Dashie... I'm scared...

by Rainbowshy_Flutterdash

First published

The mane cast is put through different eras of war in some sort of twisted game..... Will they live?

The mane cast is thrown into a world where fighting and danger is plentiful and they must fight for their survival... Willl they make it?
Flutterdash is promoted in this, but it's not a huge theme.


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Gunfire blazed over my head. I could tell that most of it was automatic weaponry, but there were a few high calibur shots mixed into the barrage as well. We'd been fighting here for hours with no clue how we got here and had since found weapons to defend ourselves with, all but 'Shy who had learned of her ability to wage mental warfare on our opposition.

"Dash, we need some cover fire. On my mark, switch!" Twilight hollered to me, "MARK!" At the simple command I darted across the battlefield, a large barren wasteland littered with debris, to where Twilight was. As I ran I opened fire on every unlucky head I saw with my modified, belt fed AR-10.

"THERE, MOVE BACK!" I shouted to my team after I downed a significant portion of the enemy's numbers. After a quick U-turn and a bit of a sprint I caught up with my friends, only to be ambushed once again, this time by an amount easily in the tens of thousands. "Where the hell are these people coming from?" I asked, terrified of how outnumbered we were.

"Who cares? The more the merrier, right!?" Pinky kidded, tossing grenades left and right as she giggled maniacally.

"Good point." I affirmed, offering her a grin which she gladly returned. I stood next to Fluttershy, opening fire upon any poor bastard that decided to come too close. Fluttershy hid behind me, using her newfound psychic abilities to assault the enemies' minds. So far she could force a few enemies at a time to work for us, disconnect their spinal cord or give them splitting, deathly painful headaches.

Explosions nearing them and their heads devolving into a bloody lump caused the number of opponents to quickly drop to no more than a few thousand. AJ's katanas and Rarity's heart shaped diamond flail ripping apart the unfortunate creatures that made it past pinkie's barrage of grenades, my sniper, 'Shy's mental attacks and Twi's SIG 551 assault rifle. Whatever these things were, they were not human or pony. Their bodies were pure black silhouettes with not a drop of detail in them. Each one stood at the same height, roughly 6 feet tall, and were fairly thin.

A large flash and a deafening noise erupted before me, nearly blinding and deafening me all at once.

"GODDAMNIT PINKIE! BE MORE CAREFUL!" I called, furious at her carelessness, but she didn't hear. The crazy woman was busy lobbing her grenades anywhere a high concentration of enemies was. Due to Applejack and Rarity's advancement deep into the enemy's lines their numbers were now only a few dozen. After a few very well placed shots from my rifle those few were out of the question as well.

"Ok, y'all. I reckon that's the last of 'em." Applejack finally said as I placed my crosshair on the final skull I could find and pulled the trigger, replacing his head with a mass of blood and gore.

"Then what do we do now?" Rarity wondered aloud.

"We keep moving." I ordered, "That's the only way we have a chance of figuring out who the hell brought us here and getting back go Equestria." At that point in time I heard a few sobs behind me, "Hey, it'll be okay, 'Shy... Look, we'll be fine. I promise I'll keep you safe, 'kay?" This brought a nod and weak smile from my friends face. All the fighting hurt her, I could tell. She hated the mindless violence and death. Poor thing.

"Hello, players!" greeted a voice from nowhere. "I am the Game Master, but you may call me T! You just finished level one of out little game. Do you have any questions?"

"Yeah, where the hell are we?" I asked, now furious that this was some form of sick entertainment.

"Didn't you hear me? You're in my game! As long as one of you makes it to the end, you win!"

"Ok, so if we win what's our prize?"

"Oh, you silly goose. I'm not going to ruin the surprise! Now, on to level two with you!"