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G'day. Aussie Brony here. I'm not very active in the comment threads of my stories, but I read and cherish every one. Thanks for reading.


The Leap Year has come around again, and Twilight has forgotten to take it into account when she was working on her schedule. How is she going to cope with a whole day where she has nothing to do? How is Spike going to keep the new alicorn occupied?

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Heh, this a cute idea. Good job.

We all know Twilight's OCD. It's basically a requirement for being the chosen one.

But cheating at Monopoly, Twi? For shame...

Okay, I'm a hypocrite. I cheated too as a kid.

Cutest thing I've seen so far today!:rainbowkiss:
...Even though it's about 12am in the Chinese area(which I am right now) :twilightsheepish:

I just love how Spike acts as the adult here and Twilight is such a child. Giving her something to keep her distracted, punishing her with vegetables, etc. I think Twilight's reaction in the end could've used more descriptive language, but other than that it was a riot.

It's things like this that sometimes make me feel kinda sorry for Spike having to deal with this all the time. Although it's interesting that the episode that showed Twilight taking scheduling to ridiculous lengths was the same episode where she spontaneously dropped everything just to obsess so strongly over something unexpected that she lost track of what day it even was.

Buy you know, Twilight's activities ended up seeming pretty much like some random person's average day off.

Came for clop, stayed for the comedy.
Unexpected but still worth the time.
green thumb from me. ;)

Twilight would be the one who wouldn't want to use the emergency food during an actual, you know, emergency.

It's just that when you fly to pieces, the rest of us get hit by the shrapnel

May I use this?


It's just that when you fly to pieces, the rest of us get hit by the shrapnel

Err, that one isn't mine, I must admit. It's a variation of a line from Douglas Adams's Hitch Hiker's Guide To The Galaxy series. I just can't remember which version it was from, radio serial, book or TV series...

3465584 Thanks for the info. When an author uses a line I like, I try to ask permission before using it myself, just to be on the safe side.

Leap days? Oh Twilight you sweet summer foal... Just wait until you have to deal with DST and leap seconds...

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