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Pinkamena Diane Pie is best pony. :3I write in my free time, so yays! :D


Fluttershy copes with her love for Applejack, but doesn't have the courage to tell her. Can her friends make her turn around? What would Applejack say?
This is an F/F Appleshy* story.
*Flutterjack? Jackieshy? Appleflutter? Seriously, there are too many possible names for this pairing...

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Looking pretty good so far, could do with some spacing between paragraphs though. :moustache:

Awwww fluttershy is so cute and...shy :pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy:
Love the story, keep up the good work :pinkiesmile:

That darned Google Docs uploading mechanism...
The formatting becomes all wacky-thwacky. :applecry:

Great work I like it keep up the work

It's a story within a story to tell a story so her story can be expressed. :heart::heart::heart: Love it

It's like Hamlet, but...nopony dies...Or do they...? :trixieshiftleft:

Ha! Twilight's brother was gay? That the saddest thing I've ever heard.

Hey, that's not sad at all! :ajbemused:
Anyways, he's bisexual, not full-on gay. But he IS a total gay dream come true... :raritystarry:

Pinkie's oral skills?!?

...It's only sexual if you make it so :trollestia:

wow that was just...:fluttercry: my heart hurts now

Oh noes! Here, have a sympathetic Pinkamena! :pinkiesad2:
At least it gets happier in the end! :raritywink:

“So basically, according to tradition, you’re supposed to each eat half at sunset."
When I read this part the first thing that came to mind was the Paupo Fruit from the Kingdom Hearts series. :heart::heart::heart:

GASP! :pinkiegasp: Yays, somepony got the super obscure reference! :pinkiehappy:

I FELL BEHIND!!!!!:twilightoops: NOOOOOO, atleast i now have reading material for the rest of the day :pinkiecrazy:

I love it!!!!! Can't wait for more :pinkiesmile:

Hee, I'm glad you liked it!
I actually write more M/M than F/F, but maybe you like that, too! :pinkiesmile:

2534313 [WARNING CHEESY RESPONSE INCOMING] I like both of your genres, I just enjoy the scenes that you set :pinkiehappy:. Oh god so much cheesiness :facehoof:

D'aww, that wasn't cheesy at all! That's was actually really sweet! Thanks so much! I mean, I'm really glad someone likes my writing style! Thanks! :raritystarry:

my heart exploded from that great work:twilightsmile:

Quick question. Not about this fic specifically, but something that keeps coming up in a lot of fics. Isn't the term fillyfooler roughly equivalent to another 'F' word used to describe gays or lesbians? If so, why in the galloping gates of Tartarus would Twilight just casually call her friend that, especially given her own experiences with her brother?

Good question. I think that these fan-made words such as "fillyfooler" and "bucking" have connotations and denotations that really depend on context. I have seen fics where "fillyfooler" is an offensive term, and others where it simply means "lesbian." I think at this point in the fandom, one has to look at the context. From context in this fic, it should be apparent that the term holds neither a negative denotation nor connotation.
Totally got me thinking there. Call me Philosodraggy. :ajsmug:

What a cute story :pinkiehappy: , you did a great job keeping the characters personalities and well i cant say anything more than great story


D'aww, thanks! :pinkiehappy:
Awesome name, by the way :twilightblush:

I was once like that Flutters:applecry:. Except she called me a fat ugly loser:fluttercry:.

Oh noo!! :fluttercry:
She wasn't worth it :rainbowdetermined2:

A sort of pony romeo and Juliet. I guess this is back story for the sweet? I hope its not forshadowing .

In indentations are really bothering me... I'll read it when you fix it.

I mean…not that I ever follow the Egghead’s Guide series…” She coughed.

I would so read that series Twi, my writer's block comes to me often. XD

He let his chance slip, and he never got to say it! But…maybe that’s a good thing. It could have hurt him so much more if he was rejected…Like…like I’ve been rejected.

Been there, done that

A pause. Then, Applejack spoke. “No. Ah’m sorry, but Ah don’t love you.”

Is it bad that I cussed out my screen the second I read this... that story that Fluttershy wrote for her literally made me fan myself it was so romantic, and then Applejack says THAT!?

The dam was repaired, and the tears subsided. Except for a few heaves from her chest and some sniffles, she was happy again. Fluttershy put her muzzle back onto Applejack’s belly, but now due to comfort and not need. “My fillyfriend,” she whispered. A small spark fizzled in her throat and a warm flame flickered in her chest when she said those two words. She said them louder: “My fillyfriend.” The spark and flame grew and were joined by butterflies in her stomach. She said it louder. And louder.

*dies* Okay I feel better now! Amazing chapter! Gave me the feels!!!

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