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Kingdom Hearts: Friendship is Magic - Mudkipman98

The final battle between Sora and Xehanort was a failure. Sora is on his last legs and his friends have all been captured. When he refuses to help Xehanort, he is sent into darkness. What he finds on the other side surprises him above all else.

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Author's note: Hey guys! Mudkipman98 here! I wanted to give you fair warning before reading that there are large pictures in this chapter, again because I don't trust myself with accurate descriptions of what is in the pictures. I would recommend using your browser to zoom out a little so that you can see the whole picture at once. All credit goes to Xelim on deviantart for the pics. Thanks man. You're the best! With that, enjoy the chapter. :)

Riku watched as Sora dove into the dark portal after the ponies. No matter what happened, he trusted Sora to make it out alive. He wasn't so sure about the ponies, though. The portal suddenly shut, separating Sora and Riku again. Briefly, Riku doubted that Sora would be okay. He didn't understand what had just happened, but he chose to have faith in Sora rather than worry about it.

Riku turned to the still sobbing Celestia. "Your majesty, please calm down and tell me what's wrong."

Celestia controlled her sobbing and composed herself. "Twilight and her five friends represent the Elements of Harmony, great powers that have protected the land for thousands of years. I knew about the heartless and that they would eventually find this world. So, in three years, I planned to train her and her friends how to use the keyblade in the hopes that they could protect Equestria once again. But it seems that events have accelerated. Do you know what a 'dive to the heart' is?"

"Of course. It's a special dream where keyblade wielders uncover their inner power," said Riku.

"Correct," continued Celestia, "and also incorrect. It feels like a dream, but the outcome is all too real."

"So you're saying that Twilight and Fluttershy have just entered their 'dive to the heart'?" Celestia nodded. "But what does that mean?"

"It means that they've temporarily entered the dark realm. It's a safe zone because their hearts act as worlds. Have you delved into your own heart, Riku?" asked the Princess.

"Yeah," he answered, temporarily avoiding her gaze. "I remember falling asleep and then slipping into the darkness. I don't know how long I fell. But when I was done, I found myself in this strange place. I was standing on some sort of stain glass mural. After some fighting against the heartless, I woke up." What Riku kept from the Princess was that he had experienced it as a child, shortly after meeting Terra on the Destiny Islands.

"That was a rite of passage, Riku," said the Princess. "It was proof that your heart was strong enough for the keyblade."

But that doesn't make any sense, thought Riku. Sora's heart was weaker when we started our journey, yet he still had the same dream and received the keyblade. So what am I missing?

"And now," continued the Princess, "They've each embarked on their own journeys."

"But you seem so distressed about it. What's wrong with them starting this early?" asked Riku.

"It's wrong because they're not ready yet!" snapped Celestia.

She hung her head, sorry for shouting at Riku. Celestia, her guards, and Riku all sat silent for a minute. The door being kicked in downstairs caused everyone to jump. "Wait here," said Riku as he ran down the stairs.

When he arrived at the bottom of the staircase, he was met with a cyan hoof connecting with his face, knocking him to the ground. Dazed, he heard a voice yelling at him. "What?" he managed groggily.

"I said, where are Twilight and Fluttershy?!" yelled a tomboyish voice. As Riku's vision returned, he found he was staring into the face of a cyan pegasus with a rainbow mane. He tried to get up but was pinned down.

"They aren't here now. They should be back soon though. Now get off me!" The cyan pegasus let Riku up and flew up the stairs, quickly followed by three other mares, one of which was a unicorn.

He heard the pegasus call up from the top of the stairs saying, "Princess?". He was immediately met with another hoof to the face, launching him out of the already broken window and onto the field outside. He sat up, pulled a rather large chunk of glass out of his left arm and tossed it onto the grass, losing a small amount of blood with it. He stood up and found the cyan pegasus crouched low like it was about to charge, staring at him from across Fluttershy's yard. Realizing that anything other than a full on fight was impossible, he summoned his keyblade and readied himself for the mare's charge.

"Rainbow Dash, stop it this instant!" said an orange earth pony who had just exited the house. She spoke with a strong southern accent.

"No!" shouted Rainbow Dash back at her friend. "This guy knows something about Twilight and Fluttershy, and for all we know, he could have attacked the Princess!"

The orange pony shook her head and ran to join Riku who eyed her suspiciously for a second. "Don't worry," said the pony. "Sometimes, she gets like this and there ain't no way to calm her down. She jus' won't listen to reason."

"What, now you're siding with him?" asked Rainbow.

"We don't know what he's like yet. Ya can't jus' attack him, and Ah won't let ya."

"Fine. Have it your way then!" yelled Rainbow.

"Here she comes. Ah'm Applejack by the way," said the pony with a tip of her hat.

"I'm Riku."

"Okay, Riku. Get ready!" she said as she too tensed.

Rainbow immediately charged forward, already preparing to ram into Riku. He sidestepped, causing her to barrel into a tree. She pulled her head out of the splintered wood and prepared to charge again.

"We have ta stop her from movin'," said Applejack. "Any bright ideas?"

"Yeah," said Riku. He pointed his keyblade at Rainbow Dash and waited for her to charge again. Rainbow took the invitation and ran again. When she was about 10 yards away, Riku yelled, "Blizzard!" A chunk of solid ice launched from Riku's keyblade, directly impacting Rainbow. On impact, it froze her solid. Her inertia kept the chunk of ice she was now frozen in gliding across the grass which still impacted Riku. It knocked him to the side and he regained his balance in mid-air with Aerial Recovery.

He touched back down and looked on at the frozen Rainbow Dash. He and Applejack approached her together and looked over the massive chunk of ice. Riku swore he heard a sizzling sound coming from the icecube right before it exploded in his face, the chunks sending him and Applejack flying back through the air. Applejack landed alright, but Riku crashed through one of Fluttershy's fences.

Slowly, he got up and muttered "Cure," causing a giant flower to appear over his head which bloomed, releasing its healing energy before disappearing. He saw Applejack picking herself up too and turned his head towards Rainbow Dash, who was now free from the ice. However, she now had five chunks of ice slowly rotating around her. She flew high into the sky up above the cloud layers and hovered there before going into a headfirst dive.

"Riku, look out!" yelled Applejack. "I think she's gonna do a sonic rainboom!"

Riku barely had time to say, "A sonic what-now?" before being met with a massive rainbow explosion coupled with multiple frozen chunks of ice that launched him even farther back, this time sending him into the nearby forest of trees. He crashed through several large trees before coming to a complete stop and falling still.

"Ha! That'll show ya!" said Rainbow Dash, confident she had finished him this time.

"What the hay, Rainbow?!" shouted Applejack. "Ya didn't even try ta talk to him!"

"How was I supposed to know if he was a threat? And who said he didn't really attack the princess?"

"I do!" shouted Pinkie Pie in her constantly cheary tone. She materialized from behind a tree near Rainbow Dash before saying, "I just talked to her while you silly fillies were fighting."

"Did she tell you where Twilight and Fluttershy are?" said Rainbow, her voice lined with concern.

"Nope! But I bet they're in trouble, so I'm gonna go and save 'em." With that, a portal of light opened behind Pinkie and she backed into it, disappearing without a trace.

Applejack and Rainbow Dash just sat there, jaws agape. Pinkie had always been a little bit strange, and she even managed to surprise the others by doing things physically impossible from time to time. But this? She had just stuck out a hoof, opened some kind of portal, and disappeared. As Rainbow continued to stare, Applejack said, "What just happened?"

"I have no idea," said Rainbow, feeling defeated. "First Twilight and Fluttershy disappear, and now Pinkie? What's going on?"

"Maybe the Princess will know," said Applejack. "You go and talk to her. I'm gonna go help out that Riku fella."

"Ugh, fine," grunted Rainbow as she headed for Fluttershy's house. She was annoyed that Applejack had been so willing to help out a potential criminal instead of her, but she pushed it to the back of her mind as she entered Fluttershy's house. Meanwhile, Applejack rushed through the trees to where Riku had crashed landed.

Within five minutes of searching, Applejack found Riku's still body embedded in a solid tree. She moved to the back of the tree before pulling back her legs and bucking it with so much force, it shook the trees around it. Riku was ejected from the twisted wood before landing on the soft forest floor where he began to stir. Applejack rushed to him and loaded him onto her back. "Don't worry," she said. "I'll get ya back to Fluttershy's to rest up." With that, she started making her way back through the destroyed trees to Fluttershy's house.


Sora kept falling deeper and deeper into darkness. He could barely make out the forms of Twilight and Fluttershy falling beside him. They had both fallen unconscious, no doubt passing out from the speed of the fall.

Sora suddenly noticed a small light in the distance. It rapidly grew bigger and bigger until Sora realized that he wasn't falling anymore. In fact, he was standing in what looked like Organization XIII's round room. In the center of the room, he saw a pink pony with its back turned to him. It turned around and immediately started talking in an overwhelmingly cheary voice.

"Oh! You must be Sora! Good to meet you. I'm Pinkie Pie!"

"Wait, what?" asked Sora in confusion. Before Sora could ask the pony anything else, a look of shock crossed her face.

"Wait. You're new to Ponyville. That means you've never been to one of my parties! We've gotta get you home, pronto!" With that, she dove at Sora and opened a portal of light beneath him and the other ponies. Everyone fell in and Sora was immediately blinded.

When Sora opened his eyes, he was lying in a meadow with various types of tall grasses and flowers dotting the landscape. Sora stood up slowly and located Twilight, Fluttershy, and Pinkie Pie, who was bouncing around. In the distance, Pinkie spotted Fluttershy's cottage and said, "Oops. I guess I missed. Well, let's go! I gotta get you that party!"

Before Sora could ask, he heard rustling behind him as Pinkie was bouncing away and turned to see Twilight picking herself up off of the ground. "It's Pinkie Pie. Don't question it," was all she said.

"Wait, I still don't get it," said Sora. "What just happened?"

"To be honest," said Twilight in a whisper as if she didn't want Pinkie to hear her, "she scares me sometimes. She's done some weird things in the past, but I don't know what that just was." Together, Sora and Twilight woke up Fluttershy and the three followed Pinkie bouncing away in the distance towards Fluttershy's cottage.

When the group arrived, Sora entered first and saw, in Fluttershy's main room, a white unicorn, an orange earth pony, and a cyan pegasus. Celestia sat nearby with her guards and Riku lay unconscious on Fluttershy's couch. "What happened?" asked Sora.

"Well, you see," began the cyan pegasus, "I kinda beat up Riku here."

"What?" said Sora in disbelief. There was no way this pegasus could've beaten Riku. Was there?

"Yeah. Sorry about that," said the pony. "I'm sure he'll be fine." Twilight began introducing the other ponies one by one and Celestia asked them to all meet upstairs.

After regrouping upstairs, Celestia conjured up a desk in Fluttershy's room and sat down at it with Sora and the now awake Riku standing on either side of her. The ponies stood on the other side of the desk. "So, yer highness," began Applejack, "what's goin' on?"

Celestia cleared her throat before speaking, telling everyone that this was going to be a long explanation. "It's convenient that you've all met here by chance to discuss a matter of extreme importance." Everypony was at full attention. "There is a new threat that bears down on Equestria and its neighboring worlds."

"Neighboring worlds?" asked Rarity.

"Yes, Rarity. Our world isn't the only one," replied the Princess. "Now, as you all know, not everypony has warmed up to the idea of friendship and harmony as you know from the Discord event. There is darkness in every heart. The new threat that faces Equestria is a form of living darkness called the Heartless. I've known about them for some time, though I decided not to mention them because there was never a reason to. However, that reason has arrisen."

"That's sounds really bad," said Pinkie, Sora noticing her frown for the first time since he had seen her.

"It is," said Celestia. "It's time I taught you all about the history of a powerful and magical weapon called the keyblade."

"In ancient times, light filled every heart and the people of the worlds loved the light. However, some became greedy and wanted to take the light for themselves. Thus, darkness was born in every heart. These ancient people began to fight over the light and over its source, Kingdom Hearts. The real Kingdom Hearts was lost to darkness, never to be seen again. Many lost their lives in what is now known as the keyblade war, a great clash between thousands of keyblade wielders. When all seemed lost, a new light was found. That light resided in the hearts of children, and thus, the worlds survived and our universe pressed on. Over time, there have been those who have tried to replicate Kingdom Hearts through various forms and have ultimately failed or have been stopped by keyblade warriors who have chosen to protect the light, known as Warriors of Light. Unfortunately, a new evil has risen over the past 15 years. A man by the name of Xehanort has aspired to forge an all powerful weapon known as the X-Blade. In fact, the people who created the keyblades created them in the image of the X-Blade to honor its powers. It was said that the X-Blade was a guardian of sorts for the real Kingdom Hearts and that with its power, Kingdom Hearts can be recovered. However, Kingdom Hearts holds immense power, and as with all power hungry people, its power will no doubt be abused. That's where all of you come in. As I said before, I've known about the heartless and the darkness of peoples' and ponys' hearts alike for a long time. I even planned to teach you all how to wield the keyblade in three years, when I was sure that the forces of darkness would find us. Unfortunately, I must begin your training now." Celestia's horn began to glow bright yellow, and before her appeared the 6 elements of harmony. She levitated them each to their respective owners. "Just a few years ago, you six demonstrated the power of friendship and unlocked the ability to wield the elements of harmony. With that same light, you will learn to wield the keyblade." Celestia's horn glowed once again, this time summoning up six pauldrons, pieces of shoulder armor that hold a massive button in the center to activate a much larger set of armor. Everypony received a pauldron which magically attached to their left foreleg shoulders. The armored shoulder piece covered everypony's forearm and shoulder blade with the button lying on the joint of the shoulder piece. "Now, press the buttons and watch what happens."

In a massive flash of light, everypony pushed the buttons at the same time. When the light cleared, six armored ponies stood in the room.

Twilight's armor had a silver midsection with silver leg plates and gold rimming. Her armor was highlighted with purple on most of its edges. Her helmet was similar to Aqua's, with two thin pieces of metal sticking back from the temples of the helmet. Even her horn was armored with thin pieces of plate armor.

Fluttershy's armor was fairly thin and really wasn't much armor at all. Most of her body was covered in a black material apart from her midsection, which consisted of a bright green chestplate. Her helmet hid her face with a dark green visor and her legs were covered in the black material which was surrounded by woven pieces of green metal to form a sort of chain armor. Her wings had armor along the top of them but her yellow feathers were still easily visible.

The same held true for Rainbow Dash's armored wings, in which the arms of her wings were covered in thin, sky blue plate metal while her wings were exposed. Her midsection was covered in dark blue plate armor while her legs were suited in sky blue armor with golden accents along the sides. Her helmet was similar to Ventus's with two horn-like pieces of metal extending upwards. Her visor was a deep, reflective blue.

Rarity's armor was pure white and it covered her entire body leaving nothing exposed. It also seemed to be bulkier with a bigger midsection, massive shoulder pads, and thicker leg plating. The armor was accented with gray marks along the body and legs while her helmet consisted of a single metal spike sticking out from the back of the helmet which bore a gray visor.

Pinkie Pie's armor was much the same, though it was mostly pink and accented with various yellows, blues, and greens which seemed to resemble confetti. Her helmet was similar to Master Eraqus' helmet(1) with three spikes, one up and one to either side of her face, and a bright blue visor.

Applejack's armor contained heavy leg armor that didn't seem to impair her movement and a bulkier midsection. Her armor was mainly orange, though it was lined with green and brown accents. Her helmet resembled Terra's, though without the spikes. Her visor was a bright green.

Everypony's armor had their element of harmony's crystal in the chestplate.

"Whoa," said Sora, stunned by the ponies appearance. Celestia couldn't help but show a look of pride as she looked down at the six armored ponies.

"Now comes the next step," she said. "Twilight, Fluttershy, when you completed your dive to the heart, you each were cemented as keyblade warriors. Please, summon your keyblades now." Acting on instinct, Twilight closed her eyes which were hidden by her visor and held out her hoof. In a small flash of light, a keyblade appeared. It seemed like a normal blade with a golden hand guard and a black handle. However, the blade itself was wrapped in a pink piece of metal that came together at a pinkish purple star.

Fluttershy, not sure what to do, imitated Twilight and managed to summon her own keyblade. Her keyblade bore a gold handguard and handle with what appeared to be large, interwoven vines forming the blade. Each vine bloomed with a pink flower on the end, forming the key bit.

Celestia stared in wonder at the two keyblades. They were definitely unique, and they seemed to be patterned for her students specifically.. "So you have learned to wield your own keyblades. Though I wish they were gained through other circumstances."

"What do you mean?" asked Twilight.

"You both received your keyblades through a sort of 'keyblade inheritance ceremony' in which a keyblade master or warrior who has attained the level of master can pass their keyblade ability to another person or in this case, pony, if their heart is full of light. Riku and Sora managed that one." Sora and Riku simultaneously blushed.

"So, does that mean that we can use keyblades too?" asked Rainbow Dash.

"As I've already said, you were able to wield the elements of harmony because of a strong light in all of your hearts that helped you come together as friends. Now, you must tap into that same light if you wish to wield a keyblade. But be warned. The destiny of a warrior of light is a harsh one filled with constant battles against the darkness. You must always be on your guard, and there's no guarantee that life will return to normal even if you succeed. The heartless have found this world, which means that they will stop at nothing to corrupt it through its keyhole."

"Whatever is a keyhole?" asked Rarity.

"A keyhole is a door of sorts to the heart of the world. If the heartless find the keyhole, then they will corrupt the world and darkness will destroy it." Everypony shifted uncomfortably at the idea of their beloved Equestria disappearing into darkness. "Which is where you six, Sora, and Riku come in. Sora, Riku, I know you have other tasks to attend to, but this is very important and I ask for your help. I need you eight to find this world's keyhole and lock it with your keyblades. Of course, first you'll have to wield your own," she said as she gazed at the other four ponies. "Deactivate your armor and join Sora, Riku and I outside to begin your training." With that, Celestia got up and walked downstairs, letting the desk she was sitting at disappear.

The ponies deactivated their armor, went downstairs and outside, followed by Sora and Riku.

Once outside, Celestia continued. "Twilight, Fluttershy, you may already be able to wield your keyblades, but that doesn't mean that you are already masters. In fact, just calling wielders 'masters' is a strange confusion. Sora, Riku, if you can help the others, I would appreciate it very much."

"You can count on us," said Sora enthusiastically.

"Right then," began the Princess. "Hold out your hooves and focus hard on your inner light. It may take some searching, but you'll find it." Sora watched as the ponies stuck out their hooves and shut their eyes, all deep in thought.

Minutes passed and nothing happened. Finally, Pinkie's hoof started glowing white and in a flash of light, a keyblade materialized in it. Her keyblade, just like Twilight and Fluttershy's, had a gold handguard, though hers had swirling markings on it. The blade itself was a giant pink lit candle with two pieces of lace, light blue on one side and yellow on the other, near the hilt which contained a bright blue crystal balloon. It had three balloons on the end which formed the key bit. "Ooooo. Pretty," said Pinkie, in awe.

"Excellent, Pinkie," said Celestia. "Now, let the rest of your friends concentrate."

An hour passed before the next keyblade appeared, this time belonging to Applejack. Her keyblade had a gold handguard with a black handle and an orange apple in the hilt. The blade itself seemed to be several cider barrels stacked on top of each other with leaves and apples at the end like an apple tree. The key bit was a simple white fence.

Applejack marveled at the keyblade in her hoof, admiring how much it complimented her love for the farm. She spun it a few times before shouldering it.

Only a minute separated the arrival of Rainbow Dash's keyblade. Hers had a golden handguard which, at the hilt, transformed into two cyan wings with her red cutie mark gem dead center. The handguard also sported rainbow spikes sticking from it near the handle and its blade resembled an ancient greek column. The blade was also wrapped in a trail of yellow, blue, and red metal and ended in a lighting bolt resembling her cutie mark to form the key bit. At the end of the blade was a clean, white cloud. "Awesome!" she yelled as she flew high into the sky, performing a loop in mid air and swinging her keyblade within the loop to display a spinning wheel of color. She then touched down and stuck it into the ground, leaning against it coolly.

Finally, Rarity's keyblade appeared in the next five minutes. She opened her eyes and looked at its glimmering white and purple blade which had been infused with four diamonds. The key bit was purple and shaped like a crown, also containing three huge diamonds. The handle was white and was shielded with a gold hand guard that contained even more bright diamonds in its metal. Her jaw dropped at the size and sheen of the diamonds that practically lined her blade. Her cutie mark crystal was also in the keyblade's hilt.

Celestia smiled at her new pupils, now beginning their journey to save their own piece of the realm of light. "Now, like I said before," she said while beginning to blush, "I planned to train you all in three years and as such, don't have a training plan worked out. Your best option at this point is to travel alongside Sora and Riku and help them seal this world's keyhole." They all nodded their heads. "Sora, Riku, unfortunately, I have no idea where the keyhole is, but I trust that the heartless are already searching for it."

"That is a problem," said Riku slowly as he raised a hand to his chin in thought. He then turned to Sora. "Remember when we took the mark of mastery exam? There was always a powerful heartless or other dark power protecting the keyhole."

Sora nodded. "They just wouldn't give us a break, would they?"

"Yeah. What if we try to find a giant heartless? Maybe that'll lead us to the keyhole," suggested Riku.

"Good idea," said Sora. He turned to Princess Celestia. "Have there been any reports regarding a giant creature in the past few days?"

"Yes, actually. There was a heartless that I witnessed first hand attacking Manehattan. That's why I came here. I wanted to collect Twilight and her friends to try the elements of harmony on it. Of course, its heart would have just found its way into another heartless, but it would have solved the problem. No doubt its picture will be in the newspapers today."

"Alright! Now we have a target!" said Rainbow. "So let's get to Manehattan and save 'em!"

"Right," said everyone else in unison. They all rushed towards Ponyville, eager to get to the train station and get underway.

"Sora, Riku, wait," said Celestia. Both humans stopped and turned around. Celestia walked over to them and gave each of them a pauldron. Sora's was gold and Riku's was silver. "Take these. They'll protect you as you travel through the lanes between."

"Thanks," they both said.

"And also," continued the princess, and she leaned in rather close to them, "if anything happens to my little ponies, I'll personally make sure you both pay a heavy price. You may be warriors of light, but they are my subjects and I will not see them harmed." Riku and Sora visibly stiffened and Celestia backed off. "Now, good luck you two."

"Thank you, ma'am," they said in unison. Together, they turned and bolted to catch up with the other ponies.

Author's Note:

Keyblade images provided by Xelim on deviantart. Here is the link to his profile page.
The keyblades can be found in his gallery under the 'keyblades' section on the left panel.
If you had trouble viewing the pictures of the keyblades, this is a glitch with the website, one which I have encountered many times before. I can't control whether the pictures will display or not, but here's me crossing my fingers. :) All of the keyblades are, like I said, in Xelim's keyblade section in his deviantart gallery, so if you can't see them, click the link above to view them.
(1)Follow this link and you'll be shown the KH wiki which displays the "Armor of the Master", or Eraqus's armor.