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Where the death of stories begins.
AKA: Scrap Files
This story is in no way canon. Even to it's self.
WARNING: This story is not for the faint of heart, extra serious type, or a person who gives a shit about grammar. So don't be a dink and be butthurt when none of this makes sense.

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And here I thought that Canadians were supposed to be nice people. And why would altitude sickness cause them to leak their brains out of their ears. It would most likely just cause them all to pass outt, and die of oxygen deprivation.

I can say beyond the shadow of a doubt that you my good sir, are bored out of your fucking mind. Also that opening paragraph threw me for a loop. Because being in rut also means being in heat for a horse.

2475424 Indeed it would. But ah've seen things man... Like stuff. I was indeed.

:rainbowlaugh: it's funnier the second time around

Eeeeexactly! Twas my troll mood :trollestia:. Which reminds me do you have an Xbox with live? (Or as my buddy calls it an expensive paper weight :facehoof:)

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