• Published 24th Apr 2013
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retirement in equestria - bigheart675

The mercenaries of TF2 retire in Equestria after they finish their 6 years of fighting. Will they learn to live in peace or will their antics cause disrupt the happiness of equstria?

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Setting up home base

As the Team stepped out onto the bright green meadow, they herd birds singing in the trees above. They sat down and started to unpack their belongings when Demo spoke up

“Alright lads, what are we gonna do now that we’re in this bloody world?”

“First things first, get some food.” Said Sniper as his teammates answered with a nod

He then took out his Huntsmen and began to aim at the birds before leasing the arrow. It hit a falcon with thud as he fell out of the tree. The other birds took flight in fear of this new predator. Sniper began to pick up his kill when Scout whined

“Ya can’t do that; Fluttershy might miss ‘im”

“Flutter who?” asked Demo

“Fluttershy the pony that takes care of the animals around ‘ere” he responded

“Well I doubt she’ll miss one of her falcons” argued Spy

“Yea but if she freaks out and tells the rest of Ponyville they might look for us” Scout responded

“Damn so how are we gonna get enough food to feed us all?” Engie asked

“Well we could always mooch some apples from the apple farm” Scout suggested

“Alright then it’s a plan Spy and Scout go get some apples. Heavy, Demo and Pyro cut some wood, Sniper and I will build the house while Engie works on a respawn machine” Soldier commanded

“Scout, if you would be so kind as to show me the way to zis “apple farm”.” Spy asked

“Und what about me soldier?” asked the Medic

“You will help engie set up his buildings. If you see anyone, don’t be afraid to scare them off. The less these ponies know about us the better.” Soldier added

“Let’s go Spy” Scout said

-------- Sweet Apple Acers-------

“ Exactly how far are we from zis farm” Spy asked as he kicked a rock out of the path

“‘Bout five maybe ten feet” Scout said as they approached the gate

“So what do we do? You have ze best knowledge of zis awful place”

“We hop da fence and get to the back orchard where we stuff as many apples as we can into our packs.” Scout directed

They hopped the fence and stealthily ran to the back of the orchard just missing a large red stallion walking alongside a small yellow foal

“Well Applebloom ‘buckin seasons over and we gotta get all the apples from the back orchard into the barn” Big Mac told her

“Can’t we do it tomorrow I want to go see the girls at the clubhouse” she whined

He responded with his trademark phrase


“Darn, well let’s go get the cart and get this over with” she huffed as he led her to the barn

As Spy and Scout made their way to the back orchard they saw several baskets filled with apples of all colors.

“Look they already put ze apples in baskets. Zis should be as easy as taking out an oblivious Heavy.” Spy remarked

“Let’s just load up three baskets each and go before dey come back” Scout told the saboteur a hint of worry in his voice

“Oh is someone afraid of the cute little ponies” Spy jested

“No way I just don’t want them to see us that’s all”

As they loaded up the baskets they heard a voice yell at them.

“Hey you varmints don’t touch our apples!”

They turned to see a large red stallion barreling towards them

“May I make a suggestion?” Spy asked

“What?” Scout answered


He then cloaked and began running at full speed away from the farm laughing at Scout as he jumped over the fence and took off

“aww crap”

Scout tore up the ground running as fast as he could to escape the maddened stallion. He jumped into the nearest tree and began jumping through the tree tops.

“Ya’ll can’t get away that easy” Mac shouted as he gained on the scout

Scout then jumped from the trees barley missing the edge of the pointed fence and began running through the forest hoping the stallion would give chase in the thick underbrush. He ran for a few more minutes before realizing that the stallion had stopped chasing him. He breathed a sigh of relief and continued to run till he reached a break in the tree line. He came out into the meadow where a large wooden cabin now stood. He rushed inside and saw his teammates waiting for him.

“So did you lose that big horse?” Soldier asked

“Yea I lost ‘im. His name is Big Mac and he lives on that farm with three other ponies.”

“That would have been useful if you told us beforehand!”

“Solly there’s no need to get upset. We got the apples and that all that matters now” Sniper said

“No its not fine cause we blew our cover! If that pony tells his pony friends they’ll come looking for us in a heartbeat!”

“Well then looks like I get to meet friendly ponies now” Heavy said

“When do you think they’ll get here?” Engineer asked

“Maybe tomorrow it’s getting dark out and I doubt they hold a search party I ze dark” medic said

“You’re right the best thing to do is wait until tomorrow, then we should act.” Demo added

As the sun set in the sky the team decided that sniper should keep watch, just in case anything funny happened.

“It’s been four bloody hours and nothing’s happened.” He grumbled

He felt his eyelids get heavy as he drifted off to sleep.

Author's Note:

New chapters not as good as I wanted it to be but it happens. Would you guys like to see longer chapter that will be put out every 5 to 6 days or would you like small chapter that i can make in a day or two?