Bizet Carmen - a Ponyville Production (or the Philomena Fantasy)

by Planetarian

First published

An opera, where ponies in Ponyville find themselves with the prima donna that is a phoenix... who had somehow tempted the heart of Fluttershy!

Adaptation of Bizet's Carmen.
Place: Ponyville, and surrounding countryside.
Time: After the pilot episodes, roughly same as "A Bird in the Hoof".

Philomena, the enigmatic, playful and somewhat arrogant Phoenix had made her presence known in Ponyville. How will the musicians cope with this most unusual bird? And how will they straighten out Fluttershy, who was smitten by her?

(This work is actually meant to be completely sung through. Playing the musical pieces while reading is highly recommended)

Scored to Cadanceverse !

Acte I - Habanera

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A phoenix was perched over a tree that overlooked Ponyville Elementary school.

She had been looking at the students for time time, all by her lonesome. How was it that she didn't get any attention was a mystery.

It cried forth happily. She was in her elements, and all the world's a stage.

The phoenix left its position, as it took aim at a windowpane. It landed without trouble, and it entered the school through the open window unopposed.

The laughter of schoolfillies filled the air. It was a fine day at Ponyville.

(Cue Prelude)

The Elements were loitering about Medley's Music Emporium, since they've nothing better to do for the morning. This was par the course because there was not much to do for the time being.

"Ponies sure are funny to look at sometimes." Bluenote casually noted.

Medley was a bit indifferent. "Yeah yeah, and all we're going to do is to simply laugh and gossip, huh? That and look at the passerby... what a waste..."

Bluenote bemoaned having to wake up earlier than she would have liked. "I could have had more time with Miss bed..."

Octavia didn't quite enjoy the idea of idling either. "I really should return to doing more arpeggios..."

Vinyl was quite keen to agree with the Cellist. "I don't even know why we're just standing around and waiting for Fluttershy to get her things done. Shouldn't we just do something? Anything?

Lyra looked lazily at Medley's instruments. "I am not sure about playing them... I haven't the mood to really play..."

The group looked out at each other, only to conclude that they should wait for their missing member some more while watching the world go past them.

Funny ponies. Funny ponies everywhere. Ponies were all around them, so watching the ponies make sense.

Ditsy Doo was making her round of mails, Raindrops whizzed by without care, Wild Fire was explosive... all the little things came to the view of the Element bearers while they sat on their haunches right at Medley's music store.


À la porte du Musique Emporium.
At the door of the Music Emporium
Pour tuer le temps,
To kill the time,
On rit, on jase,
One laughs, one gossips,
L'on regarde passer les passants.
One looks at the passers-by passing.

Sur la place, chacun passe, etc.
On the square, everyone passes, etc.
Drôles de poneys que ces poneys-là!
Funny ponies - those ponies there !
Drôles de poneys que ces poneys-là!
Funny ponies - those ponies there !

The owner of the music store noticed an approaching rabbit. "O look! It's that Angel Bunny! Wonder what he's doing here? Guy's cute but he's got a mean streak about him..."

Angel Bunny had a reputation of being rather disobedient to Fluttershy, although he was quite protective of his caretaker.

Octavia was a bit surprised to hear about that. "Really? I've not really the chance to talk to him..."

Lyra was more concerned of the rabbit's presence. "It isn't like him to pop up like this! Let's go and talk to him!"

Medley sighed a bit. "Well, we got nothing better to do, so let's go find out exactly what he wants."

The group of five (one absent) went to greet the white rabbit with beady eyes.

MEDLEY (seeing Angel Bunny entering)
Regardez donc cette petite
Look, then, at that little one
Qui semble vouloir nous parler...
Who seems to want to speak to us...
Voyez, voyez! il tourne, il hesite.
Look, look! he turns, he hesitates...

À son secour il faut aller!
To his help, we need to go!


It was clear as day that the rabbit was looking for someone in a hurry.

Medley decided to cut straight to the chase. "Alright little guy, what do you want?"

Angel Bunny gestured that he's looking for a pegasus.

"Well, you're looking at one." Medley stated the obvious.

Angel gave a look of disapproval. It was somewhat uncomfortable to have a rabbit giving a pony 'the eye'.

"Fluttershy... we know her all right. What do you take us for?"

The artisan went on. "Tough luck there. She won't be back until the morning vendors have switched over with the afternoon vendors." The mare's one for straight talks.

Que cherchez-vous, la belle?
What are you searching for, lovely one?

Moi, je cherche un Pégase.
Me, I am searching for a Pegasus.

Je suis là! Voilà !
I am here ! Right here!

Mon Pégase à moi s'appelle Fluttershy
My Pegasus to me is called Fluttershy.
le connaissez-vous?
Do you know her?

Fluttershy? Nous le connaissons tous.
Fluttershy? We know her- all (of us).

Vraiment? Est-elle avec vous, je vous prie?
Really? Is she with you, I beg of you?

Le Pégase n'est pas ici maintenant
The Pegasus is not here right now

Alors, elle n'est pas là.
So then, she isn't here.

Non, ma charmante, elle n'est pas là.
No my charming one, she isn't here.
Mais toute à l'heure, elle y sera.
But right away, she will be here.
Elle y sera quand les vendeurs d'après-midi
She will be here when the afternoon vendors
remplacera les vendeurs de la matinée
Replaces the morning vendors.

Elle y sera quand les vendeurs d'après-midi, etc
She will be here when the afternoon vendors, etc

The mint-green unicorn looked at the white rabbit. "You can just wait around with us... "

The bunny shook its head violently, and it really hadn't the intention of wasting time with a bunch of ponies that had nothing better to do but to sit about and let their life tick down on them.

The unicorn may have backed down, but Bluenote decided to give it a shot. "O jeez little guy, not like we're going to make for of you or anything. You're safe with us.

The rabbit gave a condescending look, and refused to entertain the idea. He wasn't about to stand around and waste his time to wait on his owner.

Mais en attendant qu'elle vienne
But, while waiting until she comes
Voulez-vous, la fâché enfant,
Would you like, my angry child,
Voulez-vous prendre la peine
Would you take the trouble
D'entre chez nous un instant?
To join us for a moment?

Chez vous?
Join you?

Chez nous!
Join us!

Non pas! Non pas! Grand merci, madames les Elements!
No, No! A big thank you, Elements, madams!

Entrez sans crainte, mignonne,
Enter without fear, my cute one,
Je vous promets, qu'on aura
I promise you, that we will have
pour votre chère personne,
For your dear self,
Tout les égards qu'il faudra.
All the respect which is required.

Je n'en doute pas; cependant, je reviendrai,
I don't doubt it, nevertheless, I will come back.
C'est plus prudent.
It's more prudent.
Je reviendrai quand les vendeurs d'après-midi
I will come back when the afternoon vendors
Remplacera les vendeurs de la matinée
Replaces the morning vendors.

Il faut rester car les vendeurs d'après-midi
You must stay, because the afternoon vendors
Va remplacera les vendeurs de la matinée
is going to replace the morning vendors.

This impasse had robbed the store owner of her already limited patience. Medley felt like putting her hoof down at that situation. "You will stay and wait for Fluttershy." The others muttered in agreement with Medley.

The rabbit would have none of it. He brushed the Elements off as he jotted away.

Lyra was slightly dejected, but she had decided to not dwell on the subject matter for too long. "Let us return to doing nothing for the time being...."

Medley dryly responded to Lyra. "I don't want to think of staring out of the store and looking at passerby as a past-time of mine..."

Vou resterez!
You will stay!

Non pas! Non pas!
No! No!
Au revoir, madames les Elements!
Good bye, Elements, madams' !

L'oiseau s'envole... On s'en console.
The bird flies away...we will console ourselves.
Reprenons notre passetemps
Let us resume our pastime
et regardait passer les poneys.
And let us watch the ponies pass by.

Sur la place, chacun passe, etc.
On the square, everyone passes, etc.


The troop of three fillies filed by playfully.

The Cutie Mark Crusaders (a name that lived in infamy in Ponyville) were once again, deep in crusading mode. The trio cut a wrath of destruction across town, as they marched somehow, while singing together.

Sweetie Belle, Rarity's younger sister, clearly had a talent as a singer. It was peculiar why that the unicorn didn't pay much heed to this obvious trait about her...

Apple Bloom also sang well, as did the tomboyish Scootaloo. The three of them had a good sense of rhythm, even if they were not known for their musical abilities in any way.

The Elements watched at the three sang happily in the sun. It was a splendidly choreographed piece, filled with bravado.


Sans la marque de cutie, nous arrivons, nous voilà!
Without the cutie mark, we arrive; here we are!
Sonne trompette éclatante! Ta ra ta ta ta ra ta ta.
Sound, dazzling trumpet! Ta ra ta ta ta ra ta ta.
Nous marchons la tête haute comme des petits croisés,
We march, heads high, like little crusaders,
Marquant, sans faire de faute,
Marking, without making a mistake,
une, deux, marquant le pas.
One, two, marking the step.
Les épaules en arrière et la poitrine en dehors,
The shoulders back and the chest out,
Les jambes de cette manière
The legs in this manner
Tombant tout le long du corps.
Falling right along the body.
Sans la marque de cutie, etc.
Without the cutie marks, etc.

It was a performance worth giving an applause over.

The three fillies received their approval with a standing ovation from the five mares, and they blushed heavily at the acclamation.

They bowed out unceremoniously after that.


Fluttershy had returned from the morning vendor (because she had volunteered to help Applejack for the day.) The girl reconvened with her fellow elements, just after the Crusaders' procession came to an end.

"Hi girls." Fluttershy said meekly. "Did I miss anything?"

Octavia decided to fill the buttermilk pegasus in.

"Your furious little rabbit was asking for you."

He could've tore eyes out if he had wanted to do that... Medley left this part unsaid.

"Oh! Angel Bunny! Whatever for..." The pegasus looked puzzled.

"On a totally unrelated note," Octavia decided to ask, "how's the wildlife here? Are birds aggressive?"

Fluttershy had to pause for a second. "It's not something that I do think about... not much. The animals are really friendly to me! I've never really been in any danger... except for the dragons, they can eat you in one bite...

An idea came over the pegasus. "Why not go to the school! There's a pet show-and-tell going on today..."


The rest of the crew found their way to Ponyville's only elementary school, where the fillies were having fun, with classes done for the day. Fluttershy did not join them.

The girls saw how that these fillies and colts were playing around with pets. There's a cat, a dog, and a turtle... but the most peculiar of them all would be that of a Phoenix...

"That's a Phoenix, I've seen it before..."

Octavia spelled out the strange bird to her friends, for their benefit.

"Really?! That's kinda cool..." Vinyl Scratch leaned a foreleg against her face while studying the Phoenix before her.

"What's the name?"

"Don't know. The fillies might know. Let's listen in..." Bluenote made the suggestion while looking intensely at the game that the little ponies were playing with.

The fillies and colts were bouncing about as they tried to see who can get the highest (a valid game as most of them were Earth Ponies. Scootaloo cannot fly at any rate.) These schoolfillies were in high spirits, while their pets partook the fun with them. It was a playful scene to behold.


(First chorus, colts at school)
La cloche a sonné, nous des élèves,
The bell has rung, we, the students,
Nous venons ici guetter le retour;
We come here to surver the return,
Et nous vous suivrons, jeunes élèves
And we will follow you, young students,
en vous murmurant des propos d'plaisir,
While murmuring to you proposals of fun.
Regardez-les! Regards impudents,
Look at them! Impudent glances,
Mine coquette! jouer toutes
Flirtatious looks! All playing,
Du bout des dents, la bonbon.
At the end of their teeth, a candy.

(Second chorus, Crusaders)

Par terre; nous suivons des yeux la jeu,
On the ground, we follow with our eyes the game,
Qui vers les cieux monte, monte, coloré.
Which towards the sky, mounts, colorful.
Cela monte gentiment à la tête, tout doucement,
It climbs gently to one's head, sweetly
Cela vous mets l'âme en fête!
It puts your soul on holiday!
Le doux parler, le doux parler des amis,
The sweet talk, the sweet talk of friends,
leurs transports et leurs serments,
their gushing and their vows,
C'est jeu, c'est jeu.
it's the game, it's the game
Par terre, etc.
On the ground, etc.
La jeu qui monte en tournant vers les cieux,
The game which mounts and turns towards the sky,
La jeu!
The game!


Without warning, a Phoenix that was bright red with flashes of ember had appeared, and it parted the sea of animals and ponies around it.

The Element Bearers were all in for a shock... the bird's wings looked as if they were made of flames.

The Phoenix called Philomena was full of sass. It practically danced around the pets and ponies next to it. There's a heavy tint of playfulness about it too. Overall, it's quite the character to behold.

She was quite mesmerizing. The walking gait alone demanded the full attention of the room, and its wings might as well as to have been that of a fiery red dress, or that of crimson fans. This was a Prima Donna, and one with allures that can almost be called sensual in observation.

"I wonder if Philomena will let us pet her!"

"Me too! I am actually a bit scared to ask her about that..."

The crusader fillies exchanged these words as they gazed at the burning torch of life before them.

Mais, nous ne voyons pas la Philocité!
But, we don't see little Philomena!
La voila! Voilà la Philocité!
There she is! There's Philomena!
Philocité! Sur tes pas nous nous pressons tous!
Philomena! At your feet, we are pressing - all of us!
Philocité! Sois gentille, au moins réponds-nous,
Philomena, be sweet, at least answer us,
et dis-nous quel jour tu nous aimeras!
and tell us on what day you will love us!

The bird proceeded to frolic with the fillies and colts around them, while displaying its slender and elegant build for all to see. It sang in a saccharine manner.


Quand je vous aimerai? Ma foi, je ne sais pas,
When will I love you? Good lord, I don't know,
Peut-être jamais, peut-être demain.
Maybe never, maybe tomorrow.
Mais pas aujourd'hui, c'est certain.
But not today, that's certain.


L'amour est un oiseau rebelle
Love is a rebellious bird
Que nul ne peut apprivoiser,
That nothing can tame,
Et c'est bien en vain qu'on l'appelle,
And it is simply in vain to call it
S'il lui convient de refuser.
If it is convient for it to refuse.
Rien n'y fait, menace ou prière,
Nothing will work, threat or pleading,
L'un parle bien, l'autre se tait;
One speaks, the other stays quiet;
Et c'est l'autre que je préfère
And it's the other that I prefer
Elle n'a rien dit; mais elle me plaît.
She said nothing; but she pleases me.
L'amour! L'amour! L'amour! L'amour!
Love! Love! Love! Love!

L'amour est enfant de Phénix ,
Love is the child of the Phoenix,
Il n'a jamais, jamais connu de loi,
It has never, never known any law,
Si tu ne m'aime pas, je t'aime,
If you don't love me, I love you,
Si je t'aime, prend garde à toi!
If I love you, keep guard on yourself!
Si tu ne m'aime pas, si tu ne m'aime pas, je t'aime!
If you don't love me, if you don't love me, I love you!
Mais, si je t'aime, si je t'aime, prend garde à toi!
But, if I love you, if I love you, keep guard on yourself!
Si tu ne m'aime pas, si tu ne m'aime pas, je t'aime!
If you don't love me, if you don't love me, I love you!
Mais, si je t'aime, si je t'aime, prend garde à toi!
But, if I love you, if I love you, keep guard on yourself!

L'oiseau que tu croyais surprendre
The bird you thought to surprise
Battit de l'aile et s'envola;
Bat its wing and flew away;
L'amour est loin, tu peux l'attendre;
Love is far away, you can wait for it;
Tu ne l'attend plus, il est là!
If you wait for it no more, it is there!
Tout autour de toi vite, vite,
All around you, quickly, quickly,
Il vient, s'en va, puis il revient!
It comes, goes, then it comes back!
Tu crois le tenir, il t'évite;
You think to hold it, it avoids you;
Tu crois l'éviter, il te tient!
You think to avoid it, it holds you!
L'amour, l'amour, l'amour, l'amour!
Love, love, love, love!

L'amour est enfant de Phénix,
Love is the child of the Phoenix,
Il n'a jamais, jamais connu de loi,
It has never, never known any law,
Si tu ne m'aime pas, je t'aime,
If you don't love me, I love you,
Si je t'aime, prend garde à toi!
If I love you, keep guard on yourself!
Si tu ne m'aime pas, si tu ne m'aime pas, je t'aime!
If you don't love me, if you don't love me, I love you!
Mais, si je t'aime, si je t'aime, prend garde à toi!
But, if I love you, if I love you, keep guard on yourself!
Si tu ne m'aime pas, si tu ne m'aime pas, je t'aime!
If you don't love me, if you don't love me, I love you!
Mais, si je t'aime, si je t'aime, prend garde à toi!
But, if I love you, if I love you, keep guard on yourself!


Angel Bunny was finally been reunited with his caretaker.

"Angel Bunny! What can I do for you?"

The stern bunny tabbed its feet, and muttered some incomprehensible chirps at the nodding pegasus.

The pegasus understand everything that the bunny had said. She was a rare talent, especially for a pegasus.

"Oh! So it was my mother! What about that..."

The bunny continued this conversation that nopony other than Fluttershy could held.

"Oh, really! My mother... had a letter for me..."


Parle-moi de ma mère !
Tell me about my mother !

J'apporte de sa part, fidèle messagère, cette lettre.
I carry from her, faithful messenger, this letter.

Une lettre!
A letter !

The Bunny threw into a flurry of gestures.

"Oh! She sent me some bits too! What else, what else?"

The pegasus was uncharacteristically driven in asking about the contents of the letter.

That's when the bunny suddenly became coy. It seemed reluctant to tell Fluttershy of what was to come.

"Please tell me, Angel Bunny." Fluttershy had resorted to pleading. "Just tell me what else is there..."

Et puis un peu d'argent
And then a little bits
Pour ajouter à votre traitement, et puis...
to add to your stipend, and then...

Et puis?
And then?

Et puis -- vraiment, je n'ose --
And then -- really, I don't dare--
et puis encore une autre chose
And then yet another thing
qui vaut mieux que l'argent
which is worth more than money
et qui pour un bon fille,
and which for a good daughter,
aura sans doute plus de prix.
has without doubt greater value.

Cette autre chose, quelle est-elle?
This other thing, what is it?
Parle donc.
Speak, then.

Angel Bunny was very agitated, and he looked as if he loathed what he was about to do for his provider.

The little bunny made some angry remarks, and then moved to Fluttershy's side, then he promptly gave the pegasus a peck on the cheek, while being terribly flustered.

Fluttershy was visibly emotional throughout the exchange. The bunny must have said something that were highly personal to Fluttershy in order to elicit such a reaction from the pegasus.

Oui, je parlerai. Ce que l'on m'a donné
Yes, I will speak. What was given to me
Je vous le donnerai.
I will give it to you.
Votre mère avec moi sortait de la chapelle,
Your mother with me was coming out of the chapel,
et c'est alors qu'en m'embrassant:
And it was then that while embrassing me:
"Tu vas," m'a-t-elle dit, "t'en aller à la ville;
"You're going," she said to me, "to go to the city;
la route n'est pas longue, une fois à Ville de Poneys.
The route isn't long, once in Ponyville.
Tu chercheras mon fille, mon Flutters, mon enfant.
You will search for my girl, my Flutters, my child.
Et tu lui diras que sa mère
And you will say to her that her mother
Songe nuit et jour à l'absent,
Dreams night and day about the absent one,
Et qu'elle regrette et qu'elle espère,
And that she regrets and that she hopes,
qu'elle pardonne et qu'elle attend;
that she forgives and that she waits;
tout cela, n'est-ce pas, mignonne,
all this, isn't that so, dear one,
de ma part, tu le lui diras;
on my behalf, you will tell it to her;
et ce baiser que je te donne
and this kiss which I give you
de ma part, tu le lui rendras."
on my behalf, you will give it to her. "

Un baisser de ma mère!
A kiss from my mother!

Un baiser pour son fille!
A kiss for her daughter!
Fluttershy, je vous le rends, comme je l'ai promis.
Fluttershy. I give it to you, as I have promised.

"A kiss... from my mother..." The poor pegasus uttered.

"Mother..." Fluttershy was thrown to a moment of nostalgia when she thought of her family that she was not living with. What a feeling that she didn't need at the moment!

I can see her again back at home... I love her.... sigh...

Ma mère, je la vois! Oui, je revois mon village!
My mother, I see her! I see again my village!
O souvenirs d'autrefois,
O memories of other times,
doux souvenirs du pays!
Sweet memories of my birthplace!
O souvenirs chéris!
Oh dear memories!
Vous remplissez mon coeur de force et de courage.
You fill my heart with strength and with courage.

Sa mère, elle la revoit! Elle revoit son village!
Her mother, she sees her again, she sees again her village!
O, souvenirs d'autrefois! Souvenirs du pays!
O memories of other times! Memories of her home!
Vous remplissez son coeur de force et de courage!
You fill her heart with strength and with courage.

"Wait... you're not going to stay while I read the letter?"

The bunny shook his head once more, as he prepared to make his exit.

"You are just going to leave me... ok. I will give you the reply back at the cottage." Fluttershy replied to the bunny with great reluctance.

The pegasus's thought were lost in the contents of the letter. She knew that Angel Bunny had already gone through the contents, but she had to see her mother's words with her own eyes.

"Mother... I really do miss you...I love you so much... but... I... will be staying in Ponyville after all. There are meaningful things to do here.

Fluttershy spoke to herself while holding back the tears that were forming in her eyes.

It was then that screaming noise had snapped the pegasus out of her own little world. The direction of the disturbance was from the school.

The pegasus decided to speak to herself more so as to remind herself of what to put her mind to. "I... better go check on Philomena. That bird's too playful for her own good sometimes."

Fluttershy quickly headed to the school, while leaving her thoughts on her mother aside for the time being.


The five adult mares found themselves in the middle of heated argument between Sweetie Belle and Diamond Tiara. Both were laying the blame on the animal scuffle on the pet that they were defending.

Vinyl scratch butted in. "Alright, just what happened over here?" She asked.

Sweetie was truly enraged. "NO! IT WAS PHILOMENA. OPEL DIDN'T START THIS!"

Diamond Tiara was not giving an inch. "Nuh-uh. It was Opalescence. I saw that."

Sweetie's anger kept growing. "HOW CAN YOU LIE STRAIGHT OUT OF YOUR OWN TEETH! Don't listen to her lies!"

Diamond Tiara went tit-for-tat. "No! I'm the one that's telling the truth. It was Opalescence."

Sweetie Belle saw the fight between the phoenix and her house cat obviously. It was unclear whether or not if Diamond Tiara was merely trying to incite the filly, or she was genuinely taking a defense of Philomena.

The Elements were at a loss at to how to proceed for some time. The only thing that Medley could do was to demand that the fillies stop bickering so that the adults can sort things out rationally. In the meantime, Sweetie Belle and Diamond Tiara continued their tirade against one another while vying to sway the adults to one side or the other.

(Screams and racket inside the school)


Que se passe-t-il donc là-bas?
What's happening then over there?

Au secours! N'entendez-vous pas?
Help! Help! don't you hear?

Au secours, madames les Elements!
Help, Elements, madams!

C'est la Philomena!
It's Philomena!

Non, non, ce n'est pas elle!
No, no! It isn't she !

C'est elle!
It is she!

Pas du tout!
Not at all!

Si fait! Si fait! C'est elle!
Yes it is! Yes it is! It is she!
Elle a porté les premiers coups!
She delivered the first blows!

ALL THE CHILDREN (surrounding Elements)
Ne les écoutez pas!
Don't listen to them!
Madames! Écoutez-nous! Écoutez-nous!
Madams! Listen to us! Listen to us!

La Opalescence disait, et répétait à voix haute
Opalescence said and repeated in a loud voice
Qu'elle achèterait sans faute
That she would buy, make no mistake,
Un rat qui lui plaisait.
A rat that she liked.

Alors la Philomena, railleuse à son ordinaire,
Then, Philomena , scoffing in her usual way,
dit: "Un rat, pourquoi faire?
says, "A rat? To do what?
Un balai te suffira."
A broom will suffice for you."

Opalescence riposta et dit à sa camarade:
Opalescence retorted and said to her comrade:
"Pour certaine promenade mon rat te servira!"
"For a certain ride my rat will serve you~"

"Et ce jour-là. tu pourras à bon droit faire la fière;
"And that day, you will have good reason to put on airs;
deux laquais suivront derrière
Two lackeys will follow behind you
t'émouchant à tour de bras!"
Swatting flies with all their might! "

Là-dessus, toutes les deux
At that point, the two of them
se sont prises aux cheveux!
Pulled each other by the hair!

Au diable tout ce bavardage!
To the devil with all this chattering!
Prenez, Flutters, deux fillasse avec vous
Take, Flutters, two fillies with you
et voyez là-dedans qui cause ce tapage.
And see inside what is causing this uproar.

C'est la Philomena!
It's Philomena!

Non, non, ce n'est pas elle!
No, no, it isn't she!

Si fait, si fait, c'est elle!
Yes it is! yes it is! It's she!

Pas du tout!
Not at all!

Elle a porté les premiers coups!
She delivered the first blows!

Holà! Éloignez-moi toutes ces femmes-là!
Holà! Take away from me all those women!

Madame! Ne les écoutez pas! Madame! Écoutez-nous!
Madam! Don't listen to them! Madame! Listen to us!

C'est la Philomena qui I porta les premiers coups!
It's Philomena who delivered the first blows!

C'est la Opalescence qui porta les premiers coups!
It's Opalescence who delivered the first blows!

La Philomena! La Philomena!
Philomena! Philomena!

La Opalescence! La Opalescence!
Opalescence! Opalescence!

(DIAMOND TIARA and SWEETIE BELLE singing different words at the same time...)

Si! Si! Si! Ella a porté les premiers coups!
Yes, yes, yes! She delivered the first blows!
C'est la Philomena! Philomena!
It's Philomena! Philomena!

Non, non, non! Elle a porté les premiers coups!
No, no, no! She landed the first blows!
C'est la Opalescence! Opalescence!
it's Opalescence! Opalescence!

"STOP FIGHTING NOW. What have you two got to say for yourselves?"

Fluttershy came from the front portal, and her eyes were fully widened, while her attention was fixed on the two fillies in heated argument.

Fluttershy's stare did its magic. All the ponies had gone back to behaving themselves.

Sweetie Belle and Diamond Tiara clearly were near each others' throats. They may end up in a scuffle had Fluttershy not intervene and diffuse the tension in the classroom.

The stare master then gently patted the two fillies; the fight was over. It was time for reason.

The pegasus was now turning her attention to the wounded pets, and she saw Opalescence having been pecked in a few places, but they were all scratch wound, with no serious injury.

"Did the cat say anything for itself?" Bluenote asked.

"No..." Fluttershy answered curtly.

She saw a defiant Philomena that was clearly not wounded in any way however.

"She didn't want to say a thing to us..." Fluttershy noted sadly.

The bird proceeded to sing, almost in a mocking manner.

"I didn't ask you to sing." Medley said flatly, but Philomena paid her no heed.

Octavia pressed. "Well, really? So haughty?"

Vinyl lets out a sigh. "What a shame. Let's hold her pretty wings behind her back. The bird needs to play by the rules sometimes...


Tra la la la la la la la,
Coupe moi, brule moi, Je ne te dirai rien ;
You can burn me alive! I won't tell you a thing!
Tra la la la la la la la,
Je brave tout, le feu, le fer, et le ciel même!
You can flog me or torture me! It doesn't matter!

Ce ne sont pas des chansons que je te demande, c'est une réponse.
I didn't ask you to sing! I want an answer to my question!

Tra la, la, la, la, la, la, la,
mon secret, je le garde et je le garde bien!
I will never betray the secret that I keep in my heart!
Tra la, la, la, la, la, la, la,
J'en ami un autre et meurs
There's a friend that I adore
en disant que je l'ami!
she knows how that I love her!

Puisque tu le prends sur ce ton.
Since you want to be a rebel,
Tu chanteraas ton air aux de la cage.
you can practice your songs in a cage.

En cage! En cage!
In cage! In cage!

La preste! Décidément vous avez la ailes leste.
Control yourself! You have trigger wings !

Tra la, la, la, la, la, la, la,

C'est dommage. C'est grand dommage.
It's a pity... it's really a pity.
Car elle est gentille vraiment. Mais il
She's got spunk. We just need to tame it.
faut bien la rendre sage. Tenir ces deux jolies ailes!
Hold her pretty wings behind her back!

"I am going to get a cage for Philomena. She should probably stay in it for a bit..." Medley said aloud while Fluttershy kept the bird under watch.

This job proved difficult for the buttermilk mare.

The cries of the Phoenix really tugged at Fluttershy's heartstrings however. It's such a majestic bird, full of life and it didn't look as if it meant to do any real harm...

Fluttershy was trying very hard to resist "talking" to Philomena, but she felt that she cannot remain objective for much longer.

"You're going in a cage for your own good, Philomena. I can loosen things a bit if it's hurting you." Said the pegasus.

The bird looked at Flutterwhy, as it made a few noise.

"Don't talk to me like that, lady. You're not guiltless."

It was then that the Phoenix broke into songs.


Près des ciel de Poney-ville,
Near the skies of Ponyville
Chez mon ami, Rainbow Dash
At the place of my friend, Rainbow Dash
J'irai danser la Séguedille
I will go to dance the Seguedilla
Et boire du Manzanilla.
And to drink Manzanilla.
J'irai chez mon ami Rainbow Dash.
I will go to the place of my friend, Rainbow Dash.
Oui, mais toute seule on s'ennuie,
Yes, but all alone, one gets bored,
Et les vrais plaisirs sont à deux;
And the real pleasures are for two;
Donc, pour me tenir compagnie,
So, to keep me company,
J'emmènerai mon cher ami!
I will take away my dear friend.
Mon cher ami, elle est au soleil,
My friend, she has gone to the sun,
Je l'ai mis à la porte hier!
I put her out yesterday!
Mon pauvre coeur très consolable,
My poor heart, very consolable,
Mon coeur est libre comme l'air!
My heart is free, like the air!
J'ai des galants à la douzaine,
I have men by the dozen,
Mais ils ne sont pas à mon gré.
But, they are not to my taste.
Voici la fin de la semaine;
Here it is the weekend;
Qui veut m'aimer? Je l'aimerai!
Who wants to love me? I will love her!
Qui veut mon âme? Elle est à prendre.
Who wants my soul? It's for the taking.
Vous arrivez au bon moment!
You're arriving at the right time!
J'ai guère le temps d'attendre,
I have hardly the time to wait,
Car avec mon nouvel ami,
For with my new friend,
Près des ciel de Poney-ville,
Near the skies of Ponyville
Chez mon ami, Rainbow Dash!
At the place of my friend, Rainbow Dash!

J'irai danser la Séguedille
I will go to dance the Seguedilla
Et boire du Manzanilla.
And to drink Manzanilla.
Tra la la la la la la ~etc
Tra la la la ~etc
Tra la la la la la la! ~etc
Tra la la la! ~etc

Tais-toi! je t'avais dit
Shut up! I told you
de ne pas me parler!
Not to talk to me!

Je ne te parle pas,
I am not talking to you,
Je chante pour moi-même!
I am singing for myself!
Et je pense.
And I'm thinking.
Il n'est pas défendu de penser!
It's not forbidden to think!
Je pense à certain Pégase,
I am thinking of a certain pegasus,
Je pense à certain pégase,
I am thinking of a certain pegasus,
Qui m'aime. Et qu' à mon tour
Who loves me and whom in turn
Oui, qu' à mon tour, je pourrai bien aimer.
yes, whom in turn, I could really love.


Mon pégase n'est pas un princesse;
My pegasus is not a princess;
Pas même un noble,
Not even a noble,
Elle n'est que pégase,
She is only a pegasus,
Mais c'est assez pour une Phénix,
But, that's enough for a phoenix,
Et je daigne m'en contenter.
And I've decided to be contented with her.

The buttermilk pegasus couldn't resist the temptation to pet Philomena, and her heart melted the moment that the bird flew and landed on her shoulder, while allowing the pegasus to stroke it gently so.

I don't want Philomena to get cooped up in a cage. She'll be ok... I don't think she' really going to run off or something...

"If you're willing to be a friend, then I will let you be, Philomena. You said Rainbow Dash's place, right?"

With this in her mind, Fluttershy had decided to let Philomena go once she got put into the cage.

Mena, je suis comme un poney ivre,
Philomena, I am like a pony intoxicated,
Si je cède, si je me livre,
if I give in, if I surrender,
Ta promesse, tu la tiendras?
Your promise, will you keep it?
Ah! si je t'aime, Philo-,
Ah! if I love you-
mena, tu m'aimeras?
Philomenaena, will you love me?

PHILOMENA (with Flutershy)

Oui, nous danserons la Séguedilla
Yes, we wiill dance the Seguedilla
En buvant du Manzanilla.
While drinking Manzanilla.
Près des ciel de Poney-ville,
Near the skies of Ponyville
Chez mon ami, Rainbow Dash
At the place of my friend, Rainbow Dash
J'irai danser la Séguidille
I will go to dance the Seguidilla
Et boire du Manzanilla.
And to drink Manzanilla.
Tra. la. la. la. la. etc.


Chez Rainbow Dash, tu le promets.
At Rainbow Dash's place, you promise.
Philo-, tu le promets!
Philomena, you promise!

Ah! Près des ciel de Poney-ville, etc.
Ah! Near the skies of Ponyville, etc.


"Did you just let her go!?"

The entire group was flabbergasted at the action of the pegasus.

Fluttershy was adamant of her decision. "Philomena was sorry... and she's better off staying with Rainbow Dash, who had befriended her. I mean..."

Octavia looked stunned beyond belief. "You know that this is a Phoenix, and it normally would be living in the Canterlot Zoo. Come to think of it, I think it belongs to one of the alicorn princesses for that matter..."

Vinyl was intrigued. "Not Cadance?"

The gray mare shook her head. "No, not The Princess. It's a good friend of her though... I seen The Princess together with the bird before. At any rate, that bird is no ordinary bird, Fluttershy." I don't know how it came to be in Ponyville, but the news of its presence here must be reported back to The Princess...

Bluenote was a bit somber in her statement. "Maybe the bird's just bored out of her mind..."

The group looked at each other, while wondering about why is it that Philomena had shown herself in Ponyville...

(Cue Entr'acte)

(End of Act 1 )

Acte II - Chanson Bohème

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It had been a week since Philomena had engaged in that scuffle against Opalescence. Things had been relatively peaceful after Rainbow Dash came with the Phoenix to apologize to the parties involved in the brawl at the school (much to the chagrin of Diamond Tiara.)

The Elements, Philomena, Rainbow Dash, Rarity Pinkie Pie and the Crusaders were partying at Applejack's barn during the night. The barn was chosen since it was the most spacious area outside of Ponyville Town Hall.

They really were enjoying themselves in the barn, where tables were set up with ciders and all sorts of treats. It was quite a neat little get-together, as the crowd grew in number (no thanks to Pinkie Pie.)

Pinkie Pie was clearly feeling artistic. She stood on hind legs, as she did a flamenco using her hooves atop a table. She also operated a castanet on her left hoof.

Applejack was about to grab a banjo, but the whole tune made her switch her mind as she opted for a violin instead. Vinyl was able to synthesize percussion on-the-fly, so there's sufficient percussion coverage.

It was then that Philomena took the lead with the song and dance. She had Scootaloo as her accompaniment in the opening of the song. The little filly danced about, befitting the gypsy theme of the song.

Fluttershy's bird choir was around, and they would fill-in for the role of piccolo and flute. The rest of the Elements didn't really bring their instruments with them, so they were unable to do more than just enjoy the music. This was not an easy piece for the birds to cover, so Fluttershy was watching the featured singer for tone color and accents in direction.

Rainbow Dash couldn't help but to be caught in the contagious and rowdy mood of the entire dance. She chose to grab Scootaloo by the barrel and spun her about in the air.

(Cue Avian choir, solo violin, percussion)
(Cue flamenco)

CHANSON BOHÉME, con stringendo

Les tringles de sistres tintaient
The rods of the sistrums jingled
avec un éclat métallique
With a metallic brightness
et sur cette étrange musique
And to this strange music
les poneys jolly se levaient.
The jolly ponies get up.

Tambours de Basque allaient leur train
Tambourines keep the beat
et les guitares forcenées
And the frenzied guitars
grinçaient sous des ailes obstinées,
Grinding under persistant wings,
même chanson, même refrain
The same song, the same refrain,
même chanson, même refrain
The same song, the same refrain,

Tra la la la etc

Tra la la la etc

Rarity was awfully proud of Pinkie Pie's gypsy setup. She had this made on the most vague of descriptions from the pink mare, and it wasn't until the mare had donned the 'rag' that Rarity had a real grasp of what Pinkie Pie had in mind all along.

Bluenote was only there for a good time. She was downing cider freely, and she loved the laid-back nature of this sort of gathering. Granted, the music was not the usual fare from the Apples, but the host clearly didn't mind of the choice at all. (Operatic singing is rare in Ponyville, although musicals are not.)

Apple Bloom was dangling a triangle from her mouth. The little filly didn't want to get directly involved at first, but her own sense of adventure and a good mug full of cider had turned things around for her. That triangle quickly got passed off to the music store owner, while she joined the pink mare.

Medley couldn't deny herself anymore. She stared at a wind chime and started to manipulate the air currents so that it would function as an instrument.

The entire audience was waiting to see how this showmareship will end up. This scene was escalating very quickly.

(with Pinkie Pie and Apple Bloom)

Les anneaux de cuivre et d'argent
Rings of copper and silver
reluisaient sur les peaux bistrées,
gleamed on brownish skin,
d'orange et de rouge zébrées,
of orange and of red stripes,
les étoffes flottaient au vent.
the fabrics (of their garments) fluttered in the wind.

La danse au chant se mariait,
The dance to the song was wed ,
La danse au chant se mariait,
The dance to the song was wed ,
d'abord indécise et timide
At first indecisive and timid,
plus vive ensuite et plus rapide,
more lively then and more rapid,
cela montait, montait, montait, montait!
it climbed, climbed, climbed, climbed !
Tra la la la , etc.!

Tra la la la , etc.!

Sweetie and Lyra decided to go for a duet in order, one using lyre accompaniment while the other concentrate on the theatrics while holding a tambourine. The unicorns weren't about to let the Earth ponies have all the spotlight.

Octavia winced at the fact that this whole musical was in Fancy, which was a required study for the noblemares. None of the guests were bothered by this for some reason, nor did they even question how was that any these ponies would have any command of the language.

Lyra had another reason to join in the chorus... she wanted to charm her Bonnie, who was sitting in the barn, gazing at Pinkie Pie and Philomena the phoenix with fascination.

Sweetie had Rarity in mind as the audience to swoon. The fashionista and the bird got along gingerly, although the phoenix had a bit of mischief in its eyes as it peeked out at the excited Rainbow Dash, who was hanging about one of the support beams in the barn.

Les poneys à tour de bras
the ponies, with all their might
de leurs instruments faisaient rage,
caused their instruments to rage,
et cet éblouissant tapage,
And this dazzling uproar,
ensorcelait les Phénix!
bewitched the Phoenix!

Sous le rhythme de la chanson,
Beneath the rhythm of the song,
Sous le rhythme de la chanson,
Beneath the rhythm of the song,
ardentes, folles, enfièvrées,
ardent, crazy, feverish,
elles se laissaaient, enivrées,
They let themselves, intoxicated,
emporter par le tourbillon!
Be carried away by the whirlwind!

Tra, la la la, etc.

Everypony, even Octavia, had been won over. The gray mare laments the fact that there was no full orchestration available, but the caliber of the performance spoke for itself. Applejack being an amateur fiddler was the biggest surprises of all.

How was it that such raw talents in this town went completely unnoticed to the student of Cadance? The Cellist wondered to herself.

Just as Octavia's heart was swelling to apex with the desire to do music, her cello magically appeared, and the mare, being totally honest with herself, began to pluck the strings.

Vinyl Scratch was busy thinking of what she could do with this gypsy song in wubstep applications. The song did not feature heavy bass at all, and it had an air of Bohemian mystique about it, which is something that the Deejay didn't really possess with her usual recordings.

Medley could not really comprehend how was that tomboys (Rainbow Dash and Scootaloo) were breaking into dance. The most athletic of mares in Ponyville was a free spirit, but not in the artistic sense (and not even athletically. She had a strict training regimen.)

And then the encore kicked in, with the Prima Donna presiding.

It was time to join the song. The mares dropped their thoughts so that they can savor the moment.

AVIAN CHOIR in homophony

Les Phénix à tour de bras
the ponies, with all her might
de leurs musiques faisaient rage,
caused their musics to rage,
et cet éblouissant tapage,
And this dazzling uproar,
excité les poneys!
excited the ponies!

FLUTTERSHY con leggiero
Sous le rhythme de la chanson,
Beneath the rhythm of the song,
ardentes, folles, enfièvrées,
ardent, crazy, feverish,

elles se laissaaient, enivrées,
They let themselves, intoxicated,
emporter par le mélodies!
Be carried away by the melodies!

Tra la la la...

Tra, la la la,.

Tra, la la la,.

The Gypsy song came to a close, and it floored the audience. More music was in store however, as Rainbow Dash was egged into singing by Scootaloo and the Crusaders.

Applejack scoffed at the site, but she entertained her friends as the triangle rang loudly and ciders flew about in the barn.

"C'mon, Rainbow Dash! Show'em your stuff!" Scootaloo begged.


Vivat! Vivat le Aviator!
Hurray! Hurray! Aviator!

Vivat! Vivat Rainbow Dash! Vivat! etc.
Hurray! Hurray, Rainbow Dash! Hurray! etc.

Vivat! Vivat le Aviator!
Hurray! Hurray! Aviator!

Vivat! Vivat Rainbow Dash! Vivat! etc.
Hurray! Hurray, Rainbow! Hurray! etc.

The cyan mare of rainbow and lightning was a bit intoxicated, and well prepared to take the attention of the audience in the barn.

"All right squirts. Time to show you all what's awesome."

Rainbow Dash triumphantly landed onto the ground, as she began her boastful aria.


Votre toast, je peux vous le rendre
Your toast, I can give it to you
Señors, señors car avec les oiseaux
Sirs, sirs, for along with the birds
Oui, les Aviateur, peuvent s'entendre;
Yes, the Aviators, can understand;
Pour plaisirs, pour plaisirs,
For pleasures, for pleasures
Ils ont les combats!
they have combats!

The ponies shuddered at the definition of "combat" to Rainbow Dash as they tuned in on the the pegasus's libretto. The whole crowd was toasting to Rainbow Dash at that moment.

Le cirque est plein, c'est jour de fête!
The arena is full, it is the feast day!
Le cirque est plein du haut en bas;
The arena is full, from top to bottom;
Les spectateurs, perdant la tête,
The spectators, losing their heads,
Les spectateurs s'interpellent à grand fracas!
The spectators began a big fracas!

Apostrophes, cris et tapage
Apostrophes, cries, and uproar
Poussés jusques à la fureur!
Grow to a furor!
Car c'est la fête du courage!
Because it is a celebration of courage!
C'est la fête des gens de coeur!
It is the celebration of people with heart!
Allons! en garde! Allons! en garde! ah!-
Let's go, on guard! Let's go! on guard! Ah!

Medley and Fluttershy looked a bit uncomfortable about the braggart's claim that the pegasi live solely for the thrill of the flight. Scootaloo was completely swooned over by her hero on the other hoof. She gave a single rose to Rainbow Dash, who held it in her mouth, kissed it for a second, and then she promptly tossed it to the audience.

The pegasus continued with her song.

Aviateur, en garde! Aviateur, aviateur!
Aviators, en guard! Aviators, aviators!
Et songe bien, oui, songe en aviation
And dream away, yes, dream of flight,
Qu'un oeil vaste te regarde,
That wide eyes are watching you,
Et que l'amour t'attend,
And that love awaits you,
Aviateur, L'ami t'attend!
Aviator, friends awaits you!


Aviateur, en garde! Aviateur, aviateur!
Aviators, en guard! Aviators, aviators!

Et songe bien, oui, songe en combattant
And dream away, yes dream in combat,
Qu'un oeil vaste te regarde,
That wide eyes are watching you,
Et que l'amour t'attend,
And may love await you,
Aviateur, L'ami t'attend!
Aviator, friends awaits you!

L'amour! L'amour! L'amour!

The earth pony had enough of Rainbow Dash's one way boast of her flying ways of friendship and love. The apple mare took the stage, stunning all the guests in the barn.

Tout d'un coup, on fait silence...
All of a sudden, it is silent
on fait silence... Ah! que se passe-t-il?
it is silent... Ah, what is happening?
Plus de cris, c'est l'instant!
More cries! It is the moment!
Plus de cris, c'est l'instant!
More cries! It is the moment!
le taureau s'élance
The bull charges
En bondissant hors du Toril!
Bounding out of the bullpen!

Il s'élance! Il entre,
He throws himself out! He enters.
Il frappe! un pony roule,
He strikes! A pony rolls,
Entrainant un fermier,
Dragging a farmer,
Ah! bravo! Toro! Hurle la foule!
Ah, Bravo! Bull! The crowd roars!
Le taureau va, il vient,
The bull goes, he comes,
il vient et frappe encore!
He comes and strikes again!

The cowmare now sang of her exploits at rodeo bull riding events, to an electric crowd, who were serenading her with ticker tapes. The cowmare lifted her stetson in respect, as she proceeded with her half of the aria.

En secouant ses cordes lasso,
Shaking his lasso rope,
Plein de fureur, il court!
Full of fury, he runs!
Le cirque est plein de boue!
The arena is full of mud!
On se sauve, on franchit les grilles!
They save themselves, they pass the gates
C'est ton tour maintenant! allons!
It is your turn now. Let's go!
En garde! allons! allons! Ah!
On guard! Let's go! Let's go! Ah!

Rainbow Dash took note of Applejack's smugness, as the two exchanged glance with each other.

Cavaliers, en garde! Cavaliers, Cavaliers!
Riders, on guard! Riders, Riders!
Et songe bien, oui, songe en combattant
And dream away, yes, dream in combat,
Qu'un oeil vaste te regarde,
That wide eyes are watching you,
Et que l'amour t'attend,
And may love await you,
Cavaliers, L'amour L'amour t'attend!
Ruders, Love, Love awaits you!

Cavaliers, en garde! Cavaliers, Cavaliers!
Riders, on guard! Riders, Riders!

Et songe bien, oui, songe en combattant
And dream away, yes, dream in combat,
Qu'un oeil vaste te regarde,
That wide eyes are watching you,
Et que l'amour t'attend,
And may love await you,
Cavaliers, L'ami t'attend!
Ruders, friends awaits you!

L'amour! L'amour! L'amour!







Aviateur, Cavaliers, L'ami t'attend!
Aviators, Bull riders, friends awaits you!

And then, an encore came up.


Cavaliers, en garde! Cavaliers, Cavaliers!
Riders, on guard! Riders, Riders!
Et songe bien, oui, songe en combattant
And dream away, yes, dream in combat,
Qu'un oeil vaste te regarde,
That wide eyes are watching you,
Et que l'amour t'attend,
And may love await you,
Cavaliers, L'ami t'attend!
Ruders, friends awaits you!

CHORUS (con gustoso)
L'amour! L'amour! L'amour!

"All hail Rainbow Dash!"

"All hail Applejack!"

Vivat, vivat le Toréro

The audience was ecstatic.

The Crusaders were quite content about having goaded Rainbow Dash into a singing duel against Applejack. This was quite the achievement, and one that the three had every intent to brag of.

The party was dying down a bit, with Fluttershy helping Applejack sorting thought things and putting out refreshments. This gave Rainbow Dash the opening to plan for mischief with none other than the party mare of Ponyville, Pinkie Pie.

"Jockey de disque just isn't cool nuff of a title for that song." Vinyl admitted. "Cavalier would work I guess. I mean c'mon. We rode on Kraken, dealt with celestial bear, stared down dangers and whatnot..."

"Oh stop it." Medley nudged Vinyl on the elbow.

"I would gladly sing of our exploits, for they are true!" Lyra grinned from ear to ear at her friends.


Rainbow Dash was off to a side with the Crusaders and Philomena, as she motioned for Pinkie Pie to huddle around a couple of bales of hay in one of the rooms within the barn.

Mischief after all was a serious business.


Nous avons en tête une affaire.
I am cooking up something!

Est-elle bonne, dites- nous?
Is it a good one, tell us?

Oui, nous avons besoin de vous!
Yes, we have need of you!

De nous? Quoi? Vous avez besoin de nous?
Of us? What? You have need of us?

Car nous l'avouons humblement
For i admit humbly
et fort respectueusement
and very respectfully
Oui, nous l'avouons humblement :
Yes, we admit humbly:
Quand elle s'agit de, espièglerie de artillerie, de niaiserie
When it comes to playfulness, gunnery and silliness
Il est toujours bon, sur ma fois,
It is always good, upon my word

D'avoir les Pinkie avec soi.
To have the Pinkie with you
Et sans elle, les toutes belle,
And without her, the very lovely one,
On ne fait jamais rien de bien!
One never does anything right!

Quoi? Sans moi jamais rien de bien?
What? Without me never anything right?

N'êtes-vous pas de cet avis?
Are you not of this opinion?

Si fait, je suis de cet avis.
Yes indeed, I am of this opinion.

Si fait, vraiment, je suis de cet avis.
Yes indeed, truly, I am of this opinion.
Quand elle s'agit de, espièglerie de artillerie, de niaiserie
When it comes to playfulness, gunnery and silliness
Il est toujours bon, sur ma fois,
It is always good, upon my word
D'avoir les Pinkie avec soi.
To have the Pinkie with you etc...

C'est dit, alors, vous partirez?
Well said, then, you will leave (with us)?

Quand vous voudrez.
Whenever you would like.

Mais, tout de suite!
But, right away!

"That goes for all of you, actually." Rainbow Dash cackled a bit.

Scootaloo was all too eager to join, while Sweetie Belle and Apple Bloom looked as if they were willing to entertain the idea.

Philomena though had some reservations for some reasons.

Ah, permettez, permettez!
Ah, permit me, permit me!!
S'il vous plaît de partir, partez!
If it pleases you to leave, leave!!
Mais je ne suis pas du voyage,
But, I am not ready for a trip,
Je ne pars pas, je ne pars pas!
I'm not leaving. I 'm not leaving!

Mena, mon ami, tu viendras.
Philomena, my friend, you will come.

Everypony was waiting for the bird's reply.

CARMEN/PHILOMENA (with the Crusaders)
Je ne pars pas, je ne pars pas!
I'm not leaving, I 'm not leaving!

RAINBOW DASH (with Philomena)
Et tu n'auras pas le courage
And you would not have the guts
de moi laisser dans l'embarras.
to leave me in the lurch.

Je ne pars pas! Je ne pars pas!
I am not leaving! I am not leaving!

Ah, ma Mena, tu viendras.
Ah, Philomena, you will come.

Mais, au moins, la raison, Mena, tu la diras.
But, at least, the reason, Philomena, you will tell it.

La raison! La raison!
The reason! The reason!

Je la dirai, certainement!
i will tell you, certainly!

Voyons! Voyons!
Let us see! Let us see!

La raison, c'est qu'en ce moment -
The reason is that at this moment

Eh, bien? Eh bien?
Well? Well?

Je suis amoureuse!
I am in love!

Qu'a-t-elle dit? Qu'a-t-elle dit?
What did she say? What did she say?

Elle dit qu'elle est amoureuse!
She says that she is in love!

Amoureuse! amoureuse!
In love! In love!

Oui, amoureuse!
Yes, in love!

Voyons, Mena! Sois sérieuse!
Look, Philomena! Be serious!

Amoureuse à perdre l'esprit!
In love to the point of losing my mind.

La chose certes nous étonne,
The thing, certainly, astonishes us,
mais ce n'est pas le premier jour
But this isn't the first time
Où vous aurez su, ma mignonne,
That you have known, my sweet,
Faire marcher de front le devoir et l'amour.
How to combine duty and love.

Mes amis, je serais fort aise
My friends, I would be very easy
de partir avec vous ce soir,
about leaving with you this evening,
Mais cette fois, ne vous déplaise,
But this time, don't be displeased,
Il faudra que l'amour passe avant le devoir.
It will be necessary for love to go before duty.
Ce soir l 'amour passe avant le devoir!
This evening, love comes before duty!

Ce n'est pas là ton dernier mot?
That is surely not your last word?


Il faut que tu te laisses attendrir.
You need to let yourself be moved (to go).

Il faut venir, Mena, il faut venir!
You need to come, Philomena, you need to come!
Pour notre affaire, c'est nécessaire,
For our prank, it is necessary,
car entre nous -
Because just between us -

Quant à cela, je l'admets avec vous -
As to that, I admit, with you -

Quand elle s'agit de, espièglerie de artillerie, de niaiserie etc...
When it comes to playfulness, gunnery and silliness etc...

"Ahh come on Philomena!" Rainbow Dash bemoaned. "Just come with us... I mean seriously. Flutters is sweet and all, but you know that she'll never come to one of these events..."

"And speaking of Discord..." Pinkie Pie poked Rainbow Dash on her shoulder, as the voice of the pink-mane pegasus could be heard in the background.


FLUTTERSHY (in a distance)
Halte là! qui va là?
Halt, there! Who goes there?
Dragon d'Trixie!
Dragon of Trixie?
Où t'en vas-tu par là, Dragon d'Trixie!
Where are you headed that way, Dragon of Trixie?

(Spike the dragon hurried away from the barn)

"I didn't know that Spike showed up..." Apple Bloom looked her very confused friends about why was that Spike didn't want to stay around with Fluttershy...


Exact et fidèle, je vais où m'appelle
Strict and loyal, I go where I am called
L'amour de ma belle.
By love of my beautiful one.
S'il en est ainsi, passez mon ami.
If it is thus, then pass by, my friend
Affaire d'honneur, affaire de coeur,
Affair of honor, affair of the heart
Pour nous tout est là,
For us, it's all there
Dragon d'Poney-ville!
Dragon of Ponyville!

"And isn't Fluttershy afraid of dragons?" Scootaloo had to ask aloud to her friends, but the question went unanswered.

The group had the good grace of leaving Fluttershy and Philomena to themselves. However, they were all too curious as to getting an idea about what was it that they two had to talk about in private.

It was then that the buttermilk mare started to address Philomena, while the entire group (except Pinkie Pie) was lost to the actual content of the conversation.

(spoken conversation)
Tu m'en veux?
You want something of me?


Fluttershy: Tu êtes mourir...
You are dying...

Tu êtes inquiet...
You are worried...


Eh bien!
Well then!

Je danserai pour toi seul maintenant.
I will dance for you alone now.

Je vais danser en votre honneur,
I'm going to dance in your honor,
et vous verrez, seigneur,
and you will see, my liege,
comment je sais moi-même accompagner ma danse.
how I know how to accompany my dance myself.
Mettez-vous là, Flutter-shy. Je commence!
Place yourself there, Fluttershy. I'll begin !
La la la la !

(Cue castanets)

"Car... Philomena there's putting a private show for Fluttershy, but she's being a bit of a party pooper..." Pinkie Pie narrated for the Elements and the other ponies in the barn, while they peeked at the supposedly private exchange between Fluttershy and Philomena.

Attends un peu, Mena.
Wait a bit, Philomena
Rien qu'un moment, arrête.
No more than a moment, stop.

Et pourquoi, s'il te plaît?
And why, if you please?

(Cue violoncello)
Il me semble, là-bas -
It seems to me, over there -
Oui, ce sont vos plumes
yes, those are your feathers!
Qui sonnent la maladie
The sound of disease;
Ne les entends-tu pas?
Don't you hear them?

Bravo! Bravo! J'avais beau faire;
Bravo! Bravo! No matter what I was doing,
Il est mélancolique de danser sans orchestre
It is melancholy to dance without an orchestra,
Et vive la musique qui nous tombe du ciel!
And long live the music which falls on us from heaven!
La la la la la

(cue castanets and violoncello in crescendo)

Tu ne m'as pas compris, Mena
You haven't understood me, Philomena,
C'est la maladie. Il faut que vous
You are sick. It is necessary that you
aller au lit pour votre santé.
go to bed for your health!

Pinkie looked a quite surprised. "Really, Mena's sick? That's can't be! She's basically this rolling, dancing ball of fire!"

Rainbow Dash was irritated. "Just keep translating what Philomena's saying to her, Pinkie."

Au dormir! Pour l'santé!
To sleep! For health!
Ah! J'étais vraiment trop bête!
Ah! I was really too dumb!
Je me mettais en deux et je faisais des frais.
I put myself on all two's and I went to such pains.
Oui, je faisais des frais,
I went to such pains,
pour amuser madame!
To amuse the madam!
Je chantais! Je dansais! Je crois, Dieu me pardonne,
I sang! I danced! I believe, may God pardon me,
qu'un peu plus, je l'aimais!
that a little more, and I would love her!
Taratata! C'est le mort qui sonne!
Tara ta-ta! It's death which is sounding!
Tara ta-ta! Il part! elle est parti!
Taratata! It started! She is going!
Va-t-en donc, canari!
Fly away, canary! *

Pinkie was giddy. "What a pun! Fluttershy is of buttermilk color, close enough to be a canary! What a cracker! This is delicious! Lovers' quarrel!"

The group that was behind the door to Fluttershy's room kept growing in size, with all the Element bearers, Rarity and Applejack joining the Crusaders et al on the whole eavesdropping exercise.

Octavia really found that remark distasteful, but she decided to not press Pinkie Pie for it.

"Wait, what! Lovers?!" Rainbow Dash and Scootaloo were half gagging while trying to wrap the idea around their heads.

"Shut yer traps and listen, will ya?" Applejack was visibly dismissive of Rainbow Dash. "It's bad nuff that we're eavesdropping on'em..."

Tiens! prends ton pâtée,
Here! take your bird feeds ,
Son brosse, ta giberne,
your brush, your knapsack;
et va-t-en, mon fillasse; va-t-en!
and go away, my filly; go away!
retourne à ta cottage!
Return to your cottage!

C'est mal à toi, Mena, de te moquer de moi!
It's mean of you, Philomena, to mock me
Je souffre de partir, car jamais,
I am suffering about leaving, because never,
jamais animaux avant toi
Never did an animal before you
aussi profondément n'avait troublé mon âme!
as profoundly disturb my soul!

Taratata, mon Dieu! c'est la maladie!
Taratata! My God! It's the disease!
Tarataata, je vais être en mort!
Taratata! I am going to be dead!
O mon Dieu! O mon Dieu! c'est la maladie!
Oh my God! Oh, my God! It's the disease!
Je fais être en mort! Elle perd la tête, elle court!
I am going to be late! She loses his head,she runs!
Et voilà son amitié!
And so much for her friendship!

Ainsi, tu ne crois pas à mon amitié!
So, you don't believe in my friendship!

Mais non!
Of course not!

"Wow..." Rainbow Dash was speechless beyond that comment.

"Philomena was mocking Fluttershy for caring about her health!? That is unbelievable!" The mint-green unicorn declared.

"Tatatata. Hehe. Tatatata." Pinkie snickered.

"Rarity, why do you look so sad?" Sweetie felt that her elder sister was emotionally affected by this situation. "Are you mad at Philomena?"

"Oh dearie." Rarity clarified on her distraught. "The phoenix didn't want poor little Fluttershy to be burdened by her sickness..."

Eh bien, tu m'entendras!
Well, then, you will listen to me!

Je ne veux rien entendre!
I don't want to listen to anything!

Tu m'entendras!
You will listen to me !

Tu vas te faire attendre!
You will just wait that out!
Non! Non! Non! non!
No! No, no, no!

Oui, tu m'entendras!
Yes, you will listen to me!
Je le veux, Mena, tu m'entendras!
I want you to, Philomena, you will listen to me!

"Fluttershy's really serious, She was giving Philomena the stare." Sweetie Belle told her elder sister while in awe of the whole exchange between the bird and the pegasus.

"Oh dear. This is escalating! How intriguing! We must pay attention for the poor dears over the corner..." Rarity noted, but it was clear that she was in the mood for gossips.

(Removing a feather from her saddlebag, Fluttershy sings the flower aria)


La plume que tu m'avais chuté
The feather (quill) which you dropped (for) me
dans ma maison m'était restée.
in my home stayed with me.
Fraîcheet sèche, cette plume
Fresh and dry, this feather
gardait toujours sa couleur ardente;
kept all the while it's fiery color;
et pendant des heures entières,
And for countless hours
sur mes yeux, fermant mes paupières,
before my eyes, on closing my eyelids,
de cette coleur je m'enivrais
From this color I became intoxicated
et dans la nuit je te voyais!
and during the night, I saw you!
Je me prenais à te ignorer,
I took to ignoring you,
à te détester, à me dire:
To detest you, to say to myself:
Pourquoi faut-il que le destin
Why did destiny have to
l'ait mise là sur mon chemin?
put her there, in my path?
Puis, je m'accusais de blasphème,
Then I accused myself of blasphemy,
et je ne sentais en moi même
and I only felt inside myself
Je ne sentais qu' un seul désir,
I only felt one lone desire,
Un seul désir, un seul espoir:
One sole desire, one sole hope:
Te traiter, ô Mena, oui, te traiter!
To nurse, Oh Philomena, yes, to nurse you!

The cellist was trying to retain her composure, but she was biting her lips at Fluttershy's plight.

"Fluttershy wants to go in bed with a bird!?"

That proclaimation made everypony present do spit-takes.

"Have you no comprehension?" Rarity was quite angry. "Fluttershy was concerned of the bird's health! The poor dear had been thinking about this problem apparently for the better part of these weeks! Incredulous... all of you..."

Lyra was somewhat apologetic. "Sorry, but I don't really speak Fancy... so you know..."

Bonbon was terribly unamused. She facehoofed.

Car tu n'avais eu qu'à paraître,
For, you had only to appear,
Qu'à jeter un regard sur moi,
To toss one glance at me,
pour t'emparer de tout mon être,
To occupy my entire being,
O ma Mena!
Oh,my Philomena!
Et tu' étais une chose à moi!
And you was the only thing in the world to me!
Mena, je t'amical!
Mena, I am a friend!

Non, tu ne me servir pas.
No, don't serve me.

Que dis-tu?
What are you saying?

Non, tu ne me servir pas!
No, you don't serve me!
Non, car si tu m'aidez,
No, for if you serve me,
là-bas, là-bas tu serai triste
Over there, over there, you would be sad.


Oui! Là-bas, là-bas, dans la Everfree.
Yes, over there, over there, to the Everfree.


Là-bas, là-bas, tu me suivrais.
Over-there, over-there, you would follow me.
Sur ton ailes tu me suivront.
On your wings you shall follow me.
et comme un brave à travers la campagne,
And like a gallant across the countryside,
en croupe, tu m'emporterais!
In a saddle, you would carry me away!
Là-bas, là-bas, dans la Everfree!
Over there, over there, to the Everfree

"How romantic... to flee to the Everfree, while not giving a care of her own death... that bird loves our little pegasus..." Rarity spoke in a dreamy way, while Rainbow Dash was visibly uncomfortable at the situation ahead.

"Ya know what? Both of them need to go with us. Better keep an eye on them... icky stuff aside, I don't like how Philomena's not giving one bit about her health and I don't like it when Fluttershy goes into worry overdrive." Rainbow Dash declared.

Medley frowned a bit. "You have a point..."


Là-bas, là-bas, tu me suivrais.
Over-there, over-there, you would follow me.
tu me suivrais si tu m'aimais!
You would follow me if you loved me!
Tu n'y dépendrais de personne;
You would depend on nobody;
point d'poney à qui tu doives obéir
not a single pony whom you must obey
et point de retraite qui sonne
and not a single retreat which sounds
pour dire à l'amoureux
to tell the lover
qu'il est temps de partir.
that it is time to leave.
Le ciel ouvert, la vie errante,
the open sky, the roaming life,
pour pays, l'univers;
For a country, the universe;
et pour vie, sa volonté,
And for life, one's own free will,
et surtout la chose enivrante:
And above all, the intoxicating thing
La liberté! La liberté!
Liberty! Liberty!

Mon Dieu!
My God!

"Mon Dieu indeed." Octavia said dryly. "What's that bird even thinking?! Everfree?"

Rarity was lovestruck. Sweetie Belle and Apple Bloom were visibly concerned, since they finally understood what was happening between Fluttershy and Philomena.

Scootaloo was still gagging at the scene however.

Là-bas, là-bas, dans la Everfree.
Over there, over there, to the Everfree.


Là-bas, là-bas, tu me suivrais.
Over-there, over-there, you would follow me.

Be quiet!

Là-bas, là-bas, tu me suivrais.
Over-there, over-there, you would follow me.
Sur ton ailes tu me suivront.
On your wings you shall follow me.

Ah! Mena, hélas! tais-toi!
Ah, Philomena, alas! Be quiet!
(with Philomena) Tais-toi, mon Dieu!
Be quiet, my God!

PHILOMENA (with Fluttershy)
Sur ton ailes tu me suivront.
On your wings you shall follow me.
et comme un brave à travers la Poney-ville,
And like a gallant across the Ponyville,
oui, tu m'emporterais, si tu m'aimais!
Yes, you would carry me away, if you loved me!

(with Fluttershy)

Oui, n'est-ce pas.
Yes, that's so.
Là-bas , là-bas, tu me suivras,
Over there, over there you will follow me
tu m'aimes et tu me suivras!
You love me and you will follow me!
Là-bas, là-bas emporte- moi!
Over there, over there, carry me away!

Hélas! hélas! pieté! Mena, pitié!
Alas! Alas! Pity, Philomena, have pity!
Ô mon Dieu! hélas!
Oh, my God, alas!
Ah! tais-toi! tais-toi!
Ah, be quiet! Be quiet!

(shaking off Philomena)

Non! je ne veux plus t'écouter!
No! I don't want to listen to you anymore!
Quitter votre santé- ignorer-
Leave your health- ignored
c'est la honte, c'est l' infamie!
That is shame, that is infamy!
Je n'en veux pas!
I want none of it!

"What did dat bird expect? That Flutters is just going to let her have her way and not get all better?" Medley shook her head. "That mare's stubborn as a mule when it comes to the welfare of others."

Vinyl scratched her head. "I don't get it. Ponies only throw caution to the wind like Philomena here when they really don't care if they are doing to die. Maybe Flutters is right? That the red phoenix there's really got a foot in the coffin?"

"Ah dun like the sound of dat..." Applejack remarked.

Eh bien, pars!
Well then, leave!

Mena, je t'en prie!
Philomena, I beg of you!

Non! Je n'écouterai pas
No! I won't listen.


Va! je te hais!
Go! I hate you!


Adieu! mais adieu pour jamais!
Farewell! Farewell forever!

Eh bien! soit. Adieu! Vous allez dormir!
Well then, so be it. Farewell! Off to bed with you!

Go away!

Mena! Adieu! Vous allez dormir!
Philomena! Farewell, To bed, now!


"What are you all looking at?" The regal alicorn entered the scene, while a look of mischief flashed in her eyes.

"Urr... Princess Celestia! Whatever brings you here..." The alicorn came in unannounced, with nopony the wiser.

"Why, Philomena, of course! Princess Cadance told me that she was spotted here in Ponyville, so I've come to get her... before she causes too much trouble!" The alicorn was very giddy when she announced her reason to show up in Ponyville.

"I should enter and knock the door..." Celestia absent-minded spoke of her intent.


Holà! Mena! Holà! Holà!
Holá! Philomena! Holá! Holá!

Qui frappe? Qui vient là?
Who is knocking? Who is coming there?

Tais-toi! tais-toi!
Be quiet! Be quiet!

CELESTIA (forcing the door)
J'ouvre moi -même et j'entre.
I open up myself and I enter.

(To Fluttershy, seeing Philomena)

Ah! fi! ah! fi! la belle,
Ah, shame! Ah shame!, my beauty!
le choix n'est pas heureux, c'est se mésallier,
your choice is not a happy one, it is a mis-match,
de prendre le Phénix quand on a lapin.
to take a phoenix, when one could have an bunny.

(to Philomena)
Allons! décampe!
Let's go! Clear out!


CELESTIA (while laughing)
Si fait! tu partiras!
Oh yes you are ! You are leaving!

Elle ne partirai pas!
She will not leave!

The others forced their way in as well.

MEDLEY (menacingly)

Tonnerre! Il va pleuvoir des coups!
By thunder! It is going to rain blows!!

PHILOMENA (flinging herself between them)
Au diable le poney!
To the devil with the pony!

(calling for help)
À moi! à moi!
Help me! Help me!

Applebloom and Scootaloo blocked off Celestia, who was grinning with glee for some reason, while Sweetie Belle went into the room for the phoenix and the pegasus.

Bel princesse, bel princesse,
Handsome princess, handsome princess,
L'amour vous joue en ce moment
Love is playing on you at this moment
Un assez villain tour!
A rather villainous trick!
Vous arrivez fort mal!
You arrived at a bad time
Hélas! Et nous sommes forcés,
Alas! And we are forced,
ne voulant être dénoncés,
not wanting to be reported
de vous garder au moins -
to keep you at least
pendant une heure.
for one hour.

Mon cher madames! Mon cher madames!
My dear ladies! My dear ladies!
Nous allons, s'il vous plaît,
We are going, if you please,
quitter cette demeure,
to leave this house,
vous viendrez avec nous?
You coming?

(Pinkie gestured at Sugercube Corner)

C'est une promenade !
it's just a walk!

Do you consent?

(with Crusaders)

Répondez, camarade.
Respond, comrade!

CELESTIA (while giggling)
d'autant plus que votre argument
In as much as your argument
est un de ceux auxquels on ne résiste guère!
is one of those which one can hardly resist!
Mais gare à vous! gare à vous plus tard!
But, you watch it! you watch it later!

PINKIE PIE shouts dramatically
La guerre, c'est la guerre!
War! it's war!
En attendant, mon princesse,
Meanwhile, my princess,
passez devant sans vous faire prier!
Pass on, without our begging you to do it !

Passez devant sans vous faire prier!
Pass on, without our begging you to do it !

(Celestia is lead away while chuckling to herself)

Es-tu des nôtres maintenant?
Are you one of us now?

Il le faut bien!
I have to be !

Ah! le mot n'est pas galant,
Ah! Your words are not gallant,
mais qu' importe!
But, what of it!
Va, tu t'y feras quand tu verras
Go, you will get used to it there when you see
comme c'est beau, la vie errante,
How beautiful it is, the wandering life,
pour pays, l'univers,
for a country, the universe,
et pour vie, sa volonté,
and for life, ones free will,
et surtout, la chose enivrante:
and above all, the intoxicating thing:
La liberté! la liberté!
Liberty! Liberty!

Suis-nous à travers la Poney-ville,
Follow us across Ponyville,
viens avec nous dans la pâtisserie,
come with us into the Sugar Cube Corner
suis-nous et tu t'y feras,
Follow us and you will get used to it,
quand tu verras, là-bas, etc.
When you see, over there, etc.


Le ciel ouvert! La vie errante.
The open sky! The wandering life,
pour pays, l'univers,
for a country, the universe,
et pour vie, sa volonté,
and for life, ones free will,
et surtout, la chose enivrante:
and above all, the intoxicating thing:
La plaisir! La plaisir!!
The fun! The fun!

"Ah still dun get what'd Princess Celestia mean about having to watch out for Philomena..." Applejack mused as she forced all of the ponies to clean up with her.

"We'll have to find out, I guess. We'll be off to Sugarcube Corner to make some plans about the prank and stuff. I also have something in mind actually... cool air stunt to get me into the Wonderbolts." Said Rainbow Dash.

"Why is is that... I don't like the sound of that..." The music store owner deadpanned.

"It may be a most epic of undertakings. I shall join you, Dame Pinkie!" Lyra was all smiles.

"Count me in." Bluenote added.

"Crusaders reporting!" The three fillies happily chimed.

The pink party mare could smell mischief in the air. This was clearly her kind of day after all.

(Cue Entr'acte)

(End of Act II)

Acte III - En vain pour éviter

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The next day came in a blur.

The pranksters had decided to plan things out over Carousal Boutique, since that was a most unexpected of venues to prying eyes and to the hearing ears of ponies to the pranksters' left and right.

Pinkie Pie was on edge. She felt that there was a conspiring air of mischief in the air, and it was something that this party had to take caution against.

"Keep a low profile, my little fillies!" She chimed. "I think there's more than just us ponies that's got something cookin'... hehe. Cooking! It's about time to cook too!"

The others didn't bother to question Pinkie Pie's words of wisdom. They confined themselves within the spacious interior of the Carousal Boutique, with Rarity being very accommodating the moment she caught sight of Fluttershy and Philomena.

(Cue Choir)
(Cue Orchestra)


Écoute, écoute, compagnon, écoute,
Listen, friends, listen.
la maison est là-bas, là-bas,
house is over there, over there.
mais prends garde pendant la route
but take care along the way
prends garde de faire un faux pas!
and watch your step!

Écoute, écoute, compagnon, écoute,
Listen, friends, listen.
la plaisir est là-bas, là-bas,
house is over there, over there.
mais prends garde pendant la route
but take care along the way
prends garde de faire un faux pas!
and watch your step!

Notre métier est bon,
Our calling is a good one,
mais pour le faire il faut
but to follow it you must
avoir une âme forte !
have a stout heart!
Et le péril est en haut, il est en bas,
There's danger up above, and down below,
il est partout, qu'importe !
it's everywhere - what of it!

Rainbow Dash then valiantly pointed to the skies above Ponyville from the confines of the boutique, as she defiantly talked of how she shall proceed with her flight plan as well as the great prank to be made.

"So yea, I want to get on with this. I think that I can get the weather team to change the schedule so that the storm won't impact visibility whatsoever..." Rainbow Dash mused aloud, while Scootaloo nodded enthusiastically at her idol.

Nous allons devant nous
We go forward
sans souci du torrent,
without worrying about the torrent,
sans souci de l'orage,
without worrying about the storm,
sans souci du poneys
without worrying about the ponies
qui là-bas nous attend,
who's waiting for us over there,
et nous guette au passage -
and keeping a sharp lookout for us -
sanssouci nous allons en avant !
we go forward without worrying!

Écoute, compagnon, écoute, etc.
Listen, friend, listen, etc.

Pinkie Pie's eyes orbited around her eye sockets. "Well-" Pinkie continued the aria.

Reposons nous une heure ici mes camarades ;
My comrades, let us rest here for an hour.
Nous, nous allons nous assuré
And then we, we shall go forth
Si le chemin est libre,
when the coast is clear
Et que sans algarades
and if without issues
La farceurs peut passer.
The pranksters may proceed

The group solemnly nodded at the party mare's command. If they were to hold their position for an hour, then an hour they shall stay in the Carousal Boutique.

Philomena had noticed that Fluttershy hadn't mischief on her mind at all.


Que regardes tu donc ?
What are you looking at?

Je n e dis que là bas
I was thinking of what
Il existe une bonne et brave vieille
There is this good, brave and old
jument qui nie croit honnête poney
mare, who believed that I was an honest pony.

Fluttershy was quite downcast when she continued with her self-admission.

Elle se trompe hélas.
Alas, she's mistaken.

Qui donc e t cette femme
Whoever can she be?

Ah! Mena, sur mon âme ne raille pas —
Ah Philomena, the thought is not difficult for her-
Car c'est ma mère.
she is my mother

The bird was rather puzzled by what the mare was saying.

Eh bien ! va la retrouver tout de suite
Well, you had better go to her this instant
Notre métier vois tu, ne te vaut rien.
the task here doesn't suit you
Et tu ferais fort bien de partir au plus vite.
and you would be happy to leave this place.

Fluttershy was despondent, when she asked of Philomena about leaving the bird to her fate while she headed off to visit her mother.

Partir, nous séparer ?
To go far from thee?

Sans doute séparer.

By this point, Fluttershy's melancholy had transformed into rage. Her total rage at Philomena's lack of concern of its own health was simmering, and the buttermilk mare was not going to yield an inch over the plight of the bird.

Nous séparer, Carmen ?
And leave thee, Carman? (placing hoof on a table)
Ecoute si tu redis ce mot.
Don’t you say that to me again.

(Fluttershy angrily snorted at Philomena)

Tu me tuerais peut être
You can just kill me.
Tu ne réponds rien
Have you no answer?
Qu'importe après tout le destin est le maître.
I shall die if fate wills it.

This stormy exchange between Fluttershy and Philomena went unheard by the rest of the ponies within the store, while Philomena promptly broke contact with Fluttershy and waltzed her way to where Pinkie Pie and Rarity sat.

The two meres were flanked by the Crusaders, as they sat over the inspiration room, which had ponnikins being adorned with dresses off to their side. Pinkie Pie was playing Tarot card with Rarity.

The two of them were divining on what’s in store for them in the future romance wise. Sweetie Belle and Apple Bloom were moderately interested, but Rainbow Dash and Scootoloo frowned upon the exercise.

Fluttershy stared at the trope bitterly. She was utterly furious at the way how these ponies were ignoring the deteriorating physical conditions of the phoenix before her.


Mêlons! Coupons! Bien, c'est cela!
Shuffle! Cut! There! That's it!
Trois cartes ici, Quatre là!
Three cards here, four there!
Et maintenant, parlez, mes belles,
And now, speak, my beauties,
de l'avenir, donnez-nous des nouvelles,
of the future, give us some news,
dites-nous qui nous trahira!
tell us who will betray us!
Dites-nous qui nous aimera!
Tell us who will love us!
Parlez, parlez! Parlez! Parlez!
Speak! speak! speak! speak!

dites-nous qui nous trahira!
tell us who will betray us!
Dites-nous qui nous aimera!
Tell us who will love us!
Parlez, parlez! Parlez! Parlez!
Speak! speak! speak! speak!

Moi, je vois un jeune amoureux
Me, I see a young lover
Qui m'aime on ne peut davantage.
who loves me, no one could more.

Le mien est très riche et très vieux
Mine is very rich and very old
mais il parle de mariage!
but he speaks of marriage!

Je me campe sur son cheval,
I plant myself on his back
et dans la montagne, il m'entraine.
and into the mountains he sweeps me away

Dans un château presque royal
In a castle, practically royal,
le mien m'installe en souveraine.
mine installs me as a sovereign.

De l'amour à n'en plus finir,
Love without ending,
tous les jours, nouvelles folies!
every day, new madness!

De l'or tant que j'en puis tenir,
Gold, so much that I couldn't carry it
des diamants, des pierreries!
diamonds, gemstones!

Le mien devient un chef fameux
Mine becomes a famous chief,
Cent poneys marchent à sa suite.
A hundred ponies march behind him.

Le mien, le mien, en croirai-je mes yeux?
Mine, mine? Can I believe my eyes?
Oui, il meurt! Ah, je suis veuve et j'hérite!
yes, he dies! Ah, I am a widow and I inherit!

Parlez encore, parlez, mes belles,
Speak some more, speak, my beauties,
de l'avenir, donnez-nous des nouvelles, etc.
of the future, give us some news, etc.



Rarity, Pinkie Pie, Scootaloo, Apple Bloom and Sweetie Belle broke out fits of giggle at the results of the card reading. The whole thing was nonsense fun that they all needed.

The phoenix chose to see if the cards would tell of her future any differently than what she had already known to be true about her own fate.

Voyons, que j'essaie à mon tour.
Let's see, let me try and take my turn.

(turning the cards)

Carreau! Pique!
Diamonds! Spades!
La mort! J'ai bien lu.
Death! I read it correctly.
Moi d'abord - ensuite vie-
Me at first - then life-
pour celui-ci, la mort!
Therefore, death!
(shuffling the cards)

En vain pour éviter les réponses amères,
In vain, to avoid bitter responses,
en vain tu mêleras,
In vain you will shuffle,
cela ne sert à rien, les cartes sont sincères
that serves nothing, the cards are sincere
et ne mentiront pas!
and will not lie!
Dans le livre d'en haut si ta page est heureuse,
In the book on high, if your page is happy,
mêle et coupe sans peur,
shuffle and cut without fear,
la carte sous tes doigts se tournera joyeuse,
the card under your fingers will turn up joyful,
t'annonçant le bonheur!
Announcing to you happiness!
Mais si tu dois mourir, si le mot redoutable
But, if you have to die, if the dreadful word
est écrit par le sort,
is written by fate,
recommence vingt fois, la carte impitoyable
restart twenty times, the pitiless card
Répétera: la mort!
Will repeat: death!

(turning up cards)

Encore! encore! Toujours la mort!
Again! again! always death!

Rarity and Sweetie Belle winced at the results of the dire Tarot card readings that Philomena had been consistently getting.

Parlez encore, parlez, mes belles,
Speak some more, speak, my beauties,

(With Philomena)

de l'avenir donnez-nous des nouvelles, etc.
of the future, give us some news, etc.
Fortune! Amour! Encore! Encore!
Fortune! Love! Again! Again!

Encore! encore! le désespoir!
Again! Again! Despair!
La mort! la mort! Encore la mort!
Death! Death! Again death!
Toujours la mort! Encore! Encore!
Always death! Again! Again!

"That's strange. The cards are really sure that you are going to die, Philomena!" Apple Bloom had to spell this out.

"Oh dear, that's most dreary of predictions. However, one must take destiny into her own hooves, darling. I don't share in the cards' pessimism about mortality at all." Rarity's dismissal was immediate.

Just as the girls were bantering away (while Rainbow Dash was absorbed with her own little world and Fluttershy sulking from a corner,) the front portal of the store had opened.

A customer had decided to grace the shop! This was the more pressing matter to deal with!

"Darlings, allow me to tend to my client." Pronounced Rarity to her friends in attendance.


Quant au client, c'est notre affaire,
As the customer is our business
tout comme un autre il aime être plu.
Like everyone else, he likes to be pleased,
It aime faire le gallant;
he likes to play the gallant;
ah! Laissez-nous passer en avant!
Ah! Let us pass through first!

(with the customer)

Quant au client, c'est notre affaire,etc
As the customer is our business, etc
il aime être plu.!
He likes to pleased!

Le client sera clément!
The client will be merciful!

Il est galant!
He is gallant!

Le client sera charmant!
The client will be charming!

il aime être plu!
He likes to pleased!

Le client sera galant!
The customer will be gallant!

Oui, le client sera mème entreprenant!
Yes, the customer will even be forward!

Oui, le client c'est notre affaire! etc.
yes, the client is our affair, etc.

Il ne s'agit plus de bataille,
It doesn't concern the fight anymore,
non, il s'agit tout simplement
no, it concerns simply
de se laisser prendre la sac
of letting him put an arm around his purse
et d'écouter un compliment.
and of listening to a compliment.
S'il faut aller jusqu' au sourire,
If it goes so far as a smile,
que voulez-vous, on sourira!
So, what do you want? One smiles!

(with the Crusaders)

Et d'avance, je puis le dire,
And in advance, I can tell you
les ventes passera!
the sales have pass through!
En avant! marchons! allons! en avant!
Forward! Let's march! Lets go! Forward!

Le client, c'est notre affaire! etc.
The clientguard, he is our affair, etc!
Marchons en avant! Ah, marchons, marchons! En avant!
Let's march forward! March! March! Forward!

Fluttershy's confidant, the abrasive Angel Bunny, made his appearance at last.

The bunny was peering into the shop, where a very satisfied customer was paying up for some of the designs that Rarity had made. This was much to the bunny's displeasure, for it made it difficult for him to simply reach Fluttershy so that he could deliver his news to her and be done with his task.


C'est des conspirateurs le refuge extraordinaire.
This is the conspirators’ unusual refuge.
Elle est ici, je le verrai,
She is here; I will see her,
et le devoir que m'imposa sa mère
And the duty which her mother imposed on me
sans trembler je l'accomplirai.
without trembling, I will accomplish it.
Je dis, que rien ne m'épouvante,
I say, that nothing terrifies me,
je dis, hélas, que je réponds de moi,
I say, alas, that I take care of myself,
mais j'ai beau faire la crapuleux
But try as I might to be the villainous bunny,
au fond du coeur, je meurs d'effroi!
At the bottom of my heard, I'm dying of fright!
Seul en ce lieu sauvage,
Alone in this wild place
toute seule j'ai peur,
All alone, I am afraid,
mais j'ai tort d'avoir peur;
But I am wrong to be afraid;
vous me donnerez du
You will give me courage,
vous me progégerez, Madame!
You will protect me, madame!
Je vais voir de près cette femme
I am going to see up close that woman
Dont les artifices maudits
whose accursed artifices
ont fini par faire un infâme
Have ended up making a criminal
de celui que j'aimais jadis!
of him whom I loved long ago!
Elle est dangereuse, elle est belle,
She is dangerous, she is beautiful,
mais je ne veux pas avoir peur!
but I do not want to be afraid!
Non, non, je ne veux pas avoir peur!
No, no, I don't want to be afraid!
Je parlerai haut devant elle!
I will speak loudly in front of her!
Ah Seigneur, vous me protégerez!
Ah, Lord, you will protect me!
Ah! Je dis, que rien ne m'épouvante,
Ah! I say, that nothing terrifies me,
Protégez-moi! O Madame!
Protect me! Oh, madame!
Donnez-moi du courage!
Give me courage!

(He caught sight of Fluttershy, who is looking elsewhere.)

Je ne me trompe pas - c'est elle sur sa chaise.
I am not mistaken - it's her on that chair.
À moi, Flutters! Flutters! S'il vous plaît écoutez-moi!
Help me Fluters! Flutter! Please just hear me out!

Fluttershy's piercing stare had struck out on Angel Bunny, rendering him trembling as a little ball of wreck. His benefactor was not in a jovial mood, and the sight of her actually terrified him.

ANGEL BUNNY (in terror)
Mais que fait-elle?
What is she doing?
Il crie- il fait regardé-
She shouts- she is staring-

(Fluttershy had The Stare on)

Ah! J'ai trop présumé de mes forces, mon Dieu!
Ah! I presumed myself too strong, my God!

Rainbow Dash suddenly barged in, and placed herself between Fluttershy and the bunny.

"All right, Fluttershy. You gonna mess with Angel Bunny? You'll have to go to me first. Just to remind you..."

Rainbow Dash's chest puffed up as she began her reminder of her prowess to Fluttershy.


RAINBOW DASH (looking at a Fluttershy while trembling a bit.)
Je suis le Pégase,
I am the pegasus,
Jumieux de Poneyville
fastest in Ponyville


C'est moi!
It is I !

Je connais votre plan, soyez le bienvenu;
I know your plan; may you be welcome;
mais vraiment, camarade, vous pouviez y rester,
but really, comrade, you may stay here.

Je ne vous dis pas non.
I will not say no to you
Mais je suis frustré, mon ami, et en colère,
But I am frustrated, my friend, and angry,
et celui là serait un pauvre compagnon,
and she would be a poor companion
qui, pour sauver ses vie, ne risquait sa vie!
Who, in order to save her wouldn't risk her life.

Celle que vous aimez est ici?
She, whom you love, is here?

Justement. C'est une oiseau, mon cher.
Exactly. She is a bird, my friend!

Elle s'appelle?
Her name is?

"Stop it, Fluttershy. You know what I'm talking about!" Rainbow Dash did not mince word.

Flutters! Oui, mon cher, mon avait pour ami
Flutters! Yes, my friend, mon had as a friend
un Pégase qui jadis se fâchait pour elle.
a pegasus who once got angry for her.


Ils s'adoraient, mas c'est fini, je crois.
They adored each other, but it's finished, I think.

Rainbow Dash pronounced the realities surrounding Philomena with an even voice.

La vies de mena ne durent pas six jours.
The life of Philomena will not last six days.

The expressions on buttermilk pegasus were bleak and stone cold. The rest of the audience were rendered speechless by this development.

"Philomena here had told me all of that. I am not going to bother her about this, nor should you."

Vous l'aimez, cependant!
You love her, nevertheless.

Je l'aime, oui, mon cher, je l'aime,
I love her, yes, my friend, I love her,
Je l'aime à la folie!
I love her to the point of madness!

Mais pour nous enlever nos filles de aviaires,
But, to remove from us our little bird
savez-vous bien qu'il faut payer?
do you know, that one has to pay?

Soit! on paiera, soit! on paiera!
So be it! it will be paid! So be it! It will be paid!

Fluttershy walked up to the cyan pegasus, a pony that meant much to her, and gave Rainbow Dash the most crippling of stares that she had ever fielded.

Et que le prix se paie
And that the price is paid
à coups le regard!
with a shot of The Stare

Rainbow Dash somehow had a nerve of steel. She did not falter against Fluttershy's onslaught.

à coups le regard!
A shot of The Stare?

Do you understand?

Both pegasi had little intention of yielding to one another on the subject of what was to come for the phoenix.

"Fluttershy, I will say this now. Philomena will do whatever the buck that she would like to do, whether you like it or not, you hear?" I am going to go along with it, and you should too."

Fluttershy didn't get a chance to interject.

Le discours est très net.
The discussion is very clear.
Ce Pégase, ce beau Pégase qu'elle aime,
This pegasus, this beautiful pegasus whom she loves,
ou du moins qu'elle aimable-
Or at least, whom she finds amiable
C'est donc vous?
That's you, right?

Oui, c'est moi-mème!
Yes, it is I - myself !

Rainbow Dash's eyes were filled with her trademark spirit of defiance.

J'en suis ravi, mon cher,
I am delighted about it, my friend,
et le tour est complet!
And the setup is complete.

The rest of the mares and fillies in the Boutique felt that they had to break the two pegasi up.

Holà, Holà, Fluttershy!
Stop! Stop! Flttershy!

Rainbow Dash had decided to opt for an open challenge to Fluttershy, which was typical of her. Rarity had the look of total disappointment when the cyan pegasus uttered her words at Fluttershy.

Vrai, j'ai l' âme ravie que ce soit vous, Mena.
Truly, my soul is enchanted that it's you, Philomena.
qui me aidé la acte.
who helped me to act.

(to Fluttershy)

Quant à toi, beau Pégase,
As for you, beautiful pegasus,
Nous sommes sabot à sabots,
We are hooves to hooves , (even)
et nous jouerons la belle,
and we will compete for the beauty,
oui, nous jourerons la belle,
Yes, we will compete for the beauty,
le jour où tu voudras reprendre le combat.
on the day when you would like to resume the fight.

Pinkie Pie did not enjoy this sudden development.

C'est bon, c'est bon, plus de querelle!
That's enough! That's enough! No more quarreling!
Nous, nous allons partir.
We are going to leave.

(to Rainbow Dash)

Et toi, et toi, l'ami, bonjour!
And you, and to you, my friend, good day!

Pinkie waved a hoof at the door, telling Rainbow Dash to cool off. The rainbow-mane pegasus obliged with the request.

Souffrez au moins
Suffer (allow) me at least
qu' avant de vous dire au revoir,
That before telling you goodby,
je vous invite tous aux salon de l'aéronautique.
I may invite you all to the air show
Je compte pour ma part y briller de mon mieux,
I count, on my part, to shine there at my best,
et qui m'aime y viendra!
and whoever loves me will come there!

(gazing at Fluttershy)

Et qui m'aime y viendra!
And whoever loves me will come there!

(to Fluttershy, who makes a threatening gesture)

L'ami, tiens-tois-toi tranquille!
Friend, keep yourself calm!
J' ai tout dit, j' ai tout dit!
I have said it all! I have said it all!

The mare kept going.

Et je n'ai plus ici
And I have no more to do here
qu' à faire mes adieux.
Except to make my farewells.

(Rainbow Dash relents)

Seeing the sight of the departing pegasus did not leave the mares in the room with any relief.

Fluttershy turned to Philomena as she growled at the wily phoenix.

Prends garde à toi, Mena,
Watch out for yourself, Mena,
Je suis las de souffrir!
I am tired of suffering!

(cue Angel Bunny)


En route, en route, il faut partir!
On our way! On our way, we have to leave!

Halte! quelqu'un est là
Halt! Someone is over there
qui cherche à se cacher.
who is trying to hide .

Une lapin!
A bunny!

Pardieu! la surprise est herueuse!
By God! the surprise is a happy one!

Angel Bunny!


Unhappy bunny!
Que viens-tu faire ici?
What are you coming to do do here?

The bunny, even less agreeable than he usually were, spoke to Fluttershy.

Moi, je viens te chercher!
Me, I have come to search for you!
Là-bas est la chaumière,
Back there is the cottage,
où sans cesse priant, une mère, ta mère,
Where constantly praying, a mother, your mother,
pleure, hélas, sur son enfant!
Weeps, alas, for her child!
Elle pleure et t' appelle,
She weeps and calls for you,
elle pleure et te tend les bras!
She weeps and extends to you her arms!
Tu prendras pitié d'elle, Flutters.
You will take pity on her, Flutters.
Ah, Flutterss, tu me suivras, tu me suivras!
Ah, Flutters, you will follow me, you will follow me!

Philomena then urged Fluttershy to make haste and go to her mother, in a very detached and distant tone.

Va-t-en! va-t-en! tu feras bien,
Go away! go away!, you would be doing well,
notre métier ne te vaut rien!
Our work is of no value to you!

This sent the furor of the pegasus to new heights.

Tu me dis de la suivre?
You're telling me to follow her?

Philomena repeated herself.

Oui, tu devrais partir.
Yes, you ought to leave.

The eyes of the pegasus was filled with bloodlust.

Tu me dis de la suivre!
You tell me to follow her!
Pour que toi, tu puisse courir
So that you can run
pour répondre à mort! Non! non vraiment!
to meet death! No, truly, no!!
Dût-il m'en coûter la vie,
Should it cost me my life,
non, Mena, je ne partirai pas!
No, Mena, I will not leave!
Et la chaîne qui nous lie
And the chain which binds us
Nous liera jusqu'au fin!
Will bind us till the end!
Dût-il m'en coûter la vie,
Should it cost me my life,
Non, non, non, je ne partirai pas!
No, no, no, I will not leave!

Fluttershy was unrecognizable to her friends by this point in time. What was a gentle, timid and soft-spoken mare was now a ferocious, terrifying, menacing and vile beast from Tartarus, with an aura of dread that could rival the tyrant alicorns.

ANGEL BUNNY (with all)
Écoute-moi, je t'en prie,
Listen to me, I beg of you,
ta mère te tend les bras,
Your mother extends to you her arms,
cette chaîne qui te lie, Flutters, tu la briseras.
this chain which binds you, Flutters, you will break it.

It was uncharacteristic of the bunny to plead with his owner, but plead he did.

The others present felt that they too, need to add to the bunny's call for sanity.

ALL (with Angel Bunny)
Il t'en coûtera la félicité, si tu ne pars pas,
It will cost you your happiness, if you don't leave
et la chaîne qui vous lie
and the chain which binds you
se rompra par ton rage.
will be broken by your rage.

The pegasus darkly addressed her white companion.

FLUTTERSHY (to Angel Bunny)
Leave me!

Hélas, Flutters!
Alas, Flutters!

The mare shot a look at the phoenix that was losing her luster, little by little, day by day.

Car elle est condamné!
Because she is doomed!
(gestures at Philomena)

The pegasus lunged at Philomena then, but she was met with Pinkie Pie's body.

Flutters! Rester calme!
Flutters, stay calm!

The bellowing sound of Fluttershy was unnerving to the ponies in the room. "Let go of me! Philomena serious needs help! She shouldn't be out here! LET GO OF ME!"

Fluttershy's rage had built to the point that she was consumed by rage and sorrow.

FLUTTERSHY (In Flutterrage)
Ah! je te tiens, oiseau damnée!
Ah! I have got you, damned bird!
Je te tiens et je te forcerai bien
I've got you and I will force you well
à subir la destinée
to submit to the destiny
qui rive ton sort au mien!
which rivets your fate to mine!
Dût-il m'en coûter la vie,
Should it cost me my life,
Non, non, non je ne partirai pas!
No, no, no, I will not leave!

Fluttershy angrily stomped her right hind leg as she was being held by Pinkie Pie, with Philomena refusing to give her any affection.

The rest of the ponies had to forcibly pry Fluttershy away from Philomena. This was no easy task, as Pinkie Pie and Rarity had to use all of their strength just to restrain Fluttershy from being next to the phoenix.

Ah! Rester calme, Rester calme, FLUTTERSHY!
Ah! stay calm, stay calm, FLUTTERSHY!

Angel Bunny had decided to try reaching out to the monster before him, once more.

Une parole encore, ce sera la dernière.
One word more , it will be the last.
Hélas! Flutters, ta mère est inquiète
Alas! Flutters, your mother is worried,
et ta mère ne serait pas heureux
and your mother would not be happy
sans t'avoir pardonné.
without having forgiven you.

The effect was immediate. Fluttershy's torrent of anger had subsided, if only momentarily.

Ma mère! Elle s'inquiète!
My mother! She's worried!

Oui, Fluttershy!
Yes, Fluttershy!

Partons! Ah! partons!
Let's leave! Ah! Let's leave!

The dejected pegasus croaked at the phoenix.

(to Philomena)

Sois contente - je pars,
Be content - I am leaving,
mais nous nous reverrons...
But we will see each other again...

Just as Fluttershy flew out of the door and headed away form Ponyville, the sound of Rainbow Dash could be heard from a distance, while the rest of the ponies had nothing to say of this most awkward of situation.

It was Apple Bloom that spelled out the exact feeling of the occupants within the boutique. "Seriously, must she sing that song right now?"

RAINBOW DASH (in the distance)
Aviateurs, en garde! Aviateurs! Aviateurs! etc.
Aviators, on guard! Aviators! Aviators!, etc.

"I've never seen Fluttershy this angry before. It looked as if she really could have hurt somepony!" Scootaloo added.

"I don't know what Fluttershy will do to Philomena after she gets back to Ponyville." Sweetie Belle plainly said.

"Ok, just what was that all of that about!" Medley was not in the mood to be diplomatic when she came to the boutique. She was accompanied by Octavia and Vinyl Scratch, who were scrambling to reach the site of Fluttershy's outburst in haste.

"Miss Medley, Fluttershy got very, very angry at Rainbow Dash for letting Philomena do whatever she had wanted. Seems that the bird's dying." Apple Bloom filled the newcomer in.

"Hum... ur... what!" The music store owner was incapable of forming straight sentences at the onset of this sudden revelation.

Octavia was sullen. "Well, that was unexpected." She curtly replied.

Vinyl was thinking about the bird. "Maybe that's part of the reason why Philomena's in Ponyville and not over Canterlot."

"What's with her mother and her, anyways?" This came out of Pinkie Pie's mouth.

"You mean Fluttershy and her mother?" Medley raised, which was answered with a nod from the pink mare.

"Angel Bunny, would you happen to know of all the details about that?" Rarity asked of the bunny politely.

The bunny, utterly frustrated. shook his head aggressively as he stomped heavily on the floor of the boutique.

"Drat." Scootaloo said disappointingly.

"You fillies have lost me." Vinyl flatly declared. "Start from the beginning, and don't stop until you end with Fluttershy storming out of the boutique to go to wherever it is that she's going to. Ok?"

Rarity sighed dramatically, as she pulled from frowning chair to her side. There was a story to tell, and she was to tell it.

(cue Entr'acte)

(End of Act III)

Acte IV - Carmen Fantasie

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Fluttershy was caught in a fit of rage as she got the confirmation that Philomena was dying and she was denying help for some reason, while Rainbow Dash was all too happy to let the dying phoenix do as she pleased.

On the way to Cloudsdale, the thoughts of the pegasus were about the bird, even if it may have been too late to actually prolong the phoenix's life. By this point in time, Fluttershy would not hesitate to physically push Rainbow Dash out of the way if it would ever comes down to a fight for the life of Philomena.

The buttermilk pegasus looked at Philomena's feather that she was keeping as a personal quill pen.

Hang on, Philomena... don't die on me!

(End Entr’acte)
(Cue solo violin)
(Cue orchestra)

Carmen Fantasy (Sarasate)

Philomena was by the side of Rainbow Dash as the mare spoke to length over the mishaps that led to Fluttershy acting the way she did.

"And that's why I wanted to just go all out and prank all of Ponyville, for my buddy here." Rainbow Dash gestured at Philomena with a hoof, while a torrent of feelings was conspiring against her composure.

By now, all of the Element holders with the exception of Fluttershy were upon Rarity's boutique, where the debriefing was taking place. It was quite surprising that Rainbow Dash had insisted on giving the narrative, instead of allowing Rarity to recount the events of the day, that started with the pranksters' visit to the boutique and ended with Fluttershy's outburst.

"That is incredibly noble..." Lyra spoke of Rainbow Dash's motive with an air of approval.

"And incredibly stupid." Medley spoke of Rainbow Dash's tact with a definite scent of scorn.

Medley had a roasting to do. "You should have let us in on this earlier." She pointed at the bird. "You got Fluttershy so worked up and so angry that about the only thing that she can think about was a dying bird! You ought to have known how that girl works, Rainbow Dash!"

Medley drew a breath of air into her lung. "Fluttershy doesn't take no for an answer when it comes to this kind of things. You two just stoked the fire some more, and more, and more! That and her mother... "

"How dare you..." Rainbow Dash was about to unleash a volley at Medley when a voice came to halt the firing order.

"Medley, Rainbow Dash, hold your tongues for a bit."

It was Octavia that stood to quell what was to come, to the surprise of the little clique of ponies in front of the boutique.

"Philomena will die soon. We now know this." The group nodded.

"Vinyl, you said something along the line that only somepony that hadn't a care in their world for death would throw caution to the wind, didn't you?"

Vinyl acknowledged the integrity of Octavia's statement by nodding.

"So, Vinyl, what's next?"

The mare with cobalt blue mane took a breather.

"Remember what Applejack was talking about? With Celestia dropping in and said her lines in a totally mysterious-like way. Maybe this is what she meant when she's telling Flutters to watch out."

Bluenote tapped the ground with her left hind leg. "Hold on. How could Celestia have any idea about our little miss Flutters?"

Vinyl frowned. "That I dunno, buddy. That I dunno. What I do know of is that Flutters is in a state of meltdown."

Bluenote turned to the phoenix. "I don't envy you when Flutters gets back. You and her have to make up with each other."

The party mare's bubbly self bounced into action. "Now that's what I'm talking about! Scrawny faces and bleeding hearts are just no fun."

Lyra looked at Rainbow Dash. "So I guess..."

Octavia filled in on the trailing sentence. "I guess that we should get involved with this air show, let Philomena do what she wanted to do since she is about to die and all, and hopefully calm Fluttershy down about all of this misunderstanding."

"Why don't we go after her!?" Medley was rather serious about trying to mend bleeding hearts.

"Miss Medley, we can't outfly or outrun an angry Fluttershy." Lyra was rather reflective when she raised her point. "You have no mean to outfly her, and she may be anywhere. Our best choice is to wait for her at Ponyville. She'll be back, she has to come back for Philomena here." Lyra waved her hoof at the bird that had faded in luster, but still fiery in its spirits.

"But she's bound to be in Cloudsdale!" Medley protested.

"Only to be gone in a flash, Medley." Bluenote mused. "She won't be staying there long enough for you to get to her."

"Now. Back to business." Rainbow Dash coughed to catch the ponies' attention.

"Rainbow Dash sure takes fun seriously." Bluenote whispered out to Scootaloo.

"Rainbow Dash doesn't go halfway with anything that she sets her mind to do, that's why!" The flightless pegasus declared.

"My air show. Think we can run some venues on the ground and stuff. Make it a carnival or something."

The entrepreneurial brains of Medley and Rarity went into overdrive, as they spoke in unison. "Go on, tell us more."

Rainbow Dash really wanted something special to be done for the phoenix. "Yea. Set up venues, viewing platforms, run games and whatnot. Be great, ponies are happy. Good sendoff for my buddy here and all. Might as well as to make this thing big!"

"A party to end all parties! Until the next party after that!" The pink mare's blood boiled in anticipation.

"All right then! I'll get radio broadcast and stuff going." Vinyl was immediately thinking of how such an air show would be run. "We might as well as to pull in some bits, and go all the way to Tartarus with it!"

Octavia spoke next. "Lyra, Bluenote and I will look for Fluttershy. I have a bad feeling that she'll be back on the day of the festival. Don't ask me how. I just do."

Medley liked the idea enough. "Well then, let's get to it.”

Philomena looked content. She lifted one of her wings, as flamboyantly as she ever were, and motioned for attention.

“Whacha got for us there...”

The bird began to sing.

(Cue birds)


Ponyville amphitheatre was bustling with activities.

The venue and the surrounding area had become the center stage for the air show. The seats were quickly becoming filled by fillies and colts from the town and the surrounding countryside. It was clear that the event clearly did garner the interest of ponies all around the area.

Medley was busy working with Vinyl and Rainbow Dash in the choreography of the whole show, and that she also had a part to play as one of the wingmares for the aerial stunts to be played out for the air show. The mare was listening to the cyan pegasus as she gave her the last minute briefing about how she wanted the movements to be executed.

Octavia, Bluenote and Lyra were making the rounds at the venues. The three of them had not heard from Fluttershy at all, and they were getting concerned about Fluttershy's emotional state, and the physical state of Philomena. As things stood, there was the likelihood that Philomena would expire before Fluttershy could return to Ponyville.


À deux cuartos,
Just two bits!
À deux cuartos,
Just two bits!
À deux cuartos,
Just two bits!
À deux cuartos,
Just two bits!

Des éventails pour s’éventer,
Fans to cool yourselves!
Des oranges pour grignoter !
Oranges to nibble!
Le programme avec les détails !
Programme with details!
Du vin! De l'eau! Binoculaire!
Wine! Water! Binocular!

Des éventails pour s’éventer,
Fans to cool yourselves!
Des oranges pour grignoter !
Oranges to nibble!
Le programme avec les détails !
Programme with details!
Du vin! De l'eau! Binoculaire!
Wine! Water! Binocular!

À deux cuartos,
Just two bits!
À deux cuartos,
Just two bits!
À deux cuartos,
Just two bits!
À deux cuartos,
Just two bits!

À deux cuartos,
Just two bits!
Señoras et caballeros !
Fillies and gentlecolts!

Des pommes, vite !
Some apples, quickly!

En voici !
Here you are!
Prenez, prenez, mesdemoiselles.
Take these, ladies!

Merci, mon Éléments, merci.
Thank you, Elements, thank you.

Celles-ci, señor, sont plus belles.
Sir, these are better!

À deux bits,
À deux bits,
Señoras et caballeros !
Fillies and gentlecolts!

Des éventails pour s’éventer,
Fans to cool yourselves!
Des oranges pour grignoter !
Oranges to nibble!
Le programme avec les détails !
Programme with details!
Du vin! De l'eau! Binoculaire!
Wine! Water! Binocular!

Holà ! marchand, des éventails.
Hey! I'll take a fan!

À deux cuartos,
Just two bits!
À deux cuartos,
Just two bits!
À deux cuartos,
Just two bits!
À deux cuartos,
Just two bits!

Voyez! À deux cuartos,
Look! Just two bits!
Señoras et caballeros !
Fillies and gentlecolts!

À deux cuartos,
Just two bits!
À deux cuartos,
Just two bits!
À deux cuartos,
Just two bits!
À deux cuartos,
Just two bits!

Voyez! Voyez!
Look! Look!

"Ladies and gentlecolts. This is DJ-PON3, your host for the day! It's time to be awesome."

Vinyl's voice could be heard from the loudspeakers placed above the amphitieatre.

"Get your hooves up, cause the show's gonna get started. You hear me!?"

The audience did a pony wave at that moment, with the schoolfillies giggling and crashing into each other as their forelegs flailed about.

The Crusaders were with Rarity, their teacher Cheerilee, and their schoolmates. They had front-row seats to the air show, and the little fillies and colts were not about to let that go wasted.


Les voici! Les voici!
They're here! They're here!
Voici la formation!
The formation is here!

Les voici! Les voici! Les voici!
Here they are! Here they are! Here they are!
Oui, les voici! La groupe de poneys!
Yes, they're here! The group of ponies!

Les voici! Oui, les voici!
Here they are! Yes, here they are!
Voici la passe-bas!
Here is the low pass!
La vol des aviateurs!
The flight of aviators!
Sur les ailes le soleil brille!
On the wings the sun gleams!
En l'air, en l'air, toques et sombreros!
In the air, in the air, caps and sombreros!
Les voici, voici la quadrille, etc.
Les voici! Les voici! La groupe de aviateurs, etc.
Here they are, here is the aviators, etc.

Vinyl had spotted Red Tape, her nemesis, the official that worked in the mayor's office, doing his round of inspections over the public square in front of the amphitheatre.

She didn't hold back in announcing his arrival.

Voici, débouchant sur la place,
Here, leading into the square
voici d'abord, marchant au pas,
Marching on legs, here at first.
l'officielle à vilaine face.
The official with his villainous face
Avec sa très longue liste
With his very long checklist.

À bas! à bas! à bas! à bas!
Down! Down! Down! Down!

À bas l'officielle!
Down with the official!

À bas! à bas! à bas! à bas!
Down! Down! Down! Down!

Oui! à bas! à bas! à bas!
Yes! Down! Down! Down!

À bas!

"Anyways, now here's something that's well worth looking at. Get your whistles out, cause hot broads of the weather team's gonna spice things up for you all!"

Vinyl scratch gestured to the aerial procession of the weathermares.

Et puis saluons au passage,
And now as they go by,
saluons les hardis chulos!
let's cheer for the bold broads!
Bravo! viva! gloire au courage!
Bravo! Hurrah! Glory to courage!
Voici les hardis chulos!
Here comes the bold broads!

Voyez les Météo-poneys,
Here comes the weather ponies,
voyez quel air de crânerie!
Look, what a swaggering air!

Voyez! voyez!
See them! See them!

Voyez quels regards, et de quel éclat
What looks, and how brilliantly
étincelle la broderie
their ornaments glitter

Voyez! voyez!
See them! See them!

de leur costume de combat!
on their fighting dress!
Voici les Météo-poneys!
Look! The weatherponies!

"And that's not all, folks. Turn your attention onto the ground!"

Vinyl asked the audience to look at the center stage.

Une autre troupe s'avance!
Another troop advances!
Une autre troupe s'avance!
Another troop advances!

Voyez les jouteurs!
Look at the jousters!
Ah! comme ils sont beaux!
Ah! How handsome they are!

Comme ils vont du fer de leur lance,
How they're going to, with the tip of their lances,
Harceler le flanc des poneys!
Pierce the flank of the ponies!

And then, the sound of cracking air could be heard from the skies above. Vinyl Scratch grinned widely, as she threw a hoof at the azure heavens.

"And here comes the sword!"

The sight of a diving cyan pegasus with rainbow trailing behind the mare greeted the audience.

The sword!

The sword!

The sword!

The sword!

Rainbow Dash! Rainbow Dash! Rainbow Dash! Rainbow Dash!


(Rainbow Dash enters with Philomena)

C'est L'Espada, la fine dame,
It is L'Espada, the fine lady,
celui qui vient terminer tout,
She who comes to end it all,
qui paraît à la fin du drame,
who appears at the end of the drama,
et qui frappe le dernier coup!
And who wraps the last blow!

Vive Rainbow Dash! Vive Rainbow Dash!
Long live Rainbow Dash! Long live Rainbow Dash!
Ah, bravo!
Ah, bravo!

Les voici! Oui, les voici!
Here they are! Yes, here they are!
Voici la passe-bas!
Here is the low pass!
La vol des aviateurs!
The flight of aviators!
Sur les ailes le soleil brille!
On the wings the sun gleams!
En l'air, en l'air, toques et sombreros!
In the air, in the air, caps and sombreros!

Rainbow Dash! Ah, bravo!
Rainbow Dash! Ah, bravo!
Rainbow Dash! Ah, bravo!
Rainbow Dash! Ah, bravo!

Vive Rainbow Dash! Ah, bravo!
Long live Rainbow Dash! Ah, bravo!

The programme break of the show came, and Rainbow Dash had decided to have a word with Philomena.

(Cue orchestra)

Si tu m'aimes, Mena, tu pourras, tout à l'heure,
If you love me, Philomena, you will be able soon
être fière de moi! Si tu m'aimes, si tu m'aimes!
To be proud of me! If you love me, if you love me!

Ah! je t'aime, Rainbow Dash,
Ah! I love you, Rainbow Dash,
je t'aime et que je meure,
I love you, and may I die,
si j'ai jamais aimé quelqu'un autant que toi!
if I have ever loved anyone as much as you!

Rainbow Dash looked out at the arena. She had an audience to impress.

Bravo, bravo, RAINBOW DASH!
Rainbow Dash, bravo !

"And here comes the mayor! Looks like just about everypony's here!" Vinyl proudly proclaimed over the speakers.

Place, Place!
Make room! Make room!
place au Seigneurita de Ville!
for her Ladyship, the mayor!

Pas du bousculade! Regardons passer
No jostling! Let's watch her pass
et se prélasser notre aimable alcade!
and make space for our amiable mayor!

(The entourage of the mayor enter and go into the arena.)

Philomena withdrew to outside of the arena, as she rendezvous with Octavia. The three of them were very alarmed, and did not wish to see Philomena being near the area.

Mena, un bon conseil: Ne reste pas ici!
Philomena, a good advice: don't remain here!

Pourquoi, s'il te plaît?
Why, if you please?

Elle est là!
She is here!

Qui, donc?
Who, then?

Lui, Fluttershy! Dans la foule, elle se rôder; regarde!
Her, Fluttershy! In the crowd, she is lurking; look!

Prends garde!
Be on guard!

Je ne suis pas femme à trembler avant lui.
I am not a woman to tremble before her.
Je l'attends, et je vais lui parler.
I'll wait for her, and I will talk to her.

Mena, crois-moi, prends garde!
Philomena, believe me, be on guard!

Je ne crains rien!
I am afraid of nothing!

Prends garde!
Be on guard!

Philomena had decided to meet her destiny, which was coming to her in the form of a vicious pegasus.

The sight of a battered, ragged, haggard, disheveled and desperate mare appeared before Philomena. If anything, Fluttershy looked to be the one that was in dire strait instead of the dying phoenix.

The phoenix sang to the incoming mare.


C'est toi!
It's you!

C'est moi!
It is I !

L'on m'avait avertie que tu n'étais pas loin,
they warned me that you were not far off,
que tu devais venir.
that you were supposed to come.
L'on m'avait mème dis de craindre pour my vie.
They even told me to fear for my life.
mais je suis brave, et n'ai pas voulu fuir.
but I am brave, and didn't want to flee.

Je ne menace pas, j'implore, je supplie!
I am not threatening, I implore, I plead!
Notre passé, Mena, notre passé, je l'oublie!
Our past, Mena, our past, I will forget it!
Oui, nous allons tous deux
Yes, we are going , both of us
commencer votre traitement,
to start your treatment,
loin d'ici, dans ce lieu très.!
Right here! In this very place.

Tu demandes l'impossible!
You are asking the impossible!
Mena jamais n'a menti;
Philomena has never lied;
son âme reste inflexible;
her soul remains inflexible;
entre elle et vie tout est fini.
between her and life all is finished.
Jamais je n'ai menti;
Never have I lied;
Cette vie, tout est fini.
This life, it is all but finished.

Fluttershy was trembling as she whimpered before the phoenix.

Mena, il est temps encore,
Philomena, there is time still
oui, il est temps encore - ô ma Mena,
yes, there is time still - oh, my Philomena,
laisse-moi te sauver, toi que j'adore.
Let me save you, you whom I adore.
Ah! laisse-moi te sauver et me sauver avec toi!
Ah! let me save you and save myself with you!

Non! je sais bien que c'est l'heure,
No, I know well that it is the hour,
je sais bien que je vais mourir maintenant.
I know well that I die right now.
mais que je vive ou que je meure,
but whether I live or whether I die,
non, non, non! je ne te céderai pas!
no, no, no! I will not give in!!

Mena, il est temps encore, etc
Philomena, there is still time, etc.

Pourquoi t'occuper encore
Why do you occupy yourself still
d'un vie qui n'est plus à toi!
With a life which no longer yours?
Non, ce vie n'est plus à toi.
No, this vie no longer belongs to you.
En vain tu dis: "Je t'adore!"
In vain you say: "I adore you!"
Tu n'obtiendras rien, non, rien de moi,
You will obtain nothing, no nothing from me,
Ah! c'est en vain,
Ah! It's in vain,
Tu n'obtiendras rien, rien de moi!
You will obtain nothing, nothing from me.

Tu ne m'aimes donc plus?
You don't love me, then, any longer?
Tu ne m'aimes donc plus?
You don't love me, then, any longer?

Oui, je ne t'aime plus.
Yes, I still love you.

Mais moi, Mena, je t'aime encore,
But, me, Philomena, I love you still,
Mena, hélas! moi, je t'adore!
Philomena, alas! me, I adore you!

À quoi bon tout cela? Que de mots superflus!
To what good all of this? What superfluous words!

Mena, je t'aime, je t'adore!
Philomena, I love you, I adore you!
Eh bien! s'il le faut, pour te plaire,
Well, then, if it is necessary, to please you,
Je resterai aimable., tout ce que tu voudras -
I will remain friendly, let you doeverything that you want -
tout! Tu m'entends, tout, tu m'entends, tout!
Everything! You hear me? everything!
Mais ne me quitte pas, ô ma Mena,
But don't leave me, oh my Philomena,
Ah! Souviens-toi, souviens-toi du passé!
Ah! Remember, remember the past!
Nous nous aimions, naguère!
We loved each other not long ago!
Ah! ne me quitte pas, Mena,
Ah! Don't leave me, Philomena,
Ah! ne me quitte pas!
Ah! don't leave me!

Jamais cet oiseau ne cédera!
This bird never yields!
Libre elle est née et libre elle mourra!
Free she was born and free she will die!

The crowd was going wild in the meantime, and their booming cries could be heard from where Philomena and Fluttershy stood.

"And Rainbow Dash clinched it on Raindrop's six! The scissors had done it! Bandit is down!"

The crowd heard Vinyl Scratch loud and clear.

Viva! viva! la vol est belle!
Viva! Viva! The flight is beautiful!
Viva! sur le ciels blue
Viva! on the blue skies.
le Pégase, le Pégase s'élance!
the pegasus, the pegasus charges!
Voyez, voyez, voyez, voyez!
Look, look, look, look!
Le Pégase pourchassés
The Pegasus which is being chased
En bondissant s'élance, voyez!
(Suddenly) bounding, charges, look!
Arrêté juste, juste en plein terre!
Stopped exactly right, right on the ground!
Voyez, voyez, voyez! Victoire!
Look, look, look! Victory!

(On hearing Victoire, Philomena takes a step in the direction of the arena)

Où vas-tu?
Where are you going?

Leave me alone!

Cet poney qu'on acclame, c'est va être votre tueur.!
That pony they're acclaiming is going to be your killer!

Laisse-moi! Laisse-moi!
Leave me alone! Leave me alone!

Sur mon âme, tu ne passeras pas, Mena,
By my soul, you will not pass by, Philomena,
C'est moi que tu suivras!
It is I whom you will follow!

Laisse-moi, Fluttershy, je ne te suivrai pas.
Leave me alone, Fluttershy. I will not follow you.

Tu vas le retrouver. Dis, tu l'aimes donc?
You 're going to find her. Tell me- you love her then?

Je l'aime! Je l'aime et devant la mort mème,
I love her! I love her and before death itself,
je répéterai que je l'aime!
I will repeat that I love her!

Viva! viva! Le vol est belle!
Viva! Viva! The flight is beautiful!
Viva! sur le ciels blue
Viva! on the blue skies
le Pégase, le Pégase s'élance!
the pegasus, the pegasus charges!
Voyez, voyez, voyez, voyez!
Look, look, look, look!
Le Pégase pourchassés
The Pegasus which is being chased
En bondissant s'élance, voyez!
(Suddenly) bounding, charges, look!

Ainsi le salut de vous vie
So much for the salvation of your life;
je l'aurai perdu pour que toi,
I will have lost it because of you
pour que tu t'en ailles, infâme,
so that you can run away, vile creature,
entre ses ailes, rire de moi!
and in her wings, laugh at me !
Non, par le sang, tu n'iras pas!
No, by my blood, you will not go!
Mena, c'est moi que tu suivras!
Philomena, it is I whom you will follow!

"Look! Over there! Fluttershy's..."

Lyra was screaming at Bluenote and Octavia, who were guarding the entrance.

The three of them went into full gallop as they see Fluttershy towering over the ever so defiant phoenix, with such a figure that it looked as if she would have the phoenix devoured before any pony could stop her.

The whole world was a blur, with a frenzy of activities going around them. There was the adoration of Rainbow Dash, the hollering vendors, the sound of hoofsteps.

None of these entered into the slow-motion of the three mares, as they can only hear Philomena and Fluttershy conducting their final duet.

Non, non! Jamais!
No, no ! never!

Je suis las de te menacer!
I am weary of threatening you!

Eh bien! frappe-moi donc, ou laisse-moi passer!
Well then! strike me then, or let me pass!


Pour la dernière fois, phénix, veux-tu me suivre?
For the last time, Phoenix, will you to follow me?

Non, non! Cette vie, autrefois,
No, no! This life- once
J'ai vécu ... là!
have lived... there!

(Philomena tore out a feather)

Eh bien, damnée!
Well then, you are damned!

Fluttershy lunged herself upon Philomena, while letting out a primal war cry that could rend souls. The howling voice had utterly terrified the three mares, and this white alicorn that appeared all of a sudden.

The scene ended with a huge explosion.

The world had stopped at that moment.

"And she kills it. Sonic Rainboom, everypony. The Sword had done it! The one and only, Rainbow Dash!" Vinyl Scratch was ecstatic over the intercom.

(cue orchestra)
(cue choir)

Aviateur, en garde! Aviateur! Aviateur!
Aviator, on guard! Aviator
Et songe bien, oui, songe en combattant
And dream away, yes dream in combat,
Qu'un oeil vaste te regarde,
That wide eyes are watching you,
Et que l'amour t'attend,
And may love await you,

A pile of black ash was all that remained of the once glorious phoenix.

L'ami t'attend!
Friend awaits you!

Fluttershy looked at her stunned friends, with hollowed, forlorn eyes. She wept as the aria came to its conclusion, as dusts of what was formerly that of a gorgeous phoenix fell from her hooves, and onto the ground.

Vous pouvez m'arrêter -c'est moi qui l'ai tuée!
You can arrest me - it is I who has killed her!

(throwing herself on the ground)

Ah! Carmen! ma Carmen, adorée!
Ah, Carmen! My Carmen, my adored one!

(Fluttershy screams to Rainbow Dash's contrail)

The mares were looking at the inadvertent pet killer with a look of pity and bewilderment.

Nopony really knew what to say or how to approach Fluttershy, but they felt that they should offer her some solace, yet they cannot find the momentum to act.

So they stood, waiting for something to change.

And something did change.

"All right, Philomena, time's up. You've been very mean to Miss Fluttershy here." The white alicorn walked to the pile of ashes that laid before the broken pegasus, as she commanded it to answer to her demands.

Suddenly, in a glorious blaze of fire, the phoenix rose from the ashes, renewed and reinvigorated.

The beautiful sight of the phoenix had rendered the mares surrounding Fluttershy stiff.

"That's the phoenix. It must renew itself, ending its old life so it can head out anew."

Celestia, the white alicorn, had a little more to say. "Philomena's my oldest friend, Fluttershy."

The white alicorn lifted her foreleg, and the phoenix landed herself to the foreleg accordingly.

Fluttershy had been completely baffled, and did not do anything except for fixing her gaze upon Philomena.

"So... she's been around for more than a thousand years?" Bluenote pointed to the bird.

"Why, yes. She had been my companion... but I've lost her when I couldn't heed to the calls friendship..." The alicorn thought back to her fall as she left her sentence trailing in mid-air."

Lyra was still trying to process what she had witnessed before her.

"So a phoenix's rebirth was no mere legend..."

The group stood around the phoenix, as they pondered about its lives and times.

"I... I..." The buttermilk mare was better composed. "I... that's why she... didn't fear the end... she wanted to welcome it bravely and happily."

"I'm sorry." The pegasus with flowing, pink mane dropped her head low as she lets loose tears of remorse.

The phoenix left Celestia, and landed over the shoulder of the pegasus.

"So you wanted to begin anew? Just like how Celestia and Luna? I see..." Fluttershy croaked as the phoenix conversed with her.

"Well, folks. We should go into the amphitheatre. Looks like Rainbow Dash's victory lap is about to start." Bluenote reminded the group. "You should meet up with her, Fluttershy. The drama's over."

Fluttershy nodded curtly. Her eyes, stinging from hot tears, were still moist, but the mare was no longer brooding. It's time to meet friends with love, and she was not alone in this journey.

The little bunny appeared then, and only to shrug at the sight of his benefactor. All's well that ends well, perhaps.

(close curtain)
(cue Seguidille)