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Midnight Rambler

I spend way too much time writing about writing, and way too little time actually writing.


A stallion wanders into Ponyville, looking like he hasn't seen a bed, a bath or a razor in days. Twilight Sparkle and her friends try to help him, but he quickly starts to get on their nerves with his strange, poetic manner of speaking. Also, he seems to be afraid of bathtubs for some reason.

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Heh, held my attention.
For a storyline following this kinda plot, it wasn't bad.
Have a like. :moustache:

take all of my upvotes.

At first i was like :ajbemused: BUT THEN I WAS LIKE :rainbowlaugh:

2442661 Well, good to hear that it was that way and not the other way around :twilightsmile: May I ask at what point your :ajbemused: turned into :rainbowlaugh: ?

2442671 I was just kinda like :rainbowderp: at first is what i meant because 'you used this often' what does it mean? How do you use it?:twilightsheepish:

2442690 Use what often? I don't get it... :rainbowderp:

2442718 ' <----that :facehoof: but not the number ' ' <--see that

You. I fucking love you. God damn man. I've wanted a story like this for so fucking long.

Here's a gift you strange strange person.

I'll be honest. I didn't get it. May not be my type of music.

2443137 Haha, wow, thanks :twilightblush:

2444546 Well, yeah, that's the problem with crossovers... if you're not a fan of the show / film / game / band / etc. it's a crossover with, you're not going to get it. Here, the gag is that all his dialogue comes from Doors lyrics, so it requires some familiarity with the Doors.


OOH! Idea!

Second Chapter "Celestia, Luna And/Or Cadence, Shining Armor"

Not saying you actually have to do it but I would love to see more from this.

he seems to be afraid of bathtubs for some reason.

His mother was ran over by a bathtub. Tragic accident, it was.

2450860 Actually, it's because the real Jim Morrison died in a bathtub...

2450876 Awww... Dying in bahtubs does sound like a sucky way to die.

2450882 Yeah. He died of heart failure. Which doesn't normally happen at age 27, but he was an overweight alcoholic who had done copious amounts of every drug known to man at the time, so yeah...

2450925 Ick. I'm overweight at the age of 18, but I'm actually in okay shape for being a fat ass. I'm tall, so I can look lean when wearing tight-fitting clothes, as they'll usually make it easier to suck in my gut. No different than ladies of old wearing corsets, really. And with the exercise regimen I usually do, along with my diet, I should lose weight rather quickly.

Or, you know, I would if I could find time to do anything but sit in my corner and cry from how difficult this freakin' homework is! :fluttershbad:

2450964 You can do it man! Here, have some motivational music:

Absolutely loved it :twilightsmile: Got a good few laughs out of me! Very clever and nice to read.

2445276 Naaah, this story is complete and it's not going to get any longer. Primo, writing anything resembling dialogue when one character can talk only in Doors lyrics is hard, and secundo, milking this gimmick much further would kill it, I'm afraid.


Understood. I still thank you for this story none the less

I lol'd, though a bit more closure mighta been nice.

2480166 I get what you mean. The ending is supposed to be that the Mane Six also start talking in Doors lyrics (AJ: 'His brain is squirmin' like a toad,' Twilight: 'This is the end!') and that Mojo Risin' feels victorious about this, as he has spread his "poetry virus". But I can see how it may come off as a bit sudden or unresolved.

Very subtle comedy here. I managed to pick up three of The Doors references before the story ended.

'Hello, I love you,'

Anyway, you played the comedy well here, just using the absurdity of his speech in lyrics to trigger the comedy, which was well-placed and the fact that those lyrics were just one giant reference. I'm sorry that this review is shorter but there really isn't anything I can really correct you on.

My eyes are starting to rebel against me, I'll review Arsenal of Harmony tomorrow! I think reading it is going to be a treat for me. :twilightsmile:

Silver out!

I just want to tell you, that this is really one of the BEST stories on this site I have ever read. Jim Morrison is my hero, and i love how you portrayed him.

3235279 Thanks! Always makes my day to hear that someone really enjoys something I've written. :twilightsmile: As for the characterisation on Mojo Risin'/Jim Morrison, I can't really take credit for that - after all, all his lines are actually his lines. He wrote them, I just cut and pasted them together. So in a way he characterised himself! :raritywink:

3237741 Anyways I like your name MidnightRambler. That's one of my favorite Rolling Stones songs and I like that ZZ Top Deguello album cover you have, I think that was their last good album

3237779 We seem to agree on a lot of things, then! Maybe you should pick a Zeppelin album cover as your profile pic? :pinkiehappy:

3237796 If I do, it's going to be Zeppelin II, my personal favorite



I am ashamed that I did not find this before.

So it's like barding, except with Doors quotes rather than Shakespeare?

BTW, you got SA'd.

7735957 Ha, thanks for the clarification! I was wondering where all these new faves came from all of a sudden... And then I spent a while pondering what "SA" meant in this context until I scrolled through my feed and saw the post in question.

*makes gesture indicating it completely passed over his head*

I gathered he was speaking in song lyrics, but they meant nothing to me, I'm afraid. (I am vagule awrae that a band called the Doors existed, though not so much that I would have remembered had they not been mentioned in the author's notes.)

This is probably because I have, like three CDs total of actual singers-music (which barely ever see the light of day), and the entire rest of my musical leaning consist of soundtracks from TV/movies/videoes, with a particular emphasis towards Pokémon. (And MLP.)

Ah, the Doors. One of my dad's all-time favorite bands. Perhaps I would have gotten more of the references if he had actually opened up and played that Doors vinyl record I got him for Father's Day.

*sniffles quietly in the corner*

Seriously, though, not a bad story. The prose could have used a bit of work, but I'm just impressed you managed to shove 28 different song references into a story under 3,000 words long.

*slowclaps* Bravo, this was bizarre goofy fun. Short on plot, but long on concept. Nicely done.

I love when I randomly Google Doors titles followed by 'MLP' and stumble across silly fanfic like this. Well done! Hoofclaps!

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