• Published 17th Apr 2013
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You Are The Father! - Shining Star

Long after the wedding and the fiasco with the Changelings, Shining Armour and Cadence are finally settled in at home. But one bundle of 'joy' may just end it all.

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Chapter One: A WHAT?!

Shining Armour ran towards his home, the Crystal Palace. The guards bowed to him as he galloped into the main hall, quickly looking for a quill and parchment. He spun around, running between different rooms searching for the equipment when he heard muffled hooves coming down the hall.

"Shining? Is that you?" Cadence called out. She could hear frantic pacing and drawers being opened and slammed as somepony raced around her room.

She entered to find her husband running backwards and forwards, searching for something. He was so distracted he didn't even notice her walk in.

"Shining what's wro-?" she started but was quickly stopped as Shining started to blab away.

"Have you seen a quill and parchment? I need to talk to Twiley now." he said looking around more frantic than before.

Cadence lifted an un-used scroll and quill from her saddle bags.

"Here, I have some." she offered looking at him worriedly. "Shining... honey, what's the problem?"

Cadence walked over to a chair sitting down and pulling a book out. Shining quickly started to scratch away like his life depended on it.

"A... um..." he started puffing. "Changeling... was seen... scouring the edges... of the... Crystal Empire... we're not sure...
where... it went though... and done." he said, rolling it up. Shining quickly rolled up the letter to Twilight and used a spell Celestia taught him to send letters straight to a recipient.

Cadence gasped. "But... how? And what does Twilight have to do with this?"

"We could need the help of the Elements of Harmony. So I've asked for her help." he lied, coolly packing a bag. He spun around to kiss his wife. "I'll be back soon. I swear. Let me just deal with this, okay?"

Cadence hugged him tightly. "Be safe. Please. And say hello to Twilight and her friends for me."

"Always." he whispered before sprinting from the room. Cadence walked to her balcony slowly hoping to glimpse her husband.

She could see him running towards the area of the gates before disappearing over the horizon. Cadence placed a hoof of her small bump.

"I was going to tell him about you today. But I guess fate had other ideas..."

Twilight jumped at Spike's sudden burst of flames. She had been reading a book on mind spells when the letter arrived.
"Twilight! There's a letter here for you. And... um, I don't think it's from the princess." Spike called down at her from his cosy bed, sounding mildly confused. Twilight stood up, stretching, before slowly walking up the stairs taking her time.

Not many ponies knew that spell. Celestia created it and never published it, so it would be from somepony important. Her mind ran through different scenarios as she finally reached her bedroom. Twilight levitated the scroll.

The paper was crushed and had ink spills all over it. Definitely not from the princess. “I wonder who it’s from?” she questioned as she looked down at Spike.

“Beats me. I’m going back to bed.” he growled, hiding away his head underneath the covers. Twilight chuckled at the baby dragon’s love of sleep and flattened her letter against her bed, laying down to read it.

You have to help me. Today, a changeling was found on the outskirts of the Crystal Empire. But it left a filly changeling. A note was left on the foal to me from Chrysalis claiming the foal was mine and her’s. Please help me, I can’t face Cadence alone.
-Shining Armour

Twilight stared blankly at the piece of parchment in front of her. Re-reading the letter, she brushed it off as some cruel joke her brother was playing, but decided to play along for his sake. She quickly wrote a note saying she would help him and sent it quickly.

And yet, little did she know he would be on her doorstep the next day.

Shining banged on the library door loudly. He jumped on the spot nervously- holding the basket containing it, in his mouth. A familiar scaly face appeared at the door.

“Shining? What… what are you doing here?” Spike asked, scratching his back. Shining quickly ran inside shutting the door behind him.

“Spike, what is all that rack- Shining!” Twilight squealed, bolting down the stairs and trapping her brother in a huge hug.

Shining used his magic to seal all the curtains and soundproof the walls.

“Twilight, I need your help with… you know... the foal.” he said seriously, pointing to the basket he had set down in the corner.

Twilight looked at him before moving to the basket to peek inside.

She gasped and skidded away putting as much distant as she could between her and the… thing.

“How… how could this be?!” she shrieked frantically.

He lifted the blankets off revealing the foal.

“I’m not sure. That’s why I came to you.” Shining said levitating the gurgling white foal in the air. Twilight could see the similarities to both Shining Armour and the Changeling Queen. But how was it possible? Did changelings even have offspring if they weren’t capable of love?

Shining paced nervously. “I couldn’t face Cadence, Twiley. It'd break her heart just to see the foal, let alone live with it.”

A sleepy Spike spoke up from his rug. “Just send it back…”

“Send it back... SEND IT BACK!?” Shining screamed at the young dragon. “I CAN’T JUST SEND IT BACK! IF I COULD DO, YOU THINK I WOULD BE HERE, SPIKE?!” A final burst of rage made his mane catch ablaze with red flames.

“Shining! Calm down!” Twilight yelled, backing away from the heat and at his younger sister's request, Shining calmed down
quickly- panting from the exhaustion.

“What… what was that?” he asked and Twilight gave a nonchalant shrug.

“It was a magic rage. You get used to them.” she said simply. “Now onto the problem at hoof.” She walked over to the filly.

“Hmm… She definitely has your coat and her wings and horn. But how is what I want to know."
Shining looked at his ‘daughter’. “I don’t know. But I need your help to figure out how to keep her safe. I know I shouldn't but... I care for her. Even if, you know, she is half changeling."

“Okay. So what do you need my help for?”

"I need you to help me hide her true origins until I have the right way to tell Cadence, please. Do you have a spell to cast on her to hide her horn and wings? "

Twilight sighed looking softly at the filly. “I think I do. But you still have to tell Cadence sometime." she said, poking him in the chest. "You can't hide behind an enchantment forever. Espically when she starts to grow up, but the spell will take some time to get ready."

Shining facehooved. "Do you think she could stay here with you? Just for a while until the spell's ready and I have the right way to tell Cadence?"

Twilight looked into her brother's pleading eyes, only before letting out an exsaperated sigh.

"Fine." she muttered. After all, she did have Spike, so how hard could a foal really be?

Shining sighed in relief. “Thanks Twiley. Now I got to go. Cadence will be worried. Love you and I promise I’ll be back soon!” he said running out the door.

“But-“ Twilight didn’t end the sentence realizing it was too late. She sighed once again, only before turning to the foal and giving a small smile.

I wonder if you have a name. she thought, glancing down at the filly.

"Well, I think I’ll call you…" the Element of Magic paused for a moment, placing a hoof on her chin to think. "Allia. That’s a nice name, right?” Twilight smiled at little Allia, levitating her and nuzzling her softly. The foal yawned loudly, which urged Twilight to place her in the warm blankets of her bed to sleep.

“Goodnight Allia.”

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