both me and Snails suddenly freeze. Snails ceased his penetration as I looked towards the door and called out…

"Um... wh-who is it?"

"Like who else. It’s me... Diamond Tiara?"

Diamond Tiara?!!! Oh crap, oh crap! What in the world was she doing here; she wasn’t supposed to be here! She was supposed to be miles away from my house with her daddy at some business meeting… and I was like sooo close too.

“J-j-j-just a minute!”

I signaled Snails to pull himself out of me in which he did and I straighten myself up so I wouldn’t look so messy.

“Oh Celestia,” I panicked in whisper, “what now; we have to do something.”

“But I thought you said that you didn’t care what Diamond Tiara thought?” Snails stated to me.

“Look, I guess I would say some things that I don’t mean when I’m horny, okay."

That much was definitely true. When Snails mentioned about Tiara earlier I was so filled with lust that I didn’t care about something like that. But now that she’s here at this moment, I knew that I couldn’t let her find out about what was going on. Snails needed to hide somewhere and fast!

“Quick, hide in my pile of stuff toys over there,” I quickly whispered to him.

Being so easily distracted, Snails was wondering about a certain word that came out of my mouth.

“Wait, what did you mean by horny?”

“Never mind that,” I softly exclaimed while pushing him towards my giant stuffed animals pile, “just hide.”

He was probably still thinking about it, but nevertheless he went and dived into my giant pile of stuffed animals. Ugh… I do like him but I hope he doesn’t get them too dirty or anything. After everything was good and ready I calmly went over to the door and opened it; and there was Tiara standing there looking at me weirdly as I smiled at her nervously.

“H-h-hey, Tiara, what are you doing here? I thought you were at that promotion meeting thing with your dad to support him?”

“Yeah I was, but they like canceled it for today and moved it to the end of next week.”

So that was the reason she came back so soon. Why did it have to cancel so suddenly?! They could’ve worked something out, right?

“R-really? Wow, what a bummer.”

“I guess. The attention I get there is nice at least. So what were you like doing in here?”

She asked the dreaded question. What do I say, what do I say?!

“Oh… you know, just playing with myself…”

Oh god... in my head, that didn’t sound right.

“... with my toys! I mean... I-I-I was playing with m-my toys.”

“Uh-huh,” Tiara said while looking at me like I was being too weird.

She suddenly walked into my room and started to look around while having a curious look on her face. She wasn’t coming onto me, was she?

“I don’t know why, Silver Spoon; but I thought that I heard another voice in here besides you.”

“Um… I was doing… impressions?”

Impressions; impressions?! Really; out of everything I could’ve said, I said that?! I’m terrible at impressions!

“Don’t play with me like that, Silver Spoon. I know for a fact that you are terrible at impressions; and so am I for that matter.”

Tiara suddenly realized my nervous face and saw that I was sweating rapidly. That with my obvious lie about impressions, she suddenly knew that I was up to something; something that she didn’t know about.

“You’re acting totally weird, Silver Spoon,” she said suspiciously as she came closer to me, “almost like you’re trying to keep a secret. What are you hiding?”

“Me, I-I-I-I’m like not hiding anything!”

“Yeah right; you can’t fool me. The tone in your voice says everything.”

I thought that this situation couldn’t get any more awkward, but I was proved wrong when we both suddenly a sound coming from my pile of stuffed animals.

“Ahh… ahh… ahh… AHHHCHOOOOOOOO!!!

Snails suddenly sneezed so much force that the stuffed animals on top of him literally flew off the top of the pile revealing his presence to Diamond Tiara. So close yet so far. Oh well, at least his… thing was back down and out of sight.

Tiara became a bit baffled at this, but then she looked over at me with a little smirk.

“Snails?! Ha, I knew it! Not hiding anything, my pony ass.”

“Sorry,” Snails said to me, “I forgot that I was allergic to dandruff; you should really clean you stuffed toys soon.”

I guess it has been a while since I had my stuffed animals washed. Darn it and double darn it!

“Silver, what is that loser doing here with you… at your house?! You’re not like hanging out with him, are you; cause that would be… kinda lame.”

This was it, the moment that I was dreading all along. I love Snails, but what will happen if I stay friends with him? I don’t think Tiara would be too thrilled about me dating somepony like Snails. I guess I have to… no; get a hold of yourself Silver Spoon! Why should a situation like this bother me; and... a-and what does she know anyway? Tiara is my friend, but she’s not the boss of me! So she was going to have to deal with my decision whether she thought it was lame or not.

“You know what, Tiara,” I told her boldly as I went over to Snails and wrapped my hooves around him, “h-h-he is here spending time with me… because… because I like him.”

“Um… y-yeah,” said Snails a bit awkwardly, “that’s pretty much the truth, eh.”

Tiara had the most confusing looking face that I have ever seen her show. She didn’t look mad or angry, but more like confused and annoyed. She was trying to figure out what had happened between hanging out with me before the end of school all the way up to now.

“What the… r-really, with him? But why specifically him; he… h-h-he’s just a–a-a nerd! Why in Equestria would you even want to hang out… with him?!”

Wow, now she was just flustered. She couldn’t comprehend the fact of me hanging out with Snails willingly. Snails just looked at her scowling slightly; he wasn’t exactly thrilled to once again hear somepony insult him like that. But as awkward as this moment was, I went on ahead and explained myself.

“Look, I know that we're best friends and everything, Tiara, but… I secretly have a crush on Snails and I wanted to finally get to know him better than I already had because… I-I-I think he’s cute… a-and really sweet. I was just afraid that you would decide to dismiss me as a friend if I told you.”

Tiara knew what I was talking about; I could see it in her face. She knew that she couldn’t say anything against that. She just looked partially away from me so I wouldn’t see her troubled face. That didn’t exactly work though.

“Oh… you… y-you like really and honestly thought that, huh?”

“Go ahead, tell me to my face that you wouldn’t.”

I could tell that Tiara was like completely stumped; it’s not every day when Tiara is at a loss for words. Trust me; I hang out with her almost every day after all. She just took a huge, calm sigh and look over at Snails probably regretting whatever she was going to say.

“Do you… like her…, S-S-Snails?”

“Well… all of this was suddenly out of the blue for me. But if she likes me and truly means it, then… I guess I’ll give this relationship a try.”

I tried my best not to laugh, but Tiara looked so funny trying to be nice to Snails… for me; now that is a good friend. After thinking about it and straining herself to accept this big reveal out of nowhere, she gave in.

“Fine, whatever. I guess you have the right to like hang out with whoever you want.”

Although, something was still bothering her.

“However, I’m still a little curious of what you 2 were doing in here anyway.”

Think, think. Come on, Silver Spoon, think of something clever. Don’t come up with the impression thing again. Ah ha, I got it!

“Oh, that? We were just… um, going over some schoolwork.”

I quickly went over to my room desk and grabbed some random math papers from school and showed them to Tiara. Thank Celestia I decided to do some of it before we left our class.


Snails looked at me weirdly and whispered to me…

“We were?”

I elbowed him in his side to make him realize that it was just a cover up. Thankfully, he was smart enough to figure it out quick.

“I-I-I mean… y-yeah, we were!”

Tiara continued to look at us in a weird way, and she was probably still getting over this whole scenario. Suddenly, she had a little smile as she went towards the door looking back at us.

“Very well then, I’ll like come back a little later I guess. Have fun with Snaily boy here.”

Snaily boy; that actually sounded like a cute nickname for Snails.

“So, we’re still friends?” I pleaded to her.

Without looking back, Tiara waved her hoof while agreeing.

“Yeah yeah, we’re still friends.”

After that, she closed the door behind her. Well, that went better than expected; and Tiara took this much better than I thought she would’ve. I guess I had nothing to worry about… much.

“”Whew, that was like so close,” I said in desperate relief

“You said it, eh.”

There was a bit of silence as Snails and I were catching our breath and calming our nerves down. It was one thing to let Tiara know that I was hanging out with him, but imagine what she would’ve done if she found out what we were actually doing; I would never hear the end of it. Suddenly, my cheeks became blushy again as I felt Snails nudge his head against me and then looked at me with a shy smile.

“So… y-you wanna try and continue what we were really doing? it was kinda fun.”

He looked so cute I almost died of a cutegasm. He was actually returning my feelings for him and was willing to continue our little facade. What a naughty little pony; but who am I to call him that.

“Trust me, I totally want to,” I responded while eying him, “but just to be on the safe side we should call it off for today. But I’m like so glad that I got to experience this with you.”

I then decided teased him by going beside him and rubbed my arched back against his front under his neck and then finished it off by flinging my tail in his face. I think I did pretty good. Snails was definitely speechless.

“If you want, we could do this again the day after tomorrow.”

“Why not tomorrow?” Snails wondered.

“I have a mane stylist appointment with Tiara. No offense, but I am not calling that off; my mane needs attention too.”

No kidding; Tiara is still my best friend and I do still want to hang out with her. I’m pretty sure Snails would understand.

“No offense taken, i-i-it’s okay; I’ll just find something else to do… I guess.”

After my last little gesture, Snails couldn’t stop staring at me; and by staring at me I mean my wondrous flank. How cute, he suddenly just couldn’t get enough of it.

“Still admiring my flank, I see,” I said smirking mischievously at him, “Don’t worry, you’ll get some more of this later on. Let’s plan to be somewhere private without any other pony knowing. That’s when we’ll continue our little time together.”

“You mean like a play date?” he suggested.

“Okay, sure… we’ll call it that; a very special play date.”

I gave that cute little pony a good ol’ tickle under his chin with my tail. Why? Just for fun… a-a-and because I like his dopey laugh.

“Hee hee hee, that tickles.”

Once I was done I felt a huge rumble in tummy. I guess I was like craving for something to eat. After our little foray I do feel a bit famished.

“Come on,” I told Snails as I headed towards the door, “let’s see if we can get any snacks from my Mom downstairs.”

“Now you’re speaking my language.”

Well everything is turning out a bit better than I thought it would. If I ever wanted some good ol’ sensual relief, at least Snails would now always grant my wish; at least I hope so. But what about Diamond Tiara? I do feel a bit guilty about hiding my true intentions from her. But she just wouldn’t understand; not to mention that she would be totally freaked out. Trust me, it’s better off if she like knows nothing about it.


(Diamond Tiara)

Just what were those two really doing in there? I couldn’t help but repeatedly think this in my head as I was walking away from Silver’s house. Silver Spoon is like my best friend and I totally trust her, but I can’t help but think that she’s still hiding something from me; as well as that lo… colt, Snails. I don’t know what it is, but one way or another… I will find out.

Revealing her Secret

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(Diamond Tiara)

Silver is my best friend; she has been like ever since we were toddler foals. We always hung out together, we always have fun together… heck, we like even gained our cutiemarks in the same month! The only thing that would make that even more absurd-like is if we both gained them on the same day. But since we are best friends, that means that we also totally tell each other everything about ourselves; and I mean everything.

However, just the other day I like caught her hanging out with that dorky colt, Snails. Apparently, she’s had a crush on him ever since she first saw him at our school but she just didn’t say anything about it because of me. Once she told me of what was going on with them, I humbly accepted her decision without too much restraint; not that I would be able to in the first place. But the way she acted when I came seemed very suspicious; I mean she had sweat rolling down her coat and there was slight hesitation in her tone of voice. That proved to me right there that there was something else she wasn’t telling me, and we’re supposed to tell each other like everything! Well… as her friend, I will get to the bottom of this somehow, and then figure out exactly what she was hiding.


The next following day, I decided to not bring up the same subject to Silver Spoon… not just yet. Instead, I like kept quiet that day during school through the lesson and everything. After all, it wouldn’t have done any good to try and bring it up then.

However, during recess while Silver Spoon was playing a game with some other classmate of ours, I happen to stumble upon Snails talking to his fat flank friend, Snips. I stood nearby to try and listen in, but I couldn’t quite hear everything they were like saying, and I didn’t dare to get any closer. But, I did hear one of them mention Silver’s name, and that alone caught my attention. Snails must have been telling Snips about his play date with Silver Spoon. Well, there was no way that Snails was probably going to tell me anything that I wanted to know about, but maybe his blabbermouth friend would.

So… I one point when Snips went to the little colts room… ew, I snuck around enough that when he came out, I was right there to meet him; and no one was going to hear him whine.

"Hey you, Snips!" I strongly called out.

"Um... hey, Diamond Tiara; lovely day we're having, huh?"

He looked quite surprised seeing me approaching him alone while he was alone, and his voice was trembling a bit; he does know something.

"Quit trying to change the subject, fat flank! I saw you and your friend talking about Silver Spoon earlier; like what was that all about?"

I got all up in his face demanding an answer and he had no idea what to do; how pitiful.

"N-n-n-nothing too important, just normal 'us' stuff, you know what I mean?"

"You are lying to me,” I said in his face while showing a smirk, “it's clearly written all over your face. Spill everything to me, like now!"

"I don't know, wh-what are you talking about, a-and... please don't hurt me!"

Ugh, he was taking a bit longer to confess than I thought. I like didn’t have time be around him for too long, so I told him what I was talking about; maybe then I could get it out of him.

"Oh knock it off, I was just testing you. I like already know about Silver Spoon and Snails hanging out together, and they know that I know too."

It seemed that he stopped cowering after that and knew that I wasn’t going to hurt him or anything. But then he looked at me slyly and got the most ridiculous idea.

"But if you already know about that, then why are trying to get all into my business? Oh... ooooooh, I get it. Are you saying that you're jealous and you want to get back at them by hanging out with little ol' me?"

"Ew, as if! That is not my reason at all, idiot!” Like I want to have a play date with him even if it was to make Silver Spoon jealous. “Did Snails like say anything to you about what he and Silver Spoon did together? I have a slight feeling that they weren't tell me everything."

"I guess it depends; all he told me was that he had a good time with her. They ate, looked at school work and he even said that he played with some of her dolls. That was a bit weird to hear but I didn't care, I was happy for him. Now if you want, we could plan to make a double play date with them."

Ugh, he was still trying to make a move on me! I mean what, did he expect me to hang out with him just because my friend was hanging out with his friend? Spoil alert, Snips, I don’t like you.

"Back off, tubby; is that all he said to you?"

"Yeah, pretty much. Other than the fact that he seemed happier than usual, there was nothing unusual about the way he acted about it."

Well that was like a waste of time; I can’t believe I cornered this idiot for nothing! Oh well, whatever; maybe I can figure out another way to find out what Silver was hiding.

"Thanks anyway, I guess. And if anypony asks, I was making fun of your ridiculous, bushy mane."

I quickly took my leave of Snips pretending that I didn’t even see him; but as I did, I went by Snails who was on his way to him. I gave him a little light glare as I went by and continued on my way. He seemed a bit shaken when he saw me, but maybe it’s my powerful appearance that did it. That’s right, Snaily boy, you better watch out.

"Hey, uh... what was Tiara doing here with you just now, Snips?"

"Oh nothing, just... making fun of my mane."

"... Well I think your mane awesome!"

"Heh heh, thanks, bro."


(Silver Spoon)

All during school that day, all I mostly thought to myself about was what me and Snails almost did yesterday but we couldn’t finish because of our little interruption; although I didn’t let it distract me from my school work. Tiara and I still spoke to each other despite the awkward moment we had, but every once and a while she kept giving me little suspicious looks that kinda worried me. Was she still thinking that I had something to hide, or was she still just a little unnerved of me hanging out with Snails? Well, either way, I didn’t really care as long as she like never found out about my new addiction.

After school, me and Tiara went to her house and then was escorted into town by Filthy Rich, Tiara’s Dad. We went toward the mane salon where we had a mane appointment today. However, when we got there, they were like closed; plus there was a little letter on the door that said…

‘I’m sorry, there was something important that came up at the last second and had to go out of town right away. Anypony who had an appointment today and tomorrow can have 20% off their next visit for an apology; thank you for your patience.’

Well that like totally sucked; Tiara and I were really looking forward to that appointment. Oh well, I guess it couldn’t have been helped. Any way, we eventually decided to have a spa treatment instead and headed straight for the Ponyville Spa where we were greeted by the spa twins, Aloe and Lotus.

"Well if it isn't our cutest customers ever," said Louts.

"Of course we are,” said Tiara with a proud smile, “and we're also your richest ones too."

"We haven't forgotten about that fact," said aloe with a chuckle.

Tiara was so modest.

“I’ll be back to pick you two up later, okay?” said Tiara’s Father as left us.

And we both complied.

“Okay, daddy.”

“See ya later, Mr. Rich.”

Suddenly, it occurred to one of the sisters that we had other plans today.

"Wait, didn't you two have a mane appointment today?"

"Yeah,” I responded, “but the owner is out of town and forgot to tell us."

Tiara was a bit louder on the matter.

"I know, can you believe it?! They could've at least warned us ahead of time; this day will not be forgotten! But anyway, we decided to come here instead. Nothing like getting rid of a stressful day like a good ol' spa treatment."

"Indeed,” mentioned Aloe, “would you two like your usual mud bath special?"

And Tiara agreed as usual, "Yes, please; and... throw in a little massage session in there too, we deserve it."

I agreed with her as well, "We like so do."

"Very well."

They both led the way and said at the same time, "This way, ladies."

It was pure heaven from there; every time Tiara and I got to soak in a relaxing mud bath, it felt so invigorating! The way the warm mud felt against our fur and skin, it definitely helps take your worries away. However, it was also so ironic; you would never catch either of us wallowing in mud outside the spa, so like why did we like this? It’s always a mystery to me.

Once we cleaned up after having our relaxing soak in our mud bath, we were led to a different room where we laid flat on our stomachs on separate tables to receive our massage; best part of the day.

"Enjoying your massage?" Aloe asked us.

"Aaaaaaaaas alwwwwwways,” I responded; I was in heaven. “Like no pony does it better than you two."

And so was Tiara, "Amen, sister."

I was enjoying myself immensely and was so into the massage that almost forgot what I had planned for me and Snails tomorrow… almost. But I think I spoke too soon when Tiara looked over at me and asked…

"By the way, Silver Spoon, we're like best friends, right?"

"Um... y-yeah, why do you ask?"

The tone in her voice; I like always hear that just before she asks me a serious question, one that tests our friendship.

"Oh nothing, it’s just that ponies who are best friends are supposed to tell each other everything; even their deepest of secrets. Yet, I've heard stories of best friends not telling one or the other all of their secrets; very untrustworthy-like."

I was feeling very sweaty, but I was trying to not show it too much. What was it that she was trying to get out of me?

"Oh, b-but I wouldn't hide any secrets from you, Tiara."

"Good, then why don't you like tell me a bit more about your time with your new coltfriend."

Great, we’re back into that again, are we? Just when I thought she decided to leave that in the past, she had to bring it up now. And what’s worse, Aloe and Lotus suddenly got interested in the matter themselves.

"Oh, you have a coltfriend?" said Aloe.

"Congratulations, you lucky filly," added Lotus.

I was becoming a bit embarrassed of having somepony like Aloe and Lotus know about this, but they know now; thank you so much, Tiara.

"Heh, it’s really not that big of a deal."

"Well, you definitely made it seem like a big deal when I saw you two yesterday,” Tiara pointed out.

Aloe, the sister who was massaging me suddenly asked, "So who is the special young colt?"

"Oh, it’s just... Snails."

Both sisters paused in their massaging and stared at me; both saying in shock, "Snails?!"

"Huh, what's wrong; do you guys have a problem with him?"

“It’s not like that, it’s just…”

“... it’s just that after hearing your conversations during your past visits, we figured that Snails wasn’t exactly...your type.”

Well guess whose fault that was to make them think that? Okay, I guess it was partly my fault too.

“Well guess again, sisters,” stated Tiara, “apparently she has been having a secret crush on him for a while now and I had no clue of it. Isn’t that right, Silver?”

“Well I can’t help it,” I protested, “I think he’s handsome, a bit charming in a way, and… I find his goofy attitude to be… cute.”

I truly did; all of that was true. I always did love all of those qualities about him even before my recent new discovery. But… t-talking about it right out in the open like this… it’s just so embarrassing.

“That’s really sweet, don’t you think, Aloe?”

“I highly agree; young love can be a confusing yet adorable thing.”

“So, about my question, Silver,” said Tiara as she focused her stare at me, “I just want to be absolutely sure… as your best friend. You’re not hiding anything from me about you and Snails, are you?”

Deep down I really didn’t want to lie right in front of Tiara’s face, but this wonderful activity that I’m having with Snails… I could never give it up; and telling her right now could ruin that. As much as it hurt, I looked at her trying to keep on a straight face.

“N-no… no, I already told you Tiara. We just did normal hanging out stuff like playing, and eating snacks together, a-a-and just learning more about each other. That’s all we’re doing, I swear.”

As Tiara was studying my face carefully, I was hoping that I wasn’t giving anything away; but sometimes I can underestimate her observation. However, surprisingly Diamond Tiara just showed me a bright smile as she said…

“Alright then, then there’s nothing for me to worry about; I guess you really aren’t hiding anything after all.”

Wow, that was it; she totally fell for it? Wow, I guess I’m better at hiding my expression than I thought. I kept on my straight face and chuckled along with her.

“Heh, heh, that’s right; nothing gets past you, Tiara.”

Aloe and Lotus were definitely being entertained by this moment with us two, but they had no idea just how serious we really were. Thank Celestia that Tiara finally got that off her chest and I don’t worry about her pondering on the fact anymoe. So tomorrow, when the moment comes… me and Snails can have some private fun together without any worries.


(Diamond Tiara)

Ha; Silver Spoon might think that I left the whole her being with Snails thing alone and that I will never ponder on it anymore. Well if that is what she is thinking, she’s sorely mistaken. Our little conversation at the spa was like just a test to see how Silver Spoon would react, and just as I thought she was acting quite suspicious. I totally noticed the tone in her voice, and the expression on her face screamed guiltiness. She was definitely hiding something, and I had an idea of how to find out about it.

The following day after school as our class was heading to our next destinations, it was no surprise to me when Silver came up to me making an obvious request.

“Hey Tiara, I-I was like going to hang out some more with Snails today; I hope that’s okay with you.”

I knew she was going ask that, but I like played it cool to fool her of my plan.

“Like I said, Silver Spoon, you don’t need my permission to do things that you want to do. Go on and have fun with Snails, I don’t care in the slightest.”

“Thank you, Tiara,” she said with delight as she hugged me, “I’m so glad that you understand.”

“My pleasure.”

Afterwards, I watched as she went up to and snuggled up against Snails and as they were walking away, and he looked like he was very happy to see her too. Everything was going as planned; she didn’t suspect a thing. Suddenly, as my day couldn’t get any more awkward, that butterball, Snips came up beside me staring and smiling the merry couple.

“Well there they go, two love birds going off to spend quality time together.”

“Yeah… they sure are,” I said solemnly.

“Oh well, I better go; I was going to pay Rumble a surprise visit.”

But then it occurred to me, maybe it would be an interesting idea to have him tag along with me. It might be an amusing sight to see his face if I dig up any dirt on Silver and his friend.

“Cancel your plans, Snips,” I said while suddenly grabbing his tail, “you’re coming with me.”

"Huh, what for? What did I do?!”

He seemed to be freaking out that I pay attention to him again, but I almost regretted it when he suddenly assumed one of his… stupid thoughts.

“Wait... aha, I knew it; you really do want to hang out with me, as strangely as it sounds. But it’s true, right?!"

But I decided to just go along with it.

"Yeah, you could say that."

"Well in that case, what do you want to do? I'm willing to do anything, except girly stuff, I don't like girly stuff."

"Far from it; we're going to quietly follow Silver Spoon and Snails and see what they are really up to."

"You mean... we're going to spy on them?!” he suddenly said freaking out, “Tiara, where is your sense of privacy?!"

"You're like one to talk.”

Really; he is.

“In any case, my mind is made up; Silver is definitely hiding something from me, and as her friend, I need to find out what it is."

I was all up for this and determined to see to it through the end; but Snails obviously wasn’t.

"I don't know about this; I can't do this to Snails, he’s my best bro friend!"

Snips and Snails, also known as dumb and dumber, was known to always get themselves into mischievousness; but now this idiot doesn’t want to even spy on somepony?! Okay, sure, one of them is his best friend, but still… it shouldn’t be any different. Well, I didn’t have time for this; I was going forward with my plans with or without him.

"Look, I like gave you a chance to volunteer to come with me. If you don't wish to come then like don't; see if I care."

I began to walk away from him as I stared to follow the path Snails and Silver went on carefully to not be spotted. But then out of the blue, guess who called out?

"H-h-hey, wait for me!"

It seemed that he couldn’t pass this up after all; this was going to be good.

Snips and I were very careful following the new couple, and we even had to hide a couple of times so they didn’t think no pony was following them. Suddenly, we came to a temporarily halt when we saw them go into the place I didn’t think they go to… the Everfree Forest.

"W-w-why would they come in here,” Snips whined, “it’s too spooky and scary here."

"This is the Everfree Forest, genius,” I highly explained to him, “Hardly anypony comes in here, so to a possible few, this is the perfect place to hide secrets."

"W-well I guess that makes sense."

Once we were ready, we went inside staying in hot pursuit of our target while continuing to lay low like they do in those spy movies. But at one point, I did began to wonder of what kind of activity from a play date would bring those to such a place; now I’m more curious than ever.

"Quit being such a baby,” I groaned to Snips who was actually was whimpering like a puppy. Seriously; I should be the one scared, not him.

Before long, Snails and Silver finally stopped and I held I out my hoof to halt Snips in his tracks.

"Hold it, chubs, they've stopped."

As we both peaked nearby behind a bush, we both saw the area our individual friends were; a small, lush-like area with a small pond being poured on by a waterfall. It looked so… serene, not like a place that would be in the Everfree Forest. But that didn’t matter, I continued to look on and was ready to see what would happen next.

"Did you see anypony follow us?" asked Silver to Snails.

"No I didn't; did you?"

"Can't say that I did; looks like our sneak off was successful."

"What are they doing?" Snails whispered to me.

"Shush, I'm like trying to listen."

I didn’t want to be distracted by anything; it was time to see just what Silver was hiding from me.

"So is there any reason why we are in a dark, secluded place in the Everfree Forest?” questioned Snails who seemed a bit worried, “Aren't we... in danger here?"

"Not here we're not. This is a little part of the forest that I accidentally came across one time when I was having a suckish day and ran from my house; please don’t ask. Anyway, ever since then, I always knew how to find my way to and from this area and nothing dangerous ever happened here either. And the best part is… to my knowledge, no other pony knows about this place, just yours truly; and now… so do you.”

“Oh wow, eh; I-I’m liking this a lot.”

Wait… when did this happen? I never knew about her running in here by accident, and why didn’t she tell me about it… whatever it was?

“So… not even Tiara knows about this place?”

“Well… I was thinking about showing her this place; but having that suckish day, in which I still won’t say anything about, showed me that sometimes I need time to myself without any disturbance from anypony. So I kept it a secret and told no pony about it… until today. I do feel a little guilty about not telling Tiara about everything that we did during our last get together, but I don’t think she would be able to handle it well; she might be too offended.”

Offended?! Why would I be offended about a play date; except the fact that it’s with Snails?! And aside from that, why didn’t she tell me about this place; it would’ve definitely helped me at certain times.

“So… we can continue our little activity here…” said Snails suddenly being all… blushy, “in private… without anypony knowing?”

"You bet your sexy flank we can, and we can do this for as long as we want."

Silver Spoon was acting all lovey dovey on him all of a sudden, and was rubbing her hoof on him while gazing into his eyes and smiling.

"Why is she talking that way,” questioned Snips, “and why is she all up on Snails like that?"

"More importantly,” I pointed out, “what is this little activity they're talking about?"

We witnessed as Silver Spoon suddenly got up in Snails face and said…

"So, snaily boy, how do you want to start this out?"

Snails didn’t appear to say anything at first, but he sooon complied by suddenly leaning in and connected his lips with hers; they were kissing! Silver gave in and let him push her down on the ground as they continued lock lips and caress each other’s bodies on the ground. Well… that like escalated quickly.

"Sweet Celestia, are they making out?” Snips silently shouted, “When did this start?!"

"Since the day Silver got that friend of yours in her hooves. I knew there was more to this than just a simple get together play date."

So is this what they were really doing two days ago when I walked in on them? Well… it was definitely more surprising to me than her just hanging out with him. But looking at Snips… the way he was staring at them… he was drawn in.

"Just... j-j-just look at them go; it’s... actually kinda hot."

"Of course you would,” I said rolling my eyes, “I on the other hand am like not impressed."

Well, actually… that was a lie. I had to admit that what they were doing was indeed very intriguing; and I was beginning to feel… something. I couldn’t explain it, but… like what was it?

"Holy crap, Snails, what are you doing?" said Snips suddenly; and what was he talking about anyway?

But as I continued to watch, I noticed something very disturbing. I never thought I would see one in real life, but as Snails continued to caress Silver in his hold, his… th-thing, his… w-w-willy, his… his… his penis; I saw his penis plain as day rubbing against my friend’s crotch! What was he like going to do with that?! Whatever it was, Silver seemed to be okay with it by the way she was eyeing his… h-his… thing!

"W-wow, you're very eager to enter into me again, aren't you? Well… so am I."

"Can I... do it now?" said Snails wagging his tail with anticipation.

"Well before that, how about I suck you off first."

Next, I saw Snails sit backwards on his flank with his legs spread out and his… well… you know, hanging out in the open. Then Silver Spoon got up trotted over to him while keeping her gaze on what she saw. But… what did she mean by… sucking off?

"Wait, she's not..."

She was; she bent her head down and began to lick his penis very thoroughly, and then was sucking on it like a lollipop; how appalling! Well, I was thinking that, but why wasn’t I looking away?! Although, Snips was apparently freaking out more than me.

"They're not just making out, they're having sex!"

He literally shouted that out; the idiot! I quickly grabbed him and pulled him down to keep Snails and Silver Spoon from seeing us. We kept quiet as we heard Snails.

"Did you hear s-s-s-something?"

"Probably just some wandering critters; don't worry about it."

"Keep your idiot mouth shut or you'll give us away," I quietly shouted at Snips.

"S-sorry, but... th-th-they're having sex."

"Believe me, I'm just as shocked as you are; but let's just see how far they take this."

We both slowly peaked over the bush again and saw that Silver Spoon was still going to town on Snails’ long shaft. It started to look pretty interesting to me, but still… who would do something so gross like this? But if seeing this wasn’t awkward or disturbing enough, I happened to look beside me and noticed that Snips’ penis was out too while he was quietly panting from the sight; it freaked me the hell out!

"Ew, w-would you put that away; it’s very indecent and quite rude."

"I'm sorry, I can't help it. I'm... a-almost imagining Silver doing that to me; it feels... awesome."

"Ugh, what an animal."

Trying my best to ignore Snips and his arousal moment, I noticed that Silver had stopped her sucking.

"Looks like you're good and ready.”

But then she turned around and placed her flank in front of Snails and bent downward presenting herself to him.

“Now you can penetrate my depths; only this time... we won't be interrupted."

"Well, I hope I won't disappoint you," the dope colt responded.

"Trust me, you won't."

What the hell was going on?! I was gazing ever so closely as I watch that eager colt run over to her; and after giving her a few quick licks tasting her wet juices, he mounted himself on Silver Spoon while keeping his balance; and she was constantly panting with anticipation. I saw his penis being lined up against her moist private area.

"Oh my gosh, he's going to do it; he's going to do it," said Snips freaking out in excitement and stroking himself; ew.

"No way, they're like actually going all the way?"

Indeed they did; I saw Snails slowly enter himself into Silver and with each push he made, Silver squeed with delight. It looked more painful to me from my point of view, but according to the expression on Silver face, it looked like it was… fun.

"G-go ahead, Snails, I-I-I'm ready f-for it."

I saw Snails make one more hard push into her; then suddenly, Silver Spoon screamed out so loud that her voice might’ve echoed throughout the entire forest! I knew something about entering in her was going hurt! But despite that, Silver immediately calmed down and looked over at Snails with pleading eyes.

"H-hey, Snails?"


"You know w-what to d-do now, right?"

"I-I-I think... so."

And with that, Snails began rocking himself back and forth; exiting her and entering her repeatedly. They both had faces of pure happiness and were both groaning in pure pleasure as they continued their act. So this is what sex looked like in person. In never thought I would see it so soon let alone seeing my best friend do it.

"Oh man, S-Snails is so lucky,” panted Snips as he was pleasuring himself, “I never thought we w-were going to see them doing something like this. This is so worth spying on them."

I don’t know why, but… seeing what Snips was doing after looking at Silver Spoon and Snails, I didn’t seem to be as disgusted as was before; and from the looks of it, Snips looked like he was a bit bigger than his friend. W-w-w-wait, what am I doing?! I shouldn’t be caring about that! Snips could play with himself all he wants; I-I-I couldn’t care less!

But still… it’s not like I could look away from what was in front of us, those two were really getting into it, and watching them made me feel funny down in my private area, It was literally soaking wet; I was enjoying this!

"Oh my gosh, Tiara, you're turned on by this too, aren't you?" I suddenly hear Snips say.

I turned my head around behind me and saw that pervert standing there staring at my soaked privates; h-h-how dare he!

"Get from behind me, fat flank!” I said kicking him in the face and slightly blushing; but from embarrassment, “Stop... s-stop looking at me from back there!"

Then Snips was acting like he was all smart and stuff.

"You know I'm not exactly the sharpest knife in the drawer, but I think you're feeling a bit envious of your friend openly suggesting to doing this kind of thing before you. But... if you're that eager, I could..."

I suddenly went over to him and knocked him down on the ground and pinned him on his back with my hoof; and I glared at him intensely to make sure I got my point across.

"Shut the hell up, okay. I'm not jealous of Silver Spoon, I'm not turned on by th-this... activity of theirs."


"And I'm sure as hell not going to want to do that with you. Now be quiet unless you have a death wish."

Suddenly, seeing how close I was to his monster of an erection, I quickly backed away from him and was peaking over the bush once more.

"Okay, sheesh; it was just a suggestion. But you know, you really are..."

I gave him another threatening glare before he finished that comment, and that did shut him up.

"G-got it, shutting up now; locking up my mouth and throwing away the key."

It’s about time he like got the memo; talking about I’m jealous, I’m not jealous at all! Anyway, as I looked over the bush again, I noticed that Silver Spoon and Snails changed their game a little bit.

"Great, now they switched positions."

“Ooh, let me see,” said that perverted Snips as he quickly rushed over to where I was.

Silver Spoon was still on the bottom, but now she was laying on her back while Snails was laying on top of her. Wait… this was like the same position they were in when they were kissing and stuff; only this time, Snails actually had his penis in her. Their bodies were rocking back and forth, and I could see Snails penis sliding all the way in and out of her; and she moaned quite loudly with every thrust. Oh sw-w-weet Celestia, that looked hot.

“Th-this feels… real g-good, Silver Spoon; I’m glad to do th-this with you a-a-any day.”

“I’m like s-so glad to hear you say that; now keep pumping into my flower until my body explodes.”

“But not for real I hope.”

“You’re so funny, Snails.”

Ugh, why am I so turned on by this; I don’t understand it! This is my friend and Snails for petes sake; I shouldn’t highly aroused by their little activity… should I? W-w-wel… who cares what really matters is that I finally had all the poof I needed to see what was going on.

“Sweet merciful Luna, they’re really getting into it,” I said out loud to myself I can’t believe Silver Spoon hid all of this from me; it proves that she can’t trust me with everything.”

“Well no offense,” said Snips, “but I wouldn’t trust you with everything either.”

“I didn’t ask for your opinion, Snips.”

Oh screw him, I didn’t have to pay attention to his smart remarks; there was something more important happening in front of our eyes. But suddenly, I heard Silver Spoon saying something to her new lover.

“Ahhhhh, I’m c-close, Snails; I-I-I’m close!”

“C-c-close to wh-what?”

Then without warning, Silver just gave out a huge shouting moan.

"Oh god!!!"

As Snails continued to thrust into her, I saw a strange, clear liquid oozing out of her privates and was running down her tail and on the ground under them. Was that the same stuff that was coming out of me? I’m pretty sure it was, but then I heard Snails give out a little strong moan of his own; and before I knew it, I started seeing even more stuff coming out of Silver Spoon. Oh how could I possibly enjoy the sight of something that looks disgusting?

After they both shared another deep kiss with each other, Snails slipped his used up penis out of Silver’s private area; and as it came out, a long strand of that sticky liquid was hanging out and eventually landed on the ground. Snails then laid down beside her on his side smiling and was admiring the satisfied expression on her face.

"I like… l-love you so much, Snails,” said Silver smiling and sounding tired out, “Y-y-you've made my masturbation moments f-feel like nothing."

"R-r-really; thanks. You've really r-rocked my world too."

"O-M-G, that was really corny; but liked it."

Snails then gave her yet another little kiss on the cheek, and they both started to laugh with each other.

“Ugh; seriously, I'm going to barf up chunks,” I thought to myself.

When I looked beside me to see what that Snips idiot was doing, my eyes went wide as I saw him leaning against his fore hooves, sitting on his flank with his legs wide open, and his worn out penis was leaking out that sticky stuff as well. I didn’t shout at him, but rather I gave him a rather disturbed look seeing his satisfied face. When he noticed me looking at him, he blushed a little and protested.

"Hey, don't judge me. I came, and I'm proud of it."

I just rolled my eyes trying not to pay attention to what was in front of me. I looked over Snails and Silver Spoon and saw that they were already getting themselves together and was probably about to leave.

"Come on, Chubby, we're getting out of here."

"C-c-can't I at least rest a bit first?"


"Aw man."

I pointed his attention to our friends and told him of what I had planned.

"Those two are about to make their way out of this forest, and when they do, they're gonna have a little surprise."

"Oh boy."

Snips could be as sarcastic as he wanted to, but my mind was made up. Despite seeing what we saw and being turned on by it, I was going to settle things with Silver Spoon and get some real answers; heh, just playing with dolls and doing schoolwork my pony ass.

"This play date was absolutely mind-blowing!” said Snails excitedly, “I never thought of myself doing this sorta thing with any filly; especially you."

"Well... life is full of surprises, and your size and length was definitely surprising. I can't wait to play with that bad boy again."

As they were heading back in our direction, that was our cue to be scarce.

"Come on, let’s go."

I quickly ran off and thankfully and Snips followed behind me so he wouldn’t be seen just yet. So that place was her secret place, huh? Well, not anymore. I was going to give Silver Spoon a piece of my mind… a-a-as mildly as I could since we are friends. But, unaware to Silver Spoon and Snails, and even me and Snips, it seemed that somepony else had followed them in here secretly, and somepony else was watching and thoroughly enjoying the passionate sight of those two having sex. I don’t know who it could be, but like what did I care; it’s not my problem. Silver and Snails can deal with that when the time comes.

"Wow, I never would have thought that thothe two were into thomething like thith. The way they were thcrewing each other'th brainth out wath totally hot; I'm dripping like crathy. Hmm... I wonder if there'th any way I could get in on this thweet, thexy action."

Help from a Filly

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(The following chapter contains f/f foalcon)

(Silver Spoon)

That was the most wonderful, magical, and explosive moment I’ve ever had in my life; emphasis on explosive. It always felt wonderful to me when I masturbated myself, but having sex with Snails just heightened my pleasure levels over the roof; it was over 9000!!! Sorry, I couldn’t help myself. Snails himself could say the same thing; I don’t exactly know how Snails masturbated himself, but I bet this was just as explosive to him as it was for me; the evidence was written all over love-smitten face as we were making our way out of the forest together.

“Have I ever told you of how much I love you, Snails?” I told him as I leaned myself against him.

“Heh, you sure did, eh,” he responded proudly, “five times actually. But I don’t mind, I… rather like hearing you talk about that.”

“Oh Snails, you teaser.”

Snails was more of a smooth talker than I thought. No matter what I did or said, he always seemed to be cool with it; exactly what I expected from him.

“Do you think that I can like trust you to help fill my need whenever I drastically need it?” I asked him kindly upfront.

He just smiled at me and responded by saying, “Sure, and it’ll be our little secret, Silver Spoon. I’ll satisfy you in any way I can; I promise.” And then he gave me a little kiss on my snout.

My heart was a flutter and my body felt weak with such powerful emotions. I never thought Snails could be so… charming. Well, I already thought he was charming, but now he was like a prince to me; willing to protect and serve me at any cost. Okay maybe I’m like overthinking this a bit.

“When did you get so… charming and smooth, Snails?” I asked him.

“Well… I never really thought of myself being charming at all actually, and I never really try to be smooth. I just say what’s on my mind, you know, and just leave it at that.”

He just says what’s on his mind, huh? I kinda like that theory of his. Sometimes, I never speak what’s on my mind whenever I’m around Tiara; I’m always so nervous of what she’s going to say about it or what she thinks about me afterwards. But ever since I’ve discovered sex, it’s driven me to do some crazy things, like when I confessed my crush of Snails to Tiara. It was a bit nerve wrecking, but I still did it.

We were almost there, I could see the opening up ahead as we were about to exit out of the forest. I felt great, like I was as free as a bird I felt like nothing could ruin this moment for me! However… as we came out, I saw a certain friend of mine waiting right outside of the opening. Take a guess of who it was.

“Like hello there… Silver Spoon.”

It was… Diamond Tiara? What was she doing here? And more importantly, what did she want? She was looking at me rather strongly, like I did something wrong. Snails looked a little nervous too, but I wasn’t going to let her ruin our moment; so I tried to act as cool as possible.

“Diamond Tiara, what are you doing here?”

“I don’t know, what are you doing here… with Snails?”

It wasn’t her business to know what we were doing; did she actually stay here just to wait for us to come out and try and bust us? Nah, Tiara wouldn’t be so dense to do such a thing.

“We were just… taking a little stroll through the forest; right Snails?”

“Um… y-yeah, a stroll. They’re… they’re nice… strolls.”

Tiara fixed expression didn’t change; that’s not a good sign.

“A stroll, huh; though the Everfree Forest? That doesn’t seem like a place that two foals should be hanging around in all alone; unless… there’s something that you’re still hiding.”

“What,” I exclaimed, “Tiara, I already said that I wasn’t hiding secrets from you! Are you still on that fact? Whatever you’re like thinking about what I might have done, I’ve no idea what you’re talking about!”

But suddenly, Tiara began shouting at me, and it took me by huge surprise.

“Oh stop acting like you’re so stupid, Silver Spoon! I know exactly what’s going on here; you can’t hide anything anymore.”

“Um… can I say something?” said Snails.

However, I just held my hoof out to cut him off. Something told me that something like serious was about to go down up in here.

“I don’t understand, Tiara; what are you trying to say to me?”

“I’m saying that I know what’s really going on between you two.”

I pretended to draw a blank because I thought that she was just testing me again or something; it was really getting old. But I was soon proven wrong when Tiara finally confessed.

“You two… you two had sex!”

Both Snails and I froze and awkwardly looked at each other. Was Tiara actually onto us? But how could she; we lost her, at least at think we did. Did she secretly follow us or something?

“Heh, oh Tiara, you’re so funny,” I said awkwardly, “Me and Snails having sex, that’s… th-the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard. You sure have the weirdest imaginations.”

Diamond Tiara didn’t looked very amused by my response. But what do I like do now. I couldn’t just blurt out to her, ‘Snails and I had sex!’

“You may think I’m joking around,” Tiara continued, “but I’m not! I followed you and Snails inside the forest and secretly watched your little activity with Sn…”

She suddenly pointed behind her like somepony was supposed to be there; was there somepony behind her.

“Oh, come back out and stop being a scaredy pony, fat flank!”

So there was somepony else that was with her, but who was it? Wait… fat flank; who did I see Tiara call that before? But my question was soon answered when I saw Snails’ friend, Snips came up behind Tiara from behind a bush.

“Snips?” said Snails feeling confused.

“H-h-hey, Snails ol’ buddy; this isn’t what it looks like.”

OMG, what was he doing here… and with her? Wait, that’s beside the point; did Tiara just… spied on us?

“You spied on us?!” I shouted, “I can’t believe you, Tiara!”

“What, like what you did to me was any better?” stated Tiara, “Were you too embarrassed to even let your best friend know that you scored with somepony? You couldn’t trust me with that?”

“OMG, Tiara; why do you have to be like all up in my business?! Best friends don’t have to tell each other everything you know!”

“Says who!?”

Before I knew it, Tiara and I got into a huge argument fight, spouting things back and forth. Snails, not making a big deal of his friend showing up, just walked over to him and were just watching as Tiara and I were spouting words back and forth.

“So… how’s it with Silver Spoon?” Snips awkwardly asked.

“Okay I guess. So… you saw us… having sex?”


“How did it… make you feel?”

“Y-y-you don’t want to know.”

“So what do we do about this, eh; and what exactly is the deal with you hanging out with Diamond Tiara all of a sudden… not that I’m caring too much about it.”

“Hey, she dragged me into this. If you ask me, I think she’s just jealous about this whole thing.”

Suddenly, Tiara paused in her bickering bout with me and faced towards Snips with an annoyed glare; did he say something to offend her?

“What was that, fat flank?”

“Uh oh.”

“How many damn times do I like have to tell you… I am not JEALOUS!”

“So that’s it,” I said suddenly, “you’re making a big deal out of all of this because you’re jealous?!”

“Jealous; absolutely not! I’m… I’m just upset that you hid things from me. I mean, not trusting me, your best friend in handling a big secret like your secret spot, or your moment with Snails; what’s up with that?”

Man, what was her deal? What she really upset just because I didn’t tell her about my secret area in the forest and other things; or maybe she was bluffing all of that because she was jealous.

“It’s not that I didn’t trust you, it’s because that sometimes I need alone time, and… a-and you shouldn’t know everything about me!”

“Why not, I tell you everything about me,” Tiara tried to claim.

“I doubt that,” I said rolling my eyes.

“Well, whatever; you still totally lied straight to my face yesterday at the spa by telling me you had nothing to hide… in which you obviously did.”

“I wasn’t going to embarrass myself in front of the spa twins, and it wasn’t your business to know about it; secret or not. And besides, I thought I could trust you, but you spied on me and Snails while we… OMG; what is wrong with you?!”

“There is nothing wrong with me, Silver Spoon, but apparently you have a serious issue of being a good friend to me. If I am to trust you, I have to know everything, and I mean everything; even if it’s about having addictive obsessions of unusual things.”

I couldn’t believe Diamond Tiara at this moment! Who did she think she was; someone who controls our friendship to her liking and wishes to know everything about me?! I was getting so mad and so annoyed by her stupid theory of controlling my actions, I suddenly shouted something that deep inside I would eventually regret.

“Damn it, Tiara, you are not the boss of our friendship… or my own personal routine! Ugh; sometimes I’m so annoyed by your bossiness that I wish that you were completely out of my life!”

Tiara gasped, Snails gasped, and Snips gasped as well; but he also said…

“Oh no she didn’t.”

“Oh, is that so?” said Tiara in a miffing manner, “Well then, let me tell you something. If that’s what you really think, then maybe we shouldn’t be friends anymore!”

Okay, maybe making that decision was a bit too much, but I was too upset at her to care.

“Oh yeah, well that’s fine by me; I was like getting sick and tired of you always holding me back anyway! And FYI, I think you’re like getting a bit fat around your ass!”
And that, I said on purpose… and I meant it.

“Of all the nerve! I don’t have to put up with your sudden insults! I can’t believe that I wasted my time caring and worrying about what you were up to! I’m like so out of here, and don’t even bother trying to come to me and apologize!”

She suddenly started to walk away from us in a huffy matter; but if that’s the way she wanted to act, then that’s fine by me.

“Fine,” I shouted, “see if I care… and… and don’t come apologizing to me either!”

As I stood there brooding to myself, I heard Snails walk up to me and ask…

“Um… do you… wanna… grab a shake or… something?”

I just lightly shook my head and refused.
“I’m suddenly not in the mood right now; maybe some other time.” I then gave him a little kiss on the cheek and then walked off, “See ya later, Snails.”

Thanks to Tiara, I went from being so happy and flying on air to feeling upset and dragging on the ground. No kidding; my hooves were like literally dragging on the ground. I left Snails with his friend to do whatever he wanted to do for the rest of the day. As for me… I don’t know, I’ll think of something… hopefully.

“Well… that was quite the, uh… spectacle; huh, Snails?”

“I sure hope I didn’t cause this to happen in any way.”

“Of course you didn’t, bro; those two are just totally mad at each other and need to let off some steam! They’ll make-up eventually, you’ll see. Wanna hang out at my house for a little while?”

“Uh… sure; okay, eh.”


(Silver Spoon) still…

Can you believe the nerve of that filly?! I knew she was obnoxious; I like hang out with her after all. But I had no idea that she would pull off something like this! I know that we’re best friends and all and that we share many things, but not literally everything! Who is she like fooling; I doubt she tells me everything about her life! Well she might’ve been my first real friend and everything, but if she is going to be this stubborn and aggravating about what I did with Snails, then she can keep all of that crap to herself; forget her. Maybe now I can like relax better without Tiara getting all up in my space.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t relax after that; having a huge fight with your best friend is probably like one of the worst experiences anypony could have. It caused a huge toll on me and I felt completely stressed. That night, I almost didn’t sleep; the stress from that day was keeping me awake. I didn’t know what to do about it; that is until I decided to go to my parents. After telling them of what happened, they let me sleep with them for the rest of the night; and it worked. At that moment I could relax the rest of the night.

The next day, we had no school so the day was rightfully mine to do what I wanted to do; but unfortunately, while my stress from yesterday was mostly gone, some of it was still there because I couldn’t stop thinking about my fight with Diamond Tiara. Why was my mind still on that; I already told myself that I didn’t need her anymore, so why did I still worry about it? Something tells me that it wasn’t going to go away from my head no matter how much I didn’t care. How am I supposed to keep my mind off of things such as this? Hmm… well, when all else fails, release your trump card.

I figured that if I needed something that would guaranteed to keep my mind off of things, it would have to be another love session with… ‘Sigh’ Snails. He made me so happy yesterday I almost forgot myself, and he was willing to do it too… for me. Since he did enjoy it himself, I’m sure that he wouldn’t mind enjoying it again. So at the best chance that I had, I raced over to Snails’ house first to see if he was there. But when I knocked on the door, I was greeted by his mother! Stay calm, Silver Spoon; stay calm.

“Oh, why hello there,” she greeted to me, “You’re Silver Spoon, right; Snails’ new little fillyfriend? He’s told me some nice things about you.”

O-o-oh, did he now? Hopefully he didn’t say something that he would regret.

“Oh… um, I’m flattered,” I said nervously, “Is he home; I was thinking that maybe…”

But before I could finish my sentence, Snails’ mother cut me off and told me…

“I’m so sorry; I’m sure that you were looking forward to spending time with him, in which I’m so proud of by the way, but unfortunately he is grounded today.”

“Gr… g-g-grounded?!” I highly exclaimed, “but… wh-why?”

“His big brother somehow got him into some mischief last night… and made a big mess in the house.”


“Snails can be a little troublesome at times, but even I know that he would be smart enough to ignore his brother’s antics; guess his curiosity got the best of him.”

I was like shocked; I knew that Snails could be mischievous sometimes, especially around his friend, Snips; however, I couldn’t believe that he would let his big brother bring him into something like this. Stupid big brother of his, now he can’t help me with my… needs.

“But you know… rules are rules, and Snails need to learn to not let his brother talk him into things; both of them are not to play with any of their friends today or even leave the house unless it’s on an errand with me or their father.”

“But… but… but…”

“Don’t worry, I’ll tell him that you stopped by to say hello. Have a good day.”

Once Snails’ Mother close the door, it was like a huge arrow of rejection hitting me in the heart. Now how was I supposed to distract myself? I just sighed thinking that maybe, I’ll just try to have another solo session… with myself. Like… just great.


I couldn’t wait any longer, I dragged myself all the way to my secret spot inside the Everfree Forest so I could try to relieve my own stress. But I swear, if Tiara follows me again, I’ll buck her snout! Ugh, there I like go again, thinking too much on that matter. Once I got there, I laid against a tree with my hind hooves spread out in front of me, and I could see the essence of my desperate need for arousal leaking out of me. I took a deep breath and relaxed… and I began to rub my hoof lightly against my vagina folds feeling the sweet sensation of relief; but it was only temporary and it didn’t get rid of my thoughts.

I needed to try harder, so I dug my hoof even deeper in myself. I was getting a bit hot and feeling my hormones flaring up. It did feel good, but… it wasn’t helping me out at all. I even tried closing my eyes and imagine Snails burying his tongue deep inside my flower and tasting my juices; but as long as the whole conflict with Tiara was in my head, it just didn’t help.

“Damnit, why isn’t it working?!” I shouted out loud from frustration, “What’s wrong with me; doing something like this to distract me from things. This is completely hopeless.”

I just laid there sighing and moping trying to get over my self-problems, not knowing what I was going to do from there. But soon, I found out that I wasn’t alone when I like heard somepony talk to me nearby.

“Are you okay, Thilver Thpoon? You theem to be feeling rather mitherable; lookth like you need… a friend.”

Who the… somepony else was here?! Well it wasn’t Tiara; the tone of the voice was too lispy to be her.

“Wh-wh-who’s there?” I called out while sitting up and closing my legs.

Wait… lispy voice… it couldn’t be! But as I looked in front of me, coming from behind another tree was another one my classmates… Twist, the class nerd.

“Hey there, Thilver Thpoon,” she said to me, “Are you feeling okay?”

“Wha… wh-wh-what the heck are you doing here?!” I shouted, “This is my secret spot; I just wanted to be alone!”

“Well… I thaw that you were feeling kinda down like you were going through thomething, tho… I followed you in here to thee if you were okay.”

“Well… I don’t need your help; I didn’t ask you to follow me! So get lost… n-nerd!”

I was still feeling upset so I was suddenly taking it out on Twist. I didn’t really care that she was there, but she was like obviously worried about me, which is a bit surprising to me seeing to how I treat her sometimes with Tiara. But instead of listening to my words, she just said…

“Ith hath thomething to do with Diamond Tiara, ith it?”

I slowly looked up at her and saw the sincere look on her face; did she actually see me and Tiara fight?

“Come on, you can tell me,” she told me, “You obviouthly don’t want to tell your parenth about it.”

Seeing that I had no other option, I went on ahead and told her.

“Sorry, it’s just that… Diamond Tiara was being such an idiot! She like totally doesn’t trust me with anything; and… a-and she assumes that just because we’re friends that we like have to tell each other everything. That is so not true! I’m not going to tell her about every aspect of my life, and I doubt she tells me everything about hers either!”

“Wow, she really thaid all of that?” Twist questioned.

“Well, yeah; I mean… I know Tiara can be a little bossy… okay, a lot bossy, but the way she was acting is like she was trying to control my life! All I wanted was to have some time to myself and Snails, and… she spies on me; what kind of friend does that?!”

“Not a very good one, I gueth,” Twist responded.

“And to top it all off, she had to make a big deal out of it like it was the end of the world or something! If she thinks that she can’t trust me, what she did to me shows that I can’t trust her!”

I never really thought that Twist would be one to like listen to my problems, but she didn’t seemed to be bothered by it. She just sat there and listened and was taking it all in.

“Thounds like you two had quite the thquabble. But in any cathe, I completely agree with you. Actually, I thought that both of you were kinda jerkth, but I alwayth knew Tiara wath the main one.”

I was kinda glad that Twist was there, she was defiantly helping me feel a bit less stressed. I always knew she could be a good friend.

“By the way, Thilver Thpoon,” she said suddenly, “your fight with Tiara is not the only thing making you feel down, ith it?”

“What do you mean?” I asked curiously, “Is there something else?”

“Well… could it be pothible that you’re altho feeling thad becauthe… you don’t get to thpend time with Thnails today and another chance of making… love to him.”

Well, she like hit right on the money, kinda surprising that she guessed right on the first… hey, wait a minute! What did she just say?!

“Hold up; what was that?!” I suddenly shouted to her, “Did I like hear you correctly; did you just… admit to seeing Snails and I… h-h-having… sex?! Did you?!”

She was smiling awkwardly and slightly blushing while scratching the back of her head, “Well… y-y-yeth, I admit it. I admit that I thecretly followed you two here and… then hid nearby and watched two… go at it. It wath kinda hot.”


“Well that’s just great; first Diamond Tiara, Snips… and now you? Whatever happened to privacy around here?!”

“I couldn’t help it, okay,” she pleaded, “I knew something was suspicious between you two so curiosity got the better of me, and I was sorta hoping to see it again today. But if ith any conthellation, I didn’t tell anypony, and I won’t if you don’t want me to.”

I still couldn’t believe that Twist spied on us too; but… I guess compared to Tiara, she was being completely honest with me wasn’t making things difficult for me.

“Well… at least you’re not making a big deal about it; and… thanks for understanding I guess.”

We both stayed silent for a few seconds; looking away while slightly blushing from our little awkward moment. But then, I partially looked back at her ask…

“So… y-you really liked watching me and Snails doing what we did, huh? So like… what did you think?”

Surprisenly, Twist responded without sounding hesitant.

“Oh it was awethome; I was really getting into your routine. I haven’t gotten tho wet thince… well, ever!”

“I-I-I could understand that… I guess.”

It definitely seemed that Twist liked what she witnessed; I think she was about as hyped up about it as I was when I first discovered this activity. But then, Twist looked over at me with lowered eyes and was like slowly inching towards me while asking me a very strange question.

“But you know, if you really need thome deep relief to… get your mind off thingth, I-I’d be happy to help you with that.”

Okay… now she was being just plain weird; well, weirder.

“Heh, very funny, Twist. Trying to cheer me up with a joke?”

But when I looked back at her, she wasn’t laughing. She wasn’t… serious, was she?
“N-n-n-no, I wath theriouth.”
Holy crap, she was serious!

“Y-y-you were… huh? What are you talking about?! Only a male and a female can seduce each other; don’t you know that?!”

“Heh heh, thath where you’re wrong, Thilver Thpoon.”

Suddenly, Twist was looking at me all weird-like and was climbing over me while I was still sitting down. She forced me to lean back while she was touching my snout with mines. This was now going from awkward to downright freaky.

“Wh-wh-wh-what the hell are you doing?”

“Don’t you know that fillieth or mareth can have fun with each other too? One time, Lyra and Bon Bon babythat me once, and I caught them having thome fun with each other that night; it wath tho entertaining… and arouthing.”

Was that really true? I guess I have seen those two together for a while but I guess I didn’t know that they were that close. However, that wasn’t the point; I wanted a distraction, but this was not what I was planning.

“B-b-but still… I wasn’t expecting… t-t-to do this; this is like… crazy!”

“Come on, try it; after seeing you and Thnails go at it, I was thorta hoping to try it out mythelf. Bethidth, don’t you want a dithraction?”

Twist was like making it real hard for me to back down from her offer. The more she looked down at me with such a seductive look, the more my body was being tempted to have her do anything she wanted to it. She’s no Snails, but she really was willing to help me with my needs too; and something tells me that she wouldn’t take no for an answer.

“B-b-but still… h-how can two fillies like m-m-make love to each other?” I asked her awkwardly.

She smiled and bent down to my face and said…

“Like thith.”

Holding me in place with her hooves, she lightly connected her lips to mine and was pulling me into a deep kiss. Kissing was nothing to me, but there was something about kissing another filly that seemed… different. I couldn’t believe what I was doing, I was really kissing another filly… and was beginning to enjoy it. Her lips were so moist, and I felt that her tongue slid into my mouth mid-kiss and she was moving it all around inside.

I was pulled in by Twist’s special kiss and just enjoyed the thrill of the feel. She then broke away from me and looked at my expression. My eyes widened and I was breathing heavily from the sudden rush that I like felt from her; this opened a whole new door to me!

“Whoa, whoa whoa, what… was that?!” I highly questioned, “How or when d-did you learn to kiss like… l-like that?”

“I’ve looked at a lot of romanth movieth…” she then smiled nervously, “and maybe a few thingth that I thouldn’t have looked at.”

“Really; like me too!”

Wait, did me and Twist have like something in common? Now that I totally did not see coming.

“Um… well, that was… kinda awkward,” I said hesitantly, blushing and partially sweating, “but kinda intriguing.”

Indeed it was; ever heard of the phrase ‘I kissed a filly and I liked it’? Well, that definitely fit this moment for me completely.

“Do you thill remember now?” she asked me.

I wasn’t quite sure what she meant at that moment; I was still lost in my own curious ecstasy.

“R-r-remember what?”

She didn’t answer me though; she just smiled and lowered her body on me while stroing my mane.

“Well… how about we go a little further… just in cathe.”

“Wait, wait.”

She leaned in again and caught me into another little kissing session. It silenced me right on the spot and I was letting my horomones take over. I allowed Twist to do whatever she wanted seeing that this was a bit new to me, but I suddenly felt that both of our glasses clanked against each other as our faces touched; it was kinda awkward.

Twist then grabbed my glasses and pulled them off my face and placed it over the side while smiling seductively at me.

“Why don’t we get rid of thethe; they’ll juth get in the way.”

She then took off her own glasses and sat it to the side as well. Whoa, what bright and pretty purple eyes she has. I never thought of what Twist would look like without her glasses on; without them she doesn’t look like a total nerd at all!

Instead of continuing to kiss me, she brought her surprising tongue down below my neck licking right on the curve it connects to my body. I stared down at her watching as she trailing down my body; licking and sucking on my coat like cotton candy. My heart was beating fast and something inside me was reacting causing me to leak out a little from my crotch. I was lightly moaning as I felt her tongue trail pass my belly button and right at the bottom of my stomach where she placed more pressure on me.

I could tell where she was going next; she was eying it while pressing her tongue against my lower stomach. Was she really going to do it? Well… the little seductive look she gave me mid-lick more than proved my guess. I prepared myself as Twist went down and spread my vaginal lips with her fore hooves and placed her whole wet tongue right over the entire opening. I gasped out loud feeling the sudden sensation in a way I never thought possible; my body was melting on the inside and my mind just exploded.

Watching Twist and seeing how much she was enjoying the taste of my arousal juices, knowing what her interests was… well, it was obvious.

“T-T-T-Twist;” I asked her while moaning in pleasure, “y-y-you’re not b-by any chance… um, a-a-a filly wh-who is into other f-f-fillies, a-are you?”

Twist stopped and looked at me and showed a little nerdy smile.

“You mean a lethbian? Well, I’m actually interethed into both partieth if I got a chance to do both; but theeing that you were in dethperate need of thome comfort, how could I have pathed up thith opportunity.”

So technically… she was neither a les… bian or straight, she was just experimenting like I was… and I was like her first test subject. But… whatever; once Twist dug her tongue back inside me, I didn’t really care anymore. I did a little squeak sound as I could feel the stress that I had earlier slipping away and disappearing from my mind. I almost felt like I was going to come but… I didn’t want this feeling to be gone just yet.

“This feels like so wrong,” I said to Twist, “but…”

“But…” she said while looking up at me.

I was a bit hesitant to ask at first, but how else was I going to figure this out for myself?

“C-c-could… I try?”

In response, Twist smiled and had this certain glint in her eyes like she was expecting for this to happen.

“I thought you’d never athk.”

Getting all excited, Twist went onto her back and looked back at me as she spread her legs wide showing her soaking wet private. I blushed brightly from seeing just how wet she was down there; did she really get that way because of me, or was it something else?

“Come on, don’t ya wanna lick my thweet thpot?”

Her sweet spot; really? I get the joke and everything, but… well, it definitely wasn’t too bad. The way she was inviting me was something else; I could feel myself being drawn in. Well… what did I have left to lose? I leaned in, closed my eyes, and took one big lick, and then waited for a response to my action.

I did hear Twist suddenly gasp out loud from it; I think she liked it. But as far as the taste of her vagina goes… OMG; is it possible for one’s juices to taste like peppermint?! Maybe she used peppermint sticks to masturbate herself so much that its flavor has replicated in her, thus causing it to taste like this! As I held Twist’s legs in place, I dared to do it again; only this time I kept my tongue on it on and even placed my lips down to suck on it. As I was enjoying Twist’s sweet taste, I could hear Twist lightly moaning in ecstasy, and she placed her fore hooves on my head to try and keep me there for as long as possible.

There was no need for her to do that, although I knew that I wasn’t going to suck on her forever. Snails was fun in the way I was doing this to his penis, but this was strangely foreign to me… but I liked it as well. Eventually, I felt as Twist squealed again and was scrunching her legs together against my head, and her private opening was suddenly gushing out a lot of her fluids; it was literally flowing out lie a waterfall. I can’t believe I actually pleased another filly.

I suddenly pulled back in slight shock looking at Twist as she was panting from exhaustion and rubbing her clit. I couldn’t help but say out loud…

“I… I-I-I c-can’t believe I like did that, and I wasn’t disgusted at all. Why?!”

“W-well… ith obviouth that you’re just like me,” said Twist as she was catching her breath, “you’ve become curiouth in both thideth. Ithn’t experimenting fun? I gueth we both found out thomething new about both of uth.”

I looked over at her seeing her satisfied expression, and a curious thought came to my head.

“Hey, Twist, you don’t have a crush on me, do you?”

“Oh heck no; but don’t take that the wrong way though. I did find your action on my puthy to be… explothive though.”

“You weren’t too bad yourself either,” I said sheepishly, “But you know, the only downside I could see to two fillies like us making out is… well, neither of us has a… penis.”

“Penith thmenith, you don’t always have to rely on that; Lyra and Bon Bon don’t.”

“Then what do they do?”

I had to ask.

“Care to let me thow you?”

Oh no, she was like giving me that look again. I just bet that she was hoping that I would ask that question and it would lead to this. But hey, who was I to complain.

“Why not; you’ve like impressed me so far.”

Twist told me to lay on my back again and that I did; and then she placed her body on top of mines looking deep in my eyes. I still couldn’t look away from those bright, purple eyes.

“From the way remembered it, I think they crothed their legth thome way… like thith.”

I’m not sure how she did it, but in some way she crossed our hind legs together and then pressed the lips of her private with mine. When they connected, I gasped from the sudden feeling; Twist was rubbing against me and was countinuously moaning to herself. Not that I was doing te same myself.

“O-o-oh my Celestia;” I said, “How did you…”

“Whoa, thith doth feel good; a bit better than I expected. Enjoying this yourself?”

The more she kept rubbing our pussies together, the more heated tension I was beginning to feel. It wasn’t quite the same feeling of when Snails penetrated me, but it was still good enough to me. I found myself stuttering trying to release something from my bowels…

“I… I-I-I-I…”

“Yeth; are you trying to thay thomthing?”

But who cares, I was already close to climaxing myself and I wanted to finish it.

“J-just shut up and keep going; I want this.”

I didn’t have to tell Twist twice, she happily fulfilled my wish continued her little trick on me. Man, if Snails was watching us, he’d be so hard right now.

“Keep going, keep going!”

Pretty soon, I found myself grinding my own crotch against Twist’s as she was grinding hers. We were both moaning in pure pleasure from our movement, but I think my vocals were a little higher. But I didn’t care how I sounded; I could sound like a freaking mouse for all I care, and I still wouldn’t mind. All that mattered to me was that my needs were being fulfilled.

After a few minutes of that, my nerves were lie on maximum capacity and I finally came; my juices bursting out of me from my private. I let out a huge pleasurable squeal sound upon this action happening and once the climax moment was done, I just laid there on my back heavily panting and catching my breath. And for Twist, was quite satisfied herself staring down at me with a love smitten expression.

“OMG,” she said to me, “I really like your little thqueak thoundth.”

“Wh-wh-why would you say that?” I hesitantly asked.

“Becauthe ith thoundth tho adorable; pluth… it kinda turnth me on.”

“I-I-It… d-does?”

“Well… it did when I watched you and Thnailth yetherday, and it thill doeth now.”

My whole face blushed bright red; I didn’t know that my little squeaks could have that effect on somepony; I just assumed that it was natural. Pretty soon, Twist got up off of me and stood to the side while lightly rubbing her crotch to wipe away any excess feeling se still had. Me myself slowly got up and realized that what I wanted accomplished was done; not exactly how I planned to do it, but it was successful nonetheless.

“Well… th-thanks a lot for your help, Twist; I definitely feel a whole lot better… and my stress is gone completely.”

“Hey, don’t mention it;” Twist responded, “you have no idea of how much I was happy to help.”

Oh, I think I have a pretty good idea about that.

“So what are you going to do about Diamond Tiara now?”

I crossed my arms and got up in a pout-like position; even though my stress was gone, I still wasn’t very happy about that moment with Tiara.

“I still don’t wish to like talk to her right now, but… maybe I’ll go talk to her again eventually.”

Just then, a certain thought suddenly came to me that almost made me regret my actions.

“Wait a minute, I just thought of something! What’s Snails going to say when I tell him that I made out with another pony; and another filly at that?!”

However, Twist didn’t seem worried.

“Don’t worry; knowing Thnailth, he’ll underthand and won’t make a big deal out of it. Ath a matter of fact, I have another idea that might blow your mind.”

“What could like possibly blow my mind after what I just did today?” I questioned.

Once again, I had to ask.

“Theeing you and Thnailth in action, it really blew me away mythelf. And now that I know that you were okay with the whole ‘uth’ thing… I wath hoping that you and Thnailth could agree in doing…”

What she suddenly whispered in my ear did indeed blew me away. I couldn’t believe that she was like willing to push activity even further than I wanted to.

“Think he’ll be into that?” she said to me with a seductive smile.

I was really liking the way this filly thinks. I smirked back at her as I gave her my answer.

“I don’t think he’ll mind; however… I don’t think he like really has a choice.”

Tiara's Redemption

View Online

(Diamond Tiara)

What the hay is wrong with me; I’m such an idiot! Did I overdo what I did? I just don’t know what went over me, I just went on and said what was on my mind. I thought that Silver Spoon would understand what I was telling her, but I guess I was wrong. What she yelled at me still rings in my head.

“Damn it, Tiara, you are not the boss of our friendship… or my own personal routine! Ugh; sometimes I’m so annoyed by your bossiness that I wish that you were completely out of my life!”

Those words had hit me harder than a bullet shattering glass; wait, that doesn’t sound right. Well, whatever; the point is that it hit me really bad. But… you know what… I completely deserved it. I know, crazy, right? Me admitting that I got what I truly deserved, I shocked myself thinking that; but I wasn’t wrong. I was only worried about my one true friend; the one who has always been there for me, even though all this time I’ve been nothing but a spoiled brat, and I think I was rubbing off on her as well. But Silver was right, I shouldn’t have been meddling in her stupid affairs with that Snails nerd.

The rest of that day I stayed in my room pouting over my argument with Silver thinking that she wasn’t being fair; not listening to reason. I was trying to convince myself that what I did was right, but it wasn’t. Despite being angry at her and telling her that if she didn’t need me anymore then I don’t need her, the truth is… I was actually scared that I would lose my only real best friend; and all because I was being so mean and bossy. I even tried to talk it over with my Dad, but… he got a little side-tracked and was too busy to coach me at the time; typical.

But if you think that is weird, you won’t believe what happened to me that upcoming night. When I went to bed, I was still brooding over my recent relationship status with Silver. I kept thinking that maybe if I go talk to her then maybe it would all be over and done; but I knew that it wouldn’t be easy. But that night, I had a dream; a very unusual dream. I was walking beside Silver Spoon and I think we were talking about something random; I not sure what it was. But then all of a sudden, those two colts, Snips and Snails like walked right up beside us on Silver’s side. They appeared to be glaring a bit at me and saying to Silver…

“Hey, Silver, what are you doing hanging out with this bossy loser, eh?”

“Yeah, you don’t need her anymore, remember? Come hang out with us; we’ll show you that we can be really good friends.”

And just like that, Silver left my side and began walking after those two nerds. I just stood there, frozen and speechless that she left me to be with those two. Oh well, I guess they have been more friendly to her than me, especially Snails. But just when i thought that this unwanted dream couldn’t get any weirder, something else happened that shocked me. I saw Snails suddenly lying on his back with his hind legs spread open, and I could see his penis suddenly arising from its sheath; OMG! I watched as Silver mounted on top of him and took his full length all the way inside her. I was blushing intensely seeing this sight even though technically I already saw them do this.

But to make matters even more bizarre was seeing Snips staring at them with his huge colt cock hanging out under him. I couldn’t believe I was seeing it again; that big… thick… throbbing… oh no, was I actually craving for Snips’ cock?! There was no way that I was; I couldn't have been… oh, who am I kidding, I did want it; I like wanted it so bad! I was actually halfway thinking of asking him to screw me like that out of curiosity, but before I did, Snips mounted Silver from behind and plunged his member deep into Silver's butt! Now she had both colts screwing her; I couldn’t believe it. I was getting upset and was starting to feel something, but as Silver was moaning and gasping from her double penetration, she looked over at me with a smug little smirk on her face and said…

“Hey there, ex-best friend. Like what’s the matter… jealous?”

And just like that, I suddenly woke up. I gasped and rose up in my bed in the middle of the night; trying to recollect of what I just dreamed about. But there was no doubt about it, that dream made me realize something. I wasn’t just upset that Silver Spoon was hiding things from me and was starting to hang out with somepony else other than me, but I was also… jealous; I was jealous! But why was I jealous? Was it because she wasn’t hanging out with me all of the time or was it because of the activity she and Snails did?

Alright, that’s it; no more hiding my inner thoughts and feelings. I like knew I was going to regret this in a way, but… I knew what I had to do.

The following day, I woke up with thoughts of what could possibly happen that day. I could just ignore my feelings and possibly lose my best friend, or I could just swallow my pride and admit how I really felt. Well… you already know what I decided. But before I could go and apologize to Silver Spoon, there was… somepony else I had to apologize to; that bulbous colt, Snips. This wasn’t going to be easy for me to do seeing that I haven’t been that nice to him or his friend; but something tells me that I might get more than what I’ve planned for.

Once I made it to Snips’ house, everything sounded silent; almost like nopony was home. Well, if that was the case then I guess I should… no, no; I have to make sure. Better to check and find out that nopony was there than to not find out at all, I guess. I lifted up my hoof shaking slightly and then made a couple of knocks against the door, and wouldn’t you know it… somepony was there and opened the door. It was none other than Snips, but I could tell that by the look of his facial expression… he wasn’t exactly thrilled to see me, as expected.

“Ahh, not you again! What is it with you and approaching me of your own free will lately?! If you’re trying to pull me into another one of your sneaky, backstabbing schemes, then forget it!”

I was already getting a bit annoyed from his ranting.

“Oh be quiet, why don’t you.”

“I will not! You’re always mean to me and Snails and call us dumb names to hurt our pride! Even if we’re trying to help out with something, you don’t care; you never do! Oh, and what happened yesterday, that was just…”

“I came to say I’m sorry, okay?!” I suddenly blurted out in the middle of his ranting speech.

All he was doing was bringing up all of my past bitchiness that I did, but I had to say something before I made another out of line reaction. When I looked up at Snips after saying my comment, he was just standing there in a state of shock like he saw a ghost or something.

“Wha... what… did you… just say?”

It was time to come clean…whether I felt like I didn’t want to or not.

“Y-you heard me… Snips; I… I came here… to apologize.”

“Did I… hear you correctly; did you actually just say that… you want to apologize… to me? Oh man, this isn’t natural.”

He appeared to freaking out not knowing whether I was being true or not; but I didn’t come here to see him blow a gasket.

“Instead of hurting your brain trying to figure things out,” I said to him blatantly, “are you going to let me in?”

“Uh… s-s-sure, I-I guess.”

He did let me inside his house and I could tell that he was still a little nervous about me being here, but probably not as nervous as I was being there myself. And seeing the inside of Snips’ house, I gotta say… I expected worse.

“My Daddy is working right now,” he told me, “and my Mother is out shopping, so it’s just me here right now.”

“What?!” I was in shock. “But… you’re an only child! Are you saying that your parents actually trust you to like be here all by yourself?!”

“What can I say, I’ve become a responsible young colt.”

Well… talk about not natural.

“Well, nopony is around here but us,” said Snips that made me feel a little uneasy, “so explain yourself; what’s with the sudden change of heart?”

This was definitely a side of Snips that I’ve like never seen before. He was being so strict and cautious with me. Okay, maybe I deserved it, but it was still unusual to witness.

“Look, I know… I-I-I know that you and… other classmates of ours don’t like me very much, and I know that I not the nicest filly in school, but… y-you’re right. What I did was totally out of line, and… I was wrong to like... bring you into it.”

“Actually, you gave me a choice for that, but…”

“That’s not the point I’m trying to make! The point is… I shouldn’t have offered it in the first place.”

I was hesitating in my speech and I wasn’t making straight eye contact with him; but still all that mattered was that I release everything from my mouth and that he would hear all of it.

“The truth is… everything I have done wasn’t mainly to make other ponies hate me, but it was to gain attention and to make myself look higher than others! I was… too shy to make any other friends through real friendship.”

“You were… shy; you?!”

“I guess that’s what happens when you’re an only child in a rich family with parents who works more than spending time with their own child; intentional or not. But… what I did to Silver Spoon yesterday… it was no excuse; i-i-it made me realize just how much of a jerk I’ve become, and w-well… damn, why is it so freaking hard trying to apologize?!”

I was like totally stressing out; why was it so hard for me to just do a simple apology, and to somepony like Snips? I felt so weak in my knees. But before I knew it, Snips went into his kitchen and brought something back to offer to me.

“Um… wanna apple?”

Just like that he was being nice to me? What was wrong with him? But I decided to not make a big deal about it and took it.

“Sure; th-thanks, I guess.”

Just a minute ago he was ranting at me for everything I had done. But now that decided to speak my mind, all of a sudden he’s treating me like I’m his friend.

“You know," he said, "apologizing to somepony isn’t as hard as you may think; I apologize for things all the time. And how you just came here and said all of that, I’d say that you didn’t do too bad yourself.”

“Oh please, don’t kid yourself; my apology totally sucked.”
“No, I mean it. Right now, I’m just shocked that you even thought to do this in the first place. It must’ve taken you a lot of courage just swallow your pride; heh, it was actually a bit amusing. So you know what… apology accepted.”
“Wha, like seriously; just like that? No prolonged dramatic conversation?”

“Yeah, as long as you’re sincere about it, then why bother. You are being sincere, right?”

How could somepony apologize to me so easily after everything I've done to them; it didn't make any sense to me.

“This is all just too weird. Here I am talking to somepony that I wouldn’t dare to be around, let alone talk to. This goes against all of my principals.”

“Hey, I’m pretty weirded out myself, but who cares; just go with your instinct. If it says to stop being a jerk and make friends, then gosh darn it, I say do it and stop being so nervous to just say... 'hey, wanna be my friend?' You can do anything if you put your mind to it.”

“You… really think so?” I said awkwardly.

“Hey, it works for me… mostly; not like that time me and Snails decided to help out that mare, Trixie, cause we all know how that turned out.”

Snips was like giving me real good advice; and by that I mean good advice that could actually help me. I really wasn't used to this situation, but... I really didn't mind for a change.

“Well… it’s been nice talking to you; you know without all the insults. But if you really want to feel better about yourself, why don’t you go apologize to Silver Spoon; I’m sure she doesn’t want to lose your friendship either.”

“You know…" i tried to say to him clearly, "y... you act a lot different here then you do at school. I guess you’re not as much of a nerd that I thought you'd to be.”

“Well I don’t know about that, I just do what I do, you know. Sure I can be reckless and stupid and a bit of a coward sometimes, but… I’m never afraid to be myself. That’s how Snails and I have been able to put up you and Silver Spoon’s insults so much; even though most of them might‘ve come from you.”

“Heh heh, Y-y-yeah.”

What's going on here; what was this sensation that I was feeling? I wasn't actually falling for this nerd, was I? N-n-no, of course not; that would be too much of a coincidence seeing that Silver Spoon had a crush on Snails already. Besides, surprisingly polite manner or not, he's still Snips. But as I saw him go into what I believe was his room, a certain thought that was on my mind for a while was urging me to act on it. I quickly went after him shouting...

“W-w-w-wait a minute, Snails!”

When I got to him, he was straightening around in his big boy room that was a mess; typical. He quickly turned around and saw me feeling nervous.

“Huh, what is it now? Still have something that you haven’t let out yet?”

“S-s-something like that,” I nervously replied.

It felt like something that would be too embarrassing to talk about in front of him, but I told him anyway.

“I-I-I like had a dream last night and… it freaked me the heck out. Silver Spoon left me to be friends with you and Snails.”

He suddenly became curious again.

“Interesting; but what’s so freaky about that?”

“After she left me… you two suddenly… screwed her… i-i-in front of me.”

“B-b-b-both of us?!" he said in shock, "Wow that is freaky.”

“But the most freakish thing about it was that I wasn’t just upset of the whole thing, I was… actually… j-j-jeal… jealllll… j-j-j…”

I couldn't get that last word out of me; it was like my very soul was keeping me from admitting it. But then, Snips finished it for me.


Once he did I felt a little better and finally said it myself.

“Yes, I was jealous; jealous that she was… having a good time and… doing something that was so… grown-up like. I couldn't believe that she was doing it before me and it kinda pissed me off a little. I really wanted in on the action.”

“Ha," Snips suddenly said with a mischievous smirk, "I knew all along that you were jealous of Silver Spoon doing such a thing in front of you; but you just didn’t want to admit it!”

But then... the moment of truth came.

“Anyway… ugh, I can’t believe I’m asking this.”

“Ask… what exactly?”

“Could you… maybe… I don’t know… want to experiment with that activity… you know, that your friend did… with my friend?”

I actually said it; I really actually said that. But I didn't know who was more shocked; me or Snips who was just standing there giving me a wide-eyed blank stare. And his cheeks were lightly blushing.

“W-w-what; y-y-y-you mean… like… have sex… with you?”

“N-no! Well… I like to think of it as… experimenting and observing our bodies to learn more of sexual emotions and functionality.”

“So in other words… having sex.”

I suddenly blushed myself and quickly turned away feeling embarrassed of even bringing up the topic to him.

“Oh forget it; it was a stupid thing to suggest to you anyway. I mean me and you having sex with each other; that’s just stupid.”

But unexpectedly, Snails suddenly came up beside me and looked at me in the eye and said...

“Hey, if Snails and Silver Spoon could do it, why can’t we?”

He was actually up for it! He was really willing to try this experience out with him. I suddenly felt a little weak in my legs.

“W-w-w-well, I…”

“Don’t think I forgot about how you were eyeing my erection from watching our friends go at it. You might have been blowing a lot of steam at the time, but I was smart enough to know that you were interested.”

He was making me even more nervous than I was already. Knowing and realizing of how I felt about him and his... no, no, I won't admit it!

“Don’t be silly, I-I-I wasn’t…”

“Just admit it already; you were jealous of your friend and deep down you wanted to try it yourself, especially when you saw me and my personal package."

And then... he purposely teased me by saying...

"But hey, if you really don’t want to try it, who am I to force you. I guess I’ll just have to wait for another filly who wants to try a piece of this.”

Just the thought of doing something like this with Snips just made me all queasy and a nervous wreck. But the thought of me missing a chance at that thing he has and another filly getting it before me... I-I-I just coudn't take it! I gathered all of my willpower and grabbed him and turned him back around towards me. Then, I went in and kissed him... like on the lips! I had no idea where that came from, but... I just did it. Snips looks like he didn't expect me to do that either, but he didn't seem to mind as we kept pressing lips for a few more seconds before parting away.

“Tell any pony about this without my consent," I told him sternly while glaring at him and poking his neck, "and I’ll buck your fat flank.”

“Can’t make any promises," he said slyly, "And by the way… you have one mean-tasting kiss; what is that, strawberry?”

I just smirked and rolled my eyes; but before I knew it, we were doing it again. Kissing Snips felt so strangely alluring; there was something about it that made me not want to stop. But then Snips pulled me in closer as he saw Snails and Silver do and now our bodies were touching. the feeling felt very welcoming, but I wasn't sure if I felt comfortable being all up on him and his... physique. But suddenly as we were continuing to to practice our kissing together, I suddenly felt something poke me from below. It startled me as my fur began to shiver and I quickly pulled away from him only to see that his huge colt cock was poking straight out and standing at attention.

Snips noticed himself as he lightly chuckled and smiled at me awkwardly.

“Oh look, heh, its arrived. Bet you still think its gross, right?”

I admit, I still thought that it was a little gross to look at it; but at a moment like this, I like didn't care. I was willing to prove that I could handle something more impressive than what Silver had. I saw him fall back as I grasped it in my hoof and looked at him with a little glint in my eye.

“Remember when you said that it felt awesome when you like imagined Silver Spoon sucking you off like she was doing to Snails?”

“Y-y-yeah?” he said nervously.

“Well… you totally won’t be thinking that anymore once I’m done.”

I could say that, but I had to like prove it. I braced myself and lightly placed my tongue on his member and at first I felt disgusted, but I kept enveloping more of it into my mouth. Good gosh, it was a tight fit, but it was as I expected. This wasn't as bad as I thought, and chubby here actually has a rather... passable taste; okay, more than passable.

“Y-y-yep, you d-definitely have my v-vote,” I suddenly heard from him as I continued to suck on his thick stick.

I saw him relaxing his upper body and he has his eyes on me the entire time. Did he have to keep staring at me constantly like that while I was doing my work; it was very unsettling. But who cares, from the sound of his confused, pleasurable moans, I could tell that I was doing a good job. I'd like to see Silver top this.

With my tongue exploring every inch of Snips' cock, I started to taste some of that liquid was starting to leak out from inside him. It tasted oddly delicious, not to mention that it was the ultimate proof that I was turning him on. But only after a few seconds did I go from tasting a little of his liquid to suddenly feeling a stream of it spurting out in my mouth; it was like somepony squirted a highly-pumped water gun in there! It took me by surprise and I quickly pulled his cock out of my mouth while gagging and spitting out a lot of that sticky liquid. I glared up at Snips and he was looking at me with a sheepish grin.

“Heh, s-sorry.”

“That is disgusting," I shouted at him while wiping my lips, "Would it have like killed you to give me a heads up!”

“I said sorry; I was in the moment and enjoying your tongue’s feeling too much. My mind was too much of a blank for me to react.”

Being lost in pleasurable bliss was no excuse to not at least warn me; it got all over my face! Oh well, I am the one who wanted to try this in the first place, but now it was time to switch things up.

“Well… no matter, it’s obvious that you enjoyed me playing with your private, so it’s time for you to return the favor.”

Being careful to not get my coat too dirty, I actually took off my tiara and loosen my mane before I rolled on my back and bravely spread my hind legs towards Snips. Once I was in position, I saw Snips as he was just sitting there completely starstruck as he spotted my glistening pussy that was waiting to be eaten out of.

“W-w-wow, you look… b-b-beautiful laying like that.”

“As much as I like appreciate you admiring my body," I stated while smirking at him amusingly, "I’d rather you touch it instead.”

Fortunately for me, Snips wasn't as hesitant as I was. He immediately went over to me and started to rub me with his hoof. The suddenly feeling took me by surprise and made me squeak; that was kinda embarrassing. But that was nothing compared to how I sounded when he bent down and began to run his tongue into my budding flower. Not only did I squeak out loud, but I found myself making those moaning sounds too. I couldn't believe I was getting off from Snips doing this to me; he just kept going in deeper and spouting his tongue all inside and it was sending pleasurable chills down my spine. It was like so overwhelming.

“Oooh… buck; you really are an animal.”

At one point, Snips came up to catch his breath; thank Celestia to that, because I needed to calm down myself. Who would've thought that he would be this good... n-n-not that it matters to me.

“Now th-th-that was totally… mind-blowing," I said while sprawling my body out and panting heavily, "No wonder Silver kept this to herself.”

“Actually," Snips told me, "my guess is that she didn’t want you to find out about that because she felt that she would be too embarrassed.”

“Really? Huh, I guess there is that. Silver Spoon is the type to sometimes be a little shy about some things being near me; though I can't imagine why."

From the look of Snips, he was about to go back down to service me some more as I most likely deserved; but then he froze as he looked under himself and saw how hard he was again. His hormones must have been driving him crazy tempting him to go full throttle on me; he was literally sweating and panting with anticipation until he finally cracked.

“Oh man, I can’t wait any longer!”

Suddenly, I saw him quickly climb over me in an attempt to mount and plunge himself into me, in which I'm sure he couldn't wait to do. But before he did, I held him back with my hoof glaring at him and slightly blushing.

“Oh no you don’t; don’t you even dare, chubby.”

“Come on, Tiara," he desperately whined, "you’re the one that suggest that we do this, and you already pushed me this far! Can’t you let me have this too?!”

Well, to be truthful I wanted to do this too, but I have my own standards.

“Calm down, I meant don’t you dare do that to me… not… l-l-like this. I’m… not very comfortable of... having eye to eye contact if we do… this.”

“Why not?” he strongly questioned.

“I’m just not; it’s not like… we’re an item like our friends. We’re just experimenting… remember?”

“Oh, y-yeah, heh; j-just… experimenting.”

I rolled my body over and laid flat on my stomach and then lifted my tail to present myself to Snips. Looking back at him trying to keep my composure, I said...

“But... even so, d-don’t hesitate to hold back. If Silver Spoon could take whatever pain she had, th-then… so can I!”

Snips should really find himself lucky to be given a lovely ass like mine to practice on. I was still a bit nervous though, but the day I would chicken out on a challenge such as this is the day I lose my cutie mark; and we all know that's like never going to happen.

I felt Snips eventually mount on me from behind and I was just waiting for him to try and enter inside me, but all I mostly felt was his entire body shaking.

“I c-c-c-can’t believe that I’m d-doing this… I’m shivering s-s-so much.”

He should know to never keep a young lady waiting; especially an aroused one.

“Hey, less shivering, more experimenting.”

Once he actually stopped chickening out, i finally felt the tip of his cock poking from behind trying to penetrate me. I braved myself as he pressed himself in

“Any pain yet?” he asked.

“N-not yet… I-I think; go deeper.”

He did listen and tried to push in deeper; I felt like I was going to burst any minute now. But in my constant feel of pleasure, I remembered that Silver felt some sort of pain during her first penetration; but when was I going to feel...

“Ow ow ow ow ow ow!”

Oh god, there it was! Snips was forcefully pressing against something in me, and it was stretching and causing me searing pain. However, before I could stop him, whatever was blocking his way in suddenly popped; I mean it literally felt like a popping sensation, and the result left me covering my mouth as I screamed at the top of my lungs. I guess I wasn't prepared for that after all.

“S-s-sorry," said Snips freaking out himself, "I didn’t mean it; what was that any way?!”

“I-I-I-I… don’t know! I never knew that doing this for the first time was actually this painful.”

“I bet Silver Spoon didn’t either, but I think she mentioned that whatever pain she felt went away eventually. I-i-is it…”

Suddenly, I had to shut him up.

“W-wait? It’s… a-already gone.”

Just like that the searing pain that I was feeling had disappeared. Now all I felt was the cock stuffing my insides and the exuberant pleasuring vibes it gave.

“So… what happens when I do… this?” Snips asked.

He suddenly tried to to push in a little bit more, but upon doing that I let out another embarrassing squeal that made Snips panic again.

“Oh no, is that more pain you’re feeling?!”

“Heck no, it’s… completely different. It feels… k-keep going.”


“I said keep going!”

Now that the pain was gone, I wanted more of this new feeling I was experiencing. Forget of how bizarre it might have been for me, I just wanted to finish this to the end. Snips then fulfilled my wish as he slowly sunk his meaty cock as deep as he could until he couldn't push anymore. This moment that we were sharing in this sweet, warm embrace, it was something that I suddenly didn't want to end

“Whoa, its feels like there’s an eggplant stuffed inside me. I bet t-th-this is better than what S-S-S-Silver Spoon felt.”

I pleasurably moaned in ecstasy with just the slightest movement that Snips made within me; that's how big he was. If he was this big now, imagine how crazily big he might be when he grows up. I almost drool just thinking about it. I was waiting for Snips to continue, but he wasn't moving yet; what the hay?

“Hey, Snips, you okay back there?”

He didn't answer right away; he wasn't tired already was he? I didn't even have my orgasm moment yet. But I spoke too soon when I felt Snips suddenly retract from me. I moaned a bit from that movement, but I thought he was actually done.

“What the hay?! Wha… wh-wh-what… a-are you…”

Then right at that moment, he plunged himself right back into me... all the way. I didn't see that coming as I gasped out loud, but I like didn't complain.

“Ooh… um, n-n-never m-mind.”

I was finally feeling what Silver Spoon had experienced, and I gotta say... I no longer complained about her reasons. Snips was still not saying anything to me, but he more than made it up to me by repeatedly shoving his impressive length into my body. Oh god, i felt like I was going to explode with each thrust he made; he was definitely enjoying himeslf as was I. Suddenly, I felt Snips grab one of my ear and was lightly pulling it back as he pounded. I had no idea why he did it, but there was something about that gesture that really pulled me.

With his size and his stamina, I felt that we were both going to give out soon; I thought as much. Snips' length was so satisfying to me, I started to wonder... was I going to want it again another day? But I didn't dwell on it much; I felt my body explode inside as Snips finally came inside me. I moaned immensely feeling his cum filling me up and flowing out of me, and then I had my first orgasm; it was... spectacular.

As I just laid there completely exhausted, Snips slowly slipped himself out of me and gasped out of breath as fell down on the ground himself. He laid there with a goofy smile and sighed as he finally said something since the initial penetration.

“Wow, th-that felt more than awesome, that was… well way more awesome!”

I really had sex with a nerd, but I felt so woozy and exhausted that I really didn't care. My ass ached a little and I rubbed my private to get rid of the leftover pleasurable feeling. But then I held up my hoof and realized that I had cum all over it.

“Ennngh, I can’t believe I’m filled up with your sticky stuff; it’s so satisfying and gross at the same time. And what was with the ear bite; was that really necessary?”

“I don't kn-n-n-now," he said hesitantly, "I guess I was just getting into the moment; I felt very dominant... r-r-rutting you from behind like that. Besides, you’re the one who was asking for this. You tempt a horny colt, and you’ll get the dick.”

Okay... that statement came out of nowhere.

“Where the hell did you get that saying?”

“I don’t know, I heard it somewhere; I just thought it fit well with this situation.”


What he said made no sense to me whatsoever, but... it was a little amusing I'll admit. Once I got the feeling back in my hooves, I got up and shook myself off, feeling that I felt so much better than I was before I came here. The jealous, bitter feeling that I had was gone, and it was all thanks to... Snips. Yeah, I never thought that I would say that either.

"Well... thanks I guess… for… helping me with my problem," I said to him while blushing slightly, "This... really wasn’t easy for me to do... nor did I thought that I would bring myself to do... this.”

But why did I even bother trying to hide what I thought of him; he gave me one heck of a time today, and I wan't like ashamed at all.

“Hey, no worries, D.T," he told me as he came up to me completely recovered... mostly, "I was more than happy to help! But again, you would feel even better once you patch things up with Silver Spoon.”

“Yeah," I responded while scratching my head.

“And once you two do make up, you can gloat to her of how you received a bigger stuffing than she did!”

I went up to him and gave him a stern look in the eye upon hearing that comment of his.

“Us doing this still dosen’t mean anything…”

Poor Snips got all nervous and sweating by my threatening approach and was probably hoping that I did slug him; but instead I just smirked at him and said...

“… but, maybe I will… just for fun.”

I was finally ready to find Silver Spoon and do my best to apologize to her; but... would she like accept it or just forget about it? It was going to be a huge risk to find out, but hopefully... totally worth it.

Repairing a Friendship

View Online

(Silver Spoon)

After our little... get together moment, Twist and I totally spent some more time hanging out with each other since I like didn’t have anything else better to do that day. Snails was grounded, and Tiara wasn’t exactly on my to talk to list; but I suppose I could still talk to her to see if she’s mellowed out some… but she’s still not presently my friend right now.

At this moment, Twist and I were hanging out at the Ponyville Café having a couple of delicious milkshakes. It was still a bit weird to me that I was actually hanging out with Twist and exchanging conversations with her, but… it was a bit nice to mainly hang out with somepony else for a change. I was presently telling her of one of Tiara’s recent drama moments.

“And then Tiara was all like ‘somepony help me, I got tree sap all in my coat! Like save me, save me’ Like I wasn’t in trouble with her too; hello!”

Twist had a good laugh with me.

“Aw man, theemth like you and Tiara are rethently lothing your touch.”

“Yeah, but that’s just it,” I told her, “I think I’ve finally had enough bullying other ponies; it’s just not worth it anymore.”

“Well it dothen’t thound like Tiara wanth to give it up. Part of me wonderth if it’th even pothible for her to be nithe at all.”

“Well… I-I-I say forget about her,” I protested. ”I like rather spend my free time hanging out with you; my new bff.”

But Twist looked at me with concerned eyes having an alternative solution.

“Heh, I’m flattered, but… you’re not actually going to give up trying to reathon with her, are you?”

I took a long sip of my shake to calm my mind down and then slumped down in my chair and sighed thinking of what I could do.

“I just don’t know, Twist. I now we’ve been like friends since almost forever, but she is really stubborn and… I sometimes question about my sanity around her.”

“Who knowth,” Twist suggested, “maybe the next time you run into her she’ll end up begging you for forgivneth.”

She was like kidding, right? I know Tiara more than almost anypony, and I can hardly see that happening any time soon.

“Tiara, begging? I highly doubt that,” I told Twist with a sarcastic smirk.

“If you athk me, I thay juth try at leath. She ith your firth real friend after all… um, tho to thpeak.”

I sighed again realizing that Twist was right. Tiara was being a total, stuck up pussy, but I guess I could try talking to her again… to see if she’s turned around any.

“I’ll like think about, I guess,” I sighed, “but I’m not expecting any different outcome.”

After Twist and I hung out at that place for a while, we exited through the entrance doors to step back outside discussing what we were planning to do next.

“Tho, are you thtill up for our little planned deal with your new colt friend?” Twist asked me with sultry smirk.

“Oh you know it,” I responded, “I’m like getting ecstatic just thinking about it.”

“Me too; Thnails ith in for a big thurprithe.”

Twist and I had talked things over earlier after our little experimentation, and we came into an agreement that we would share a private session together with Snails… y-y-you know, for experimental reasons. It may be a bit unexpected to Snails, but something tells me that he won’t mind one bit; I know Twist and I won’t. But as I was wondering on that fact, I felt Twist tap me on my shoulder as she point my attention in front of us.

“Um… Thilver Thpoon?”

I looked up and wouldn’t you know it, coming up right in the middle of our path was my best… scratch that, ex-best friend, Diamond Tiara.

“H-h-hey, Silver Spoon,” she said somewhat nervously with a slight smile.

Well that was a bit unusual for her to be acting like that, but I wasn’t going to fall for it; she must’ve been up to something. I just spoke to her without looking directly at her face.

“Oh, it’s just you. Like who are you again?”

Twist could suddenly feel the tension coming between Tiara and I and she looked like she was sweating a bit feeling nervous of how this would turn out. But then she took this opportunity to help us.

“You know what, I… I-I-I juth remembered that there ith thomething I needed to do back home. I’ll juth… leave you two to… you know, thort thingth out. Thee ya, Thilver.”

As Twist walked off, I waved at her.

“Yeah, see ya.”

After she left, it was just me and Tiara just standing in each other’s space. I was saying nothing to her keeping my head turned away, and she wasn’t saying anything either… yet. I don’t know what she was up to, but I was like done being oblivious to her antics. But suddenly, she spoke again.

“Hey, uh… S-Silver Spoon, um… can we… like talk for a moment; you know if you want to.”

I decided to humor her and looked back at her to give her my answer. I shifted my glasses and gave her a smug look and said…

“That like sorta depends; are you here to try and desperately ask for my forgiveness for what you did to me, or did you just come back to continue being a bitch pretending this whole situation isn’t your fault?”

“Heh… o-o-okay,” said Tiara and she nervously scratched her head, “I guess I like sorta deserved that. So… can we?”

I still didn’t trust her about what she was trying to do, but I guess now is as good as ever to figure things out with her; so I decided to play along with her little… charade.

“Let’s walk to my house first,” I solemnly demanded to her, “then we’ll see
“Oh… o-o-okay.”

I started to walk off towards the direction of my house and Tiara was following right behind me like a little lap dog following its master; it actually felt kinda satisfying that the roles were reversed here for a change. Once we got there, we went into my room for privacy so no pony could bother us. I saw Tiara looking around slightly smirking and said…

“Heh, so you and Snails really hit it off in here, huh? M-must’ve been like great.”

“Not that’s it’s any of your business,” I responded, “but yeah… it was really great.”

“G-good to hear.”

Tiara still wasn’t saying much to me yet; she wasn’t acting like her usual self. What was she being so nervous about anyway? But while I was waiting for her to finally say something again… she did.

“L-listen, Silver Spoon, I… I-I know that this might sound weird to you coming from me; but… about our fight yesterday… you were right.”

Hearing her suddenly said that to me straight from her mouth, left me in slight shock. I looked at her unsurely and said…

“C-come again?”

“Y-you heard me, I… I-I said you were right… and I… was wrong. Yesterday, I thought about everything that happened and of what I did and… I realized the huge mistake I made. I can’t believe that I even did something like that… and the fact that I did to my best friend.”

Well… she sounded sincere at least, but it was going to take more than that to make me believe her sob story.

“I mean… what kind of friend was I pushing your buttons like that?!”

“A really bad one.”

“Exactly! I like allowed my ego and bossy demeanor to get the best of me; and even worse, I was totally… I –I was totally… jealous.”

Just as I thought; took her long enough to like finally admit it.

“Jealous; you? You were actually jealous of me?” I chuckled, “Heh, so I was right all along; I should’ve known. There was like no way that you would do all of that to me… unless you were jealous or something.”

“I was, and I never shouldn’t have taken it out on you. That… that was like stupid.”

“You bet it was.”

Diamond Tiara was definitely acting much different from the last time I spoke to her, and she truly sounded sorry too. I still don’t know; she could still be faking it. After all we’ve both done it before.

“So…” she said feeling unnerved, “you weren’t completely serious yesterday when you said that you wanted me out of your life, right?”

“Oh, I was serious alright,” I responded giving her a serious look, “but only if you decide to not change your ways. So tell me, Tiara, would you like do that… for your best friend?”

Suddenly, Tiara was down on her hooves, and she was… actually begging to me.

“Oh, I’ve changed my way; I’ve totally changed my ways! A-a-and I’ll try to keep it that way… f-for you, I promise.”

Whoa, I can’t believe that Twist was right. Tiara and I just had a big verbal fight just yesterday, and suddenly right now, Tiara is right here in front of me actually admitting that she was wrong and she was begging for my forgiveness. This was the weirdest, most awkward moment in my life.

“Okay, then prove it,” I told her, “Prove that you’ve chose to change and not let your own troubles conflict with other ponies’ lives.”

Tiara got back up on all fours and straitened her mane as she prepared to tell me something that shocked me even more.
“I-I-I apologized to Snips; i-i-i-is that good enough?”
Yep, that got me.

“You actually went to Snips and apologized to him… by yourself?!”

“Well, yeah,” she said awkwardly scratching her head, “I mean… I did like bring him into this sorta, and I did always yell at him and his friend a lot.” Suddenly, I saw her cheeks blush a little as she tilted her head away from my view, “Plus… h-he’s not as much of an idiot as I thought he was… you know.”

Those signs she was showing… there was only one logical answer to it.

“O… M… G, you’re starting to fall for him now, aren’t you?”

“W-what, no,” she stuttered, “I said nothing of the sort!”

“That’s not what your blushed cheeks are saying.”

I could like tell that she was trying to not show it, she couldn’t fool me at all; she was busted.

“Damnit, Silver Spoon, you’re like making me feel embarrassed!”

“But that’s not it, is it?” I said to her with a little smirk, “I noticed a little look in your eyes, and something tells me that you did more than just ask for his apology; am I right? If you want me to be like your best friend again, don’t lie to me.”

Diamond Tiara couldn’t trick me now. If I had to tell her my secret, she had to tell me hers. Come on, Tiara; tell me your secret now.

“Okay, you got me. You see… again I was jealous of you not just because you were spending more time recently with Snails, but… also what you were doing with him.”

“Having sex?” I answered.

“Y-y-yeah, that. So… being as curious as I was, I sorta… kinda… convinced Snips… to…”

She kinda mumbled that last part and I barely heard her. So I asked…

“What was that?”

This time, she broke down and shouted…

“We had sex too!”

W-w-w-wait… what? Did she just say… no way; she actually went that far… with him?

“Oh wow, that’s… I-I-I don’t know what to say.”

“Go ahead and laugh at me,” said Tiara turning her head away from me again, “I deserve it anyway.”

“I’m not going to laugh at you,” I chuckled, “I’m like a little amused, sure, but maybe that’s just what you needed for closure. You had to confess your problems… and have sex with Snips. I bet he like totally forgave you after that.”

“Oh very funny, Silver Spoon. FYI, he forgave me way before that; and… I was very relieved.”

Tiara having sex with Snips; it must have been an interesting sight. And judging by Tiara’s face, he must’ve given her a good time.

“So how was doing it with him?”

After asking her that question, her speech was now out spoken once again.

“Mind blowing! His cock was soooo big I like didn’t think that it was going to fit in me, but I accepted the challenge and he proved me wrong… damn, did he prove me wrong.”

Yeah, she really needed it alright… just I did. Maybe now we can relate to each other.

“Wow, lucky. I can’t believe you like actually talked him into even doing that with you.”

“He was all up for it actually; obviously he knows a sexy young filly when he sees one. And when we did it, I felt like I was going to be ripped from the inside. He was probably much bigger than your Snails.”

Okay, now she’s just bragging; now that sounded like the Tiara I used to know.

“Man, now you’re making me feel jealous.”

“Well, you have the right to be.”

Then just like that, I smiled as I went up to her and wrapped my hooves around her to give her a hug. She just stood there in shock upon what I was doing to her.

“Wh-wh-what are you… like doing?”

“What do you think, silly? I’m forgiving you.”


“Of course; you were honest with me and proved that I can trust you again. But I admit, maybe I was being a bit overdramatic with the ‘I want you out of my life’ thing; you just made me… so angry, you know. I just blurted out the first word that came to my mind. But even so, I never wanted to lose you as a friend either.”
Tiara looked relived herself hearing me say those words. But to make sure she got idea, I looked at her straight in the eye and told her…
“Just make sure you don’t go back to acting like a jealous, whinny bitch anymore; got it?”

“Heh heh, yeah, I got it.”

After that, everything was finally fixed between us; we restored our friendship… and I was glad. But now that we both experience the same thing, I have a feeling that things might get a bit wilder from here.



I feel like I’m the luckiest colt in the world, having ended up having sex with Tiara; I’ve finally become a stallion! True, Snails became a stallion before I did, but now we both are and we can celebrate together. Although, he was grounded that day, so I couldn’t exactly tell him about it. But when the morning of the next day came, I went over to Snails house when I could and told him everything when we went out walking together; and boy was he in for a shock.
“No way, eh! You actually scored with Tiara?!”

“You heard me right, my friend. Tiara practically came to me to try it out herself. She couldn’t resist this.”

She definitely couldn’t; I knew somepony would finally realize the fit young colt I am.

“Wow, but aside from that… is she really sorry for what she did the other day?”

“Yeah, she is. I wasn’t sure at first if she was being truthful or not, but she was really serious; she totally surprised me!”

“Just you telling me surprises me.”

I felt really proud of Snails and I for what we accomplished; now our swag brings all of the fillies to the yard.

“Man, can you believe just how lucky we are, Snails?! Two of the most popular girls in our school are now into us and enjoys the benefits of our… ahem, specialty.”

“Yeah, I guess we are pretty lucky. It was only some days ago that they were making fun of us and calling us names. But then again, I think Silver Spoon was only doing it to stay close with Tiara and everything but then decided to turn away from that.”

“And I guess after this, Tiara is not all that bad either, she just had some inner issues to get rid of.”

But as if fate came a knockin’, we spotted the very fillies we were mentioning about up ahead speaking with each other and laughing together.

“Hey, isn’t that them over there?” questioned Snails.

“Yeah, and they’re talking with… Twist. Never thought I see that sight.”

“Let’s go talk with them too, eh. I’m curious to see what Silver Spoon is up to now.”

Snails was absolutely right. Now that things seemed to be dealt with and back to normal again, well the new normal, it was time to make our entrance and court our lovely new ladies.


(Silver Spoon)

Tiara and I finally made up and weren’t at each other’s throats anymore; we were best friends once again. But that didn’t change the fact that Tiara had to welcome a new friend in our group, Twist. It was a bit too weird for Tiara, but then she decided that it would be easier to accept her than to question about it like she did with Snails, and we all like saw what happened because of that.

The following day, all three of us met at the park and were discussing filly business. Twist forgave Tiara for everything she did in the past, and she told her of our… dirty little secret. Was it worth it to see the unforgettable freak-out expression on her face? You like damn right it was. And strangely… I was so happy and relieved that I actually forgot to go by and see Snails to see how he was doing. But luckily as if on cue, Twist looked up behind us and smirked as she said…

“Well well, look who it ith?”

Both Tiara and I turned around and we saw them; both Snails and Snips were approaching us and I embarrassingly found myself wagging my permed tail in happiness.


I galloped over to him and grinned as I gave him a big hug; but then slightly pushed him away giving him a slight glare.

“By the way, your reason for being grounded yesterday was like totally stupid.”

“Yeah, I know,” Snails apologized, “Sorry I upset you.”

But I knew myself; I couldn’t stay mad at him for such a little thing. So I just kissed on the cheek and said…

“No worries, I like… kept myself occupied.”

Suddenly, I witnessed as Snips came near Tiara and was moving around trying to act cool or something.

“Hey, Tiara; happy to see me too?”

“Oh knock it off, Snips,” Tiara said rolling her eyes… but then smirked a little, “but… y-yeah, I guess I am.”

“Well ithn’t thith a thweet thene,” said Twist she was walking around us smirking, “I never would’ve thought the four of you would be hooked up together.”

“Well you must feel something knowing that you’re left out of all of this,” mentioned Snails.

It was quite nice that Snails felt a little worried for Twist’s well-being about being around two other fillies with their new colt friends, but Twist just shook her head.

“Nah, I’m fine; I have plenty of friendth. I have plenty of time to find a thpecial thomepony like you all did… even if it ith thomepony you leath expect.”

“Heh, I’ll say,” Tiara responded.

Well this was totally awesome that we were all now best friends and… very special friends with each other without any individual being left in the dark. Snails suddenly looked at me with a pleading face; eeeeeeeeeee, so cute.

“Hey, Silver Spoon, um… now that I’m not grounded anymore, you wanna hang out a little today?”

“And possibly get it on again?” said Snips suddenly.

Twist and I looked at Snips in shock; Tiara face hoofed herself and Snails just looked at him with an arched eye.

“What,” Snips said to Snails, “you can’t tell me that wasn’t on your mind.”

“I would love too, Snails,” I responded to Snails, “but… now that Tiara and I like made up, I figured that I could hang out with her today and… you know, rebuild our almost destroyed friendship.”

And as expected, he completely understood.

“Oh, well… that’s okay I guess. It is kinda nice to see you two being best friends again; you two fighting did feel a bit out of place to me.”

“Aw, that’s nice of you to say,” I said, and then looked at Tiara, “Isn’t t that right, Tiara?”

“Um… r-right,” she said hesitantly, “that is nice of you to say; thanks.”

But you know what; the real truth was that I had something planned for him while I hung out with Tiara, and Twist came in right on cue as she zipped up in front of Snips and Snails.

“Hey, Thnailth? If you and Thnipth aren’t doing anything thpecial today, maybe I could hang out with you two?”

Snails just shrugged his shoulders and smirked knowing how good of a friend Twist was.

“I don’t see why not, eh. Sure, you can hang out with us.”

“Nothing out of the norm about that,” added Snips.

Twist was so happy that both of them agreed.

“Awethome; in that cathe, I have a really fun suggestion of what we could do together!”

But by the way Snips was looking at her, maybe she was being a bit too happy.

“Oooooo… kay.”

But it didn’t like faze Snails at all.

“Can’t be too bad, I’m sure.”

As I always said, Snails was always like so mellow and chill that he didn’t let everything get to him. That’s what I always liked about him. Tiara and I both watched as Twist was walking off with Snips and Snails walking on either side of her. Everything was going according to plan.

“See ya, guyth,” shouted Twist, “Have fun being betht friendth again!”

“Sure, see ya later,” I responded back, “and have fun!”

Snips looked back at us, mainly Tiara and winked in which it freaked her out a little; it was a little amusing.

“Until we meet again, my lovely new flower.”

And then he blew her a kiss before he turned back around and caught up with the others.

“Geez, what a dork,” Tiara groaned.

“Yet you still ended it up liking him in the end,” I mentioned to her.

Tiara smirked knowing that I was right, but she was trying to be in denial at the moment.

“Yeah, but I’m just giving him a chance; not like you and Snails.”
She might be saying that right now, but after what she and Snips did yesterday… I think she’s over reacting just a little.
“Are sure you sure that we should like allow Twist to do what she’s about to do?” she asked me, “It doesn't feel right; and won’t we feel left out?”

“Don’t worry about it, Tiara,” I told her with confidence, “Of course we can let her; we can trust her, right? We can always join them another time; and besides, a little experimentation never hurt anypony.”

The way I was doing this might be a little strange, but in the end… it will be all worth it; trust me.

Let's DO the Twist

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(Sorry that it took so long to do this chapter; a lot of changes and thoughts goes into this story. But anyway, here ya go!)


I’ve always wondered whether or not I would score myself a fillyfriend and I knew that it wasn’t impossible; I just didn’t expect that it would be Diamond Tiara! First Snails got with Silver Spoon, and now I’m with Tiara; but do I regret anything? Absolutely not! Sure it’s still a little weird, but that weird vibe will disappear eventually. Plus… guess who got laid? This colt got laid! Snails did too, but I never thought that I would, and with somepony like Tiara no less.

Yeah, it was a rather proud time for Snails and I and I’m not sure if I want it to be over. But just recently, another friend of ours, Twist, heard about our new antics from Silver Spoon and Tiara, and she actually felt real proud for us. I would’ve thought that she would feel a little bit jealous because I know that she doesn’t have a coltfriend yet. But aside from that, Tiara and Silver Spoon are friends again and are hanging out with each other today; and I’m actually happy about that, and so was Snails... The out of the blue, Twist suggested that she hang out with me and Snails today since our new girls were spending time with each other again. I’m not complaining though, Twist is is a nice pony and all; but it was just a little sudden.

So what did she want to do with us? I you can believe it, my mind thought of something kinda… dirty. Ha, but come on this is Twist we’re talking about; she wouldn’t be brave enough to try something like that, right? Anyway, just as I thought, we decided to hang out together at the arcade. See, nothing un-innocent about that. We each had a little bit of our own bits to spend so we went like crazy and enjoyed ourselves. Snails and I do hang out here a lot, but even with Twist there with us, it didn’t really feel any different. We were just three pony friends having a good time with each other.

After a while, we came out totally satisfied with the fun we had; we were on fiiiire!

“That was the best 2 hours of arcade fun I’ve ever had!” said Snails.

And Twist seemed to agree as well.

“I wath thinking the exact thame thing! You guyth were awethome in there!”

“Well, we have been playing in that place for quite some time,” I said proudly.

But then, Snails had to bring up a low point.

“But it’s too bad that we didn’t save enough of our bits to buy any food… I’m hungry, eh.”

He did have a point though; we focused too much on the games and not enough on the delicious food. I needed to put something in my belly!

“No thweat, guys,” said Twist, “why don’t over to my house; treats are on me!”

“Sweet,” I said excitedly, “now you’re talking!”

“That’s really nice of ya, Twist,” Snails responded.

“Aw thucks, think nothing of it; anything to pleasure you two.”


What Twist just said sounded kinda weird.

“O-oh, you know what I mean. I just feel pleathed to be hanging out with thome colth for a change, you know.”

“Oh, o-okay,” I said unsurely, “I guess that makes sense.”

Maybe I was just imagining things. I mean what’s wrong with a filly hanging out with a couple of colts like us… especially since she offered to provide us with snacks; my mouth was watering already.

But anyway, Twist took the lead and showed us the way to her family’ shop which was also her home. I‘d almost give anything to be in her place right now; it even looked like a sweet gingerbread house from the outside, even though it wasn’t. But once we got to the door, it seemed that Twist noticed something on the front door.

“Ooh, look… a note.”

“What does it say, Twist?” Snails asked as Twist looked at the note closer.

“It’h from my parenth. It thayth… be back in about 2 hourth. (AKA) To Twisth: we’ll be back thoon.”

From the sound of what the note said, it sounded like Twist’s parents were out on business or something. Twist sounded pleased as I heard her quietly say, “Perfect.”

“What’s perfect?” I asked her.

“Oh, um… that I have the houthe all to mythelf, ith all. But, heh… let’th not have too much, am I right?”

“Y-yeah, could be fun.”

There I go again letting my nerves get to me again. I just need to keep saying; you’re getting snacks, you’re getting snacks. When we went inside, talk about candy coated; Twist and her family must’ve had more of a connection to candy than we thought. The walls, counter, doors, and even some of the utensils were candy-coated colors. I had nothing against it, but… it did seem very obscure.

“Neat place,” I said taking a big whiff with my nose, “smells like candy in here.”

“It must be nice to be surrounded by candy and sweets all the time,” added Snails.

“It’h really no big deal,” Twist chuckled; but then, she noticed something on the counter, “Ooh, look, peppermint pasthe,” She grabbed it and brought it down in front of me and Snails, “I actually made thith batch mythelf.”

“Aw, cool!”

It looked pretty good, and it had that fresh peppermintty smell; plus, I had a peppermint candy cane before, but I never tasted it in paste form, and neither has Snails… I think. We both dipped our snouts in the paste and took a little taste. It tasted… awesome; unlike anything I had ever tasted before.

“Now that does taste good,” said Snails, “a bit tangy though.”

“I know,” I agreed, “I would love to have a tiny tub of this over candy canes any day!”

Suddenly, Snails and I noticed Twist looking at us while lightly giggling to herself.
“How cute, you two have a little pathe left on your notheth.”

Snails and I both looked at each other and noticed that she was right.

“Well look at that, we do,” I said in amusement.

“Heh, you look kinda silly,” Snails chuckled.

I’m pretty sure that it didn’t look that funny; did it? But then, Twist took Snails off-guard as she walked up to him and said…

“Here… let me get that for you.”

And then, she slowly licked the little bit of paste off of Snails’ nose. I was wondering what she was doing, but I barely took a breather when she then turned around and did the same thing to me. My entire face blushed out of shock and all I could do was stand there and be baffled.

“Mmm, deliciouth,” said Twist as she stepped back and licked her lips.

She looked at us and saw how we were just staring at her without saying no words

“Hey, why do you two wait in there in the living room while I go get thomething from upthairsth?”

We both sorta looked at her but agreed to her request.


“Um… sure, eh.”

“Great,” Twist responded with a little hop in her step, “I’ll be right back.”

As Twist went off, Snails and I slowly walked into the living room in her house continuing to ponder over what just happened; well… me mostly. Snails always had a way to always move on from one situation to another all the time.”

“Hey, uh… Snails,” I nervously said to him, “did you find that to be a little… weird?”

“Well… you did say that it tasted a tangy… and you were right.”

See, what did I tell ya; always going to another situation.

“No, not that, I’m talking about Twist. Didn’t you find it weird of how she just plainly licked our noses like that?”

“Maybe, but I don’t think it was a big deal; felt kind of nice though.”

“You can’t be serious, right? She did it without any hesitation, and she was blushing too. And the tone in her voice… it seemed highly suspicious.”

Snails was looking at me a bit weird-like thinking that I was making up weird stuff about our situation. Didn’t he believe me?

“What?! I’m just saying that what she did was very unusual. I had this weird sensation throughout my body when her warm tongue touched my sensitive… cold nose. I have a strange feeling that she’s up to something.”

“Or… maybe she just really likes peppermint. Just face it Snips, you’re thinking about this a little too much.”

Now that I think about it, maybe Snips had a point. Maybe my little session with Tiara was working a bit on my nerves and just the little thing Twist did near us just made me jumpy; I needed to calm down.

“M-m-maybe you’re right, maybe I am overthinking this. Perhaps what I felt was nothing at all.”

“Um… that’s what I said.”

Just then, we both heard Twist shout out from behind us carrying a decent sized box in her mouth.

“Hey guyth, I’m back… and I have thethe!”

When she got to us, she placed the box down on the ground; then she proceeded to open it. Me and Snails’ eyes suddenly lit up as we saw a huge stash of candy inside and our mouths were watering like crazy!

“Sweet holy gumdrops!” I shouted, “Hey Snails, we’re going to have to brush our teeth triple time after this!”

“Wow, that’s a lot of sweet, eh.”

“It thure ith! Thith ith my thpecial thecret thash that I alwayth have hidden; not even my parenth know about it.”

We were bedazzled for a few seconds, but then we realized what she said.

“Wait, did you just say… your secret stash,” Snails questioned, “and you’re letting us have some?”

“Of courthe; why wouldn’t I share my thecret thweet thash with my 2 beth colt friendth in the world? You two detherve it!”

“Well… I can’t argue with that logic!” I stated while be distracted by the cndy, “I say lets dig in!”

“Well… thanks,” said Snails, “this really means a lot.”

Snails and I each grabbed a hoof-full of Twist’s candy and was beginning to stuff our faces silly. Twist grabbed a little bit too, but she seemed to be less eating it and more watching us eat. It was pretty nice of her to share her candy with us; but as she was curiously watching us, that moment from earlier came up in my head again and I questioned her.

“By the way, Twist, I’m just a bit curious.”

“About what?” Twist asked tilting her head.

“That little thing you did earlier when you licked our noses; you seemed to have really enjoyed that. Snails convinced me that it’s no big deal, that you weren’t planning something. You weren’t, right?”

But after I asked her that, Twist’s cheeks suddenly blushed while her eyes were not looking directly at me. I arched my eyebrow and Snails curiously looked up while he was chewing up some… I think it was some kind of caramel. Anyway, Twist was defiantly being suspicious from the way she was suddenly acting. But then, she looked back up at us as she suddenly said…

“Okay, it’s time for me to confeth. The truth ith… I didn’t plan to just hang out with you two and play gameth and eat candy. D-d-don’t get me wrong though, I had fun; but… there wath… thomething elthe fun that I thought we could do.”

“Are you… feeling okay?” I asked her feeling a bit concerned, “You seem to be sweating a lot. What is it that you want to do with us that has you so flustered anyway?”

“It can’t be too bad,” Snails suggested.

So at that moment, she confessed what she was planning, “Well, what I wanted to do wath…”

And the answer that she gave to us left us speechless.


(Silver Spoon)

Tiara and I were just chilling out in the park drinking a couple of milkshakes that we bought… with our own money. It was great to be friends with her again after our little squabble a couple of days ago. We were talking about different random things and sharing the latest gossip that we had heard, and I was presently trying to tell Tiara my opinion on something.

“Just the other day Twist and I totally saw that little dragon checking out Sweetie Belle as she and her friends went by the library tree. I think he is so into her; it be better choice than going after her older sister though, because that relationship is like never going to happen.”

But then I noticed that Tiara wasn’t presently making eye contact with me; she was looking down while slowly sipping her shake. I think she was like in one of those deep thought moments, like she wasn’t all there.

“Hello, earth to Tiara!” I suddenly shouted.

Tiara suddenly sprung up and looked at me trying to get her act together.

“Huh… what? O-o-oh yeah, that dragon should like get with that white filly and… a-and make out or… something.”

“Tiara is something on your mind?” I asked her, “You not still thinking about our coltfriends, are you… especially yours?”

“Wh-wh-what, no way; why would I care about that… butterball? It’s not like we’re that close like you and… Snails.”

Tiara couldn’t fool me; her slightly flushed face said it all.

“You’re like denying yourself again, Tiara; you two are totally like me and Snails… it’s just taking a bit more time for you and him to fully realize it… obviously.”

“Fine,” Tiara finally admitted, “but beside the point, I guess I am… sorta thinking of what he is doing right now. Do you really think that this plan will like appeal to them? It feels a little rushed.”

What Tiara was talking about was something that I talked about with Twist earlier. Originally I wasn’t including Tiara since I was pissed off at her at the time, but now that we’re friends again, Twist and I decided to let Tiara in our little plan.

“If I know Snails, he might be a little shocked at first; but once he accepts it, he won’t mind one bit. Snips on the other hand is just a gamble for me.”

“I’m fine with it and all though, and I am a bit curious too,” Tiara said to me, “I just hope you two know what you’re doing.”

I was so excited about what we were planning; it was going to be an interesting get-together moment; one that we would never forget.



What… the hell… is going on?! At one moment, Snails and I were at Twist’s house alone sharing some of her secret sweet stash and were enjoying it immensely; but now all of a sudden, Twist was all up in Snails’ face smiling and blushing after telling us what she wanted to do! Snails was just standing there currently chewing a gumball while staring blatantly at Twist feeling a bit uneasy about her request.

“You… want to do what?”

“You two heard me,” Twist responded in a gigglish tone, “I want to have a little naughty fun with you guyth. I’ve been itching to try thith at thome point, and I figured now would be ath good ath any.”

Twist then gave Snails a little lick on his cheek, and in response his face lightly blushed and he stopped in the middle of blowing a bubble. Twist just took her hoof and popped it for him.

“Hee hee, I popped your gum;” Then she wiggled her tail as she looked up at him, “would you wish to pop mine?”

“Hold the phone,” I suddenly protested, “How could you even request something like this?! Tiara and Silver Spoon just made friends with you, and now you want to betray them by playing with us… in that way?! Okay, sure… it’s only been a few days, but come on; what are you thinking?!”

I had a right to freak out; partially because of my hormones suddenly acting up, but also partially because this could create another little feud with me and Snails caught up in it. There was no way I was going to get mixed up in that kind of thing again. But all Twist did was continue to smile and said to me…

“Actually… thith wath all Thilver Thpoon’s idea. She thought it wath okay to share thome time with Thnailth. Oh, and Diamond Tiara mothly agreed the thame thing for you ath well.”

“So wait… this is Silver’s idea? Why would she suggest to do such a thing; and Tiara too?!”

Sensing that I wasn’t as upset as I was, Twist was walking towards me giving me a flirty look.

“What’th wrong, Thnipth? Are you thaying that you don’t find me attractive; that you would path up having a little dirty fun… with thith?”

Since when did Twist become interested about this sort of activity? I know that she knows about what we all did, but come on… this was suddenly out of the blue.

“W-w-well… no, of course not; you’re a very… cute and… attractive filly. It’s just that… doing this would kinda make me feel a little guilty like I was betraying Tiara or something; you know, since we’re sort of an item at the moment. Besides, don’t you just want to pig out on candy until we get sick?”

Twsit suddenly gave me a low-eyed look over her glasses. Something tells me that she’s being fooled at all by my act; not that I was putting on an act.

“Thnipth, what part of ‘thith ith Thilver Thpoon’th idea that wath approved by Tiara’ did you not underthand?”

Then finally, Snails spoke again asking Twist…

“No offense, Twist, but… how would you be able to convince them of that?”

Twist went back over to Snails and whispered something in his ear. I saw his eyes widen and then he took a couple of steps back from Twist while he gave her a weird look.

“Whoa… i-i-is that even possible?”

“What; is what even possible?!” I tried to ask, “What is she even taking about?”

“Oh… no big deal,” Twist responded, “Thilver Thpoon wath in an emotional withdrawal yetherday after her fight with Tiara the day before; but I think it’th becauthe she didn’t have Thnails to get rid of her… relief. Tho I found her in the Everfree Foreth trying to mathurbate and decided to lend her a helping hoof… if you know what I mean.”

“Y-you… and Silver Spoon… did what?!”

Where did that piece of info come from?! How did… how could that sort of thing even be possible. But wait, wh-what’s this? Holy crap, the sudden thought of that possible sight was making me rise… my stallionhood I mean. I-it was one thing seeing a cute filly going at it with my best friend, but imagining two cute fillies getting intimate with each other somehow… oh Celestia. Even though I tried to hide my sudden boner, Twist happened to catch a quick glimpse of it.

“Ooh, are you thuddenly thinking naughty thoughth, you naughty colt?” she said at me slyly.

Snails seemed to be taking it better than I was; I could definitely tell that he was fantasizing the thought by the look on his face.
“You and… Silver Spoon making out with each other; it… m-must have been… quite hot.”

“Hotter than you might think,” said Twist as she was up in Snails’ face again, “She wath pretty good licking me out and all of that thuff; she had proof that she wath hooked into thith kind of thing. But for me… I thort of secretly looked at my parents’ owned adult videos.”

Snails and I both looked at her awkwardly; we couldn’t imagine Twist’s parents having something like that.

“What; they have a private life. But anyway… doing that for almoth a whole year gave me a huge intereth in thith activity too, and I alwayth uthed thosthe videoth and other methodth to thatisfy my cravingth; juth waiting for a chance to try it out mythelf. I wath too shy and felt a bit uneathy to mention it to anypony, but after theeing you and Thilver going at it, I’m done waiting.”
Twist then brushed her body up against Snails’ underside and wiggled her tail in his face trying to be adorably sexy; I-I think that’s what they call it.

“Care to thatithfy another untouched filly?”

Twist really looked serious about this, and seeing that Snails now had a sudden erection between his legs, it was obvious that Snails became interested as well.

“Well… I-I-I guess if Silver Spoon is okay with it, I say… yes?”

Twist brushed Snails’ nose with hoof and smirked at him while responding…

“Good anthwer.”

But me… I was still a bit unsure about this situation.

“W-w-wait a minute, what about the candy?!”

However, it’s not like I could change her mind… the way she was already bent down and eying Snails erected length.

“Thcrew the candy for now; I find thith to be thweeter.”

The show had officially started, and boy what a start it was. I sat there as I watched Twist give Snails’ erection a light lick; and after a couple more, she began to suck on it like a peppermint stick. She was really going to town on it pleasuring Snails immensely. Twist was defiantly impressive; she must’ve had a lot of practice enjoying those peppermint sticks that she likes so much.

Snails was lost in the moment; lightly moaning to himself feeling the Twist’s sweet lips suckling around his shaft, and he had his hand on her head to help her along. Man, I was getting so hard from this… b-but not from Snails; thank Celestia. Just watching the overall sight was turning me on, and I was lightly stroking myself while watching. It was just like when I saw Snails doing it with Silver Spoon, only in this case I was much closer and could see the action much better. I could even see Twist getting wet in-between her legs from being aroused herself from tasting my friend.

I was very into having that candy, but… I was suddenly enjoying watching this even more. But before long, I heard Snails grunt loudly as he finally came into Twist’s mouth. Seeing that made me leak out a little myself; it was so hot

“I’m pretty good, don’t ya think?” said Twist as she looked at Snails licking up some of his stuff, “Come on, give me an honeth opinion; don’t be shy.”

Snails had to breathe for a second, not that I could blame him, but he looked down at Twist with a little goofy smile and responded…

“Y-y-you were p-pretty good, Twist, I’ll give you that; but I’m not sure what else t-to say. I’m speechless, eh; Silver Spoon was onto something here.”

“Of courthe; but I’m not thurprithed, I had plenty of practithe. I gueth it all paid off.”

Twist wasn’t half bad; she definitely won Snails over. But I’m sure that he hasn’t forgotten that he’s mainly with Silver Spoon, unless… she plans to share him. But while it was great and all watching that wonderful spectacle, something told me that I wasn’t going to be left out when I suddenly saw Twist look my way and was looking at my erection.

“Well, Thnipth, wanna have the thame treatment? Even if you refuthe, which would be thupid, your big throbbing cock thayth otherwithe.”

N-n-no way, she was actually willing to go a second round just like that?! Heh, well… I guess she couldn’t wait get a taste of me, but she could’ve at least taken a quick rest first. Whoa, I felt my cock throbbing more as Twist was approaching me licking her lips; the sight was such a turn on. There was only one way I could react to this.

“W-w-w-well… I g-guess I can’t ignore this, can I. Guess the cat is out of the bag.”

“Hey, I have an interething experimental idea!” Twist suddenly said in excitement.

It was a bit awkward when I saw her suddenly zip out of the room and then came back with that same tub of peppermint paste. What was she going to do with that?

“Now hold thill,” she told me after dipping a small brush in the paste and was approaching my crotch.

“Wh-what are you doing?!”

I was freaking out a bit as I watched her spreading the paste all over my penis with the brush until it was completely covered. It was a very strange sensation and a bit cold too, but soon my erection looked like a piece of candy.

“Perfect,” Twist said with a smile, “Now that ith one giant-thized peppermint thick.”

“Heh, it sure looks like one,” I heard Snails say behind her with a little smirk.

“Are you amused by this?”

“A little.”

It was a bit unusual, but I didn’t think it was that funny looking. But that thought went out of my mind when Twist took a sudden prolong lick from the bottom of my shaft to the very tip top taking some of the paste on her tounge. A sudden chill went up my spine from that feeling and I already felt like I was going to cum already; but I couldn’t do it just yet.

“Wow, I am so jealouth of Diamond Tiara right now,” I heard Twist say in a very pleased matter while rubbing me, “To think she had you put this bad boy into her; she’th pretty bold.”

“She did asked nicely…” I said scratching my head and blushing, “and meant it, so… I couldn’t deny her request.”

Twist looked up at me with a sly expression feeling impressed by me.

“Hee hee, you’re thuch a gentlemen.”

She then proceeded to give me the same treatment she gave to Snails engulfing my cock into her mouth and sucking on it like the peppermint stick it looked like. Oh sweet Celestia, it was nice to have this feeling again of a filly’s tongue wrapped around my shaft. However, I didn’t want to pick favorites between her performance and tiara’s, I thought it was equally as good. As I laid back and was letting Twist have her way, I opened my eyes and noticed something. My friend, Snails was walking up to Twist from behind, and it looked like his eyes were fixated at her privates; and his cock was roc hard.

He made Twist suddenly jump a bit in shock as he was starting to mount himself on her; so much that she stop sucking on me to look back at him with a partially shocked face, which then changed into a sly smirk.

“Couldn’t rethith the view from back there?”

Snails was slightly smiling and his body was shaking with anticipation.
“Y-you were making it kinda hard for me not to; d-d-did you want this?”

“Do you even have to athk; go at it, thnaily boy.”

And that he did; Snails proceeded to mount on Twist gaining his balance. By the look on Twist, I could tell that she was beginning to feel Snails penetrate inside of her. She made a small, pleasurable moan every time Snails went forward more. Her cute moans were making me fully hard again; it was unlike any moan I’ve ever heard before.

Twist’s body suddenly jerked and she let out a harsh whimper once Snails fully penetrated her; meaning that she was no longer untouched as she put it.

“Oh w-wow,” Said Twist hesitantly, “Tho th-thith ith what being f-f-fully penetrated feelth like; it f-f-feelth awethome.”

“A-are you… okay?” I curiously asked.

“Better than ever. Thilver Thpoon wath right; thith ith ten timeth better than playing with mythelf.”

Twist was in pleasurable bliss right know feeling my friend deep inside her. But she didn’t forget me as she turned her attention back to my awaiting erection and told Snails…

“Keep going, Thnailth; ith juth getting good.”

Snails didn’t answer, but he did nod his head before complying with Twist’s wish. He held on tight to Twist’s body as he was continuing to repeatedly rut himself inside her; enjoying the possible warm feeling of her dripping insides. Twist was lost in constant pleasure feeling Snails’ cock sliding in and out of her, but that didn’t stop her from continuing her business with me. She surprised me greatly being able to suck me off while being pounded from behind at the same time. But hey, I wasn’t complaining one bit; getting my cock sucked on constantly was an awesome feeling.

Snails kept going with his assault on Twist, Twist continued moistening my cock with her sweet mouth, and I just leaned back on my front hooves enjoying the entertainment. At one point, Twist was moving around so much that her glasses fell off, but that didn’t stop her at all; in fact, she was rather cuter without them. While I was watching Twist, knowing that this was her first, I’m quite sure that she was going to give out any minute now. Before long, Twist had to pause mid-way as she finally came from Snails' pounding, moaning softly from her release. Snails held Twist's tail as he continued to thrust into her until he came as well, but he quickly pulled out before the majority of his stuff spilled into her. And as for me, I was the last to go off as Twist kept moving her moist lips on my member until I gasped and finally came onto her face. As I was constantly panting from exhaustion, I just looked over at Snails realizing what we just did.

“Oh god, Snails, what did we just do?”

Snails was getting himself together well enough to answer me.

“I s-say that we just screwed Twist over; that’s what we did.”

Twist herself was laid out on the ground completely wasted and tired; but she still had a big smile on her face while wiping my stuff off of it.

“That wath thooo… awethome. You two thure know how to give a filly a good time.”

“So… is this really the reason of why you wanted to spend time with us,” I asked her, “to have sex with us?”

“Well… that wath the main reathon; you’re not mad are ya?”

“N-n-no, of course not, this was just… sorta unusual for us. We just thought that we were having some innocent fun with you while Silver Spoon and Tiara hung out after making up.”

And as always, Snails didn’t care one bit; although he was curious of something.

“Well, this was definitely fun, eh; but I still can’t believe that Silver Spoon put you up to this. Did she think that I wouldn’t mind or something?”

Twist suddenly started to slowly get up off the floor being careful of her balance and looked at Snails while placing her glasses back on.

“That’th exactly what she thought; she knowth you pretty well.”

Snails just smiled feeling pretty flattered of himself… and the filly that befriended him.

“Heh, I guess she does; Silver really is something.”

I can say that the beginning of this day turned out to be pretty damn sweet. Snails and I playing at the arcades with Twist, going to Twist’s house for candy, and then both Snails and I scoring on Twist’s body; I kinda came to liking this scheme of Silver and Tiara's.

“So what should we do with the rest of this candy?” I asked Twist, “We’re not going to let it just go to waste, are we?”

“Nah, I think we had enough for now. Besideth, don’t you think that what we did wath a thweet enough treat anyway?”

Oh, I get it. Yeah, what we did was pretty sweet; and for Twist, I think our cum was even sweeter. I would ask her if I could eat her out and see what she tasted like, but for her first time… I think she had enough for now.

“Twist, are you in here?”

What the… who was that? Oh man, I think it was Twist’s parents; they came back a little earlier than we thought. I guess time flies when you’re screwing each other’s brains out.

“Uh-oh, they’re back already;” said Twist in a state of panic, “What do we do about… thith!”

Twist was referring to the sticky cum that had spilled out on the floor… not to mention the amount that was still slightly dripping out of her pussy. In any case, she was right; what were we going to do?! Snails and I might be dead if Twist’s parent found out that two colt screwed their daughter!

“Don’t worry, eh,” said Snails suddenly, “I got this.”

I knew that Snails could be full of surprises and all, but he truly surprised me today when he his magic to clear all traces of the sights and smells of our activity in one fell swoop. I could of done that too… you know, if I knew how to do it.

“Whoa, when did you learn to make things disappear like that?” I asked him.

“Didn’t you?” he questioned to me, “I sorta took it up from Twilight.”

“Dude, that was nice; but you have to teach me that some time.”

Once Twist’s parents came in, they greeted us with such politeness. Luckily, Twist was able to re-hide her secret candy stash, in which I will ask about again later, and our tracks were completely cleared… thanks to Snails. Whew, I was kinda worried there for a second. I mean… if Twist’s parents saw the evidence on the floor that would definitely be embarrassing. But it was for a good cause of a filly’s needs, right?

Speaking of which… I wonder if this isn’t the end of all of this. Damn, I sure hope not.

Rape Victim

View Online


Oh, is it my turn to narrate? Okay, eh. Well, what can I say; things have been very interesting the past few days. Just days before Snails and I found ourselves being ridiculed and insulted by Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon who always seemed to love to bully others. But now, they’re suddenly our fillyfriends and we’re their coltfriends; no joke. I’m not exactly against it or anything, but it just felt so… out of the blue. Who would’ve thought that Silver Spoon had a little crush on me this whole time, but I never expected that she loved me as much as she proved to me already; and boy did she ever. She gave me the time of my life when she suddenly wanted to mate with me. I wasn’t quite sure about it at first, but she sudden had me hooked in. I actually don’t mind her being my fillyfriend at all.

But the biggest shock to me was Diamond Tiara. After her little squabble with Silver Spoon that certain day, Snips and I were wondering if they would ever make-up with each other. I was a bit worried that they verbally fought because of me, but Snips wasn’t worried and said that they just needed to blow off steam and they would make-up eventually. Then it happened, they did apologize to each other; but before that, Tiara actually went over to Snips’ house and… apologized to him. I never once seen Tiara apologize to anypony; well… as far as I’ve seen anyway. All this time she was just jealous of Silver Spoon of what she was delving in and felt left out; and it was then that she found my friend to be… attractive. She admitted it to him and wanted try out the same thing that Silver Spoon did with him; and they did. My mind was blown away when I found out; what the heck happened between now and the days before Silver confessed her crush to me?

Now don’t get me wrong; I’m not upset, disgusted, or appalled by it. What Snails and I have now… we deserve it; it’s just that to me it came out of nowhere. Those two went from calling us losers and mocking us to suddenly discovering that they had a secret crush on us. It’s a bit weird, but I really don’t mind one bit; I think it’s kind of sweet. But I’m still a bit baffled on the matter of Twist. Somehow, Silver Spoon and Tiara let her give in to her curiosity and Snips and I got to have some fun with her as well. She’s not Silver Spoon, but… wow, she really knows how to work that tongue. It must be from all times that she enjoyed sucking on her favorite candy canes. While we had fun with her, my heart was permanently with Silver Spoon; I did promise her and I truly meant it. But if she ever let Twist play with me again, I wouldn’t be one to complain.

After that, we went back into town to find Silver Spoon and Tiara; and when Twist told them of what happened, they looked pretty impressed. Tiara was a bit curious asking Twist of how she like being plundered by Snips from behind and Twist wasn’t ashamed to share her feelings. But now that all five of us were in on this new addiction of ours, what was next; and how far would we go to have a little fun? Yep, it has definitely been an interesting past few days; but one thing is for sure though… nothing bad could ever come from this.



That… wath tho… freaking… thweet; I feel tho alive! Ever thince I befriended Thilver Thpoon and Diamond Tiara becauthe of what happened between them and their new… coltfriendth I wanted in on the action. I already warmed mythelf up on Thilver Thpoon, and it wath great; but having thex with Thnipth and Thnailth wath beyond awethome. Having Thnailth plunge hith cock in me wath unbelievable. Now I underthtand how Thilver THpoon felt; he hath an imprethive gift. Ath for Thnailth, I do plan to have him plunge into me ath well; but thucking on his thweet rod wath good enough for me. It thure wath nice for Tiara and Thilver Thpoon to let me borrow them for a while; I enjoyed mythelf immenthely, and tho did they.

Well, thith new friendship hath definitely given rithe to thome great benefith. Don’t get me wrong though; befriending Thilver Thpoon and Diamond Tiara wath a big leap for me, and I wath already thorta friendth with Thnipth and Thnailth. But now, a whole new world hath opened up to uth, and I don’t think none of uth want to leave it. I couldn’t wait until the next time we thecretly get together and have thome more fun. But then… that very night, thometime during the main thetting of the thun, my parentth were a bit buthy clothing up shop and I volunteered to go by the marketplathe to get a few extra thupplieth for our plathe. My parentth trusted me and gave me the money; I felt proud to be tho rethponthible. By the time I went to and came out of the marketplace, the thun wath fully thet and it wath completely night outside. Not many pony were out during thith time and the streeth felt a little barren; but it wath okay, I wathn’t thcared. I wath juth hoping along carrying the bag of grocerieth on my thaddle bag and humming to keep mythelf content. But at one point I wathn’t watching where I wath going and I ended up thlamming into another pony. I fell backwardth and almoth thpilled the grotherieth; almost. But I wath okay, and I just looked up at the pony and pleaded…

“Oh, h-hey there mither. Th-Thorry that I ran into you like that; I thould have watched where I wath going.”

But ath I focuthed on the pony, I notithed that it was a thtallion; but… thomething wath a bit off about him. He wath dark brown with a black mane, which ith perfect to blend into the dark atmosphere; and I notithe that he had a bruithe around one of hith eyeth. I wonder where he got that from. I thuddenly felt a little uneathy ath I thaw him looking at me in a creepy way.

“Well aren't you a little cutie. So tell me; what is a pretty, defenseless little filly like you doing out here this late at night... all by yourself?

I wathn’t thure where he was going with that thatement, but I hethitantly anthwered anyway.

“I-I-I wath jutht getting a few grotherieth for my parentth while they finished thingth up at home, that'th all. No big deal, juth gaining thome rethponthibility.”

I notithed that he was thlightly licking hith lipth while he wath taking a few thepth towardth me; whereath I wath taking a few thepth back away from him. I didn’t like the little thmile on his fathe.

“You know... young little fillies such as yourself shouldn't be out here on their own after dark. Somepony might try to take... advantage of you.”

And that wath my cue to make mythelf thcarce. When he looked like he wath going to grab me, I quickly turned around and ran from him ath fath ath I could. I wath too freaked out and in panic that I didn’t think to bring thith to anypony’th attention. I kept running not knowing that I was getting further away from my houthe; but I didn’t want to find out what that thtallion wanted to do to me. At one point, I hid in a dark corner and looked back at the direction I came from and thaw nothing.

“I think... I loth him,” I thighed with relief, “Whew, that was clothe.”

Unfortunately before I could relax, a pair of hooveth grabbed me from behind and I dropped my grocerieth! I tried to thcream, but I had a gag plathed around my mouth to muffle my thoundth. It wath that thame thallion that I wath trying to run away from, yet he thill managed to follow me without me knowing! He wath holding me clothe to hith body and wath breathing down my neck giving me vibrant chillth. I feared for my life ath I heard him thpeak to me in that thame creepy voithe.

“Trying to evade me is pointless, you know. But it’s okay; I rather love you resisting against me. It’s been… quite a while since I had a little fun with a fresh young filly.”

What did he mean by that? What wath he going to do to me? Thomething tellth me that hith definition of a little fun wath not the thame thing I wath hoping for. I continued to try and thruggle out from hith grathp, but it proved to be utheleth. However, the worth wath yet to come when I thuddenly felt thomething thliding out in between my legth. I looked down and thaw thith thallion’s cock ath it wath rubbing roughly againth my vaginal lipth; it was huge! He wathn’t going to try and put that in me, wath he? I could feel my hormoneth flaring up inthide me, and I wath dripping like crathy from thith fortheful pleasuring. I alwayth wanted to experienthe thith feeling, but not like thith! My body wath enjoying it, but I was perthonally not.

“Ooh what’s this?” said the stallion to me as he looked down at my wet privates, “You’re really wet. Looks like you’re enjoying yourself; but I think I can help you enjoy this moment even better… my sweet, sweet little filly.”

I couldn’t believe that thith wath happening to me; thith wath not how I wanted to do thingth! But he wath right about one thing; I wath too weak and defentheleth to outmatch the strength of hith hold on me, and there wath no way I could avoid what wath coming next.


(Silver Spoon)

That very night when I like caught my parents having sex; I still remember seeing it like it was just last night. Most foals would like feel so embarrassed and try to pull their own eyes out just to get rid of the image, but I use what I saw for inspiration. No, I’m not saying I’m aroused by my parents, that’s just sick; I’m aroused from their activity. It was from then that I delved deep into the activity myself, and boy am I glad that I did. First I confessed my crush to Snails and got him involved, then Diamond Tiara found out about it then eventually got involved in it with Snips, and now Tiara and I got those two to have some fun with Twist. Gosh, ain’t friendship magic?

Well, it’s been fun and all, and we’ve all become better friends to each through this surprisingly, but it wasn’t over quite yet. We had something special planned; something that would like rock our world forever. But for now, that following night, Diamond Tiara and I decided to re-heighten our friendship by having a sleepover together at my house. We had a nice time with the usual snacks and conversations of the latest gossip; however, we I decided that we should that aspect of us down a bit, and surprisingly… Tiara agreed. I guess she really is trying to change her ways. But the real highlight of our sleepover was in secret. When we knew that our parents were too busy, I wiped out a special video that Twist gave me, and I even tipped off my family’s butler with some of my allowance to keep my parents from my room for a while. What was the special video you ask? It was a video from a special stash that Twist’s parents obviously had. The video was about these two mares who were dumped by their mates and were trapped in depression. But then they came into each other’s company and got together to end their depression by doing… oh my. So this was one of the videos that Twist said she checked out in private; these two mares were making out and embracing each other’s bodies. This was kinda like what Twist and I did together, but this was completely new to Tiara. You should’ve seen the look on her face; the video was very explicit and showed every single, possible angle of each mares’ bodies as they rubbed, and licked each other in special places. Tiara couldn’t keep her eyes off the screen and neither could I. That was a great way to end that night.

The next morning, Tiara and I decided to start the day off washing off in my shower… in my room. That’s right, I have my own personal shower in my bedroom. We went in there to freshen up for our day, and I brought up of how our night went.

“What a night; right, Tiara? We should like have sleepovers like this more often; and maybe sometimes invite the boys over as well. You know what I mean?”

“Yeah, it was okay I guess... but that was the weirdest, most bizzare, yet slightly interesting experience I've ever had in a sleepover.”

That was one way to describe it; but I think Tiara enjoyed it more than she was like letting on.

“Come on, Tiara, you know you like enjoyed yourself; and I'm not just talking about the delicious snacks and gossiping.”

“That video you showed me was like completely unrealistic; as if mares and fillies can really make out with each other like that.”

She was kidding, right? How could she think that after everything that has happened? I gave her a low-eyed look and stated…

“Twist and I did it.”

“O-o-okay,” Tiara studdered, “but...

“And Twist said that she saw Lyra and Bon Bon do it once.”

“Fine, but I still think...”

“And now that I think about it, I think I saw Rainbow Dash making out with...”

It was then that she finally gave up.

“Okay okay, you proved your point! But I still think it’s a bit farfetched. Next you'll be telling me that the same can be said for stallions and colts.”

That didn’t sound like a bad idea.

“I don't know; maybe we could like look into that next.”

“One step at a time, sister.”

Just feeling warm, running water in the shower was reliving me of any stress that I might have had in my body; hopefully it was doing the same for Tiara as well. But now, I had a certain topic That I wanted to bring up again as I smirked over at Tiara.

“So… I bet you just can't wait for our little activity we have planned.”

“You don't have to keep reminding me; I like blush every time I think about it.”

She looked away from me when she said that, and her cheeks were suddenly blushing again. I’d say she was looking forward to it.

“No kidding; you were like more red than Spike when he's around Rarity. I'd say you can't wait to get it on again.”

“Don't say it like that; it sounds too weird.”

“But you do, right; am I right? I’m right, aren’t I?”

“Just finish washing your coat.”

Tiara had a weird way of showing it, but she was really coming around; and before we know it, she’ll gain more friends that like for who she is. But I guess what she has now is good enough for the time being. But suddenly while we were finishing things up, the shower door entrance burst open and we saw Snips rushed in without our consent.

“There you two are!”


We both screamed and jumped in fright; and as a force of habit, we tried to cover our bodies even though it made no sense.

“What the hell?!” Tiara yelled, “How did you get in here?! Get out of here right now; we're showering... and naked!”

Just then, Snails walked in as well as he looked over at Tiara and stated…

“Um... no offense, Tiara, but... we're always naked.”

“Well maybe I treasure the principal of a little something called... having some privacy time!”

I blushed seeing that Snails was looking at me while I was in the shower, with my coat all welt and drenched; but that was beside the point. These two obviously came in here for a reason, so I asked.

“What's going on? Is something wrong?”

“You won't believe it,” Snips shouted, “its terrible; absolutely terrible!”

“It's Twist, eh;” said Snail suddenly, “I think something very bad has happened to her!”

Tiara and I both looked at each other wondering if we like heard those two right and we both shouted…


We were suddenly wondering what happened to Twist that was so serious, and I think Tiara suddenly forgot why she was mad at those two at the present time. But both of us chose to not waste any time; after we dried ourselves off from the shower, we like rushed out of my family’s mansion and were following Snips and Snails to Twist’s house. We didn’t ask anything on the way; we were too busy thinking of what might have happened to Twist since Snips and Snails didn’t know yet either. But we were about to get our answer when we almost got to our destination. We ran into Sweetie Belle whom was just coming from Twist’s house; and she did seem a bit delighted to see us.

“Hey there, Sweetie Belle!” I said to her with a smile.

“Oh, h-hey there,” Sweetie responded as he smiled back; however she was still getting used to seeing the sight in front of her, “Um... guys, no offense; but… you know, it's still a bit weird seeing you guys together like this.”

“Yeah yeah, we know,” Tiara scoffed, “Get over it already. So like what's going on? What happened to Twist?”

Sweetie’s smile slightly disappeared as she looked back at Twist’s house and then back at us.

“Don't worry, she's okay, but... what happened to her was just... awful. I'm afraid... she was raped.”

She was what?! That was probably going through all of our heads at the same as we all gasped! This was worse than I thought.

“Raped?!” shouted Snails, “You mean she was...”

“I'm afraid so. It happened sometime last night, but I only heard about it since I got up this morning. I'm on my way to tell Apple Bloom and Scootaloo about this, but I'm sure Twist will be happy to see the four of you.”

As Sweetie Belle went on her way, I couldn’t help but overhear her softly ay to herself…

“I can't believe this this happened again.”

From what she said, it sounded like this kind of incident happened before recently; but how could she like know that; unless she just heard about it.

“What are we waiting for, you guys?!” I suddenly heard Snips shout, “We need to check to see if Twist is okay!

“Sweetie just said she's fine;” Tiara responded, “no need to rush! But... yeah, so let’s go see her.

Snips was right though; I can worry about that quote Sweetie said later. We all went inside Twist’s house and her sadden parents pointed us in the direction of her room. Well I guess I would be upset if I had a foal of my own get raped. Once we got to the room, Twist was there lying in her bed; and she looked over at us and smiled as she put on her glasses to see us better.

“Oh guyth, I’m tho glad you're here. I'm... I-I-I'm not thure if I'll m-make it. I-I-I can… almoth… th-th-thee the light.”

Okay, now she was just being overdramatic.

“Oh knock it off;” said Tiara, “we know you're not dying.”

“Heh, thorry; I'm juth trying to lift mythelf up… after what happened.”

Feeling a bit upset of the matter, I just released the word that were in my head.

“I can't believe somepony just like took advantage of you like that; it's barbaric! You never asked for something like this!”

Twist looked over at me and arched her eyebrow as she responded…

“Well don't beat up yourthelf about it; ith not like you wished for thith to happen to me.”

“So what happened?” Snails asked curiously, “How did this happen to you?

“It wath a… horrible and terrifying experienthe; I’ll never forget it. I wath juth out lath night to get a few thingth for my parenth while they had clothed up shop here; and I wath happy to do it. But onthe I was done, thith thtallion came out of nowhere and wath trying to harath me. I freaked out and tried tto run away, but thomehow he caught up to me and muffled my crieth for help as he held on tightly to me. Before I knew it, I could feel his giant hooveth carething all over my body, and he wath thniffing all in my mane so much it wath nautheating.”

Twist was kinda shuddering by the look of her body language, and I don’t blame her. That sounded way too creepy, and I wasn’t even there.

“But… the worth wath yet to come. I could feel it; his thick… giant cock… roughly rubbing againth me; eager to to be pushed inthide of me. I wath getting all hot and thweaty, and unfortunately I wath easily arouthed. I didn’t want to feel thith way towardth this thranger, but my body was eathily falling limp to hith action. But luckily, he didn’t try to push in my puthy; what he did felt worthe.”

“What did he do that would be worse?!” Snips exclaimed.

“He uthed hith strength and held me down on the ground and pounded me in my ath… my ath! He wath way too big and my butt wath way too tight. It felt tho painful, and embarrathing! I never felt tho violated in my life! Onthe he wath finished with me, I wath totally wathed, and that perverted thallion licked me in my behind.”

“Ew,” I groaned.

“I know, right?! After that, he whithpered in my ear of how much fun he had with me and would wish to do it again thometime; and then he thuddenly dithappeared without a trathe and left me there in that dark alley to wallow in my dithmay. Eventually, thomepony found me and alerted my parenth… and the reth ith hithory. I know I alwayth wanted to experienthe sex… but not like thith.”

After hearing all of that, we were all devastated, even Tiara. To think that somepony would do such a thing to a foal like Twist.

“That’s… really awful,” Snails stated, “I can’t believe somepony did this to you. How are you feeling now, eh?”

“I’m doing fine. M-my flank ith thill a little thore, but I’ll manage.”

Even Diamond Tiara felt surprised about what happened, but she seemed to express her anger more.

“Ugh, the nerve of that stallion… whoever he is! He thinks he can take advantage on defenseless foals?! Why don’t we show him a thing or two?!”

“N-no, don’t. there’th no need to try and gain revenge for me,” said Twist, “My parenth already alerted thith to the authoritieth and they will handle it.”

“Yeah… I guess.”

Snips decided to be a little fresh with Tiara as he leaned himself against her while winking his eye.

“Don’t worry, my princess, I will be mad with you.”

“Oh, back off,” Tiara scoffed as she pushed him off of her.

What happened that night couldn’t have come at a worst time seeing that we had plans later on. Twist, Tiara and I just talked about it yesterday, and now this stallion character had to come in and ruined like everything. Totally not cool.

“I hate to like bring this up, but… I guess you’re not up to our special thing we had planned.”

“I don’t know,” Twit responded, “What that thallion did took a huge toll on me, and it left me feeling pretty thcared.” She then just sighed as she laid her head back down on her pillow, “I’ll just reth on it… and I’ll let you know later.”

That sounded like a good idea. She needed to rest her stress of after going through what she had to go through last night.

“Well… okay. Just make sure to like take it easy on yourself.”

Twist just smiled back at us and said…

“Thankth, I will.”

As we walked out of Twist’s house and back outside, we were all wondering what to do with the rest of the day. But the current situation was still stuck in our heads.

“Man, poor Twist,” said Snails sadly, “She really didn’t ask for this.”

“I completely agree!” Snips replied, “However, I have a question for you two. What’s that special thing that you were talking about?”

I just rolled my eyes.

“Just forget about it, Snips.”

Just then, we ran into Sweetie Belle again heading back to Twist’s house along with Apple Bloom and Scootaloo.

“Hey, guys,” said Sweetie, “Just got out from seeing Twist?”

“Yep,” said Snips trying to stay calm, “And don’t worry, she’s doing just fine… mostly.”

Now Apple Bloom and Scootaloo rolled their eyes at Snips. Heh, I’m sure he like receives those expressions all the time.

“We know,” they both said glaring at Snips, “Sweetie already told us.”

Scootaloo was also looking at us very weird-like probably still getting used to seeing us together.

“You know, it’s still weird to me seeing all of you toge…”

“We know!”

“Whoa, okay; I was just saying.”

Suddenly I like remembered that line I heard Sweetie said to herself earlier and I had to question her about it.

“Hey, uh… Sweetie, could I like speak with you for second.”

“Um… sure,” she responded looking at me unsurely; then she looked over at her friends, “You two go on ahead; I’ll join with you soon.”

After Apple Bloom and Scootaloo went on ahead, Sweetie went over to me and the others and was ready to talk.

“So what’s up?”

“Well, you see… when you left last time, I couldn’t help but overhear you say to yourself that ‘you couldn’t believe that this happened again.’”

I could suddenly see an uncomfortable expression on Sweetie’s face as she kept looking at me strongly. She knew something we didn’t, and I wanted to get it out of her… i-i-in a nice way of course.

“I honestly don’t mean to not mind my own business, but… what exactly did you mean by that? Are you saying that this happened here before recently?”

We all curiously looked at her waiting for answer. Of course if she didn’t want to tell us that would be okay… I guess. Fortunately, she did tell, but what she told us shocked us even more than we already were.

“Y-yeah, you’re right. It did happen before; the night before last night as a matter of fact. But I mainly know this because… I was the victim.”

(Everyone): “WHAT?!”

And from there, Sweetie told us about what happened that night. She told us of how she was hanging out at the home of Apple Bloom with her friends, and by nightfall she was walking back home all by herself. But on the way there, she ran into a mysterious stallion just like Twist did; and I’m like sure that it was the same one. He tried to use his strength to take advantage of Sweetie too, but unlike Twist, Sweetie had an advantage over him… she had unicorn magic. So she used it pick up a nearby stick and started to beat on him with it until he let her go. Afterwards, she screamed at the top of her lungs to help and that caused him to abandon his plan and fled off into the night. Eventually, Applejack and Apple Bloom came to Sweetie after she screamed and she told them what happened. Whoever this stallion was, he was very persistent and needed to be like stopped.

“Unbelievable,” said Snails, “How come none of us heard about this?”

“Well, I didn’t exactly see any of you guys yesterday,” said Sweetie, “But I guess maybe you guys were busy doing something together. Were you all having some sort of playdate or something?”

All of us froze for a few seconds and had our eyes wondering around trying not to give anything away.

“Y-you could… say that,” said Snails.

“So… g-good thing you didn’t get raped,” said Snips trying to change the subject, “Wish I could say the same about Twist.”

“I think we all wished that it didn’t happen,” said Sweetie, “But at least she’s okay and that’s what is important.”

Sweetie then took off towards Twist’s house to join her friends who were waiting for her.

“Oh, and by the way… Twist is lucky to have friends that care about her besides me and the crusaders. You’ve really surprised me… especially you, Tiara.”

Tiara looked at her strongly, and I could tell that she felt flattered; however, being the way she is, she tried not to show it too much.

“Y-yeah, whatever. It’s no big deal.”

Well, she is making progress; no need to make her rush.

“This situation is more serious than we thought,” said Snails, “It seems that no foal is safe around here in Ponyville as long as this stallion is around.”

“Well not to worry,” I said, “I’m sure that he’ll get caught now that he’s brought so much attention to him now.”

Snips suddenly had an interesting theory what could happen.

“Yeah, I hope he gets captured and then maybe they’ll let us foals beat him up or something.”

We all looked at him like he lost his mind. He just shrugged and smiled sheepishly.

“What, they might.”

But soon I realized that Tiara wasn’t paying attention to Snips’ suggestion. She was thinking about something to herself; but what was it exactly.

“Tiara, is there something on mind? I’ve never seen you in this deep of thought before.”

“Huh? O-oh, yeah… I-I was thinking about… something; but… i-it’s stupid.”

“Come on, Tiara, you can tell us.”

After all, what she’s thinking can’t be that stupid right?”

“WelI… I know his might like seem a bit weird coming from me, but… I think we should like find this stallion and… capture him ourselves.”

Okay, scratch that; she is now the one here who has lost her mind.

“Have you gone completely out of your mind?!” Snips frantically shouted, “This stallion rapes little fillies! What if push comes to shove that… he likes little colts too?”

Snails equally agreed with his friend as he shuddered a bit.

“Ugh, I do not want to find out, eh.”

I for one was like wondering of how this kind of idea came to Tiara’s thought. She was right; it was weird for her to suggest such a thing.

“They’re right, Tiara.” I told her, “I thought we were just joking about taking him down ourselves. Besides, the grownups are already on it, so there’s no need to worry about it.”

But Tiara proved to us that she was not kidding… for real! She was actually going through with it, and it looked like she wasn’t going to take no for an answer.

“That’s just it, Silver Spoon. This stallion only seems to come out when foals like us are alone at night. With all of the grown-ups going around and searching for him, he’s going to stay hidden, and he also seems to hide very well.”

Well… what she said was true. This stallion did seem to get away very easily; whether or not he got what he wanted. Tiara was really o the ball here.

“Hm… you do like have a good point there,” I stated.

Although, Snips and Snails still wasn’t sure about it.

“I know it sounds crazy,” Tiara continued, “but if we… w-work together, I have a plan that could work; and at the right time, we’ll catch him off guard and capture him.”

“I-I-I don’t know about this, eh,” Snails worryingly.

“Hey,” Tiara said angrily, “I will not stand by and like let this stallion think that he can easily pick off fillies like me and get away with it! If we don’t do my plan now, who knows how long this stallion will be out there before he’s caught, or how many more foals he’ll score. Now who is like with me?!”

After hearing her explanation speech, it was hard to deny what she said. Maybe it did seem a little crazy for 4 young foal to try and capture a strong, and elusive stallion, but Tiara had a strong point.

“You know what, Tiara, you’re absolutely right. Let’s show this menace what we fillies are really made of.”

“My point exactly.”

After some thought, Snails decided to agree as well.

“I guess you do have a point. If you actually need my help, then… I’m in.”

Unfortunately, Snips was unsure about the idea and was still shaking a bit. But Diamond Tiara smirked at him knowing how to provoke him.

“Well, Snips… are you in? You don’t want to be outdone by a couple of fillies, right; or are you chicken?”

With the right motivation, Snips could be easily provoked. It’s a little tactic Tiara and I used when we were being mean little… well, you know. Hopefully, that’s behind us now, but Tiara was using now for a good reason. Snips thought about Tiara’s words and knew that he shouldn’t act like a coward in front of us. He was sweating strongly and placed on a tough face and shouted…

“The colt shall not be out-courage by the filly! I’m in too!”

“Alright; calm down, mister dramatics,” said Tiara with a light smile, “You’re so easily, you know that.”

Well, I guess it was decided then; we were all in on Tiara’s plan… once she fully figures out how to execute it. But I’m sure whatever she had in mind couldn’t be too bad. Perhaps it could actually work.

“So… if we actually go through with this plan,” I asked, “how exactly are we going to bring this stallion out of hiding?”

“It’s quite simple, Silver Spoon,” said Tiara proudly, “You and me have to use ourselves… as bait.”

Oh dear. Maybe this wasn’t a good idea.

How to Catch a Criminal

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(Diamond Tiara)

Okay, maybe it seemed like we were going a little in over our heads from this plan I had cooking up in my head, but like what other choice did we have. This stallion… whoever he was needed to be stop. I will not allow any other filly to be easily raped by him like Twist was. I know I’m still a little new at fully accepting new friends, but I feel like we have to do this; for Twist; for all of us fillies.

All of us were going around town and asking certain ponies if they knew anything about what happened, but I for one knew of one pony who has a knack of gaining the scoop of almost anything in Ponyville… and I now had that pony in my sights. That little colt, Featherweight; he was just trotting around with his little camera probably looking for his next story to publish in a newspaper… if he had the licence to do that anyway. He seemed a bit uneasy as he saw me approach him. I mean what; was I that intimidating? Wait, don’t answer that.

“H-h-hey, Tiara,” he said, “Do you need something?”

“Indeed, I do, but lets talk about it over here… where no pony can like see us.”

“Huh? Wh-wh-what?”

I dragged him to a nearby corner so I could talk to him privately. Maybe this action was a little awkward, but it was necessary.

“Um… what’s going on?” he asked, “you’re kinda scaring me.”

“Oh calm down,” I told him, “I just wanted to talk to you to see if you know anything about the incident last night.”

“Incident; wh-wh-what incident?”

“I’m talking about the incident of Twist getting raped.”

“Oh yeah… that. I think I know more than I needed to, s-s-so I don’t think it’s safe to say anything about it.”

Just as I thought, Featherweight did know something, but he wasn’t going to spill anything so easily. Luckily, I had my hoof bag with me and pulled out something that might like change his mind.

“Would… 20 bits help convince you?”

I handed the bits to him, and he was looking at it strongly like he was trying to figure out if the bits were real or not. Luckily, he was convinced and he looked around before telling me what I wanted to know.

“O-o-okay, um… what I do know is… that I overheard some ponies talking about this stallion who raped her. They said that he was a dangerous criminal and… n-no foal is safe with him around. Boy, I sure hope he’s not bi for fillies and colts.”

“Do you know anything else?” I strongly asked him, “Like… what his name is?”

“I-I’m afraid not. I even interviewed with Twist herself and even she doesn't know the perpetrator's name. I wish I could help you out more; really. But… may I say that… um, you seem a lot nicer than usual.”

“Just… take your bits and go.”


Well… I guess Featherweight was no help to me afterall, and everypony I asked knew next to nothing about this stallion who raped Twist. I was going to like give up, until I came upon the Ponyville library; aka, Princess Twilight’s castle. It still looked as gorgeous as the day we all first saw it, and I thought maybe something in there could help me out with what I was working with. After I went in, I automatically ran into Twilight herself! Oh my, this was sudden. She was looking down at me curious of what I was up to.

“Hey, Diamond Tiara, what brings you here? Is there something that you need?”

Okay, Tiara, stay cool; stay cool. No need to get too excited personally talking to a princess.

“Hey, Miss Twilight. I was kinda hoping that I could come here to find out a little bit about the stallion who… assaulted Twist last night. Hey, do you know anything about him.”


Ooh, she was sweating and not making complete eye contact on me. She did know something. But then again, I thought that way about Featherweight as well.

“I may... know a little something about him,” she told me, “but I don’t think I should tell a young filly like you; you might get freaked out.”

What did I have to lose; I must know what she knows.

“Come on, I just want to know what we are up against,” I pleaded with my innocent filly eyes, “And besides, don’t you love it when us foals are curious of... knowledge?”

I knew Twilight couldn’t resist a curious mind, especially if it came from a young foal like myself. She seemed to be caving in and was going to spill her beans.

“O-okay, you’ve convinced me,” she told me as she escorted me to her study room, “I’m probably not supposed to tell you this, but… I guess maybe you could handle it.”

Darn right I can. So what did she know about Twist’s raper?

"If the inside sources that the Mayor and I came upon are correct, we're dealing with a sexual criminal named Pido. His crime... his obsession of little fillies.


(Imagine flashback)

Although, it started out as something completely innocent. He was simply a young, growing stallion from Trottingham who loved spending time with little fillies and had a huge affection for them. He loved being around them, and they always gave him peace of mind. Unfortunately, that all changed one night when he was babysitting all alone with a young filly. Of course I don’t know what happened that night, but my guess is he let his curiosity of being near a cute filly with no pony around get to him. And before that filly could figure it out, Pido gave in to his deepest and darkest desire and did the unspeakable… he raped the young filly.

Somehow, he got away with it; probably because he made the filly promise not to tell anyone what they did that night. But despite that, it didn’t stop there. Once Pido had some fun with that one filly, he became hooked to the feeling. He was lost in his own sick mind, and continued to force any filly he could get his hooves on to have sex with him. His obsession became strong, and he no longer cared what anypony thought of his actions. But he didn’t just stop at his hometown; oh no, he began traveling alone in secret to other places just to find fresh meat.

One thing that Pido had going for him though was, despite being an earth pony, he was very talented at evading and escaping without a trace. That’s how he was able continue what he desired most. There are records of many different fillies that fell victim to Pido, and he was never caught, not even once. It seemed that nopony could stop this pony from corrupting little fillies’ lives. But his luck soon ran out one day when he spotted a young unicorn filly in Canterlot. They said that she was walking home from… somewhere, and got snatched up by Pido. The young filly was too frightened and confused to do anything or use any of her magic to escape. But luckily for her, somepony else was nearby that Pido wasn’t aware of and took him down; and Pido was arrested and in prison ever since.


Like… wow. This stallion Twilight just told me about totally doesn't sound like somepony I want to meet in a dark alley. Maybe I was more in over my head than I thought I was.

“And… you and the Mayor like sure that the stallion that raped Twist and almost raped Sweetie Belle is the same pony you speak of?” I asked her.

“We are pretty sure. It obviously seems that he found a way to escape from the Trottingham prison. That’s why until we can somehow catch this dangerous and elusive criminal sicko, all foals are ordered to not be outside after dark. We don’t want another filly to be traumatized by this pony’s actions. So tell me, is there any other reasons of why you wanted to know this?”

I didn’t want Twilight to know what I was really up to, so just left it at that before she got suspicious.

“Actually… that’s pretty much it. Wow, I learned a lot today because of you.” I then left her place before the situation got awkward, “Thanks a lot, Miss Twilight; your highness!”

“Um… you’re welcome?”

Even to this day, the style of that that library castle is just to die for! I have to spend some more time at that place just to admire it’s beauty; but that has to wait. Despite what Twilight told me, I couldn’t let that scare me. We needed to go through with my plan, and it will work. If this… Pido character is as dangerous as Twilight said, then he must be stop at all cost!


(Silver Spoon)

Whoa… that was like… whoa. The information Tiara told me was like totally frightening. I started to have 2nd thoughts of what we were planning, but then again if this stallion wasn’t caught soon like Tiara said, more victims would only fall victim to him. And for all we know the next one could be her, or… ‘gulp’, me. Well, I don’t know that for sure, but I don’t want to take any chances. Once Tiara and I informed Snips and Snails of our situation, they were freaked out as well, but not enough that they chickened out. We went over Tiara’s plan to try and catch Pido, and hand him over to justice. If we fail, then I guess Tiara and I will be the next victims. Wait… what am I saying?! Of course we’re not going to fail; we can’t afford to fail. This plan has to like succeed no matter what!

When night finally fell, and my parents permanently thought that I was asleep, I easily crept out of my room and out the entrance door. Once I got to our ambush destination on the outside plains of Ponyville, Tiara was already waiting for me. Wow that was fast; she was more determined than I thought. Although it didn’t occured to her that the Pido could’ve come already and try to rape her while she was out here by herself; but I left that alone. Snips and Snails weren’t there yet, but hopefully they wouldn’t be much longer. We waited for almost a half-hour before we finally saw Snips and Snails dragging themselves to where we were. Poor things looked tuckered out.

"It's about time you two showed up,” Tiara complained, “What took you so long?"

"Hey, don’t rush us!” shouted Snips, “Do you have any idea how hard it was to sneak out of my house?!"

"It was pretty hard for me to," added Snails.

I guess their parents are bit more cautious around the house than ours were. But hey, I guess it was a miracle that they got out at all.

"Well... what matters is that you both made it,” I chuckled, “So, do you two like remember the plan?”

“We sure do, eh!” Snails responded happily, “Snails and I hide behind that bush while you and Tiara try to bait in Pido with your pretty looks. And once you give us the signal, we tie him up all nice and tight with this rope with our magic. Heh, good thing we’ve brushed up a bit on our skills, eh, Snips.”

“Hell yeah, that stallion won’t see it coming!”

“Gee, thanks for that outburst, Snips,” said Tiara sarcastically, “I think the entire town could hear you.”

“Oops, sorry.”

“Well, I’m glad we’re all on the same page,” I said calmly, “Tiara, let’s get to work.”

“Heh, like you have to ask.”

We were all risking like a lot doing this; not just because we were out this late and our parents might kill us if they find out, but because we were trying to capture a stallion criminal. Four foals against one fully grown stallion… it seems like a risky bet, but if this plan does go right, we will win.

“Do you really think he’ll show up?” I told Tiara.

“Like of course he will. He raped Twist for pony sake. No offense to her, but I am much prettier than she is. If he showed up for her, he’ll show up for us.

Snails had brought these interesting devices that we could use so we wouldn’t have to shout at each other of what was going on. However, Snips spoke a little too loud the first time.

“Can you hear us; can ya?!”

He took me and Tiara by surprise and we dug in our ears a little to make sure they weren't ruined.

“Yes… loud and clear,” Tiara groaned.

“That’s good,” Snails responded, “I thought these old communication speakers would come in handy one day.”

“Just stay silent, you two and to see if something happens.”

“Roger that!”

Snips and Snails stayed in their position behind a nearby bush, and Tiara and I were just laying there in the open waiting for Pido to show up. But we ended up waiting for more than an hour, and one of us was getting a bit impatient.

“Ugh, where the hell is he; its getting late,” Tiara complained, “We’re a couple of cute and pretty young fillies just lying out here in the open with nopony around us. What other motivation do we need to give this sicko to get him to come out?”

She did have a point, we couldn’t stay out here too long, but we didn’t want to go home empty-handed. But then, the most crazy and out of the blue idea came to me to make the process go faster.

“Tiara,” I said looking at Tiara kinda timidly, “I-I think I know something that might egg him on. But… I’m not sure if you’re like up to it.”

“What are you talking about?”

I whispered my idea into Tiara’s ear, and her expression changed from curious to shocked and slightly disgusted.

“Oh no. No no no no no no no no… way. There is no way I am doing that, SIlver Spoon.”

“Come on,” I asked nicely, “its just to lure in the criminal. From the sound of things, it’s like he sniffs out the activities of what fillies are doing. kinda gross, but true.”

Even with my reasons, Tiara still wasn’t up to my idea.

“Forget it. I was willing to do anything to stop this… sicko, but… this is pretty sick in itself.”

“Don’t knock it until you try it.”

“No, forget it.”

But then… I tried a different persuasion.

“Do it for Twist?”

I think I got to her with that one. Tiara really cared for Twist now, especially since she was brutally raped; and she didn’t want it to happen to anypony else.

“I can’t believe I’m doing this,” she sighed while rolling eyes, “Fine, but only to draw in that stallion.

“Don’t worry,” I told her, “I’m not asking for anything too sloppy or stuff like that, just enough to draw Pido in.”

It was a bit awkward as I placed my front half over Tiara after she laid on her back. She just looked at me slightly blushing out of embarrassment, and I was chuckling a bit enjoying the expression on her face.

“So… how does this like… go again?”



“What are those two doing? Th-this wasn’t part of the plan.”

“I don’t know, I think its very convincing.”

I was very confused. The plan was that Tiara and Silver Spoon stay out in the open to lure in the bad guy so we could try and capture him. But suddenly they’re taking the baiting thing to a whole new level by… making out with each other! Never did I thought that I would see this in my life… but then again, there was one point in my life when I thought those two were kind of gay for each other.

“Well… I guess its a pretty good show at least,” I told Snails with a little smirk.

This was great; a sexy show while we were on a stakeout. Sweet. I couldn’t stop watching them as they were kissing each other on the lips while caressing each other. It was like they weren't acting at all. But then, Snails tapped on my shoulder and told me...

“Um, Snips? S-s-s-stallion approaching. Do you think that’s…”

I looked at what Snails saw, and all I could say in my mind was...

“Uh oh.”


(Silver Spoon)

Well… things were going as planned… sorta. Making out with Tiara just to heighten our chances of catching that stallion was a bit awkward, but a small necessity.

“So, heh… enjoying yourself?”

“Keep it up, Silver Spoon and I’ll like give you one hell of a spanking… and not of the sensual kind either.”

Well… can’t say that I would like a spanking no matter what the reason, but I would totally love to see her try. By the look on Tiara’s face, she wanted this to be over quick, but right at that moment, we both heard Snips on the speaker.

“Tiara, Silver Spoon, look alive! There’s somepony headed right for you; and I think its… him.”

Really; was he actually serious?! Tiara and I froze and slowly tilted our head behind us and… we did see someone coming… and it was a stallion! This was it, the moment of truth; the moment that could determined the outcome of our young bodies… that is, if he’s the one.

“Oh man, what do we do now that we have him?” I questioned to Tiara.

Tiara wasn’t quite sure what to do now either. But then, she lowered my head back down to her and whispered in my ear.

“Just pretend you don’t see him. Keep the the acting light and follow my lead.”

She suddenly started to softly kiss me again to keep up the act and I went along with it as well. This moment still felt a little wierd, but nothing I couldn’t handle. But sure enough, Tiara saw the stallion almost right upon us; and putting on her cute and innocent face and adorable tone in her voice, she began to act her role.

“Oh my goodness, Silver Spoon, somepony was spying on us! Oh please, please don’t like tell anypony that we’re out here!

I was partially amused by her act and it was pretty convincing to. I saw the stallion and his coat was as black as night along with a dark brown mane. Wow, no wonder he choses to strike only at night; good strategy. Suddenly, Tiara lightly punched me in the shoulder to signify me to contribute the acting.

“Oh! Um... y-y-yes, mister, please don’t tell anyone; especially our parents!”

The stallion suddenly smiled upon us and sat down on his flank and said in a calm, low voice.

“Aw, its okay; you cute little fillies have absolutely nothing to worry about. I won’t tell a single soul. In fact… I came over here cause I noticed you two having a little fun together and thought I… heh, watch a bit. So just keep going, it was quite entertaining.”

Wow, it was working; he took the bait. Tiara and I knew right there and then that this was the same stallion that raped Twist. But to make sure, we continued on with our innocent act.,

“Gee, thanks a lot,” said Tiara, “Like what’s your name?”

“Well… I don’t want this to go around too much but… my name Pido.”

Both of our eyes went wide with slight fright; this was him. He really was the sexual criminal who likes little fillies. But we had to stay calm so he wouldn’t catch on to our plan; so Tiara went on by saying...

“Pido, that a nice name. I’m Diamond Tiara and this is my special friend, Silver Spoon.”

“Nice to meet you, Pido.”

“Yes… very special friend indeed.”

We were laying on each other in a sensual way and holding each other close while looking up at Pido with cute looks trying to pull him deeper into our trap. We even made a small story on the side just for fun.

“Our parents are totally stupid because they don’t think that we should be together like this,” said Tiara, “Isn’t that something?!”

And of course, Pido agreed.

“It sure is. How terrible.”

“So, we snuck out here tonight so we could have a little private fun to ourselves. That’ll teach them to deny our choices!”

“You two are pretty brave, no doubt about it.”

I was staying silent most of the time pretending to be the quiet type to speak only when I felt like it, and it was pretty easy. But then, Pido made a comment that Tiara and I were just waiting for.

“But you know… I have a suggestion for you two that can add a little more zest to your make-out session.”

“Zest?” I questioned.

“You know… some extra fun; something to make you… feel real good.”

He was smiling very mischievous-like and was slightly licking his lips; probably hoping that we would let him do whatever he wanted to do to us. But hey, let’s like let him think that.

“Oh my, you’re a naughty stallion,” Tiara giggled pretending to blush and making her body wiggle a bit, “Do you really want to play with two little fillies like us?”

“Why not; it’s a free world, right? So what do you say?”

In his dreams. He had no idea that he was about to be duped by us. We’ve done enough and it was time for Tiara to give the boys the signal.

“I don’t know, but… I would have to say… NOW!”

“Really?” said Pido arching his eyebrow not knowing what she really meant, “Well… if you’re really so eager, I won’t complain.”

He took a few more steps towards us and we stood our ground trying not to freak out. But just in time, a long, thick rope wrapped in magic suddenly surrounded Pido. He froze feeling a bit confused.

“What the…”

And then, the rope wrapped around him and was tying all around him. While trying to make sense of the situation, he heard two other voices behind him.

“Make it nice and tight, Snails!”

“Duly noted, Snips!”

He saw Snips and Snails realizing they were the ones tying him up with the strong rope. They were quite quick and did well handling their magic; heh, and Pido looked so upset.

“What the hell is going on?!”

“I’ll tell you what’s going on,” I said as Tiara and I came up to him with our signature snooty smirks, “you’ve just like got tricked and outsmarted by four young foals. Yeah, in your face, ya creep!”

“Hmph,” Pido grunted, “so I’m guessing tying this rope around me isn’t some kind of fetish for you two?”

“What’s a fetish?” Snails whispered to Snips.

There he goes being clueless again; heh heh.

“‘Fraid not, Pido,” said Tiara, “we know who you are and what you’ve done. So we like came up with a clever, elaborate plan to trick you to come out from hiding and then trap you like so.”

Suddenly, Tiara just broke out into a giggle fit feeling so proud of herself.

“Eeeeeeeee, I can’t believe my plan like actually worked!”

But hey, I couldn’t blame her; none of us could.

“I’ll admit, I wasn’t quite sure if this plan would work well,” I told Tiara, “but I guess I was proven wrong.”

“Of course it worked; it was foolproof.”

Then we both gave each other a high hoof and did the same with Snips and Snails. Tonight was a good night.

“I can’t believe that I was outsmarted by the likes of you little foals,” said Pido in distraught, “Heh, its actually pretty impressive.”

“Thanks,” I said, “and now that you are trapped with no way to escape, you’re going back to jail, you sicko.”

We were successful and we had Pido right where we wanted him. But… when I looked up at him again and saw a sudden glint in his eyes, I had an unfortunate feeling that something wasn’t right.

“The four of you working together to trap me is pretty impressive indeed, but… whoever said that I was actually trapped?”


Just then, it’s like he showed his true strength and was straining against the ropes so much that they were beginning to tear. and with a few more attempts, the rope finally snapped and Pido was free again! All of our jaws like dropped at the sight, and Snips seemed very upset.

“What the… that’s impossible! That was a Grade A super strong and super thick rope; guaranteed!”

“Look like somepony needs their money back, eh,” Snails added.

This was bad, our plan did fail! We were now sitting ducks in front of this dangerous criminal.

“What now?” shouted Tiara.

“Quick, Snails, plan B!”

Luckily, Snips and Snails had a back-up plan. What it was, I don’t know, but it had something to do with their magic.

“I don’t think so.”

Unfortunately, Pido was prepared this time. As Snips and Snails went towards him, he threw a small cylinder-shaped device at them. It automatically lit it up and it somehow drew in Snips and Snails’ horns into it; and now they were stuck and couldn’t use their magic.

“Ahhh, Snails, get off of my horn!”

“Me?! Get off of my horn, eh!”

With their heads forced to bend downward, they tried to struggle against it, but to no avail.

“We’re stuck! What is this thing?!”

“Just one of a few things that I stole somewhere to help me ever since my last encounter with a unicorn foal,” stated Pido, “Most unicorn foals I come across usually can’t use their magic properly, which makes them easier targets. But nothing is wrong with fixing a mistake in your planning. Just be lucky that I’m not gay for colts.”

“Well that’s a relief,” Snails sighed.

“Yeah,” Snips added, “I wasn’t worried about that at all.”

Well they were obviously safe, but...

“However, for you two… that’s a completely different story.”

Tiara and I were shaking; almost to scared to do anything. But we knew that there was only one thing to do.

“D-d-do we run now, Tiara?”

“Y-yeah, I think that’ the best choice for our current situation.”

We both turned around and started heading back to Ponyville while not looking back. However, Pido still gave chase to us.

“Oh boy, a chase.”

We didn’t worry about Snips and Snails at the moment; they were fine and could catch up later.

“Okay, just… g-go… and leave us here. We’ll be with you… I hope.”

Right now Tiara and I had to escape from Pido… meaning we had to lose him and let him go.

“We have to… like get back into... Ponyville,” said Tiara while gasping for breath, “He won’t follow us there!”

“But what about capturing him?!” I questioned.

“Right now, I’d like to focus on escaping and not getting raped if you don’t mind.”

“Good point.”

Pido was right behind us and noticed what we were going to do. But he wasn’t planning to let us get away so easily.

“Trying to escape into your little hovel of a home; I think not.”

Next thing we know, we almost reached the grounds of the town, only to suddenly be caught by a lasso.

“No no no no no!”

We were pulled back and caught in our own bind like we did to him and we came crashing down right beside him. He had the tail end of the rope in his mouth and wrapped it around our hooves and then dropped it to the side as he grinned down at us.

“Oh great!” Tiara whined, “Not only is he like strong, fast on his hooves, and easy to evade trouble, but he also has some roping skill to boot!”

“Its a little something I learned on the side.”


He began circling around us studying our bodies and licking his lips. He just can’t wait to get his hooves on us, could he? How disturbing.

“Just look at you two; so scared and fearing for your life and making cute little whimpers… keep doing that. It really puts me in the mood.”

We couldn’t like help it; we were helplessly bound and couldn’t get loose. Not to mention that we were about to have the same experience Twist had.

“Please, just let us go!” I pleaded.

“We’ll like stay out of your business from now on!” Tiara added, “We promise!”

“Let you go, and let everypony know of my whereabouts; no way. Besides, I have two cute, defenseless little fillies right in front of me that I can do anything to. You definitely put on quite the act back there; it gave me a major hard-on.”

He sounded so power-hungry and was very giddy of his catch for the night. And much to our horror, we both looked up and saw that he was getting hard. That thick penis that traumatized Twist was peaking out from between his legs. This was it; this is the end for us. We were like goners and nopony was going to hear us scream.

“Oh my god!”

“Well… it was nice knowing you, Diamond Tiara.”

“Like… same here.”

Pido climbed over us chuckling menacingly with his penis throbbing right over us and ready to seal our fate!

“This is going to be the most fun I’ve had in a long time! Ha ha ha ha!”

But just when our lives were about to be ruinned, we suddenly heard a loud ‘CLANG!’ sound, and Pido made a funny looking face. His body wobbled a bit, and then he fell to the side unconscious; and standing right behind him holding a giant candy cane… was Twist?!

“Thup, guys.”

It was Twist! What was she doing here?! Okay, sure… she did just save us, but where did she come from?


Diamond Tiara was definitely at a lost.

“How did you… I mean... wh-wh-what are you doing here; and how did you know where we were?!”

After she untied us, Twist happily explained everything.

“Ith a long thory… well, actually it ithn’t. You thee… I knew you guyth were kinda kidding about cathing that raper all by yourthelf when you were with me, but when the cruthaderth were with me, one of them thaw you guyth thecretly talking about thomething. Tho… being ath curiouth ath I am, I went over to thee what it wath.”

Of course she did.

“I overheard you guyth talking and planning about capturing that thtallion for real, I had a feeling that you might need help. Tho I thnuck out of my houthe mythelf and found your gather thpot and thay hidden and watched everything that happened; that ith… right up until you two got caught. I then used that moment to thpring into action and thave the day! Although, if you're wondering why the cruthaderth didn't come along ith becauthe... well they didn't want to take their chanthes; and they probably thought you guys were juth joking around too.”

That was like very impressive. To think that she did all of that after what she went through. I think I underestimated Twist a bit.

“Well look at you,” I told her, “being all brave and bold.”

Tiara was staring at the candy cane that Twist used to knock out Pido, and she was shocked at the size of it.

“Where in Equestria did you get that candy cane? It’s huge!”

“Yeah. Thethe candy caneth are made for thpecial orderth; mainly for customerth that have bigger thomachs than we have. But tonight, thith baby had a different tathk. By the way… that was a nice make-out perfomanthe you two did; ya’ll really got into it.”

Tiara growled at her and yelled…

“We were just acting! We were doing it for real!”

“Thure you weren’t.”

Tiara continued to glare at Twist and I was kinda worried that Tiara might lash out at her for teasing us. BUt then surprisenly she just sighed and showed a slightly calm smile. That was the best recovery from being angered that I’ve ever seen her do.

“I guess we should like thank you,” she said, “If you haven’t saved us just now, we would have been raped for sure.”

“Think nothing of it; I wath glad to help. But I bet Pido ith going to feel that blow to the head in the morning.”

All three of us were looking at Pido; completely knocked out and not moving. But of course he was still alive. After this was a capture mission, not a murder one.

“So… aren’t we going to call the authorities?” I questioned.

“They’re already on their way,” said Twist with a proud smirk.

Just then, we heard a familiar voice coming from a little ways from where we were.

“Hey, hey! Over here!”

It was Snips and Snails who finally caught up to us. Those poor colts still had to be walking like crabs with their heads bent down since their horns were still caught in that device thing that Pido used.

“Well well, if it isn’t our knights in shining armor,” Tiara chuckled.

I tried not to laugh, but I couldn’t like help it.

“Nice to see you two again.”

“Oh come on!” Snips whined, “Do you have any idea what it was like trying to keep up with you two?!”

“Yeah, our necks are super stiff,” Snails added.

Twist couldn’t help but laugh as well.

“Heh heh, you two look funny.”

“Stop laughing,” said Snips, “just get this thing off of… wait, what is Twist doing here?”

The three of us looked at each other and chuckled over what happened; and then I just said...

“It’s a long story.”

A couple of minutes after that… just like Twist said, Ponyville’s authorities came and apprehended Pido before he woke up. This mission was finally a complete success. Unfortunately, Twilight came to the scene as well; and when she found out what we did, she totally freaked out.

“All 5 of you foals are CRAZY!!! What in Equestria were you all thinking, trying to catch a dangerous criminal that’s more than half your sizes?!”

We all kinda cowered before her angry might, but we know that she was just worried about us.

“Well… it was a team effort,” Snails tried to say, “and it did almost fail, but… at least we’re safe now. Heh, right?”

Twilight made a little scowl directed right at Snails for his comment. Snails smiled sheepishly and got back in line with us.

“Right, I-I’ll be quiet now.”

Suddenly, Miss Twilight looked over at Tiara who sheepishly smiling as well. Maybe it had something to do with the conversation she had with her earlier in the day.

“And I’m guessing this whole scheme has something to do with the visit that I had received from a certain somepony. Isn’t that right Diamond Tiara?”

See, told ya.

“Maybe… okay, it is; but I like had a good reason! This pony was never going to come out if grown-up ponies kept looking for him. So we just like came up with this plan that we would try and lure him in ourselves. Sure it almost went bad, but thanks to Twist, it was all okay.”

“Ith true,” Twist said proudly, “I wath awethome.”

“But anyway, you should understand, right? I know it was dangerous, but… it seemed like the only right thing to do.”

By the look of Miss Twilight’s face, she started having seconds; that or she was being constipated. But anyway, she just sighed and looked at us calmly and said...

“Alright, look... I guess you guys have helped take down a criminal… and I guess your hearts were in the right place. Just promise me that none of you will ever do this sort of thing again… ever.”

“We promise!” we all agreed.

Whew, we kinda dodged a bullet there.

“L-l-let me go, I have my rights!”

“Oh yeah,” said one of the other ponies, “in what part of your sick and twisted reality is that true?”

Suddenly, Pido looked up and glared at the Alicorn Princess that was now standing before him. Miss Twilight smirked at him and said...

“Greetings… Pido. Care to take a guess of who I am?”

“How should I know, Princess,” said Pido as a smart remark, “It’s not like we ever met.”

“Oh really? You don’t recognize me; about some years back… a little filly you saw… in Canterlot?”

I noticed PIdo’s eyes went as he looked closer at her. Just what did Miss Twilight mean by that?

“No… w-w-way; that’s impossible.”

Just then, I heard Tiara gasp right beside me and she looked totally shocked herself. Like seriously, what’s going on?

“Miss Twilight, are you saying that… the little filly you mentioned that almost got raped by this loser was… you?!”

“You are correct,” Miss Twilight responded with a smile.

“And the pony who saved you was…”

“My brother, Shining Armor. Yeah, I was pretty lucky that night; he wiped the floor with him.”

“Whoa, total mind blow,” said Snips.

“You can say that again, eh,” Snails added.

So that’s it, the story Tiara told us from Twilight; the filly from Canterlot… was her! I bet that was a upsetting discovery for Pido. He looked so angry and frustrated.

“This can’t be happening. My past has come back to haunt me.”

“And now that I am a Princess, I feel privileged to do this. You be sent back to Trottingham as soon as possible, but first… we’ll take you to Canterlot; I’m sure my brother will be happy to see you again.”

Oh I bet he will. I hope he gives him a hard time when he gets there. But just then, Twist started to approach Pido wearing a serious face.

“Wait a minute, Mith Twilight!”

We all watched as she stood in front of Pido who was sitting on his flank. He glared back at her which didn’t faze her; and then what he did next was… well

“Thith ith for lath night, ya freak.”

She turned around and bucked him right into his… stallion balls. His scream was heard all around Ponyville’s surroundings and he shouted...

“SWEET MOTHER OF CELESTIA!!!” And then he bent down on the ground holding his damaged package groaning, “Damn that filly…”

Twist then walked away from him smiling proudly.

“Man, I waited to do that all day.”

Tiara and I smiled brightly seeing the pain Twist inflicted on Pido; I’m sure he got the message. But I looked over at Snips and Snails and they were kinda of cringing as well as some of the other stallions that had apprehended Pido. Being female, I guess we couldn’t imagine their pain.

“Um… Twist?” said Snips, “I know he is a terrible and dangerous criminal, but…”

“Don’t you think that you went a little overboard with… that?” Snails added.

“Mommy…” we heard Pido say weakly still holding what was damaged.

“I don’t know,” said Twilight with a smirk, “I think Twist just gave that crook what was coming to him.”

Both Tiara and I gave Twist a high hoof for what she accomplished.

“Like awesome shot.”

“I’ll say.”


This was a good night; we actually got that filly raper of the grounds of Equestria and he’s now headed back to the cells of Trottingham Prison. But as good as that was, Twilight and still had to inform our parents of our business. When they found out, they were completely miffed at us for sneaking out this late at night, and trying to catch a criminal by ourselves for that matter. The only thing that save any of us from being grounded was the fact that we did catch him and we did take him down; and now thanks to us, no other filly would feel butthurt again… well, from Pido at least.

We all promised our parents that we wouldn’t do something like this ever again like we did with Twilight, but who knows if we have no choice but to do it again. I never thought that I would almost have a near-rape experience. Twist may have been traumatized a bit, but we could tell that she was going to be okay. I was glad, Snips and Snails were glad, and Tiara was especially more glad than us… even though she still won’t admit it. But now that’s all over, that should be the end of this story, right? Well… there’s still the matter of the special activity the girls and I had planned, and we had no plans of cancellation.

The Final CLIMAX!!! (part 1)

View Online

(Snips and Snails)

We definitely had the most interesting and exciting moment in our lives over these past few days, wouldn’t you say, Snips?

It most certainly has! My tail literally can’t stop wagging over it! I’ve never felt so energetic!

Yeah, I mean… so much has happened to us that we never thought would happen to us, eh. I mean… Silver Spoon confessing her love to me and baitng me into mating with her was just the beginning. I never did anything like that before and I was suddenly curious of the feeling like she was. I wanted to do it even more.

Well what about me and seeing you and Silver making love to each other for myself… most awesome show ever! Not to mention of how Tiara talked me into joining her in spying on you guys. And that fight they had with each other… well lets just say that I’m glad that it didn’t turn into a physical fight. That would’ve been pretty hot though.

You think seeing two fillies punching each other, getting dirty and pulling each other’s mane out would be… hot?

My mind gets kinda sick sometimes, okay?

Well what about when Tiara apologized to you, and then you two… did it too?

To tell you the truth, it was the best moment of my life… and the most shocking. I never thought of Tiara doing what she did, but I guess any pony can redeem themselves if they try hard enough… and she definitely tried hard.

And then there’s Twist. So much happened with Twist, eh.

Yeah, from her cheering up Silver Spoon to her getting raped by that awful stallion, and then we decided to catch him and practically saved all of the young fillies of Ponvyville!

But when Twist made that nutshot on him… eeeeyouch. I felt sorry for him a little bit, but not too much.

Yeah, it did hurt to watch, but he still got what was coming to him. But I do still hold my balls every time I think about it. But what’s important is that our girls are safe and that sicko is no longer free!

Yeah. So… what happens next, eh? We got our happily ever after, so what’s next for us?

I don’t know, maybe we’ll get a reward for our hard efforts. We deserve it, you know.

Yeah, that would be nice.


(Diamond Tiara)

I don’t know what to think right now. After what happened over the last few days, I began thinking over my life and what I have done with it so far. All this time I was only friends with Silver Spoon, and anypony else who was also my friend was because either I was rich or because of my popularity. Plus, I could’ve cared less for anypony who didn’t seem worth my time. But all of that was questioned the very moment that I found out Silver Spoon was hanging out with Snails, let alone practicing sex with him. But then I made a huge deal about it and that almost ruined the friendship with the only true friend I had. Thankfully I was able to patch things up with her and we’re friends once again. But what surprised me the most was when I apologized to Snips. To think that I would actually fall for him of all foals. The past me would kill me for this. But I couldn’t help it; the way he acted when I went to his house and helped me get over my problem, it was unlike anything I’ve ever seen from him before. It’s still weird, but… that’s just how it is; I’m in love Snips.

Right now, it’s been 4 days since the night we all caught that filly-obsessed pervert, Pido and sent him packing back to whatever jail cell he was rotting in. To this very day I bet he’s still feeling that immense pain that Twist gave to them. That moment was like way awesome. There was a 2,000 bit reward for his capture by the way; how fortunate. What did we do with it, we took half of it and divided it amongst ourselves; that’s like 200 for each of us. As for the other half, we decided together to donated it to a charity. Don’t be surprised, Spoon and I are already rich, and the others we’re satisfied with what they had. It was all good and our life couldn’t get any better. But then again… maybe it could.

The girls and I had something special we originally planned 4 days ago… or maybe its 4 and a half… whatever. We had something planned then, but then Twist went and got raped. After catching Pido, we took a rest for the next few days, and now we come to today. We already made plans to surprise the boys and we’re supposed to meet in that private place Silver Spoon had in the Everfree Forest. I was pretty excited myself but I was staying cool under pressure. I went by Snip’s house so I could bring him to our little… get together. I knocked on the door and waited for him to answer, but unfortunately his Mother answered instead. Perfect.

“Why hello there, Diamond Tiara,” she greeted me with a perky, sunny voice, “Are you here to see my son… your coltfriend?”

“C-c-coltfriend?! Wh-where did you get that idea from?! Snips, my coltfriend; that’s hilarious.”

Darn this lady. Back when she found out what we did that other night, she was so serious, demanding and in charge. But now she was acting so perky and giddy over me being with her darling boy.

“Don’t deny yourself, dearie. I always knew that some filly would eventually develop a crush for him; but never did I thought that it would end up being Mr. Rich’s daughter! He is so lucky!”

Yeah… lucky indeed.

“So tell me, isn’t he quite a catch? Did he make the first move or did you? Have you kissed him yet?”

Suddenly right on cue, Snips came from behind his Mom and came in between us feeling embarrassed, and I can’t say that I blame him.

“Mom! M-mom… heh, could you please stop acting so weird… especially in front of her?”

“Sorry, Snips, but I’m just so happy and proud of you!”

Although, it was a bit amusing to see his Mother suddenly rubbing her hoof against his cheek.

“You’re starting to become a mature gentlecolt, my wittle pony son.”

His embarrassed face was priceless.

“Heh heh, th-thanks a lot, Mom. Can we be alone now… please?”

“Well of course you can,” his Mom answered while ruffling the top of his mane, “You two have fun.”

And as she was closing the door after Snips stepped out, she blew a kiss at him and said…

“I love you, son.”

“And I love you too, Mother,” Snips said back while smiling nervously.

He kept waving until she completely closed the door. And after chuckling a couple of times, he then released a huge relieved groan. He then turned back to me and saw that I was smirking at him. Never did I see him look so embarrassed.

“Your Mother is weird,” I told him.

“S-s-sorry,” he responded while slightly blushing, “she’s… kinda been like this ever since she found out about us. I love my mother and all, but she really needs to get a grip.”

“I concur.”

“By the way, any reason why you’re here? Not to say that I’m not happy to see you, just curious.”

Wearing a little smirk, I turned around and looked back at him wagging my tail around a bit and said...

“Well… if you wish to find out, follow me.”

“Um… o-okay.”

Ah geez, was I going too fast with that? I was trying to make sure that I had his attention. Well I did, and he was following, so that’s good. Eventually I led him back to the certain entrance into the Everfree Forest. I could tell that Snips was feeling some uncomfortable vibes being back here with me.

"Wait, what are we doing back here? Why did you bring me back here?"

"Just keep walking," I told him while not looking back at him.

"Not that I have a problem with this, but it would be kinda nice to know where you are taking me and not be left out in the dark."

I suddenly went right up to his face and calmly smiled while stroking his cheek and said...

"Come on Snips; don’t you trust me?"

His face was all flustered looking at my hoof and said hesitantly...

"Uh... y-y-yeah, I-I trust you."

Then I tuned on a serious face and grabbed him from under her neck and told it to him straight.

"Then shut up and and stop questioning me!"

After I released him, Snips did exactly what I asked and stayed quiet the whole time we walked. We kept going until we came into Silver secret spot once again. The game was almost set.

"Okay... so what now?” Snips asked, “This is just the same place that we caught Snails and Silver Spoon screwing each other. Heh, remember how shocking that was at first? Whoo, that was quite the surprise."

But unfortunately, we were the only ones there. Silver Spoon and the others hadn’t even arrived yet! What was up with that?! I was all geared up to give a huge surprise to Snips. Thanks a lot, Silver Spoon.

"Dammit, where are they? They were suppose to meet us right here. Are they late or something?"

And of course being confused again Snips began to pester me again with his questions.

"Huh? What are you talking about? And secondly, would please tell me now of what is going here?!”

But since the others weren't here yet, I suppose that I did owe him an explanation, because I didn’t feel like waiting more to tell him.

“Look, the girls and I, we… we were planning this little get together that involved all of us, regarding of what happened with us lately.”

Snips tilted his head at me still not realizing what I was getting at. He just lucky that I find him to be cute.

“You know… the whole sex thing; Spoon doing it with Snails, y-you and me, and then you and Snails having fun with Twist, and even when Spoon had some lesbo fun with Twist as well.”

“Where are you going with this?” said Snips with an arched eyebrow, “I’m not sure of what it is, but… I think I like where this is going.”

He better get it… I-I-I mean, I’m sure he does get. I am throwing out all of the information to him at once. But I still found myself shying a bit talking about it to him.

“After what we experienced, we decided that we wanted to try something a little… different; something that grown ponies called an… orgy. I-I-I know it has a weird name, but Twist say its simply just like having sex, but… in other ponies’ company who are doing the same thing; like more than two. Sounds like fun, right?”

Technically, Snips already experienced that sort of thing when he and his friend Snails had their fun with Twist; and apparently, he figure that out too.

“Wait a minute… if that’s the case, then what Snails and I did with Twist was an… orygy, right?”

“Y-yeah… sorta.”

“But… if we do that again… but with you and Silver Spoon in the mix, that would be…”

Snips was suddenly looking around with a flustered face… probably fantasizing about how that scene would be like to him. His eyes shimmered with excitement and I’m guessing that he was all up for it.

“Oh sweet Celestia. This orygy thing sounds like one hell of a good time! I am totally in!”

I rest my case.

“Good; now if only the others would show up.”

Now that I did my part, it was only a matter of waiting for the others to show up. But they were still nowhere to be seen. ‘Sigh’ It’s okay though, I can wait. However, it seemed that somepony else was being a little impatient knowing now of what’s ahead. As I was sitting there waiting for the others, I felt Snips come up beside me a gave me a suggestion while giving me a tempting look.

“You know… we could wait for the others, but if you want… maybe we could have an early start.”

He was trying to persuade me to go on with the plan like I he thought that I could wait either. Well… I had restraint, I had patience, I wasn’t going to give in that easily.

“N-n-no way, I don’t mind waiting.”

But he wasn’t giving up on me. He placed his hoof around me and brought me closer to him and gave me a little kiss on my cheek.

“Come on, I’m sure you’re feeling very antsy right now. That look in your eyes; I know you can’t wait to have more fun with me… and my gift.”

What was he doing? I really wish he would not do that. We needed to be patient and not get carried away with anything. But the way he was egging me on like that was making me very tense. I begged him to stop...

“Knock it off, Snips! Q-quit being such an idiot!”

But he didn’t stop. Instead, he moved his hoof down my back as I was sitting and rubbed it against the back of my flank. I stayed still trying not to look back at him, but I was sweating and my whole body was vibrating with excitement. Then, he had the nerve to lean in and licked my ear. That dirty colt, he was trying a bit too hard; but that’s not to say that it wasn’t working.

“Oh, who am I kidding. Screw the others, I can’t wait!”

Snips won; I couldn’t take his teasing anymore! I broke from his hold and then tackled him onto the ground on his back. He wanted attention, so I’ll gladly grant his wish.



This was quite a surprise of what Tiara and the girls were planning for. I couldn’t wait to do this; but thanks to my clever moves, it seemed that she couldn’t wait either as she suddenly turned towards me and tackled me to the ground. ‘Sigh’ It feels good to be a babe magnet.

“I knew it; you really can’t resist me.”

“So what;” she said while scowling down at me, “did you really think I would like not admit it eventually? I am no longer ashamed, and that’s the honest truth.”

She suddenly smiled at me, and I smiled back. Before we knew it, we were locked into a deep, embraceful kiss with each other; and neither of us felt any hesitation. This was even better than when we experimented it for the first time. I felt like I was the luckiest colt on earth right after Snails with his luck with Silver Spoon. Once Tiara’s lips retracted from mine, I looked around and questioned...

“So where are the others I wonder?”

But at that moment, Tiara didn’t seem to care anymore.

“Who knows. They’re probably just taking their sweet, sweet time getting here.”

“Or… maybe we’re already here, and hid to enjoy the show.”


What was that? Both me and Tiara heard heard somepoony speak out to us, and it sounded very familiar. We both looked behind us and saw the very ones we were waiting for. SIlver Spoon, Snails and Twist; wait… were they here the whole time… and just saw everything Tiara did?

“Thurprise, you two,” said Twist, “and what a wonder performance by the way.”

I was shocked and a bit nervous, but Tiara was shocked and kind of pissed off.

“What the hell?! Were you guys like here the entire time?!”

“We thure did,” Twist responded, “We wanted to see if you two truly did love each other, and you just proved to us that we were right!”

After Tiara and I got back up, Snails came over to me and gave me a pat on my back saying...

“Right on, Snips! You da colt, eh!”

Of course… I couldn’t ignore a compliment, and what I did was pretty awesome. So I returned the favor.

“Why thank you. I am pretty smooth, aren’t I?”

“You guys are unbelievable,” stated Tiara.

Silver Spoon chuckled as she came up beside her friend and tried to cheer her up.

“Oh come on; lighten up, Tiara. I thought you said that you were no longer ashamed? Just go with it.”

So now that the whole gang was here, was it time for what I think I was? Oh yeah, I could hardly wait. And I think Tiara and I already had a nice little start.

“Tho… we all know why we are here, right?” said Twist.

“Now I do,” I responded, “I still can’t believe that you girls planned this all along. I like it.”

And Snails agreed as well… as I thought.

“Me too, eh. Heh, an orgy sounds like fun.”

“Oh it ith, trusth uth. But thince you and Thnips already thtarted, Tiara, why don’t you two continue on to thtart thith off.”

Of course Tiara tried to protest to make herself seem a bit demanding of the situation as she turn away from us and folded her forehooves.

“Maybe I wouldn’t mind… if you guys didn’t trick us like that! Now I feel a bit awkward.”

We all just looked at her weirdly thinking that she was playing hard-to-get; then Snails smirked at me as he said…

“Do your thing, Snips.”

I smiled myself and flipped my mane back as I responded…

“Can do.”

It didn’t take much for me to get a reaction out of Tiara anymore, so I just went with my gut. I went over to Tiara and shoved her down on her back causing her tiara t fall off her head; not my intention though. She seemed a bit pissed off as I climbed over half-way.

“Snips, like what are you doing? Stop it! Stop…”

But I soon shut her up as I gave her belly a little lick. She became silent as she felt my tongue run down her underside as if I was grooming her. But that was far from the case as trailed my tongue down into her little slit. The slight moans I heard from her as I was tasting her was a sign that she was enjoying herself and suddenly didn't care what I did to her before.

“O-o-on second thought… d-don’t stop.”

Oh yeah; Snips, you are smooth as butter.

“Perfect, just keep going like that, you guys," we heard Silver Spoon say to us.

The others just stood there while they watched me work my magic. But pretty soon, I’m sure they were going to join in the fun… somehow.

“So do we just sit here and watch and wait our turn?” said Snails to Silver and Twist.

“Are you kidding? Of course not!” said Silver Spoon as she placed her hoof around Snails, “Why don’t you and me start getting a little busy ourselves.”

“S-sure… okay.”



Gee, SIlver Spoon wasn’t wasting any time, eh. She leaned all close to me and started to lick against my horn all sensual-like. It made my body feel all tingly inside; she really knows how to work that tongue. My horn was glowing brightly, the brightest it has ever been feeling this awesome sensation. I never thought I could get such an orgasm from this; it felt really weird.

“Hey, Thilver Thpoon,” we both heard Twist say, “lookth like your little horn licking trick ith working. Thomepony ith already peaking.”

Well, could they blame me? Silver had that certain touch that always gets to me so easily. Silver sure did feel proud of herself for this, and I saw that she had that certain smile on her face again when she noticed what she brought out.

“Who would’ve thought that you unicorns’ horns were like so sensitive.” Then she called out to her friend, “Hey, Tiara, you should try doing this to Snips.”

But it seemed that Tiara was too distracted from Snips. He was still giving her the tongue treatment, and he seemed a bit too into it; but Tiara wasn’t complaining at all.

“C-c-can’t… talk right now; l-like… a bit… busy… at the m-moment.”

This was actually the first time I saw my friend Snips making out with Tiara like this. It was… quite unusual… for me anyway. But up to this point, I don’t think that mattered anymore.

“Snips is really satisfying her needs, isn’t he?” I asked Silver Spoon.

“He sure is. Speaking of which…” Silver then laid her snout on mines looking right into my eyes, “let me satisfy yours.”

Oh yeah, I knew what that meant. I automatically laid on my back and spread my legs apart to put my erection on display. I was getting the vibrant chills in my body from seeing Silver Spoon and Twist staring at it. But then, I saw Silver make a little mischievous leer at Twist; she was up to something.

“Hey, Twist, you’ve been like so helpful and supportive to us. How about you join me enjoy this little treat?”

“Ooh, you thouldn’t have, Thilver Thpoon. I’ll be happy to oblige.”

Holy crap, why were they both coming towards me? Silver was going to let Twist… oh my. They both took a side and leaned down as they began to lick my stiff cock at the same time. This was soo weird… but sooo arousing. Both of them making bedroom eyes at me while massaging my cock with both of their tongues; if I didn’t know any better, I would’ve thought that I was dreaming. I was leaning way back on my forehooves already feeling pressure building up inside me. But if what Silver and Twist was doing to me wasn’t awesome enough, they were now placing their lips on me and was partially engulfing it together while occasionally sneaking in a little tongue kiss with each other.

This was so hot. Too bad Snips was too busy treating Tiara to notice this. But before long, I felt a huge sensation go though my erection like I was about to blow. Luckily, Silver and Twist sensed it somehow and got out of the way before I released a strong stream of my cum at a long distance.


I actually hit a nearby tree with that shot. A bit wierd, but I was in too much ecstacy to care.

“Nithe shot,” said Twist as she stroked my cheek, “Enjoyed youthelf, Thnailth? Thilver Thpoon and I really make a great cock thucking team.”

“Y-y-yeah, s-sorta see that n-now, eh.”

“Now… if you excuse us,” said SIlver Spoon as she politely pushed Twist out of the way, “Snails and I are going to do our thing since he’s now good and ready.”

“Knock yourthelveth out.”

Silver Spoon couldn’t wait to get down to business, but who could blame her… not me. After what she and Twist did to me, it was still satisfying to me when she climbed over me and began rimming herself against my still throbbing crotch. Oh man she was good, eh. Twist was enjoying the sight too… Silver moaning as she was pleasuring herself.”

“Man, that’th pretty hot the way you’re rimming him like that. Nice touch.”

“What about you, Twist?” I asked, “Aren’t you going to get in on this somehow too?”

“Oh, don’t worry,” she responded while licking her lips, “I’m good for now. You guyth juth keep doing what you’re doing.”

Neither of us had any problems there.

“Don’t mind if we do.”

The Final CLIMAX!!! (part 2)

View Online


Only more than 5 minuteth have pathed by, and already we were off to a hot and theamy thtart. I was thitting here thurveying the wonderful activity that laid before my eyeth. Now thith wath the true thight of mating that I knew of. Making love with thomepony you love very much, and no phythical or verbal violence ith involved like what I experienthed. I thaw Tiara ath she wath juth calming down from Thnips’ tougne treatment.

“Well… I-I see… you haven’t like l-lost your touch.”

“You better believe it! And there is a lot more where that came from.”

And I wath watching ath Thilver Thpoon continued to teathe Thnailth by thlowly rubbing her puthy againth Thailth’ cock; and Thnailth looked like he couldn’t take it anymore.

“Come on, Silver Spoon, quit teasing me. Just put it in already.”

“But that ruin the whole purpose of teasing you and driving your hormones wild… Snaily boy.”

But ath I continued to watch, a very interesting idea came into my head, and hopefully the otherth wouldn’t mind a little… experiment.”

“Hey guyth I juth had an awethome idea!”

They all thuddenly thopped what they were doing and looked over at me curiouthly.

“What kind of idea?” thaid Thilver Thpoon.

“Can’t it wait?!” Tiara complained.

“Nope. Tho anyway, I know you’re all comfortable with the filly and the colt that you’re with; but how about for a little mix-up… you all thwitch partnerth.”

Aw man, the awkward thilence I retheived when I thaid that. They all looked at each unthurely at firth, but I could tell that they were a bit curiouth of what I thuggethted.

“Seriously?” said Silver Spoon.

“Thure, why not? It might be interething.”

Thnipth definately like the idea.

“I’m up for it if she is.”

“What?!” Tiara shouted, “What about what we’re doing?”

“Oh come on, Tiara, it’s just a little fun. I bet Silver was a bit jealous of what you got right here.”

It theemed that Thnipth wath right; Tiara cheekth blushed and her face thcrunched up a bit ath she lowly admited.

“Maybe a little.”

“Do you want to?” said Thilver to Thnailth.

“Of course. It might be fun.”

Thith wath all too great! They were all actually interethed in the experiment. Thilver Thpoon and Tiara left from their pothitions and went to their temporary oppothite partnerth; Tiara to Thnailth and Thilver to Thnipth. It wath a bit awkward, but they went with it. Tiara came over to Thnailth and looked down at him and hith little thoilder at the ready. She arched her eyebrow and told him...

“So like tell me… what do you give Silver Spoon that Snips can’t give to me?”

“I-I-I’m not sure, eh,” thaid Thnailth confuthinly, “I guess… my gentle personality?”

“Really; that’s it? That’s all you got.”

Tiara wath looking at Thnailth as he wath thmiling sheepishly. But she just shrugged her thhoulders and then laid on her back in front of him. She thmirked a bit ath she hethitantly prethented herthelf Thnailth and wath willing to let him have her.

“Well... Silver Spoon must treasure you for something, so show me what you got.”

“Don’t worry, Tiara,” said Thilver Thpoon, “he won’t let you down; trust me.”

“And I promise that I’ll do the same for you,” thaid Thnipth ath he held on to Thilver, “Time to find out what you’ve missed out on.”

Thilver Thpoon looked down underneath Thnips and saw what he had. She smiled ath she went forward and prethented herthelf to him. .

“Well… don’t mind if I do.”

It wath thuch an awethome thight. Thnailth penetratinf Tiara from above, and Thnipth penetrating Thilver Thpoon from behind; to me it wath a thight to behold. Thilver wath gathping excrusiatally loud feeling Thnipth plunge his cock into her and the way it was widening her a bit more than Thnails did. But it theemed that Tiara was enjoying herthelf ath well. She found Thnailth to be more gentle than Thnips, but I’m thure that it just made the pothible wonderful feeling lath longer. Both partieth were getting into it as if they were doing it in the original pairth; I even thaw Thnails with hith head bent down ath Tiara wath lightly thucking on it as she wath being thcrewed. Thnailth wath loving that a lot.

But ath I wath looking back at Thnips and Thilver Thpoon and theeing how they were doing it doggy thyle, it wath then that I reminded mythelf that I brought a little toy with me that I wanted to teth out tho bad. It was a thrap-on that I could put around my waith, and on the front… wath thomething quite peculiar. In fact, Thnips looked over at me in the middle of hith rutting and arched hith eye feeling curoiuth.

“Hey, uh… T-Twist? What’s that you’re suddenly wearing under you? It looks kinda like the the things Snails and I have.”

“You're right… thorta,” I thaid ath I appraoch him with toy bobbling under me, “and I’m going to uthe this bad boy… on you.”

“Wait, what?!”

I got up right behind him and mounted mythelf over him. I looked down ath I prodded my toy up againth his moith butthole readying mythelf to penetrate into him.

“I-I-I’m a colt,” he thouted, “we shouldn’t experience this sort of thing, right?”

“Not unleth its done by a thrap-on like thith one. You’ll love thith... trust me.”

Without further ado, I held on to Thnips ath I began to carefully pushed my toy into hith butt. Not too fath though; I didn’t want to hurt him. But ath I went deeper in, the more I felt Thnipth’ body getting tense.

“Hooooooly crap!”

Thilver Thpoon looked behind her and thaw everything that wath happening; the look on Thnips’ face ath I filled up hith back door wath prithleth to her.

“I think he likes it,” she thaid with a thmirk, “Don’t you, Snips?”

“Y-y-yeah, it’s… n-n-no big deal. I bearly f-feel a th-thing.”

This wath awethome. To give a colt a tathe of their own medithine with a thtrap on toy; felt like I wah the dominate one over him. Thnips truly liked thith whether he admitted it or not, but I knew that I would never get him and Thnailth to do the thame thing with each other; thuch a shame.

Ath he tried to continue hith love-making to Thilver Thpoon, I continued to pound mythelf into him. It thill broke hith cothentration a little bit, but that wath to be expected. He thoon got into it and wath going with the rhythm I wath putting from behind. Meanwhile, I looked over and thaw Thnails and Tiara thill going at it nice and thlow. I could thee the small smile on Tiara’th face ath she wath looking up at that colt probably feeling impressed.

“You’re not half bad, Snails. I guess I underestimated you… just a bit.”

“At least you’re not unhappy, right?”

But they both thoon noticed of what I wath doing to Thnailth. The lookth on their fathes were quite funny; they looked totally confuthed.

“Twist, like… what the hell are you doing to Snips?” questioned Tiara.

“Juth giving him a newfound experienthe that he’ll probably never experienthe again… unleth he athk again another day nithely.”

“Geez, you’re just full of surprises, a-aren’t you?”

While Thnailth wath at a thand thill over Tiara, he wath tilting hith head at what he thaw and became quite curiouth and intruiged of my little trick.

“Looks like fun, eh. Maybe I’ll try that one day.”

“Yeah, you do that,” said Tiara in a impatient tone, “Until then though… could you maybe finish things with me first…” She then blushed a bit and lowered her voice as she added, “Um, p-please?”

Pretty amusing; and Thnailth looked pretty amuthed himthelf wearing a little thmirk on hith fathe.

“Sure thing… since you asked nicely.”

While thothe two continued to embrace each other in their thexual desireth, Thnipth wath continuing to plow himthelf in and out of Thilver Thpoon… who wath thill gathping moaning conthantly getting uthed to thith treatment.

“W-wow, T-T-T-Tiara is l-lucky to have you.”

“Y-y-yeah, she know good t-tastes when she sees one,” thaid Thnips with a proud thmile, “Glad to be of service.”

Although, what I wath doing to him wath taking a huge toll; and a few thecondth after thanking Thilver Thpoon for her comment, he automatically releathed hith love goop inthide her rethulting in Thilver Thpoon giving out herthelf. I guess this level of experienthe wath a bit too much for them. I couldn’t blame them though; I was thecretly a bit tired mythelf.

“You handled that really well, Thnipth. Although, I think you came a little too quick.”

I then carefully thlid my toy out of him, giving him room to do the thame from Thilver Thpoon. Nothing like detaching a three-car thex train. Thnipth then turned and commented to me.

“N-n-not that I c-could help it; I don’t even know how else I could experience something like that.”

I think I could think of thomething.

“Eathy; juth get Thnailth to thcrew you in the ath with hith actual real cock; you might even like the rethults… not to mention it would be a bit hot.”

“Ew, no! Snails and I are not doing that with each other! I think we already said that, didn’t we?”

Thee, just like I thaid; but it didn't hurt to try anyway. A filly can dream, can't she?

“Oh well, you don’t know what you’re mithing.”

“I’ll take my chances."

Pretty thoon, we all noticed that Tiara and Thnails were finished ath well, and they looked like they really enjoyed themthelves; way to have her warm up to you, Thnails.

“Well… did Snails do enough for you,” thaid Thilver Thpoon, “or are you still going to like pretend that he wasn’t much?”

“Don’t you start with me, Silver Spoon,” Tiara protethed, “ You can’t assume everything I think.” She then looked at Thnails and back at uth wearing a little thmile, “ But I-I guess now I have more… respect for your coltfriend here. He’s like… not half bad.”

“But whose better,” asked Thnips, “me or him?”

“That… my dear Snips is for my thoughts only.”

I know that we could’ve thopped there for the day, and we would’ve. However… there wath thill thomething thpecial that my body longley craved to experienthe ath I looked over at the two colts.

“By the way, you two; would ya’ll mind trying out thomething that I wanted to try from our last get-together, would you?”


(Diamond Tiara)

Their last get-together. Was she talking about when Silver Spoon and I were hanging out together after that troublesome incident of mine? But… we did almost everything that we could do… right? What else could Twist possibly want to do now?

“Uh… what exactly are you talking about?” said Snips.

“Yeah; what is it that you wanted to do last time?’ said Snails, “You know, if you don’t mind telling us?”

“Oh ith thomethig that I wanted to try at thome point in my lifetime; might ath well be now. I want to experienthe… double penetration.”

Wait… was she serious? She was, was she? Now she was asking for too much.

“Double… penetration? Are you bucking crazy?!”

“Maybe a little, but I alwayth tend to take a risk or two in the name of a good education; After all, we’re all learning a little something through all of this, aren’t we?”

“I’d say,” said Snails excitedly, “If this is a form of education, then I want to keep on learning.”

Those two colts really looked interested… despite being a bit tired out after what we did. But were they actually going to go through with it. Twist was like already in position with her back facing towards, and she was looking back at Snips and Snails with those bedroom eyes as she arched her rump up in the air and lifted her tail.

“If you’re so eager to learn more, then why don’t you and Snails come over here and thow me.”

None of them were hesitating as they both replied to her obvious invite. Man, those two have become such dogs. Snips went under her and Snails got behind her preparing to service Twist who was smiling and shaking with anticipation.

“If your vagina and butthole rip open and you die, don’t blame us and say we didn’t warn you.” I wholeheartedly complained.

I suddenly heard Silver Spoon laugh at me like I was joking. I was not joking about anything; I was being serious!

“Tiara, don’t say such a thing. I’m pretty sure that she’ll be fine; those two will make sure of that. Won’t you, boys?”

“You don’t have to tell us twice," said Snails, "We’ll treat her as well as we did last time.”

"Whatever," I said while I rolled my eyes.

I guess I shouldn’t be worried at all, It seemed that Twist knew what she was doing. SIlver and I both watched as Twist squatted down and took Snips’ cock as she allowed it to slowly slide deep into her vagina; this was just so hot to watch. And once Twist was literally sitting on top of Snips, she was already panting heavily and catching her breath. But I doubt she was going to like stop as she looked behind her at Snails and said...

“Y-y-your turn, Thnailth. Take it r-real thlow, okay?”

Snails complied as he went forward and lined himself up with Twist’s butthole; and just like that, he took it slow and got his entire length into her. Silver Spoon and I both like dropped our mouths and stared at the surprising sight.

“Holy crap, they like… actually did it!” shouted Silver Spoon in shock.

Even though the sight turned me on, I still winced a bit as I heard Twist make a high pitch squeak sound when Snails wet into her like that. “Damn… that looks way too painful.”

“F-f-far f-from it actually,” Twist suddenly said with a proud smirk, “N-now I know h-h-how a cream-f-filled honey bun f-f-feelth l-l-like.”

But as if they weren’t too busy pleasuring themselves, those suddenly felt a bit hungry.

“Ooh, we should totally have some after this!” said Snips excitedly to his friend.


Then just like that, they both started to cooperate in plunging themselves in and out of Twist. Of course they were taking it a bit slow at first; if they started off too fast they would probably tear her apart… almost like that pedo stallion probably did. I hate to admit it, but part of me wanted to try this myself, but the other part was saying 'dream on, you're crazy!' But it was definitely awesome to watch; I can proudly admit that much.

But suddenly in the middle of watching the marvelous sight, Silver Spoon came beside me and suggested something that was very unnerving for me.

“Hey, Tiara; while they do that… why don’t we have some of that same fun from the other night when we baited that pedo pony?”

Seriously? She bringing that up again? I told her that I wasn’t interested! At least… I think I’m not… n-n-no, I’m not! I looked over at her and took a couple of steps away from her as I answered...

“N-n-no way, I refuse! I told you I’m not like interested!”

I guess when we did make out a little that one time it was a little enjoyable, but I didn’t want to stick to it. However, Silver Spoon came up to me and gave me these… big… bright… shimmering eyes that she was using to literally beg me to give in.

“Come on, just this once… for your best friend?”

Oh Celestia, why was this making me falter a bit? Why did I feel that her eyes were piercing through my soul? This wasn’t normal! But… what the hell; I guess I could give in… just this once.

“It’s so annoying when you beg towards me like that.”

“So is that a yes?”

I didn’t bother to answer her as turned my head away blushing in embarrassment, but I think she could tell what I meant. She took off her glasses and then came up to me. Next thing I knew she turned my head back around and placed her lips upon mine. I jerked for a bit because she caught me off guard, but I was eventually pulled into her kiss. When we did it the other day, we kept it fairly mild, but the way she was doing it to me now was different. She was adding tongue to the mix, and while I was off balance, she pushed me down on my back while keeping our lips locked.

This was waaaay too weird, and I wanted her to stop at first. But… strangely, I didn’t want her to stop. I was enjoying this more than I thought. But eventually, Silver Spoon broke away from me and looked down at my love-smitten expression.

“You really are a good kisser.”

“You’re not too bad either, I guess,” I said rolling my eyes, “just don’t expect too much of this from me.”

“Whatever you say. So… you want to like continue?”

Since we were in the middle of it anyway, I decided to answer her by bringing her closer to me for another kissing embrace. This wasn’t all too bad doing this with my best friend; there was something about it that seemed comforting. But unknown to us, the others happen to notice what we were doing in the middle of their double session.

“H-hey, check it out, you two. L-l-lookth like you’re filly friendth are making the moth with each other after all.”

“Woah, they totally are,” I heard Snips say, “You go girls; go on and get frisky with each other!”

I just pretended to ignore him… the dog.

“Really?” said Snails, “Is that all necessary?”

“What? You can’t tell me that doesn’t look hot.”

“Of course I do, eh,, but… maybe we should let them continue their experiment without any distractions.”

“Yeah, I guess, but… its so hard not to watch.”

Those two kept talking to each other that for a few seconds they had stopped their activity almost forgetting what they were doing. But I believe Twist brought it back to their attention.

“Ahem… not to be rude or anything, boyth, but… maybe you thould turn your pleasurable attention back to moi; my insideth are melting like butter and are itching for more.”

“Oh, o-o-of course!”

“Let’s finish this up, eh.”

And just like that they remembered and continued to hold her close to each of them while they kept pounding their cocks into her. Twist’ moans stirred up again feeling the double penetration, and it actually helped as pleasure fuel as Silver Spoon and I continued to embrace each other. I know Silver Spoon already had some experience making out with a female thanks to Twist, so I guess whatever she wanted to do… I would just let her walk me through it. But right on cu, Silver Spoon suddenly broke away from our kissing. Not that I was upset or anything, but I was kinda curious of what she was like up to.

“Wh-wh-what are you doing?”

She smirked at me as she scooting her body down mine until her face was right between my hind legs where my most sensitive area was located.

“Just bringing the attention of my lustful tongue to a more… deserving place.”

Wait, she wasn’t… O-O-O-O… M… G, she was. She stuck her snout in between my legs and began to lick inside my privates! It was a bit weird when Snips did it to me, but then I came to like it and enjoy it immensely. But seeing my best friend doing it to me was… I don’t know what; but my body didn’t seem to mind. Silver appeared to know what she was doing, and what I was feeling was kinda like how Snips did it, but Silver was doing it slower and deeper. I was moaning immensely feeling my friend’s tongue buried deep within my juices, and my pleasure levels just kept rising as she kept on going.

Never did I think that I could be impressed of being sexually pleasured by another female, but… I guess my friend proved me wrong after all. I just laid there on my back and legs spreaded letter her do her work. By the time she was done I was almost on the verge of exploding.

“Wh-whoa, S-S-Snips never pleasured me down there l-l-like that.”

“So what, you’re going to like dismiss him and make me your special somepony now?” Silver joked at me.

That was far from the truth; of course I wouldn’t abandon Snips. Why would she even like say that?!

“What?! No, of course not; don’t put words in my mouth! I was just… pointing that out is all.”

Of course Silver was kidding as she chuckled at me and was wiping her mouth off. Did she think my freakout was hilarious?

“Well, Twist did say I was pretty talented with my tongue… as did Snails. So thank you for complimenting me as well.”

“Yeah, whatever.”

But just when I didn’t think she could make thing more interesting, Silver Spoon backs off of me and lays on her back and then spreads her hind legs open to invite me over to her.

“Come on, Tiara; climb on top of me and rub our pussies together. It’ll feel real good.”

I slowly got up and looked at her with a bit of hesitation in my step; but as I approached, I could see the evidence of her anticipation moistening around her pussy lips. I climbed over her and lightly placed my privates on top of hers. Using my forehooves, I kept my balance as I started to lightly rub ourselves against each other. My face was completely blushed and it felt like there was a fire igniting in my body.

“L-l-like this?” I told her.

Silver Spoon was blushing herself and was smiling all goofy-like and slightly moaning as she answered...

“Y-y-yeah, just like that. Oh, crap, that feels good.”

As I kept going, both of us were sweating rapidly feeling our pleasure levels rising. This was my first time trying this out, and I gotta say… it wasn’t half bad. It was totally enjoyable.

“B-being a bit enth-th-thusiastic, aren’t we?” I told Silver chuckling slightly.

“L-like you’re not feeling th-the same way. Look at you, you’re literally sweating like crazy yourself."

"Well... doing this is surprisingly very exhausting."

We both then looked over at the activity that was a mere few feet from us and occasionally caught Snips and Snails looking over at us while they constantly stuffed Twist. Those two knew what they liked.

"Just make sure to put on a good show,” said Silver, “I think our boys are like partially watching us mid screwing Twist."

"As they should be,” I responded, “They better recognize who the two most sexiest fillies here are."

"I totally agree."

As we kept getting into the enjoyment of rubbing our pussies together in a rapid fashion, we found ourselves leaning in towards each and sharing another embraced kiss. Me and Silver Spoon may have been just friends, but this was a special moment for us and we were enjoying it for as long as it last. But pretty soon, we both reached our limit with each other and came to our climax. It felt a bit different from when I cum to Snips pounding his cock into me, but it felt just as satifying nonetheless. We both tired, exhausted and out of breath. I didn’t even bother to get off of Silver Spoon; I just laid there to relax after having and enjoying a huge sex session. Silver didn’t mind though; i must’ve felt like a warm blanket to her or something.

“Enjoyed…. y-y-yourself, T-Tiara? Just g-go ahead and like s-say it.”

“Yeah yeah, whatever. *YAWN!* I enjoyed it. You want to do a little gloating dance or something?”

“Maybe later; I think neither of wants to move right now. Guess that’s price when you have a successful sex period.”

SIlver Spoon was right. Sex is exhausting, but one thing is for sure… its freakin’ worth it.



Snips and I just had the most wonderful intercourse session ever! N-n-n-no, not with each other; that will never happen, eh. I mean Snips and I double penetrating Twist. It was nice when I was pounding my cock into her butt from before, but there was something quite interesting about sharing both holes with a friend; and I was glad that Twist was all up for it. When we came inside her, we came hard. We were in pure bliss releasing ourselves like that, and the way Twist loudly moaned and her body shaking constantly… I’d say that she was in high heaven.

"W-w-well... I gueth I can thcratch getting thcrewed up in two plathes off my bucket lith."

"Bucket list?" I questioned.

Snips was nice enough to clear that up for me.

"I think that's some sort of list that you write down the different things you want to do before you die."

But wait… I thought only ponies who were getting too old would have those?

"Wow, you have one of those already?"

"Ith not much yet, but ith a thart."

Well, i guess it’s never too early to start one. Less thinking for when you’re older. After me and Snails slipped ourselves out of Twist… which felt awesome by the way, Snips turned my attention to something.

“Psst… hey, Snails, check it out.”

I looked over behind us and saw Silver Spoon and Diamond Tiara out like a light and fast asleep while cuddling with each other. Damn, they looked so cute with other like that; I was having a visual nosebleed.

“Lookth like thome fillies had fun,” said Twist with a little smirk, “They pleathured themthelvth right to thleep.”

“Aw, they look so cute together,” said Snips blushing a bit himself, “Doesn't that sight just make you want to go right over there and give them a squeeze?”

Twist didn’t think that would be a smart idea to try.

“Do that to Tiara and she might punch you in the face.”

“Heh… y-yeah; she would do that, wouldn’t she?”

To give them credit, mating really does take a lot out of you. Silver Spoon and were definitely tuckered out when we went all the way here that other day, and the same goes for what Snails and I did with Twist… now and before. I guess you could say its a slight consequence of doing it so well. Speaking of which, Twist curled up a bit on the ground telling us...

“Juth let them reth. Bethides… *YAWN!* I’m feeling a bit tuckered out mythelf. Care to cuddle with me, boyth?”

It was still kinda hard to believe everything that we went through and everything that we did. But in the end… life was pretty sweeeeeeet, eh.


(Silver Spoon)

I’m not exactly sure of how long we slept, but I usually sleep for at least 2 hours every time I sleep during the day. But once I woke up, I felt sooooooo refreshed! I was so glad that I talked Tiara into trying out the lesbian side of things; she really ended up enjoying herself. I’m sure she’s not going to stick to that custom and neither am I; but if we ever need just each other’s company and we’re in the mood, I’m sure Snips and Snails won’t mind.

Eventually, the others woke up too and were well rested as well. Although, Tiara was exactly on board that Snips cuddled with Twist instead of her. Me, I wasn’t bothered at all. Snails can cuddle with Twist all he wants… as long as he doesn't like choose her over me. After a little exchange of words with each other, we all started to head out of the forest together. It was so nice to do what wanted without any interference at all; I should run away from home and find secret spots more often. Nah, I’m like kidding.

“*Sniff* Thmell that, guyth?” said Twist as we stepped outside from the forest in the sun’s bright light, “That is the smell of a brand new, wonderful future for all of us.”

“That I can agree with,” said Snails, “I feel like a brand new me ready to take on anything!”

Apparently, Tiara was still complaining a bit about the cuddling thing.

“I still don’t understand why you two couldn’t cuddle with us… your fillyfriends... back there after your little screwing session.”

“Oh just let it go, will ya?” said Snips while rolling his eyes, “Cuddling is cuddling; its nice no matter who you do it with. Uh… actually, scratch that; I’ll never do that with my Uncle Shears… *shudder* he never bathes often.”

It was great about everything that we now had with each other; but for the sake of our safety and reputation, I wanted for us to be on the same page about our secrecy.

“Just remember, guys; for now, what happened in that forest… stays in that forest.”

They all nodded and responded…


Well that was great. It seemed that they were all on board with keeping the secret between all of us.

“Hey, Twist?” asked Snails, “After doing all of this, does that mean that you’re completely cured of what happened with you and... that Pido guy?”

Twist suddenly had a huge smile on her face while she chuckled a bit. She was really happy about something.

“Oh totally! I feel much better about that… ethpecially thince Twilight told me about how her brother introduced that thicko to a few gay tholdier friendth of hith.”

We all suddenly stopped and looked at Twist with huge gaping expressions. Did Twist say what I think she like said? Straight pedophille stallion with some gay stallions? Oh Celestia, that won’t end well for him.

“She told you what?!” shouted Snips, “You mean that… her Brother did… Holy crap.”

“Man, talk about total butthurt,” said Snails, “I bet he’s not able to walk straight for days.”

“I know, right?” said Twist, “That wath like muthic to earth juth to hear that newth; I feel at peathe now.”

I bet she was. Hearing that from Twist kinda made Tiara and I feel a little at peace too knowing that Pido was put in his place… the hard way.Too bad we couldn’t have been there to see it first hoof.

“So, who is up for that cream-filled honey buns idea from earlier?” said Snips suddenly wiggling his eyes.

“Ooh, I am!” shouted Snails.

Twist was licking her lips and salivating in her mouth just thinking about it. Sweet mother of Luna.

“Me too; I’m in the mood for thomething yummy and thweet.”

“I guess I’ll tag along to,” said Tiara, “but please… no dirty fantasies while we eat. It might upset my appetite.”

“Whatever you thay.”

Snails suddenly came over to me and asked...

“You’re coming too, right?”

Was that a trick question? I guess he didn’t want me to leave him just yet… not that I was planning to.

“Of course; I need something like sweet after the morning we had.” Then I placed my snout against his and gave him some mischievous eyes, “Maybe we can have one of those milkshakes in which two ponies can drink out of while they gaze into each other’s eyes.”

Snails looked all smitten again and chuckled to himself.

“A classic romantic tradition; heh, I’m game.”

“Then let us go!” shouted Snips in a dramatic fashion while pointing his hoof outward, “An abundance of delectable sweets awaits!”

As we walked towards him and continued on, Tiara rolled her eyes while smirking.

“Geez, you’re such a dork… n-not that I mind anymore though.”

It’s still kinda hard for me to believe that all of this started from me seeing my parents making love with each other. Discovering that new form of pleasure opened a brand new world up in my hand. When I planned to finally confess my feelings to Snails, all I could think in my head was all of the possible ways that it could go wrong; from Snails rejecting me to Tiara finding out and dismissing me as a friend. We like all know how that went, right? But in the end, it all turned out even better than I expected.

Many ponies probably wouldn’t call what we have done and gone through… good or great exactly; but to be fair, a lot of good did come out of all of this! Snails accepted me, Tiara accepted him as my friend… eventually, we’ve become good friends with Twist, Tiara is with Snips and not ridiculing him all of the time, and don’t forget putting that sick pedo in his place. As they all walked off towards Ponyville, I just stood there looking at them smiling and realizing just how far we’ve come. We’ve all discovered things about each other that we didn’t know before. Snails loves to be honest and always says what on his mind… which is mostly a good thing, Twist was more expressive and outgoing than we thought, Snips can be very nice and polite when he wants to be, and Tiara is doing her best to not be mean anymore and is mellowing out; but she still has a ways to go. As for me, I learned to speak out for myself more and not let anypony change my thoughts on anything. So yeah, because of I what I started, we’ve all become such good friends.

“Hey, Silver Spoon, you okay? You’re sorta spacing out a bit there, eh! Hurry up, slow poke; better catch up, heh!”

Who knows what our our newfound friendships will lead us in the future; but one thing I do know… it will all be worth it.