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I love to write and im a huge fan of my little pony friendship is magic.


On a dark and stomy night two ponies leave a small baby alicorn by the river. This baby was Musicnotes and this is her story, (by the way just to let you all know, I wrote most of this before Twilight became an alicorn ) This story will show some of the adventures she went on and the ponies she meets who shows her friendship, acts as a teacher, and helps her on quest to answer many of her questions.

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Well, let's see what we got here....

On a dark and stomy night two ponies leave a small baby alicorn by the river. This baby was Musicnotes and this is her story


small baby alicorn

Oh boy...


Well then.

I don't understand.

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Well, I'm damn sure this is a very serious fic and not a troll at all.
10/10 for including an Alicorns OC. They're my favourite.
The clich├ęs are the delicious icing on an already exquisite cake.
You've earned a like from me, friend.

Well Im glad you like its. I just a story I started in november before I had an FIMFIC account and I figured I would post it.

Okay, just a tip... I mean no oofense. Really. It's just that... your OC is an alicorn, not to mention that her dopted parents are impressed with her horn and wings. Yeah, you might want to tone it down just a liiiiitle bit ,and it'll be fine. I promise.

They were shocked, they couldn't believe that somepony would leave a helpless foul by its self.

Indeed ...

The little alicorn filly loved to fly around the house day and night. She would teleport anywhere she wanted like one moment she would be in her crib and the next she would be on the roof.


The story is a wall of text, with a lot of typos ( like my first quote from the first chapter ).

The whole story feels wrong, regular pony don't giving a fuck about an Alicorn in their rank when it's canon that ALL Alicorn are Princess make no sense. Celestia don't giving a fuck when this new Alicorn is well known is weird too. The dialogues and actions feels forced and unnatural.

All in all, it's what I expect when reading an Alicorn OC story, the character seems really artificial, with everyone not acting realisticaly to an Alicorn coming out of nowhere, a mysterious bloodline and past, unique superpowers, etc...

I would post a review of why I didn't like this fic, but it seems you have plenty of that already. I'll just say "Boo!" and be on my way.

3085201 um ok, thank you for expressing you opinion.


Alicorn OC stories are generally disliked. Don't think that I'm being mean or anything, it's just that I've experienced it for myself when I tried to do my own alicorn OC story.

5310905 my oc isnt powerful. she can barely use magic. Also i am sorry you think of me like that. This is an old story i havent updated in forever since i dont go on here anymore.

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