Face Down

by Appledash13

First published

While preparing for Canterlot, Twilight has one more friend to say goodbye to.

Twilight prepares to leave for princess duties, but something goes amiss and Spike is the first to discover it.

-Part of my 4 in the morning series.


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Come on Twilight!

Don't do this to me!

Don't joke around like this... this isn't funny...

Wake up...

Please....Just wake up

Chapter 1: The Day Before

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"Are you sure you can pack the rest, Spike?"

"I'll be fine, Twilight. This isn't the first time you left me alone, besides, I'm sure Owlicious won't mind helping from time to time."

“Alright, I should be back from Zecora's before our train arrives." Twilight stifled a giggle as she saw Spike stuffing a bunch of books into a suitcase and trying to force it shut. “So I'll be back in an hour." She said trotting towards the door.

“See ya...urgh... then Twilight." Spike struggles out while putting all of his force to close the suitcase. He soon hears the door open and shut seconds later, signalling that Twilight has left. Spike gives one final push against the suitcase and it shuts with a satisfying click.The room around him was loaded with bags and suitcases . They were loaded with memorabilia, such as her Winter Wrap Up vest and Nightmare Night costume.

Some of the objects inside were pointless. Books from the library were stuffed to the limit in some bags. 'It's not like they don't have a library in Canterlot,' he thought to himself. One more pile of junk to go through and packing up would finally be finished. "Whoo," Spike whipped his head around to see Owlicious perched on the desk.Over time, it became a favorite spot of his, so whenever he was not helping Twilight, the owl sat on the desk.

“Hey Owlicious, you mind helping me out?" Spike asked Owlicious.

“Whoo," was the expected response he got.

“'Whoo' else?" He said, mimicking the Owl.

“Whoo?" Owlicious repeated.

“Bah, forget it," there was no point in talking to the owl. Every response was the same. To him, it was like talking to a magic eight ball, no real answers. He walked over to the last pile and started to place whatever may seem important to Twilight. Right at the top wad a picture of her and all her friends together. They ll seem so happy in this picture, now the purple mare in the middle of the photo has to move away from them all.

Spike immediately placed the picture in the bag, knowing Twilight will love to keep the picture. As he went through the items, he started to hum yes and o, which soon turned into him humming and whistling a full song. Soon enough, the pile was finished and the unpacked items were moved to the corner with the rest of the unneeded objects. Spike looked at the clock, “Twilight left about fifteen minutes ago, sooo, that leaves a whole bunch of time to myself," he said to nopony in particular.

“I should probably stay here in case Twilight comes back early, I think I hear my bed calling me," he mumbled. Spike started to walk up the library's stairs and to his bed. The blue blanket was just as he left it,and the pillow had a slight dent where his head usually rested. He slumps over to it and falls right in, curling up to get comfortable. Soon, his eyes had closed and now he is slowly drifting off to sleep.

Spike opened his eyes to find the room covered in darkness. He glanced up at the clock to see the time was 3:15. The darkness proved for it not to be in the afternoon. He sprung out of his bed and started pacing around the library, “ Why did I have to sleep so late? Oh, did Twilight leave without me? She couldn't have... the bags are still here. Maybe there was a storm in the Everfree Forest, the weather isn't controlled there so I guess there was," he lets out a sigh and sits against one of the bookshelves, “I'll just ask her when she gets back." He looks at the clock that only five minutes have passed.

Spike got bored real fast. “Might as well eat to make up for lost supper." An excellent idea presented itself. “Twilight's not around so maybe~ I could eat some of my gemstones~." Twilight wouldn't be back for a while do Spike was in the all-clear. He walked into the kitchen and hopped up onto the counter. By the dink were two cookie jars, one green and the other yellow. The yellow jar was filled with bits n case of emergency. In the green cookie jar was Spike's targeted treats. He slowly turned the lid and pulled it off. Inside was only an amethyst and a small ruby, “Twilight needs to restock on gems," he said as he pulled them out and began happily munching on the gemstones. After eating them, he had nothing left to do.

“Now where was Twilight going again?" It took a few seconds of pondering to remember. “Oh right! Zecora's!" He exclaimed. He bolted out the door and to the edge of Ponyville. The forest was becoming closer with every step. Ponyville seemed dead at this time, he was usually never out at night past ten unless he was with Twilight. The darkness was almost foreign, but he knows it will be extremely darker the Everfree. He stood alone at the edge of the forest. Dangers await him in there, such as those wretched timberwolves. He took one step, then another. Soon he was walking st a regular pace, but he still cringed or yelped at every noise, a rustle in a bush, the wind coming through trees, or whenever he would step on a branch, which happened way more often than he liked. Soon Zecora's hut came into sight. He ran upto the door and knocked times.

Inside, he heard some angry mumbling inside, then hoofsteps approaching the door. It creaks open and Zecora's yellow eye peaks through, “Spike, have some privacy, most ponies are asleep at this time, you see." Spike shook his head, utterly confused. “Twilight isn't here?" He asked.

“Twilight is not here, does that bring fear?"

“She said she was coming to visit yesterday before we left for Canterlot."

“She had not come yesterday, did you see her on the way?"

“No, I can't see anything in this forest."

"Follow my lead, and hope the animals do not feed."