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Acoustiana dealing with life as a musician that is mute, having to work with people not knowing hooflanguage and needing to constantly write things down for others. All the while feeling a sense of loneliness as nopony wanted to get close to her as they didn't know how, or didn't want to know how to understand hooflanguage. Those that made their honest effort to befriend Acoustiana found her to be pleasant and fun to be around, and she always enjoyed playing for them one of her many personal compositions. But even though her few friends would always be the realization that by the end of the day, she would be alone in the silence of her home, with her bed empty of happiness.

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well this read looks delightful... don't mind if i do.

take my 5 stars you rascal.

I see that you took my advice, this is the deaf guy who have been posting at EQD!



And thank you for your support :twilightsmile:

i do so love this story. keep up the good work. :eeyup:

Very nice premise... I like it.

I read this story after seeing Morfonious mention it in another stories comment section. I have not been disappointed. I really enjoy reading stories from the point of view of musicians. I've always wished I had learned to play the violin myself. Acoustiana is one of the more interesting OC ponies that I've read. I was also interested in your take on how she handles being mute since I have a character in a story I am working on that is also unable to speak.

Tracked and take a thumbs up. :moustache:

Oh, and was her impromptu solo during the rehearsing based on any real-world musical pieces?


Thank you for your kind words.

Firstly, I should mention that I am not actually musically inclined, other than REALLY enjoying lots of types. I tried to play instruments, but I have shoddy timing so I cant hold rythm. I was a potter, and small scale sculpter, till my back injury, so now I try to write to get my creative juices flowing.

The solo I had her do in her home for her friends is based off of a specific song. The one she does in recital is loosly based off of another winter song I do love and enjoy from time to time. However, I shant be telling you which, as that spoils your imagination :trollestia:


Hahaha, that's fair I suppose. I asked as I am always looking for more classically inspired music that I may have missed. :twilightblush:


Then I shall reccomend this band, if you have not yet heard of them.

Trans-Siberian Orchestra

They play rock/orchestral, along with choir. It is OMG AMAZING :rainbowkiss:

and cause i love to endorse awesomeness here is a link to one of their best albums: http://transsiberianorchestra.shop.bravadousa.com/Product.aspx?cp=572_23409&pc=BGDDTS04


I've heard only a couple TSO songs I am sad to say. All were amazing! :rainbowkiss: Which I will admit is odd that I've not hunted for more of their work. :derpyderp2: A similar group I like is Nox Arcana. Thanks for the reminder to look up the Trans-Siberian Orchestra!

I'm looking forward to the next instalment of this story.

For those that might read this, Part 3 got a good scrubdown and fixed some of the incorrect musical terminology. over all minor stuff, but its alot cleaner and up to par with my preffered standards. That is all.

Oh my, this story has been on FimFiction this whole time? I've been reading it on EQD since it's release but never checked here. Thanks for posting here and writing this great story!

I feel bad for Acustiana, upon her discovering that Ray in fact is taken.

Hope things would look up for her later on.


I originally only posted on EqD, as I feel their standards are high enough to warrent an achievable goal of writing style and ability. However a certain reader of mine asked nicely for me to post it on here as well, and I had no reason not to ablige :D so here it is now. I update this after EqD posts my story generally.


Dont worry, I didnt play up the first part with her believing she would have her love for nothing. I, unlike some other writers, do not enjoy 'freight train' shippings where its in your face matchups. Its all about the ride of getting into the relationship...and i just deleted a huge reply as it was ALL SPOILERS...hehe, Part 5, I hope you will enjoy it when its done...im halfway done with it, and I should have a reliabe reviewer that can help with it without me having to wait an entire month+

Poor Tiana. :fluttercry: I've been wondering when you'd update this story, it's been a while. You're descriptions of Tiana's music makes me want a mp3 of it, to listen to while I write.


I did in fact find a song that is VERY close to what I had envisioned for her music.
Makkon has my love for this. And to make it clear, the song I had her come up with was my own thoughts, but damn...how close they are is eerie.


Interesting! Listening to now. :twilightsmile:

Edit: A beautiful piece of music. Thank you for the link. And it had a download option! Yay! This actually perfectly suits a couple chapters I have coming up. :yay:

:fluttercry: Poor Tiana! Tears! They are in my eyes!

In happier news, I now ship Scarletiana! :raritywink:

I would love to read of Ray's reaction upon him learning that Acustiana does in fact likes/loves him.

I also wonder if Acustiana would pursue him, I've known some girls who didn't give up.


a smidge of a spoiler, but worth saying.

eeenope. Though for your benifit, Ray would panic, stutter, and eventually ask for Pastel to help him be as gentle as possible in rebukeing the sentiments. His relation with Gale Prancer is the type that is unshakable. Sorry to disapoint. Worry not though, if I am lucky, I'll get a D'aww outta ya with who she gets. SPOILER! Its not Hot Air :derpytongue2: hehehehehe

I would like to applaud the development of a great story without the use of the mane six, meaning you had to create all characters and aspects that occur in the story. Well done, well done indeed. I look forward to new chapters.
I would love to see some drawings of what the other characters should look like.


You get an artist willing todo it for free, and I have all their stats via General Zoi's pony creator as well as their cutie marks.:raritywink:

Trust me, I would LOVE to have a group 'photo' myself, but I cant afford to commision someone for that. Blinki from ponychan /fic/ was nice enough to make me my Acoustiana opening scene, for free.

415368 My friend MIGHT will do it, send me all of your Gen Zoi's pony creators in PM and Ill talk to him.

Amazing how much faster I can put out a new part when I have a reliable reviewer :D

What a beautiful chapter, and well placed dilemma although I think its okay nowdays to have same-sex relationship if they can ensure hate that they would might get time to time. Keep up the good work (by the way, I added something about this in my chapter 3 of Silent Dreamweaver). Check it out :ajsmug:


I am a believer that if you have a character that likes one type (or thinks they do) they shouldnt just auto okay a same sex relationship. It should be a trip of self discovery.

I have a disdain for fics that dont allow for exploration in the characters desire to be shipped with a pony they didnt think they liked that way, regaurdless of what sex. You have seen how I went through and explained the first ship in my fic, instead of just having it steam into it.

Dun worry, I agree in that same sex is A-Okay. No issues with it in general, however, think about it, if you never thought about dating the opposite sex, and then suddenly found yourself the eye of said love...wouldnt you be a bit confused?

Tiana has some soul searching to do, that much is certain.

I'm of the belief that we don't choose what gender we prefer. Tiana has already shown she likes stallions, so it'll be interesting to see how this development is handled. People, and I suppose ponies, have an amazing capacity at self deception and denial, but it felt like Tiana's feelings for Ray were for real. So, yeah, it'll be interesting to see what happens next. :twilightsmile:


You should stop reading my plot page on Gdocs...its ruining the story...



I read your what now? :rainbowhuh:


hehe, I was saying you got exactly what is going to happen. :facehoof:

I was refering to the fact that I have a seperat Gdoc (my story is all there) for all my plot points and other details in my fic. Your statement, is in fact, one of said points...hence, you "read" my plot page :trollestia:


You mean, you weren't accusing me of somehow finding your plot page on Gdocs and spoiling the story for myself and others? :twilightoops: Oh, wait, I'd never do that, and you'd never accuse anyone of that. :twilightsmile: I'm kidding, I'm kidding.

Lucky guess is all.

I use good ol' fashioned paper for my plotting (such as I do). I like to have stuff to touch and organize around me. Comes from my time as a Dungeon Master for a DnD group. :twilightsmile: I used to have stacks of notes, only to have them useless after two gaming sessions as the players went off on a tangent. But my writing? I have 3 pages, only one full, for a convoluted 20-ish chapter adventure. :facehoof: Actually, that's been biting me in the flank the last few weeks. But I'm wandering off on a tangent of my own now. :twilightoops:

Something I noticed this chapter that I meant to mention was that the characters feel more distinct from each other. At times before they felt pretty interchangeable with their 'voices' seeming to blend together. This mostly concerns dialogue, though Tiana and Hearth before felt too simular personality wise. Pastel and Scarlet likewise felt very similar. I like what you did with Scarlet this chapter, and how it's really made her distinct and shine on her own. Likewise, her relationship with with her sister made Hearth more her own character and well rounded. :twilightsmile:



I made notes at one point being a D&D DM...that lasted two attempts at it. My crew NEVER go along with a script (guilty as a player as well) so the only thing I do with it is the overall challenge, and world design. I sometimes have a chart for random encounters of what can be there for low levels and trash it once they actually get to the point of the campaign. But anywho, thats not pony :derpytongue2:

I know what you mean with the voices bit. It was something I had to put up with believe it or not. Hearth Song was meant to be a background character...but she evolved into something more as my story went along. Her voice was just to be another musician, and as such, be similar to Tiana. After her introduction though, I sat down and plotted her out, figured out her cutie mark and ran with her personality. Unfortunately, its very dependant on her sister, as this chapter aptly portrays. I am however amazed you picked up the similarities with Pastel and Scarlet. I dont think anybody else has noticed the intentional similarty I used in her introduction. Well, nobody has spoken up about it anywho. They are certainly different ponies, complete different personalities, yet they do share the pasion for arts. They share a few more traits, but that is a spoiler, so you will just have to stay tuned to find out how else they mesh, but I can say I will be going more into how the two artists are friends...ish...:unsuresweetie:

What a joy to read. Seriously Truehearted, a pleasure. I also love how you're not going straight into the "I'll give this same sex thing a try." It makes more sense that the character would have to make a journey of self discovery rather than jumping right into a relationship with someone they'd never thought to have loved in that way.

Keep writing, I truly enjoy it.


Thank you very much for your kind words. I have said it before, and I will say it again...I dislike 'freight train' shippings. Give me a story, show me how the feelings are planted, show me how they blossom into love.


To me the characters are diverging nicely and becoming more distinct from each other. They may have started off very similar, but as the story progresses I see the characters to continue becoming more unique. You're doing a good job with character development. :twilightsmile:

Jay! More Scarlet Topiary :D i like her :)

Well worth the wait and again I applaud your ability on a great read. If I remember correctly some pony offered to create your ponies and I hope that does happen. I still would love to see their rendition compared to how I envision them from your story. Keep up the good work and thank you for entertaining us all.


If you check out my EqD post the fan art it up on there.

The cast is blank flanked, and the artist had trouble getting the crossed bows, so went with whatever struck them as apropriate for Acoustiana. I think I may have forgotten to go over their cutie marks in a direct manner (I know I give Pastels, but forget about the others) So to be thourough...

Acoustiana: Crossed Bows (violin and bass)
Ray: Sun beam dispearsing a cloud
Cantaloupe: Two melon halves, one on its side, the other standing up
Pastel: Painters Palete
Scarlet: Autumn Leaf, with a rearing pony cut from the middle (large maple leaf or whatever the reader wants for the purpose)

Link to the image directly:

popping sensation. To be honest I found that quite amusing.
Great read, and i'd sure love to see more!:pinkiehappy:


clicking is over done :D and it was the best way to have a lightbulb go off without using that trope.

Waiting is unbearable at times but always worth it when next chapter arrives.
I have to ask and hope I don't upset anyone by asking if there is a good place to find editors and pre-readers for an aspiring fan fic writer.


/fic/ on Ponychan is FULL of people that do reviews and edits.

I personally reccomend The Training Ground. They have done alot of good on makin my fic less crappy (trust me, youve seen the polished versions, im a crappy grammer type :D )

Just wana say, sorry for the delay on this current chapter...Its driving me insane!:pinkiecrazy:

I, am a dude...and I, am trying to channel lady emotions and logic that are about as foreign as one can get.

Know this, its gonna be longer (yes...LONGER) than part 5, im currently as 12k words. Im estimating another 4-6k unless things smooth out. Then itll be off to the reviewers to scrub out all my silly grammer and other issues.

ETA, 1-2 weeks.:twilightsmile::moustache:

man i love this story :D would love to see someone sing the cover you made :)

ooo i cant wait to see what happends :D


You have no idea ><

I am making more lyrics for muh ponies.

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