• Published 15th Apr 2013
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The small world of Villainy - CeresBane

What if all the villains of my little pony were all just exiled to the moon?

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I hate you less than stuff

Discord wasn't such a bad errr... him. He was just a bit of a tease a lot of the time. Skippy was the jerk, never a kind word to say, never any expression of love. The jerk was just a user that wanted to get his rock offs her, and then go and hang out with his rock buddies so he could brag about doing things with her, a good princess would never do. He lived the rock star lifestyle of sex, drugs and rock n roll when was around, living off of her with little favours, snorting flank and rolling in her curves and plumpness while she worked on their relationship. It was all her, giving her all and he would just take take take.

"I can't believe I was with that jerk for a thousands years." Luna (sticking with it, dealing with it) mumbled as she began walking towards the glow of the bright glow of Equestria. She stopped for a moment and turned around where she had left Skippy to think on what he's done.

"There's more to a good mate than being hard all the time!" She shouted in his general direction. As ever, he gave no response. She resumed her walk, dejected and eyes downcast, almost afraid that if she looked up she'd see him, begging to change, promising to treat her better. All the usual lies that damn Skippy used to get her back by his side. She never did ever win against that. She was a real foal for mates that were below her.

Almost as if someone pitiful like her was capable of pitying another being, as if she'd know what it'd be like to be love something because of her mercy.

"At least Discord gave me cotton candy and chocolate milk..." For that... maybe she could hate him a little less than anyone in the whole moon.

"£%&*! You %$^%$! ^&^^$&6!65%*&%&%(&^(^(*^&%%(&%!!!!!!!" Luna's ears perked up at the sound.

"That was Discord!"

For reasons she couldn't fathom she was galloping, focused on the never moving horizon, hoping that soon in the distance she'll see him.

<meanwhile at the light side of the moon>

By Celestia that stung. Sure his eyes were good as new and everything, all the acid had been cleaned off and all the feeling returned to him. But his heart was hurt.

"I mean honestly dearie, is that how you treat everyone who wants to says a little greeting?"

"Om gomma ommm ooooo!" With a snap of his fingers Chrysalis was gagged, blindfolded and shackled by the limbs. Her horn flashed and whizzed about firing off magic in random directions. Her ears twitched in several directions to find her target but with those ear plugs she was as good as deaf.

"Now Chrissy my dear. Can I call you chrissy? You look like a Bob so I presume you're enough of a good natured Bob to allow it." Discord wanted to admit his digression but he'd forgotten his original intent.

"Discord!" A loud echoing and strangely layered voice sounded into the distance. He knew right away that it was Nightmare moon, coming back after her little fling with mr rock star. Why were rockers always gettin' the ladies? He could be hip too if he really wanted. He had one somewhere along his serpentine body.

She'd show her.

<pointless transition to three seconds later>

"You jelly?" Discord said while he laid on the ground, a creature that looked like a mare peppering his bird-like claw with love bites. Really passionate love bites.

"Who's that?" Luna said as calmly as she could, trying her best to not betray any emotions. Mainly because she couldn't pick between enraged, confused or just sad.

"Just a new friend. As you can see, she can't keep herself away." Discord was already down to the his elbow with his paw limb, while the stub that was his griffon claw had already gone down to his... shoulder? With hatred and hunger, the changeling queen brought canines rending upon him. Discord made no sign in noticing.

"What are you doing back? Did the moon rock leave you already?" He knew he guessed right as Luna looked away blushing. Well it was either that or his sexy new partner's kinky ways were too much for her to look at. It was cool, he didn't need a heart anyway.

"I..." She wanted to say she wanted things to go back to the way they were but things are different now. Somehow he'd magicked a new mare to his side. He didn't need her as much as she needed him right now.

And that just ticked her off all over again.

"I came to say you're on my side of the moon." Luna's horn glowed with power. She floated there suspended with magic as the moon rotated so that the darkside was on the light side and Discord was on the darkside.

She had hoped that it'd hurt him somehow. But in reaction, the instant before he vanished over the other side of the world, he was smiling.

"... You're such a jerk." Everyone was, she shoulda known she only needed herself to be happy.

She thought she was alone, forever and ever on this side of the moon while in the dark everyone was having a ball. But just behind her, there was someone there watching her cry in plain sight, as clear as day.

He felt nothing for her pain. Content to just keeping that stoic grin on his face as he looked at her sobbing her heart out..

Author's Note:

no comedy.

laugh at my feeble attempt.

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i feel bad for nightmare/luna


no pity for discord who's being vicious eaten by an evil changeling queen thats trying to kill him.

2474063 wait when did that start up?


you thought my mentioning of his heart and not needing it was something metaphorical?

good. i guess. but dayum was it really not that clear that it completely got missed out?

feeble indeed.....
but where's the sex?....


sounds like you dunno the rating system for this site.

2519967 "Incomplete · Teen · Sex".....


what is the difference between teen and mature (by the site's standards)

2521376 idk since i'e seen psychotic behavior , violence and suggestive murder all in fics that were rated everyone....


thats violence (socially we seem to tolerate it to an appalling degree). what about sex?

2521470 yeah the sex....


what kinda sex fits the teen rating? That is I presume you know the tamest mature can go.

2521627 no i don't.....


I rest my case then.

teen rating sex. usually means there are references to sex either as something spoken in past or future tense and even some talk about the subject and its content.

but never to an extent where it is explicit.

that line is generally subject to subjectivity, depending on what kinda puritan of a mod you get approving your work.

sometimes teen can get away with non-detailed sex. other times its forced to go mature despite the... lack of content on sex... but rather merely the inclusion of it.

So... if you're expecting clop on a teen story. You're kinda making a fool of yourself by asking for any.

2523214 this responce and the lack of posting makes it hard to stick with this story...


too explicit for everyone as is

too explicit for teen on how i intended it.

too innocent for mature

2696065 :applecry: but i really liked it...


it'd be easier to make it mature and cut loose... but its really not a mature story. So I guess I should practice control.

2699730 rate it mature then sex so u can write it cuz i was getting into it

Loved it
Also have some moustaches:moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache:

ohh were talking about sex welp ok once a pone a time there was sexy queenbug whore that loved her subjects and all of a suden they all die reason why becuse queenbug whore didnt pay rent like issac clark so necromorphs appear killed everyone execpt queenbug whore and they both fucked for 2 years after the endless cycle of 49ing she had hybrid babys she name sunbich and moonbich and thats how equestria was made THE END see take that molly i made a fucking mastebate peace:trollestia: im feel like a ass know welp shit happens:facehoof:

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