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This was so sweet and so sad! You did a really good job!

Wehl. Nah bahd. :ajsmug:

Story has two likes, two comments, and one view. What. :twilightoops:

This was freekin great!
It has this feeling that something's wrong, and in the end you simply give one single sentence to make the reader indirectly understand what happened.
Splendid work if i may say so :pinkiehappy:

Crap. I don't get it.

Too bad this isn't like BioShock Infinite. Voxophones, anybody?

I think I understand..... I was confused at first, but I think I got it. You sure didn't give any clues except for brief mentions. I feel really proud of myself for understanding what happened. Kinda reminds me a little of the Twilight Zone, with that kind of twist :unsuresweetie:

came for the sexy belle.

An eerie, sweet, sad piece. We need more A.J and Sweetie Belle works. How did she-er-end up like that anyway? Was it out of story?

I loved the idea behind the piece, but I think it could have been expanded upon better and the flow could be improved upon. And it might be nice to give the readers a tiny bit more context at the beginning.

Still, thanks for writing it and I like that twist at the end. Even if I had to reread the lines again and piece it together.

I don't understand... are they... die?

This story has been reviewed by: The Equestrian Critics Society

Story Title: Last Train to Braeburton

Author: Lyreaxiose

Reviewed By: BronyWriter

There really isn’t much detail to go into with this fic, because it’s only the bare bones of what a fic should be. It needs to be fleshed out considerably. It is understandable that with a story like this, there needs to be ambiguity, but the author had too much of it. A re-write would be wise. There was certainly a great idea behind it as the ending proves, but it needs more meat to get there.

Full Review

Final Score: 3.75/10

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