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“How could have I known that old mirror was a magical artifact?” asked the dark haired sorceress, siting up and crossing her arms.

“We were in a place called Temple of the Magic Mirror!” shouted Lina, turning back to glare at her unwanted travel companion. “Why did you have to go and hit the darn thing with a Freeze Arrow?!”

A magical accident brings two very unpredictable beings to Princess Luna's Equestria. For once it's no pony's fault! Still, can the ponies handle the explosive personalities of Lina Inverse and her self-styled rival, Naga the Serpent?

Written originally for the Lunaverse April 2013 writing event. This fic is 100% non canon with the rest of the Lunaverse and requires only passing knowledge of that universe to appreciate.

For official chronological order of Lunaverse stories, and everything Lunaverse, please come visit us in the Lunaverse Group!

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Comments ( 23 )

There is nothing about this I don't like! :yay:

So Much AWESOME!!:pinkiehappy::derpytongue2::moustache: Please continue this, you Genius!!

Say, I just had a moment of Fridge Logic that made me think of something. In the Slayers 'verse, black magic spells like Dragon Slave and Gaav Flare are cast by channeling the power of a Mazoku, so assuming for the moment that Equestria doesn't have Mazoku or the Lord of Nightmares, does that mean Lina is just ridiculously powerful and destructive as opposed to god-tier?

Oh crap... and now I'm thinking up theories about Lina and Discord, but I don't want to say them because I just want to watch the madness unfold at its own pace.

2431426 She just needs to learn the Chaos Words for Luna and Discord. Then she can cast a real Nightmare Blade. :twilightsmile:

I love Slayer, especially the episodes with Naga and Lina, this was highly entertaining! I wonder how the duo's mroe murderous and meat eating tendencies will mesh with the ponies? :pinkiehappy: hmm how will the magic work, unlike MLP magic in Slayer is drawn form different dimensions/entities hmm, maybe they are draining Equestrian's magic, or ooh maybe they can channel Celestia and Luna's power or nick Discords!

2433818>>2433866 Hmmm...


:trollestia: That's NOT my name, flat-chested monkey!

That name is awesome! :pinkiehappy: the flat chested monkey line made me completely lose it! :rainbowlaugh:

Slayers Magic works like this; Shamanism magic draws from the astral plans for elemental effects(fire, wind, water, earth, and spirit) and is the most common of magic in Lina's world(i think), so I think it would still work in the Lunaverse since magic energy is in the very air(I assume Lina used a simple FireBall to blast Naga).
White magic draws from a rather obscure source, but I think its the psychic leyline of positivity/goodness(Kindness/Generosity), since White magic is use for healing, purification, and protection. Holy magic draws from the power of the Gods.
Black magic draws from negativity and/or demons. I'm not sure if there's a distinction like Black magic draws mostly from negative and dark feelings, and drawing power from Mazouku is a sub catagory; or if for Black magic drawing from negativity and the Mazouku is virtually the same thing since mazouku hold dominion over things like anger, fear, and pain.
In any case, its unlikely that Lina will be able to use much Black magic(her specialty) in the pony's world. Drawing power from Discord or Corona is pretty much out because not only does Lina not know anything about them( like their unique magic signature to find and draw from, plus Corona has to be hiding hers otherwise Luna would have found her by now), but the drawing of power can be stopped if the "Draw-e" wishes it to be so and I don't see Corona sharing her power. And as for Discord, in "Crisis on two Equestrias" Luna states the she sealed up Discords statue tighter than Fort Knox, so it doubtful Lina could draw power from him.
Then there's drawing from negativity in general, and while the Lunaverse is darker and more hardcore than the Maneverse( In my opinion), its still a Pony world with not much in the way of negativity. So I think what ever Black magic spells used by Lina and Naga will be very(even laughably) underpowered, while White magic will be supercharged.
But these are just ideas, you can do anything you like.:pinkiehappy::derpytongue2::moustache:

Oh this is going to end in hilarity and fire.

I've wondered for a very long time what would happen should Lina Inverse, enemy of all who live, show up in the one place known for peace and tranquility.

Awesome!! Keep it up.:pinkiehappy::derpytongue2::moustache: But why wouldn't Rarity recognize breasts on a biped? Surely she's seen at least pictures of female minotaurs before. Unless your minotaur females have an actual udder on their guts(which I object to).

4436244 Well at least Rarity doesn't seem to be planning to magic herself up some giant fake crotchboobs. You can take solace in that while you're busy trying to bleach out the image I just put in your head.

Kinda hoping to see a bit more for this story to come out. Especially since there is a little tidbit at the end of Slayers Try where we learn Lina's sister's name which is Luna. :pinkiegasp:

You have failed sir. Everyone knows that the first episode of every slayer has Lina casting the Dragon Slave spell. lol

7852034 I would rather it not be dead, but I admit I'm not quite sure how far I should take this story. I should really put the 'hiatus' status on this though...

Take it as far as you want . But i have to say itsbreally difficult to see a slayers crossover around here...

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