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Winning. It's something you can't manage doing. You're not Charley Horse Sheen by a long shot. Though, when you accidentally win a backstage pass to see a certain singer, you may end up winning in more ways than one, but winning, like anything else, doesn't always go perfectly.

SFG Rating : [Cheeky]

Just for clarification, this story takes place after 'you' and Sweetie Belle have graduated, so no foalshipping here.

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A "sex" story about Sweetie Belle? My waifu's sister? Consider me hooked!:raritystarry:

Second person fic. Ignore. ;-p

No, really. To actually enjoy a fic like this, I have to mentally change all the "you"s to "I/me"s. Just too much work most of the time.

*Edit* To the folks downrating this post as a knee jerk reaction, stop it. I am simply stating my own personal likes and dislikes, and pointedly NOT bashing this story. I did not downvote this story, nor did I upvote it. Take that for what you will.


been seeing that alot lately can no one appreciate sexual romance anymore?

is all you ever wanna do is jerk off about horses procreating mechanically?

Comment posted by CeresBane deleted May 4th, 2013

I enjoyed the story honestly. It's well written and is very enjoyable. It is entertaining. Hope to read more of you story's.

are we supposed to be seeing this from the point of view of scootaloo?

2530369 That is not what I intended, no. Just a nameless pegasus pony.

2522738 That's understandable. We all have our likes and dislikes, myself included. It just so happens that 2nd person IS one of mine.

2522428 Sorry, I didn't want to really go into that for this story. The idea I have to finish off the trilogy with Apple Bloom does involve that, though. So, keep an eye out.

2523977 Thank you very much.

Keep on being awesome, then. :rainbowdetermined2:(\

2532615 After your edit, I feel the need to specify this, too. (But I think my earlier post expressed it pretty well) I'm one of your upvotes.

What I really came back to do was return the hoof. Can't leave ya hangin. :rainbowdetermined2: /)


...but if you look more closely, you will note that I wasn't giving a BroHoof earlier. I was giving you a salute. Lets try that again with the other hoof, and see if it helps.


*Edit* You know what? Have an upvote. Free of charge.

Let me tell ya a story about a guy I know named Agarwaen. A finer 2nd person author I've never known, an innovator, a gentleman, a real radtastic good guy.

Okay I forgot where I was going with that, anyway, uh, good job, likin' it so far. Keep up the good work :raritywink:

Hmmm, no mention of 'me' from the Scootaloo story... This was the concert 'I' was invited to, wasn't it?

2594964 Or was there? :trollestia: The Protag from the Apple Bloom fic may have even been there. Only one way to find out!

Absolutely beautiful. Liked and favorited!

This story is beautifully written
Good job man likes and faves!!!!!

Very nice little story!

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