• Published 15th Apr 2013
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The small world of Villainy - CeresBane

What if all the villains of my little pony were all just exiled to the moon?

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Heart complications

"Did you like bananas?" Discord said with a smile. There he was with a powerful magical being that was willing to vapourise him out of existence, and he was smiling at it.

"W-what?" Oh look, he struck a chord. The changeling queen faltered with her intent to kill and for a brief moment lost the concentration of her magic. By the time she refocused, he had already gone.

"My my, such a delicate wing span." Chrysalis turned her head around to see the creature taking a claw and paw at her right wing, spreading it out from its folded position. He marvelled at it long enough to burn into green flamed cinders.

"And holes on your hooves..." He tsked at the craftsmanship. "You poor dear." Discord slithered out of her reach as green flames engulfed her body.

"And black colours." Discord made it all to clear his disdain through his disembodied voice.

Chrysalis, jolted as a loud slap came to her rump, ruining her concentration again, forcing her flames to sputter and die.

"No red though... well I guess there's that." Discord paw groped up and down her flank, patting her with satisfaction.

"Ah... I guess I spoke too soon." Chrysalis was blushing her black face into a deep and dark crimson. The love she was getting was a strange and alien flavour, but hungrily she took it.

Turning around she met the creature face to face. Their eyes met. Coolly Discord made a show of his burnt paw and merely blew on it. The charred flesh and bone blew away like ashes replaced by a paw that was as good as new. With that paw Discord held the mare's forehoof and with his claw he held her other hoof.

Willingly she let him lead her into a slow waltz, for some reason a saxophone was playing in the background with soft chords of an accordion, coupled with a pipe organ.

"Tell me...You ever danced with the devil in the pale moonlight?" Chrysalis only blushed deeper, her eyes looking deeply into him. His eyes into her that mirrored the reflection of himself.

Her green eyes began to glow and in reaction Discord's eyes became hypnotically rippling outward.

With a flash of green light that could even been seen on Equestria below, energy beams exploded out from Chrysalis's eyes and right into Discord's eyes charring them into two black holes.

"£%&*! You %$^%$! ^&^^$&6!65%*&%&%(&^(^(*^&%%(&%!!!!!!!" All over Equestria that night, parents were covering the ears of their foals.

And each other if they could help it.


"And that's what happened. Me and him are over now. Nothing will keep us apart." Nightmare moon nuzzled Skippy by his little snout, propping his tiny self up by the hooves so he could reach her.

"Ah... I missed this. This silence. The quiet. Just you and me and the pale moonlight." Nightmare had done all the things she had done. Scratch poetry into nearby rock faces about how and why she won't or can't die, marking the time at first in seconds, then minutes, then hours and pretty soon she'll be marking her first day. Just nine-hundred and ninety-nine more years and a bit to go. Yup, just a little bit of this and she and Skippy will return triumphant to bring Equestria into eternal night. Oh how she would laugh at that moment.

Nightmare moon laid there for awhile, counting the stars in her mane. It was so romantic with Skippy there, not trying to piss her off with nonsense.

"Well... aren't you gonna say anything?" Nightmare moon said to her new lover. She understood that he tended to be the quiet type, but a good relationship is borne of the foundation of good communication.

Skippy said nothing. He didn't even move.

"Skippy? You're kinda scaring me now." Nightmare moon took her close into her bosom. He was stone cold!

"Skippy!?" Nightmare moon pulled his snout closer. He wasn't breathing.

"Skipping. If this is one of your jokes, skipping you're being kinda. You're hurting my feelings." No reply.

The Nightmare put Skippy to the ground and to her relief he showed enough strength to stand. However, he still wasn't talking so maybe he was unconscious while standing up for some reason.

"You're making my heart hurt. You're giving heart complications" Tears were beginning to form in the Nightmare's eyes.

"Are you still mad at me? Was it that comment about your mother and the circus? I didn't mean that honest." Lu-Nightmare moon crouched down to look him face to face, eye to eye, down on his level. Tears were still in her eyes. Whether it was her being upset or the dust on the ground, she couldn't really tell.

"I was just mad at the time. I'm sure your mother is beautiful and lovely. After all she gave birth to a handsome son like you. Who's sensitive and good at listening and really good with his body. OOOOooh Remember that time Skippy? You remember? It was amazing and I'm not just saying so like with Discord."

The moon rock had nothing to say to her.

"Please just say something. I'll do anything for you. Even that thing I thought was kinda gross before." Lu-Nightmare moon rose up to shake her flank at him seductively. If there was a pony in Equestria that wouldn't react to this then they wouldn't have a soul.

Skippy however seemed to be the only one on the moon with such an iron will as to resist Lu-Nightmare moon's regal highly worshipped flank.

"Skippy please. Say anything. Anything and you can have all of this" Lu-Nightmare moon was now gyrating her hips, mere millimetre away from the stubborn mate, as was her masterful control of that fine ass. The rival of all Equestria.

"What's that?" It was either just the wind or Skippy had said something.

It was a whisper, Nightmare moon thought.

Leaning low and putting her ear to Skippy's mouth, she heard the words.

"Your friends are so dead."

Kicking the rock a few leagues over the horizon she shouted at it.

"*&^> You SKIPPY" With her piece said she turned around stomping towards the lighter side of the moon.