Dinky little Pipsqueak

by Crescent Wrench

First published

Dinky and Pipsqueak. A perfect match from the beginning. They were meant for eachother, and they will find that out one way or another. Let us stroll down the years it took them to realize this. Spin-off of the Pounding Pumpkin series.

Dinky and Pipsqueak.

A perfect match from the beginning. They were meant for eachother, and they will find that out one way or another.

Let us stroll down the years it took them to realize this...

Spin-off of the Pounding Pumpkin series, so obviously you shouldn't be taking this story too seriously.

Art by SkyHeavens, who shall never know this exists.


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Dinky little Pipsqueak


The night air was cool as the young colt finished his mad tinkering before taking a step back, admiring his work.

Before him stood a ramshackle pirate ship assembled in his backyard, a garbage lid and various pieces of lumber making up most of the hull. An old sheet was thrown up as the sail, and there was even a miniature mock cannon pointing off the starboard.

“It's perfect!” the little colt whispered to himself, cheerfully. A moment later, he heard his mother calling for him.

“Pipsqueak, where are you? I told you to go to bed!”

Pipsqueak muttered under his breath about pirates not having bed times, then shouted back, “I'm coming, mum!”

He took another look back at his creation, feeling a mixture of pride and excitement well up inside of him. Tomorrow, he would play on that ship, and he would be the captain! The greatest captain Ponyville ever had!

As he galloped inside, his neighbor was having similar problems, if only to a different scale.

“Dinky, I thought we said lights out!” Amethyst “Sparkler” Star said as she pushed open the door to her little sister's room, revealing a tiny Dinky silhouetted beneath her blankets by her glowing horn, a flashlight in the night. She was obviously reading a book beneath her fortress of sheets.

Sparkler smirked as Dinky jumped in her hide, her horn extinguishing itself as she toppled backwards, crying out as her hooves became caught in the blanket. She thrashed about for a few moments before she grew still.

“You done there?” Sparkler asked Dinky. Dinky replied with a grunt.

“What were you reading, anyways?” Sparkler asked her younger sister. In response, Dinky concentrated super hard, levitating the book from beneath the mountain of sheets and bringing it over to Sparkler.

Taking the book, Sparkler let out a sad sigh.

It was the family photo album.

“Good night,” Dinky said rather angrily from beneath her blankets.

Sparkler nodded. “Good night.”

As Amethyst closed the door, she looked at the book longingly before heading into the living room, placing it atop the table. She noticed her older sister sleeping contently on the couch, flopped out on her back with a silly grin on her face. She must have had a good day.

Amethyst smiled softly as she trotted over and gave Ditzy Doo a brush through her hiar before grabbing a sheet from a stack next to the couch, draping it over her sister.

Dinky, on the other hand, had not had a good day. Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon, the school bullies, had been picking on her again. This time they targeted her parents, or lack thereof. They even had the audacity to make fun of Ditzy's eyes!

Dinky was so mad, so very mad, she could hardly contain it. She grabbed her pillow and shoved her face in it, screaming as hard as she could. Thankfully, nopony else in the house heard the muffled scream, and afterward she let her exhausted body just lay there, quietly.

The moon was up outside, bathing the night with a beautiful half-light. A slow, cool breeze waved through Dinky's open window, ruffling the purple curtains.

The night is always so beautiful, Dinky thought to herself. Deciding she needed to blow off some steam, she hopped out of bed and headed to her window, popping her head out into the calm night air.

Meanwhile, Pipsqueak too was looking out his window, a leg draped over the edge as he leaned against the window panel, looking longingly after his makeshift pirate ship. How he wanted to captain that ship.

Pipsqueak sighed, looking up at the sky. Dinky looked over and noticed Pipsqueak at his window.

“Hey Pipsqueak,” she said, noticing Pipsqueak from school. Diamond Tiara occasionally made fun of him, too.

Pipsqueak looked over, waving at Dinky when he saw her. She was one of the nicer mares to him at school, not one of the meanie-weenie foals who picked on him because of his size. She was a little more than a year older than him, he recalled.

“Hullo, Dinky,” he mumbled, barely loud enough to be heard. “Wonderful night, isn't it?” he said with a snide quip, still bitter over his pirate ship.

“It's pretty,” Dinky agreed.

“Yeah, Princess Luna is really good at making them,” Pipsqueak said with a grin.

Dinky giggled, nodding in agreement. Then, she noticed the creation in Pipsqueak's backyard.

Is that supposed to be a rocket ship? Dinky asked herself, cringing in confusion.

Pipsqueak saw her looking at his pride and joy.

“Oh, you like my pirate ship?” he said while puffing out his chest in pride.

Is that what it is? Dinky asked herself, but decided to be a little more tactful with her words.

“Uh, yeah! It looks really... cool?”

Pipsqueak was oozing pride and confidence at the apparent praise.

“Yeah, I made it myself! I-”

Pipsqueak's mom's voice suddenly rang out from further in the house.

“Pipsqueak! I said bed! Now!”

Pipsqueak sighed, huffing slightly.

“Okay, mum!”

He gave Dinky an apologetic shrug before waving to her.

“I'll see you at school tomorrow!” With that, he retreated from his window.

“Yeah, tomorrow...” Dinky said.

The next day...

As soon as the lunch bell rang, the day was already going horribly for a certain little unicorn.

“How does it feel, knowing you might end up just like your wall-eyed sister?” Diamond Tiara mocked Dinky, who was desperately trying to hold back tears. The bully had been going on for minutes, harassing her unrelentingly.

“Stop it,” Dinky growled, trying to walk away. Diamond Tiara moved to block her path.

“What're you going to do, cry about it? You little baby!”

Diamond Tiara smirked as Dinky began shuddering. The bully was about to say more, but suddenly found herself interrupted by another voice.

“Leave her alone!”

Suddenly, Pipsqueak appeared next to Diamond Tiara, scowling at her angrily.

“Oh yeah? What are you-” she poked Pipsqueak in the chest to emphasize her point- “going to do about it? Huh, you little-”


Diamond Tiara froze at Miss Cheerilee's voice, shrinking as the teacher stomped her way over.

“I have given you so many chances,” Miss Cheerilee spat out angrily as she approached the little filly, “to turn your attitude around, and then I hear about this?!”

Miss Cheerilee was furious.

“You are coming with me right now, little lady. And don't think you can talk your way out of this one, your father will be hearing about this immediately. Let's go!”

Diamond Tiara gasped in surprise before Miss Cheerilee grabbed her hoof and pulled her along after her, out of the room.

Dinky looked after them, shocked.

“Well, that got rid of her,” Pipsqueak said with a content smile, turning to Dinky. “So, do you... want to eat lunch together?”

Dinky shook her head, returning to reality.

“Lunch? Oh, sure.”

Dinky and Pipsqueak left the room, heading out to the playground.

“I'm sorry Diamond Tiara was being all mean to you,” Pipsqueak said, “she is such a bugger sometimes.”

“Oh, it was nothing really...” Dinky said, trying to act like she brushed off the entire ordeal like it was nothing.

“That's not what it looked like,” Pipsqueak said as the two found their way to an empty picnic table. “You looked a might upset,” he said while opening his lunch.

“Like I said, Pipsqueak, it was nothing!” she insisted, opening her own lunch to reveal two beautiful muffins and a banana.

“If you insist,” Pipsqueak said as he bit down into his own meal. “But you seemed to be rather hurt while she was bashing you. You wanna... talk about it?”

Dinky scoffed.

“What's a colt care about whether I was hurt or not? It's none of your business!”

Pipsqueak looked at Dinky, wincing. Neither of them noticed the faint blush on Pipsqueak's face.

He swallowed hard before sighing, packing up his lunch.

“Never mind, my bad. I didn't realize I was bothering you. I'll leave you to yourself then...” he said, ready to hop down.

“Wait, Pipsqueak...” Dinky said. Pipsqueak glanced back at her.

“Maybe I was... a little upset by it.”

Pipsqueak returned to his seat.

“Do you... want to talk about it? My mum always said that talking about your problems helps solve them.”

“Well...” Dinky started, still adamant. As soon as she saw Pipsqueak's face, though, she felt herself relax a little around her. He wouldn't make any fun of her, he seemed too nice to do that.

“My parents died in a terrible accident not long after I was born, it's just me and my sisters now. My oldest sister was hurt in the accident, but me and Sparkler were at home so we didn't know anything until some ponies came by to check on us.”

“That's horrible!” Pipsqueak said, cringing slightly. “I lost my pops a while back, too. He flew into a thundercloud, but never came back out.”

“I'm sorry, Pipsqueak-” Dinky began, but was interrupted by Pipsqueak holding up a hoof.

“Please, it's Pip!”

Dinky smiled. “My bad, Pip.”

Pip grinned as well, then motioned for Dinky to continue.

“Anyways, Ditzy was hurt in the accident, she hurt her head a little bit. She has trouble remembering things, and she has to focus really hard to see things clearly, but other than that she's still really happy and doesn't let it bother her too much.”

“Then why does Diamond Tiara make fun about her?” Pipsqueak asked, cocking his head. “She doesn't seem all that bad.”

“It's because of her eyes,” Dinky explained, pointing to her own eyes as reference. “They're all...” she sighed before taking a deep breath, scrunching up her face until her eyes were crossing.

“Oh, that... that doesn't seem all that bad!” Pipsqueak insisted, cracking a smile.

Dinky let her face return to normal as she expelled the breath, rubbing her forehead. It hurt her head to make that face.

“It isn't, but a lot of ponies make fun of her for it,” Dinky sighed sadly.

“Well,” Pipsqueak started, “I promise I won't. She sounds really nice!”

Dinky smiled.

“Thanks, Pip.”

“No problem,” Pipsqueak said with a grin. “That's what friends are for, right?”

Dinky took a deep breath of shock. She really didn't have many friends, and definitely didn't have a friend that was a colt.

Wasn't that bad, to have a friend that was a colt? She'd get cooties from him, for sure.

But he seemed friendly enough. Maybe he didn't have cooties after all.

“Definitely,” Dinky giggled.

Maybe he could be a good friend after all.

Seven years later...

“Come on, Ditzy, I need the bathroom to finish getting ready!” Dinky said in fear.

“Why, are you afraid you won't look good enough for your coltfriend?” Sparkler teased Dinky, grinning as she did so.

“He isn't my coltfriend!” Dinky argued. “He's just a friend I'm going to the dance with, okay?!”

“That sounds like a coltfriend to me!” Ditzy called from within the bathroom, giggling to herself. Dinky responded by groaning and flopping her head against the door.

“Just hurry up! He's going to be here soon!”

Ditzy opened the door, allowing Dinky to fall flat on her face.

“Alright squirt, there you go,” Ditzy said as she stepped around Dinky, ruffling her mane as she did so. Dinky groaned in anger at her mane being ruined before skipping into the bathroom, slamming the door closed behind her.

Ditzy giggled as she stood next to her younger sister, both of the mares grinning ear-to-ear.

“You were doing absolutely nothing productive in there for the past twenty minutes, weren't you?” Sparkler asked.

“Well,” Ditzy explained, “I started off just distracted by the shiny faucet knobs. But as soon as Dinky needed to hurry for her date, I couldn't resist.”

Sparkler laughed as she swung a hoof around her sister, hugging her.

“I can't believe our little sister is going to her very first dance! With a date, no less!”

“Yeah, I still can't believe that part,” Ditzy said with a chuckle. “Neither of us had dates to our first dance, but the little bookworm gets one? Lucky filly!”

Sparkler and Ditzy shared another laugh when suddenly there was a knocking from the front door. Dinky cried out in surprise.

“He's here!” she shouted as she burst from the bathroom, her make-up kit still open next to the sink, the contents untouched.

Dinky threw open the door, her mane still messed up from Ditzy playing with it, no make-up on, looking just as she would any other day.

“You look... beautiful,” Pipsqueak, said with a grin, flashing her his pretty colt smile. Dinky rolled her eyes, pulling him in and giving him a hug.

“I haven't even put anything on yet, dork.”

“Then don't, lass. It'd ruin the look!”

Dinky pulled away and grinned, rolling her eyes again.

“If you keep talking like that, my sisters are definitely never going to let me hear the end of it,” she giggled.

“We don't plan to let you hear the end of it anyways,” Ditzy said as her and Sparkler entered the living room, waving hello to Pipsqueak. They'd known Pip since he and Dinky had first became friends, and knew he was a good kid. They also knew he was far more innocent than Dinky was, no matter what his accent led others to believe.

“But don't let that end your wonderful night!” Sparkler said as she pushed the two out the front door. “Have fun!”

The two cringed as they heard the bolt being thrown on the door, locking them out.

Pip laughed merrily at the event. “Your sisters are a hoot,” he said with a chuckle before offering Dinky his hoof. “So, shall we? The dance already started.”

Dinky looked back at Pip, then nodded with a smile of her own. Taking his hoof, they marched down the road towards the school yard.

While Dinky had graduated a year earlier, Pip had just graduated from Primary school this year, and had been asked by Dinky to be his 'date' to the dance held every year for the previous class after the new graduates had taken their diplomas.

The past seven years had been very kind to the both of them. Growing as ponies and friends, they were always next to each other, through thick and thin. They had grown close to each other, very close.

“Come on, race you!” Pip said as he charged ahead. Dinky laughed as she chased after Pip, the two dashing their way to the dance.

“I win!” Dinky declared triumphantly as she teleported the final stretch, standing proud before Pipsqueak. He let out a defeated sigh.

“Fine,” he chuckled. “Now come on, let's have fun!”

That night, the two had their first dance together. And neither of them would have had it any other way.

Later, after the fun night, Pipsqueak walked Dinky back home.

“I had a lot of fun, Dinky,” Pipsqueak said, heart still racing. It had indeed been the most awesome of nights he'd had.

It was about to get a whole lot more awesome.

“So did I, Pipsqueak,” Dinky said as they made their way to Dinky's home.

“Well, this is me,” Dinky said, turning to Pipsqueak.

“It is,” Pip said. “And I meant it, you really did look very pretty today.”

Dinky smiled as she leaned forward. She gave him a quick peck on the lips, not quite a real kiss but the most affection she'd ever shown him before.

“Good night, Pip,” she said with a smile. Pipsqueak grinned as he ruffle dher mane before turning and trotting to his home next door. Dinky sighed as she reached for the handle, then frowned. The door was still locked.


Over the next couple years, they found themselves looking back on that night, wishing they had gone a little bit further, but at the same time glad that they hadn't.

It started out as the simple hangout, just talking with each other as they walked around town, enjoying the other's company. It was simple. It was sweet. It was right.

So right that they continued like that for the next four years, not really dating but close enough that they would have fooled others. Not that they didn't want to grow even closer, but because they were comfortable with where they were.

That is, until the hormones really started kicking in.

“So when are you two going to actually hook up, anyways?” Sparkler asked off-hoofedly one day while sitting around the house with Dinky, reading a book in the living room.

“S-Sparkler!” Dinky squeaked, blushing. “We're just friends!”

“A-huh,” Sparkler said with a flat face. “Just friends who have an unhealthy amount of chemistry between them-”

“You're my sister, you should be trying to scare boys away from me, not suggesting who I should copulate with!” Dinky practically shouted.

“I like Pip,” Sparkler replied, “I think he's good for you. SO I ask again; when are you two going to hook up, anyways?”

Dinky sighed.

“I don't know,” she admitted. “Neither of us really seem ready to... you know... make it 'official', or anything.”

Sparkler raised a brow. “Well I would hope not, if by make it official you mean riding him like a-”

“NO!” Dinky shouted, growing flustered by her sister's colourful tongue. “He hasn't even kissed me yet...” she admitted.

“Ah, I see. You're playing that card,” Sparkler said, nodding. “Then don't wait on him. Jump the gun, go for it yourself. Take his breath away. But if you reach down his pants-”

“Sparkler!” Dinky shouted again, covering herself with a nearby couch cushion as she couldn't help but imagine herself touching Pipsqueak, him touching her, it all feeling so good- well, suffice to say, Dinky was glad she had the couch cushion handy.

“Just saying. He doesn't need to be the one to actually instigate the relationship. Frankly, everypony in town already thinks you two are together anyways.”

“I know that,” Dinky said slowly.

“So ask him on an actual date. Who knows, maybe you might even have fun!”

Dinky rolled her eyes, but her sister had a point.

And besides, she did really like Pipsqueak...

And as evident by the heat radiating from her lower half, so did he body.

Sighing, Dinky dashed up to her room, opening her window.

Outside, there was Pipsqueak, still messing around with the silly fake pirate ship he'd made all those year away. At the moment, he seemed to be running numbers on what looked like a collapsible sun dial he'd set up.

“Hey, Pip!”

Pipsqueak looked up, smiling. He waved to Dinky before leaning against the rickety old yard toy.

“What's up?”

Dinky swallowed hard before deciding to just screw tact.

“Do you want to go out tonight?”

“Like go hang out?”

She had expected that. Taking a deep breath, she forced herself to keep her voice calm.

“No, like a date!”

Pipsqueak didn't respond immediately, instead scratching his head. Before long, though, he had his response.

“I kinda thought that's what they were, anyways!”

Dinky felt shock, then humiliation, then couldn't help but smile.

They pretty much were dating, after all.

“I'll meet you at seven!” she called out.

“Nah, I'll be over in a few! I just need to make a few modifications to this, and I'll be up there in a jiff!”

Pipsqueak began disassembling the sun dial as Dinky paced her room nervously.

“He already thought we were dating?” Dinky asked herself aloud.

“Well duh,” Ditzy said from Dinky's bed, eating a banana while lying on her side. Dinky cried out in shock at her sister's sudden appearance. “D-Ditzy! Where'd you come from!?”

“I walked in while you were calling out to your coltfriend,” Ditzy said with a knowing nod.

“Well get out of here!” Dinky shouted, ushering Ditzy off her bed. “Pip is coming over in a few minutes!”

“Oh?” Ditzy said, a knowing smile playing on her face. “Then by all means, let me tell Sparkler we're going out for the night.”

“Ha-ha, very funny sis,” Dinky dead-panned. “Now go! Shoo!”

Like a giant moth, Ditzy fluttered out of the room, heading to the living room.

Dinky face-hoofed as Ditzy engaged Sparkler in a tactless conversation.

“Hey Sparkler, Dinky and Pip are going to do the dirty tonight so we need to go. That's right, up-up-up, let's go!”

Dinky double-facehoofed as Sparkler burst out into a demented fit of cackling.

“Good luck!” Sparkler shouted as Dinky's two elder sister left the house.

Sheer moments later, Dinky was opening the door for Pip.

“H-Hey,” Dinky said, blushing profusely. Pip ruffled her mane as he stepped inside. Dinky ushered him to follow her, up to her room.

“You know, when you do this, it just makes what your sister said sound even more accurate,” Pipsqueak commented. Dinky was mortified.

“You heard that?!” she gasped.

“Yep, your sisters are funny,” Pipsqueak said with a smile before adopting a serious face.

“But Dinky, you know I'd never do something like that unless you were okay with that. You know me.”

Dinky sighed, smiling.

“You're right, I do know you, and I know I like you,” Dinky said slowly.

“Well that much was pretty obvious,” Pipsqueak said with a chuckle, “and I like you too, lass.”

“But I really do like you, and I've been trying to act like everything was going to be fine if it just continued the way it always has been.”

Pipsqueak raised an eyebrow.

“And I'm guessing things won't be? I'm sorry, I do- MMMPH!”

Dinky shut him up as politely as she could by latching her lips onto Pipsqueak's.

Yep, things were going to be just fine-


Dinky tore apart from Pipsqueak, smacking her lips carefully.

“Is that... alcohol?” she asked.

“Okay,” Pipsqueak admitted, raising his hooves in defense, “Maybe I needed some help getting through some nights knowing I wasn't actually dating you. But in my defense-”

Again, Dinky assaulted him with her face, battling his tongue with her own.

This time, though, on the open waters of saliva and love, Pipsqueak showed her just how experienced a pirate he was.

Actually, he stumbled backwards and the two fell onto Dinky's bed.

Experienced indeed.

Dinky giggled at Pipsqueak, whose torso was resting along her tummy.

“Well now, Pip, getting a little brave there I see. Is it the alcohol speaking?”

Pipsqueak grinned, pulling himself up and atop Dinky, holding himself above her before leaning in the brush his muzzle against hers.

“No, alcohol has no control over me,” he said cheekily.

“It better not,” Dinky said as Pip nipped at her neck. “But if you don't give up that drinking, I'm dumping you in a heartbeat- are you even listening to me?”

“You have no idea how long I've wanted to do that.”

“What,” Dinky countered, “utterly fail at kissing a mare?”

“No,” Pipsqueak corrected himself confidently, “toss a dirty wench onto her bed.”

Dinky scowled, about to yell at Pipsqueak, but this time Pipsqueak kissed her, and everything just melted away.

- - - - -

Hours later, the two lay panting and sweaty atop each other, silly grins plastered on their faces.

“That was... impressive...” Dinky breathed. Pipsqueak grunted in agreement, holding her close to him.

“Yeah...” Pipsqueak commented.

“I've seen better,” Ditzy commented.

Pipsqueak and Dinky flew under the covers, peeking out from beneath with crimson faces. Ditzy and Sparkler were standing in the doorway, casually watching as they bit into an apple each.

“What are you two doing here?!” Dinky shouted, furious. “I thought you said you two were going out for a little while!”

“Nah, we totally just hid around the corner until you let Pipsqueak in. We've been here pretty much the entire time.”

“And I must say, I am impressed by your technique, Pip,” Sparkler added, taking another decisive bite from her apple.

Pip and Dinky both face-hoofed.

“Out!” Dinky yelled, slamming the door closed with her magic.

The two sisters cackled from the other side of the door as Pip himself chuckled slightly, rubbing Dinky's back with a hoof.

“Your sisters are so weird.”

Dinky groaned as she threw her face into the sweaty mattress. In hindsight, not one of her better moves.

“Tell me about it,” she whined before turning to her side, looking up at Pipsqueak.

“What?” he asked Dinky. She simply smiled at him.

“I love you.”

“I love you too.”