A Gentle Breeze of Change

by kwr2k13

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William Weston, age 25, a weather reporter, ends up making news history when he ends up missing. Shortly after his unexplained disappearance, a light grey Pegasus with a light blue-green mane and tail was spotted with three other colorful Pegasi.

William Weston, a promising new weather reporter for a local news program had a great new job, until a series of unexplained events after his 25th Birthday. The first strange occurrence surrounded the appearance of a strange blue-green Cutie Mark depicting the gentle west wind belonging to a weather Pegasus named Summer Breeze appearing on William's outer thighs. Throughout the course of a week, William's life begins to get stranger and stranger as his body begins to change. From the ashes of William's life rises the new blue-green haired weather mare, Summer Breeze. Where the gentle winds take her, is up to her.

In addition to Summer Breeze, her sisters have become ponies. What will happen next when they meet others who are experiencing similar transformations?

Berry Frosting, one of Summer Breeze's friends, has her origin story:
The Weird Taste of Change
Special Thanks to some new collaborators:

Proofread and Edited by Dusty Tome and IronHoofes.

Artwork by White Tigress

Principal Cast of Ponies:

Summer Breeze - kwr2k13
Autumn Breeze - IronHoofes
Solar Bolt - Musical (with help from SolarBoltIsBestOC)
Cherry Cloud - sugarush13
Winter Breeze - Dusty Tome
TheGingaNinja - Spring Breeze
Axel - Lord Legion
Sky Breeze - Aqua Splash
Red Bolt -Runforever101
Night Glider - kevanick
Lightning Storm - Lightning Shield
Pencil Lead -Pencil Lead
Yukieiros - Winter Song
Chrome Masquerade - Winter Fields

Chapter One: A Breeze of Change

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A Gentle Breeze of Change

Chapter One: William Weston, Weather Reporter

William Weston woke up eager to start his new job as the Channel 25 weather reporter. After checking his calendar, he shaved and showered, combed his short, black hair, and put on his business attire; a light grey suit with matching vest and black tie, over a plain white shirt, and put on his newly polished black dress shoes and black leather belt. He got some breakfast, and grabbed his grey overcoat. Today was going to be a great day!

William travelled to his workplace on time, his blue-green eyes shining brightly as he greeted his co-workers. He was not sure if this was a sense of deja vu or nervousness about his new job. Moving to a new area and finding available work in his field was tough, but Channel 25 provided William with a stable income and a place to showcase his talents. He also had his own place a few minutes from work. He could go visit his sister, Jennifer, at her art studio, but she never seemed too happy to see him. This was especially true if she was busy working on a commission for a client.

May First was William’s birthday, a day which he shared with his siblings; Aaron, Jennifer, and Charlotte, whom they nicknamed Charlie. He would be joining his coworkers for lunch at their favorite restaurant, so he made sure he had money before he left.

William checked with his supervisor, as was his custom, and examined the weather reports. Fair skies and sunny weather for the next three days, and a chance of thunderstorms on Thursday and Friday. This concerned William greatly, and talked with his supervisor, Mr. Farwell.

"Sir, I am concerned about the big storm everyone's talking about. If the Jet Stream drops south, we could be in for some real weather." He reported matter-of-factly to his supervisor.

It was strange, but somehow, he knew about the way the wind currents worked and the right formulas for powerful thunderstorms that could cause tornadoes. Ever since William was a child, he could tell when the weather was going to shift just by feeling the wind and watching the cloud patterns. It was this intimate knowledge of wind currents and how the Jet Stream affected whether or not the Great Plains region would get rain or other severe weather that landed him the job in the first place.

The supervisor, Mr. Farwell, looked at the Doppler radar. Somehow, he was not convinced of the growing threat for a storm as William was.

"Mr. Weston, that storm is slow in development and will lose momentum over the Rockies before it hits us here." Mr. Farwell explained.

William's workplace was located in the heart of Tornado Alley, an area that stretched from the Mississippi River to the Rocky Mountains, as far south as Texas and far north as South Dakota and Iowa. Channel 25 operated out of Omaha, Nebraska. Monitoring the weather patterns in Tornado Alley became a priority for the News Team 25's Weather Team. They relied on local weather spotters to show pictures to show storm damage and also other conditions before, during, or after a big storm.

William could not shake the feeling something big would be coming sooner than expected, but he went on with his weather report, as was issued by the National Weather Service at the time and confirmed by the radar. Little did he know the winds of change would be blowing his way.

The morning news and weather forecasts went on without any incident, and soon it was time for the Noon News. William stood at the green screen, where the map showing the local and national weather forecasts would be filmed. The news anchor directed his segue to William, who began his approach to the map.

"This is William Weston, for Channel 25 News Weather Patrol. We have fair skies today and tomorrow over much of the Lincoln metropolitan area, but we are monitoring this storm that is starting to gather moisture from the Pacific Northwest." He pointed to the map where Washington State and Oregon were at. "This storm has the potential for flooding, hail, and dangerous lightning, so until the National Weather Service tells us otherwise, we need your help. Become a Channel 25 Weather Spotter and be our eyes on the skies. Send us your photos to our Weather Spotter homepage." The graphic at the bottom of the screen showed several contacts for the news station for viewers on how to get started, including Twitter, Facebook, and other sites. "Also, check us out on our News 25 website, with links to all your news weather personalities. This is William Weston, reporting the weather to you, back to you, Heather."

After the news report was off-the air, it was time to attend the birthday party for William. William would be turning 25 that afternoon, and he could not wait to have the delicious steak dinner he was planning to order. As he exited his vehicle, a gentle breeze of warm air from the west hit William. Even though he was wearing his work attire, that breeze felt calm and gentle on his skin. He ignored it and found his table, already prepared for all his coworkers. A banner with “Happy Birthday, William!” was seen in the private dining area reserved for their party. William chose not to order any alcohol, but instead ordered a Vanilla Coke.

As the co-workers arrived, William looked at the clock, and counted the seconds to his birthday. Soon, choruses of Happy Birthday had commenced and some presents had been offered, as well as cake. William took a slice of the marble cake. "That cake is really good! Did you make it or buy it from a local bakery shop?" The cake tasted like nothing like he had before. As he put the first piece of cake into his mouth, William felt a searing sensation on the outer thighs of his legs. He tried to mask his pain and ignored it throughout his party.

Soon after the party, William arrived home and his legs began to bother him again. Heading to the restroom, he closed the door and unbuckled his pants to see what was causing the source of the irritation. When he checked his outer thighs, he noticed a strange mark on either side that appeared to be a symbol of light blue-green wavy lines. The middle wave had two smaller waves, one on top and the other on the bottom. William looked perplexed at the symbol. The same symbol appeared on either side of his thighs.

Huh, did my co-workers take me someplace to get a tattoo? I don't remember. William muttered to himself as he rubbed the marks to see if they were temporary tattoos.

These marks, whatever they were, had indeed become a permanent fixture on William's thighs. Who could William trust in a time like this when he suspected his co-workers did this to him? He would have to wait to talk to his co-workers in his off time to find out why these Marks appeared. Perhaps he should confide in his sister, Jennifer, the local artist, if she knew anything about the strange tattoos. He adjusted his pants, and went out to clear his head.

William stopped by a jewelry shop on the way to see his sister, Jennifer. He wanted to buy her a gift for her birthday. He saw a piece of jewelry that caught his eyes; a silver necklace with a paintbrush superimposed over a white snowflake. Somehow, some strange memory of that symbol floated through his mind. Where had he seen this symbol before?

William eventually inquired of the jeweler about the necklace and purchased it. He hoped that Jennifer would be happy and the two siblings would start to talk to one another, just like when they were kids. After Jennifer discovered her talent for art, she became more wrapped up in her paintings and pleasing her clientele than wanting to spend quality time with her brother.

After purchasing the necklace, he saw three other necklaces; one had a light blue green symbol of the gentle west wind, which resembled the mark he found earlier on his thighs. Another depicted three leaves in a free fall, darkening the lower they got. The last necklace centerpiece depicted a very light yellow sun with a transparent flower, a rose, in front of it and to the left side. William could not shake the feeling he should buy these as well. So, along with the necklace for his sister, he purchased the three other necklaces. Pleased with his purchases, but slightly put-off by the expense, for he hoped to find what significance these jewelry pieces held. Along the way to Jennifer’s studio, he began to worry about how much he paid for all four necklaces. He would have to probably move in with his sister if he could not afford his apartment on his salary.

William arrived at Jennifer’s art studio, occasionally scratching his thigh to relieve the itchy feeling. He waited for his sister to finish with an art project. He had the necklaces gift wrapped and brought out the one for Jennifer while scratching his left thigh with his left hand.

Jennifer lived in a two story studio apartment townhouse. The art studio had several winter-themed display artworks available for customers to admire. Jennifer’s living quarters were upstairs, whereas her workstation and art supplies were downstairs. One of the most intriguing pieces in the collection was Canterlot in Winter. This piece featured a lone castle on the side of a mountain with snow blowing around it. The castle itself looked like something out of a children’s fantasy or a cartoon, with its spires, flags, and a balcony. William was impressed with the detail of the piece. It looked all too real.

“Wow, Jennifer, that piece with the castle looks all too real! What inspired you to paint that one?” William looked around at some of the other works around the studio. “What are you working on now?” He asked, seeing his sister at her easel, working diligently on yet another masterpiece.

William was taken aback as Jennifer raised her hand in front of him, her finger raised in a “wait a minute” gesture. Returning to her work she took up her brush, a dash of red paint at the tip. “What do you want?” she asked, making small short strokes along the edges of the canvas.

William smiled, and handed his sister the necklace with the snowflake on it. “Happy Birthday, sis! I thought you could use something nice to wear.” He handed her the jewelry box containing the silver necklace with the strange symbol of a paintbrush and snowflake. Then he felt the itching of the mark on his thigh again.

Jennifer sighed, putting down her brush and moved a small strain of her brown hair out of her eye. She then turned to William her dark green eyes seemed to look straight through him. Wiping her hands on her smock, she took the jewelry box and popped it open. Inside was a silver chained necklace with a paintbrush superimposed on a snowflake.

“This... is beautiful?” Jennifer gently took the necklace out of the case. Undoing the clasp she wrapped the chain around and connected it in the back. Taking a closer look at the pendant Jennifer could feel something in the back of her mind. She had seen this somewhere before, a long time ago.

William smiled, “I am glad you like it. I found that necklace and three more like it; each with a different… symbol on them. Isn’t that odd? The one with the flower reminds me of Charlie and her thoughts about the key to understanding life. And the fall leaves, Aaron, strange as it may seem.”

William remembered Charlie as the sister who went to college to study philosophy. The two of them had never talked much as kids and Charlie never tried to talk to William. She was always deep in thought, even as a child. He wondered if she would remember him and Jennifer. He had the three necklaces that he purchased earlier, and one of them was for Charlie. He had hoped that the gifts would help reconcile his relationship with his siblings.

“What do you think about your birthday gift, Jennifer? I figured since you are an artist, the paintbrush was a nice touch. Not sure about the snowflake though.” The itch on his thighs continued to bother him as he talked with his sister about her new necklace.

“What I want to know is how much did this cost? I can tell that it wasn’t cheap.” Jennifer said, examining the pendant with a critical eye.

William sighed, “I had to use… most of my paycheck to get the jeweler to sell me all of them. A four-piece set for a decent price, I figured.” He hoped his sister would not be mad at him.

“Why--?” Jennifer stood up, and hit William on the head. “You idiot! I can’t believe you did something so irresponsible!” Jennifer threw up her hands, and stomped upstairs.

William winced as he was smacked by his sister, “But, it was a gift! You do like it, right Jennifer?” William said, rubbing the back of his head.

“Thank you for the gift, but don’t... come... crawl--AGH” There was a loud crash from the top of the stairs.

William heard the crash and rushed up the stairs, still carrying the bag from the jewelry shop. He stopped at the landing to once again scratch his thighs, and then continued to head upstairs to reach his sister. “Jennifer? You okay? Should I call an ambulance?” He said, concerned for his sister’s welfare.

Reaching the top of the stairs he saw his sister, curled up on the floor clutching her thigh.

William knelt beside Jennifer, “You okay? Something wrong with your legs?” He continued to scratch at his thigh. I hope this isn’t a contagious skin rash. He thought to himself.

“Gah...! what’s happening!” Jennifer tightened her grip on her thigh. She rocked back and forth for a few minutes, tears falling down her cheek.

William remembered the burning sensation he felt at the restaurant before his birthday party and the strange tattoo he saw on his thighs when he got home. The sensation was similar to how Jennifer was feeling.

“I don’t know. Jennifer. I felt the same thing earlier today. I ended up with a tattoo on my legs. I didn’t tell anyone, because I didn’t know how they would react.”

The pain was beginning to subside and Jennifer uncurled herself and tried to stand up. Using the kitchen counter for support, she did so.

William helped to steady his sister to her feet, “Easy now. Come on, let’s have a seat and talk this through. I have the rest of the day off, so why don’t we use this time to figure out about whatever is making us to have the worst birthday ever.” He lead Jennifer to a nearby couch to allow her to relax and reflect upon the current state of events.

“I wonder if Charlie knows about this; college has to have taught something,” Jennifer asked her brother.

William sat down on the couch and scratched his thigh. “I don’t know, maybe. But what about Aaron? He’s our brother too. Maybe he knows something. ” He said as he retrieved his cell phone and scrolled through the messages. One of the missed messages was from Charlie, stating she was coming over right away.

“Oh! I got a text from Charlie right now,” William realized, “She said she’s coming over.”

After hearing that, Jennifer sighed, “Good, and my leg stopped hurting.”

“Yeah; mine did too after a while,” William replied. “Do you want to stay here while I wait downstairs for her?” Jennifer just nodded, so downstairs William went.

William waited downstairs in Jennifer’s art studio for his sister, where she yelled down the stairs, “Aaron says he’s coming too!” It had to have taken at least thirty minutes, but he eventually heard the sound of Charlie’s car, and Aaron was close behind.

When Charlie came in, William was nearly blown back by surprise. His sister still had the same hair and eye color, but that was not what William had been expecting to see. Her strawberry blond hair was cut shoulder length, yet when they were kids, her hair was way longer, and she never let it get cut. She had quite a few freckles, and had just a plain white t-shirt with jeans, and a leather purse. William was expecting a girl in one of those suits they show in movies; he did not expect this person to be his studious little sister.

William smiled, “Charlie Weston, I presume? And Aaron?” He asked.

She smiled back, but something seemed to be bugging her, “Yes, hello William. Do you know where Jennifer is?”

Aaron looked over Charlie’s shoulder and gave a slight wave of his hand and a quiet, “Thank you.” Aaron held up the elegant necklace that William had delivered earlier.

William nods, “She is waiting for you guys upstairs. By the way, Happy Birthday.” He tossed a jewelry box to Charlie containing the necklace with the sun and roses in the centerpiece.

Opening the box, a weird expression fell across Charlie's face, “Where did you get this?” She asked her brother.

William nodded, “I went to the jewelry store before I got here. Jennifer got mad at me for spending my hard-earned pay on them, but I want you to know we are family.” He then paused, “I’m sorry for not calling you sooner."

Charlie took her necklace, and put it on. There was an “ooooh” of excitement that could be heard from Charlie as she admired her new accessory. She then turned to her brother and addressed her next concern, a frown on her face.

“That’s not what I mean,” Charlie replied, shaking her head, “A mark looking just like the center piece on this necklace appeared on my thigh a few hours ago.”

“No way, me too!!” Aaron agreed, holding up his fall-themed necklace he had received earlier.

The statements turned William’s face white as ash. He took a deep breath, composed himself, and cleared his throat. “I think you three should come upstairs. I think a family meeting is in order.”

Chapter Two: Family Meeting and William's Dream

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Chapter Two: Family Meeting and William's Dream

William led Charlie and Aaron up the to loft where Jennifer was sitting on the couch.

“Jennifer, Charlie, Aaron, please have a seat. We have much to discuss about our current situation.”

“Ummmm, do you and Jennifer have these marks?” Charlie asked nervously.

William frowned and reluctantly pulled down the top part of his pants, showing his sisters and brother the blue-green lines depicted on his thighs. They appeared to represent some sort of pattern, but he couldn't remember seeing any similar symbols that had the same coloration or design, except for the necklaces he purchased. “The necklaces I got earlier have the same mark as the ones on our thighs. Is that a coincidence?”

“William, what about the last one,” Jennifer asked from her seat on the couch. While Charlie pulled out a very large sea green notebook.

William looked at Jennifer quizzically, “What last one? I gave you, Eren, and Charlie your necklaces, and this one is mine, I guess. One matches my mark, and the last one I gave to Eren has three fall leaves; one green, one yellow, and one orange.” He looked over at Eren as he said this. “Eren… do you have a thigh mark as well?”

Eren in turn pulled his pants down on the side and revealed a little picture of three fall leaves, being the same as the one on his legs.

“William,” Charlie said with a look of understanding, “We have necklaces that match our Cutie Marks, The one you gave Jennifer probably has hers. The last necklace you purchased belongs to Eren.” Eren held up the necklace in front of him.

“Yeah, and he gave it to me, remember? you were standing in the door with me.”

William stammered, “Cutie what-now?” very confused about what Charlie had mentioned.

“Ummm,” his shy sister stammered, embarrassed, “Okay, look! I watch My Little Pony, and that’s what these things are called, at least in the show. In one episode, I briefly saw the mark on your thigh on a light grey pony with a light blue-green mane and tail.”

Eren looked at his sister with wide eyes, and held a fist in the air in front of her. “Brohoof!” He quietly shouted, and was happily returned the little greeting, which left a large smile on his face.

William looked at Charlie and back at Jennifer, then back to Charlie. “So, Charlie, what type of pony was this character you saw on the show? Did you see any of the “cutie marks” from our necklaces on any other characters?”

Looking surprised she answered, “I couldn’t tell, but since she was in an episode with mostly pegasi I assume she was one. And, um, no I didn’t see any of the other marks in that episode.”

William then turned to Jennifer and then to Charlie, “A female Pegasus? Like the winged horse from Greek Mythology? Maybe if you have this show on DVD, we can find the characters with these marks? Maybe they have names.”

“Actually I do... but they’re at my apartment.” Charlie stated.

William sighed, “I guess we will have to go get them then if we are going to learn more about the significance of these “Cutie Marks.” He looked over to Jennifer, “Any objections, Jennifer?”

“None at all,” Jennifer replied determinedly.

William then stood up, smoothing out his gray work suit. “Then family meeting is adjourned. We’ll get the DVD’s and some snacks and meet back here.” He then turned to Charlie, “How many seasons did this show air for? I’ve heard about it on the Internet.”

“Five,” Eren replied before Charlie could, “It stopped because it used the same character for the villain again,” She paused, “And what was on the last episode shouldn't have been on a kids show… I mean, like some seriously messed up stuff went on.”
William frowned, “I guess that that would explain them not having a sixth. I guess the voice actors and actresses had to go find new work, right?” He joked.

His sister, however did not regard it as a laughing matter, “I’d better go get the DVDs,” she said while glaring daggers at him.

William then went downstairs and showed Charlie the Canterlot in Winter piece that Jennifer had finished, and Eren chose to stay and sit on the couch. “Jennifer finished this masterpiece when I arrived here earlier. She called it, “Canterlot in Winter.”

“She better not sell that! It would be considered copyright infringement,” Eren said as he exited the building.

William waited downstairs in the studio, which was now closed until tomorrow morning. He wondered how he and his siblings each received a strange mark on their thighs on their shared birthday. The painting of Canterlot Castle reminded him of the Hearth’s Warming Eve celebration. William blinked. What?

When Charlie got back an hour later, her bag had gotten bulkier. Not only had she carried in the DVDs and chips, she had brought her laptop.

William helped carry some of the stuff Charlie brought upstairs. “Okay, time to figure out why we’re getting marks that are supposed to be on colorful talking horses, right?”

“Ponies, William. They are called ponies.” Charlie sighed, “But yes, they are colorful and talk to each other. Let’s start with the episode I saw your Cutie Mark on, William, then move on to the season premieres and finales.”

William nodded, “Okay, I’d like to figure out more about who this mark belongs to. do all the ponies have a cutie mark?”

“Yes, they all have Cutie Marks,” she paused, “Or they are at least supposed to, the only ones that don’t is what happened when Hasbro either messed up or felt lazy.”

“Makes sense,” Jennifer said impatiently coming downstairs, “Now will you two stop gossiping and come up so we can watch.” She turned and shouted. “Eren get in here!” Said brother jumped off the couch and hurried into the room.

When Charlie found what disk Hurricane Fluttershy was on, she slid it in the laptop’s disc drive and watched.

“There, did you see it?” Charlie asked suddenly. Seeing her siblings shake their heads she frowned, Charlie rewound the episode, held the remote eagerly in her hands and paused it, going through frame by frame till she found the one she was looking for. Walking up to the screen she pointed at a light grey blur that seemed to be slowing down, “Watch that.” Then Charlie played the video and, sure enough, a light grey mare with the mark William had on his thighs was visible.

“Continue the episode, I want to see if my mark appears on a pony,” Jennifer said while eating a few chips. Though they didn’t see the snowflake and paintbrush. William did shout out when he saw the picture of the sun and roses on the flank on a very light green pony looking worriedly back as the yellow and pink Pegasus named Fluttershy struggled to fly.

“Hey!” Jennifer said while fuming that her Cutie Mark hadn't appeared.

“Jennifer, maybe the pony with your Cutie Mark had caught the feather flu? Isn't that the problem in this episode?” Charlie said trying to calm her sister.

William nodded, "Yeah, Thunderlane was coughing on every pony. Twilight Sparkle was spraying him with some sort of anti-germ spray."

After watching the last episode that ever aired there was a long pause.

“That sounds very familiar somehow...” they all said at the same time. Which just creeped them out even more.

“But they took out the last scene!” Charlie shouted angrily.

“What scene?” William and Jennifer asked at the same time.

“The scene at Sugar Cube Corner, when Discord came!” she replied.

“How about we use your computer and find the last scene on Youtube,” Jennifer suggested calmly.

William frowned as he wondered why he, Jennifer, Eren, and Charlie all had Cutie Marks of ponies from the show. “Wait, you said the pony that had the mark I have now was a mare?” He gulped. “Does this mean me and Eren will be girls?” William asked

A confused expression fell on Charlie’s face, “What makes you think that, all we know is someone pranked us or something,” she said, but she didn't sound so sure herself.

William sighed. “We need to stay in touch with each other, in case something changes. What do you want to do in the meantime?” He hoped his sisters would have the answers, but it only led to more questions.

William and his sisters had the rest of the night off from work, so he decided to get something real to eat from the kitchen. As he checked on the Accu-window forecast from Jennifer’s living room window, he could see the clouds.

"Let's see, those white fluffy clouds are cumulus clouds. They usually mean fair weather. It's the dark, anvil-shaped cumulo-nimbus clouds you have to worry about..." William wondered why he said that out loud, he’s never done that before. He shook his head and fixed himself a tv dinner and a soda. The steak he had for lunch was filling, and the chips were nice, but his body seemed to want something else. After eating his food, he asked Jennifer if there was a guest room, as he had decided to take a little nap.

“Sorry, no I don’t have an extra room, but you’re right, we should all sleep,” she grabbed the remote and turned off the T.V, “I’ll get you, Charlie, and Eren some blankets,” Jennifer said. After a bit she came out her arms loaded, “If you guys all want to sleep here one of you will have to use the chair.

“Okay, that’s fine with me,” Charlie yawned and flopped on the nearest sitting surface, “I’ll take the chair.”
As soon as the tired weather reporter laid down drifted off to sleep, he had a dream that was all too real.

-The Dream-

In the dream, William was sleeping, much like he was on the bed, only the bed in question was softer. He groggily awoke to see he was laying on one of the cumulus clouds that he had noticed earlier! He then tried to look at his hands, but to his surprise he couldn’t move his head. Then without warning he popped up and fell, which allowed him to see what were once his... feet?

Why do I have... the light grey hooves of the mare I had saw on that show? William thought. He, or rather, she, took a moment to look back, and saw she was a Pegasus Pony, and a female one, at that. Her light grey coat contrasted to her long blue green mane and tail. The telltale Cutie Mark, with its light blue-green wavy lines, was prominently displayed on the flanks of the Pegasus.

“Hey, Summer!” William heard a familiar voice, “I have a card from Pinkie Pie for you,” a sea green pony with a dusty rose mane slowly landed on the cloud that William was on.

William, or “Summer”, as this pony was called, looked up, “Oh, Spring! A card from Pinkie Pie? I wonder what this is about?” The light grey pegasus opened the card that her sister offered her and read its contents.

“Of course,” Summer laughed and showed her sister the card. “It’s a birthday party for both of us! We need to go to Sugarcube Corner and talk to Mr. and Mrs. Cake.” Summer flexed her wings as she motioned her sister to follow. “Shall you lead or shall I?”

“You know I’m not the best flier!” The other pegasus said shyly.

Summer sighed, “Very well, Spring, I’ll lead. Follow me, please!” Spreading her wings, she jumped off the cloud, which made William try to scream, but surprisingly he couldn't.

The rush of the wind beneath the wings of the light grey Pegasus felt exhilarating as Summer led her sister, Spring to Ponyville, and then to the local confectionary shop known as SugarCube Corner.
“Here we are; SugarCube Corner. Pinkie Pie, as well as Mr. and Mrs Cake are waiting for us.” Summer said, opening the door. Surprisingly, the lights were off. Eventually, the lights came on, and Pinkie Pie led the party guests in a loud, “SURPRISE!”

Pinkie Pie bounded over to the guests of honor and placed party hats on Spring and Summer Breeze. “Happy Birthday, you two! Look who else came to the party!” She pointed a hoof towards a party guest that was a mix of different creatures, waiting in line to play “Pin the Tail on the Pony.”

Summer backed away at the sight of the Draconequus. “Is that who I think that is?” She said to Spring.

Discord, the creature in question, stopped waiting in line and went to talk to the birthday guests of honor.

“Indeed, dear Summer Breeze! I am Discord, a spirit of chaos. I have arrived to partake in these wonderful party games. Oh, I have gifts for you and your sister, Spring. Happy Birthday!” He brought out two presents and when opened, a swirling vortex pulled both Pegasi into the presents amid screams of fear and protest among the party guests and the two intended victims. While the Pegasi sisters struggled to escape their eventual prisons, Discord was overheard to chant a spell, in the form of a rhyme:

"Five Score, Divided by Four:
Once I cast my Spell, There Will Be No More!
Resistance is Futile, As you can plainly See!
In a different realm, time, and body, you both will be!"

Then the boxes closed shut, with Discord laughing maniacally.
-End Dream Sequence-
William woke up from his nightmare, drenched in sweat. He looked down at his body and then over at where Charlie sat, writing in a notebook. He was still human, but as he looked down noticed that he appeared to have lost a little weight. He surmised that he must have been working out at the gym to keep healthy. Those Cutie Marks on his thighs were still prominently displayed, just like Summer Breeze's were in the dream, where he "witnessed" an apparent memory of the light grey Pegasi’s encounter with the chaotic being known as Discord. He went to the bathroom to splash cold water on his face, only to look up to see his hair had grown out a bit, enough to consider getting a hair trim before work the next day. His face looked clean shaven. It appeared that he had no trace of beard stubble at all. As he turned his back to the mirror, his shoulder blades appeared to be normal. Maybe he was imagining things. He went back to sleep, and hoped the next morning would be a better day. He wondered about Summer Breeze and felt empathy for her; she was minding her own business, hanging out with her sister at a birthday party hosted by Pinkie Pie, and that Discord character had to ruin everything! A tear rolled down his face as he wiped it with a tissue he picked up from the nightstand. Why was he getting so emotional about this Pegasus and what happened to her, her friends, and sisters?

Chapter Three - : May 2 - What's up with your Hair?

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Chapter 3:

What’s Up With Your Hair?

May 2, 2020:

The next morning, the day after William Weston turned 25; strange things began to occur, starting with the Cutie Marks, according to Charlie, on both his outer thighs. He had no memory of getting those two tattoos, and the strange dream about the pegasi and the chimera creature confused him even more. He got out of bed and took his morning shower, hoping to clear his mind. Somehow, his hair grew a bit longer while he was asleep. He figured he would just go get his hair done before his shift, and no one would be the wiser. When he looked in the mirror, his irises had turned a turquoise color.

"I don't remember wearing contacts of that color. That's strange, and my eyes aren't watering." William said, then looked at his longer hair. A few strands of bluish green highlights had mixed in with his original black hair. Looking closer William noticed something that unnerved him, "Even stranger. That Pegasus in my dream had the same turquoise eyes and blue-green hair, as well as the same Cutie Mark,” William remarked.

William left the bathroom and saw that his sister was waiting in the living room, holding her dream journal. “I had the strangest dream last night, Charlie. It had flying ponies in it.”

“You had a dream about ponies too?” Charlie asked, standing in the living room, talking with her brother, who had just exited the bathroom after examining his new eye and hair color.

“Yes, do we know what this is all about yet?" William asked, pointing to his hair, which was noticeably longer with a light blue-green tint to it.

“Nope,” Charlie sighed, “But I have to go to school, I’ll tell you if anything else happens!” With that she walked downstairs, leaving her brother deep in contemplation of the dreams and their interpretation. They were so vivid, and the ponies in the dream were siblings.

William then changed into a business suit, which he made some adjustments to fit his new frame. "Did I lose weight or something?" He then put on a pair of sunglasses, and went to work.

Before he got to work, he stopped by the barber shop and confided in the barber about the strange thing with his hair. He did not divulge the connection to the Cutie Mark or the dream he had last night. He just wanted to look nice and presentable for work.

Shortly after his trip to the barber's, William pulled into work, and was noticed by his co-anchor, Susan Jameson. Susan ran her fingers through William's hair, which by now had started growing out a bit and changing into that blue-green color. "William, what's wrong with your hair? Maybe you should let one of our on-site stylists take a look at it." She then also stated, "You may want to take off those sunglasses of yours." She went to remove the glasses, only to see the turquoise eyes. "Are you wearing contacts?"

William shook his head, avoiding Susan’s line of questioning. He wondered why Susan wanted to know if he was wearing contacts or not. “I don’t know, Susan. I've never worn contacts, as far as I know.”

Then the question of the hair came up. "The hair? Uhm, I’m not sure either. I just got it trimmed for work, and it’s starting to grow out again.”

"William, something is not right here. Hair doesn’t usually grow that fast or have that color, unless it’s from some anime. We need to go see a doctor about this before..." Susan froze as Mr. Farwell, the station manager, had shown up while the two co-workers were discussing William’s new appearance! What would the boss think about the new hairstyle?

Mr. Farwell slapped William on the back, startling the now light blue green haired man. The slap made the small, developing wings on William’s back twitch, causing some discomfort on William’s face. It was either from the slap, or something different.

"Mr. Weston! Just the man I want to see." He then looked at the hair of his employee. "I'm not sure about the change of hairstyle and color, Mr. Weston; it’s too distracting for our viewers. I'm sorry, but we need to talk in my office."

William gulped and pulled at his collar slightly. He was afraid of being let go. If this was just a talk about his hair, he would see to it, and it would conform to company policy.

He went into the boss's office, “Y-you wanted to see me, Mr. Farwell?" He nervously sat down at the seat across from the desk from his boss.

Mr. Farwell steepled his fingers, which to William were known in upper management circles as the triangle of doom. "Mr. Weston, I need to talk to you about your hair. I'm afraid I am going to have to let you go until I can find a new weather reporter. I'm sorry. I just cannot have my best reporter coming into work looking like they came from a comic book convention. Take this time to think about your life."

William's heart dropped as he looked down. He was terminated for having different color hair. "Sir, I don't think its fair legally, but if you want me gone, I will leave. I am sure someone out there will want my services. I'll clean out my desk."
William cleaned out his desk and put his personal effects in the car. He looked back at his old workplace dejectedly, and left the parking lot for home. What would he tell his sisters and brother?

When he arrived home, he became very upset of being fired for having strange hair and eye color. He began to cry as he sat on his bed. For the first time in his short career, William felt useless. He also considered that his family may be disappointed in him. He figured it had to do something about the appearance of the Cutie Marks on his thighs.

"It's all your fault, you stupid marks!" William yelled at the Cutie Marks on his thighs, as if they would speak back, pounding on the bed in frustration. He began to rehearse in his mind what to say to Jennifer, Eren, and Charlie concerning his termination. Would they be supportive or refuse to help?

After his termination from Channel 25, William Weston began to experience some changes throughout the afternoon while trying to understand why he was suddenly out of work. By dinner time, William's hair had completely changed into the mane style of the Pegasus pony he would become. He also began to look for food in the fridge, and came across some carrots and celery stalks. He began to munch on these vegetables. He would have to go out later in the week and get more food, but right now, he needed to think about trying to rebuild his life.

By 8:30 PM, William Weston went into the bathroom, and looked at his face. Looking back at him appeared to be a feminine-looking version of him, complete with longer lashes. His hair had already became long enough to take on the appearance of the mane of the pony in his dream.

"Wait a minute; was that pony character in my dream female?" William nodded, “That Pegasus was indeed a mare; a female pony. That makes perfect sense now." He thought of a way to get back to reporting on the weather. Perhaps he should sleep on it and feel better in the morning. Perhaps there was a chance that he could get his old job back; then again, with his new appearance, he did not think he would be taken seriously. William grabbed some more carrots and munched on them as he headed into the bedroom. "Man, these carrots are good!" He then took off his clothes to get ready for bed.

Then his phone started ringing. Sighing, William picked up the phone and answered it. “Hello,” William answered. The voice on the other end was Charlie’s, and she was very upset.

“William?” Charlie asked, “Something’s not right! I have light green ears on my head and I’m starting to panic! I also have frosty purple eyes and a light dusty rose mane, I mean hair!”

William heard his sister panic over the phone, “First of all, calm down, Charlie! You think you've had it rough; the boss fired me because I ended up with light blue-green hair, and my eyes are now turquoise. I think I’m becoming that pony we saw on that show and in my dream. Wasn't she a female pony? A mare?”

“Yes,” Charlie said slowly, “But I’m pretty sure that won’t happen. I’ll see you tomorrow I guess. What happened in your dream? Was there the bright pink pony, and a pony that matc-”

“Yes,” William said, cutting his sister off, “I saw a pony that looked almost exactly like that, she came to get the pony that she called Summer for a party at a place called Sugar Cube Corner. The pony that was with the light grey Pegasus was her sister, named Spring. Then, when they got to where they were going, they got a present that, when opened, caused a vortex. The creature that gave them the present was a mix of various creatures and had weird yellow eyes with red irises.”

“I've actually come up with a theory about that vortex,” His sister started, “But anyways, do you remember the show, did you recognize him?”

“Yes,” William stated, “I remembered. His name was Discord, and was voiced by John de Lancie. They based the character off of a character he portrayed in that Star Trek show, Q. I believe they referred to Discord as a draconequus in the episode Return to Harmony, Part I.

“True, but did you notice that the dream looked more realistic than the show? You could see each individual strand of hair like you would on a human.” Charlie told her brother, “And if you’re wondering how I remember all this, it’s because that notebook I was writing in this morning was a dream journal, and I’m looking at it right now."

William nodded, “You and I had the same dream, only from the perspective of the ponies we will eventually become. This means we were related as ponies, as well as now."

“Why are you so sure?” Charlie asked, mystified.

“I just am,” William stated, as though it was a fact.

When the phone call ended, William’s body looked a lot smaller then it was before. His feet had a noticeable change in gait, as he was walking on his toes. His shoulder blades began to ache as he turned to notice the beginnings of wing buds. "How am I going to hide these under my clothes?" He tried to figure out a way to hide his proto-wings as he decided to lay on his back, much like Summer did in his dream.

Overnight, the changes decided to continue as light grey fur began to start spreading over his feet and started up towards his ankles. His ears migrated from the sides of his head to the top of his head, which were of the same color of the fur on his ankles. The feel of the new equine ears was of velvet. William would notice his new ears were quite sensitive to his emotions and to sounds. His feet became smaller, and the nails on his middle toe began to fuse into one solid form. The wings of the Pegasus were covered with light grey feathers with dark grey trim. His tailbone began to lengthen as the beginnings of a blue-green tail began to sprout. William Weston, former weather reporter for Channel 25 News, was about to get a rude awakening come morning.

Chapter Four: Rebirth: Summer

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Chapter 4:
Rebirth: Summer

The sheets that covered William rustled as he moved and shifted under the covers. All through the night, William’s body continued to change, only at a much more rapid pace. His body slowly began to diminish in size as it became more equine-esque.

He woke the next morning, feeling the great call of nature. He threw the covers off to the side and sprinted into the restroom. Quickly lifting the seat, he released, but with unexpected in-accuracy. a loud splash sounded, prompting a look down to see that he missed. Upon further inspection, it was no wonder she missed.

She stood still for a moment, completely in shock of recent developments, or retrogressions from the night before. The blaring silence left in the room said it all. William peered down to her nether-regions, taking note of a blue and teal shadow movement behind her. She bent down further, and looked between her legs to notice that she had… A TAIL!
Her head went straight up, and then quickly turned to look behind her. A tail, her tail, swished back and forth before stopping. She grasped it, taking in the softness of the hair.

"Who or what am I?" The new girl stammered in her quiet, scared voice. She fell to her haunches in confusion and sadness as she looked at her blue-green Cutie Mark, which had begun to darken a bit in contrast to her light grey fur. She then pulled her tail towards her, feeling the strands of each of the individual hairs, the action slowly calmed her. Then she did the same with her mane. The strange light grey fur was slowly creeping over her legs and rump, making her realize the changes were not done yet. Her giant turquoise eyes were now framed by thick dark lashes, and her long light blue-green mane looked a mess. Somehow, it felt right.

"Ugh, I got bed man- head! I'd better take a shower and see what else happened." The young half-human, half-equine could easily pass as a cosplayer, but in truth, she wanted nothing more than to lie back in bed and bawl her eyes out.

Entering the shower carefully to prevent tripping on her new hooves, she finished her morning rituals (as best she could). Washing the longer mane, and tail to boot, took much more time than expected, as did the soft light grey fur on her legs and hindquarters, which soon was cleansed by the shampoo, coming in nicely. The shower felt invigorating as the warm water flowed over her body and still forming wings. Once she towel-dried off, she noticed her blue green west wind Cutie Mark perfectly fit her coat to a tee. She was unfamiliar with female (and equine!) anatomy, yet… it felt right. She decided she would have to maintain her cleanliness and respect this body's unique features, such as the wings, mane, tail, and the hooves. Sighing, she whispered, “Why me?”

She then thought of a new identity. She was no longer William Weston. What would her siblings think if they saw her in this state of transition? She decided to call Charlie and report, really just vent out, her new changes.

After dialing Charlie’s number as best she could before her fingers would become her front hooves, she held her cell phone to her new equine ear which was much higher on her head, and waited with baited breath for her sister to answer.

“Um,” Charlie said after finally answering her phone, “William, I have hooves!”

William heard the news about the hooves from her sister, “I have hooves as well and... wings.” She wanted to avoid talking about the gender change, but her new voice betrayed the fact that she was no longer a male, and, though her voice didn’t project it, no longer human.

“William… what happened to your voice… please don’t tell me that.. um…” Charlie sounded scared, but she trailed off before she finished her sentence.

William sighed, “I guess I’m your sister now. And, I’ll probably have to change my name. I don’t know what to do. I have no job and I’m in a body I’m not familiar with. Can you come over and bring some clothes? None of my old clothes fit me. Or maybe call Jennifer and Aaron? Just… please… help...” William wasn’t able to finish her entire sentence before she broke out in sobs, and dropped the phone.

“William!” Charlie shouted worriedly through the phone, “Stay there, I’m coming over, right now.” Then she hung up.

William heard her sister’s frantic cry and report that she would be coming over. What would she do when she arrived and saw this person that was formerly a male in the current state she was in? She would find out soon enough when Charlie arrived. She thought about calling Jennifer and Aaron, and did so. Family sticks together, no matter what form they take.

Perhaps Jennifer and Aaron were going through the same thing, as they both reported those Cutie Marks that Charlie mentioned a couple days ago. William sat on the couch, and stared at her hind hooves. Compared to the rest of her new body, they looked out of place and were somewhat cumbersome. The tail switched to and fro in response to her current emotional state. She hoped that when Charlie arrived, she would be able to… somewhat... explain what had happened.

As William waited for Charlie and Aaron to arrive, she decided to reach out to Jennifer next. Perhaps she was going through the same issues? She had a Cutie Mark, just like the one depicted in the necklace and on her thighs. She dialed the number before her fingers began to feel numb.

“Wh-what!” William was so confused, that her fingers started to shake. The phone seemed to grow so small that it would slip between her fingers like water, as it did.

After she picked the phone up, she waited for her sister to pick up.

“Hello?” Jennifer groggily said over the phone. She had just woken up from her sleep when her brother called her. It was about 9:00 A.M. when she answered her cell phone.William heard Jennifer’s voice on the other end of the phone. “Jennifer? I need help...It’s William-” William was then interrupted by his/her sister.

“William? What happened to your voice? You sound like my girlfriend from college.” Jennifer interjected, sounding more confused than ever.

“I’m sorry about my voice sounding different. Something happened this morning! I think I am turning into a pony!” The female anthro-equine’s voice sounded rather panicky. She hoped that Jennifer would help a family member in need.

"Charlie said she was going through the same thing. She has a rose-colored mane and tail, as well as hooves and a light green coat." William added, providing her sister with vital information about the rate of ponification that was going on. "Have you heard from Aaron? I'm getting worried."

“Aaron… Of course! He would know what to do! He was always the most responsible!” William said, smiling widely through the phone. “I’ll be right back-”

“Don’t you dare hang up before telling me why you sound like a girl!” Jennifer yelled at her “brother.”

“Oh… um… that…” William hesitated. “Well, um, you see, um…”

“Just tell me,” Jennifer said softly through the phone.

“I, well,” William sighed, “I am a girl.”

“Wait… what!” Jennifer’s voice was exasperated.

“Allow me to explain, Winter...I mean...Jennifer.” William sighed, still getting used to her new voice. “Remember when we all received those Cutie Marks that Charlie mentioned?”

“How could I forget,” she replied, her voice dripping with scorn, “That’s what started this whole mess.”

William continued, looking back at her wings, “Well, Charlie reported having back hooves, a tail and a mane, as well as her eye color had changed. Mine did as well. What about you? Do you have a blue mane with a white coat?”

“Ummm… how did you know that?” Jennifer asked, curiously. “I would say you pranked us all, but… why would you prank yourself?”

William blinked. How had she known that. “Well I’m glad you have come to the conclusion it wasn't me. Anyways, I don’t know how I knew what you looked like. It’s just that the ponies we are becoming have a distinctive color scheme and are Pegasi.”

Just as William was about to reply, someone began to knock on his/her door. Thinking that it was probably some salesman, she ignored it. However, the knocking gradually increased into banging.

“Jennifer, not to sound rude, but someone’s at my door. Can I call you right back?” Sighing, she hung up and went to open it. She sighed again as she threw on a blue bathrobe to cover her modesty, and went to answer the door. She wondered it it was Charlie or Aaron. To her surprise, she found one of her rather close co-workers, a man named John, wearing a motorcycle helmet for some reason.

“Oh hey, William! I thought you were dead or something, since you didn't come to work yesterday. I mean, there was this huge storm thing, and you weren't there! Boss thought you had resigned or something, but I know that isn't true, since you love your job. So, I came over to check on you. Glad you’re still alive and...wait. You've dyed your hair?” He asked, finally stopping the onslaught of questioning to stare at the oddly colored hair of the former weather reporter.

William looked at John, and shook her head, “No, John! First of all, I did not dye my hair, and I was fired from my job. Secondly, I don’t think I am myself anymore, as you can clearly hear and see.” At this time, William revealed herself to John, wearing a blue bathrobe and sporting a light blue-green mane, a matching tail, and light grey back hooves, which were making her unable to stand on for long periods of time. Her proto-wings itched as they were covered by the robe, and her light grey pony ears shifted towards every sound. Her turquoise eyes shone brightly as she tried to talk to John. “Something strange is going on with myself and my family, John. Have you found a strange mark on your legs?”

“Oh, okay then. In case you feel sad though, remember: you’re not alone!” The rather eccentric man replied, gleefully taking off his motorcycle helmet, revealing to William the reason why he was wearing it-to cover two pony like ears that were barely visible in his now blue-light blue-blue hair.

“At first I thought this was some kind of prank, with some weird tattoo of three clouds on my leg. Then these showed up, and I thought you had something to do with it, seeing that you didn't come for work. But since you have them too, I guess it’s not. Wait! What we’re becoming horse-men or something? If we do, can we go buy a cave and live in it?”

William shook her head again and smiled, “Uhm, I’m not really a man anymore. I think the term is mare, as in a female horse. And, I am going to call myself Summer Breeze, or Summer. I think this is the name of the pony I’m becoming. You know, from the My Little Pony; Friendship is Magic show?” The newly renamed Summer looks over at John, blushing slightly. “So, who are you becoming? Come on in, by the way. My sisters will be here soon, and we can discuss what to do next.”

“I think I’m becoming this pony called Aqua Splash, or something. It’s kind of freaky too, since I don’t know why I’m so happy at this.” Her colleague John replied, running his fingers through his mane.

Summer nodded, “Aqua Splash? Why does that name sound familiar? Is that a stallion or a mare’s name?” The pony/human hybrid asked John, looking at her fingers, seeing that the nails on her middle finger was starting to grow out a bit.

“Well, I’m definitely becoming a mare, since I woke up without my balls today.” John replied, his face blushing bright red from embarrassment.

Summer hugged John warmly. She sensed a kindred spirit in the only co-worker from her previous job who cared to show up to talk with her.

“Don’t worry, Aqua Splash! My sisters and I will help you through this. I’ll call them right now before my front hooves grow in. You may have a seat on the couch in the mean time.” She then paused as she began to look for her siblings’ contact information on her phone. She took the time to look at John’s mane and ears with a confused look on her face. Something familiar about John's mane color looked familiar to her.

“Did I just call you ‘Aqua Splash’? I thought your name was John.” Summer’s memories of working with Aqua Splash in Cloudsdale kept creeping in as she dialed the number of one of the three siblings.

As Summer waited for Charlie to arrive at her house, the former weather reporter decided to confide in Jennifer, her older sister. Perhaps she, like the other siblings, would be able to help. Summer dialed Jennifer’s number before her fingers felt like they were numb. She hoped her new voice would not startle her sister as the phone rang.

Jennifer, unlike what Summer expected, was not at all startled by the call. In fact, she was almost to the point of getting impatient waiting for it. She didn't know why she had the feeling that something was wrong, but she did. Itching to figure out what this weird feeling was, and somehow knowing her sister would have an answer, she had the phone picked and to her ear before the first ring had even ended.

“Little sis? Is something wrong? She asked. A finger tapped impatiently on her thigh, an annoyed glance at the door.

Summer sighed, “Jennifer, I am so sorry I hung up on you. My friend, John, from work, showed up. He’s becoming a pony as well. He’s really tired, so he is in the guest room, taking a much deserved rest. What do I do?”

“You are kidding me, right?” Jennifer asked. She began to pace. “What is it with this? I am just so confused!” She let out a little huff of aggravation, and then, was once again tapping her fingers. “Take care of him for now, I guess. There is not much else to do.”

Summer nodded, “Okay, can you come over when you have some free time? I think my back is starting to itch, my back hooves are making it very uncomfortable to walk, and I have light grey fur all over my legs.“ Summer began to feel an itch in her back; this was due to the beginning of her wings starting to sprout.

“You aren't the only one…”, Jennifer muttered. She absently scratched an itch on her own back. “Well...let’s see...I am free right now...I will be right over.” Jennifer snatched the keys to her car and practically sprinted out of her house, almost forgetting to lock it in her haste. She hopped in her car, and starting it up, sped away to her sister’s home. “On my way, sis.”

Summer looked out the window, waiting for signs of her sister’s arrival. If anyone, or anypony would be able to help John/Aqua Splash, it would be her sister. She also contemplated calling Charlie, the youngest of her siblings, and the eldest sibling, Aaron, and find out how far they were progressing with their changes.

Summer played with her necklace around her neck, seeing it looked better on her new body than on her old one. The necklace was a part of the Seasonal Celebration Collection. The necklaces were a gift for each of her siblings, each adorned with the Cutie Mark of her sisters.

Jennifer parked her car in front of Summer’s home, and then dashed inside. Unable to help it, the first comment that slipped out of her mouth when she saw her sister was unintentionally hurtful. “Still wearing that Devil object, I see…” Realizing what she just said, she slapped a hand over her mouth. “S-sorry...too much going on...and when do you think all this stuff started happening?”, she said. Sighing, she walked over to the table and sat down. “So what do we do now?”

Summer rubbed her head with her right hand. “Well, I think it was the birthday party or the fact we each earned a Cutie Mark, as Charlie called them. I lost my job around two days ago, and I ended up becoming your sister. You can call me Summer now. At least that’s the name of the pony I am becoming. And the itchy back, I think we are Pegasi.”

Summer headed over to give her sister a hug and show the changes to her body. “It is so hard to walk on these hooves, sis. Besides the Cutie Mark, my eyes are now turquoise, and I have a blue green mane and tail. My ears are on the top of my head, and I have hooves. I have also become your younger sister. You are okay about that, right?”

“As strange as it is...I guess. I mean, it’s not like we can do much about it. Why not just embrace it?”, Jenn said, and hugged Summer back. “You know, it is the strangest thing, I began to draw these...winter scenes...in a place that I don’t know, but at the same time, seems so familiar. It started with these transformations. Is it at all possible that we aren't just transforming and changing, but completely taking over the lives of the ponies we are changing into? Like, we are them, not just look a likes? Their lives are now ours to deal with?” Jenn scowled and stared off into space. “I swear...when I find out who did this…” She mocked strangling something, with very disconcerting ferocity and seriousness.

Summer accepted the hug from her sister and smiled, “Yeah, I mean, who is going to hire a Pegasus to help keep track of severe weather? We used to do that back in Equestria, right?”

“We did? I don’t even know that well. The memories haven’t come yet, I guess. You are farther in your transformation than just about all of us, so it reasonable to say that you are going to be the first to get your memories from Summer.”, Jenn said. She spaced out for a second, deep in thought. “Perhaps...perhaps we could use the memories to find out who did this, and see if we can reverse it.” A pause and a sigh of cluelessness. “That is, if we even want to change back when these damn changes finish.”

Summer smiled and looked at her phone. “I just received a text from Charlie. She’s becoming a pony named Spring Breeze. She’s our youngest sister. She could use our help. And, Aqua Splash, the former supervisor of the Cloud Factory in Cloudsdale, where we were formerly employed prior to Discord’s attack, showed up at my door. She is sleeping in the guest room. She’s started to drink and I don’t know how to reach out to her.”

Summer shrugged, “I really don’t know. I think these Cutie Marks and those necklaces are a clue of some sort. The centerpieces match our Cutie Marks, and I think we were once these Pegasi sisters. It would make sense, right? I have wings, pony ears, and my tail matches my mane color.”

“Once, you say? I have a hard time believing that. Wouldn’t we have memories of at least being turned into humans, if not earlier back? Besides, these necklaces,” Jenn lifted up her own, and shook it in Summer’s face, though not in a rude manner. “They might mean nothing. What if it is just coincidence, which I highly doubt, or what if it is a ruse to lead us in the wrong direction? All I am saying is that...well...I am not saying that much. I am just ranting.” Jenn sighed and sat down. “I hope when this is all over, we like what happens, for better or worse.”

Summer heads over and gives her sister a hug. “Have you heard about this spell Discord cast on the ponies called the Five Score, Divided by Four? The first victims were the Princesses and the six local heroes who bear the Elements of Harmony. The other ponies who got in the way, such as the younger foals and us came later. I guess we were that much of a threat to Discord.”

Jenn looked up at Summer, and cocked her head in confusion. “Whe...where in the world did you learn that? Spell? Who is Discord? This is just...gah!” Jenn clenched and unclenched her fists, trying to calm herself, to put herself in a clear frame of mind.

“So let’s assume that is what happened. Let’s assume we had a cur...spell cast upon us to turn us into humans. You say princesses and, what was that, Elements of Harmony? If we were all affected by this spell, where are those others? I am still confused how you came to that conclusion in the first place.” Jenn scowled. “Don’t bother answering right now. We are getting nowhere. We need to get outside, do something. Anything to take my mind off of-” Jenn threw her hands in the air dramatically as she got up. “Everything.”

Summer smiled, “I agree. I am going to ask Charlie/Spring to come with us. We can go get something to eat, and have a girls day out. But first, I need to get some clothes. I’m not going out looking like I just got out of bed.” She went to pick up some clothes Charlie/Spring brought over. Having a younger sister who works in a clothing store was one of the perks to this whole family bonding.

After looking more presentable in a pair of blue jeans, a nice long sleeved light blue-green shirt, Summer went over to hug Jennifer. “Well, I’m ready to go. I have hooves instead of feet, so I guess I don’t need shoes, unless you want me to find some custom shoes that fit over my hooves. And, I have pony ears and a tail, as well as wings. I look like a cosplayer.” She said, gesturing to her ears, tail, and wings. “Charlie has her wings, mane, tail, and ears, and you do as well. There are four of us; Autumn, Winter, Summer, and Spring. I think that’s what we used to be called back in the land of ponies.”

“The tail, and the mane shouldn’t be hard. Nor should the wings. Would you happen to have any hats to hide the ears? You may embrace this stuff, but for now, I am not the biggest fan of it.” Jenn asked. She began to tap her finger on her hip again, a very obvious nervous habit.

Summer nodded and looked around her room for some sort of hat or cap to cover her ears to avoid scrutiny. After finding a light blue green cap, she placed it over her ears and then presented herself to her sister. “Just to let you know that I will be here for you when we end up back as Pegasi. We will have to relearn to fly again. That will be just a few of the challenge we will face. Another will be eating right. I guess since ponies are herbivores, we can safely say we cannot eat meat.”

Summer nodded and looked around her room for some sort of hat or cap to cover her ears to avoid scrutiny. After finding a light blue green cap, she placed it over her ears and then presented herself to her sister. “Just to let you know that I will be here for you when we end up back as Pegasi. We will have to relearn to fly again. That will be just a few of the challenges we will face. Another will be eating right. I guess since ponies are herbivores, we can safely say we cannot eat meat.”

“Well, I am not a big meat eater anyway, so that’s taken care of.”Jenn said. She shrugged, and walked toward the door. “Let’s go. I am getting claustrophobic.” God...I really hope that I am at least somewhere private when I complete this transformation. Jenn got shivers as thoughts of the stares when, right in the middle of public, she was just suddenly a pony.

Summer nods, and heads out with her sister for lunch, her wings and tail twitching as she locks up. “I found a hat to match my mane color. I hope this is fine to go out in, unless we have to remove our hats when we go to the restaurant. Maybe we can have a girl’s day out; just between sisters.”

Jennifer smiled at the idea. It was a good change from the panic and stress from all that had been going on. She reached down and held her sister’s hoof. “That sounds like a wonderful idea.”

Summer gave her sister a hug as her front hands began to slowly change into grey front hooves. “Uhm, Jennifer, I am not sure if I am going to be able to hold silverware with my new hooves. But, I am glad you are open to having lunch with me. Perhaps we should ask Charlie and Aaron to come with us. I’m sure they are going through the same thing.”

Summer then mentioned to John/Aqua Splash about her siblings. “Aaron, Jennifer, and Charlie, my siblings, each have a Cutie Mark of the pony they are becoming. They are becoming my sisters, Autumn, Winter, and Spring, respectively. Jennifer and Charlie are coming over for a lunch date. You feeling okay?” Summer explained to John/Aqua Splash as she waited for one or more of her siblings to pick up the phone. Thank goodness for conference calling.

"Hey, can I use your bed?" John asked Summer, making his way into the guest room. Although he had slept for a pretty long time last night, he somehow felt like he was awake for 48 hours straight. The last time he remembered being this tired was after Hurricane Katrina hit.

Summer nodded, “Yes, you may use the bed in the guest bedroom. You look like you could use some rest. I’ll show you to my bedroom.” She then attempted to walk on her hind hooves, which made her back hurt with each step. Only by lowering to all fours did this allow Summer’s back pain to alleviate somewhat.

To his horror, John could no longer control his fingers to open the door knob. "My god! Pas mes mains!" He whined.

Summer sighed and removed her bathrobe to discover her entire hind quarters were covered by a light grey coat, which by now had covered up to her waist. Her blue-green tail swished to and fro as she aided her friend to the bedroom as best she could.

“My fingers are starting to fuse, John. I think we are not humans anymore. I even have wings.” She turned to show John/Aqua Splash the beginning of her light grey wings. “If you are a Pegasus, you’ll have a pair of wings as well.”

Finally, John managed to twist the knob by swinging his hand on it. By then, the brass ball seemed incredibly tiny in comparison to his hands.

"Mien God! This is like a nightmare! Are you sure I'm not high on crack or something?" He asked Summer, feeling two lumps of something attached to his back. Immediately after that, (s)he flopped onto the bed and fell asleep.

Summer placed a blanket over John and a pillow under his/her head. She softly gave her friend a hug and left the sleeping new Pegasus to her beauty rest. Summer then went to dial the number of her siblings, hoping to give them an update on her newest arrival and her condition.

During John/Aqua Splash’s sleep, he/she had a dream, in which she was back in Equestria, or more specifically, the Cloud Factory in Cloudsdale.

"Hi, Aqua!" A cream colored Pegasus greeted the supervisor as she made her daily rounds around the weather factory.

Nodding in reply, she continued to head towards her destination-the cloud production area of the facility. Apparently, Aqua Splash was the main supervisor of the Cloud Factory, which meant she was in charge of monitoring the water levels and cloud formations for the week’s weather in Ponyville.

It was here that the light blue Pegasus felt truly happy. When she was young, her parents-both unicorns had wanted her to be a dentist or something. But, after a trip to tour the factory, Aqua was pretty convinced that she made the right choice. Besides, all of her friends worked here, so why not? She thought.

Today however, was different. Firstly, Summer, her best friend, didn't show up, as well as her sisters; Autumn, Winter, and Spring. Secondly, rumor had it that Discord-the ever so famous god of chaos somehow managed to defeat all of the royal guards-save one squad - which managed to escape, as well as banishing the Elements of Harmony, as well as the Princesses - to some other world.

Lastly, the weather was going crazy all around Equestria-that was all she cared about as of now. Opening the door, she was surprised to see that everything was functioning as it was supposed to be.

Shrugging, she started to head back towards her office, when she realized that she could no longer move. "Was zum Tufel?" She exclaimed, noticing the telltale glow of Unicorn magic surrounding her. "Who the heck is there? Show yourself!" She demanded answers, and she wanted them now!

Whatever it was, it definitely was not a Unicorn. She thought, fruitlessly trying to break free. As if on cue, a voice she dreaded exploded all around her. "Well well, lookie here!" It said, with a hint of menace. "It's the weather factory's supervisor! Hmm... What can I do?"

"Discord! Let me go!" She demanded, glaring at his goat-head. But the god of chaos didn't seem to hear her. Instead, he produced a clipboard from thin air with a snap of his fingers.

"Hmm... I have it!" Instantly, the wings on the Pegasus disappeared. "So, do you still want me to let go?" He asked, grinning like crazy.

"Let me go!" The former Pegasus demanded. "Or else, I swear to god, Ich reiß dir den Kopf ab blutigen Ziege und Lamm-Eintopf machen mit ihm!"

"Fine, have it your way, then!" He replied gleefully, releasing her. Now without her wings, Aqua couldn't do anything as she fell out of the factory's cloud.

John awoke with a violent jolt. Looking at the clock, it was almost six-o'clock, meaning that he had slept for eight hours straight.

As he threw the blanket aside, he noticed to his horror that his hands and legs were gone and had turned into hooves, with light blue fur covering them. Another thing was that his shirt and pants were now several times too large.

"What the heck is happening to me?" He asked himself, trying his best to take off his clothes. When he did he almost died of shock.

His body, or HER body to be more accurate, was no longer of human-she was a now a fully complete Pegasus, wings and all.

All this was too much for John/Aqua Splash. She felt her eyes start to water and within mere seconds, she started to bawl her eyes out.

Summer had went to get something to eat, having munched on some carrots. She had prepared some apple slices and some vegetables for her guest when she heard sobbing coming from the guest bedroom. “Hello, Aqua Splash? You okay?” The new light grey Pegasus with the light blue green mane and tail poked her head into the room.

Summer opened the bedroom door wide to reveal Aqua Splash was completely back to her old self. “Aqua Splash! You are awake! Why are you crying?” The former weather reporter-turned Pegasus hovered over to the bed and landed near her upset friend, “Looks like you can use a shoulder to cry on. Tell me what’s bothering you, okay?”

"Booze! Give me beer or something! ANYTHING ALCOHOLIC!" Aqua demanded, her mood instantly changing.

Summer face-hoofed, shaking her head, “I am sorry, Aqua. There is no alcohol here in the house. I have a younger sister to look after. It would be irresponsible if Spring started to drink.”

"Mein Gott. Ich werde Ihnen zeigen wo." The depressed Pegasus mumbled. With that, she somehow produced a bottle of Scotch from thin air and started taking big gulps from it, savoring the burning sensation in her mouth.

"How did you?" Summer asked, looking at the light blue Pegasus in awe. "I thought only Pinkie Pie could do that?"

"Long story, my friend. Ah, actually no, heh heh. She taught me how." She replied, her speech becoming more slurred with each gulp. "Want to try some? 70% alcohol. Ich good suf mi freund."

Summer politely declined the offer. “I’m sorry, Aqua. I don’t drink. And, there are better ways to deal with your problems besides drinking them away. Right now, you need to get yourself healthy again, starting with this breakfast!” Summer offered some apple slices, oatmeal, and other pony foods. “Since we cannot eat meat anymore, we have to start eating better.”

"Gah. Screw PETA!" She grumbled unhappily, taking another swing of the viscous amber colored liquid. "I miss Burger Shot." She muttered as she ate an Apple slice, releasing a loud belch in the process.

“Let me tell you something, mein freund." Aqua continued, starting to sway ever-so slightly. "Did I ever tell you about my parents when we were human?" She asked Summer. The light gray Pegasus shook her head in response.

"THAT'S BECAUSE I DON'T HAVE ANY!" Aqua wailed, tears starting to form in her light-green eyes. "Not even when I was a pony. Reason being that they died in an accident during surgery! What do you think eh, that my full name was John Doe? A joke? NO! That was Discord's way of telling me that I would always be a no pony!" Taking another gulp from her bottle, she started to cry uncontrollably.

"When I was human, I could remember nothing of this! I was truly happy, even though the Boss was a jerk. Not being able to remember that I was an orphan!"

Summer went over and gave Aqua a hug. “You are not a no pony, Aqua! You have to remember who you really are; the supervisor of the Cloud Factory at Cloudsdale and my friend! Like it or not, we are in this together!” She sighs, continuing to hope to find the real Aqua Splash underneath all the sadness and alcohol.

“I have called my sisters, and they should be here to help us. I told them I was helping an old friend who needs to find herself. That is what we are going to do, Aqua. Will you help me discover the real you?” Summer reached out to Aqua, hoping that with her sisters arriving soon, they would get Aqua back on her hooves and alcohol free.

"Yeah, yeah. Look, let me finish my Scotch or whatever you call it first. Then, you can inspire me with whatever you're going to say to me when your soeurs-no, sisters arrive." She shot back, taking another swing from her bottle.

"The rest is for later." Aqua Splash mumbled, screwing the cap back on and throwing her drink onto the bed, she tried to walk away from Summer. However, due to her not using her hooves for years (and under the influence of alcohol) she failed miserably and fell face first onto the floor, not before becoming tangled up in her hooves and somehow, falling asleep again.

"How did you do that?" Summer demanded, looking at her drunken friend. Sighing, she started to drag the light-blue Pegasus back onto the bed.

Once she made sure Aqua Splash was safely in bed, Summer silently closed the door behind her and went to check on her sister’s progress. If anyone could see the bright side of this situation, it would be Charlie.

There was a somewhat frantic knock at the door and a panicked half yell to accompany it. “William! I’m here!” she said and knocked on the door a bit longer waiting for a response.

Summer heard her younger sister’s voice calling to her, and went the best she could with back hooves to the door.
“Hold your horses, sis! I’m coming! You know, it’s hard to walk with hooves….” Summer grumbled as she opened the door as best she could. What Charlie saw before her was a young woman with light grey hind hooves, a light blue-green mane and tail, as well as the light grey fur on her body. Most of her was covered by her blue bathrobe, which hid the wings that were developing underneath.
“Charlie? Is that you?” The former weather reporter-turned pony hybrid said in a questioning tone.

Charlie let out a gasp and covered her mouth with her hands, dropping the bag she was carrying to the ground as she looked at her sister with wide eyes. She nodded and asked “Is that you, William?”
William, or Summer, as she called herself now, looked down at her feminine body, then back at her sister’s appearance. “Do I sound and look like a guy to you?” She was also wearing the necklace she got for herself, which contained her Cutie Mark; a light blue green wavy west wind symbol.
“W-well not really. But you just look so, different!” She almost whispered, a few tears beginning to well up in her eyes as she walked over and took Summer in a warm embrace. Charlie soon began to lightly cry into her shoulder.

William was taken back at the embrace, but began to hug her sister back. “I know, Spring. I think we are becoming our old selves again. You remember our sisters, yes? Autumn, you, me, and Winter. They all are coming back. I even found our old supervisor. Sadly, Aqua’s not feeling quite herself lately, so she’s sleeping in the guest bedroom. And please, you may call me Summer now.”
She looked up and sniffled a bit and began to speak, “I, guess I do kind of remember them. Are they all doing alright? Has anyone ran into a lot of trouble? What’s wrong with Aqua?” She began spewing questions one after another, her panic helping out a little to make her mind work this haphazardly.
Summer hugs her younger sister again, rubbing her back, and feeling her wings, “Ah, you worry way too much, sis. First of all, your wings are starting to grow in. We are Pegasi, the high-fliers of Equestria. Sadly, this is not our homeland, as Discord sent us here in exile to live our fake lives.” She sighed and continued, “Second of all, Jennifer is becoming Winter, our elder sister, and that leaves Aaron, who is becoming Autumn. I just got off the phone with both of them, and they will be here soon.” She looked to the door to where Aqua Splash was sleeping. “Aqua Splash was really tired when she arrived. I sent her to bed early, and woke her up to get her something to eat when I discovered my hind hooves had formed, and it’s getting hard to walk on two legs.” She then demonstrates her discomfort of her bipedal stance by descending to all fours, taking the pressure off her wings and back, “Ah, that feels more better on my back.”
Spring calms down and stops crying, her breathing at a normal pace once again as she regains her composure and begins thinking clearly again, but eying Summer a bit oddly. “Okay, despite all of that, everything sounds under control for the moment. I need to take a bit of time to think about it all though, in the meantime,” she stopped for a brief moment to step back and grab her bag and carry it in. “Here’s some, stuff that you can use while you're, you know…” She said with a bit of a blush and handed the bag to Summer, trying not to dwell upon the fact that she was letting her former brother wear her feminine clothing instead of Summer just using her own.

Summer looked into the bag and saw some clothes that would fit her better. “You brought some clothes for me, sis? You shouldn’t have! Thank you so much! I just need help, though. I’m not familiar with how my new body would look.” She then gives Spring her necklace. “You forgot your necklace, sis. Happy Birthday!” The necklace in question was gold and had Spring’s Cutie Mark; a sun in front of a red rose as its centerpiece.

“Awww! Thank you!” She thanked Summer and gave her another big squeeze before she began to explain a few things. “And about your new look, well, since you probably don’t want to look too girly, you could just style your mane in a simple way that doesn’t draw too much attention. You don’t really need to worry about clothes; I tried to pick the most non-girly things I could find to give you. Other than that, you don’t really have anything you need to worry about for the moment.”

Summer gets hugged by her sister and feels her wings getting squished, “My wings! Watch the wings!” She disrobes to turn to look at her wings, which had been growing in nicely. “Wow, my wings are the same color as my fur on my legs. That’s pretty cool, huh?”

“Sorry!” She said sheepishly and looked at her sister’s elegant wings that looked very pretty, despite not being fully developed. “Those are pretty cool come to think of it! I wonder what mine are like,” she trailed off and turned her head, lifting the back of her shirt a bit to look at her wings for the first time since the transformation had begun.

Summer smiled as she saw Spring check out her light sea green wings, “Your wings are the same as they were when that Discord character banished us all here. You remember that party at Sugar Cube Corner, right? Pinkie Pie invited us to our birthday party and he was there. Somehow, every pony; Mr. and Mrs. Cake, Pinkie Pie, and the other party ponies were sent here to Earth to live as humans. I guess we aren’t human any more.”

“Hmm. Now that you mention it, I do actually remember some of that party. It started out really good with Pinkie Pie’s scrumptious treats and fantastic games! Then Discord said he was going to give us presents and…” A look of clarity appeared on her face before it was replaced by a pout, along with Spring crossing her arms in disapproval. “That big meanie! Why would he do that? How could he do that!?” She said, a bit flustered.

Summer shook her head and gave her sister a side hug, “Discord betrayed us, Spring. I heard he even turned on Princess Celestia and Luna. That is just pure evil!” She then smiles, “Just think, when this is all over, and we are back to our old selves again…. We will train to fly once again and invite all our pony friends to help us. Even our sisters. I am sure there are others like us whom Discord had sent here. Aqua Splash, for one, is here now. She needs our help to stop drinking. I told her I didn't want to set a bad example for my little sister.”

“That’s sounds like a plan. So where is Aqua anyways? Is there anything I can do to help her?” She asked hopefully, wanting to do something helpful for her older sister.
Summer smiles, “Yes, we can either lecture her about the dangers of alcoholism, or we can sing her a song.”

A smile slowly creeps onto Spring’s face as she begins rubbing her hands together as if forming a devious plan. “I think we should sing to her! But, if that doesn't work then I guess we could lecture her afterwards, but still, I like the song idea much better!”

Summer nods, “Well then, we have a sick pony on our hooves. Let’s see if she’s up for a visitor.” She then heads over to the guest room, and opens the door quietly, revealing the sleeping form of Aqua Splash. Summer places a finger to her lips and then enters the room, “Aqua Splash? You feeling any better?” She says softly, “My sister Spring’s here to help you. I am sorry you are not feeling well, but we are here to help….with a song.”

"Okay, whatever. Have you seen my Scotch or whatever it's called?" The drunken Pegasus mumbled.

Summer looked over to her sister and shrug, “I don’t think you will be needing to drink. Spring and I are here to help you stop drinking. I know you aren't yourself yet, but if you will allow us to help you quit drinking, you can be the supervisor you once were back in Cloudsdale.”

"Yeah, here's something. I don't remember crap about Clouds and weather. Only that I always wanted to go to...Dubi? Or was it called Dubai? I don't know. Maybe you ponies can help me by singing me something about Dubai." Aqua relied, still not yet back to her senses. "Anyway, don't worry about me. I mean seriously, when can I ever get a chance to drink again? Not even when my parents died did I get a chance. Oh and another thing-who's the human?"

Summer smiled, “Oh, this is my little sister, Charlie...or Spring Breeze. She’s actually going through the same changes as me and my other sisters. Pretty soon, we will become the ponies we once were.” The light grey human-pony hybrid said, indicating her younger sister, who was sporting a rose colored mane and tail and a sea green coat with light purple eyes.

"Lucky you then. Enjoy being human while you can. Tell me when you girls finish with your stuff and end up like me. I've got more drinks. Brandy, beer, wine and others." The light blue Pegasus replied, barely able to sit up straight.

Summer looked over at the poor Pegasi in the bed, “Aqua, you don’t have to be alone anymore. We are your friends, and you know what a true friend does for another?” She smiles, looking over at her sister warmly, “Follow my lead, sis.”

Summer begins to sing a song;

A true true friend helps a friend in need
to see the light, that shines from a true true friend!
Aqua Splash needs our Help!
She’s trying hard doing what she can.
If she tries, just gives it a chance,
She might find that she’ll start to understand!
A True True Friend helps a friend in need;
A friend will be there to help you see!
A true true friend helps a friend in need,
to see the light, that shines from a true true friend!

“So Aqua, ready to stop drinking?” Spring asked hopefully, patting her
hands to the beat of song in case their efforts did not yet succeed.

What Summer didn't know was that Aqua's incessant drinking was due to the sudden flood of memories being hurled at her. To be more exact, the memory of the day her parents passed away.


“Aqua Splash, if I may have a minute with you." Her Grandmother had called for her during class. Looking at the teacher, who gave a nod, the filly followed the Mayor out of the school.

The two had walked for quite a while before the Pegasus finally asked the elderly Unicorn about what she wanted to talk to her about.

"I'm sorry to tell you-" her Grandmother began, pausing as to think of how to break the news to her. 'Was it better to tell the truth or lie to her?' She thought. In the end, she settled for the truth.

"Listen Aqua," Her grandmother began again. "I'm really sorry to tell you, but your parents aren't coming back." She continued, fighting the tearing sensation in her eyes. 'Look at her, so happy as of now. Maybe it was a bad idea after all.'

"What do mean 'not coming back'? Mommy and Daddy always comes back for me!" The light-blue filly shot back, before realising what the mayor meant.

"No no no no no. They can't be dead can they? How can Doctors die in a hospital?" Aqua shot back at her, refusing to believe what she was saying. 'Besides, they were working in Canterlot, along with the other Doctor ponies. Surely they were saved by the other ponies!'

"I-I wish that was true dear. B-but there was a terrible accident in the wing they were working in. Your parents had refused to leave to help save the other ponies. When they finally did however..." Her grandmother trialled off, not daring to look at the filly.

"WHAT? THEY TRIED TO SAVE EVERYPONY AND THEY ENDED UP DYING?" The light-blue Pegasus wailed, tears welling in her eyes. "was zum Teufel falsch mit der Welt ist?" She cursed, smashing a hoof into a nearby tree, causing a crack to form in it's trunk.


Outside of her memories, tears had once again, started to stream down Aqua's face.

Summer gives Aqua a hug, “Aqua, are...you, okay?” She looked over at Spring, then back at Aqua Splash. “Aqua, we are here for you. We are becoming ponies as well. We have wings, manes, tails, and ears, as well as these Cutie Marks, as my sister calls them.”

The light-blue Pegasus gave Summer a weak smile. "Yeah. I'm okay. Just...give me an hour or so. Since y-yuo know, all the new memories that comes with my new body-they a-aren't really sugar-coated ones you know?" She replied weakly, barely coherent.

Summer nodded, “Okay, Aqua. I’m going to have my sister get some clothes for me so I can look presentable. We will be back and we can discuss what’s going on. You are not alone, and we will get through this together.”

"Yes. Go do your stuff. I'll be fine. Just let me get over w-with theesh damn memoriesss...and the new pony or Fegassuss body." Aqua reassured her friend, trying to sound cheerful about it.

'Provided that I don't pass out, or die from some unknown pony-liver or kidney problem from drinking too much' She thought to herself darkly, taking another swing.

Chapter Five: Rebirth: Autumn

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Chapter 5

Rebirth: Autumn

Aaron Weston yawned as he lifted the covers off himself. He got up from his bed, and began doing his morning routine. He got dressed, and was ready to catch the early morning train for class. A smile adorned his face as he prepared for the day.

Oh man, this day is gonna be great, not to mention it’s my birthday and all! Aaron said to himself. Today was May 1, 2020, a day that Aaron shared a birthday with his siblings, the weather reporter, William, the college student, Charlie, and the artist, Jennifer Weston. He would be going to a birthday party later with friends, and hoped his family would be present.

As he was walking out his apartment, a thought rushed through his mind. He started remembering a place made of clouds. He saw many different Pegasi with helmets on their heads wearing lab coats and safety gear. The colorful, winged equines appeared to be at some factory, developing white, fair weather clouds.

“Wait a minute… pegasi, with lab coats? working on,”- He raised his brow- “making clouds?”

Aaron was there in a daze as he kept watching the image play in his head, but then came to himself. He looked up and down the block hoping no one was watching him. -- Why on earth was I thinking that, he thought. -- He took a nice and easy stroll to the station. When he got to the station, he swiped his fare pass like he had always been doing.

He went up the stairs to the platform. There he stood waiting patiently for the train, which usually ran pretty slow on mornings. As he was there waiting, he sat down on a bench and started to zone off, random pictures filling his mind again.

His thoughts went back to the factory he saw before. He let his thoughts play out, and tried not to go too crazy. Well, until he saw the pegasi flying over a giant pot of a rainbow-colored liquid. The liquid was then seen being poured into various trenches for the purposes of creating the rainbows that were seen at Winsome Falls, a location in the magical land of Equestria, near the city of Cloudsdale..

Wait, Pegasi making rainbows? Aaron asked himself, stunned that such creatures had jobs where mixing colors to create visible light spectrums were as commonplace as making clouds and cloud formations.

His vision then shifted to another area of the factory. He watched as another set of pegasi worked on the week’s scheduled weather forecast, debating whether or not it would be sunny, partly cloudy, or rainy that afternoon. The Pegasi in this section appeared to be the weather managers, who supervised the other Pegasi at the factories, designated by their blue safety helmets and vests. The workers wore white safety helmets with matching vests.

All of these images in Aaron’s mind made his head spin. He then snapped to reality as heard the train race right past him. The force of the wind made his black jacket ripple slightly. He got up from the bench, confused and a little exhausted as he made his way in the train and took his seat.

“Why am I constantly thinking about all these random images, and since when?”

He tried not to stray off in thought of colorful flying equines working on weather, as he had more pressing matters at hand; traveling to the college for his classes and preparing for his birthday party. As the day dragged on, he received various witty comments about his birthday from his classmates and some teachers. He got a break between his schedule, and decided to spend it with his four friends at the cafeteria. His friends were Toby, Sharlin, Drake, and Jason.

They gathered together and started talking while eating in the cafeteria. That day it wasn’t filled with people. In fact, it was just the five of them sitting and happily enjoying themselves.

“Yeah man, happy birthday, dude.” Jason and the others tapped him on his back.

“Heh, thanks, my friends. Really appreciate it.”

They conversed for awhile on a number of silly topics. By then, Aaron’s legs started feeling itchy. He was slightly confused by this.

Man, I could’ve sworn I lotioned my legs this morning? He thought as he was lightly itching the side of his left leg. He laughed it off, while listening to his friends. They continued making jokes, until the itching got a little more intense.

“Hey, let me head off to the bathroom real quick, I’ll be right back.” Aaron got up and took a brisk walk to the bathroom. He then immediately rushed to the nearest bathroom door, went inside, and pulled his jeans down, and started scratching like his life counted on it.

“Man, I don’t know why I’m scratching so much, but it’s become really annoying. I can't even go a good minute or two without my legs needing a scratch.”

Aaron felt a slight rise on the outside of both his legs. He looked down slightly, first checking his left leg, and was shocked upon seeing the yellow leaf on his leg. He quickly looked at his right leg and watched another yellow leaf appear.

“What in the world is going on? Am I morphing or something? How can I go through the rest of this day with my legs itching like this? Someone will find out for sure. Oh man, this is bad.”

Aaron started searching through his pockets, but then looked up at the bathroom ceiling, realizing that he forgot his cell phone back in the cafeteria with his friends.

“Dammit, dammit, dammit! Out of all times, why did I have to leave it with them today? On my birthday. Just had to be on my birthday, right?”

He pulled up his jeans, exited the bathroom, and headed back to the cafeteria, bearing with the intense itching on both his legs.

Just before he reached the cafeteria, he made sure he was in order so that it didn’t look like anything strange had happened.

“Hey Aaron! Where have you been, dude?” Jason and the others started waving for him to come on down quickly. Aaron watched at the table carefully and spotted a cake.

“You dudes bought a cake for me?” Aaron said smiling.

“Yeah, man!” Toby responded laughing.

“You’re like, the best dude a friend could ask for!” Sharlin said, lighting the candles.

The rest of the party guests agreed with Sharlin as Aaron prepared to blow out the candles. Aaron sat down right over the cake next to Drake and Jason. He started to feel uncomfortable as the intense itching sensation started back up.

They started and sang the usual birthday song just to make him smile. But Aaron laughed as hard as he could to forget the itching, but still the sensation didn’t leave.

When he blew out the candles, they helped him cut the cake. While friends were talking and having good laughs, he took his slice wrapped it around in paper. He got up from the table, and the itching sensation grew worse. He couldn’t help but scrunch up his face a little.

His friends started looking at him kinda weird. They knew he had to go to class, but had never seen him as an early bird when it came to classes, much less anything.

“Hey dude, like, are you alright man?” Sharlin asked as he took a bite of his slice of cake.

“Oh yeah man, I’m fine, just need to get to the class early to do a test. I’ll catch you guys later. And thanks for everything.”

Aaron started brisk walking from the cafeteria. By then it was 4:30 pm in the evening, and as he struggled to walk into the classroom the itching sensation stopped immediately.

“Come on in quickly, Aaron, the test is about to start! Never thought I would be telling college students to hurry to a class!” Professor Grumpy said angrily as he was handing out the papers to the rest of the class.
Aaron ignored the teacher, walking to the back of the class and happily took his seat. The professor walked over to him and drop the papers on his desk.

“You all may start the test!” The english professor said turning around, walking down the middle aisle and back to his desk.

He started flipping the pages, scanning what was easy and difficult. He only had an hour, and he realized there were only twenty-five questions, but would also need every minute for these questions. The test was long and difficult, it used up most of the brain power he had left. After he finished the last question, his held fell straight on the desk and started sleeping. Eventually, the English professor woke the sleeping student up.

The time was up, and his eyes shot right open as he looked at the professor.

“I hope you finished that test, or it’s down the hole for you.” The english professor grabbed up his paper and started walking down the aisle. Aaron popped his head up, looking around he saw no one.

“You may leave now!” The professor yelled.

“Oh okay, see you tomorrow, Professor.” Aaron replied, feeling exhausted after taking that grueling exam.

“Well, I hope I don’t!” The professor responded.

Aaron left the college, and walked down to the train station. He swiped his fare card, walked down a flight of stairs, and waited for a train. Bored, he passed his hand back on his head, and felt strange.

“Did my hair grow that fast? I could’ve sworn I cut it last night before I went to bed. It couldn’t have grown that fast.”

The train came, and he walked inside, and was again lucky enough to have a seat. So he sat down as the train started to depart. All on the way, he was feeling his hair grow, and started becoming more anxious.


Aaron ran out of the train station and started down the street to his apartment as fast as he could. He didn’t want anyone else to find out about his hair growing so fast. All that was on his mind was getting inside asap.

He ran up the stairs. When he reached the door, he searched his pockets and bag for his keys, but couldn’t find them. So, he lifted up his doormat and took up the extra key to open the door. He opened the door, threw the keys under the mat, dashed inside and crouched to catch his breath.

He caught his breath again and went up yet another flight of stairs and headed straight to his bathroom. He turn on the light, got in front of the mirror. He took his hair cutter and shaved his head bald. He looked closely at his head, and he was shocked and amazed as he watched the little hair on his head grow so rapidly.

“This is not good. At all.”

He then sat on the bathroom floor thinking of how to get rid of it when a there was a sudden knock at the door.

“Now who could that be?”

He got up from the floor, and walked down the stairs to open the door. At that point, he didn’t really want anyone to know he existed. He really just wanted to go to sleep and forget this had ever happened, but somehow he couldn’t stop himself from opening the door to see who it was.

So he opened the door, and surprisingly no one was at the door. He looked around, left to right. He looked down and saw a box. Puzzled, he picked it up and looked at the tag

to see who it was for.

“Me, but I don’t even remember ordering anything.”

He walked back inside and up the stairs. He afterwards went straight to the kitchen, sat down and opened up the box with his small knife that laid on the table. As he was about to open the box, a normal itching sensation came on the same part of his leg.

“Alright that’s it, I’m going to take a shower then open it.”

He goes to the bathroom, and takes his shower. While he was taking his shower, his head was more difficult to soap up because of its length. He grew frustrated because he couldn’t get rid of his growing hair.

“You know what, I don’t care anymore, I’ll let it grow! And when I go back to class tomorrow, I’ll just tell them that I tried some new hair product, and… and, urrrgh. How could I go to class with hair like this!”

He looked in the mirror again and wiped the condensation that was on it. He was in complete shock, and let out a loud scream.

“How could this be! How could the color of my hair be orange, when it was always hazel brown? What in the world is going on? I definitely can’t go now that I know it’s this color!”

He wrapped his towel around himself and exited the bathroom. He walked towards his room but stopped and thought for a second.

“Oh darn, can’t call William if I didn’t even see his present to thank for him for it.”

So Aaron walked down the hallway to his kitchen, and opened the present. He was confused and at a loss for words.

“But, this looks like…” He picks up the necklace and examines it.

“This looks exactly like the marks I have on my legs.”

Aaron hurried to his room where he had left his phone and flipped it open. He thought about it for a moment and then made his decision. He started texting his sister, Jennifer. “Jenn, I’m coming over to visit; see you soon.” Aaron looked at his watch, if he hurried he could catch the next train over to her apartment. Grabbing a hoodie and the necklace on the way out Aaron thought carefully about what he would say to his sister, “Sorry for the short notice; I just wanted to see how you were doing and…” No, there had to be a better way to approach this subject. Before he knew it, Aaron was walking up the steps of his sister’s apartment.

“Aaron, what are you doing here?” a voice spoke up from behind him. Aaron turned around to find a young woman in jeans and a white T-shirt. Her hair was the color of the pink rose and her eyes were a light purple.

“Charlie? Is that you?” Aaron asked shocked.

The young woman rolled her eyes, “The one and only.”

“Well, it’s good to see you. I like the hair. It looks very nice. Any whom, how have you been?” Aaron replied avoiding the question entirely.

“I’ve been better, but we should probably get inside. I expect Jennifer will want to see us before anything else happens,” Charlie said pushing past Aaron and up to the door. It opened before she even had the chance to knock.

Jennifer opened the door to reveal her new blue hair and eyes to her siblings. “Charlie is not the only one who is going through these changes. I ended up getting one of those marks on my thighs that Charlie called ‘Cutie Marks.’ Jennifer invited her siblings to enter her home for their evening discussions.

While the siblings discussed their changes, William, or rather, a young woman that claimed to be their 'sister' Summer joined the meeting to show that her hair had become teal, and her eyes, turquoise. "You aren't the only one in this family this has been happening to." The young woman said, looking up at her new hairstyle, which by then had taken on the appearance of a mane. "The Cutie Marks, hair and eye color changes, and those necklaces have something in common. It was like we were meant to have the necklaces." The young woman wore the necklace that bore the Cutie Mark of the Pegasus known as 'Summer Breeze.'

"By the way, I have decided to go by the name, 'Summer Breeze.' The name came to me in a dream. You three are my sisters, or rather, Summer the pony has three sisters, aptly named Autumn, Winter, and Spring; all Pegasi."

The family meeting went on until the siblings grew tired. The meeting was adjourned until the next day when they could get together and compare any new changes.


The sun rose early on the second of May to find Aaron already on his morning jog. His hood was pulled up to ward off the early morning chill. The exertion felt good, but Aaron frowned at the rising sun. The strange events of these last 24 hours were very strange. Aaron could only imagine what was happening to his siblings. Based on what Summer, formerly William Weston, Charlie, and Jennifer told him, they each had a Cutie Mark of the pony they were becoming. The necklaces bearing the likenesses of the Cutie Marks was just the beginning of the bizarre transformations.

Sighing deeply, Aaron continued on his morning jog. Even if the world turned upside down, a little exercise would help make it right. As Aaron approached the train station, he felt his phone buzzing in his pocket. Checking the caller identification, Aaron groaned deeply. Toby was a great guy, but sometimes his timing was very poor. Aaron put a smile on his face and thought about what Toby would say if he answered the phone. Toby was a nice guy so he would probably ask how the test had gone and there was little danger in that.

“Yo man, how’s it hanging?” Toby inquired the moment Aaron had clicked that little green button.

“Well enough, I guess. But that’s not important, how have you been, man?” Aaron replied shifting from one foot to the other has he spoke.

Toby sighed and said, “Man, you really need to quit hidin’ you’ problems. We want to help, so why don’t ya’ share your worries with Brother Tobbert the Helpful?”

Aaron grinned, despite his unusual and strange personality Toby had always been a kind soul so why not share a little of his load, “Toby I think someone is trying to pull a very lame prank on my entire family by dying our hair and giving us growth hormones that only affect our hair.”

“Dude that is wacked out. Who the heck would do that to ya’?” Toby asked.

“I don’t know man, my siblings all seem to think that…” Aaron had a rather strange thought. The test yesterday had been on aviation but Aaron could only remember writing down the names of Wonderbolt founders from the EUP, not famous aviators from the past century. “Oh, sweet Celestia, Toby I gotta run! I really screwed up that test yesterday but there might still be time to fix it, so I gotta go. Bye!”

After hanging up, Aaron climbed onto the train heading for the college. Hopefully Professor Flurggal would have left the tests in his office. If he had, then Aaron could go in swipe his test and replace it with one that actually answered the questions before the professor actually read the tests. Come to think of what had he answered, besides writing down that General Firefly had founded aviation and that Commander Easy Glider had been the first person to fly across the Atlantic Ocean. Oh yes, he had written a paragraph about why those you flew with were like family; he had even used the example that without his sisters he would never have been ready for this test. Wait half a moment, that couldn’t have been true, since Aaron hadn’t seen his siblings for nearly two weeks before taking the test. But Aaron could easily see a picture in his mind of his three siblings gathered around him pointing out ways that he could remember all this information about the Wonderbolts, though there was something strange about this picture that he couldn’t quite place his finger on.

The Train pulled up right outside of the school. It looked dark and foreboding this morning. The only people within the building were the librarian, the secretary, and two police officers that used the school as a parking lot.

Aaron looked around carefully. Slowly, he moved towards the building. There were several windows that he could attempt to enter from, but one was easily the more preferred out of them. It was low to the ground inside a window well and any pony could easily see that it was open. Aaron approached and peered into the room. The aerodynamics lab was quiet; the mighty computers and simulators turned off.
Aaron slipped into the lab and crept over to the door. He opened the door and snuck stealthily down the hall. The professor’s office was on the 2nd floor. If Aaron was careful, than he could use the back stairway to get to the second floor without even having to deal with the first floor.

Aaron approached and peered into the room. The aerodynamics lab was quiet; the mighty computers and simulators turned off. Aaron slipped into the lab and crept over to the door. He opened the door and snuck stealthily down the hall. The professor’s office was on the 2nd floor. If Aaron was careful, than he could use the back stairway to get to the second floor without even having to really deal with the first floor. The only sound that could be heard was Aaron’s foot steps, though he tried to keep those as quiet as he could.

He finally reached the back stairwell, but every sound he made seemed to be ten times as loud as it should be. Upon reaching the first floor landing of this back stairwell, Aaron looked out the glass doors and caught a glimpse of his own reflection. He had two bulges in his hoodie, atop his head. Slowly pushing off the hood, breath held in anxious curiosity, Aaron couldn’t help but whisper, “Dude,” after seeing what lay beneath the hood. He had a pair of cute pony ears sticking out from his exceedingly long jungle of a mane. The strangeness of this situation was beyond what he could describe. Well this craziness would need to wait till after he had successfully fixed his mistake.

Stuffing his hair back into his hood, he raced up the stairs until he finally reached the second floor. These steps were covered in carpet, unlike the previous flight which meant he could run without as much fear of detection. “Now to get into the office,” Aaron muttered as he approached the door. Reaching for the handle, he heard someone speaking from the other side. Slow careful footsteps approached his position. It only took Aaron a moment to realize that it must be the Professor. Aaron thought for just a moment, racing back for the stairs would take too long to get out of sight. All the other doors were locked, and this hall went straight pretty much both directions. Aaron looked around for any way to avoid being seen by the Professor, especially in his current condition.

The door opened and Mr. Kingsley stepped through the doorway. Mr. Kingsley was a short man with grey hair and an even dreary outlook on life. But something seemed off about him today. Today he didn’t have his glasses nor did he bear his usual scowl. Peering into his office Aaron easily spotted a reason for the smile; several letters and a box of open chocolates could be seen on the cluttered desk. Mr. Kingsley looked up at Aaron and asked, “How can I help you, Ma’am?”

Aaron took a moment to process this and replied, attempting to soften his tone, “Hello Mr. Kingsley I was hoping to talk to you about that test yesterday. I missed it and was hoping I could take it today.”

Mr. Kingsley raised an eyebrow and looked Aaron up and down for a moment before responding, “While normally I’d say no since I did not receive any messages from anyone about missing any of my tests, I suppose I can make this exception. You look like you’ve been having a rather bad day. Would you care for a chocolate?”

Aaron shook his head, “No thank you, Mr. Kingsley.” He said, politely refusing his teacher’s offer of the candy.

Mr. Kingsley returned to his desk, rummaging through it to find a blank copy of the test. Aaron carefully approached the desk and spotted his own test in the middle of the pile. Carefully reaching forward, Aaron pulled the little packet out of the pile while the professor put his head even closer to the desk, complaining about his poor eyesight. Mr. Kingsley stood up and held out the clean sheets of paper to Aaron. Aaron smiled as he took the papers from the professor while hiding the original behind the desk from the instructor’s view.

Two hours passed as Aaron filled out the test. He scanned through it a second time making sure that every answer was not a reference to the Wonderbolts or pony related. The last item was to place his name on the test before handing it to Mr. Kingsley for grading. Rising from the seat he had taken, Aaron looked down and realized he had mis-wrote his name. Aaron had never had very clean hand writing but this looked like he had written Autumn Breeze instead of Aaron Weston. Scribbling it out, he rewrote his name and turned it over to the Professor who smiled up at him.

“Thank you Madam, please have a wonderful day,” Kingsley said as Aaron walked out of the room. Perhaps the professor really did have a heart of gold underneath that icy exterior he had always shown in class.

Traveling back to the train, Aaron noticed a most annoying itch on his shoulder blades. Ignoring the itch, Aaron climbed aboard the train heading home. Now that Aaron wasn’t in the middle of sneaking through the school, he could think about his ears. The fact they had moved without him noticing was quite strange and disconcerting. If these changes kept happening, his life would be over.

As Aaron finally reached his home, he used his key and opened the door. As he entered the living room, he saw what appeared to be a female figure sitting on the couch with light blue green hair and grey pony ears waiting for him.

“Hello, Aaron….or should I say, Autumn. Are you okay?” The young girl on the couch asked with concern in her voice. “Oh, and I’m not the only one in our family returning back as a pony. If you are supposed to be Autumn, then I am your sister, Summer. The other two siblings are Winter and Spring.”

Aaron's jaw literally dropped open. Staring across the room the look of pure shock spoke more than any series of words ever can. Aaron plopped down in front of the closed door while whispering, "How? How could this be?"

Summer stood up from her sitting position, uncrossing her legs. She slowly approached Aaron, "Are you alright, Autumn, or, uhm, Aaron?” She asked again with more concern in her voice.

Summer stood up from her sitting position, uncrossing her legs. She slowly approached Aaron, "Are you alright, Autumn, er, Aaron?” She asked again with more concern in her voice.

She knelt down in front of her brother, attempting to get through to him. “Look, Aaron, we all are in the same situation. Like you, I have a Cutie Mark, as well as my hair color changed. I now sport light grey pony ears and my eye color changed. My changes are a little faster than yours or Spring’s. And, my back has been itching for some time. I know what you are going through and we’ll get through it together.” She opened her arms to accept a hug, “Looks like you could use a hug; just watch the back, okay?”

“How can you be so calm about this? How can you just accept this?” Aaron stammered, shaking his head as he removed his hood revealing his long orange mane and pony ears. “The Professor mistook me for a girl!”

Summer sat next to her brother and sighed, “I had a talk with Jennifer and Charlie. Jennifer told me I should accept my changes as they come, as did Charlie. They are going through the same changes as we are, just a little slower than us.” She then turned to her brother, “Professor Kingsley mistook you for a girl? Well, your hair now resembles the mane style of Autumn Breeze, the eldest of the Breeze siblings. And, you have her ears, wings, and her Cutie Mark, so you are becoming Autumn. I’ll be there for you, so don’t panic.” She gave her brother a side hug, hoping to ease her brother’s nerves.

Aaron held his ‘sister’ close. Perhaps everything would be alright. This change meant that Aaron needed to make some preparations for when these changes finished.

Summer enjoyed the hug from her brother, feeling the warmth of comfort that she was able to get through to him. She released the hug and looked up at her brother, “Feeling better? I told you we’d be through this together; you, me, Winter, and Spring.” She then thought about the pony names of the Pegasi that they were transforming into. “Did you know the ponies we are becoming are named for the four seasons? They really match our Cutie Marks and color schemes.”

“I suppose so. But what do we need to do to be prepared for these coming changes?” Aaron asked.

Summer shrugged, “Well, we need to be more aware of the smaller changes, like mixing up pony names and old memories of our pony pasts in Equestria. Also, our tastes in food would change. We will also need to document the bigger changes, like hooves, tails, and some gender changes. It’s going to be a matter of time before you will end up as ‘Autumn’, my big sister. I have some memories of her winning a race in the fall where ponies gallop through a wooded area and the fall leaves come off the trees. I believe they called that event The Running of the Leaves. That was when she earned her Cutie Mark: Three fall leaves in red, orange, and red.”

Aaron rubbed his chin slowly, “So if we are becoming ponies because we are from another world, how do we get to our true home? And more importantly, what are we going to tell everyone else? I mean, we can’t just pack up and disappear like specters in the night!”

Summer continued to hug her brother, “It’s okay. I’ll be with you, every step of the way. You’re my BSBFF...Big Sister, Best Friend Forever, once the changes are complete.” Just then, Summer had an urge to sing a song.

When I was just a filly

I thought it rather silly

To say Hello to Everypony I could meet;

But there was one mare I could count on,

She was very Kind and Sweet!

She then pointed at Aaron, and continued to sing the chorus:

My Big Sister, Best Friend Forever!

We were two peas in a pod; we did everything together!

You taught me how to Fly;

Together we were able to reach the Sky!

Then she became sad, as she remembered the day Discord attacked Ponyville.

Until the day Discord banished us here on Earth;

But now, we are commencing our rebirth!

A new chorus began next;

My Sisters, Best Friends Forever!

At Last we all can be Together!

We can teach ourselves how to fly once more;

Together, we can take off and soar!

Big Sisters...Best friends...forever!

Chapter Six: Rebirth - Winter

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Chapter 6
Rebirth: Winter

As Summer waited for Charlie to arrive at her house, the former weather reporter decided to confide in Jennifer, her older sister. Perhaps she, like the other siblings, would be able to help. Summer dialed Jennifer’s number before her fingers felt like they were numb. She hoped her new voice would not startle her sister as the phone rang.

Jennifer, unlike what Summer expected, was not at all startled by the call. In fact, she was almost to the point of getting impatient waiting for it. She didn’t know why she had the feeling that something was wrong, but she did. Itching to figure out what this weird feeling was, and somehow knowing her sister would have an answer, she had the phone picked up and to her ear before the first ring had even ended.

“Little sis? Is something wrong? She asked. A finger tapped impatiently on her thigh, an annoyed glance at the door.

Summer sighed, “Jennifer, I am so sorry I hung up on you. My friend, John, from work, showed up. He’s becoming a pony as well. He’s really tired, so he is in the guest room, taking a much deserved rest. What do I do?”

“You are kidding me, right?” Jennifer asked. She began to pace. “What is it with this? I am just so confused!” She let out a little huff of aggravation, and then, was once again tapping her fingers. “Take care of him for now, I guess. There is not much else to do.”

Summer nodded, “Okay, can you come over when you have some free time? I think my back is starting to itch, my back hooves are making it very uncomfortable to walk, and I have light grey fur all over my legs.“ Summer began to feel an itch in her back; this was due to the beginning of her wings starting to sprout.

“You aren’t the only one…”, Jennifer muttered. She absently scratched an itch on her own back. “Well...let’s see...I am free right now...I will be right over.” Jennifer snatched the keys to her car and practically sprinted out of her house, almost forgetting to lock it in her haste. She hopped in her car, and starting it up, sped away to her sister’s home. “On my way, sis.”

Summer looked out the window, waiting for signs of her sister’s arrival. If anyone, or anypony would be able to help John/Aqua Splash, it would be her sister. She also contemplated calling Charlie, the youngest of her siblings, and the eldest sibling, Aaron, and find out how far they were progressing with their changes.

Summer played with her necklace around her neck, seeing it looked better on her new body than on her old one. The necklace was a part of the Seasonal Celebration Collection. The necklaces were a gift for each of her siblings, each adorned with the Cutie Mark of her sisters.

Jennifer parked her car in front of Summer’s home, and then dashed inside. Unable to help it, the first comment that slipped out of her mouth when she saw her sister was unintentionally hurtful. “Still wearing that Devil object, I see…” Realizing what she just said, she slapped a hand over her mouth. “S-sorry...too much going on...and when do you think all this stuff started happening?”, she said. Sighing, she walked over to the table and sat down. “So what do we do now?”

Summer rubbed her head with her right hand. “Well, I think it was the birthday party or the fact we each earned a Cutie Mark, as Charlie called them. I lost my job around two days ago, and I ended up becoming your sister. You can call me Summer now. At least that’s the name of the pony I am becoming. And the itchy back, I think we are Pegasi.”

Summer headed over to give her sister a hug and show the changes to her body. “It is so hard to walk on these hooves, sis. Besides the Cutie Mark, my eyes are now turquoise, and I have a blue green mane and tail. My ears are on the top of my head, and I have hooves. I have also become your younger sister. You are okay about that, right?”

“As strange as it is...I guess. I mean, it’s not like we can do much about it. Why not just embrace it?”, Jenn said, and hugged Summer back. “You know, it is the strangest thing, I began to draw these...winter scenes...in a place that I don’t know, but at the same time, seems so familiar. It started with these transformations. Is it at all possible that we aren’t just transforming and changing, but completely taking over the lives of the ponies we are changing into? Like, we are them, not just look alikes? Their lives are now ours to deal with?” Jenn scowled and stared off into space. “I swear...when I find out who did this…” She mocked strangling something, with very disconcerting ferocity and seriousness.

Summer accepted the hug from her sister and smiled, “Yeah, I mean, who is going to hire a Pegasus to help keep track of severe weather? We used to do that back in Equestria, right?”

“We did? I don’t even know that well. The memories haven’t come yet, I guess. You are farther in your transformation than just about all of us, so it reasonable to say that you are going to be the first to get your memories from Summer.”, Jenn said. She spaced out for a second, deep in thought. “Perhaps...perhaps we could use the memories to find out who did this, and see if we can reverse it.” A pause and a sigh of cluelessness. “That is, if we even want to change back when these damn changes finish.”

Summer smiled and looked at her phone. “I just received a text from Charlie. She’s becoming a pony named Spring Breeze. She’s our youngest sister. She could use our help. And, Aqua Splash, the former supervisor of the Cloud Factory in Cloudsdale, where we were formerly employed prior to Discord’s attack, showed up and is sleeping in the guest room. She’s somewhat depressed and also started to drink and I don’t know how to reach out to her.”

“Started to drink? Yeah, good luck helping her.” Jenn huffed. “I just don’t understand. Why us? I mean, it’s affecting all of us, and if not all of us, most of us, negatively. Cha...Aqua Splash, there is a perfect example. Out of all the people for this to happen to, why we were chosen for this merciless bad luck?”

Summer shrugged, “I really don’t know. I think these Cutie Marks and those necklaces are a clue of some sort. The centerpieces match our Cutie Marks, and I think we were once these Pegasi sisters. It would make sense, right? I have wings, pony ears, and my tail matches my mane color.”

“Once, you say? I have a hard time believing that. Wouldn't we have memories of at least being turned into humans, if not earlier back? Besides, these necklaces,” Jenn lifted up her own, and shook it in Summer’s face, though not in a rude manner. “They might mean nothing. What if it is just coincidence, which I highly doubt, or what if it is a ruse to lead us in the wrong direction? All I am saying is that...well...I am not saying that much. I am just ranting.” Jenn sighed and sat down. “I hope when this is all over, we like what happens, for better or worse.”

Summer heads over and gives her sister a hug. “Have you heard about this spell Discord cast on the ponies called the Five Score, Divided by Four? The first victims were the Princesses and the six local heroes who bear the Elements of Harmony. The other ponies who got in the way, such as the younger foals and us came later. I guess we were that much of a threat to Discord.”

Jenn looked up at Summer, and cocked her head in confusion. “Whe...where in the world did you learn that? Spell? Who is Discord? This is just...gah!” Jenn clenched and unclenched her fists, trying to calm herself, to put herself in a clear frame of mind.

“So let’s assume that is what happened. Let’s assume we had a cur...spell cast upon us to turn us into humans. You say princesses and, what was that, Elements of Harmony? If we were all affected by this spell, where are those others? I am still confused how you came to that conclusion in the first place.” Jenn scowled. “Don’t bother answering right now. We are getting nowhere. We need to get outside, do something. Anything to take my mind off of-” Jenn threw her hands in the air dramatically as she got up. “Everything.”

Summer smiled, “I agree. I am going to ask Charlie/Spring to come with us. We can go get something to eat, and have a girls day out. But first, I need to get some clothes. I’m not going out looking like I just got out of bed.” She went to pick up some clothes Charlie/Spring brought over. Having a younger sister who works in a clothing store was one of the perks to this whole family bonding.

After looking more presentable in a pair of blue jeans, a nice long sleeved light blue-green shirt, Summer went over to hug Jennifer. “Well, I’m ready to go. I have hooves instead of feet, so I guess I don’t need shoes, unless you want me to find some custom shoes that fit over my hooves. And, I have pony ears and a tail, as well as wings. I look like a cosplayer.” She said, gesturing to her ears, tail, and wings. “Charlie has her wings, mane, tail, and ears, and you do as well. There are four of us; Autumn, Winter, Summer, and Spring. I think that’s what we used to be called back in the land of ponies.”

“The tail, and the mane shouldn't be hard. Nor should the wings. Would you happen to have any hats to hide the ears? You may embrace this stuff, but for now, I am not the biggest fan of it.” Jenn asked. She began to tap her finger on her hip again, a very obvious nervous habit.

Summer nodded and looked around her room for some sort of hat or cap to cover her ears to avoid scrutiny. After finding a light blue green cap, she placed it over her ears and then presented herself to her sister. “Just to let you know that I will be here for you when we end up back as Pegasi. We will have to relearn to fly again. That will be just a few of the challenges we will face. Another will be eating right. I guess since ponies are herbivores, we can safely say we cannot eat meat.”

“Well, I am not a big meat eater anyway, so that’s taken care of.”Jenn said. She shrugged, and walked toward the door. “Let’s go. I am getting claustrophobic.” God...I really hope that I am at least somewhere private when I complete this transformation. Jenn got shivers as thoughts of the stares when, right in the middle of public, she was just suddenly a pony.

Summer nods, and heads out with her sister for lunch, her wings and tail twitching as she locks up. “I found a hat to match my mane color. I hope this is fine to go out in, unless we have to remove our hats when we go to the restaurant. Maybe we can have a girl’s day out; just between sisters.”

Jenn smiled at the idea. It was a good change from the panic and stress from all that had been going on. She reached down and held her sister’s hoof. “That sounds like a wonderful idea.”

Summer gave her sister a hug as her front hands began to slowly change into grey front hooves. “Uhm, Jennifer, I am not sure if I am going to be able to hold silverware with my new hooves. But, I am glad you are open to having lunch with me. Perhaps we should ask Charlie and Aaron to come with us. I’m sure they are going through the same thing.”

Jenn looked worriedly at the hand/hoof hybrids around her. “Tell me about it.” She looked at her own hands, lip trembling. I never once had the thought of what it would be like to suddenly not be human. It’s so strange, and so terrifying. “Let’s go. Panicking and thinking about this stuff won’t lift our mood at all.”

Summer nods, and heads out to follow her sister out to get something to eat. “Do you know any place that offers vegetarian meals? I mean, if we are becoming ponies, we will have to watch what we eat.”

A wan smile crossed Jenn’s lips. “I think I know a few places. Whether they accept pony/human hybrids, that’s a different story.” Jenn said, trying to make a small joke, however stupid and humorless, to change the mood.

Just then, Charlie arrived. She opened her mouth to say something, but then her eyes fell upon Summer’s hand/hooves. Her eyes widened in the slightest, and then a look of reassurance entered her face. “I see I am not the only one.” Hesitantly, she showed her new changes to her sisters. Her hair had become a rose pink mane, and her eyes were a light purple. Her recently sprouted wings and fur were a sea green. The youngest sister decided that in the last day of their changes that she wanted to spend some quality family time together. “So, you’re not the only one who is becoming a pony. Isn't this weird that we end up as four Pegasi sisters with names that are linked to the four seasons?”

Jenn offered an uninterested smile towards Charlie, hoping that she would take the hint, and drop the conversation. Jenn wasn't the best at body language, but she thought that this gesture hinted towards the fact that she was not at all happy with the subject being brought up.

Summer looked over at her sisters, “And, you are okay with the fact I used to be your brother before all this? Well, I’m now your sister, so, I thank you for helping me out with my new life. My old life was somewhat boring before this whole pony thing.” She gives Jenn and Charlie a hug as best she could with her new front hooves. “We will get through this together, as a family.”

Jenn nodded. “And as a family is where we will put this whole thing to rest. Now, can we stop talking about this? This whole ordeal has got chills running down my spine. I just don’t like it, and I more or less don’t like to talk about. Summer here suggested we go out and get something to eat. Sound good to you?” Her voice had gained an edgy, almost agitated tone, something that she failed miserably at trying to hide.

Summer nods, “Charlie mentioned something about this place called Chuck-A-Rama. I think it’s one of those buffet places and it has a salad bar and desserts. What do you think? A little family bonding time might help us get our minds off of, well, you know….”

Jenn silently praised God that Summer hadn't mentioned it specifically. Just a little miracle that calmed her that much more. “Hey, if it means that we all know we are in this together, it just helps me embrace this that much more. It is so much better to have someone or some people in times where you are...panicked for...err...reasons.” Jenn shrugged, and walked toward her car. Glad that’s over, even if it is just for now.

Summer attempts to walk with her hind hooves and falls over. “You know, it’s hard to walk with hind hooves. Maybe if I start to walk on all fours, I can relieve this back pain I've been having since these wings grew in.”

Jenn smirked in a mischievous way, hidden by the fact that her back was to the others. In full view of them, she got on all fours and walked that way for the rest of the short trip to the car. When she opened the driver’s side door and got in, she put her arm out the window naturally and said: “Just so you know how funny you would look doing that.”

Summer attempted to trot to the car and fell over at times, only to be helped up by Charlie. “Thank you, sis.” She said, climbing into the back seat. “I wonder how long we have until we have muzzles and be able to use these wings?” She pointed a hoof towards her light grey wings.

Watching Summer try to trot to the car, Jenn forced herself to suppress the urge to face palm and laugh hysterically. If she hadn't remembered the circumstances, she would have failed. By the time that scene was over, and Summer got into the car and asked that question, her face had become stoic once more. “I don’t know, and I don’t care to know.” Her face slackened a little, and she looked deep in thought for a second. “But...I wouldn't mind knowing when I get to use my wings. I mean, imagine it. Flying~” The thought actually made Jenn smile a little bit, that one thing different about her that she didn't mind. She imagined a day where she could just fly, fly far away, fly into the clouds and away from her worries...

Charlie sat in the back next to Summer as Jenn reminisced about flying. “I wouldn't mind flying with you...if you want me to…" She then sighed, "If I recall, as Spring Breeze, I wasn't the best flyer when we were back in Equestria. I think that’s why I was perceived as weak when that strange creature at that party banished us here.”

Summer thought about that word: Equestria. A world inhabited by sentient, colorful equines and other creatures. “The creature who banished us here was called Discord. He caused a lot of trouble and turned our real home into the chaos capital of the world.”

As the two in the back conferred with each other, Jenn absently started the car, and began to drive. Something that Charlie had said had stuck in her mind. I wouldn't mind flying with you...if you want me to… Jenn had found not the comment strange, but the tone with which it had been said strange. What am I even thinking?, she thought. We are supposed to be sisters. What she said meant absolutely nothing. I am just being paranoid. Right? Another part of her mind told her the opposite, however, no matter how hard she tried to push the thought away.

Chapter Seven - Rebirth: Spring

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Chapter 7
Rebirth: Spring

Summer went into the bathroom with the clothes she obtained from her younger sister. She looked through them, wondering how to put them on. “Uhm, sis, I think I need some help with these clothes.” The light grey human/equine hybrid went out to wait for her sister to help her. Summer was wearing her blue bathroom for modesty’s sake.

“I-I’ll be there in a minute!” Spring called out from down the hallway, the sound of footsteps following soon after as she walked down the hall and entered the bathroom with her sister.

“You need help putting on your clothes?” She asked, giving her sister an odd look.

Summer nodded with an embarrassed look on her face, “I don’t know the first thing about what to wear. I mean, eventually, if we end up as ponies, we will not need clothes, unless we want to, that is. What’s first? The undergarments?” She held up a pair of plain undergarments, giving them a quizzical look.

“Well, y-yes, usually you put them on first. I can, h-help you with your b-b-bra, if you want,” Spring said with a bright blush on her cheeks, shifting uncomfortably and avoiding eye contact with Summer.

Summer blushed as well, “I-I appreciate this, Spring. It’s just that I’m not used to this body. I have a tail that matches my mane and I have ears that resemble a horse rather than a human’s ears. And, this Mark on my thighs, as well as these, whatever these are.” She points to her feet, which have become hooves.

“Yeah, I mean, its cool and all that we somewhat resemble characters from my favorite show, but I dunno, its just really weird and all. Here, I’ll help you get dressed now,” She takes a pair of panties and hands them to Summer, instructing her to just slip them on like guy underpants would.

Summer listens to the younger sister explain how to dress her new female body, placing the undergarments in the correct areas. “Okay, so far, so good. I think I have the hang of these new undergarments.” She was now wearing a pair of light blue panties and matching bra, turning her back to the mirror, showing her sister the wings that would mark her as a Pegasus. “So, what do I do about my new wings?”

“Well, the wings didn’t really cause much trouble for the bra, but shirts will be a bit more tricky. We’ll probably have to cut some holes in the back, unless you want them to just stay folded up most of the time. Oh yeah, what about your tail? Do you want a hole in the back of your underwear as well? I think it’d be kind of uncomfortable to squish your tail up like that,” She spoke very quickly, becoming a bit puzzled with how their new anatomy would change how their clothes were worn.

Summer nodded, “Yeah, if you could please fix my clothes so my tail and wings would be showing. If anyone asks, what would I tell them? Cosplayer?”

“Best cosplayer ever but yeah, I suppose that people wouldn’t be too suspicious as long as you didn’t move anything unless you used your hands,” Spring said as she went to grab a pair of scissors, cutting holes in Summer’s shirt and panties, then deciding if it would really work. “Yeah, I think you’re good.”

Summer checks out her wings and her tail, flicking her now-free tail, as well as flexing the light grey wings. The contour, primary, and tertiary feathers had grown in quite nicely, and had developed from her shoulder blades. “I think our wings were at one time part of our shoulder blades when we were human.”

“Makes sense, they do practically just sprout out right at that spot. So, now that you’re dressed, anything else you need help with?” She said to Summer with a smile, happy that they had gotten through that with minimal trouble.

Summer looked at the mirror at her feminine face and her mane, “Uhm, is my mane okay, and will I need,” she gulped at the next part, “makeup?”

Spring giggled and shook her head, putting her hand on Summer’s shoulder. “No, no you won’t need makeup. But I think your mane could be brushed out to look a little nicer. Would you mind if I did that? Or would you be too worried about your manliness?” She asked with a snicker, playfully sticking her tongue out as well.

Summer blushed at her sister’s playful banter. “Uhm, yes, I would like if you could help me with my mane. Thank you so much for being there for me, Spring. We’ll get through this together. And, I have been in contact with our other siblings. Jennifer and Aaron are both changing into these horse-people. They each have those marks on their thighs.”

Spring smiled and grabbed a brush, facing Summer towards the mirror as she begun brushing her mane. “That’s good, if they’re having trouble we need to be there for them as well. And don’t mention it! I’m always happy to help you out!” Spring said and gave Summer a quick hug before continuing to brush Summer’s mane.

Summer felt her sister’s warm embrace, and returned the hug back, then looked over at Spring’s handiwork on her mane. “I know. We are family, sis. We stick together. Besides, we were always this close before? I keep remembering lives other than the ones we had here. Some place where these horse people hung out and enjoyed each other’s company.”

Spring’s face scrunched up a bit as she thought about Summer’s question. “I’m not sure, it feels like we were always this close, but it also feels like that those other lives really happened as well, everyone did hang out and was really happy. I dunno, this is all just really confusing. I hope we find some answers soon,” She said as she finished brushing out Summer’s mane to a more presentable state. “There! All done, do you like it?”

Summer frowned, then her face lit up, “Like it? No, sis! I love it!” Her blue-green mane was styled in a healthy design, and framed her face and ears quite well. “What about you, Spring? What do you remember about that other life? What kind of creatures sport marks and these types of ears?” She points to her ears, which twitched with every emotion.

“Well… What we’re becoming reminds me an awful lot of a cartoon show that I really like to watch. Its about a bunch of magical ponies that learn valuable lessons on friendship and save their world from villains that attempt to ruin the harmony that they created,” Spring said with her hand on her chin, thinking hard about the similarities between the show and their transformations so far.

Summer’s wings twitched, as well as her tail, “So, these wings and ears belong to these ‘ponies?’ Is that what we are becoming? I’m not familiar with that show, but I think we watched some of it a couple days ago. That one episode where they sent the water up to some factory? Aaron had some visions of these flying horses working in a factory, mixing colors.”

Summer then put on a pair of blue jeans that were modified to accommodate her tail, and her light blue grey shirt had slits in the back for her wings. She also placed a light blue green cap on her head to cover her pony ears. The necklace she wore bore the resemblance to the light blue green west wind Cutie Mark on her thighs.

Spring smiled and grabbed a brush, facing Summer towards the mirror as she begun brushing her mane. “That’s good, if they’re having trouble we need to be there for them as well. And don’t mention it! I’m always happy to help you out!” Spring said and gave Summer a quick hug before continuing to brush Summer’s mane.

Summer felt her sister’s warm embrace, and returned the hug back, then looked over at Spring’s handiwork on her mane. “I know. We are family, sis. We stick together. Besides, were we always this close before? I keep remembering lives other than the ones we had here. Some place where these horse people hung out and enjoyed each other’s company.”

Spring’s face scrunched up a bit as she thought about Summer’s question. “I’m not sure, it feels like we were always this close, but it also feels like that those other lives really happened as well, everyone did hang out and was really happy. I dunno, this is all just really confusing. I hope we find some answers soon,” She said as she finished brushing out Summer’s mane to a more presentable state. “There! All done, do you like it?”

Summer frowned, then her face lit up, “Like it? No, sis! I love it!” Her blue-green mane was styled in a healthy design, and framed her face and ears quite well. “What about you, Spring? What do you remember about that other life? What kind of creatures sport marks and these types of ears?” She points to her ears, which twitched with every emotion.

“Well… What we’re becoming reminds me an awful lot of a cartoon show that I really like to watch. It’s about a bunch of magical ponies that learn valuable lessons on friendship and save their world from villains that attempt to ruin the harmony that they created,” Spring said with her hand on her chin, thinking hard about the similarities between the show and their transformations so far.

Summer’s wings twitched, as well as her tail, “So, these wings and ears belong to these ‘ponies?’ Is that what we are becoming? I’m not familiar with that show, but I think we watched some of it a couple days ago. That one episode where they sent the water up to some factory? Aaron had some visions of these flying horses working in a factory, mixing colors.”

Summer then put on a pair of blue jeans that were modified to accommodate her tail, and her light blue grey shirt had slits in the back for her wings. She also placed a light blue green cap on her head to cover her pony ears. The necklace she wore bore the resemblance to the light blue green west wind Cutie Mark on her thighs.

“Yeah, that’s my best guess as to what we’re turning into because nothing else really makes sense,” Spring replied, scratching her head in confusion over the rate of changes happening to her and her sister.

Summer worried about what would happen if they were out on their lunch break, and the rest of the changes occurred. “I appreciate you, Jennifer, and Aaron helping me out. We are going through these changes together, I assume. Do you know what we are to do if and when we finally become ponies?”

Spring looked at Summer with unsure eyes, shaking her head slowly, “I’m not really sure; if you, Jennifer, Aaron and I are the only ones that are going through this then it’s doubtful that when we fully transform that we’ll be able to find a place to stay.” The idea frightened Spring a bit, knowing that if they did go full pony that they would have to constantly avoid humans for the rest of their lives.

“It’ll be tough, but I think that we’ll be able to make it through this as long as we look at the bright side of things and stick together,” Spring gave her best smile, not wanting the mood to become downcast so quickly despite nothing major having actually happened yet.

Summer gave her younger sister a side hug. “You are always the insightful one, little sister. I consider my changes to be a new opportunity in life. Right now, I’d like to spend some quality time with my sister, if you are up for it.”

Spring hugged her sister back, thankful that she would always have some support even if the rest of the world went against her, “of course I’m up for it! We barely spend any time together anymore and I think a little bonding would be good for the two of us,”

Summer hugged her sister in response to the offer of family bonding time. Being the elder sister, it would appear that Spring would be looking up to her for advice. But, as it turned out, Summer turned to her younger sister for counsel in their darkest hour. “In my old life, I lost my job, so I guess I will be needing to find a new one. But, who is going to hire someone, or some pony with ears, wings, and a tail?” Her blue green tail swished behind her in synch with her emotional state.

A soft sigh came from Spring as she looked Summer in the eyes and spoke seriously “I honestly think that with how far we’ve already gone that we should just expect we’re going all the way,” she paused for a second to think things over a little “jobs will probably be the least of our worries when that time comes. The more important thing will be just being able to find some food and a place to stay I’d think.” Spring’s solemn face switched to one of mild happiness “but enough about that for now, how about that bonding?”

Summer took Spring’s hands into hers and smiled, “Bonding. Two sisters who are now starting to look like something out of a cosplay convention or a children’s cartoon. Maybe we can enter one of those conventions and win?” Just then, her stomach growled, making her blush, “but, food would be a good way to bond. Where do you want to go eat?”

“Hmm,” Spring had to give this a little bit of thought, after all this was probably one of the few chances she and her sister would get to do something fun together. “I heard there’s this restaurant called Chuck-A-Rama nearby that’s really good! Wanna try it out?” She looked at Summer with excitement visible in her eyes.

Summer sighs, “Sure, why not. You buying? And, if we are becoming ponies, I guess we’ll be sticking with vegetarian meals.”

Spring gave a little squee and began pulling Summer out the door with her “I’ll buy, but the great thing about this place, is from what I hear that you don’t actually order anything! They just have it all out in this kitchen-ish area and you just take what you want!”

Summer nods, “It’s a buffet style restaurant. Sounds good to me!” She gets pulled out the door by her sister, “Uhm, we’d better lock the door before we leave.”

Spring stops in her tracks for a moment, “Oh yeah, hang on a sec,” she walks back inside for a moment and grabs her purse, closing and locking the door afterwards. “Now we’re good!” Spring practically skipped over to the car, getting really excited over a simple lunch with her sister! “You driving or am I?”

Summer points at her hind hooves, which were a light grey color “You think I can drive with these hooves? My driver’s license isn't up-to-date with my current condition, you know.” She looked over at her rose-maned sister for her response.

“Good point,” she looked down at her own hooves and then to the car “I think it might be easier if I drove since I still look pretty similar to what’s on my license.” Spring pulled her keys out of her purse and unlocked the car, opening the door to the drivers seat and sitting down. “Owch!” She quickly rose back up, grabbing her tail, “I’m not sure how I’m gonna be able to do this with my tail getting in the way,” she said while looking at her tail with a confused scowl.

Summer nods, and places a reassuring hand on her sister’s shoulder, “I know how you feel, Spring.” She was already in the passenger’s seat when Spring discovered the disadvantages of having a tail. “I’m still getting used to having back hooves and a tail. The wings are also going to be a challenge. But, for now, just try to be careful about sitting on your tail.” She pulled her tail in front of her, then got herself comfortable, buckling in.

Spring sat back down again but more carefully handling her tail this time. Successfully positioning herself comfortably in the seat, she buckled herself in, put the keys into the ignition, and started it up. As they were backing out of the driveway Spring asked “wanna listen to some music on the way there?”

Summer smiled, “Yes, that will be fine.” She kept her eyes on the road, helping her sister navigate the way to the restaurant. “I sure hope Aqua Splash will be okay, sis. I think she was a supervisor back in Cloudsdale.”

Spring hooked up her phone to the car through bluetooth and began playing some songs through the speakers “I think she’ll make it through okay, after all, she’s got us looking out for her,” She smiled at Summer and continued driving, her eyes not leaving the road for more than a second.

Summer nods, thinking back to when Aqua Splash showed up at the house. “She came to me for help. It felt good to help a fellow pony in need. I mean, what if there are other people becoming ponies out there? I know Aaron and Jennifer reported similar changes to ours.”

“Then we’ll do whatever we can to help them if we find any, they’d probably be just as lost as we are and could use all the help they could get,” Spring rounded a few more corners and pulled into a parking lot and parking the car, removing the keys from the ignition and unbuckling her seat belt afterwards. “We’re here!”

Summer unbuckled her seat belt, and exited the vehicle, waiting for her sister to join her in the beginning of the family bonding experience. “Good, I’m hungry. Must be this new body’s metabolism or something.”

Spring exited the car and walked up beside her, heading towards the restaurant while stuffing her keys back into her purse. “Most likely, I think ponies would have bigger stomachs than humans do so it makes sense,” She pushed the doors of the restaurant open and felt the warmth and smell of their surroundings assault her senses.

Summer smiles, “And, perhaps we can get some saddlebags later on. I mean, that purse of yours could double as a saddlebag, right?” The food in the restaurant assaulted her senses as well, making her stomach growl even more.

Spring glances down at her purse then back at Summer, “I suppose so; might be a bit tricky but it might be able to work both ways.” They walked up to the waitress at the counter and got a few odd looks for a moment but walked by after everything was sorted out. “Alright, let’s find our food and then pick a nice table to sit at,” Spring was already walking about and looking at the different kinds of food on display.

Summer looked at the menu options at the buffet. The meat products nearly made her nauseous, so she avoided those. The fruit and salad bar, however, was where she ended up at. “Oh, wow, the salad bar looks really good!” She got a plate and began to fix herself a salad. Asparagus, tomatoes, lettuce, and cucumbers were added to the salad, along with some light ranch dressing.

Spring had trailed over to the dessert section first, grabbing all sorts of unhealthy looking snacks and treats and piling them onto her plate.

Summer saw her sister piling the sweets onto her plate, “You going to eat all that, or are you going to share? I wouldn't mind that cheesecake.”

Spring looked at her plate and blushed a bit “Yeah I’ll share; guess I just got a little carried away,” she stopped grabbing snacks and put a bit of macaroni and cheese onto her plate along with a few pieces of broccoli.

Summer smiled and took her plate to their window seat. The elder sister had a salad with ranch dressing, as well as some fruit and dessert items that reminded her of the snacks prepared by Pinkie Pie, as well as Mr. and Mrs. Cake at Sugar Cube Corner. The sisters received several stares and some murmurings from the other patrons about their wings, manes, and tails, mostly about whether or not their new looks were real or just part of a cosplay.

Spring looked between her food and the eyes that seemed to never look away, “Do you think maybe we should’ve concealed our pony bits instead of just letting them be visible?”

Summer shrugged, “Maybe, but for some reason, our wings would be very hard to conceal, as well as our tails and our hooves. Tell me, Spring, have we always been ponies, or humans pretending to be ponies?”

Spring took a bit of her food and shook her head “I dunno, I’m not really sure what to think until we can find out more about how this happened in the first place,” She took a few more bites and spoke again, “So what’re Jennifer and Aaron doing? Have they found out anything about the changes?”

Summer nodded, “I talked with Jennifer earlier, and she seems to accept me being a sister. Aaron reported over the phone his hair had grown out and turned orange, and his eyes turned blue. Jennifer’s hair turned blue with white streaks in it. She has a matching tail and her fur is starting to turn white.” As she spoke, she looked down at her arms. Light grey fur began to sprout over them, forcing her to try to pull down her sleeves of her shirt in an attempt to conceal the ongoing ponification.

“You ok there? You look like there’s a spider crawling up your arm,” Spring asked and saw the fur, looking away from Summer and down at her own arms thankful that nothing was happening to them yet.

Summer sheepishly looked away from her sister and then tried to pretend nothing was wrong, but all the changes thus far were beginning to add up. “Perhaps we should head home and compare notes about these changes? From what I gather, we each received some marks on our thighs around our birthdays. I believe you called them, “Cutie Marks?”

“Yep,” Spring nodded to confirm that her sister was correct “as far as I know that’s really the only thing that these marks could be,” Spring took a few more bites of her food, almost finished with her meal. “And it probably would be a good idea to head home soon and try to get together with the others. These changes look like they’re hitting the final stretch and I don’t think it’d be good if we were still out in public when they finish,”

Summer smiled at her sister, “I am so glad you are here to help me out in my time of need. And, I will be there when we “cross over”, so to speak. I thought I was the only one whose eye and hair color was changing, but you, Aaron, Jennifer, and that Pegasus we left back home…” She then finished her meal, thinking about that mare that came to her, seeking her help. “Aqua Splash is her name. She sounds familiar. I think we were good friends as ponies.”

Spring had finished eating while Summer was talking, reaching over to hold her hand when she had finished speaking. “We’ll all always be here to help each other, sis. And I’m sure that if we were ponies to begin with, we were absolutely the best of friends, I don’t think it could be any other way,” Spring reassured Summer with a smile and hope visible in her eyes.

Summer got up and gave her sister a hug. She nearly teared up at the words of encouragement from the younger sister. “Perhaps that’s what your Cutie Mark represents, sister. You always have warm words of kindness ready to help any pony in need.” She chuckled at the last part, “Heh, any pony. I guess I’m starting to use ponyisms.”

Spring blushed a little and giggled, happy that she could give Summer the same amount of hope that she held within herself. “That’s what I’m here for,” Spring said with a smile, standing up afterwards and grabbing her dishes. “I think we should head home now though, we’ve still got plenty of stuff to do,” she began walking towards the exit after setting her dishes down. “But this little bonding experience was really fun, we should do it again some time!”

Summer headed towards the exit and motioned Spring towards the cashier, “Uhm, should we pay for our lunch before we leave? You said you were paying.” She then commented about the family bonding activities. “Yes, we should plan more family outings and include Autumn and Winter.” She shook her head, and looked at Spring, “Have you noticed I am calling you and our siblings by your Equestrian names?”

Spring waved her hand and continued toward the exit, “I paid for it when we first came in so its all good.” She held the door open for Summer and a few other people before walking over to her car. “I have actually noticed you’ve done that recently, but I never pointed it out because it didn’t really seem odd to me. I’m probably just not at the same stage of the changes you’re at so I haven’t started doing it yet,”

Summer walked through the door of the restaurant and followed Spring to her car. She was trying to keep up with her new back hooves as she entered the car and shut the door. She buckled in and looked at her hands, which were now light grey to match the fur on her legs. “This fur is spreading quite rapidly and matches my ears. I assume the same fur color will be prominent with your color scheme?”

Spring put the keys into the ignition and started up the car, starting their drive back home. “Probably, it’d be safe to assume that that’d be the case in the very least,”

Summer smiled a bit at the thought of seeing her and her sister in their full pony glory, but then frowned, as if a thought of worry entered her mind, “What are we going to do once we change into ponies? And, these wings must do something besides make us look like something out of a cosplay convention.”

“We stick together, work this out as a family,” Spring spoke confidently, turning a few corners before stopping at a stop light and continuing. “These wings look like they should allow us to fly once their fully developed though, the feathers look like they’d support us, or ponies, for that matter,”

Summer nodded, “Agreed. Again, your special talent is coming in loud and clear. I cannot wait to fly and walk on clouds, I think the ponies with wings have that ability, right? There was that giant city in the clouds that Aaron mentioned in his dream.”

“Yep, I think technically we could walk on clouds now, but getting up to them would be another whole event in and of itself,” Spring pulled into her neighborhood, quickly nearing the house. “That city is named Cloudsdale, if I’m thinking of the same one that Aaron was dreaming of,” Spring pulled the car into the driveway, a little surprised to find another car there that looked awfully familiar. She got out and looked over at the car, “Hey Summer, does that car look familiar to you?”

Summer got out of her sister’s car and looked over at the other car in the driveway, “Is that Jennifer’s car? You think she missed us leaving? We should have asked her to come with us. She was getting a little frazzled about the whole pony thing. She has wings like ours.”

“It sure does look like her’s, I really do hope we didn’t leave right as she dropped by though. What if she needed our help with something?” Spring walked up to her door and fumbled with getting the keys out of her purse for a moment but prevailed after a few tries and unlocked the door, opening it and walking inside with Summer right behind her.

Summer went inside and called out, “Jen? You okay? Spring and I are back from our trip!” She announced with concern in her voice. She looked around for any signs of life. “That is very odd. Jen’s car is in the driveway, but is she not here?”

“I’m not sure, but who else could’ve gotten into my house?” Spring said with a bit of worry, fearing for the worst a small bit.

“Mmph?!” Sounded a confused and slightly scared voice that was most definitely not Jennifer’s, not even a female at all.

Summer’s pony ears perked up at the sound of the male’s voice, “Show yourself! Whoever you are!” She hoped to scare the intruder off by showing her equine appearance.

They heard scuffling as the invader behind the voice tried to make an escape.

Summer used her new wings to attempt to glide over the intruder and cut him off. “Sis, we have to cut him off before he escapes!” She lands in front of the intruder, spreading out her wings, attempting to make herself bigger to intimidate him. She removed her hat to reveal her light grey pony ears and light blue green mane.

Spring ran up behind him and stood there in a “ready to pounce” position and let Summer take the lead.

“Please don’t attack! I come in peace, I’m Sam.”

Sam showed himself, he had short reddish-brown curly hair and a short scruffy beard. Like the sisters, he had a tail, but unlike them, he had a dark green horn.

Summer saw the unicorn’s horn on Sam, and stopped. “Sam, I’m Summer Breeze. This is my little sister, Spring. How did you get here?”

“Oh, cool names. Were you raised by pony-human-things like me?” This awkward sentence officially showed the girls that the intruder probably couldn’t hurt a fly.

Summer shook her head. “No, my sisters and I take care of ourselves. But, let’s start at the beginning of our journey. On May 1, I had a good-paying job as a weather reporter. That changed when I received a Cutie Mark on my thighs.” She pulled down the top part of her pants to reveal the light blue green west wind Cutie Mark.

Spring shifted a bit uncomfortably but did the same, quickly though and only giving Sam a small moment view her cutie mark.

“Oh! I have a cutie mark too!” Sam repeated their actions, showing an apple with a smile carved into it. “I’m a teacher.”

Summer smiled. “My sisters and I all have Cutie Marks. Autumn, our eldest sister, has three fall leaves for her Cutie Mark. Winter is an artist, and her Cutie Mark is a blue paint pallet over a white snowflake. And, Spring’s special talent is finding the best in any given situation, which is represented by a yellow sun and a red rose.”

“Oh, well, Spring? And I assume you are Summer!” he smiled weakly looking at the ponies.

Summer smiled, and nodded, “Our parents, Gentle and Sky Breeze, named us at our cute-cenaras. They named us after the four seasons.”

“I never had one of those… mostly because I’m a guy first of all, and I also wasn’t a pony or pony hybrid when I was a kid.”

Summer scratched her head, “Yeah, Spring and I were human before all this pony stuff started happening. We believe it has something to do with the last episode of the show, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. Season Five, right, Spring?”

Spring nodded and looked at Sam, “That last episode really did seem to have some kind of connection with all this. I just can’t place the connections right now. Maybe I’ll have to watch it later…”

“Oh! I watched that with my parents, they were afraid they would disappear when the episode aired. But, they also threw salt on my face when I split it a little so I guess it’s just that superstitious side of them…” He grinned scratching the back of his neck.

Summer frowned at the next thing she was about to say, “Do you remember a character called Discord? He was the villain of the so-called lost episode of the show. He used his chaos magic to banish every pony to Earth. My sisters and I were the unfortunate victims of his spell. He called it the Five Score, Divided by Four spell. I think we’ve broken the curse, or it’s wearing off. People are starting to change back into ponies, whether they be a Pegasus, like us, or a unicorn, like you, or an Earth Pony.”

“But, I was born a human. Is the spell spreading to everyone?”

Summer shakes her head, “Only if you received your Cutie Mark. If we are turning back into ponies, I assume the Element Bearers, the Princesses, and the rest of Equestria would be showing up here on Earth.”

“So… where are they?”

Summer sighs, sitting down on the couch, holding her head in her hands, which by now, had begun to shift slightly into hooves. “I don’t know where the others are. I only know that you and my sisters appear to be the only ones that are changing right now. Perhaps they will show up when the time is right. Until then, Spring and I are in the final stages of our changes. Soon, we will become the Pegasi we once were, or are now.”

“If we’re the only ones changing, then we must have something in common!” Sam deduced.

Summer nodded, looking up at Sam, “The Cutie Marks, for one. Then our eye color, and by the second day, my hair changed to a light blue green. I lost my job and eventually moved in with my sister. I appreciate her help through this. She’s been very supportive.” She looked up to her sister from her seat on the couch and smiled.

Spring returned the smile and shrugged, “I do what I think is best, just glad that it’s appreciated!”

Sam tugged at his hair, the roots were turning light red and light green, “It looks like you’re further in the process than I am.”

Summer nodded, “Look, Sam, we will get through all this. Spring and I will be here to help you. And, maybe we can introduce you to Winter and Autumn. By the way, you have the same type of car Jennifer has. She was supposed to come with us to eat.”

“That reminds me, I stopped by your house to get food. I didn’t have any at my place and I couldn’t go into public looking like this.” he smiled sheepishly and scratched his neck again.

Summer motioned Sam to the kitchen, trying not to stumble over her hooves, “I’m going to have to start walking on all four hooves eventually.” She rummaged through the fridge to look for some food for Sam to eat. “What are you in the mood for? We are going to have to stick with salads and fruits, since ponies don’t eat meat.”

“Ugh, I hated salads in the first place… Ponies eat potatoes, right? Do you have any fries or chips?” Sam eagerly grinned as the green and red spread from the roots of his mane.

Summer looks over the assorted snacks and pulls some out of the cupboard, “Yes, potato chips are good, but if you want healthy, I’d say apples or carrots.” She then places some red apples in a bowl and offers them to Sam and to Spring.

Spring takes a few carrots, being mostly full from their recent lunch but not being able to deny the snack she was offered.

“Okay, an apple, please.” Sam said dejectedly as he took a look at his fingers, noticing that he had lost a significant amount of dexterity with them pretty quickly. “Since I’ll have no luck holding things soon, let’s see if I can get my magic to work!”

Summer stepped back to watch Sam use his magic. “You should be able to use your magic, just as Spring and I will be able to use our wings to fly.”

Sam squinted his eyes and clenched his teeth. Soon, his horn began to light up in the same color of red as his cutie mark and mane. Suddenly, the apple was enveloped in the magic. It was working well until Sam got distracted. “I did i-AH!”

The apple flew over at Summer with surprising speed, hitting her square on the forehead. “I guess euphoria effects magic…” Sam chuckled to himself. “Let me try that again!”

Summer rubbed her head where the apple had hit her, “Your focus needs more focusing. Try again.” She deadpanned wryly.

She then wondered about Sam’s pony name. “So, Sam, what name are you going to call yourself once you become a full unicorn stallion?”

“I haven’t given that much thought.” he closed his eyes again and strained until the apple had made it safely to his hand. Carefully, he picked up the apple again and took a bite.

“Wow,” he said with a full mouth, “They don’t give unicorns enough credit, that was hard!”

Summer flapped her wings experimentally, “Yeah, twenty-five years of not having your wings or magic will do that to you. I’m still getting used to having wings again.” She looked over at her sister, “How are you holding up, sis?”

Spring looked back at her half-developed wings, giving them a little shake. “I’m doing alright, though I don’t think it’d be smart for us to try anything too extreme till our wings are more developed.”

Summer nodded, “So no aerial flying maneuvers and loop-de-loops then?” She sounded a bit sad at the fact that she couldn't at least try any of the basic Pegasi Flight Camp lessons.

Spring giggled and shook her head, “No loop-de-loops, silly filly! At least not yet,” It was better to be safe than sorry.

“I assume it’ll get easier as I fully become a unicorn,” Sam examined himself and discovered he had full hooves now. He decided to just stand on his four hooves instead of his back hooves.

Summer’s fingers had fused into her front hooves as she dropped down to all fours. Her head lowered as she attempted to regain her balance.

“Same with us Pegasi.” She panted as she attempted to move forward to her sister to check on her progress. “It’s getting hard to walk on my hind legs because of my wings.”

The light grey Pegasi’s fur slowly began to creep over her belly and around her shoulders. Eventually, she was covered from head to hoof in fur. The only thing that separated her from being a full pony was the lack of a muzzle.

“Do you think I could do more than just levitation? What are other spells from the show?” Sam smiled as he lit up his horn and tossed an apple around with some effort.

Summer looked up at Sam’s magical display, and thought about the spells used in the show. “There’s teleportation, and a walk on clouds spell. The walk on clouds spell will allow any non-Pegasi to walk on clouds like a Pegasus for up to three days.”

Sam pondered the spells. “Let’s see, I think teleportation starts by thinking of your destination…” Sam concentrated on the table and lit his horn up again. When he appeared on the table, he was hardly conscious and wobbling a bit. “That took up a lot of energy,” He smiled timidly.

Summer smiled as she felt her muzzle about to push out. Her teeth had shifted into equine teeth and her barrel had expanded, leaving the light grey Pegasi in her all natural state, as if she had stepped out of the cartoon. Her large turquoise eyes shone brightly as she blinked and then flexed her wings experimentally.

Unlike Summer, Sam’s body figure had shaped into a pony, but the fur hadn’t grown yet. He blushed, “Maybe there’s a spell for this…”

Summer began to flap her wings to get herself off the ground, testing their flexibility. “Not sure. I’m not a unicorn. I’m more of a weather pony now.”

Concentrating on spells again, Sam squinted his eyes and strained to cast a fur spell. “I guess my magic was drained in that teleportation spell; the fur is growing now though. But what are we going to do? We’re completely ponies, no human will understand this, and if we’re seen by the wrong person, it’ll be dissection station! Wait, that rhymed in my head…”

Summer looked over at Sam and then back at Spring. “Sam, calm down. We’ll get through this, okay? Spring and I have agreed to work this out as a family. And, you are welcome to stay with us, if it’s okay with my sister.” She looked over at Spring for her say in the matter. It was her house, after all.

Sam looked at Spring with strangely convincing puppy-eyes. “PWEASE!”

Spring looked down at the two mostly-ponies and laughed a small bit before answering. “Alright guys alright, but I’m pretty sure that people would still be able to understand us. Just because we’re becoming ponies doesn't mean that transformation will erase our knowledge of speaking and understanding English. At least I don’t think it will,”

Summer sighed, “Do I have something on my face? Why does my face feel weird?” She attempted to rub her face with her fore hoof.

Spring watched Summer’s face change, a slight sense of shock accompanying the sight. “W-well your muzzle just formed, quite nicely I might add,” Spring said a little awkwardly, her former human brother turned mare in merely a few days.

Summer frowned as she looked up to her sister, “What’s going to happen now? I assume you’ll change as well?” The light grey Pegasi pawed the floor nervously with her new front right hoof.

“Probably,” Spring replied and looked down at her body, still recognizable as mostly human. “I think my body is just changing at a slower rate than yours did,” Spring’s body hadn't changed as much as the others had, but she practically couldn’t move her fingers unless she tried really hard.

Summer went up to nuzzle her sister, then looked at her fingers, “Your front hooves are coming in nicely, sis.”

Concentrating on spells again, Sam squinted his eyes and strained to cast a fur spell. “I guess my magic was drained in that teleportation spell; the fur is growing now though. But what are we going to do? We’re completely ponies, no human will understand this, and if we’re seen by the wrong person, it’ll be dissection station! Wait, that rhymed in my head…”

Summer looked over at Sam and then back at Spring. “Sam, calm down. We’ll get through this, okay? Spring and I have agreed to work this out as a family. And, you are welcome to stay with us, if it’s okay with my sister.” She looked over at Spring for her say in the matter. It was her house, after all.

Sam looked at Spring with strangely convincing puppy-eyes. “PWEASE!”

Spring looked down at the two mostly-ponies and laughed a small bit before answering. “Alright guys alright, but I’m pretty sure that people would still be able to understand us. Just because we’re becoming ponies doesn’t mean that the transformation will erase our knowledge of speaking and understanding English. At least I don’t think it will.”

Summer sighed, “Do I have something on my face? Why does my face feel weird?” She attempted to rub her face with her fore hoof.

Spring watched Summer’s face change, a slight sense of shock accompanying the sight. “W-well your muzzle just formed, quite nicely I might add,” Spring said a little awkwardly, her former human brother turned mare in merely a few days.

Summer frowned as she looked up to her sister, “What’s going to happen now? I assume you’ll change as well?” The light grey Pegasi pawed the floor nervously with her new front right hoof.

“Probably,” Spring replied and looked down at her body, still recognizable as mostly human. “I think my body is just changing at a slower rate than yours did,” Spring’s body hadn’t changed as much as the others had, but she practically couldn’t move her fingers unless she tried really hard.

Summer went up to nuzzle her sister, then looked at her fingers, “Your front hooves are coming in nicely, sis.” She then looked at her new hooves, which by then were covered by light grey fur.

Spring looked at her fingers, seeing that they were indeed undergoing some kind of metamorphosis that was turning them into hooves. “I suppose they are. They aren’t really hooves yet, but they sure do look like they’re close,” Spring noted.

Summer examined her sister’s light green skin, which would later become her fur on her body. “You aren’t kidding about the colorful part of ponies. Your mane is very beautiful, by the way.” She began to run her front hoof through her sister’s rose-pink mane.

Spring giggled and a light blush appeared on her cheeks, “Thanks, yours looks lovely as well,” Spring complimented. “These changes sure are strange, but I feel we’ll get used to them in time.” Spring stated, then gave a slight yawn.

Summer blushed as she heard Spring’s loving compliment to her mane. “Thanks, I think…” As to the changes, she agreed with her sister. “You are so right, sister. I still am getting used to having wings and not eating meat. I think the change in diet happened at the restaurant. All those desserts, fruits, and vegetables reminded me of the foods we ate in Ponyville.”

Spring nodded in agreement, taking a moment to think deeply about things. “These things do remind me of Ponyville, but I’m not sure how we remember that we ever did have these things in Ponyville in the first place.”

Summer yawned as they continued to talk. “Perhaps these ‘memories’ are the result of that spell Discord cast on us, and the spell is weakening enough for us to remember our lives as ponies. Does that mean our human lives will cease to exist when we become ponies?”

Spring shrugged and gave the best answer she could come up with, “I do believe that we will cease to exist as humans, but whether our memories of being a human remain with us or not, I cannot be certain.”

Summer hugged her sister warmly, “Thank you for your understanding. Looks like we are not alone in this. Our siblings are also going through their changes, and when the time comes, we will be there.”

Spring returned the hug, happy that she at least had her sister to support her for now. “I believe we are not alone either, that our siblings are not the only others going through with these changes. Sam is proof of that, so if we find any others going through this same ordeal, we should lend them all the support we can provide,” Spring explained, a loud yawn following her statements. “For now though, I think we should get some sleep, I’m starting to get kinda tired.”

Summer yawned as she hugged Spring back, “It’s getting late, Spring. Perhaps we will continue our mission to help the ponies in need tomorrow.” She then lowered herself off the couch, and attempted to stand on her hind hooves, “Would it be better to start walking on all fours?”

Spring laughed a little at the sight of her sister trying to walk on two legs instead of four in her new form. “I think that would be wise, and it would probably be best to continue our endeavors tomorrow since it is getting late.” Spring agreed, beginning to walk towards the bedrooms.

Summer lowered herself to all fours, allowing her back pain to lessen. Her wings spread out and then folded back into their resting position in response to her tired body. “That’s better. Well, time for bed, sister. Would you want me to stay in your room tonight?”

Spring smiled as she continued to walk slightly ahead of Summer. “I think that would be a great idea,” Spring said as they entered her bedroom.

As they entered the bedroom, Summer felt at peace with being with her sister, “I appreciate you helping me out when I lost my job. Which I am beginning to wonder if the loss of the job was meant to happen.”

Spring flopped onto her bed, not bothering to change, “It’s really no big deal, that’s what family is for anyway. I don’t know about the job though, maybe it just happened for no reason, thinking about it too much though won’t get us anywhere. I say we sleep for now and think later.” Spring said as she got comfortable in the bed.

Summer used her wings to attempt to hover up and onto the bed near her sister, and yawned, stifling her yawn with a furry hoof. “Good idea.” She then snuggled up next to her sister, giving her a kiss on the cheek. “Sleep well, Spring.”

Spring kissed Summer’s cheek in return, wrapping her arms around her sister, welcoming the snuggles. “You too, Summer.”

Summer smiled as she rested close to her sister, feeling her body relax as the siblings drifted off into a peaceful slumber.

Chapter Eight: Breeze Sisters' Reunion!

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It was the morning after the encounter with the unicorn known as Red Bolt in the house Spring and Summer shared. Summer awoke to discover her hands had transformed into hooves. Her entire body was covered in light grey fur, and her face had morphed into a distinctive snout of an equine. She went over to where her sister was sleeping to wake her.

“Wake up, Spring!” The light grey Pegasus quietly whispered to her sister, watching to see what her reaction would be to their new appearances.

Spring groggily woke to her sister’s voice to discover that she had a rose colored mane and tail, along with light green fur covering all of her body. She had four hooves at the end of each leg, and light purple eyes. Her sun and rose Cutie Mark was prominently displayed on her flanks, which blended in nicely with her fur. Her wings had grown in overnight and folded neatly at her sides.

Spring yawned and sprawled herself out on the bed to stretch, not quite aware of the rest of the changes that had occurred overnight.

“What time is it anyway?” She asked, finally opening her eyes enough to discover just how much Summer and her had changed.

“I think it’s morning. Around 7:30 AM?” Summer yawned, stretching beside her sister. “Whoa, we really changed a lot, didn’t we?” The elder sister was covered from head to hoof in light grey fur, complete with her light blue green mane and tail.

Spring had zoned out and was just staring blankly, not really worried or freaked out over the changes. She was just having a hard time grasping the reality that it had actually happened.

She blinked a few times and snapped back to reality, “Hmm? What was that?” She asked again, mostly paying attention this time albeit a bit distracted still.

“Uhm, the time, or the fact we are two Pegasi who happen to be sisters?” Summer asked, hoping to bring some clarity to the new changes in their family dynamic.

“Oh, right, sorry about that,” she held out a hoof to examine it, noticing that it looked actually kind of nice. “It sure is odd though, being 100% pony, feels pretty comfy though if you know what I mean.”

Summer nodded, checking out her front hooves and her wings, “I think we were always ponies, before we were sent here in bodies not our own. But, how do you feel about having an older sister?”

Spring smiled and laid on her back again, “it’s nice, having family to support you in these kind of situations makes all the difference,” she thought for a moment then went on. “I really would be lost without somepony like you, I can’t be grateful enough that you’re here with me.”

Summer smiled and hugged her sister warmly, nuzzling her neck, “Of course. And, you’re using ponyisms. It’s okay; probably something remembered from our old lives in Equestria.” She sighs, “You remember anything about where we lived or worked at in Equestria?”

Spring scrunched her face in concentration, trying her best to remember, but not coming up with much.

“Hard to say, I only remember small things,” she said and took a moment to think again. “I seem to remember a nice little village or town for where we lived, but work was farther away as I don’t recall working locally. That’s about all I can remember though.”

Summer nodded and thought about her life with her sisters in Ponyville. “The small town was called ‘Ponyville.’ The workplace was in the clouds. I think they called the place ‘Cloudsdale’. It’s where they had the flight camps and the Wonderbolt Derby races, as well as the Best Young Flier's Competition.”

Spring did her best to remember, but just couldn’t, “I can’t remember that much. It’s probably best to rely mostly on yours for what happened in the past for the time being.” She looked out the window, holding a hoof up to block the sun’s rays, “By the way, what’s the plan for today?”

Summer’s stomach then chose to growl loudly, eliciting a blush from the elder sister, “First thing we need to do is get breakfast and then we can try to relearn how to use these hooves and our wings.”

“Sounds good to me,” she attempted to stand and get off the bed, resulting in her getting tangled up in the sheets and unable to get herself out.

“Little help please?” She asked with a small blush.

Summer attempted to get off the bed to land near her fallen sister, “Of course. Anything for my awesome little sister. Hang on!” She then pulled some of the sheets off of her sister with her mouth. “Is that better?” She asked, finally freeing Spring from the bed sheets.

“Perfect, thank you!” Now that she was free from the sheets, she could try once again to move around with her new appendages, thankfully walking on something solid that would support her better. She stumbled around for a while, trying to get used to where to place what and when, creating a decent method of walking for the time being.

Summer watched her sister attempt to trot around the room and began her journey of walking on all fours, copying the method Spring used to complete her walk cycle. “Well, we know we can trot again. Maybe the next lesson will be about using our wings to fly.”

Spring chuckles and imagines Summer and herself flying, “That doesn’t sound like a bad idea, but I think I’ll only try a little if any. I’d like to master walking again before I try something as big as flight.”

Summer draped a wing across her sister’s back, “If that’s what you want. Whenever you are ready for flying, we will do it together. You do remember flight camp, don’t you?”

“Hardly; it will probably come back to me eventually though,” she began to head towards the door, “How about we get that food now? I’m starting to feel more and more hungry myself.”

Summer nodded, “Yeah, that sounds great. You know, sis, I’ve been thinking about your Cutie Mark. What exactly is your special talent?”

Spring stopped walking to look back at her Cutie Mark, “I’m not really sure, maybe something that has to do with growth?”

Summer hmms, “Well, the season of Spring in Equestria occurred after we wrapped up Winter. The season, not our sister. You know, the artist in the family?”

“Of course I remember her, she is family after all.”

Summer nods as she opened the door with her mouth to allow her sister to exit, and followed her to the kitchen. “We also have an elder sister named Autumn, who like us is going through her own personal changes. The last I saw of her, she had came home from her class and told me her professor mistook her for a girl because of her orange mane.”

“Sounds like the others are having just as hard a time as we are,” Spring looks down for a moment, knocking into one of the kitchen counters a few moments later, “OW! Well, since it looks like we made it to the kitchen, how about we grab something and try to get in touch with others after?”

Summer nodded, “Sounds like a plan, sis. You holding up okay?” She heads over to the refrigerator and frowned, “How do we open this with hooves?” She pointed her front hoof at the refrigerator, hoping her sister would have a solution.

“I’m fine, as for the fridge, I’m not sure,” she took a moment to think of easy ways to open a fridge without hands till she remembered something. “Wait a minute, what about the unicorn that stayed over? He could probably just magic it open.”

“Red Bolt must have left while we were asleep. He left a note on the counter over there. He says in the note he thanks us for helping him through his changes and he will return the favor some day.” She showed the note to her sister.

“Pity that he left; he seemed like a nice guy, not to mention having a unicorn with us would certainly make things easier, but oh well,” she went back to eyeing the fridge. “Maybe we could slip our wings through the handles?”

Summer thought about how the ponies in the show held items without magic. “Worth a shot. Just try not to damage our wings too much; we need them to fly.” She put her left wing through the handle of the fridge and pulled back on it, hoping the door would budge open.

“Here, let me help,” Spring moved over and stuck one of her wings through the handle as well, pulling in unison with Summer. It took a bit of effort, but in the end, the door opened and the cold air from the fridge gave them a slight chill.

“Nice job, sis!” Summer cheered as she extended a hoof to bump Spring’s. She shivered slightly as her feathers on her wings were ruffled by the cold escaping from the fridge door.
Spring returned her sister’s hoof bump, proceeding to look around into the fridge in search of edible goods.

“We don’t have much in here, and most of it doesn’t seem to be pony friendly.” Spring rummaged around a bit more, “Well there’s some veggies and such in here, that’ll have to suffice for now,” Spring said and began removing the various foods.

Summer licked her lips in anticipation of partaking of a pony friendly breakfast with her sister. “At least there is some food we can eat. Maybe we can try to find more in the produce section at the store. Just hope they allow ponies to shop there.”

Spring chuckled as she placed the food on a coffee table in the next room, “I’m not so sure the problem would be that we aren’t allowed as much as it would be that being seen would cause a problem.” Spring stopped and thought about it for a moment, “We may not be able to get into a store ourselves, but we could always try to order food or somehow get someone else to do it for us.”

Summer gave her sister a side hug, draping her forearm over her shoulder. “We’ll cross that bridge when we get there. Right now, let’s just enjoy what we have.”

Spring let a small smile slip onto her face, “I s’pose you’re right; we can deal with that later. For now let’s just eat what we have and find out what we should do from there.” Spring began eating as neatly as she could using only her mouth, “You wanted to try to learn how to fly right?”

Summer began to eat with her muzzle as she attempted to put the food into her mouth. She cleared her throat after swallowing her food, “Yeah, that would help, since we are Pegasi.” She fluttered her wings to emphasize her pony heritage.

“Very well, once we finish breakfast, let’s find a place where we can learn how to fly,” Spring focused on eating the rest of the small breakfast, a bit nervous as to how their endeavors to fly would end up.

Summer smiled as she finished her meager meal. It was not much, but it filled her stomach and soon, she went to get some drinks. “What do you want to drink, sis? We have apple juice, orange juice, some purple punch stuff…” she continued to look around at the beverage choices in the fridge.

“I’ll have some of that purple punch stuff please, sounds pretty interesting for a drink,” Spring giggled and waited patiently near the table.

“Purple punch stuff it is.” She attempted to hover with the punch container secured in her fore hooves. “We need some glasses, unless you want to drink straight from this bottle.”

“Hmm, I guess we do need some of those, don’t we?” Spring came into the kitchen and looked up at the cupboards above the counter, letting out a sigh, “Kind of makes me regret placing all the cups where we can’t quite reach them.”

Summer looks over at Spring’s wings, “You got your wings, right? Use them to hover up and get those glasses, sis!” She continued to hover near the kitchen table, pumping her wings up and down.

Spring was still a bit nervous about using her wings, especially in such close space, “Perhaps you could do it; you seem to have the hang of it so it wouldn’t be much of a problem right?”

Summer sighs, “Anything for you, Spring. Hopefully, we will get you airborne again.” She sets the punch bottle on the kitchen table before flying up to the cabinet and looking at the available cups. “What type of cups do you want? The plastic cups would be easier to wash.”

“Plastic will be great, thanks again,” Spring smiled sheepishly. “It’ll probably just take me a bit longer to get used to wings again, but I’ll get there.”

Summer selects two plastic cups, one light green for Spring and for her, the light blue one. “I think these will do nicely, don’t you think?”

“I think they’ll do just fine, let’s get to drinking!” Spring took the punch in her mouth, -having much greater skill with that than her wings at the moment- and poured some into both of the cups. “Cheers!”

“Cheers!” Summer lifts her cup to meet her sister’s cup, and taps it lightly. She then sips the drink. “Ah, that’s refreshing!”

Spring sets her cup down, nodding her head in agreement, “Indeed, how about we decide on a practice area while we finish our drinks?”

Summer thinks about some possible practice locations, “I’m not sure where we can practice, but there should be some clouds we can use to lay on or move around like we used to do in the skies above Ponyville.”

“I guess that’s as good a place as any, assuming that I can make it up there,” Spring swallowed nervously, not looking forward to getting over the first stepping stones of flying. “No use putting off the inevitable though I guess, shall we head out?”

Summer finished her drink and took the empty cups, placing them in the sink. “Yeah, we should practice our flight. Once we get used to these wings, we will be one step closer to getting in touch with our inner pony, so to speak.”

As Spring and Summer were working on their flight, Autumn Breeze slowly walked along the street, nearly tripping over her own feet...no, her hooves. She didn’t understand anything that was happening to her since the attack on Cloudsdale and Ponyville by the chaotic being known as Discord. She was trying to figure out a lot as she walked and stumbled over her legs as she was still trying to adjust to this new change within her.

She still remembered her family as humans, even though she couldn’t fully recall their names. In her heart, she felt as if she was looking for someone. Someone that was very close to her. This feeling was always had been strange but natural for her. The only way to tell people or ponies how it felt was as if a string was pulled around her heart and would lead her to someone. It was the only feeling she got when she was looking for her sisters. The thought of her family made her shiver and almost wanted to whimper. The time apart from her sisters Summer was enough to kill her even if she was still breathing. She felt incomplete without her sisters with her. After all, Summer and Spring stayed with her through her transition.

Autumn Breeze shook her head as it felt odd being a pony and everything that came with it. The stress it put on the body and mind was something that could drive any pony crazy.

Autumn Breeze recalled the day Discord attacked. It was her and her twin’s birthday; a pretty day, not a cloud in the sky. The weather patrol in Cloudsdale had prepared the weather specifically for the Breeze siblings on their special day. Autumn and Summer were hanging out for the day they had planned out. Later that afternoon, they were met by Pinkie Pie, who knew about the sisters' birthday. The pink Earth pony then announced a surprise birthday party at Sugar Cube Corner for Spring, Summer, and Autumn Breeze to every pony in her vicinity!

Before they left to go to Pinkie Pie’s surprise party, Summer gave Autumn a necklace that had two charms in the shape of what would later both of their cutie marks. It was part of a matching set, so both sisters would have their Cutie Marks etched onto charms from Mr. Karat’s Jewelry Store.

Once the Pegasi sisters arrived at Sugar Cube Corner, Pinkie Pie offered them cupcakes, and indicated there were games, food, music from the resident DJ, Vinyl Scratch, and other party activities, as well as presents. However, an uninvited guest showed up; Discord, the chaotic draconequus. Pretending to be reformed, he partook in some party games, ate some cake, drank some punch, and then presented his “gift” to the guests of honor; a strange incantation, which he called the Five Score, Divided by Four Spell. This spell separated the Pegasi siblings, sending them to another dimension as humans. Discord made sure their birthday would be a disaster! Autumn never was able to give Summer her gift that day. She hoped that her sister would be forgiving once she was discovered.

There was many more memories trapped inside the young pony’s mind. She tried to push past the hazy thoughts as she moved on, trying to find the pony she was looking for; the one that would make her whole again.

Meanwhile, Summer decided to take a breather from her new friend Berry’s agoraphobia and fly around. The day she met Berry was an eye-opener that there were humans who would dare harm ponies. And, there were other ponies who cared for their own kind, like Chance, the white Earth pony stallion she met. The light-grey Pegasi soared into the air and found a cloud to perch on. She made herself comfortable, folded her wings to her side, and relaxed, smelling the fresh, clean air. Summer had a large slice of lemon-layered dessert her friend Berry made for her and anypony she wanted to share it with. Summer sensed at that moment the connection she had lost many years before. The strong bond of a close family member seeking to reconnect. She eventually met up with Spring Breeze and they stayed in the clouds, resting from their flight lesson. Summer spotted Autumn trotting around town from her aerial view and nudged her younger sister, pointing a hoof towards the red orange Pegasi on the ground. "Is that Autumn? She looks like she's lost. Maybe we should call down to her and see if she wants some of these lemon squares. They are delicious!"

“Autumn?” Summer Breeze said aloud. “Hang on, sister! I’m here!” The light grey pegasi got up off her cloud, and spread her wings, taking flight, attempting to spot the orange maned pegasus. She brought with her the delicious dessert to share with her sister. Hopefully, this reunion would be a joyous one! Summer let out a loud whistle to alert her sister to look up in the sky!

Autumn jumped a little bit hearing her name. The string that was around her heart seemed to be pulled again. The brown with hint of red pegasi started to look around not thinking to look up at the sky. It was not until her sister whistled did she look up to seeing the light grey pegasi with the blue-green mane, “Sister?!” She cried out to the other pegasi. She couldn’t mistake that voice anywhere, because as soon as she heard it, it made her heart felt as if it was slowly mending from the times that they were apart from each other.

Summer Breeze smiled as she hovered down towards her sister, and gave her a big hug. Summer began to tear up as she whispered into Autumn’s ear.

“Hay there! Long time, no see, Autumn! I got you some dessert.” She pulled away to give Autumn some space as she hovered near her sister.

“My friend Berry was cooking and I told her about you. She made this for us to share. I thought since we didn’t have a proper birthday, we should celebrate!” Summer offered the lemon-themed dessert to Autumn.

Autumn swung her hooves around her sister as to return her hug. As her ears shifted from the breaths from Summer’s words, all she could do was smile. As her sky blue eyes started watering up as she had thought she would never be with her twin ever again after they were split up.

“I know, sister.. I have missed you greatly,” As she spoke her words, they came out as husky as she tried not to be fully sobbing.

At the mention of dessert, her ears flicked upwards she smiled, “Oh! Sweets, what are they?” She asked as she didn’t let her tears fall as she looked at the dessert that her sister was trying to offer her.

Summer smiled and hoofed over the dessert to Autumn, “I believe Berry said it’s some sort of lemon-themed pastry. I heard Berry used to work at SugarCube Corner with Pinkie Pie and the Cake family.” She took a plate and gave one to Autumn. “Say, sis, can you fly? You got your wings; you should be able to hover like me.” She continued to hover, flapping her wings like many of the notable Pegasi of Equestria.

Autumn listened to her sister talk about a friend she had met. She took one of the lemon-themed pastries as best as she could in her hooves and brought it up to her mouth. Autumn bit into it as the flavors burst into her mouth. As she started to talk with her mouth full for a moment,”Humm...good...hummguh.. see.” she stop and blushed lightly realizing her sister couldn’t understand her. Heck she couldn’t understand herself.

“That was really good! I see why the Cakes hired her on.” She said with a smile as she licked her lips, trying not to waste a single piece of the sweet dessert!

As her sister spoke of her wings, she looked down and bit her lips, “I tried once, but ended up falling on my face.. I haven’t tried since..” She said as she slowly flapped her wings open and then closed them, folding them back into her side with a sigh.

Summer nodded in understanding of her sister’s situation.

“I too, had trouble with my wings at first. I even got blown off course here when I ran into a bad thunderstorm.” She chuckled to herself, “Imagine, a Pegasi, whose job it is to control and manage weather, end up getting startled by a thunderstorm.”

Hopefully no one saw that one.” Autumn giggled lightly. As she was lucky that no one had saw her face plant.

Summer then turns to the matter at hoof. “As family, it’s my duty to help you learn to use those wings. You need to remember everything from Flight Camp and the Junior Speedsters. We’ll start with the basics!” Summer began to teach her sister the fundamentals of Pegasi flight.

As Summer talked about remembering everything from the two flight schools, Autumn nearly groaned. As if it was something about them that made her just wanted to take a nap. Autumn was all for hard work, but it was the lecture part of the school that made her head hurt. She loved getting into shape to run races.

Summer hovers near her sister, “Your first lesson is to control your wing beats. Your wings are lightweight and flap up and down, like this.” Summer demonstrated the proper technique to her sister.

Autumn Breeze watched her sister a few moments before trying to emulate her wing movements.

Summer smiled as Autumn began to flap her wings, “That’s the way to do it, Autumn!” She then focused on the second lesson, remembering the teachings from Flight School.

Summer continued to teach her sister about how to fly. “Now, after you have mastered the art of hovering in mid air, you need to use your wings to ride the thermals. That’s the wind that goes under and over your wings when you fly. Once we get you airborne, we can practice walking on clouds. You know a Pegasi controls the weather and can move clouds around? “ Summer waited patiently for Autumn to respond.

Autumn looked at her sister and thought about it for a moment trying to remember things, “I recall something of that effect.” She said lightly as she was still flapping her wings trying to get up off the ground more. She loved the feeling just being off the ground it meant that she was not tripping over her hooves as much. Though it does mean meeting the ground with her face a few times until she remembered things.

She soon started to look down, but also started to lean forward. As the ground seemed to be closer to a little to her face, she bumped her front hooves to the ground but did not fall over. She lifted her head up and laughed lightly, “Oopsies..” She said as she blushed.

Summer face-hoofed and went to pick her sister up off the ground. “I know you can do better, sister. Please try again.“ Summer flapped her wings up and down, demonstrating the hovering technique. “You’ll be able to fly in no time.” She encouraged her sister warmly.

She looked down for a moment then looked up at her sister, “Okay.” she said lightly. As she started to flap her wings. As she smiled looking around saw that she was taller but it was just because she was up off the ground.

Summer nodded and approved of the technique Autumn started with, “So far, so good. At least you got yourself off the ground.” She teased as the flight lessons continued.

Chapter Nine: Summer Breeze's Day Out

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A Gentle Breeze of Change

Chapter Nine: Zephyr’s Day Out

Zephyr exited the house where she was staying with Chance, a stallion she met last night. She was glad that he let her sleep at his house during that wild thunderstorm. She tried not to think about what would have happened if he wouldn’t be there. Zephyr stretched her wings, flapping them to make sure they were operational. Seeing that they were working, she looked outside.

“Today is a new day!” She said as she took a deep breath. It smelled a bit like humidity. “...and it’s going to be a great one! The air smells clean after that rain and I’m ready to fly!” Zephyr smiled to herself as she started beating her wings with a constant rhythm.

The light grey pegasi took off for a nearby cloud, taking in the morning air. Once she landed on the white cumulus cloud, Zephyr decided to make herself comfortable. She ran her hoof through her light blue-green mane and patted the comfortable material. That was something that a human would never feel in their entire life. She camped out on her cloud, overlooking the area, watching for anything that would be moving on the Earth.

What she saw was a bit surprising. A pony, obviously trying to sneak around town, was hiding behind some trash cans. When she saw that no other human were walking near her, she clumsily trotted toward the other side of the street. Zephyr wondered why the mare tried to sneak in broad daylight.

Zephyr decided that she had to investigate this strange pony. She flapped her wings and took off from her cloud perch in a free-fall position, then leveled out, gliding down into a hovering maneuver. She stayed out of the other mare’s line of sight, and began to follow in the air. What the hay is she doing? The pegasi said to herself. This new arrival warranted an investigation.

When she started to follow the stranger who was trotting down an alleyway, she heard another noise coming from the street. Running under her was a man in his late twenties wearing a pair of pyjamas. In his hand was some kind of gun loaded with what looked like tranquilizing darts.

“Come out, little pony.” He said in a sing-song voice. “I only want your DNA... and body... and SOUL!” He shouted the last part. This man was obviously insane. I was able to see both the weird human and the poor mare. The man was on a perpendicular street from the pony, but in a few meters, he would come face to face with her.

Zephyr frowned as the man with the gun located the poor pony. He began taunting the pink mare with his gun. The still confused pegasus mare flew down, scared of what this man would do with the creature, in an attempt to turn and buck the gun out of the insane man’s hands. “Sorry, not on my watch!” Zephyr shouted at the man when the gun hit the floor. The man looked at the pegasi in question. She had a long, light-blue / green mane and tail with turquoise eyes that burned with righteous fury at the injustice of harming another pony.

“You have no right to harm this poor mare! Now get out of here before I buck you into tomorrow and back!” The courageous pegasus attempted to act threatening, keeping her fierce gaze on the man. “By the way, I’m Zephyr!” She announced to the mare and to the man as she continued to wait for the man’s response.

“Oh look, another one. If you really want to...” He said before grabbing Zephyr’s throat. “...why don’t I take both of you at my funhouse and then we’ll play dissect the pony. Don’t worry, I know you know the rules.” He said while smiling with a malicious grin. This man was down right insane. I’m sure PETA would sue this guy forever.

She thought she was done for, but a voice that she forgot existed brought her back to reality. “Ostie, t’es mieux de la lacher ou je vais aracher tes calisse d’entraille et te les FAIRE BOUFFER, MON TABARNAK!” She was speaking fancy, but Zephyr knew that it wasn’t for thanking the man.

“Oh, look at that. A cute little angry pony is trying to speak French. I’m sorry, but I understand jack s***.” He said while picking up his gun while holding the pegasi. Right when he touched the device, the mare stood right beside him. In her eyes was a lack of something, like if something in her... broke.

Zephyr could feel the man’s hand throttling her throat. The pegasi felt the air going out of her as her ears drooped “You’re hurting me! Stop it right now, or else!” The pegasi saw the pink mare was not too happy. “If you are going to do something...now is the time to strike!” She said to the angry pony, trying to figure a way to release the man’s grip on her throat. She decided to attempt to bite the man’s wrist.

After my futile attempt at trying to escape, I heard a light voice echoing near me. “I said YOU BETTER LET HER GO OR I WILL RIP YOUR...” The pegasi looked into her eyes and saw her coming back to reality, like if some kind of demon escaped her body. Pinky shook her head and looked at Zephyr, her throat still in the palm of the man.

“W... what are you doing to her?!” She asked, her eyes oozing fear. The man deeply laughed as he stood up. Zephyr saw the pink mare staring at the human with fear for her life. She was scared for what would happen to both of them if the human caught her. Before the man could act, though, she saw that his wrist was at the right angle.

She bit his flesh with the strength of an adrenaline-filled pastel colored horse.

Zephyr continued to bite down on the man’s wrist. The taste of human flesh in her mouth was unsettling! She attempted to use her hind legs to buck the man in the chest in order for him to release his grip. “I said, let go!” The man was disoriented by the pegasi’s buck and fell backwards, releasing his grip as he held his hand, now sporting an equine’s bite mark.

“That’s more like it!” Zephyr said confidently, as she turned to the other mare. “You okay? You want me to take you someplace?” The small mare nodded, still shocked. Zephyr flexed her wings to make sure they were not broken.

The shy mare looked at her savior with a small smile. “I... I am Str-... Uh... my name is...” She said, stuttering. Zephyr was confused, at first, but understood quickly after.

“You can tell me both your names.” The pegasi told the earth pony. The mare stared down, sighing.

“My names are Anthony Duquette and Strawberry Frosting.” She said with more confidence. She was surprised that the pegasi knew about her having two names. She suddenly realised that every ponies are human-turned-ponies.

Zephyr sighed, “If you want to know about me, I think we should go someplace private. All I know is, I used to be a weather reporter and meteorologist named William Weston before I became Zephyr. I even have a Cutie Mark!” The pegasi turned to show Strawberry her mark on her flank, which depicted the gentle west wind. “I have an interesting story about this mark. Maybe later, after we go to my place. I hope Chance will be reasonable and let me have a new friend over.”

Strawberry looked at her flank to see her Cutie Mark. It was a piece of vanilla cake with strawberry frosting on top. “I... used to be a pastry chef. I don’t have any interesting stories to share...” She said in an almost silent voice. Zephyr laughed heartily.

“Come on, you must have at least one story to share?” Zephyr coaxed. “I remember something about a celebration where the seasons changed and I was asked by Princess Celestia to help her bring the west wind for the Summer Sun Celebration when I was a filly. That day, I earned my Cutie Mark, and today, I enjoy the weather...except for thunderstorms,...” She then shifted her eyes, “If you tell anypony I don’t like thunderstorms, I’ll deny it.” Zephyr seemed embarassed about the fact that as a meteorologist, her experience in a live thunderstorm the other night unnerved her.

Strawberry looked down at the house they were about to land on. Zephyr landed near the house’s front door. “Okay, Strawberry! We are home, safe and sound. Mind if I call you Berry for short?” Berry nodded, accepting the nickname. The pegasi allowed for Berry to disembark before she headed to the door. “You hungry? After that fight, I’m starved!” The door was opened to reveal the living room. “My friend Chance is letting me stay here for a while. He will not mind letting me have a friend over.”

“Are... you sure? I don’t want to be a burden.” She said, her head dropping near the ground. Zephyr shook her head, waving her hoof to invite her new friend inside. “Hay, if Chance took me in, I’m sure it will be fine. If he asks....” Zephyr was interrupted by the hoofsteps of her host, Chance, the owner of the house she was staying as a guest.

At that time, the white stallion came around the corner from the hallway, “Ask me what, Zephyr?”. Strawberry murmured something fancy which sounded like “Pas vendre l’ours avant de l’avoir tuer.”

Zephyr smiled, “Chance, this is my new friend, Strawberry Frosting. I call her Berry. Berry, this is my friend, Chance. You be nice to her! She’s had a really bad day today...” Berry said that it was the understatement of the year. “...and I think she needs some time to rest and get something to eat.” Zephyr added.

Chance nodded and went to the kitchen, “Certainly. What would you want to eat, Miss Berry?” The Earth Pony Stallion began to rummage through the refrigerator for something for three ponies to eat. Berry blushed a bit, trying to hide it behind her long blond and pink mane.

Zephyr smiled, “Told you, he’d let you stay. Come on, let’s get you some food and drinks.” She noticed Berry blushing. “You okay, Berry?”

Berry brushed her hair off her face with her pink furred leg. She looked at Zephyr, trying to avoid Chance’s eyes. “Yeah, totally okay. Faites que ce sera pas une habitude.” She said in both languages.

Chance got out some oatmeal, fruits, vegetables, and other various pony foods, as well as three glasses of water to drink. “Wow, she’s speaking fancy. Anyway, anypony else want anything different to drink? I prefer water, myself.”

Zephyr smiled, “She speaks two languages, standard English and fancy! That’s great!” She then turned to Berry, “Water okay with you, Berry? I’m having water too.” She headed over to the kitchen table and waits for breakfast, motioning her friend to join her.

“Well... do you think ponies... drink soft drinks?” Berry asked, eliciting a shrug from Zephyr. “Well then... do you have ginger ale? I... might want to test something.” She said, still in an almost silent voice. She was really shy, but it was logical after all she’s been through.

Chance nodded, “Of course, Miss Berry, one ginger ale, coming up!” The stallion went to retrieve the ginger ale and placed ice cubes in each glass. Berry whispered again, but was ignored. He then filled the glasses with the ginger ale.

Zephyr looked over at Berry, trying to make out what her new friend was trying to say, “You need to speak up. Berry. Something wrong with your drink? If you don’t want ice, just tell Chance that you don’t want ice.” She sips her ice water. “This is some quality ice water!”

Berry shook her head. “Nononono, it’s okay.” Zephyr shrugged it off as Berry still being shy. She has to start being more assertive. Zephyr thought to herself.

The food was brought out, and Chance presented the assortment of breakfast treats. “Dig in, everypony. I made enough for you!” Chance smiled as Zephyr selected an apple, and offered one to Berry. “Here, Berry, eat up.”

“Are... you sure? I mean, free food? Is there a trap?” She asked, suspicious.

Zephyr rolled her eyes, “Berry, there is no trap, no tricks. The food is real and so is our friendship. You are safe here, and among ponies like you. We will not judge you or treat you any different. I just met you and you look like you could use someone to talk with. I’m here for you. After breakfast, we can talk in my room. It it’s okay with you..”

“Ponies... like you... *sigh*” She said while grabbing an apple with her muzzle. Berry quickly ate the fruit in less than few seconds. After a few more apples and a bowl of oats ,Berry finally stopped to breathe.

Zephyr and Chance’s eyes widened as Berry gulped down her food. “You really need to learn to slow down and enjoy your meals. No one, or no pony will ever harm you. I guarantee it!” Zephyr holds out a hoof to Berry in friendship.

“Ah knew I hadn’t enjoyed my life... before turning into a pony. Worrying about everything and nothing at the same time.” She said with a light Canadian accent. Then, she hoof bumped Zephyr’s hoof. “Thank you... for your help, Zephy... oh, and you too... Chance.” She said, trying to limit the time her eyes met his.

Zephyr muttered to herself, Zephy, that’s a new one. She then broke her reverie, and accepted the prefered hoof bump of friendship. “You are quite welcome, Berry. A true friend helps those in need.”

Zephyr shrugs, “Nah, I think I’m just going to hang out with Berry in my room,” she looked over at the pink mare, "if that’s okay with you?”

“Y-yeah... I guess. It’s not like... I want to return outside.” She shuttered while saying the last word.

Zephyr felt the uneasiness from her friend, “If you are finished eating, I’ll show you the bathroom and the bedroom.” She finished her meal, and thanked Chance for the wonderful breakfast.

Chance went to the kitchen to wash the dishes, as it was his turn to wash them. “What are you mares going to talk about?” He asked. Zephyr’s face got red, so as Berry’s, “Uhm, nothing...it’s between us girls...right Berry?” Zephyr looked over to Berry.

“Uhh... I guess?” She shrugged, totally oblivious to Zephyr’s reaction.

Zephyr hovered over to Berry, looking her up and down. “So, you’re an Earth pony. That’s cool. I don’t mind. After all, the three pony tribes got together well, even if they had their disagreements in the past.”

“Yeah, but... what do you think I can do. I mean, you can fly. I get to do... nothing.” Berry said, her voice starting to get louder than before.

Zephyr thought about her Cutie Mark and what it represented, “What is your Cutie Mark telling you, Berry? Your Cutie Mark is your special talent , so maybe if you can make me one of those desserts and for yourself, we can figure out what you are good at.”

“Well, I think I can remember one recipe... if you want, we could find the ingredients... but I don’t want to go outside...” Berry said, scared of what was outside. I think she’s getting a bit agoraphobic. Zephyr thought.

Chance came by to check on the girls, “Is everything okay?” He asked with concern in his voice.

Zephyr nodded, “Everything’s fine! Just helping Berry discover her special talent. If we find the right ingredients, she’ll make us a delicious dessert.” Chance smiled at the proposal.

“Well, I guess it’s time to find some ingredients.” Chance replied, heading back to the kitchen.

Zephyr and Berry followed behind Chance and looked for the ingredients. “Let’s see, looks like we have everything we need right here.” Berry said while looking around the shelves, thinking about the recipe.

“If you need anything off the top shelves, I can fly up and get it!” Zephyr said to Berry.

“Alrighty then. Let’s get cookin’!”

Chapter Ten: Berry's Special Talent

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A Gentle Breeze of Change

Chapter Ten: Berry’s Special Talent

Zephyr walked beside Berry as she was writing down what she remembered of the recipe. As she looked over her shoulder, she realised that none of the ingredients, even mixed together, would taste good after heating them up. As the pegasus jumped and hovered to await her first orders, she wondered what Berry would be doing.

“Berry, are you going to preheat the oven first before you start baking? Unless this dessert is one of those no-bake varieties...” Zephyr trailed off, waiting for Berry to respond. While waiting for Berry to complete her dessert recipe, the Pegasus’ thought drifted off. She began to wonder what has become of her family; her sisters, mother, father, and the other friends she had back in Ponyville and Cloudsdale.

''Pfft, baking.” Berry said while waving her hoof in the air. “Time to show you how I do it!'' She said while placing a cauldron with water on the oven. It surprised the chef that Chance actually had lemon jello deep in his closet. It was one of the main ingredient of the recipe and she was glad there was some.

Chance saw that Berry had found the lemon-flavored gelatin in the closet. He rubbed the back of his head with his hoof, “I usually keep gelatin on hand. You never know who might drop by.” The white Earth pony stallion explained to Zephyr, who responded with a shrug.

Zephyr replied back to Chance, “I’m not judging you, Chance. It’s your house.” She wondered what Berry was planning to make with lemon-flavored gelatin.

Zephyr looked with confusion at the box of lemon gelatin powder. “So, what dessert are you planning to make, Berry?” The light-grey Pegasus asked, looking at the paper with Berry’s scribble on it. Zephyr knew that she wasn’t used to writing as a pony. She tried to read what was written, but she saw that it was actually written in French.

Zephyr looked at the recipe, “Berry, where did you get this recipe from? I can hardly read your hoof-writing. Then again, we have to write holding a pen or pencil in our mouths, since we don’t have hands anymore.” She waited for Berry to respond or find out if she was needed to retrieve any high-shelf items from the kitchen.

Zephyr smirked as Berry began to start the cooking process. “I knew you had it in you!” Let me know if you need anything else.”

Zephyr then felt a tug on her heart, and she landed on the ground.

Chance saw Zephyr was in some sort of pain and went to help her up. “Are you okay, Miss Zephyr?” He asked with concern in his voice.

Zephyr waved a hoof at Chance, “I’m fine...it’s just that I need to get some air.” Zephyr pulled herself up and trotted to the door.

The light-grey Pegasus turned to the other ponies in the kitchen, “Hey guys, I’ll be outside in the clouds. I am feeling a presence I have not felt in a long time. I believe I have a sister who needs my help!”

Chance shook his head in disbelief, “You have a sister, Miss Zephyr? How wonderful! Please have her stop in! I think she can room with you and Berry.” He then wondered what he was planning to do with three mares in his house.

Zephyr glared at Chance, “Yeah, well, thanks for the offer, but that’s up to Berry and Autumn. I do hate to turn out my family or friends in their time of need. Besides, Berry’s in the zone in the kitchen! Just look at her go!” The pegasus smiled as she watched Berry put the finishing touches on her dessert. “Wow, Berry, you should consider entering this dessert in next year’s dessert competition in Canterlot. Just watching you bake is making me hungry!” She licked her lips in anticipation of sampling the dessert. “What’s the name of this dessert? I guess it has to do something with lemon, since you used lemon gelatin.”

Zephyr returned to the kitchen to ask Berry a question. It dawned on her that perhaps any “comfort foods” may help her sister in her time of need. The dessert sure reminded Zephyr of something they usually ordered at SugarCube Corner.

She turned to Berry, “Berry, I think my sister, Autumn would love to eat your desserts. Mind if I take some out to her? I heard that certain foods can help others feel at ease.” If Autumn had just “woken up” from that curse Discord placed on them, she would need all the help she could to adjust to meeting other ponies.

With that, Zephyr decided to let Berry finish cleaning up the kitchen and take off for the clouds. She did take some of the delicious treats Berry fixed for herself, and possibly anypony else she would meet. The open air was better suited for a pegasus like Zephyr. Sure, she needed a place to rest her wings, but wasn’t that what a cloud was for?

Chapter Twelve: Ponies in the Neigh-borhood

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A Gentle Breeze of Change
Chapter Twelve

Ponies in the Neigh-borhood

With a gentle flap of her wings, Zephyr’s hooves left the ground. Another wing beat later, and the light-grey Pegasus was through the air. Zephyr closed her turquoise eyes and felt the cool breeze on her muzzle.

Just as Zephyr and Autumn were planning to play a little Pegasus exercise called “Follow the Leader” to test out Autumn’s wings, a small filly’s voice screamed out for help!

“Come on, sister, follow me! There is a young filly in distress!” Zephyr called out to Autumn.

Autumn ears flicked forward when the yell for help came out to them. She moved to the right side of her sister. “I am right beside you sister!” She said with a trademark smile that she shared with Zephyr when was ready for business.

Zephyr wasn't here to enjoy the weather; she heard the cries of a filly, and was determined to find her. The Pegasus soon leveled out her body, and swiveled her ears the locate the cries of help.

Autumn mimicked her sister’s movements, keeping up the pace. As the athlete in the family, Autumn kept up her speed to match her sister’s as they both listened and looked for any sign of the younger pony. “You see where the cries are coming from?!” She called out worried they was not going to make it time.

Twisting her body around, Zephyr was able to spot a small patch of clouds; the screams seemed to be coming from there. The light grey Pegasus slowly flew up to the cloudy landscape, only to find a Pegasus filly crying with fear.

“I found the source of the distress, Autumn. Take a look! It’s a small Pegasus filly!” Zephyr pointed to the cloud, where the younger pony was huddled on. She appeared to be emotionally frightened.

Autumn Breeze then landed on the nearby cloud, along with her sister, Zephyr. The sisters took a step closer to the frightened filly with concern in their eyes and kindness in their hearts.

The little filly’s ears twitched as her head lifted out of her light green hooves, her sky blue eyes darted around until they spotted the grey Pegasus and the orange-maned Pegasi near her. She took a step away, with her ears almost flat against her skull.

"Hay there, my names Zephyr, no need to be afraid. This is my sister, Autumn Breeze. Do you need help?" The light grey Pegasus’s lips curved into a smile as her eyes met the filly’s, as did the orange-maned Pegasus next to her.

"N-nice to m-meet you." whispered the filly, taking another step backwards.

Zephyr’s brow furrowed as she realized the filly was obviously very shy. “Please, be careful, kid. You are going to run out of cloud there.” She cautiously warned the filly.

Autumn Breeze peeked around the filly’s shoulders to spot her Cutie Mark. It was a cherry on a cloud.
“Likewise dear.” She called in the sweet motherly voice that she could muster.

“Everything is okay! You are safe now... we are not going to hurt you.” She was still using her sweet voice trying to get the child to relax and not fall off the cloud.

"What's your name?" Zephyr interjected. Compared to her sister, Zephyr could come across as a little less tactful.

The filly didn't answer, but only took another step back from the two mares before her eyes widened. Her hoof didn't meet cloud, only air. She slipped and tumbled off the cloud!

Zephyr’s wings flared as she lunged for the filly, but missed. “I almost had her!” Zephyr exclaimed as her attempt to grab the filly by her fore hooves failed.

Autumn gasped as she saw the young filly fall off the cloud. She didn't think much about it as she jumped off the cloud. Her wings started to flap faster than she had be able to get them to. As if in this moment, everything was rushing to her reminding her some of the things that she had forgotten. As her hooves straight out in front of her. “I got it!” she cried out as she was kept going. As she try to fly under the young one to have her land on her back to be safe but she missed as well, “Crap!” she cried out.

The pegasi sisters dove straight through the cloud bank after the falling Pegasus filly.. “I thought you had her!” Zephyr shook her head. “Come on, sis! You take the lead on this! I know you can do this. I’m right behind you!” Zephyr said, encouraging her sister.

“Okay!” Autumn called out as she didn’t waste much time as she dove faster. “Hang on kiddo! I got you..” She called out to the young filly. As she reached out to the filly, she kept up her speed and endurance. She was moving faster as she shivered; fear was pulsing through her as she feared that she was not going to make it in time.

“Go to the right sis!” she called out thinking that they could meet in the middle and catch the filly. As she told her sister to do this, She banked to the left to meet in the middle.

Zephyr nods, “I’m on it!” Zephyr banked right and took a right wing position. If they were to catch this filly, they would have to work together. In the past, Zephyr and Autumn were very close as sisters could be.

“Okay, I’m in position. That filly’s hooves are flailing. Be careful!” Zephyr warned her sister to be careful about the panicky filly. The rescuers could just easily be knocked out by a falling victim’s flailing hooves, so caution had to be of the utmost priority.

Eventually, Autumn Breeze, the more athletic of the sisters, caught the filly with Zephyr’s aid. The filly was in the safe hooves of Autumn Breeze and Zephyr.

Zephyr nodded in approval of her sister’s saving catch, “Good technique, Autumn! You have really shown improvement!!”

Autumn smiled at the little filly, holding her close to her.

Zephyr showed up by Autumn’s side, making sure the filly was safe. “Whew! That was a close one!” She pointed to the ground, indicating that Autumn should land.

"C'mon, how about we get down to the ground." Autumn said to the filly as Zephyr gave a small nod and a toothy grin. She and her sister carried the filly down and put her back on her hooves.

"Now, I never got your name. Let’s try this again; I’m Zephyr, and this is my sister, Autumn Breeze." Zephyr asked again, hoping the filly would divulge her name.

The filly slid her green and blue mane out if her eyes before replying, "My names Cherry Cloud!" The filly now had a name to her face.

The light grey Pegasus glanced back at Cherry Cloud’s flank before smiling. 'Well, I guess it makes sense.' Zephyr thought to herself.

“Now, can you tell us why you ended up stuck on that cloud? You are a Pegasus, like us, right? Can’t you fly?” Zephyr asked the young filly, hoping to find out how Cherry Cloud ended up where she was.

Cherry Cloud’s cheeks burned red as she remembered her situation. "Um, well, you see. I can't exactly fly yet."

Zephyr gave a sweet smile and asked another question. "If you can't fly how did you get to the cloud,? if I remember correctly, it was very high up!" Zephyr bluntly pointed out.

The filly’s eyes drifted down as she tried to recall what had happened. Then tears began to roll down her cheeks as she remembered, every little detail.
"Oh um..." Zephyr saw the tears and immediately regretted asking that question.
"Oh, I'm sorry, that's your business. You don't have to tell me." Cherry dragged her eyes up to meet the mares. She saw trust and loyalty, these mares could be trusted.

"No, you saved me! You deserve to know! It all started when I was just trying to fly.” Cherry began her tale.

Cherry Cloud recalled the moment she was blown off course while trying to fly earlier in the day..

"Katie!!!" Cherry screamed as she drifted away from her sister, who ran after her. She struggled with her newly found wings but the wind was too strong. her sister stopped running and looked her in the eyes.

"Please, don't go." Katie said, tears welling in her eyes. "Please, I don't care you’re from Equestria and I'm not. Just don't leave me, your my only sister, please... Please!"

Tears began to form as the wind carried Cherry Cloud farther away. She stopped struggling and let the wind carry her. Cherry Cloud soon realized how fast she was going as her sister soon became a small dot on the landscape. She tried using her wings to propel her back to her sister, only to have the wind slowly stopping, and her falling. She scrunched her eyes and her wings beat furiously. She soon waited for the embrace of hard ground, but instead met some sort of soft cushion. Confused, She looked down, only to be amazed once more. She was sitting on a cloud. Rubbing her hoof around it, it felt it would hold her, but at the same time, it feels like she's about to fall through. She soon felt the breeze once more and felt the cloud moving. The air tugged on the white surface as She was carried away. Tears ran down Cherry’s cheeks once more as she let the wind do with her as it will.

Just then, a male voice called out. “Is everything alright?” A grey Pegasus stallion with a white mane asked with concern in his voice. “I heard some screaming I thought someone was in trouble. So I came over as fast as I could and....” The Pegasus stammers for a few trying to remember where he saw that before.

Zephyr smiles at the stallion, brushing her long light blue-green mane with her front hoof. “Everything is fine. Just trying to figure out why this little filly ended up on that cloud. My sister and I saved Cherry Cloud here, and...” She stares at the Pegasus stallion for a moment and blushes, “H-hello, there.” She stammered, trying to remember the name of this Pegasus.

“Name’s Lightning Storm. Pleased to meet you all.” He says with a smile on his muzzle, “So what’s got the filly so scared?”

Zephyr continued to stare at the stallion, keeping herself between him and the small filly. “My name is Zephyr, and this is Cherry Cloud,” she points towards the filly, “and this is my sister, Autumn Breeze. Pleased to meet you. Cherry Cloud had a bad experience on a cloud, but we saved her. I'm sure she'll be okay.

She then turns to Lightning Storm, blushing, "Have I seen you before? I cannot remember,,,” The Pegasi’s mind wondered who this stallion was and what connection she had with him.

The Pegasus stares at Zephyr for a few seconds until he remembered the name that the mare standing before him mentioned: Zephyr. “Zephyr? Uh...I think we met...during the Equestrian Games, right?” He stares at the mare for few moments trying to remember her.

Zephyr looks back towards her sister, Autumn, and then back at Lightning Storm. “Y-es, I was at the Equestrian Games, competing with my sister, Autumn. She was in the Pegasi marathon race.”

Zephyr turns to her sister, smiling, “I recall you winning that marathon race, dear sister.” The light grey Pegasus says to her sister.

Autumn Breeze looked at her sister and smiled, her eyes was all alight as if she was in love or just opening eyes to something. Her eyes drift over to Lightning Storm as she thought of the race, “I sure did!” she smiled, “Nice to meet you.” She chirped to the Stallion.

Then Zephyr turns to Lightning Storm, “I think I remember meeting you there, Lightning Storm. Did we win any competitions?” She asked, still trying to remember, “It’s been a long time since the Games.” The Pegasus paws the ground with a hoof, still trying to remember everything.

“ I know I won something but I’m not sure in what.... I also remember somepony was next to me when I did.” Lightning looks over to Zephyr. “And you’re the only one I remember.”

Zephyr blushed as she remembered the awards ceremony, where she and Lightning Storm were presented with their team competition medals at the Games. She also remembered Lightning Storm gave her a kiss to celebrate their victory. Her sister came up and gave her a big hug!

“I think I remember you kissing me when we received our awards.” She looked over at the small filly and then back at her sister, then back at Lightning Storm. “That was very unexpected of you, Lightning Storm.”

“I think I remember we used to be a couple back in the day.” Zephyr sighed. “That was until we were separated by that Chaotic being named Discord.” She shakes her head, “But, we are all here now! I found my sister the other day, and we were planning to have a nice family outing when this filly was in trouble.” She pointed a hoof towards Cherry Cloud.

Autumn bit her tongue hard hearing the foul creature’s name: Discord. She had a few choice names for that she couldn’t act on because of the young filly near them.

“Yep, we got each other, and that is all that matters now!” She flapped her wings as she was getting used to them now. While her sister had given her a crash course on flying, Autumn experienced a few times failing some of the complex maneuvers. She was not brave enough yet to flip or twist in the air .

Zephyr put an arm around her sister in a loving manner, “I thought I was alone in this world, where there are no ponies, just these “humans.” Some humans are bad and want to harm ponies, while others are nice. I recently met some other ponies who have reawakened in this city. I feel we need to help them, starting with this filly. I am sure there will be others like us.”

Zephyr turns to the others, “Do you have a place where you are staying? Perhaps I should move in with my sister, Autumn. We can take Cherry Cloud with us, and if you want, Lightning Storm, we can find you a place.”

"Anything is better than the hotel I'm staying at. I know that Storm Blower would be happy." Lightning Storm was always mindful of his sister's welfare.

Zephyr recalled that as a Pegasus, they could construct Cloud homes. Most of the residential areas of Cloudsdale were made of clouds. “We are Pegasi, and we can build us a nice house, with a room for Ms. Cherry Cloud, a room for myself and Autumn, and a room just for you, Lightning Storm! What do you say we put our Pegasi abilities to the test?”

"Thanks but no thanks. It’s not I don't want to. Just that Storm Blower can't fly ." His smile fades and looks down at the cloud.

Zephyr nods, “Who is Storm Blower? A relative of yours? Maybe we can help you find her.”

“Storm Blower is my sister, and she’s living with me . The problem is that she can’t fly.” Lightning Storm explained.

Zephyr nodded to Lightning Storm, “Just like Cherry Cloud. Perhaps we can meet up and catch up later.” She blushed as she looked at Lightning Storm,

“We used to date, right? I think I remember you taking me to a restaurant in the Crystal Empire before our competition.” Zephyr approached Lightning Storm. “You remember me, don’t you?”

He stepped back a bit .“It’s hard to forget the mare that makes you tell them you like them. What did you say again?” Lightning Storm rubbed his chin with his hoof as he tried to remember their first date. “It was something like, ‘Get the stupid menu out your face, and I know you like me.’”

Zephyr nods, continuing to blush, “I believe that’s what I said. And, you haven’t changed a bit since.” She goes up to Lightning and smiles. She started to remember bits and pieces of their relationship. “So, I guess we are still in a committed relationship?”

Lightning smiles back and leans in a bit closer, “You haven’t changed either.” He said as he leaned in a little more where their muzzles almost touched.
Zephyr felt Lightning Storm’s muzzle brush her own. She blushed fiercely as she remembered this stallion really liked her. She nuzzled him warmly, and spoke to him, “Does this mean you want me to be your...mare friend?” She whispered to him softly.

Lightning laughed softly , "You really have to ask? I thought it would be obvious by now." He kissed his mare friend.on her lips, hoping she would reciprocate in kind.

Zephyr felt Lightning Storm’s lips on hers as she blushed fiercely. The kiss was soft and inviting as she kissed him back. The kiss that she shared with Lightning Storm was much like the one that they shared at the awards ceremony. Zephyr’s wings spread out in response to her body feeling the sensation of love. “That was...wonderful!” Zephyr said, feeling a bit breathless. She smiled at Lightning Storm, “What do you want to do, now that you have me back?” Zephyr’s turquoise eyes shone like a light, looking directly at Lightning Storm for his response.

"To be honest I'm not sure, but whatever we're going to do, I know that I have you with me." Lightning smiled and kissed his mare friend again. His wings shot out from their warmth.

Zephyr embraced Lightning Storm this time. attempting to stand on her hind legs, wrapping her front legs around Lightning’s neck, and being kissed again. This kiss felt more passionate than the last one, and the light grey Pegasus felt safe in the company of her stallion. She continued to hold the embrace as long as she could. “I really missed your company.” She said, continuing to kiss Lightning as she lowered herself to all fours and spreading her wings.

Chapter Thirteen: Blazing Trails

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A Gentle Breeze of Change

Chapter Thirteen: Blazing Trails

Early morning rays of sunlight pierced through the forest canopy, casting pools of light through the leaves and upon the forest floor. The occasional chirp of birds, chattering squirrels, and rustling of leaves in the breeze were the only sounds to interrupt the serene silence of the peaceful forest. The peaceful silence came to a gradual end, however, as a low growling could be heard in the distance. The growl soon intensified in volume and was accompanied by the sounds of displaced dirt and rustling foliage. The growl then peaked to a roar as a Land Rover Defender 90 cleared through the overgrown bushes and splashed through small rain puddles. The Defender’s all terrain tires kicked up copious amounts of mud onto the dark blue body.

Inside the Defender, David Marshall wore a large grin on his face as he wrestled with the steering wheel. The engine’s dull roar was muffled by the loud rock music emanating from the custom Kenwood radio in the center console. After navigating a turn, David upshifted into fifth gear and floored the accelerator eliciting a scream from the TD5’s turbo. David couldn’t help but to sing along with the song’s chorus as it sounded out from the main speakers.

“Oh and I burn”
“Fuel is pumping engines”
“Burning hard, loose, and clean”

“And I burn”
“Turning my direction”
“Quench my thirst with gasoline!”

David became momentarily distracted as he adjusted the volume. Satisfied with his decibel alteration, he looked back up at the forest ahead of him. What he saw next, however was a barricade in the form of a medium sized creature. David had barely a moment to react. David slammed on the brakes and turned the wheel hard to avoid colliding with the creature. The Defender’s ABS activated, allowing the vehicle to turn on the slippery mud that made up most of the forest floor. The quick maneuver narrowly avoided the impending animal-to-truck collision, but a tree quickly filled in David’s forward vision.

Wrenching metal and shattering glass became the dominant sounds of the forest. Once the Defender came to a rest, all was quiet. The TD5 engine died upon impact and the battery cables were ripped from the battery terminals, thus cutting the music inside the vehicle.

David sat up off of the now bent steering wheel. He felt a warm liquid pour from his broken nose down his chin and neck. Shattered glass lay all over the interior and cowl.

David diverted his attention from his face to the creature outside his window. What he saw baffled him to say the least. A four legged creature stood outside feeding on a tall stalk of wild flowers. It had reddish dark fur and a faded white mane and tail. Large black hooves protruded out from unshorn fetlocks. The first animal that came to David’s clouded mind was an equine-type of creature, but having cartoonish qualities. The most puzzling feature about the creature was a picture of some sort on its flank. The picture, from what David’s fluctuating vision could see, was a wagon of some sort with a hammer and wrench sitting inside it. The creature lazily turned its head and looked upon the wrecked Land Rover.

After a few silent moments of observation, the creature turned and disappeared into the forest. David watched as the animal trotted off just before losing consciousness and slumping forward onto the bent steering wheel.


David awoke with a start. His vision was still blurred, but this time it felt more real. Rubbing the rheum from his eyes, David began to take in his dark surroundings. Bed sheets lay at his knees while the comforter lay at his feet. All was silent save for an oscillating fan in the corner of the room and the steady breathing of David’s wife next to him. After taking this all in David began to relax. The digital clock on his nightstand indicated 7:28 in the morning. The alarm was set to go off any minute now. David decided to get up out of bed to beat the alarm. As he left the bed, his sudden shift caused his wife to stir. She turned over to him and breathed tiredly.

“Morning hun. What time is it?”

“It’s about seven thirty, babe,” he responded quietly while shutting of the potentially annoying alarm clock.

“Already?” she said as she sat up.

“Unfortunately,” David deadpanned. He then started walking over to the door to use the bathroom when he stubbed his toe on an unseen object on the floor.

“Oww! Hey, Evelyn, remind me to get some NVD’s,” David said while gripping his foot in one hand and propping himself on the wall with the other.

“Or we could just open these,” Evelyn suggested as she stood up and opened the bedroom curtains. The sudden invasion of intense light on David’s eyes caused him to cry out and shield them with his leaning hand. This in turn caused him to lose his balance and fall gracelessly to the floor next to the object responsible for stubbing his toe.

David saw the cause of his aching toe.

“Stupid bowling ball.”

Grunting, David stood up to see Evelyn stepping into a pair of black sweatpants and donning a gray tank top.

“Hey, honey where did we even get that darn thing?”

“You don’t remember?” his wife said through the tank top.

“No,” he stated.

“Well that’s a shame because neither do-” Evelyn froze as her head crested the tank top and she got a good look at her husband in the morning light filtering in through the bedroom window. A look of mixed confusion and uncertainty was featured upon her face. David looked up from the offensive bowling ball to see his wife staring at his legs.

“What, like what you see?” he said smugly. Evelyn simply lifted her arm and extended her index finger in the direction of his midsection. David’s smug look slowly melted from his face as he saw the sincerity in his wife’s facial expression. Looking down at his hip, he noticed something on his skin peeking out above the waistband of his boxer shorts.

“What the heck?” he said to himself as he pulled back the elastic of his boxers revealing a tattoo of some sort on his hip.

“When did you get that?” his wife asked “did you get hammered last night, and your so called ‘friends’ hooked you up with that tat?”

“No, I just got buzzed,” David sat down at the foot of the bed next to Evelyn to recall the drink fest him and his friends did the night of his twenty fifth birthday, “ I remember most of last night, and it didn’t include this,” he said, pointing at the mark on his hip.

Looking at it again, David noticed how familiar it was. In fact it resembled the mark on the creature’s flank in his dream to a tee. This revelation was very unsettling.

“Oh hamburgers...”


David explained to Evelyn about the dream he had and about how the creature in his dream sported the same mark on its flank as David had on his hip.
“It’s a coincidence, I swear,” David finished his story. Evelyn looked hesitant to respond. She finally opened her mouth to begin a response.

“A very strange, and somewhat creepy coincidence,” she slowly replied. Evelyn stood up and made her way to the bedroom door. David quickly followed suit.

“I know it seems far fetched,” he said as he gently placed his hand on her shoulder just as she reached the door, “but you believe, don’t you?” he finished with a hint of unease in his voice.

“I do want to believe you,” Evelyn responded over her shoulder. She then turned and faced him, “just be more careful around those neanderthal friends of yours, okay?” she finished with a sad smile.

“Yes ma’am,” David responded whilst smartly popping a salute. At this, Evelyn chuckled and embraced him.

“Alright,” Evelyn said as she broke the embrace, “I’ll go get breakfast ready. Shower up and meet me downstairs, okay?”

“Proceeding ma’am!” David said fairly loudly as he bounded off to the bathroom, earning another small laugh from Evelyn.


After breakfast consisting of a bowl of Wheaties, David fired up his Land Rover and began the quick ten minute drive to work. Morning rain had wetted Airdrie’s roads leaving windshield wipers on and vehicle speeds low. David turned into the driveway of the local Pep Boys auto shop, coming to a stop in an “employees only” parking space. Exiting his Defender, David entered the management office and clocked in. He greeted his boss, Mr Hardee and made his way to the locker room to change into his coveralls.

As he approached the door to the locker room, David could hear the familiar banter between his two friends Shawn, and Eric. Upon entering the room the conversation halted as the two looked up at David.

“Sup guys?” David casually asked.

Eric jumped up and approached the locker room’s light switch.

“Hello, David Marshall, and welcome to being one year closer to death!” They both said to David in a pale monotone while Eric rapidly flicked the fluorescent lights in the room on and off.

David had to admit it. The monotone voice they both uttered with the flicking lights did cast a morbid setting, but the manic grins on his friends’ faces absolutely killed it, resulting in David simply looking down shaking his head whilst chuckling.

“You guys suck, you know that,”

“Why thank you David, I accept your compliment,” Eric said as he stepped away from the light switch.

“So Dave, how’s it feel to be 25?” Shawn asked from the locker room’s wood bench.

“I don’t feel any different if that’s what you’re asking.”


The day progressed like any other day on the job. Around lunch time, David asked his friends about the night before that he might not have remembered. Shawn and Eric both claimed that they all had a few drinks, got buzzed from said drinks, and relied on their friend and D.D. Phil to get them home. David was dropped off first and the rest was history. David was puzzled at this, but didn’t pursue it any further.

Closing time arrived and all began preparations to go home. Cleanup finished and tools put away, the three dropped their coveralls and headed out of the shop. Eric and Shawn followed David out to his Defender. The two caught up to him before he fully entered his truck.

“So,” Eric started, “how did your little date with Denise go?”

“Yeah,” Shawn added, “was she everything you expected?”

David nervously looked around, “Guys, keep it down. That is supposed to stay on the D.L. Evelyn would leave me if she ever found out. This conversation doesn’t leave this spot, got it?”

“Ooohhh someone’s in trouble,” they both jokingly said to David before pausing and laughing like hyenas. After their laughter subsided, Eric then continued the conversation toward the desired subject.

“Okay seriously though, how does she perform?”

“Like a dream,” David responded. He then gestured toward the Defender. “After adjusting the timing a bit and putting the new clutch in she has had no problems.”

“Well that’s good to hear,” Shawn said, “hey man we gotta be heading out, we’ll see you tomorrow, okay?”
“Yep no problem,” David called as the other two headed to their cars.


The rest of the night carried on with little incident. David conversed with Evelyn about the events of the day including his fruitless results with an answer as to how he got the tattoo on his hips. The two then watched a movie and prepared for bed. David switched the alarm clock on to wake him the next morning. He noted the date that displayed above the actual time of day on the clock. It displayed a Thursday in May of 2015.

At least tomorrow’s Friday. He thought to himself.

He bid goodnight to Evelyn before shutting off the light and allowing the embrace of sleep to take ahold of him.


“Well that should do it, Big Mac,” Axel said. “ Just don’t forget to oil the bearings every once in awhile and you shouldn’t have this problem come up again.”

“Thank ya kindly,, Axel,” Big Mac responded. “Have ya ever considered openin’ up a shop to fix wagons? I have a feelin’ ya could make some good money offa fixen’ up busted carts n’ all.”

“Funny you should mention that, Mac. I actually went and purchased that old barn property on the other side of Ponyville and plan on fixing it up and opening a shop to do just what you suggested.”

Axel then went into detail with Big Mac as to how he would set up shop fixing wagons and carts for fair prices. He also explained his close friends would get special discounts. Big Mac grinned at this. Big Mac knew Axel ever since he first moved to Ponyville.


David awoke to the Elgin digital clock’s alarm tolling off next to him. He reached for it and shut the alarm off. He stood up and noticed the room was dimly lit from a crease of sunlight peeking through the curtains. Evelyn wasn’t in the bed, leaving David to believe she had awoken early and had already prepared for work.

He thought about the dream that he oddly remembered so vividly. Usually one doesn’t remember dreams the way he was remembering this one. The dream was a first person perspective of him fixing a wagon for an equine creature by the name of Big Macintosh. This was starting to get really weird to David.

Walking out of the bedroom, David slowly walked over to the bathroom. Entering, he turned on the light and gazed into the mirror. What he saw made him reel back and cry out in horror. Staring back at him was a reflection he did not recognize. His normally black hair was replaced with a faded white color. Also his blue eyes were seemed to have changed to a dark brown.

Evelyn ran to the door to see what had frightened her husband. When she saw his face, her facial expression matched his.

“Wha-wha-what did you do to your hair!?” she shouted.

“I don’t know!”

After things calmed down, Evelyn suggested to call in sick so that he could go to the doctor. He obliged to her advice and later they were both in her Kia on their way to see his doctor.

“Well everything seems fine.”

“How is that possible? My hair and eyes changed color overnight, doc. Surely there’s something wrong with me.”

“I wish I could give you an explanation on your nocturnal body changes, David. But I’m just as confused as you are. All I can confirm is that you aren’t sick.”

“Are you completely sure there’s nothing wrong with him? Nothing at all?”

The doctor looked at David’s medical records on a clipboard he was holding.

“His blood sample turned up negative. Heart rate is fine. Blood pressure is normal. Body temperature is thirty seven. Medical school taught me that that’s healthy.”

The two thanked the doctor for what help he could give and left the clinic. The couple arrived home and spent the rest of the day watching movies and playing games on their PS4. At the day’s end they lay in bed reading. Evelyn read the latest issue of Reader’s Digest while David contented himself with Petersen’s 4Wheel and Off Road.

Evelyn broke the awkward silence.

“Honey, what do you suggest we do about this?”

“Hmm,” David looked up from his magazine. “I don’t know, babe. The only guy we could turn to can’t even help us. I’ll get some hair dye tomorrow after work and hope things don’t get worse.”

“Can’t say that’s the best solution. But I suppose that will have to do for now.”

With that, they both set their magazines down and turn off the lights and try their best to fall asleep despite that day’s excitement.


Axel replaced the tailgate on the cart that was in the center of his shop. It came in with rusty hinges and the latch on the tailgate was missing. It now sported new hinges and a new lockable latch on the backside of the tailgate.

With his final project finished for the day, he began to clean up the tools around the shop. He paused when he heard a knock on the barn doors. Axel trotted over to the doors and opened them, letting in some of the spring rain that was pelting the area. The thing that got his attention however was a bedraggled earth pony mare standing there shivering with a cart attached to her.

She had pink fur and a blond mane and tail and three lilies for a cutie mark. The rain had thoroughly soaked through her fur, causing her violent shivering. Her blond mane and tail hung limply off of her as rain water dripped off the ends.

“E-e-e-excuse me sir, but are you s-s-s-still open for b-b-b-business?”

“Firstly, let’s get you inside and out of this downpour,” Axel said as he detached her from her cart, and ushered her inside.

After drying her off with a towel and warming some tea for her, Axel asked her what brought her out to his shop during the raging storm outside.

“I was on my way back home when one of the wheels of my flower cart broke a spoke. I hope you can fix it. It wouldn’t be too much to ask of you would it? I-I-I can pay you.”

“Alright, let’s see what’s wrong with it. I’ll just go out and bring it in.”

Axel opened the both doors to make room for the half loaded cart. Pots full of beautiful lilies adorned the small display area of the cart. As he pulled the cart in it had a little hobble to it. After closing the doors, Axel inspected the wheel that had the broken spoke. Sure enough, one of the spokes were broken in half. Splinters jutted out in all directions from the broken ends of the spoke.

“Did you hit a bump or something? Usually the spoke would only crack and bend a little. This looks like the wheel took a hard impact.”
Lily blushed and brought a hoof up to rub the back of her head. Her sheepish smile also indicated that Axel’s guess was not inaccurate.

“Ah hehehe, I-well you see the rain started coming down and I wanted to get home a little quicker-”

“So you galloped and struck a rut or pothole,” Axel finished for her.

“Yes,” she said while staring down at her hooves.

“Don’t feel bad. It happens to the best of us. This is an easy fix. I can get this done for you by tomorrow morning. Just stop by on your way to Ponyville and I’ll have it ready for you.”

Lily’s sad expression changed to that of delight almost instantly.

“You can!? Oh thank you so much!”

Lily rushed over and squeezed Axel in a tight embrace. Lily suddenly realized what she was doing and quickly released him. A furious blush grew upon her pink face.

“Sorry. So, uh tomorrow morning then?”

“Yes,” Axel said as he recovered from Lily’s rib crushing hug. “Oh, before you go, can I get your name? You know, for the paperwork?”

“Lily. Lily Valley,” she said as she exited the barn into the calming storm.


Saturday morning greeted David with silence. He didn’t work the weekends, so he shut the alarm off after Friday. David’s eyes fluttered open and he began to recall last night’s dream with vivid detail. The storm, the wagon, and the mare all seemed so real. It was like he lived it once before. David was beginning to get tired of reliving some cartoonish looking pony’s life while he slept.

Seeing the clock displaying nine o'clock in the morning, David sat up, turned on the lamp, and stretched his arms. As he stretched, he began to feel something funny under his backside. Wondering what it was, he stood up. David looked upon the bed and saw nothing, however something began to brush against the backside of his legs. Craning his neck around he looked in the mirror mounted on the wall. His reflection once again had a nasty surprise for him.


Dangling from his lower back was a long tail that matched the color of the hair on his head. His bodily hair that covered his legs, chest, and arms also changed color from black to a medium dark reddish color. This was really starting to freak David out. His thoughts drifted over to the possibilities of further changes, thus triggering feelings of frustration, fear, and depression.

Evelyn was out shopping, so David had the house to himself for the time being. He wasn’t ready to walk around with such drastic changes happening to him being visible, so he grabbed a large blanket and wrapped it around him. After eating a bowl of cereal, he sulkily trudged over to the living room couch. Sitting down in it he turned on the T.V. to see what was on. Picking up the remote he turned the T.V. on and began cycling through the channels. Only a few stations aired anything interesting.

Later, Evelyn arrived home to see her husband wrapped in a blanket, giving him the appearance of Merlin the wizard from The Sword in the Stone, only he was missing the hat. She noticed his expression on his face and decided to go see if she could cheer him up.

“Hey there, sunshine. What’s got you down in the dumps? Were you able to go get that hair dye?”

David said nothing. He simply stood up, turned around and allowed the blanket to drop to the floor. The sight before Evelyn left her speechless. David’s body hair was now a reddish color and he was sporting a white tail that poked out between his black tee shirt and basketball shorts. The tail flicked from side to side a few times, confirming its authenticity.

“This isn’t just some sickness, honey,” he said curtly. “This is a freaking genetic mutation or something! When someone’s sick, their hair and eyes don't change color and they d- I am going to cut this darn thing off if it doesn’t stop wagging.”

“Have you tried tucking it in your pants or something?”

“Yes, but that began to hurt. So I let it hang out.”

The tail ceased its side motions and remained still.

After some discussion on their next action in response to his condition, Evelyn began to cook dinner. Spaghetti and meatballs was what seemed to be on both their minds, after all, it was David’s favorite. David set the table while Evelyn cooked the noodles. After preparations were complete, they both sat down to eat. David picked up his fork and stabbed one of the meatballs and took a bite. Upon first biting the meatball, he was assaulted with a horrible taste akin to that of a mix of garbage and something else he wasn’t sure he wanted to think of.

“Ugh! Blech!”

Evelyn looked up from her meal with a worried expression on her face. David spitting out his favorite meal? This wasn’t good at all.

“Honey, are you okay?”

“Ack, that was horrible! What was the expiration date on the meat?”

“Not for another two months.”

“Regardless, this meat tastes like crap.”

Evelyn bit into one of her meatballs.

“Tastes fine to me.”

David had no response and therefore resigned himself to simply eat the noodles. This worried Evelyn. It wasn’t like him to just spit out his favorite meal. Evelyn feared that whatever was going on with his body was probably going to get worse. And there was nothing she, or anybody else could do about it. David already mentioned earlier he had no desire to go to the hospital. He surmised they would keep him there and run innumerable amounts of tests on him. The last place he wanted to be during all these changes was somewhere as unfamiliar as a hospital. If these changes were to end up killing him, he would rather pass in the comfort of his own home.

Later that night, while laying in bed, David couldn’t help but think about all the possible outcomes of the rapidly progressing changes. How would his family react? His friends would no doubt be scared off. His boss, well at this point David wasn’t even sure if he was going to have his job anymore simply based on his appearance. It would be unprofessional to have an employee that looked like some freakish anime character. Despite all these worries, David still fell asleep a few minutes later.


Axel trotted into Ponyville with a new wagon rolling noisily behind him. He just finished building the wagon the day before and now he was on his way to deliver it to his client. Axel came to a stop in front of a store with a sign that read “Quills and Sofas”.

Axel unhitched himself from the large wagon and entered the store to see Mr. Davenport.

“Ah! just the stallion I wanted to see. I have your wagon you ordered built to specifications.”

Axel led Davenport outside and showed him his new wagon. After some small talk about its future use, Davenport thanked Axel for his work and gave him his payment. Axel thanked Davenport and bid him goodbye.

With no other orders to fill, Axel casually trotted through Ponyville. He passed by several notable landmarks on his journey through town. He could smell some delicious pastries being cooked at Sugarcube Corner even before the store came in sight. The mayor’s office came into view and Axel noticed three little fillies selling lemonade nearby. Axel took a moment to enjoy the rare tranquility that graced the town on that particularly sunny day.

Axel’s final destination came into view. Lily Valley was closing up her flower cart for the day when she noticed him approaching. She smiled and waved a hoof at him.

“Hi, Axel! How are you doing today?” she asked him cheerfully.

“Oh, you know same old, same old. I just finished my last bit of work and figured since I was in the area I would stop by.”

“Well your timing couldn’t have been better. I was just closing up shop and heading home myself.”

“Mind if I walk you home?”

“Oh, look at you. Aren’t you just the gentle stallion,” Lily said jokingly.

The two began slowly trotting towards Lily’s house engaging in light conversation and greeting any passerby that waved hello. Arriving at her house, Lily unlocked the door and invited Axel in for some dinner. Axel remembered that Lily was sharing the house with two other mares and inquired about them.

“Oh, Daisy is visiting her family in Mustangia and Roseluck is on vacation in Fillydelphia.”

“Well that explains the peaceful silence.”

Lily grabbed the kitchen towel and playfully swatted him on the flank.

“Oh you, they aren’t that bad.”

“I’m just kidding, you know that.”

“I know. I just felt like towel whipping you.”

The two shared a hearty laugh before sitting down to a baked hay casserole with clover salad.
After dinner, Axel assisted Lily in cleaning up the table and washing the dishes. With the final dish put in the drying rack, the two sat in the living room and chatted about the latest happenings in town. At one point, the conversation came to a lull and the couple just sat there looking at each other for a moment.

“Hey Lily, your mane looks really good today. Did you do anything to it?”

“Oh! you noticed? Yes, I had it permed today. What do you think?”

“Hmm, it looks good, but it seems to be missing something.”

“Oh really? What would that be?”

After looking around, Axel stood up and trotted over to an end table that sat in the corner of the room. He gestured for Lily to come over to where he was at. Lily was confused as to what he was doing at first, but she went along with it, her curiosity pressing her onward. When she was close enough, Axel turned toward the small end table. He pulled a lily flower out of a small blue vase that sat on the table. Turning around, he bit a portion of the stem off and gingerly placed the flower between Lily’s mane and left ear.

“There, now it’s perfect.”

Lily looked in the mirror mounted above the end table.

“Oh, Axel,” she smiled appreciatively at him. “Thank you, so much.”

The two looked at each other wistfully before engaging in a passionate kiss.



David awoke with a start and fell out of bed with a painful thump.

“Ooohhhhh, that hurt. Gonna feel that one later.”

“David, what happened?” Evelyn sleepily said from her side of the bed. She turned over and switched the lamp on to see what had happened.

Still recovering from the fall out of bed, David felt that the fall was a little farther than what he thought it would be. As his senses returned he began to look up to see his wife leaning over the bed with a bewildered look.

“Uh, hey honey. What’s up?”



Evelyn jumped over to the other side of the bed and pulled an aluminum baseball bat out from underneath. She approached David brandishing the bat above her head.

“Evelyn what are you doing!? WAIT!”

David braced himself for the attack, but it never came. David dared to peek out from behind his arm. He looked up to see Evelyn drop the bat onto the floor while wearing a conflicted expression on her face.


“Yeah, who else.”

“But, how?”

“Evelyn, what are you talking about?”

Evelyn finally moved over to the dresser and grabbed one of her mirrors that sat there and set it in front of David. David looked into the mirror and reeled back at what he saw. The pony that existed in his dreams was now staring back at him in the small vanity mirror. Countless thoughts ran through his brain as he sat there staring at his new form in the mirror. His mind struggled to mentally answer the torrent of questions before simply giving up.

“This is just too much.”


David called his boss to let him know he wouldn’t be able to show up to work on Monday. Mr. Hardee was a little concerned at this, thus he asked if he could stop by later to see what was bothering David. David had no choice to agree to this as there was no delaying the inevitable. After all, David’s parents raised him under “honesty being the best policy”. He still dreaded his boss’s visit.

“Well that’s just great.” David said dejectedly.

By now, Evelyn wasn’t as put off to see a talking equine in her house, so she opted to comfort her husband turned pony.
Later, Mr. Hardee arrived and asked to see David, who was hesitant to show himself. David finally had no choice but to reveal his new body to his boss and therefore emerged into the living room. Mr. Hardee’s reaction was expected, so Evelyn tried to explain things as best she could while David sat in the center of the room feeling like a germ under a microscope. David mentally prepared himself for the worst.

When Mr. Hardee finally regained his composure, he cleared his throat and began to speak.

“Well it seems that we do have a bit of a problem on our hands, don’t we Mr. Marshall.”

Really now? What gave it away?

“While I know this isn’t your fault, Mr. Marshall, I simply can’t have a pony type creature punching in at my shop. It’s nothing against you, David, but I’m afraid if there’s nothing you can do, then there is nothing that I can do.”

Oh wow, you missed the “it’s nothing personal” line there, Steve.

“I’m really sorry, David. I’ll tell you what. I will give you three weeks vacation so you can see if there is a way for you to return to normal. If you can’t by then, I am going to have to let you go.”

“Yeah, I kinda saw that coming.”

“I’ll drop by in three weeks to see if you have fared any better.”


Three weeks came and went with no miraculous change in David’s favor. Mr. Hardee was regrettably forced to fire him, but he did give David and extra bonus in his last paycheck to show his appreciation for all of his hard work. A few days later, David’s friends stopped by to see if he was alright. He did the same thing with them as he did with his ex-boss. The results were not too different. They offered their sincerest condolences and said that they would “be around”. Yeah, they weren’t coming back. David felt deeply hurt that his own friends turned their backs on him. Some friends they turned out to be.


Without a job, David tried entertaining himself at home while his wife went off to work. It was hard trying to keep his mind off his new form and the new challenges that accompanied it. Many times he would try to use his hooves to grasp things. This helped to an extent. His tail often got in the way of things when he tried to work on his Defender out in the garage. He was also too short to reach any thing higher than a meter, thus having to rely on Evelyn to either get whatever it was that he needed or lift him up. He didn’t shed like a dog, so hair displacement wasn’t a problem, but brushing the tangles out was. He would try to shower himself, but many times his hooves would cause him to slip and fall. Sleeping in the bed became awkward also. Everytime Evelyn rolled over she bumped into a furry body she wasn’t accustomed to yet. To avoid any conflict, David resigned to sleep on the couch.


David continued having dreams of Axel’s life events. Everything from what grades he got in school to how well his wagon construction and repair business prospered, David saw it all. Some dreams he enjoyed, some he wished to never witness again. They all had variety and never seemed forgettable. David hoped he wouldn’t lose his own memories. He had lost his humanity already. He didn’t like the thought of losing his memories of his own life. Fortunately his human memories remained intact.


A few months went by and still no change in David’s favor. David began to lose hope of ever reverting back to his human form. The mood in the house began to worsen as disagreements arose between the married couple. Both of them tried to work things out, make it better, but any efforts to mend their now broken relationship ended in disaster. One fight ended in David getting kicked in the side when he bucked the wall in frustration. David and Evelyn gradually fell away from each other despite any attempt at retribution. It was as if the spark in their relationship had been suddenly and violently extinguished.

After a week of near sleepless nights on the couch, David noticed that Evelyn grew even more distant. Dinner became a silent dining event and she rarely watched any movies with him. Worrisome thoughts began to cloud David’s mind. His suspicions proved true when Evelyn came into the house one day with a small stack of papers. She never brought work home, so that narrowed down the list to one of a few things. Setting them down in front of him, Evelyn took a seat across from her ponified husband.

Divorce paperwork sucks.


David sulkily set the last few items into the back compartment of the Defender. He closed the rear door and turned to go back to get a bottle of water for the trip when he nearly bumped into Evelyn. The awkward silence was drawn out until she cleared her throat and attempted a sincere goodbye.

“I’m sorry it had to end like this, David.”

“Whatever happened to ‘for better or for worse’ Evelyn?”

“I think this has gone far past worse. Don’t you think?”

What I think is that you’re just abandoning me.

“Where will you go?”

David noticed she had tried to change the subject. To avoid an argument, David decided to simply answer her question.

“I’m thinking my parents’ house. They’re the people I’m sure I can turn to.”

“Well, I hope you’re better off there. I’m really sorry.”

Save it. “I’m sure they’ll have room for me. I...guess I’ll see you around.”

“Yeah, see yah.”

David climbed into the driver’s seat of the Defender, adjusted the seat forward as far as it permitted, and started the engine. Just able to reach the clutch pedal, he shifted into first and drove out into the street. David glanced into the rear view mirror to see the quickly shrinking house vanish behind the others as he rounded a bend.


Driving carefully to avoid any unwanted attention, David slowly pulled into his parents’ driveway. Their silver Honda Odyssey sat in the open garage confirming that they were home. David brought the Land Rover to a stop and set the parking brake. Stepping out, he noticed that no one was outside. David lightly knocked on the front door with a hoof.

“Coming! Hold on,” a voice called from inside.

“Here goes nothing,” David said to himself.

The door opened and David was greeted with the face of his aging mother.

“Hello, how ar- well where did they go?”

David cleared his throat, “Down here.”

Mrs. Marshall looked down to where the voice came from.

“Hey mom, how’s it going?”


About forty five minutes of awkward later, David was slowly walking back to the Defender.

Well, that couldn't have gone any worse.

Unfortunately for David, his parents didn't fully accept that the pony asking for their help was in fact their son. Despite similarities in voices, and the possession of his Defender, they still had a hard time coming to grips with his new body.

David jumped back into the driver’s seat and backed out of their driveway. Several blocks down the road, David fully realized that he now had nowhere to go; no one to turn to. This revelation prompted him to stop at the side of the rural road. Getting out he found the nearest tree and proceeded to buck the trunk as hard as he could. Tears of rage, frustration, betrayal, and hopelessness rolled down his cheeks as he pounded all his negative feelings into the tree. Ten minutes later, his body strength began to ebb. David felt himself calming down and his breathing began to stabilize.

Climbing back into the Land Rover, David wondered where he would head to now. The road winded through the countryside out of the city limits. Looking into the forest, David finally came to a decision. Starting the engine once again, he shifted into first, turned to the right and plowed through the underbrush into the woods.

This wasn’t one of his normal trails he wheeled on. This was unmarked territory. Bumps were bigger and tree branches hung lower. The mud caked onto the tires and undercarriage. David wasn’t sure how far he had driven until he checked the small radio clock. Apparently he had been driving for an hour and a half. This did nothing to dissuade him and he pressed on.

Forty five minutes later, the Defender finally let him know that he was low on fuel. Slamming on the brakes, David assessed the situation. He could stay here and live off the land or try to find help. Thinking what someone might react to him, he settled with the first option.


Months passed; Summer went and Autumn arrived. David had gathered supplies and food for the winter. Using some of his knives, he crafted a small, crude cart out of the trees nearby. He used the cart to carry more wood and food. David mentally thanked this Axel guy for his abilities that he bestowed on him.


Winter came and David was barely prepared for the freezing gales that passed over the woods. With no fuel left for heating, David relied on a thick blanket that he put in the back. Some mornings the windows would be frosted over with beautiful patterns. The cold didn’t seem to bother David that much, so he chalked it up there with the newfound abilities this body had to offer.


Spring arrived and the snow began to melt along with the pouring rain that came before the heat of the summer. One night when David was resting, he heard a thump and a crack. Looking up he noticed one of the curved windows had been cracked from a fallen branch. Minutes later the rain found its way in through the crack and onto David’s muzzle. David located a small bucket and placed it under the spot where the dripping water would land.


Summer returned with the sunny days and heat waves, prompting David to go swim in the small river nearby. After swimming in the river for a few hours, David felt cool and refreshed. He exited the flowing water and lay upon a rock to allow himself to dry out. Once he was sure his fur, mane and tail were dry, he trotted back to his Defender.


About four years had passed with David doing the same thing as he did every season. With no outside contact, he contented himself without the company of others by simply talking to himself or Denise. This reminded him of the movie Castaway with Tom Hanks where he would talk to Wilson the volleyball. David figured as long as Denise never responded he knew he was not losing his mind.

Four years of solitude also took an effect on his body. His mane and tail grew out in an unkempt manner as David had no knowledge of proper pony grooming. David recalled one of Axel’s memories when Rarity invited him to a spa. Maybe he could find this Rarity again sometime. Shrugging, he continued what he was doing.

One sunny day, David decided to take the cart and gather some of the wild fruits that grew in the area. Since the good tasting ones were farther away, he closed up his Defender and hitched himself to the cart. Trotting off he made a note of which direction he took so he could get back quicker.


The leaves rustled in the calm summer breeze. Sunlight poured in through the trees onto the forest floor. Birds chirped on tree branches while squirrels chattered as they gathered acorns. The scene defined nature at its most calm and tranquil time. The only thing that seemed to conflict with this peaceful scene was an old Land Rover Defender sitting quietly, attempting to blend in with the forest foliage.

The Land Rover’s attempt at a peaceful coexistence with nature was momentarily interrupted by a sound of fluttering wings and a sound of alighting hooves on the forest floor.

“See Autumn, I told you there was something down here.” A light grey Pegasus mare with a light blue-green mane and tail pointed a hoof towards the disabled vehicle. “What sort of carriage is this?”

The orange Pegasus beside her examined the wreckage of the carriage. “It appears to be some sort of horseless vehicle of some sort, sister.” Autumn Breeze responded to her sister.

Summer looked around for whoever this carriage belonged to. Perhaps whoever owned the vehicle was lost or injured. She thought to herself. The grey Pegasi went up to the vehicle and peered into the window, hoping to see who or what was inside.

“Hello? Any pony home?” Summer said, tapping a hoof on the car window, hoping for a response.

“Summer, I don’t think any pony lives in it. I mean look, it doesn't look like a house.” Autumn remarked, pointing a hoof towards the vehicle in question. The orange maned Pegasus seemed concerned that the owner had either abandoned the vehicle or would soon return.

“True, but let’s check the inside real quick.” Summer continued to examine the vehicle, hoping to find the owner’s registration or some form of sign some pony was in this area.

Inside the Land Rover, Summer and Autumn would see that some pony or someone had been using this vehicle as a shelter. The back of the vehicle served as a bedroom, complete with a blanket and some personal effects, as well as some food wrappers and containers.

Summer looked around the inside for any more possible clues when she heard a twig snapping sound nearby.


David was headed back to his Defender deep in thought. He was preoccupied with plans for the winter and where he would store the next food gatherings. He trotted near the spot where his truck resided when he began to hear voices
David stopped and listened to the voices, thinking it was his imagination, or the wind. However when he slowed his breathing and perked an ear, the voices became clearer. They sounded high pitched, like that of a female.

With his curiosity peaked, David unhitched his cart and crept through the tall weeds. David didn’t know what to expect, so he kept low and quiet. Creeping closer to his truck, the he surmised that the voices were definitely female. They were speaking of the interior of his Defender and were wondering where the occupant of the vehicle was at.

Creeping ever closer, David finally got a good look at the two females. At first he thought he was seeing things, but after rubbing his eyes, he had no doubt that the two females were in fact two creatures that he believed to only exist in Greek mythology. Two pegasi stood near his truck clearly speaking in English and were gesturing at his truck.

David didn’t know what to do. The first thing that came to mind was to back away slowly. He did just that. Too bad a small twig gave away his position. Busted.

The snapping of a twig alerted Summer and her sister that they were not alone. “We need to hide. Quickly, Autumn, to the air!” Summer flapped her wings and ascended into the air.

Autumn flapped her brownish-red wings and took flight, alighting on a sturdy branch in a nearby tree. Her sister also found herself occupying a different branch, staying still, hoping whatever startled them would not look up.

David saw the two pegasi fly off quickly. He couldn’t trace their direction and thought that they were gone for good. Reattaching his cart after locating it, he headed back toward his Defender. As he approached his truck, he looked around to see if the two pegasi were lingering somewhere. Upon looking up at a tree he noticed one of the creatures sitting atop a branch looking fearfully down at him.

“Hey,” he said stoically. He noticed her reaction change from fear to curiosity.

“Uh, hi,” the gray one said down to him, waving a hoof to him. “Is that your vehicle? My sister and I were in the area, and we wondered what happened. Oh, I’m Summer Breeze, and this is my sister, Autumn.”

Autumn waved a hoof to the Earth pony. “Pleased to meet you! Can you tell us your name?” The brownish-red Pegasus with the orange mane and blue eyes asked politely.

“Hey, there. Name’s David. But, you can call me Axel, if you would like. It’s not really my name, but it is a catchy nickname if I do say so. Yeah, that is my truck. I drove it here about five years ago and decided to call this little spot home.”

David unhitched himself from his cart beside the Land Rover.

Summer and Autumn flew down off their branch perch and hovered down, their hooves touching the ground at the same time. “Are you alone all by yourself, David, er Axel?” Summer spoke up first.

“Yep, just me, Denise, and the great outdoors,” David said breathing in deeply. “I haven’t ventured very far from here for awhile. Are you two from town?”

Autumn shook her head and spoke up, “I was looking for my sister when I found her in a city called “Calgary”. We saved a little filly from falling off a cloud and built a home for us in the sky.”

Summer nods and adds to her sister’s story, “You see. Autumn and I share a special bond, being twins and all. However, I represent Summer, and she.” Summer points to her sister, “is more of a fall pony. You can clearly see this best represented by our Cutie Marks.” The twins turned to show Axel their Cutie Marks.

Summer’s Cutie Mark on her flanks were a light blue grey color, and depicted the gentle west wind. Autumn Breeze’s Cutie Mark on her flanks depicted a bare tree and a falling fall leaf Cutie Mark.

David told the two about his Cutie Mark and what it meant. He turned and showed them his. A wagon with a wrench and hammer adorned his flanks. His talent consisted of building and fixing wagons.

Summer nods, “Wow, that is a great story! Would you like to hear about how my sister and I earned our Cutie Marks?”

“Sure,” David responded. “I've got time.”

Summer nudged Autumn and smiled, “You go first. Tell him about that race you entered in the woods.”

Autumn was nudged and blushed, “Very well, sister.” She cleared her throat. “You have heard of the Annual Running of the Leaves Race, yes?”

David searched his memories for the event that Autumn mentioned. He briefly heard of such event. He also recounted the one unforgettable event when his friend’s sister entered as a competition between her and a rainbow maned Pegasus. “Yeah, I've heard of it. I've yet to attend one though. You know how work is sometimes.”

Summer nervously chuckled, “Yeah, my sisters and I used to be a part of the Weather Team and the Sky team back where we came from. You kinda look familiar....are you that wagon repair pony that had his own business in town?”

David recalled Axel’s shop. “Yeah that would be me. I had a knack for fixing broken wagons for anypony that needed some repairs done. Big Mac was my best customer. His apple carts would take a beating come Apple Bucking season.”

Autumn continued her story after the brief interruption, “Okay, well, the leaves in the race don’t really run; it’s the ponies who gallop through Whitetail Woods during the Running of the Leaves that cause the leaves to fall off. I won the year I earned my Cutie Mark. Fall is one of the best times of the year!” Autumn smiled as she reminisced about her experiences in Ponyville.

Summer nods, “Okay, now to my story. It involves the Summer Sun Celebration, the Princess of the Sun, and me bringing a gentle warm summer breeze to the event! Our parents were very happy for us. Even Princess Celestia, the Princess in the story, was very pleased. She even allowed us to have our cute-ceneras at the Royal Canterlot Gardens!” Summer remembered the day as a filly, where she first met Princess Celestia, asking for her help in providing her cue to raise the Sun for the Summer Sun Celebration. She also earned a nickname, Zephyr, which she later dropped in favor of her birth name.

“Those seem like really great experiences! If you don’t mind listening to my story, I could tell you two of how I got my Cutie Mark,” he asked the girls.

Summer shook her head, “If we told you our Cutie Mark stories, you should be willing to share. After all, we are now friends now.”

Friends. Wow, haven’t had any of those in a while. David thought to himself.

“Yeah, it really isn't super amazing, but a worthy story nonetheless. Before I lived in Ponyville, I lived near Trottingham with my dad. I had a friend there who had a small toy wagon he loved to play with. One day, it broke and he asked me if I could fix it. I agreed and looked at what was damaged. One of the wheels fell off, so I borrowed my dad’s tools and fixed the wheel with a hammer and nail. Easy fix, but it got me my mark.” David said.

Autumn nodded after hearing such a great story. “That was an amazing story, David...or Uhm, Axel? I really am confused as to what you are going to be calling yourself. You were once a human, right?” She asked the stallion.

Summer frowns, “You know about the humans disappearing and becoming ponies, right? The humans end up with a Cutie Mark and within a few days time, they end up as the pony that the Cutie Mark belongs to. Sometimes, human males become mares, from what I have heard.”

David cringed at hearing that. He was glad that at least he pulled through the transformation with his gender intact. He couldn't possibly think of how he would handle becoming a mare. Pushing the morbid feeling from his head he tried to recount of any stories of disappearances in his old hometown. “Hmmm, no I didn't hear of anything. My transformation happened about five years ago. Things went south, and so I've been out here since then.”

Summer and Autumn hover over and give Axel a hug. “It’s okay. You are now among friends. Autumn and I both changed within a week of getting our Cutie Marks. I did not know I even had a sister looking for me until I felt a strong tug at my heart when I first saw her.” She draped a hoof over her sister’s shoulder. We've stayed together ever since, working on getting her wings back in shape. We have two other sisters who have also went through the same thing. They are at our cloud house, waiting for us to return.”

Autumn nods, “Indeed. I also felt the loss for my sister, but we are together again! We are searching for a pair of necklaces that we lost. They are a complete set, and contain our Cutie Marks. I think they may have ended up in a place called a “Jewelry Store.”

David thought for a minute. He hadn't visited any jewelry stores or the like in a while. He dejectedly admitted to not having any knowledge of their necklaces’ whereabouts. He was willing, however, to help them find their necklaces. Perhaps a change in scenery was in order. The forest held only so much entertainment.

Summer then added, “If you help us find our necklaces, we can try to find a place that you can get your mane trimmed that caters to ponies. Not sure if it’s anything like what we had back in Ponyville and that day spa.”

“Sure,” He replied. “My tail has been dragging through the dirt, and I've tried to keep it outside when I go to sleep. My mane likes to obscure my forward vision from time to time.”

Summer flapped her wings, as did her sister, Autumn, “So, we go into town, find us a jewelry shop and then we treat this stallion to a day spa and something to eat.”

Autumn frowned, “But this is not Ponyville....or Equestria, sister. Do we have any bits for the jewelry shop or for his or our spa treatments, or the dinner?”

“Well,” he said as he opened the Defender’s door. “I don’t have much use for these anymore. Perhaps these could get us some cash,” he said as he held up a pair of gold wedding rings.

Summer nods, examining the rings, “I take it you were once married before you became a pony?” She then got an idea. “Why don’t you work with the jewelry shop and see if you can get cash for those. I hear some places take gold jewelry for cash these days. You can then figure out if you have enough money for the day spa and the dinner.”

Autumn added, “Just remember to make sure they eating places will have anything vegetarian and are within our budget. I don’t think our insurance will cover for equine maladies.”

“Yeah, no problem,” David said. “These should be able to fetch us at least a couple hundred bucks.” David paused. “Uhm, where did you plan on going to? I'm pretty sure we’re a far cry from any town.”

Summer and Autumn nodded to each other. “We can fly over and see where the nearest town is, if you want.”

Autumn nods and takes off to scout out the area. “Leave this to me.” She scans the area and returns back with good news, “I believe the nearest town is this way,” she points her hoof towards the town, which also included the beginning of a cloud Cloud house floating above it.

Summer nodded, “Yes, I can see our house from here; very nice!” She then turned to David/Axel. “We started construction on a cloud house for us Pegasi to live. Sadly, you may not be able to join us, unless we run into a unicorn who knows a walk on clouds spell or are a Pegasus.”

“Hmm, well I've been living in my truck for five years, I don’t think it would kill me to stay in it nearby your cloud house,” He said gesturing over to the Land Rover.

Zephyr nods at the vehicle. “Can you still get it to work so we can head out and take care of these errands?”

“It’s been out here for five years. I don’t think the old girl will even start. But good ol’ earth pony strength will keep her from rotting out here all alone. I can just hitch up to her and pull her anywhere you guys want to go.” David said proudly.

Autumn clapped her hooves as did Summer. This was a good day, indeed!

“That is wonderful!” Summer said, flying over to help David hitch up to his truck. “So you’ll pull us into town, and get us our jewelry, some spending money for dinner, and get this guy cleaned up.”

Autumn nodded, also helping David hitch up to the truck. “Well, I think we should get the money first, then our jewelry. Then we get David, or Axel, here cleaned up and trimmed. We could also need a little spa time as well.” Autumn suggested.

“Not a problem,” David said as he started pulling the Defender through the mud. As he pulled he thought to himself what had transpired. He had gone from living alone in the forest to meeting new friends welcoming him into their lives. This was a major turning point for him. He figured that now was a good time to start new. A thought crept into his mind and he couldn't help but carry out what was on his mind.

“Oh yeah, I suppose you could just call me Axel. Sounds a little easier to say, and I am kinda starting to like it.”

Summer and Autumn led the way in the air, making sure to keep their eyes upon the earth Pony pulling his truck “Okay, Mr. Axel!” Zephyr nodded, saluting the Earth pony formerly known as David.

Autumn smiled as Axel continued the journey into town with them. It almost felt like back in Ponyville, seeing Axel coming into town to do his grocery shopping or helping other ponies with broken wagons or delivering fully repaired wagons to clients. “Looks like we know who to ask for if our wagons need repaired or replaced.” Autumn said, looking at the stallion.

“Axel’s the name, fixin’ wagons is the game,” He said jokingly. Axel began feeling happy as he followed the two mares. He now had a place to stay and friends to make fantastic memories with. The Land Rover seemed to weigh next to nothing as Axel smiled as he trotted through the forest.

Summer reached the clearing first, followed by her sister. “Mr. Axel, this is the town we are staying in. I think you will find it has the places we need to visit within walking distance of each other.”

Autumn added, “You can leave your vehicle at our cloud home. We call it One Cloud Lane. It’s mobile, so, when we are to leave, we can take it with us.”

“That actually sounds pretty cool,” Axel said. “This I’ve gotta see.”

Summer and Autumn then showed Axel their new home. “Ta-Da!” The twin Pegasi said in unison. The cloud home was reminiscent of the Greek style of Cloudsdale, complete with the Corinthian columns adorning the front entrance. "This is One Cloud Lane, where we are staying with our sisters and some new Pegasi friends."

“It’s not fully finished yet. Just needs a little more work on the foundation. Otherwise, it is livable.” Autumn said, grabbing a cloud to patch a hole in the roof area.

“Hmm, impressive,” Axel said looking up at the cloud house. “I’ll just leave the Defender just over by one of the corners.”

Axel towed the Defender over to the house’s corner underneath the front door. After unhitching himself, he told of the various jewelry stores and pawn shops that buy jewelry. Those locations would be a good place to start.

Summer helped her sister patch up the errant holes on the roof of the cloud house, and then landed. “I think that will hold until we can gather more cloud materials for the rest of the house.”

Autumn felt bad for Axel giving up his wedding rings for their benefit, but they needed his help. The orange-maned Pegasus looked over at Axel and said, “If you are ready, we are. Let’s just hope the townsfolk are tolerant of a group of ponies walking around like we used to in Ponyville.”

“They shouldn't give us any problems. You've been around here lately, right? We might get a few stares, but nothing of too much concern.” Axel reassured the girls.

Summer nods, “Yeah, besides, I think the younger kids find us quite enjoyable. They’ll probably want to have toy figures of us. Hasbro owns the rights to My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, right?”

Axel thought about this for a moment. “I think I’ve heard of that show. Long time ago though. A friend of mine showed it to me. It seemed to be the most intelligent animated show of that day. Everything else was really stupid.”

The two mares and stallion began to make their way towards town, chatting and catching up for lost time. As their conversation continued, Axel mentioned one of the pawn shops was coming up on their right. He asked the two mares what their necklaces looked like in case he came across them in this store.

Summer nods, “Autumn and I were to give each other for our birthday a set of matching necklaces...our other two sisters, Spring and Winter, have the other necklaces that belong to the Seasonal Collection.” She began to say. She paused and allowed Autumn to continue the description.

Autumn finished the description of the missing necklaces, “The necklaces have our Cutie Marks etched into the center of them. Why do you think a pawn shop would have something from Equestria?”

“It was one of the first things that came to mind. If some girl isn't already wearing them, someone will undoubtedly try to make some quick cash off of them. Depending on how many karats are in your necklaces, they could make quite a bit of money to go toward paying bills, gas for their car, or something you probably wouldn't want to know about. Oh yeah, how did you lose them?” Axel asked.

Summer snorted, “Discord happened. He ruined the party at Sugar Cube Corner like an uninvited party crasher, partook in all the party games and located our presents. Then, he snapped his fingers/talons and poof, they were gone!” Summer exclaimed

“Wow, that’s horrible!”

Axel opened the front door of the pawn shop. A small bell above the door announced their entry.

“Hello, welcome to the Gilded Dra- uhhh who are you?” The clerk asked.

Summer landed and folded her wings to her side, as did her sister. “Good day to you. My name is Summer Breeze, and this is my sister, Autumn. We are looking for a pair of necklaces with a gold chain, and an engraving of these symbols in the center.” She and her sister turned to show the clerk the Cutie Marks on their flanks. Summer's Cutie Mark was a light blue green wavy line, depicting the gentle west wind. Autumn's Cutie Mark was three falling leaves; one green, one yellow, and one orange.

Autumn continued, “They were a birthday present and mean a lot to my sister and I. This stallion has offered to help us locate them.” The orange maned Pegasus said to the clerk, pointing a hoof towards Axel..

The clerk looked at their marks on the two mares’ flanks. Pointing at Autumn’s mark he grinned and said,

“I recognize that one. Some man brought that in a few weeks ago. He wanted way too much for it, but I was able to bring him down a few hundred dollars.”

Summer nods clapping her front hooves together, her wings flapping in elation over the good report, “Excellent news! But, what of my necklace? The jewelry store where we are from sold it to us in a set. Unless somehow, they were able to separate them....”

The clerk gave her a look.

“Well whoever ‘they’ are, they probably tried to sell them at two different stores in an attempt to make more money. Selling in bulk isn't always the way to make money.”

Axel pulled out the two wedding rings.

“Do you suppose we could trade these rings for that necklace based on value?”

The clerk took a hold of the rings and placed them under a special lit magnifying glass.
“Hmmm, these actually look to be in pretty good condition. I suppose, based on the value of the necklace, I’ll give you two hundred dollars and the necklace for these rings.”

Autumn smiled at the clerk, “What do you think, Axel? Is that a good deal? Maybe we should ask him for the location of Summer’s necklace.

“Aww, I was thinking more like three hundred.”

“Two hundred and fifty,” the clerk said back.

“Two hundred eighty,” Axel calmly stated.

“Two seventy five, that’s as low as I’ll go.”

Summer and Autumn glanced at each other nervously as the clerk and Axel stared at each other with poker style faces for about five seconds.

“Deal, two seventy five,” Axel said, holding out a hoof.

“Deal, let’s get you the paperwork,” the clerk said shaking Axel’s extended hoof.

Later, the three left with some cash in pocket and a gold necklace around the neck of a smiling Autumn. Summer couldn't help but ask the million dollar question.

“What was that all about?”

“What, that little bit of price haggling?”

“Whatever you call it, yeah that,” Summer said frustratingly.

“It’s what you do when you try to get a bargain off of something in a pawn shop.”

“Kind of like when you are at the Ponyville Marketplace and you want the best price for food items?” Autumn asked.

“Yes,” Axel said, smiling. “Just remember to stay calm and collected when trying to bargain with a pawn shop vendor. If you seem too excited to buy something, he might drive up the price.”

“Where did you learn that?”

“Pawn Stars,” Axel said grinning like a hyena.

Summer thought about what Axel had done for them. “Wow, we really are grateful you are around. You think my necklace is somewhere in this town?”

Axel thought for a minute.

“I hope so. For all we know, it could be buried under two meters of snow in Antarctica.”

Autumn gave Axel a glare, and then resumed her search for her sister’s missing necklace. “So, the pawn shop had my necklace. Who would have Summer's?”

“My next guess would be a local jewelry store that accepts trades.”

The three continued on through town, ignoring the stares of some curious onlookers.

Summer looked back at the onlookers to see a Clydesdale stallion pony with two Pegasi travelling together like they owned the town. “What’s a matter with these people? Haven’t they seen a Pegasus or an Earth pony before?”

Autumn shook her head, “But, we are not from this world, sister. In Equestria, we are a common sight as all the other ponies. However, these “humans” are not ponies. They wear clothes for the most part, and stand on two legs.” The orange-maned Pegasus said, flapping her wings gently.

The three ponies came across a Kay Jewelers store and looked at an ad on the storefront. It read that a buy, sell,and trade event was going on for the next three days. The ponies looked into the glass at the front to see various rings, necklaces, pendants, and earrings.

“Hey is that it right there?” Axel pointed his hoof at a necklace around a blank, white bust.

Summer squinted at the necklace, and then her eyes lit up. “Yes! That is it! Do we have enough to buy it? It would be like celebrating our birthday and opening our presents.”

“Alright, let’s see if these folks are in a generous price-dropping type mood,” Axel nervously said as they entered the fancy store.

Summer and Autumn hovered behind Axel as the stallion made his way to the front counter to negotiate the sale of the necklace they saw in the display case.

The clerk only raised his eyebrow at the sight of three equines entering his store, but simply passed it off as a money-making opportunity, seeing one of them wearing a necklace.

Unfortunately, the store clerk was more firm in his price. He wasn't at all like the clerk from the pawn shop. He was only up for negotiation if it was a trade they were looking to do. Axel was forced to pay the steep price, leaving them with fifteen dollars. Summer was thankful though that she was able to get her necklace.

Autumn smiled at the necklace her sister wore and then back at Axel. “Well, now it is our turn for helping us. We saved up some money and you, sir, are in a serious need of grooming!”

“I suppose a small trim off the ends so they aren't dragging on the ground gathering dirt will be fine.” Axel said, looking at the condition of his mane and tail.

Summer thought of a place that offered inexpensive hair cuts for ponies. “You think any barber shop would offer mane styling?”

The three trotted to the nearest barber shop up the street to try their luck.

Three hours and five barber shops later, the ponies began to give up hope for finding Axel a good mane cut. The last store they were willing to try came into view.

“Let’s hope that this shop stays within our budget. I’m getting hungry.” Summer complained, her energy fading slowly from all the hovering.

Autumn, too, was fatigued and hungry. “Yeah, I can tell when you don’t have any food in you, sister. You seem very lethargic.”

Axel looked up at the sign in front of the store.

“Oh, HAY no!”

The sign read “Jenna’s Styling for all your pets’ unruly fur.”

“Can’t knock it until you try it, Axel,” Autumn said with a small grin on her muzzle.

Summer looked over at Autumn and then at Axel. “Seriously? I mean, we are equines and not pets. But beggars cannot be choosers.”

The three ponies cantered into the store to hear all sorts of sounds from different pets all around.

A woman in her late twenties stood up from behind a reception desk.

“Hello, can I help y-” she paused mid sentence.

“This kind stallion is in serious need of a mane cut ma’am,” Summer Breeze said. “Could you help us out with his unruly mane and tail, please?” The light grey Pegasus pointed her hoof towards the larger stallion in their party.

The woman was unsure at first. Once she looked at the earth pony stallion’s long, dirty mane and tail though, she felt a little compassion for the creature. With fur and a mane like that, he must have been in the wild for a long time. She looked at his face and thought about how she could give him a good mane cut at a fair price.

“I think I could work something out,” she said, stepping around the desk. She knelt down to get a closer look at his mane. Axel stepped back a little, nervously trying to distract himself from the gaze of the young woman.

“Hmm, he might need a bath, too. He has some small twigs and leaves in his mane. Also gotta check for fleas or ticks.”

Axel began to blush profusely through his red fur.

Summer blocked her nose with her hoof upon hearing that Axel would need a bath and a mane trim, “Yeah, he kinda has that outdoorsy smell to him. How much is this gonna cost us?”

“First time customer discount sound fair? How about ten dollars.” The pet groomer offered.

Autumn looked over at Axel for his response. “Axel, is that going to be okay for you? I think that sounds fair enough. You’ll look and smell a lot better than you are now.” The orange maned Pegasus said, blocking her nose with her hoof.

Axel was sitting down, seemingly concentrating on a potted plant in the corner, a blush penetrating his red fur still.

“Sure, sounds great.” Axel was led to the back room, followed by the two mares, who hoped the groomer could work her magic on this stallion.

Ten minutes later, Axel was sitting in a large tub big enough for two Great Danes to sit in comfortably. Bubbles sat along the surface of the water while the pet groomer scrubbed his fur and mane with a lathered, soapy brush. Axel wore a bemused expression as he stared at the two mares giggling at his soapy form.

Summer smiled, “You certainly smell better, Axel. Let’s hope you can manage keeping your new look.”

Autumn nods, “Indeed. You must look presentable in public. You never know when you might get invited to the Grand Galloping Gala!”

Summer explained to the groomer. “It’s a formal event, invitation only. Lots of dancing, food, and hosted by the royal rulers of our home country.” She then adds, “We are visiting from a land far away.”

After his bath and mane trimming, Axel payed the groomer.

“Well, who’s a pretty pony?” The groomer teased as she accepted the payment.

“Please don’t say that. My pride has been knocked enough today.” Axel groaned as they left the pet groomers with a very clean and well-groomed Earth Pony.

Summer and Autumn giggled at Axel’s plight.

Axel opened the door to the shop.

“Shall we?” He gestured to the exit.

“Yes, we shall,” Autumn said smiling.

“I suppose now would be a good time to head back to the house,” Summer suggested.

The other two ponies agreed as they exited the store and trotted back to their new home. The cloud home was accessible for any Pegasi who wanted to enter, as Pegasi could walk on clouds. For Earth Ponies like Axel, he would need a unicorn to cast a walk on clouds spell on him so he could relax around his fellow ponies.

Chapter Fourteen: Close Encounters of the Pony Kind

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A Gentle Breeze of Change

Chapter Fourteen: Close Encounters of the Pony Kind

Zephyr was at last with her twin sister, Autumn Breeze, as well as a little Pegasus filly named Cherry Cloud. The arrival of a certain Pegasus stallion named Lightning Storm caught Zephyr almost off-guard, as he seemed to know her all too well. It was evident that Lightning Storm really loved Zephyr, in that he kissed her at least twice. The first time they kissed opened Zephyr’s memories to the time of being his partner in the Equestrian Games’ Aerial Performance Competition. The second time he kissed her was to show that Lightning Storm wanted her to be with him. Her turquoise eyes shone brighter as she felt more happier than her former life.

“My new mission is clear: to help those ponies who were affected by Discord’s spell remember who they are and unlock their special talents. I will need help. Can I count on you, my friends and family?” The light grey Pegasus with the light blue-green mane and tail asked the assembled group of former humans-turned-ponies.

The other ponies all decided to support Zephyr in her new mission. It was just like back home in Equestria, where everypony worked together to solve life’s challenges.

Just then, Zephyr saw a lightning bolt flash across the sky, followed by a clap of thunder. “Uh, oh! That’s the storm I’ve been tracking. I think we’d better find some shelter and fast.” She flexed her wings, extending them and flapping them, as the wind picked up. “Sister, please watch over Cherry Cloud and get her to a safe location. I do not want her near that storm unless she feels she is ready for some on the job Pegasus training in weather management.”

A worried look crossed Autumn’s face as she watched her dear sister fly away into the brewing storm. She put a hoof around Cherry Cloud as she led her away from the storm clouds. She brought the frightened filly over to the location of their new home. Now smiling, Autumn pointed to the cloud structure. "This is our house for now."

A look of wonder crossed Cherry Cloud’s face as she observed the complex cloud house. It looked like Rainbow Dash’s house, except 5 times bigger! The filly was silenced by the cloud mass. All she was able to mumble was "Wow..."

Autumn smiled and flapped her wings and lifted off the ground a foot. Cherry Cloud looked at the pony and knew what she meant. "Um, I-I guess I'll try."

Taking a deep breath, the young filly gave a gentle flap of her wings, to not move at all. She looked down, before trying again, this time harder. She did not move, again. Autumn saw the long-disappointed face and decided she wasn’t quite ready to fly yet.

An idea crossed Autumn’s mind as she located a nearby cloud, large enough to hold two ponies. "Hold on a sec." She stated, carefully elevating to reach the cloud. She then tugged the cloud down, so the filly could get on. A crack of thunder echoed through the air, making Autumn more frantic to get up the the cloud house. Cherry Cloud noticed Autumn’s muscles tense and stepped onto the cloud. Autumn then jumped on behind the filly and buzzed her wings, causing them to elevate.

They soon reached the house as another crack of thunder rippled through the air. They quickly trotted inside of the cloud as it was specifically positioned to be structurally sound in severe weather. Cherry Cloud’s eyes couldn't go any wider; the interior of the home was even cooler than the exterior!

Autumn smiled at the filly’s actions as she brought her to the bedrooms. "Choose anyone you'd like, except the third to the left and the one across from it, those are mine and Zephyr’s."

Cherry Cloud looked around before deciding to look inside one of the bedrooms. Nudging one of the doors open, she stared in awe once again. This room was beautiful! On the right was a closet the size of about two ponies. Around the top of the room where shelves for personal possessions. In the back of the room was a large window, and a small balcony looking out on the plains. To the right was a small bed, the perfect size for a filly.

"I think I want this one." She said, still in awe. Autumn smiled, she and Zephyr had designed this room specifically for Cherry Cloud. They had noticed her likes and dislikes.

"Just wait until you see the kitchen! We have a special surprise for you in there." Autumn mentioned to Cherry Cloud. The little filly’s eyes seemed to brighter at the mention of a kitchen.

"Ooh! There's a kitchen!" Cherry Cloud practically screamed, before remembering her manners. "Oh, I uh, I mean, I love baking, eh he he." She said blushing.

Autumn giggled at the filly’s sudden reaction and showed her to the kitchen. Cherry Cloud trotted in first staring in amazement, she had never seen a kitchen so wonderful before.

"Want to see the surprise?" Autumn asked, receiving a nod from the filly. She trotted up to a nearby cabinet. It was larger than the rest, stretching from the ceiling to floor. She pulled it open and it looked quite normal. She then closed it and pushed at the top. To Cherry Cloud’s surprise, it flipped over and revealed a complete baking set. There was a small oven, containers of flour and sugar. To the side was a mini fridge, containing butter and eggs. There was a mini cupboard at the top containing anything else you need to bake.

Meanwhile, while Autumn was helping Cherry Cloud settle into her new home, Zephyr took off to confront the massive supercell. This storm was made up of several cells that could produce tornadoes and hail. The Pegasus continued to flap her wings harder against the strong winds, “Feels like this one’s at least an E-F Three. I’d better pick up the pace.” She said to herself as she did so. Her Pegasi instincts kicked in. She secretly hoped her sister would find a safe location for Cherry Cloud and the others.

As Zephyr was too distracted with the thoughts of her sister and her love interest, as well as the young filly below, she ventured off a bit too close to the area known in meteorologist’s terms as the “Bear’s Cage.” The region of heavy rain and hail in that area pelted her wings and made it hard for her to concentrate on the storm and its potential tornadic activity. The storm continued to grow at a monstrous rate as the telltale signs of the birth of the cyclone began to take shape. Lightning flashed in the sky around Zephyr as she struggled to keep aloft. The light grey Pegasus’s mane was a mess as it was blowed around, out of place in some parts. The poor mare began to panic, but continued to put on a brave face in the dangerous storm.

In the heavy rain, a faint spot of color was visible. It was yellow, and appeared to be waving and calling for her, though the pounding of the rain made it difficult to hear. It had to be another pegasus though, as they were the only pony tribe capable of sustaining flight and managing weather patterns.

Zephyr heard the faint voice calling her name. She could barely make out the yellow color of what appeared to be a Pegasus like herself. “Help! Please! This storm’s way too powerful for me to handle! I didn’t think it would get this bad!” She called out to the yellow dot, hoping it would understand.

The yellow pegasus got closer. “You’re in the wrong side of the storm. This is the Bear’s Cage. That means we need to circle around or else the tornado will hit us.” The pegasus mare yelled through the rain to her.
Zephyr heard the female voice reply back. “Okay, you say so! I’ll move towards you. By the way, you sound familiar. Have we met before?” Zephyr moved towards the new voice and was shocked to see a yellow Pegasus with a blue mane with purple highlights and matching tail in front of her. The yellow Pegasus also had a Sun for a Cutie Mark on her flank. The light grey Pegasus continued to flap her wings as best she could to keep airborne.

The yellow Pegasus mare led Zephyr out of the rain and away from the tornado. “Okay, we’re safe for now. Can you answer a question though? Why did you wander into the Bear’s Cage?” She asked.

Zephyr shook her head, “I must have skipped that class on tornadoes that day?” She responded nervously with a question of her own to the yellow Pegasus. The light-grey Pegasus had a sheepish grin on her muzzle. “By the way, you have my thanks. I’m called Zephyr.” She extended her front right hoof to the yellow Pegasus in a friendly greeting. “What’s your name?”

The mare gave her a light hoof bump. “I’m called Sunshine. It’s good to meet you. By the way, you’re welcome.” She said with a sincere smile.

Zephyr smiled at Sunshine warmly. “I left my sister and my friends over at a designated tornado shelter. I hope they are alright.” She looks over at Sunshine again, quizzically. “Have I seen you before? I‘ve been having some problems remembering things lately. I do remember my sister, Autumn Breeze, and the other ponies I met the other day.”

Sunshine shook her mane out of her face. “I need to get that trimmed. Anyway, you kinda look familiar as well. Perhaps we knew each other at some point?” She suggested.

Zephyr began to remember a time where she was taking a break from her weather patrol duties when she was in Cloudsdale. She met a yellow Pegasus like the one in front of her now. “Sunshine? Is that you? Oh, my Celestia! I recognize your mane color. No other pony has that style than you!” She went to hug her old friend. “You remember me, right? Flight Camp? Maybe helping a certain depressed mare at a day spa?”

Sunshine had a confused look for a moment, then it turned into realization. “Oh. OH. That’s right! I remember you now! How did I not recognize you? Was it the mane? Did you do something with it... You know, besides getting it soaked in the rain?” She joked.

Zephyr laughed, “Ha Ha, very funny! And, no, this is the same Mane style I’ve had...since...” she stopped to collect her thoughts, “my sister and I had our birthday party at Sugar Cube Corner. That chaos guy who used to be a statue showed up...you know the guy, right? He had different animal parts, like a talon, a lion’s paw, a dragon’s tail....”

Sunshine nodded. “I’ve seen the dirtbag.” She said, scowling at the thought.

Zephyr frowned, “Discord is his name. He loves to cause chaos. Somehow, he was let out of his stone prison, hoping he could be reformed. Sadly, he had other plans. There was a spell he cast on the entire population of Equestria, just because he could. This spell banished every pony, donkey, mule, Buffalo, and dragons to Earth as “Humans.” Somehow, the humans have been earning their Cutie Marks on their 25th Birthday.”

Sunshine nodded in understanding. “Yeah. It was surreal to go through all the changes. Luckily, I had a great job and best friend to help me out with it all.” She said. A honking sound came from below them. “That’s him now.”

Zephyr smiled, “I would like to come with you, if it’s okay with you. I had to go through my changes alone. The wings, though, were really cool! It’s just that....I met this nice stallion named Lightning Storm, and he went through the same changes. He said we used to date back in the day.” She blushed a bit at the next part she wanted to mention to Sunshine. “Then, he kissed me, twice. It felt really....nice.”

Sunshine smiled. “That’s great! You got to see your friends and family again. Now then, let’s go say hi to my pal.” She said, and flew down to the white van filled with weather monitoring and recording equipment.

Zephyr flew down, following Sunshine, smiling as the two mares continued the journey together. “Just like old times, huh?” Zephyr said, continuing to keep up with her fellow Pegasi.

Sunshine nodded before turning to the human at the driver’s seat. “Zephyr, this is my storm chasing partner Mark. Mark, this is an old friend, Zephyr.” She introduced them.

Zephyr extends a hoof towards the human, Mark. “Pleased to meet you.” She looked over at Sunshine and back at Mark, “You know about Pegasi, right? We have wings and manage the weather back where we came from. It’s part of our job description.”

Mark nodded before shaking Zephyr’s hoof. “Good to meet you too.” He said, and turned to Sunshine. “By the way, you missed the tornado smashing through a house down the road. It was intense. I recorded the whole thing. What were you doing up in the Bear’s Cage anyway?” He asked.

Sunshine pointed at Zephyr. “She wandered in there, and I had to get her out before she got herself killed.” She explained. Turning to the gray Pegasus, she asked, “What were you doing in there anyway? Were you trying to stop that thing?”

Zephyr sheepishly nodded, “Yes, yes, I was going to stop the tornado. I was worried about my sister and my friends, whom I had just recently discovered had become colorful equines from a magical land where we Pegasi are in charge of the weather. I’m still getting used to my new body, wings, and emotions.” She explained to Sunshine.

Both Sunshine and Mark deadpanned at her. “You just attempted to stop an EF3 tornado on your own as a test of your body? If you really cared about your friends and family, you would have hidden with them.” Mark said.

Zephyr looked like she was about to cry at that moment. “I’m such a featherbrain! The weather on this Earth isn’t like it is in Equestria.” She sighs, “Equestria is the homeworld where Sunshine and I are from. There are three tribes of equine-like beings known as “ponies” who live and work, and most importantly, we somehow manage to get along quite well.” She attempted to explain to Mark about their predicament.

Mark nodded. “Yeah, I know. It’s just that you should be more careful from now on.” He said. “You need a ride to your friends?”

Zephyr nods, flapping her wings, “Judging from the way my wings are a mess now, I’d say, sure, why not. That if you don’t mind riding with two Pegasi.” She waited for Mark to allow her access to his vehicle.

Mark got out of the van and opened the back door. “Hop in.” He said. Sunshine jumped in and motioned for Zephyr to do the same.

Zephyr hovered and flew into the van, next to Sunshine, giving her a side hug. “Okay, Mark, take us to my sister and my friends.” She points a hoof towards the way Mark would be going. “You know where my friends took shelter at, right?”

Mark shut the door and climbed back into the driver’s seat. “Yeah, they shouldn’t be too hard to find.” He said, and started driving in that direction. “Let me know if I passed it.”

Zephyr scans the area from her seat next to Sunshine. Her stomach begins to growl. “Uh, yeah, I’m really hungry, and I think my friends would be too. Maybe we can all talk over dinner! I am sure we have a lot to catch up on, Sunshine and I.” She then added as an afterthought... “As well as my dear sister and that adorable filly we found. Her name is Cherry Cloud.”

Sunshine smiled. “I would like to meet with your friends and sister. I’m sure we would have much to talk about.” She said. The van hit a pothole and Sunshine practically bounced and hit her head on the ceiling. “Ow, watch it!” She scolded Mark.

Mark looked back. “Well soooorry boss lady. Maybe next time you should drive if you’re not happy with mine.” He said mockingly. “Oh that’s right. You can’t.” He stuck his tongue out childishly, which Sunshine returned.

Zephyr chuckled, “So, Sunshine....who were you before you became you?” She wondered about the curse and how it must have been for some pony to live as a human without knowing if their pony friends and family were okay.

Sunshine thought for a moment. “I was a storm chaser. Well, technically I still am. I started out in Kansas with Mark there. We drove around and studied, chased, and recorded storms for about five years now. He was quite supportive of me when I started changing. What sucked was I couldn’t follow him into Walmart anymore.” She said with a small laugh.

Zephyr laughed a bit, then stopped, “I don’t quite get the joke.” She then sighs, “I got fired from my job as a weather reporter when I started changing. My mane and turquoise eyes gave me away, as well as my Cutie Mark....and that dream I had, it was all too real.”

Sunshine frowned. “I’m sorry that happened to you. I wish I was with you when Discord did his weird thingy that sent us here.” She said.

Zephyr nods, “Yeah, I was going to send you an invitation to my birthday party. I really wish it would have ended better. You know, all the fun party games and food.” Her stomach continued to rumble. “Yeah, I guess I have to eat salads and vegetables now. The sight or smell of meat products makes me nauseous.”

Mark scoffed. “You think you have it bad? Sunshine is forcing me to go vegetarian as well. It’s been forever since I’ve gotten a good McDonald’s.” He said.

Zephyr nods, “Well, why don’t you go ahead and get something to eat for yourself, and Sunshine and I will have some salads and whatever ponies eat. They do serve salads and apple slices at McDonald’s, right?”

Sunshine frowned and shook her head. “The smell of anything from that horrid place makes me want to barf all over. It’s revolting.” She said. “It doesn’t matter what kind of food they have.”

Zephyr nods, “So, no McDonald’s for us ponies then. What else is there we can eat without making us ill?”

Mark threw a plastic Walmart bag behind him. “There are some fruits and vegetables in there. I also got a mini fridge up here.” He said.

Zephyr nods and rummaged through the mini fridge. “This will do nicely. Sunshine, would you care to join me for dinner?”

Sunshine nodded. “I would love to.” She said, grabbing an apple.

Zephyr takes two drinks from the fridge, “Do Ponies drink soda? I mean, they have sarsaparilla in the show.” She then takes some fruit and a salad, along with a sarsaparilla. “You want anything to eat, Mark?”

Mark shook his head. “I just ate. Oh, we just passed what looked like a pony. Was it one of your friends?” He asked.

Zephyr squinted at the shape of the pony, “Yes! That’s one of them....not sure if is it Autumn or not. She has orange fur with red trim, an orange mane and tail, and a tree with a falling fall leaf Cutie Mark.” She looks over at Mark...”You know about these Marks on our flanks, right?”

Mark nodded and turned around the van. “They represent your talents.” He said as they made their way back to the pony. “Yep, that is a lot of orange.” He got out and opened the door for them.

Zephyr flew out the open door, complete with extra food for all her pony friends, “Autumn! I have returned and brought an old friend!” She hugged her sister and showed her the food she brought. “Can you share this with Cherry Cloud and Lightning Storm please? There are plenty of apples, carrots, lettuce, and celery stalks. I even brought some drinks for every pony!”

Sunshine jumped out of the van. “Hi there. I’m Sunshine.” She greeted the orange pony.

Zephyr smiled as she handed an apple to Cherry Cloud. “Cherry Cloud, here’s a delicious apple for you. It’ll make you big and strong so you can fly like us.” She smiled as the little filly munched on her apple.

Zephyr explained to Sunshine and Mark, “The poor dear was on a cloud; blown off course and my sister and I saved her. We’ve decided to take her in and build a makeshift shelter. Since we are Pegasi, why don’t we build us a permanent cloud house. All of us can live in it!”

Sunshine nodded. “That sounds like a great idea!” She said, then turned to Mark. “Mark, I’m afraid this is where we part ways.” She reached into the van and pulled out her bags.

Mark nodded. “It looks like it. I’ve got a job, and you’ve got all these friends. I’ve gotta head back to Kansas for my family reunion. I’m gonna tell them all about the good times we shared.” He got got back in his van. “See ya around for the next big storm.” He drove off.

Zephyr looked up to the sky, and saw many possibilities for clouds to be used for the cloud house. “So, we should think of some designs for this house. There will be plenty of room for us to live there. Then there is the matter of jobs and money, as well as food.”

Sunshine nodded. “I have some money with me. It’s not much, but it’s enough for a few days.” She said. “Then there is the food Mark gave us. It’s a start.”

Zephyr flew up to the cloud and began to study it, to see what kind of house to make of it. “How big of a house do we need for everypony to live here?”

Sunshine flew up with Zephyr. “Maybe four bedrooms. A nice cumulus congestus would fit nicely for everypony.” She said.

Zephyr nods, “Good eye, Sunshine! Let’s start laying the foundation...uhm, we are making this house a mobile house, right? It goes where we take it to?”

Sunshine nodded. “That way we don’t have to completely settle in one spot. Besides, there is no nearby Walmart. They are the most trustworthy places to shop.” She said, with a short laugh.

Zephyr began to mold the cloud Sunshine indicated into the correct shape, hoping it would meet the needs of the Pegasi that would soon call it home. “So, what about living arrangements? Who’s got what room?”

Sunshine helped her with the molding. “You and your colt friend can sleep in one room. The others will get their own rooms.” She said.

Zephyr thought about the kiss she shared with Lightning Storm, and blushed, “I’m not sure if I am ready to share a room with some pony I haven’t got to know much about. He has a younger sister whose wings were destroyed. Lightning Storm’s a little sensitive about it.”

Sunshine nodded. “I understand. Those two can share a room then. You can share a room with your sister, and the rest can have their own rooms. How about that?” She suggested.

Zephyr nods, “Yeah, that will be better. You are welcome to hang out with my sister and I whenever you want. You know, for flying, meal time, or just to talk.” She sighs, “Sunshine, you remember that weather reporter who got dismissed a while back and disappeared?”

Sunshine nodded. “How do you think we tracked that last storm down? A lot of people disappeared recently due to the changes.” She said.

Zephyr lowered her head as she finished her work on the cloud house. The columns out front were reminiscent of the Greek style and also reminded her of Cloudsdale. “I was the weather reporter who disappeared a while back. I was once known as William Weston. I am sorry about all this.” She then added, “But I decided to take the name of the Pegasi from my dream. I’m your fellow Pegasi, Zephyr.”

Sunshine smiled. “I figured as much when you brought it up. Being a storm chaser, the only person I had to worry about was Mark. I think I got the better end of the stick here. I have first-hand experience in stormy weather. Now that I’m a pony again, It’s first-hoof though. I feel like this is my true form and the human was just a suit that I wore for so long I forgot who I was.” She said.

Zephyr gave her old friend a friendly hug, “Finally, some pony who knows about all this! For the longest time, I had forgotten all about Ponyville, Canterlot, and Equestria. My sister, who I didn’t know I had, showed up one day while I was out on patrol and I actually felt her presence within my heart. We are twins, you see.”

She then smiles, “Well, Sunshine, we are officially back in business. We have a new house to call home. Want to inspect the inside before we invite our Pegasi friends in?”

Sunshine nodded. “Yeah, that’s for the best.” She said. “You go in first.”

Zephyr opened the door to the new house that she and her friend Sunshine built. The whole interior of the building was made of the cloud bank Sunshine selected for the stability. “Very nice architecture, Sunshine. Very Cloudsdale-esque.” She whistled a happy tune as she explored the rest of the house.

Sunshine laughed. “I know. You should have seen the first time I tried to bring a cloud in the van. Mark was not happy.” She said.

Zephyr came out of the kitchen, munching on an apple, holding a sarsaparilla, drinking it with a straw. “Yeah, that would have been something!” She laughed as she continued to eat her snack.

“Oh, I put all the drinks and food in the fridge. If you get hungry or thirsty again, we have plenty for every pony. I suggest make a grocery list in case we need to make a food run.” Zephyr added as she sipped her drink.

Sunshine nodded. “Right. Oh, and to answer a previous question, we can drink soda.” She said.

Zephyr sipped her drink, and munched on her apple happily. “Thanks for saving my rump back there, Sunshine. I’m glad we get to be roommates. Maybe I can get a weather job, It will be like old times.”

Sunshine patted her on the back. “It always feels good to save some pony else’s flank. I guess it’s that little stroke to the ego.” She said. “Anyway, you all could learn a thing or two about weather. For your first lesson, never tackle a tornado alone.” She grinned.

Zephyr thought about Sunshine and her knowledge of weather patterns, “Hay, how would you like to teach us all how to understand the weather better?” She then thought for a moment before adding, “If everypony else is up for it. We can call a Pegasi house meeting once we have every pony here. Go over some ground rules, and help the younger Pegasi out. Cherry Cloud’s really shy, but once she starts to like some pony and trust them, she’s pretty nice.”

Sunshine nodded. “Sounds like a plan.” She said, smiling.

Zephyr then opens the front door to the cloud house. “Attention Pegasi ponies! You are invited to stay up here in this new home at One Cloud Lane!”

She turns to Sunshine. “If any pony asks, that’s the address of this place; One Cloud Lane.”

Sunshine laughed. “We just made a new street. This is legit.” She said. “Well, better not keep them waiting.”

Meanwhile, a certain Pegasus heard Zephyr’s call to come to One Cloud Lane. He took off towards the direction of where he thought the shelter would be.

“Where is that darn cloud house? I KNOW I’m not going crazy...” A jet black pegasus pony flew in the direction he felt closest to that cloud-place. He scanned the sky as he flew with his mind racing, making sure to blow the hair of his mane out of his eye so he could keep his eyes on his objective.. He asked a million questions to himself, all of which could not be currently answered. At least, he spotted his objective. The floating cloud house swayed ever so gently in the breeze, only meters away. This pegasus pony, too ecstatic and distracted, forgot about one of the simple rules for flying: He forgot to slow down.

He looked up at the last second, just to see as he flew right past what looked like the front door of the house. The pegasus pulled around, a bit too fast, and ended up in a wall of the cloud home’s kitchen, with his head in a cabinet.

Zephyr was walking back to the kitchen, and asked Sunshine if she wanted anything to eat or drink. Figuring that her friend was too preoccupied with getting Cherry Cloud settled in or talking with her sister, Autumn Breeze, she went into the kitchen and opened the first cabinet. There was a Pegasus stallion’s head stuck in the cloud wall!

Zephyr staggered back, her wings unfurled, “What the Hay? Who are you, and why are you stuck in our cabinet?” The startled Pegasus mare had light grey fur with a light-blue green mane and tail, along with turquoise eyes. Her Cutie Mark depicted the gentle west wind, and it was of the same color as her mane.

“...I-Uh...I was just....’dropping by’?” The male Pegasus awkwardly smiled, unable to say much more.

Zephyr chuckled, “My name is Zephyr, and I live here with my sister, Autumn Breeze, my best friend, Sunshine, and a little filly named Cherry Cloud. Do you need help? If I help you get out of your predicament, you are welcome to stay. We’ll have to set some ground rules though.” She began to think of ways to pull the male Pegasus out of the cloud wall.

“Well...I can get out of this wall, sure, but as for staying here...I-I guess I could, if that’s really okay with you. Now, give me a moment...” The pony’s head was the only thing that went through the wall, so he tried to use the rest of his body to pull himself out, eventually failing. “Y-yeah, no, I need some help getting out of here...”

Zephyr nods, and goes over to Sunshine, “Uhm, Sunshine, we have some good news! A new friend has decided to drop by...the bad news is, he is in need of assistance in the kitchen.”

Zephyr heads outside to check this stallion out.

“So, what’s your name and what’s your story?” The grey furred Pegasus asked while hovering near the newest visitor to One Cloud Lane, trying to evaluate how in the wide world of Equestria would she be able to extract the Pegasus from his entrapment.

“I would tell you my full name, but it’s too long...Most call me Faint Abril Darkness, or just Faint. I...was in...I was in Princess Luna’s personal...personal guard, last I remember...” His tail flicked and swished frantically as he continued to try and get himself out.

Zephyr nods, now putting a name with a muzzle. “So, Mister Faint, You need any help? We can get you some food, and room and board here. Just remember, you are the only Stallion here. The rest of our little group are mares, and we have one Pegasus filly.”

“I...see...It sounds...good. Fun, even.” Faint goes quiet, still trying to pull himself out.

Zephyr looks over to see if her sister or Sunshine would be able to help Faint out of his predicament. “Would you like something to eat while my roommate arrives, Mr. Faint? I figure we can help extract you from this problem. Then we can figure out what to do about living arrangements.”

“Uh...I’m not hungry, thanks...I’m just so embarrassed by this. I mean, this hasn't ever-I mean, It hasn't happened in a while. Oh, and please, don’t call me ‘Mister Faint’. Faint is fine enough, if you don’t mind.”

Zephyr looks over at Faint and attempts to pull him from the cloud house from the outside. “Okay, we are going to pull you out on three. Ready?”

“Uh...Sure, sure.” Faint braces his self.

Zephyr begins to pull on Faint’s back hooves, attempting to extract him from the cloud house. “After this, I would recommend you use the cloud elevator and the front door from now on. I’ll get you a room, then we will need to schedule a meeting with you to find out what we can do to help you fly better.”

“Sounds great. Lead the way...and thank you, again.” Faint smiled and motioned for Zephyr to show the path, metaphorically.

After the hole was patched up, Zephyr lead Faint to the living room. “This is the living room. We usually hang out and talk about current events and enjoy every pony’s company.” She then continues the tour, finishing up at the bedrooms.

“Okay, you can build a bedroom for yourself here. Just need to check up on the little filly and see how she’s holding up. Welcome to One Cloud Lane, Faint!” Zephyr extended a hoof to shake with her new friend.

Faint hesitantly shook hooves with Zephyr and nodded, “Alright, thanks again. I’ll...see you later.”

Zephyr went into the kitchen to get a snack from the refrigerator while Faint started working on his bedroom. She hoped to get in contact with the other ponies who showed up and see if they would be interested in her and Sunshine’s proposed training camp. If there were any Pegasi in this new group of humans-turned-ponies, she would be there to welcome any pony in need, regardless of their species, like Axel, the Earth pony she and her sister Autumn met a while back.

. While Zephyr was preparing a snack in the kitchen, she heard a noise coming from the front entrance of the house. Upon investigating the noise, the light grey pegasus perked her ears toward the sound, “Hello? Any pony there?” She called out, looking around the front porch.

What Zephyr saw was a person in the middle of their transformation into a pony. The creature who came up to the front porch was crawling on their knees. The pony hybrid had a light blue mane that was tied into a ponytail, with a matching tail that swished around in tune with his or her emotional state. The ears on the hybrid also resembled that of pony ears.

“Help me! Please!” The hybrid exclaimed. “I don’t know what is happening to me!” The hybrid had a Cutie Mark on his outer thighs that resembled four white bolts surrounded by two circles.

Zephyr hovers over the prone hybrid, looking down upon him. “Calm down, friend! What’s your name? I’m Zephyr and this is my house...well, I’m kinda sharing this place with several other ponies, so, I guess that means we are living together.” She sees the Cutie Mark, and motions the hybrid inside the house.

“A Cutie Mark....something tells me this person is going through the same problems as my friends and I.” The light grey Pegasus whispered to herself.

She then turned her attention to her guest. “Come inside, and talk with me...I have food and drink!” The light grey Pegasus said.

-----Louis’s POV-----

I look up at the grey Pegasus as I try to stand up, but I am feeling too sick as well as dizzy from the transformation that is taking place inside my body. I try to follow you, but I collapse every single time I move or take a step.

“”Um, I hate to be a bother miss, um, what did you say your name was again?”The young man said, struggling to make it to his feet as he made his way into the house made of clouds. Remarkably, the cloud floor supported his weight.

Zephyr smiled at the young human/pony hybrid...It would appear that the young man had not seen or heard of a Pegasus or any other pony species before.

”I’m Zephyr, and as you can see, I am a Pegasus! A winged equine from the magical land of Equestria! What’s your name, and looks like you may have a bit of Pegasi in you!” She clapped her front hooves at the thought of another Pegasi living with them.

“Pegasus? T-that’s what I’m t-turning into?” “I’m Louis, by the way...” The young man stammered as he collapsed on a nearby couch, made of clouds just like the rest of the furniture.

Zephyr nodded, “Yeah, how are you able to sit on the cloud couch or stand on the cloud floor?. Pegasi can manipulate clouds, as well as shape them into anything we want. We can even design you a bedroom with a bed so you can rest. I’ll get you some food.”

“R-really? Y-you can d-do that e-even me?” As I couldn’t believe that pegasus could do that. This Pegasus, as she calls herself, seems very nice and well-mannered,

Zephyr nods, “Of course! After all, you are part pony. Nice ears, mane, and tail, by the way. Oh, that mark on your legs? That’s a Cutie Mark. We all have Cutie Marks, unless you are a foal or a younger pony that doesn’t know about their special talents.”

I blushed a little at the remark “ T-thanks I-I guess? “ As I didn’t know that I was getting complimented by this pegasus I just met. Then, the question about the strange marks on my legs came to my brain. I figured since the attending Pegasus, Zephyr was available, she would know more about these marks.

“Cutie Mark? W-what’s a cutie mark?” I asked first, wanting to know everything Icould about these Cutie Marks she’s talking about.

Zephyr frowned, “You don’t know about Cutie Marks? Well, Louis, a Cutie Mark appears on the flank of a pony when they discover their special talent. My Cutie Mark,” She turns to show her light blue green west wind Cutie Mark,”appeared around May 1, around my birthday. By the end of the week, I ended up as a female Pegasus, or as we ponies call, a mare. The male ponies are called colts or stallions. Young female ponies are called fillies.” She hovered over to Louis. “Of course, my Cutie Mark story goes even further back than May 1. I’ll get you something to eat, and we can talk about anything else. Diet, pony-isms, and other stuff.”

I listened to everything that Zephyr told me about cutie marks, as well as how they represent a pony’s special talent. I couldn’t believe my eyes, as I was amazed at how she got hers from just predicting the weather around her birthday.

I got up and tried to stand again this time not losing my balance and offered my hoo err- hand out to shake with as a smile formed on my face, “I’d love to hear more about these cutie marks, as well as over something to eat too, “ I said as my stomach growled, which I blushed at when that happened

“Hehe, sorry about that.” I said sheepishly.

Zephyr nods, “Don’t worry, every pony gets hungry! That’s why we try to keep the refrigerator stocked with delicious foods. There are no meat products here, by the way, since we are herbivores.”

*I gasp as I tried to get the wax out of my ears. I asked her to repeat that last part again “Um I’m sorry, but could you repeat that last part again? As I don’t think I quite heard you...”

Zephyr sighs, “As ponies, we don’t eat meat products. Just oats, fruits, and vegetables. Since you are part pony, with your ears and tail, certain foods will not taste right to you, while others like this salad here, is very delicious!” She pulled out a salad from the fridge and looked around, “What would you like to eat?”

“sighs” I thought that’s what you said *as I started to fall to my haunches on the floor as I couldn’t believe that this transformation I’m going through is not only making me into a pony, but it’s also making me a non-meat lover now too. I tried to hold back the tears but couldn’t, as I was going to miss eating meat!

Zephyr sighs, “My sister Autumn is here, and if you want, she can offer her advice on this. I’m sorry, Louis. Looks like you’ll be joining the herd eventually. Don’t worry, unlike me, you aren’t going to be alone during your transition. By the way, do you know what pony has that Cutie Mark you’re sporting on your legs?“ Zephyr looks around to see if her sister was going to make an appearance.

Louis thought about the question until he lowered his head and shakes it. ”No, I don’t! I-I don’t even know how I got this,” he points to his mark on his legs,”mark?”

Zephyr wonders what she could do or say to help her beleaguered friend through his situation.

“I think if you can talk to other ponies in this house, you’ll understand. I went through the same thing as you at the beginning of the month. I was a weather reporter, and I ended up with the Cutie Mark you see on my flank on my birthday. Somehow, I began to remember a life different from the life I was living as a human. I thought I was alone, until my sister showed up in my life. I couldn’t be more happier! We even saved a younger Pegasus filly! It was really awesome!”

I pondered the thought for a minute or two, as I had a choice to make; either find out why I was put here on the spot, as well as find out what my cutie mark means, or keep wondering why I don’t know why I’m here and just do nothing. I finally stand up after thinking, a weak smile on my face, as I hugged the grey pegasus and cried into her mane saying,

“Thank you, and I’d love to stay here with you all and find out more about why I’m here, as well as why I’m turning into a pony!” I continued to hug the Pegasus warmly, as I felt like that somehow I could trust these ponies.

Zephyr smiled and allowed Louis to hug her whispering into his pony ear, “Hey, it’s okay, Louis. You are not alone. I’m here, and my sister should be around. We are twins, you see. She’s more of a fall pony, while I am a summer type. That’s how we ended up getting our Cutie Marks.”

“I-I didn't know that you two were that close to one another..” I wondered what my life as a pony would look like if I had a sibling like a sister or a brother that was always there for me.

Autumn slowly came out of the hall and into the kitchen, seeing Louis and Zephyr were already there. She stopped and looked at the man with ears of a pony and a tail. “Uhm...Hi?” she said, looking at him and smiled. As she soon looked over to her sister, “How did the storm go?” She asked her sister as her wings were folded neatly to her side. As she then looked back at the man with a warm smile.

Zephyr stopped hugging Louis and waved a hoof to her sister, “Hi, sis! Louis, this is my sister, Autumn! She sports a brown coat and orange mane and check out her Cutie Mark!”

Zephyr then addressed the issue with the storm. "I guess Sunshine told you how I tried to take on an E-F-3 tornado by myself, huh?" She said sheepishly. "I'll tell you later, but first, we have a guest!" She gestured to Louis.

“Um hi... M-my name is Louis a-and I’m a pony too, well.”.. As I looked at myself before continuing* well about half a pony to be exact. Nice to meet you, Autumn!”

As I extended my hand that was now starting to form into a single toe-like shape. I started to feel some pain in my body, as the changes were starting again this time with me growing in some hooves. I winced in pain as I tried to stay calm but was having trouble.

Zephyr looked to her sister and back to Louis, “He’s changing into a pony, Autumn! He has a Cutie Mark already! Can we help him?” She said with alarm in her voice.

“Nice to meet you, Lou...” She stopped as she went to take his hand as it started to change She shivered lightly, remembering the time she made the same change herself. She was alone when it happened. He was lucky to have them around. “I didn't notice the Cutie mark but I don’t see why we can’t help him... Though I am not sure what fully how to help him during the change.” She lightly said to her sister as she looked at Louis, and moved close to him and nuzzle into him, “Just relax; the pain will not last very long once the change is complete.” She said to Louis as she nuzzled into him more. It was the only thing she could think of to try to help comfort him through pain of the change.

I felt Autumn nuzzle me as the pain in my body was getting worse as I felt like i was going to pass out at any given moment as I tried to stay strong through the pain. “I-it h-hurts I...I...I... H-help me!” I didn't want to be in pain, but what could I do?

I felt my hands and feet finish morphing into hooves as I then felt something forming onto my sides. I felt a set of stubs forming on my the sides of my midsection as the stubs started to form into wings, then my eyes were turning into a shade of magenta! As the transformation was almost done, I felt dizzy and collapsed. Darkness took over my body as I blacked out.

Zephyr landed near Louis as his changes were nearing completion. Blue fur began to cover the new Pegasus as the changes progressed. “Louis? Hay, you okay?” She sighs, “Now what? We have a new Pegasus needing our attention here, Autumn.” She began to rub her front hoof in a caring fashion over the body of the new Pegasus. “The question is, is Louis here going to be a stallion or a mare?”

I stir a little as I rub what used to be my hand, but is now a hoof to my forehead, “Y-yeah I’m okay, I-I think?” Just then, I notice a change in my voice as I try to speak again, but a little more forcefully.

“W-why do I sound like a-a female?” As I wasn't supposed to be a female at all.... The new female Pegasus thought to herself.

Zephyr looked up as the new Pegasus woke up slowly, “Autumn, look! Louis is getting up...but Louis does not look like Louis anymore!” Zephyr pointed a hoof towards the new blue furred Pegasus mare on the ground.

“Ugh, what the hay happened to me?” *As I recollected my surroundings as my vision came into view as the first thing I see is my friend Zephyr a smile on her face as I smile warmly back at her* “H-hey Zephyr! Fancy meeting you here I-" just then I stop in the middle of my sentence as i realize that my voice sounds different. As I gasp at what my voice has become higher pitched.

” W-why does my voice sound different as if...if...if... *As I stammered while trying to finish, but couldn't as I started to cry putting my head into my hooves.

Autumn smiled at Louis that was not really a Louis anymore. As she slowly moved to his/her side... she was confused on what to really call the mare before her. As she started to cry. “Hush now, dear one...” She said lightly as she moved to Louis’s side and nuzzled him again, “I know things can be a little fuzzy and confusing...Just relax, and everything will be fine.” She added as her voice was soft-spoken, much like a mother speaking to a scared filly or colt. She gently placed an arm around him and pulled Louis into her. She almost felt drawn to him; maybe it was the fact that he was in distress that brought out her loving and caring side.

I continued to cry as I felt Autumn nuzzle me, as she tried her best to calm me down. As I felt her shush me as well as care for me, it kinda reminds me of when my mother did the same exact thing when I was a foal. I hugged her and cried into her mane, drenching it with my tears.

Zephyr went to get something to eat for the three of them. “We were just going to get something to eat in the kitchen when she transformed into a Pegasus. Maybe we can come up with a name for her, unless she has one in mind. I just don’t want Sunshine or Cherry Cloud to be asking a bunch of questions about our new housemate.”

The newly minted blue Pegasus mare stopped crying to dry her tears, her magenta eyes looking up at Autumn and Zephyr. “I think I’m going to be okay...I mean, this is all new to me. I have wings now and hooves!” She began to spread her wings out to show Autumn her new wingspan.

Autumn felt her mane getting wet from the new Pegasus’s tears as she sighed lightly. She pulled away from Autumn to dry her tears. “That a girl..” She said with a smile. She moved away a little bit as she watched her new friend spread out her new wings, “They are so lovely.” She said lightly with a smile.

The new Pegasus mare smiles, and folds her wings back into place, attempting to stand on her four hooves shakily, “I guess walking on all fours will take some time to get used to. And, as for a name...I would like to be called...Solar Bolt, if you don’t mind.” The name seemed so familiar to her, but from where?

Zephyr smiles, “Well, Solar Bolt, I got you some food. I heard you may be hungry after coming all the way here and changing in front of us. You know we only have fruits and vegetables here right?”

Solar Bolt flaps her wings experimentally, then tried to hover towards the table to eat. “Yeah, you told me earlier, Zephyr. So, what can we eat that won’t make us sick?”

Autumn smiled at her as she tried to get her self to the table, “Fruits and vegetables, that is a good start.” She giggled lightly looking at her. “It nice to meet you Solar Bolt.” She said lightly to her.

Solar Bolt, formerly Louis, smiled, “Likewise, Autumn. Zephyr has been telling me about these Cutie Marks. What about your Cutie Mark. Does it have to do something about fall?” She noticed Autumn’s Cutie Mark had a barren tree and a falling fall leaf motif.

Zephyr sits next to Solar Bolt, and smiles, “So, Solar Bolt, we are going to get a room set up for you. And, we are planning to start to work with the other Pegasi who have shown up, looking for help. One of these stallions, Faint by name, claimed he was one of Princess Luna’s royal guards in his former pony life. I got him working on his room as we speak.”

Chapter Fifteen: Cloud Lane Academy

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A Gentle Breeze of Change
Chapter 15 : Cloud Lane Academy

It was the morning after the arrival of Solar Bolt, the newest Pegasus. The cloud house, referred to by the occupants as One Cloud Lane, had held up over the night. One of the residents, Summer Breeze, a light-grey mare with a light blue green mane, awoke to the sound of birds chirping and the sun shining in her window. She stretched and rolled out of bed, seeing her sister Autumn was in her bed, asleep.

Summer, being considerate of her sister’s beauty rest, decided to go downstairs after her shower and fix something for the residents. After a shower, she peeked into the room where Cherry Cloud was asleep. The little filly looked so peaceful in her cloud bed. Summer quietly closed the door as to not awake the filly.

The next resident she checked in on was Solar Bolt. This mare had recently undergone her transformation in front of her and Autumn. Summer wanted to wake Solar Bolt up, but chose to let her rest. Perhaps some delicious breakfast would get the residents up and running!

As Summer starts to prepare breakfast, the scent of pancakes and orange juice, among other foods begins to stir the residents out of bed. The first resident to awaken was Solar Bolt.

Meanwhile, up in Solar Bolt’s room, her muzzle started to smell the waft of food. She began to stir in her sleep.

Mmm f-five more minutes m-mommy, Solar Bolt murmured, as she tried to block the fantastic aroma that was disturbing her sleep. Sadly, the aroma of breakfast was greater than the sleep that was holding the Pegasus in her bed. Solar Bolt groggily got up, stretched her wings, and went downstairs to see what her friend was up to.

As Solar Bolt neared the kitchen, she noticed Summer Breeze had just finished setting the dining room table for the residents of the cloud house.

“Morning, sleepy head! Sleep well?” Summer said to Solar Bolt as she placed a plate of pancakes covered in syrup and whipped cream where she wanted her friend to sit.

Solar trots over to her seat as she sits where her friend offered next to her. She smells the aroma of the pancakes that woke her up.

“Mmm, smells good and yeah, I did sleep good but... “ Solar Bolt paused in mid-sentence to collect her thoughts, “but it’s kinda hard to sleep when you have well...” Solar stretches out her wings and shows her friend what she means, as her head hangs. “I-it’s kinda hard to sleep with these wings in the way.”

Summer extended a hoof over to Solar Bolt and gave her a side hug, “I usually sleep on my back for the most part, with my wings extended, or on my side with my wings to their sides. I understand what you are going through.” She then turns to her breakfast.

“I-I mean how do you guys do it?” As Solar couldn’t believe that this wasn’t going to be easy than it seems. Her friend Summer wrapped her in a tight and embracing hug while she stroked her mane.

Summer had a confused look on her face as she pulled away gently, “What do you mean do what?” She asked.

“I mean, how do you guys manage to sleep with these- these things?” Solar started to tear up a little bit as she knows that she’ll have to get used to sleeping with her new wings.

Summer nods in understanding what Solar Bolt was trying to say, “Oh, you mean our wings? First of all, try not to sleep on them, or you’ll get wing cramps...trust me, I’ve cramped my wings when they first grew in. I usually lay on my back or my stomach.”

“O-ok I-I guess I could t-try that but... “ Solar Bolt trailed off again as she wasn’t sure if she would like doing it that way, but she had to try as well as get used to sleeping like that as she’s now a pegasus. She smiles weakly at her friend and hugs her while crying a little.

T-thanks f-for everything, Summer..” The Pegai sniffles” I-I-I don’t know what I would’ve done if you haven’t been so kind enough to take me in after what happened to me! I-I guess what I’m saying is that I’-I’m glad I met you and your family.” Solar cried into her friend’s chest, drenching it with her tears.

Summer hugs her back, “Hay, you’re my friend and fellow Pegasi. We look out for one another! My sisters, Winter, Spring, and Autumn would love to hang out with you. You already met Autumn, so, that’s at least one of my siblings you met.” Summer begins to hug the crying Pegasi. “You seem to be a bit emotional, but that’s understandable. It’s a big change for you.”

“I-I know i-it is, a-and I’m willing to accept this change just as long as I have you and the other Pegasi there to help me.” Solar stopped her crying and just continued to hug her friend.

Summer nods giving her friend a hug back, “Well, you know there are other ponies who are going through the same issues as us? There are two other pony groups, the unicorns and Earth ponies. Autumn and I met an Earth Pony stallion a while back. His name is Axel. He used to fix wagons in Ponyville and told me he was a friend of the Apple family.”

“Oh really?” Solar’s ears perked up at this interesting news a smile on her face.

“H-hey Summer? I-I was wondering if we could meet this Axel friend of yours as well as maybe the Apple family too, i-if you don’t mind me asking, that is?” The dark blue Pegasi asked politely.

Summer shook her head, “Well, not sure about meeting Applejack and her family, since I heard that Discord banished the Element Bearers as well as the other residents of Ponyville and Cloudsdale. But, I could arrange a meeting with Axel. He’s a friend of Big McIntosh. He’s the large red stallion that worked on the Apple farm in Ponyville. He’s Applejack’s brother.”

“Oh I-I see,” Solar’s smile faded replaced by a sad look as her ears drooped as well. “W-well s-so much for that.” She sighed,”a-and I was really hoping to meet Applejack too o-oh well.”

Summer nods, “I was wanting to meet Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy, since Spring Breeze is good friends with Fluttershy. Winter Breeze loves to paint winter scenes, and I am certain her painting of Canterlot in Winter would be spotlighted in an art show. Rarity would really enjoy that.”

“Well then I-I guess we’ll just have to find a way to get Rainbow and her friends back then won’t we?” Solar Bolt suggested.

Solar Bolt had a look of hope in her eyes as her smile returned. She broke the hug as Summer realised that this blue Pegasi would do anything to help get Rainbow and the Elements of Harmony back!

“Well Summer, what’s say that we start our search for the Element Bearers, huh?” Solar enthusiastically said, hoping to figure out which ponies to reach out to.

Summer nods, “Yeah, after we eat breakfast. I cannot focus on locating missing ponies on an empty stomach.” She digs into her stack of pancakes. “We also need to help you fly again. This house we built out of clouds was designed to help house, train, and guide our fellow ponies learn to use their special talents. That’s what your Cutie Mark’s telling you, right?”

“Y-yeah I-I guess you’re right?” Solar’s stomach then growled in response to the sound of food being mentioned as she laughs a little bit.

“ Hehe, guess I could eat before searching, I suppose? But ok, and I guess I could use a few flying lessons as well too but... Alright!” The hungry Pegasi starts to dig into her pile of food.

”Mmm delicious! I love these pancakes you made, Summer!” Solar continued to enjoy the delicious pancake breakfast.

Summer nods, and eats her pancakes, “You said it. What do want to drink? I have milk, orange juice, apple juice..oh, thanks. Having three siblings to cook for definetly helps. They helped me get through my changes. Charlie, the philosophy major in college, became Spring Breeze, and Jennifer, the artist, became Winter Breeze.”

“Really? T-that’s interesting could you tell me more about these friends of yours?” Solar smiled as she really would like to know everything she can about Summer’s friends.

“Also, I guess a glass of OJ would be good i suppose, thanks.” Solar stated politely.

Summer face-hoofs, “Charlie and Jennifer are my sisters. They ended up as Pegasi. They go by Spring and Winter Breeze, respectively.” She flies over to get some orange juice for the both of them. “Here you go.” Summer pours some orange juice for her and Solar Bolt to drink.

“Oh s-sorry I-I didn’t know but still I’d love to hear more about them if you don’t mind, Summer?” Solar blushed as she realised she made a mistake about Summer’s family.

Summer nods, “It’s okay, Solar Bolt. I’ll help you meet my sisters and Cherry Cloud. Cherry Cloud is a young Pegasi filly who still needs help in flying. Autumn and I found her on a cloud, scared of flying. She ended up falling off the cloud, and we had to work together to save her. She has a Cutie Mark, a cherry on top of a white cloud. I wonder that that means?”

“I’m sorry to hear that, and I can only imagine how scary it must’ve been for the little filly,” Solar trailed off as she asked a follow-up question.

“How exactly did she get up on the cloud? I mean she couldn’t have flown up there all by herself, could she?” Solar Bolt asked while she ate another piece of her pancakes, listening to Summer’s tale of heroics to save the young Pegasus filly.

Summer placed a hoof to her chin. “She told Autumn and I she got blown off course when a strong wind started up. She must have found a cloud and ended landing on it. By the time Autumn and I heard her cries for help, there she was, shivering in fear, huddled on this cloud no bigger than her.”

As the two mares were discussing Cherry Cloud, the young filly in question awoke to the smells of breakfast and came down to eat. The pale green filly Pegasus had a sky blue and lime green mane with one part falling over her right eye and grazed the top of the left. The young filly had freckles on her face and a white cumulus cloud with a cherry on top as a Cutie Mark, representing her love of cooking. Her bright blue eyes saw Summer and her new friend eating their breakfast.

“Morning!” The little filly said, climbing up to her place on the table. “What’s for breakfast?”

Summer smiled at the filly, “Cherry Cloud, we have pancakes for breakfast and oh, this is my new friend, Solar Bolt! Solar Bolt, this is Cherry Cloud.”

Cherry Cloud nods and waved a hoof to Solar Bolt. “Hi there! Can I have some pancakes, please?” The young filly asked politely.

Summer nods, and flies over to get a plate for her new friend, “Here you go, Cherry Cloud! Just ask if you need anything else!” The light grey Pegasi gives the younger pony a side hug.

The filly begins to eat her breakfast and looks over at the other Pegasi in the room.

Just then, a light-blue Pegasus with a blue-light blue- blue mane crashed into the residence, causing every pony to jump. When the shape got up again, it revealed yet another familiar figure, Aqua Splash-ex-supervisor of the Cloudsdale weather factory.

"Ha! A cloud house! It reminds me of home!" She exclaimed, looking around. " I see Summer and her sisters have been busy saving other ponies from what was our ex-species."

"Aqua!" Summer exclaimed, hugging her friend. "Where have you been?"

"Well, after you and your sisters managed to stop me from drinking like crazy, I decided to travel around the world!" She replied, causing several "oohs" and "ahhs".

"Long story, but since you asked, here's why. Its a little bit crazy though. Reason being that it took me so long was that I met an Unicorn called Twinkle Shine somewhere in Canada. I tried to make her teleport me to Dubai, but then she screwed up and teleported us 1000 years into the past or something. So yeah, we had some Doctor Who like adventures trying to get back into the present. Finally, she managed to get her teleportation spell right and teleported us back. By then, I had lost interest in Dubai, so I decided to check out your house, which by the way is a bit too obvious." She finished, grabbing a few pancakes and started to munch on them.

"Anyway, as Summer already introduced me, I'm Aqua Splash. Oh, and mien parents are well, dead. Don't ask how, unless you want to see me drunk again. So Summer, who are the fillies? And who's your new mare friend?" She asked, pointing to Solar Bolt.

Summer rolled her eyes, “The filly’s name is Cherry Cloud, and this is Solar Bolt. Solar Bolt, this is Aqua Splash, or Aqua. My sisters and I have been helping Aqua with adjusting to being a Pegasus.” She hoofs over a plate of pancakes, “You are just in time for breakfast, Aqua, and you are welcome to stay here at Cloud Lane.”

"Thanks! I am getting tired of running from angry Romans anyway. I mean, they see a Pegasus and Unicorn, they get this instant urge to capture us and build us a shrine to stay in or something." The light-blue pegasus replied, lazily stretching her wings.

"Oh and another thing, Summer. There's this van parked right at the bottom of the cloud house, with some scientist guy who's armed with some syringe gun thingy. If you want to get rid of him, can I be the one?" She asked, pulling a scattergun from seemingly nowhere.

Summer thinks about having Aqua get rid of their unwanted visitor, tapping a hoof to her chin, “Sure, why not. Just try not to draw too much attention to yourself or us, okay?”

"Before I leave though, here's another question: why is everypony else so quiet?" Aqua asked the room, looking rather amused. "Anyway, I'll be back in a minute!"

Summer blinked, “Uh, it’s because it is morning and not every pony is up yet?” She replied, looking over at Cherry Cloud and Solar Bolt. “There’s plenty of pancakes left, if you get hungry.” The light grey Pegasi hovers over to see what Aqua Splash was up to.

To her surprise, she was greeted by a loud explosion, followed by Aqua shouting something in German. “Oh hi, Summer. I took care of the van.” She said happily, waving a detonator of some sort. “He kinda refused to move, and tried to shoot me, so I blew up his car! Ha!”

Summer’s eyes widened in shock, “You did what now? How did you get your hooves on a detonator device?”

“Well, I kinda pulled one from my back, after you know, he refused to move and started flinging needles at me. So, I got C4 and blew up his car. Well, not really. It’s this really fancy inter-dimensional teleportation device that doesn't work really well, hence the boom. But don’t worry, he’s safe...I think.” She replied, grinning madly. “I get it. You’re going to kill me aren't you?”

Summer shrugs, “I’m not going to kill you, Aqua. You were just defending yourself and us. No pony knows we are out here, except for those in the Cloud house and Mr. Axel, an Earth pony stallion who is our wagon fixer. He specializes in wagon replacement and repairs.”

"Okay then!" The light blue mare replied, happily making her way back towards the cloud house. "But anyway, I would still suggest that you move your house to a higher altitude. What if Dr. Evil has friends?"

Summer nods, “Very well, Aqua. I think that would be a great work project. After all, we are Pegasi, and we can move the cloud house to wherever we want. There’s a cloud elevator that takes you to the front porch and down to the ground floor.”

"I don't get it. Why do we even need an elevator anyway?" Aqua asked, matter-of-factly. "Ah well, see you later then. I'm gonna try to move this house!"

Summer nodded, “Need any help out there? I mean, we are Pegasi. I think a group of Pegasi would be able to handle moving a cloud house, right?”

"I don't know actually. I mean, if you can remember, I think some pony once moved a storm the size of Canterlot single hoofed. But if you want, you can help."

Summer remembered that it was Aqua who accomplished the feat she just boasted about. "That was you who moved that Storm cloud when we needed to fill the Horseshoe Reservoir; the same reservoir we get the water for the cloud factory's normal day-to-day operations?"

“You sure that was me? I thought that it was Rainbow Dash who did that?” Aqua responded, thinking back to who would be capable of the feat she and Summer were trying to recollect.

It took both of the Pegasi a few more heaves before they finally managed to get it out of sight.

Summer wiped the sweat off her brow, “Whew! You were right, Aqua. I think Rainbow Dash was the pony who set that record. Man, I’m tired. There’s plenty of drinks and food in the fridge if you want to take a break and rest."

"Yeah! That's a good idea indeed!" She replied, heading inside the house.

Chapter Sixteen: Errands Don't Run Themselves!

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A Gentle Breeze of Change
Chapter Sixteen: Errands Don’t Run Themselves!

"Everypony! Wake up! It's already one-o'clock or something! Are all of you possessed or something? WAKE UP!" A certain light-blue mare shouted, in a volume that almost beat Princess Luna's Royal Canterlot voice, except for the fact that the mare needed to breathe.

Summer Breeze, who had risen early for a flight run with her sisters to ensure they were able to keep up with their flight lessons, flew in, wondering what Aqua Splash was yelling about. “Aqua, please! What’s the emergency?” The light grey Pegasus hovered in mid-air, looking expectantly at her former supervisor.

"For starters, it's already One-o'clock. Secondly, have you read the news? There's reports of this explosion over in Iowa or something." She replied, waving a newspaper clipping about.

Summer Breeze stretched her wings and went over to check on the newspaper report that Aqua had been holding. “An explosion, you say? Anything special about this explosion that we should be concerned about?”

Aqua rolled her eyes in disbelief. "Well, firstly, there was no known cause of it. No bombs or some top-secret government crap. Secondly, after the explosion, people reported seeing rainbow-colored clouds. Which is impossible for a jet to cause."

Summer Breeze thought about the news of the rainbow-colored clouds, “Any pony you know that could cause that kind of explosion?” Summer asked, hopefully, waiting with baited breath for Aqua Splash to come up with her theories as to the origin of the colored blast.

"Erm... Nein. Ich habe getrunken letzte Nacht." She mumbled, looking away sheepishly. "Although I think I know who." After what seemed like careful pondering, she finally gave a reply while hovering above Summer.

"It's Rainbow Dash right? Is it?" She replied, producing something that resembled Pinkie Pie's party cannon.

Summer Breeze smiled, “Yeah, that would be something Rainbow Dash would do! She’s always showing off her flying tricks and one of her signature moves is called the Sonic Rain Boom! She performed one of those at the Best Young Flyers Competition. I think my sisters and I were there to watch Autumn Breeze compete. I think she did okay, but Rainbow’s heroic move to save the Wonderbolts earned her that title. Princess Celestia even declared her the winner.” The light grey Pegasus was so happy she performed a mid-air flip in her excitement!

"Cool! I'm going to find Pinkie Pie and maybe throw a party!" Aqua exclaimed happily, keeping the cannon. "Might as well return her her party cannon too."

Summer Breeze smiled, “I will go tell my sisters to prepare for our journey to Iowa. But, how do we know which way to go? Do we have some sort of map? And, we also need to tell Axel, Solar Bolt, and Cherry Cloud. I’m sure Axel would love to reunite with his old friend, Big MacIntosh.”

"Sure do!" Aqua exclaimed happily, reaching behind her back and magically produced a bunch of maps. "Let's see... We've got maps of Iowa, some kind of bank, a blueprint of a Diamond thingy, a map of Alabama, Washington DC, a map of Restaurants in Iowa, a pair of gloves and a United States Clowns mask?" She replied, looking slightly confused. "Must have been playing too much video games lately." She mumbled, handing the map of Iowa to Summer.

"Anyway, have fun studying maps!" Aqua Splash said as she made her way to the kitchen. "I'm going to have lunch. And maybe make somepony breakfast."

Summer Breeze obtains the map of Iowa from Aqua and then flies off to grab some food with Aqua. “Lunch sounds good about now. Who is going to have breakfast then?”

"Those who haven't woken up. I mean, ain't it obvious?"

Summer grinned sheepishly, “Uhm, right. I’ll go get my sisters and have them eat. I bet they are probably up by now. There is that Earth pony Stallion, Axel, who has been helping us with building our training aids to help the new Pegasi learn to fly again. And, there’s Solar Bolt and Cherry Cloud.” With that, Summer went to go find Solar Bolt to see if she was hungry and that Aqua Splash was fixing brunch.

Solar Bolt was asleep in her bed as she stirred in her sleep til she heard a knock at her door as her ear twitched at the sound of knocking…..”Mmmm f-five more minutes, mommy j-just f-five more minutes.”

Solar mumbled under her covers as she tossed and turned…. As if she was having a bad dream of some sort…..

In Solar Bolt’s dream, the peaceful world of Equestria, home of sentient equines and other creatures was full of chaos, courtesy of the spirit of chaos himself, Discord. Cloudsdale, home to the high-flying Pegasi, was in disrepair. Without the weather patrol to perform their tasks, the weather was out of control. The factories that helped provide the clouds for rain and snow was boarded up and showed signs of a huge battle between the Pegasi and Discord.

Solar Bolt, who was scanning any sign of the God of chaos himself-Discord, looked at everything that the pegasi had worked for all ruined and destroyed. Solar was seething mad as she gritted her teeth and tried to keep her emotions under control. Who knew what she’d be capable of if Solar ever got her hooves on Discord; for this as everypony knows that once Solar gets a hold of anypony she’ll make them regret whatever it was or is they did as she yelled out in anger.

“DISCORD!!!!!” She yelled as she tried to get his attention as the shadowy figure of the god of chaos himself appeared before her.

“Now, now, Solar Bolt, temper, temper!” Discord chided, admonishing the enraged Pegasi.

“Discord, I demand to know why the BUCK you did this to us RIGHT BUCKING NOW!!!!”

Solar yelled out yet again as the draconequus laughed out loud at her. Solar gritted her teeth yet again at him as she so desperately wanted to kill him right now. However, she could not do so due to the Royal Decree of Princess Celestia wanting him to learn to become good by learning the value of friendship.

“My dear Solar Bolt, you should know better that Princess Celestia wanted to have me use my powers for good. But, what’s the fun in that? I used the Princesses and decided to take over Equestria again. Besides, without the Elements of Harmony to put me in my place, so to speak, I am free to run Equestria my way. Allow me to leave you with a warning: you may have broken that spell I placed on you and your friends twenty-five years ago, but you are stuck on Earth with those,” he said the next word with disdain in his voice, “humans.” Enjoy blending in! Averadercci!” Discord snapped his claw and disappeared, plotting his next move.

Solar watched as he disappeared from her sight, as she so wished that she could’ve stopped him from disappearing like that. She couldn’t do anything as she sighed and just looked at everything around her. She hung her head low and muttered something under her breath. Dammit discord why? She asked to herself. Why did it have to be like this why us/ W-why everything that we so worked hard for huh? Huh? As Solar kicked the air with her back hoof and snorted One day, Discord ONE BUCKING DAY!!! I’ll…. I’ll…. I’ll… As Solar then bucked the wall of a cloud so hard that she sent it poofing into non-existence and gritted her teeth.

Just then, a new figure approached the very angry Pegasi. The figure was regally attired in black and dark blue hues, wearing a black tiara and bearing the Cutie Mark of the Princess of the Night, Princess Luna.

“Solar Bolt, why are thou so upset?” Princess Luna inquired, feeling saddened by the mare in front of her. Princess Luna had a kind and gentle countenance on her muzzle as she awaited Solar Bolt’s response.

Solar Bolt’s anger was then replaced with sorrow and sadness as she hung her head in shame again as she spoke with a little bit of hatred in her voice. She sighed heavily, then addressed Princess Luna. ”I-I don’t know, Princess... it’s just I-i don’t know why Discord did this to us! I mean why us? Princess huh? Answer me that!” Solar asked, almost demanding a response from Princess Luna. “Why would Discord destroy us and everything we worked so hard for as well as turn us into humans huh? As Solar was confused at everything that has happened to her and the other pegasi over the last few weeks.

Princess Luna shook her head, “Discord’s ways are still a mystery, even to us.” She stated, referring to her and her elder sister, Princess Celestia. “His attack on Equestria and its citizens will not go unpunished! I have arrived in thy dreams to deliver thee a message of great tidings! The Elements of Harmony have been found and are gathering others who are seeking those very answers you seek. The Element of Loyalty has performed a sign in the sky. Have you not heard of it from your friends?”

A sign?“ Solar asked in confusion as she tilted her head at the Princess of the Night ”You mean Rainbow Dash? Solar asked as she remembers her rival from her time back when she was in the Junior Speedsters Flight School for Pegasi.

Princess Luna smiled, determining that Solar Bolt was able to decipher her clues to the identity of the creator of the sign. “Yes, indeed, “Twas I who recommended Rainbow Dash to perform her signature maneuver so ponies who have returned from exile will be reminded that thou are not alone. Your friends in thy cloud house are in need of your help in preparing for your journey. You must travel to Iowa, where the Elements of Harmony await your arrival. They are gathering every pony in time for a Grand Summit. We shall also be in attendance to discuss with Princess Twilight Sparkle, the Element of Magic what to do next. You have a good group of pony friends, Solar Bolt. They are awaiting you to wake up.” With that, Princess Luna walks towards Solar Bolt and offers her a hug.

I understand Princess! Thanks.” As Solar Bolt returns the hug from her. ”Thank you Princess Luna, and I’ll try my best to do everything I can to help my friends!” She then had some final questions still lingering in her mind.

“But what about discord though? I mean, I don’t know how I’ll be able to keep my anger towards him under control much longer, especially considering that I so desperately wanna just get my hooves on him and make him regret everything he ever did to us Princess. What with the way he turned us into humans and stuff “sigh” I-I just don’t know what to do, Princess.” Solar said with a sigh and sadness in her voice.

Princess Luna returns the hug and then sighs, “Discord will be dealt with by the Elements of Harmony, and by us in due time.. Your role in this adventure is still being played out. Also, thou must try to control your anger, lest Discord use that as a weapon against thee. I should know; the last time I allowed anger to cloud thine judgement, Night Mare Moon destroyed our old castle and I was banished to the Moon by thy sister.” Princess Luna said with a sad tone in her voice, then smiled, “We must prepare for our arrival for the Summit, Solar Bolt. Do you understand what thy mission entails?”

“I understand, Princess thanks well I guess you’ll be going now huh?” As Solar Bolt knew well that it’s almost morning, and that her sister is about to raise the sun just about now.

Princess Luna smiled and walked off, “Fare Thee Well, Solar Bolt! We will be in touch with you and your friends soon. Take care of each other and prepare for your long journey to meet the Elements of Harmony. I am sure you have much to catch up on. By the way, you and your friends did a great job constructing your home in the clouds!” The Princess of the Night winked to Solar Bolt as she left to rest after lowering the moon for her sister to raise the sun for the morning.

Solar bolt smiles at her and waves goodbye to the Princess of the Night as she leaves her, feeling refreshed. Then Solar wakes up in her bed as she sees one of her friends standing there at her door.

Summer Breeze had knocked on the door, “Solar Bolt, are you up yet? Aqua Splash sent me to get you up for brunch! You going to stay in bed all day?”

“Huh? Oh y-yeah i’m up sorry to worry you and all but yeah I’m up now a-anyways I-I had a dream where I saw Princess Luna! She had told me about Rainbow Dash signaling us about meeting the other Elements of Harmony and her you know? She also said that I should keep my temper towards Discord under control as she fears that not keeping it under control could allow Discord to use it towards his advantage.”. Solar said as she sighed. But how the hay can she expect me to do that if I can’t even contain myself from seeing red? “As Solar’s friend tried to comfort her as best she could….”

Summer smiled and hovered over to her friend, giving her a hug. “Isn’t that why you came to us? We have a lot of friends needing our help right now. My sisters, Aqua Splash, and Cherry Cloud, Axel, and many more ponies out there need help.” She sighed, “I’m also mad at Discord for what he did to my little sister, Spring and I at Sugar Cube Corner. That’s how he got Pinkie Pie, Mr. and Mrs. Cake, and the rest of us who were celebrating our birthdays.”

I see…. “Solar said while sitting up in her cloud bed now as she sighed again” Well, might as well get up and get ready I guess? As Solar Bolt got out of her cloud bed and made it before getting her saddlebags ready for the trip as her stomach growled. “Ehehe guess I should get something to eat first huh? Um any food left to eat downstairs? Summer, I’m hungry! “asked Solar….”

Summer nods, “I would suggest you get a shower and head downstairs. I’ll let Aqua Splash know you are joining us for brunch. I’ll let you finish getting ready. I have to make sure my sisters are up and ready to go.” She then hugged her friend and waited for her outside her room to join her for brunch.

"Okay, thanks. “Solar said as she trotted to the bathroom and turn the nozzle to start up the shower as she stepped into the tub and let the soothing sound of the hot water wet her mane and tail. Solar sighed in relief and let the soothing water melt her sorrows and anger away. As she remembered what Luna had said in her dream.

"Remember, Solar Bolt! Do not let thy anger consume you for Discord can use it to his advantage! Remember!" Rang Luna’s voice inside her head over again and again as Solar just sighed and let the soothing hot water calm her down, for she was starting to seethe with hatred towards Discord.

What am I going to do? how can I keep my emotions under control? Celestia help me if I can’t! Solar said to herself as she then turned off the nozzle and stepped out of the tub and dried herself off with the towel. After she was dry enough to let her damp mane dry outside of her room, she looked out into the sky and said not a word; for if she did, she would say something uncontrollable and out of her own mouth. She just sighed and said nothing, just being silent.

Summer Breeze waited outside her friend’s room. She knew what Solar was going through, since she and her sister Autumn had witnessed her final transformation into the mare she was now. “Feeling better, Solar?”

Solar just stands there not knowing that her friend was standing there worried for her as she tried to ask her friend what was bothering her or at least tried to cheer her up?

Summer looked over at Solar Bolt, wondering what was going on, “Ahem, Solar, you feeling okay? You said you wanted to get some food from the kitchen? Aqua Splash is cooking brunch and we can set the table.”

Solar turns around and see her friend standing there as she has a worried look on her face but Solar smiles weakly at her and says to her…. “Hm o-oh i’-I’m fine, Summer... really now then l-lets go eat ok?”

As Solar trotted past her friend to go eat but as she did Summer noticed that she was holding her head down as if she knew that something’s not right with her friend as she knows that Solar isn’t being truthful with her at all.

Summer headed downstairs after Solar, observing her body language and deciding not to press the issue. A true friend does not judge, but encourages those in need with fellowship and good food.

“Hey, I got Solar Bolt up, Aqua! She’s needing some food and some company!” Summer called out to Aqua Splash.

"Erm...I think you might want to be the one giving Solar company. Remember last time when I got drunk? Other than using alcohol, I have next to no idea how to cheer somepony up." The light blue Pegasus replied.

Summer blushed and nodded, “Okay, well, at least fix her a plate of food, and for me as well. You can join us, if you want to.”

"Ok." Aqua replied. "What would you like? I've got French Toast, Eggs, enough ingredients to make a salad or something, Oatmeal and Cake-Although There's only half a slice of it left. For drinks we have Tea, assorted juices, Milk, Coffee and Mushroom Soup."

As Summer Breeze contemplated her breakfast options, Solar just sat there in her seat not ushering a word as her friend asked her what she wanted to eat. As Solar remembered her encounter with Discord in her dream, she replays herself yelling at Discord for destroying all of the hard work that all of the Pegasi had done, as well as the way that the god of chaos had just laughed at her and left her with a warning. Solar started gritting her teeth again and was about ready to buck or kick something when her friend spoke up to get her out of her daydream.

Summer looked over at Aqua Splash and back at Solar Bolt as the menu options for breakfast played in her head, “You know what, if you would please fix up some French Toast and eggs, a side salad, and some hot tea for myself.” She turned to Solar Bolt, “What do you want to eat, Solar Bolt?”

Solar was still not saying a word as the dream from earlier was still ringing in her mind as she could still hear Discord laughing at her over and over again. She was now on the verge of her breaking point until suddenly……

She snapped. “ARGH!!!!!” Solar Bolt screamed as she kicked the wall that she was closest to so hard that she left a hole in it. She just simply ignored the looks she got from her friends until she finally turned around to see the damage she had caused. Solar, shocked to see the damage she caused, covered her mouth with her hoof and got up, aplogizing profusely to her friend "I’m so sorry guys!” She wailed, as she then quickly gallops out of the kitchen to the back door to get some fresh air to calm down.

Summer heard and saw the display of anger coming from Solar Bolt and looked over at Aqua, “I don’t know what’s bothering her, Aqua. I’m not going to pry into anypony’s personal lives, but I think I should go see what is going on. What do you think?”

"Well, since you asked, bring a bottle of Rum or Scotch just in case...you know, she gets into another fit again. Most probably the worst idea ever, but it works." Aqua suggested. "Oh, and do you still want your breakfast?"

Summer nodded, “Yes, I’ll take the breakfast to go. While you are fixing breakfast, could you fix Solar up a plate? She could use a good meal to help her keep her strength and stamina up.” She sighs as she decides to sit down to eat her breakfast, hoping that whatever Solar was going through today, she would get it out of her system before Cherry Cloud or Summer’s sisters would notice.

"Well, just remember-if Solar needs memory wiping, tell me. With my new-found ability to make things appear, wine or no wine, I can make her forget about what happened!" Aqua said, as she set Summer's food down on the table.

Meanwhile, outside of the cloud house, Solar sat on the porch at the back as the wind blew through her mane. She sighs, remembering the display of anger that just happened as she contemplates the anger that manifested when she damaged the cloud wall, causing a hole in it, just mere moments ago.

She sighed heavily, Why can’t I control my anger? Solar asked herself as she sat there hanging her head low. I mean if i can’t control my anger, how am I going to show Cherry and Summer’s sisters how good of a role model I can be if I don’t get my emotions, e-especially my anger under control? Solar kicked up some cloud before sitting back down on her haunches.

Meanwhile, Summer got a plate of food and went over to help console her friend. “Solar? Are you okay? I brought you some food….I just want to let you know….you are my friend, and my sisters and I will be here to help you. The same goes for Aqua Splash.” She gave Solar Bolt a hug in friendship.

Solar Bolt looked up at her friend and sighed as she let the wind blow through her mane once more before speaking up. “Oh hay, Summer I-I’m fine j-just getting some fresh air t-that’s all…. “ Solar said in a low voice with a tinge of sadness in her voice.”N-no need to worry about me though o-ok?

Summer smiled and offered the plate of food Aqua Splash fixed. “Aqua made this breakfast for you. You should eat something. I don’t want my best friend to go out for a flight without a hearty breakfast.”

“Solar looks at the plate of food for her as she pushes it away with her hoof and shakes her head.”T-thanks Summer, b-but all of a sudden I-i’m not so hungry, s-sorry. As Solar had a look of sadness on her face as she continued to look up at the sky.

Summer frowns as the food was going to waste. “You sure? There’s plenty of food and Aqua Splash is in charge of fixing our meals. If you don’t want to talk about what is bothering you, I will understand. But, I want to let you know you can talk to me or my sisters if you’re feeling down.”

Solar looks back at her friend again as her ears are flat against her head as she takes a deep breath before she starts to talk.” Y-you really wanna know what’s wrong with me, Summer?”
Solar wasn’t sure if she wanted to go through with telling her about what she saw in her dream but she knew that her friend was willing to listen and do the best she can to help her out.

Summer smiles and brings the plate of food to Solar. “You know, a true friend helps those in need, right? I believe my sister and I sang a song about it to cheer up Aqua Splash.” She thinks about any new lyrics to help Solar Bolt with her situation.

Solar smiles weakly at her and thinks of how to best explain to her friend about her dream as well as what she saw in her dream. “W-well i-if you really want to know then I-I guess I can tell you, Summer? “As she took a deep breath and tried to remember what she saw.” Y-you remember Discord that was trying to get rid of us right? “Solar asked her friend.

Summer frowns at the hearing of the name of the chaos entity. “Yeah, he’s the one I hear responsible for the banishment of our pony friends. But the good news is they are back, right? I mean, if we are back, does that mean the more popular ponies are back as well?”

“I guess you are right about that, Summer. Anyways, what happened in my dream was this….. “ As Solar tried to remember what happened as she explained to her friend everything that she saw. She explained how Discord had appeared in front of her as well as how he taunted Solar about her anger issues. She also explained how Princess Luna made an appearance shortly after Discord, and told her about trying to control her anger. “You see, Summer, w-when I got so mad about the way Discord was mocking me, I-I just simply lost it and well y-you know the rest and for that, I’m sorry. Please forgive me Summer; I-I didn’t mean to lose my temper like that.”

Summer gave her friend a side hug and then talked with her. “Why do you need to apologize to me, Solar? Everypony gets angry or frustrated at times. It is how we deal with it is what matters. Discord thrives on chaos and disharmony between ponies. That’s what he does best. Right now, he’s the real enemy. You have more friends here who will back me up.”

“I-I know Summer, b-but I-I just don’t know how I can control my anger like this, especially in front of your sisters as well as Cherry Cloud “as Solar felt bad for beating herself down like this in front of her friend but what could she do?

Summer thought about how to help Solar while munching on an apple. “We will deal with that when the time comes. Just remember, Cherry Cloud’s a filly and she needs our help to learn to fly better. Spring, my sister, is the youngest member of my family, and she’s a bit shy when it comes to meeting new friends. But, once she gets to know somepony, she’ll be your best friend.”

Solar then looks at her friend and weakly smiles at her as she could tell that she’s right. She smiles now a little bit better and hugs her!” T-thanks Summer, I-I don’t know what I would do if you weren’t here to cheer me up! Thank you so much!“As Solar felt better now after talking with her friend.

Summer gets hugged by the blue Pegasi in front of her and hugs back. “No problem, Solar Bolt! That’s what friends do. We help each other overcome challenges and get them back on their four hooves. Now, you feeling up to getting something to eat? Let’s put those bad thoughts away and focus on today’s agenda. You heard about that colorful explosion in Iowa?”

“Yeah your right, um could you push that plate over to me please so that I can eat? “Solar asked as she heard her stomach growled, producing a blush on her face. After Summer provided her with the meal that Aqua fixed, Solar Bolt started munching on some of the food as her appetite had returned after having that talk. As for hearing about that explosion in Iowa? “N-no can’t say I have why? “ Solar asked her friend.

“Feeling better?” Summer smiled as she also finished eating, stretching her wings. “Yeah, apparently, Aqua said there was this colorful explosion in Iowa. Nopony knows about it, except for a few ponies I heard claim it was from a certain rainbow maned mare.”

“Rainbow maned mare?” Solar poundered who it was that her friend was referring to as she thought long and hard. “Rainbow maned mare hmm…. “ Then a spark came and in an instant Solar started to get all excited as a wide smile spread across her muzzle!

”You wouldn’t happen to be referring to my good friend Rainbow Dash by any chance would you, Summer?” Solar had a glimmer in her eyes upon the mention of Rainbow Dash’s name.

Summer smiled as well, “Who else would show off like that? It would have to be a Pegasi, since the explosion happened in the sky. Unless an unicorn can use magic like that, I doubt it would be one of those ponies.”

“Yeah I guess you are right but still….” Solar thought about it some more but then stopped her thinking "A-anyways what are we waiting around here for, Summer, when we should be getting ready for our long journey ahead to meet up with the Mane 6!" Solar instantly got up and trotted inside to get her stuff packed up and ready for the trip to Iowa!

Summer nodded, and trotted into the foyer of the cloud house. “I’ll talk to my sisters and you can talk to Aqua Splash and Cherry Cloud. I think we should ask Axel too. He’s best friends with that red stallion who worked on that apple farm back home.”

“Yeah, sure Summer,” Solar tried to get everything packed up as fast as she could into her saddlebags as she was just about finished with her packing. ”I think that that’s everything I have.” Solar rechecked her surroundings to make sure that everything was packed up for the trip. Satisfied that she had everything all packed up, Solar was indeed ready for her trip to meet up with the others at their location in Iowa.

Summer nods, “You know, this house is made of clouds and we can move it to Iowa when we gather the rest of the ponies. Then, we can invite the Pegasi we find to join us here when we arrive in Iowa. I wonder how many ponies we know from Ponyville that have made it to Iowa?”

Solar put her hoof to her chin and tapped it while pondering for a brief moment ”Hmm…. I have no idea, Summer, but we’ll have to see. As for the cloud house, I guess you are right about that. But, how am I going to be able to help move the cloud house with you and the other pegasi when I can’t even figure out how to use um these…. “ She spreads out her wings showing Summer what she meant. ”I mean, I’m still getting used to my wings since my transformation into a pegasus. I still don’t know or remember on how to use them.” Solar said, her head hanging low.

Summer nodded, “Would you like to practice flying with my sisters and me? I think if you see your fellow Pegasi in flight, you can eventually get the hang of having hooves, wings, and eating no meat.”

“Yeah I guess you are right but still….” Solar thought about it some more but then stopped her thinking "A-anyways what are we waiting around here for, Summer, when we should be getting ready for our long journey ahead to meet up with the Mane 6!" Solar instantly got up and trotted inside to get her stuff packed up and ready for the trip to Iowa!

Summer nodded, and trotted into the foyer of the cloud house. “I’ll talk to my sisters and you can talk to Aqua Splash and Cherry Cloud. I think we should ask Axel too. He’s best friends with that red stallion who worked on that apple farm back home.”

“Yeah, sure Summer,” Solar tried to get everything packed up as fast as she could into her saddlebags as she was just about finished with her packing. ”I think that that’s everything I have.” Solar rechecked her surroundings to make sure that everything was packed up for the trip. Satisfied that she had everything all packed up, Solar was indeed ready for her trip to meet up with the others at their location in Iowa.

Summer nods, “You know, this house is made of clouds and we can move it to Iowa when we gather the rest of the ponies. Then, we can invite the Pegasi we find to join us here when we arrive in Iowa. I wonder how many ponies we know from Ponyville that have made it to Iowa?”

Solar put her hoof to her chin and tapped it while pondering for a brief moment ”Hmm…. I have no idea, Summer, but we’ll have to see. As for the cloud house, I guess you are right about that. But, how am I going to be able to help move the cloud house with you and the other pegasi when I can’t even figure out how to use um these…. “ She spreads out her wings showing Summer what she meant. ”I mean, I’m still getting used to my wings since my transformation into a pegasus. I still don’t know or remember on how to use them.” Solar said, her head hanging low.

Summer nodded, “Would you like to practice flying with my sisters and me? I think if you see your fellow Pegasi in flight, you can eventually get the hang of having hooves, wings, and eating no meat.” Summer unfurled her wings and flapped them to get to a hovering position. “This is what is called hovering mode. It’s a standard position they taught us in flight school.”

Solar nodded her head as she listened closely on how to fly as she remembers her first experience at flying when she was a pegasus before turning human. She looks at her wings yet again and sighs. ”I know Summer, but how do I? I mean I’ve been a human all my life before I returned to being a pegasi.”

Summer hovers over to Solar Bolt and gives her a hug. “My sisters and I used to be human before we changed as well, so we know what you are feeling. Come on, Solar, flap those wings!” She demonstrates her wing flapping to keep her hovering in mid-air.

O-ok I’ll try, Summer!” Solar starts to flap her wings as she tries to remember how she did before being human, “ I-I can’t seem to flap them properly, Summer.” Solar said, stopping her flapping and hanging her head in shame.

Summer heads over and gives her friend a wing hug. “You can do better than this, Solar Bolt. Keep trying! We have enough time for my sisters and the other ponies to arrive before we show them your flying moves!”

"First thing to learning how to fly is basically, not crashing into stuff." Another voice, which belonged to Aqua Splash, said.

"So yeah...You’re doing a pretty good job, not crashing. Better than I did, but that was due to a hangover." She continued, perching herself on a nearby cloud.

Summer continued to hover, watching Aqua and Solar Bolt interact. “Aqua raises a good point, Solar. Just flap those wings up and down, like I’m doing. if you can stay airborne for say,” she thought about how long the hovering exercise should last.

“Aqua, help me out here; how long should Solar Bolt keep up her hovering for to make sure she’s ready for sustained flight?”

"I don't know. A minute? An hour? As long as you feel safe enough, then go do the crazy stuff-loop the loops and whatever you want." She replied from her cloud.

Summer smiled, “That sounds about the right amount of time they told us in Flight Camp.” She smiled and encouraged her friend, Solar Bolt to keep up her wing flapping for at least a minute to an hour, or until she felt comfortable with staying aloft. “After you master hovering, we can set up some cloud markers and see if you can fly up to them. We need to be able to fly well, since we’ll be meeting Rainbow Dash, and she’ll want to prove we still have what it takes as Pegasi.”

Chapter Seventeen: Flight of the Pegasi!

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A Gentle Breeze of Change
Chapter 17
Flight of the Pegasi!

"So, ponies, as far as we know, probably half of Equestria is in Iowa, doing family reunions. If you want to go and rediscover your...mates, I would suggest that somepony give us an idea how to get to Iowa." Aqua Splash addressed the room of Pegasi in front of her, munching on some (simulated) Fish Fingers and Custard in a bowl.

Summer raises a hoof, “Uhm, Aqua, I may have a plan, if every pony would like to listen.” She then headed up to address the assembled ponies. Autumn, Winter, Spring, Cherry Cloud, Axel, and Solar Bolt were all there, with Axel waiting on the ground near his vehicle, listening to the Pegasi plan the next course of action.

Summer continued, “I recommend a small recon force, maybe of Pegasi do a fly over and make contact with some of the Elements of Harmony Bearers. Or, we can just up and move the entire caravan of ponies to Iowa in the cloud house. Mr. Axel here can take any pony who is not a Pegasi. The cloud house is mobile and can be moved over Iowa. We can even invite Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy up to talk to us.”

"A recon group would be good I guess, since there's always the chance of animal control being called onto us by the...humans." Aqua muttered, surpassing a shiver. She had ran into them before and it wasn't a pleasant memory.

Summer nods, “Yeah, I agree with Aqua here. A recon group will be formed soon. We have several Pegasi who are able to fly well enough to possibly join up in the Wonderbolts recruitment class, if we ever get back to Equestria and rebuild it. If you want on the recon group, let myself or Aqua Splash know. Once we have assembled the team, we can try to get some communication between us and the home team established. Then, the cloud house can be moved closer to Iowa so we can have a permanent
home to go to, once we find out what the ponies out there are needing from us.”

Meanwhile. Cherry Cloud, who had earlier volunteered as the team's scout, was flying around, scouting the ground for any other ponies. I'm pretty sure I heard something or some pony over here she thought with frustration. Suddenly, a rustle sounded near a bush.

Cherry's ears perked up as she tried to locate the sound. She looked at a bush and saw a white bunny hop out. She narrowed her eyes in confusion. She gently flapped her wings and glided down to the ground. The rabbit seemed to look gleeful once seeing her, and jumped back into the bush. He then came out again, this time pulling a pink tail with him. Cherry cloud grinned with excitement; another pony!

"Uhmmm, hello?" Asked Cherry, careful not to scare the newcomer.

"Hi..." Squeaked the tiny voice from inside the bush. Cherry Cloud then introduced herself, hoping to coax the pony hiding in the bush out.

"I'm Cherry Cloud, I was turned into a pony on my birthday, what happened to you?" A pale yellow face popped out from the bush. The pony was revealed to be none other than Fluttershy, the Element of Kindness herself.

"Oh my! You are another pony!" Fluttershy smiled happily, "Rainbow Dash will be so glad." The yellow Pegasus' light blue eyes shone brightly at the sight of the young filly.

It was Cherry's turn to smile. She was a member of the Rainbow Dash fan club in Ponyville.

"You know others!?" Cherry Cloud exclaimed in excitement.

Fluttershy nodded. "I-I can take them to you.. if you want." The pink maned pony offered.

"Well," Cherry began, "I'd need to get my friends first. Could you tell me where it is?" The pony nodded again.

"Its over-" Fluttershy pointed her nose toward a building on the horizon. "-there." The building in question was the farm house where Applejack, her little sister, Apple Bloom, and her elder brother, Big MacIntosh called home.

"Oh, okay then! Thanks!" Cherry Cloud began to fly off in the direction of the farm house in anticipation of surprising Rainbow Dash.

The yellow shy pony blushed and muttered an inaudible ‘you’re welcome.’

Cherry turned to go, then stopped, "Wait, what was your name?"

"Oh, I’m Fluttershy. Pleased to meet you, Cherry Cloud. I see that Angel Bunny was able to help you find me." The yellow Pegasus softly said to Cherry Cloud.

Angel then heard rustling in the nearby bushes, and alerted Fluttershy and Cherry Cloud to the source of the noise, pointing a paw towards the grove of shrubbery that Fluttershy hid in earlier.

Just then, another rustle in another patch of bushes came. Fluttershy squeaked and jumped behind Cherry Cloud. A dark yellow stallion with a blue and orange mane came out from the bushes the mare and filly heard the rustle come from earlier.

“I could of sworn I heard-” The stallion had just caught sight of Fluttershy and Cherry Cloud. His bright green eyes widened and he let out an unmanly squeal.

“Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh! Fluttershy!” He then fainted.

Summer Breeze, who was flying in a formation with her sisters when the new unicorn stallion fainted, broke formation and glided down towards where Cherry Cloud and Fluttershy were trying to revive the fallen pony.

“Hi there! What seems to be the problem?” Summer smiles to the group as she landed, “Oh, I’m Summer Breeze, and my sisters, Autumn, Spring, and Winter will be joining me soon. They wanted to continue flying a bit more.” The pegasi who was talking had a light grey coat, a blue-green mane and tail, and had a blue green west wind Cutie Mark on her flanks, Her eyes were turquoise and shined brightly, while also showing compassion towards the fallen pony.

The stallion was almost fully awake by now and was just shaking away the stars that remained floating around his head. "Well hi Summer! My name is Pencil Lead." The yellow stallion replied happily.

Summer nodded, “Pleased to meet you, Pencil Lead! This little filly gave my sister and I a scare a while back during a thunderstorm. Her name is Cherry Cloud, and she’s been staying with us, learning to fly better. Those flying lessons sure paid off.” Summer indicated the small light green filly with the bluish green mane and tail.

“Hello Cherry,” Said Pencil nodding to the filly in question. “Where are you staying. I’m pretty sure any apartment or hotel wouldn’t service to pastel ponies.”

Cherry Cloud nodded and pointed a hoof towards the cloud house that Summer’s sisters were bringing in,

“I am staying with Summer and her sisters in the large cloud house. I don’t think you can come up, since you aren’t a pegasus, but Ms. Fluttershy is welcome to come with us.”

“Well I think I can fix that! I looked deeper into the episodes when I was a human. I figured out the spell Twilight used to make her friends walk on clouds. I can cast that and be able to live in the cloud house.” Maybe make some pegasi think they’re going crazy too. Pencil thought snickering.

“What’s so funny?” asked Cherry Cloud.

“It’s nothing.” replied Pencil dismissively.

“I should go and talk with Rainbow Dash…” Fluttershy said while backing away. Soon she was enveloped by a leafy bush.
Summer watched as Fluttershy shyly disappeared into the bush, “Uhm, Fluttershy, you okay? You kinda remind me of my little sister, Spring Breeze. She’s been really wanting to meet you and your friends.”

“Really?” asked the butter yellow pegasus, her voice barely heard.

Cherry Cloud went over to the bush to talk to Fluttershy. “Can you come out and introduce us to your friends? We haven’t seen many of our pony friends since Discord attacked Ponyville.”

The bush shuddered probably from Fluttershy either leaving or shuddering in memory of Discord.

Cherry Cloud shrugged, “What? Was it something I said?”

Summer went over to the filly and draped a wing over to her little friend, “We all have been affected by Discord’s chaotic spell, and were transformed into ‘humans’. Then, the spell broke, and now, everypony we know and love are changing back into ponies. Not that it had its share of challenges along the way.”

The bush shuddered again this time most likely because Fluttershy had left. Pencil Lead walked over to the bunch of leaves and poked his head through.

“Yep, she’s gone,” The stallion called from the bush. He trotted back to the group and levitated some leaves and twigs from his mane. “So… What now? I can check out the cloud house. What do you call it? It would get annoying just calling it ‘The Cloud House’ all the time.”

Summer smiled at the stallion warmly, “Well, Pencil Lead, we call the Cloud House ‘One Cloud Lane.’ It is our mobile home and training facility for the Pegasi. We did have this Earth Pony named Axel who showed up, but he preferred to be closer to the ground.”

“Then let’s head up to One Cloud Lane!” Pencil declared. His horn started glowing and a burst of magic wrapped around him. The green magic died out. “Wait. How will I get up?” asked the yellow stallion.

Summer shook her head, “Yeah, you are an unicorn, and last time I checked, only Pegasi can walk on clouds, unless you used a spell to walk on clouds for 3 days. Since you can cast spells, you did cast a walk on clouds spell on yourself, right?”

“Yep! Just did.” Pencil replied.

Summer flew up to grab a cloud from the sky and flew it down to the group. “Hop on the cloud elevator! Next stop, One Cloud Lane!”

Pencil jumped onto the cloud and laid down.

Cherry Cloud flew up and landed on the cloud next to Pencil Lead, followed by Summer. “My sisters are waiting up for us, probably have something yummy for meal time. You hungry, Pencil Lead?”

“Famished. Should my entrance be a surprise?” responded Pencil.

Summer nodded, “Yes, that would be fine. There are other Pegasi at One Cloud Lane; Aqua Splash and Solar Bolt. We helped both of them when they were going through their transitions into ponies. You wouldn’t believe how many more humans have been affected by Discord’s curse. Some of them are still regaining their memories, like us. Do you remember anything about Ponyville or Equestria?”

“I visibly remember Twilight bursting into my book store saying something along the lines of ‘Must have books! Must have precious!’” replied Pencil, laughing.

Summer and Cherry Cloud looked at each other, then laughed along with Pencil Lead of the sight of Ponyville’s resident alicorn princess demanding books like Gollum needing his connection to the One Ring.

Eventually, the group made it to One Cloud Lane. Its architecture was reminiscent of the Athenian Parthenon, with its columns and arches on the front porch.

“That’s just the outside. The inside is pretty awesome too. We’ll get you a room, unless you want to crash in the front room. You know you’ll have to recast your spell after three days, right?” Summer asked as she maneuvered the cloud elevator with her wings towards the porch, allowing for Cherry Cloud and Pencil Lead to disembark.

Pencil was still gawking at the massive structure before him. “I think I’ll need a room. And I’m really good at remembering things so I should be able to stay up there for a while.”

Summer nodded and sent Cherry Cloud ahead of the group to inform her sisters they had a guest, and he needed a room. “I’ll let our junior messenger pony inform my sisters of your request. I’m sure Winter, Spring, and Autumn will be more glad to get you something to your liking. Winter’s an artist, Autumn is an athlete, and Spring is somewhat shy and introspective.”

“I’d like to meet Winter. And I think that if what I’ve seen so far contributes for everything, anything will be to my liking.” said Pencil.

Summer showed Pencil Lead some of Winter’s paintings, depicting winter scenes from Ponyville, Canterlot, and Cloudsdale.
“This is my sister’s art. She paints winter scenes. She was working on Canterlot in Winter when she started to change back to a pony. She was able to complete her painting by holding the brush with her mouth. We had an art studio built here for her to
continue her special talent. Her Cutie Mark has a paint palette and a snowflake with a paintbrush.”

“I think I might of ordered a painting from her in Ponyville. Small world.” commented Pencil.

Summer smiled, “Perhaps you will finally get to meet the artist behind these paintings at dinner time. We can discuss what’s happened to us and how we can work together to work with the others at the farm down there.”

“Sounds like a good idea to me. Do you know if you can eat chocolate pie as a pony? All I’ve had is salad and grass.”

Summer nods, “I’ve had it at Sugarcube Corner with my sisters for when we had a tiring day at work. I used to work with my sister Spring in the cloud factory, and Autumn was in the rainbow factory, mixing rainbow colors. Winter chose her art studio in Ponyville.” Summer reminisced about her adventures in Ponyville with her sisters and friends.

“Good! My human mom used to make it for me all the time.” Pencil sighed. “I miss mom.”

Summer sighed as well, “I miss my parents as well. I am not sure if they are on this earth as ponies or as humans, or transitioning into ponies. I don’t know how to contact them or even if they have a way to reach me or my sisters.”

“My mom always said that if I remember her she’ll always be in my heart. Right now I don’t know that after this I’ll remember them at all. Now lets get to dinner. I will not stand for us to be sad for this long.” said Pencil Lead.

Summer trotted to the kitchen, looking back to see if Pencil Lead was going to join her.

“Here we are; the kitchen. There should be some food in the refrigerator.” She opened the fridge door with her mouth to reveal a plethora of food and drink choices.

“Thanks Summer!” said the hungry stallion while levitating an apple out and munching on it happily. “When will I get my room? I’d like a bit of privacy to practice my spells. I doubt you or anypony else would like to have a fireball to the face. Wait. Did I use a ponyism? Weird.”

Summer giggled, “I know, right? I was using ponyisms about the 3rd day after my Cutie Mark appeared. I used to be a weather reporter before I ended up as a pony. Probably since I am a Pegasus, I have some connection to the weather now.”

Summer then went to check on the progress of the room, and flew back with some good news; her sisters got the message from Cherry Cloud about needing a room, so they worked together to fix up one for Pencil Lead.

“Looks like your room’s ready. I’m glad you met us, Pencil Lead. I’m going to get something to eat, and you can follow Cherry Cloud to your private room. Let us know if you need anything else, okay?”

“Okay. Thanks for everything Summer.” replied Pencil.

Cherry Cloud got an apple from the kitchen and munched on it as she waited for Pencil to finish his meal. “Once you get done with your meal, I can show you your room.” The little filly said to the stallion. Her time among the older mares had opened her up to a world of friendship and adventure.

“Got it, Cherry.” said Pencil as he finished off his fruit. “Ready to go when you are.”

Cherry swallowed her last bite of apple, and tossed the core into the trash. Pencil Lead did the same. The filly spread her wings and glided through the kitchen, waving to Summer, who waved back, while contemplating what to have for her meal.

Cherry lead Pencil Lead to the living room. “Here’s where we have our house meetings to discuss stuff, or just hang out and talk. I think Aqua Splash calls this room, ‘The Common Room.’” The room had a couch and several living room furniture items for ponies to sit and relax.

“As in Harry Potter common rooms?” asked Pencil Lead. “I love that series.”

Cherry Cloud nodded, “I think that’s where Aqua Splash got the idea from; she’s sort of the den mother around here. She’s really nice.”

“You’d think Summer would be the den mother. Do you meen Aqua Splash, as in the supervisor of the weather factory?” questioned Pencil.

“Managing Supervisor for the Cloudsdale Weather Factory,” Summer said, flying in to help take part in the tour. She showed up at my doorstep while I was in the middle of my transformation; I was half human, half pony then. When I checked on her, she finished her transformation back into the pony she once was and I recognized her as my old supervisor from work. I called my sisters and they came to help.”

“Oh. I heard her name a couple times around Ponyville.” quipped Pencil.

Cherry Cloud nods, “Same here. Anyway, you think there are some fillies my age to hang out with? Everypony I have talked to are older than me.”

“Maybe the Cutie Mark Crusaders will be there. I’m hoping Pinkie Pie will be there. And Twilight. She has to apologize for buying all my books that one time I told you about.” said Pencil Lead.

Cherry Cloud’s eyes lit up, “You mean Scootaloo’s here? Cool! I wonder if Apple Bloom and Sweetie Belle would remember me. I joined their club back when I moved to Ponyville with my family, and then I got my Cutie Mark when my mother asked me to help her bake a pie to take to my friends for a picnic.”

“Now I want pie. And I just had an apple.” whined the yellow stallion.

Summer laughed, “I’m sure we could ask Applejack for some pies. She and her brother invited all the ponies here after that sonic rain boom incident a while back. That’s probably why there are ponies all over the farm.”

“I have a brilliant idea! Let’s stop talking about pies so I don’t keep regretting for not grabbing the slice that was in the fridge.” complained Pencil.

Summer nodded, and stuck out her hoof, “Deal! We can get some you-know-what’s at a later time from Applejack when she’s available.”

“Deal! But that technically counts as talking about pie.” Said Pencil, sticking his hoof out.

The light grey pegasus mare and the unicorn stallion hoof-bumped in a sign of friendship. “Great, we are getting along so well. Now that you are settled into your new home, and got some food, what do you want to do?”

The stallion put his hoof up to his chin. “Hmmmm. How about making stuff explode! That’s always fun.” suggested Pencil.

Summer shook her head, “Uh, not sure about exploding stuff in One Cloud Lane is my idea of fun. Your room’s ready by the way.”

“Great! I just have one question. Would it count as breaking the fourth wall if I hum the My Little Pony theme song?” asked the stallion.

Summer shrugged, “We ponies break into song at the drop of a hat. Feel free to sing away, Pencil.” She flapped her wings, as did Cherry as they gave Pencil the floor to sing or hum his tune.

“Are you just going to stay there hovering until I sing?”

Summer shook her head, “Nah, we can sing with you. What do you want to sing first?”

“I have no idea! How about the Smile Song or whatever Pinkie is calling it.”

Summer shakes her head, “I don’t think Pinkie Pie would want us to sing her song, unless she joined us with her friends.” After Summer had finished her sentence a pink head popped through the floor.

“Did somepony say my name?” asked a chipper Pinkie before she disappeared through a hole in the cloud home.

Cherry Cloud saw Pinkie Pie pop up, and flew back a bit. “Was that who I thought that was?”

Summer giggled, “Yep, that’s Pinkie Pie. She’s known for her love of parties and songs. I think you need a party to welcome you back, Pencil.”
Pinkie appeared again through the hole in the floor. “Did somepony say party?” she asked before disappearing once again.

Summer facehooved, “Pencil, can you cast your walk-on-cloud spell on Pinkie Pie so she can throw you a…” she stopped to plan with Pencil to cast the spell when Pinkie popped up through the hole.

“Sure, Summer. Pinkie, can you please stay still?” asked an exasperated Pencil as Pinkie proceeded to pop in the hole a couple more times before coming to a stop with her head still in the hole.

“Sure!” replied Pinkie.

“Wha? How?” asked Pencil. “Nevermind just Pinkie being Pinkie.” The stallion’s horn glowed and Pinkie was cast in a green light before it disappeared completely.

“Yay!” Pinkie shouted as she hopped into the cloud house.

Summer got a cloud from outside to patch up the hole before somepony fell through it. “There, safety first. Now then, since we have a party planner, and the guest of honor is Pencil Lead here, what do you have planned, Pinkie?”

“Nothing. Just my party cannon!” The cannon in question shot streamers, confetti, balloons and much more. All of the supplies blanketed the area and came out as a perfect party including music and food.

Cherry Cloud helped herself to the punch bowl, getting a cup. She was a bit short when it came to reach the table to pour
some punch into her cup. “Can I get some help with the punch bowl, please?” asked the filly politely.

“Sure, Cherry.” Pencil trotted over to the punch and poured himself and the filly some.

Cherry thanked the kind stallion for his help and sipped her punch, “What flavor is the punch? I assume Pinkie made it?”

Summer also sampled the punch as well, “It has an interesting flavor. Maybe Pinkie wouldn’t mind sharing the recipe?”

“Where is Pinkie anyway?” asked Pencil who had drank all of his punch and was getting more.

“She probably went back to the farm.” replied Cherry Cloud who began to yawn.

Summer smiled, tired from partying with her friends, “Yeah, and looks like somepony can barely keep her eyes open. C’mon, Cherry. Time for bed.”

Pencil began to yawn too. “Yeah, looks like it’s time to hit the hay. ‘Night Summer. ‘Night Cherry.”

Summer carried the sleepy Cherry Cloud in her fore legs while flying at a slow pace towards the bedroom, “Bathroom’s right here, in case you need it. We have separate bathrooms for stallions and mares, so no funny ideas. Got it?”

Pencil Lead chuckled, “Got it. See you in the morning.” He made his way to the fluffy cloud bed.

Meanwhile in the sky the stars glimmered as Luna’s moon looked down on Earth.

Chapter Eighteen: Farmland Bound

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A Gentle Breeze of Change

Chapter 18

Farmland Bound

The sun rose over the majestic pegasus house as Summer was waking up. She stretched her wings, arched her back, her front hooves in front of her in an attempt to wake up her body. After shaking the sleep from her eyes, Summer got out of bed and went to clean up. As she went down the hall towards the showers, she wondered where her sisters and the other residents were at, and what were they doing.

Meanwhile in the kitchen and dining room area, ponies were sitting around the table while Aqua Splash made French Toast. The pegasi had welcomed Pencil Lead to One Cloud Lane and made him feel a part of their group. His magical contributions to the group, along with his witty humor, helped him to fit in with the other ponies. Besides, he knew Summer from their former place of employment.

Pencil was glad the group accepted him with open arms, or in the case of these ponies, open hooves. As a human, he was an outcast during school. He was glad to have Summer as a personal friend, and her sisters were very helpful in their own way to the group. The other ponies who showed up seeking help or offering assistance added to the already growing herd.

Summer Breeze flew over the table, placing some plates for each pony who were eating breakfast, along with silverware and some napkins. The drinking cups were for beverages that each pony drank from while eating their French Toast.

"So...I guess today's our last day on Earth." Aqua said, prodding her toast with a fork. "Anypony planning to talk to their ex-parents or friends on the fact that we're probably never coming back again or for a long, long time?"

Summer frowned, “I’m not sure about our parents, Aqua. My sisters and I have been pretty much taking care of each other since Autumn and Winter were old enough to foalsit Spring and I.” She sighed, “On the bright side, we were able to find other ponies who needed our help.”

"I see." Aqua replied, still prodding her toast before finally taking a bite. "Well, I guess we better start preparing soon. What I can tell for sure is, Discord ain't going to be giving up so easily. Another thing Girls-do you still remember the vests we had to wear back at the factory? Those things that protect you from fire and blunt force trauma and were extremely uncomfortable?"

The Pegasi around the table nodded as her friend continued. "I don't exactly remember how well they did their job, but I've been thinking; what if we used them as some kind of improvised armor? I mean, compared to all the animals that I can remember, we're somewhat tiny and weak. Besides, the only decent weapon that I could make shoots only lightning, and weighs around three kilograms."

Summer nodded, “That would help keep everypony safe, Aqua, but do you think we could make this armor? I mean, the armor we used back in Cloudsdale was for safety reasons, but would it hold up in combat? What if it weighed us down so we couldn't fly faster, in case we had to get away from enemies?”

"It's a vest. I'm sure it won't slow us down. It won't be much of a problem, except they you'll have to wear the thing over your wings. I mean, no point in leaving them exposed of you want protection. Unless our Unicorn friend here doesn't know any protection spells, which in that case, I'll have to make do with only the gun." Aqua explained, collecting the used plates to be washed.

"I actually do know some shield spells but to make 9 of them would be to much strain. If a couple of ponies had vests while a couple used my shield spell then everypony would be protected. I also think that I could help make the vests. I'm no expert at sewing but some I could cast long lasting spells that help protect us from Discord's magic." suggested Pencil.

Summer smiled at Pencil Lead, “Thank you, Pencil Lead! We can use all the help we can get! However, we are mainly the support team. Princess Twilight Sparkle and her friends will be grateful we did our part in this battle. Perhaps when we are ready to move out, we can talk with Twilight Sparkle, Rainbow Dash, or Applejack and see where they need us at?”

"Well then, I suppose our battle plans are somewhat in-place. I'll go and somehow find a way to get 9 identical vests then." Aqua proclaimed, before stopping at the exit. "Oh, another thing, nopony go into my room while I'm gone. After all, curiosity killed the rat or something." She muttered, before doing a deliberate free-fall off the porch.

“Okay, so I could talk with Twilight, Rainbow, and Applejack. Maybe I can get Rarity to help make the vests. I’ll cast the spell after they’re completed.” said Pencil while giving a confused glance to the porch where Aqua had left.

Summer sighs as she noticed Aqua Splash leaving the house. “Aqua’s been through a lot since she showed up seeking my help. My sister Spring and I were able to help her come here to clear her mind.” The light grey Pegasi explained to her friend as best as she could. Aqua’s personal life would remain private, as to respect her supervisor’s wishes.

Pencil nodded in understanding as he headed down a makeshift cloud staircase. Soon he disappeared from sight.

Meanwhile, Summer hovered around a bit, still getting used to her wings. Being able to fly had its advantages. She hoped her sisters were okay and were working on their flying skills while at One Cloud Lane.

The filly’s voice Summer heard was not of Cherry Cloud’s, but a newcomer on the farm. Summer listened intently to pick up on who this pony could be. Just then, she heard the filly exclaim:

"Dang! I knew I should of stopped for directions!" A small white Pegasus filly flew in, looking quite lost. She was carrying a small duffle bag with a sleeping bag strapped to it and a small map hanging from the side. She looked like she had been flying for a long time and needed to stop to rest. The filly had gold eyes and an eight-note Cutie Mark that resembled ice on her small flank.

Summer landed on a cloud above the small filly, “Need some help? I’m Summer Breeze! What’s your name?” She waited for the filly to respond.

The white filly looked up to see a young adult Pegasi mare with turquoise eyes and a light blue green mane and tail. Her light grey fur kept her quite warm in the sky. She sported a light blue green Cutie Mark of the gentle west wind, commonly known as a ‘zephyr.’

The small white filly jumped back with a small "eep" before she looked up at Summer. This older Pegasi seemed friendly, but the little filly was cautious about meeting any new ponies, aside from the one she was currently speaking with.

...."H-hello...my name is Hope." She said, looking down shyly. Then she stammered, "I mean..."I...I'm W...Winter Song...." she squeaked in surprise.

Summer glided down to get a better look at "Hope." Or, as she now identified herself by her pony name, Winter Song. She descended from the clouds with grace and gentleness, as to not startle the filly even more.

Summer smiled at Winter Song. "Don't be afraid, Winter Song. We are all here to help you. I have met all kinds of ponies on my journey here. Earth Ponies, Pegasi, like us, and Unicorns. My sisters are all Pegasi. Can you fly and walk on clouds yet?" The older Pegasi landed near the filly to find out more about her story.

"Not yet.....kind of been afraid to try...." Winter Song said looking down.

Summer felt sad for the young filly, and went over to her. She knew from experience how not being able to fly well would mean to this filly. She placed a fore hoof around Winter Song and offered her assistance.

"How would you like to learn how to fly? I've been working with this other filly, Cherry Cloud, and she has the same problems with flying. Maybe you and her can help each other out? " Summer offered, extending a forehoof in friendship to Winter Song.

Winter Song's eyes lit up "I'd like that a lot....probably be easier then pwning noobs on XBox Live....." she said with a small smile.

As she looked up from her talk with Winter Song, she would see Rainbow Dash and Scootaloo talking about something, which ended with the young filly giving the rainbow maned mare a hug. It appeared that the orange Pegasus with the purple mane and magenta eyes had missed an old friend or family member. In a way, many of these ponies had been lost, and now, they were found. They were possibly meeting some of the more popular ponies for the first time.

Summer looked over at Cherry Cloud and then back at Winter Song, and then back to Rainbow Dash and Scootaloo. She then turned to hear Winter Song's comment about the XBox Live, and chuckled, "Maybe so, but for now, maybe you and Cherry Cloud can head into that barn and rest up. Maybe Applejack and Apple Bloom can get you something to eat while you are resting. I'm sure there are some fillies and colts your age to talk with while you are here." Summer suggested to the two fillies.

"Cherry Cloud, this is Winter Song. Winter Song, this is Cherry Cloud. I think you recognize that cyan pegasi over there with the rainbow-hued mane, and her orange friend?" She pointed a hoof towards Rainbow Dash and Scootaloo.

Cherry Cloud smiled as she trotted up to Winter Song, "I sure do! That's Rainbow Dash and Scootaloo! That orange filly loves to ride her scooter around and hang out with her friends. Speaking of which, wanna be friends?" She stuck out a hoof in friendship to the new pony.

Summer Breeze stood off to the side to watch the two fillies interact with each other.

"Yes, please!" Winter Song said with excitement in her voice. She put her map into her knapsack and then slung it over her shoulder.

Cherry Cloud motioned Winter Song over to the barn area so they could talk to the other ponies. “I think Applejack and Apple Bloom are by the barn, if you want to talk with them.” She suggested to Winter Song.

At the same time Cherry Cloud and Winter Song were getting better aquainted, Big Macintosh was collecting food and water for the ever growing number of ponies, arriving by the hour. A young mare called Winter Fields accompanied him on food preparation when Applejack mentioned to Twilight Sparkle that the food her and Rainbow Dash had gathered wasn't going to be enough to feed all the new ponies who had been arriving to the farm. Winter Fields had volunteered for this task because plants were her forté. She made sure to mention that her talent especially shone in winter.

'Sounds logical to me.' Big Mac thought to himself. At this point the two were carrying a load of fruit and several jugs of water, nearing the barn where the pony refugees were being sheltered.

Big Mac said to his companion, "Ah truly appreciate you comin’ with me to do this. Ah’m sure it isn't the best way to welcome you here and all." He drawled, reflecting his heritage as a member of the Apple family.

Winter Fields responded, "Oh, no, don't worry about it. It's the very least I could do. After you helped me build a little shelter for some of the poor ponies out there. By the way, your sister was very grateful for me to help out."

She continued to walk with Big McIntosh until they arrived at the barn where several ponies; Unicorns, Pegasi, and Earth Ponies were resting on cots, or helping others with water and food. Among the caretakers was a certain orange mare with a blonde mane and tail and green eyes. She wore her brown Stetson as she checked up on some of the younger fillies and colts.

“Oh, Howdy there, c’mon in, sugarcube! Ah’m Applejack, or AJ f’r short. What c’n Ah do ya f’r?”

Big McIntosh went over to his sister and told her about Winter Fields helping out with the food and water situation.

“Well then, that’s mighty neighborly of ya, Winter Fields! Jest put those there water jugs and food over there, “ Applejack pointed a hoof towards the tables set up for food, “and we’ll pass out the food shortly.”

“E-Eyup!” Big McIntosh nodded as he loaded up the large table with drinks and food items. Apples and all kinds of vegetables gathered from the local gardens and orchards, just like back at Sweet Apple Acres in Ponyville.

“Oh, sis! C’n Babs and Ah help? We saw some new fillies show up an’ they look like they could use some friends.” A young red-maned yellow filly spoke up. This filly had a southern accent, much like her big sister.

“Ya sure can, Apple Bloom! Any of them new ponies not have a Cutie Mark? You gals c’n try to recruit them inta y’r club.” Applejack suggested.

“Okay, sounds good, sis!” With that, Apple Bloom and Babs met Winter Song and Cherry Cloud at the front of the barn. The fillies exchanged hoof shakes and found out that both Winter Song and Cherry Cloud had their Cutie Marks already.

“Wowza, you fillies sure have some interestin’ stories t’ tell.” Babs said, blowing her stubborn bang out of her face. “Ah, man, Ah think Ah lost that hair accessory Mizz Harmony gave me. C’n ya help me find it? It kinda means a lot t’ me.”

Apple Bloom nods, enthusiastically, “Sure, cuz. Where did ya last have it on at? Maybe if we go there, it may have dropped off and some pony has it!”

Winter Song searched her saddlebags and found the missing hair accessory. “Is this what you’re lookin’ for, Babs? I think it has some of your mane in it.” She holds it out to Babs to examine.

Babs looked at the hair accessory Winter Song had in her possession, memorizing it from the time she was offered it while a guest at Little Horn’s house. She felt her mane with her front hoof where it would have been, then smirked, “Oh, Yeah! Thanks! Ya don’t know how much this means t’ me. Put ‘er there, pal!” The city pony from Manehattan gave Winter Song a hug and accepted her missing hair item, placing it in her mane again.