• Published 23rd Apr 2013
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A Day In The Life Of Fluffle Puff - Anal Invader

Ever wonder what a regular day is like for the Fluffle Puff Pony? You did? Someone has a lot of time on their hands...

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The Morning

A Day In The Life Of Fluffle Puff

Chapter One: Also Known As The First Chapter

7:55 am: Ponyville Library-Upper Level


Fluffle Puff awoke with a sharp inhaling gasp. Why? She always slept facing a painting of a shaven pony: her worst nightmare. One day she would conquer her fear of them, but until then, a painting would have to do. It didn't help that she was afraid of paintings as well.

Looking around, she noticed a particular absence of food. This wouldn't do. She would need to locate the Mistress of the Tree, the God of Food, the Ruler of all things purple, Twilight Sparkle, as well as the spiky one, Cocoa, the Mail Dragon. But first, exercises. It ain't easy being fluffy.

8:07 am: Ponyville Library-Stairs

Rocking herself back and forth, Fluffle Puff rolled herself down the stairs, leaving each step squeaky clean. Ah, the benefits of fluff. She hurled herself into the kitchen as one would a frilly bowling ball. Coming to a stop, she looked around and saw Twilight eating her morning cupcake, narrowing her eyes at Fluffle Puff. Twilight lifted a hoof, pointing to Mail Dragon, who at some point had been caught up in her fluff. Fluffle Puff smiled at Cocoa, who glared in response, and pulled him out with her mouth. She set him down gently and he walked away, muttering about something fluffy bitterly.

Fluffle Puff strode up to Twilight and stuck out her tongue, clearly because sticking your tongue out was a universal sign for wanting food. It was first grade stuff, just like breathing, and the study of wumbology. Not that she'd gone to first grade. Who needed school when you had swag fluff.

"Fluffle Puff, didn't I tell you not to roll around like that? You could hurt somepony!"

The Ruler was angry with something she'd done. She didn't know what though; There was too much fur covering her ears to hear anything properly. It was inconvenient at times, but she got along swimmingly with deaf ponies. She got close and nuzzled Twilight, taking in the smell of her mane. She smelled positively purple today!

Twilight rolled her eyes and levitated her a bowl of Froot Hoops, complete with milk and copious amounts of sugar. Fluffle Puff gasped as her pupils dilated to an unreasonable size. Her tongue stretched out of her mouth and wrapped itself around a single Froot Hoop. She swallowed it and, finding it to her liking, promptly shoved her face in the bowl, sending milk and cereal everywhere in the kitchen, drenching Fluffle Puff and Twilight in its sugary embrace. Taking her head out, she grinned at Twilight and gave her a big, sloppy hug. A hug that lasted far too long. A hug that stretched the very fabric of time and space itself. A hug that...well...you get the point. Hugs were Fluffle Puff's specialty. There wasn't a single kind of hug that was beyond her abilities. Whether it was the standard single fore-hoof hug, or the rolling side hug, or even the against one's will hug, she could do it.

Having finished breakfast, Fluffle Puff was ready to begin her day. She took a look at her day planner. She had a lot to do. Unfortunately, she didn't know what it was she had to do because her day planner was actually just a cucumber. Go figure. She nibbled it a bit, and threw it back in her fur, where she kept all her precious things.

Gathering momentum, she moved into a full roll, bursting out of the front door, leaving a very angry, very flat, dragon bulldozed into the floor.

8:56 am: Ponyville Streets-Outside Flower Shop

After rolling around Ponyville for a while contemplating the meaning of life, Fluffle Puff recalled a weekly tradition of hers. Ceasing her rolling, she crouched down and glanced around. Nopony there...perfect.

Activating Mode F11: Ninja Fluffle Puff

A red headband appeared on her forehead bearing a ninja crest. She hopped behind the nearest flower pot and moved closer to the flower shop, moving between each flower pot. It was then her main target appeared; a cream coloured mare with an auburn mane and tail. She was carrying a water pail between her teeth, tending to some of the flowers outside of her shop. She knew not of her name, but simply chose to call her: Zeus, God of the Flowering.

Now that she was in her sights, Fluffle Puff would need to patiently wait for the right moment to strike. If she was even a millisecond wrong with her decision, the whole operation could be jeopardized. She watched attentively as Zeus went back into her shop. It was only a matter of time.

8:57am: Ponyville Streets-Behind Flower Pot

Fluffle Puff had waited for was seemed like an eternity. Her patience was withering, and her resolve was breaking. She couldn't take anymore of this. However, just as all seemed hopeless, the Flower God reemerged from her shop, carrying with her a large bundle of roses. Fluffle Puff's vigor was suddenly renewed; she sneaked closer to the mare. Now was the time to strike.

Fluffle Puff pounced on Zeus with an excitement that matched no other. The mare was quickly caught up in her fur, and the two rolled into the streets of Ponyville. Stopping suddenly, the pink cotton ball sent Zeus spiralling down the street. Fluffle Puff looked back at her fur and gasped in excitement.

Operation Flower Puff: Successful

A plethora of dark crimson roses protruded from her bright pink fur, giving her a flowery appearance, and a lovely smell.


She turned to see Zeus with an angry expression on her face. This wouldn't go over well if she stayed any longer. This hadn't been the first time she'd tried Operation Flower Puff, but it'd been the first time she'd gotten this far. Every one of her 62 attempts had been stopped by police ponies. She wouldn't let the cops take her alive this time! She would need to use the techniques given to her by the Great Pinkamena Diane Pie to get out of this situation.

Activating Mode B4: Bouncy Fluffle Puff

Fluffle Puff's fur suddenly contracted, as she started to bounce, each bounce gaining her more height than the last. With one final test bounce, she sprang herself over a nearby building, continuing to bounce until she was in the clear. Reaching the safe zone of the Carousel Boutique, she reverted to normal and let out a giggle.

Today was going to be a good day.

Author's Note:

After noticing a horrible lack of Fluffle Puff Pony stories on FIMfiction, I decided to do something about it. Here is the first in possibly a couple chapters of A Day In The Life Of Fluffle Puff. Depending on how well this story does, I may or may not continue it.

Let me know what you think.

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