• Published 15th Apr 2013
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The small world of Villainy - CeresBane

What if all the villains of my little pony were all just exiled to the moon?

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A new friend

Living on the moon for a thousand years was torture, all alone in the cold eternal night, no pony there to talk to, a barren wasteland with nothing for you to do. The idleness, the silence, the loneliness had just about destroyed her. She had thought to herself so many times that surely anything was better than this.

"And that's how I nearly destroyed Equestria!" But, by her sister, she never thought it could get this much worst.

"That was also the same story of how Equestria was apparently made too." Nightmare moon's voice purred with irritation.That voice could only come from one creature. A thousand years of Nightmare's anger and hate brought, in an instant, to boiling point by some love child of a sort of depraved orgy.

"Well... after telling the story over and over for a year, I thought I'd mix it up a little." Discord said shrugging with his mismatched appendages. Nightmare moon's mane flared with power as she spotted him sneak a little smirk as he said it. She just hated it when he did this. He knew it too.

"But now the story makes no sense!" Out of habit she had shouted out her usual rebuke. She growled in frustration as she anticipated Discord's response.

"What use is making sense, Woona?" The moon princess pounced on the creature before him. For a full year raking at her irritation. After a thousand years the repetition was the only thing that kept her sane. How things always were how they were meant to be, how things had their place and events occurred exactly as they were meant to.

Otherwise, she could never accept that she was meant to be stuck on the moon for another eternity. When things made no sense to that philosophy, Nightmare moon couldn't accept it. She'd get mad, really mad, uncontrollably mad. And Discord in reaction? He'd never say it to her, but he loved her best when she was like that.

Nightmare moon was the kinda girl that was just too cute when she was angry, and he couldn't get enough of it.

"I told you to stop calling me that name!" The Alicorn mare was upon Discord trampling hooves and whipping and binding him with dark shadows. She didn't care anymore that for the fact she had been saving that power for a year so that she could eventually escape, so long as he was gone she could happily start fresh and wait for another thousand years. Scratches and bruises marred his entire body and the creature just laughed. Nightmare moon's rage only grew at that sight and quite quickly the laughing stopped, Discord was silent and the Nightmare finally ended.

"Feeling better? Good, now what do we have on the agenda today?" Discorded walked to the pile of moon dust that use to be a pile of rocks and stared down at it as the Nightmare did, breathing hard. The mare looked to her side and glared.

She wanted nothing more than to pounce on him once more and rip him to shreds. However she wasn't mad anymore, it felt so useless to be. In fact she almost wanted to just collapse right there and cry.

Again. Like so many times before.

But that's how he got her the first time. A kind word there, a shoulder to offer and padded paw on the head stroking, like he was sorry about it all. She wasn't going to humour him anymore. Enough was enough.

"Hey where're you going?" Discord called out in the distance as Nightmare moon went further and further into the tiny horizon.

"Since you won't treat me right I'm going to find a real mate." She was easily heard by the already vast (ish) distance she had covered, her Royal Canterlot Voice echoing into the eternity around her.


Female attendee: We have stopped your regular fiction reading for an INB4 announcement.

Author: Yes, for some reason you can be heard in space, deal with it. We're already breaking canon by having them all be on the moon and not die of various space related deaths involving, solar winds and radiation, lack of atmosphere, low air pressure and whatever pedantic buck could be thrown in the mix. Take your headcanon up the butt where it belongs

Female: we can continue your scheduled fiction reading).

"You're not going to be seeing that moon rock again aren't you? You said you wouldn't cheat on me anymore." Discord had appeared beside the mare, looking to the Nightmare's pleasure, quite worried.

"Skippy, isn't just a moon rock." Nightmare moon said haughtily. "He's a really good listener." Flaring her horn with power she vanished before his eyes. He'd follow if he could but Skippy had always been a good hider too and now he was no doubt getting lucky with his girl.

In annoyance Discord kicked a moon rock with his cloven hoof and watched it fly up in the sky ever so slowly.

Discord's ears twitched as a strange howling filled the air. It was coming from behind him and suddenly the dully lit moonscape began to illuminate. For a the first time in awhile he could see his own shadow. Seeing as he appeared in front of him, he could tell the light coming from behind.

The rather loud screaming? Nope, didn't occur to him that it was coming from that direction too.

"NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOooooooooooOOOOOOOOOO! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" Looking skyward he could see a Rainbow arching towards him.

"Oh my me! They've come to finish me off." Despite teleporting being the more logically sound option of escape Discord instead ran, as fast as he could to avoid the spectral beam of light that was howling for him. Being stuck on the moon was one thing but being stuck on the moon and imprisoned in stone was not his idea of fun.

It was no use however, at the velocity it came and by the time Discord had noticed, the beam had hit him dead on.

His body racked with pain and his vision was filled with white light. A moment past and he groaned. Another moment and beside him, he felt and heard something shuffle. It moaned with the most demonic voice.


Slowly he opened his eyes and looking down on him was a weird black pony-like creature.

"You! Where am I?" Her, he at least assumed it to be a her, spoke with a feminine voice. It's jagged horn glowing with power. Power that was threatening to be unleashed on him.

Discord could feel a smile forming on his face.

"Did you like bananas?"

Author's Note:

Nothing really comedic happened (yet). Sue me.

if you haven't noticed.

Nightmare is OCD
And Discord is nonconformist to common sense.