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The Equestrian Border - SweatyFaggot

A new threat arrives in Equestria! Will the elements be able to solve it?

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The Aftermath

Cigarro went on to marry Pinkie, which made him a citizen. He returned the stolen property to Twilight, who was glad and as an offer of friendship to her friend's new husband, did not call authorities. The matter was forgotten. Cigarro worked at Sugarcube Corner with Pinkie for a short while, before he got in trouble when a cigar bit was found in a cupcake. He was fired, but became an entrepreneur with bringing the cigar to Equestria. Ponies didn't live as long now, but whatever, everyone was happy. They currently have 7 kids, a mansion, and a Hummer. He finally got those crumbs out, by the way.

Fluttershy and Cazador got together after Fluttershy had given her a bath and things had gone in the sensual direction. They currently work as fur traders/hunters, and as spokesponies for Keystone beer. They live happily together, raising animals only to skin them when they get old enough. Cazador also posed for a magazine, Canterlot Fashion, displaying her homeland's fashion. It got some decent reviews, and with their modelling backgrounds, they were both wealthy. They continued the country living though, because it was a simple life that kept them away from paparazzi.

Dash caught Gonzales because he couldn't do the Sonic Rainboom. They soon found that they were allot alike, and pulled pranks and raced aplenty. They eventually married, and both got into the Wonderbolts. They never had any kids, because once again, YOLO.

Rarity's sweatshop was found by Spike one day, and Rarity tried to convince him not to tattle. Fat chance, why wasn't he there that day? Because he was with Sweetie Belle, who actually liked him. He wrote a letter to the Princesses like noponies business. Spike, you manly little dragon, we all applaud you! The authorities stormed Rarity's boutique, and freed the Maneicans there. Rarity was jailed for a short while, but was released on parole and her business has to be checked for immigrants monthly. As for her captured Maneicans, Princess Luna worked out a deal between the Diamond Dogs, jewelers, and fashionistas everywhere in the world. They currently make 13 bits an hour working for the Diamond Dogs, who by law have to show respect for their workers. All is well that ends well.

The apple family was found guilty on account of several murders, numbering in the hundreds. They would go down in history as maniac radicals, the only ones to receive the death penalty in over 1373 years. They were all executed. The ranch was left for grabs and was taken over by Flim & Flam. They only stayed for a short while, before moving forward in their endeavors to get more money. The ranch was then bought by Fancypants, who made it into a big cathouse. He changed his name to Porky, and his wife Fleur works there.

I know where i'm going~!

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