Day of the dinos

by Spartan049820

First published

Baby dinosaurs casue chaos

This is a sequal to my best friend's fan fic day and night
This stars my OC pony Paleo Soar, Equestria's top scientest and only Paleontologist. A Unicorn. He was a colt prodigy and taught Twilight Sparkle about the wonderous animals known as dinosaurs. He is very gifted in the use of ice magic and has been trying to develop a new kind of magic known as Paleo Magic which allows him to grow wings of a pteranodon soar in the clouds. He has three pets A baby tyrannosaurus, a baby triceratops, and a baby pteranodon.

For those who are Kamen Rider OOO fans this character and his pets are an homage to PuToTyra and see if you can guess the other Kamen Rider homage.

day of the dinos

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It was a bright day as usual in Canterlot. Inside of princess Celestia’s castle was a large room filled with books, cables, wires, beakers, machines, and bones of assorted prehistoric animals. Is where Paleo Soar, the princess’s top scientist and the only royal paleontologist laid on top of a mountain of books about different kinds of dinosaurs and other ancient Equastrian life forms. The unicorn was awoken to a loud crashed followed by a choir of hisses, squawks, roars, and howls. He let out a loud yawn ad shook his head letting his mid length dirty blonde mane with purple streaks flow. He then squinted to find a dog pile of scales, claws, horns, wings, and teeth lying right in front of him.

“Free fall, get off of Smasher, Smasher get off of and stop kicking Fang, and Fang don’t make such a ruckus. I don’t want to wake up Techie or the princess.” He said in a tired monotone.

The three animals got off each other and went to do their own things. The winged one named Free fall climbed on top of a small fake tree and stretched out his small yet long greyish white wings. Free fall is a baby pteranodon, his body is a greyish white like his wings but with a streak of purple running from the top his crest down the tip of his stubby tail. He got the name for his tendency of trying to fly but always falling and crashing into things.

“You’re going to fly again? But you just crashed into your brothers. You’re still just a hatchling your wings aren’t strong enough yet.”

Free fall shook his head side to side in disagreement and opened his long toothless beak wide. At that time Fang nudged Paleo Soar’s back leg with eyes open wide.

“Oh I see your hungry! Alright then I will get you something to eat then.” He said with some pride.
He carefully opened the two large doors that lead into the laboratory. He then quietly trotted through the grand hallways looking for the kitchen and his private stash of food for the little animals. Meanwhile in the lab the three animals were getting impatient for their owner to return with food. The little biped animal named Fang stomped around looking for something. Fang is a baby Tyrannosaurs, with a body of deep forest green scales with three bluish purple stripes. Two going down the center of his hind legs and the third going down the top half of his tail roared as he knocked things over in search of something. He then saw something jetting out the bottom of where Smasher, the final prehistoric animal was sleeping.

Smasher is a baby Triceratops. His body is covered with muddy green leathery scales with two pinkish purple marks underneath his eyes. His three horns though not fully developed yet are sharp enough to pierce armor, and his frill though still small but sturdy enough to protect his neck. He let out a yawn that sounded like a mixture of a horn and walrus’s roar. Fang scooted closer with his mouth slightly open and ready to seize the object from underneath Smasher. Smasher mistook this as an attack and quickly charged at Fang knocking him over on his back. Fang kicked him off with his strong hind-legs and ran for the door.

Fang then heard scrapes on the shiny stone floor and saw Smasher was getting ready to charge the little T-rex again. Smasher then launched himself at Fang which he moved to the side causing Smasher to break the doors wide open. Fang quickly ran out of the room as his three toed sharp clawed feet clicked on the tile with Smasher chasing after him. Free fall calmly climbed down his fake tree and walked on all fours slowly after the two dinosaurs. Every time Fang turned on the tile he would slide causing Smasher to ram into busts, podiums, and an assortment of vases making loud crashes as they hit the floor. These sounds awoke both Techie and the princess and alerted Paleo.

“No! How did they get out of the room?! I better hurry before the princess sees them.” Paleo said loading up sacks of food for each of the dinos.

Fang ran across the path of a guard who stood at attention but also raised an eyebrow at the site of the little dinosaur who was half the height of pony himself. When Smasher ran by his eyes grew wider and when Free fall slowly walked behind him with his claws clicking the tile. The guard shook his head to see if it was all but an illusion from over working. When he opened his eyes again the baby pteranodon was gone. Paleo then ran out of the room looking for his pets. Celestia walks down the hall wondering about who or what is making all of these noises this early in the morning. Paleo gallops down the hall franticly searching for the three hatchlings with sweat dripping down his face and soaking his mane. He franticly called out their names in hopes of finding them before Celestia does. As he got to the end of the hall he finally found his triple brood. Smasher and Fang fought while Free fall caws out hoping to break the fight between the two dinosaurs.

“Smasher, Fang stop this right now!” He ordered very firmly.

The two were two busy fighting to notice their owners command but Free fall hopped over to Paleo soar and climbed onto his back.

“That’s it you two leave with no other choice!” The unicorn scientist shouted.
His eyes glowed golden as well as his horn; Purple and brown wings that are identical to Free fall’s except they were much larger and wider grew out from his sides, and ice engulfed the tile floor as two walls of ice separated the brawling dinosaurs. Then two medals with faces of both a tyrannosaurus and a triceratops hovered in front of the both still enraged dinosaurs glowed the same color as the markings on both Fang and Smasher.

“Now calm down! Do you both want the princess to see you? Who knows what she will do or how she would react if she saw you! Now I have an important excavation in Appleoosa today and I’ am trying to figure out what to do and who can look after you while I’m gone for the day! You give daddy such a headache sometimes especially you two. Now let’s go
back to the lab and feed the three of you.”

The ice and wings then disappeared as the four trotted down the hall with the dinosaurs clinging to his back. Little did he know Celestia was tuning in and watching the whole ordeal from behind the corner. As they walked back into the lab Techie was sitting in a rollie-chair working on some documents from Princess Luna.

“We should thank Luna for the funding Paleo Soar.” Techie said while scratching his short curly mane.

“We should and also we should send some pictures of the hatchlings to.”

“Yeah she seems very excited about this. She hasn’t seen these creatures in ages.”

With that the three climbed off of Paleo’s back and went to their own things. Fang grabbed his specialized chewing bone and started to gnaw on it. Smasher went to his pile of leafs, and Free fall climbed up a desk and was waiting to be fed. Paleo soar’s horn glowed again and a medium size cod, a handful of apples and lettuce, and a bag of chicken livers and a chicken thigh came hovering out of the three pouches. Then a large meat cleaver hovered over the fish and chopped it up into small dices. The chicken liver and greens were put into two silver metallic bowls. The dinosaurs ran over to Paleo Soar with wide eyes and jaws open. As soon as Fang’s bowl was in front of him he quickly nudged it away from the group and began to feast on the livers. Smasher calmly ate his meal without worrying if either Fang or Free fall was going to steal it from him. Free fall however doesn’t have the luxury of eating on his own. The blocks of cod plopped into his mouth one by one. He jerked his head back as he ate each block of fish just like a chick being fed by its mother.

“What are we going to do about them Paleo soar? Techie asked as he fixed his glasses.

“I know they are going to be big when they are older. They are going to make fine royal guards for Celestia.”

“Yes but I’m not talking about that Paleo. I’m talking about today doofus. Remember? Today we have to go to Appleoosa for that fossil dig.”

“I completely forgot about that! I still have to go Ponyville for supplies!”

“Ok then go to town and get some supplies then I will look after them while you are out. After all it was my machines that helped us and Luna’s funding that brought these creatures back to life from those eggs.”

“That’s true. But my magic is low right now because earlier.”

“Let me guess. They caused too much of a fight and the only reason you break it up is if you used that “Paleo magic” of yours and your ice magic to break it up?” Techie said sarcastically.

“Yes. I had no other choice.”

“Well you have hooves use them.”

“Ha-ha very funny Techie. Fine it looks like I’m walking then”

With that Paleo walked out of the room and walked out of the castle. When he got to Ponyville he was amazed by all the ponies living their typical lives with such a carefree attitude. He has been to the town many times but every time it amazes him because he usually never leaves the castle even less now that those animals came into his life. As he walked down the dirt road he noticed a familiar face. It was Twilight Sparkle his old student. He was her old science teacher while she attended Celestia’s school for gifted unicorns. However though Paleo Soar was no older then she was at that time. He was a real prodigy and taught the class about ancient Equestria and the marvelous animals that lived there. He wanted to shout and say “Hi” but he saw the other five ponies join up with her so he just kept walking to his designated shop that he always goes to for supplies. As he saw the shop in his sights he stopped by a small little filly with a big bow in her mane and a country accent to boot.

“Would you like to buy an apple sir?” the little filly asked.

“Nah, I’m good but thanks thoug-“He was cut off by a loud growl in his stomach.

He blushed and lowered his head as his horn glowed and lifted a small coin from a pouch and gave it to the filly. She in return gave him a large red apple and he quickly walked off in embarrassment.

“Sheesh, I was so focused on the three hatchlings I forgot to feed myself.” He thought to himself.
He entered the shop and was greeted with a warm welcome.

“That’s a familiar face!” The shop keeper happily said.

“Hello sir I’m here to pick up some supplies for my next dig.”

The pony said nothing but went to the back of his shop and then Paleo heard rustling and dragging sounds.

“Just wait a few minutes there this one’s on me.” He shouted from the back.

Paleo Soar nodded and went back to eating his apple while whistling a happy tune. Just then the door opened with a jingle and stepped in six ponies. One of them was Twilight. The shop keeper told them to stay put while he finishes put Paleo’s bags. Paleo’s eyes grew larger when he saw his old student only inches behind him laughing and giggling with the other ponies.

“So what are you waiting for?” she asks.

“Oh, um, just some things.”

“You look familiar where have I seen you before?”

“My face is very c-c-common you see very common.”

Since Paleo Soar barely talks to any pony other than the princesses, Techie, or even his other friend Star Shadow he has horrible pony skills. And when he talks to a new pony other than formal business talk he is very nervous. The pony with the cowboy hat takes a closer look at his cutie mark and ponders about it.

“Is there something wrong miss?”

“I have never seen a cutie mark like that before. What is it supposed to be?”

His cutie mark is two bones crossed each other with a carnivorous dinosaur skull on top of it that is a tan brown to go with his fur.

“It’s nothing, nothing really.”

Twilight got a good look at his cutie mark and instantly recognized it.

“Professor Paleo Soar!” she shouted.

“Who is this guy?” a Rainbow Pegasus asked.

“This pony was my old science teacher.”

“What, this pony? He is just as young as us though.” Avery posh unicorn said with a flip of her mane.

“Yeah he was a colt prodigy.”

“Wow that is so amazing!” The rainbow Pegasus shouts with astonishment.

“I heard he became the top scientist and Equasteria’s only paleontologist.” Twilight commented.

“You’re just as bright as ever. It is true I became the top scientist but I also have my assistant Techie to thank as well. “

“Here you go sir here is your equipment sorry it took me awhile I forgot where the brushes were.”

“Its ok sir no need for an apology.”

“Do you mind if we walk with you Paleo?” Twilight asked politely.

“I guess that would be ok but introduce me to your friends so I don’t get so nervous.”

“Of course.” She said happily.

“This is Apple jack she works on an apple farm, this is Pinkie Pie she is a little bit random but you will get use to her after a while, this is Rainbow Dash the fastest Pegasus we know, over there is Rarity she is a little bit posh but she is great, and this is Fluttershy she is really great with animals.”

“Wait your good with animals?” He asked while strapping the sacks and bags onto him.

“Ye-ye-ye-yes I’ am” she said very softly.

“That’s good then you’re perfect for the job then.” He said with joy as he walked with the group.

“P-P-P-P-Perfect for what?”

“You will see later when I drop my pets off.”

“Oh you have pets Professor?”

“Yes and they are a handful. But I guess I can’t really blame them since they are just babies and I have such a big day today so I need someone who is really good with animals to help me out by sitting them for the.”

“Oh then I will do it then.” Fluttershy commented.

“Splendid then! Oh Twilight since you are here I want to show you what I have been working on.”

“Really? What is it?” Twilight asked with enthusiasm.

“The six of you might want to step back for this.”

Twilight and her friends all stepped back few feet to see what Paleo Soar had to show. His eyes glowed and his horn glowed golden and his pair of brown and purple pterosaur wings slowly shot out from his sides as ice engulfed the ground around him.

“Well what do you think?”

The six ponies’ mouths dropped wide opened. They have never seen anything like this before. A unicorn with such odd wings that wasn’t an Alicorn. Rainbow dash hovered over the unicorn asking if he could fly with those large wings. Paleo Soar shot up in the air with an icy blast of air and as fast as the Pegasus could blink.

“It’s a new form of magic I made. I call it ‘Paleo magic’.”

“It’s amazing!” Rarity said still trying to accept the sight that is before her own two eyes.

“I have to be prepared now but I will bring over my pets when I’ am done Fluttershy.”

Fluttershy said nothing but nodded her head. With that Paleo Soar glided off towards Canterlot. When he arrived at the castle Techie was waiting for him with his gear packed and ready. He rushed to the lab and packed up a box with a list, the three medals; Fang’s special chewing bone, a ball for Smasher, Free fall’s fake tree with the nest inside, a bag of chicken livers, and a list of what Fluttershy needed to do. Then he found and put each three dinosaurs in a basket and strapped it to his back. He galloped out of the castle and took to the skies once again.

“Meet me in Ponyville Techie I found a sitter for the day!” He shouted in the air.

Techie just trotted pulling a cart filled with his gear and equipment and headed for Ponyville. Paleo Soar could feel his magic fading as he reached the small town. He found a place to land as he felt his wings shrinking. He landed next to Sugar Cube corner just as his wings finally disappeared. He notices Pinkie pie bouncing out the door with a big smile on her face. Paleo could feel Fang kicking around in his basket wanting to get out and run around. Paleo walks over to Pinkie pie and asks where Fluttershy lives. She giggled at the question but was curious what was in the three baskets. Without Paleo’s permission she put her hoof inside the basket where Free fall was in. Confused about the strange pink hoof he rapidly pecked it with his sharp beak. Pinkie quickly took her hoof out and shook it in pain.

“My pets don’t like it when a pony they are not fully introduced sticks their hoof in front of them.”

“Oh I see what kind of pets are they?”

“Special pets.”

“OOO I wanna, I wanna see!” She said with musical voice in her tone.

“It’s a secret Fluttershy is sworn to keep quiet about it”
With that Paleo walks off towards Fluttershy’s cottage. As he arrives at Fluttershy’s cottage with wide eyes. Paleo Soar knocks on the wooden door as he saw all the animals flying and crawling all over her property.

“Yes, this would be perfect if she follows the list.”

The yellow Pegasus opened the door ushering him to come in. Paleo happily hurries in to her cottage and tries his best make himself comfortable. However his bundle of squawking, roaring, howling, and clawing prehistoric pets made it very uncomfortable for him to feel relaxed. Fang poked his head out of his basket and observed these unfamiliar surroundings. Smasher and Free fall followed shortly and poked their heads out scanned the room. Fluttershy then walked into the room and took a good look at the three little creatures climbing out of their baskets while being nudged by Paleo Soar.

“What are they?” Fluttershy said with a gasp as she walked into the room.

“These Fluttershy are my pets.”

“Your pets?”

“Yes these are prehistoric animals brought back to life with the power of both Luna and Celestia along with my magic and my assistant’s technology. They were experiments made for Luna and Celestia’s enjoyment to see the animals that brought them with joy. But Luna funded this project and we are going to tell Celestia when they get bigger.”

“They are adorable!” Fluttershy shouted with a squeal.

“Yes they are. The one with wings is Free fall a pteranodon, the one with horns is Smasher a triceratops, and this little guy is Fang a tyrannosaurus. You must keep these a secret Fluttershy! You cannot tell another pony about them. Who knows how they will freak out if they see them? And here’s a list about what to do and these three medals in case if they get too out of hand. Ok Fluttershy?”

Fluttershy gave a nod to Paleo Soar as she lowered her head and gave the three an ear to ear smile. The three looked at each other and looked at Paleo Soar who said to them softly.

“Don’t worry she will look after you while daddy’s away ok? So try not to give such a hard time.”
He then nudged the group to Fluttershy which the nodded back to him. With that Paleo Soar galloped out of the cottage to meet up with Techie. The three looked at Fluttershy with curious faces for they have never seen anything like her other than their owner and his friends. Fang carefully walked around Fluttershy sniffing her while Smasher and Free fall wondered around the living room.

“Your all just so adorable!” she said with a giggle.
She reached into the many sacks to find something for the three to play with and she found Smasher’s ball. It was a pinkish purple that matched his markings with other purple and a pearl white mixed with it. She rolled the ball to the baby triceratops which playfully rolled it back with a snort. Fluttershy got more excited when he made that snort and rolled it back. As she was playing with Smasher she felt a sharp pain in her lower area. It was fang biting her back legs.

“That isn’t very nice Fang. Are you hungry? ” she asked softly.
Fang shook his head side to side. He walked over to the sacks and nudged it.

“Oh, you want to play with something to? Let’s see what your owner has for you.”

Fluttershy checked the sacks for something for Fang to play with and found his special bone. He quickly snatched it away from Fluttershy as quick as lightning which made her squeak a little bit. Fang began to gnaw on his bone with all his small dagger-like teeth showing while violently shook his head side to side. Fluttershy felt Free fall climbing up her back and perched himself on top of her head with a loud caw. She then started to read the list that Paleo Soar had left for her.

“Fang is in his teething stage, he has a tendency to chew and bite things. Make sure he doesn’t eat all of his food. And DO NOT LET HIM AND SMASHER FIGHT!
Smasher is in his” Fluttershy was interrupted by a loud crash and a howl.

She quickly ran over to investigate what made that crash and it was Smasher. He completely turned over a whole couch plus love seat over.

“Oh dear.” She said stunningly.

“How did you do that?”

She quickly looked over the list and kept reading to herself while keeping an eye on Smasher and Fang as Free fall kept getting her line of view.

“Smasher is in this stage where he has to test out how strong he is by flipping things over, breaking and smashing things. He only eats the finest apples and lettuce. DO NOT UPSET HIM!
Free fall is in this stage in his life where he tries to fly and tries to build up wing muscles to fly but every time he does he crashes into things. He cannot feed himself I have left a cod for him. Chop it up into dices and feed to him one by one. His wings are fragile because his wings are actually elongated fingers with a thin membrane.”

“Well there doesn’t seem to be anything in bold for you though Free fall.”

Free fall only nodded in agreement to what she said then made a slight cooing and clicking noise as he flapped his wings. As the day went on everything was going smooth. The three finally warmed up to Fluttershy and she fed them even though at times it was hard for her to do it. Until there was a knock at the door.

“Hey Fluttershy are you in there?”

“That sounds like Twilight!” She said with a shocked voice. “Just a minute.”

She put a pink tarp over the babies and sat in front of it with her wings spread out. She wasn’t very good at hiding anything and she tried her best to cover Fang’s tail as he playfully swished it around thinking it was some kind of game. Smasher thinking it was a game to and he stuck his tail out and tried to raise his head until his horns broke free from underneath the tarp then Free fall’s crest broke free from the tarp as well. Fluttershy tried her best to shove their body parts back into the tarp but to no use the babies still thought it was a game.

“Fluttershy, Spike and I are coming in now.”

When Twilight and Spike entered they saw Fluttershy laying on top of the pink tarp as Angel her pet rabbit came hopping in.

“Um, Fluttershy what is this?” Twilight Sparkle asked with a raised eyebrow.

“I-I-I-I-Its nothing. Nothing-“she was interrupted by Smasher and Fang trying to get out from underneath the tarp.

“Really its nothing.” She said with a giggle.

As the two mares talked Spike got curious and took a small peek under the tarp. When he did he was meet with an angry growl and flash of teeth on his snout. When spike opened his eyes he saw Fang eye to eye. His dagger-like teeth sinking into his snout.

“YEEEEOW!” Spike yelled in pain.

The two mares turn to find Spike holding his snout and rocking back and forth and angrily ordering who ever bit him to come out and settle this like a dragon with a puff of green fire. Fang both fearing Spike because of the green fire and accepting his challenge thinking that Spike is another male tyrannosaurus invading his turf poked his head and nipped at his claws. Spike got angrier at this and blew more fire scaring the little t-rex along with Smasher and Free fall. Fang darted out from under the tarp and head butted the little dragon in the gut Smasher and Free fall followed after him. When the two mares looked at spike again he was gone and the tarp felt flat. Fluttershy panicked wondering where the babies went.

“What’s wrong Fluttershy?”

“The pets that Paleo Soar told me to baby sit are gone!”

“He has pets?”

“Yes they are very important to him and they are gone!”

“Now that you mention it Spike is missing to.”

The two then heard loud noises and crashes coming from the next room.

“It hurts get off of me!” Spike yelled.

They then saw Spike trying to crawl out of the next room but was dragged back as he tried to dig his claws into the wood floor to stop it but it was no use.

“What kind of pets does he have!?” Twilight asked with a frightened tone.

“He told me to keep it a secret.” Fluttershy said closing her eyes and lowering her head.

“But Spike could be in danger!”
They then saw Spike get catapulted from the other room and slammed into a wall. He was covered in scratches and small harmless bite marks.

“The babies!” She thought to herself with a motherly instinct.

“Twilight those creatures are monsters!” Spike shouted with fear in his eyes.

“No they aren’t they are just babies Spike like you. They don’t know what they do.” Fluttershy said trying to defend the prehistoric brood.

“She is right Spike. But I would like to know what kind of babies can do this to Spike? But let’s get you cleaned up Spike you only have minor scratches and what looks like…. Nipping?” She said with such confirming and confusion.
The two walked out the door leaving Fluttershy alone with the three babies and Angel.

“Fang, that wasn’t very nice of you to do that to Spike and the rest of you, why would you do that to him that’s being a bully!” She said angrily.

She got no response but a silent cottage. She stood there for about three minutes waiting to be responded by Free fall, Smasher, or Fang but there was nothing. Fluttershy then realized that something was amiss. She called out to them even offering their favorite toys as bribery but nothing. Angel hopped to his master pointing to the back door. Fluttershy didn’t pay attention but looked all over her house from top to bottom in search for the babies. Angel finally caught her attention and showed her the back door which was open. Her eyes opened wide in terror about them being on the loose in Ponyville.

“Oh dear this can’t be good!” She softly said.

She quickly flew out of the back part of the cottage searching for the missing pets. She saw the chickens trying to fly away in terror. She quickly zoomed down to investigate what was going on. When she did she saw nothing but feathers everywhere and the chickens settled down. She just missed them and saw tracks leaving her cottage and on the path that leads straight into Ponyville. Fluttershy flew following the small three toed tracks. When the three arrived at Ponyville with confusion on their faces they walked over to see a pink earth pony pouring punch into a cup with her friend.

“Isn’t this a fine day Berry Punch?” An earth pony asked.

“Yes it is Carrot top.” Berry Punch said with inebriated glee.

While the two were talking they saw the three animals walk only a few feet away. Berry’s jaw dropped as she missed her cup and continued to pour juice onto a blanket. They couldn’t believe what they were seeing.

“Berry what else did you put in this?”

“N-N-Nothing really!” Berry said with a gasp.

The three continued to walk in Ponyville with terror in their eyes. Apple bloom was at the corner with her two best friends Scootaloo and Sweetie belle enjoying a fine day in Ponyville. The three soon stopped in their tracks and gawked at the three fillies.

“What are they?” Sweetie belle asked turning her head to the side.

“I don’t know but they are really adorable.” Scootaloo commented.

“Maybe they’re hungry.” Apple bloom said as she took out an apple.

The apple caught Smasher’s attention and curiously sniffing the apple in Apple bloom’s hoof. He nudged the apple out of her hoof and cautiously at it with the other two looked at the fillies. Smasher felt the urge to throw up the apple shaking his head. And in defiance Smasher charges for the nearest thing he saw, Scootaloo. He rammed the filly with enough force that sent her flying off from her scooter, rolled twice on the ground, and then finally landing on her side. The young Pegasus cried in pain holding her leg and complaining about a scrapped knee. Frightened about what they did the trio of dinosaurs walked off leaving the two fillies dazed about what just happened and trying to tend to their crying friend. The trio found themselves in the middle of Ponyville’s main square. Dozens ponies caught site of the three misplaced creatures. A couple of these ponies were Applejack and Rainbow dash. They didn’t know what to make of them. Apple bloom ran into the square screaming.


In which caused every pony to panic. The ponies ran in all directions some almost trampled the baby dinosaurs. In response to this chaos the three stayed close to each other letting Smasher being in front, ramming anything that got in their way. During this Rainbow dash picked up Apple jack as they watched what happened.

“What has Spike done this time?” Applejack said mistaking Fang for Spike.

“I don’t know but whoever he is hanging out with doesn’t look good.” Rainbow dash commented back.

Rainbow dash landed just as the crowd cleared leaving Apple bloom, Sweetie belle, and a crying Scootaloo in the wake.

“What happened Apple bloom?” Asked Applejack.

“I-I don’t know me the others were just playing around then these monsters showed up.”

“Apple bloom it was just Spike. Spike is just hanging out with some bad dragons that are all he just needs a stern talking to.” Applejack implied.

“As for you Scootaloo wait here and I will get you a band aid.” Rainbow dash said with a sly smirk on her face.

Scootaloo stopped crying and gave Rainbow dash a big smile as she took off. During this time Spike was walking back to Twilight’s house from an errand she sent him to do. He saw the group and said ‘HI’ as he walked by. He was greeted back with scowls and cold stares.

“What’s up ladies?” He commented.

“Do you mind telling us why you and these new friends of yours attacked Apple bloom and her friends?!” Apple Jack demanded.

“What? What are you talking about AJ? I didn’t do anything and what friends?” He said very confused.

“Your new dragon buddies! Y’all attacked them and made Scootaloo cry!” Applejack shouted as she slammed her hoof on the ground.

“Dragon buddies? I’ am the only dragon in Ponyville.”

“Don’t you dare lye to me Spike!”

“I’ am being honest I swear I have no idea what you’re a talking about. I just got mauled earlier.”

Applejack looked into the young dragon’s eyes and she then saw he was telling the truth. Then Spike walked off on his way to Twilight’s house. Fluttershy landed in front of Applejack and Rainbow dash did shortly afterwards. Rainbow dash tended to Scootaloo’s minor injury while Fluttershy talked to Applejack.

“Have you seen three pets walking around?” Fluttershy asked in a worry voice.

“No I haven’t sugar cube why do you ask?”

“I was supposed to watch Professor Paleo Soar’s pets and they got loose and I can’t find them!”

"What do they look like? Are they big or small?” Rainbow dash asked.

“Um he told me to keep them a secret so I can’t tell anyone.”

“That doesn’t help you situation Fluttershy.” Applejack said with a concerned voice.

She then looked at the ground and saw the same tracks from her cottage; it was the babies’ tracks and they lead right for Sugar cube corner. Fluttershy started to follow the tracks as best as she could. Applejack and Rainbow dash followed her to help out their friend in her mystery search. When the trio arrived at Sugar cube corner Smasher gently pried the door open with his horns and the trio quickly went inside seeking shelter from this unfamiliar environment in hopes either Fluttershy or Paleo soar comes and finds them. As they trotted in they didn’t know what to think of the place. To them the bright colors and strange shapes brought them comfort. In their minds they think that this will keep away what the babies thought were scary creatures and loud noises away by scaring it away. The shinning bell on the front desk caught their attention. Fang being the tallest of the group was able to nudge the bell off the desk and onto the floor. Free fall hopped down from Fang to the floor and began to peck the bell. The three loved the sounds it made and kept making the dinging sound.

“Yes who is it?” Mr. Cake asked while attending to his children.

There nothing but dinging and the slight sounds of honks, roars, and caws of the three dinosaurs that responded back.

“Pinkie pie can you see who that is I’ am kind of busy and the Mrs. is sick today.” Mr. Cake ordered while trying to feed Pound and Pumpkin Cake.

“Ok.” She shouted with a giggle.

She quickly ran down stairs to see who it was. As she reached the front desk she greeted what she was hoping some customers with big loud ‘Hello!’ This greeting however scared the babies into hiding but not without taking a prize, the silver desk bell. They hid themselves in the wrong place though; they unknowingly hid themselves in the kitchen.

“Pinkie I’m going out for right now and getting something for Mrs. Cake make sure the babies don’t get into trouble while I’m gone ok?” Mr. Cake announced as he walked out the front door.

“You don’t have to worry they are safe with me.” She said back with a smile.

The trio then moved silently as they could around the shop trying to find a safe place to hide. However Smasher caught a whiff off some of the pastries that were laying in the display cases and wanted to try some of them. He then broke the glass with his front horn and tried some of the cup cakes and assorted candies but to no satisfaction and proceeded to spit them out with disgust. To show his displease he knocked it over completely uprooting the whole case making it crash and sending glass all over the floor. Curiosity got the best of the pink earth pony and she left the babies unattended to go check up on the noise. Right as she did that the trio slipped away and into the room with the twins to get away from their mess. As they walked into the room they discovered the twins, a unicorn named Pumpkin Cake and her brother, a Pegasus named Pound Cake in a crib. The trio curiously looked at the colt and filly. They had never seen baby versions of a unicorn or a Pegasus. Believing that they are trapped in some kind of cage and wanting the urge to play with these new found babies, Fang gnawed the bars of the crib while Free fall and Smasher pecked and nudged the bars until they finally broke and the twins climbed out.

The twins themselves had never seen these kinds of animals before and were happy to see them. Smasher let the two climb onto his back and playfully ran about the room as the two babies yelled cheered with joy. Fang swished his tail back and forth as the twins tried to catch while he hissed at them playfully. And Free fall climbed on top of the crib to show the twins his small but to him, his impressive wing span as he was about to jump and try to fly. As he jumped he managed to glide for about four seconds before falling and crashing into Fang’s back. Fang and Pumpkin Cake chewed on some of the stuffed animals in the room as Pound Cake and Smasher pounded the floors while Free fall sat on top of Fang’s head. The trio thought that they had made new friends and a safe place to hide from the others until either Fluttershy and or Paleo Soar come and gets them. However the play date was short lived. Pinkie pie bounced back into the room to check up on the twins to find them out of their cribs and playing with their strange new playmates. She thought to herself.

“What are those things? Is that Spike? Why is he acting like a baby and chewing things? Isn’t a little bit too old for that? Must be a new dragon faze he is going through. And what’s up with his new friends?”

As she got closer she noticed Fang’s sharp dagger-like teeth and other features like his small arms sporting two fingers with sharp claws on each of them, bluish purple markings, and three toed feet sporting sharp claws. She also got a good look at the other two. She panicked for the safety of the twins and quickly pulled them away. The twins cried at site of being torn from their new friends and the trio was sad but also angered as well. Tears formed from their eyes as the show their anger in a tantrum of flapping wings, tail lashing, showing of teeth, horns lashing, loud primal cries, and stomping. Pinkie pie also noticed something on them as well, the markings on each of them glowed very lightly and she felt a small chill in the room. Mrs. Cake was woken up by this and wanted to know what’s going on downstairs. Pinkie pie didn’t know how to answer this but told Mrs. Cake she was just playing a game and she accidently scared the twins. The trio ran out of Sugar cube corner in a primal, untamed, childish tantrum into Ponyville.

Then there was a knock on the door. It was Fluttershy, Applejack, and Rainbow dash. Pinkie pie let her friends in the mess of the shop that the trio left behind. Pinkie tolled her friends about what happened and they agreed that whatever they are had to be stopped.

“Fluttershy please tell us what kind of pets does Paleo Soar have!?” Rainbow dash pleaded with her friend.

“C’mon sugar cube tell us or all of Ponyville might be in great danger.”

“Well I know they aren’t dragons for sure.” Pinkie pie said happily. “And they don’t like sweets that’s just pure monstrous!” She dramatically shouted.
Fluttershy sank her head low knowing that she was going to tell them sooner or later. She took a deep breath and sighed.

“They are dinosaurs that were once experiments that he brought back to life for the sake of Princess Luna and Celestia, but he grew attached to them so he adopted them as pets, he is going a very important assignment and he asked me to look after them for the day and not to tell any pony because he was afraid of the reaction ponies will give him if they knew about them, and now they got out because they were frightened and they are only lashing out because they nothing more but frightened hatchlings!” She finished with a long exhausting sigh.

“So that’s it!” Rainbow dash commented back. “They aren’t monster but frightened babies looking for a place to hide.”

“But they are going to random places how are we going to know where they will go next?” Applejack pondered while scratching the back of her head.

They then ran out of the shop going for Sweet Apple Acres. Applejack said that be the most logical place they would go next thinking that they must be hungry right now. Her hunch proved to be right, the trio made their way to the ranch. Smasher was amazed by how many apples and apple trees were there. Smasher ran off into the forest of apple trees with his stomach driving him. Smasher rammed into the first tree that he saw hoping some apples landed. Nothing happened and Smasher got enraged and rammed the tree and completely uprooted the tree and eats some of the apples that fell. He found the taste of the apples delightful and presumed his eating while Fang and Free fall looked for their own meals. As Smasher ate the apples, he ate one that he found displeasing and lumbered over to the next tree and proceeded with completely uprooting the full grown causing to crash and knock another tree over making more apples fall. Smasher happily ate the finest apples from both trees.

Big Macintosh heard the loud bangs he went to go investigate what was going on. Fang and Free fall wondered deeper and deeper in the orchard looking for something of their tastes since they are the only carnivores of the trio. They went as far as they could without feeling lonely without Smasher and proceeded to walk back. Along their way they came across Big Macintosh who was dumbfounded to see the baby t-rex who was half his size and the baby pteranodon sitting on top of his head. The three locked their eyes on each other and couldn’t look away. Big Mac’s sap green eyes looked at Fang and Free fall’s jade green eyes with black lizard-like slits for the pupils. The two ran off thinking Big Macintosh was going to harm them to warn Smasher. Big Macintosh galloped after them out of curiosity and thinking they could lead them to the source of those loud bangs and crashes. They found Smasher resting in a pile of leafs he made after glutting himself on apples. Fang nudged the triceratops but to no use. They saw the red stallion with his jaw hanging at what they had done the orchard.

Fang stood in front of the other two with teeth bearing; his claws sank into the earth, and growling ready for an offensive fight to protect his brothers thinking that he will harm him and his brothers. At this time Applejack, Rainbow dash, Pinkie pie, and Fluttershy arrived at the scene.

“Oh dear.” Fluttershy gasped.

“Bloomberg Junior!” Applejack yelled for one of the fallen trees. “Dash grab my lasso.” She commanded very firmly.
Dash nodded and flew for the barn. A bark was heard coming to where they were. It was Applejack’s dog Winoa. She jumped in front of her master with teeth bearing and growling at the t-rex. Smasher woke up and joined the standoff. Fang let out a loud primal roar that echoed throughout the orchard and their markings glowed as a ring of ice formed around the band and engulfed the fallen trees.

“They can use magic!?” Applejack gasped as she stepped away from the ice.

Rainbow dash arrived but she came at the worst of times. The three dinos ran off in three directions trying to lose the ponies. Knowing things will get ugly Big Macintosh took Winoa and galloped out of there as fast as his four strong legs could carry him. Applejack took off after Smasher; Fluttershy and Rainbow dash took after Free fall, and left Pinkie pie pouncing after Fang. The earth pony didn’t take long to catch up with Smasher.

“Alright you over grown horned iguana I know your scared and have no idea where you’re at but I can’t let you wreck my home because you’re afraid.” Applejack said while swinging her lasso.

Smasher turned around and started to dig at the earth like a bull that was ready to charge. Applejack tossed the loop end of the lasso onto Smasher’s neck which he shook his horned head violently trying his best to get rid of the rope. Smasher then thought about an idea to lose the earth pony, he took off as fast as his little legs could carry him dragging Applejack behind him. She held on as tight as she could while she dug her back hooves into the dirt while she was being dragged by the frightened dinosaur.

“Wow this critter is strong!” she said.

Smasher took her on a ride through the orchard snaking, turning, and shaking trying to lose the pony. He then saw the broad side of the barn and ran full speed towards it. He made a sharp turn causing Applejack to lose her balance and grip of the lasso then ran into the side of the barn with a loud smack. She stepped out in a daze to see Smasher easily chomping the lasso off with his beak. Rainbow dash and Fluttershy were in pursuit of Free fall who was walking on all fours then flapping his wings trying to escape.

“This is in the bag Fluttershy he can’t even fly.” Rainbow dash said with a cocky attitude.

Just as she said that the marking on Free fall glowed brighter and his wings were engulfed by a light violet glow as his wing muscles grew stronger and began to take off to the clear blue skies.

“How the!? I thought they could just use ice magic now he can fly?!” She said being stunned by what the little pteranodon did.

“Maybe it’s to help him build up his wing muscles so he can fly when the time comes.” Fluttershy implied.

Rainbow dash took off as fast as lightning to catch the flying reptile. This was the first time Free fall has ever flown on his own and was at first even more terrified but he enjoyed being in the sky. He saw the rainbow Pegasus charging straight for him and barrel rolled out of her way. Rainbow dash made a sharp turn and flew back towards Free fall who was ready to play a game of aerial chicken. He bolted for Rainbow dash then quickly moved out of the way making a scream that sounded like an eagle. They did this again and again and again until Free fall felt the magic in his wings fading. Suddenly he lost all his magic but kept flapping his wings trying to stay airborne but to no use and he started to plummet to the ground. Fluttershy saw this and flew as fast as she could to catch Free fall. She caught the baby pteranodon who was delighted to see her but was still terrified out of his mind from the ordeal he has been through. As the made it to the ground they saw Fang running away from Pinkie pie who was happily bouncing after him. Free fall struggled himself free from Fluttershy’s grasp and hopped towards his saurian brothers.

This made Fluttershy almost cry but was assured how she can get them. The three ran out of Sweet Apple Acres bumping into Apple bloom and her friends again. And they ran for Ponyville once again.

“Pinkie how come the third one ran away from you? What did you do?” Rainbow dash asked.

“I don’t know I cornered him and he was like trying to act big and scary but I did it right back. But I was only playing with him and he ran off.”

“I see so he runs off thinking that you’re not afraid.” She stated.

“All I know is that little horned horn can’t hit the broad side of a barn but he sure makes others do it.” Applejack commented rubbing her head with her hoof.

“And that flyer can only fly for a short period before it runs out. But he seems to like Fluttershy.”

“Why do you say that Dash?” Applejack asked curiously.

“I don’t know maybe it’s her natural thing with animals.”

“Or maybe they had warmed up to me the most and trust me.” Fluttershy commented back with some bit of confidence. “Oh, and Paleo Soar also gave me these three medals and said I can use them if they get too out of hoof.”

“Fluttershy, why didn’t you say this before!?” Rainbow dash said angrily.

“I was just too focused on trying to find them and you guys kept scaring them.”

“Alright girls let just go to Fluttershy’s house, grab the medals, calm them down, them back to her house, and we all watch them until Paleo Soar gets back.” Applejack says trying to find a solution.

The ponies all nodded at each other and took off for Fluttershy’s place. Meanwhile the trio found Rarity’s house and sought refuge there. They walked through the posh parlor with the scents of a mix of cheap and expensive perfume and hoof polish. The three couldn’t take the stench of the aroma cocktail and tried to find a way of the room. They then stumbled into the main boutique room and they were amazed by the size of it. Three large mirrors were sitting in front of a stand for a pony to stand while Rarity does her tailing.

To their backs were more mirrors for ponies to sit in front of as they do their make-up, There were also pony manikins of a Pegasus and an earth pony with unfinished dresses on them. Thinking that the manikins are live ponies, they proceeded to ram, peck, and claw at the lifeless dummies. When they did they shredded up the unfinished dresses that Rarity was going to present to her friends later in the evening. Fang chomped the head off of the Pegasus manikin taking out every ounce of anger he had built up from being frightened while Smasher and Free fall gored the unicorn one with their beaks and horns and Smasher flipped it over like if it was paper. They tore the dresses into fine shreds of fabric. But their temper tantrum wasn’t over yet; their next target was Rarity’s couch, her most prized possession. Smasher flipped it on its side as Fang tore chunks of fabric and cotton out. Rarity heard the commotion and walked out of her room to see what was going on. When she opened the door she saw the trio destructive rampage. The desk, mirrors, clothes, dresses, and even her prized couch was all torn to pieces. She let out a long, loud, and over dramatic scream at the site of the carnage which caught their attention causing them to momentarily stop their tantrum.

“What have you done Spike?! Why would you destroy everything!? Maybe you’re going through that greed faze again and your new dragon buddies are a bad influence because maybe Twilight isn’t showing you enough attention but this Mister!” She walks over to her destroyed couch and stands on top of it. “This is going too far mister!” She shouted with a stomp.

The three nodded to each other and lowered their heads admitting that she was right. But then still fueled by rage Fang stomped over to Rarity and knocked the unicorn off and calmed down. Thinking that she was Paleo Soar they huddled around her with big sad eyes.

“What are you doing? Get off of me! Get off of me this instant!” She demanded.

Realizing they made a common case of mistaken identity they shoved away the unicorn with tears in their eyes. She didn’t know what to do now. She felt kind of sorry for these three but she was also angry for what they had done to her boutique. The three looked at the three mirrors behind them and saw their reflections. They saw the sadness in each of their green eyes, the anger they had shown, the loneliness they have felt, and the destruction they had caused in their own primal rage. They each had tears running down each of their scaly faces. Rarity walked over to them with also a slight frown on her face. They saw her in the reflections and ran out of the boutique leaving the unicorn pondering what that was all about. She ran after them feeling guilty of upsetting them but when she ran outside they were already gone. The other ponies saw Rarity and asked her if they had seen the trio.

“At first I thought it was Spike and two other dragons but then I realized that they weren’t and when I yelled at them they started to cry and ran off.”

“Shoot, we just missed them.” Rainbow dash frustratingly.

“This isn’t good Paleo Soar will be here at the end of the day! And if he doesn’t see his pets back in Fluttershy’s care and if Princess Celestia hears about this she might lock away him up and take them away forever!” Applejack worryingly said.

“Where else could they be?” Fluttershy pondered.

Then a dark blue Pegasus with a black mane and sky blue eyes flies into the town and lands in front of the five mares. His cutie mark was two spears crossing the royal crest of Equestria and it was brightly shown in the afternoon sky.

“Which one of you is Fluttershy?” He said in a strong commanding voice.

Fluttershy stepped forward being slightly afraid of this Pegasus.

“I’ am Fluttershy.”

“I’ am Star Shadow, royal guard of Princess Luna.”

“What does Luna want to do with us?” Rarity whispered to Applejack.

“Silence!” He ordered spreading his wings and stomping the ground. “I’ am not here on her behalf. I’ am here on Paleo Soar’s. Since I’ am one of his best friends and one of his only friends he has asked me to check up on his pets Fang, Smasher, and Free fall. And I have heard of monsters on the loose so I came to investigate.”

“Oh, um the problem is that, um.” She stuttered trying to find the right words.

“Well? I do not have all day I have night duties later on and I would like to sleep.”

“Well the problem is that I, um.”

“Wait let me guess. They accidently got loose and they are frightened and are causing every pony trouble and chaos because they scared and want to go somewhere safe.”

“Yes that’s exactly how it is right now. But how did you know?” Rainbow dash asked.

“Knowing Paleo Soar this happens all the time in Canterlot.” He said with a cocky and smart mouthed remark. “You do have the medals right?”


“Good. You obviously have a unicorn with you so it should be all good.”

“Why would it matter if we had a unicorn with us?” Applejack implied curiously.

“Well the magic only works with a unicorn. Didn’t he tell you?” Star Shadow asked raising an eye brow.

“No, I guess he never told me.”

“Then why in all of Equestria would he even give the medals to Fluttershy let alone his pets if he knows that the only thing that can calm them down can only be used by a unicorn?” Applejack pondered raising an eyebrow as well.

“Well that’s Paleo Soar for you. He usually forgets things like this. For a colt prodigy he can act rather stupid and do this. But sadly I can’t stay and help I have to catch some shut-eye before I go to work. Oh a word of advice. Don’t let Fang bite you. He’s small but his teeth and jaws are a nasty piece of work.”

With that the Pegasus flew off towards the distance leaving the five looking for the trio. Meanwhile the trio ran across Twilight and Spike. The two were going to visit Zecora for a daily visit. Spike stood in his tracks and started to shake when he saw Fang and the other two.

“Spike what are they? I have never those kinds of dragons before.”

“They aren’t dragons Twilight. They are monsters! They are the ones that attacked me in Fluttershy’s house.”

“Them? They aren’t monsters Spike. But you know Spike now that you mentioned it I think I have seen these things before
but where?”

“I don’t know but let’s just leave and go to Zecora’s before they attack again.” He said trying to push the unicorn.

“I think they look a little lost.” Twilight Sparkle said as she walked closer to them.

The approach of Twilight Sparkle brought the trio confusion, they didn’t know if she was Paleo Soar or an imposter trying to hurt them. Fang then noticed Spike and was ready for a standoff still believing that he is another t-rex but was also on defense believing trying to make heads or tails of Twilight.

“Easy there I’m not going to hurt either of you. I just want to get a closer look at you.” Twilight said as she walked up to them with caution.
The three still didn’t trust her words and proceeded to watch her carefully while Fang also kept an eye on Spike.

“Spike you might want to back away for a little bit, it might ease the tension here.”

“You don’t have to tell me twice.” Spike says while running away.
As she got closer Fang, Free fall and Smasher’s growling became more louder. This caused Twilight Sparkle to back off a little bit but still intrigued by them. She got a clear look at their faces and remembered something back when she was a filly. She remembered Paleo Soar expressing his love of these things called dinosaurs and pterosaurs one day and she remembered what he was teaching about that day to. He taught her about the mighty Tyrannosaurus Rex, the horned Triceratops, and the flying Pteranodon.

“Oh my!”

She was cut off by her friends who finally caught up with them and her to tell her about what has been going on today.
“Twilight help us grab them!” Applejack shouted.

“Why what’s wrong?”

“Those are Paleo Soar’s pet baby dinosaurs!” Rainbow dash shouted as well.

“These things are Professor Paleo Soar’s?! These guys are incredible! To think he brought back real life dinosaurs and a pterosaur to!”

“Petro-what’s-its?” Rarity asked.

“Pterosaur! It’s a flying reptile not a dinosaur.”

“That’s all nice and all but we can save the educational stuff later and catch those things.” Pinkie pie said in a hyper manor.

“Also they are frightened so try not to scare them even more then they are now.” Fluttershy pleaded.

“Poor things. You don’t have to worry about us we won’t any of you.” Twilight said with a sweet smile.

The trio still didn’t trust a word she said and only tried to stare her down. They then heard Fluttershy and turned towards her and looked her for some comfort.

“You can trust them. They are my friends.” Fluttershy said kindly.

The three knew they could trust Fluttershy but were still frightened by the other ponies. They were still huddled close to each other still scared out of their wits. They were ready for a final defense. The three sprinted away for the six ponies ready to defend themselves from what they thought were the cause of their terror except Fluttershy. Smasher bulldozed himself through Rainbow dash, Applejack, and Rarity with Free fall pecking them as they ran and turning back around while Fang headed straight for Twilight Sparkle. Fang let out the loudest roar he had made all day which echoed the town which alerted Celestia who was heading for Ponyville because of Star Shadow. When he did this ice once again form around the baby T-rex’s feet ready to devour the mare in an icy prison. The other two were the same as well, ice covered the ground they stood and caught Applejack by surprise and covered her back hoof in it. Pinkie pie was also trapped but only because she stuck her tongue on the ice trying to lick it.

“Twilight use these!” Rainbow dash shouted as she tossed the three medals to her.

“What are these?”

“They are medals. Fluttershy says that they can be used to calm them down when they get too out of hoof. But they only
are used by a unicorn!”

“Wait, why?”

“I don’t know that’s all we know! Calm them down so we can bring them back safely!”

Twilight dodged Fang and then nodded to her friends in agreement. The medals were covered with her purple magic as they floated through the air and started to glow brightly. Two of the three babies saw these medals and walked towards Twilight obeying whatever the medals told them. Their temper was soothed and the two fell asleep were they stood. Still blinded by his temper tantrum Fang charged for Twilight. Rarity saw this and tried her best to defend her friend by halting the young tyrannosaurs with her magic but to no use. He hits Twilight with his tail and heads for the others. Applejack frees herself from the ice and runs for the dinosaur ready for a head butt. Fang head butts Applejack sending her to the ground and he focuses his attention on Rainbow dash. He jumps up and down trying to catch the Pegasus with his jaws and pull her back to the ground but she was just too high for him. He turned towards Rarity and slowly walked up to her with jaws drooling. Rainbow dash flies in circles around Fang trying to confuse him while Twilight tries to get back on her feet and use the medals. Twilight stood back up and tried to use all three medals but the magic surrounding them was starting to fade.

“Twilight what’s wrong?” Rarity gasped.

“I don’t know. I feel weak and my magic is fading.”

“Wait what?!” Rainbow dash asked while trying to distract Fang from Rarity.

“It’s these medals. They’re draining my magic!”

“Well, if that’s the case why did Paleo Soar make them!?”

“Maybe it was like a last resort thing!” Twilight shouted make still trying to hold all three in the air. “Where’s Pinkie pie?”

“I guess her and Fluttershy ran off I saw Fluttershy free Pinkie.” Rainbow dash commented.

Fang was starting to feel dizzy watching Rainbow dash flying faster and faster, and around and around in circles making a small rainbow wall that acted like a cage for Fang. This made Fang even more upset thinking he was trapped and being sent away to where he would never see his brothers, Fluttershy who he saw as an aunt, an older sister, a friend, or a surrogate mother, and most important of all, Paleo Soar the only thing he sees as a father again. His marking grew even brighter causing an icy fog hazed over him and causing Rainbow dash to stop, Rarity and Applejack to drop their jaws and their eyes grew wider in astonishment. The icy fog turned into the shape of a full grown Tyrannosaurs Rex as he roared as loud as he could and as he cried.

They never saw anything like this before, Twilight was familiar with ice magic but never to this degree! Fang stomped around not knowing who or what to attack first until Fluttershy and Pinkie pie came back with Gummy, Pinkie pie’s pet tooth less alligator. Fluttershy saw the dinosaur shaped fog and began to shiver both from being cold and being terrified. At this time all the ponies except for Pinkie pie were just as scared as the babies were. Spike came back with a letter from the Princess saying that she was on her way and will be there shortly. He came at the worse of timing; Fang didn’t pay attention to Spike but focused his sights on Pinkie pie holding Gummy. She let Gummy go and he walked over to Fang. Fang stopped and looked right at the baby alligator in the eyes. Fang’s jade green dinosaur eyes were locked with Gummy pale violet eyes and blank stare.

Fang tried to act big and scary but showing his teeth and roaring while the large dinosaur shaped fog did the same. Gummy did nothing but stared blankly at him. Gummy yawned showing his toothless jaws to Fang which made him a little bit uneasy and started slowly walk away from Gummy. At this time Rarity walked over to Twilight to lend some of her magic to help her out. The two mare’s horns glowed brightly as so did the three medals. Gummy slowly walked over to Fang making Fang more and more afraid of the toothless alligator. Until finally the medals had enough power to grab Fang’s attention and he began to walk towards the two unicorns. Fang finally calmed down and stopped crying just as the medals dropped and so did Rarity and Twilight exhausted. Fluttershy ran over to the three and comforted them as Fang laid next to her with sorrowful eyes. The other two woke up and saw the other five mares circling around them.

“Easy there they are my friends.” Fluttershy said sweetly to the trio. “They won’t harm you. They were just as afraid as you were because they never animals as amazing as you three are.” She assured them with a smile.
When things were all settled down Celestia showed up in her chariot. The six stood in a circle trying not to expose the trio to the princess thinking that she doesn’t know about them.

“I heard a report of monsters running amuck through the town so I came to see if that is true.”

“Oh um, no your majesty there aren’t any monsters here.” Twilight said nervously and with a wince.

“Oh really my fateful student? No monsters here? None with wings that looks like a small dragon with a crest on its head and a toothless beak, or with three horns, a beak, a frill covering his neck, or not even one with small arms, a long tail, a mouth filled with sharp teeth, and they all have purple markings?” Celestia teasingly said.

“N-N-Nope not a single one your highness.” Said Rainbow dash trying to cover the trio and trying back up her friend.

“Really now? What about you Applejack you haven’t seen a single creature like that today?”

Applejack didn’t want to lie but she didn’t want to see three baby animals be thrown into the ever free forest where the
repercussion would be horrendous. So she swallowed her words and shook her head.

“Ok then if there aren’t any monsters here then what’s with the tail under you?” laughed Celestia at Fang’s tail swishing about from under Fluttershy.

They knew that the charade was up and they had to spill it. So Twilight stepped back and exposed the three to the princess who were actually very excited to see her, they race towards her and she embraced them. The six were highly confused by this.

“Princess you know them?” Twilight asked.

“Of course I do. I in fact help raise them in Canterlot.”

“You do?” Pinkie pie commented back.

“Yes this one’s Free fall, this one’s Smasher, and this little king is Fang.” Giggled Celestia. “I play with them whenever Paleo Soar is too busy or if he is napping.”

“You just said that critter there is a little king is that true?”

“Yes she did, the Tyrannosaurus Rex is translated to tyrant lizard king.” Said Twilight Sparkle sounding all proud.

“It seems Paleo Soar taught you very Twilight, which is true his species are large carnivorous animals but Fang here is tame and wouldn’t hurt any pony.”

“Really?!” Shouted Pinkie pie.

“Smasher being a, um, oh I forgot what he is.”

“A Triceratops your highness; A large herbivorous dinosaur with three horns and a beak like a bird.”

“Yes that right, being a Triceratops he tends to want to show off what strength he has and eat a large amount of food. His favorite thing to eat is apples and I personally hand pick the best ones in Canterlot and re-fill Paleo Soar’s secret stash for him. And the last one Free fall, he needs help flying and Philomeena tries to teach him how to fly. She really has grown attach to him and has become his own personal tutor.”

“So that’s why he ate all the best apples in my orchard.” Applejack said while she stomped her hoof down.

“And why for the most part that one couldn’t fly.” Rainbow dash said in her “Ah-ha” moment.

“What do you mean by the most part Rainbow dash? I have known them since they were born and I have never seen Free fall fly.” Pondered Celestia about what Rainbow dash said.

“While we were chasing them I noticed that his markings glow and he took into the sky and played chicken with me for five
whole minutes before he fell out of the air.”

“That seems rather interesting I have never seen him do that before.”

“It’s not just with Free fall but the other two had shown that they can use Ice magic.” Applejack stated.

“Really now? Well this is just an interesting thing to hear. It might be the side effects from when they were born.”

“How were they born Princess?” Fluttershy asked while walking up to them.

“They were once fossilized eggs that Paleo Soar took from a dig while he, an earth pony named Techie, and his other friend Star Shadow were Appleloosa. They took the eggs back to Canterlot and tried to revive them for some purpose that I have no idea about. After five days of his magic and the machines Techie made, they were revived. And Paleo Soar incubated them for a total of five months with some help from Techie’s incubator that he made and it sped up the time to incubate the eggs twice as fast. And one day the work paid off when they were born. They were born with those markings. I originally thought they were their cutie marks but this just stuns me.” Celestia finished with her speech and tilting her head sideways.

“So they were born by a combo of determination, magic, and technology.” Twilight thought to herself. “Your highness, how do you know so much?”

“I overheard the two talking about several nights. And Star shadow told me during a visit.”

“So are you taking them back to the castle your majesty?” Rarity asked.

“I thought about that but I think I should stay and wait for Paleo Soar to come back. Besides it looks like they have grown attached to you ponies now.” Celestia pointed at the trio with her hoof.

The three sat in front of the six with eyes of forgiveness and acceptance. The mares all thought this was adorable and hugged the scaly creatures with big smiles on their faces. As the rest of the day went on the six enjoyed the company of the trio and became very close to them, Rarity made three outfits for each one and matching scarfs, Applejack and her family enjoyed Smasher’s help around the farm by knocking down apples while Big Macintosh, Applejack, and Apple bloom happily collect them, Rainbow dash tried to teach Free fall how to fly and was successful. The little pteranodon managed to fly for a full minute before fall onto Rainbow dash’s back.

Pinkie pie played with Fang along with the twins. Twilight spent time showing them pictures of adult dinosaurs, mainly adult Triceratops, T-Rex, and Pteranodons. Every time they saw a picture of an adult T-rex and Triceratops figthing or killing each other they would look at each other in confussion. Twilight told Fang that Spike wasn’t another t-rex but a baby dragon which Fang stopped growling at Spike. Then finally during the evening they all went to Fluttershy’s cottage and fell asleep in her living room. Free fall had his wings opened and covered Fluttershy’s wings, Smasher laid on top of the clothes that Rarity made for them, and Fang curled up next to her while the others brought over blankets and pillows and were asleep. Celestia sat outside waiting for Paleo Soar to show up. About after an hour had passed she heard wing beats that were from large wings. She looked up to see Paleo Soar flying in. He landed and was stunned to see Celestia sitting in front of the front door.

“Ah Ce-Ce-Celestia it’s good to see you here you highness!” He said with a nervous tone.

“It’s good to see you to royal paleontologist Paleo Soar.”

“So what brings you here to Ponyville and to Fluttershy’s house on this fine evening?”

“Oh I was called out here because of a commotion involving in some, I don’t know dinosaurs perhaps.”
Paleo Soar had a lump in his throat which he tried to swallow but couldn’t. He knew it was over she knew about them and was ready to except his punishment for hiding something from the princess in her own castle.

“I have actually known this ever since they were born, you aren’t really good at keep things quiet when your excited Paleo.”

“Please Celestia I beg you punish me instead of them. They didn’t know any better! And if you are giving them away, give them to a pony that will take care of them! And if you wish to banish me then go ahead.” He pleaded to the princess.

“I’m not going to punish you. I actually love having them around the castle. But you will tell me about those medals and how they manage to get magic though.”

“Fine very well I guess you deserve some knowing.”

“I’m all ears.”

He told the princess everything, the medals how they manage to get magic, how long it will last, all of it. Celestia was amazed about how brilliant he was, how the medals are the embodiment of his own magic, the magic just being a side effect of the process of being revived and incubated with both magic and technology, and when he told her what they originally born for, she felt honored.

“And your sister funded us from the start.”

“That’s amazing so you did this so Luna and I could see something that amazed us from long ago? And when they get older they become royal guards! Amazing, simply amazing.”

“But I grew so attach to them and I made them my pets.”

“Well I’m touched by this story and the efforts you and Techie made and I will let you keep your pets because I don’t think it would fair to you, them, or the ponies in there if I took them away. Now go in there and get them, I will be back at the castle.” Said with a playful wink and walked off.

Paleo Soar knocked on the door which alerted the mares inside along with Spike and the other three. Fluttershy opened the door and was delighted to see Paleo Soar. The three ran up to him and tackled the stallion. Paleo Soar and the six laughed at this until Paleo Soar started to snort.

“Looks like some dinos missed daddy.” He said as he laughed.

Fang happily nipped at his hoofs while the other two ran around in circles being overly excited to see the closet thing they saw as a father after what happened to them that day. He also explained everything to the six which they were just as stunned as Celestia was. After that Paleo Soar packed and loaded their stuff to his back as the dinos and the six mares said their sorrowful goodbyes to each other. Some like Rarity, Rainbow dash, and most of all Fluttershy were crying while they said goodbye, Fluttershy hugged the three as tight as she could because like the others and Paleo Soar she became very attach to the little trouble makers.

“Professor?” Twilight asked while trying to hold back her tears.

“Yes what is it Twilight?”

“Do you think they can come and visit us again sometime soon?”

“Hmm.” He looked at the three then looked at the six and said. “Sure, they can visit you anytime they want.” He said with a smile.

“Because we can’t let these little cuties just come and never come back.” Rarity said as she walked over to them and kissed them on their foreheads.

This made Spike a little jealous but he let it slide. Paleo Soar said his farewells and proceeded to walk out of the cottage to meet up with Techie who just arrived there with a team of other ponies carrying wagons of bones and other fossils. The six waved and shouted goodbye as they pulled away. Fang stood up in the wagon of bones and let out one final roar and it echoed throughout the town and almost throughout the entire ever free forest. When they got back to the lab it was night fall and Paleo Soar was writing a letter not to the princess but to her student, Twilight Sparkle.

“Dear Twilight Sparkle,

Today I have discovered something amazing! Two complete skeletons of a Triceratops and a Tyrannosaurus Rex. The thing is that we have found these skeletons exactly just two miles away from where I found Fang’s and Smasher’s egg! The two were forever silenced into a death battle. I would have stayed longer three months ago to dig up the rest but the natives wanted me and my friends to leave their land because our time was up. I have a strong hunch that these two are in fact the parents of Fang and Smasher. One was going to feed her family the other risked her life for hers. Right now Fang is looking at the skull of the adult Tyrannosaurus. He might not know this but he will get that big when he gets older. And I pray that he and Smasher don’t share this fate like those two. When they get older they will have to leave the safety of Canterlot and have to live in the ever free forest. When that time comes it will be a sad day for all of us.

Yours truly

Professor Paleo Soar”

With that he turned his attention to Fang who is looking at the skull. He tried to act big by making lower growls and arching his back. When he realized that it was just a skull he yawned exposing his dagger-like teeth and crawling inside the skull and fell asleep. Paleo Soar sighed and covered up Free fall, Smasher, and Fang with blankets.

“Goodnight my little dinos.”

He walked outside the lab and headed off to bed to start a new day.