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Two Canterlotian collegiate cricketers decide to spend their vacation in Ponyville, and coach a team. They didn't intend to disturb a ghost, commit romantic blunders, or generally get sucked down into the normal, everyday lunacy of the town.
But, we all know what happened to the last pony from Canterlot who came to arrange entertainment for the locals...

Takes place near the beginning of Season 3.
The first, unedited chapters of this first appeared on Deviant Art; I'm hoping to get more feedback here than I did there.
Also, don't let the bad pun in the title confuse you, this has much more in common with P.G. Wodehouse than J.D. Salinger.

Many thanks to Radioactivekittenluv on DeviantArt, who permitted the use of some of her OC's in this fic, and did the cover art.

Chapters (3)
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I have a few more chapters already written, but they might need some more polishing before I upload them. Glad you liked it!

Well, I can only assume the doctor will join. He is after all an English man at hearts despite not being human.

Well, that was odd... I came here and saw the story's score was +4/-3, added my upvote and now it's +5/-0.

That's better, anyway. A shame this story didn't go any further, because I enjoyed what was there. I've long thought that cricket and ponies would be an entertaining match-up, and so this proved. :raritywink:

4769343 I guess the dislikes were revoked. In any case; this is on hiatus, though I can't rule out that I won't get back to it at some point. If I do get back into the swing of writing, though, it'll probably be on something completely different.

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