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I'm still loving all of this. These chapters were shorter than I expected, but that didn't really make them any less interesting to read. The way you have Knick slowly figuring things out, the way the world is helping him, even though he's struggling with everything he has for an inevitably doomed outcome.

I wonder how he dies now. I can only imagine it must be in some significant way with how much you've been building this up. I eagerly await to see that~

374292 Yeah I kinda cheated with using the short chapters between the world jumps. Still I'd planned on doing this from the beginning and gives me a little time for the next big one.

Dude, the pressure! Now I'm hoping his death wont be disappointing. :twilightoops:

sigh...another great story gone silent (no pun intended) :raritycry:

Not forever, I promise.

GAHHH!!!!!! Who was the unicorn!?!?!? I MUST KNOW! :flutterrage:

994275 You will. Next chapter. Maybe. Mwah ha ha ha!

Till then want to take a guess and see if you're right?

I honestly have no clue but I'll take a swing at it and say its Dreamer's father maybe? :applejackunsure:

More story! More greatness! More now!

Oh so it really was her dad that did it!!?!?! :pinkiegasp::pinkiegasp:
Shame about Knick though. While I like this story I'd have prefer more of a happier ending
Good story regardless really great. Here have some mustaches :pinkiehappy:

1024227 Well we all knew he was going to die. Can't imagine what this story would be like for someone who thought he'd live.

Thank you for the mass mustaches. ^_^

OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHH!:trixieshiftright: Was theBlackstallion dude Black Smith? Cuz he was also black and huge.... :rainbowderp:
Anyways AWSOME STORY, Keep it up. :yay: You sir, Deserve more emotes. :heart::heart::heart::heart::heart: And a moustache. :moustache:

1151600 Well I don't want to answer directly for the sake of the other readers, but the answer to his identity is in the last chapter. I'm happy you enjoyed it so much. Thank you!


You don't get to post here, until you finish your STORY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


What did you do, why are you viewer so few, this should have been over a million VIEWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1205371 Be nice to Jake, we wouldn't have many stories if it wasn't for him inspiring us to write them in the first place.

As for why I don't have more viewers, I'm not surprised on this one really. It's sequel to a spin off story that was a sequel to Jake's original story. That's a lot of reading you have to do to get to this point. Heck even Silent Ponyville 2 isn't as popular as the first. Which while I really like that one, I think it has to do with the fact that some people don't want to have to read a story previously.



But your story is different... your story is a good... great story!

Did you put your story in the silent hill crossover folder? Maybe then you'll get the viewer you should have.

1251776 Thank you, I commissioned it from JakeHeritagu, the original Silent Ponyville author. He did the picture for the original Silence of Ponyville as well.

*cough*Alternative ending*cough*

1885991 I think he died horribly enough. Do we really need to make it worse?

1888475 Why not make things better for him ?

1891053 That was never in the cards for Knick Knack. I did think of alternative outcomes for him; not all of them anyone would have been pleased to see.

Hey there! I would just like to say that I enjoyed your story! I have been hooked on Silent Ponyville stories since I discovered JakeHeritagu's first take on the crossover series. I think that both of your "Silence of Ponyville" stories are well written, and are very much appreciated by this reader :pinkiehappy:

This was a bittersweet read since I already knew what was ultimately coming. I think that you have done very well with all of these original characters, and you have definitely done justice to the world of Silent Ponyville. I must ask, did this manifestation of Silent Ponyville draw its inspiration from Silent Hill 4: The Room? I have never played the game, but I have read about it, save for story spoilers.

I know that you have previously acknowledged that Jake has adopted certain elements from your stories into his Silent Ponyville canon, but I was wondering about something in this fic. I'm not sure if you have read Brony17's side story "Silent Ponyville: Reunion", but in it the main character also carries a pocket watch that alerts him of nearby danger. I am curious to know which one of your stories came first; "The Shop" or "Reunion"? Do you know if either story reused the watch for a specific reason, or was it just pure coincidence?

One critique that I will offer is that there are minor grammatical errors in several places in both stories, but honestly your stories are so good I don't really care that much :twilightblush:

Thank you for your contribution to the Silent Ponyville series! :twilightsmile:

4079896 Thank you for your praise. This story was an important one to me.

Yes the setting for this series was inspired by Silent Hill 4. There were a few reasons for this, a primary one being that the original author of Silent Ponyville had no plans to touch on that one to pull inspiration from. But also The Room is a sort of odd man out from the rest of the series, and Silence of Ponyville was similar in that the world Knick goes to is supposed to be different from the ones the characters go to in the original fics.

I believe Reunion came first, but the pocket watch idea was mine originally as it was an original idea for Brony17 as well. There's an actual explanation in the story why I specifically chose a watch, though I didn't spell it out in detail. It was similar to the reason Dreamer abandons her hair clip.

Yeah my grammar is bad, I need an editor. :twilightblush: Thank you for your comment though, it's appreciated.

Before I read this I have to adk.... Is this more based off of Silent Hill 4 like reunion was based off of 2?

4080032 You caught me at a lucky time since I'm on site right now. The setting is based off of Silent Hill 4 with the way the Other World works and its rules. The story is very far and away from the events of the game though. This story occurs during the events of the original Silence of Ponyville from Knick's perspective instead of Annie's.

4080052 well I didn't expect the story that much but I only knew from the description as that is exactly what I know about the game. Never played it nor watched a let's play but I plan to after this.

I believe that I did see the reason for the pocket watch in the last chapter.

What specifically did Jake recognize as SP canon from your stories? I have already read through SP3, but it has been a while and my memory of it is a little hazy.

I hope you enjoy it. I'd suggest reading Silence of Ponyville first to know who Knick is and why he's in this situation.

Basically all the events of Silence occurred in his stories, but really it didn't have much of an impact on anything. Aside from Knick Knack being one of the lost souls at the end of SP3 and Twilight finding that book Dreamer Dust used to cast the spell not much else carried over.

I attempted to write a spin off but it's my firrst time writing so it's pretty terrible. I reread the first two to geta feel for the style but, even being the criticizing person I am, it still came out terrible. Even the GOOD parts aren't even OK. They're just "meh, seen it before.".

4080111 Well writing is like anything else; you suck ass at it at first. lol

My first stories are very poor fanfics that pretty much just exist because the woman I was dating wanted to read sexy times about those characters. I say practice on a few stories that aren't as important to you until you get your technique down. One shots you can just spit out and walk away from even if they're bad.

Man, I wish I remembered that :rainbowhuh:

That's it, I'm reading SP3 again, starting now! :pinkiecrazy:

Thanks for the quick reply! And again, thank you for your stories!

4080127 tthanks. I keep rewriting the chapters until they're error free and sometimes I add/change some details in earlier chapters but then forget to fix it in later ones. Also I just realized that the FIRST two weren't exactly the best style to go off of... Reunion, three, and this one are what I should go off of. Also for some reason apostrophes aren't showing up on my tablet. Maybe it's my tablet but I'll check on my laptop later.

Thank you for your support! Happy reading. If you're ever looking for porn stories I got lots of that too. lol

Good luck to you, I know getting it all together can be difficult when it comes to writing.

4080212 Thanks. I have more than enough time to perfect my writing skills now. Plus I'm going to need it once I finish up learning to code so I can make good game stories.

After reading some of the story I realized two things. One: he put a bandage on the pipe not his mouth!, And two : HE died but looks less banged uo than the one people who DIDN'T. If that's on purpose that's a lot of irony.

In the picture I mean.

Holy crap things got intense at the end.

This whole chapter reminds me of a rewritten version of the pink demon scene from the original one. Also I remembered something... Horse/pony tails are only hair. How did he pick up the bat?

Still like it.

As I watch a Silent Hill 4 let's play along side this I see the similarities in "gameplay" such as waking up in an impossible place, or the chocolate milk (I don't know what they do with it yet in the game).

First of all, in the words of the SH4 let's player I watch, "nutrition drinks?! Where's my damn health drinks?!" second of all... That's what you get for cheating knick!

You wouldn't cheat if you thought it would help you escape?

4107788 Well firstly I wouldn't cheat unless I was stuck and couldn't get past a certain boss or obstacle, and secondly I suck at installing mods/cheats/hacks so I couldn't anyway... I loved this story series and it was very very sad. Only problem with any of it was that you overused the word like a lot with dreamers speech. Also if I learn to code better soon in something better to work with than python I might make this into a game. Not only because I love this story, which I do very much, but because I also love SH4 except for nutrition drinks. I am getting very good in a program called game maker studio, but the free version I use can't make 3D.

4110839 If you wish to use my story to help you along you may. I appreciate that you enjoy it so much.

4155558 Thank you for allowing me to make it, and it would probably make sense for someone else to make this as a game than the person making the SP1 game as SH4 was the first not made by Team Silent.

1024744 Please dont't stop here... I'm thrilled by your work, so please continue.... Or if there is any sequel, please link it :)
Anyways, You still deserve a very delicious cookie/muffin!

I secretly hoped, that Knick Knack trapped in an alterne universe, and because he couldn't returned, his body died, and he came back as a ghost, or somethin, only to be revealed by some very special spell by Twilight, so he could pass away properly, but thats not the case as it seems. Still awesome story though. Aaaaand Pleasepleaseplease keep it up!

I'm not sure what I'd do with a sequel. There's only one place it's even possible for me to insert it, and I'm not sure I should. There was no good ending for Knick I'm afraid, no matter what he was supposed to die there. It was the point of Silence after all.

Thank you for your appreciation of my story. I'm glad you enjoyed it.

Sry, I didn't meant to imply, that you can continue, this story, but that you can coninue, after it. Where AJ found that, book, and didn't find it interesting. ... Sorry for the misunderstanding, I apologize.

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