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She had to do it. There was no other choice.
The creatures who called themselves "humans" had invaded Equestria, taken Luna and Twilight as prisoners, and used their powerful weapons to strip Celestia of her magic and wings. They gave the sun princess the decision to either willingly give up her body to them in the name of science, or be forced to give it up.
There was simply no other way.

*A crossover with My Little Pony and Valve's Portal series; credits to Clawshawt on Deviantart for the cover image.*

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It was sad but i liked it.:pinkiesmile:

2481311 Thank you, I tried my hardest to make it both likable and sad. :raritywink:

who is the "Weatley"? they all have potential

Trixie is power hungry and given a corrupting power we all know how it would turn out.
She would make it work better then Weatley not being the moron core.
So it would really be a mater of out distacting her because she is can oversee everything at once.
So the overheating reactor would keep her busy while whoever is at the top of the test suject list free everypony else (a good chalenge)

Fluttershy hum... she would turn into Flutterbitch and would try too fast to kill anypony or cave in and let everything go automatic and cheer as the test sujet go to the next trap (the horror)

Derpy = Weatley (lasy choice but would work)

Pinkie Pie would find her point of view too restricted and make pendimentional test chambers. (that's a BAD IDEA way to hard and with no way to put an end to it)

Poor Celestia and Luna :fluttercry:

:fluttershbad::fluttershbad::fluttershbad: HOW COULD THEY?!?!?

Okay, let me be the first one to say that I am one of the people who disliked this story.




Moving on.

Point One of why I didn't like the story is that it was basically a retelling of GLaDOS' past, except ponified and... well... it wasn't Caroline who got put in the machine this time. What I'm saying is that it had a lack for originality, albeit the solid story telling. Plus, it's like My Little Portal but with a different backstory...

Point Two is that it would have been so much more mysterious and, in my opinion, more sad if you just made the whole story without the 'after writing the letter' part, because it just kills the sadness with Cave Fucking Johnson, no offence though.

You are good at expressing the emotions and the characterising of the character, I am dead serious on this. You have a good thing going for you and can be applied to more dramatic situations, or arguments if you're gonna put one in a later fic *shrug*. What I'm trying to say to you is that this is a mediocre story but instead of the creative, expansive, and unexplored Equestria, we have Aperture Science that has no place in Equestria.

That is all, good luck in the future!

~The Watcher 509

I read it again....and I think it needs a sequel, or at least an epilogue. As much as it pains me to read about ponies suffering, I must know what will happen!!! (if it's not too much trouble.....)
I luuv this story :pinkiesmile:

I don't dislike it, but I don't like it for the simple fact I AM REALLY SAD NOW! Sorry, but I am now sobbing untrollably. Sorry. But thas how good rhis is.

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