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When Celestia discovers that prophecies have somehow been changing, she seeks counsel with the Seers, a group of ponies who are said to be able to see the future. When she meets with them, she and her faithful student, Twilight Sparkle, are plunged into the secrets of the supernatural world, where ponykind and the rest of creation fight an unseen war against demons who wish for nothing more than the downfall of all of creation.

So, in order to use the Elements of Harmony she is fated to use, Twilight must make friends. But the stakes are higher this time, and the fate of not just Equestria, but the entirety of the world fall in her hooves.

Enter the world of Demongate Academy, where individuals possessed of supernatural ability go to train for the fight against the darkness, to protect what the Allmother has fought so hard to create and perfect. Angels. Demons. Psychic Powers. The manipulation of Spirit Energy. Powers beyond your wildest dreams.

And don't forget to study for that math test third block. Hah, math test. What do you think this is, High School? Well, almost... More University style, actually.

Based on the Demongate High setting of the Paragon Universal RPG, by Sean Boyle. Check out Paragon over at the Tremorworks Website!
A brief, WIP conversion guide for using Ponies in Paragon can be found in this GoogleDoc.

Note that this is an indirect crossover, since Demongate High doesn't exactly have a story of its own. It is a tabletop game where the Narrator forges his own stories, and the players can somewhat influence the world through their actions and decisions. I'm simply using it as a base for the story.
EDIT: We do in fact have a canon story for Demongate High. It's all humans, no pony, but it should end up being a good read. Check it out over here.

Chapters (7)
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Comments ( 66 )

Hey Plaz, seems like this is off to a pretty solid start. It's a little heavy on exposition, and you might want to go through it and make sure all the line breaks are where you want them to be. There's an awkward one in the middle of the prophesy, and one or two that I think you missed.

You might want to check for sentences that have a lot of commas, because some of them feel like they're run ons, and you'd be better off dividing them into several different sentences, because when you write sentences like this it can be annoying to read, and you just want to yell at the writer to put in a damn period already so you know where to pause.

Also, all of your characters get angry really easily. The idea of Celestia yelling at someone just for being a little disrespectful towards her feels really out of character. I suppose Twilight's anger makes more sense since she's being manipulated into it, but Comet's is a bit more inexplicable. Obviously her characterization was pretty brief, But he was dismissive towards Twilight in her first appearance, Twilight doesn't even actually accept the invitation, and then she's flying off the handle in her second appearance? It was, to me, a bit jarring. I think it would be a little more consistent if she showed up and started putting Twilight down and bullying her over not showing up, then have Twilight flip out at her.

Also, is the time travel actually necessary? Can't Zen just tell Celestia when it's going to happen, watch it with her, and then send her after Twilight with the letter?

What is this a crossover with, anyway? I don't recognize it.

I'll keep an eye on this going forward. Keep up the good work!

Hey, thanks for the advice, I'll keep it in mind.

As for everypony getting angry really easily, Celestia's having a bad day to begin with, since, you know, a prophecy kind of changed itself without any explanation. I guess I should work on the anger thing. As for Comet, she flies off the handle because of the reason Twilight speculated at: she laid a trap to humiliate Twilight, but somehow it backfired and ended up humiliating Comet in front of everyone at the party.

Also, Zen Star enjoys being cryptic and manipulative. And showing off. She's also a little impatient, and wanted to give Celestia a bit of a show. In any case, time travel is NOT within the purview of "Seers." There's much more to this filly than she's letting on.

It's meant to be a "Crossover" with Demongate High, a setting for Paragon Universal RPG, which is currently in beta and has not yet been released for its second edition. It's along the same lines as Fallout Equestria being a crossover with Fallout. A lot of the stuff that "canonically" happened in Demongate High (at least, in the original game that was played) will most certainly not come into play, especially considering the mythologies of Earth and Equestria are entirely different. There will however be three characters that are ponified versions of the Professors of Demongate High. Verita Bility, the Seer professor, is based off of DGH's Mandara Darjilling, who in turn is based off of the author's wife. The other two are going to be spoiler-y so I won't talk about them quite yet. On another note, I'm going to delve a little bit into religion, on a rather ponified scale. Pinkie Pie is going to be an incredibly interesting character to write for because she has both a guardian angel and a demon living in her soul. That's not a common thing at all, and will make for some great internal conflict. :pinkiecrazy:

I'll keep all your advice in mind for the second chapter. There will be less angrypony and shouting. I'll try to keep sentences shorter as well.

I didn't intend for this to become a thing, but always listen to Spike. He's always right. :moustache:
No, I won't make that an actual thing. That would be bad storytelling. He just Exploded on BOTH his Luck checks to make plot-relevant anecdotes. :pinkiegasp:

That's a very good question. I wish it had more... Thanks for your support, though. It means a lot :twilightsmile:

I love this story. It is one of the better I have read on the site and considering how much I read, that is impressive:pinkiehappy:

Why thank you :twilightsmile:
I've got a lot more in store for you yet.

Very interesting concept, and a good writing style to boot! I'll keep an eye on this one as long as it retains my interest. Whether that means I'll stick with this sotry until the end or not remains to be seen, but things are looking pretty good at the moment.

*Claps sarcastically* Well done, well done. I see you made a story based on the rpg thread. I would be quite impressed if you mention my name in your story, as head of the demons. :twilightsmile:

The hell are you talking about? This has been in the works since long before your RP thread. Note that I only joined said thread because you posted about it in this fic's dedicated group. Or did you not notice what you were posting in? :trixieshiftleft:

Hehe, good times. Well played, good sir.
But, no, you won't be named. Sorry, I've already got plenty of demons lined up. There is one demon, CharleMane who's taking issue with you, though... I'll go see what his problem is...


Huh. Apparently he's just crazy.


Really crazy.

wow, this story's really awesome! and ginger snap is very interesting.

Comment posted by doctor_n deleted May 27th, 2013

That concert can only end well.....

Where is the infinite praise this fic deserves? ∞

Hehe, thanks for your own praise, at the very least. I guess it's just that not many people are seeing it. The one guy who did downvote didn't leave any indication as to why (no comment, no PM, nothing), so I can only assume that it's simply the lack of views that's getting it.

Don't worry. Chapter 4 is called "The Lighter Side." I had hoped to keep it an uneventful flight, but Faust knows what kind of antics Pinkie Pie's appearance will cause!

oohh can't wait to se the mane 6's powers. Or will she not make friends with the mane 6. I don't know yet.

I couldn't Imagine what pinkie pie would be...
rarity? an earth elemenalist

No, all the Mane 6 will be there, plus Ginger. I have plans for most of them, and those I don't have plans for I will be developing plans for.

Since this is based on a game where people have specific powers, I had to narrow stuff down. See my blog posts for information on the various power types. So far I've done ESPer (Twilight's power type) and Cambion (Dashie's power type). I think you'll all like what I've got lined up with the rest of the Mane 6's powers.

By the way, thanks for the comment and the favorite, bro! :yay:

Ginger reminds me of fluttershy. Why would that be...

I do have to admit, I see a lot of similarity between Ginger and Fluttershy, but I will definitely be trying to differentiate them. My thinking was that the main group would be along the lines of a Magnificent Seven Samurai, with Ginger playing a bit of a foil to Fluttershy. Thinking back on it, Ginger even looks a fair bit like Fluttershy... huh.

Anyway, there's going to be a bit of a theme of a Darker (Destructive) side (Ginger, Applejack, Rainbow) and a Lighter (Creative) side (Pinkie, Rarity, Fluttershy), with Twilight playing a bit in the gray area, since her powers could go either way. Of course, certain events will push her to one side or another, and occasionally characters will switch sides. Lots of plans, lots of plans.

just located story.....liking story...I'll look at whats here but it's an intriguing concept and I like the ending.....onto chapter 2

Are you continuing this? Is this dead? WHY DO ALL GREAT FICS DIE IN MY HANDS?!

It isn't dead, I'm just slow as balls and working on other projects at the same time, including 2+ other stories I have yet to publish and proofreading/editing... Sorry about the wait, my friend.

3035451 No problemo. I just get nervous when I see infinite= stories unfinished and untouched since the beginning of time.... But if you say it will continue, so be it!

Ehehehe... I have the file for chapter 4 open... I just need to overcome writer's block. Hopefully once they get to the Academy, it'll be a lot easier writing it. :scootangel:

3036058 Writers block? Easy. *summons mind's sledgehammer* Where is that block?
Eh. Take your time. You cannot rush perfection


Nice transition chapter..:pinkiehappy:

That author's note... I need to know. Original 3 pokemon reference or simply a play on the color wheel?

Anyway, I enjoyed the chapter despite its length. I would really like to see more in them, even if they give you so much trouble... Pretty please Mr. Author? :fluttercry:

The Ultraman Agul to her Ultraman Gaia?

3197280 If anyone else gets this then you sir are a genius and it does fit... well sort of.


Original Pokemon reference. Gotta go old school.
Of course, most readers won't recognize the last one, since it's a reference to the source material of this story: Demongate High, the Webcomic
You should totally read that. Like, all of you.

Anyway, thanks for the support, everyone. I'm hoping to get chapters out at least once a week now, when possible.
Later! -PlazmaticBrony

'tis a very interesting story thou hast here. I have not seen one comparable

At least when Pinkie comes by with the 4th wall breaking ability she'll be able to FORCE YOU TO WRITE TO DEATH or else :D
Great work!

No, Pinkie, stop! Please! I swear, I'll get the next chapter out in a timely fashion! See, I'm writing your introduction right now!
What? No, Rarity, not that kind of fashion.
No, no, no, I'm not mad at you or your friends, Fluttershy. please don't be sad.

Dammit, Sergio, look what you've brought on me.

I'm just a poor little reader! How could I do such HORRIBLE things? ??

And you'll never find out...

Pinkie Pie. She exists now

She existed before, but you didn't mention her? Isn't it a bit cruel to make your characters exist only when you talk about them?

Also, is it E-S-P-ers or espers?

Yeah, yeah, I know... Sorry, Pinkie's Presence is a thing now. Is that better?

Also, it can go either way, but the more accepted pronunciation is esper, rather than E.S.P.-er.

3246653 You take my ridiculous comments too serious :P I really don't mind if she existed before or not, I just say that to remark it :D

Also, thanks for the pronunciation tip. Every time I think about your story now I will think it how you said (Although that is the way I did it before, sooo...)

Yes Pinkie, not being eaten by something you summoned is a good thing.

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