• Published 24th Sep 2011
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Pony Scales - StreakTheFox

Spike loves Twilight like a big sister. But when she becomes a dragon... well, do the math.

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“T-Twilight!?” Spike gasped as he saw dragon Twilight laying on her bed, staring at him with an alluring gaze.

“Oh Spike, you know it's past your bedtime...” Twilight cooed in a seductive time. “You should come to bed with me... I get so cold being all alone in this bed.”

“T-Twilight... I...” Spike gulped loudly, staring at Twilight as she trailed her claws slowly up her chest and began to lick her fingers.

After a few bats of her tongue, she proceeded to slide her fingers back down her chest, across her stomach, and straight towards her inner thighs, all while staring at Spike with the same alluring gaze. Spike didn't know what came over him as he began to walk towards the bed, his heart beating fast with each step. As he approached, he continued to look at her legs and hand as she slowly began to stroke her own figure. Her fingers moves slowly and delicately over her own scales while passing over some very suggestive areas.

“Ooh, Spike, are you staring at me?” Twilight said with a giggle as she turned over on the bed, her back side now facing spike. “You're so naughty...” She cooed once more after turning her head to face him while wiggling her rear at him.

“So... much... w-want...” Spike could hardly process any sort of mental function anymore as he drew closer, soon coming to the edge of the bed. He reached out with his hands, opened fully and ready to grasp Twilight's tight, round, plush-


“Spike!” Twilight cried, pulling the bucket away as it still dripped with water. “Please wake up! Are you okay!?”

“W-woah!” Spike yelled out after being unceremoniously woken up. With the last actions from his dream still clear in his mind, his arms immediately reacted by lunging forward and grabbing onto whatever was right in front of him – Twilight's chest.

“Uhh... Spike...?” Twilight looked down at Spike's claws as they gripped onto her chest, noticing two bulges in that area.

“Twilight! I-” Spike gasped loudly as he realized where he was grabbing, his body frozen still from shock. After a another moment, he quickly retracted his arms to his own body and rolled over. With Twilight no longer in his view, his mind finally began to process his thoughts regularly as he attempted to realize exactly what was going on. That was a dream... all a dream... right? Spike thought to himself. I'm still in the library, and Twilight is still a dragon, so...

“Well, this is certainly new!” Twilight announced. “I forgot that the anatomy of female dragons had their breasts up in this area. Interesting...” As Spike turned over once more to look, Twilight began to move her hands over and around her chest, closely inspecting the feel and dynamics of her chest mounds.

“T-t-t-twilight... you're... and your...” Spike's nose began to drip with blood as his whole body began to heat up and sweat profusely. His limbs were now all shaking as he watched Twilight Sparkle rub herself firmly on her chest, and apparently enjoy doing it as well. “Gah! Can you please just... just stop!?” Spike cried as he shut his eyes tight and drove his face into the floor, clasping his hands onto the top of his head.

“Huh? What's wrong Spike?” Twilight asked as she looked down at her trembling assistant. “Why are you shaking like that? What's...” It was then that Twilight noticed a little bit of blood dripping off of the front of Spike's face. “S-SPIKE! You're bleeding!” Quickly, Twilight got down on her knees and cradled Spike in her arms as she pulled him close to her. “Oh my gosh, are you hurt!? Did you hit your head on the floor?”

“Twilight... it's you...” Spike choked out as best as he could as he raised his face up, now looking into Twilight's eyes.

“M-me!? But what did I... I mean, what happened? How did your nose start bleeding, and why did you faint earlier?”

“You're... just...” Spike finally let his head flop down, not even caring that his head was now rest on Twilight's breasts as his mind reached utter mental exhaustion. “So hot...”

“I'm... hot?” Twilight questioned as she reared her head back, her face clear with confusion. “But I don't feel hot. What does...” Then Twilight noticed Spike's head give a soft nuzzle into her chest, and everything hit her like a ton of bricks.

In a loud gasp, Twilight realized everything. She was now a dragon, the same species as spike. Spike had never been around another female dragon, and the only beings around were ponies. Though he did have a crush on Rarity, it was obvious that things between the two couldn't go too far – even if Rarity complied, which was highly unlikely. Thinking back to when she first turned into a dragon to now, she then recalled all the times where she had... exposed herself. First with the tail... Twilight thought, passing through all the points that she could think of. Then the mirror, and... oh no, my chest!

Twilight then remembered that she had just inspected her own dragon breasts in front of spike, the equivalent to fondling her own pony breasts in front of a colt! This whole time Spike had been watching her as she showed off her body, and Spike has been mentally tortured by it, without her even knowing! Twilight's mind reeled at such a scandalous act, and only then had she finally realized what Spike had been going through.

“B-by Celestia...!” Twilight stammered, her face flushing red as she looked down at Spike still. “Oh Spike, I'm so sorry! I, I had no idea! I just, oh... what do I do!?” Again Twilight's mind worked, checking for the best possible solution, which came quickly. I have to change back to normal, Twilight thought. That's the only way to fix this, and to stop torturing Spike! Oh the poor guy... I just feel so... dirty!

Twilight looked at her assistant one more time before setting him back on the ground. “Alright Spike..” she began, “I'm going to go through the book and see what we need to reverse the spell, okay?” The only response she got was a soft nod with Spike laying face down on the floor, but that was all she needed.

Quickly she moved over to the book and flipped through the pages, searching for the correct counter-spell. To her relief the way to reverse the spell was not by another spell, but instead by a potion, so she didn't need to go recruit another unicorn to help her out with it. All she needed were a few ingredients and a bit of her original DNA and they could complete the potion. Moving swiftly, Twilight searched through her bag once more for the desired ingredients.

“Tumbleroot... Gauss grass... Neem leaf powder... White sage... and then there's... oh no...” Twilight rummaged through her bag more, yet couldn't find the last ingredient she needed. She checked the table, and it was none of the few items she already had out. “Uuuhh, Spike, I think we have a bit of a problem here.”

“What is it?” Spike asked aloud, still not raising his head up.

“I think I'm missing one of the ingredients that's listed here, so I'm going to have to go back to Zecora's place to get it.” Twilight sighed at the realization that she would have to walk all the way through the Everfree forest again for the third time today. Also, the book gave a bit more information as to the specifics of the ingredient needed. “...And I may need you to come with me.”

“Huh? Why's that?” Spike questioned, finally lifting his head but being careful to not look to low.

“The book says I need something called 'Essence of Dragon' as the main ingredient for any potion to turn a transformed dragon back into their original form. Also, it says that it's needed fresh, within two minutes of being extracted from a dragon before it must be used, or the essence is wasted.”

“What's 'Essence of Dragon?' I've never heard of that before.” Spike asked with a raised eyebrow.

“I'm not sure, but I know Zecora should know, it is her book after all,” Twilight said as she finished packing up the needed supplies and her book into her saddlebags. “Whatever the case, I'm now certain that I'll need you with me, so we should really get going Spike. The sooner we can get this fixed, the better.”

“Right... fixed...” Spike said softly with a sigh.

Twilight then walked upstairs and into her room, quickly snagging her hairbrush that still had a few strands of hair on it. Instead of picking a few pieces off, she decided it would be best to bring the whole thing instead of searching for a few strands of hair in a saddlebag. With the last item she needed in her bag, Twilight went back downstairs with Spike who had gotten back up to his feet.

“You ready to go Spike?”

“Yeah, let's just get this over with I guess...”

“Alright, let's get going then.” With that, Twilight sat her saddlebag over her shoulder and started towards the door with Spike close behind. Going to Zecora's should be easy, Twilight thought. I always take the same route, so I know where I'm going. What could go wrong?