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After aruging with the writer of this fic while trying to set the story, the cast of Bob and George get thrown into Equestria.

What happens to them!?
What will they do!?
Will they make it home!?
Is the Writer going to shamelessly insert himself!?

The answers are I dont know, they same thing they did for seven years but with ponies following the adventures of season 3 instead of the games, probably not, and oh most maliciously .

-This story happens during season 3, shortly after the return of the crystal kingdom. everything belongs to thier respective owners.-

Chapters (10)
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Comments ( 36 )

Hey writer, you want to do something stupid?

First line of the description.
That first line.
Okay, you got a fave on that alone.

I hope Master Bate makes an appearance!
:rainbowhuh: ...What? He's an actual BnG character!

No flippin way!:heart: How many times did Ran die in this chapter?

2458410uh...he didnt appear in this one.

2456490 NO! THATS.....oh alrihgt lets go tell twilight that celestia's disowning her.

2461535 I know, I was just asking how the often the hurt he felt from not being included managed to kill him. It doesn't take much, you know.:rainbowlaugh:

It's chapter 2, and I managed to spot as more errors than ninjas. I blame Wileybeer.

I just dont know what went wrong:derpyderp2:

Future Alternate Twilight Sparkle will be fun to see.



Best way to start a fight in the world of BnG?

Say "I despise Ice Cream." then run.:trollestia:

you'd better. ice cream is the food of the gods! more precious than the tastiest of meats! more beutiful than any sunrise MORE-*shot with tranq*

I'd better? As in I'd better hate ice cream? 'k :trollestia::pinkiecrazy::rainbowwild:

2577066 ihaflge ilnagae youasnva...

Good news and Bad news
Good news: That was amazing.
Bad news: Bob escaped into our world and is hunting you down for making him go through this again. He's burning down every orphanage and hospital in his path. RUN.

Can Protoman just claim his butler duties are work, then slack off? After all, he did fetch something from the fridge, and that's more than most of the robots in the series can claim.

2603069 i wont let him, that'd be too easy.

I have an idea. Ice cream sucks.

...Is that a reference to the comment I made a few chapters ago? If it is I feel all tingly inside.

The only one word trolling sentence in existence.

And then the megaman clones ride the Pinkie clones off into the sunset to fight some ninjas

2644630 theres only two pinke clones left for like, hundreds of Mega's.

you sick pervert.:trollestia:

2647099 It's Pinkie Pie. Things like that work when she is involved.

This is off topic, but I can already see a joke coming up:
Twilight catches fire from rage, Bob and the others show up, Bob mistakes Twilight for Rapidash, Bob freaks out.

Wait a minute... Did Twilight's spell just create a recolor?

The royal guard is the megaman equivalent of mettools. They stand around in shiny armor, but it only takes a single hit to take them down.

2885232 mmbn mets...and giant mets...and mettrains...

2885682 Battle Network and Star Force are different. They have HP

When you ask the Overlord to come, he comes...

Let's get started, shall we? Now, the opening gives some fair bit of detail; albeit a tad forced. But I can relate, I've written my fair share as well :twilightblush:. Moving on though, with the given tags, there's a lot more room with nitpicks on character, meta jokes, and the sort. So, that all together, the story has a nice throw to it and I can see what you're trying with it. But, if I could give any suggestion, I would say put a little more flair in your dialog and the actions between them. There's never any excuse for just a wall of dialog... Unless it's just really a big back-and-forth.:twilightsheepish:

I haven't even read this yet and I already LOVE IT! Better be some Dr.Wily behind your back jokes as I like to call them in this! Well time to actualy... Well read it. XD

Hey Bob


There's a Pikachu sitting on your head.




3545806 Dammit! i just found out where they were last night! now i have to find Bob again! I hope you're happy.:ajbemused:

And for revenge for making him go through another story, Bob melted all the ice cream in the world and framed the author. He then punched Mega in the ovaries because he was bored.

Wow, I haven't read Bob And George in forever! Since before the end of 11'th grade, I think!

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