Alchemy Vs. Magic

by The Real Darkness

First published

Edward and Alphonse landed into Equestria after trying out a theorized transmutation.

Edward and Alphonse stumbled upon an alchemist's world viewing transmutation theory.After crafting two stones to use for the transmutation and acquiring the necessary ingredients to carry it out, the brothers attempted it.But, did things turn out like they were supposed to?

FullMetal Alchemist crossover.

A hint of shipping included but not enough to put the tag on.It is much later on.I may decide to use it in this story.


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It was a clear and pretty normal day as the Elric brothers were out in a field.It could be called normal completely if they weren't about to try something extraordinary. A huge alchemical circle, being about fifty feet in diameter, that has never been used but, has been theorized were under them where they crouched with a green stone between them. The brothers were about to use alchemy in a way no one has before. The circle was placed in a patch of dirt they had cleared the grass from to
prepare for this transmutation about a week ago.

"Are you sure about this brother? We could get hurt."Alphonse stated obviously worry in his voice that echoed
due to the big plate armor.

"Positive. And stop fretting. We are about to make history!" Edward stated as he finished placing the alchemical
things required for the Equivalent Exchange that was theorized.

In each of the proper spots there were the basic elements for life. A tree was placed behind Edward to the right side of
him was a dead wolf. Across from that was a tub of water and behind Alphonse was a bucket full of different
basic foods.

"Finished!" Edward shouted as he walked back over and sat on his knees in front of his brother, "Ready, Al?"

"Ready as I will ever be, Ed." Alphonse said a little regretting as he remember he promise.

Edward clapped his hands together and placed his hands, as way as Alphonse's in corners that would make a square if there was a line. The green stone in the middle of it all shone brightly before floating.

"It's working!"Edward shouted ecstatic.

The simple elements clattered together above them as the stone hit them they disappeared and were replaced with a green glowing orb that the brothers looked up into.

It showed a small forest with some wolves that were made of...wood.

Alphonse was shocked as he started speaking, "So there really are other worlds."

"Wait something...isn't right." Edward said as the circle disappeared below them.

Static rippled over the brothers bodies as they were pulled toward the orb. Alphonse shouted.

"EDWARD!!!" as he was pulled into the orb and Edward followed.

"I'm coming for you Al!" his voice sounding very concerned, still being just sixteen years old.

They flew out of the sky about a yard up out of the green orb that disappeared soon after they entered.

"Where are we?" Edward asked as they scrambled to their feet as growling was heard all around them.

"I think we are in that world," Alphonse replied.

The wooden wolves appeared out of the trees and bushes.Edward quickly clapped his hands before he hit the
ground making rock under the ground form into a sword in his hand.

"Ready to fight again, Al?" Edward asked with a smirk on his face.

His brother raised his fist and took a combative stance. "Yep."

The wolves charged them. Alphonse grabbed one by its neck as he stepped aside.He quickly pulled its head off
making it go limp as he tossed it at one who was waiting for its turn.Both laid dead. Edward plunged the stone
sword down the throat of one cutting it in half as it made a jump for him. The wolf behind him landed a hit on his arm and hung for a moment when it bit. Edward ignored it but, still winced in pain, letting out a grunt. He quickly spun around slicing the last wolf killing it.

"Well now that's done, we should look for civilization." Edward stated as they walked on a dirt path they saw
a few paces away.

The journey out of the forest was quiet but they came upon a cottage after they exited the forest. Edward had
long discarded the sword and he ran up to the cottage a smile on his face and a bounce in his steps.

"Yes! CIVILIZATION!!!" He yelled laughing leaving Al to run up and catch up behind him as he knocked on the
cottage door it being night he wouldn't expect anyone to be awake.

A calm cute voice responded,"Just a minuuuttteee!"

The door opened revealing what is a pegasus and Edward had his mouth open wondering how the
creature talked and Al was stunned as well, but it couldn't be seen due to him not having a body.

The door quickly slammed shut as the pegasus saw them towering over her.

Alphonse was first to speak,"Please, Miss! Open up. We were attacked a moment ago and my brother managed to get
hurt." He was speaking the truth since Edward did manage to get bit on his flesh arm.

The door opened and the pegasus spoke again, "Then please do come in." she ushered them in noticing blood
with splinters in the shorter ones arm.

"Oh my. We better get you bandaged up right away." The pegasus which they were now able to inspect had a
yellow fur coat with pink hair that obscured half of her face.

The pegasus went to a closest and got some medical bandages as Edward already had the splinters out and took
off his red coat with the Alchemical symbol on it.

'This is some world.' Edward thought.

Chapter 1:Where the Hell are We!?

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After the wound was treated properly Edward already put his red coat back on and they decided to introduce themselves. Edward was first to speak.

"Anyways, I'm Edward Elric, The Fullmetal Alchemist. And that is Alphonse. My brother."Edward stated smiling.

"Well, glad to meet you two. I'm Fluttershy." the yellow pegasus stated clearly not afraid since they didn't harm her.

"So, where are we anyways?" Al asked wanting some answers.

"You are in Equestria. In Ponyville to be correct." Edward wore a shocked face.

"Al, do you know what this means?" He asked his brother.

"That not only we saw this world through the orb, but jumped the universe boundary and proved the theory." Al stated.

"Exactly. Anyways, Miss Fluttershy, we are from a planet in our world called Earth I am a state alchemist there." Edward stated knowing that she wanted to know,"And we are humans."

"Well, we should get to sleep it is nighttime and I can introduce you to my friends tomorrow." she said and the brothers both nodded.

"So, where will we sleep?"

"One of you can take the couch, but...I think the other we have to sleep on the floor, sorry." Fluttershy said having a sad tone for not being able to meet her guests needs.

"It's fine," Edward said as he yawned and laid back on the couch and Alphonse laid upon the bare floor,"We won't need blankets or anything you have already done enough for us."

Edward closed his eyes and Alphonse just laid there the red fading from his eye sockets.

"Goodnight." Fluttershy called and the brothers responded with the same words as she headed up the stairs and fell asleep in her own bed.

A rooster called at the crack of dawn and Edward sprung from the couch at the noise and yelled out the window with sleepy eyes.

"Shut up, you stupid chicken!" He plopped back down and Alphonse got up hearing things cooking. He headed into the kitchen to check it out and saw Fluttershy cooking some eggs with nothing else.

Alphonse spoke up walking over to her making loud metallic shuffles,"Good morning, Miss Fluttershy."

"Good morning, Alphonse.Sleep well?" At that moment Edward walked in rubbing his eyes.

"Yes, I slept well. How about you, brother?"

Edward responded in a better voice than before shouting at the rooster,"Could of slept better...But I'm fine."he said yawning halfway through it, as he made his way into the kitchen.

"That smells great!" Edward exclaimed.

"I'm glad you think so.It's fresh right from the coop." Fluttershy said before setting the last of the eggs on a plate.

"I thought you guys might be hungry after last night," She said laying the plates at the table,"So I made breakfast for you both..if that's alright."

"I think it's more than alright, its just so kind and you barely even know us," Alphonse said,"but, I'm not hungry this morning."

"Oh, um,"Fluttershy said thinking she messed up badly,"Are you sure? I would hate for it to go to waste."

"Positive, you and Ed can have mine."He said reassuring Fluttershy as he split the eggs evenly.

They all sat down at the table on pillows in which Ed thought was quite weird but, he didn't care.He was glad to eat so good.

As he finished, Fluttershy was half done. He let out some air before speaking,"That was delicious, Fluttershy. You really know how to cook." He smiled at her.

Fluttershy blushed, it barely visible under her coat,"T-thank you.."

They talked a little before heading out to meet Fluttershy's friends. As they walked Edward decided to say something.

"You know...I am not all flesh and blood."He said almost regretting what he said. He then remembered she saw it the night before and probably thought it was normal. He felt compelled to tell the truth.

"What do you mean?"Fluttershy asked.

"He means that his arm isn't actually an arm." Alphonse said, interrupting Edward before he said something stupid.

"It's automail. It helps me get around since I lost my arm."

Fluttershy started getting sympathetic towards Edward but, didn't decide to show it.

"So here we are at my friend's house and the library,"Fluttershy said and knocked on the door.

A purple unicorn answered her eyes wide as she saw Edward and Alphonse.

"Great! More explaining to do. I swear I will end up with a swollen throat or no vocal chords by the end of today." Edward said being the whining guy he is.

Chapter 2:Meeting the Bunch

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After they had finished explaining everything.Twilight, the purple unicorn, spoke up.

"So, you guys make potions.You are alchemists, right?"she inquired

"No, Al, show her what we do using equivalent exchange."Edward said.

"Right."Al replied.

In a short moment a block of wood was placed over a piece of parchment on the table.Alphonse raised his hands making static shoot down from his hand to the wood.The circle began to glow.

"What is he doing?"Twilight asked, hungry for knowledge

"He is trading the wood in to make it look like a different piece of wood.Equavilent Exchange,"Edward responded,"but, I have much more knowledge about using alchemy.For instance, I don't need alchemical circles for simple
and a little complex alchemy transmutations."He boasted the facts.

A cloud of smoke appeared and the circle stopped glowing.As the smoke cleared a small statue of Twilight
was in place of the block of wood.It was a perfect scale model.

"Wow!"Fluttershy and Twilight said together.

"There is plenty more we can do but we shouldn't waste things."Alphonse said

"Well, I should introduce you to my other friends as well, shouldn't I?"Fluttershy said

"Good idea.Want to get all this explaining out of the way."Edward said.

"Could you two come back someday and answer some questions about your world and yourselves?"

"Sure."Alphonse replied.

They all said their goodbyes and headed deeper into Ponyville.All of the pony citizens ran away,walked faster, or gave them confused looks.Few ignored them.

They arrived at a purple and white high style house.

"My friend, Rarity, lives here.She makes dresses maybe she could make some clothes for you Alphonse."Fluttershy said in her low volume voice.

Al raised his hands,"Uh, no.I rather like this armor."

"Okay then."Fluttershy replied then knocked on the door.

"Cooomme innnnn!"a beautiful voice called from inside and Fluttershy opened the door making a bell ring.

the voice spoke once more after the three were inside,"Welcome to the Carousel Boutique, where everything is chique and...AAAAHHH!"

The voice came from a pure white coated unicorn with a purple tail and mane both curled expertly.The unicorn then ran into a different room grabbing Fluttershy with her.

"Uhh, what just happened?"Alphonse said surprised at the unicorn.

The two heard speaking from the other room.

"Rarity...those are my friends.They aren't monsters."Fluttershy had said.

That same unicorn that had screamed when she saw Ed and Al opened the door slowly and spoke.

"So sorry, Dears.But, any friend of Fluttershy's is a friend of mine.Now what can I, Rarity, do for you two, er, gentlemen?"

"My brother, Edward, here needs some new sets of clothing.I'm Alphonse."Al had said.

"I was going to say that!"Edward yelled at his brother.

Rarity began to speak up,"Alright I will need your measurements, Edward, so if you will please remove your clothes.We can get started."

Edward's face grew hot as an obvious crimson blush washed over his face,"Uhh, isn't there another way?"

"No other way, Darling.Now hurry up."

In a few moments Edward was left in his all red boxers as his entire face was red and Rarity's only having a hint of red visible through her coat.Alphonse was left laughing on the floor.Rarity began to speak.

"Stop laughing at your brother or you might be next up here on the pedestal!"she scowled.

Alphonse not wanting to give away the secret shut up and stood up quickly,"Sorry, Ma'am."he said, regretting his actions.

"Well you have some manners unlike your brother,"Rarity stated as she worked.Fluttershy was looking away, too embarrassed to look at Edward.

"Edward, what are those metal parts on your arm and leg?"Rarity asked.

"Those are my leg and arm.It's automail.I lost my leg and arm so the automail acts as them in their place."Edward answered. The rest of the measurement taking went silently.

"That was...interesting..." Rarity said right after she finished.

"No comment."Edward simply said leaving Alphonse, Rarity, and Fluttershy to laugh.He then quickly donned his clothes.

After the measurements were taken they started to explain who they were to each other and how they got here.

"Alchemy, what is that?"Rarity asked obviously clueless.

"It's really cool...Edward why don't you show it this time?"Fluttershy spoke in her low volume voice.

"Alright."Ed agreed

Edward clasped his hands together then kneeled putting them on the floor.His red coat flared up as the static from the alchemical transmutation began.Nothing inside had changed.

"So, that's it just some static and light? How boring."Rarity said.

"Not quite, take a look outside." Edward told and the three went outside Edward having a smirk on his face.

All different colors of roses grew in front the boutique.One particularly huge one about the height of Fluttershy grew in the middle of the patch.Though around Ponyville some grass was missing from the law of equivalent exchange.

"Now what was that about it being boring?"Edward boasted.

"This is simply beautiful. Darling, you must do it again."Rarity said putting her hooves on Edward's chest.

"I could but we need to meet the rest of Fluttershy's friends."Edward said looking at something rainbow colored in the sky headed right toward them.

The pegasus figure spoke up as it crashed into him making him sprawl out on the ground,"Don't you hurt my friends, you monster!"

"Get off me!"Edward protested but the rainbow mane and tailed pegasus stood her ground.


"Fine," Edward clapped his hands with difficulty then placed them at his side on the ground.Static ripped through the ground,"Then I will get you off of me."

Grass in front of Edward's feet grew rapidly as it grappled the pegasus and pulled her off Edward.All the grass around him was missing, again, due to the law.Edward quickly got up clapped his hand again then touched the ground.The huge grass blades shrunk back into the ground and the dirt patches regrew the green common plant.

Fluttershy began to speak up,"Wow, Edward, that was amazing.But, this is another one of my friends, Rainbow Dash."

"Er, sorry then, Rainbow Dash.I'm Edward and that's Alphonse, my brother."He pointed to the huge set of armor.

"Then, what the hay are you?"Rainbow asked still angry after what Edward had done.

They explained again with all the details but not telling them about Alphonse being empty inside as they did with Fluttershy and Rarity.

"You already saw my alchemy.So, don't ask.Those roses are also my work."Edward said before Rainbow was
going to ask.

"Well, it's awesome.But, not as awesome as me!"Rainbow boasted.

"Whatever."Edward responded not caring. He knew that his alchemy was far superior than other people's and that it is far more astounding and cool than the cyan pegasus.

"We should go meet my other two friends..if you want that is."Fluttershy said to the brothers.

"Of course, we need to know some friends around here."Edward responded.

"Then, lets get going."Alphonse added in.

With that they said their goodbyes and were on their way back into the middle of town.

"You think Mustang misses our asses?"Edward said.

"Probably, without us he has no one to step on."Alphonse said.

"Well, I know I don't miss him."Edward said putting his hands behind his head.

"We're here."Fluttershy said as they arrived at a big house with candy decorations just like something out of a fairy tale.

"Interesting house."Alphonse said curiously.

"They sell dessert stuff here."Fluttershy said as she knocked on the door.

A Pink pony with color matching cotton candy puffs of hair answered the door and pulled all three of them in as she gasped.

"I know everyone in Ponyville and I never saw you before!We will be the best friends ever!I'm Pinkie Pie.But, just call me Pinkie.We need to throw you guys a welcome to Ponyville party!"The pink pony said all in one breath.

"We don't like parties much."Edward said.

"But, you have to have a welcome party everyone does."Pinkie Pie said.

"Thanks, but, we'll pass."Alphonse responded.

"Awww."Pinkie depressened but then lightened up.

"So, who are you aliens?"she asked

"Here we go again."Edward hung his head as he said it.

They all explained how they got here and what had happened.

"So, you're humans from another world?That's so cool!"Pinkie got so excited and bounced around.

"Anyways, we should meet Fluttershy's last friend.Then maybe we can figure out where we could stay."Alphonse said, wanting to get away from the hyper pony.

"Aww.Okay.Tomorrow come back here though, I want to talk some more!"Pinkie said.

They all said their goodbyes as they headed out to the edge of Ponyville.A farm was in sight.

"Its been a while since we have seen a farm."Edward said trying to strike up a conversation

"Kinda reminds you of home...doesn't it, Ed."Alphonse said

Soon after they had a reminding flash of that fateful night.When Alphonse became what he was and Edward lost an arm and a leg.

"Are you guys okay?"Fluttershy looked back and saw they were dragging along and Ed had a frown on his face.

It quickly disappeared and returned with a fake smile."Yeah we're fine."They ran up to her as she called out to an orange pony with two buckets of apples on her sides.

"Howdy, Fluttershy!Ya got some friends there?"the pony called

"Yeah, the big one is Alphonse and then he's Edward."Fluttershy pointed to Al then Edward.

"Well, Howdy there!I'm Applejack", the orange mare said depositing the apples in a cart before coming back and sticking out her hoof to each of them.

They shook hard.Alphonse didn't move much because of his armor while Edward shook hard not weighing anywhere near his brother.

"I'm Edward."

"And I'm Alphonse."

"So, I git ta' feelin' you folks aren't from round' here."Applejack stated.

This time Fluttershy did the explaining.After it was all done they met the rest of the family.

"So, what's this alche-ma-jigger thing you are talking about?"Applejack asked.

"Yeah, I want ta' see it."Applebloom said.

"Eeyup."Big Macintosh chimed in while Granny Smith just stayed quiet, rocking in her chair.

"Alright, I guess I could show you something,"Edward said.

A moment later they were all outside in front of the barn which wasn't in the best condition.Edward clasped both his hands together for a moment.He then pointed them to the barn making it light up glowing with alchemical static as patches and holes from over the years started closing up and a pile of firewood next to the barn slowly disappeared.Half of the firewood was gone when it was completely repaired.

"Easy as pie,"Edward boasted.

Applejack's mouth was open, Big Mac's wheat piece fell from his mouth, and Applebloom was jumping up
shouting about how cool it was.

"That's som' fancy stuff ya did there, Edward,"Applejack said.

"It was nothing, we had to do a lot more than just that before."Edward responded.

"Well, ya'll are welcome down here anytime ya want."Applejack said.

"Actually...They do need a place to stay,"Fluttershy said.

"Well, then its okay fer them ta' stay in the barn,"Applejack said.

"Eeyup,"Big Mac agreed.

"We gladly accept,"Alphonse said cutting his brother off as soon as he opened his mouth.

"Until we find some other place we can stay,"Edward chimed in.

"Well ya'll can just use the hay for some beds if ya wish,"Applejack offered.

"We probably will,"Edward responded.

With that they said their goodbyes until the two brothers would come back to sleep.Fluttershy started to speak.

"So, why do you guys want to come back to my cottage with me...if you don't mind me asking."

"We owe you for helping my brother and giving us a place to sleep."Alphonse said.

"So, we'll keep you company and help you ou--"Edward was cut off by a loud growl and saw the animals all run inside Fluttershy's cottage.

"AL!"Edward called

"On it!"Alphonse responded and ran to the back of the cottage.

Alphonse came running back as a huge star bear was chasing him.

"BROTHER!!!"Al shouted very loudly.

"Fluttershy go get your friends we will need help with"Edward clasped his hands and touched the ground and pulled a huge lance from the ground and tossed it to his brother.Al caught it while Fluttershy ran out to Ponyville.Edward himself pulled out his signature spear made from the ground transmutating the rocks into steel while he did.

"Let's go Al!"

Chapter 3:The Truth

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Alphonse turned around to face the bear and Edward ran up to his side as the bear came at them.

Edward cartwheeled to the right avoiding the giant paw slamming down on him.The start bear then moved the same paw towards Alphonse.Alphonse knew he couldn't move as fast as his brother so he stuck out the lance and the huge bear drove his paw into the lance.The bear pulled back out roaring in pain as Edward was on its back while it was distracted.Fluttershy's friends arrived watching the two brothers trying to fend off the bear.

"An Ursa Minor!"Twilight screamed,"are you guys CRAZY!?"

"Nope!Just really skilled,"Edward responded then turned to his brother while he held on for his life not wanting the bear to throw him off,"I got a plan.Make a transmutation circle, a big one, while I keep cranky here busy."

Alphonse ran off and Twilight screamed at Edward,"Get down from it!"

"Not in your life!"Edward shouted as he was thrown from the bear landing on his back sliding a little.

"EDWARD!"All the mares shouted.

"I'm fine.I just need to distract him a little longer until Al finishes the circle he is almost done."Edward stumbled, pulling himself up to his feet.

"You aren't in any condition to fight!"Fluttershy said loud but didn't yell.

"Like hell.I'm not losing to this bear!"Edward said as he was dodging and slicing his paws when he got out of their way with his spear.

Edward got hit hard when the paw swung backwards at him slamming him on the ground while he was busy looking at Al.

Alphonse yelled,"Brother, I have it done."

"That's just dandy!"Edward yelled back.

Twilight had shot a magic bolt at the bear's nose distracting it before it finished off Edward.The bear roared in agony and turned itself to Twilight.Twilight and the others had a worried look on their face.Edward ran over to Alphonse.

"You're abandoning us!?"Rainbow Dash yelled.

"After all we did for ya'll!"Applejack chimed in.

Edward arrived with his brother and they knew what to do.Edward clapped his hands and they both placed their hands on the circle.The circle glowed bright blue attracting attention from the town.The citizens were already walking towards them.A huge rock fist sprouted from the ground and nailed the bear in its stomach sending it far into the air.Another hand rose right up out of the ground and caught the bear holding it in place firmly.The two brothers were running back.

"I would never abandon my friends!And we just save your asses!"Edward shouted.

Unfortunately Alphonse tripped over a popped up stone.Upon crashing down in front of them his helmet fell off.All of the town had already headed back in their homes in pure fear, seeing the Ursa Minor.The six mares saw nothing inside the armor but the blood seal as Alphonse quickly stood up.

Twilight was first to speak,"Wha-what is he?Is that a monster!?"she was demanding an answer.

Fluttershy just bolted into the cottage scared.

Edward began to speak,"I guess you all should know wh---"

Rainbow Dash interrupted,"What you are!?You're monsters that's what!"

Alphonse spoke as he picked up his helmet,"If we were we would of attacked you by now.Let my brother speak,"He put on his helmet snapping it back into place.The red glow of eyes returned to the sockets.

In a moment they were all in Fluttershy's cottage.Edward was explaining.

"When our mother died.We couldn't bear it.We decided to try and bring her back."

"When we tried the forbidden transmutation what came back wasn't our mother.But Alphonse was seeing through the eyes of whatever it was."Edward continued

Fluttershy spoke up,"Was that what you were thinking about when we were on our way t-to Applejack's?"

"Yes."this time Alphonse responded.

"Anyways,when we did the transmutation.I lost my left leg."

All of the ponies in the room gasped and felt sympathetic.

"But, Al.He lost his entire body.I made the blood seal in his armor that you saw in the armor earlier.It binds his soul to the armor.If its rubbed he could die."

Fluttershy walked over to Al and hugged him awkwardly,"You poor, poor guys."

"I lost my right arm to bind his soul.That's how..."Edward rolled up his black pants and took his right glove off and rolled the same sleeve up.The automail showed.

"I got automail."

The mares gasped again seeing the fake limbs.Fluttershy walked over to him and hugged him to,"You both have been through a lot.We should help you."

"No, it's out burden to bear.We were trying to get our bodies back the way they were using the philosopher's stone.It's an alchemy enhancer."Alphonse spoke giving out too much information.

"But it required..."Edward said looking down at the ground to his left.Fluttershy already had let go of them.

"Required what?"Pinkie asked curious.

Alphonse spoke in a quiet tone,"Human souls."

The room went quiet for a long while until Edward spoke up,"Now you know our story."

"You poor dears!"Rarity spoke aloud.

The sun had just gone down.

Applejack was next to speak,"It's already dark out.Maybe we should stay tha' night here at Fluttershy's?"

Rainbow Dash also spoke,"Sounds like a plan to me."

"Yay!Sleepover at Fluttershy's!"Pinkie exclaimed.

The rest just nodded and Edward spoke up.

"I can't move much...That bear took a toll on my back.It's so sore."

They all got out blanket and pillows to sleep on.Alphonse didn't need anything as he didn't have hunger, thirst, or comfort needs.They let Edward take the bed knowing his injuries.

Rainbow Dash, Applejack, Alphonse, Pinkie Pie, Twilight, and Edward were downstairs.Rarity was sleeping in Fluttershy's bed with her since she needed her 'beauty sleep'.

All of them went to sleep fast but, Edward stayed awake.He wandered outside quietly.

"I hope we get home soon.I hate to imagine what the humonculus are up to."He said to himself.

"What's a humonculus?"Fluttershy said from behind him.

Edward jumped before he turned around facing the door seeing the pegasus.

"Its a monstrosity created when an alchemist tries to create another life through alchemy.As a result of their sin."Edward said and continued,"But don't worry about it.I guess you couldn't sleep could you?"

"Nope, I kept thinking about you two.It must be horrible to not see your friends."Fluttershy said a little depressed.

"Don't worry about it,"Edward said as he crouched to meet Fluttershy in the eyes,"They know we get in many situations much dangerous than that bear from yesterday."He rubbed her head.

Fluttershy blushed a bit from his touch, not used to it.She hid behind her mane before speaking,"We should head back inside...if you want that is."

"Of course."Edward responded and held the door open for her and she went in and walked upstairs to her room not saying another word.Edward then laid back down.

"Something..doesn't feel right."Edward said to himself before he went to sleep.

Chapter 4:Meeting the Sun and Moon with Fun and Goons

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The same rooster crowed signaling it being early morning.Edward was first to speak again.

"I hate that stupid bird!"He shouted.

"Calm down, Ed."Alphonse had stood up and the other ponies were getting up while Edward just sat up.

Alphonse had decided to start breakfast to help repay Fluttershy and the others for helping them settle into their world.Once all the food has been served, everyone was down at the table eating except for Rarity who was still getting her 'beauty sleep'.Twilight was first to talk.

"Yesterday, I sent a letter explaining about you guys to the Princesses and they want to meet both of you."

"Didn't expect a monarchy here."Alphonse responded.

"I wonder how this government worked out so well."Edward wondered, not wanting an answer back

Pinkie had a big smile on remembering what she had planned for when they get back.She oddly remained silent.

"You guys better go see her as soon as you can."Applejack stated.

"Yeah.But, we want to know how your magic works."Al replied.

"Oh, that's easy.We just focus it in our horns form within ourselves."Twilight said.

"Still confusing...but its magic.Can't explain it in depth easy."Edward said.

"Well magic comes from within, darling,"Rarity said as she came down the stairs,"Oh and I should have you a few sets of your clothing by tomorrow."

"Good morning, Rarity,"Fluttershy said.

"Good morning you all."Rarity responded.

Everyone else said good morning to her while Edward just nodded.

"Damn!"Edward shouted as he ran up from the table his food finished a long time ago,"I forgot about the bear!"

Edward ran out of the cottage fast and towards the stone fist.Many of the citizens were already over there speaking about it.

"Good it is still there."Edward puffed out a breath as his brother, Twilight, Rainbow Dash, and Fluttershy caught up to him.

"HEY!"Ed shouted to the ponies very loud making them all turn to see him,"Stand back!"

Edward clapped his hands and a glowing ring formed around him.He pointed them towards the arm of the fist.Alchemical static went from his hands and bounced all over the fist before it grew longer and towards the forest stopping above the ground in the center of it.The stone fingers uncurled releasing the now startled awake bear before the fist grew all the way back and disappeared into the ground.Edward then did the same to the fist that was used to send the bear into the air making it disappear into the soil.He let out a breath and kneeled on a knee his head hanging down but his ponytail remained laying on his back.

"Brother, you okay?"Alphonse said walking up beside Ed helping him up.

"Yea, just tired from using that much alchemy."

The townspeople were talking even louder now mostly about Edward.

"Well while they are busy we should head to...wherever your Princesses are.We don't want to attract attention again in town."Alphonse said.

"Good idea,"Applejack agreed.

They went back to the cottage and soon they headed for the train station to Canterlot.As they arrived Twilight gave them their tickets using magic and they boarded the first class train.

"How many times have we been on a train, Al?"Edward asked smirking.

"Too many times."Alphonse responded laughing a little.

A shadow was seen in the distance a woman clad in black from far away as the train started.

"Edward, is something troubling you, deary?"Rarity asked as she sat down next to him.

"It's nothing just that train rides can be boring."He made up an excuse.

"Okay, Darling.If you need to talk about something just let us know."She said still a bit concerned for him as she got up and left them.

"Al."Edward whispered hiding it with his mouth.

"Yes?"Al said in the lowest volume possible for him.

"Did you see her?"

"What, Lust?"

"Yea. she was there a moment ago."He looked back at the window and she was gone.

"I did.She probably wants to mess with us."Alphonse responded.

"Well, I am getting some sleep.That damned chicken robbed me of it."Edward complained as he climbed into a bed in the train car.

He slept until Twilight had come over to him and woke him up.They were at the trains station in Canterlot of course.The minute they stepped off everyone looked over at them with confused and frightening looks or they just ran away.Two guards were there to escort them all to the castle.

"Wow this place is huge.Probably just as big as Central."Alphonse stated.

"Speaking of central..I wonder if Armstrong misses us."Edward said

"Probably does,"his brother continued,"He does seem to care about us a lot."

"Who is Armstrong?"Pinkie asked.

"He is in the military back on our world, like me.His full military name is Major Armstrong so he is equal to us since a State Alchemist is treated as such rank."Edward answered.

"He is also...very buff and has the biggest muscles you would ever see."Alphonse stated.

The rest of the way was quiet and the two brother just kept marveling at things.When they arrived at the castle, Edward had opened his mouth...

"DAMN!That place is huge!"he yelled pointing at the castle his mouth wide open.Alphonse shut it for him.

One of the guards began to speak,"Please keep quiet on castle grounds, sir."

"Sorry."Edward apologized, while some of the mares giggled.

They were lead inside to the throne room for the audience.The six ponies bowed as did the guards.The guards slowly back away when they bowed and Edward and Alphonse bowed as well a little late just to copy what the others did.

A motherly tone spoke,"Rise, my little ponies."

The six mares rose and the brothers rose as well.

"Hello, I am Princess Celestia and this is my sister, Princess Luna."the huge pure white coated alicorn answered.

"Charmed."The deep blue coated alicorn said with the same flowing mane as her sister except of being a vibrant green pink and blue it was just a deep blue and sparkled like the night sky.She stuck out her hoof and the two brothers shook it smiling.

"I'm Edward Elric.Nice to meet you as well."

"And I'm Alphonse Elric his brother.Pleasure to meet you."he said with a small upper body bow.Alphonse was always more mannered than his brother.

"My sister and me have not been able to find you boys a way home.We searched through the whole library archives.Sorry, but we can't get you back home."Princess Celestia said with a frown.

"Don't worry about it."Alphonse said.

"Yea, we kinda like it here."his brother chimed in.

"I trust you won't hurt any of my little ponies."Celestia once spoke again.

"You have our word."the brothers both said.

A familiar voice spoke up from behind them,"And you have mine as well."

"Is tha--"Alphonse was cut off.

" is her."Edward answered as everyone turned around to see a woman clad in a black suit fall from the ceiling.

"Hello, boys,"she said in a calm low voice,"happy to see me?"

"The tattoo of the Ouroboris!"Alphonse noticed.

"Then it really is you, Lust!"Edward yelled at the woman.

"You know her?"Princess Luna asked.

"Yeah, she is a homonculus."Al stated.

"Created when an alchemist tries to create life.They're monsters."Edward explained.

"She must have followed you here then."Rainbow dash said as she and the others took fighting stances.

"Don't you worry your little heads off,"Lust said then looked at the brothers,"I'm only here for them."

"It's a shame you don't have Wrath,Gluttony, or Envy here!"Edward taunted,"You can't handle us alone!"

"Yeah!"Alphonse chimed in.

Edward then clapped his hands together and drew it back over his right arm transforming a piece of the metal on the automail into a fixed blade.

"I still wish we had someone here with us...even Greed I would accept.We still have a good chance of dying here."Edward stated.

"So he did miss all of us?"Another familiar voice was heard.

"Greed!"the brothers chimed in.

"Is he another one of those humoncu-whatever?"Applejack asked.

"Yep.And believe it or not.He is our friend sorta..."Alphonse said

"So how you been kid?And what about you Lust?"Greed asked and took off his round sunglasses.

"Oh, I have been fine."Lust said.

"We are even better now that you are here, Greed.Not that we were going to do well on our own."Edward said.

"Oh, is that so?I'm touched,"Greed said with a laugh,"I guess I will help you fight, kid.I do have a grudge against Lust. "

"So let's get down to business then!"Edward said as he charged,"Princesses don't fight we can take them."

"Hardly fair."Lust mocked standing where she was,"I'm will need help then.Wrath come down now."

Edward stopped in his tracks as a young boy pale white except for his right arm and left leg came down from the ceiling.Greed didn't move but just taken off his vest and showed his true form.A blue black skinned person with two huge teeth(fangs) and red linings all over him.The young boy began to speak.

"Hello, Edward.This time I will take your body for myself."he said smiling as he clapped his hands together and brought a sword from the wall lamp.

"Elements don't fight."Princess Celestia commanded.

"But, we need to help them.Why not?"Rainbow Dash asked.

"Because you'll be dead.These guys don't mess around!"Edward yelled.

"Let's start this game shall we?"Greed stated not much of a question as he rushed Lust blocking her growing fingers that were turned into blades.

Wrath bolted toward Edward and they locked their weapons in combat, fighting furiously dodging and blocking each other.Alphonse charged at Lust as well blocking her attacks with the thick metal on his arms.

"Die.Die!DIE!"Wrath shouted as he rushed towards Edward who bounded away earlier.

Wrath brought the sword down vertically and Edward kart wheeled to the side before clapping his hands hitting them on his back which caused alchemical static since he moved the particles that would let Wrath heal back fast.Wrath then screamed and spun around swinging the sword fast.Edward ducked then stuck the arm blade right through his back to which Wrath's blood went down his shirt and Edward's arm.Edward pulled back but was too late and got caught in his flesh arm by the Wrath's sword.

"I'll make you pay..."Wrath said as he started squirming on the ground before having a face of agony on him permanently.

"One down...One to go..."Edward said as he looked over to see Alphonse and Greed struggling to kill Lust.

The ponies in the room were watching carefully as the guards and shining armor broke through the throne room door.Wrath began to throw up the red stones before he melted into the liquid and back into the floor.

"Princess!"Shining armor shouted as he saw the three fighting the woman clad in black.

"Shining Armor stay back and don't let the guards fight."Celestia said.

"Why!?We must fight them off."Shining armor shouted to be heard against the clanging of metal.

"Because we will experience casualties if you do fight."Luna said.

"AL!!!"Edward saw Lust stretch a finger through his chest armor then slice it off.

"You BITCH!!!"Edward shouted as he charged Lust and Greed smiled from far since he had been blown back.Greed had a small plan.

Lust didn't see him coming from behind fast enough and front flipped clasped his hands together and hit her head in which Lust shrieked in pain.Edward was about to stab her right through the skull but he hit greed instead and the arm blade just bounced off as it hit his diamond hard body.Greed had kicked Lust in the back of the head making her fall.He landed with the same foot on Lust's head making her head crush on the ground leaving her blood as she went away the same way Wrath did.Edward ran up to Alphonse with worry in his eyes as the floor was clean since their remains melted away.

"See ya, Kid.I got what I came for."Greed said as he jumped out the window and said back."I am heading to
that forest where we got here from."

Shining armor ran up to the princesses and the guards walked away back to their posts.There were rock walls and spikes everywhere from Edward and Wrath since they used alchemy.The other six ponies ran up to Edward over Alphonse which had his lower body detached from his upper body.

"Don't worry Al,"Edward said,"I will fix this."

With that he grabbed the lower half of his body and placed it perfectly and used his alchemy to fix him."Good as new." Edward said.He then looked around and started to fix the rock walls and spikes putting them back into the floor making more glows from alchemy.

"Who were they and who are those two, Princesses?"Shining Armor asked.

"Those were what seems to be Homonculus from the Elric brother's world."Celestia said

"And those boys over there are Edward and Alphonse.The armor is Alphonse and the short one is Edward."Luna answer the second question of Shining Armor.

"Who are you calling short!?"Edward shouted and raised his fist while Alphonse just laughed and the other
mares joined in.

They explained everything to the Princesses and Shining Armor.Luna even said they had saved all their lives.

"You both are welcome in Equestria."Celestia said and Luna just nodded her head.

"Well today turned out good.Don't you think Al?"Edward said to his brother.

"Except for the part when you almost got killed by Wrath.Yeah."The two laughed.

Chapter 5:Odd Feelings and Good Biddings

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It was late at night when the battle had finished so they decided that they would all sleep in Canterlot Castle. Edward and Alphonse shared rooms. A knock had come at their door when they finally got comfy.

"Come in." Edward said as he sighed

One of Luna's guards came in and spoke, "Edward, Princess Luna has sent for you." with that he left saying,

"Wonder what this could be about..." Edward pondered as he threw on his red coat.

"Beats me.But, you should find out." Alphonse said.

Edward remembered where Princess luna had gone and went down the corridor she had last night. There were few doors in it, but Edward continued on knowing that she was of important stature. And important stature means special treatment.He crossed a bridge staring down at the huge fall.He thought to himself,'Wouldn't want to fall...'.He went back inside the castle into one of its towers which held a sole door big and round. Edward knocked.

"Come in." Luna said behind the door.

Edward opened the door walked in calmy and asked, "What did you want to see me about?"

"I have sent for you...because I feel intrigued by your presence."

Edward's cheeks had a tint of red on them and he spoke, "So what you are saying..Is that YOU, a princess, likes

"Mhm." Luna responded with a blush.

"You got me...that was a good one there." Edward laughed.

"No, I mean it."

"What, I thought you would be joking."

"I am not."

"As flattered as I am..." Edward started his cheeks were ablaze, "I can't accept." with that he walked out of the room to be stopped by Luna.

"No, wait!"

"I'm sorry, princess." with that he left and Greed oddly stood outside the door.

"Well, kid. That must of been awkward." He said and Edward quickly clapped his hands and formed his arm blade. Greed continued,"Whoa, calm down. I'm just here to say that there seems to be. No. Fuckin'. Way. Home."

"You're joking." Edward said before using alchemy to seal the arm blade once again into his arm.

"Nope. Tried every logical way."


"Tell me about it. Anyways, kid, make the best of life you can here. See ya."

"GREED! Wait!" Edward called as he jumped off the bridge, "Dammit" Edward then headed back to the room.

When Edward arrived he clunked out on the bed and closed his eyes.Alphonse questioned him.

"So, what did she want?"

"Rather not talk about it." Edward said with a light tint to his cheeks remembering what Princess Luna was about to offer him.

"I think I can tell by your face."Alphonse said looking at him.

"Just shut up and go to bed..."Edward complained and went to sleep himself before Alphonse did.

Edward awoke shortly after he fell asleep thinking on Luna's offer.He thought aloud.

"Maybe I will accept her offer...But, I need to find Greed."Edward said quietly

He stood and grabbed his coat.He walked outside the room and performed alchemy on the wall making a door to match the design of the castle. He then performed alchemy again making stairs slowly form down the tower room that was shared with his brother. Once the stairs were finished the bedroom door opened.

"Ed, where are you going?" Alphonse inquired making Edward jump.

"To find Greed. Tell the others for me."

"Edward you shouldn--WAAIITT!!!" Alphonse called while his brother took down the stair fast.

About half an hour later Edward reached the bottom of the huge staircase and zoomed into the garden. Luckily
there were no guards, so he was safe there. He saw greed wearing his vest staring off into the woods surrounding
the garden. Edward ran up to him.

"Greed."he caught his attention.

Greed turned around,"What do you want now, kid?"

"What are you going to do, here, since we can't return to Earth?" Edward asked.

"What I planned to do on Earth. Milk this land for everything it's worth." Greed stated smiling with pure

"I can't let you do that." Edward said as he transmuted his arm blade.

"So, you're going to kill me? I don't think you can."Greed laughed.

"I can and will." Edward took a battle position.

"Then, let's begin." Greed said as he took off his glasses and dropped his vest to his right and showed his true

"Let's finish!" Edward shouted as he charged Greed.

They locked in combat greed would block with his shield that was really carbon made as hard as diamond. Edward clasped his hands then touched his arm blade. Nothing about it changed.He swung down upon Greed and it did something unheard of. His hand was cleaved off when Greed went to block Edward's swing. He screamed in pain. He then knocked Edward out more into the open area of the garden with his other hand. Edward grunted as he landed on his side. He stood shakily while greed was sealing the stub on his arm with carbon. Edward ignored the pain and ran up to him and ducked his punch then used alchemy on his chest. Greed howled in pain, as the particles were forcefully rearranged, then brought his handless arm onto Edward. Edward dodged to the left the pierced his chest and ripped to the side cutting the arm blade a path out.

"Not bad...kid. I didn't think you had it in you."

"I didn't either. But, I now know a way back to Earth." Edward said.

Greed coughed blood as he started to melt away,"And that is?"

"Using the alchemy transmutation I used to get here..." He answered.

""Greed said smiling as he completely melted through the ground.

Edward checked his pocket and the second green stone was there in the event that the transmutation wasn't arranged properly. Edward though 'perfect'. He then ran toward the tower and started going up the stairs as the sun was up when he reached the first step. Edward mentally cursed himself. He started to run up the stairs. By the time he got to the top and opened the alchemy made door the sun was up high enough for it to be about eight in the morning. He saw Alphonse walking down the corridor and caught up to him.

"Where ya going?"Edward asked.

"To the breakfast hall..."

"I found a way back to our world, Al."

"Really!? What is it?" Alphonse asked with eagerness.

"I'll tell you at breakfast."

"Awww, ok. Anyways, how's Greed?"Al asked.

"Dead. He wanted everything in Equestria. I couldn't let him do that."Edward said a little sad.

"Well, I guess you did what you had to do."


The brothers met up with Princess Luna. Luna had guided them down to the breakfast hall since the brothers had no idea where it was. When they arrived Alphonse went through first. Edward whispered in Luna's ear.

"I may decide to change my mind. I was too rash last night and didn't think." Edward said fighting off a blush. Luna freely blushed as he leaned out of her ear. Edward smiled, knowing he had cheered her up after he recklessly rejected her.

The three sat down where the others were waiting.Alphonse sat next to Edward on his left and Rainbow Dash to his right. Across from Alphonse was Applejack with Rarity on his left and Fluttershy on his right across the long table. Twilight sat to the left Edward and across from her sat Pinkie Pie. On the left end of the table sat Princess Celestia and on the right end of the table sat Princess Luna, according to Edward's position. The waiters came in and got orders from them.Edward ordered just a two egg simple meal. All the others ordered eggs with fried hay.Once there food got their they all started eating.Except for Alphonse who didn't need to eat. Edward began to speak up.

"I think I found a way to get back to our world..." he said with no emotion.

"You did, how?" Twilight asked

"With this..."Edward pulled the green stone from his pocket,"a world stone."

"That's splendid, darling. Now you can see your friends." Rarity said.

Everyone was in a happy mood except for the brothers.

"If we had any..." Alphonse said with dread in his voice.

"You don't have any friends?" Celestia questioned.

"About none. Armstrong and Winry care about us. Roy only uses us to try to get up to be Fuhrer. Plus, we are always traveling since we serve as state alchemists. We go where the military and state tells us to." Alphonse said

"But, don't you want to go back to your world?"Fluttershy asked.

"To tell the truth...I don't, I like it here." Edward said and the ponies had shocked face,"What about you Al?"

"It would be sad to leave, but it is probably for the best for us to go." Alphonse answered his brother.

"Yea, we already disturbed the order here."Edward agreed.

"I wished you guys didn't have to leave so soon." Pinkie said sadly, drained of energy.

Edward finished his meal, "We will head back..."

Chapter 6:An Old Friend

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"Today.."Edward said sadly,"soon.."

He stood from the table. And walked away.

"Edward, wait." Luna called out but he still kept walking away.

Edward exited out a door in the corridor leading to the dining hall.He was out in the garden in a small forested area. He transmutated a cage from a tree around a bird and picked it up out of the tree and laid it down he then transmutated and axe and chopped a tree down. It landed next to the cage with a lot of rustling from its leaves. Princess Luna walked out to see him.

"What are you doing?" she asked him

"Preparing the transmutation. I need a tub of water and a bucket of many basic foods..."He reached in his pocket and pulled out a piece of paper with the diagram, "and some paint..." he stated in an emotionless voice.

"Ok then...I would hate to see you leave..." Luna said.

"I don't want to leave either. But, we must go."Edward said.

"I will get the materials required for this"Luna said confused on how to pronounce the foreign word.

"Thanks, I guess."

Edward outlined where the paint would go with his fingers. A tub full of water floated through the door as well with a few buckets of paint with a bucket of food. The items brought in had a dark blue magic aura around them. Luna walked out after the items came out with Alphonse and the other ponies following. Celestia was last out.

"Ok, all the materials are here. Now we need to paint..." Edward stated.

Alphonse and Edward painted for about an hour. All of the ponies left the two except for Luna.

"So why are you still here?" Edward said the brothers being halfway done with the enormous fifty foot diameter circle.

"So I can tell the others when you are almost done. We want to see you off..." Luna answered.

"Makes sense..." Alphonse said and Edward was quiet.

About twenty minutes later then were almost done and Luna left to get the others. By the time they all came out together the circle was done. The ponies were mesmerized at the huge design. Edward placed the stone in the middle.What the others didn't know is the Al and him had made a note. Edward kept it up his red coat sleeve. The brothers were going to pull a fast one on them.

"This is amazing!" Twilight said.

Pinkie Pie who was next to her just stared in awe at the circle with Applejack and Fluttershy.

"It looks pretty cool." Rainbow Dash said in a bored tone.

"Well, we should probably get started..." Rarity had a suitcase floating above her filled with the sets of clothes Edward wanted that he barely got to use.

"Can you all please step outside the circle completely?" Alphonse asked nicely and they all stepped far from the circle and surrounded it.

"Ready, Alphonse?"

"Ready."Alphonse responded to his brother,"I know what to do."he said the second part quieter.

Edward clapped his hands and placed them onto the circle and Alphonse did the same. The huge white circle under them glowed with blue light that shot up miles and miles into the air.It could be seen from kilometers away. The blue light slowly went green and the four items placed in their spots slowly lifts into the air spinning. The objects zoomed to the center and a great green blinding light pierced the sky when the objects clashed. Edward and Alphonse held their ground crouching with the green light above them. The stone between them slowly lifted to the light.Edward's coat was flapping as well as the grass and trees around him. As soon as the stone touched the object the green orb formed and showed a very familiar place, Roy Mustang's office. Their alchemical power didn't need to be put in. They were observing Roy Mustang in his office. He was staring at the green orb.

"Now, Al!" Edward shouted and dropped the note feeling wing pushing towards the green orb. The note flew into the green orb and was seen popping out of the orb and landing on Roy's desk.

The brothers then ran as the wind picked up. The minute they stepped outside the circle the wind wasn't felt.

"What are you doing?! You have to go back, right?" Twilight said as she and Rainbow started to push the two back into the circle.

"We...aren't...gonna...leave....especially if we land in Roy's office!"Edward said pushing against Twilight. Something blue flew out of the green orb and flew out of the circle and landed.

"Uugghh.." the thing that flew out moaned. The green orb disappeared.

"We are going to stay..." Edward said.

"We aren't is just too great here to leave." Alphonse agreed with his brother.

"What...the hell happened?" the thing said as it stood up.

"Edward, Alphonse, what is this?" Celestia asked as she was near the object that flew out of the orb and away from the circle. Where the circle was now, stood a huge brown dirt patch.

"Roy!?" The brothers said as they ran to the person who had stood up slowly.

The person turned around and revealed an adult's face with black short hair that was neatly combed. He was wearing a colonel's uniform. He began to speak.

"Edward, Alphonse...."He said calmly, "Where the hell am I, what the hell are those things, and what did you
two do!?" he yelled and pointed to the ponies.

"Yep, that's Roy." Alphonse stated.

"Welcome to the land of Equestria, colonel. We were going to return, but instead you came through the orb that we did to get here. And they are ponies the citizens of this world. They are very intelligent and sentient, sir." Edward responded with a salute that he dropped after he finished.

"Ok then..." Roy rubbed his face, "How do we get back?" he asked.

"We can't...we don't have any more world stones..."

"So you...tested out that theory of transmutation with the circle? When told not to!"

"Yes.." Alphonse answered this time.

"I should incinerate you both where you stand," he said aiming his glove to them both about to snap, "But I won't. I will need you both in this world."

"You do know you have no control over us now. There is no military here and the government is a monarchy."

"A monarchy? This day just got even more interesting." Roy responded. Up till now all the ponies were staring at him silently.

"And we are the rulers here. Me and my sister, "Princess Luna spoke up, "I am Princess Luna and.."

"I am Princess Celestia." Celestia finished.

"A pleasure to meet you both,"Roy bowed with his upper body and saluted. He stuck out his gloved hand and they shook.

"Roy, we should probably get you settled..." Alphonse suggested.

"Yes, where will I stay?" he questioned.

"In Ponyville. The house for the Elric brothers is finished and you could probably stay with one of my students." Celestia stated.

"And they are?" Roy asked.

Celestia pointed to Twilight, Applejack, Fluttershy, Pinkie Pie, Rarity, and Rainbow Dash.

Roy walked over, "Nice to meet you, ladies. I'm Roy Mustang. Colonel in the state military in Central." he stated and stuck out his hand to be shaken.

"My, what a gentleman." Rarity responded and shook his hand first followed by the others.

"Which one of you lovely ladies will I be staying with until preparations for me are complete?" Roy asked.

"We'll figure that out when we get there. And Roy you can stop military procedures," Edward said, "We should get going to Ponyville."

"Yes, we should."Roy agreed.

With that they departed and Roy kept asking Edward and Alphonse questions on the way there. They gave their opinions on Equestria and the basic laws and the run in with the homunculus here. They all arrived and boarded the train with the tickets Celestia had given them. They were in a separate car. Edward and Alphonse were completely quiet while the six mares fumed over Roy as he shared stories from his military time.

Edward sighed, "Can't believe Roy is flirting with Ponyfolk..."

"Yeah, hard to believe isn't it." Alphonse agreed and the two went silent again for the rest of the trip.

Roy had finished his stories close to the end of the train ride and the six mares returned to their seats.Edward smiled at an evil thought when they began to walk through Ponyville.

"Hey, Roy."

"Yes, Fullmetal. I mean Edward."Roy said used to protocols.

"Did you tell them about the day where I whipped you in combat?" Edward smirked.

"No..." Roy said, "I won anyways remember?"

"If it wasn't a mock fight, I would have blasted you half way across Central." Edward said.

Roy knew he was right and scowled while the mares laughed.

"Anything wrong, Roy? Don't like humility do you?" Edward asked mockingly making himself and Alphonse laugh.

As they came upon Rarity's she spoke up.

"You can stay with me, Roy. I can also make some sets of clothes for you."Rarity offered.

"Thank you, Miss Rarity."Roy said.

"Oh no need to thank me. You are a friend after all."Rarity replied.

Roy stayed quiet and just smiled as the two went inside.

"Well....let's split our ways for today, hm?" Edward suggested.

The others agreed and went there separate ways through Ponyville.Edward and Alphonse went to the outskirts of Ponyville and came across a house that was pure white stone and modeled into a Central kind of feel. They walked inside and it was indeed like a description of Central they gave the carpenters. The whole house was open so every room could be accessed from the living room which was just a basic furnished living room. Edward left Alphonse at the house as he went toward Fluttershy's which was nearby.

Edward passed through her chicken coop and went into the Everfree Forest curious about it.

Chapter 7: Too Big to Bear

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Edward continued to go deeper and the canopy got thicker and thicker blocking out more and more sunlight. Edward stopped for a moment.

"If I'm going to explore this place I'll need some sort of weapon and a light source..." He whispered to himself and went next to a tree.

He quickly broke a short sturdy branch off. He then took off his glove on his metal hand and doused it in some plant oil he had quickly transmutated from a nearby patch of forest plants. He couldn't identify them though. He wrapped the glove around the end of the torch then transmutated a nearby rock into two pieces flint for a short moment. He laid the makeshift non lit on the same rock which he had made into a small flat surface. Edward then started striking the pieces of flint of the torch. After many tries the end of the torch finally lit. Before he picked it up he transmutated his arm blade like he always did then picked the torch up with his left hand.

"Now I can continue..." Edward said aloud as he kept walking through the deep forest.

After about an hour of walking, according to his state alchemist issued pocket watch, he came across a shaky suspension bridge. 'I know for a fact that thing will snap like a twig if I stepped on it...' Edward thought. He clapped his hands together after he set the makeshift torch down onto a smooth rock on the forest path. Edward then placed his hand on the first wood plank and it immediately repaired itself. The other planks followed fast before they stretched and made a straight thick wood bridge. Many trees around Edward were suddenly gone except for the roots. He picked the torch back up and crossed staring over the gulch. Once he crossed he kept on walking through a dirt path and didn't come upon any creatures. A big stone building covered in thick moss and vines came into view. Edward was mesmerized. He wasted no time and ran up to it then bursted the doors open.

"Empty....perfect. Now what the hell is this place?" Edward questioned to no one in particular as he looked around. There were broken pieces of faded stained glass all over the place.

Edward figured nothing could have been important there as he searched for two hours. His pocketwatch stated that the time was 7:43 PM. Edward started to run with the torch in hand. It went out from the wind. Edward remembered the way he took with a half memory. His vision was blurred oddly and he started to look about. Edward looked behind him and saw a circular shape of light. He assumed this was cave. Edward heard a deep growl in front of him and he ran out fast with a huge purple star bear hot on his trail.

"SSSSHHHHIIIIIIIIITTTT!!!" Edward yelled as he ran through the forest toward the general direction of the exit. He looked back at the bear and took note. Claws extracted and seemed to be two meters long and a meter thick with huge teeth and a body that was about four times as large as the Ursa Minor's. Edward thought this must of been an adult version of it. He ran into something.

"What is the meaning of this sprinting, Fullmetal?" Roy asked. Edward had bumped into Alphonse who was next to the Colonel.

"THAT!" Edward shouted as he pointed to the purple star bear.

"I believe we should continue this running, Alphonse?" Roy said with a questioning voice to Alphonse.

"Agreed...." Alphonse said.

"WAAAAAAHHHHH!!!" The three shouted as they ran.

"Wait...what if this thing gets into Ponyville?" Alphonse asked.

"It could cause death in the quiet town..." Edward responded pumping his legs faster than that of a car's piston.

"Good point, F..Edward. Let's fight this thing." Roy said as he halted and turned pointing his fingers toward the bear.

"No! You'll set the forest on fire." Alphonse spoke up as he took a fighting position.

"You are correct. Edward, do you mind transmutating...oh...a gun or weapon for me?" Mustang asked.

"Here..." Edward transmutated quickly as the bear was still running towards them. The product of which was a thins tone rapier which he gave to Roy. He then transmutated a huge hammer for Alphonse and the same old spear for himself.

The bear was just upon them as the three separated. Roy went left, Alphonse went right and Edward went straight for it. The bear was focused on Edward.

"Fullmetal! You idiot!" Mustang called out from the left side of the bear.

"Am I, Mustang?" Edward questioned mockingly as he slid under the bear and stabbed its stomach barely puncturing its skin before slicing multiple times on his way out at the rear of the bear. The bear roared with the minor cuts all along its stomach.

"You're lucky you weren't hit, brother!" Alphonse said from its right back leg.

"I don't see you guys attacking!" Edward said as he charged towards the leg closest to Alphonse.

"Of course, you can't see through solid mass!" Mustang said from the other side of the bear. He was cutting into its front paws trying to sever a tendon.

"Who's the idiot now?!" Edward said back teasing him while he sliced the bear's leg and Alphonse would pound it with the giant stone hammer.

The bear kept roaring and trying to swipe down Roy. He was inflicting the most damage. The roars were quite deep and loud. They were already fighting in a clearing about two miles from the entrance of the forest.

Alchemical static rippled through the forest floor. Many smooth stone spikes came up from under the bear and made deep stab wounds before the bear broke them through its rampage. Edward and Roy managed to get knocked back. Edward flew onto his back and Mustang caught himself before he landed with his free hand.

"Edward, can you make a stone wall around this clearing!?" Roy said as the bear turned to him wanting to kill.

"Sure, but wh-" Edward was cut off.

"Just do it! That's an order!" Mustang responded as he jumped a swipe from the huge paw and brought the rapier down upon it. Alphonse was still pounding the bear hard, he rotated the hammer's head so instead of being like a sledgehammer it would act like a nail. One side of the hammer was flat and smooth while the other was rough and pointed. Alphonse was hitting its ribs trying to cause one to break or fracture. Edward ran to the edges of the clearing and started to make mile high stone walls making them into a circle slowly. He was doing a lot of transmutating.

"What the hay is that!?" Rainbow Dash called from above.

"Hello, Dash...I think this is what Twilight said is an Ursa Major. Edward just had a nice conversation with it about twenty minutes ago." Alphonse said as he ducked a paw swipe. The star bear would sometimes try to strike Al down, but mostly focused on Roy.

"WHAT!!!" a surprised Rarity said at one of the edges of the clearing. Edward was a third done with the stone wall. He made the wall very thick so the Ursa wouldn't escape it. Edward thought that was its purpose.

"Hey there, Rarity. How's life goin' for ya. It's shit for me." Edward said calmly as he was close to her transmutating the wall.

"EDWARD!ALPHONSE!ROY!" an angry Twilight called next to Rarity.

"You sound just like Wenry." Edward complained as he passed by the two unicorns busy transmutating like hell. He was breathing deep, being exhausted some from all the transmutating. Pinkie Pie was seen close to the pair of unicorns gasping before running. Fluttershy was nowhere to be seen and applejack is where Pinkie was.

Edward was about done when Alphonse got slammed against the wall.

"AL!" Edward called. Roy Mustang was attacking feverishly, keeping the bear distracted.

"I'm fine!" Alphonse answered and he got back up and ran to the bear.

Edward finished the gargantuan, thick, mile high circle wall. The three were trapped with the bear. Twilight, Rarity, and Applejack were up on the wall since they used Twilight's magic. Rainbow was flying overhead.

"Now make some stairs!" Roy commanded.

"Fine!" Edward said as he was huffing and puffing as he made stairs. He climbed them.

"Alphonse, go with your brother!" Mustang ordered and Al nodded then ran up the stairs to the top where they were with the others.

"Now you two distract this guy with alchemy while I try to get up the stairs!" Roy said.

Alphonse threw the hammer into the ring pit and Edward carved out a large transmutation on the thick wall with his spear before discarding it. They placed their hands upon it, crouching.

"Spikes." Edward said to the brother while Roy was barely evading the bear's attack. The Ursa Major's stomach was cut up and blood was slowly oozing from the cuts Edward made earlier. There were missing skin spots on the side of the bear and its back legs were cut and beaten by Edward's spear and Alphonse's hammer. Its front paws were cut up by Mustang.

"Okay." Alphonse responded as spikes were coming from everywhere and the circle glowed bright in response. They would sprout from the trees, the stone ring wall, the ground, and the branches overhead. About thirty would come out at relatively the same time before they retracted and more came from different spots. The spikes left puncture marks all over the bear as it roared in agony. Mustang was making his way up the stairs. He discarded the rapier once he was at the top.

Mustang pointed both of his hands towards the bear and was about to snap. The ponies never saw Roy's alchemy at work before so they leaned over the edge and looked at roy to see what would happen. The Elric brothers took that as a sign to stop. They lifted their hands from the circle and it stopped glowing with its blue alchemical light and the spikes were all retracted. They stood.

"Burn..." Roy said with a confident smirk as the bear started to race towards them on the wall. Rainbow was still flying, but near Roy instead of overhead.

Mustang kept snapping his fingers alternating them. Fire colored zigzagged lines would escape from his pointed index fingers. The lines landed all about the grass in the ring and few would explode. Most started a huge raging inferno. The bear was now rolling around on the ground in agony as the fire roasted him alive. His roars were now pain filled.

"So, Fullmetal...You up for any bear meat?" Roy said and laughed.

"I'll pass." Edward responded and the brothers joined Roy in laughing while the mares about them just watched in awe at his alchemy. Fluttershy and Pinkie Pie showed up and Twilight had teleported them up to see the huge flames that were barely being contained by the stone ring.

"We should probably get going..." Alphonse said.

" is getting late." Edward said as he looked down at his pocketwatch.

On the way to the exit Twilight spoke up to Edward,"So..."she started calmly,"Why the hay were you in there!?"

"I was curious!!!" Edward shouted back clenching his fist in front of him.

The two kept on bickering for a while until they agreed to shut up.

"So, that's why they call you the Flame Alchemist." Pinkie said with a big smile as she walked backwards in front of Roy.

"Oh if you think that's something, you should see what those two have transmutated before or Major Armstrong, the Strongarm Alchemist." Roy said being modest as he held a smile and kept walking.

Pinkie Pie stopped talking as she thought of what Armstrong would look like.

They exited the forest with no talk after that. It was only a minute after Roy responded to Pinkie that they exited.

"I guess we'll head home now. And Roy?" Edward said.

"Yes, Fu- Edward." Mustang caught himself.

"We'll be over at Rarity's to 'help' get your measurements taken." Edward said with a snicker and made his fingers quote on "help".

Roy didn't respond.

The Elric brothers got home and looked to the wall clock sitting between the doors to their rooms. It read 10:12 PM. Edward immediately went to his own room and slept. Alphonse went to his room, but stayed awake. He really didn't sleep at all. The pair couldn't wait to humiliate Roy tomorrow, when he would get his measurements.