The Experiment, Attempting the Impossible.

by neokiva

First published

Twilight Sparkle becomes an unwitting accomplice to an abhorrent experiment.

Twilight Sparkle becomes embroiled in a dark experiment, she thought was for the benefit of pony kind.

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It’s a bright sunny morning in Canterlot, the birds are singing, and the streets are abustle with ponies going to work. In a town square situated near a large fountain, the market ponies are plying their trade, nearby this square is a large building, that from the outside looked like a hospital, above the building is the name Weyland-Yutani. Inside the building are stark white corridors, clean beyond any normal cleanliness, levels of the kind you’d expect from hospitals or laboratories. The building is lit by rows of sconce-like lighting on the ceiling.

Twilight Sparkle sat in her office that she had been given to her by Princess Celestia, while she is in charge of Project: Renewed Light. It is a modest room nothing the size of the one her mother had at the university but still big enough. The bookcases that lined the walls, are made of stained oak, they contained many books filled with medical research, anatomical tomes, both new and old; creating a unique smell, papers that are also filling their shelves which contained countless notes on previous experiments. The walls are painted in a terracotta color, giving the room a certain warmth to it.

Twilight gazes at a photograph of Princess Celestia and herself, as the memory of how Project: Renewed Light first went from concept to reality.Twilight paced in Ponyville's Golden Oak library, as she anxiously awaited Princess Celestia to respond from her latest friendship report. Her magic quickly latched onto the royal scroll, as Spike belched it in a magical green haze, and materialized before them. Twilight hurriedly broke the ribbon seal, as she began to read the contents therein. 'My dear, most faithful student Twilight, I request that you make haste to meet me at the Royal Castle in Canterlot. Princess Celestia. P.S. Enclosed, you will find a ticket, and orders to show to the train conductor, so he will make haste to transport you to Canterlot.'

Twilight rushed to the train depot, as panic and anxiousness gripped her heart and mind, wondering what cataclysmic event had happened now, to prompt the Princess to write to her in such a manner. She pranced in place, her head rotating left, and right, as she impatiently awaited the next train to Canterlot. When the train didn't arrive quick enough for her, she went to the ticket window. "Excuse me? Do you know when the next train is to arrive?" The wizened earth pony glared over his spectacles at the impertinent young mare. "The train is expected to arrive in the next 15 minutes, barring any accidents or acts of nature. Just hold your horses. It's not gonna get here any faster, even with your impatience."

Twilight returned to the platform, and sighed in relief as the train eased to a stop at the station. Twilight approached the train conductor and showed him the requisitioning papers, which basically instructed that, at the behest of the crown, they were to transport Twilight to Canterlot posthaste. They waited for the passengers to disembark, and upon no other passengers disembarking, the conductor yelled, "Ponyville to Canterlot Express!" Twilight fidgeted the whole train ride there, as she imagined possible villains and Equestrian changing scenarios, Once off the train, she teleported to the castle gates, since the Princesses had placed strong anti-teleportation wards about the castle, so that an enemy couldn't just have unicorns teleport their warriors inside the castle wall.

Twilight galloped, with a contingency of six guards escorting her to where Princess Celestia was. Twilight, now in full panic mode, used her magic and slammed the doors open, as she hastened to answer her princess' summons.

"Princess Celestia! I have arrived!"

"Fret not, my faithful student, for this time, I have good news. Remember the Royal Council of Apothecaries and Medical Practitioners? They have proposed a project for transplanting unicorn horns from a deceased unicorn to a living one, and help unicorns who have had their horn damaged or broken, to be able to continue using their magic, with a successful horn transplant. So, I'm promoting you to C.O.O. of Project: Renewed Light. Congratulations!"
Not long afterwards, they were having their picture taken in front of the very building that Twilight now worked in, overseeing the implementation and execution of Project: Renewed Light.

Twilight however, is enthused as she works, as she is humming with a big smile on her face. That the Princess had given her command of an important research project, and the fact that Princess Celestia would trust her with Project Renewed Light; The consequences of which, could have a far ranging impact in the medical field and the world of Equestria. The realization of this, makes her happy. Twilight, retrieves a beige folder with the name Project:Renewed Light on the label from inside her desk, inside it, she read the Project’s mission brief. ”The goal of Project Renewed Light is to find a way to successfully transplant a horn, from a recently deceased unicorn cadaver to a unicorn that has broken their own, or suffered severe trauma. In so doing, we expect to prevent mana buildup, and reduce the grisly deaths of unicorns recently deprived of their horn, for whatever cause.A secondary goal of Project Renewed Light, is to, through the successful transplanting of a unicorn horn, to enable the transplant patient to be capable of exercising their arcane arts as to how they exercised it prior to the damage, or loss of their natural horn.”

Of course, there has yet to be a successful result to the experiments, and many of the volunteers had died violently in each attempt. Since Twilight's promotion to C.O.O. of Project Renewed Light, they are about to perform the first operation, as Twilight goes about getting settled in, into the C.O.O.'s office. She had removed all the books and papers from the shelves using her magic rotating the books, as well as the papers around her, so she could see the information she would need to be as effective as she can be, as Project:Renewed Light’s C.O.O.. Twilight starts to alphabetize by subject, and then, within subject group. She places the books, papers in the order of author’s last name, resisting the urge to add dewey decimal labels to the spines, as this would take too long and much longer than the first experiment she had ordered, as a test, to find out what happens when a new horn is attached. Her beeper goes off, a simple tool powered by magic, causing Twilight to sigh, as she exits her office, she doesn't like being interrupted mid-way through her organising.

Walking toward the observation room, a room of pure white, featuring a white leather sofa, a one way window, an intercom device, and a table; which was usually used to hold charts, or coffee. Twilight peers through the window, as she presses the intercom. “What’s going on?!” Twilight demands. A young doctor in scrubs, approaches the window and replies through the intercom. “I’m sorry Miss Sparkle, but the patient has died, and we need you to sign off on the cremation order.” Twilight steps back, slumping on the sofa behind her, and her face no longer containing the smile she had previously had. Now it is replaced by a sad and disheartened expression.

An older doctor in the operating room, whistles at the young doctor “Daisy, come here!” The young doctor replies, while approaching the older doctor. “Each time you call me a mares name, I die a little inside.” Prompting the older doctor to respond “Look, Octavia, Trixie, Fleur Dis Lee— We got a job to do, and it isn’t getting finished anytime soon.” Twilight has experienced this first loss and it has taken its toll. She wondered is it really worth the cost of the single life, taken so far? “Even a single life is too much a loss, I hope we can make sure it doesn’t happen again.”

Twilight wonders where all these volunteers comes from. What she knows, is that the two red-coated Earth ponies, who, by the looks of it were twins, has handled the acquiring of the volunteers. These two, seemed to; to Twilight at least, seemed thuggish and suspicious. These were the kinds of thoughts she has initially, as she sees them for the first time. Twilight mentally kicks herself, when such thoughts creeps in, I pre-judged somepony once before, and had been totally wrong. I won't do that again. But since that first day, they are bringing in many volunteers. Which has made Twilight grow suspicious. Just recently they had brought in a new volunteer, whose file Twilight currently has in hoof and proceeded to scan through the dossiers about the most recent volunteer. "Let's see; Name: Rose Storm. Race: Unicorn. Description: Rose Storm coat hue is a vibrant pink hue, while her mane is of a saturated blue hue, as is her tail. Family: None. Relatives: No next of kin. Poor filly." Twilight lamented as she continued to flip through the filly’s file.

Since the last failure, they had developed some changes to the procedure, after analysing the data that they had collected. With this new technique, they would try something, akin to the way they had dealt with burn victims. “Horns are made of bone which are naturally attached to the skull, which is connected to a specifically hardened mound area of the skull which absorbs hard impacts caused during charges, or other impacts which may occur due to various circumstances. Inside the bone is a gland to control external mana and a collection of nerves fill the horn, these nerves are extremely sensitive to magic and during heightened sexual activity sensitive to touch.

Thus any new horn that is replaced, needs to be place directly on the hardened mound area, flatly, and the nerves need to be connected carefully. The body will not accept horns from different blood groups than the receiving patient. So, any of the old horn that’s left is filed down so the new horn is more stable and straight once it is attached to the patient's skull. This horn is present on all unicorns, is essential to unicorn physiology, otherwise magic buildup will cause a unicorn to explode.

The procedure is started by: first, before the surgery begins the area is prepped with alcohol for cleaning and reducing the chance of infection, the patient is then administered anesthetic gas, which puts the patient to sleep. The next step involves cutting into the spot where the horn is, and then lightly cauterized the surrounding tissue to reduce blood loss, and filing down the remaining horn careful not to damage the exposed nerves. The next step is to place the horn inside the opening, and then joining the horn’s blood vessels and the gland to the nerves. afterwards the horn is then magically attached to the surrounding flesh to the volunteer’s skull with magic. This is usually around where they failed, the magic that had built up causing the volunteer to explode, because the surgeon’s magic accelerated the de-horned unicorn's mana absorption. After the procedure is completed the horn and head is wrapped in a cast. and the final step of stimulating the surrounding tissues to heal at a rapid pace begins.” Of course, this stage was never reached, and many times the nurses had to clean the room, all night, and through to the next day.

Eager to please Princess Celestia, Twilight, using her telekinesis magic, removes several sheets of parchment, a sealed ink well, and several quills. She proceeds to create a report so that Princess Celestia would stay informed of what medical and arcane advances have been made, with regards to Project Renewed Light. Dear Princess Celestia... As she is scribing the report, she presses a hoof upon a button, which summons the Chief Surgical Technician. Her attention is primarily upon filling out the report, so she pays no mind, when Chief Surgical Technician Persephone arrives not long after, into her office. Twilight hoofed a blank manilla folder over to Persephone, not looking up from the report. "Chief Surgical Technician Persephone, have the operation room prepped, and ready for surgery. We're going to alter our approach, and the procedure is enclosed in the folder. Please ensure that the rest of the surgical team receives a copy and has thoroughly reviewed the contents, prior to the operation." She fervently hopes for success this time, since each failure was taxing upon her gastrointestinal system.

After, what has seemed to be hours, there is a knock on her door, which has brought her out of her deep introspection. Twilight opens the door. One of the surgeons, a gray coated unicorn mare approached.

"Miss Twilight Sparkle." She said, cautiously.

"Yes Persephone." Twilight replies, sitting forward, and looking at the mare. She normally didn't see Persephone without her green scrubs: a bouffant mane cap, and tail wraps that covers her tail and mane during surgery. Her mane, and tail are both, long, and straight. The tips curling away from her back, it was white as could be, and her bangs are cut straight, so she can see better without the interference of her mane.

Persephone leaned closer, eyes shifting left and right to ensure that only Twilight would hear what she has to say. "Miss Twilight Sparkle. The most recent operation has been a success." Twilight's eyes dilates as her muzzle hangs open, astonished and shocked to hear news of having succeeded with the most recent operation attempt. "Are you sure?!" Twilight excitedly enquires. With a slight pause, Persephone just nods.

Twilight, bolts out of the door to her office, nearly knocking Persephone over, but because this has happened before, Persephone remembers to dodge out of Twilight’s way.
Twilight, skidding as she runs on the tile floor, unable to keep her hooves from slipping and sliding, as she careens around corners, crashing into other doctors, and the lab staff, as she reaches the door for the O.R. She tried braking, but slid past the door into a janitor's cart, who promptly glared at her. Twilight could have sworn she heard, “koyaanisqatsi” droningly sang over an organ being played. Shaking her head, she gets up and wobbles to the door of the O.R. “I hate this floor!” Twilight huffs.

Twilight, resumes her dash towards the operating theater. When she finally gets to the observation room, next to the theatre, there is nothing in the room, except for a lot of blood, and two of the nurses who are on the staff, cleaning the room. Shortly behind her, comes Persephone. Turning back to look at her, Twilight looks confused. "Where is the patient?" She asks tentatively.

Persephone replies, slightly out of breath "She’s…. sent to…. ICU, Miss Twilight, for rest and ….."
" Yes, that is for the best." Twilight responds, as she looks down at the floor.Twilight looks up, after a few moments, and inquires, "how long will the cleaning take?"
Persephone's eyes becomes unfocused, as she internally ponders the average cleaning times. She redirects her attention back to Twilight. "An hour, or so, Miss Twilight Sparkle. It should be ready for inspection by then."

Twilight walks back towards her office. She needs to prepare for the inspection that she so often did, and perhaps glean some data from the failures. Twilight hops, elated at the success of the operation, a big grin plastered on her face, before it vanished, and her ears droops. She looks back over her shoulders at the operation room. I want to visit her, and make sure she's okay, and that she's recovering well from her operation. It must be very taxing on her body, to have undergone that operation. I really should let her get her rest, and recover from her operation. I would probably do more harm than good, if I were to visit her now, and hinder her from getting the rest that she needs.

By the time she has finished thinking to herself, she has come to her office door. As always, it is a sterile white, and has a frosted window, that would normally show nothing, but black silhouettes of ponies on the other side, the kind that you would see in those detective movies. Adorned on the door in black lettering, was the name “C.O.O. Twilight Sparkle: Project Renewed Light,” in big bold letters clear enough to read. Twilight pausing and thinking to herself “A silly name for a project like this.” She smiles and brushes her hoof across the lettering of the project name. Twilight opens the door, and steps through, closing it behind her.

An hour has passed, since Twilight has sprinted out her office to the operating theatre, and it was about time to inspect the aftermath. A quill, and clipboard hovers by her side, by the magic of her horn, she walks around the O.R. “On the check list? Throw up, no pony flesh left anywhere, blood cleaned, machine data recovery and check the O.R. table is clean. Ok, now to get started!” Twilight looks around the O.R. as she walks, checking things off. “Blood cleaned from the floor, and walls… check!” “No pony flesh left anywhere...check!” She walks over to the table and checks the machines. Twilight has to make sure that she could reproduce the results of today, to prove it isn't just a fluke. “Machine data recovered… Check!” She has almost finished her task, when she moves to the operating table, and moves the bed covers to check underneath and ensure that it was clean. Twilight lets out a gasp, “Those cleaning mares, every time they miss something! Do I need to lecture them on cleaning the O.R. again!?” She makes a note to discipline the nurses responsible for cleaning the room.

Twilight turns and is heading towards the door of the O.R., when she rushes back to the O.R. table, panic and worry in her eyes, as she knocks the covers on the O.R. table, off completely. Twilight sees pink feathers, all over it. Twilight stumbles backwards, Her eyelids twitching as she looks around the room for further proof, “This isn’t happening, What had happened?” [“I don’t know.”] “Why are there feathers here?” [“ I just said that I don’t know!”] “Unicorns don't have wings!” [“duh, of course not.”] Quickly a large grin forms across, Twilight's face “Ok this didn’t happen, the feathers were never there! That it’s just an illusion.” “Miss Twilight, who are you talking to?” Twilight turns around to see Persephone, “Nopony Persephone.” [“Ask her!”] “No! She won't know!” [“You never know!”] “Ugh, fine!” Persephone backs away a bit. “Do you know why a feather is here?” Twilight inquires. Persephone shook her head. “We told you, She wouldn’t know.” [“Was worth a try.”] Persephone spoke up “Um, perhaps one of the orderlies is a pegasus?” Twilight runs as fast as her four legs could take her, back to her office, skidding, and sliding as she went, cursing the slippery tiles, as she struggles to keep upright. Much like when she was trying to help during Winter Wrap Up for the first time, and by the time she managed to reach her office she was on her back. She had given up trying to stay upright and just let the motion continue until she came to a stop outside her office. She needed to double-check, maybe even triple check. To verify that the new volunteer was indeed the one who had left the feathers, and not one of the nurses.

Twilight opens her door, and begins rifling through all the files to get to Rose Storm’s folder. After a while of sifting through all her files, Twilight has found the file about Rose Storm on her desk, as she lets out a sigh. Twilight falls back into her chair, with the file in front of her, as she looks through every record. After a while, Twilight notices that there is a label with "unicorn" written on it, over where race would have been written. She had previously passed it off as correcting a mistake. Twilight gulped, as she slowly pulls off the label with her telekinesis magic. "I can't believe it!" She cries, her mouth agape "I just gave a Pegasus a horn, no wonder it had worked, what will I do! Princess Celestia will send me to the moon!" She exclaimed "This has to be a mistake!" She cried aloud, to herself, wishing it wasn't true.

How could she make such a mistake? Considering how meticulous she was. How did she miss it?! "That's right someone must have used magic to hide it, there's no way I made a mistake" Twilight laughs nervously to herself, her pupils shrank down to mere pinpricks, as she glances nervously about the room, as though looking for spying eyes and ears. Her left eye exhibited a tic, every so often, as her mane becomes frizzy and disheveled, as fear and panic began to take hold upon Twilight.

Twilight packs up her things, so she could leave, and runs, towards the ICU to check on the poor Pegasus, whose life she has now ruined.


Getting through the doors of the ICU is easy, as it is not guarded, or locked. This is curious, as she made sure it is always kept secure. Twilight quickly makes her way to the only occupied bed in the ICU, with the pink Pegasus filly in it, who is sleeping. Twilight Sparkle, then began looking at the chart at the base of the filly's bed. Her name was Rose Storm, she quickly wrote on the chart, deceased. Twilight, then focuses on her horn and casts a wide area memory manipulation spell, similar to the one she used during the Discord take over, to restore her friends memories, but with a few tweaks. She then picks the filly up, carrying her with her magic. This is easy, compared to the Ursa Minor that she had lifted before. Twilight left the building as fast as she could. She has to get this filly to safety. She runs through the corridors and finally out the doors, and into the street, as Canterlot's ivory buildings came into view. The sunlight dazed her, as she has not been in direct sunlight for a long time. She hurries to the train depot, fervently hoping that nopony would stop her from her flight. Oh, how could this happen? I let Princess Celestia down! What do I do? What can I do? Do I tell my friends? No, no, the project was performed under strictest secrecy. But I have to come up with something! Applejack knows when we lie to her! I should have been more careful! I should have verified each subject's race! What would you do, BBBFF?

After a while, she finally gets to the station, and buys a ticket to Ponyville, she needn't get one for Storm, since she is a filly, and foals travel for free, as long as they are supervised.

Finally on the train, Twilight takes a seat, and slowly lowers the filly into her forelegs, even with her talent. Keeping a filly aloft was draining, and the journey would take hours. The train will get her back to Ponyville fast enough. She has hoped that this is a nightmare, that she is going to wake up in her warm bed, in the Golden Oak Library. What is a Pegasus doing volunteering for this procedure, and why so young?! That is, if she, and all those other ponies had volunteered. Suddenly a look of realization appeared upon her face, with her eyes wide, as she whispered, her voice quivering with unsuppressed horror. "They didn't volunteer for this project! They were foalnapped!"

"Oh Twilight, you're too trusting!" She berates herself. As the train went over the hills, towards its destination. Back at the lab, the staff is just discovering that the missing patient and Twilight Sparkle are gone.


A stallion with a blue coat and black mane, is pacing up and down the ICU, his eyes flashed in anger, and fury, his frown perpetual, as he paces back, and forth like an infantry drill sergeant, as he verbally lashes out at the unicorn surgeon cowed before him. "Deceased! You're telling me that the girl is dead?! After all my careful planning?!" The stallion rages at Persephone.

"Do you dim wits know, how hard it is to get that filly out of Cloudsdale?! At least tell me it was a success for a while, that my hard work wasn't in vain!" The irritated stallion stood there looking at the mare who is now quivering with fear.

"It was a success, we know what works, and we can try again." Persephone squeaks.

The stallion raises an eyebrow, bringing a hoof to his chin, thoughtfully.
"I will get my boys to start collecting more Pegasi waifs, don't disappoint me again!" He demands, pointing his right hoof at her. "If you do, you'll be the next one on the operating table!"

The stallion leaves the lab. Persephone relaxes, now that he was gone, causing her legs to give way. Her body slumps to the floor and she begins sobbing, her body shivering, as she fears just how close a brush with death she has had. She takes great shuddering gasps of air, as she waits for the fear and adrenaline to leave, and for her heartbeat to resume a normal rhythm. After all, she is terrified, as she didn't want to be the next one on the operating table.


The train's conductor comes down past the compartment Twilight is in, announcing, "Next stop! Ponyville Station!" Rousing, a sleeping Twilight, who had fallen asleep, with the filly in her hooves.

Twilight opens her eyes slowly looking around, with the filly still asleep, Twilight quickly gathers her things, and as soon as the train gets into the station, she disembarks and hurries towards her tree house library.


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Finally reaching her house, Twilight burst through her door and slammed it behind her briefly causing bystanders to glance towards the library. Inside Twilight dropped her belongings to the side of the stairs and took the filly to the guest bedroom on the first floor and laid her gently on the bed in the center of the room, Twilight then pulled the covers over Rose's sleeping body. Twilight then left the room, closing the door behind her quietly.

Twilight began to search through her books as she had never taken care of a filly before, let alone one that had just went through a dangerous surgical procedure. So she had once again turned to books to find out how. soon after Twilight was surrounded by volumes on biology, sociology. that were stacked high enough to obscure her from sight. “Spike!” She called out.

Down the stairs came a grumpy looking Spike “Twilight, I thought you were in Canterlot. What are you doing here?” Inquired Spike.

“I don’t have time to explain right Now. Where are the books on parenthood?” Replied Twilight.
“Under p, where they have always been.” Spike stated matter of factly.

“P.P.P. ah! Here it is!” Twilight said. “Twilight, why do you need a book on parenthood?” Spike asked as Twilight took the book over to the library’s lectern “Celestia asked me write up a report on reproduction and parenthood.” Twilight lied.

Spike looked at the books that Twilight had already had pulled from the bookshelves. Some of them included Advanced Pony Biology, Pony Reproduction for Eggheads Spike shrugged "I'll clean those up later, oh by the way Lero came knocking earlier something about asking when you were back." as Spike starts walking back up the stairs, “Okay now that I have told you, I'm going back to sleep. Maybe I'll have that ice cream dream that you woke me up from, again.” he said begrudgingly.

'I can't see Lero now this is important, what if Rose dies while I'm out I would never forgive myself.' Twilight thought


Twilight had been writing notes when she looked up at her clock. It had been 3 hours since Spike returned to bed. She sighed, 'Spike, sleeps too much.' Twilight thought to herself. Behind her the door to the guest room creaked open. “Mummy?” Came a little voice. Twilight quickly tuned round to face the little filly, who had just woken up.

The filly’s eyes opened wide a big smile on her face as she quickly ran up to Twilight as fast as her weakened self could go and wrapped her forelegs around Twilight’s left fore leg. “Mummy!” The filly said again while nuzzling Twilight’s forelegs.

Twilight looked down at the filly, “Rose, are you okay?” She asked.

Rose beamed up at Twilight “ Yes! Mummy.” She replied.

Twilight pulled out an old dress she wore as a filly and put it on Rose Storm, effectively covering her wings, "Rose this will keep you warm. How does it feel?" Twilight inquired. Rose looked down thinking then smiled "It feels okay mummy!"

After Rose had sat down and started drawing with crayons, Twilight was thinking 'Oh My Celestia, she thinks I'm her mother! What am i going to do, can I really be a mother!? What will happen if the girls find out!? I'm not even sure my herd will accept her at the moment, oh how will I explain it?!'Twilight panicked. 'I know! I'll tell Celestia, she'll know what to do.' Twilight took out a quill and a scroll and wrote a letter to her mentor, explaining that had happened. She went upstairs to get Spike to send it, who reluctantly did so and went back to sleep.

Twilight waited for a reply and surely enough Spike burped up a new letter, as he snoozed. Twilight read the letter. "My faithful student
you are hereby assigned as Rose Storm’s guardian. As such, try to make her life as comfortable as you can. You must also pretend to be her biological mother. No one must know for her sake as well as yours, this includes your friends. Due to the unusual nature of this event, I am pleased you contacted me as I have shut down the lab before any more ponies can be hurt. The guards have not apprehended the staff that worked there yet, but we are working on it. In the meantime I shall search for her real mother. If she is alive, we shall find her.

Princess Celestia"

Twilight did as she was told and changed Rose's coat, horn, and wings to match her own her horn glowed for a few long moments as Twilight cast the spell. As much as this made her hurt inside, she knew that Celestia would only do what was good for Rose.

Rose giggled. "Mummy, that tickles."

Twilight smiled back at her, “That’s good, are you hungry?” Twilight asked.

“Yes, Mummy.” Rose Storm replied “Okay, just sit here then and I'll make some food.” Twilight put on a false smile she knew that Rose may never have a normal life again, she will most likely endure a lot of bullying, if they find out she has a horn and wings if not outright fear from the other fillies and colts. In the kitchen Twilight was making some sandwiches when she heard a voice.

“Twi!? You in here? I just finished the second Daring Do book, again! Lero loved it too!” Came the voice again.

“Rainbow? Is that you?” Twilight called back.

After she had finished making the sandwich, Twilight then levitated it to Rose Storm, who was sitting nearby.

“Yeah, it’s me.” Rainbow said.

“Twilight, can you lend me the third Daring Do book?” Rainbow asked.

“Yes, of course, Rainbow.” Twilight said as she hoofed it to Rainbow.

Rainbow Dash was about to leave, but then turned and asked, “Twilight, you do know there is a filly in your library, right?”

Twilight blinked, “Yes, I know. Her name is Rose Storm.” replied Twilight. As Rainbow turned again to go outside she heard a word which caused Rainbow to freeze upon the spot.

“Mummy, I'm done eating.” Beamed Rose.

“Okay Rose, you can go play with Ms. Smarty Pants” said Twilight as she levitated her Smarty Pants doll to Rose. Twilight turned to see a wide eyed Rainbow Dash hovering in mid-air. 'Oh horsefeathers!' She mentally cursed.

Rainbow Dash began to speak, but as she could not think of what to say she just mouthed what might have been words.

“Equestria to Rainbow Dash, are you okay?” Twilight asked, waving her right hoof in front of her.

“Why, how and with who?!” Rainbow demanded of Twilight.

Twilight responded, “I adopted her as part of my training, as directed by Princess Celestia, in order to experience what motherhood is like. Since I have no experience in this area and our herd is trying for foals with Lero.” Twilight said.

“Um, Twilight what are you gonna do with her, when your experiment is done.” Rainbow said, worry in her voice. “Yes, Rainbow I’m just going to cold-heartedly abandon her.” Twilight said sarcastically, her eyes half lidded. “Of course I am going keep her with me until the day I die, or she graduates a respectable college. Whichever comes first, more likely the former given the amount of times Ponyville is attacked.”

“Hey Twilight, you're not gonna die; not while im here and I’m sure the other girls, Lyra and Lero all feel the same. So don’t be so -- I dunno -- mopey about it, ‘kay? Anyway, are you sure you can handle it Twilight? I mean, I'm not a mother, but I have seen how hard it can be to raise a foal, good thing you got a herd who'll support you.” Rainbow Dash said, laying her right hoof on Twilight’s left shoulder.

“I’m okay, Rainbow. If it gets out of hoof I’ll just have to ask Ponyville’s most loyal pony for help.” Twilight said.

“Really? Who’s that? I bet she isn’t as loyal as me!” Rainbow stated matter of factly.

Twilight put her right hoof up to cover her mouth and giggled. She then leant in and gave Rainbow a kiss, “I'm talking about you, silly.”

“Oh, I knew that,” she laughed nervously. “Well, I’ll get going Twilight. Need to tell Lyra and the Big guy the good news” She waved goodbye to her marefriend, before she flew off towards home. She wanted read the next Daring Do book as soon as she could, so she would need to find Lyra and Lero fast.

Twilight let out a sigh of relief. “One down, four to go.”


Rainbow dash was flying through Ponyville, looking for Lyra and Lero. She hadn't seen neither head nor tail of them yet and was beginning to get frustrated, when she noticed a tall figure in the crowded market place as she flew over. The figure was slightly stocky, with fairly wide shoulders and a barrel chest, and had shoulder-length, reddish-blonde hair and a neatly trimmed red mustache and goatee.

Rainbow called out "Hey, Lero!" the figure looked up and smiled
Rainbow glided down toward Lero and just before she reached him back winged in order to avoid crashing in to him. He stretched out his arms and wrapped them around her. Lero leaned in for a kiss but stopped as soon as he noticed we had an audience. He backed off sheepishly to which rainbow dash rolled her eyes and pulled him him into a kiss. When the kiss was broken by Rainbow dash she smiled at Lero .

"Lero, I got great news! Twilight adopted a foal!" Rainbow eclaimed Lero frowned

"Why, did she do that?" Lero inquired

"Oh something about Princess Celestia giving her a lesson about motherhood." Rainbow replied
"The little filly is called Rose Storm. It is weird though how much she looks like Twilight. I don't think she's noticed though." Rainbow Continued.

"Okay love, I'll go talk to Twilight and see if she needs any help. Are you going to tell Lyra?" Lero asked

"Yes, have you seen her?" Rainbow replied.

"I saw her at sugar cube corner. She was buying something from there." Lero informed Rainbow

"Thanks, big guy." Rainbow said giving him a quick peck on the cheek. "See you later!" Rainbow says as she launches off Lero and towards sugar cube corner.

As Rainbow was closing in on Lyra, she was caught in the golden yellow aura of Lyra's magic and Quickly brought in for a kiss.
After breaking the kiss Lyra smugly smiled at the pegasus. "So what brings my beautiful wife here?" Lyra asked while smiling still.

"Well, Twilight adopted a filly named Rose Storm!" Rainbow replied as Lyra just gave her a skeptical look.

Noticing this Rainbow said "It's true go over to the library and see The big guy's there too."

Lyra and Rainbow dash both went to The Library. Talking along the way, as they came upon they went through the door.
Lero and Twilight looked up, Lero was holding Rose in his arms and Twilight was sitting next to him reading a parenting book.

"Everyponies here." Lero declares quietly as to not scare Rose Storm "So, Rose Storm is officially our daughter, until her real mother is found. If she has one, that is. We don't want to over load her with family, so we'll each introduce ourselves later." Lero said looking down to Rose Storm who was snuggled up asleep in his arms.

As he finished He looked around the room getting nods of approval.


Several hours had past since the Rainbow Dash incident Lero, Lyra were introduced to Rose Storm. Twilight had asked Spike to bring Fluttershy, Rarity, Pinkie Pie and Applejack to meet Rose Storm. It took him as long as it did, because he went to Rarity's first. Pinkie Pie was already here bouncing around playing with Rose. She'd never been entirely the same since the time she foalsat the Cake's twins. “Everypony this is my adopted daughter Rose Storm, please be nice to her. Say hello Rose.” Twilight said. “I wanted to learn, firsthoof about the challenges and rewards of raising a foal. Princess Celestia also felt that this would also help me in my research into parenting, in addition to affirm or refute what current studies have indicated in comparison to my own experiences with rearing a foal have taught me. So I adopted Rose Storm.”

Rose Storm retreated behind Twilight and nervously said “Hello, I’m Rose Storm.”

Fluttershy said “Hello, Rose. I'm Fluttershy.”

Rarity also said “Hello darling, it's a pleasure to meet you.” followed by a gasp and a high pitch “Idea!” and the fashionista had ran off home.

Pinkie Pie said, “ Aw, you know what this means, It's time for a party!” she bounced off to prepare a party.

“Howdy Rose Storm." Applejack said tilting her hat. "Twilight if'n ya need any help just give me a holler, okay?"

"Thank you, Applejack!" Twilight replied.

"I got to get back to Sweet Apple Acres. Big Mac needs a hoof bucking the trees in the east field.” Said Applejack, walking out following Pinkie and Rarity.

Fluttershy stayed longer, but before long Angel Bunny began to pester her for attention and food.

Rose yawned, it was getting late and she'd been up since this morning.

“Okay Rose, it’s time for bed.” Twilight said, as she levitated the filly up into her bed.

“Mummy, it’s too dark.” Rose whined.

Twilight cast a night light spell for Rose Storm. “Goodnight Rose” Twilight said.

“Night Mummy” Rose Storm said as she snuggled under the bed cover.


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Celestia had just set the sun on another day, Celestia sat atop her throne in the castle throne room. She held the letter, her faithful student Twilight had sent her. Heaving a heavy sigh she wrote a missive to her sister, and levitated it over to a waiting guard whom she had called forward to deliver the missive. “My Sister must receive this missive as soon as possible, go now!” The guard caught the missive, and galloped off as fast as he could.

After the moon rose from it’s resting place to it’s apex, Luna arrived into throne room.
“Dearest sister, thou hast desired our presence?” Celestia called out to the guards “ Guards, leave us, for we discuss private matters.” As the final guard left the room, closing the door behind him, Luna trotted up toward Celestia nuzzling her in greeting. Celestia returned the gesture.

“Yes, Luna, I have received news from Twilight Sparkle. News that she has come into contact with a filly, who had supposedly volunteered for the horn transplant research Twilight was conducting. Judging by the description and her race, she may very well be your daughter.”

Luna sat on her haunches, her face aghast as she tried to process this new information, before she suddenly she snapped out of it. “ Dearest sister, Doth she livest? Thou art aware that those transplants art prone to complications!” Celestia laid a hoof on Luna’s shoulder.

“She is very much alive, Luna. Twilight is looking after her.” Luna’s face scrunched up. “Art thou apprentice aware student know, Sister? We art not certain that she art ready. We art not ready!” Celestia had a kind smile on her features “Luna, she’ll find out, eventually. whether, we tell her or not. Better that she hear it from you, rather than finding out herself. either way you best be ready for it Luna.”

Luna looked down at her hooves. “We, art not certain that we wilt ever be ready, dear sister.”


As the sun begun pouring through the curtains of Twilight’s room, her door slowly creeped open. Rose’s little head popping out from the gap of the open door as she pushed it open further. Rose crept forward, crouched down, as her ears were folded back in concentration. she looked like she was going to pounce on some prey, as she reached Twilight’s bed. she sprung up into the air and she landed on Twilight’s bed. Rose continued to creep towards Twilight. She prepared to pounce again and launched herself on top of Twilight to wake her up. “Mummy, wake up!” Twilight woke up with a start.

“Rose, what are you doing? It’s … .” Twilight looked up at the clock. She saw that it was nearly 8:00 A.M. Realization dawned on Twilight‘s face as she rushed to get up. “ Rose! It’s almost time for school! No daughter of mine.” Adopted or not. “Is going to be late for school! Come on, I am going to make you some breakfast, then we gotta go!” Twilight and Rose got ready to take Rose to school, both of them had buttered toast in their mouths as they ran out the library door and off to school.


Twilight and Rose made it to the school. It looked deserted, the red door of the schoolhouse opened suddenly as an earth pony stallion wearing janitor’s overalls and a small cap that matched his uniform, He walked over to Twilight and Rose, who had backed up behind Twilight.

“I reckon, that it’s too early for anypony to be here, ah’m Scruffy … . The janitor at this here school. What brings you here?” Even though he posed her a question, he seemed disinterested.

“I’m Twilight Sparkle, this is my filly Rose Storm. where is everypony?” Twilight looked searchingly at Scruffy. “I reckon they be asleep, what with it being 6 A.M.” Twilight looked dumbstruck as she looked around for a clock or a watch or something to tell her he was or wasn’t lying.” Scruffy said “Don’t believe ol’ Scruffy. Ah’m used to it.”

He lifted his left forehoof to show Twilight his pocket-watch. “Come on, Rose, we’re way too early.” Rose looked up at her mother as a giggle left her mouth “Silly Mummy, are we going back home?” Twilight sighed “ Yes Rose, remind me to tell Spike to get new batteries for the clock.” Rose smiled “ Yes, Mummy” As they went back home Scruffy called . “School won’t be open ‘till 9 A.M..” Twilight Sparkle and Rose waved back to Scruffy in farewell.

Twilight and Rose sat on the couch and read together. Twilight read, “The Dungeons & Dragons 5th Iteration Rule Book” I always felt, that the numbers and math formulae in the rule books calmed me down whenever I would read them. Rose on the other hoof was reading elementary text books for foals and was breezing through them at a pace that made Twilight raise an eyebrow.”Rose are you actually reading those books?”

“Yes Mummy!” Rose chirped with a smile on her face “They are fun!”

Twilight thought for a moment.”Okay, sweetie can you tell me what 6x8 is?”

Rose looked serious for a while and then looked up. “48, Mummy.”

Twilight looked back incredulously “That’s correct Rose, can you tell me Neighton’s 3rd law?”

Twilight waited again as the little filly thought “For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.” Twilight was stunned. After a little while Twilight gathered up Rose in her forehooves and starts to nuzzle Rose.

“That’s right Rose, I’m so proud of you!” Rose was happy that her Mummy was praising her. “Mummy that tickles!* Giggling in Twilight’s arms, the warmth of Twilight’s body spreading into Rose’s body. After awhile they, returned to the schoolhouse. This time Twilight was certain that she wasn’t late, As Rose and her reached the school house again, it was a little more active as parents and foals were standing around, Miss Cheerilee frowned and came over towards Twilight and Rose. Cheerilee said “Twilight, who is this?”

Twilight smiled. “This is my filly, Rose Storm. I’d like to enroll her here.” Cheerilee smiled. “Of course Twilight, I’ll have the paperwork sent to your home, in the meantime Rose you can play with the other children in the playground before class, when the bell rings come inside.” Cheerilee smiled at Rose Storm, who was clinging to Twilight’s two right legs.

Twilight bent down and held Rose. “It’s going to be okay Rose, I’ll be here to pick you up when school finishes. Okay?” Rose nodded, slowly letting go. Twilight watched as a few of the foals backed away from her as she was a little bit bigger than them, despite her age. Twilight’s heart fell. Then three rather boisterous ponies came up to Rose and introduced themselves to her. Twilights heart lifted — a little bit.

Those foals were notorious around Ponyville, and Twilight was wondering if it was such a good idea for them to hang out with her daughter. Twilight stopped herself. My daughter. She felt a warm, tingly sensation inside her. Strange, it had only been a day ago when She had been charged with her guardianship of Rose, and now she was getting attached to the young filly. Twilight sighed, as she left to go home. She must prepare Rose’s room “Maybe Rarity will help me decorate.”


Twilight had decided that she may need help after all and went to Carousel Boutique.
Opening the door, Twilight was greeted by the flamboyant seamstress. “Darling, you simply must come here more often, what brings you to Carousel Boutique?” Rarity held Twilight close, “Rarity, I was wondering if you could help me decorate my daughter’s room” Rarity’s eyes bulged and twinkled as if stars had replaced her eyes. “Oh Darling, of course I will help!”

Arriving at the room in question, Twilight was almost bowled over by Rarity.
“Oh Idea! it will be beautiful, fit for a princess, I want it to be a surprise for you and your new Daughter. Oh how silly of me I didn’t ask what sort of things does your filly like. ” Twilight said, “I’m not sure, but she went through 4 books this morning.” Rarity laughed “ I see, even when adopted the apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree, or maybe you give off magic book loving rays. Anyway darling, this may take a while. Why don’t you go to the spa. Do tell aloe and lotus, that i send my greetings and wish them well.”


In Cheerilee’s classroom, Rose stood at the front of the class looking nervous.
Cheerilee began “Morning class, this is Rose Storm. She is Twilight Sparkle’s filly. She has been enrolled into school and will be learning with us from now on. Be nice to her. Rose there is a chair between the CMC.”

Rose eyebrow climbed questioningly “CMC?”

The Three fillies she had met prior to class stood up and started shouting, “we’re the Cutie Mark Crusaders!” Everypony’s ears flattened as they shouted loud enough to deafen the class. Rose glanced at the free desk behind the CMC, and trotted over to sit in the desk lifting her saddlebags off her back with her magic. as sat down for the rest of the lesson, listening to Cheerilee as she spoke.

Diamond Tiara glared at Rose Storm from her seat. Cheerilee noticed that Diamond Tiara wasn’t looking, “Diamond Tiara, I know it’s fascinating having a new student in the class, but can you repeat what I just said?” Diamond Tiara stared blankly, as she tried to think of what the teacher might have said, but to no avail. “No, Miss Cheerilee, I can’t.” Cheerilee looked disappointed “Pay attention in class, Diamond Tiara.” Diamond Tiara shrunk down as the class laughed at her.

”I had been humiliated, and it was that new filly’s fault! How dare a blank flank embarrass me! I’m gonna make her pay and her little friends too! What is she anyways? Wings, a horn, and a body like Princess Luna’s, She must think she’s so pretty! Wait is she an alicorn? How can I get my revenge against her?”


Twilight had just left the spa feeling refreshed, she went home to see how Rarity was doing. Upon entering the library, Twilight heard a loud thud. Rushing into the room Rarity was on her back with Spike tangled up with her, “Help Twilight, we are well and truly stuck!” Twilight face hoofed at the two tangled up “Do I even want to know why you’re tangled up like that?” Twilight asked dryly.

“No, it’s best that we never speak of this again.” Rarity said. Twilight pulled the pair apart with her magic and righted Rarity back on her hooves. “ I finished the room Darling. What do you think?” Twilight looked around the room, the wooden walls were painted midnight blue and covered in stars technically these aren’t accurate Twilight thought to herself She saw that Rarity had trot into the wardrobe and a bookshelf installed No, doubt so Rarity has an excuse to make Rose some clothes.

“Oh, I see you noticed the wardrobe. A filly needs a big enough closet for all her clothes, where are Roses clothes?” Bingo “Rose doesn’t have any of her own clothes yet.” Rarity pulled her head up and one of her forehooves up to her head “Oh, the poor filly. This — is — the worst possible thing!” Swooning onto a sofa, looking back up Rarity proclaimed “I cannot allow such a crime again fabulosity go unaddressed” Twilight rolled her eyes. Rarity is a good friend, but she can be a little over dramatic and where does she even get that sofa from?

Twilight looked over to the bed, which replaced the small bed with a huge four post bed made of varnished mahogany and gilded with gold and silver, Rose’s new bed covers were made of soft cotton with the highest thread count possible for pony magic, they were dyed royal blue. and looked ever so welcoming around the canopy was thin near transparent silver velvet. “Rarity, isn’t this a little much for a filly?” Rarity positively looked shocked. “Wasn’t this the kind of bed you had at the castle when you studied magic, Twilight?”

“Well, yes but she’s not in the castle is she?” Rarity walked over to Twilight and said “That maybe true, she deserves the best you can give her!” Rarity then mumbled, “And maybe I can score some early ‘favorite auntie’ points.” Twilight looked at Rarity, who was now doing her best pout she could. “Fine!” Twilight said relenting.


Twilight was waiting for Rose with the other parents, as the bell rang for the school day to end. Rose rushed out towards Twilight. As she reached Twilight, Rose closed her eyes and nuzzled Twilight, who returned the gesture. “Come on Rose, time to go home. Say goodbye to your friends for tonight, I have a surprise for you!”

Rose looked up at Twilight beaming “Really!? What kind of surprise?”

Twilight couldn’t help but giggle. “The secret kind.” Rose was bouncing around like a giddy filly little filly, which she was of course.

When Twilight and Rose got home to the Library, she guided Rose to her room. The filly couldn’t contain her excitement, and burst into her room. Rose’s eyes went wide as she looked around the room. It looked like a proper bedroom now. Then she spotted it, the giant 4 poster canopy bed, with a large book on it. she bounced up to the bed to look at the book the title of the book was 101 Spell’s for Novice Magicians. Rose turned to Twilight who had a warm smile on her face.

“Thank you thank you thank you, Mummy! I love it!” Tears of joy running down Rose’s cheeks. “I love you Mummy!”

Twilight trotted over, climbed onto the bed and laid with Rose on her bed and read the book with her. “ I love you too sweety. My beautiful Rose.”

Let sleeping gods lie

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Little foal heed me well,
lest by folly ye be felled.
Wake not the sleeping gods of this realm,
A wrath which burns hot as the kiln.
your naivete will be cease to be,
and something worse than death be for ye

Wake not the sleeping gods,
Your life and sanity depend on it, oh pony born from sod.
Little foal hast thou hearkened well
to my warning, bold and fell.
Take heed of this, my warning

lest there be no tomorrow morning.


Luna was in a corridor outside of Celestia’s bedroom door, pacing from one side to the other. “Luna?” Celestia asked as she came upon the pacing princess of the night after finishing her duties of the day, “It’s nearly time to raise the moon, Luna.” Looking at the frantically pacing alicorn. “Dearest sister, we wish to converse with thou.” Celestia raised an eyebrow and then proceeded to her room. “Okay Luna, come inside, I’ll make some tea.”

Luna followed Celestia into her bedroom, it was a large room filled with furniture of many hues similar to her mane and tail, the walls were purest white bordered with gold. Celestia levitated a table and chairs wrought iron and painted white, upon it. She set out a tea set. which Celestia began to use to brew Luna and herself some tea, Celestia preferred to actually do things for herself, whenever possible. The servants always fussed over her every need. Leaving little to occupy her immortal mind at times when she had nothing else to do. “Come now sister, tell us what it is, this thing which is bothering you?” Celestia looked at Luna expectantly as she watched Luna sit upon a chair opposite Her.

“Sister, we art worried. We desirest to tell thou something.” Luna looked down at her hooves. Celestia took a sip of her tea, listening as Luna continued “ We art wishing to court thy student, Twilight Sparkle.” At hearing this shocking news, Celestia spat out her tea. “Luna, did I just hear you correctly, you wish to court Twilight Sparkle?” Luna puffed her chest up. “Indeed, why art thou shocked. We hath felt closer to Twilight Sparkle than anypony else.” Celestia grinned and retorted “Well you did sleep with her, dear Sister. You can not get closer than that.” Luna’s face heated, turning redder than the sun. “We wert drunk sister! We wert inhibited! Wert we stronger we wouldst have been more capable in resisting thy student’s beauty!” Celestia finally burst out laughing, causing Luna to pout “I wilt return, after a while. We need to raise the moon.”

Luna went to the castle observatory to raise the moon, and shortly thereafter returned to a still laughing Celestia, who had now rolled onto the floor with her hooves flailing in the air. Wiping a tear from her left eye, Celestia spoke with traces of laughter in her voice.

“Forgive me Luna, I haven’t heard Twilight described as a beauty. Before tonight!” Celestia fell into another laughing fit and began to slam her forehoof on the floor with tears still streaming down her face. "Oh Luna, stop you're killing me! Oww, my sides" Celestia's laughter echoed through the castle, anypony who might have heard it would wear a masque of one who hadn't been phased, however deep inside they felt a fear which few outside of the castle would know.

“Sister, wilt thou be serious, we wert not finished!” Celestia got up off her back and onto her hooves, She then returned to her seat. “Go on Luna. I will try to contain my mirth.” Luna shot her a disapproving look. “Sister, we art a stranger to this time, We knowest not what the courtship of this era is like. wouldst thou helpeth us?”


It was the next morning, Rose was awake and reading a book on the couch that was situated in the library, this morning was less hectic than the last.

“Rose, breakfast is ready!” Twilight called to the filly who promptly closed the book she was reading, 101 Spell’s for Novice Magicians. Rose trotted over to the kitchen to retrieve her breakfast, which was a simple salad of lettuce, daisies and tomatoes. Mummy’s cooking is always like this simple and easy to make. But Rose didn’t mind. Mummy’s trying her best.

Rose returned to her seat and started eating her breakfast, absent mindedly. Suddenly she was overtaken by a vision: Looking around, Rose was surrounded by large walls of white and gold, She was sitting at a varnished oak table in the middle of a large garden filled with flowers of many colors and types, more than she had seen before. She was seated at the table reading a book, before her somepony levitated a plate of salad in front of her, which consisted of daisies, tomatoes and lettuce as she looked up to see which pony had given her food. All she saw was a large pony standing there, but it was faded and covered with static.

Rose was back inside the treehouse library, which she now called home, What was that? Who was that pony? Where was that place? Rose thought to herself, suddenly Rose head started throbbing. Rose brought a hoof up to her head and started rubbing with the fetlock of her right hoof to try and reduce the pain, however the throbbing didn’t stop. in fact it was increasing. What was a small throbbing sensation, had now become a full blown headache.

As these events transpired, Twilight had finished making her own food, and came upon Rose as she was wincing and asked her “Rose are you okay?” Rose shook her head from side to side “I have a headache Mommy.” Twilight looked to Rose in concern “Do you want some aspirin to help you Rose?” Rose shook her head up and down in response. Twilight put her plate down and went into the bathroom.

Where she opened her medicine cabinet with her magic and retrieved the aspirin. Twilight read the instructions “Foals: 1 tablet every 3 hours do not exceed 3 tablets per day.”

Twilight closed the medicine cabinet and trots out of the bathroom and makes her way back into the lounge, where Rose was. Twilight looked at Rose and said “Don’t worry, just let me get a glass of water so you can take this.” Twilight trotted into the kitchen to get some water for Rose she opened a cupboard and retrieved a glass, Rose screamed out in pain, causing Twilight to drop the glass with a smash, Twilight rushed over to Rose.

“Rose, what’s the matter!? Where does it hurt!?” Twilight asked. “ Mummy, my head hurts!” Rose screamed as the pain was getting to much for her to handle.
Twilight closed her eyes as her horn lit with a lavender glow, the glow then slowly moved over the filly as Twilight scanned Rose. No! Magic build-up! She doesn’t know how to control her magic! Twilight picked up Roses magic book, “101 Spell’s for Novice Magicians“ and began to read through it. “Ah Hah!, found it!” Anatomy of the horn and Avoiding Magic Build up.

Magical power is gathered and expelled (When a unicorn’s magic has built up) constantly via a passive process controlled by the horns Arcanii, a gland which sits near the tip of the horn and controls magic within and without of a unicorn. Below the Arcanii gland is the mana sack which holds that unicorn’s internal magic. The amount it can hold is determined by the unicorns knowledge, hormones, and genetic traits. This capacity can be increased through dedicated training, wrapped around the inside of the horn are millions of nerves which are a part of the Thalamus Monoceros gland, which runs up and down the center of the horn. It controls the other parts of the horn and causes sensitivity in the horn during arousal and temporarily stopping magic use so as to stop the unicorn from hurting their partner.

Magic build up and dealing with it
Magic build up occurs, when a unicorn doesn’t perform magic enough (as the Arcanii overflow expulsion isn’t enough to stop this alone) other cases of magic build up can be caused by an increase in the unicorn’s ability to absorb magic, to reduce the build up, the unicorn in question must use their magic or have another unicorn syphon off their magic. The only case when magic build up will not occur is when a unicorn’s magic is sealed.

Twilight flicks back to the first couple of pages to find out how to properly explain how to control magic to a foal.

Controlling magic is the most basic skill every unicorn must learn.
to do so the unicorn must focus and sense the subtle activity of their mind, which differs from the daily mental activities in which the mind engages in. It often feels as though an invisible hoof is gently massaging the frontal lobes. This activity is the Arcanii gland gathering mana from the surrounding environment. This is magic, In order to use this magic, the unicorn must have a target in mind during casting. Which can be targeted via sight or sensing the surroundings, using their horn (although few unicorns are able to do this and even fewer can reach out over long distances) the unicorn will know they have targeted an object, when their vision zooms in on the object. after which their vision zooms back out after the target has been grabbed by or affected by the unicorns magic.

Twilight shut the book and rushed over to “Rose, listen to me! Can you feel your horn!? It should feel like there is something on your forehead and you should be able to feel it's weight. Can you feel that Rose?” asked Twilight as she held Rose in her forelegs. “I think so, Mummy.” Rose replied hesitantly.

“ Okay, I want you to close your eyes, focus on your horn! Imagine the magic, inside you as a syrup. “ Rose nodded as Twilight continued. “Then imagine that syrup flowing through your horn like a faucet!” Twilight instructed. Rose did as she was told. “Now open your eyes, can you pick an object you want and then focus on that item?” Rose nodded.

“Mommy my eyes went funny! what’s happening!?“ Rose panicked. Gently caressing Rose, Twilight replied “That is you locking onto that object, that is normal. Now try to pick it up reach out with your mind” Rose shook as she tried to do what Twilight had explained.

Trying to pick up her book, that Twilight had set down on the table. Rose felt the pain subside a little inside her head. At first it was a struggle, but she finally managed to lift it. However the pain returned, catching Rose off guard and with another scream Rose expelled a lot of magic in all directions! all the library books came off their shelves and levitated all over the place!

Roses eyes burned as they glowed white, magic flowing everywhere. while this was occurring Twilight found herself lifted up in the air with Rose. Twilight almost lost her balance and fell, as she was pulled along for the ride.

“Rose, sweetie it’s okay!” Twilight shouted so she could be heard above the loud thrum of the magic which Rose was producing as she stroked Rose’s face to try and calm her down.

After a while of Twilight gently stroking Rose, suddenly, The magic stopped and an exhausted Rose fell on the floor with Twilight. Rose then collapsed into Twilight’s arms and looks up at Twilight.

Rose saw her Mummy smiling gently at her. “The pain is gone Mummy.” Rose smiled weakly as Twilight embraced her tiny body tighter. “ Rose, when you feel your head hurt, and even before that remember what I told you and use your magic, or try to use your magic to lift and move things instead of with your hooves.”

Rose tilted her head, confused as to why she would want to do what her Mummy was telling her after a couple of seconds she decides that it would be best to listen, as she didn’t want to be in pain anymore and so replied “Okay, Mummy.” She then snuggled into Twilight’s chest. as she did so Twilight pulled her close nuzzling Rose and draping her head over Rose’s. Inside Twilight felt something, as she held the little filly, almost as if this was the most right thing in the world. She couldn’t explain why she felt this way. One thing was certain she must protect Rose.


Back at the castle Princess Luna was alone in the castle archives. Open on a lectern in front of her, Princess Luna had a copy of Coats and Flowers: A mares guide to finding the right flower. While Luna read the book her mind drifted back to her conversation with Celestia. “Dearest Luna, first you must find a flower of the same color as your coat and when you have acquired it make sure to keep it safe and fresh, second you must spend time with Twilight invite her to dinners or plays. She does not seem to remember your little drunken foray together over 7 years ago.” Celestia giggled. “Wilst thou stop? Wherefore doth thou getteth thy saucy attitude?” Luna replied

“It has been a long time, you forget that I have always been the prankster, dear Sister.” Celestia gave Luna a mischievous grin. To which Luna rolled her eyes in exasperation “Why dost thou mocketh me,? Is it not hard enough that we must deal with this overly elaborate courtship ritual? In the past we simply picked from our subjects the one most suitable for us and declared unto them of our desire for them. Now we must go through all this pretension just to show our love.” Luna huffed as she replied.

“Oh Luna, you are not the only one who has to do this; everypony does, even I have had to. Perhaps, if you thought of this in a different light. Remember when you used to travel out into the everfree forest to hunt, how you would prepare before you pursued your targets, well think of dating like a subtle hunt where your prey is the one you love and all this needless complication is your preparation for a safe hunt. though the ending is much more enjoyable and less bloody.”

Luna gave Celestia a long-suffering look and with a sigh replied “We shall take that under advisement Sister. Though, perhaps a less morbid metaphor would have been more apt for your example.”

Luna shook her head, dispelling the memory. Returning to her book and after she had flipped a through a couple of pages with her magic, she noticed a flower that had matched her coat, Media Nocte hyacintho rosaceae or midnight blue rose in modern equestrian. Luna lowered her head. “Rose …”


After the rather hectic breakfast, Rose was looking forward to school, and to seeing her new friends, Sweetie belle, Scootaloo, and Apple Bloom. The three fillies had been very friendly to her, despite what she had heard from Cheerilee after class yesterday, regarding the three. Cheerilee had warned her that they had a track record for causing trouble.

The other foals tended to stay away from me, though it doesn’t seem like it’s to be mean. Some of the colts go out of their way to help me, like getting me pillows or snacks.

There is this one filly that chooses to glare at me everytime she sees me. I don’t know why but Sweetie Belle, Scootaloo and Apple Bloom. All tell me that Diamond Tiara is a bully that always giving them trouble, about them not having cutie marks yet.

Rose turned her head to look at her flank.Cheerilee had told the class yesterday about cutie marks. I wonder what my cutie mark will be. What is my special talent? I think Mommy wants me to follow in her hoofsteps, but I don’t know if I even like magic. It seems so hard, everytime I try to move something I just end up destroying it, even after my first success, when my head was hurting. Mommy says that I shouldn’t worry too much and just to keep practicing. Mommy, told me of the time when she was trying to get into Celestia’s school for gifted unicorns and had accidently turned her mommy and daddy into a cactus and a palm tree, whatever those things are.


Spike opened his door to his bedroom, “Twilight, what time is it?” Spike asked
“Time to get up” Twilight responded matter of factly.

“Rose it’s time to go to school, finish up your salad and get ready!”

Let sleeping gods lie 2 (rewritten)

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Rose was curled up laying on Twilight’s back, as Twilight made her way through town. The muscles in her legs contracting and relaxing as she carried Rose to her destination, the schoolhouse. As Twilight dodged and weaved her way through the crowd of ponies going to their own destinations. the market, to their work or even like Twilight, was heading to the schoolhouse, albeit with a bit less enthusiasm than Twilight was.

As Twilight rounded the last corner before the School house would be in view, she was now visibly sweating much to the apparent disgust of Rose, who quickly leapt of Twilight’s back “Eeew, mummy that’s gross! Now I’m covered in sweat!” Rose complained as she was pulling various faces.

Twilight giggled at the the little filly’s obvious discomfort and used her magic to remove the sweat that now covered Rose.

Twilight paused to think for a moment and then began casting a spell “Ok, Rose sweety, I am going to cast a deodorant spell on you. I learnt it from Rarity after a... rather sweaty trip to the ponyville spa’s steam room” an aura of violet covered the little filly as did Twilight’s horn. once Twilight finished the spell she smiled “There fresh as a daisy!”

Rose still had that unimpressed look on her face, to which Twilight sheepishly grinned. To be fair though being covered in sweat is disgusting.

They both continued down the road towards the school entrance. All around them ponies, coats of many different colors gathered around the school gates. Their coats shining in the warm early morning sun some due to sweat like twilight and others due to high coat maintenance. As all of them were marching their fillies and colts to school. To reach the schoolhouse they normally would have to travel down a dirt road.

That was however until recently, due to a lack of any huge problems usually caused by a certain Lavender unicorn or by some monstrosity or god of chaos. Funds could be used to improve the small town instead of repairing it, and so the Mayor had recently set about getting the streets cobbled.

She also had teams of ponies replacing the small lamps with taller black street lamps, most of ponyville had seen some construction done, most streets were now cobbled and so far this road was about halfway done. Although it was much less muddy in the town, much to Rarity’s pleasure, it was certainly producing much more noise thanks to everyponies shoes.

‘I hope it’s not too loud at night because of ponies trotting around at night.’ Several parents, Twilight recognized in the crowd that was quickly gaining in number. Just in front of Twilight was Derpy Whooves, on Derpy’s left Ditzy Do was talking to her mother. On the right of Twilight, Rarity had brought Sweetiebelle in a rare day when she wasn’t rushed off her hooves with work.

Towards Twilight’s left she spotted berry punch and button’s mom fussing over their foals. Twilight leaned down and she started fussing over Rose’s mane and tail as well. “Have you got everything, Rose?” Twilight asked as she brushed and pulled at Rose’s mane, before starting with her tail.

Rose looked to her saddlebag. The saddlebag was pretty worn showing previous use. Its color was a faded creamy tan, the clasp was a round silver metal ring and it was threaded by a brown strap. Rose struggled to open it with her magic, “Rose remember what I told you; look and think about what you want to do with it.” Twilight said, noticing that Rose was struggling.

So Rose tried again and finally managed to open the bag on her back. She looked inside to find that she had her all her textbooks and stationery. “Yes, Mommy!” she said.

‘Mommy keeps a lot of stationary,’ Rose thought to herself, ‘she may be a merchant as well as a librarian.’ Although, she couldn’t be sure. After a couple of misses, Rose managed to close her bag.

By the time Rose and Twilight had finished, there were only a few fillies and colts left outside of the school house. Twilight straightened up, looking around and seeing that the school entrance was nearly empty. “Oh, Rose, hurry on in. You don’t want to be late, after all!” Twilight said as she smiled. Twilight watched as Rose trotted inside as fast as her tiny legs could carry her.

Inside the schoolhouse, Rose took to her seat to the right of Scootaloo's desk. She took out her quill, text books and parchment. Ready for any work she might need to do.

She was oblivious to her classmates, when they had stood up except for Scootaloo, Apple Bloom and Sweetie Belle, who just rolled their eyes. The class had waited till Rose was seated, before reseating. Scootaloo, Apple Bloom and Sweetie Belle shook their heads at the stupidity of the class. Rose wasn’t special and even if she was, what would be the point of treating her like the revered mother of Equestria.

Ms. Cheerilee walked into the classroom and sat at her desk, calling names for the class roster, before starting the class.

“Alright class today we shall be learning about Princess Celestia. Princess Luna and Princess Terra.” Cheerilee explains to the class.

“In the beginning, there was nothing. This continued until one day, when a spark ignited and thereby creating a being. This being had a red mane and tail, as well as a horn and a pair of wings, This being was also female. She looked upon the nothingness that surrounded her and tried to figure out where she was.

After what seemed like an eternity, she noticed a spark. In fact there were many sparks going off and dying out. The mare wondered what would happen, if she were to make a spark. Closing her eyes she charged her horn and as she willed a spark to exist the new spark came into contact with another, causing it flare up into a conflagration. each new spark which came to life fueled the chain reaction and filled her vision with flame.

The vast expanse of space was filled with numerous stars, planets and nebulae. The being landed on the closest planet formed, It was filled with fire, lava and magma. The Being said ‘this place needs some work’, and so she conjured rain and water all over the world. The being also added flora and fauna to the water.

Then from the water rose large plateaus and massive mountains which eventually formed a continent. She added some flora and fauna to the land as well. She was still alone, so she formed creatures which could interact with her. These creatures were tall and bipedal, with long arms. At first the creatures were friendly and were omnivorous <<that means they can eat anything>>. Soon they grew hostile and began fighting with each other. The being tried to end the fighting.

However in the fight two of the creatures decided to bite her, the beings she created froze in contemplation and licked their lips. The mare’s eyes widen in fear, as she sees that they all began to give chase, she quickly returns, back to the void in between worlds to hide from the creatures.

Millenia goes by and she notices. the creatures she used to be friends with had changed, great metal beasts which carried them and they flew massive metal birds. She began to watch them scurry about, she saw so many stories. so much creation, she had to return. But for fear of being attacked she took on a human females form. She then began learning all she could old myths, music, stories.

For a time everything went well, until she began to notice the strife, the horrible and evil things that went on between humans as well as all the love, happiness and creative things. She once again returned to the void.

Eventually these creatures tapped into the same power she had, The power of the arcane, she had feared the worst. When they began to use it at first everything was fine they used it to power machines, used it to heal and create impressive works of art, that is until a war broke out, instead of it helping Her creations it would burn them and destroy them.

Finally after years of war, they unleashed one huge terra shattering attack, the attack itself hitting and covering europe in blue archaic fire. The earth began to crack the archaic fire seeping into those cracks causing the same to happen all around the planet, eventually breaking apart along the cracks obliterating what was now most of Europe, Australia, Canada and parts of Alaska. Thus the earth was sundered.

The mare, worried for her creations; repaired the planet. However, due to the cataclysmic attack, much life was lost, and very few survived the attack and the aftermath which followed the attack. The mare saved them, but found that the world was severely damaged, and if the relics of their violent past were to ever be discovered, then these creatures would most likely repeat the errors of their ancestors.

That is, if they were permitted to remain. She therefore changed them into the very first ponies, creating ponies with various physical differences, basing them off of the ancient lore of the Greeks and Romans. Some became unicorns, while others transformed into pegasi, and still yet others sported neither wings or horns. She then took her favorite creatures from their mythology and made them real to keep the ponies in check.

She finally created 3 ponies who were her daughters charged with keeping the ponies alive, guiding them and creating harmony. These daughters were Princess Celestia, Princess Luna and Princess Terra. The mother would continue to watch over us and the Princesses, but would remain a spectator.“ Cheerilee says as she looked to the class.

“Well that’s what we think happened at least. In truth we may be wrong.” Cheerilee sighs a bit and takes a glass of water from her desk and drinks it, after which she returns it to it’s place, back on the desk.

The bell for morning recess starts ringing.

“Okay class, you’re dismissed for recess.” Cheerilee calls out.

Rose quickly puts her stuff away and leaves the room with Scootaloo, Apple Bloom and Sweetie Belle as the others stand to attention. When she is out of the door, the students relax and leave as well. Morning recess was uneventful save for the fact a procession had formed following Rose and the CMC.

After recess they went back to class and continued learning Equestrian.


When lunch finally came, Scootaloo, Apple Bloom and Sweetie Belle trotted into the playground. Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon trotted up to the CMC and started to circle them. “What are you doing with Rose Storm? Losers like you should get lost!” Diamond shouted at the CMC.

“Rose Storm is our friend and she is friends with us! Why should we listen to you? When all you know how to do is spend your daddy’s money!” Shouted Scootaloo.

“I’ll make you wish you hadn’t said that!” Diamond replied with a yell.

Rose came trotting towards the CMC and notices Diamond shouting at them. She broke out into a gallop and stood in between them. “Diamond, leave my friends alone! I don’t want to see you anywhere near them!” Rose Storm said as she was glaring at them wings flared upward.

Diamond looked about, confused, as two colts came and dragged her and Silver Spoon away. “I’ll get you for this, Rose Storm!” Diamond screamed at the top of her lungs, while Silver Spoon just pouted as they were dragged away.

Rose turned to her friends, asking “Why was Diamond shouting at you guys?”

Scootaloo looked down at the ground, “She wanted us to stop being your friends,” she stated simply.

Rose shook her head, “Why would she tell you guys that?” she asked.

“Because we’re blank flanks.” replied Scootaloo.

“Why does that matter? It’s not like I got a cutie mark yet, either.” asked Rose.

Scootaloo and the rest of the CMC looked at Rose like she’d grown an extra head. “Getting a cutie mark is the single most important thing ever, Rose!” said the CMC in unison.

Rose shrugged, “Still, that doesn’t mean, I shouldn’t be friends with you.” Rose said.

Meanwhile in the bushes, a fuming Diamond Tiara contemplates revenge.
“She thinks she’s all that!? Just because she’s an alicorn ... I’ll show her, I’ll make her pay for humiliating me!” she exclaimed. “I may not be able to do anything to her, but now she has friends, she’s vulnerable. Plus seeing as her friends are the CMC I can hit two birds with one stone.” Diamond said, her voice dripping with venom.

“Diamond, be careful, my grandfather gave me a warning about this sort of thing.” Silver Spoon said.

“Silver Spoon, your grandfather is old and senile. What could he possibly know!?” Diamond demanded causing Silver Spoon to shy away.

Silver Spoon continued “ Well he told me of this poem, a poem that warns of the dangers of what you're going to do.” Silver spoon said meekly. Diamond Tiara cocked an eyebrow and laughed.

“Go on then, tell me.” Diamond said with a mocking tone in her voice.
Silver spoon started to recite the poem.

Little foal heed me well,
lest by folly ye be felled.
Wake not the sleeping gods of this realm,
A wrath which burns hot as the kiln.
your naivete will be cease to be,
and something worse than death be for ye

Wake not the sleeping gods,
Your life and sanity depend on it, oh pony born from sod.
Little foal hast thou hearkened well
to my warning, bold and fell.
Take heed of this, my warning

lest there be no tomorrow morning.

Diamond Tiara fell back on her flank laughing her head off “Oh my Celestia, what does that even mean!?” asked Diamond.

Silver spoon stood there pouting “It means, to be careful about who you pick a fight with or be careful not to anger the thing that can cause you real damage!” Silver Spoon huffed at Diamond, Thinking to herself, ‘Why do I follow this idiot around?’

The school bell rings in the distance signalling the end of the first recess.
Causing all the foals in the School grounds to return to class, Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon included.


Back at Golden Oaks Library, Twilight was busy attending to the books on the shelves. As she sorted, There were piles of books on the floor, all around the main room. Twilight continued to sort until, she heard a burp coming from Spike. Spike promptly ran over to Twilight’s side carrying a sealed scroll, bearing Princess Luna’s royal seal. Opening it Twilight caught her breath as she read the scroll.

“Dear Twilight Amaranth Sparkle,

You are hereby summoned to Canterlot Castle wherewith an audience with us, Her Royal Highness, Goddess of the Moon, Princess Luna will be granted unto thee. I am aware of thine charge and as such, I have asked Princess Cadence and Shining Armor to keep watch over her, after school has finished. Lero, Rainbow Dash and Lyra will also be joining us. Please reply, when you are ready to go, formal dresswear is required.”

Yours faithfully,

Goddess and Guardian of the Moon
Princess Luna

Twilight tilted her head to the side in confusion. Why would she want my company? Twilight flipped over the scroll to see if anything else was written within the scroll.

From inside the scroll a flower fell to the ground. staring at the flower on the floor she leans forward and picks it up with her magic.

A midnight blue rose, Twilight sat on her haunches trying to figure out, why Princess Luna had sent her a flower. Realization hit her hard as she dropped the flower and fell over backward with a thud.

Spike who was concerned came over to Twilight, who was now on her back, legs splayed in every direction.

“Twilight! are you ok!” asked Spike concern in his voice.
Twilight began to hyperventilate in her panic “No, I am not ‘Alright’ Spike, I was just asked out on a date by Princess Luna, Celestia is going to have me banished for this!”

‘Do I even love luna? I mean she is beautiful, and I do like her. I liked her a lot actually, oh who am I kidding. I have loved her for a long time now even before Lero, Rainbow and Lyra came into my life. The only reason I didn’t pursue a relationship with Luna was because Celestia would not take kindly to her student dating her sister and because of this I resigned myself to the fact it would never happen. But one thing still troubles me, I am Just Celestia’s student! Why would she like me!? Regardless of that when could Princess Luna have even fallen for me!?’

Ignorant of Twilight’s inner thoughts Spike speaks up “Really? Wow so she finally worked up the courage to ask you out, that’s great! I swear if I had to listen to her feelings for another 3-4 years I’d probably lose my mind.” spike said as he went about his chores.

Twilight’s eye twitched as she glared at Spike “What! You knew!?”

Spike just shrugged “The Princess made me swear a vow of silence, when she confided in me a couple of years ago.” quickly adding “ and yes she does love you. No, she doesn’t care that you’re her sister’s student.” spike said before mumbling “ She doesn’t even care if this makes her a cougar.”

“What was that last part Spike!?” Twilight asked

“Uh it’s nothing!” Spike said as he quickly scurried off up the stairs.

Twilight eyed the baby dragon sceptically as he left the room in a hurry.

Twilight thought to herself ‘So is Luna finally going to return my love for her? Who am I kidding? It’s probably just because she wants Lero. At least I can be with her.’ Twilight was shaken from her reverie and she looked around for what had broke her chain of thought.

Spike walks back into at the top of the stairs, and shakes his head. Guessing Twilight’s current train of thought “Twilight, I already told you, She loves you, She has also fallen for Rainbow, Lero and perhaps in time lyra as well. Now stop worrying, Okay?”

A chuckle came from the door as Rainbow Dash leaned against the door frame with Lyra standing next to her with a large grin on her face, both with the same roses as the one on the floor. However with one exception they were tucked in their right ears.

Twilight and Spike looked at them. “Come on Twi! We gotta get ready! We gotta date with a Princess!” Rainbow said with a smirk.

Twilight groaned as she got up, “Okay, we’ll meet at Lero’s. Just let me get ready too.” Twilight said.

After they had all gotten ready, they all went to Lero’s house on Zweibrucker Street.
Rainbow opened the door, “ Hey, big guy! Are you in!?” Rainbow yells as she leads the rest of her herd mates inside. Rainbow walks over to the couch inside the lounge to see if he was there. As she makes it past the right armrest, she turned to her right, her eyes go wide. She saw Lero on the floor, Rose and letter in hand. “Hey, Twi, Lyra! Get in here! I found Lero on the floor!”

Twilight and Lyra came running over to Rainbow, They sit beside Rainbow on either side of Lero to check him out in the mean time Rainbow had lifted Lero’s head and cradled it in her arms. Twilight leaned down and laid her ear on his chest, He was still breathing. Twilight began to checked him over with her magic. Rainbow Dash begun to fidget impatiently, rocking back and forth only stopping when, Twilight sighed with relief “He’s ok, He just fainted. Let’s get him up on the couch.”

Lyra and Rainbow both visibly relaxed and began helping Twilight getting the unconscious Lero on the couch. “I guess Fingers must have received the same letter we did.” Lyra said

To which Rainbow and Twilight nodded. “It must have been a shock to him.” Twilight offered.

“So, Rainbow what do you think of Princess Luna courting us?” Twilight asked

“Why would I … Oh yeah, lead mare.” Rainbow grumbles “I don’t know Twi, I like Luna and all, and I am fine with it, but aren’t you worried?” Rainbow said

“Well of course I am, this is Princess Luna, Princess Celestia sister. She could banish us if we hurt her sister. Which will happen if we turn her down, or if some misunderstanding happened. and don’t get me wrong I like Princess Luna too. but this is all too much! What with Rose needing to be looked after, now Luna is courting us! I don’t want to split my attention it wouldn’t be fair on either of them.” Twilight said sighing.

“And look at Lero! He fainted, He is supposed to be the one to make the final decision!” Rainbow huffed.

“No! Mommy, I don’t want to wear the pink bow!” Lero said in his unconscious state.
Rainbow, Lyra and Twilight tried to stifle their laughter, it took a while but they couldn’t hold it any longer and bursted out laughing.

Lero suddenly sat up screaming, causing them to scream with him, It took a few minutes before everypony had calmed down.

“Don’t do that Lero, you almost gave us a heart attack!” Twilight said, panting from the scare.

“Oh, it was just a dream.” Lero said before He looked down, because he had felt something in his hand.The rose was still there.

Lero’s eye’s widen, as he took in the view of the flower, in his hand and what it means. He stares at it in shock for a few moments.

He looked up, then turned to see that his herd, were all wearing the same flower in their right ear and they were all dressed up. Lero started to panic “Girls are those what I think they are?”Lero said as he started to back away slowly.

“… I don’t think I’m ready for this!” Lero said as he bolted into his bedroom, where he shut and locked the door.

Rainbow sighed and face hoofed, She started walking towards the door of the bedroom. Knocking at the door, before she spoke up “Hey, Big Guy. Come on out. So we can talk.”

“No! Princess Celestia will kill me!” Lero replies causing Rainbow to sighed in exasperation.

“Ugh, we’ve been through this before, the Princess, isn’t going to kill you.” Rainbow offered

“Before, I wasn’t the stallion trying to get with her sister!” Lero replied.

“No, you’re not, Princess Luna is trying to get with us! Come on Lero don’t you like Luna?” Rainbow asked.

“Of course I like her, I just never really thought of her, that way.” He said quietly through the door. “

There is a loud rummaging sound as Lero runs around in the bedroom. Rainbow, Twilight and Lyra all raise a questioning eyebrow, but wait by the door. Until they hear a sigh, as the door unlocks and Lero comes out in his suit that Rarity had made for him. The same one he had worn to, Twilight’s, Rainbow’s, and his first date together.

Rainbow wore her Gala dress and had her mane brushed and ready. Twilight Wore a figure hugging black dress, had her mane up in a ponytail and the outfit was completed with a little black clutch bag. Lyra wore a neighponese kimono, which was pink and covered in white lotus blossoms. Her mane was held, in a traditional neighponese style.

As they all were dressed and ready Twilight began writing the scroll to Princess Luna, when Spike had wandered inside the house mumbling something as he dragged his basket into the spare room.

“Spike can you send this letter to Princess Luna?” Twilight asked as she finished writing down her reply to Luna’s. as she had finished rolling and sealing the scroll, she held it out to Spike.

Spike walked over taking the letter in his claw he inhaled and then exhaled green fire. The message had been sent and was on the way to Princess Luna.

After a few minutes, suddenly everything went dark, after another couple of seconds pass, they return to the world in the castle.

In front of them was a full spread feast and a frantic Princess Luna as she checks everything was fine, She wore a Pure White silk dress with wide shoulder straps, also from her shoulders came more white silk draped over them, the back of her dress was cut low so as to accommodate her wings.

The bodice was flat, unruffled and it was covered by an ivory corset. The breast of the dress split open in a triangle shape, which was held together by leather cord woven through eyelets finishing in a bow. the breast came up to where her peytral usually stopped on her chest. She wore white platinum shoes as well as a circlet made of the same material.

Luna was so embroiled in making sure everything was just right, that she had forgotten that she had already brought her dates. “Ahem!” Lero cleared his throat, causing Princess Luna to turn towards them. Luna’s eyes lit up as she came running towards them, “We are exceedingly glad that thou hast come.” Luna said as she wrapped her arms around all the girls and starts hugging them tightly Lero joins in hugging them all.

Luna thought to herself during the hug, ‘We really missed this closethness with Twilight. Her body so near that we canst feel her heartbeat. Such rapturous bliss.’

“Can’t breathe.” They all said except Lyra who was laughing to a joke only she knew.
“My apologies, We wert so excited that thou hast come that We lost control of ourselves.” Luna said as she placed us hooves and feet first back onto the floor. Backing off a bit Luna smiles, glowing red as she blushed, hiding her face with a wing.

“We art exceedingly glad that thou hath arrived. We wert concerned that thou might decline our proposal.” Luna said as she folded her wing back, once her embarrassment had faded.

“Luna, We wouldn’t refuse your company.” Twilight said as she moved up close to Luna nuzzling her, Luna returned the gesture, the rest of the herd following suit. ‘Sigh, she smells so good she has a familiar sweet scent that reminds me of the night I wonder why it’s so familiar to me? I would need to be this close to smell it, oh well nevermind she feels so warm that it doesn’t matter.’ Twilight thought.

“Ahem, Twilight?” asked Lero, raising an eyebrow

“Oh sorry Lero, I don’t know what came over me.” Twilight replied as she shrunk back blushing her ears folded against her head.

“Attend, each of thy seats has thine names upon it, so please sit where your names plates are.” Luna said gesturing to the table full of food.

Luna sat down at the end of the table, with Lero and Twilight flanking her.
Lyra next to Twilight and Rainbow Dash next to Lero.

As they begun to take food and place them on their plates, conversation starts Lero was the first to speak up. “ So, Twilight I never got to ask because I was busy. How is Rose?” Lero asked causing Luna to flinch, which Lyra immediately noticed

“Luna, are you ok?” she asked.

“We fare well, there is naught erroneous with us!” Luna replied frantically, Lyra shrugs

“Okay then.” Lyra put a food laden fork into her mouth as she chews while she thinks, I wonder, what it is that Luna is hiding. It obviously has something to do with Rose.

“Well Lero, Rose is doing well, she has had a few issues with understanding what magic is, and how to properly utilize it via her horn, but all that has been dealt with.” Twilight replies.

As Twilight looked over to Luna, she saw her face had a pensive look with her eyes unfocused. Likely indicating that she was lost in thought,

“Princess Luna?” Twilight asked, attempting to bring the younger diarch out of her reverie, with a bit of trepidation on Twilight’s part.

Luna shakes her head, “Hast thou enquired with regards unto something, Twilight?” Luna replied. Twilight and Lero look to each other and both think, ‘This is going to be a long night.’


Back in school, Rose Storm was now packing up, to get ready to go home, when Ms. Cheerilee called her and asked her to stay after school to help clean up. Diamond Tiara grinned devilishly as she rubbed her hooves together.

The bell rang, marking the end of the school day, and all the fillies and colts left the room. except for Rose, who had started to help Ms. Cheerilee. After a good 20 minutes of cleaning, the room was all clean, Rose trotted up to Ms. Cheerilee, “Ms. Cheerilee, I have a question to ask you.” Rose said.

Ms. Cheerilee stopped what she was doing and sat back at her desk, with Rose at the other side of it.”Okay, Rose what do you wish to ask?” Ms. Cheerilee cheerfully replied.

Rose looked down and started tracing a circle on the ground, with her right hoof “Well, my friends told me that they were getting told they couldn’t be my friends, and I don’t understand why. Why can’t they?” Rose asked, the confusion clear in her voice.

Ms. Cheerilee thought for a bit, “Well, that shouldn’t be the case Rose. You can be friends with whomever you want.” Ms. Cheerilee said with a warm smile

“But, why are my friends being told that and not me, what makes me so special?” Rose asks, as she threw up her hooves in exasperation with the whole situation, and the ridiculousness of her classmates were treating her.

Ms. Cheerilee contemplated on how to answer Rose’s question and replied “Well, because you’re an alicorn Rose. Alicorns are the rarest of the pony tribes and are the most revered. Because of that though most ponies worship them and treat them as holy beings, and the other little ponies in our class seem to be doing the same. They see it as protecting you from being tarnished. But you don’t have to listen to them, Rose. It is okay for you to choose your friends. Does that answer your question Rose?”

“Yes, Ms. Cheerilee, thank you” Rose said while she bounced up and down.
Rose trotted off out of the school and out of the gate nopony was there.

Rose, looked left to right no sign of Twilight. Well that was okay Rose thought, she could see the top their house. Over the other houses, ‘Mommy, must have gotten sidetracked. I’ll go home, on my own.’ She thought to herself.

Ten minutes had passed and as Rose came closer to an alleyway, she heard a rough sounding voice which said “Okay, we upheld our side of the deal, now the little pony pays us!”

Another voice that sounded familiar said in reply “Yeah, Yeah, here are your stupid gems!”

Rose inched closer to the corner of the alley’s opening to peek inside.

There was Diamond Tiara and a tall bipedal creature covered in grey fur, he wore a red waist coat with pockets filled with gems, He looked like a dog, but wasn’t a dog. Diamond gave the creature a chest full of gems.

“ You Diamond Dogs are all the same.” Diamond said to the Diamond Dog.
The Diamond Dog didn’t pay any attention as he closed the chest after checking it and dove straight into the ground leaving a huge pile of mud.

Looking behind where the Diamond dog left Rose saw that laid on the floor were Scootaloo, Sweetie belle and Apple Bloom. Covered in blood, bruises, claw and bite marks. Diamond trotted over to the CMC and kicks Scootaloo in the stomach. “You! You brought this on yourselves. Stupid blank flanks. You think you can get away with embarrassing me!?” Diamond shouted at the CMC, unaware of Rose’s presence.

Rose’s eyes went wide, her pupils dilating. She started crying blood of rage as her face contorting under an unfamiliar feeling.

Rose snorted and then charged at Diamond Tiara, slamming into to her using her twisting slightly to lead with her shoulder, sending DIamond into the air with her landing 5 ft. back down the alley, hitting the wall falling down to the floor.

Diamond looked up to see what had hit her, she tried to get up, but is held in place by Rose’s magic.Diamond was pushed up and pinned against the wall, Rose trotted up fuming with a rage Diamond had never bore witness to.

Rose starts pummelling the filly, in front of her with blow after blow. Diamond Tiara grunting in pain as she is hit multiple times, The pummelling, which Diamond thought would go on forever, stopped.

Rose then brings her full weight to bear and slams her hoof on Diamonds left fore leg breaking it, the little filly screams out in pain, but it was not over as Rose repeated this on all of Diamond Tiara’s legs.

Rose let Diamond go from her magic, but grabbed her with her hooves and threw her into another wall, Diamond fell on the ground coughing up blood and loose teeth.

She had never known such pain, no one had even spanked her flank. Now she was experiencing the most unbearable pain, at least in her own limited experience. She could barely breathe or speak, couldn’t feel her legs the pain far overloading her nerves numbing them.

Rose trotted towards her again grabbing her by the mane with her magic, she dragged her to the middle of the alley they were in.

Diamond sputtered up more blood trying to talk, tears streaming down her bloodied face, “Please stop, please ... I am sorry … don’t hurt me.” Diamond said her voice barely legible.

“ When my friends begged to be spared, did you stop!?” Rose shouted at Diamond. launching another punch into Diamond’s stomach. Rose dropped Diamond on the floor and reared up as she was about to deliver the final blow.

When a voice shouted, “Wait!” Rose turned Quickly to see who shouted at her.
in the alley way was Silver Spoon, She ran between Rose and Diamond shielding her.

“Please! Stop! Don’t kill my only friend” Silver Spoon begged.
Rose stopped rearing up and spoke in an eerie calm voice that belied her fury.

“Do you know what she did to my friends? Do you know what she has done? I will not forgive! I will not forget! So, why do you protect her, when she’d just as readily throw you to the Timberwolves, if it meant it would save herself?” Rose asked.

“Because, I am better than her, and so are you. and I don’t mean in a mean way. We can be better examples than her. please, don’t hurt her anymore.” Silver Spoon begged tears streaming down her face.

Rose glared at the beaten filly behind Silver spoon, and snorted as she went over to the CMC. Leaving a crying Silver Spoon, who was now holding the broken filly. “Why, didn’t you listen?” Silver Spoon asked the now unconscious Diamond.

A rain drop fell on Roses snout causing her to look up to the sky, it was covered in dark thundering clouds.

Roses features soften as she saw, just how bad they are beaten, their breath was shallow and laboured.

Rose bends down and nuzzled at her friends in turn to try and awaken them, as the rain came pouring down.

But no matter how much she tried, they just didn’t move. Rose stood back up and with all her willpower she shouted as her horn began to glow. “Somepony! save my friends!” She shouted as loudly as she could as she fell on to her haunches.

A large beam of blue light erupted from her horn and parted the darkened clouds in the sky. revealing a bright, full moon and the stars that twinkled in the night sky.

From within the clouds a large, tall creature, held aloft by massive white wings. It looked a lot like that other tall red maned creature she had seen around the town, except this one had two large lumps on her chest. It floated down upon the alley towards Rose. “By what right do you summon Artemis!?” Artemis roared,

“I ... I … My friends need help, they aren’t getting up!” Rose shouted up to Artemis. Artemis tried to keep a straight face.

“You think I care about some little foals?” Artemis said

Rose backed up scared of the creatures roaring voice.

When she found her voice again Rose asked again “Please! Help my friends, I’ll do anything!”

Artemis arched an eyebrow before leaning into Rose’s face “Oh? And pray tell. What do you possibly possess? That I the goddess of the moon, the hunt, healing, childbirth and maidens have not?”

Rose responded almost questioningly “ My … soul?”

Artemis appraised the young filly with a discerning eye, ‘Hmmmn, she looks familiar. Oh my! My great great grandchild the prude had a foal. Oh this is just precious, I’ll have to tease her about that later. Well seeing as she’s my great, great, great grandchild, I’ll toss her a discount this time. Man this brings me back to that first night with my wife, how I’d manage to impregnate her so quickly will always baffle me. Oh well on with the show!’

Artemis tried to keep herself from laughing, but couldn’t contain herself any longer and burst out laughing.

“I’m just joking, that gets them everytime!” Artemis said as she floated there laughing.

Rose just sat their drenched and looking up at the creature Artemis staring dumbfounded.

Artemis finally stopped laughing suddenly.

“Okay, enough fun. Down to business.” Artemis says wiping a tear from her eye.
Rose still stood there dumbfounded by Artemis’ behaviour.

“Heal your friends, you say, my dear descendant? Well I could. Hell I could make them all so healthy that even if they had birth defects, I could fix them. Question is will you pay the price?” Artemis asked Rose.

“Yes! Anything, just heal them!” Rose yelled.

With a wave of her hand, Artemis’ healed the CMC, “It is done.” Artemis said

“Now for the payment, I shall not take it straight away. No Instead I shall mark you with my symbol. This will keep you reminded of your debt to me.” Artemis said as she leaned forward and laid her forefinger below Rose’s horn.

Where the same mark on Artemis’ forehead was, a crescent moon on it’s side appear encircling the base of her horn.

“Now, I shall take my leave, my dear descendent.” Artemis said as she faded away chuckling.

Rose shook her head from side to side ‘Descendent!?’

Behind Rose, the CMC awoke and looked around confused, Scootaloo caught sight of Diamond Tiara and a crying Silver Spoon, and then she saw Rose Storm looking up. The moon light shining around her.

“Rose?” Scootaloo asked apprehensively. Rose turned around and gathered the CMC in a vice-like hug.

“Urrhh, Rose can’t breathe.” they all said, Rose releases them and blushes, and giggles nervously “Sorry.”

Shining Armor and Cadence rush into the alley, “ Rose Storm! Are you ok!?” Shining Armor said as he came across the scene.

Rose looked back at Shining Armor, who stood there slack jawed. ‘Rose was an alicorn, and what happened? There’s blood everywhere, blood that surrounded the CMC and covered Rose and a purple and pink little filly being held by another grey filly.’

Rose follow his eyes to the fallen filly and her features harden, “Save her, take her to a hospital! Not that she deserves it.” Rose said, full of spite.

Cadence looked aghast, as Shining Armor took the brutally beaten filly in his arms.Charging his horn he teleports to the hospital. “Rose? are you okay? We’re here to pick you up from school, but we got delayed, My name is Cadence and I am your aunt.” Cadence said quietly. “What happened here? What happened to you?” Cadence asked.

Rose turned to Cadence and trotted up to her and collapsed into her chest.
“Diamond Tiara paid some Diamond Dogs to attack my friends! And I … I … attacked her and beat her into what you saw. She’s alive, but if it wasn’t for Silver Spoon stopping me, I would have killed Diamond. I couldn’t control myself. I’m sorry, can you take the Crusaders and I home Aunty?” Rose said as she levitated her school bags up.

Cadence pulled Rose into a hug and held her trying to soothe her. she then picked up The CMC in her magic and laid them on her back. Cadence took them to their respective guardians.

All except Scootaloo and Rose as Twilight and Rainbow Dash, were both in Canterlot. Instead Cadence took them both to the Golden Oaks Library.

When they got inside, Cadence locked the door, “okay fillies, put your bags by the door, and head up into the bathroom.”

Rose and Scootaloo ran up the stairs followed by Cadence, The bathroom was adjacent to Twilight’s room on the left. As the fillies rushed through the door, the bathroom came into view. It was a simple rustic room similar to the rest of the Golden Oaks Library, however off the side was a toilet, sink and a medicine cabinet. In front was a large bath sunk into the floor.

‘Damn, Twilight’s got a better bath than me.’ Cadence cursed to herself.

Cadence ran the bath and placed Rose and Scootaloo into it. she removed her peytral and crown before slowly joining them in the bath so she could wash them properly.
“Okay, let’s get you both cleaned up.” Cadence said warmly.

After a while Cadence came upon the mark on Rose’s forehead and tried to clean it.
However the mark wouldn’t budge. “Oww, that hurts Aunty!” Rose exclaimed.

Concerned she asked Rose “What is this mark on your forehead, Rose?”
“That Came from Artemis, she said it would be a reminder of the price I will be paying to save Scootaloo, Sweetie Belle and Apple Bloom. I didn’t know what to do so I called out for help and Artemis came and saved them from the brink of death.” Rose said to Cadence who looked worried.

Scootaloo however slid along the bath towards Rose, when she reached her. Scootaloo, wrapped her arms and wings around Rose who gasped “Scootaloo, your wings are bigger!”

Scootaloo and Cadence jumped at the sudden outburst from Rose. Scootaloo looked at her wings and sure enough they were bigger!

Scootaloo looked over to Rose, after spinning around a few times to get a better look. She grabbed hold of Rose again, which made Cadence giggle.

“Thank you, Thank you, Rose! I’ll never forget, what you’ve done for me!” Scootaloo said squeezing Rose tightly in a hug.


In the Canterlot castle, the date between Herd Bellerophon and Princess Luna had just about finished and the Herd Bellerophon was peppering the princess with kisses of farewell, As Luna’s face was doing it’s best to change the color of her fur even redder than when the date started.

After every pony had left for their temporary room in the castle and the castle staff had cleared away the leftovers.

A few servants pocketing some of the food when nopony was looking. When Luna was alone, Luna felt a presence watching her although after a while she shrugged and continued to her bed chambers in the canterlot observatory. As she reached the door to her room, the two night guard ponies at the top saluted and moved aside.

Luna, nodded to them in acknowledgement and went through her door. Her room was rather simple compared to Celestia’s. The floor boards made of redwood and other dark colored trees. The simple red carpet, bordered by golden embroidery that curled and twisted like vines, next to it was an old the stone fireplace. The only call to opulence she had was the four poster bed, Master Lero and his apprentice had hand and hoof made, the quality of which dwarfed any bed her or her sister had in her life.

A smile appeared on Lunas features as she stroked the post closest to her, fond memories of the night that Lero sang for her and the night she bedded Twilight Sparkle.

Turning to where moonshine had stripped the wooden floorboards. Though Lero would ask if she would want it refinished, she had declined. A precious memory that blemish held in her heart, would it not cast suspicion on her. she would have the blemish protected by more than her word.

Earlier she had sensed a large spike in magic near Ponyville, “Why ‘tis that place the center of all which troubles our realm? Luna frowned, before emitting a rather loud yawn. “Whatever it is, it can wait. Why did I have to stay up all day?”

She took off her dress and shoes, replacing them inside her closet neatly. Slumping on her bed, Luna sighed.

Opening her eyes once more she saw that Artemis was floating above her, Luna let out scream. “Great Great Grandmother!” Luna exclaimed,

The guards on the other side of her door call through “Everything alright, your majesty?”

“Er, everything is alright guards!” Luna called back.

“What art thou doing here, we thought you were asleep!” hissed Luna
Artemis laughed “Well, I was till my Great Great Great Grand daughter woke me up.”

Luna’s eye twitched, “Oh that’s right! Congrats are in order! You finally lost your virginity and how long did it take? 3,000 years! That’s gotta be a record! and to a mare no less. bwahahahaha!!!” Artemis proclaimed while she laughed her head off at Luna’s expense.

Celestia Burst into the Luna’s room “Little sister, Great Great Grandmother is awake!”
Luna sighed “A little too late, dear sister.”

Artemis flew up to Celestia “Yoohoo, Celly dear. You really must lay off the cake, how are you gonna give me a Great Great Great Grandchild, like Luna here? If you're too fat to attract a mate.” Artemis said matter of factly with her arms crossed.

Celestia’s eye twitches reliving previous visits from Artemis, “Okay, I’m out of here. I just can’t deal with her.” Celestia said running back out of the room.

“Halt! Depart thou not, mine sister! abandon us not in our hour of need.” Luna called, her plea falling on deaf ears.

“So Luna, what do you want to do now?” Artemis asked.
Luna hid under her pillow and groaned.

“Let’s talk then. Why is my great great great granddaughter living with her sire and not here? Did you abandon her?” Artemis asked with a level look on her face

Luna pushed the pillow up and she quickly rose to face Artemis, “We did not abandon her!” Luna shouted.

“Oh then why?” Artemis asked

“Rose was taken from us! Traitors spirited her away!” Luna shouted again shedding tears that streamed down her face. “She was taken to a research project headed by her sire, who did not know that Rose was her daughter. A project that dealt with horn transplants for unicorns without horns due to accidents.” Luna said while sighing

“A commendable goal, if only twas not for that dark and sick corruption, that acquired ‘Volunteer’s’ illegally without mine loves knowledge. When mine love discovered that Rose wasn’t even a unicorn after magically grafting a horn to Rose, She left the project and informed my sister, who told her to watch over Rose, as Rose was suffering from amnesia.” she said.

“So, what are you going to do my dear? I mean aside from dating Rose’s sire’s herd. It was adorable watching you get flustered over that date, and if my eyes didn’t deceive me i do believe I saw a human in the herd.” Artemis teased

“We art duty bound to marry her. No we yearn to marry Twilight and her herd. Lero hath been my closest friend. He cared for me while we wert terribly ill. Rainbow Dash and Lyra are mighty and loyal comrades, especially to Lero and Twilight. Twilight is mine first friend and mine first love, unto whom I bestowed the blessing and honor of taking our maidenhead, even though we wert drunk on moonshine and she is not aware that we engaged in intercourse, nor that it our union blessed us with our beloved filly.” Luna sighed “But we desire to do this properly.”

“Speaking of your conception, how does that work? Two mares conceiving, that is? I mean, I know I am the goddess of childbirth among other things, but this truly has me stumped.” Artemis asked.

“Well it is quite simple, the magic that flows through equestria, the magic that fills us all, enable two mares who are mutually in love to have children. The two mares, still need to have sex and both need to orgasm several times. The most effective method of getting pregnant is to... use one’s horn to penetrate or transmogrify thine lover, giving them a penis. Whom ever gets pregnant is the one whom is penetrated and is rarely both mares at the same time.” Luna replied blushing.

Meanwhile behind Princess Luna’s door Lero stood frozen mid swing as he tried to process what he had just learned. ‘Rose is Twilight’s and Luna’s foal!’ As he was deep in thought the observatory doors burst open, knocking Lero out.

“Master Lero!!! Guards, take him to the castle infirmary and tell the nurses to watch over him. We shall be there soon.” Luna ordered.

The guards ran off to get a stretcher leaving Luna and Artemis alone.

Behind her Artemis burst out laughing, “That has to be the most hilarious thing I have seen in a good 3 centuries, well except for that little fight you and your sister had when you had your emo phase.”

Luna shot Artemis a withering look, While the guards returned, a stretcher floating between them.
Luna lifted Lero in her magic and laid him on the stretcher. The guards grunting with the sudden increase in the weight on the stretcher. When they had recovered they went as fast as they could to the infirmary.

“You don’t think he heard us talking about Rose do you Luna?” Artemis asked.
Luna hoped this wasn’t the case, it may have been before Lero and Twilight had courted. But she wasn’t sure how he would react when he rouses.

“Let us hope not Great Great Grandmother. it could lead to disaster.” Luna replied
Artemis nodded her head solemnly.