• Published 8th Feb 2012
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Rainbow and Clyde - protractror

Rainbow Dash tries to impress Clyde Pie

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The Icing on Top

Rainbow led Pinkie Pie back to the park she had been 'cooking' in beforehand, the setting sun reflecting the muted moods of the two ponies. Pinkie's initial euphoria had waned as the walk continued, until by the time Rainbow sat down at the park she was only content. Of course just looking at the mare in front of her would set her tummy spinning around, but she couldn't just forget what had just happened. So instead she sort of settled at an optimistic sadness, in need of cheering up but definitely receptive to whatever Rainbow was planning.

Rainbow Dash was the first to speak after they both sat down, doing so with a very cautious optimism in her voice. "So, what's the damage look like?"

"Well, no one was hurt, but my room got toasted. Heh, I gotta remember that for when this is funny. But yeah, everything in my room is burnt and ruined."

"That's terrible." Rainbow said sympathetically.

"If you think that's bad you should see my neighbors. They're going to be living downwind of a balloon fire for the next week, quite the change from a bakery don't you think?" Pinkie put on a small, passing smile for Rainbow Dash. "I guess the one upside of all this is I wont have to deal with that smell."

"Yeah, wait what do you mean by that? Where are you going to live, the outskirts of Ponyville or something?" Rainbow felt a bead of sweat drop down her forehead. She was so close to finally talking to Pinkie seriously, so close to letting it all out.

"I guess you could say that, but I'm pretty sure my Rock farm is in another county. Don't worry though, I can handle it. The rock farm's my home. My rocky, dark home. But tons of fun!" Pinkie added the last part a little too enthusiastically after seeing Rainbow Dash's sinking face.

So this whole day was a waste Rainbow realized. Everything she had done was worthless. The make-over, the public humiliation, the chase from Sweet Apple Acres, everything was for absolutely nothing. Pinkie was going back to the farm no matter what Clyde thought of her, even after the things she done for him. What had Rainbow got out of the deal, a pie? Not the right one sadly.

But it wasn't just today that was wasted, no that would be going too easy on Rainbow. Everyday spent with Pinkie, every day spent thinking about her was going up in flames. All the fun they could have had, the things they could have been together were slowly disappearing. Rainbow could see it all crumble, and that was when she snapped.

Specifically, she snapped back from all the pressure being put on her, clouding her judgement. Gone was the fear of rejection from Pinkie Pie, and gone too was the fear of what Clyde might do. All the worry and doubt that had bent her from her brash ways sprung off of her in an instant of clarity. She was Rainbow Dash, the fastest Flier in Equestria, and no matter what Applejack felt like spouting from her oh-so honest mouth, the loyalest of ponies. And what Rainbow Dash wanted, she got.

"Well, that's too bad because you aren't going anywhere near that Rock farm. Not today. Today, you are coming and you're going to live with me." Rainbow said as if she was announcing how breathtaking her newest trick would be. Just like the buccaneer blitz, Pinkie was just another task she could pull off in her sleep.

"Oh that's really nice Rainbow, but I couldn't-"

"I wont take no for an answer!" Rainbow interjected. " You wouldn't be an imposition in the slightest. It would be like having a party that never ends, in fact I can't see why I don't invite you over more often."

"No, I mean I physically can't Rainbow.I can't walk on clouds." Rainbow's bravado faltered for only a second as she remembered why Pinkie never came over, but returned tenfold.

"Well, then I shall hire Twilight to cast her cloud walking spell, and personally fly you up! I'll even put a trampoline at the bottom for you so you can leave whenever you want." Pinkie gave Rainbow a skeptical look. "Don't act like that trampoline isn't the best idea you've heard all day. And if you're wondering about Twilight, she totally still owes me for reading that book she brought me." Pinkie decided to ignore the fact that it was Rainbow who owed Twilight, but instead tried to wrap her head around the situation. She had dreamed for something like this, something like this but not exactly this. Something or other was missing and she didn't know what.

"C'mon Pinkie, if you aren't going to do it for yourself, than could you do it for me?" Rainbow's voice cracked as she finished her plea. " I know you can work on a rock farm without smiles, but I can't! And if you leave I'm either going to have to go to that farm or stay here. And without you Ponyville will be just like a rock farm, dark and dull. Pinkie, I don't know if I could take it if you just went up and moved back to the farm. I don't know what I'd do without my best friend. I don't know what I'd do without you."

Pinkie was silent for a moment after Rainbow said that. For a second Pinkie could have sworn she saw Rainbow's eyes begin to water. However, Pinkie soon spoke up, very softly. "You were wrong about the trampoline."


"That was the best thing I've heard today." Pinkie then leaped onto Rainbow Dash with her usual spunk, giving her the friendliest hug she had in weeks. Rainbow Dash let out a sigh, at least Pinkie was still here, at least they were still friends.

"Now, I realize that this is traditionally done before you ask me to move in with you, but do you mind if I ask you a question." Pinkie asked, serious yet playful on top of Rainbow Dash. This was a position she had been in hundreds of times before, but right now Rainbow felt nervous in ways she had never even thought she could. She did however manage to squeak out a "sure".

Forgetting everything Fluttershy had told her, Pinkie looked at Rainbow right in the eyes. "Do you want to be my special somepony?" She said, her eyes as big and blue as they had ever been.

Rainbow Dash's brain took the news like a balloon that just got hooked up to a leaf blower. Her previous cool streak was broken to pieces as her mouth dropped as she let out an audible "Bu-whuh?" Pinkie however was unaffected.

"I'll take that as a yes." She said as she bent down for a kiss. If Rainbow thought about it, that moment made everything today worth it . Every trial Clyde had put her through, all the looks she had received were nothing in comparison to this moment. Her friend's dad was not on her mind however as she made out with her new marefriend, and she proceeded to think of other things. Happier, pinker things.

It was lucky that Pinkie and Rainbow were just talking when Clyde walked over to find them, Gummy in tow. If he had come a few minutes earlier, lets just say that it would have been a lot less heart warming and a lot more awkward. As he walked over, Pinkie ran over and swallowed him up in one of her usual hugs.

"You planned this from the start didn't you? The pie, the make-over, you were setting me up." Rainbow said as she slowly walked over to Clyde.

"Well, first I had to see if you can take a joke, but yes. Everything we did today had two purposes. It was quite the plan I'd say. Burning down the house was probably the toughest part, but I'd say that went perfectly." For that comment Clyde received a soft kick to the gut from Pinkie. "Heh, this is what I get for being the matchmaker?"

"So let me get this straight, there is no such thing as rock law?" Pinkie had to giggle at this, releasing from her hug to stand beside Dashie.

"Nope." Said Clyde.

"And there was no way you could have brought Pinkie back to your farm?"

"Not unless I made my signature stew and gave her a week's notice."

"Ohh, I am going to get even with you so hard someday when you can't hide behind Pinkie."

"I would love to see the day." Clyde said as he walked forward and shook Rainbow's hoof. " For what it's worth you've definitely earned my approval to date my daughter once she moves back to Ponyville. I hope you can even come up and visit us at the farm."

"Oh Daddy, I can't believe I didn't say this first! I found a place to live in Ponyville! I can stay with all my friends and Dashie! It's like the perfect storybook ending to today!" Pinkie said bursting with excitement.

"Well I'm glad to hear that Pinkie. Where are you planning to stay?"

"With Rainbow of course!" The sun was setting, the day was closing up. What had started off as a day full of potential had morphed into a day of seized opportunities.Rainbow Dash and Pinkie Pie were together and had as much time as they needed to figure out what that meant. As the final lights started to dim, Clyde's persona stood out amongst the content and realized atmosphere.

"I am completely not okay with this." And Rainbow Dash's heart started beating like it had all day with Clyde. However with a warm smile and a comforting laugh from Pinkie Pie she was able to calm down as she was dragged in for a group hug. Clyde didn't change expressions the whole time. However, now it felt different. Not so nearly terrifying as it was a challenge, and Rainbow Dash loved a challenge.

(Author's note!
Shipping Tag? Oh right, yeah. It was fun to do that, but as you can see if you've read anything else I've written, I usually tread away from it. Not because I don't like it, but it's not exactly my strong suit as a writer. Anyway, that's the main story. I'm not putting the complete tag down yet though, I still have an epilogue planned. So stay tuned, and I hope you've enjoyed the story so far. One more left!)

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