Dash of Colors

by FlutterDash2534

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It was just my first day in Town. Why her... Why now??!

FlutterDash has just arrived in Ponyville from Filadelphia. What seems like a normal move becomes a wild ride with Pinkie being your tour guide. Whats worse when our city boy meets a certain Rainbow colored mane pony, he's struck hard. Whats got him so crazy about her, whats life in Ponyville going to be like, is there more to this story than this lame description?? Find out in Dash of Colors

Part 1: Colors Delight

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It was only the first day in this crazy town, One Day!! Now She's stuck in my mind and
whats worse part of her name is the same as mine. If your wondering who I'am and why
I'am freaking out so much (which is obvious), My name is FlutterDash (weird huh??) and
I just moved too.. you guessed it Ponyville. Let me start from the beginning, so this will
make more sense...

So moving to Ponyville... right, I arrived around here around whenever and doing
whatever (sorry if I sound snobbish, Im just frustrated with myself). I was "warmly"
welcomed by a super hyper pink pony named Pinkie Pie. Pinkie showed me all around,
showing me where the best places to eat, play, and obviously her favorite word
PARTY!!!! while also telling me about her friends that I sort of heard about back home
in Fillydelphia.

"Well Cloudsdale is right above you Flutterdash, HeHe you sound like
two of my bestest friends" she said with a face you could never get mad at even though
she NEVER STOPS TALKING -_-.. "Hey you should come to my Party that Im having
tonight and meet everyone, Im sure you'll be part of the town in no time".
Party... yeah sure, um.. thanks Pinkie... for the Tour.
"No problem flutt..... hmmm I have to find a nickname for you so I don't get confusie in the noozie if ya know what I'm saying.
Um…yeah, see ya later I said as I flew to Cloudsdale (I'am a Pegasus by the way if you didn't know by now).

I found my new home easily, a little simple cloud home but very spacious. Two Bedrooms and one Bathroom and a half. There's a basement down below where my music studio is supposed to be but right now its just piled with my music sheets and my bass guitars and drums in the corner. Walking in I saw that my mom already furnished my house and got everything organized even though I told her not to. You would think moms would stop treating you like a filly when your all grown up but I guess moms are moms. I put my stuff that I brought myself in my room and plopped on the bed because the trip had drained me.

I awoke from the sound of what sounded like booming thunder, "Was it storming??" I looked out my window and saw an array of lights down below in one of the fields of ponyville. Must be Pinkie's party that she was blabbering about.
"IT IS!!!" I nearly jumped through my house and looked out again and saw pinkie dangling by Balloons next to my window.
"What are doing snoozing around lazy daisy? There's a party going on!!" she said.
"Yeah I can see that" I said trying to calm myself down.
"Well are you coming or what??"...
Yeah I'll be down.
"Okie Dokie Loki" she said and then disappeared. I opened my window quickly, expecting to see her fall but she was no where to be found. "How did she... Never mind" I said just going with it. I took a quick shower and got dressed, putting on a Living Tombstone shirt, some jeans, and headed out.

I got to hand it to Pinkie Pie, she knows how to throw a party. Everypony in town must have been there. Pinkie introduced me to her her friends Rarity (nice, but a little high strung), Twilight Sparkle (nerdish but still somewhat cool), Applejack (southern, strong bodied, and very friendly), and Fluttershy ( Pretty but very Shy, she ran off before I could introduce myself) (Also another pony who has a name that is part of mine, I swear its sounds like I was created by someone who lives in another dimension that watches us, likes these two ponies, and combined their names to create me). She also introduced me to some other ponies, one of them being the one booming the bass or bass cannon as she called it DJPon- 3 (aka Vinyl Scratch), her roommate Octavia, Zecora (I can't take her seriously with her speaking in rhymes), Applebloom, Sweetibelle, and Scootaloo (cute little fillies, they Call themselves the Cutie Mark Crusaders ain't that cute).

Before Pinkie could show everypony the new guy in town (thankfully), her eyes suddenly went big and in flash took off with astonishing speed, came back with a megaphone and silenced the party with her attention

The Sky suddenly lighted up in a dash of Rainbow streaks as she sped by in blurring speed. The crowed cheered in delight as she whizzed through obstacles and did the most amazing tricks I have ever seen by a pegasus. Suddenly she stopped in midair and came screeching down as fast as she could. I looked in a state of fear thinking she would crash into the crowd but for some odd reason no one moved. Right when my fears looked confirmed she suddenly shot up and created a sound boom that turned the purple night sky into a Painted landscape of colors making it the most beautiful thing I saw.. until I looked up and saw her. She landed gracefully and was applauded by the crowd but was quickly pulled away by Pinkie and brought my way.

"Dashie I want you to meet Sleepy Flutter, No Lazy D?, No FD?... Pinkie's attempts at a nickname faded out as I saw Rainbow Dash up close for the first time. She was blue with pretty ultraviolet eyes, and her rainbow mane made her absolutely stunning, She was beautiful altogether. Wait.. I thought "Am I like, falling for a girl on the first day, at my first party in this place?! " Pinkie's voice came back into sound as she was still mumbling for a nickname.
Im Flutterdash I finally said. Rainbow Dash smiled and laughed
"Flutterdash huh.. hahaha so your basically me and Fluttershy combined nice dude."
"Yeah I guess" I said looking down embarrassed ( Look up your practically letting her know idiot) .
Welcome to Ponyville, I'm guessing you live in Cloudsdale being a Pegasus and all? Nice shirt by the way, Love that guy."
Yeah, just moved in and thanks. (Say something other than Yeah).
Im going to let you two talk said Pinkie (NoPinkie Don't Leave!!!)
"Okay see you later Pinkie". (say something)
That was pretty cool what you did up there Rainbow Dash. (Smooth, real smooth)
Thanks I'am quite the flyer if I do say so myself. Hey you should fly with me sometime, see what you've got
"Um sure" I said
" Cool tomorrow ten-ish or so?"
(Wait what?! Oh man I didn't think she say tomorrow, what do I do?) "Yeah thats
fine" (No not Fine you big idiot).
"Awesome see you then FlutterDash" she said chuckling as she flew off. (I really dislike my name -_-)

Well now you know how I got to where I'am now and it sucks. I haven't done any actual ariel flying in forever and now Im going to make a fool of myself in front of this mare that I seem to like. I don't know what Im going to do but right now Im just going to bury myself in my bed and Die.

Morning didn't help but only added to my dread as the sounds of the birds awoke me. It was only 8:00 so I had some time before my big failure. I guess I'll just go play music or something. 45 mins of that and I decided to get ready and go there early. I head out down to ponyville and look around town, pretty nice place might end up liking it here if It wasn't for this craziness going on with me now. We meet up at a field not too far from Sweet Apple Acres.
"Wow usually Im the first one here, you must either be really excited for this or you must like me." Dash said upon arriving.
"Ummmm" I said caught off guard. She laughed
"Im just kidding dude, so lets see your flying skills."
I got up nervously and flew up in the sky ready for the worst…. (I will just skip this to save some embarrasment)

"Not bad dude, your pretty good"she said.
Thanks Im rusty, and it can't be as good as yours."
"Yeah your right, Hey how about a race."
"A race??"
Yeah last one to Sugarcube Corner and back has to get a job with pinkie . With that she was off, already way ahead of me. I quickly took off flying as fast as I could to catch her.

Needless to say that was one of the most boring races you could ever see, Rainbow Dash
won without breaking a sweat while I came crashing to the finish line catching my breath.
"You need a little more practice if you want to at least compete with me but nice
try." (Yeah alot more) "Guess your getting that job with Pinkie" she said laughing.
Wonderful would have been what I said but I could only let out gasps of air trying to catch my breath.
"Thanks for the workout Flutterdash, Im going to go nap now. See you around" and off she went.

"Woah there partner, your the closest challenge Rainbow Dash has had in Ponyville for quite awhile". I looked up to see Applejack standing next to me.
"Really because it looked like I was the worst flyer in all of Equestria."
"Aw shucks ya'll aint that bad. Its just Rainbow Dash is something special" she said.
"Yeah she is." Wait said Applejack, with a look of surprise on her face you like her don't
ya??" "No, um I don't know what your talking about, not like that." (Damn how did she figure me out)
"Yeah you do, you'r redder than Big Macintosh" she said with a sly smile
." I.. uh..(Why am I red?! Awww man) okay, yeah I sort of like her" I said in defeat.
"Well Partner, good luck with that, getting Rainbow Dash is harder than herding a stampede of cows away
from Ponyville with a just a rope and a dog and trust me I know."
Well thanks for that.
"Just be yourself, if nothing else she makes an awesome friend."

So some weeks past and I got settled down in Ponyville. Im currently working on music with Vinyl and Neon Lights. I Got a job down at Sugarcube Corner with Pinkie, being a good sport about the bet and also because I needed money, and gained some new friends. Life is going pretty good but I know your wondering what about my..you know thing with Rainbow Dash?? Could be worse but I'd say its okay. Our flying "Practices" have become a norm. (yes I call them that because they're not dates) I guess you can say we're friends now. I still can't explain my feelings for her, "things happen for a reason" my parents used to say and I guess this is one of those "things."

Turns out me and Rainbow Dash have alot in common!! We love danger (depends) and excitement, have the same taste in music, Love to read (especially those Danger Do books). AJ andTwilight say some of our personalities are similar in a way. The one thing they missed though is that I'am nothing special compared to her (Dang it there I go talking like that again).

I awake to tapping on my window and find Rainbow Dash floating there. "Hey" I said opening the window.
"Hey, I can't sleep, wanna go hang around the clouds??" she said.
"Um sure, hold on a sec" I said as I got up.
We flew out into the clouds where she finds a spot that we rest on. "Full moon out and the sky filled with stars, looks like Princess Luna was busy tonight". I looked upon Rainbow Dash and saw her colorful mane glisten in the moonlight and as she turned toward me, her eyes seemed like they could possess the whole universe.
"What is it??" she asked noticing my lost expression.
" Oh nothing" I said as I regained myself.
"Ha, you okay dude??"
"Yeah I'am fine, nice night tonight."
"Yeah it is, sometimes I like to just come out here in the silence and enjoy it you know??"
A cool breeze blew in and I started to see her shiver, so I lent her my wings. It took everything in my power not to do the same by the feel of her touch. She looked at me and gave a slight smile
"Thanks, I'm not that cold but thanks." We talked for a long time about ourselves, Pinkie's parties and Pinkie herself, Ponyville and other ponies.
Then the moment that changed my life.(more than I hoped for)

"Rainbow Dash, there's something I have to tell you" I said as she sat cradled in my wings making it harder for me to speak. My heart raced like crazy.
"I know its only been awhile and this is totally stupid on my part but Rainbow… the moment I first met you something hit me something I have never felt and I don't know why. Im glad we've been able to be friends and the stuff we do is awesome but I… Just need to tell you… Rainbow Dash….. I like you.. alot and I look like a total fool and all but your special to me."
Rainbow's face grew red and her eyes widened. Silence was all that happened and
for good reason ( That was Just absolutely Terrible, worse Than Twilight (not Sparkle
but the book)).
I got up to go "I'm sorry, I understand if you don't want to talk to me again" and I left. Rainbow said something but I didn't hear it, only the sound of my insides exploding in me as I flew home.

Now I bet your expecting days go by and I get all depressed and stuff and then she likes me and we get together or she hates me, we never speak again and the story is over. Well nothing ever really happens the way you think in Ponyville.
The next day, there was a knock at my door and there she was standing there.
"Hey…" A period of silence fell between us.
"You know you are an idiot" she said finally.
"Yeah" I said looking at the ground.
"But you are a nice guy and your pretty cool and your pretty Brave to do something like that."
I looked at her surprised with a slight blush. The next thing was far from what I ever expected to happen. Rainbow Dash pulled me close and kissed me, a moment I wished last forever. After a few moments she pulled away from me, my face now red as a candy apple.
"Don't get ahead of yourself pony boy your still and idiot and that never happened got it?!" she said with a threatning look on her face.
"O..kay, y.. yes got it."
Lets just stick to our normal business for now and later.. maybe we'll see what happens. See you later Flutterdash." and she was gone with a blur.
The last thing I remembered was everything spinning and then Darkness.
End of part 1

To Be Continued