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[Crack Pairing] [RarityxKingKong]

Rarity always liked the big, strong, noble, silent type. Sometimes we get exactly what we wish for, though not always packaged how we expected.

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Fuckin' beautiful.

I don't always read stories with the romance tag, but when I do, I don't even...

I like it.

Your fucking crazy man

Awww, they really do make a cute couple.:raritywink:

And despite most people's assumptions, there really isn't much of an issue with the Physical side of things: A full grown male gorilla has an avetage penis length of about one inch. So, considering the upscaled proportions with the vaginal depth of equines, being quadripeds, they could still have fun. :scootangel: I took Animal Sexuality in college, to my everlasting regret. Somethings you can't unlearn.

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